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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

February 1941
Date Headline Page
02/01/1941 (Secretary Of The Navy, Frank) Knox Tells Nazi Plan To Attack Britain With New Plane And Gas (Text, P. 6) 1
02/01/1941 President (Roosevelt) Ready To Seize Any Plant 1
02/01/1941 Britain Held Eager For Nazi InvasionExpects Assault Soon 2
02/01/1941 Relief Ship To Sail For Europe (Spain & Marseilles) Today (‘Cold Harbor’) 2
02/01/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Studies Turks’ Situation (While Organizing The ‘Oss’) 4
02/01/1941 Prophecy On Nazis Laid To Wheeler (Relayed By Roosevelt Who Claims He Heard It From The Late William E. Dodd. This Begins A Long Feud Which Includes Dodd’s Children) 5
02/01/1941 Minority Report On Lend-Lease Bill 5
02/01/1941 Refugees In British Army 5
02/01/1941 181 Churches (In All England, 114 In London) Hit By German Bombs 11
02/01/1941 (German-American) Bund Chief, 8 Others Jailed In New Jersey For Race Hatred Talks At Camp Northland 18
02/01/1941 Foreign Gold Rises To New Peak Here 23
02/02/1941 U.S. Seen In Accord On South Pacific-Exiled Dutch Regime Bars Japanese ‘New Order’ 2
02/02/1941 Japan Announces Rationing Of Rice 2
02/02/1941 Aid Asked For (Spanish Republican) Refugees (In Letter To Roosevelt) 4
02/02/1941 Conscript Labor Put At 2,500,000 In Reich (By Briton, Ronald Cross) 12
02/02/1941 Aid To Britain Seen As Blocking War-85% Oppose Our Entry 15
02/02/1941 (Neutrality Act) Bars U.S. Carriers (Merchant Ships) From Convoy Group 16
02/02/1941 Talk Of Nazi Rule Denied By Wheeler (See P. 5 On Feb. 1) 18
02/02/1941 Picture: Washington Demonstration Against Lend-Lease Bill 28
02/02/1941 Congress ‘Assault’ By Nazis Charged (By Josh Lee, Oklahoma-Referring To Those Opposing Lend-Lease Aid To England) 28
02/02/1941 Solidarity Of U.S. Is Hailed By Rabbi (Louis I. Newman) 31
02/02/1941 (Admiral Husband E.) Kimmel Takes Rule Of All Navy Forces-Becomes Commander In Chief King Commands In Atlantic 31
02/02/1941 Britain To Open Broad Survey Of Its Schools D-6
02/02/1941 Japan Increases Petroleum Stock (Hoard) F-1
02/02/1941 Jackson, Robert H., The Struggle For Judicial Supremacy, Alfred Knopf, N.Y. On The Court ‘Purge’ Of 1947-Reviewed By Henry Steele Commager Book 4
02/02/1941 Article By J. F. Kennedy Allegedly In This Issue ?
02/03/1941 Norway’s Bishops Indict Nazis’ Rule 1
02/03/1941 South African Groups Riot On War Issue; Soldiers And Anti-British Civilians Clash 1
02/03/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Confers With Turks’ Chiefs 3
02/03/1941 Nazi Press Admits U.S. Looms As Foe 4
02/03/1941 Refugees Duped By Invalid Visas 6
02/03/1941 Lehman Proclaims Feb. 9 Poland Day 7
02/03/1941 Prison Labor’s Use For Defense Urged (By Prison Association Of New York) 19
02/03/1941 Senators Warned Of War In Aid Bill-But Admit Axis Menace 1
02/03/1941 Cuban Army, Navy, Police Chiefs Dropped; Batista Takes Helm, Suspends Civil Rights 1
02/03/1941 Berlin Bids Vichy Decide Course Now-Occupation Of All France Is Hinted If Collaboration (With Germany) Is Delayed Any Longer 4
02/04/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan (Roosevelt’s Special Envoy To Europe) Confers With More Turks War Issue Is Held Near 5
02/04/1941 Tokyo Pushes Drastic State-Secret Bill; Reporting Of A Rice Riot Would Be A Crime 5
02/04/1941 Japan To Continue Pressure On Indies (For Oil)-Aims, However, Are Economic And Not Political Minister Declares 5
02/04/1941 Nazis Stress Ousting Of Jews From Europe-Hitler’s Newspaper Says Aim Is Elimination From Trade (Dated Feb. 3) 6
02/04/1941 (Sumner) Welles Discounts Soviet Attack (On U.S.) Idea-Says Department Has Not Heard Of Any Such Plan 8
02/04/1941 To Study Jewish Needs-Research Institute Will Prepare For Post-War World (Report By Dr. Maurice L. Perlzweig, British Section Of World Jewish Congress, Under Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 18
02/05/1941 Democracy Saved, Batista Tells Cuba 1
02/05/1941 Nazis Decree Death For 3 Norwegians-Spying For British Charged 2
02/05/1941 Pictures: Persecution Of Jews In Poland (Can’t Ride Street Cars, Iron Balconies Taken Off Jewish Homes And Melted Down For Scrap) 4
02/05/1941 U.S. Convoy Help Foreseen By (Briton, Ronald H.) Cross (Minister Of Shipping) 6
02/05/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Reaches Syria-Plans Tour Of Military Zone Created By Weygand 6
02/05/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Jousts With President (Roosevelt-Over Remark Made Allegedly By Wheeler To William E. Dodd) 8
02/05/1941 Pictures: Batista In Cuba 8
02/05/1941 Hull Reticent On Cuba-Sees No Occasion For Comment Or Action On Situation There 8
02/05/1941 Threat Of Epidemic (Influenza) Diminishes In Britain 16
02/05/1941 Wife And Son Of Rabbi Walsey Found Dead In Gas-Filled Garage Of Philadelphia Home (Car Running) 21
02/05/1941 $5,000,000 Sought For British Relief 22
02/06/1941 U.S. Germans Hate Nazis, Willkie Says 1
02/05/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Backs Leviton Strikers-At Brooklyn Rally, She Urges Unions For All-Proposes To Educate Employers 1
02/05/1941 Gayda Says Jews Seek ‘To Drag’ U.S. Into War (Italian Report) 2
02/05/1941 Hull Considering French Food Plan 3
02/05/1941 Rescue Ship Leased (In Panamanian Registry) For (450) Spain’s Refugees 4
02/05/1941 Roosevelt Says ‘Winston’ To Churchill’s ‘Franklin’ 4
02/05/1941 Bananas In London After Long Absence 4
02/05/1941 100 Norwegians Go To Fight For Germany 5
02/05/1941 Roosevelt Aide (Lauchlin Currie) In China 5
02/05/1941 Picture: Goebbels & Goering On Latter’s 48th Birthday 8
02/05/1941 200,000 Jews In Old Reich-Nazis Say There Is No Bar To Their Emigration To The U.S. 6
02/05/1941 Denies New Pledge On British Fleet-Hull States He Knows Of No Commitments Beyond That About Not Giving Up-Vandenberg Quotes Dorothy Thompson (In Query To Hull) 8
02/05/1941 Picture: Herbert C. Pell Arriving In N.Y. C. From Portugal 10
02/05/1941 Picture: Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt At A Meeting Of Strikers 11
02/05/1941 64% Of U.S. Exports Shipped To British 31
02/05/1941 26,000 Employees Added By Du Pont-23,100 On Construction 31
02/07/1941 Lindbergh Insists Britain Can’t Win-Holds Us Liable For War (Text, P. 6) 1
02/05/1941 Pictures: Appointed To New Diplomatic Posts By The President (Roosevelt-Herbert C. Pell, Minister To Hungary; A. J. D. Biddle, Jr., Ambassador To London Refugee Governments-Others) 3
02/05/1941 Vichy Powers Veer To ‘Collaboration’ (With Germany) 4
02/05/1941 Vichy To Better Life In Internment Camps 4
02/07/1941 French Cancelled (Col. William J.) Donovan’s Visa To Pass Through Syrian Territory-Vichy Says Visa Was Not Valid For Such Travel And Was So Stamped. See Feb. 8, 1941, P. 4) 4
02/07/1941 Nomura Hopeful Of Amity With Us; Reaches West Coast From Japan 5
02/07/1941 (Slovakia) To End 3,000 Jewish Firms 5
02/07/1941 (Senator Carter) Glass (Virginia) Questions Lindbergh’s Ideas 6
02/07/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Defends Power Of President-Constitution Gives It, She Tells Mount Holyoke Students 6
02/07/1941 European Hardships Laid By Nazis To U.S. (Cooperation With British Blockade) 9
02/07/1941 Pictures: ‘Falla,’ Roosevelt’s Dog 11
02/08/1941 Vichy Decrees Pay For Ousted (French Civil Service) Jews-Rate Is Above Standard 1
02/08/1941 Vichy Justifies Ban On (Col. William J.) Donovan In Syria 4
02/08/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Suggests Inquiry By Senate-Tells President (Roosevelt) To Push Plan If He Is Anxious To Find Out Who Is Aiding Germany 5
02/08/1941 Winant Sees Hope In Post-War World (So Why Did He Commit Suicide After The War?) 7
02/08/1941 Michigan Lists 10,000 As Fifth Columnists 7
02/09/1941 (Alf M.) Landon Attacks Roosevelt’s Policy (Text, P. 46) 1
02/09/1941 Two Ways (Ploys) Offered To Defeat Nazis (Deepen Fear Of Defeat And/Or Pledge No Bondage Educator, Dr. Hans Simons Says) 4
02/09/1941 Adds Palestine Homes (For 3,000 New Families) 5
02/09/1941 Soviet Is Accused By Banished Poles-500,000 Have Been Sent To Siberia To Face Dire Hardship 12
02/09/1941 Lehman Sees War If Dictators Win-All Aid To Britain And ‘Full Steam Ahead’ Vital Now-Censures Critics Of Bill 19
02/09/1941 (Robert H.) Jackson Reveals Curbs On Sabotage 29
02/09/1941 (Father) Sheehy (Catholic University) Condemns ‘Fence Sitters’-Says Britain Fights For Us 39
02/09/1941 All Aid To Britain Is Urged By Rabbis-Boy Scouts Are Praised (Lincoln Is Praised) 43
02/09/1941 The Roosevelt-Wheeler Tiff (Alleged Remark By Wheeler That Germany Would Win-Alleged To Have Been Told The Late William E. Dodd) E-6
02/09/1941 Japan Sends Us An Admiral (Nomura) As Envoy-’War Between Japan And America Would Be Worse That A Calamity; It Would Be A Catastrophe.’) Mag. 13
02/10/1941 British Warships Attack Genoa; Churchill Confident Of Victory With U.S. Materiel; Needs No Men 1
02/10/1941 Canadian Soldiers In Riot In Quebec (And Nova Scotia) 4
02/10/1941 Jewish Leaders To Meet-Lehman To Address (American Jewish) Joint Distribution (Committee) Group Here Sunday 6
02/10/1941 (Orville S. Mc Pherson, Publisher From Kansas City) Asks Aid To Britain At Risk Of War 10
02/10/1941 Prospect For War Debated In Forum-Calls For Defiance Of Hitler 10
02/10/1941 Martyrs Of Poland Are Honored Here (On ‘Polish Day’ Declared By Lehman No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews) 20
02/10/1941 Ohio Boy Trapped In Poland Returns-Invading Russians Kept Him Interned In Siberia (In A ‘Concentration Village’) 20
02/10/1941 (U.S.) Mills Swamped By Steel Orders 25
02/11/1941 British End Relations With Rumania; Prepare To Block Nazi Balkan Move 1
02/10/1941 Lodge Denounces (British) Aid Bill As Risking ‘Internal Dictator) 1
02/10/1941 Iceland Attacked By German Planes-British-Held Field Hit By Machine Guns On Craft On Reconnaissance Flight 3
02/10/1941 Petain Designates (Admiral) Darlan As His Heir 9
02/10/1941 (Benjamin V.) Cohen Is Slated To Go To London To Aid Winant 11
02/11/1941 Morgenthau Plans Axis Fund ‘Freeze’ 12
02/11/1941 Nazis Reported Degrading Poles-Pornography Published 15
02/12/1941 (James B.) Conant Backs Aid To Defeat Hitler 8
02/12/1941 (Conant & Seymour) Urge Universities To Back Defense 8
02/12/1941 Meddling By (Admiral D.) Leahy Denounced In Paris 12
02/12/1941 War On Hitlerism Defended By (Episcopal Bishop, Henry St. George) Tucker 12
02/13/1941 (Harry) Bridges Must Face Deportation Trial-(Robert H.) Jackson ((U.S.) Att’y. Gen.) Acting Under 1940 Alien Act 1
02/13/1941 Roosevelt Said To See Victory By Britain In Six Months If She Holds Till Summer 1
02/13/1941 Gen. Zhukoff Is Named Chief Of (Soviet) Staff 5
02/13/1941 Churchill States U.S. Knows War Aim (Of Britain) 6
02/13/1941 J. T. Flynn Assails Morgenthau Data (As Deceptive) 7
02/13/1941 Nazi (Prof. Viktor Bruns) Denies (Kellogg) Treaty Gives U.S. Aid Rights (To Aid German Captives) 13
02/13/1941 4,000 Refugees Seek Entry Each Month-32,000 Immigrant Visas Have Been Issued Since July 1 (Jewish Applicants Are A Large Percentage Of Total) 40
02/14/1941 Yugoslav Inaction Sought By Hitler 2
02/14/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Montana) Charges Radio (Pro-British) Bias On (British Aid) Bill 4
02/14/1941 Silent Invisible Bomber Called New Nazi Secret 4
02/14/1941 Jews Fight Nazis In Amsterdam Riot 5
02/14/1941 (U.S.) Women Hang Effigy (Of Roosevelt & Willkie) Near British Embassy; Other Anti-Aid Crusaders Stir Capitol (Senator Carter Glass Complains) 5
02/14/1941 U.S. Sent Britain $675,470,470 Arms 5
02/14/1941 Pastors In Norway Defy (Circular) Letter Ban 7
02/14/1941 (Benjamin V.) Cohen Going With Winant 8
02/14/1941 New Defense Committee Enlists Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 11
02/15/1941 Italy Reports Capture Of British ‘Chutists (‘Sky Troopers’); Sabotage Efforts Said To Have Been Foiled (Pictures, P. 3) 1
02/15/1941 Amsterdam Nazi Dies-Succumbs To Injuries (Received) In Street Attack Laid To Jews 4
02/16/1941 American Is Killed Fighting The Nazis (Oklahoman, Edwin E. Orbison In Eagle Squadron-Joined R. A. F. In Ottawa) 3
02/15/1941 Attlee Warns Britain, Nazis May Use Gas 3
02/15/1941 (Dr. James 8.) Conant Off (To England) To Head War Science Study 7
02/15/1941 Polish Jews Ask Aid (H. S. I. A. S. In Lublin)-Request For Food And Clothing Comes From Lublin Area (No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews At Majdanek Or Elsewhere) 7
02/15/1941 Refugees (10,000 German Jews) In France [In Gurs Camp] Aided 13
02/15/1941 Devils’ Islanders (Escaped Prisoners) Halted 13
02/15/1941 First Big Bomber (B-24-Built In U.S. For England) On Way To Britain (Held Bigger Bomb Load Than B-17) 14
02/15/1941 Jewish Aid Groups (J. D. C. & United Palestine Appeal) Seek To Heal Rift (At Odds On Refugee Service) 20
02/15/1941 Poles Here Accuse Nazis (Polish Information Center Claims Discrimination In Food Rations in Lodz No Hint Or Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews) 25
02/15/1941 More Curbs On Amsterdam Jews 25
02/15/1941 U.S. Has The ‘Jitters’ On Orient, Nazis Say 25
02/15/1941 Education Called Basis Of Defense (By Magistrate Anna K. Kross) 35
02/15/1941 Pleas To Tax Rich Ends Rights Parley 36
02/15/1941 British Blacklist Of Ships Growing 42
02/15/1941 New Lands Are Absorbed By The Conquering Reich (About Himmler & Frick) E-5
02/16/1941 King’s Masque, Evan John, (Marie Antoinette), E. P. Dutton Book 5
02/16/1941 (John G. Winant) A New Kind Of Envoy To A New Kind Of Britain Mag. 6
02/16/1941 Paderewski Dedicates Himself To An Old Cause (Poland) Mag. 9
02/17/1941 Britain Is Mining Zone Off Singapore; U.S. Can Beat Hitler Says Hopkins 1
02/17/1941 Decrease In Disease Is Reported By Reich 3
02/17/1941 (President Roosevelt) Asks We Send Food To Enemies Of Axis-Group Urges America Become Larder As Well As Arsenal 7
02/17/1941 (American Jewish) Joint (Distribution) Committee Plans Refugee Aid-Roosevelt (And Herbert Lehman) Praises Group 13
02/18/1941 Japan Offers To Mediate To End War 1
02/18/1941 (British) Aid Bill Urged In Senate Even At The Risk Of War; President To Act Quickly-Hitler Defeat Aim 1
02/18/1941 R. A. F. ‘Raids’ Poland In 1,800-Mile Flights (Drops Leaflets On Cracow & Kattowitz-Near Auschwitz!) 1
02/18/1941 Brooklyn Airman With R. A. F. Lost 3
02/18/1941 (Former British Ambassador To Germany, Sir Nevile) Henderson Puts Hitler Third On His Nazi List (Of Those He’d Like To Personally Kill Himmler First, Von Ribbentrop Second) 3
02/18/1941 (Sumner) Welles Says Nazis Must Feed Victims-Responsibility For Welfare Of Conquered Peoples Lies With Conqueror, He Says (An Obligation Soon Forgotten By The United Nations In 1945) 7
02/18/1941 Big Bomber (B-24) Ready For Hop To Britain 8
02/18/1941 Blum Aid Died In Action 9
02/18/1941 Roosevelt Widens Defense Housing 10
02/19/1941 (Sumner) Welles Cold To Tokyo (War Mediation) Plea; Warns Axis Of Firm Stand 1
02/19/1941 U.S. Urges Deeds Not Words On Japan 1
02/19/1941 (U.S.) Ill-Wishers Insult Hitler By Cable Collect, But Reich Renews Request For U.S. Criticism 1
02/19/1941 Senate Hears (British) Aid Bill Foes Warn Of Dictatorship Here 1
02/19/1941 We Are In The War Says Jesse Jones-Roosevelt Scouts View 5
02/19/1941 2 (Louis Greenspan & Erwin Abe Wollstein) Accused In Plot To Fleece Refugee (Dr. Heinz Lippmann From Germany)9 Berlin Questions (Sumner) Welles On Feeding (Of Conquered Peoples See Feb. 18, 1941, P. 7) 10
02/19/1941 (William C.) Bullitt Appeals For Air Strength 12
02/19/1941 Jewish Unit (Jewish Section Of The Inter-Faith Committee To Aid The Democracies) Gives $40,000 For British (To Buy Weapons) (Rabbi) Stephen Wise Presents First Installment(No Mention Of Killing Jews) 13
02/20/1941 Tokyo Sounds London On Mediation (Of European War) 1
02/20/1941 Plans Ship For (900) Refugees-Jewish Agency In Jerusalem Would Aid Rumanian (Jewish) Exodus 2
02/20/1941 Reich Keeps On Paying For (Collect) Radiogram Insults 2
02/20/1941 Australian Dares Any Foe To Attack 5
02/20/1941 Keep Powder Dry Russians Are Told 5
02/20/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) To Face War ‘If Necessary’ 8
02/20/1941 Nazi Deportation Of (Viennese) Jews Resumed (To Eastern Poland) 8
02/20/1941 Registered Aliens Number 4,924,140 (Earl G. Harrison) 11
02/20/1941 Negroes Are Seen Ignored In Defense (By Urban League) 13
02/21/1941 Matsuoka Said To Have Threatened London With ‘Counter Measures’ 1
02/21/1941 Educators Urged To Plan For Peace (By Reinhold Schairer, An Anti-Nazi German, Now A British Citizen) 6
02/21/1941 Nazi Pictures U.S. As Gaining By War 7
02/21/1941 Nazis Quit Under Radio Barrage; Stop Paying For U.S. (Collect) Messages (To German Overseas Radio) 8
02/21/1941 Bottleneck In Oil Held Axis Menace (By Standard Oil Executive) 11
02/22/1941 Un-American Tone Seen In Textbooks On Social Sciences (By Dr. Ralph West Robey, Columbia University) 1
02/22/1941 ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Plot To Encircle Japan Charged In Tokyo 1
02/22/1941 (British) Aid Bill Means War 3 Senators Assert-Gillette (Iowa) Says He Would Vote For Our Entry If He Were Convinced It Is ‘Our War’ 7
02/22/1941 Free Speech And Curls Are Crimes In (Sag Harbor, N.Y.) School ‘Dictatorship For A Day’ (Charade) 17
02/23/1941 (Henry A.) Wallace (Iowa) Demands Hitler Be Defeated 1
02/22/1941 U.S. Flag Masked British Ship Sunk By Nazis, They Charge 1
02/22/1941 Textbook Writers Reply To Attack; ‘Censor’ Fight On 1
02/22/1941 Nazis Called Bar To Feeding Europe (By U.S. Agriculture Department Representative, Dr. Frederick Strauss-Presumably With U.S. Food-Surrender To Us And Eat! Otherwise Starve!) 8
02/22/1941 British Statesmen Ask Palestine Aid 10
02/22/1941 Refugees Write Of French Camps-Darkness, Mud And Death 13
02/22/1941 Nazis Are Aroused By Matsuoka’s Bid (To Mediate War) 15
02/22/1941 U.S. Ideas Collect Cost Reich $9,000 19
02/22/1941 British See Food Relief (To Europe) As Direct Aid To Nazis E-5
02/22/1941 5,000,000 Aliens (In The U.S.) Mag. 8
02/24/1941 Rumanian Jews Ask Aid (From U.S. Jews) 4
02/24/1941 Refugees’ Plight Is Eased By Vichy 7
02/24/1941 Palestine Appeal Opens Here Today-Nazi Advances Make Removal Of Jews From Balkans Imperative, Straus Says 10
02/24/1941 Isolationist View Held Anti-Christ (By Rev. Henry E. Cobb) 18
02/25/1941 Roosevelt Asks $3,812,311,197 For The Army Immediately 1
02/25/1941 Textual Excerpts From The Address By Hitler 4
02/25/1941 Dr. Banting Dead In Wrecked Plane-En Route To Britain For Research 25
02/25/1941 Palestine Appeal Starts Fund Drive 46
02/26/1941 Roosevelt Bars Aid Curbs; No Peace Talk Till Victory 1
02/25/1941 Japanese Acclaim Churchill’s Reply (To Suggestion Of Mediation Of The European War) As Easing Tension 1
02/25/1941 Col. (William J.) Donovan Is In Spain For Further Investigation (Organizing The ‘Oss!’) 10
02/25/1941 Ideals Of U.S. Held Vital At War’s End (By Brooklyn Section Of National Council Of Jewish Women) 12
02/25/1941 Ickes Is Honored As Foe Of Bigotry 13
02/27/1941 French Will Applaud Roosevelt For Help (Food-Not Yet Received!)-Leahy To Take Part 7
02/28/1941 (U.S. Minister) Earl (German) Adversary Identifies Himself 2
02/28/1941 Cologne Fires Set In Big R. A. F. Raid 3
02/28/1941 Vienna Jews Plead For Help To Escape (Shipment To Poland)-U.S. Quotas Remain Unfilled 4
02/28/1941 Nomura Visits (Sumner) Welles 4
02/28/1941 Japan Foolish To Fight Britain (British) Admiral Warns 4
02/28/1941 (U.S.) Educators Favor U.S. Aid To Britain 7
02/28/1941 (William C.) Bullitt Calls U.S. To Wartime Effort 8
02/28/1941 British (Military) Orders Get Parity To (U.S.) Defense (Orders) 8
02/28/1941 Two Refugee Groups (J. D. C. & National Refugee Service) Join In Fund Drive 8
02/28/1941 (Sumner) Welles Resumes Talks With Soviet Envoy (After Slight Misunderstanding) 8
02/28/1941 ‘Rise Of Prejudice’ Scored By (Paul V.) Mcnutt-Sees Threat To Freedom 10