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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

June 1941
Date Headline Page
06/01/1941 Iraqis Bow To British, Sign Armistice; Deposed (Pro-British) Regent (Emir Abdul Illah) To Form (Pro-British) Government-British In Baghdad 1
06/01/1941 President (Roosevelt) Names (Harold Leclaire) Ickes Coordinator Of Oil Industry 1
06/01/1941 Hull Pledges End Of Special Rights In Post-War China 1
06/01/1941 Darlan Threatens To Resist British (Bombings Of France) 1
06/01/1941 Our 1St Food Ships Unloads In Britain 1
06/01/1941 U.S. Transport Planes Aided Britain In Iraq 3
06/01/1941 British Casualties Reach 100,000 Mark-Losses Only Small Fraction Of Those In World War (Ww-I; 21 Months Of War) 5
06/01/1941 Vichy Orders Census (In Unoccupied Zone-Those Born From 1876 To 1926 Inclusive) 6
06/01/1941 2 U.S. Vice Consuls Off To Morocco 7
06/01/1941 Denies Refugees Are Gestapo Aides (Charged By ‘Jan Valtin,’ Richard Julius Herman Krebs) 12
06/01/1941 War Support For U.S. Indicated By Mexico (Presidente Manuel Avila Comacho) 16
06/01/1941 Tokyo Note (On Raw Materials From Indies) ‘Final’ Dutch Are Warned-Press Charges That Britain And U.S. Subject Netherland Indies To Pressure (To Achieve Objectives Of Depriving Japan Of Raw Materials) 19
06/01/1941 Isolation Dropped By Detroit (‘Free Press’) Paper-Keeps Right To Criticize 20
06/01/1941 Roosevelt Speech Hailed By Rabbis 21
06/01/1941 Avoidance Of War Urged As U.S. Aim (By W. H. Chamberlin)-For Accord With Japan 22
06/01/1941 Message Torrent Backs Roosevelt-Approval (Of Policy) Runs 95 P. C 23
06/01/1941 Roosevelt Policy Is Widely Backed-Aid To Britain Stressed 24
06/01/1941 Convoys Outmoded (Admiral) Stirling Contends 24
06/01/1941 (Dr. Wickenden) Hits At Roosevelt Over Defense Role-Urges Draft Of Willkie 25
06/01/1941 Lend-Lease Help Scant, Says (Senator) Byrd (Virginia) 26
06/01/1941 (Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Seeks End Of Oil Trust Suits 27
06/01/1941 Protestant Unity Urged By Methodists 29
06/01/1941 Isolationists Seen-In ‘Moral Confusion’ (By Union For Democratic Action) Condemns Pacifism 32
06/01/1941 State (N.Y.) K. Of C. Votes Against War Entry 38
06/01/1941 Germany Now Facing American Naval Power E-3
06/01/1941 Will Adolf Hitler Go To War Against Us? E-3
06/01/1941 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Statement Clears Way For Action E-4
06/01/1941 India Is Expanding War Aid To Britain E-6
06/01/1941 Singapore Ready To Meet Attack E-6
06/01/1941 British Put Teeth In Policy On Vichy E-7
06/01/1941 War Makes A Boom Of Junk E-10
06/01/1941 Hitler’s ‘Frightful Weapon’: Propaganda Mag. 3
06/01/1941 From (George Barnard) Shaw To Us (England’s ‘Frightful Weapon’) Mag. 15
06/02/1941 Doom Is Indicated For Dry (Anti-Alcohol) Measures (In Army Camps) 1
06/02/1941 War In Iraq Ends-Vital Oil Fields Of Mosul Are Under Control Of London’s Friends (Which Is All That Matters!) 1
06/02/1941 President (Roosevelt) To Test Axis War Threat By Seizing (Their) Ships (Already Confiscated By U.S. This Would Be Permanent Change Of Title To The Ships) 1
06/02/1941 Irish Accuse Nazis Of Bombings; More Missiles Fall In Eire 1
06/02/1941 British Expected To Move On (Invade) Syria 1
06/02/1941 Text Of Pope Pius’s Broadcast On The Fiftieth Anniversary Of Leo Xiii’s Encyclical 4
06/02/1941 (Norman) Thomas Condemned By (Pro-Interventionist) Socialist Group (Thomas Had Opposed U.S. Intervention In The War) 11
06/03/1941 Nazis Quit Mosul; Iraq Picks (Pro-British) Regime 4
06/03/1941 Wedgewood Urges Union (Now Of U.S.) With Britain 6
06/03/1941 (China) War Cost To Japan Put At $4,000,000,000 (By Chinese Council For Economic Research) 9
06/03/1941 (U.S. Solicitor General, Francis) Biddle Warns U.S. Of War Discipline 11
06/03/1941 Dr. (Nicholas Murray] Butler (Columbia University) Host To Lord Halifax (Made A Series Of Usual Speeches Etc.) 24
06/03/1941 Advertisement, Full Page, American Magazine: ‘Hitler Won’t Win’ 42
06/04/1941 Charter Of (German-American) Bund Revoked In (New) Jersey 1
06/04/1941 Bridges Blown Up By British In Syria 1
06/04/1941 French Starving Relief Aide (Howard E. Kershner, American Friends) Says 2
06/04/1941 Marching Germans Strafed (By R. A. F.) In France 3
06/04/1941 Hull Is Studying Exports To Japan 3
06/04/1941 Japan Supplies Food To Germany; Sends 1,500 Tons Daily Via Russia (Trans-Siberian Rail Road Presumably) 3
06/04/1941 Ex-Premier (Jamil Al-Midfai) Heads New (Pro-British) Iraqi Cabinet-Pro-British Regime Is Formed 3
06/04/1941 Reich Ready To Aid Vichy (Militarily) If Requested (Presumably In Repulsing British Attacks On French Territory) 4
06/04/1941 Rise In Sentiment For Convoys Halts-(Gallup Poll, 52% Favor Use Of U.S. Navy To Convoy Ships To England) 8
06/04/1941 (Hamilton) Fish Sees Congress Voting Down War 8
06/04/1941 Dean (Virginia C. Gildersleeve) At Barnard Scores Lindbergh 17
06/04/1941 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Expects Second (‘German’) Waterloo-Calls On U.S. Then To Take Lead In Organizing The World To Insure Peace Property (Talks At Columbia University By Both Lord Halifax And Butler-Text, P. 19) 19
06/04/1941 Social Work Role In War Is Stressed 24
06/04/1941 Radio (Pro-English) War Talks Put Under Inquiry (By Senators Burton K. Wheeler & Tobey) 26
06/04/1941 Cromwell, James H. R., Pax Americana, A. Kroch & Son, Chicago, ‘What You Lose If Hitler Wins This War (Shows, Bread, Car, Church, Children, Way Of Life) 46
06/05/1941 British Bomb Beirut, Syria Is Tense 1
06/05/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Inquires Of Petain Scope Of ‘Collaboration’-French See Great Significance In Winant’s (Current) Mission (To Washington) 1
06/05/1941 Former Kaiser (Wilhelm Ii) Dies In Exile At Doorn; Relatives With Him (82) 1
06/05/1941 Boulogne Blasted By British Fliers 2
06/05/1941 Mosul Is Occupied By British Troops 4
06/05/1941 Swedish Police Raid Communist Centers 4
06/05/1941 Nomura Confident U.S. And Japan Can End Difficulties Peacefully 7
06/05/1941 Hull Stresses Curb On Gasoline Exports (To Japan & Russia) 7
06/05/1941 Kaiser Wilhelm Ii, Vita 8&9
06/05/1941 Messerschmitt 109 Here (By Rail) To Assist War Relief Fund For Bundles For Britain (The U.S. 5-51 Was A ‘Souped-Up’ Messerschmitt 109) 10
06/05/1941 Knox Urges A Ban On Defense Pictures (At Defense Sites) 15
06/05/1941 Defends J. Roosevelt (Awarded Number Of Foreign Medals) 17
06/06/1941 Japan Asking U.S. For No-War Pact-Washington Cold To Idea 1
06/06/1941 Hull Warns Vichy, Hints At Break; French Planes Raid Trans-Jordan (English); Nazis Streaming Into Syria By Air 1
06/06/1941 Hitler Ridicules U.S. Fears, Holds Nazi Attack Wild Idea 1
06/06/1941 Zeebrugge (Holland) Blasted In R. A. F. Day Raids 3
06/06/1941 Scorn Of Nazi Press Directed At (Sumner) Welles 3
06/06/1941 Batavia Rejecting Tokyo’s Demands (For Oil, Etc.) 6
06/06/1941 Japanese Seizure (Of U.S. Goods In French-Indo China) Protested By U.S. 7
06/06/1941 Turks Hear Hitler Threatens Soviet-Army Massing Reported 8
06/06/1941 Jews Are Arrested In Marseille Area 10
06/06/1941 Lindbergh Group Gets A Challenge (From Interventionist Group) 10
06/06/1941 Jan Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Hearing On Deportation Ends 17
06/06/1941 Plenty And Leisure After War Seen (By Robert P. Shaw)-Rocket Planes Forecast (Utopia ?) 17
06/06/1941 (German-American) Bund Case (‘Northland’ Raid) Sheriff Is Indicted In Jersey-U.S. Charges D. J. Quick Ran A Still 17
06/07/1941 Willkie Berates Roosevelt Critics 1
06/07/1941 Roosevelt Charges Nazi Plot In-Rumor British Ask Peace-President (Roosevelt) Is Sharp-Some Americans Duped 1
06/07/1941 Roosevelt Signs Ship Seizure Bill; Gives Power To Transfer Board (84 Ships Involved) 1
06/07/1941 British Envoy (Sir Stafford Cripps) Flies Home From Soviet 1
06/07/1941 (Douglas) Fairbanks (Jr.) Says Americas Back U.S. Policy And Seek Our Leadership And Cooperation 2
06/07/1941 Our Vichy Warning Assailed By Nazis-Counter To Monroe Doctrine 3
06/07/1941 Hundreds Of Nazis Reported In Iran (Istanbul Report) 3
06/07/1941 One-Third Of Jews Found In Nazis’ Grip-Joint Distribution Official (Joseph A. Schwartz) Puts Figure At 5,000,000 5
06/07/1941 Theodore Dreiser Gets Peace Award (From American Writers’ Congress) 5
06/08/1941 British Position ‘Extremely Grave’ But Not Disastrous, Winant Says-Leaders Think They Can Hold Egypt And Mediterranean Basin 1
06/08/1941 Free French, British Entering Syria; Move Follows Nazi Infiltration 1
06/08/1941 Move To Require Tax Data Of All (By U.S. Treasury Dept.) 1
06/08/1941 New Rumors In Vichy On War Guilt (Riom) Trials 3
06/08/1941 Rabbi (Herbert S. Goldstein) Bids France ‘Gamble With God’ (Instead Of Collaborating With Germany) 5
06/08/1941 Japanese Guarded On Reply Of Indies-Impasse Called ‘Serious’ 16
06/08/1941 (U.S. Ambassador To Japan. Joseph C.) Grew Calls Peace ‘Impossible’ Today-’American Way’ At Stake-Refuses To Sign Petitions Urging We Keep Out Of War 21
06/08/1941 Britain Maintains Secrecy On Hess 22
06/08/1941 Germans See U.S. Moving Into War-Intimate We Approach Stage Of Militant Enmity With The Third Reich 24
06/08/1941 La Guardia Rules ‘Hyphen’ Must Go-In CapitalEveryone Will Be Heard ‘Solely As American’ (Referring To ‘Hyphenates’ Of World War I) 25
06/08/1941 (Admiral) Yarnell Asks U.S. To Enter War Now 28
06/08/1941 (Roosevelt) Orders New Curbs On Aliens Entry (Text) 32
06/08/1941 Gen. (H. H. ‘Hap’) Arnold Calls For-Air Reckoning-Axis Must Pay For Shattered Ruins Of Europe Youth Should Enlist For Fight In The ‘Great Cause Of Liberty’ 38
06/08/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges Guard For Our Way-Democracy Demands Unity (No Dissent?) 41
06/08/1941 Virginia Institute To Assay Our (Political & Economic) Role-(Rexford) Tugwell One Of Leaders 47
06/08/1941 93 Modern Ships Taken Over By U.S. (Since Start Of War) 50
06/08/1941 Washington Is Trying To Keep Vichy Neutral (‘Neutralized’) E-3
06/08/1941 Japan’s Overtures Stir Washington’s Suspicion E-4
06/08/1941 Idea Of Monarchy Vanished In Reich E-5
06/08/1941 Under The Nazi Heel In Alsace-Lorraine Mag. 10
06/09/1941 Allies Open 3 Syrian Drives; French Resist The (Pro-British) Invaders, Report Sea Landing Foiled 1
06/09/1941 Liberty Promised Syria And Lebanon (By British Invaders) 2
06/09/1941 Palestine Rejoices 2
06/09/1941 Syria And Lebanon Bombed By British 3
06/09/1941 Declaration By Britain In July 1940, Warned That She Would Oppose A Nazi Move In Syria 4
06/09/1941 ‘U.S. Bread’ Is Given Unoccupied France 4
06/09/1941 London Belittles Hitler Interview (With Life Magazine Correspondent, John Cudahy-Life Owner, Henry Luce Violently Anti-German) 5
06/09/1941 Brest (France) Raided Anew By R. A. F. Bombers 6
06/09/1941 8 Ships In Convoy Sunk-U.S. Cutter Rescued 39 Men, Heard The Hood Battle (U.S. Vessels Were Always Near Sea Action!) 8
06/09/1941 Ammunition Needs Spur Vast Industry-Estimates Of (Monthly) Ammunition Needs (Huge-Whose Needs?) 9
06/09/1941 (Under-Secretary Of War) Patterson Warns U.S. Faces Crisis, He Says At Rutgers 19
06/10/1941 U.S. Ship (Robin Moor) Sunk In Atlantic (South Of Cape Verde Islands), Reported Victim Of U-Boat 1
06/10/1941 Allies (British) Nearing Damascus 1
06/10/1941 Hull Warns Vichy On Syria Warfare (Resistance To British) 1
06/10/1941 Army Opens Struck (North American) Aviation Plant, Orders Strikers Reviewed For Draft (Text Of Presidential Order, P. 16) Roosevelt Explains Seizure 1
06/10/1941 Berlin Is Evasive About Aid To Vichy (In British Invasion Of Syria) 5
06/10/1941 Nazis Said (Ankara Source) To Seek Base In Iran To Flank British (Already In Iraq) Near East Gains 6
06/10/1941 World War Pacifists Urge Fight On Hitler 10
06/10/1941 Speech Distorted Lindbergh Holds-Scores Press Treatment 11
06/10/1941 (John) Cudahy (News Correspondent, Life Magazine) Says Nazis Expect U.S. In War-Asserts He Found Fuehrer ‘Collected But Hostile’ (Interviewed Hitler) 12
06/10/1941 Yugoslav Fort Blast (By Guerrilla ‘Cetniks’) Killed 800 Germans 12
06/10/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Accepts Depth Bomb Story-He Contends Navy Whispered How An Attack Was Made On A German Submarine (To Provoke It To Attack A U.S. Ship) 19
06/10/1941 (Maj. Gen.) O’ Ryan Urges U.S. To Enter War Now-Talk To N.Y. U. Students 20
06/10/1941 ‘Isolation’ Viewed (By Two Pennsylvanian Doctors) As A Mental Ill 21
06/11/1941 Roosevelt Urges Delayed Judgement On Sinking Of Ship (Robin Moor)-Survivors Blame U-Boat 1
06/11/1941 Churchill Under Fire, Bars Retreating To Avoid Risks (Text, P. 4) 1
06/11/1941 U.S. Already In War Mussolini Charges (Excerpts, P. 9) 1
06/11/1941 Portugal Protests Roosevelt Talk (Says It Can Protect Its Own Territory Without U.S. Doing It); Hull Assures Against U.S. Aggression 1
06/11/1941 Move To Cut WPA Stirs House Debate 1
06/11/1941 Nazis Dearth Of Imports Viewed As A Growing Threat To Europe 3
06/11/1941 Ickes Says (John) Cudahy (Possibly Last American Correspondent To Interview Hitler Face To Face) Is Nazi Megaphone-Writer Is Termed Naive (Article Written By Harold Leclaire Ickes) 5
06/11/1941 Passengers And Officer Of Torpedoed American-Ship (Robin Moor-Mr. & Mrs. Ben Cohen On Way To South Africa) ‘German Submarine’ Accused 5
06/11/1941 Reich Said To Press Demands On Moscow-Sweden Lists Troop Movements For Clash If Talks Fail 5
06/11/1941 U.S. Cuts Off Talks On Goods For French 6
06/11/1941 Nazi Press Blames U.S. In Syrian Fight-Says British Action Received Encouragement And ‘Blessing’ From Washington 7
06/11/1941 Japan Now Likely To End Indies Talks 10
06/11/1941 Lindbergh Seen ‘In Hole’ (By Interventionist,Clark Eichelberger) 10
06/11/1941 Planes Like R. A. F. Seen In Production (In Buffalo, N.Y.) 13
06/12/1941 Allies (British) Spear Deep Into East Syria 1
06/12/1941 Nazi Pressure On Soviet Is Reported-Russian-Nazi ‘Rift’ Reported In London 1
06/12/1941 Japanese To Halt Dutch Indies Talks 1
06/12/1941 Britain Hails U.S. Aid In Orient; Hopes Manila Will Cut Exports On Japan Expects Break (-Down In Japanese Negotiations) At Batavia 3
06/12/1941 26 U.S. Ships Are Due In The Red Sea Soon; Harriman On Way To Welcome Aid To British 4
06/12/1941 Knox Curbs News Of Navy Actions-He Denounces (Senator Burton K. Wheeler’s) ‘Depth Bomb’ Story And Report Of Priority For (American) Expeditionary Force-Objects To All ‘Rumors’ 4
06/12/1941 Convoy Reported For (U.S.) Army Vessel (Passenger) 9
06/12/1941 Willkie Says Aid To China Helps U.S.-Urges Immediate Action 18
06/12/1941 West Point Hears Stimson Warning-Compromise ‘Impossible’ 18
06/12/1941 Defense Handling Of Negroes Scored (By Council For Democracy)-’2D Class’ Citizens Seen 20
06/12/1941 Betrayal Of God Decried By (Bishop Robert I.) Gannon (Fordham Univ.)-Nazism Just A ‘Symptom’ Archbishop Urges Us To Keep Faith 26
06/12/1941 Job Bias Is Denied By Hospital Head-Disclaims Anti-Semitic Leanings 48
06/13/1941 (Harlan F.) Stone Chosen Chief Justice; (Robert H.) Jackson And (James F.) Byrnes Named (To Supreme Court-Pictures, Pp. 1&3) 1
06/13/1941 Nazis ‘Undoubtedly’ Sank Robin Moor, Aware She Was U.S. Ship, (U.S.) Consul Says 1
06/13/1941 Fall Of Damascus (To Invading British) Is Believed Near 1
06/13/1941 No German Rebirth After War Defeat, Asserts Bernhard (Of Netherlands-In Washington, Regards Old Germany Dead) 1
06/13/1941 Nazis Use Leaflet In Raid On Britain-Twist Roosevelt Remarks On Ships 1
06/13/1941 Allies Vow Fight Till War Is Won 1
06/13/1941 (Robert H.) Jackson, Trusted Roosevelt Aide, Rose Rapidly Under The New Deal-Liberal Democrat-Has Frequently Made Sharp Attacks On ‘Big Business’ 3
06/13/1941 (James F.) Byrnes Great Help On Roosevelt Bills 3
06/13/1941 (Harlan F.) Stone, A Supporter Of New Deal Laws 3
06/13/1941 (Solicitor General, Francis Beverley) Biddle Mentioned For (Robert H.) Jackson Post (Att’y. Gen.) 3
06/13/1941 Poles (In London) Reassure Jews-Cabinet Promises Equal Rights In The Nation’s Future (Sikorsky Met With U.S. Jewish Leaders During Recent Visit To U.S.) 4
06/13/1941 British Find Seige Melancholy Task-Wish They Could Battle Nazis Instead Of French, Who Put Up Unwanted Fight (In Syria Which The British Invaded) 5
06/13/1941 (Herbert) Hoover Plan (To Feed Occupied Europe) Scored (By Fight For Freedom, Inc.) As Blocking Defense 5
06/13/1941 Text Of (U.S.) Consul’s Report On Robin Moor 6
06/13/1941 Nye Would Study (Robin Moor) Sinking Evidence-Germany Is Investigating 6
06/13/1941 U.S. At ‘Half Peace’ Says Italy’s Press-Warn Of Dire Results 7
06/13/1941 (Sir Stafford) Cripps Sees Eden On Soviet Status 7
06/13/1941 Portugal Affirms Her Isles’ Defense-Says Roosevelt Failed To Cite Lisbon’s Sovereignty 8
06/14/1941 Nazis Defiant, Threaten New Sinkings; Nazi Asserts (Railroad) Rails In Robin Moor Cargo (For Trans-Iranian Rail Road) Made Vessel Vulnerable In Warfare (Rails Declared Contraband By England And Germany Reciprocates. Germany Still Not Certain A German Submarine Had Sunk Ship) 1
06/14/1941 Hull Warns Vichy On Fight In Syria At Hitler’s Bidding (Text, P. 4)-French Fall Back 1
06/14/1941 Robin Moor Cargo Analyzed By Line-(Railroad) Rails Are On Manifest-(Robin Line) Company Head Says There Was Not An Item To Which The Reich Could Rightfully Object (Germany Lists Rails As ‘Unconditional Contraband’ Since They Are So Listed By The British) 3
06/14/1941 Refugees Keep Faith In Alsace-Lorraine 3
06/14/1941 French Hold Saida (Syria) In Fierce Fighting 4
06/14/1941 British Organize ‘Ferry Command’ (To Fly War Planes From U.S. To England) 5
06/14/1941 Picture: Netherlands Crown Princess Receives Honorary Degree (Bernhard Also In Photograph) 5
06/14/1941 New Curb On Jews Ordered By Vichy 5
06/14/1941 Japan Is Cautious In Indies Deadlock-Konoye Stresses Prices 6
06/14/1941 Soviet Denies Rift Over Nazi Troops 6
06/15/1941 Roosevelt Freezes Axis Assets (Text Of Executive Order, Dated June 14, 1941, P. 26) 1
06/15/1941 (Sumner) Welles Spurns Berlin’s ‘Bluster’-Welles Retorts To Nazi Threats 1
06/15/1941 Early German-Soviet Crisis Seen-More Troops Mass (Map) 1
06/15/1941 Tokyo Is Cautious In Robin Moor Case 2
06/15/1941 Matsuoka Backs Duce Against U.S. 6
06/15/1941 A Census Of Jews Ordered By Vichy 11
06/15/1941 Some (French) War Captives (Set) Free (By German Captors) 11
06/15/1941 Free Syria Pledge (By British) Winning The Arabs 12
06/15/1941 Anti-Axis Unity Sought In Parley-American And Foreign Liberals Meet At Capital Today To Map World Movement-Would Rally Neutrals (To British-American Side) 15
06/15/1941 Jewish Palestine Parley Ends (American Friends Of A Jewish Palestine) 15
06/15/1941 Uruguay Will Aid If U.S. Enters War 17
06/15/1941 U.S. Cash Lavished On Nazis (POW) In Canada 21
06/15/1941 (U.S.) Treasury (Morgenthau) To Hunt Hidden Axis Funds 27
06/15/1941 Ruling Aims To Bar Dollar Credit Use 27
06/15/1941 (U.S.) Assets In Germany Put At $475,000,000 28
06/15/1941 Advertisement, The Fight For Freedom, Inc.: What Are We Waiting For, Mr President (Roosevelt)? (Sponsors) 29
06/15/1941 Bias On Negroes Charged (By Federal Council Of Churches) 31
06/15/1941 Convoy Sentiment Seen Rising After Roosevelt Emergency Talk-55% Now Favor Use Of Our Navy(Gallup Poll) 33
06/15/1941 U.S. Ship Output Equals 1918 Peak 33
06/15/1941 Ships Of War Take Shape At Norfolk 33
06/15/1941 Greetings From President (Roosevelt)-His Message To Brith Abraham Asks Us To Be True To Founders (Of U.S., Atlantic City Convention) 39
06/15/1941 Hull Sees Vichy Doing Job For Hitler In Syria-(Admiral William D.) Leahy May Come To Report (P. E-3) E-3
06/15/1941 Reich Is Prepared To See U.S. In War E-4
06/15/1941 Japanese Threat Hangs Over Indies-Japan’s Oil Demands E-4
06/15/1941 Hitler Can He Defeated Mag. 3
06/16/1941 R. A. F. Bombs Fire Cologne Factories 2
06/16/1941 Big War Coup Soon Seen By Japanese 4
06/16/1941 Hess (Peace) Motive Reported 4
06/16/1941 Men (Liberals) Of 16 Nations Seek A (‘Liberal’) Free World-Oppose Any Peace Now 5
06/16/1941 President (Roosevelt) Assails Racial Job Barrier-(Poletti) Bars Bias In Defense Work 6
06/16/1941 1,000 U.S. Clergymen Sign Anti-War Pledge 6
06/16/1941 U.S. Bread Given (French) Again 6
06/16/1941 Harvard ‘41 Told (By Dr. James B. Conant, ‘The Fight For Freedom, Inc.’) To Look Post War 9
06/16/1941 (Albert) Einstein At Zionist Farm 9
06/17/1941 U.S. Orders All Nazi Consulates Closed-Verges On Formal Break 1
06/17/1941 Germany Is Silent On Consul Ouster (Pictures) 3
06/17/1941 German Dye Trust (I. G. Farbenindustrie) Answers Indictment (To Charges Brought By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) 3
06/17/1941 (U.S. Ambassador To Japan, Joseph C.) Grew Again Warns Tokyo On Bombings (Of Chungking-American Lives Endangered) 5
06/17/1941 Tokyo Paper (Nichi Nichi) Hints At Rift In Cabinet 5
06/17/1941 Soviet-Nazi Deal Held More Likely Than Clash Despite All Rumors 8
06/17/1941 U.S. To Resist Axis, Knox Tells Canada 10
06/17/1941 Vichy Is Haunted By Food Program 10
06/17/1941 Churchill Warns ‘Divided We Fall’ (At Rochester) 16
06/17/1941 War Theme Rules Class Day At Yale-Posterity ‘Swimming In Red Ink’ Depicted By Historian Son (William E.) Of (U.S.) Attorney General (Robert H.) Jackson 19
06/17/1941 All-Out Union Urged By (Clarence K.) Streit At Colby-Author Says France Could Have Averted Separate Peace (This Is The Roosevelt-Churchill Thesis!) 19
06/17/1941 Would Aid Britain Even Risking Lives 19
06/18/1941 Germans (Consuls) To Be Held Here Pending Further Decision; Berlin Protests Ousting-Calls Act ‘Unjustified’ 1
06/18/1941 President (Roosevelt) Blames Nazi Subversion 1
06/18/1941 U.S. Bars Refugees With Kin In Reich (From Entering U.S.) 1
06/18/1941 U.S. Navy Has Plan To Arm Freighters, President (Roosevelt) Reveals 1
06/18/1941 Nazi Planes Found By Radiolocator (First Mention Of ‘Radar’) 1
06/18/1941 Reich-Soviet War Is Thought Nearer-Sources In Turkey Hold Nazis Will Attack To Get Ukraine And Drive To Iran 5
06/18/1941 Reich And Russia Long Set To Fight-Soviet Fears Increasing 9
06/18/1941 U-Boats Now Fear Atlantic Convoys 9
06/18/1941 (Stimson & Adolf A. Berle, U.S. State Department) Bid U.S. Prepare For A Long War 10
06/18/1941 Nazi Propagandist (Guenther Tonn, In U.S. Custody On Ellis Island) Attempts Suicide 12
06/18/1941 Japan Astonished At American Step (Closing German Consulates, Etc.) Move Held Short Of War 13
06/18/1941 Japanese Accept Failure In Indies 13
06/18/1941 Japan To Buy Up Dollars 13
06/18/1941 Kirsten Flagstad To Stay In Norway 24
06/19/1941 Turks And Nazis Sign Amity Pact 1
06/19/1941 German-Soviet Showdown Near-Reich Ultimatum To Soviet Reported 1
06/19/1941 British To Recruit U.S. Radio Experts (Radar) 1
06/19/1941 U.S. Ruling (On Refugees With Relatives In Occupied Europe) Cuts Off Means Of Escape For Many In Reich-Many Visas To Be Voided 1
06/19/1941 Ten (Axis Sailors) Found Guilty In Ship Sabotage (Of Ships Seized By U.S.) 1
06/19/1941 3 Finnish Vessels Seized By Britain 5
06/19/1941 Reich To Compensate Eire Bomb Victims (Admits ‘Possibility’) 7
06/19/1941 Japan Asked Part Of Indies Wealth 8
06/19/1941 Statement By Japanese 8
06/19/1941 (Fritz) Kuhn To Remain In Jail Two Years More; Parole Board Holds Him ‘Hazard To Peace’ 10
06/19/1941 Nazi Consul (Chicago) Burns Files 10
06/19/1941 (Prince Bernhard) Says Nazis Force Work On Holland 11
06/19/1941 (Robert) Moses Sees Nation Entering The War-Predicts A New Age 22
06/20/1941 Nazi Attaches Burn Records In New York As Consulate Prepares To Close Doors 5
06/20/1941 (John) Cudahy (Life Magazine Correspondent) Finds Hitler Shows Strain; Describes His Pallor And Fatigue 8
06/20/1941 Majority Favors War Referendum (56% In Favor, Gallup Poll) 8
06/20/1941 Statement On Hess Refused To Commons 8
06/21/1941 Won’t Yield Seas, Roosevelt Says, Branding Germany As An Outlaw-’Piracy’ Is Assailed 1
06/21/1941 ‘Unjustly Attacked’ Says Petain Of Syria 2
06/21/1941 Tamerlane Tomb Opened (In Russia); Skeleton Well Preserved 4
06/21/1941 American Woman Pilot (Jacqueline Cochran) In London After Flying Bomber Across Ocean (U.S. To England) 5
06/21/1941 Text Of Roosevelt Message 6
06/21/1941 Lindbergh Urges Negotiated Peace 9
06/21/1941 132 Child Refugees Due (Protestant, Catholic & Jewish On ‘Mouzinho’ From Lisbon-From Austria, Poland & Czechoslovakia) 9
06/22/1941 Hitler Begins War On Russia, With Armies On March From Arctic To The Black Sea-Bad Faith Charged 1
06/22/1941 The Hitler Proclamation 1
06/22/1941 Russian Civilians Flee Border Areas 5
06/22/1941 Text Of The War Statement By Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop 6
06/22/1941 Soviet-Nazi Crisis Linked With Hess 9
06/22/1941 U.S. Ambulances In Britain A Year 10
06/22/1941 Vichy Warns All Jews To Obey New Decree 14
06/22/1941 119 Child Refugees Here From Lisbon (On Board ‘Mouzinho’) 19
06/22/1941 Japanese (Living In U.S.) Pledge U.S. Aid (Loyalty) 19
06/22/1941 Roosevelt Asks Congress To Pass Property Seizure Bill, Un-Restricted-Would Avoid 1917-18 ‘Piecemeal’ Legislation 29
06/22/1941 Senators Put Off (Robert H.) Jackson Approval (As Supreme Court Justice-Charge He Abused His Office In 1940) 31
06/22/1941 Shirer, William L., Berlin Diary, Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y Book 1
06/22/1941 The Art Of Propaganda-By Adolf Hitler (U.S. Source!) Mag. 3
06/22/1941 (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Treasurer To The Democracies Mag. 10
06/23/1941 Churchill Promises Aid To All Who Are Hitler’s Foes 1
06/23/1941 Reds Here Demand Fight On Hitlerism-(Germany’s Attack On Russia) ‘Criminal Attack On Greatest Champion Of Peace’ Scored In (Communist) Party Manifesto 1
06/23/1941 Finland Declares She Is Not At War 3
06/23/1941 (George Bernard) Shaw (Socialist) Sees Hitler’s Doom, ‘We’ve Nothing To Do But Sit And Smile,’ He Declares 3
06/23/1941 Estonians In Revolt, Stockholm Hears; Lithuanians In Berlin Raise National Flag 3
06/23/1941 Text Of The Statement On The War ByVon Ribbentrop Of Germany (Picture, P. 9) 4
06/23/1941 Text Of Reichfuehrer Hitler’s Proclamation That Revealed Germany’s War Against Soviet Union (Incomplete Translation) 6
06/23/1941 Rumanian Troops Go Into ‘Holy War’ (Recover Bukovina & Bessarabia) 7
06/23/1941 (Alexander) Kerensky In Appeal For Help For Russia 8
06/23/1941 Prime Minister Churchill’s Broadcast On New War 8
06/23/1941 Mrs. Stephen S. Wise ‘Adopts’ British Boy (Dennie Edward Mitchell) 9
06/23/1941 Robin (Moor) Sinking Demands New Bonus Demands (By Seamen’s Union) 11
06/23/1941 Film: ‘Underground’-Dealing With Anti-Nazi Activities (Warner Brothers) 13
06/23/1941 U.S. Will Rip Ties To Reich’s Patents-Department Of Justice To Free Our Industry Of Restraints Renewed After 1917-18 (Patents And Processes To Be Confiscated By U.S.) 20
06/23/1941 Money ‘Blockade’ By U.S. Is Seen-But Reich Press Says Germany Takes Our ‘Freezing’ Of The Axis Assets ‘With Calm’ 25
06/23/1941 U.S. Diplomacy Pleases-London Hails Ousting Of Consuls And ‘Freezing’ Of Axis Cash 25
06/23/1941 Sales To Britain Rose 55% Over ‘40 (Munitions!) 27
06/24/1941 Our Policy Stated-(Sumner) Welles Says Defeat Of Hitler Conquest Plans Is Greatest Task (Text, P. 7) 1&7
06/24/1941 Bogomoloff (Soviet Ambassador To France) Sees (Admiral William D.) Leahy 4
06/24/1941 Mendes-France (Under Sentence For Desertion Of Post-Post-War French Premier) Escapes 6
06/24/1941 (Harry Grayer) Heads (Sons Of) Zion Order Again (Commends Roosevelt’s Closing Of Axis Consulates Votes To Join Red Mogen David) 11
06/24/1941 Picture: U.S. (Tear) ‘Gas Chamber’ (Gas Mask Test For Nurses) 12
06/24/1941 (Rabbi, Dr. Stephen S. Wise) Urges A Jewish Institute (Of Jewish Affairs) 13
06/24/1941 The (U.S.) Government Is For Any One Who Fights Hitler-Arthur Krock 18
06/24/1941 Letter: On Excluding Refugees 18
06/24/1941 Release Of Tools To Soviet Forecast (By U.S. Exporters) 29
06/25/1941 Roosevelt To Give All Possible Aid To Russia-Red Credits Freed (Unfrozen From June 14 Freezing Order) 1
06/25/1941 Soviet Fliers Blast Warsaw And Constanta (Rumania) 1
06/25/1941 (24 Fugitives) Back To Devil’s Island (Appeal To Roosevelt Failed) 3
06/25/1941 (Axis) Saboteurs (Of Their Own Ships To Avoid Their Vessel’s Seizure Intact By U.S.) Sent To Camps 4
06/25/1941 Nazis Gibe At U.S. As Ally Of Soviet-Plutocracy And Comintern Now Arm In Arm 5
06/25/1941 Roosevelt Stresses British Radio Needs-Reminds U.S. Youths They May Serve (England) As Non-Combatants 5
06/25/1941 ‘New Order’ Too Old For Us, Says (Adolf A.) Berle (Of U.S. State Department In Ontario) 15
06/26/1941 U.S. Waives Neutrality For Soviet-President (Roosevelt) Keeps Door Open At Vladivostok For Arms If Sent 1
06/26/1941 (Leon) Henderson To Fix All Auto Prices; Chrysler Blamed 1
06/26/1941 Finnish Cites Are Bombed (By Russians) 1
06/26/1941 U.S. Action (By Roosevelt) Wins Soviet Gratitude 2
06/26/1941 Allies Cleaning Up In Damascus Area 3
06/26/1941 (P. G.) Wodehouse Is Freed From (German) Internment Camp 4
06/26/1941 Japanese To Rush Increases In Arms 5
06/26/1941 Passage Granted Nazis By Sweden (Troops Not To Exceed One Division From Norway To Finland) 5
06/26/1941 U.S. Tank Experts Aid British In Cairo 6
06/26/1941 British Find Nazis In Supply Gamble (To Obtain Supplies) 6
06/26/1941 Picture: With The British Forces In Iceland 6
06/26/1941 Socialistic Britain After War Is Seen (By Miss Gordon Holmes, British Banker) 11
06/27/1941 Finns Enter Fight As Allies Of Nazis 1
06/27/1941 (Paul J.) Kern Denounces Hitler, Not Stalin 1
06/27/1941 Roosevelt To Ask Price Control Law 1
06/27/1941 Iran To Remain Neutral (But Securely In Britain’s Control!) 2
06/27/1941 R. A. F. Bombs Kiel in Hard Night Raid 3
06/27/1941 New Iceland Regent (Resulting From British Invasion) Gives Liberty Pledge 5
06/27/1941 War Is Making Japan Haven For Refugees (From Europe Via The Trans-Siberian Railway) 5
06/27/1941 Soviet Is Assured By U.S. Of Support (Sumner) Welles Tells Envoy (Oumansky), Requests For Aid Will Get As Favorable Consideration As Possible President’s (Roosevelt’s) Pledge Cited 6
06/27/1941 Ickes Bids Us (Wage) War As Nazis Push East-’Golden Opportunity’ 7
06/27/1941 (Gallup) Survey Finds 76% Back Roosevelt 11
06/28/1941 U.S. Trade Is Giving Latin Americans Economic Freedom-Millions We Spend For Defense Materials Are Offsetting Loses Of European Markets 1
06/28/1941 Hungary Declares War Upon Soviet 2
06/28/1941 Rumania Restricts Jews 2
06/28/1941 Vichy Orders Jews To Leave (Capital) In A Week 4
06/28/1941 (Alexander) Kerensky Bids Reds Liberate Russians-Fight Nazis 4
06/28/1941 Japanese Stress Vladivostok Peril (U.S. Plans To Use Port To Supply Russia Against Germany) 5
06/28/1941 President (Roosevelt) Denounces (Pappy O’daniel ‘S) Idea Of A Texas Army (O’daniel Opposing Lyndon B. Johnson, Roosevelt’s Hand-Picked Candidate To Replace Morris Sheppard In Senate) 5
06/28/1941 (Harlan) Stone Confirmed; (Robert H.) Jackson Assailed (In Senate Supreme Court Nomination Hearings) 13
06/28/1941 (U.S.) Entry In War Now Urged By (Dr. Frank) Kingdon (N.Y. Chapter, Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 13
06/28/1941 Hitler Seeks To Be Master Of Two Revolutions-Anne O’Hare McCormick 14
06/29/1941 Army Is Far Short Of War Efficiency After Year Effort-Too Many ‘Col. Blimps’ 1
06/29/1941 Latin-America Door Is Shut To Germans-Cooperation With Us Will Bar Refuge To Those Ousted Here 3
06/29/1941 War Trend (In The U.S.) Found Gaining Slightly (Gallup Poll, 24% Favor Entry On A ‘Shooting’ Basis-Only 5% At Outbreak Of War) 6
06/29/1941 (Owen) Lattimore Named Advisor To Chiang (Kai-Shek) 9
06/29/1941 Japan Gives Nazi (Count Henry Graf Von Matushka) Asylum (Expelled By Ecuador) 9
06/29/1941 End Of Hitlerism Held Vital To U.S. (By 8 N.Y. Rabbis) 12
06/29/1941 Finns State Case (For Declaration Of War) Against Russians 17
06/29/1941 (Senator) George Criticizes Roosevelt Policy-Assails ‘Totalitarian Methods’ 23
06/29/1941 (Senator Claude Pepper, Florida) Asks Swift Aid To Russia 24
06/29/1941 U.S. Has Secret Radio Plan Detecting Beam;(Radar) 25
06/29/1941 Appeal For Refugees-Clothing Needed By Many On Leaving Concentration Camps (Greater N.Y. Federation Of Churches, American Friends And Numerous Jewish Organizations) 34
06/29/1941 (Lyndon B.) Johnson (Roosevelt’s Choice) Is Ahead For Texas Senator (Against W. Lee [‘Pass The Biscuits Pappy’] O’daniel) 35
06/29/1941 Nazis In A Race Against Time To Win The War E-3
06/29/1941 Front-Line (War Interventionist) Librarian (Archibald Mac Leish) Mag. 12
06/30/1941 Roosevelt Orders 900,000 More Men Inducted In Army 1
06/30/1941 (Herbert) Hoover Condemns War Aid To Soviets 1
06/30/1941 Japanese Premier (Konoye) Seeks Our Amity 7
06/30/1941 Chungking Raids (By Japanese) Injure 4 Britons-American Methodist Hospital Badly Damaged 7
06/30/1941 Technique Of 1917 Lingers In Army 9
06/30/1941 Dr. (James G., Rabbi) Heller Heads Rabbis (Atlantic City, N. J. Conference) 12
06/30/1941 Polish Jews (American Federation Of Polish Jews) Give Pledge 18