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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

December 1941
Date Headline Page
12/01/1941 Roosevelt Hurries Back In Crisis; Hull To See Tokyo Envoys Today-President (Roosevelt) Is Grim-U.S. Principles Rejected By Japanese As ‘Fantastic’ 1&8
12/01/1941 4 Powers Ready, Washington Says 1
12/01/1941 Nazi Plot To Rule Surinam Bared (By U.S. War Department); Berlin Agent In Internment Camp 1
12/01/1941 Nazi ‘Best Seller’ Gives New Religion-Christianity Is Renounced 2
12/01/1941 Beaverbrook Aim Is 30,000 Tanks-Stalin Urges Type Limit 4
12/01/1941 (Florida Senator Claude Pepper) Holds U.S. Obligated In Palestine (Zionist) Project 6
12/01/1941 Nazi Cruelty To Slavs Condemned By (British) Cardinal (Hinsley) 7
12/01/1941 Singapore Placed Under Emergency 9
12/01/1941 Americans To Fly (Patrol) Over Burma Road-Will Use Curtiss P-40’S-Veterans Corps Enlisted Under Chinese Flag To Patrol Vital Supply Line 9
12/01/1941 Latins Seize Axis Vessels, Send Us Metals, Take Over (Axis) Airlines, Says N. A. Rockefeller 10
12/02/1941 Japan Renews Talks But Capital Is Skeptical-Japanese See Hull 1
12/02/1941 U.S. Tanks Finest In Libya; Rout Heaver Nazi Machines 1
12/02/1941 War Declaration (By British) On Finns Impends-U.S. Backing (Of British) Looked For 2
12/02/1941 Abcd Countries Alert In Orient (America-Britain-China-Dutch) 4
12/02/1941 Japan Now Looks To U.S. For Reply 5
12/02/1941 Willkie, For Refugees, Asks Freer Use Of Funds 5
12/02/1941 Japan’s Imports Cut 75% By War-Reason For Mission Seen 6
12/02/1941 Shanghai Americans Again Urged To Leave 6
12/02/1941 Roosevelt Asks Japan’s Aim In Indo-China; New British Fleet Steam Into Singapore (How Long From England To Singapore?) 1
12/03/1941 2 Capital Ships Lead Armada Into British Base In Far East 1
12/03/1941 Britain To Draft 3,000,000 More Men 1
12/03/1941 60 Held In Plot To Kill Il Duce 1
12/03/1941 Japan Still Says U.S. Must Give In-Foreign Office Paper Leads Stand Against Yielding 4
12/03/1941 British Bar Easing Of Curbs On Japan-Shun Peace Makers Role-Ready For Prompt Action 4
12/03/1941 Picture: Crossroads Of The Far East Where The Clouds Of War Hang Low 5
12/03/1941 British Dominions Are Watching U.S.-Japanese Parleys Intently 5
12/03/1941 China Relief Held (Chinese) National Problem (By Methodist Missionaries) 5
12/03/1941 (Otto Jeidels Of Lazard Freres & Co.) Says Reich’s Debt Is Near ‘18 Total 7
12/03/1941 (Edward R.) Murrow Sees End Of War In Our Hands (Cbs Broadcast) 9
12/03/1941 U.S. Role Studied At Petain Meeting 10
12/03/1941 Anti-Semitic Laws Tightened In France 10
12/03/1941 India Is Reported Getting U.S. Aid 11
12/03/1941 Argentina Seeking To Thaw U.S. Credits 11
12/03/1941 Churchill’s Statement On ‘Man Power Crisis’ (Labor Shortage) 14
12/03/1941 U.S. Allocates Tin To Latin-America 21
12/03/1941 (Louis) Lepke (Buchhalter) And 2 Aides Sentenced To Die 52
12/04/1941 Hull Not Hopeful On Japan-No Common Ground 1
12/04/1941 Big Fees Shown To Arms ‘Broker’ 1
12/04/1941 U.S. Formalizes Its Aid To Ankara 1
12/04/1941 U-Boats Beaten, Knox Intimates-Our Navy Much Expanded 3
12/04/1941 (Archbishop Curley, Baltimore) Warns That Stalin Might Turn On Us 3
12/04/1941 Japan Now Holds Indo-China Upset 4
12/04/1941 Singapore Doubts Japanese Threats 5
12/04/1941 Tokyo Reported Halting Troops 5
12/04/1941 Polish Premier (Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski) And Stalin Talk 9
12/04/1941 India (Britain) Will Release Nehru And Others 10
12/04/1941 Nazis Threaten Paris Reprisals-Medical Officer Is Shot (Wounded) 14
12/04/1941 U.S. Not ‘Bluffing’ La Guardia Says 16
12/04/1941 New Chicago Sun (Pro-Roosevelt) Begins Career 27
12/04/1941 Bankers See Job In Post-War Era 29
12/04/1941 189 More Names Put On (U.S. State Department’s) Black List-Trade With Them Barred (By Government) 46
12/05/1941 Tokyo Reports Hull Plan Impossible; Japanese Hand In Their Reply Today 1
12/05/1941 Axis Oil Reserve Near End, Red Army Expert Estimates 1
12/05/1941 (U.S.) Put Victory Cost At 120 Billions (Of Dollars) 1
12/05/1941 Riom Is Made Ready For (French) Defeat Hearing-To Begin Jan. 15 2
12/05/1941 A. E. F. ‘Plan’ Laid To Army And Navy-Chicago Tribune Asserts Joint Board Mapped Invasion By 5 Million In 1943 (Denied By Both Parties) 3
12/05/1941 Japan To State Her Policy Today 4
12/05/1941 ‘Truce’ In Orient Rejected By U.S. On Japanese Moves In Indo-China 4
12/05/1941 Tokyo Calls Home Envoys To Mexico 4
12/05/1941 Australia Girds For Pacific War 5
12/05/1941 Picture: Arrival Of U.S. Troops In Dutch Guiana 5
12/05/1941 (Taber) Calls Big Fund Bill Warning To Japan-Proof That ‘We Mean Business’ 5
12/05/1941 Serbian Patriots (Gen. Draja Mikhailovitch And His Guerrillas) Holding Up Nazis 6
12/05/1941 U-Boat Believed Hit By U.S. Shell (By U.S. Tanker, Salinas, In Convoy) 7
12/05/1941 Nazis Throw Veil Over Main Fights 8
12/05/1941 Jewish Army Urged (By Dr. Samuel Harden Church, Who Made The Hitler Kidnap Offer, Carnegie Institute Et Al.) To Win Just Peace 9
12/05/1941 India (Under British Control) Frees 500 Including Nehru-But Gandhi ‘Cannot Rejolce’ (Perhaps Lady Montbatten Can!) 10
12/06/1941 Australia Takes More War Steps 1
12/06/1941 Army Sent South-Only To Check China, Tokyo Replies To Roosevelt Query White House Is Silent 1
12/06/1941 Britain Declares War On 3 Nazi Allies (Finland, Rumania & Hungary To Please Russia-And Roosevelt Regime) 1
12/06/1941 Japan Confident Talks Will Go On 2
12/06/1941 Japan Institute Here Is Closing 2
12/06/1941 Vichy Says Japan Is Limiting Troops 2
12/06/1941 Picture: Japanese Envoys (Nomura & Kurusu) Again Visit The State Department 2
12/06/1941 Berlin Evasive On Japan-Not Up To Germany To Make Any Comment 2
12/06/1941 Stimson Assail (Chicago Tribune’s) Telling War Plan-Implies (It Provides) Aid To Enemies 3
12/06/1941 Pictures: Aboard A British Cruiser Undergoing Repairs At The (U.S.) Navy Yard In Brooklyn-Officers Give Ship’s Log Account Of British Cruisers’ (The ‘Phoebe’) War Activities (Damaged In The Mediterranean) 3
12/06/1941 Turks Are Pleased With Aid From U.S. 3
12/06/1941 2 More Germans Shot In France 4
12/06/1941 (U.S.) Educators Split On Going To War-Dr. Hartmann (Pro-Neutral) Is Hissed (By Audience) 4
12/06/1941 Russian War Held At Turning Point (In ‘Competent’ Vichy Circles) 5
12/06/1941 Jewish Property Held (By Vichy) 5
12/06/1941 3 Allies Of Nazis Say ‘No’ To Britain-’Unlawful And Unjust Demands (By British) To Cease Hostilities With Russia 6
12/06/1941 Stalin And Sikorski Agree On Mutual Aid-Pact Pledges Alliance In War And Union In ‘Just Peace’ (Despite Katyn!) 7
12/06/1941 Picture: Air Rad In Retrospect: Coventry A Year Later 7
12/06/1941 ‘Race Hatred’ Act Voided In Jersey 8
12/06/1941 Planes Are Asked For The Americas-Congress Action Urged (By House Committee) 9
12/06/1941 (William C.) Bullitt Is Added To Board Of (Directors Of) General Aniline And Film (German Firm Confiscated By Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 25
12/07/1941 Roosevelt Appeals To Hirohito After New Threat In Indo-China 1
12/07/1941 Joint Plans (U.S., England, Australia & Dutch) Laid To Thwart Japan 1
12/07/1941 U.S. Taking Over Finn’s Vessels (As If War Existed) 1
12/07/1941 Navy Is Superior To Any, Says Knox 1
12/07/1941 The International Situation 1
12/07/1941 Japan Warned By Koo-Tokyo Cannot Be Unaware That ‘Abcd Front’ Is Ready, He Says 2
12/07/1941 Japan Heralds ‘Supreme Crisis’-U.S. Is Held Aggressive-Press Intimates Efforts For Negotiated Settlement May Soon Be Abandoned 3
12/07/1941 Manila Civilians Urged To Leave-Schools’ Closing Studied 5
12/07/1941 War Work Draft Studied In Canada 13
12/07/1941 Connecticut Worker (With British Army In Libya!) Bags Five Nazi Tanks 15
12/07/1941 British Intern New Alien Foes 18
12/07/1941 The British Notes To Three Powers (On Which It Declared War) 19
12/07/1941 Jewish Group Gives $25,000 For Britain 21
12/07/1941 Mussolini Saved By Plotter’s Fear 22
12/07/1941 War Must Go On Chiefs Tell Finns 24
12/07/1941 Yeshiva College Dinner-(Czech, Jan) Masaryk And Sol Bloom To Speak Next Sunday Night 27
12/07/1941 Picture: American Ski Troops Train In The Adirondacks 27
12/07/1941 Taft Asks Data On Army-Find Out ‘Full Extent’ Of Plans 28
12/07/1941 Hungarian Papers Here Split On War-U.S. Policy Criticized 29
12/07/1941 Hope Put In Union Of Central Europe 31
12/07/1941 British Air Policy Is ‘Seige’ Of Reich 33
12/07/1941 Break With Reich Urged (By Mexican Deputies In Mexican Congress) 35
12/07/1941 Jersey C.I.O. Backs Roosevelt On War 44
12/07/1941 U.S., Bolivia Sign Lend-Lease Pact 47
12/07/1941 Litvinoff Lands; Flies To Capital 54
12/07/1941 Bible’s Influence In War Stressed (By N.Y. C. Rabbis) 58
12/07/1941 U.S. People Held Groping For Aims (By Anne O’Hare McCormick) 64
12/07/1941 (Pan American) Clippers Start Service To Africa (From Miami) 69
12/07/1941 U.S. Speeding Output Of Synthetic Rubber 69
12/07/1941 (Nelson A.) Rockefeller Asks Atlantic Victory 71
12/07/1941 U.S. War Effort Measured In Cash-63 Billion Authorized F-3
12/07/1941 Japan Rattles Sword But Echo Is Pianissimo E-3
12/07/1941 Nipponese Face War They Thought Impossible E-3
12/07/1941 Big Forces Are Massed For Showdown In Pacific E-4
12/07/1941 Anti-War Group Turns To Polls (Time Had Run Out!) E-8
12/07/1941 Koeves, Tibor, Satan In Top Hat (Franz Von Papen), Alliance Book Corporation, N.Y Book 6
12/07/1941 Feuchtwanger, Lion, The Devil In France, The Viking Press, N.Y., (Picture Of Feuchtwanger In French Prison Camp) Book 9
12/07/1941 The Making Of The American Officer Mag. 3
12/07/1941 Pictures: Leaders Of Our Armed Forces Roto. 1
12/08/1941 Japan Wars On U.S. And Britain; Makes Sudden Attack On Hawaii 1
12/08/1941 Bulletin On Orient War 1
12/08/1941 Hull Denounces Tokyo ‘Infamy’ 1
12/08/1941 Tokyo Acts First-Declaration Follows Air And Sea Attacks On U.S. And Britain 1
12/08/1941 Japanese Force Lands In Malaya 1
12/08/1941 Japan, U.S. Close 88 Years’ Peace 2
12/08/1941 Attacks Long Planned Evidence Indicates 2
12/08/1941 Tokyo Informed Britain Is At War 4
12/08/1941 Germany Delays Axis Pact Action 4
12/08/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Calls To National Faith 4
12/08/1941 Burning Of (Japanese Embassy) Papers Watched By 1,000 (Picture) 5
12/08/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Backs A War On Japan 6
12/08/1941 Japanese Seizure Ordered By (Att’y. General Francis) Biddle 6
12/08/1941 Japan’s Holdings Here Impounded-Morgenthau Moves 7
12/08/1941 Netherlands Join In War On Japan 7
12/08/1941 Polish Offensive (In Concert With Russia) Looms (Says Sikorski) 7
12/08/1941 Army, Navy Order Wide Censorship 8
12/08/1941 Army, Navy Alert In Panama Zone-Japanese Are Arrested 9
12/08/1941 Secretary Hull’s Statement, U.S. Note Of Nov. 26 And Japan:S Reply 10
12/08/1941 Picture: Smiles Gone: Japanese Envoys Leaving State Department 12
12/08/1941 Text Of Roosevelt’s Message To Hirohito 12
12/08/1941 U.S. Peace Efforts Lauded By (Myron C.) Taylor 12
12/08/1941 Canada Declares War Upon Japan 14
12/08/1941 Costa Rico Joins In War On Japan-Mexico Sets Defenses 15
12/08/1941 Pictures: Kimmel, Short, Mac Arthur & Hart 16
12/08/1941 Atrocities Charged To Nazis In Greece (3,500 ‘Slaughtered’-Russian Accusations) 18
12/08/1941 Advertisement, Fight For Freedom: Our Fight For Freedom Has Begun! Its Battle Cry Is Unity 19
12/08/1941 Procope Defends Finns’ War Policy 20
12/08/1941 Equal Pay, Work Urged For Women-’Dirty Jobs’ Foreseen 26
12/08/1941 ‘Every Sacrifice’ Pledged By C.I.O.-Lewis Is Condemned 43
12/08/1941 Carnegie Grants Assisted Defense 44
12/09/1941 U.S. Declares War, Pacific Battle Widens, Manila Bombed, 1,500 Dead In Hawaii, Hostile Planes Sighted At San Francisco-Unity In Congress 1
12/09/1941 Large U.S. Losses Claimed By Japan 1
12/09/1941 Picture: Roosevelt Signing Declaration Of War (Against Japan); Message To Congress 1
12/09/1941 Surprise By Japan Repeats 1904 Tactics; Russia Also Was Struck Without Warning 4
12/09/1941 U.S. Way Of Life Held Worth Any Sacrifice (In Congregation Emanu-El-Obviously Many Were Not Satisfied With That ‘Way Of Life’ At All!) 5
12/09/1941 House Votes War; Miss Rankin ‘Nay’-Vote Of 388 To 1 6
12/09/1941 Unanimous Senate Acts (Votes War) In 15 Minutes 6
12/09/1941 Drastic Control Marks War News 7
12/09/1941 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Power Greatly Enlarged 7
12/09/1941 Information Bans Invoked For War 7
12/09/1941 China Goes To War With Axis States 9
12/09/1941 Rome Backs Japan, Dodges War Issue 10
12/09/1941 Pacifist Groups Shifts To Negotiated Peace 11
12/09/1941 Britain Joins U.S. Against Japanese 14
12/09/1941 Text Of Churchill’s Speech 14
12/09/1941 (Axis) Allies Of Tokyo Evade War Issue 16
12/09/1941 Netherland Army At Peak In Indies-Mobilization Is Completed, 23
12/09/1941 Russia To Aid Poles Build Larger Army 25
12/09/1941 Japanese On Coast Call War ‘Hara-Kiri’ 28
12/09/1941 Japan Denounced By Carnegie Fund 33
12/09/1941 U.S. Was Unprepared, Mrs. M’cormic Says 37
12/09/1941 F.B.I. Rounding Up Germans In Nation (No War!) 40
12/09/1941 Japanese Arrests In Country At 345 (Att’y. General Francis Beverley Biddle) 40
12/09/1941 People Of Britain Misled About War-Millions Believed The ConflictCould Not Last Long 44
12/09/1941 Students (At N.Y. City College) Endorse President’s (Roosevelt’s) Stand 64
12/10/1941 Roosevelt Sees Long, World-Wide War (Text, Pp. 1 & 4) 1
12/10/1941 2 Big British Warships Sunk, Tokyo Says 1
12/10/1941 Navy Criticized As Caught Asleep 1
12/10/1941 British Say Japan Can Last One Year 5
12/10/1941 Censorship Rules Set By President (Roosevelt)-First, It Must Be True (Truth Was A Casualty Even Before The War In Poland!) 5
12/10/1941 War’s Final Phase Is On, Vichy Feels 7
12/10/1941 Pledge (Declaration Of War) By Hitler To (Japanese) Ally Awaited (By U.S.) 9
12/10/1941 Rome Is Secretive On Pending Policy 10
12/10/1941 Argentina Grants Us Special Status 13
12/10/1941 Axis Aliens Held With Japanese (Pictures) 30
12/10/1941 Japanese Firms Put On (U.S.) Blacklist-State Department Adds 70 Names 51
12/11/1941 Luzon Invasion ‘In Hand’ Our Forces Say 1
12/11/1941 Nehru Still Balks At Helping Britain 3
12/11/1941 Army, Navy Get Control Of Radio 3
12/11/1941 Berlin And Rome Curb U.S. Writers 6
12/11/1941 (U.S. State Department) Warns Americans Of ‘Split Loyalty’ 7
12/11/1941 Turkish Neutrality In New War Stated 9
12/11/1941 Japan’s Oil Supply Held Year’s Needs 9
12/11/1941 Nazi Parachute Spy Executed By British 12
12/11/1941 Picture: As Cuba Joined U.S. In War Against Japan 12
12/11/1941 Plots Of Japanese On Coast Revealed 24
12/11/1941 Hull Sets Parley Of Latin Nations 32
12/12/1941 U.S. Now At War With Germany And Italy-War Opened On Us-Congress Acts Quickly As President Meets Hitler Challenge 1
12/12/1941 Our Declaration Of War (Signed Original On P. 5) 1
12/12/1941 Axis To Get Lesson, Churchill Warns 1
12/12/1941 Congress Kills Ban On An A. E. F 1
12/12/1941 Hull Very Frigid To Visiting (Axis) Envoys-He Sends Them To Aides 3
12/12/1941 Germany And Italy Declared War On Us 4
12/12/1941 Textual Excerpts From The War Speech Of Reichsfuehrer in The Reichstag 4
12/12/1941 Mexico Breaks Off All Axis Relations 9
12/12/1941 British Relieved By Declaration (Of War-Germany Against U.S. & U.S. Against Germany) 13
12/12/1941 America First (Organization) Acts To End Organization 22
12/12/1941 President (Roosevelt) Thanks Political Leaders 30
12/12/1941 Nations Fighting Axis Have Supremacy In Wheat, Oil, Coal, Iron Ore And Sugar 30
12/12/1941 U.S. Censors Clamp Lid On Messages 52
12/13/1941 Russians Rout Nazi Armies On Moscow Front 1
12/13/1941 U.S. Seizes The Normandie And 13 Other French Ships 1
12/13/1941 U.S. To Build ‘Arsenal’ In Eritrea To Arm Allied Forces In Near East 1
12/13/1941 U.S. Flier (Capt. Colin P. Kelly, Jr.) Praised As A Hero In Death 6
12/13/1941 Central America Now Fully In War 7
12/13/1941 Reich To Register Americans Over 50 7
12/13/1941 2,541 Axis Aliens Now In (U.S.) Custody (On Att’y. General Francis Beverley Biddle’s Orders) 8
12/13/1941 U.S. Posts (Treasury-Morgenthau) Agents At (General) Aniline Plants 10
12/13/1941 (London) Poles At War With Japan 10
12/13/1941 City To Demolish Japanese Pavillion (At N.Y. Worlds’ Fair) 23
12/14/1941 Japanese Forces Wiped Out In Western Luzon; Wake, Midway Resist 1
12/14/1941 100 Hostages Shot By Nazis In France (Retaliation For Attacks On German Soldiers) Billion-Frank Fine Levied On Jews Deportation Of Dissidents Ordered 1
12/14/1941 (Swedish) Liner Kungshold Seized For (U.S.) Navy 1
12/14/1941 Tojo Warns Japan Of Long, Hard War-’Intoxication By Initial Victories’ Should Be Avoided 6
12/14/1941 (U.S.) Alien Curbs Aimed Only At Disloyal 9
12/14/1941 French ‘Neutrality’ (Sic) Reaffirmed By Vichy 9
12/14/1941 Roosevelt Holds Navy Conference-Hawaii Salvage Is Seen 22
12/14/1941 Knox Returning From Honolulu-Silent On What He Saw-First Word Is For President (Roosevelt) 23
12/14/1941 Full Part In Fight Is Urged By (N.Y. C.) Rabbis 26
12/14/1941 Canada Prepares Intensified Draft (But Only Volunteers Could Be Sent Overseas!) 27
12/14/1941 Mrs.(Eleanor) Roosevelt Advises Bombing Game For Young 43
12/14/1941 All-Out War Aid Pledged By (Labor) Unions F-1
12/14/1941 Metals Needed Most By Japan-Copper Vital Necessity F-1
12/14/1941 War Finds This Nation Far From Unprepared E-3
12/14/1941 A United America Goes To War-A (Newspaper) Survey Of National Sentiment (From Various Regions-Little Changed From A Month Ago!) E-6
12/14/1941 Japanese Attack Unifies Americas E-7
12/14/1941 ‘This War Cannot Be Won With Out A United People’ By Wendell Willkie Mag. 11
12/15/1941 Moscow Relieved And Gay After Beating Off Nazi Tide 1
12/15/1941 CCC Camps Marked As Evacuee Havens (If Mass Evacuation Of Cities Is Required) 12
12/15/1941 Warburg Reports On Jewish Relief 15
12/15/1941 Hitler’s Aims Defined-Dr. S.S. Wise Sees Democracy, Not U.S. (Alone) Under Attack 28
12/16/1941 President (Roosevelt) Lays Perfidity To Japanese Emperor-U.S. ‘White Paper’ 1
12/16/1941 Knox Statement On Hawaii 1
12/16/1941 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Message To Congress Reviewing Our Relations With Japan 6
12/16/1941 Bund And Nazi Newspaper Offices Seized By Treasury (Morgenthau) Department 31
12/17/1941 A. F. L. Asks Peace With C.I.O. In War, Forbids Any Strike 1
12/17/1941 Typhus Outbreaks Menace Germans (Stockholm Report)-British Watch Disease 1&10
12/17/1941 Roosevelt Hints At An Allied Staff-World Scope Is Stressed 4
12/17/1941 (Pearl Harbor) Board Of Inquiry Set Up On Hawaii (Pictures; (Owen J. Roberts Committee) 9
12/17/1941 Yamamoto Yearns To Dictate Peace (At White House)-Admiral’s Letter Quoted (‘Misquoted!’-He Said For Japan To Win, Japan Would Have To Dictate Peace In The White House-Typical U.S. Inflammatory Propaganda!) 11
12/17/1941 Paris Bomb Kills 6 Gestapo Agents 4
12/17/1941 (Leon) Henderson Curbs Guayule Rubber 20
12/18/1941 Hawaii Naval, Army Air Commanders Ousted (Kimmel & Short-Picture, Pp. 1&3-Thus Begins A Long, Unending Attempt On The Part Of Both Men To Obtain A Public Hearing Of Their Cases And To Be Vindicated. They Died Still Under Suspicion, Betrayed By Their Superiors!) 1
12/18/1941 Allied Manpower Twice That Of Axis; Census Rating 56,643,000 To 28,560,000 4
12/18/1941 (Sumner) Welles To Attend Americas’ Parley (In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 7
12/18/1941 Vast Destruction In Moscow Area-Region Evacuated By Nazis Is Scorched Earth Of Debris And Dead (But The Russians Bragged About Its Being ‘Scorched’ When The Germans Entered It!) 7
12/18/1941 British Hail Help Of U.S. Tank Men (Already In North African Fight) 13
12/18/1941 Favor Guayule Plan For Getting (Natural) Rubber 20
12/18/1941 War Censor Plan Avoids (World War I, George) Creel Type 22
12/18/1941 City’s Foreign Born Is Put At 2,080,020 24
12/18/1941 Nazi Hormone Grip Is Broken By (U.S.) Court 29
12/19/1941 Axis Rout In Libya 1
12/19/1941 Picture: The President:S (Roosevelt’s) Pearl Harbor Fact-Finding Board At Work In Washington 3
12/19/1941 President (Roosevelt) Confers With Top Officers 3
12/19/1941 Rules On Jews Tightened (By Vichy-Travelling, Housing, Property, Etc.) 5
12/20/1941 Nazi Diplomats Are Sent To (White Sulphur Springs) West Virginia Resort 1
12/20/1941 Germans Crushed In Russian Drives 1
12/20/1941 Hull Denies Curb On Hawaii (Naval) Patrols (Prior To Attack-But The Oil Available To Kimmel Was Limited!) 3
12/20/1941 Germany Is Seen Short Of Labor; Italians Are Held To Need Food 7
12/21/1941 Hitler Finds Foe Is Now ‘Superior’-He And Goebbels Ask People To Give Warm Clothes For Troops On Soviet Front 1
12/21/1941 Vichy Is Neutral, Leahy Confirms 12
12/21/1941 Picture: The President (Roosevelt), His Cabinet And War Aides 24
12/21/1941 Text Of Goebbels’ Plea For (Warm) Clothing For The German Troops (In Russia-Newspapers Were Used To Insulate Thin Clothing, Shoes, Etc.) 31
12/21/1941 Germany Still Heart Of Axis War Strength (And Main U.S. Target!) E-3
12/22/1941 Hitler Ousts Army Head (Von Brauchitsch), Takes Full Control (Text, P. 8) 1
12/22/1941 Epidemic (Spotted Typhus) Indicated In Berlin Vicinity (And Llthuania-Swedish Report) 2
12/22/1941 Germans Abandon Weapons In Russia (Front Source ‘With The Red Army’) 9
12/22/1941 (Senator Desmond, N.Y. State) Asks Convicts Use To Make War Goods 30
12/23/1941 Churchill In Unity Talk At White House (With Roosevelt) 1
12/23/1941 Churchill’s Visit (To U.S.) Called Own Idea 1
12/23/1941 (64% Of U.S. Believe) Germany Is Held Main Threat To U.S.-15% Put Japanese First (Gallup Poll) 4
12/23/1941 (Sumner) Welles To Go By Air To Latin (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) Conference 6
12/23/1941 Singapore, Burma Long Feared War 10
12/23/1941 (Edward) Corsi Heads Board On Enemy Aliens-Other Members Lawyers 11
12/23/1941 (Harvard University’s Dr. James Bryant) Conant Demands Surrender By Axis-Negotiated Peace Barred 12
12/23/1941 Big Field Is Seen For Women In War-Needed In Plan Plants 28
12/24/1941 Japanese Land Strong Force South Of Manila 1
12/24/1941 (London) Poles (Sikorski) Pledged To Fight (Along-Side Russia) 4
12/24/1941 Japanese Caught In Hong Kong Trap 7
12/24/1941 (Sumner) Welles (Not Cordell Hull!) Appointed (Rio De Janeiro) Parley Delegate (By Roosevelt) 8
12/24/1941 (U.S.) Intelligence Unit (Under Col. William J. Donovan) Set Up In Britain (How Quickly It Was Brought About!) G
12/24/1941 Peace Overture To Soviet Is Denied By Ribbentrop 8
12/24/1941 (Executive) Order Setting Up Transport Agency 10
12/24/1941 Educators To Plan How To Help War 11
12/24/1941 Synthetic Rubber To Triple Output-120,000 Tons Yearly Goal 12
12/24/1941 425 More Names Put On (U.S. State Department’s) Blacklist 31
12/25/1941 Germany Tastes Defeat Ii-By Hanson Baldwin 7
12/25/1941 Hear Nazis Shot 95 Jews (Held In France-Swiss Source) 7
12/25/1941 Would Aid Alien Students (Now In U.S. Colleges) 13
12/25/1941 10 Mistakes In War Listed By British (Gallup Poll) 19
12/25/1941 Chrysler Completes First Bofors (40 Mm) Barrels 22
12/26/1941 Influenza Epidemic Is Reported Among German Troops In Russia (Report From Bern) 8
12/27/1941 Japan Completes Taking Hong Kong-Hong Kong Fated From The Outset 6
12/27/1941 Senators Weigh Basis For Peace (Unbelievable! Lucas Advocates Japan Be Restrained 1,000 Years) 6
12/27/1941 U.S. Outlines Stand On War Prisoners-Geneva Convention Will Be Followed 8
12/28/1941 Short Wave Sets (And Cameras) Of Aliens Curbed (Order By U.S. Att’y. General Francis Beverley Biddle) 4
12/28/1941 Reich Troops Told How To Fight Cold (In Russia) 16
12/28/1941 Mexican Explains Avoidance Of War-U.S. Backing Is Stressed 18
12/28/1941 Tojo Expects Borneo Oil-Says 70% Of Wells Can Be Repaired Quickly 20
12/28/1941 Federal Control Called War Need 23
12/28/1941 16 Finnish Vessels Taken Over By U.S. 30
12/28/1941 Oil For Two Year War Conceded To Japan F-1
12/28/1941 Doubling Of Jobs In War Plants With Women Taking Part Is Seen F-1
12/28/1941 Dandelion (Kok-Sagyz) Looms As Rubber Source (Also Evaluated At Auschwitz-Rajsko-Natural Rubber Necessary For Tires) 8
12/28/1941 Four Spotlight Navy Men/Four Spotlight Army Men (Stark/Marshall) Mag. 6&7
12/28/1941 Abcd Fighters Mag. 10
12/28/1941 War Of The Air Waves Mag. 12
12/29/1941 Eden Visits Stalin-Two-Week Moscow Talk 1
12/29/1941 Control Of Money Held Allies’ Need 5
12/29/1941 Davies, Joseph E., Mission To Moscow 19
12/30/1941 Norse (Norwegian) Base Razed In (British) Commando Raid 1
12/30/1941 Picture: Japan’s ‘Peace’ Envoys Off For Internment In (West) Virginia 6
12/30/1941 Nazis Face Shortage Of 1942 Bread, Grain 9
12/30/1941 ‘Must Strike Hard,’ (Ex-Pacifist) Dr. Einstein Asserts 9
12/30/1941 Germany’s War Potential-Manpower Shortage Is Believed Likely 10
12/30/1941 U.S. Seen Arming At Record Speed 12
12/30/1941 Use Sulfamic Acid To Rout Hay Fever (Ragweed) 13
12/30/1941 State’s Teachers Rallied For War 13
12/30/1941 Month’s War Cost Tops 1918 Record 38
12/31/1941 (Admiral Sir Roger) Keyes’ Son (Col. Geoffrey Keyes) Is Slain In Bold Libya (British Commando) Raid (To ‘Kill Or Capture’ General Rommel-Sir Roger Keyes Organized The ‘Commandos’) 1
12/31/1941 Lindbergh Volunteers To Serve On Active Duty In Army Air Corps-General Arnold Hails Offer(But Roosevelt Never Allows Him To Serve In The Army!) 3
12/31/1941 Japanese Spies Showed The Way For Raid On Vital Areas In Hawaii 3
12/31/1941 Gandhi Steps Down In War Policy Rift 6
12/31/1941 U.S. Lists 29 Nations At War With The Axis; Figure Differs From Churchill’s In Speech 6
12/31/1941 Henry-Haye (French Ambassador To U.S.) Sees Hull 6
12/31/1941 Mexico Hears U.S. Seeks Refineries-Plan To Build There In Move To Treble Oil Output-Rubber Needs Also Cited 9
12/31/1941 ‘Refugees’ Linked To Nazi Spy Ring 9
12/31/1941 No Tyranny In U.S. Is Seen By (Paul V.) M’nutt 10
12/31/1941 War Dictatorship Of Industry Urged (By Donaldson Brown Of General Motors) 11
12/31/1941 $46,344,900 Given In U.S. For War Relief (Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Gave $4,852,681) 11