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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

October 1941
Date Headline Page
10/01/1941 President (Roosevelt) Talks To Hull On Ending Neutrality Law 1
10/01/1941 Turkey Rebuffs Reich On Chrome (Ore) 1
10/01/1941 Nazis Execute 58 Czechs (Number Of Jews Included), Shell Serbs 1
10/01/1941 Swiss Protest To Britain-Call Flight Over Territory To Raid Italy ‘A Grave Violation’ 3
10/01/1941 Roosevelt Hails Free Press Of U.S.-’Fundamental Obligation Of American Patriotism’ He Declares In Message 4
10/01/1941 Pardon Board Splits In The (Jan) Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Case Vote Of 2 To 2 Leaves (Deportation) Action To California Governor (Olson) 5
10/01/1941 Drop Neutrality (Act-Undersecretary Of War Robert P.) Patterson Urges-Stassen Backs President (Roosevelt) 8
10/01/1941 Plan To Change Neutrality Act Favored By Voters (Gallup) Survey Finds 8
10/01/1941 Peace Offensive Urged By (Former U.S. Ambassador To Belgium) Cudahy 8
10/01/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Is Heckled In Los Angeles Talk 8
10/01/1941 Roosevelt Cites (Tolerant) Red Church Law-Poles (London!) Praise Russia’s Aide (Katyn?)-Catholic Church And Synagogue Are Permitted In Moscow 9
10/01/1941 New(British-U.S. Established) Polish Army (Under General Wladyslaw Anders, Cavalry) Training In Urals-Ranks Growing Rapidly Red Army To Release Poles 9
10/01/1941 Wife’s (Eleanor’s) Call Brings Presidential (Roosevelt’s) Aid 12
10/01/1941 La Guardia Says Hitler Is Licked 12
10/01/1941 Picture: Rockefeller Son (David) Named To Defense Position (By Anna M. Rosenberg) 12
10/01/1941 Advertisement, New Bedford, Mass. Standard Times, Mercury, Full Page: Farewell To Lindbergh 13
10/02/1941 Nazis Kill Czech Premier (Gen. Alois Elias), 2 Generals 1
10/02/1941 Knox Predicts Action ‘To Defeat Axis,’ Says We Must Help Police The World-’Distant War’ Best-’We Shall Lock Nazis Up’ (Text, P. 4) 1
10/02/1941 Nation Requires (Permanent) Army Big As Now, Stimson Asserts-1.4% Of Citizens Serving 1
10/02/1941 Reds Aid Mayor (La Guardia), O’dwyer Charges 1
10/02/1941 Roosevelt’s View On Soviet Scored (By Representative Martin Dies & Father Walsh)-Methodist (Raymond J. Wade) Joins Attack 3
10/02/1941 Lend-Lease Papers Signed For Brazil (About $100,000,000 Advanced) 3
10/02/1941 (Roosevelt) Calls Hull Again On Neutrality Law (Repeal) 4
10/02/1941 Nazis Using A New (Fighter) Plane (Fw-190) 4
10/02/1941 Vichy Takes Control Of Jewish Concerns 10
10/02/1941 Ex-Shah (Deposed) Due In Argentinia (From Cape Town) 10
10/02/1941 Nazi Economics Scored By Japan 12
10/02/1941 (Dr. Frank Kingdon, Chairman Of Emergency [Jewish] Rescue Committee) Urges Rescue By U.S. Of 300 (Refugee) Intellectuals (From Southern France, Race Unstated) 17
10/02/1941 Nazi Suspension Of Universities Peril To Us Says Raymond Fosdick (President Of Rockefeller Foundation In Stanford University Speech) 20
10/02/1941 (Comptroller Gen. L. C. Warren) Finds Nya Tried To Hamper Army (Recruiting) Full Payroll Is Sought 27
10/03/1941 (Robert H.) Jackson Submits Post-War Choice-America Must Support Order Based On (United Nations) Law Or Be Superior In Force(We’ve Done Both And Achieved Very Little!) 1
10/03/1941 Mexico Will Pay $9,000,000 On (Confiscated Oil Properties) In Pact On Oct. 9 Full Settlement For Seized Properties Is Left Until Accord On Valuation (Standard Oil Demurrs) 1
10/03/1941 Nazis Said To Bid For Soviet Peace 2
10/03/1941 Germans Are Warned On Radio Listening (To Bbc, Voice Of America, Etc.)-Goebbels Says British Broadcasts Are Worrisome And Boring 2
10/03/1941 Worship In Soviet President’s (Roosevelt’s) Hope-Refers To Polish Report 3
10/03/1941 (Senator Claude Pepper, Florida) Urges President (Roosevelt) To Lift Ship (Neutrality Act) Ban (By Executive Order)-To Avoid Congress Fight 4
10/03/1941 Reaction Abroad To Knox’s Speech-One London PaperNotes We Haven’t Entered War 4
10/03/1941 Roosevelt Says Awaiting Attack ‘Before Starting To Shoot’ Is Error (Collier’s Magazine Article) 4
10/03/1941 62% Favor ‘Shoot-At-Sight’ Policy, Final Returns In (Gallup) Survey Disclose 4
10/03/1941 Plea To Send Food (To Europe) Renewed By Hoover 4
10/03/1941 Peru To Save (Raw) Materials For (This) Hemisphere Only 4
10/03/1941 Hoover Disputes Poll At Stanford-Statement Challenged 5
10/03/1941 U.S. Gives Soviet Technical Help-Others To Be Sent-Letters From Roosevelt And Churchill Were Delivered To Stalin 5
10/03/1941 (Paul) Collette Doomed For Laval Attack 6
10/03/1941 (Occipied) Iran Cuts Privileges Of Tokyo’s Legation-Code Rights And Immunity Of Mail Bags Are Suspended (Because Of Pressure By British-Russian Occupiers) 8
10/03/1941 Firm China Stand Avowed In Tokyo 9
10/03/1941 Japanese Launch New China Drive 9
10/03/1941 Advertisement, ¼ Page, America First Committee: Can The Reds Worship God? ‘Virtually The Same Rule’ As In The U.S. Says President (Roosevelt) 12
10/03/1941 Viereck Ordered Before Jury Today 12
10/03/1941 Nazis Slay Prague’s Mayor And City Council Members 1
10/03/1941 Lindbergh Calls ‘42 Vote Menaced-He Tells Rally At Fort Wayne We Now Have One-Man Rule With Free Speech Imperilled 1
10/04/1941 U.S.-Owned Tanker (I. C. White, Flying Panamanian Flag) Torpedoed, Sunk Off Brazil; 18 Of 37 American Crew Rescued By Freighter-8th U.S. Owned Sinking 1
10/04/1941 Australia Gets A Labor Premier (John Curtin) 1
10/04/1941 U.S. Prods Soviet On Free Worship 1
10/04/1941 American (Maj. Gen. James Chaney) Praises Red Arms Plants 2
10/04/1941 Text Of Reich Fuehrer Hitler’s Address Reporting Progress Of The Invasion Of Russia 4
10/04/1941 Germans Yielding To Turks On Trade 4
10/04/1941 ‘Outrage’ In (Occupied) Teheran Protested By Tokyo-Japan Threatens To Retaliate 5
10/04/1941 Japan Says Parleys With Us Continue-Batavia’s Aid To Russia Held In Conflict With Stand In Tokyo 5
10/04/1941 8 American-Owned Ships Sunk Since War Started 6
10/04/1941 Oil Executive Ask Return Of (American) Tankers (Given By Us To British) 6
10/04/1941 (Lt. Gen. Hugh A.) Drum Says Force Is America’s Need-We Face Record War TestOnly Superior Strength Will Save Us 8
10/04/1941 Advertisement, Fight For Freedom, Inc.: The President (Roosevelt) Shows The Way 11
10/04/1941 ‘Ace’ (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) In Hectic (Small Airplane) Flight 17
10/04/1941 Picture: Women Leaders Of 1941 Jewish Charities Campaign 17
10/05/1941 Roosevelt Here As ‘Family Man’ (Shades Of Lucy Mercer!) 1
10/05/1941 Hull Calls Latest (German) Sinking (Of I. C. White, Owned By U.S., Panamanian-Flag, Under British Sailing Orders) ‘Piracy’ Time For Action Aggressor Outside Law 1
10/05/1941 Serbs (Chetniks) Hold 650 Germans; Threaten To Kill Hostages 1
10/05/1941 Nazi Refugees From Iran To Get Things (Returned Which) Reds Took (Plundered On Their Invasion) 4
10/05/1941 Japan Informs (London) Poles Relations Are Ended 16
10/05/1941 New Deal Urged For War Relief (By Committee Appointed By Roosevelt Last March-Joseph E. Davies Chairman, Charles P. Taft & Dr. Frederick P. Koppel) 32
10/05/1941 (Myron C.) Taylor Returns, Silent On Mission 40
10/05/1941 (Harry) Bridges Urges Labor Toil To Beat Hitler 43
10/05/1941 Picture: Hitler Addressing Sportspalast 46
10/05/1941 Huge Sums Go To Education For Defense D-6
10/05/1941 New (U.S.) Course Dictates Neutrality Act Repeal E-3
10/05/1941 Washington Directs A Dynamic Foreign Policy-Our Influence Felt Around The Globe E-3
10/05/1941 Koestler, Arthur, Scum Of The Earth, Macmillan Co., N.Y.-A Searing Story Of Concentration Camps In France (Before The Republic Fell-Apparently They Are The Worst!) Book 3
10/06/1941 RussiansPut Nazi Losses At 3,000,000 And Their Own At 1,128,000 (They Put Their Initial Losses Much Higher At The Nuernberg Tribunals) 1
10/06/1941 Louis D. Brandeis,Dies At Capital (P. 9) 1&9
10/06/1941 Neutrality Move May Be Limited To Arming Ships-Roosevelt’s Legal Aides Are Said To Hold He Has Power To Void Combat Zones 1
10/06/1941 Soviet Fliers Aid Yugoslav Rebels (With ‘A Certain Number’ Of Modern Russian Bombers) 1
10/06/1941 Picture: Russian Woman (Threshing Grain) Work For The Axis 2
10/06/1941 Scant Changes Seen For Russia-Severity Now Relaxed 4
10/06/1941 ‘War’ Debate (On Neutrality Act) Indicated 4
10/06/1941 U.S. Broadcasts News To Europe-World Wide Service Is Developing With (Col. William J.) Donovan Fighting To Break Axis Monopoly-By 24 Hour Short Wave-Ten Transmitters Here And Others In Britain And Iceland Are In Plan (First Article In Series-Nelson Rockefeller Involved) 6
10/06/1941 Newman Clubs Cheer (Representative Hamilton) Fish’s Talk On (Against) War 8
10/06/1941 No Mail For Polish Jews-Those In Warsaw Cut Off From World, Group Here Says (American Jewish Congress-Conditions In Poland Are ‘Horrible Beyond Belief.’ A Letter Sent To David Wertheim Returned Stating In French ‘Registered Letters May Not Be Sent To Jews.’) 14
10/07/1941 Panama Forbids Arming Of Ships (That Are Flying Its Flag) 1
10/07/1941 Roosevelt Seeks Republican Help In Ship (Neutrality) Act Fight-Nye Hints At Filibuster 1
10/07/1941 French Fettered R. A. F., Say British-Barred Attacks On Reich And Italy In ‘40 1
10/07/1941 Willkie Rallies His Party On (For) War 1
10/07/1941 U-Boats Roam Sea With A New Fury 1
10/07/1941 Nazis Continue Killing Czechs-(Serb Rebellion [‘Chetniks’] Led By Neditch-Yugoslavia) Grows 4
10/07/1941 Property Seizure Bill Sent To White House 17
10/07/1941 (William) Green Links A. F. L. To (Roosevelt’s) Sea Freedom 19
10/07/1941 Supreme Court Honors Brandeis-Roosevelt Pays Homage 24
10/08/1941 U.S. Prods Finns As They Bluff British-Hull Backs London 1
10/08/1941 (Sumner) Welles Pleads For Free Trade (Text, P. 14) 1
10/08/1941 Air Aid To British Put At $284,000,000 2
10/08/1941 Roosevelt Critics On War Increase (Gallup Poll) 2
10/08/1941 Picture: Congressional Leaders Discussing Repeal Of Neutrality Act With Roosevelt 3
10/08/1941 Britain May Lend U.S. 10 Oil Tankers-Temporary Release Possible (Tankers Given By U.S. To Britain!) 6
10/08/1941 Jews Of Palestine Are Sought For Army-Recruiting Campaign Hopes To Get 5,000 More For Britain (‘Jews Are Fighting With The Allies For Victory.’-And Getting Ready To Fight The Arabs!) 10
10/08/1941 U.S. Aid In Defense Seen By Singapore-Malayan Chief Confident 10
10/08/1941 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University) Warns Of (Racial) Intolerance-Anti-Semitism Is Scored 15
10/08/1941 Brandeis Estate Put At $3,200,000-Aid For 4 Philanthropies (Primarily Palestine Endowment & Hadassah) 25
10/08/1941 ‘A Propagandist’ Willkie Admits 26
10/09/1941 Viereck Indicted And Seized Here As German Agent 1&4
10/09/1941 President (Roosevelt) To Ask Arming Of Ships; Message Today 1
10/09/1941 Leak Gives Nazis Roosevelt Note-D. N. B. Quotes Text Of Letter Delivered By Harriman To Stalin In Moscow (Texts, P. 2) 1
10/09/1941 (Francis, Att’y. Gen.) Biddle Approves FBI Wiretapping 4
10/09/1941 Nazi-Soviet Peace Is Urged In Japan 7
10/09/1941 Japan Distributes Food Supplies As Precaution Against Air Raids 7
10/09/1941 Nazis In Russia Set Up Civil Rule; Ukraine Nationalists Disappointed 9
10/09/1941 Serbs Battling Flame Throwers 10
10/10/1941 President (Roosevelt) Asks For Authority To Arm (U.S.) Ships-Neutrality Act Change Urged On Congress To Combat Pirates (Text, P. 4) 1
10/10/1941 Panama President (Arnulfo Arias, Who Ordered Ban Of Arming Ships Flying Panamanian Flag-Regarded In Washington As A ‘Nazi’) Out; Pro-U.S. (Roosevelt) Regime Set Up (By President Ricardo Adalfo De La Guardia 1
10/10/1941 Hitler’s Secret Order To His Troops 2
10/10/1941 (Roosevelt’s) Message Assailed By ‘America First’ 4
10/10/1941 Move To Arm Ships (By U.S.) Pleases London 4
10/10/1941 Opposition To Aid (For England & War) Slackens In House 4
10/10/1941 Quick Entry (Of U.S.) Into War Is Urged By (Herbert) Agar Of Louisville Courier-Journal) 4
10/10/1941 Oil Firms Wary Of (U.S.-Mexican Pact (Settlement Of U.S. Claims Against Mexico For Oil Property Seizure) 6
10/10/1941 17 More Executed As Czech Rebels-Serbs In Pitched Battle (With Yugoslavian ‘Chetniks’) 7
10/10/1941 Japanese Profess Unconcern On Oil-U.S.-British-Dutch ‘All-Out’ Embargo Alleged, But Domei Says Nation Is Prepared-Konoye Sees Emperor 8
10/10/1941 Palestine Army Rally-For Jewish Recruits 10
10/10/1941 Advertisement, Russian War Relief, Inc., Full Page:-’Russia’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Calls To America’s Green Fields’ Many Sponsors Listed 15
10/10/1941 2 Launchings (Of New Ships) A Day Predicted In Year 45
10/11/1941 New (Pro-U.S.) Panama Regime To Repeal Ban On Arming Merchant Ships (Flying The Panamanian Flag-As Roosevelt Wishes!) 1
10/11/1941 Britons Training To Invade Europe-Guerrilla Shock Troops (Commandos) Revealed 1
10/11/1941 Latest Iraq Upset Is Echo Of Revolt-(Pro-British) Nuri Is Back In Old Role 4
10/11/1941 Japan Is Cautious In War Attitude-Attack On Roosevelt Is Bitter 4
10/11/1941 Terror Is Charged To Nazis In Greece 4
10/11/1941 Nazis Curb Jews’ Travel (In Germany) 4
10/11/1941 Nazis Say ‘Putsch’ In Panama To U.S. 5
10/11/1941 (Fulgencio) Batista (Cuba) Hails Tie To U.S. 5
10/12/1941 U.S. Seizes Nazi Radio In Greenland-Party Of 20 Is Held 1
10/12/1941 Navy To Man Guns On Ships If Armed-About 11 Hands To A Boat 5
10/12/1941 70 Workmen Sail To Build U.S. Base (On Trinidad) 6
10/12/1941 Relief For Jews In France Pressed (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 16
10/12/1941 Germans Disband ‘Free’ Lithuanians-Their Leaders Arrested 25
10/12/1941 Malaya And Indies Held Vital To U.S. (By British Authorities) 29
10/12/1941 U.S. Urged (By Emergency Rescue Conference) To Help Evacuate Exiles (Anti-Fascists)-1,200 Refugees Are Seeking Asylum In This Hemisphere, Meeting Is Told-Red Cross Ships Favored 34
10/12/1941 Roosevelt Hails New World Unity (Columbus Day Celebration) 35
10/12/1941 (Dean Acheson) Revises Agencies For Economic War 38
10/12/1941 Widow Of (Paul) Ehrlich (Discoverer Of Arsaphenamine, Cure For Syphilis) Gets $1,000 (U.S.) Award 48
10/12/1941 600 At Columbia (University) In Defense Work D-7
10/12/1941 Defense Contracts Compared With Production In 1939 F-7
10/12/1941 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
10/12/1941 Hitler Goes ‘All-Out’ To Beat The Russians (Map) E-4
10/12/1941 The ‘Assistant President’ (Henry Agard Wallace) Mag. 3
10/12/1941 ‘The Are Accustomed To Die’ (Yugoslav ‘Chetniks’-Leader Called Tankovitch-Possibly ‘Mikhailovitch’) Mag. 6
10/13/1941 Republicans See ‘Gag’ In Hearings On Arming Ships 1
10/13/1941 200 Jewish Suicides Reported In Berlin (Via Stockholm) 3
10/13/1941 Russia ‘Annexed’ Funk Tells Nazis 3
10/13/1941 (U.S.) Aid Against Japan Urged (By English)-Would Release (Russian) Army For (Duty In ) West (Europe) 4
10/13/1941 Allies (Composed Of Whom?) Will Pool Planes In Orient 4
10/13/1941 Gandhi For A Peace Without A Defeat-Suggests U.S. Halt War Aid Until Britain Pledges Liberties 5
10/13/1941 U.S. Desert Tanks Tested In Africa 9
10/14/1941 Roosevelt Spurs Aid To ‘Brave’ Russia; Cabinet Men Ask Neutrality (Act) Repeal-Hull Warns Law Shackles Defense In Time Of Danger (Text, P. 4) 1
10/14/1941 Picture: Britain’s Search For (Scrap Steel) Metal Reaches Buckingham Palace 3
10/14/1941 Nye And Fish Talk Here-Wheeler Pledges Fight 4
10/14/1941 Ten Join America First 5
10/14/1941 British Bombers Sear Nuremberg 6
10/14/1941 (U.S.) Hints Of Weapons To ‘Surprise’ Hitler 7
10/14/1941 Indies Army Head (Gen. G. J. Berenschot) Dies In Air Crash 9
10/14/1941 Japan Is Advised To Hasten Peace (In Asia By Kazmo Yukikata) 10
10/14/1941 Picture: Iranian Flagship That Went Down (Was Sunk) In British Invasion 12
10/14/1941 More Czechs Die; Terror Spreading 12
10/14/1941 Mexican Oil Pact Hinges On Subsoil-U.S. Firms Said To Bar Deal If Rights Are Not Included In Property Payment 13
10/14/1941 (Senator) Bankhead Assails Morgenthau (Farm Ceiling) Ideas 15
10/14/1941 War Horrors Told By (U.S.) Nurse In China-Dying Filled Infirmary (Typical Of Spanish Civil War Reports) 27
10/14/1941 Picture: Among Yesterday’s Aid Passengers From Europe 44
10/15/1941 Lend-Lease Shipments (To Actual & Potential Nazi Enemies) Rising Rapidly-President (Roosevelt) Joyful 1
10/15/1941 U-Boats Avoiding Ships We Convoy 1
10/15/1941 U-Boat It Hunted Attacked Greer-Stark Reveals Details 6
10/15/1941 (U.S.) Brings Seized (Axis) Ship (Plus Captives) From Greenland 6
10/15/1941 (French) War-Guilt Cases Now In Petain’s Hands; He May Take Action To Avoid (Riom) Open Trials 9
10/15/1941 Second Eagle (U.S. Pilot In R. A. F.) Fights For Britain 9
10/15/1941 Mrs. Bernstorff Returns ‘To Die’-She Denounces Nazism 23
10/16/1941 U.S. Studies New Tension In Far East 1
10/16/1941 Navy Is Set To Arm Ships, Knox Says 4
10/16/1941 Confederates Back Our Foreign Policy 4
10/16/1941 Wickard Insists British Need Food (And The French?) 4
10/16/1941 Nazis Charge U.S. ‘Squeezes’ Neighbors 4
10/16/1941 (U.S. Government) Drops Bergdoll (Draft Evasion) Charges (From Wwi) 6
10/16/1941 Rules Against Jews Multiply In Berlin (Food & Housing) 6
10/16/1941 Misery Of French (POW) In Camps Related (By Anne Morgan) 17
10/16/1941 Pierre Van Paassen: Vita (Virulently Anti-German) 19
10/16/1941 Konoye Out Japan Seeks ‘Crisis’ Cabinet; Roosevelt Sees Military Aides On Orient & Marshall And Stark Present At Talk At Whitehouse 1
10/16/1941 U.S. Denies Part In Panama Coup (Text Of Hull Statement-Coup In Which Panama Decides To Follow U.S. Lead And Arm Ships Flying Its Flag-Who? Us?) 5
10/16/1941 (Lord) Gort Analyzes (B. E. F.) Flanders Defeat (Which He So Gloriously Led!) 6
10/16/1941 Petain Confines 7 For France’s Fall (Riom Trial) 7
10/16/1941 Picture: Japan Trains Her School Girls For Military Service 9
10/16/1941 U.S. Planes Rearm Near East Forces-Change To Be Complete 10
10/16/1941 (U.S. High Commissioner Of The Philippines) Sayre Depicts U.S. At Brink Of War 10
10/16/1941 American (Army Officer, Maj. Gen. Charles H. Bonested) Heads Troops In Iceland (Answers To Questions Put To Stimson About U.S. Occupation Of Iceland-If Troops Were Under British Command Etc.) 11
10/16/1941 Full Aid To Soviet Favored By A. F. L. (Union) 12
10/16/1941 (Ku Klux) Klan Using Bond Slogan, Treasury Chief (Peeved, Morgenthau) Is Told 15
10/16/1941 (Dr. Leland Rex Robinson) Asks New Order To Balk Germany 25
10/18/1941 U.S. Destroyer (U.S.S. Kearny) Hit By Torpedo Off Iceland-No Casualties (Senator Claude, Florida) Pepper Calls For ‘Two Sinkings For One’ (In Retaliation) 1
10/18/1941 Arming Of Ships Voted By House; 259-138-House Debate Fiery 1
10/18/1941 Ships In Pacific Ordered To Safe Ports 1
10/18/1941 Gen. Tojo Forms Cabinet In Tokyo 1
10/18/1941 Trade And Recruiting Pushed In Palestine 2
10/18/1941 Kearny In Limits (Arbitrarily Set By Him), Says President (Roosevelt) ‘Shoot’ (-On-Sight) Order Unchanged 3
10/18/1941 Germans Silent On Kearny Attack-British Call It War Act-London Papers Assert Japanese Situation Also Bring U.S. Nearer To Entry (Into War) 3
10/18/1941 Text Of Landon’s Speech Criticizing The President (Roosevelt) On Defense 4
10/18/1941 Berlin Evicts Jews To Get Apartments-20,000 Enroute To Poland 4
10/18/1941 Tojo Is Advocate Of Total War Economy; New Japanese Leader Known As Anti-Soviet 5
10/18/1941 Ex-Shah (Abdication Forced By Invading British & Russians) At Mauritius (‘Just Arrived’ Has Mastoid Infection) 5
10/18/1941 Picture: Lady Louis Mountbatten 8
10/18/1941 (U.S.) Concentration Camp For Aliens Is Nearing Completion-At Upton (Long Island)-480,000 Square Foot Stockade To Accommodate 700-Tents Used By Original Army Selectees Will House The Inmates 21
10/19/1941 (Senator Carter) Glass (Virginia] Advocates Neutrality Law Be Killed In Full 1
10/18/1941 New Premier Declares The Policy Of Japan Remains Unchanged-General Tojo Says He Intends To ‘Promote Amicable Relations With Friendly Powers’ Defense Moves Will Be Speeded 1
10/18/1941 (Germany) Denies Attacking Kearny-Berlin Radio Hints That The Incident Was ‘Staged’ To Help Neutrality (Act) Change (Repeal, Desired By Roosevelt) 1
10/18/1941 President (Roosevelt) Requests $50,000,000 For Food-He Would Expand Succor To More Lands 2
10/18/1941 Willkie Calls Idea Of (U.S.) Peace ‘Delusion’ 3
10/19/1941 Panama’s Decision To Arm Ships Seen (Forecast, As U.S. Desires) 4
10/19/1941 (72%) Voters Approve Arming U.S. Ships (Gallup Poll) 5
10/19/1941 Moral Rearming Termed Dire Need (By N.Y. C. Rabbis) 22
10/19/1941 Munitions Brazil Ordered From Germany In 1937 Finally Reach Para Via New York 25
10/19/1941 Pre-Crisis WPA Aid In Defense Hailed 25
10/19/1941 Advertisement, Full Page, Fight For Freedom, Inc.: ‘Shut Up Yank-Learn To Speak Nazi (Presumably ‘German’)’ Wear The Badge Of Loyal, United Americans 33
10/19/1941 (Clark M.) Eichelberger Is Chosen (To Replace Senator Ernest W. Gibson, Jr. As Head Of The Committee To Defend America) 34
10/19/1941 Japanese Hope Not To Miss The Boat Again (Miss Out On A Chance To Declare War) E-3
10/19/1941 Picture: Nelson Rockefeller Coordinator Of Inter-American Affairs E-6
10/19/1941 Isolationism Is Losing Its Hold On The Voters Of The Middle West E-7
10/19/1941 Shipyards Top World War (I) Mark S-10
10/19/1941 Van Paassen, Pierre, That Day Alone Book 3
10/19/1941 The War Powers Of The President (Roosevelt)-Henry Steele Commager (Prof. History, Columbia University) Mag. 3
10/19/1941 Why (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Doesn’t Fear Hitler-Turner Catledge Mag. 8
10/20/1941 The (U.S.S.) Kearny Reaches Port, 11 Missing, 10 Injured (Authorities Say Submarine ‘Undoubtedly German’) 1
10/20/1941 New Hoover (Welfare) Plea Made To Nation-Want’s A Neutral Government To Supervise Food Plan To Save Millions Of Children 1
10/20/1941 (Congressman Martin) Dies Charges 1,124 In Federal Posts Help Communists Sends (Francis) Biddle A List 1
10/20/1941 Pictures: Defenders Of Netherlands Indies Ready To Meet Attack On Land Or Sea 3
10/20/1941 British In Orient Ready For Japan-Singapore Confident It Can Be Held More Than A Year With No Help From U.S. 3
10/20/1941 Accord With U.S. Seen (By Japanese Army Paper) As Tojo’s Aim 3
10/20/1941 Marines (In Shanghai) ‘On The Alert’ 3
10/20/1941 (Texas Senator Tom) Connally To Ask War Zone Repeal 6
10/20/1941 ‘Jews’ War’ Stand Laid To (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (By Beverly Baxter, British M. P.) 6
10/20/1941 (U.S.S.) Kearny Incident Fake, Says Berlin 7
10/20/1941 Plan Urged To Aid Post-War Britain 8
10/20/1941 2 Catholic Leaders Assail (U.S.’S) War Entry 9
10/20/1941 Nazi Word To Girls (To Have Illegitimate Children By Soldiers) Shocks First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt)-Defends (U.S.) Movie Industry 11
10/20/1941 Foundlings: Names Tax Fertile Imagination Of Foster Mother Who Thought Up Hundreds (In U.S.) 11
10/20/1941 Boerses (Berlin) Ignore Nazi War Gains-Prices Steady 25
10/20/1941 Coal And Iron Costs Are Rising In Reich 25
10/21/1941 Nazi Commander Slain At Nantes-Assassin Escapes 1
10/21/1941 U.S. Gives Soviet $30,000,000 Credit 1
10/21/1941 Hull Denounces Attack On Destroyer Kearny-No Protest Will Go To Nazis On Incident, Secretary Says-One Does Not Send Notes To An International Highwayman, He Remarks-Senators Demand Facts Be Made Public 1
10/21/1941 90 Germans Will Go Under Afghan Order (As A Result Of British-Russian Pressure) 2
10/21/1941 Mexico Frees Axis Crews (Of Ships It Seized) 2
10/21/1941 Panama Ends Ban On Arming Of Ships (Text-In Accordance With U.S. Wishes) 3
10/21/1941 Ickes Says Nation Must ‘Decide’ (On War) Now 4
10/21/1941 Lindbergh Under Attack (Is Lindbergh A Nazi?) 4
10/21/1941 Germans Repeat We ‘Lie’ On Kearny-Says President (Roosevelt) Prolongs War 5
10/21/1941 Knox Praises Men Lost On The Kearny 5
10/21/1941 Tojo Seeking End Of ‘China Affair’ 6
10/21/1941 Rush Aid To Reds, Churchmen Plead-’Freedom Must March’ (Names Of Supporters Listed) 7
10/21/1941 High Nazis Linked With Greek Looting 8
10/21/1941 R. A. F. Pilots Gun Germans On March 12
10/21/1941 ‘War Guilt’ Penalty Asked For 6 By Vichy (Riom Trial) 12
10/21/1941 Vast British Aid To Go To Caucasus (Via [Occupied] Iran) 12
10/21/1941 Educators’ Study Spurs To Defense 20
10/21/1941 (Dr. Nicholas Murray, Columbia University) Butler Says Youth Must Stop Despots 21
10/21/1941 Army Contracts Total $19,716,214 41
10/21/1941 U.S.-Indies Bond Is Held Lasting-War Aids Development 42
10/22/1941 Two More U.S. Owned Freighters (One Flying Panamanian Flag, One Flying U.S. Flag ‘Bold Venture’ & ‘Lehigh’ Respectively) Sunk-36 Men Are Missing Piracy, Says President (Roosevelt) 1
10/22/1941 Willkie Rallies His Party On (For) War 1
10/22/1941 Allied Ship Toll Less Than In 1917 2
10/22/1941 Major (‘Pasha’) Glubb Decorated-Briton Gets D. S. 0. For Leading Arabs In Syria And Iraq 2
10/22/1941 List Of U.S. Ships (With Flags Being Flown At The Time Of The Sinking) Sunk 3
10/22/1941 Kearny On Convoy, Stark Discloses-Clark, Wheeler Ask Inquiry 3
10/22/1941 Three British Warships Arrive (In U.S.-A Total Of 35 British Warships Being Repaired In U.S.) 3
10/22/1941 British Release 15 Oil Tankers (Returned To U.S. Who Had Originally Given Them To The British) 5
10/22/1941 Japan To Stress Moves For Peace-Shift By U.S. Is Demanded 7
10/22/1941 R. A. F. Americans Help Raid France 9
10/22/1941 Anti-Jewish Drive Renewed In Reich-Homes To Go To ‘Aryans’-Italians Urge (Jewish) Annihilation 11
10/23/1941 U.S. Re-Routes Aid From Vladivostok-Supplies For Russia To Go From Boston To Archangel (Convoys) 1
10/23/1941 Frenchmen Slay A German Major (Assassins Escape) 1
10/23/1941 President (Roosevelt) Backs Ship Law Repeal By Full Step Now 1
10/23/1941 Vote On War Asked By America First 4
10/23/1941 Pro-War Group Asks Neutrality Act’s End 4
10/23/1941 Tokyo Blackout Stresses Crisis-Japan Said To Seek Peace 5
10/23/1941 Germans ‘Doubt’ U-Boats Sank Ships-Berlin Accuses Roosevelt Of Risking American Lives To Speed Neutrality (Act) Repeal 6
10/23/1941 American Tanker Sunk Under Convoy 6
10/23/1941 5 Vichy Ships Sunk-British Seek To Halt Flow Of African Supplies To Axis 6
10/23/1941 Rauschning Sees ‘Third World War’ 7
10/23/1941 Germans Face Slow Starvation In Destroying Food Of Future 18
10/24/1941 Laborites Bid Churchill Drop Foes Of Military Aid To Stalin 1
10/24/1941 Archangel News Irks Whitehouse 2
10/24/1941 Spellman Guest Of The President (Roosevelt) 2
10/24/1941 (For U.S. Ambassador To Belgium, John) Cudahy Urges U.S. Mediate A Peace 3
10/24/1941 (William C.) Bullitt Asks War Now, Tells Republicans At Philadelphia Roosevelt Is Lagging 3
10/24/1941 99% Of (Eire) Irish Found Against Joining War 4
10/24/1941 Use Of Our Ships For Britain (War Aid) Backed (54%, Gallup Poll) 4
10/24/1941 (Dr. William) Agar (Columbia University) Charges Neutrality Act Is Childish; Tells University Women It Helps Hitler 4
10/24/1941 Got No Warning Say Ships’ Crews (Of Ships Sunk) 5
10/24/1941 Argentine Mission To Seek Arms In U.S. 6
10/24/1941 Berlin Calls Action On Jews ‘Military’ 7
10/24/1941 All In Odessa Saved, Russian Report Says-Arms And Machinery Also Got Out Ahead Of Nazis It States 8
10/24/1941 Picture: Gen. Zhukoff (Replaced Timoshenko) 9
10/24/1941 Japanese Diet To Meet Nov. 15-Extraordinary Session Called To Approve Further War Expenditure. And Taxes 11
10/24/1941 British And Dutch Increase Liason 11
10/24/1941 (Sir Gerald Campbell) Says Nazi Regime Perverts Youth-’Men Only’ Meeting Held (Campbell, Director General Of British Information [Propaganda] Services) 18
10/24/1941 Research Fights Post-War Slump 33
10/25/1941 54 More Frenchmen Are Slain By Nazis (Hostages); 100 Hostages Get Reprieves For Few Days (Assassination Of German Soldier) 1
10/25/1941 Knox Warns Of A ‘Clash’ With Japan-Secretary Said To Hold War Almost Certain If Japan Persists 1
10/25/1941 President (Roosevelt) Tells How Hitler Wants A Moses To Part Sea 1
10/25/1941 (Hamilton) Fish’s Aide Indicted As Purjurer: Franked Mail Involved In Courts 1
10/25/1941 Polish (Jewish) Leader Buried (Near Karl Marx, In London, As He Desired) With Blood-Stained Earth 2
10/25/1941 Italy Lists Jews At 1%-Report Shows 7,304 Had Been Expatriated Up To Oct. 15-(45,410 Italian Jews On Jan. 1, 1932) 2
10/25/1941 Knox Warns In Article (‘Army And Navy Journal,’-The Orient Is Like A Vast Powder Keg.’-Afraid Russia Will Collapse In Europe Allowing Germans To Win) 5
10/25/1941 Japan Surprised By Call For Diet 5
10/25/1941 (U.S.) Sailor Says U-Boat Was Sunk In North (By U.S. Destroyer-In Collision) 6
10/25/1941 Jews Listed Fifth In Pro-War Groups (Gallup Poll) 7
10/25/1941 2,000 Scientists Speed Defense 19
10/25/1941 Women Lay (Era) Plans For Post-War Era 20
10/26/1941 Germans Capture Kharkov 1
10/26/1941 President (Roosevelt) Flays Hostage Killings-Churchill Seconds Him 1
10/26/1941 Stalingrad Held New German Goal 5
10/26/1941 Slaying Of Jews In Galicia Depicted 6
10/26/1941 School Teachers Sought By Reich (Shortage) 11
10/26/1941 Would Drop Bible In German Church-Inner Nazi Group Has A Plan To Substitute Mein Kampf, Says A. A. Berle, Jr. (Of U.S. State Department) 17
10/26/1941 War Work In Reich Offered To Swedes 17
10/26/1941 ‘Destroy Hitler’ Roosevelt Goal-He Tells Foreign Policy Group People Have Decided Menace ‘Must Be Struck Down’ 21
10/26/1941 Knox Talk Taken Calmly In Tokyo-Marking Time Is Urged 24
10/26/1941 Blockade Of Japan Urged (By Senator) Claude Pepper, Florida) 24
10/26/1941 Mac Leish Heads Arms News Unit 26
10/26/1941 Women Get Support On Equal Rights 32
10/26/1941 Free Labor Maps Program For War 34
10/26/1941 Racial Appeals To Voters Scored (By N.Y. C. Rabbis-No Such Thing As Jewish Vote) 36
10/26/1941 Hadassah Scans The Year’s Work (Clark Eichelberger Of The Committee To Defend AmericaAnd Stephen S. Wise Speak) D-5
10/26/1941 Map: Strategic Centers Of Russia’s Industrial Strength E-4
10/26/1941 Germans Blow Hot And Cold At U.S.-Roosevelt Is Attacked But Formal ‘Pretext’ For War Is Avoided E-4
10/27/1941 Rumanians Banish Jews To Ukraine 4
10/26/1941 Axis Farmers To Go To Occupied Russia 4
10/26/1941 Japan To Go Ahead, Tojo Reiterates 4
10/26/1941 Wor Denies Charge By America First (Not Getting Equal Radio Time To Discuss Its Position On Entering The War) 5
10/26/1941 Picture: Gurkhas In Iran (British Army Of Occupation) 7
10/26/1941 Asks I.L.O. To Aid Equal Rights Plea 13
10/26/1941 Women Warned On Slave State 13
10/26/1941 Indecision (On U.S. Entering War) Seen Paralyzing U.S. (By Rev. Jesse William Stett) 14
10/26/1941 Zionist Legion Units-Long Island Group Holds 7th Convention 21
10/26/1941 German Banners Follow Invaders 35
10/28/1941 ‘Shooting’ On, Roosevelt Says; Bares Nazi Plot On Americas; Asks End Of War Zones Ban (Text, P. 4) 1&4
10/26/1941 Not Ready For War (Senator Walsh) Says Of Navy 2
10/26/1941 (Rear Admiral Adolphus Andrews) Urges Extension Of Shooting Order 3
10/26/1941 (Admiral Harold R.) Stark For Attack To Free The Seas-Finds Nation Menaced 3
10/26/1941 (Rear Admiral John W.) Greenslade Predicts ‘Iron Ring’ For Nazism As U.S. And British Navies Keep Seas Open 4
10/26/1941 (Senator Claude, Florida) Pepper Hails Roosevelt Speech 4
10/26/1941 Picture: Roosevelt Delivering Speech At The Navy League Dinner 5
10/26/1941 Russians Report Clash (With Japanese) In Far East (Map) 6
10/26/1941 Tokyo Paper Urges Mediation Of War-Wants Stalin To Surrender, Whereupon Japan Would Aid 6
10/28/1941 British Back U.S. By Prodding Japan-Ready For Joint Action 6
10/28/1941 (Rear Admiral Harvey G. Bowen) Asks ‘All-Out’ U.S. Effort 6
10/28/1941 (Emanuel) Celler (Congressman, N.Y.) Will Demand Severing Reich Ties 7
10/28/1941 Nazis Seek To Rid Europe Of All Jews 10
10/28/1941 ‘Underground Railway’ In France Helps R. A. F. Men, Travelers Say 12
10/28/1941 Nbc Head Denies Curb On (Broadcasting) Isolationist View 12
10/28/1941 President (Roosevelt) Favors Merging CCC, NYA 13
10/28/1941 Picture: General View Of The Aid For Russia Rally (Madison Square Garden) 14
10/28/1941 Picture: Speakers At I.L.O. Sessions (At Columbia University)-Dr. Nicolas Murray Butler, Columbia University, Herbert Lehman & Francis Perkins, Labor Dept. Of U.S. 15
10/28/1941 (Business) Backlog Decline First In 1-1/2 Years 35
10/29/1941 Nazi Ire Over ‘Secret Map’ (Allegedly In Roosevelt’s Possession) Is A ‘Scream’-To Roosevelt He Enjoys ‘Faker’ And Other Denunciations-Cannot Make Documents Public Lest He Reveal Data Source (‘Map’ Later Found To Have Been Fabricated By British [See A Man Called Intrepid] 1&4
10/29/1941 Roosevelt ‘Trick’ Charged By (Senator) Taft 1
10/29/1941 Kearny Was Hit Chasing A U-Boat-Roosevelt Reveals Destroyer Was Among Other Ships Convoying Off Iceland-New Design Saved Her 3
10/29/1941 ‘America Attacked’-Arthur Krock 4
10/29/1941 Nazis Excoriate Navy Day Speech (Of Roosevelt)-Map Termed A ‘Forgery’ (It Was! See Above!) 5
10/29/1941 Japanese See War In Roosevelt Talk 5
10/29/1941 Latin Americas Back Roosevelt 6
10/29/1941 Australia Viewed (By ‘Leading Government Personalities’) As Curb On Japan 6
10/29/1941 Jean (Sic) Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Bids Us Train Our Own Spies 7
10/29/1941 Reich Multiplies Killings In Serbia (Jew Sentenced To Death) 9
10/29/1941 U.S. Help On (Russian Supply) Road (And Rail Road) In Iran Is Sought 11
10/29/1941 Unity Declared Vital To Victory (By I.L.O., International Labor Organization, At Columbia University Conference) 12
10/29/1941 (Two Clergymen) See ‘Worst’ Revolt By Post-War Poor 20
10/30/1941 Nye, La Follette Call Ship Arming A ‘War Measure’ 1
10/30/1941 Critics Of Mayor (La Guardia) Likened To Nazis 1
10/30/1941 Kearny Crippled In Action Defending Ship Under Fire (Pictures, P. 5-On Convoy Duty!) 1
10/30/1941 British Complain Over Our (News) Reports-Data On Tanks Opposed 2
10/30/1941 Japan Asks Truce With Us On Trade 3
10/30/1941 Picture: Map Study Of U.S. Operations In The Atlantic-Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Capt. W. S. Delaney & Capt. William W. Smith 3
10/30/1941 Tojo Visits Fish Market To See Why Tokyo Wants (Fish Shortage) 3
10/30/1941 Axis Asks Proof By The President (Of The Alleged Nazi Map He Claims To Possess) ‘Welshing’ Is Charged 4
10/30/1941 FCC Seeks Facts On Lindbergh (Broadcast) Ban 4
10/30/1941 U.S. Mission Is Going To Middle East To Push ‘Berlin-Baghdad’ Road Extension In Aid Plan (Supply Routes To Russia Through Iran & Iraq) 6
10/30/1941 More Berlin Jews Shipped To Poland 6
10/30/1941 Axis Oil Reserves Believed Strained 6
10/30/1941 British See Reich Fearing Shortages 9
10/30/1941 Hadassah Pledges Anti-Nazi Support 18
10/31/1941 Roosevelt Takes Over Air Associates Plant (Order To Army) 1
10/31/1941 U.S. Giving Soviet Plan Priority 1
10/31/1941 Lindbergh Sees (Roosevelt) Trickery On War (Text, P. 4) 1
10/31/1941 $10,000 To Combat Lindbergh Is Sought From Movie Unit Of Friends Of Democracy 3
10/31/1941 Picture: At The America First Rally In Madison Square Garden Last Night 3
10/31/1941 U.S. Won’t Move To Appease Tokyo-War Is Held Unlikely 6
10/31/1941 U.S.-Japan Crisis Foreseen In Tokyo 6
10/31/1941 Prelate (Catholic Archbishop John T. Mc Nichols) Calls Aid To Russians Moral 6
10/31/1941 Picture: An Alien Internment Camp Is Set Up On Long Island (Camp Upton-See Oct. 18, 1941 Entry, P. 21) 8
10/31/1941 Europe’s Outcasts In Palestine Chafe To Strike A Blow At Nazis (Numerous Nationalities But No Numbers Given) 9
10/31/1941 Hadassah Urges Armed Palestine-Jewish Corps In Near East 16