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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

May 1941
Date Headline Page
05/01/1941 Roosevelt Buys First Savings Bond For Defense Fund,(Picture, Text Of Appeal, P. 14 See Probation Of Estate This Was The Only One He Ever Bought!) 1
05/01/1941 President (Roosevelt) Orders Ships Taken Over; Convoy Foes Lose 1
05/01/1941 80% Of B. E. F. Out Of Greece; 48,888 Get Away Under Fire; 5,000 Captured, Says Berlin 1
05/01/1941 Nazi Fliers Taken Off American Ship (By Canadian Auxiliary Cruiser) 1
05/01/1941 Vichy Extends Curb On Jews’ Army Rank 4
05/01/1941 U.S. Gets Warning (From ‘Friends Of Democracy, Inc.’) Against Nazi Films 5
05/01/1941 Russia Reported Bolstering Lines (Adjoining Germany) 6
05/01/1941 U.S. Army Officers Leave For (Service In) London 8
05/01/1941 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Praises Palestine Leaders 9
05/01/1941 Ecuador Pledges Full Aid To U.S. 10
05/01/1941 Reich Reiterates Threat To Any Ship (Carrying Cargo To England) 12
05/01/1941 (Pro-) Convoy Plea Made By Gen. (John Ross) Delafield 13
05/01/1941 Roosevelt Requests New Dollar Power (To Again De-Value The Dollar) 19
05/02/1941 British Ask U.S. Aid On War Blacklist 1
05/02/1941 Iraqis Defy British On Reinforcement; Mass At Airdrome 1
05/02/1941 Hungary To Deport Post-1918 Immigrants (Includes About 10,000 Jews) 4
05/02/1941 ‘ABC’ (America, Britain & China) To Fight Axis Urged By Dr Quo 8
05/02/1941 Admiral Andrews Backs Convoy Plan (Using U.S. Ships) 10
05/02/1941 Willkie Bids U.S. Banish War Fears 10
05/02/1941 Ship Sinking Held No Cause For War (Gallup Poll) 10
05/02/1941 War Aid Unit Spent 98% (Of Receipts) For ‘Overhead’ 13
05/03/1941 Iraqi Troops Attack British; Reported Seeking Hitler Aid-All-Day Fighting 1
05/03/1941 Roosevelt Asks 24-Hour, 7-Day Week For Machines In Defense Production; Would Put Taxes On All Able To Pay 1
05/03/1941 U.S. Junior Pilots To Fly (British) War Craft 1
05/03/1941 Suner (Spanish Minister, Madrid) Denounces The Democracies 2
05/03/1941 French Food Vessel (‘Leopold’ Out Of New York) Docks At Marseilles 2
05/03/1941 Axis Reports Iraqis Occupy Oil Fields 2
05/03/1941 Nazis Claim 8,200 British (Anzacs) Taken In The Clean-Up Of Peloponnesus-New Zealand Proud 3
05/03/1941 Vichy Eases Curbs On Alien Prisoners (Y. M. C. A. Officer’s Report) 4
05/03/1941 Convoys Stir House Rift 4
05/03/1941 Voters See British Seeking U.S. (American Expeditionary Force) Army (Gallup Poll) 5
05/03/1941 Lindbergh Backed By (U.S.) Airline Pilots 5
05/03/1941 U.S. Advised To Act On Self-Interest (‘Self-Interest’ Being Active Participation In War, According To Sir Gerald Campbell) 5
05/03/1941 Lindbergh Belittled To Reserve Officers (In Speech By Herbert Lehman’s Aide) 5
05/03/1941 Methodist Group Rejects Hoover Food Plan; Germans Seen Aiming To Force Us To Aid (Occupied Lands) 6
05/03/1941 Menzies (Australian Premier) Is Coming To Quicken U.S. Aid 7
05/03/1941 High Mass Today To Be For Poland 18
05/04/1941 26 American Ships Reported At Suez With Materiel For British-U.S. Convoy Denied 1
05/04/1941 Iraqis Beaten Off (By British) In The Basra Area-Fighting Is Spreading 1
05/04/1941 Lindbergh Warns Of America’s Fall 1
05/04/1941 U.S. Peril Greater Than ‘17 (Frank) Knox Says 1
05/04/1941 Willkie Declares (U.S. Naval) Patrol Inadequate (Supports Convoys) 1
05/04/1941 U.S. Entry Into War Is Urged By (Herbert Agar) Editor (Louis-Ville ‘Courier-Journal’ In Speech Before A. F. Of L. & C.I.O.) 3
05/04/1941 Convoys Backed By V. F. W. Leader (Vice-Commander, Singer)-Calls Britain Our Shield 4
05/04/1941 Ship Bill (H. R. 4583) Gives President (Roosevelt) Control (Of Shipping) 6
05/04/1941 (Senator Burton K. Wheeler) Hits ‘Warmongers’ Backing President (Roosevelt) 11
05/04/1941 Churchill Pledges Revival Of Poland-Nazis Called Barbarians 33
05/04/1941 Canadians Demand Greater War Role-Draft Talk Is Revived 33
05/04/1941 British Intercept German Ship Lech-(From Rio De Janiero, Scuttled By Crew To Avoid Capture-Ran Blockade Westward) 36
05/04/1941 (Archbishop) Spellman Appeals For Victims Of War 36
05/04/1941 Rabbis As Nation To Rearm In Spirit-Lindbergh Is Criticized-U.S. Seen Determined To Help Great Britain No Matter What Happens 37
05/04/1941 King Peter (Yugoslavia) Aligns His Aims With U.S.-Serbs Fight For British 38
05/04/1941 Palestine Group In Plea (Naturalized U.S. Citizens Living In Palestine Want Return Requirement To Maintain Citizenship Suspended For Their Benefit Until After War) 38
05/04/1941 Short Of War Limit Reached, Italy Says-Press Warns Roosevelt On Patience Over (His) Provocations 45
05/04/1941 Educators Worry Over War Effects 49
05/04/1941 The News Of The Week In Review-The War Spreads E-1
05/04/1941 Swiss Confronted By Axis ‘Barrages’ (Accusations Of Neutrality Violations Favoring Allies) E-4
05/04/1941 U.S. Starts A Program To Counter Axis Radio (Nelson Rockefeller Group) E-6
05/04/1941 Our Army Trains For New Warfare E-7
05/04/1941 Convoy Plan Ours E-9
05/04/1941 Bombs-Blockade-Union Of Hate-The Combination Of These Three Things, The British Believe, Will Beat Hitler Mag. 3
05/04/1941 The Blitz Echoes In Ancient Iraq Mag. 4
05/04/1941 Fact-Finder (Personal Representative Of President Roosevelt) And Fighting Man (Col. William J. Donovan, Was Actually Collecting Military Intelligence-’Spying’ And Organizing The Oss) Mag. 8
05/04/1941 Vargas Of Brazil Mag. 9
05/04/1941 Archbishop (Spellman) And Still A Parish Priest Mag. 13
05/05/1941 U.S. ‘Ever Ready To Fight Again’ For Democracy, Roosevelt Says-President (Roosevelt) Sharp 1
05/05/1941 Hitler Defies Any War Coalition-Nazi Chief Boasts 1
05/05/1941 British Raid Bases Of Forces In Iraq-22 Planes Ruined By R. A. F 1
05/05/1941 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant Urges U.S. To Fight Axis Now-Holds Nation Is Ready 2
05/05/1941 Willkie Predicts Our Arming Nazis 2
05/05/1941 17 Experts Answer War Defeatists 3
05/05/1941 Lehman Lashes At U.S. Appeasers 3
05/05/1941 Suez Convoy Report Countered By (Presidential Secretary) Early-Says President (Roosevelt) And (Harry) Hopkins (Lend-Lease Supervisor) Know Nothing Of Arrival 3
05/05/1941 Croatia To Curb Jews 3
05/05/1941 Roosevelt Address (Text) 3
05/05/1941 Textual Excerpts From Reichsfuehrer Hitler’s Address Before The Reichstag On The War 4
05/05/1941 R. A. F.’S. New Bombs Pound On Cologne 5
05/05/1941 Matsuoka Rejects Idea Of Trip To U.S. 8
05/05/1941 Burma Road Traffic Sets Up New Record 8
05/05/1941 Convoy Issue Tied To Taking Of (Axis) Ships (By U.S.) 9
05/05/1941 Socialist Group (Social Democratic Federation) Asks U.S. Convoys (Letter To Roosevelt Appeals ‘Not To Refrain From Any Necessary Measures For Fear Of Leading Us Into War.’) 9
05/05/1941 Convoys Are Opposed (By Rev. John Paul Jones) 9
05/05/1941 (Jewish Leaders, Columbus, Ohio) Ask Jewish Army For Middle East-(550,000) Men Of Palestine Ready 11
05/06/1941 President (Roosevelt) Orders Huge Bomber Fleet To Give Democracies Command Of Air-Roosevelt Urgent-500 (Bombers) A Month New Goal 1
05/06/1941 British Smash (Resisting) Iraqi Planes And Guns 1
05/06/1941 Plea For Convoys Is Made In House (Cox, Georgia)-At ‘Brink Of War,’ Says (Hamilton) Fish 1&4
05/06/1941 Picture: Senator Nye Speaks At N.Y. U. Against War (Sparse Attendance) 5
05/06/1941 Americans Urged To Avoid Hysteria-Rabbi L. S. Long Says We Have No Alternative To Defense 5
05/06/1941 Latin Navy Chiefs Start Tour Of U.S.-Roosevelt To Be Host 6
05/06/1941 Reich Air Service To Ecuador To End 7
05/06/1941 America First (Committee) Loses Miami Unit Charter-Judge (W. W. Trammell) Rules It Lacks Two Of Five Directors Needed 8
05/06/1941 Nazis Say U.S. Aid May Prolong War 9
05/06/1941 London Declines Turks’ Mediation (In Iraq War) 10
05/06/1941 Matsuoka’s Stand On Visit (To U.S.) Deplored (By Some Tokyo Circles) 11
05/06/1941 (Dutch East) Indies Oil Contracts With Japan Renewed; Basis Unchanged, But Last Quota Not Filled 11
05/06/1941 Yugoslav Patriots Carrying On Fight (No Mention Of Leader) 12
05/06/1941 (U.S.) Octogenarians Back Full Aid To Britain 12
05/06/1941 (Robert E.) Sherwood (Roosevelt Confidant) Winner (Of Pulitzer Prize) For A Third Time-Dramatist Ties Record Set By Eugene O’neill(Picture) 16
05/06/1941 Patriotic Group (Sons Of The Revolution In The State Of New York) Asks Speedy Aid To Allies 18
05/07/1941 Stimson Calls For Use Of (U.S.) Navy To Escort Supplies To Britain Sea Crisis Seen 1
05/07/1941 Stalin Becomes Soviet Premier 1
05/07/1941 R. A. F. Hammering At Iraq’s Forces 1
05/07/1941 11 U.S. Ferry Fliers Lost In Atlantic Sinking By Nazis 1
05/07/1941 Swift U.S. Help Is Sought By Eden-Plea Made On Irish Bases 5
05/07/1941 Menzies (Australia) Arrives, Asks-Speedier Aid (For Britain)-’Britain Can’t (Must Not) Lose’ Quick Victory Up To U.S. 6
05/07/1941 Iraqis Short Of Bullets; Britain’s Fault, Nazis Say 6
05/07/1941 U.S.-Nazi Conflict Applauded In Japan-Pro-Axis Paper (Hochi) Sees Divinely Sent Chance For Expansion 8
05/07/1941 Vichy Adds Curb On Jews (Banned From French National Police Force) 11
05/07/1941 ‘Get Tough’ (With Japan And Germany) Pepper Urges In Senate-’Could Make Shambles Out Of Tokyo’(Map Of Claude Pepper’s, [Florida] Plan) 12
05/07/1941 Text Of Stimson’s Radio Appeal To Defend Seas With Navy 14
05/07/1941 Stimson Attacked By Isolationists 15
05/07/1941 Rabbis Urge British Aid 15
05/07/1941 Unity Demonstration Seen In (Madison Square Garden) Rally Tonight (Wendell Willkie, Nicholas Murray Butler, David Dubinsky, Walter Damrosch) 15
05/07/1941 Lehman Asks Aid For Jewish (U. J. A.) Drive-Says Saving Victims Of Anti-Democratic Forces Makes Freedom Stronger 17
05/07/1941 (Lehman, Et Al.) Urge That Negroes Be Used In Defense 19
05/07/1941 (Senator) Nye Backs Resolution To Investigate (Public Opinion) Polls 22
05/07/1941 Van Paassen, Pierre, Hitler Can Be Stopped, Dial Press, N.Y 23
05/07/1941 Dorothy Thompson Asks A New Society-’Our Way Of Life’ Is Not Good Enough-Gets Messages From Roosevelt And Churchill 28
05/08/1941 Willkie Assails Defeatism At (Madison Square Garden) Freedom Rally Here 1
05/08/1941 House Votes 266-120 To Seize (Foreign-’Axis’) Ships (In U.S. Harbors)-Refuse To Bar Use Of Million Tons Of Alien Vessels By British 1
05/08/1941 160 Nazi Seamen Arrested In Raids; Publicists Seized (All On Orders Of Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson)-May Be Interned In West 1
05/08/1941 Knox Says We Arm To Support Britain 1
05/08/1941 Iraqi Siege Broken By British Assault 1
05/08/1941 Churchill Upheld (In Commons Vote) Asks More U.S. Aid 1
05/08/1941 Iraqi Envoy Visits Turkey On Mission 4
05/08/1941 Nazis Say Stimson Meddles In Reich 8
05/08/1941 Comments On Stimson’s Speech (By Various U.S. Newspapers)-Britain’s Enemies Seen As Ours Axis Has Forced War Upon Us-What Are We Waiting For? 8
05/08/1941 Anti-Nazis Picket Uptown Theater Here As German Propaganda Newsreel Opens (German Films Of Western Offensive In France) 9
05/08/1941 U.S. In War Soon Italians Are Told (By Italian Press) 9
05/08/1941 U.S. Being Driven Into War Says (Senator Gerald P.) Nye 11
05/08/1941 Use Of Convoys If Needed, Urged In Telegram Sent By (Madison Square Garden) Freedom Rally To The President (Roosevelt) 11
05/08/1941 Coast Guard Ships Absorbed By Navy 12
05/08/1941 Ship Seizure Vote (Names Of Congressional Supporters) 12
05/08/1941 Democracy Is Lost (Norman) Thomas Says Of War-Socialist Criticizes Willkie On ‘Miracle’ Of Victory 12
05/08/1941 Senate Expunges Attack On (Claude) Pepper (By Tobey) 13
05/08/1941 Opm Seeks To Lift Barriers To Negro 16
05/08/1941 (Jesse H.) Jones (Federal Loan Administrator) Asks Power To Lend To Britain 18
05/09/1941 (John Maynard) Keynes Warns Us On Nazi Victory 1
05/09/1941 Berlin Protests (U.S.) Plan To Seize (Foreign) Ships (To Aid Britain) 1
05/09/1941 Iraqi Premier (Rashid Ali Heg Galiani) Reported Fleeing Baghdad; Capital Being Bombed (By British) As Troops Fall Back 1
05/09/1941 End Of China War Is Urged In Tokyo (Newspaper) 1
05/09/1941 White Paper (Published By British Government) Bares Plight Of Norway 2
05/09/1941 French Call Aliens Under Labor Decree 2
05/09/1941 Picture: One Of Britain’s New 2,000 Pound Bombs 3
05/09/1941 Reich Bars Use Of Iron For Household Articles (Because Of Steel Shortage) 3
05/09/1941 Picture: Miss Kathleen Lanier Harriman Joining Averell In England (She May Have Been The Daughter Who Visited Katyn) 4
05/09/1941 Iraqis Said To Ask Turks’ Protection 5
05/09/1941 (Harry St. John) Philby Says Britain Rejected His Arab Plan That Would Have Averted Trouble In Iraq (Picture) 5
05/09/1941 Italians See U.S. Now Running War 6
05/09/1941 British Challenge Vandenberg Data 7
05/09/1941 Church Group (Inter-Faith Committee For Aid To The Democracies-Dr. Henry A Atkinson) Asks All Aid To Britain 9
05/09/1941 Armed Part In War Backed By A. A. U. W. (American Association Of University Women) Possibility Of (U.S. Participating In An) Undeclared War Is Seen 11
05/09/1941 More Nazi Seamen Put In U.S. Custody (On Orders Of Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) 12
05/09/1941 Lindbergh’s Views Opposed By Most (Gallup Poll) 12
05/09/1941 Anti-War Group (America First Committee) Spurns (German-American) Bund Aid-Declares Hitler Supporters Are Not ‘Good Americans’ 12
05/09/1941 Louis B. Mayer (Mgm Movie Studios) Tops 1940 Salaries List 18
05/10/1941 300 Planes Smash At German Ports, Set Big Fires In Hamburg And Bremen-Biggest R. A. F. Raid 1
05/10/1941 U.S. (Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) Seizes Funds Of German Trust (I. G. Farbenindustrie A. G.) 1
05/10/1941 U.S. Ships To Start For Red Sea Soon, Says Washington 1
05/10/1941 Soviet Disavows 3 Exiled Regimes (Yugoslavia, Norway, & Belgium) 1
05/10/1941 Captain (James) Roosevelt Sees U.S. ‘In The War;’ Says Only Sending Of Troops Is Lacking 3
05/10/1941 Nazi Press Attack On U.S. Continues 3
05/10/1941 Students Compete On Convoy Petitions-(Princeton) Students Back Convoys 3
05/10/1941 Hull Tells Vichy Terms For Wheat 4
05/10/1941 Axis Conferences Started In Tokyo 5
05/10/1941 Nazism Assailed In Japan As Peril 5
05/10/1941 Raids Pound Iraq; Resistance (To British) Ebbs 6
05/10/1941 Trans-Jordan Emir (Abdullah) Shot By Son In Row Over Iraq, Beirut Hears 6
05/10/1941 Serbs Taking Toll In Guerrilla War (Unnamed ‘Cetnik’ Leader, 62 Years Old, Fought In 1917-1918) 7
05/10/1941 6 (Congressional) Measures Urged To Speed War Aid 7
05/10/1941 Envoy (Lawrence A. Steinhardt) Saves U.S. Girl (Irene Pick) Doomed By Soviet-(Captured In Lwow, Poland As A Counter-Revolutionary)40 Friends Get Death 7
05/10/1941 State Socialism Predicted By (Senator) Aiken 8
05/10/1941 U.S. Seeks To End Latin Border Row 8
05/10/1941 Interfaith Leader (Dr. E. R. Clinchy) Intolerance Plea 9
05/10/1941 Picture: ‘I Am An American Day’ Ceremony In Times Square 9
05/10/1941 (Senator Robert M.) La Follette Sees ‘Lynching’ Of Labor 16
05/10/1941 Fritz Kuhn Loses Appeal (Conviction In Theft Case) 17
05/11/1941 Nazis Held Ready To Crush Serb Guerrillas And Jews 1
05/11/1941 Japanese See U.S. Blocking Disposal Of War With China 1
05/11/1941 British Push Iraqis In Two Districts 6
05/11/1941 Protest Against War Staged By Women 7
05/11/1941 Vichy Envoy (De Brinon) Warns U.S. To Shun Dakar-Will Fight Attempt To Seize It 9
05/11/1941 Argentina To Take (Seize) All Idle Vessels-Purchase Plan Possible 10
05/11/1941 Vichy Budgets For Jews (2,065,000 Francs-For Commissariat General For Jewish Questions) 10
05/11/1941 Convoy Ban Defeat Regarded As Sure 18
05/11/1941 (Dr. Reinhold) Niebuhr Backs Convoys 19
05/11/1941 6-Year Prison Term Given To Former French Deputy (Pierre Mendes-France-For Desertion-Picture-After War, French Premier!) 25
05/11/1941 War Choice (By People) Denied, Lindbergh Holds 31
05/11/1941 Yellow Umbrella To Go To (Senator) Tobey (Symbol Of Appeasement And Cowardice) 31
05/11/1941 Jews Petition Britain For Palestinian Army-American (Rabbinical) Assembly Asks Halifax To Support Demand 32
05/11/1941 Vichy Modifies View Of Daladier, Gamelin-Writers Now Lay French Defeat To Lack Of Equipment (Equipment Which Could Have Been Supplied Only By America-Preparations For Riom Trial) 33
05/11/1941 Jobs For Negroes In Defense Spread-Seventeen Negro Leaders Ask End To Bias On Defense Work 38
05/11/1941 News Of The Week In Review-Shall We Convoy? E-1
05/11/1941 Protection For Ships Britain’s Great Need E-4
05/11/1941 Women Are Urged To Work For Reich (Picture, Gertrud Scholtz-Klink) E-4
05/11/1941 Our Trade With The Axis Still Further Restricted (Role Played By Sol Bloom, New York-Picture) E-6
05/11/1941 Kane, Harnett T., Louisiana Hayride, Wllliam Murrow & Co., N.Y. The Full Story Of Huey Long’s Rise To Power And Its Aftermath Book 1
05/12/1941 (German) Bombs Wreck Commons Chamber, Unroof Abbey, Hit British Museum-London Is Hard Hit 1
05/12/1941 R. A. F. Blasts Hamburg And Berlin-Reich Port Is Seared 1
05/12/1941 Convoying Opposed By Hoover, Urging More Aid To British (Text, P. 4) 1
05/12/1941 Nazis Loot Serbia, Americans Suffer 1
05/12/1941 Soviet Recognizes New Iraqi Regime (Review Of British Campaign In Iraq) 1
05/12/1941 (Polish) Gen. Sikorski Taken To Britain (From U.S.) In Bomber 3
05/12/1941 (American) Protests Arrests Of German Seamen-(Hugh De Lacy) Sends Letter To (U.S. Att’y. General, Robert H.) Jackson 4
05/12/1941 Germany Gets More Of Russian Products 5
05/12/1941 Jews Held Closer To Britain Than Ever-Perlzweig Tells Zionist Women Both Struggle For Survival 6
05/12/1941 (Maj. Gen. Clifford R.) Powell (Commanding) Says 44th Is Ready For War 15
05/12/1941 1/4 Page Advertisement: America First Committee: ‘Mr. President (Roosevelt)Are 24% Of The People ‘Copperheads?’’ 20
05/13/1941 Hess, Deserting Hitler Flies To Scotland; Berlin Reported Him Missing And Insane-British Astounded 1
05/13/1941 R. A. F. Pounds Ports-Hamburg Hit Hard-Bremen Like Target 1
05/13/1941 Rebel Iraqi Force Harried By British 2
05/13/1941 Hull Parries Point Of Iraq Recognition 2
05/13/1941 British Closing In On Ethiopian Front 3
05/13/1941 Picture: Duke Of Hamilton (The Man Hess Flew To England To See) 4
05/13/1941 Petain’s Absence A Curb On (Admiral William D.) Leahy 5
05/13/1941 Our Planes’ Work In War (Bombing Germany) Is Praised (By (Gen. Henry H. Arnold) 7
05/13/1941 All Out (Aid To Britain) Or Perish, Menzies (Australia) Warns Us 8
05/13/1941 U.S. Will Maintain Its Troops In China 10
05/13/1941 Nazis Send Wheat To Hungry Greece 11
05/13/1941 Uniform French Law Forecast For Jews 11
05/13/1941 New York Reporter Suspended By Vichy (Accused Of Abusing Privilege And Vichy Government In An Article He Wrote On Joan Of Arc Day) 11
05/13/1941 (Frank) Knox Says We Wait Only On ‘Forward’ (Order To Be Given By Person, Obvious, But Unnamed By Him, To Go To War) 13
05/13/1941 (Moses W. Beckelman, An European Director Of J. D. C.) Found War Refugees Stranded In 3 Ports (Kobe, Lisbon & Shanghai) 20
05/13/1941 (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Warns Aliens To Report Quarterly (To Government) 25
05/13/1941 Alien Bail Denial Upheld-Court (Judge Samuel Mandelbaum) Says U.S. May Withhold Right In Deportation Action 25
05/13/1941 German Seizures (In Balkans) Cut (Allied) Spice Supply 42
05/14/1941 (British-Born Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning (N.Y.) Asks U.S. To Take Full Part In War; Episcopal Delegates Back Bishop’s Stand 1
05/14/1941 Churchill To Face Hess For Talk; Flight Shocks The German People 1
05/14/1941 Nazis Declare Red Sea A War Zone-Reich Warns Ships (Entering It) 1
05/14/1941 Iraq Is Said To Ask Turks’ Mediation 1
05/14/1941 (Two N.Y. Editors, Victor Riesel, Gerhard H. Seger) Ask Public Trial Of Hess 5
05/14/1941 Menzies (Australia) Appeals For Fullest U.S. Aid (To Britain) 6
05/14/1941 Soviet Withdraws Bessarabian Force-Line Being Consolidated 10
05/14/1941 Argentine Attitude In War Termed Weak 10
05/14/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan To Speak At American Rally 14
05/14/1941 (Maj. Gen. John F.) O’ryan Asserts U.S. Should He In War-’Only Way To Stop Hitler’ (‘Nobody Wants War But’) 14
05/15/1941 Britain Needs Bombers, Tanks, Ships, Forrestal Reports To Roosevelt-Big Planes Vital-Heavy Tanks Required 1
05/15/1941 Convoy Foes Offer New ‘Unity’ Plan-Seek Transfer Ban 1
05/15/1941 Hess Sought To Bring Peace, London And Berlin Agree-Fugitive Sees Duke (Of Hamilton) 1
05/15/1941 Vichy Plans To Class Jews As Foreigners 5
05/15/1941 British, U.S. Envoys Call On Matsuoka 7
05/15/1941 (Ambassador) John G.) Winant Indicates He Backs Convoys 8
05/15/1941 Menzies (Australia) Sees End Of ‘Good Old Days’-No Return Even With A British Victory-Hails It As A Good Thing 9
05/15/1941 (Dr. Alexander) Loudon Says Dutch Will Defend Indies 10
05/15/1941 Ousted Iraqi Chief Is Reported Dead (Killed Like Korizis & Metaxas Of Greece?) 10
05/15/1941 Phillip La Follette Assails Stimson 12
05/15/1941 (Axis) Saboteurs (Of Ships Which Were To Be Seized By The U.S.) Sentenced 12
05/15/1941 (Dr. John W.) Studebaker, U.S. Commissioner Of Education) Urges Education To Back Defense 13
05/15/1941 Episcopalians Lay (U.S. Labor) Strikes To The Axis 18
05/15/1941 Liner Manhattan To Be A (Army Troop) Transport-To Join Washington (In That Service) 45
05/15/1941 Ship Men To Meet On U.S. (Shipping) Pool Today 45
05/16/1941 Roosevelt Cautions Vichy, Appeals To People; U.S. Holds French Ships; Seizure Bill (For Foreign Ships) Passed President (Roosevelt) Moves (Senate Vote, P. 4) 1
05/16/1941 German Planes Enter Syria To Assist Iraq 1
05/16/1941 5,000 Paris Jews Go To Labor Camps 2
05/16/1941 (American Journalist, Richard C.) Hottelet (Espionage) Trial Is Nearer 2
05/16/1941 Vichy Now Viewed (By Washington) As Reich Partner 4
05/16/1941 Five (U.S.) Army Officers (‘Observers’) Leave For England (By Clipper-Headed By Maj. Gen. James E. Chaney) 5
05/16/1941 Typhus In Spain Declines 5
05/16/1941 (Rexford) Tugwell Will Head Puerto Rico Study 6
05/16/1941 Democracies Victory Over Tyrants Seen (By Henry A. Monsky, National President Of B’nai B’rith, ‘Sons Of The Covenant’) 6
05/16/1941 Canadian Effort In War Defended (By Mrs. J. Borden Harriman, Vice Chairman, Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 8
05/16/1941 Germans Fanning The Flames In Iraq (The Only Help The Iraqis Received In Battle Against Invading British!) 9
05/16/1941 Meat Allowances Reduced In Reich 10
05/16/1941 1,000 Authors Here Defy Nazi Power 10
05/16/1941 Rutgers Head (Dr. Robert C. Clothier) Urges U.S. Fight Dictators 13
05/17/1941 Roosevelt Defies Nazi Blockade, Cites Our Two Undeclared Wars-Hints At (U.S.) Navy Use 1
05/17/1941 (Secretary, Navy Frank) Knox Warns Vichy Puts U.S. In Peril 1
05/17/1941 Vichy ‘Surprised’ At Roosevelt View 1
05/17/1941 British Bomb Germans In Syria 1
05/17/1941 New Vichy Moves Strike Alien Jews-Sad Scenes At Camps 3
05/17/1941 President (Roosevelt) Answers Question On (Harry) Hopkins (What Is The Title Of His Job And His Salary?) 5
05/17/1941 Red Cross To Aid Prisoners Of War-Standards Are Fixed (Contents Of Standard Package Listed) 7
05/17/1941 1/3 Page Letter: From Anita Mc Cormick Blaine-’An Open Letter On Declaring War Now.’ (Strongly Favors U.S. Entry) 16
05/18/1941 German Planes Bomb British In Iraq; R. A. F. Hits Back, Raids Syria Bases 1
05/18/1941 Surprise Round-Up Is Made Of Aliens Illegally In U.S. (Primarily Germans) 1
05/18/1941 Russia Signs Pact With Iraq (British-Installed) Regime 6
05/18/1941 More Jews Ousted From French Trade 10
05/18/1941 Gaullist Admiral Warns (Germans) Of Reprisal (2 Germans To Be Shot For Each Franc-Tireur [Sniper] Executed) 10
05/18/1941 War Themes Mark Jewish Sermons 20
05/18/1941 Post-War Needs Of World Studied (In ‘Diplomatic Quarters’) 22
05/18/1941 Hess Is Now ‘Caged’ Minister (Herbert Morrison) Stresses-’Going To Stay In Our Hands’ 25
05/18/1941 Berlin Exiles (Via Moscow, Kobe, Yokahama, Costa Rico With Help Of Jdc. Finally To Brooklyn) Here After Many Voyages (Otto Suesser Family) 29
05/18/1941 (U.S. Army) Approves Training Fliers For Britain (In U.S.-W. H. Lawrence) 29
05/18/1941 (Philip F. La Follette) Says Stimson, Knox Force Us Near War 30
05/18/1941 Roosevelt Lauds Boy Scout Chief (Dr. James E. West, In Letter-Roosevelt Nominal Head Of Boy Scouts!)) 41
05/18/1941 (Dr. Donald Du Shane) Urges Federal Aid To Even (Equalize) Educational (Opportunities In The Poorer Classes & States) 41
05/18/1941 President (Roosevelt) Keeping An Open Mind On Convoys E-3
05/19/1941 Hull Defines Our Post-War Program; Wants Raw Materials, Trade For All (Whom We Favor!) 1
05/19/1941 R. A. F. Again Pours Bombs On Cologne 2
05/19/1941 ‘Super Citizenship’ Urged By (Henry A.) Wallace (Everyone In The Western Hemisphere Is ‘American’) (Francis) Biddle (U.S. Solicitor) Scores Lindbergh (Other New Dealers There-U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) 4
05/19/1941 Palestine Is Toured By Capt. (James) Roosevelt 4
05/19/1941 Legion For U.S. Unity Formed To Fight Axis 7
05/19/1941 French War Camps Now Confine Jews-Gendarmes Form Guard 8
05/19/1941 Britain Is Urged To Arm Palestine (Again! By Chaim Weizmann) 12
05/19/1941 Galician Jews Convene (S.S. Wise Speaks Along With Others) 12
05/20/1941 Fight For Colonies Indicated By Vichy 1
05/20/1941 Picture: Damage In Rotterdam Attributed To Germans (Was Actually The Raf) 3
05/20/1941 Nazi-Soviet Deal On Iran Reported (By Turkish Source) 4
05/20/1941 Nazis Offer Vichy 100,000 Prisoners (Of War-As Yet No Peace Treaty) 6
05/20/1941 Reich Paper (Voelkischer Beobachter) Rages On U.S. Convict Aid (In Defense Effort-Germans Used Concentration Camp Labor Which Was Not Convict Labor! They Were Considered Political Detainees) 10
05/20/1941 (U.S. Secretary) Wickard Says U.S. Is Facing Attack (By German-Organized Coalition?) 10
05/20/1941 Bishop (Cameron J.) Davis (Episcopal Church, Lockport, N.Y.) Urges Our Entry Into War 10
05/20/1941 (Polish General) Sikorski Back In London 10
05/20/1941 Iceland Cancels Union To Denmark-British In Occupation 11
05/20/1941 Deportation (Of Princess Hohenlohe, Hungary) Is Halted (By U.S. Immigration Service) 15
05/21/1941 Gliders Drop Germans On Crete; British Report Attack Crushed 1
05/20/1941 London Paper (News Chronicle) Urges U.S. To Enter The War At Once 1
05/21/1941 House Votes Bill To Give Roosevelt Power Over Ships 1
05/21/1941 Hull Firm In Talk To Vichy Diplomat (Gaston Henry-Haye) 1
05/21/1941 British Capture Euphrates Bridge 1
05/21/1941 President (Roosevelt] Reduces WPA By $109,000,000 1
05/21/1941 Iceland Act Blow To Danish People 2
05/21/1941 (Herschel) Grynzspan (Killed Ernst Vom Rath, Paris, 1938) Defense Fund (Organized By Dorothy Thompson) Aids Victims Of Air Raids 2
05/21/1941 Churchill Parries Questions On Hess 2
05/21/1941 (Arthur Bliss) Lane In Budapest En Route To U.S. 4
05/21/1941 British Consuls In Syria Ousted 8
05/21/1941 Continued Terror In Poland Charged-Gestapo Accused (In Washington Report) 9
05/21/1941 President (Roosevelt) Silent On Foreign Policy 10
05/21/1941 Convoy Sentiment Found Rising In U.S. (Gallup Poll)-War Is Still Opposed-52% Of Those Sounded OutFavor Use Of Navy To Guard (Guarantee Delivery Of) Supplies 10
05/21/1941 Tighter Alien Curb Urged By (Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson-’Vigorous’ Power Asked 13
05/21/1941 Philadelphia (Academy Of Music) Hall Shut To Lindbergh (Of The America First Committee) 13
05/21/1941 ‘We Can Be Driven To War’-So Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Remarks In An Interview In Maine 17
05/22/1941 Big Bomber Order Offered To Ford In Opm Speed-Up 1
05/22/1941 Germans Pour Into Crete By Air, Bomb British Warships Near By 1
05/22/1941 U.S. Ask (By Germans) To Recall Paris Envoys (Admiral William D. Leahy & Entourage, By June 10) 1
05/22/1941 (Lord) Vansittart To Retire From Post (Chief Diplomatic Advisor To British Government) In June 5
05/22/1941 U.S. ‘Hunger War’ Belittled By Nazis 6
05/22/1941 (Representative Samuel Dickstein, N.Y. City) Says Bund Maps Drive To Aid Nazi Captives (Imprisoned In Canada) 7
05/22/1941 Hawaii Blacked Out As An Air-Raid Test 7
05/22/1941 (Navy Secretary Frank) Knox Urges Repeal Of Neutrality Act-Backs Freedom Of SeasEnactment (Of Neutrality Act) Was ‘A Terrible Blunder’ 9
05/22/1941 War Aid (To England) Is Backed By (N.Y. League Of) Women Voters 9
05/22/1941 War Questions Put To The President (Roosevelt)-U.S. Held Under Attack (Presumably By Germany) 10
05/22/1941 ‘Not A Holy War’ Say (General Theological) Seminarians (Episcopalians-Not Yet A Holy War More Appropriate) 10
05/22/1941 Brooklyn Members Of America First Committee Take Stand-Pledge Aid If War Comes 10
05/22/1941 Bars Advertising Of Lindbergh (Philadelphia) Talk 11
05/22/1941 Service Call Sounded By Jewish Women-Members Of Federation Urged To Be Available In Summer 21
05/23/1941 Baghdad Capture By British Is Seen 1
05/23/1941 Roosevelt Weighs Neutrality Act Change-Stinson (Also) Hits Law 1
05/23/1941 Eden Warns Vichy (On Collaboration With Germany-What Choice Did They Have?) 1
05/23/1941 Vichy Seizes Blum Aide (Andre Blumel-Attempting To Leave France Illegally) 5
05/23/1941 Convoy Of 50 Ships Crosses Atlantic-Described By Quintin Reynolds 8
05/23/1941 British Would Buy Idle Foreign Ships 8
05/23/1941 (Duke Of) Hamilton Cleared In The Hess Affair 9
05/23/1941 Roosevelt Pledges Wide Use Of Seas 9
05/23/1941 1,324,800 (Americans) In Army Record For Peace 15
05/23/1941 2/3’Ds Page Advertisement: Fight For Freedom Inc.-How About Telling The Whole Truth, Mr. Lindbergh-Not Just Part Of It (68% Favor War If Necessary To Guarantee England Will Win) 15
05/23/1941 (Sir Gerald) Campbell Outlines Peace For World 15
05/23/1941 Parents, Teachers Urge Tolerance 18
05/23/1941 Painting Of Hitler Impaled On Fence-Sales Benefit (American) Red Cross 19
05/23/1941 War Puts-British On Common Level-’Privileged Class’ Has Vanished ‘Little People’ In Saddle 22
05/24/1941 Lindbergh Joins In Wheeler Plea To U.S. To Shun War-Roosevelt Is Assailed-22,000 At Madison Square Garden (Texts Of Speeches, P. 7) 1
05/24/1941 Isolationists Spar On Neutrality Act 1
05/24/1941 Iraqis Driven From Feluja Again (By British) As Bombs Halt A Counter Attack 3
05/24/1941 Capt. (James) Roosevelt Has First Test In Battle (In Iraq, With British) 4
05/24/1941 Nazi-Soviet Clash Believed Put Off (Stockholm Report) 5
05/24/1941 (Henry H.) Arnold Is Named As Major General 6
05/24/1941 Full Page Advertisement: Basil Brewster, Publisher, Bedford, Mass., Supports Entry Of U.S. Into War-’Lead Us (O Franklin) And We Will Follow’ 9
05/24/1941 War (Entry) Plea Is Made To Presbyterians (By Presbyterian Bishop H. W. Hobson) 34
05/25/1941 New Nazi Battleship Bismarck Sinks The Hood-In North Atlantic Duel; British Give Chase-Hood Is Blown Up 1,300 Feared Killed 1
05/25/1941 Japanese Debate Whether To Assist Axis If U.S. Fights 1
05/25/1941 Roosevelt (May 27 ‘Fireside Chat’) Won’t Please Foes Of Democracy, Says (Press Secretary Stephen T.) Early 1
05/25/1941 Italian Monarch (King Victor Emanuel) Escapes Assassin (One Of Many Attempts, Some Successful To Kill Pro-German Heads Of State) 1
05/25/1941 Cologne Attacked By (British) Bomber Force 1
05/25/1941 Iraqi Regent (Emir Abdul Illah) Back; British Hail Move 1
05/25/1941 (Ambassador Joseph P.) Kennedy Supports Isolationist Group 2
05/25/1941 (P. D. Houston, Banker) Favors U.S. Entry In War 2
05/25/1941 Hungarians Battle Serb (‘Chetnik’) Guerrillas 22
05/25/1941 Britain Needs Us Says Gen. Harbord-Doubts She Can Survive Year Without Our Intervention 33
05/25/1941 Freedom Of The Seas Is Reclaimed For Us (By Arthur Knock) E-3
05/25/1941 Judson, Helen, Edith Cavell, The Macmillan Col, N.Y. (Picture) Book 5
05/25/1941 The ‘Unbelievable’ Nazi Blue Print-Joseph O. Harsch Mag. 3
05/26/1941 Raeder Says Convoys Mean Shooting-Reich Warns U.S.-German Admiral Insists Escorts Would Be ‘An Act Of War’ 1
05/26/1941 British Claim Hit In Bismarck Chase 1
05/26/1941 British In U.S. Planes Driving Iraqis Back; Baghdad Chiefs Reported Fleeing Disorders 1
05/26/1941 Arabs Prejudices Big Factor In Iraq-Dynasty Is Not Popular 4
05/26/1941 Laval Makes Plea For U.S. Sympathy 4
05/26/1941 Many (Refugees In France) Seek Haven Here 4
05/26/1941 Willkie Demands A United America-Urges Support Of Roosevelt Foreign Policy 9
05/26/1941 Army To Purchase Old Liner Siboney-Blow To Refugee Trade 12
05/26/1941 Presbyterian Aid To Refugees Urged (Attempt To Prevent The Wholesale Internment Of Refugees By The U.S. If We Enter The War) 22
05/26/1941 Pacifism Assailed As Anti-Christian 22
05/27/1941 British Fleet Engages Bismarck, Hit In Chase By Aerial Torpedo-Sea Battle Starts-Her Escape Is Cut Off 1
05/27/1941 Roosevelt Orders New Draft July 1 (About 1,000,000 More Men) 1
05/27/1941 Collapse (Of Arabs) In Iraq Is Believed Near 3
05/27/1941 Roosevelt Warned At Anti-War Rally-Entry Would Break (Campaign) Promise 4
05/27/1941 Laval Says Hitler Vows No Revenge 7
05/27/1941 (Jan) Valtin (Communist Agent, Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Born In Germany, Wrote Out Of The Night) Says Nazis Plot U.S. Civil War 11
05/27/1941 Canada To Reach War Peak In 1942 37
05/28/1941 Roosevelt Proclaims Unlimited Emergency-Roosevelt Takes Step Permitted Only When War Threatens Will Resist Any Hitler Effort To Rule Seas A Call To Nation 1
05/28/1941 Bismarck Sunk, Pounded By Fleet And Planes (Some Flown By U.S. ‘Observers’)-The Hood Avenged 1
05/28/1941 House Adopts Bill Letting Roosevelt Keep Money Power (Further Devaluation Of The Dollar) 1
05/28/1941 Many New Powers Go To President (Roosevelt (He Can Commandeer Labor, Industries And Other Parts Of The Nation For Defense) 1
05/28/1941 Text Of President’s (Roosevelt’s) Address Depicting Emergency Confronting The Nation 2
05/28/1941 Pictures Of Planes & Ships: They Played Their Parts When The British Sank The Bismarck (Catalina Patrol Bomber-Pby-The One Which Sighted The Bismark Was Piloted By A U.S. ‘Observer’) 3
05/28/1941 The End Of The Bismarck-By Hanson W. Baldwin 3
05/28/1941 British Chase Prinz Eugen (Bismarck’s Escort) 3
05/28/1941 Canadian Air Force Had Role In Chase (Of Bismarck) 3
05/28/1941 Italians Hang Greek For Attempt On (Life Of) King (British Agent?) 4
05/28/1941 U.S. Flying Boat (Catalina-Pby, U.S. Pilot-’Observer’) Led British To Bismarck 5
05/28/1941 U.S.-Built Planes Trailed Bismarck 5
05/28/1941 U.S. Agrees To Send More Aid To China-Fast Planes Provided 7
05/28/1941 Japan Notes Navy Is Ready To Fight-Tells Of 4,000 Planes 7
05/28/1941 Vichy Plans To Mark Leopold’s Surrender (Of Belgium) 7
05/28/1941 Dorothy Thompson Appeals For Unity-Urges A Common Effort To Rebuild Democracy 8
05/28/1941 British Admit Error Citing Hess Letter 8
05/28/1941 U.S. Urged To Shun ‘Faithless’ Vichy (By U.S. Ass’t. Att’y. General, Francis M. Shea-Appeals To French To Continue Fighting Germany, Presumably Underground) 9
05/28/1941 (Adolf A.) Berle (Jr., Ass’t. Secretary Of State) Says Europe Is Nazi Food Victim (Not U.S.-British Blockade Victim) 12
05/28/1941 3 More Billions Asked For Planes 14
05/28/1941 8 Pilot Schools (Built In U.S.) Ready To Operate (Train Military Pilots) 14
05/28/1941 U.S. Program On In Latin America To Freeze Out The Axis Airline 14
05/28/1941 Families Of (U.S. Army) Trainees Sounded Out On War (U.S. Involvement) They Favor It (War) If Needed To Save Britain (Gallup Poll) 15
05/28/1941 Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Kre8S) Says Reds Try To Cut War Aid (To England) 15
05/28/1941 (U.S.) Army Motor Units Are Standardized 16
05/28/1941 Pre-Speech Appeal Made To President (By Non-Interventionists) 20
05/28/1941 British Ban Sleep To Hear President (Roosevelt)-’We’re Going To Lick Hitler Even Sooner’ Is Comment 21
05/28/1941 Advertisement, ¼ Page, By Legion For American Unity (F. Pecora, Dean Alfange, H. W. Van Loon, Henry Morgenthau, Sr., J. Pulver-Macher, C. Poletti): President Roosevelt, We Are With You-’Lead The Way, Mr. President, We Shall Not Stand Here Idle’ 21
05/28/1941 (Econonic Group) Urges Bar On (Roosevelt’s) Power To Devalue Dollar 22
05/28/1941 Fischer, Louis, Men And Politics, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc., N.Y. ‘The Story Of Europe From Versailles To Vichy’ 23
05/28/1941 Van Paassen, Pierre, The Time To Fight Is Now (Fight Germany!), 23
05/28/1941 Accept Challenge (Of War To Conquer Germany) Stires (Retiring Episcopal Bishop) Urges U.S. 28
05/29/1941 Roosevelt Does Not Plan Convoys Or Change In The Neutrality Laws 1
05/29/1941 A. F. Of L. Backs The President (Roosevelt): Calls For A Halt In Strikes 1
05/29/1941 La Guardia Warns Of Aid To Enemy By Lack Of Unity (Any Sign Of Opposition To Roosevelt Regime’s Course) 1
05/29/1941 Forty In Congress Affirm Peace Aim-Nye Says We Convoy Now-But Senator George Points To Omission Of Subject And Of The Neutrality Act 2
05/29/1941 Willkie Praises Roosevelt Speech 3
05/29/1941 Picture: Proclamation Declaring Unlimited National Emergency (Signatures Of Hull And Roosevelt) 3
05/29/1941 Lehman Praises (Roosevelt’s) Speech-Governor Says President (Roosevelt) Has Aroused Whole Nation (That He Had!) 3
05/29/1941 Solidarity Of Cuba (Fulgencio Batista) With U.S. Affirmed Halifax, Keynes See The President 4
05/29/1941 Britain Contrasts Voices Of Roosevelt And Hitler 4
05/29/1941 Nation’s Press Strongly Supports The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Stand (Survey Of Editorials Of U.S. City Newspapers) 4
05/29/1941 Swedes See Us Near War-Speech Is Seen As Last Step Before Actual Entry 4
05/29/1941 London Is Pleased Over New (Roosevelt) Pledge-Official Comment Is Reserved, But Speech Is Viewed As Close To War Entry-Further (U.S.) Action Awaited 5
05/29/1941 Vichy’s Ire Rises On British (Armed) Attacks (On French Territory) 9
05/29/1941 Nazis Said (By ‘A Jewish Agency’ In Jerusalem) To Arm Palestine Arabs (500,000 Jews In Holy Land ‘Virtually Defenseless’) 10
05/29/1941 Belgians Starving; Hope For U.S. Help 11
05/29/1941 Bread Ration Cut Restored By Vichy (Grain Not From U.S.!) 11
05/29/1941 Big Liner America Is Taken By Navy-Others Soon To Be Added 12
05/29/1941 Billy Rose Gives Show At Fort Dix 14
05/29/1941 (Protestant Episcopal) Church Backs Dr. (James Phinney) Baxter (Of Williams College) Asserts 40
05/29/1941 Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Story Assailed (By German-American Congress For Democracy. Krebs Had Said Most Germans Leaving Germany Were Gestapo Agents, Except Himself Presumably) 40
05/30/1941 Iraqi Town Taken In British Advance 1
05/30/1941 Dr. (Kurt Heinrich) Reith Seized: ‘No. 1 Nazi In U.S.’ Held Without Bail Deportation Warrant Accuses Ex-Diplomat Of Entering The Country Illegally 1
05/30/1941 Lindbergh Assails Roosevelt’s Speech 1
05/30/1941 Manila Clamps Down On Exports (To Japan); Control Act Stops Japanese Ships License System Is Put In Force As Roosevelt Signs Measure, Halting Loading Of Iron Philippines Call Defense Session 1
05/30/1941 Bar To New German ‘Misdeads’ Pledged By Foreign Secretary (Eden, Excerpts Of Speech, P. 4) 1
05/30/1941 Washington Seeks World Wheat Curb 2
05/30/1941 (Vichy) Plans 16 Laws On Jews 4
05/30/1941 ‘Confidence Vote’ (Pepper Resolution Supporting Roosevelt) Tabled In Senate 7
05/30/1941 37 Liberals Ask U.S. To Avoid War 8
05/30/1941 Backing President (Roosevelt) Urged (By Myron C. Taylor) At Cornell 12
05/30/1941 ‘Black Tom’ (World War I) Claim Of $10,000,000 Paid (By Order Of Federal Court Order)-German Funds (Seized By U.S. Order) Are Used 34
05/30/1941 (Federal Government) Indicts Georgians On ‘Slave Charge’ 34
05/30/1941 Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Replies To Critics-Denies He Intended Slandering Anti-Nazi Hitler Victims 34
05/31/1941 British At Outskirts Of Iraqi Capital-Rashid Ali Flees 1
05/31/1941 Unity In Emergency Is Urged As Nation Honors War Dead 1
05/31/1941 Air Bombs Kill 30, Hurt 100 In Dublin (Unidentified Planes) 1
05/31/1941 Japan Reaffirms Her Bonds To Axis-Matsuoka Says Tokyo May Be Forced To End Its Peaceful Policy In South Pacific 1
05/31/1941 (New) Jersey (German-American) Bund Camp (Camp Nordland Near Andover, N. J.) Raided (By N. J. Police) And Closed 1
05/31/1941 Picture: Survivors Of Bismarck 3
05/31/1941 R. A. F. Men On Liner Were Near Bismarck-Bound For U.S. (Presumably For Pilot) Training Schools 3
05/31/1941 Must Fight To Keep Liberty, Says (Alvin C.) York-Victory In 1918 Gave Us ‘A Lease, Not A Deed To It,’ Sergeant Declares 6
05/31/1941 Advertisement, ½ Column: To My Harassed Countrymen-Keep The U.S. Out Of War 8
05/31/1941 Anti-War Group Assails President (Roosevelt-Keep America Out Of War Congress) 9