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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

March 1941
Date Headline Page
03/01/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Montana) Asserts British) Aid Bill Seeks War And Dictatorship 1
03/02/1941 Nazi Troops Occupy Sofia And Key Bases 1
03/02/1941 Spiritual Defense Is Urged By Rabbi-(Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein) Points To ‘Sin Of Omission’ 13
03/02/1941 President (Roosevelt) To Get Pole’s (Envoy’s) Testimonial 29
03/02/1941 (James N.) Rosenberg Lauds Sosua (Dominican Republic’s Jewish Refugee) Colonists 31
03/02/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Visits Lisbon 33
03/02/1941 Viennese (Jews) Plead For A Haven Here (In U.S.) 35
03/02/1941 Friends Of Soviet Meet-Theodore Dreiser (Communist Writer) Is Honor Guest 37
03/02/1941 Cracow Jews Are Curbed (By German Regulations) 38
03/02/1941 Picture: Nazi Soldiers Attend The Opera In Paris-’Land Des Lachens’ Conducted By Franz Lehar Himself (Has Jewish Wife) 39
03/02/1941 Ambassador Dodd’s Diary, 1933-1938,(To Germany)-Introduction By Prof. Charles A. Beard, Harcourt Brace & Co Book 1
03/02/1941 Are We Creating A Dictator?-Henry Steele Commager (No!) Mag. 3
03/03/1941 $5,000,000 Sought For China Relief 1
03/03/1941 Nazis Lay (Bulgarian Occupation) Move To British Designs 3
03/03/1941 London Looks To Us In Rebuilding Plan 4
03/03/1941 U.S. Germans Open A Loyalty Drive 5
03/05/1941 French War Toll Revealed As High (100,000 Dead Or Missing In 45 Days Of Fighting-120,000 Wounded) 7
03/04/1941 8,000,000 Favor A Post-War Union Between Nations) 14
03/06/1941 Broad British Peace Aims Hinted (By American Publisher, John Cowles); No Reparations Demand Expected 4
03/06/1941 Order In Asia Aim Of U.S., Hull Says-He Cites Our Traditions 7
03/07/1941 Weygand Gives Report (To Vichy) On Mission In Africa; British Said To Mass Men On Syrian Border 1
03/07/1941 Pictures: ‘Idarwald’ Scuttled By Its Crew Rather Than Be Captured By British 3
03/07/1941 Refugees (Interned In Australia, Unstated Origin) May Be Freed (To Immigrate To U.S.) 3
03/08/1941 France Improving Foreigners’ Camp 4
03/08/1941 Social Change Throughout Britain Seen Developing In Easy Stages 4
03/08/1941 British (Blockade) Ban Cereal Bound For France 4
03/08/1941 British (In Poll) Seen Asking U.S. Aid On Peace (After Victory) 4
03/08/1941 Willkie Warns Of Jews’ Plight (Persecution) 10
03/09/1941 Senate Passes Aid-To-Britain Bill 60 To 31; Final House Action Expected Early In Week (List Of Senators And How They Voted) 1
03/09/1941 Vichy Creates Board To Deal With Jews 5
03/09/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Visits Dublin 15
03/09/1941 Nazis To Give Status To Jewish Workers (In Germany Because Of The Need For Workers) 22
03/09/1941 (Thomas E.) Dewey Makes Plea For Palestine Aid-Upbuilding Of Area Is Called Example Of ‘Living Democracy’ 24
03/09/1941 Roosevelt Hails ([Jewish] National) Refugee Service-In American Tradition 28
03/09/1941 Aid For Palestine (Aided 280,000 European Jews Received In Palestine Since 1933-This Is About Half Of All The German Jews In Germany In 1933) E-9
03/09/1941 The Roosevelt Of The World Crisis-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3
03/09/1941 Top Soldier Of America’s New Army (George C. Marshall) Mag. 8
03/10/1941 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Assails Aloofness (Of U.S.) To War 12
03/10/1941 Flaming Zealot Needed Now, (Rev. Allan E.) Claxton Says, To Meet The Menace Of Fascism To World 13
03/11/1941 Vichy Says It Will Use Navy Unless British Let In Food 1
03/11/1941 Austrian Refugees (Arriving In Istanbul) Assail Hitler Rule-Paint Dismal Picture Of Life In Once Gay Vienna 4
03/11/1941 (John T. Flynn’s Group) For Referendum On War 5
03/12/1941 President (Roosevelt) Signs, Starts (British) War Aid; To Ask $7,000,000,000 Fund Today (Pictures, P. 3) 1
03/12/1941 Nazi Aid Charged To Anti-War Group (America First Committee) 15
03/12/1941 Cardinal Schulte Of Cologne Dies (Heart Attack) 22
03/12/1941 Allied Chemical Sets High Records 29
03/13/1941 R. A. F. Hits Berlin And Other Cities 1
03/14/1941 Portugal Jittery; Refugees Pour In 3
03/14/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Gives (Supporting) Views On Unions 11
03/14/1941 President (Roosevelt) Orders War-Relief Study-300 Groups Are Raising Funds For (Relief) Overseas 13
03/15/1941 R. A. F. Pounds Hamburg, Bombs Ships; British Offer Terms On French Food (Through Blockade) 1
03/15/1941 Schuschnigg Held In Villa In Bavaria 3
03/15/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Now In Lisbon 6
03/16/1941 Roosevelt Asks ‘All Out Effort’ By Business And Labor On Arms (For Britain-Text, P. 42) 1
03/16/1941 100,000 British Reported In Greece 1
03/16/1941 (Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Says War Bars Deportations (Except For Germans, Of Course!) 1
03/16/1941 U.S. Acts On Writer (Richard C. Hottelet) Seized By Gestapo (For Spy Activities) 4
03/16/1941 Hong Kong Ready For A Pacific War 16
03/16/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan On Way Home 24
03/16/1941 ‘It’s Send For Harry (Lloyd Hopkins Of Iowa)’-Turner Catledge Mag. 6
03/17/1941 Yugoslav Swing To Britain Seen 1
03/17/1941 British Girls, Men Drafted For Work 1
03/17/1941 Text Of Hitler’s Memorial Day Address 2
03/17/1941 More Unrest In Syria-Only A Miracle Has Prevented A Revolution, Spokesman Says 4
03/17/1941 Rome Calls Edda (Mussolini) Ciano Heroine In Alleged Mercy Ship Torpedoing (By British) 7
03/17/1941 $1,000,000 Is Sought By Hebrew (H. I. A. S.) Shelter (‘Rescue Through Emigration’ Program For Europe) 14
03/17/1941 Dr. S.S. Wise Marks 45th Year As Rabbi-Sees Jewish ‘Problem’ Solved After Nazis Are Crushed (Palestine, Here We Come!) 14
03/17/1941 Dr. (Chaim) Weizmann To Fly Here (To Attend Meeting Of Emergency Committee For Zionist Affairs] 19
03/17/1941 Activity In Steel The Greatest Ever 27
03/17/1941 French Hold Hope For Vital Imports (Through The British Blockade, Food Essential) 27
03/18/1941 U-Boat Is Believed On Way To Raid Ships Off New York (U.S. Government Release) 1
03/18/1941 Press Of Axis Rails At Roosevelt Talk 11
03/18/1941 Advertisement, Life Magazine, Full Page: ‘No, Mr. Hitler-You Just Don’t Talk Our Language’ 14
03/18/1941 Haven (Sanctuary) In Canada Sought (By Otto Strasser) 17
03/19/1941 Recruits From U.S. Rush To Join R. A. F 3
03/19/1941 Col. Donovan Back Has Seen ‘A Lot’ 9
03/19/1941 Picture: Col. William J. Donovan, Personal Representative Of The President (Roosevelt And Organizer Of The Office Of Strategic Services) In By Air From Europe Yesterday 9
03/20/1941 Picture: The Millionth (Artillery) Shell To Be Produced By The Budd Wheel Company (To Kill Germans!) 5
03/20/1941 Nazis Weigh Issue Of War With U.S. 6
03/20/1941 Japan Halts Refugees (Stops Issuing Visas To Those Trying To Reach U.S. Via Siberia & Japan) 6
03/20/1941 (Ex-Senator Ernest W. Gibson, Vermont) Supports U.S. Convoys (To England With War Material) 7
03/20/1941 (Naturalized) Americans (Living In Palestine) Ask Time To Leave Palestine (To Comply With U.S. Law That They Must Return Every So Many Years To The U.S. To Keep Citizenship) 9
03/21/1941 Yugoslavs Report British In Salonika (Greece, Before German Invasion) 1
03/21/1941 Food For France Protested Here-German Propaganda Seen (By Several Named Prominent Americans Opposing Shipment Of Food To France) 6
03/21/1941 ‘Being Led To War’ Lindbergh Warns 7
03/21/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Montana) Defends Anti-War ‘Crusade’ 8
03/21/1941 Picture: Roosevelt, Mc Intyre, Robert H. Jackson & Ickes 8
03/22/1941 Nazis Said To Crush Polish Catholicism 4
03/22/1941 Transfer Of More U.S. Destroyers Widely Approved, Survey Finds 5
03/22/1941 Lindbergh Wrong First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Says-For Merged British Aid 5
03/22/1941 Picture: Police Dispersing Mexican Demonstrations Against Mexican Collaboration With U.S. (Against Germany) 6
03/23/1941 2 Nazi Fugitives Taken (Returned) To Canada (After Escape From Pow Camp-They Were Taken Into U.S. Custody Less Than 100 Yards From The Border & Can Therefore Be Deported To Canada) 19
03/23/1941 Russian-Nazi Rift Believed Growing 20
03/23/1941 (Herbert C.) Pell Sails To Fill Post In Hungary 29
03/23/1941 The Democracies Stand Up To Meet The German Challenge E-1
03/23/1941 Britain Follows Reich In Conscripting Labor-Picture: Dr. Robert Ley E-4
03/23/1941 Serbs Defiance Is Told In Song (No Mention Of Mikhailovitch) E-5
03/24/1941 Damaged British Warship To Be Repaired At Norfolk (Compare Treatment Of German Ships!) 1
03/24/1941 Center Of Berlin Bombed By R. A. F 1
03/24/1941 Thousands In Berlin View (World War I) Armistice Car 2
03/24/1941 Right Of Teachers To Be Reds Upheld 12
03/24/1941 Farm School Class Is Led By Refugee (Kurt Nathan, Left Germany In 1937) 34
03/25/1941 Picture: Escaped Nazi Prisoners Sent Back To Canada (By U.S.) 3
03/26/1941 Britain’s War Aim Is Freedom For All, Halifax Declares (Text, P. 10) 1
03/26/1941 Reich Wheat Gift (To France) Bared As Barter (By Papers From Paris) 5
03/26/1941 Palestine’s Position Held Important Now-Mrs. Chaim Weizmann Declares Arabs Are Chief Problem 8
03/27/1941 Yugoslavs In U.S. Ready To Transfer 25 Ships To Britain 1
03/27/1941 Ships Must Get Goods To Britain To Assure Our Aid, Says (Col. William J.) Donovan (Roosevelt’s Personal [Espionage] Representative) 1
03/27/1941 Polish Premier (Sikorsky) Gets His Visa For U.S. Visit 2
03/27/1941 Victory Is Certain Halifax Declares 4
03/27/1941 Yugoslav Revolt Urged By Britain 6
03/27/1941 Weizmann Pleads For A Jewish Army-Wants Separate Forge 20
03/27/1941 Steel Mills Reject Much New Business 33
03/28/1941 Army Overthrows Pro-Axis Yugoslav Regime; (King) Peter In Power, Paul Seized; U.S., Britain Pledge Aid 1
03/28/1941 Americans Elated-(Sumner) Welles Promises Moral And Material Support (To Anti-German Yugoslav Regime-Fomented By Donovan?) 1
03/28/1941 Churchill Vows To Help Yugoslavs; Hails Our Role In ‘Common Cause’ 1
03/28/1941 Proclamations Of King (Peter Of Yugoslavia) 2
03/28/1941 Pictures: Peter Ii, Gen. Simovitch, And Others 3
03/28/1941 Agreement Signed In London Leasing To Us Sites For Military Bases 4
03/28/1941 (Rumania) To Take (Confiscate) Jewish Property 6
03/28/1941 Text Of (Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Address (Defense Of) Legal Basis Of United States Defense Course 12
03/28/1941 300 (U.S. Government) Leaders Back Jewish Homeland-Haven For Refugees Seen (Jewish Palestine) 21
03/29/1941 Yugoslavs Insist On Neutrality Will Respect All ‘Open’ Treaties 1
03/29/1941 Roosevelt Cables Yugoslavs Backing (To Anti-German Regime) 1
03/29/1941 ‘Jan Valtin’ (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Seized At Ellis Island As Illegal Resident, Freed On Bond (Picture, P. 3) 1
03/29/1941 Refugees Suffer In French Camps 2
03/29/1941 Text Of Herbert Hoover’s Address On ‘The Question Of Peace’ 4
03/29/1941 Weizmann (Picture) Urges Palestine Haven-Only Logical Place To Resettle Millions (Of Jews) Made Homeless By War, He Declares 5
03/30/1941 Roosevelt Asks For Unity To Win-President Is Blunt-He Bids Americans Rise Above Disputes To Join In Blocking Axis 1
03/30/1941 Vichy To Implement Anti-Jewish Laws (Nuernberg Ghetto Laws Apply In Occupied France) 2
03/30/1941 Picture: Clearing Away Debris In Hospital Hit By Nazi Bomb 3
03/30/1941 Wound (From Retaliation Raid By French Against British In Gibraltar) Kills Leader Of Lafayette (Escadrllle) Fliers 6
03/30/1941 Gestapo Seen Busy In Poland Again (Report Of Polish Telegraphic Agency) 9
03/30/1941 Appeal Sent To Roosevelt (500,000 Poles Shipped To Siberia) 9
03/30/1941 Camps For Aliens In France Squalid (Even More So Without Food) 25
03/30/1941 Pictures: United States Airmen In Action With The R. A. F. 30
03/30/1941 Wider (War Relief & Refugee) Aid Asked From B’nai B’rith 32
03/30/1941 (Dr. Robert M.) Hutchins Renews Warning On War (Opposes Our Entry) 42
03/31/1941 U.S. Seizes 28 Italian, 2 Nazi, 35 Danish Ships 1
03/31/1941 Wheeler And Fish See War In (U.S.) Convoys (To England)-But General O’ryan And J. C. Baldwin Hold Them Vital Need 4
03/31/1941 Picture: Camp Des Milles Internment Camp, 16 Miles North Of Marseilles 5
03/31/1941 Vatican Publishes Criticism Of Nazis 5