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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

July 1941
Date Headline Page
07/01/1941 Roosevelt Hands Archives To Nation-Dedicating Hyde Park Library Of Epochal Era, He Looks To An America Ever Free 1
07/01/1941 Strike Nazis Now To Win Says Knox 1
07/01/1941 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) Justifies Backing Russia 1
07/01/1941 Canada Has Refugee Aid (For Those Interned Because Of Antagonism To British Cause) 6
07/01/1941 Paris Hinders U.S. Jews 8
07/01/1941 War Prisoners Aided-Red Cross Has Sent Packages To 6,132 In German Camps 13
07/01/1941 Senate Committee Approves (Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson (As Supreme Court Justice, O. John. Rogge Mentioned) 15
07/01/1941 Picture: Lyndon B. ‘Landslide’ Johnson 17
07/01/1941 (Burton K.) Wheeler Demands ‘Shooting’ Inquiry (If U.S. Navy Is Already Sinking German Submarines) 19
07/02/1941 President (Roosevelt) Hopes We Can Avoid War-But Cannot Voice Confidence That Nation Will Be Able To Avert Shooting 1
07/02/1941 Soviet Requests U.S. Help; Offers To Pay For Supplies (Announcement By Sumner Welles) 1
07/02/1941 Lindbergh Assails Tie With Russia-Sees Nation Confused 2
07/02/1941 (U.S.) Naval Air Station Set Up In Bermuda (To Ease British Censorship Of U.S. Mail?) 8
07/02/1941 Knox Speech Stir’s Isolationist Ire-Senator Walsh Says President (Roosevelt) Should Censure Secretary (Of Navy) For Sea War Address (Senator) Wheeler Wants Ouster 11
07/02/1941 Labor Conference Backs Roosevelt 11
07/02/1941 Advertisement, Full Page, Basil Brewer; Half At War-Half Asleep (Fight Germany!) 15
07/02/1941 Close Texas Vote Elects O’daniel (Senator-1,095 Lead Over Lymdon B. Johnson, Roosevelt’s Choice) 46
07/03/1941 Hungary Restricts Jews (Marriage & Doctors Limited To Approximately The Same Percentage As They Have In The General Population) 2
07/03/1941 Tokyo Chiefs Vote New Secret Plans-Matsuoka Sees Dangers 5
07/03/1941 U.S. (Sumner Welles) Urges Backing Of Uruguay Policy (Not Treat Any American Country As A Belligerent If In War With A Non-American Country) 5
07/03/1941 (U.S.) Naval Encounter Is Denied By Knox-No Convoying By U.S. 8
07/03/1941 Advertisement, Full Page, Committee To Defend America: Okay, Mr. President, Go Ahead, ‘Clear The Atlantic (Of Germans)’ (Officers Listed) 10
07/03/1941 Movie: ‘Sergeant York’ (Warner Brothers) 15
07/03/1941 Governors Pledge Aid To Roosevelt 20
07/03/1941 Admiral (Adolphus) Andrews Asks U.S. Guard Seas 21
07/04/1941 Right To Let (Army) Trainees Serve Abroad Asked By The Army (Gen. George C. Marshall); Would Extend Year’s Term 1
07/04/1941 (Sumner) Welles Hopes Japan Will Pursue Peace 5
07/04/1941 President (Roosevelt) Keeps Silence On Using Troops Overseas 5
07/05/1941 Roosevelt Urges Us To Pledge-Lives As Well As Work To Human Freedom-Blasts Appeasers-Text, P. 6 (We Can’t Live In A World Ruled By Despots, He Says) 1
07/05/1941 (British General) Wavell Sees Need For A New A. E. F. (American Expeditionary Force) 1
07/05/1941 Guerrilla Success Listed By Moscow 2
07/05/1941 Final Jewish Law Is Drafted In Italy 2
07/05/1941 (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Roosevelt’s Special Envoy) Reports Nazis ‘Army’ In South America-To Strike If British Fall 6
07/05/1941 (American) Legion Demands More British Aid-For Freedom Of Seas 9
07/05/1941 (Robert H.) Jackson (Supreme Court) Assails ‘Sinister Doctrine’ 9
07/05/1941 Ask Democracies Tell Post-War Aim 11
07/05/1941 (U.S.-)Seized Ships Soon To Go Into Service 23
07/05/1941 American Sources Doubled Overseas (Marshall Report) 24
07/06/1941 Eden Spurns Peace Sensing Hitler Bid 1
07/06/1941 Jews Moved From Pruth Area (By Rumanians-Executions On The Spot For Espionage Reported) 7
07/06/1941 Germans Fear Us (John) Cudahy (Interviewed Hitler) Declares-U.S. Strength Recognized 9
07/06/1941 Full Aid To Britain Held Vital To Us (By N.Y. Rabbis, Louis I. Newman, William F. Rosenblum & Jacob Katz) 10
07/06/1941 Col. (William J.) Donovan, Who Studied Nazi Espionage (On A Trip As Roosevelt’s Special Envoy, Actually Engaged In Obtaining Military Intelligence And Organizing The Office Of Strategic Services), Is Slated For Big Post (Oss), Capital Reports 16
07/06/1941 (Senator Burton K. Wheeler) Says ‘War Mongers’ Are Deceiving Nation 22
07/06/1941 Advertisement, 1/3 Page, The Fight For Freedom, Inc. & The Committee To Defend America 26
07/06/1941 Hair Of Blondes (Women) Is Sought By Army-12-Inch Strands Needed 28
07/06/1941 The Growing Union Of Hate (Against Himmler & The Gestapo)-C. L. Sulzberger Mag. 3
07/06/1941 Views Of Senator Norris, ‘America’s No. 1 Liberal’-This Is Not Like 1917 (Norris Opposed The 1917 Entry Of The U.S. Into War) Mag. 6
07/07/1941 New Policy League Is Formed In Japan-To End ‘White Encroachment’ 1
07/07/1941 Catholic Bishops In (Berlin) Germany Assail Nazis For Church Policy In First Protest Since (Beginning Of) War 1
07/07/1941 Soviet Lays Waste Abandoned Cities-Lwow Execution (By The Retreating Russians) Signs Said To Abound 2
07/07/1941 Guerrillas Harry Nazi Army’s Lines 3
07/07/1941 Educators (Meeting At Ann Arbor, Michigan) Stress Unity Of Americas Call To Cement Anglo-Saxon And Latin Ties Voiced 7
07/07/1941 (Convention Of Masada, Atlantic City, N. J.) Asks Jewish-Arab Ties (Zionist Organization) 7
07/07/1941 (Catholic Bishop Joseph P. Hurley) Wants War Action Left To President (Roosevelt) Secret Moves Held Need 16
07/07/1941 U.S. Seen Gaining Radio Dominance 17
07/07/1941 War Output Found Ahead Of Schedule (By National Association Of Manufacturers) 23
07/08/1941 U.S. Occupies Iceland To Thwart Nazi Peril, Navy To Clear Sea That Far For British Aid-Navy Forces Land (Text, P. 3-Dated July 7) 1
07/08/1941 Most In Congress Approve, A Few Critical Of (Roosevelt’s) Method 1
07/08/1941 British ‘Welcome’ U.S. Occupation (Of Iceland) 1
07/08/1941 Iceland Occupied By British In (May 10) 1940 (Against Will Of Icelanders) 4
07/08/1941 Poles And Russians Meeting In London (Maisky & Sikorski-Where Are The Polish Prisoners Presumed To Be In Russian Hands?) 4
07/08/1941 Russians Say Nazis Use Tanks Of Wood (Picture, Moscow Report) 5
07/08/1941 Vichy Limits Jews In Law (To 2%-Roughly The Pre-1939 Percent-Age Of The Jews In The Population) 6
07/08/1941 Picture: Cardinal Bertram Of Breslau Assails The Nazis 6
07/08/1941 Need Of A. E. F. (American Expeditionary Force) Seen By British General (Auchinleck) 8
07/08/1941 Pictures: Officers Involved In Shake-Up Of Japanese Army 8
07/08/1941 Emperor Consults On Japan’s Course 8
07/08/1941 M’nutt Demands Action In Pacific 8
07/08/1941 Senate Voice Vote Confirms (Robert H.) Jackson (As Supreme Court Justice) Senator Tydings) Calls For Impeachment 15
07/08/1941 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gets British-Made Dress 21
07/09/1941 (U.S.) Army Is Set To Fly Air Line To Britain To Carry Officials 1
07/09/1941 Roosevelt To Act Whatever Defense Requires-Hemisphere No Bar 1
07/09/1941 Nazis Say British Mass Before Iran 3
07/09/1941 Nazis See U.S. (Iceland Occupation) Move As A Stab In Back 10
07/09/1941 (U.S.) Troops In Iceland Before News Is Out; Populace Calm When Told Of Landing 10
07/09/1941 Iceland To Welcome U.S. Forces As Vigilant Visitors, Consul (Thors Thors) Says 11
07/09/1941 U.S. Nearing War, Japanese Believe 12
07/09/1941 (Stephen Early, Roosevelt’s Secretary) Says Wheeler Put (U.S.) Troops (Invading Iceland) In Danger 12
07/09/1941 Iceland’s Occupation-Hanson W. Baldwin 12
07/09/1941 President (Roosevelt) Warns Of Need For Unity 21
07/10/1941 Knox Hints Navy Has Shooting Right In Sea Lane Patrol 1
07/10/1941 British Will Keep Forces In Iceland-They Will Work With U.S. Units ThereTwo Navies Cooperating 1
07/10/1941 Willkie Declares We Require Bases In North Ireland 1
07/10/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Speech In Atlanta Today Postponed When Council Refuses Use Of Municipal Hall 1
07/10/1941 Palestine Fund Sought (L250,000) 2
07/10/1941 War Captives Lot Is Seen Improved (By Y. M. C. A. Expert Who Visited Camps) 4
07/10/1941 Dr. (Daniel A.) Poling Offers World Peace Plan-Wants U.S. To Take Lead 6
07/10/1941 6 U.S. Nurses Lost As 2D (British) Ship Is Sunk 10
07/10/1941 Picture: Eleanor & Sara Roosevelt (Ugh) 11
07/10/1941 Churchill Assails Talk By (U.S. Senator Burton K.) Wheeler 11
07/10/1941 (Col. William J. Donovan Will Take Information Post (Head Of Oss) 12
07/10/1941 (New Education Fellowship) Calls Nazi Defeat Vital To All Trade 17
07/10/1941 (U.S. Immigration And Naturalization Service) Will Tutor Aliens In American Ways $14,000,000 For Program-11,000 Teachers-WPA Plans A Master Catalog Of Civic Organizations 20
07/11/1941 Senate Asked To Keep Men In Service And To Let Army Be Sent Overseas-All Army Included-Lift Draft Total Limit (Text, P. 7) 1
07/11/1941 President (Roosevelt) Confers With Soviet Envoy 3
07/11/1941 Forced Labor For Jews (In Rumania, Males And Females, 20-25 Days) 3
07/11/1941 Matsuoka Shaken By Turn Of Events-His Polices Blown Up 4
07/11/1941 Japan Hails Idea Of U.S. Fleet Move (To Atlantic) 4
07/11/1941 Sentiment For Aid To Britain Grows (Gallup Poll) 5
07/11/1941 Iceland (Parliament) Approval (Of U.S. Occupation) Is Voted, 39 To 3 6
07/11/1941 Iceland Occupation ‘Offensive’ To Nazis 6
07/11/1941 (N.Y. Post) Urges Us To Declare War 8
07/11/1941 Educators Urged To Teach Thinking (Columbia University Conference) 17
07/11/1941 Wheat (Control) Meeting Lauded By (Sumner) Welles 27
07/12/1941 Navy Not Attacking Nazis, Knox Says, But Depth Bomb As A Warning Is Indicated-Stark Joins In Denial Of Any Aggressive (U.S.) Action 1
07/12/1941 (U.S.) Trade ‘Blacklist’ Covers Axis Links In Latin America 1
07/12/1941 Big U.S. Supplies Arming Near East-Peril To India Also Seen (Also Arming Russia Through Trans-Iranian Railroad) 4
07/12/1941 Nazis Said (By Russians) To Use Poison 4
07/12/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Is Named Information (Oss) Head ‘Coordinator Of Information’’ By Roosevelt) 5
07/12/1941 Treasury (Department Under Morgenthau) Orders Axis Ships Seized 5
07/12/1941 Picture: Knox, Stark & Senators 5
07/12/1941 (Chilean Paper) Pins ‘Aggression’ On U.S. 5
07/13/1941 Victory For Russia (Over Germany) Favored In Survey (Gallup Poll-72% Favor Russia) 2
07/13/1941 Europe Must Raise Its Food Says Nazi (Herbert Backa-No Help From U.S. Or Outside) 7
07/13/1941 Reich Speculates On Next U.S. Move-Goebbels Is Vitriolic 13
07/13/1941 Goebbels Assails Roosevelt 13
07/13/1941 Affront To Japan In Indo-China Seen (By Japanese)-U.S. And Soviet Suspected 14
07/13/1941 German (Anti-Hitler) Bishops Hailed As Heroes (By N.Y. Rabbis) Senator Wheeler Scored 16
07/13/1941 New Tactics Book Issued By The Army 20
07/13/1941 Need More Pilots To Ferry Planes (To England) 22
07/13/1941 Educators (Meeting At Ann Arbor, Michigan) Frame Post-War Era Plan 23
07/13/1941 Wheat Rebel Army Counted As 150,000-One Burning His Acres 24
07/13/1941 British To Examine Export Complaints F-1
07/13/1941 American Eagles (U.S. Citizens With R. A. F.) Mag. 4
07/14/1941 Britain And Russia Sign-Mutual Aid Accord; Bar Separate Peace; U.S. Aid Is Stressed Pact Quickly Made 1
07/14/1941 Americans Protest Curb On Refugees 4
07/14/1941 Vichy Easing Jewish (Property Registration) Law 4
07/14/1941 617 War Refugees Jam Small Ship (‘Villa De Madrid’) 13
07/15/1941 Joint (U.S.-British) Naval Pact Is Denied By Knox-Committee Assumed No American Warship Has Entered Zone Fixed By Roosevelt 1
07/15/1941 Japanese Attack In South Held Near (Port Of Kobe Closed To Foreigners) 1
07/15/1941 Hitler Is Plotting Peace Drive Here With Pacifist Help, Mayor (La Guardia) Warns 1
07/15/1941 Move For Service Overseas Is Shelved To Avert Fight On Extension Of Army Term 1
07/15/1941 Hard Days Here, Says (Leon) Henderson, Finding ‘Honeymoon’ Of (War) Boom Over-Idle Men And Plants, Shortages And Higher Prices Foreseen(But Pearl Harbor’s Coming!) 1
07/15/1941 Toward ‘Shooting War’-The Step Taken In Iceland Points Logically To Other Steps Soon-Hanson W. Baldwin 9
07/15/1941 (Knox) Prefers War To Hitler Rule-Two Ocean Navy By 1944 9
07/15/1941 (Sumner) Welles Clarifies U.S. Stand On (Portuguese) Azores 9
07/15/1941 Lindbergh Called Nazi Tool By (Harold Leclaire) Ickes 13
07/15/1941 Large WPA Fund Spent On Defense 15
07/15/1941 Army Orders Let On Wool Fabrics-17,000,000 Yards Involved 28
07/16/1941 Tax Rise Each Year Seen By Roosevelt 1
07/16/1941 (Harry) Hopkins Again Flies To London For Talks 1
07/16/1941 Nazis Are Bitter Over U.S. Polices-Sees A March To War-Charging Provocation To Roosevelt 6
07/16/1941 New (Rumanian) Anti-Semitic Rules 6
07/16/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Charges News Suppression-Sees Propaganda Motive 11
07/17/1941 Nazis Approach Smolensk (Katyn Mass Graves) On Road To Moscow 1
07/17/1941 Japan’s Cabinet Quits In Dilemma On Policy-Konoye Regime Out 1
07/17/1941 Segregation Hinted For Some (Japanese) In Hawaii 1
07/17/1941 Ural War Pledged (By Russian Ambassador Ivan Maisky) If Moscow Falls Cites Industrial Plants 3
07/17/1941 Nazis Continue Fire On Roosevelt-Charges That A Deliberate Effort Is Looming For U.S.-German Incident 5
07/17/1941 Church Unit (Church Peace Union, Andrew Carnegie) Denies We Can Be Neutral 5
07/17/1941 Knox Orders Naval Reservists Held For Duration And Bars Resignations 10
07/18/1941 President (Roosevelt) Orders Trading Blacklist For Latin America 1
07/18/1941 (Gen. George C.) Marshall Asks Emergency Law (To Extend Military Service) 1
07/18/1941 Lindbergh Seeks Roosevelt Inquiry-Asks Ickes Apology 1
07/18/1941 (Harry) Hopkins At Session Of British Cabinet-Sits In War Council 1
07/18/1941 Konoye Forming Cabinet In Tokyo; Fascist Cast Seen 1
07/18/1941 Moscow Favors Restored Poland (With Boundaries Of Its Choice!) 3
07/18/1941 Franco Warns U.S. To Avoid War Step 5
07/18/1941 Lindbergh Urged To Return (German) Medal 6
07/18/1941 Roosevelt’s Blacklist Of Latin-American Individuals & Firms (Text Of Proclamation, Pp. 28-29) 28-29
07/19/1941 (Frank) Murphy, President (Roosevelt) Discuss Far East 1
07/19/1941 Trade Blacklist Will Be Extended To Axis Links In Japan And Europe 1
07/19/1941 U.S. To Keep Sea Lane To Iceland Open-President (Roosevelt) Says We Will Do Same At Bermuda And Newfoundland 1
07/19/1941 Vichy Eases Statute On Jewish Lawyers (Numbers Allowed) 3
07/19/1941 (U.S.) Blacklists Sting Nazi Press To Fury 4
07/19/1941 Halifax Sounds Warning To Japan-Foresees A ‘Peace Plot’ 5
07/19/1941 (Harry) Hopkins Promises Vast Shipping Aid-Renews Delivery Pledge 5
07/20/1941 British Open ‘V’ Nerve War 1
07/20/1941 U.S. To Take Over 100 More Tankers To Aid The British 1
07/20/1941 Bolivia Rounds Up Pro-Nazis And Bars German Minister 1
07/20/1941 Palestine Studies Status After War-British Urged To Prepare (Dr. Judah Leon Magnes, Palestine Resident) 3
07/20/1941 Weed Undesireables (Agents & Propagandists) From Refugee Pleas 4
07/20/1941 45% In Who’s Who (A British Publication) Want Us In War (Gallup Poll) 5
07/20/1941 Commissar Captives Segregated By Nazis 6
07/20/1941 Ecuador And Peru Increase Fighting (Between Themselves) 9
07/20/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Assails President’s (Roosevelt’s) Aides (Calls Knox, Stimson, Ickes, Hopkins, Frankfurter ‘A Motley Crew’) 23
07/20/1941 Picture: General George C. Marshall On Horseback (Apparently Practicing For Dec. 7, 1941) Mag. 1
07/20/1941 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant’s Triple Life Mag. 11
07/21/1941 French Warn U.S. Of Colonies’ Arms (To Resist Attack By U.S.) 3
07/21/1941 Film Propaganda Is Barred By (Will H.) Hays (In Movies) 17
07/22/1941 Roosevelt Asks That (Army) Trainees Be Retained; Wants-Congress To Acknowledge ‘Emergency’ (Which He Declared)-President Is Grave-’Knows’ Peril Is Greater 1
07/22/1941 (Sumner) Welles Says Nazis Plan New Attacks 1
07/22/1941 Son Of Stalin Captured (By Germans) 1
07/22/1941 Stalin In Command Of Russia’s Army 3
07/22/1941 Washington Seeks Chinese-Red Peace 3
07/22/1941 Nazi Peace Push On Neutrals Declare 4
07/22/1941 U.S. (Sumner Welles) Backs Bolivia On Ouster Of Nazi (Minister) 5
07/22/1941 Text Of President’s (Roosevelt’s) Message On Army Service 6
07/23/1941 U.S. Plans Economic Curbs On Japan To Counter Any Indo-China Invasion 1
07/23/1941 (Sumner) Welles Holds Arms Limitation Vital To Any World Peace Aims 1
07/23/1941 Nazis Execute 80,000 Serbs, Turkey Hears; Guerrillas Continue To Harry Conquerors (Chetniks) 3
07/23/1941 Germans’ Sensation Is Roosevelt Photo (Roosevelt Wearing A Masonic Apron-Voelkischer Beobachter) 8
07/24/1941 U.S. Is Cautious On Pacific Peril 1
07/24/1941 Reich Poison Gas Plan Charged; Russians Say They Seized Data 3
07/24/1941 Labor Shortage Is Seen In Reich 4
07/24/1941 Armenians In Iran Inflamed By Nazis (Ankara Report) 4
07/24/1941 (Father Ahern) Stresses Enmity Of Church To Nazis 9
07/24/1941 Governor (Herbert Lehman) Hails Arming In State 10
07/24/1941 (Socialist-Pacifist Norman) Thomas Sees A. E. F. (American Expeditionary Force) If Army Trainees Are Held (By Army) 10
07/24/1941 Shirer, William L., Berlin Diary, No Wonder The Germans Hated And Feared Him 13
07/24/1941 (Radio) Listening Station (For European Propaganda) Dedicated By Nbc 14
07/24/1941 (Franklin Johnson, In ‘The American Exporter’) Denies Our Trade Was A War Cause (With Germany) 31
07/24/1941 Swiss Bank Case Is Settled By U.S. (Francis Biddle) 32
07/25/1941 Stimson Accuses (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Of Actions Near Treason (Whistle Blowing A La Tyler Kent?) 1
07/25/1941 Roosevelt Hints At Oil Curb On Japan As (Sumner) Welles Condemns Move Into Indo-China As A Threat To Our ‘National Security’ 1
07/25/1941 Americans (5 Ambulance Drivers) Escape From Nazi Guards (In Occupied France) 3
07/25/1941 (Socialist, George Bernard) Shaw Views Fate Of Beaten Hitler (Protective Custody, But If The Poles Or Czechs [Or Americans] Get Him, ‘Heaven Help Him.’) 3
07/25/1941 British-Ready To Back U.S. To Hilt In Any Action Taken Against Japan-London Awaits Lead From Washington 4
07/25/1941 Sahara ‘Slavery’ (Of Refugees) Denied By (Algerian) French 5
07/25/1941 Big Boeings (B-17’S) Lead On R. A. F. Raids 6
07/25/1941 Reproductions Of Post Cards Sent Out By Senator Wheeler (Asking People To Write Roosevelt Opposing Our Entry Into War) 7
07/25/1941 Wheeler Franked Anti-War Speeches 7
07/26/1941 U.S. And Britain Freeze Japanese Assets; Oil Shipments And Silk Imports Halted-Vast Trade Halted-President (Roosevelt) Ends Policy Of Appeasement That Failed With Tokyo-British Empire Joins Our Action 1
07/26/1941 Japanese Bitter Over U.S. Stand-Spokesman Is Conciliatory 1
07/26/1941 Senators Agree On (Roosevelt) Declaration Of An (National) Emergency 1
07/26/1941 1,000 Nazi Experts Wait To Take Over Russia; Rosenberg Is Slated To Administer Areas 3
07/26/1941 Nazis Charge U.S. With Imperialism 4
07/26/1941 Crippling Of Japan In Six Months By British-U.S. Blockade-! Is Seen (By British Economic War Experts In London Report) Total Blockade Is Weighed 4
07/26/1941 Japanese Trade Needs (U.S.) Licenses-Treasury (Morgenthau) Officials Silent On Whether It Will Be Policy To Grant Them-(Dean) Acheson Denies Embargo 4
07/26/1941 Japanese Trade With U.S. To End-$130,000,000 Held Tied Up 5
07/26/1941 U.S.-Asiatic Trade Hit Peak This Year-Japanese Business Drops 5
07/26/1941 (Roosevelt’s) Freezing Statement’s Text (Executive Order) 5
07/26/1941 Refugee Outlook Seen As Brighter (By Dr. Morris Carlton Troper, Chairman, Executive Council Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Just Back From Europe) 6
07/26/1941 Iceland Welcome Of (U.S.) Troops Divided 6
07/26/1941 Roosevelt Backs Wheeler Critics 7
07/26/1941 Nazi News Agency (Transocean News Agency) Convicted (U.S. District Court, Judge T. Whitfield Davidson), Fined 7
07/26/1941 New Curbs On (French) Jews Seen 7
07/26/1941 Pictures: (Tar Paper) Barracks In The North, Tents In The South For U.S. Soldiers In Training Camps 8
07/26/1941 (Dr. Guy Rexford) Tugwell Resigns City Planning Job 13
07/26/1941 Conflict Develops On WPA (-A.F. Of L.) Labor Ban-Commissioner Dryden Says WPA Will Continue To Cooperate On Defense Projects 13
07/27/1941 Roosevelt Puts Filipino Forces In U.S. Army As Japan Freezes American, British Funds Troops Put On War Basis-Mac ArthurTo Lead Joint Force In Far East 1
07/27/1941 Tokyo Shocked By (U.S.’S) Economic War 1
07/27/1941 Biggest Bombers (B-17 Included) Raid Reich Cities 1
07/27/1941 (Harry) Hopkins (Lend-Lease Administrator) Broadcasts (To British Over Bbc) Today 3
07/27/1941 Germany Collecting Worn-Out Clothing-Appeal Made For All Forms Of Textile Materials (‘Reichs Textile Collection Organization’) 3
07/27/1941 Red Army Group Is In Washington-General SolikoffOpens Talks With (Sumner) Welles And (Gen. George C. Marshall (Others, Picture!) 5
07/27/1941 Japanese Occupy Bases At Saigon 7
07/27/1941 Canada Impounds Japanese Vessel 7
07/27/1941 (Australian Navy Minister, William) Hughes Warns Australia-Says Grave Position Will Be Evident Soon 7
07/27/1941 Axis Press Rails At (U.S.) Freezing Edict-Roosevelt Chief Target’Studied Provocation’ 10
07/27/1941 Cost For Refugee Aid Up ($Lo/Child-Month Up To $15/Child-Month In England Mrs. Edna Blue, Executive Chairman) 10
07/27/1941 Japanese Switch Holdings In Hawaii-Move Begun Months Ago 11
07/27/1941 Move At Shanghai Appears Imminent 12
07/27/1941 Big Japanese Ship Still Avoids (U.S.) Port-Talula Maru Believed Waiting Pledge That Neither Vessel Nor Cargo Will Be Held (Confiscated By U.S.) 12
07/27/1941 Text Of Tokyo’s Reprisal 12
07/27/1941 British Denounce (Existing) Japanese Pacts 13
07/27/1941 Roosevelt Order On Army (Unification Of U.S. With Filipino Army) 13
07/27/1941 Two-Thirds Cut Due In Oil Sales-Deals By (Dutch) Indies Expected Roosevelt’s Belief That War Would Follow (U.S.) Embargo Likely To Be Guide Washington Will Restrict Its Permits For Shipments Of Petroleum To Japan 14
07/27/1941 Reds Here Shift In Stand On War 16
07/27/1941 M’arthur Made Chief In Far East 17
07/27/1941 Manila Is Notified Of Defense Status 17
07/27/1941 Exemptions Made To Freezing (Axis Assets) Act 18
07/27/1941 Socialist Leader (Marx Dormgy, Blum Cabinet Member) Killed (Bomb) In France 22
07/27/1941 Labor In Palestine Assured Of Rights 23
07/27/1941 Education Aids British Defense In Big Measure D-4
07/27/1941 (U.S.) Blacklist Rules Confuse Traders F-3
07/27/1941 Evasion Of Debts By Reich Alleged (By Evsey S. Rabinowitch, International Lawyer)-Data On (German) Assets Required F-2
07/27/1941 New (U.S.) Policy Boosts U.S. Latin Imports F-7
07/27/1941 British Censors Practice An Art (Brendan Bracken, Minister Of Information-’Propaganda’) E-4
07/27/1941 Russians Skilled In Guerrilla War E-4
07/27/1941 Advertisement, ¼ Page, Fight For Freedom; Mr. President; Don’t Let Dakar Become Another Indo-China (Sponsored By Senator Carter Glass, Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, & Others) E-8
07/27/1941 Pictogram: U.S. Forges Toward Peak Plane Output (1939 To 1942) Mag. 4
07/28/1941 Japanese Now Threatening Thailand-Force In Cambodia 1
07/28/1941 Reynolds Holds Service (Extension Of ‘Army Trainees’) Measure Authorizes War 1
07/28/1941 (Harry) Hopkins Pledges Help To Russians (In London Bbc Broadcast) 1
07/28/1941 Roosevelt Sees Baruch At Home-President (Roosevelt) Sings Militant Hymn At Church Service-Makes Mac Arthur Nomination 1
07/28/1941 Japan To Pay On Her Dollar Bonds Of Both Public And Private Issues 1
07/28/1941 Nazis Find Little Food-Soviet Guerrillas Said To Kill Most Of Foraging Parties 2
07/28/1941 Imports (By U.S.) Doubled From Dutch Indies 4
07/28/1941 (Economic) Disaster Seen For Japan (By U.S. Institute Of Pacific Relations) 4
07/28/1941 Weizmann To Go On With Work In London (Supporting Jewish Army In Palestine) Zionist Leader Left July 22 For Britain It Is Revealed 5
07/28/1941 Full War Aid Urged (By 130 Eminent Persons-Ben Hecht, Fannie Hurst, Lion Feuchtwanger [Refugee!], Etc.) 6
07/28/1941 U.S. Germans Form Loyal Society (Headed By Senator Robert F. Wagner,.Jr., N.Y.) 6
07/28/1941 Axis Persecutions Increase In Athens-Mass Evictions-Disease Menaces Piraeus 8
07/28/1941 (Bogota) Catholics Say Nazis Are Foes Of Church 9
07/28/1941 (U.S.) Blacklist Upsets Central America 11
07/28/1941 Vichy Is Worried Over Farm Labor 21
07/28/1941 Reich Entrenches In Alien Industry-(Occupied European Nations’ Industrial) Capacities Being Utilized 22
07/29/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Lays Stimson Attack To ‘Plot’ For War 1
07/29/1941 Dutch To Limit Oil To Japan-Batavia Risks War-Freezes Tokyo Assets In Move Taken Jointly With U.S., Britain-Gets Promises Of (U.S.-British) Help 1
07/29/1941 (Alexei Tolstoy) Bids Soviet Hate Hitler-Urges ‘Sacred’ Passion To Destroy Nazis (See Soviet Extraordinary Commission) 2
07/29/1941 De Gaulle Sees U.S. Entry (Into War-U.S. ‘Marching Straight Toward Intervention’) 2
07/29/1941 Nazi Reporters Assail Russian Tactics; Guerrillas Even Resort To Camouflage 3
07/29/1941 Vichy Shows Leniency (To Mandel & Reynaud At Vais Les Baines) 3
07/29/1941 U.S. Not To Hold Japanese Ships-Prompt Clearance Is Assured ‘Under Present Conditions’ (Sumner) Welles Tells Nomura 4
07/29/1941 Japan Restricts Shanghai Exports, Orders Shippers To Seek Permits 4
07/29/1941 Quick Blow By Japan (At U.S. & Britain) Suggested By (Italian) Gayda 4
07/29/1941 Bible Censored In Korea-Use Of Old Testament Banned, Washington Hears 4
07/29/1941 Roosevelt Drawn To Capital In Crisis 7
07/29/1941 Knox Says Fight Or Lose Freedom-Warns Of Europe’s Fate 7
07/29/1941 Wheeler Popularity Shrinks In Montana (Newspaper Poll) 8
07/29/1941 (Existing) School Courses Held 90% Faulty (By National Survey, By Dr. Herbert B. Bruner, Of Teachers’ College) 13
07/29/1941 Much Latin (American) Trade Is Lost By Japan 23
07/30/1941 Churchill Sees Us On Verge Of War (Text, P. 6) 1
07/30/1941 Japan Smolders Over Oil Threat 1
07/30/1941 Stimson Admits Wheeler Was Not Aiming At Troops-Apologizes For Saying Act Was Deliberate(Near Treason) 1
07/30/1941 Paris Jews Said To Riot (Vichy Report) 2
07/30/1941 Poland Is Ready For Soviet Accord (In Spite Of Katyn Massacre-Gen. Sikorski) 3
07/30/1941 Japan Occupies Indo-China Base (Cam Ranh) 4
07/30/1941 Envoy Says Dutch Will Wreck Wells (To Thwart Any Japanese Invasion) 4
07/30/1941 (Bolivar Pagan) Assails Naming (Rexford) Tugwell (Chancellor Of Puerto Rican University) 5
07/30/1941 Roosevelt Shuns Orient Questions-Refuses Comment On View Of Churchill That-U.S. Is Moving To Verge Of War-Tokyo Diplomat To Leave-(Sumner) Welles Says Japanese Ships May Dock And Clear 5
07/30/1941 Eden Warns Again Of Nazi Peace Bid 7
07/30/1941 (Senator D. Worth Clark, Idaho) Suggests We Seize Whole Hemisphere 8
07/30/1941 (Stanley F.) Reed Asks Nation For Defense Unity 8
07/30/1941 Knox Tells Senate Of Depth Bombing (Off Greenland) 8
07/30/1941 Knox Tells Wheeler How Son Got (Commission) In Navy 8
07/30/1941 (Sumner Welles, Acting Secretary Of State) Says (U.S.) Blacklist ‘Nipped’ Axis Plan 9
07/30/1941 51% In U.S. Want (Drafted Army) Trainees Kept In Service; But Gallup Poll Finds 50% Oppose Service Abroad 9
07/30/1941 (Germans) Declare We Seek Hemisphere Rule 9
07/30/1941 U.S. Employment Highest Since ‘29 (National Association Of Manufacturers’ Survey) 19
07/31/1941 Roosevelt Asks For Control Over Price And Rent Rises To Avert Inflation Danger 1
07/31/1941 Bombing Of U.S. Gunboat (U.S.S. Tutuila) Sharply Protested To Japan (By Sumner Welles) 1
07/31/1941 Soviet And Poles Sign Agreement (Ceremony Presided Over By Winston S. Churchill) 1
07/31/1941 (Harry) Hopkins In Russia Offers Supplies 1
07/31/1941 (Senator Tom, Texas) Connally Raised To Key (Foreign Relations, Senate) Position (Faithful Roosevelt Devotee) 1
07/31/1941 Japan To Speed East Asia Plans-Premier (Konoye) Hands Mobilization Board Bills To Put Nation On Total War Basis 2
07/31/1941 Eden Says Japan Is Moving To War 2
07/31/1941 Britain Grateful To Us In Blockade (Of Axis) 2
07/31/1941 Japan Pours Men Into Saigon Base 3
07/31/1941 Japan Is Sending More Men North 3
07/31/1941 Shanghai Germans Sell Supplies To British Navy And Soviet Army 3
07/31/1941 Vichy Links U.S.-Britain 3
07/31/1941 U.S. Recognizes (Exiled) Czechs In London 4
07/31/1941 Russo-Polish Agreement (Signed In London, 1941 In Spite Of Polish Reservation About Katyn Massacre!) 4
07/31/1941 Udet Held Suicide (By London) But Berlin Denies It (Maybe Another Assassination ?) 4
07/31/1941 Nazi Leaders’ (Keitel & Frick) Sons Are Victims Of War (Killed In Action In Russia) 4
07/31/1941 Soviet Has Reaped Most Of Its Wheat-Trains Take Away Flour (U.S. Greatly Concerned With Amount Of Wheat Available To Germans To Feed Europe!) 5
07/31/1941 Berlin Concedes Defensive Stand 5
07/31/1941 Eden Warns Iran To Curb Germans 7
07/31/1941 Discrimination Against Women Is Seen By Mrs. Whitehurst In Civilian Defense 10
07/31/1941 German Propaganda Curbed In Argentina 18
07/31/1941 (Rexford Guy) Tugwell Is Named Puerto Rican Head (By Roosevelt; Will Run University. Also Vita) 36