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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

August 1941
Date Headline Page
08/01/1941 U.S. Accepts Tokyo Apology — (U.S.S.) Tutuila Bombing Is Closed Issue 1
08/01/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Charges Movies Want War 1
08/01/1941 (Henry Agard] Wallace Gets Key Economic Post (Heads Economic Defense Board) 1
08/01/1941 (Russian Marshal Semyon) Budenny Urges ‘Scorched Earth’ 2
08/01/1941 Roosevelt Talks With Soviet Aides 3
08/01/1941 Newspapers Oppose Our Entry Into War (Survey Shows 2:1 ‘Against’) 3
08/01/1941 Roosevelt Sees Halifax On Japan 5
08/01/1941 Pact (With Russia) Threatens Unity Of Poles (Picture: Sikorski, Churchill, Eden & Maisky) 5
08/01/1941 Yugoslav Chief Rabbi (Dr. Isaac Alkalag) Safe-Finally Reaches Palestine 6
08/01/1941 (Henry Agard) Wallace Says We Must Show Fight-Peace Hangs On Willingness To Go To WarPlea To Ignore ‘Loud Minority’ 8
08/01/1941 Army’s Strength Reaches 1,506,500 16
08/01/1941 Knox Praises La Guardia 16
08/02/1941 U.S. Aviation Fuel Barred To Japan As Roosevelt Order Curbs Exports 1
08/02/1941 (Sumner) Welles (Acting Secretary Of State) Assails Reich On MexicoWas Act Of Barefaced Impudence 1
08/02/1941 Dangers To India Stressed By Avery (Promising India Post-War Dominion Status) 2
08/02/1941 ‘Who’s Who’ Voters Favor U.S. Entrance Into Post-War League, Gallup Survey, Finds 2
08/02/1941 Iran Rebuffs Britain On Nazi Infiltration (Iran Fully Capable Of Dealing With The Existing Situation) 4
08/02/1941 Roosevelt Hais Russians’ Stand 5
08/02/1941 Japan Likely To Cut Crude Oil Under New Ban, Exporters Say 5
08/02/1941 Japan Insists It Will Get Oil-Hochi Says We Won’t Fight While Navy Is Not Ready For East Asia Attack-Food Shortage Stressed 5
08/02/1941 President (Roosevelt) Plans An Eastern Cruise-He Hopes To Spend Next Week ‘Getting Sea Air’ 8
08/02/1941 President (Roosevelt) Buys The First Tax-Free Prepayment Note ($1,200, Picture) 21
08/03/1941 U.S. Denounces Vichy On Indo-China 1
08/03/1941 Japan Is Warned New Peril Is Near-’Explosive’ Situation Calls For More Production 1
08/03/1941 France Is Warned-(Sumner) Welles (Acting Secretary Of State) Says Relations Will Depend Upon Anti-Axis Stand (Text, P. 25) 1
08/03/1941 Nazis Ousted By Iran Told To Leave Turkey 5
08/03/1941 U.S. Fighter Planes (P-4O’s) Score In (North African, British) Desert War 6
08/03/1941 Ribbentrop Accused In British Broadcast 7
08/03/1941 Packard (Motors) Begins On (Rolls-Royce-Merlin) Air (Craft) Engines (For U.S. & England) 17
08/03/1941 1,000th Tank Made At (American Car & Foundry Co.) Berwick Plant 18
08/03/1941 Licenses Of Arms Exceed Exports 19
08/03/1941 British Discount Tokyo Step North (Expect Thailand Attack) 23
08/03/1941 China Sees Japan Poised For Attack 24
08/03/1941 Rigid Secrecy Decreed For Roosevelt Cruise; Trip Starting Today, Subject To Abrupt End (Appeals To Newspapers For Voluntary Secrecy-’Atlantic [‘Argentia’] Conference’) 24
08/03/1941 Blame U.S. Error For Lack Of Silk F-1
08/03/1941 Acting Secretary (Of State, Sumner Welles-Favorite Motto: Aliis Licet: Tibi No Licet-Others May, You May Not) Mag. 9
08/04/1941 Nazi Capital Bombed Hard; Hamburg And Kiel (R. A. F.) Targets 1
08/04/1941 Hull Returns To Capital 3
08/04/1941 Thailand Is Next Japanese Assert 4
08/04/1941 Reich Rebirth Seen With Hitler Defeat (By Americans Of German Descent-How Little They Knew!) 4
08/04/1941 Nazis Charge British Made Demand On Iran; Ouster Of All Held Aim Of (British) Note 5
08/04/1941 Reich Denies A Plan For (Germans’) Savings Seizure 6
08/04/1941 Hitler’s Blueprint For A World Conquest-N.Y. Would Telegram 9
08/04/1941 (Dr. Vannevar Bush) Marshals Brains To Stir Defense 13
08/05/1941 Full U.S. Aid Pledged Russia (By Roosevelt) 1
08/05/1941 Japan Halts Sailings Here-Tokyo Pushes Plan Of Total Mobilization For Total War 1
08/06/1941 Meeting Of-Churchill And Roosevelt On President’s Cruise Is Reported-Rumors In Capital 1
08/06/1941 Japanese Mass Troops At Thai Line-Early Attacks Seen 1
08/06/1941 Nazi Ouster Urged Upon Afghanistan (By British) 3
08/06/1941 Serbian Uprisings Develop In Force 5
08/06/1941 New ‘Peace Terms’ Of Nazis Outlined (By Anti-German, Interventionist ‘Fight For Freedom, Inc.’) 6
08/06/1941 50% Of U.S. Voters For Longer Draft (Gallup Poll) 9
08/06/1941 (P. G.) Wodehouse Books Banned (Destroyed By A British Library) 13
08/07/1941 U.S. And Britain Warn Japan On Thailand-Our Plans Not Revealed 1
08/07/1941 Hitler’s War Bulletins Recall (Mein Kampf) Propaganda (‘Great Lie’) Credo (As Touted By Anti-German Sources!) 2
08/07/1941 Roosevelt Yacht Sends Message 4
08/07/1941 British Execute Two Nazi Spies (One Was Swiss-Landed From Seaplane) 4
08/07/1941 (General) Anders To Command Poles’ Soviet Army-Cavalry Chief, Captured In 1939, Freed To Take Post 4
08/07/1941 Japanese Seek Indo-China Land For Cotton, Cereals, Rice, Rubber 6
08/07/1941 New Thai Reports Anger Japanese-Best Opinion Doubts War 6
08/07/1941 Japan Has Lost War, Dean Meyer Asserts-Adequate Aid To China Would End Fighting In 6 Months, He Says 6
08/07/1941 Vichy To Limit Food Sent To Individuals 7
08/07/1941 Dr. Herma Hoff Here From Iraq, Reports Nazis Posed As Moslems 9
08/07/1941 (Henry Agard) Wallace’s Son Reports In Draft 9
08/07/1941 President (Roosevelt Writes Analysis Of War (In ‘Colliers Magazine’ Beginning Sept. 5, 1941-’Colliers’ Was Often Used By Roosevelt, Morgenthau And Others To Project Their Ideas) 13
08/08/1941 U.S. Oil On Way To Russia; 4 Tankers For Soviet Use (Via Vladivostok) 1
08/08/1941 Berlin Said (In Ankara) To Threaten Rupture With Iran If Germans Are Ousted-Nazis Insist Russo-British Military Action (Invasion) Is Imminent (For Iran) 3
08/08/1941 British Awaiting U.S. Cue On Orient-’All Preparations Ready’ 4
08/08/1941 U.S. Control Of World Markets Outside Europe Seen By Berlin 5
08/08/1941 Roosevelt’s Yacht Sets ‘No Destination’ As Rumors Of Purpose Of Trip Increase 6
08/08/1941 Navy To Receive 3 Foreign (2 Danish & 1 Rumanian) Ships 33
08/09/1941 Hull Declares Japan Encircles Herself By (Own) Acts 1
08/09/1941 (French) Gen. Dentz And 35 Aides In Syria Are Held As Hostages (By British) For Britons 1
08/09/1941 Near East Oil Seen In (Safely) British Hands Now 2
08/09/1941 2 High (Un-Named) Nazi Agents Dispatched To Iran (Via Turkey, Ankara Report) 3
08/09/1941 (Adolf A.) Berle (U.S. State Dept.) Tells Of Plan For Post-War Relief Reveals Program Of Aid For Tens Of Millions Of Sufferers (When Germans Are Defeated) 4
08/09/1941 Roosevelt ‘Wicked’ Italian Press Finds-He Fishes ‘While His Victims Suffer’ 4
08/09/1941 France Is Concerned Over Copper Dearth 4
08/09/1941 Nazis Assail U.S. Over Latin Bases 5
08/09/1941 (William, A.F. Of L.) Green Calls War No Longer Foreign-Aid To Soviet Approved (By Him) 6
08/10/1941 Steady Warfare Avowed In Poland-2 000 Groups Carrying On Against Germans-Polish Guerrillas Active 12
08/10/1941 Swift British Step In Iran Predicted (Ankara Report) 15
08/10/1941 Jan Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Pardon Asked By W. A. (William Allen) White (Emporia, Kansas, Editor) 16
08/10/1941 Tokyo Press Says Big War Is Faced (By Japan)-Frankly Stresses That U.S. And Britain Are Ready To Bar Southward Advances 19
08/10/1941 Cuba Urged To End Axis Consul Links (By Cuban Senators) 20
08/10/1941 Lindbergh Sees War ‘Hypocracies’-Finds ‘Incidents’ Planned 24
08/10/1941 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Fishing Interrupted By Fog-Says Potomac Is Anchored 33
08/10/1941 British Are Keen To Try Invasion E-4
08/10/1941 (Russian) Guerrillas Scorch Earth For Nazis-Orders Of Stalin E-4
08/10/1941 French Losing Third Empire E-5
08/11/1941 (English) Queen Voices Thanks To Us; Says British Cause Is Ours 1
08/11/1941 Australia Chiefs See Crisis Near; Condemn Japan 1
08/11/1941 Nazi ‘Plot’ In (British-Occupied) Iran Reported Crushed-British Action Expected 3
08/11/1941 Revolt In Serbia Is Seen Growing (By Chetniks, Leader Un-Named) 4
08/11/1941 Alexei Tolstoy (Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) Urges Slavs’ Cooperation (Under Russia) 4
08/11/1941 Roosevelt ‘Peace’ Urged By (Former Ambassador John) Cudahy (Not The Reporter Who Interviewed Hitler) 6
08/11/1941 Little Eve (Harriet Beecher Stowe’s ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’), 93, Dies; Acted In Premier 13
08/12/1941 Two-Day Roosevelt Silence Revives Talk Of Sea Parley (With Churchill) 1
08/12/1941 Hull Says Japan Must Alter Path 1
08/12/1941 Japan Widens Economic Rule; Its Envoy Warns U.S. Is Ready (For Hostilities) 1
08/12/1941 Polish Welfare Unit To Be Sent To Russia 3
08/12/1941 Hitler’s Conquerors Of Smolensk (Near Site Of Katyn Massacre) Held A Heap Of Ashes And Rubble (Alvin J. Steinkopf), U.S. Reporter Tours CityFinds Russians Obeyed Stalin Scorched Earth Order 3
08/12/1941 Japanese Leaving Singapore Region-Suggest Feint By Tokyo 4
08/12/1941 Menzies Stresses Peril To Australia (From Japan) 4
08/12/1941 Work On 2-Ocean Fleet Is So Rapid Navy Expects Completion By 1944 5
08/12/1941 Australia Gets Gasoline 5
08/12/1941 Stiff Soviet Note Said To Warn Iran (Ankara Report) 6
08/12/1941 President (Roosevelt) Rallies Colleges In Crisis 14
08/12/1941 Economists Urged (By Dr. A. Wellington Taylor) To Plan For Peace 17
08/12/1941 (Former Ambassador John) Cudahy’s Peace Idea Assailed By Hobson-Bishop Sees Ex-Ambassador As A ‘Dupe Of The Third Reich’ (Hobson Is A Member Of The ‘Fight For Freedom’ Inter-Ventionists-Chairman) 17
08/13/1941 House For 2-1/2 Years Army Service (Extension Of 1-1/2 Years Beyond Present Service Requirement) By One Vote 1
08/13/1941 Japan Is Warned-U.S. And Britain Tell Tokyo To Keep Hands Off Thailand (The ‘Un’ Wants It!) 1
08/13/1941 Petain Yields, Pledging To Work With Hitler-Hull Is Silent (Text, P. 4) 1
08/13/1941 Roosevelt ‘Lost’ On Yacht For Three Days; Rumor Of Meeting With Churchill Persists 3
08/13/1941 British Hold Vichy Partner Of Nazis 4
08/13/1941 U.S.-Soviet Base (Vladivostok) Feared By Japan 7
08/13/1941 (National Resources Planning) Board Outlives Postwar Plan-Would Avert Idleness 19
08/13/1941 Treasury (Morgenthau) Frees ($160,000,000) Portuguese Funds 25
08/14/1941 Roosevelt-Churchill Decisions Are Expected In Announcements To Be Made This Morning (Meeting Not Yet Confirmed) No Word From President (Roosevelt) 1
08/14/1941 Axis Films Fought By Britain And U.S. (They Oppose The Release Of German Movies Of The War In South America) 4
08/14/1941 Japanese Silent On Future Plans 5
08/14/1941 End Of U.S. Relations With Vichy Is Urged (By Bishop Henry W. Hobson, Chairman Of ‘Fight For Freedom, Inc.’) 7
08/14/1941 World War Debt Already Doubled 8
08/14/1941 New Course Seen (Predicted) For Democracies (As A Result Of Unconfirmed Roosevelt-Churchill Meeting In Atlantic) 8
08/14/1941 German Pins (Food) Hope On (New) Farm Technique (To Feed Blockaded Europe And Itself) 8
08/15/1941 Roosevelt, Churchill Draft 8 Peace Aims, Pledging Destruction Of Nazi Tyranny 1
08/15/1941 Joint Steps Believed Charted At Parley-Talks Held At Sea (Actually Argentia, Newfoundland)-Disarmament Of Axis Is Envisaged(A Rather Bellicose Step For A Neutral!) 1
08/15/1941 The Official (‘Atlantic Charter’) Statement 1
08/15/1941 Wilson’s ‘Fourteen Points’ (A Comparison) 2
08/15/1941 (William C.) Bullitt (Roosevelt’s Former Ambassador To France And Roving Envoy) Predicts War Sooner Or Later; Sees Less Risk In Immediate Involvement 3
08/15/1941 Picture: President (Roosevelt) And Prime Minister With Their Aides Aboard British Battleship 3
08/15/1941 Views (Survey) Of U.S. Press On Parley At Sea 6
08/15/1941 Plane Crash Kills Arthur B. Purvis (Head Of British Supply Council-Crash In U.S.A.-Precipitated A Morgenthau-Hull Verbal Exchange!) 11
08/16/1941 U.S., Britain And Soviet To Confer In Moscow On Speeding Joint Aid For Complete (‘United Nations’) Victory 1
08/16/1941 Domei Agency Says U.S. And Britain Plan Attack In Pacific In Move To Create Their Own World Order 1
08/16/1941 Riom (French War Responsibility) Prosecutions Enters New Phase 4
08/16/1941 U.S. People Misled (Alf) Landon Believes-He Thinks Roosevelt Pledged Us To Armed Action Against Hitler 4
08/16/1941 Hull Eulogizes (Arthur B.) Purvis-Morgenthau And Lord Halifax Join In Tribute To Him (See ‘Morgenthau Diaries’) 4
08/16/1941 German Spy Is Shot In Tower Of London-Had Landed By Parachute Near Capital With Radio 6
08/16/1941 Walter P. Reuther (C.I.O. ‘Organizer’) Denies Dodging Draft 8
08/17/1941 Roosevelt Declares U.S. Is No Nearer War-Reveals Full Accord On World Conflict 1
08/17/1941 U.S. Aid To Soviet Alarming Japan-Vladivostok Peril Seen 9
08/17/1941 U.S. Officer Tells Of Bismarck Fight (Mentions Frank Knox’s ‘Colliers’, Aug. 16 Article On Bismarck Sinking-Was U.S. Officer On Catalina Pby-5-Later Reports Indicated He Had Also Piloted The Aircraft For The British While Searching For The Bismark) 11
08/17/1941 Serb Guerrillas Wage Steady War (Against Germans-No Mention Of Mikhailovitch) 13
08/17/1941 President (Roosevelt) Mourns (Death Of Arthur B.) Purvis 14
08/17/1941 (American) Legion Men To Fight Any Aid To Reds 17
08/17/1941 Nazis Hail Seizure Of Iron Ore (By Their Troops In Krivoy Rog) Region-Manganese Mines Sought 18
08/17/1941 Peace Aims Hailed As War Weapon (By New York City Rabbis) 29
08/17/1941 (E. George Payne) Offers Basis For Education After The War D-4
08/17/1941 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
08/17/1941 Hitler’s Plunge In The East Is Great Aid To Britain-Germany Plundering Victims E-3
08/17/1941 U.S. Solidifies Far East Policy-Intimation Of Trade Embargo On Japan-Use Of Force Is Hinted E-3
08/18/1941 Iran Gets New Anglo-Soviet Warning-Say ‘Tourists’ (Germans) Total 3,000 1
08/18/1941 Vichy To Close Jobs To Jews On Sept. 15 (In The Professions Listed In June ‘41) 5
08/18/1941 Service Honoring Arthur B. Purvis-800 Attend (Many Listed By Name) 13
08/19/1941 U.S. Planes To He Flown To British In Near East; Ferry System To Run By Way Of West Africa 1
08/19/1941 Census (In U.S.) Ordered Of All Property Foreign Owned 1
08/19/1941 Traffic Increased Over Burma (Military Supply) Road-Americans Are On Way 8
08/19/1941 New Food Cards In Japan 8
08/19/1941 Nazi Court Dooms Two Polish Women 9
08/19/1941 Roosevelt Signs Draft Extension (Extends Original One Year Term Of Service For ‘Army Trainees’ To 2-1/2 Years) 19
08/20/1941 President (Roosevelt) Bids Nation Awake To Peril-Roosevelt Is Grim 1
08/20/1941 (‘Dear Alben’ W. Barkley) Denies President (Roosevelt) Gave War Pledge (In Reply To Accusation By Hiram Johnson) 1
08/20/1941 (Frank) Murphy Says U.S. Must Aid Russia 1
08/20/1941 Poles Completing (Russian) Legion (60,000-90,000 Men) 7
08/20/1941 Morocco Curbs Jews-Those In European Sections Must Live In Ghettos 8
08/21/1941 Dnieper Dam Reported Blown Up By Russians-Act Laid To Stalin 1
08/21/1941 U.S. Considers Extending Credit To Moscow 1
08/21/1941 (U.S.) Pledge To Destroy Nazism Means War, Dr. Mac Cracken Tells America First Group 1
08/21/1941 Dnieper Dam, Once World’s Biggest, Built By Americans At Huge Cost (To Whom?) 2
08/21/1941 Soviet War (Material) Hopes Linked To (Harry) Hopkins 4
08/21/1941 (‘New Republic’) For War Declaration (By U.S.) 4
08/21/1941 Nazi Policy Fixed For Soviet Farms-Plan Is A Compromise (Collective System Plus Individual Plots) 8
08/21/1941 Leaders To Study Aid To Democracy (Columbia University, Sept. 8) 19
08/22/1941 British And Russians Poised To Move Into Iran-Troops On Border-Warning By Shah Noted 1
08/22/1941 Winter War Seen In East By Nazis 1
08/22/1941 Poles Start Mobilization Of Their Army in Russia 1
08/22/1941 Britain’s Illustrious (Aircraft Carrier Hit In Malta) Under Repair In U.S. 3
08/23/1941 Pressure On Iran (By British And Russians) Continuous 1
08/23/1941 London Delaying Decision On Iran 1
08/23/1941 Bible Plant Hit By Nazi Bombs 16
08/24/1941 Japanese Envoy (Nomura) Seeks U.S. Amity 1
08/24/1941 Petain Follows Nazi Lead Setting Up Death Courts 1
08/24/1941 Billion In Tanks To Be Built In ‘42 7
08/24/1941 Plentiful Supply Of Food Forecast (By U.S. Department Of Agriculture) 13
08/24/1941 British Act Twice To Aid China’s War-Hit At Japanese Trade 20
08/24/1941 Jews Face Confiscation (Delinquent Renters In Paris Who Have Left & Gone To Unoccupied Zone Leaving Empty Apartments And Furniture) 21
08/24/1941 Canadian Troops Boo Their Premier (Mackenzie King) 27
08/24/1941 (Tom) Connally Sounds Warning To Vichy (U.S. Will Seize New World Territory If Necessary To Keep It From Hitler) 29
08/24/1941 Invasion Of Iran Is Believed Near 32
08/24/1941 ‘Apathy’ In (U.S.) War Effort Traced To Many Causes E-3
08/24/1941 British Begin (?) To Think We Should Enter War-Robert P. Post E-5
08/24/1941 Our ‘Arsenal’ Role Assayed E-5
08/24/1941 At Hyde Park-An Intimate Picture Of The President (Roosevelt) At Home Mag. 15
08/25/1941 Churchill Warns Japanese To ‘Stop’ Or Face British-American Coalition-Premier Is Blunt 1
08/25/1941 Britons In Iran See Ultimatum-Hints Of Coup Ridiculed 3
08/25/1941 Text Of Prime Minister Churchill’s Address On Meeting With President Roosevelt (3 Million Or Perhaps Many More Russians Blotted Out) 4
08/25/1941 Iraq Said To Back British 4
08/25/1941 The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies; By Defeating The Axis Powers 7
08/25/1941 62 Rabbis Endorse Hoover Food Plan 11
08/25/1941 U.S. To Aid Refugees (State Department Authorizes Visas) 11
08/25/1941 Hitler’s Own Sequel To Mein Kampf-’My New Order’ (Entirely Fictional!) 13
08/26/1941 (Francis) Biddle Is Named To Cabinet Post 1
08/26/1941 British And Russians Go Into Iran, At 5 Points (Map) 1
08/26/1941 Turks Condemn Invasion (By Russians And British) Of Iran 1
08/26/1941 British And Soviet Assure Teheran Of Peaceful Aims 1
08/26/1941 Nazis Denounce Invasion Of Iran 2
08/26/1941 Premier Of Iran Voices Protest 3
08/26/1941 Iran Modernized Under Riza Shah 3
08/26/1941 Tacit Approval By U.S. Indicated In Hull’s Comment On Iran Move 3
08/26/1941 Tokyo Wary On Oil From U.S. To Soviet (Via Vladivostok) 10
08/26/1941 Duff Cooper Warns Japan Against War-Would Be Virtual Suicide 10
08/26/1941 Churchill Talk Angers Japanese 11
08/27/1941 President (Roosevelt) Calls (Lend) Lease Aid (Abuses) Tales Viscious Lying 1
08/27/1941 British Seize Vital Oil Centers In Iran-Invasion Is Swift-Seven Axis Ships Taken-British Use Airborne Troops In Rapid Drive In Western Iran Russians Capture Two Towns In North 1
08/27/1941 Russia Warns Japan Not To Halt Ships (To Vladivostok) As Tokyo Threatens To Block U.S. Aid 1
08/27/1941 Palestine (Military) Unit (Arabs & Jdws-Volunteers) Reviewed 2
08/27/1941 Former Polish Premier (Casimir Bartel, Mathematician) Reported Shot By Nazis (London Polish Government Report) 3
08/27/1941 Iran Is Yielding British Believe-Soviet Avoids Break-Nazis Negotiate With Iran (Potential Danger Of U.S. And British Aid To Russia Through Iran Via Trans Iranian Railroad) 4
08/27/1941 U.S. Now Allowing Money To Go Abroad-Non-Americans In Hungary And Slovakia Can Get Up To $200 (Under Special License No. 33, As Much As $500/Month Or A Total Of $1,000 May Be Sent To Repatriate A U.S. Citizen) 4
08/27/1941 Vichy Orders Sales Of Jews’ Businesses 4
08/27/1941 Wants Us (U.S.) In War Says Beaverbrook 5
08/27/1941 President (Roosevelt) Suggests War Building (Pentagon) Site 5
08/27/1941 (Speaking) Hall In Oklahoma (City) Shut To Lindbergh (By Local City Council) 7
08/27/1941 WPA Will Provide-Recreation Leaders (For Military & Industrial Defense Areas) President (Roosevelt) Allots $5,000,000 For Defense Area Entertainment 8
08/27/1941 Chrysler Swings Into Arms Making-Tanks Roll Off The Line 10
08/28/1941 Hull Says We Insist The Pacific Be Free 1
08/28/1941 Laval Is Gravely Wounded By (French) Assassin-DeatAlso Wounded 1
08/28/1941 Japanese Charge Affront By U.S.-Shipments Of Aviation Fuel To Vladivostok Held To Be Blow To National Prestige-(U.S.’S) Legal Right Admitted 3
08/28/1941 Philippine Sales Of Arms Blocked-Japan Declared Buyer-Roosevelt Proclaims Further Export Controls To Plug Leaks Into Axis Hands 3
08/28/1941 New Tokyo Gas Curb-Restrictions On Use By Diplomats Will Start Tomorrow 3
08/28/1941 Danger In Orient Seen By (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler-Senator Charges War With Japan Would Be To Preserve Britain’s Hegemony 3
08/28/1941 Lindbergh To Talk In Oklahoma Lot-Denied Use Of City Auditorium, He Will Speak Outdoors Under Floodlights 3
08/28/1941 U.S. Urged To Give Full Aid To Allies-Eichelberger (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies By Defeating The Axis Powers) Says Alternative Is Facing Nazis Alone 3
08/28/1941 British Warned On U.S. Relations-’Fools Paradise’ Letter In The Times Asserts Roosevelt’s Power (To Go To War) Is Limited 4
08/28/1941 Two German Planes Down By American (In Eagle Squadron) 5
08/28/1941 Picture: Posters, Notices Of Executions In France For Sabotage-Brought From France By Escaped U.S. Ambulance Drivers 5
08/28/1941 Japan Sees No Victor In A War In Pacific 5
08/28/1941 Reich Is Enlisting Poles (Volksdeutsche) 5
08/28/1941 Invaders Of Iran (British And Russians) Go Ahead Rapidly-Shah’s Navy Is Crippled-Admiral (Bayendor) Killed-(Indian Troops Used By English) 6
08/28/1941 Nazi Views On Iran Attack Roosevelt-President (Roosevelt) Charged With Playing What Is Called Pilate’s Role 6
08/28/1941 Iranian Seizures Curb Axis Raiders-Espionage Also Ended 7
08/28/1941 Slavs Here (The Slavonic Committee For Democracy, Inc.) Urge Us To Join In War Now 7
08/28/1941 Picture: Italian Prisoners ‘Pitch In’ (Work On A British Farm) 7
08/28/1941 Rumania Summons Jews (Ages 15-50 For Labor Service-A List Of Rumanian Jews From ‘Reliable Sources’-Who Were Killed In Iron Guard Pogroms On Foregoing Jan. 22-23 Announced By United Rumanian Jews Of America) 7
08/28/1941 Rumanian Exports Rise (Mostly To Germany) 7
08/28/1941 (Roosevelt’s Opm) Asks Discrimination (Racial) End 12
08/28/1941 (Representative Hamilton) Fish Urges A Vote On (U.S.) Entering War 15
08/28/1941 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Deplores Industrial Bias, Holding Color Of Skin Is No Item In Jobs 21
08/28/1941 1917 Plotter (Alleged German Saboteur) Faces Deportation Again (Carl Schmidt) 42
08/29/1941 Tokyo Ambassador Sees Roosevelt; Hears Konoye Note; Wide Talk In View-Accord Is Sought-Hull At 45-Minute Talk 1
08/29/1941 New Iran Regime Ends Resistance To (British, Russian Invaders) 1
08/29/1941 500 Of Our Tanks Sent To British 1
08/29/1941 Americans Agree To (80) Axis Ships (Seized By U.S.) Use 1
08/29/1941 Japanese Scheme For Thailand Seen 5
08/29/1941 R. A. F. In Day Raid Bombs Rotterdam (Holland, 7 Bombers & 5 Fighters Missing) 6
08/29/1941 (Adolf A. Berle,-U.S. State Department) Says Democracy Depends On U.S.-Religions Under Attack 8
08/29/1941 Hitler Front Laid To ‘America First’ (By Prof. James H. Sheldon, Head Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League [Founded By Samuel Untermyer], In Speech To Jewish War Veterans Of The U.S.) Assails (U.S. Senators) Wheeler And Nye 18
08/29/1941 Lindbergh Thanks Oklahoma Governor-Glad Phillips Upheld Right (To Speak) 36
08/30/1941 Dictators In 5-Day Parley Form Plans To Counter Our Aid In East And West (Communique, P. 3) 1
08/30/1941 26 Axis Tankers In South America (Seized) To Move U.S. Oil 1
08/30/1941 W. A. Harriman Will Head U.S. Mission To Moscow 1
08/30/1941 President (Roosevelt) Plans Reply To Konoye-Letter Will Seek To Improve Relations (Between U.S. & Japan) 1
08/30/1941 Soviet’s Grain Crop Called Its Biggest 2
08/30/1941 (Pan American) Will Take Air Ferries (Planes To English In Africa) 2
08/30/1941 Vital Iran Points To Be Garrisoned (By British & Russian Invaders) 3
08/30/1941 Lindbergh Says Air Isolates Us-Pictures Britain As Foe 5
08/30/1941 ‘New’ Europe Seen In Plan Of Allies 5
08/31/1941 Roosevelt Sees Peril To U.S. Growing, Says Peace ‘Isn’t All In Our Keeping,’ Warning On Nazis-President (Roosevelt) At Hyde Park Tells Neighbors This Is A Fateful Year 1
08/31/1941 Britain Rushing Ship To (Evacuate 1,000 British) Citizens Trapped In Japan-Tokyo Studies Next Step-Returning (Japanese) Minister (Waka-Sugi Stresses U.S. War Preparations Have Made Great Progress) 1
08/31/1941 Nazis Bar Europe To U.S. And Britain (Their Political Influence) 3
08/31/1941 Eden Sounds Call For Greater Aid-Pledges Food For (British & Russian-Occupied) Iran-Adds Promise Of Post-War Peace And Prosperity To ‘The Atlantic Charter’ 3
08/31/1941 London Paper (Sunday Times) Says Aid By U.S. Is Disappointing 3
08/31/1941 Netherlands Seen Harassing Nazis-Sabotage Is Rife 7
08/31/1941 Guns Of Teheran Stir Bomb Scare-Revenge Plan Is Hinted-(British-Russian) Occupation Goes On 8
08/31/1941 Son Of Isolationist Seeks To Fight Nazis 8
08/31/1941 Picture: The President (Roosevelt) Addressing Friends And Neighbors (At Hyde Park, Text Of Speech) 10
08/31/1941 Illegal (Diplomatic) Act Charged To U.S. Aide (John J. Meily) In Croatia-Zagreb Minister Says Consul Used Office To Aid British 11
08/31/1941 Roosevelt ‘Interventionist’ Policy Preserves Peace W. A. White Says 13
08/31/1941 (58%) Voters Opposed To A Hitler ‘Peace’ (Gallup Poll)-Fuehrer Can’t Be Trusted 13
08/31/1941 Clergymen (Citizens Peace Petition Committee, Led By John Haynes Holmes) Back Peace Movement 13
08/31/1941 Hull Minimizes Talk With Japan-Denies Report Of Accord 14
08/31/1941 Dr. Sproul (Head Of California University) Calls For Hitler Defeat-Denounces Isolationists 14
08/31/1941 Japanese Are Optimistic (Over Konoye Letter To Roosevelt) 14
08/31/1941 American’s School In Chungking Bombed-Residence Of Director Of Friends’ Institution Is Hit 14
08/31/1941 Refugee Ship (‘Navemar’) Waits At Pier In Bermuda-1,200 On Vessel (593 German Jews Belgians, Poles, French, Czechs & Russians) 16
08/31/1941 Lindbergh Views Hotly Assailed (By Clark M. Eichelberger, Of Committee To Defend America By Joseph Goldstein U.S.-Att’y. Gen. Francis Biddle’s Aid Requested In Investigating The America First Committee) 18
08/31/1941 Scholar (Dr. Max Ascoli) Scans Post-War World D-7
08/31/1941 Strategic Roads Cut Across Iran-New North-South Highways Intersect Old Route From Europe To Far East-Vital Rail Lines In Use (U.S. Supplies To Russia-Trans-Iranian Rail Way) E-4
08/31/1941 Cartoon: Pro-War (Roosevelt, ‘The People Do Not Realize This Nation Has A War To Win’) E-8