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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

September 1941
Date Headline Page
09/01/1941 Berlin Voices Hope In Third War Year 1
09/01/1941 Hitler Suspends War Anniversary At (Eastern) Front-Camouflage Hides Headquarters From Air 3
09/01/1941 American (V. M. Fry, Harvard Schoolmate Of James Roosevelt; Fry And Wife In Emergency Rescue Committee) Seized By French Police (Fry, Head Of Group Aiding European ‘Intellectuals’-Charges Are Pro-Jewish And Anti-Nazi Activity) 3
09/01/1941 Espionage Is Charged To U.S. Aid In Croatia (After William J. Donovan’s Visit!) 6
09/01/1941 Tokyo Sees ‘Scare’ In Britons’ Flight (From Japan) 8
09/01/1941 Exodus Of Japanese Develops In Panama 9
09/01/1941 Britain’s Lightning Drive Into Iran Gets Hottest Opposition From Sun-Tommies And Gurkhas 10
09/01/1941 Iran Envisages Early Solution-Mystery Blasts Heard-Russians’ March Continues 10
09/01/1941 Dr. (Nicholas Murray, Columbia University) Butler Sees U.S. As World Leader 12
09/01/1941 (Educators ‘Gov’t. Officials) Plan Big Program In Teaching Aliens-Dean (William Fletcher) Russell (Columbia University) The Leader 12
09/01/1941 (Rev. George Yetter) Flint Condemns Pacifist Policy 13
09/01/1941 War Propaganda (In U.S. Movies) Is Denied By (Censor, Will H.) Hays 17
09/01/1941 Casey (Australian Minister) Says U.S. Faces War Choice-Freedom For All Or None 32
09/01/1941 (The United States Committee For The Care Of European Children) Seeks Fund For Refugees 32
09/02/1941 Roosevelt Calls For ‘More Energy’ To Defeat Hitler’s ‘Insane Violence’ (Text, P. 10)-(U.S.) Output Not Enough-Bars A Deal With Nazis 1
09/02/1941 (Sidney] Hillman (Head Of Opm) Pledges Fight On Hitler; Bevin, A. F. L., C.I.O. Join Appeal 1
09/02/1941 Reich Ban On Emigration Of Jews 18 To 45 Planned (Because Of Labor Shortage In Germany) 3
09/02/1941 Nazis Call Off Mass Executions Aimed At Jews In Paris Terror (German Officer Killed)-Prominent Parisian Found Slain (Adolphe Rosenthal)-(Possible) Death Penalty In Future (For Possession Of Fire Arms Without Permit) 6
09/02/1941 Junctions Made By Allies (British & Russians) In Iran (Invasion) Surrender (Of Iranians) Is Described 7
09/02/1941 Hint Of U.S. Convoys Seen (In Roosevelt’s Speech) 9
09/02/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Hits President’s (Roosevelt’s) ‘Broken Promises;’ Says Faith In Democracy Is Being Poisoned 11
09/02/1941 Ecuador Puts Ban On German Airline-Third Action Of Its Kind 35
09/03/1941 Konoye Considers Program To ‘Defend’ Japanese Waters 1
09/03/1941 Mexico To Obtain Large U.S. Loan In Defense Plan 1
09/03/1941 Serb Chief (Gen. Milan Neditch) Fears (Yugoslavian) Civil War Is On 5
09/03/1941 Inquiry Is Urged Into America First (By N.Y. Representative Samuel Dickstein) 6
09/03/1941 Picture: Minsk Devastation; Berlin Attributed This To Russian Scorched Earth 7
09/03/1941 Talks In Teheran Win Accord Basis 10
09/03/1941 U.S. Liner Brings Fewer Refugees (From Spain & Portugal) 18
09/03/1941 Leipzig Fair Shows Strain Upon Reich-Ersatz Products Abound-Uncertain DeliveryBrazil And Chile Represented 27
09/04/1941 President (Roosevelt) Names Moscow Mission-Admiral Standley, Generals Burns & Brett & W. L. Batt To Assist Harriman 1
09/04/1941 Konoye Sees Japan In ‘Gravest’ Crisis-Premier Emphatic-Urges Unity Of Nation To Display Its Full Power In Peril-Soviet Mission (To U.S.) Resented 1
09/04/1941 (Wrul, Boston Radio Station) Assures Yugoslavs Big Help Is Coming 4
09/04/1941 (Jan) Smuts Says United States Is Preparing To Enter War 7
09/04/1941 Allies Continue Parley With Iran-Expulsion Of Nazis And Right Of Arms Transit (To Russia Via Trans-Iranian Rail Road) Remain Hub 7
09/04/1941 (U.S. Solicitor Gen. Francis) Biddle Approved By Senate Group (As New U.S. Att’y. Gen.) 9
09/05/1941 U.S. War Pledge To Britain Urged By Canadian Premier 1
09/05/1941 Submarine Attacks U.S. Destroyer Greer-Torpedoes Go Wild-Latter Undamaged, Drops Depth Charges-Vessel Was On The Way To Iceland With Mail From Here 1
09/05/1941 American Tanker Is At Vladivostok 1
09/05/1941 Turks Refuse Aid To Nazis In Iran-Shah’s Premier Suffers Heart Attack 6
09/05/1941 President (Roosevelt) Proud Of His (U.S. Supreme) Court (Packing) Fight (Colliers, Sept. 5) 15
09/06/1941 Fleet To ‘Eliminate’ Attacking Submarine; Greer Crew Think Their Bombs Sank U-Boat Marauder-Sees Deliberate Attack 1
09/06/1941 British Airmen Helped Repel Attack, Greer’s Officers Say-Fliers Cooperated 1
09/06/1941 Drug Trust’s (Sterling Products, Inc.) Tie With Reich Is Cut (By Att’y. Gen. Francis Biddle Order) 1
09/06/1941 Nazis Cast Doubt On Greer Episode-Spokesman Takes View That Attack Is What American Interventionists Want-Officials Bar Comment-Reports Lacking 3
09/06/1941 Pro-Nazi Leader (Marcel Gilton) Is Slain In Paris 4
09/06/1941 Refugee-Laden Ship (‘Navemar’ Arrives In Havana (1,200 Aboard) Coming Here With 900 5
09/06/1941 Hull Is Reticent On Japanese Talk-President (Roosevelt) Avoids Issue-Reply To Konoye’s Letter Will Be Sent In Due Course, Questions Are Told (By Hull) 6
09/06/1941 U.S.-British Labor To War On Hitler 16
09/06/1941 Tauscher, (Alleged) Figure In 1916 Plot (To Blow Up The Welland Canal On Von Papen’s Orders) Dies 17
09/06/1941 Danish Ship Taken By Us For Defense 31
09/07/1941 Nazis Say Greer Shot First, U.S. Navy Denies It; Roosevelt To Address The Nation Tomorrow-Give ‘Details’ Of Fight Accuse President (Roosevelt) 1
09/07/1941 British Hail Record Of Convoys In August 2
09/07/1941 Capital Scouts Reich’s Charge (Of Initial Attack By Greer On German Submarine) 3
09/07/1941 Japan Would Bar Greer Incident-Admiral Takahashi Says Our Entrance Is Inevitable, But Warns Of Our (Pacific) Fleet 5
09/07/1941 Iran Asked (By British & Russian Invaders) To Yield Nazis 7
09/07/1941 Willkie Asks Use Of Force On Seas (Picture With Herbert Lehman) 12
09/07/1941 Vichy Puts New Curb On Jewish Physicians (Must Not Exceed 2% Of All Physicians-The Pre 1939 [Pre-War] Percentage Of Jews In France Was About 2-1/2%) 13
09/07/1941 Nazis Order Jews Over Six Labeled (Must Wear Yellow Star Of David-Heydrich Order) 13
09/07/1941 Germans Shoot 3 Paris Hostages (Reprisal For German Sergeant Killed-Hostages From Drance Camp Which Normally Was Used For Communists) 20
09/07/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Takes (Varian M.) Fry (See Sept. 1 Entry) With Him Into Spain (Pretty Important Travelling Companion 31
09/07/1941 President (Roosevelt) Orders Race Bars Lifted (In All Government Agencies) 38
09/07/1941 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt To Speak (Aid To British Children-Morris C. Troper, European Head Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Present With Archibald Mac Leish & Bishop Bernard J. Sheil, Chicago) 45
09/07/1941 Pulpit Is Used For Education d-4
09/07/1941 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
09/07/1941 Help For Red Russia Brings Big Problems E-3
09/07/1941 Germany And Europe’s Future (3 Books) Book 1
09/07/1941 What’s Wrong With Our Schools-(Wilford M. Aikin, Of Progressive Education Association, Head Of Commission On The Relation Of School And College Of The Progressive Education Association) Mag. 9
09/07/1941 (General Frederick Osborn) Army’s Morale Builder (Was At Washington & Lee Univ., Lexington, Va., At ‘Orientation & Education School,’ 1944) Mag. 12
09/08/1941 Mother Of President (Roosevelt) Dies At Her Home In Hyde Park 1
09/08/1941 All Volga Germans’ Exiled To Siberia (By Stalin) 1
09/08/1941 War Spirit Rises Throughout Japan 4
09/08/1941 New Indian Army Shows Merits On Marches In Iranian (British Invasion) Campaign 4
09/08/1941 Zionists (Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Zionist Organization Of America) Ask Pledge Of Palestine Future (Appeal Addressed To Churchill) 4
09/08/1941 Japanese Combat Jews 4
09/08/1941 Church And Labor Warned (By Matthew Woll, A. F. Of L.) On Hitler (In Cathederal Of St. John The Devine) 9
09/09/1941 U.S. Ship Bombed, Sunk In Red Sea 1
09/09/1941 100 Leading Jews Seized In Paris 4
09/09/1941 Jews Of Hanover Forced From Homes-Mayor Cites American Book, Germany Must Perish (By Theodore N. Kaufman-Kaufman Ran Theater Ticket Service In Newark, N. J.) 4
09/09/1941 Iran Gets Stiff Notes-Britain, Russia To Demand Swift Action On Nazis 6
09/09/1941 (Charles E. Honce) Praises Coverage Of War News In U.S.-Facts Reported Despite Censors) 7
09/09/1941 Tributes Are Paid To Mrs. (Sara) Roosevelt-Junior Hadassah, Hadassah And B’rith Abraham Extol Her 24
09/09/1941 Willkie Attacks Inquiry On (U.S.) Films (That They Are Biased In Favor Of War) 25
09/10/1941 Churchill Warns That Hitler May Join Issue With U.S. (Wants More U.S. Help) 1
09/10/1941 Action Against Sea Raiders Expected To Follow Sinking Of American Ships 1
09/10/1941 Freighter Sessa (Formerly Danish, Now American Owned, Sailing Under Panamanian Registry) Under New York Management, Sunk Off Iceland-Crew Of 24 Lost 1
09/10/1941 Movies Feed Propaganda (To U.S. Public), Nye Charges At Inquiry 1
09/10/1941 Hitler Strikes At Crime-Decrees The Death Penalty For Habitual Offenders 5
09/10/1941 Iran Bows Fully To Allied (British-Russian) Terms-Airdromes Taken Over And Oil Protected-Aid Route To Russia Guaranteed-Large Occupation Zones (Map)-Agrees To Expulsion Of Axis Legations And Surrender (To Invaders) Of Their Nationals 8
09/10/1941 Nazis Are Ready To Sink Any Ship (Berlin Dispatch Quoted-Actually A Fabrication!) 12
09/10/1941 Rome Press Calls Roosevelt Inciter 12
09/10/1941 Sunken (Steel) Seafarer (In Red Sea) Had Arms Cargo-Sessa Contraband Denied (Others Refuse To Disclose Cargo) 12
09/10/1941 Educators Clash Over Free Speech-Rights Linked To Duties (Which They Alone May Define!) 21
09/10/1941 Movie: ‘A Song Of Bernadette’-Franz Werfel (Picture) 27
09/11/1941 Roosevelt Likely To Announce Navy Will Protect U.S. Shipments On Seas 1
09/11/1941 Japan Takes More Hopeful Tone On News Of Negotiations With U.S. 1
09/11/1941 Hull Allows Use Of British Ships By Americans Returning Home 1
09/11/1941 Conquered Youth Held Aim Of Nazis (By Archibald Mac Leish, Morris C. Troper, J. D. C. & Bishop Bernard J. Sheil, Chicago) 6
09/11/1941 Iran Revolt (Against British-Russian Invaders) Predicted-Unless Shah Leaves Power 6
09/11/1941 Hull Doubts Pact (With Japan) Soon-But ProgressIs Indicated 11
09/11/1941 Picture: American Recruits For R. A. F. Safe On British Soil 11
09/11/1941 ‘World Citizenship’ Broached By Winant 12
09/11/1941 Nazis May Use Gas, Gen. (William N.) Porter Warns (Chief Of Chemical Warfare) 13
09/11/1941 London Comment Hints Charges Of Misuse Of Lend-Lease Goods Were German-Inspired 14
09/11/1941 Willkie Demands War Film Review 20
09/11/1941 (Senator, Florida, Claude) Pepper Joins Attack On (War, Propaganda) Movie Inquiry 20
09/12/1941 Roosevelt Orders Navy To Shoot First If Axis Raiders Enter Our Defense Zones; Patrol To Protect (‘Convoy’) British Ships Also (Text, Pp. 1 & 4) 1&4
09/12/1941 Willkie Applauds-Nye Denounces (Roosevelt’s Shoot On Sight Order) 1
09/12/1941 War Up To Hitler-President (Roosevelt) Says We Can No Longer Stand By As Nazis Imperil Sea-Action ‘At Once’ (Dated, Sept. 11) 1
09/12/1941 Nazi Press In Fury Over Our Course (Roosevelt Aggressive Speech) 2
09/12/1941 Lindbergh Sees A ‘Plot’ For War-British, Jewish And Roosevelt Groups Press Country Toward Conflict, He Tells (Des Moines) Iowans 2
09/12/1941 Italian Press Sees U.S. Step Toward War; Gayda Asserts Roosevelt Has Set The Stage 2
09/12/1941 Roosevelt Order Hailed In London 2
09/12/1941 Roosevelt Is Urged To Seek War On Nazis (By Sidney Homer, Jr., Head Of Associated Leagues For A Declared War) 2
09/12/1941 (Roosevelt Speech) Termed War Declaration (In Cuba) 2
09/12/1941 (U.S. Has A Previously Unmentioned) An Outpost In Labrador 2
09/12/1941 Press Comments On Roosevelt Talk-SeriousnessEmphasized-Its Clarity Is Stressed 3
09/12/1941 Congress Leaders See President For Advance View Of His Speech-Has No Suggestions For Changes (Barkley, Bloom, Connally, Wallace, Cochran, Martin, Etc.) 3
09/12/1941 Blockade Of Reich Termed Complete (Says U.S. Dept. Of Commerce) 4
09/12/1941 Burma Road Safe, U.S. Expert (Daniel Arnstein, Former Chicago Cab Driver) Holds-Saw No Japanese Planes 5
09/12/1941 Hungary Readmits Jews To Bar-Slovaks Adopt Nuremberg (Jewish) Code 6
09/12/1941 (Liberal ‘Brain Trust’) To ‘Filter’ Facts For Col. (William J.) Donovan (Office Of Strategic Services-’Oss’-’Oh! So Social’ 7
09/12/1941 Reich’s War Cost 100 Billion Marks 9
09/12/1941 Blue-Eyed Men Are Called Best Marine Marksmen (By Marines) 9
09/12/1941 Roosevelt And Hull See (Soviet Ambassador) Oumansky On Aid 10
09/12/1941 Nazis Charge Soviet Kills Volga Germans-Say ‘Resettlement’ (In Siberia) Is Screen To Placate The Democracies 10
09/12/1941 Writers’ (P. E. N. Club) Discusses New World Role As London P. E. N. Congress Opens 12
09/12/1941 Sell Excess Food, Morgenthau Asks 14
09/13/1941 Another American Owned Ship (Montana, Formerly Danish) Torpedoed-Torpedo Strikes Ship Off Iceland 1
09/13/1941 Roosevelt Reported Assured On Pacific-Japan Marks Time-Basis For Accord Seen (‘Babying Them Along’) 1
09/13/1941 Nazis Attack (Roosevelt) Speech, Threaten Initiative-Berlin Says President (Roosevelt) ‘Lies;’ Taking ‘Counter-Measures’ 1
09/13/1941 Assail Lindbergh For Iowa Speech 1
09/13/1941 German Descendants Hail Roosevelt Talk-’Loyal Americans’ Group Here Bids Lindbergh Take Note 2
09/13/1941 British Applaud Roosevelt (Bellicose) Stand-Shooting Soon Foreseen 2
09/13/1941 (Socialist, Norman) Thomas Assails (Roosevelt’s Belligerent) Speech 2
09/13/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Gives Petain Roosevelt Speech 3
09/13/1941 President (Roosevelt) Backed By Leaders Here (Al Smith, Bishop Manning, Stephen S. Wise) 3
09/13/1941 Sweden Reserves View-Comment On Roosevelt Talk Called ‘Too Hot To Handle’ 3
09/13/1941 (Admiral Adolphus) Andrews Expects Early Shooting 4
09/13/1941 Japan Is Still A Problem-Affects The New ‘Shoot-On-Sight’ Policy By Neutralizing Half Of U.S. Sea Power 5
09/13/1941 British Speeding Burma’s Defenses 6
09/13/1941 Allies (British & Russians) Warn Iran On Hostile Press 7
09/13/1941 P. E. N. Body Tense On Romain’s Topic-H. G. Wells (The Socialist Writer, Chosen) To Head Group 15
09/14/1941 Willkie To Fight For Republicans Aiding President (Roosevelt) 1
09/14/1941 U.S. Freighter (‘Arkansan’) Damaged In Suez Raid 1
09/14/1941 Dr. (Nicholas Murray, Columbia University) Butler For (Roosevelt’s ‘Atlantic Charter’) 8 Points 3
09/14/1941 Help Now On Way To Poles In Russia-Soviet Is Cooperating 6
09/14/1941 Nazis Warn Guerrillas-Deny Intention Of Germanizing Russians-Denounce Sabotage 7
09/14/1941 War Hatred Condemned (By Vatican) 8
09/14/1941 Iran Action Ends Nazis’ Stalling (80 Germans Go Under Army Guard To Internment In India And Siberia-800 Still Near Teheran 14
09/14/1941 Nazis Assail Roosevelt For Not Defining-Zones In Which We Will Shoot On Sight-Further Moves AwaitedFormal RelationsNot Affected 23
09/14/1941 Lindbergh Is Accused Of Inciting Race Hate (By Lewis W. Douglas) 25
09/14/1941 P. E. N. Presidency Declined By (Socialist Writer, H. G.) Wells 28
09/14/1941 Death Rate Soars In Polish Ghettos 31
09/14/1941 Captured German Films Captioned By British (For Propaganda) 42
09/14/1941 Survey Of ‘Presidential Timber’ (Gallup Poll Puts Hull [Father Of The Income Tax] After Roosevelt, Dewey Third, Wallace Fourth, La Guardia Fifth) 45
09/14/1941 The News Of The Week In Review (Roosevelt’s Defense Zone Undefined) E-1
09/14/1941 Seething (British-Russian-Occupied) Iran Would Oust Shah E-5
09/14/1941 A Plan For European Peace (The Congress Of Vienna) Book 1
09/14/1941 Father Gannon Of Fordham (Close Associate Of Cardinal Spellman And Avid Anti-German) Mag. 14
09/15/1941 Axis Raider Roams Pacific On Lanes To Panama Canal 1
09/15/1941 Nazi Press Rages At U.S. Threat-Newspapers Continue To Say Roosevelt Is ‘War Monger’ And An ‘Aggressor’ 2
09/15/1941 Asks Lindbergh Debate-Prof. Mc Mahon Of Notre Dame Assails Attack On Jews 2
09/15/1941 35,000 Jews Resettled (In Palestine, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver Reports) 2
09/15/1941 Nazis Seek Serb’s Aid 3
09/15/1941 (American Legion Committee) Asks Legion Urge End Of A. E. F. Ban 3
09/15/1941 New Era Appears In Thai-U.S. Amity 7
09/15/1941 Japanese Minister Returning To U.S.; Tokyo Sees Hope For Peace In Pacific 7
09/15/1941 Teheran Delivers 400 German Men (To British & Russian Invaders) 8
09/16/1941 Navy Begins Protecting War-Aid Ships Today-Knox Tells Plans 1
09/16/1941 Roosevelt Says Help Will Flow In Torrent, Consults Leaders On Neutrality Act Repeal 1
09/16/1941 Neutrality Act Eased By (Att’y. General Francis) Biddle-Open Hong Kong, Burma-Legal Opinion Permits U.S. Ships To Carry War Goods To British Possessions 3
09/16/1941 Navy Is Ready To Clear Raiders From Seas, Says Admiral (John W. Greenslade), With All Men Eager To Act 5
09/16/1941 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Second Lend-Lease Accounting 6
09/16/1941 Windows Smashed In Anti-War Offices (America First Committee Offices) 6
09/16/1941 Army And Navy Disclose Plan To Censor Cables If War Comes 7
09/16/1941 R. A. F. Lists Loss Of Five Americans (Serving With R. A. F.) 9
09/16/1941 March On Teheran Weighed By Allies (Invading British & Russians) Shah Expected To Quit 12
09/17/1941 Big Loan By R. F. C. For Russia Planned; Stettinius To Rule Lend-Lease Funds-Russia Separate (From England) 1
09/17/1941 Pope Said To Bar A Roosevelt Plea To Call War Just 1
09/17/1941 Iran’s Shah Out; Allies (British & Russians) Advancing-Son Succeeds Abdicated Monarch 1
09/17/1941 Hoover Says Wait Till Hitler Loses 1
09/17/1941 Germans Shoot 10 Paris Hostages 1
09/17/1941 Syria Is Proclaimed Independent Nation (By Pro-British Regime) 3
09/17/1941 Iran Is Regarded As Allied Bastion-Russians Near Teheran 8
09/17/1941 Anti-Nazi Action Urged Upon U.S. (By Defend America Committee) 9
09/17/1941 U.S. Technicians Arrive In Soviet 10
09/17/1941 Berlin Calls Knox, President’s (Roosevelt’s) Voice 10
09/17/1941 (U.S.) Neutrality Gone, Gayda Says 10
09/17/1941 U.S., British Form Sea Patrol Plan-President (Roosevelt) Cautions Against Conclusion That This Means Use Of Convoy System 11
09/17/1941 President (Roosevelt) Denies (U.S.) Movies Pressure 12
09/17/1941 Bias Denounced At Fordham Fete 13
09/17/1941 Nazis Held Ready For Germ Warfare (By A. B. Baxter, Member Of Parliament) 14
09/17/1941 Asks City To Ban Race Bias In Jobs 25
09/18/1941 (American) Legion Routs Isolationists, Asks New A. E. F. If Needed 1
09/18/1941 Escort Of Convoys By Navy One Of Methods Being Used In Defense Areas, Knox Says 1
09/18/1941 Allies (Invading British & Russians) Now Hold Teheran Suburbs-New Shah Takes Oath(And Orders!) 3
09/18/1941 Killing Of (General Ritter Von) Schobert Laid To Soviet Parachutists (Swiss Report) 4
09/18/1941 (Myron C.) Taylor Denies Request To Pope To Justify War (See State Department Documents This Period, File 740.001160 ) 6
09/18/1941 (U.S. Navy Convoys Liner Into Port At Lisbon 11
09/18/1941 (Senator Charles W.) Tobey Denounces Roosevelt (For Shoot-On-Sight) Speech 12
09/18/1941 Stanford (University) Group (176 Members) Assails Isolationism; Calls For ‘More Dynamic Policy’ 12
09/18/1941 Willkie Attacks (Wait ‘Til Hitler Loses) Advice By Hoover 12
09/19/1941 (U.S. Att’y. Gen., Francis) Biddle Justifies President’s (Roosevelt’s) Acts-’Power And Duty’ To Attack Dangers Stem From Law And History, He Says 1
09/19/1941 (Polish General) Sikorski Promises Vital Aid From U.S. (Repeat Of Potocki Promises?)-Plans To Visit His Troops In Russia 3
09/19/1941 Iran Gets Wealth Of Abdicated Shah-British Recognize Regime Former Ruler’s Account In Bank Is Attached To Pay (British-Supported) Government Salaries (And Britain And Russia Get Iran’s Oil!) 4
09/19/1941 Japan Extols War For A ‘New Order’ 8
09/19/1941 10 Million Loan Made To Russia (By Morgenthau)-Cites Good Soviet Credit 11
09/19/1941 Lindbergh Address (Mentioning Jews) Condemned By Mayor (La Guardia) 12
09/19/1941 Navemar Owners Sued By Refugees-Spanish Vessel Held ‘Floating Concentration Camp’-33 Ask $676,500 In Damages (Saul Sperling, Att’y. For Passengers) 25
09/20/1941 German Armies Enter Kiev, Take Paltava And Push Toward Kharkov And Donets Basin 1
09/20/1941 Hull Says U.S. Will Speed Help To Russia 1
09/20/1941 British Warships Here At Least 12 (In Number) 1
09/20/1941 Bulgars Protest Soviet ‘Chutists 2
09/20/1941 Nazis Ask Surrender (By Germans) Of Unused Footwear (Because Of Clothing Shortages In Germany) 2
09/20/1941 Dictatorship Held Aim Of Lindbergh (By Senator Claude Pepper, Florida?) 5
09/20/1941 Hitler And Lindbergh Linked In House Talk (Rep. Luther Patric, Alabama?) 5
09/20/1941 Two Jewish Groups Reply To Lindbergh 5
09/20/1941 Alexander Thanks U.S. For Convoy Aid 5
09/20/1941 Nazi Raider Reported Sunk By U.S. Warships; Washington And Panama Officials Are Silent (Rumor) 5
09/20/1941 Americans In R. A. F. Bag 2 Nazi Planes 5
09/20/1941 War Films Face Boycott Threat (By America First Committee) 6
09/20/1941 9 French Generals Ousted As Masons 7
09/20/1941 (Representative Hamilton) Fish Is Called ‘Dupe Of Hitlerism,’ Defends His War Stand In Debate 9
09/20/1941 (Bishop Henry William ‘Fight For Freedom Committee’) Hobson Sees War Changing U.S. Life-’New Order’ (Which He Favors) Is Predicted 10
09/21/1941 U.S.-Japanese Talks At A Standstill-Tokyo Still Firm 1
09/21/1941 Blocking Of Help For Soviet (Via Iran) Feared (If Germans Get Southern Russian Area-The Significance Of Stalingrad) 2
09/21/1941 ‘Aryans’ Condole Jews In Germany-Ostentatiously Shake Hands With Persons Wearing Star Under New Decree-Netherland Jews Curbed 9
09/21/1941 Pro-Allied Policy Announced In (Occupied) Iran 24
09/21/1941 Arabs See British Pledging Freedom 24
09/21/1941 Premier Stresses Sweden Is Neutral 26
09/21/1941 Roosevelt-Churchill Parley Held Off Newfoundland, Woman Says (Off Argentia According To German Broadcast) 27
09/21/1941 Aim Of President (Roosevelt) Is War, Nye Says-Senator Says Government Has Borrowed Dictators’ Ways 30
09/21/1941 U.S. Jews Praised For Aid To Britain (By Frederick W. Gehle) 38
09/21/1941 Neutrality Act Expected To Die E-8
09/21/1941 Trend Of Public Opinion Supports Our (Roosevelt’s) Stronger Policy In The War E-8
09/21/1941 An Interview With Mister Rex Stout (Author Of Nero Wolfe Mystery Stories-A Real Authority On Foreign Affairs!) Book 2
09/21/1941 The Navy Clears For Action Mag. 1
09/21/1941 ‘No Witch Hunts’-U.S. Att’y Gen. Francis Biddle Mag. 8
09/22/1941 Germany Is Using More Alien Labor (Total Number Of Workers Close To 2,000,000) 23
09/23/1941 U.S. Owned Ship (‘Pink Star,’ Formerly Danish,-Flying Panamanian Flag) Sunk In Iceland Defense Zone No Americans On Vessel 1
09/23/1941 (Representative Hamilton) Fish To Submit War Resolution As A Test; Predicts Its Defeat In The House By 2 To 14
09/23/1941 Hull For Changes In Neutrality Act 5
09/23/1941 Nye Sees ‘Smear’ Against War Foes-Anti-Semitism Charge Is False 6
09/23/1941 More Warships Of Britain Here-3 Battleships And 9 Other Vessels 6
09/23/1941 Roosevelt Aims Upheld (By Dr. George N. Schuster, Hunter College) 6
09/23/1941 Nazis To Banish Jews (To Concentration Camps) Failing To Wear Star 9
09/23/1941 Iran’s Ex-Shah Seeks Eden’s Aid in Flight-Wants To Reach South Africa 10
09/23/1941 Japan Is Checked By Thai Firmness 11
09/23/1941 Knox Pictures U.S. Fighting Dictators 17
09/23/1941 (Herbert) Lehman Son Joins Canada’s Air Force 46
09/24/1941 Knox Assails Neutrality Act At Launching Of Battleship 1
09/24/1941 President (Roosevelt) Plans To Arm Our Merchant Ships And Supply Guns To Other American Nations 1
09/24/1941 (Soviet Ambassador) Maisky Says Foe Lost 3,000,000 Men 2
09/24/1941 Huge Soviet Loss Claimed By Nazis 3
09/24/1941 Hull Sees Victory For Democracies-Secret Reports Given 3
09/24/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Classes Briton (Churchill) With Stalin And Mussolini 7
09/24/1941 Pink Star (Under Panamanian Flag) Sinking As Berlin Sees It (Evasion Of Neutrality Act) 10
09/24/1941 London Paper (Daily Mail) Predicts Clash (Between U.S. & German Navies) 10
09/24/1941 (Miss Marie Ginsberg) Says Reich Abused Library Of League (Of Nations) 11
09/24/1941 Advertisement, Associated Leagues For A Declared War: An Immediate Declaration Of War Against Germany Asked By Citizens Living In 223 Cities And Towns In 37 States (Sidney Homer, Jr., Chairman) 17
09/24/1941 Rabbis See Victory Over Dictatorship (Rosh Ha-Shanah Sermons) 26
09/24/1941 War Declaration (Against Germany] Urged At Harvard (By Dr. J. Bryant Conant, Harvard) 48
09/25/1941 Morgenthau For 100% Tax On Corporate Gains Over 6% (Statement, P. 12) 1
09/25/1941 Leaders (In Congress) Move To Arm Ships (As Requested By Roosevelt) 1&6
09/25/1941 11 Allies (U.S. Is Apparently Included As One Of Them) Map Post-War Aid;-Eden Reveals U.S. Position On Aid-Back Atlantic Charter 1
09/25/1941 America First Says Race Is Not Issue-Denies Anti-Semitism-Calls It A Smoke Screen 1
09/25/1941 Eden Statement Issued In Capital (Washington) 4
09/25/1941 Germans Reject Blame In Sinking (‘Pink Star’)-Papers Assail Roosevelt 6
09/25/1941 (U.S.) Can’t ‘Await’ War (Dr. Nicholas Murray, Columbia University) Butler Declares (U.S. Must Act Unilaterally!) 6
09/25/1941 To Fight Neutrality Act (‘Fight For Freedom, Inc.’ Bishop Henry William Hobson, National Chairman) 7
09/25/1941 Big Serbian Force Battles Germans (‘Chetniks’) 8
09/25/1941 Nazis Move Niemoeller (From Sachsenhausen To Dachau) 8
09/25/1941 German Labor Need Seen (At Occupied) Ankara) 9
09/25/1941 Japanese Aim Bad (?) So (Mary Knoll) Priest Is Alive 10
09/25/1941 Tokyo Envoy Sees (Admiral William D.) Leahy On Indo-China 10
09/25/1941 Propaganda Pact (Between Movie Makers In Hollywood) For Films Is Denied 14
09/25/1941 Red Inquiry Held Peril To Schools (By Dr. Ned H. Dearborn, American Committee For Democracy And Intellectual Freedom)-Asks End Of Dismissals 27
09/25/1941 Denies Helping Germany-Akron Man Pleads Innocent To (Pro-German) Propaganda Charge (Justice Department Indictment-Failure To Register As Propaganda Agent) 27
09/26/1941 Axis Moves To Quell Yugoslav Rising (‘Serbs’) 1
09/26/1941 Nazis Use Of Radio Told At Spy Trial 4
09/26/1941 Jewish Architects Restricted (In Numbers) By Vichy 4
09/26/1941 De Gaulle Names National Council (‘Free’ French) 5
09/26/1941 British Tank Aid For Russia Huge 6
09/26/1941 U.S. Farm Output To Feed Britain (And Probably Russia Too!) 8
09/26/1941 Hull Says Food Is Up To Nazis-Hitler’s Army Takes Food 8
09/26/1941 Failure To Repeal Arms Embargo (Neutrality Act) Hastened War, Roosevelt Says (In Colliers Magazine Article) 8
09/26/1941 (Michigan) Civil Employees Ask Nazi Defeat 9
09/26/1941 Majority (Of U.S.) Favors ‘Shoot On Sight’-56% Of Those Sounded Out (Gallup Poll)Approve President’s (Roosevelt’s) Policy 9
09/26/1941 Ship Arming Clarified-Panama Not Authorizing Step, Says Owners Do So At Own Risk 9
09/26/1941 (Valentine) Signers Say ‘Adolf Loves Lindy’ (In Los Angeles, California) 9
09/26/1941 U.S.-Japan Talks Held (By Kurusu) Not Anti-Axis 10
09/26/1941 (U.S.) Bases In Bermuda Inspected By Knox 10
09/26/1941 ‘Mr. Churchill’ Too Busy To Clean (Axis) Prisoners’ (Of War) Camp (‘Somewhere In Palestine’) 10
09/26/1941 (U.S.) To Treble Output Of Gasoline (On Ickes’ Order)-Would Avert A Shortage 11
09/26/1941 U.S. War Policy Backed By T. W. U. (Labor) 13
09/26/1941 Gottfried Feder, Nazi Pioneer Dies-Drew Up Party’s 25-Point Program 24
09/26/1941 Hull Increases Trade Blacklist (Long List!) 33
09/27/1941 Japan Says Axis Seeks New Order But Also Peace 1
09/27/1941 Gandhi Admits War Aid-Permits Followers To Sell Hand-Made Blankets For (British) Army Use 2
09/27/1941 Lindbergh Scored By 700 (Protestant) Churchmen (In ‘The Protestant Digest’) 4
09/27/1941 Winant Asks Aid Of Science In War 5
09/27/1941 Hatred Again Condemned (By Vatican) 5
09/27/1941 (Myron C.) Taylor Is In London On Way Back To U.S.-He Will Confer With Winant And Officials Of Refugee Groups (He Is The Chairman Of The American Refugee Committee) 5
09/27/1941 1,500 Attend Dance To Aid (British) War Relief 21
09/27/1941 (British Envoy) Denies Race (German, Jewish, & Irish) Bias By British Here 34
09/28/1941 Roosevelt Insists Seas Be Kept Open; 14 Ships Launched-’A Blow At Hitler, (Text, P. 36] 1
09/28/1941 Nazis Battle Serb Rebels; Rush Three More Divisions (‘Chetniks’) 1
09/28/1941 Lehmans Aid (British War) Relief Sale 3
09/28/1941 Czech State Gets Gestapo Master (Reinhold Heydrich Succeeds Von Neurath) 5
09/28/1941 Russia Said To Bar Nazi Peace Feeler-Neutral Envoys Agents 6
09/28/1941 Enemies Of Hitler Will Rally Today 7
09/28/1941 (Kurdish) Guerrillas Fight (Pro-British) Iranian (Army) Patrols 11
09/28/1941 New Drive On Jews Is Urged In Italy (By Newspaper ‘Tevere’) 13
09/28/1941 R. A. F. Batters Cologne, Amiens (France) 17
09/28/1941 Picture: Confiscated Property (By Russians) Returned To Estonians (By Germans-Radios, Etc.) 20
09/28/1941 (U.S.-British) Scientists See New Free (Post-War) World-Maisky And Benes Preside 20
09/28/1941 New Group Here (New York City League For A Declared War) Asks Declaration Of War (Against Germany) 23
09/28/1941 Death (One A German) For Radio Listeners 24
09/28/1941 Knox Again Hits At Neutrality Act-Knox Warns War Is Near (In The ‘Foreign Commerce Weekly’-’The United States Stands On The Threshold Of World War No. 2) 38
09/28/1941 Mobilize To Fight Neutrality Shift-La Follette Voices Aim-Thomas Of Utah Suggests Giving ‘A Free Hand’ To President (Roosevelt) To Act As Necessary 39
09/28/1941 Republicans Back U.S. Foreign Policy-60% Of Those Sounded Out In Gallup Survey Support Roosevelt’s Actions 45
09/28/1941 Gain In Vessels By Britain Shown-Empire Now Has More Ships Than She Did A Year Ago Despite Losses-Decline For U.S. Seen 50
09/28/1941 Union (N. M. U.) For Repeal Of Neutrality Act 50
09/28/1941 Records Of German Speeches Used in Pennsylvania Classes (Gift Of Dr. Robert M. W. Kempner, Robert H. Jackson’s Assistant U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg) D-6
09/28/1941 Total WPA Load Of 40% In Year-But Arming Fails To Take Up All Of Slack E-6
09/28/1941 Anti-Non-Interventionist Cartoons E-9
09/28/1941 Will 1941 Repeat The History Of 1917? (‘Freedom Of The Seas’)-By Henry Steele Commager (Columbia University) Mag. 3
09/28/1941 ‘Dictator By Consent’ (Donald M. Nelson, Of Supply, Priorities And Allocations Board) Mag. 8
09/29/1941 Czech Premier (Dr. Emil Hacha) Seized (By Germans) To Bar-’Treason,’ Nazis Declare Emergencies In 6 (Czech) Areas Berlin Is Reticent 1
09/29/1941 Stalin Receives U.S., British Aides (Harriman & Beaverbrook) 1
09/29/1941 R. A. F. Cannon Hit Nazi Supply Train-North France Is Target 3
09/29/1941 Germany Imposes New Jewish Rules-Non-Jews Have Priority In Entering Public Vehicles And Taking Seats (In Germany) 5
09/29/1941 Ex-Shah Of Iran (Reza Shah Pahlevi, Deposed By British And Russians) On Ship (Reported Bound For Chile) 5
09/29/1941 Indies Sees War With Japan Near 7
09/29/1941 Gen. (George C.) Marshall Sends Good (Yom Kippur) Wishes To Jews 7
09/29/1941 Spindles Idle In Japan (No Cotton) 7
09/29/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Starts New (Anti-Non-Interventionist) Radio Series Calls Some Misguided (‘Who For Personal And Selfish Reasons Insist On Being Blind And Advocate A Course Which Would Destroy Us As A Nation) 12
09/30/1941 24 Czechs Shot For Separatist Plot-Nazis Execute 3 Generals To Stem Revolt In Bohemia 1
09/30/1941 Roosevelt Seeks Neutrality Plan-Calls Hull For Talk Today On A Formula For A Possible Revision Of (Neutrality) Law 1
09/30/1941 Nye Tries To Gag (Lewis W.) Douglas On War 4
09/30/1941 Showdown Looms On Neutrality Act 4
09/30/1941 U.S. Ship (‘Excambion’) Circled By Nazi Bomber 4
09/30/1941 (Representative Hamilton) Fish Answers (Denies) Charges (That He Stole Or Suppressed Evidence) 4
09/30/1941 British Declare Anti-Axis Front Flanks Nazis From Syria To East 6
09/30/1941 Avila Camacho Puts Brother In Cabinet 6
09/30/1941 British And Nazis Trading Captives 7
09/30/1941 Climax On Orient Hinted In Tokyo-Japan Looks To Washington For Move After Grew And Toyoda Have Parley 8
09/30/1941 Jan K. Portney, 69, (Dead), A Refugee Leader-Arrested Several Times By Czarist Police. He Escaped From Exile In Siberia (Born, Lived In Poland. Escaped Via Lithuania In 1939] 23
09/30/1941 Ocd (Office Of Civilian Defense) Job Assumed By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 28