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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

April 1941
Date Headline Page
04/01/1941 Axis Protests (United States’) Seizure Of (Axis’) Ships 1
04/01/1941 Roosevelt Reveals Guns Going To Greece; Rebuilt 75’s At Fort Bragg Are ‘Only Part’ 1
04/01/1941 French Define Stand On Jewish Questions 9
04/01/1941 Refugees In France Hopeful Of U.S. Aid 9
04/01/1941 Anti-Semitism Here Called Hitler’s Aim (By B’nai B’rith) 11
04/02/1941 U.S. Increases Its Pressure In Economic War On Axis 1
04/02/1941 New R. A. F. Bombs Do Havoc In Emden (Holland) 3
04/02/1941 Reich Accuses U.S. Of Dual Violation (Of International Law-Confiscation Of Ships & Arrest Of Their Seamen On Sabotage Charges 11
04/03/1941 Nazis Put New Curbs On (German) Jewish Workers 4
04/03/1941 Picture: William Joyce (‘Lord Haw Haw’) 8
04/03/1941 Typhus Wages In Madrid 8
04/03/1941 Issue Of (U.S.-Guarded) Convoys (To England) Raised In (U.S.) Senate-(‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Scoffs At Idea 11
04/04/1941 Joint Convoy With British Discussed 1
04/04/1941 Croats Rally To Serbs’ Side-Yugoslavs United 1
04/04/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Discusses Food (For French) With Petain 6
04/04/1941 (Representative) Dies Predicts War Entry (Of U.S. Against Axis) 7
04/04/1941 British Air Manual ‘Insults’ U.S. On Aid (U.S. Helps ‘To Fight To The Last Englishman’) 9
04/04/1941 Fight On War Set (By ‘Isolationists’) By Congress Group 9
04/04/1941 Turn Fifth Column On Nazis, U.S. Urged (By Att’y. General Robert H. Jackson) 18
04/05/1941 U.S. Plans Aid; Will Drop Red Sea Ban-’Bridge Of Ships’ (To Aid Britain Against Germany) 1
04/05/1941 Nazis Release 40,000 Frenchmen (POW) 4
04/05/1941 More Jews’ Stores Controlled In Paris 4
04/05/1941 Mighty New Bomber For U.S. Is Expected-Will Fly Non-Stop To Berlin And Back Chileans Hear (From Dr. Gustav Egloff, Director Of Research, Universal Oil) 4
04/05/1941 Hull Replies To German And Italian Notes (Complaints About Indictments Of Interned Sailors For Sabotage On The Axis Ships Seized By The United States) 5
04/05/1941 Venezuelans Seize A German Freighter 5
04/06/1941 Germans Invade Yugoslavia And Greece-Hitler’s Order Of The Day-Goebbels Reads Order To Germans To Rid Europe Of All Britons 1
04/06/1941 Iraq Gives Pledge On British (Collaboration) Treaty 6
04/06/1941 (Women’s League For Palestine) For Palestine Haven (For Jews) 7
04/06/1941 U.S. (Official) Circles Weigh Soviet Role In War-President (Roosevelt) Studies Move 26
04/06/1941 Text Of German Foreign Minister’s (Von Ribbentrop’s) Statement (On Balkans Invasion) 28
04/06/1941 (Count) Sforza Condemns Our (U.S.) Complacency-Cites France As ‘Lesson’ 39
04/06/1941 Roosevelt Hails Men Of New Army 42
04/06/1941 War Crisis Spurs Education Laws D-7
04/06/1941 Question Of (U.S.) Convoys (To England) Must Be Faced Soon D-7
04/06/1941 Vichy Has Less Chance To Get American Food E-3
04/06/1941 Relations With Reich Under Greater Strain-Whether We Shall Eventually Be At War Is Debated In Washington E-6
04/06/1941 (U.S.) Ships Seizures Upset The Nazi Calm E-6
04/06/1941 Davidson, Philip, Propaganda And The American Revolution, University Of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill Book 9
04/07/1941 U.S. Pledges Quick Aid (To Yugoslavia & Greece Against Axis)-Hull Assails Nazis (Part Of Result Of W. J. Donovan’s Trip?) 1
04/07/1941 Moscow Blames Nazis For (Balkan) Attack; Says Yugoslavs Wanted Peace 1
04/07/1941 Immigration Ruling Modified By Brazil (U.S. Nationals May Remain There 6 Months Without Registering) 4
04/07/1941 Marseille Cheers (Admiral William D.) Leahy 4
04/07/1941 Poles Will Raise Force In Canada-Sikorski Announces Pact 9
04/08/1941 Germans Charge U.S. Egged On Yugoslavs (Donovan?) 6
04/08/1941 Iraqi Coup Denounced (By Allies) 7
04/08/1941 Petain Rules Out Attack On Britain-Says Honor Forbids Turning On Ally But Self-Interest Forbids Assisting Her 12
04/08/1941 Marseille Crowds Acclaim U.S. Envoy (Admiral William D. Leahy) 12
04/08/1941 Hails Those (Newspapers) Silent On (Repair Of) British Warships (By Neutral U.S.-Compare ‘Graf Spee’)-Knox Says To Report Arrival (Of British Ships In U.S.) For Repairs Aids Germans (See April 9, 1941, P. Entry) 14
04/08/1941 Palestine War Aid Vital (Sir Norman) Angell Says (Spokesman For Jewish Agency) 31
04/09/1941 Roosevelt To Use 69 Seized Ships-(President Roosevelt) To Ask Right To Buy 39 Seized (Axis) Vessels 1
04/09/1941 Mexico Expropriates Twelve Ships Of Axis As Needed To Save War-Damaged Economy (President Avila Comacho) 1
04/09/1941 Roosevelt Promises King Peter (Yugoslavia) To Speed All Possible War Help 3
04/09/1941 Zeal To Crush Axis Seen Uniting India (By Firoz Noon, High Commissioner For India) 9
04/09/1941 Accused Of Plot, Regent Quits Iraq-Hand Of Von Papen Seen 12
04/09/1941 Roosevelt Denies Censorship Plans (See April 8, 1941, P. 14 Entry-Newspapers Should Voluntarily Print Nothing Harmful To Allies Or Helpful To Germany!) 12
04/09/1941 (Admiral Emery S. Land) Hints Convoy Use To Speed Our Aid (To Britain) 14
04/09/1941 Ship Aid Planned For The Yugoslavs 14
04/09/1941 Text Of Vice President (Henry A.) Wallace’s Address On This Nation’s War Aims 18
04/09/1941 Roosevelt Urges More Arms Speed 22
04/10/1941 R. A. F. Bombs Blast Berlin Landmarks (State Opera House, Prussian State Library, Hospitals & Residences Mentioned) 1
04/10/1941 Churchill Stresses Need For U.S. Navy Convoys 1
04/10/1941 Ten U.S. Cutters To Go To Britain (Announcement By White House) 1
04/10/1941 Text Of Churchill’s Review Of The War In The House Of Commons 4
04/10/1941 Turks Tell Allies They Will Not Aid (Them) 7
04/10/1941 Roosevelt Letter Assures Norway (To Crown Prince Olaf, Text) 8
04/10/1941 Appeal For Wheat Renewed By Vichy 9
04/10/1941 Supply Shortages Held Vexing Reich 10
04/10/1941 U.S. Convoys (To England) Urged By Mrs. (J. Borden) Harriman 12
04/10/1941 Youth Movement (‘Young America Wants To Help’) Pleases President (Roosevelt) 14
04/10/1941 (Herbert) Lehman Declares Army Bars Terror 18
04/10/1941 President (Roosevelt) Sets Up Fha Defense Areas 47
04/11/1941 U.S. To Protect Greenland, Set Up Bases There; Shipment Of Arms To Halifax Is Considered-End Of Halifax Port Ban Would Free British Ships (For Service Elsewhere-Pictures Of Greenland, P. 3) 1
04/11/1941 Vast Reich Funds Hunted In (U.S., Drug) Inquiry Into Drug Business 1
04/11/1941 U.S. Moves To.Seize Idle Foreign Ships 1
04/11/1941 Free Croat State Reported Formed 1
04/11/1941 Agreement (Text) Whereby United States Becomes Protector Of Greenland 4
04/11/1941 Army Cloaks Offshore Bases In Secrecy Under Order For Censorship At Source 4
04/11/1941 Help For Refugees (Origin Unstated) In France Is Urged 6
04/11/1941 Upset In Iraq Seen By Former Leaders-Ex-Premier (Nuri As Said) And Emir (Abdullah) Blame Nazis For Military Coup 11
04/11/1941 Berlin Calls (R. A. F.) Raid (Night Of April 19) Its Worst Of War 13
04/11/1941 Japan Is Warned (By Foreign Minister Matsuoka) Of Long (Impending) Struggle (With U.S.) 14
04/11/1941 Clothing Needed By Britons In War 15
04/11/1941 Two Stimson Aides (John J. Mc Cloy & Robert A. Lovett) Advanced In Rank 16
04/11/1941 (Economist) Richberg Proposes Post-War Economy 32
04/12/1941 President (Roosevelt) Creates Price-Fixing Set-Up (Text Of Order, P. 18) 1
04/12/1941 Roosevelt Ends Shipping Ban In Red Sea Zone-Decision Allows (U.S.) Cargo Vessels To Freight Supplies To (British In) Suez (Text Of Proclamation, P. 7) 1
04/12/1941 (Official) Washington Glum Over Balkan War-(King) Peter Reported Fleeing 3
04/12/1941 Britain And Germany Keep (Mutually Respect Existing) Patents Accord 4
04/12/1941 New Iraqi Regime Nips Counter Coup 5
04/12/1941 (Col. William J. Donovan, ‘Special Assistant To Roosevelt’) Sees Nazis’ Defeat If Held For A Year 6
04/12/1941 Britain Said To Ask U.S. Secrets Curb-Stories Of Ship (Repaired By U.S. At Norfolk, Va. For The British) Scored 6
04/12/1941 President Signs ‘Hands-Off’ Notice-Monroe Doctrine A Law (No Change In Sovereignty Of State In Western Hemisphere Will Be Allowed By U.S.) 7
04/12/1941 700 Refugees Attend Seder Service Here (At Hsias Hall) 18
04/13/1941 U.S. May Ask Eire For British Bases (Washington Report) 1
04/13/1941 Knox Takes Over Navy Press Service 14
04/13/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Assails Red Sea Opening (By Roosevelt) 15
04/13/1941 Axis Bags British General (Adrian Carton De Wiart) Who Led Fight (Invasion) In Norway 16
04/13/1941 Picture: General Maximino Avila Comacho (Visiting Washington) 19
04/13/1941 German Oil Supply At Stake In (Balkan) Battle 22
04/13/1941 Palestine Groups To Dine-(‘Dear Alben’) Barkley And Weizman To Talk At Labor Sessions (Hotels Astor & Commodore) Tonight 27
04/13/1941 Curb On War News A Problem To U.S.-Compulsion Is Disavowed (By Stephan Early, White House Secretary) 28
04/13/1941 Germans Assail Our Balkan Role-Put Blame For Events In Yugoslavia On U.S. Plotters (Donovan Et Al.) E-4
04/13/1941 Churchill, Winston S., Blood, Sweat, And Tears, G. P. Putnams Sons, N.Y. ‘Collection Of Memorable Addresses’ Book 1
04/13/1941 Murrow, Edward R., This Is London, Simon & Schuster, N.Y Book 5
04/13/1941 Calverton, V. F. Where Angels Fear To Tread, Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis-Three Centers Of Utopian Settlements In America Book 11
04/14/1941 Pope Pius Asks Ban On Worse Weapons (Text, P. 3) 1
04/14/1941 Russia And Japan Sign A Neutrality Treaty 1
04/14/1941 De Valera Warns Irish To Be Ready (For Invasion) 3
04/14/1941 Fotitch Denies Yugoslavs Acted On Strength Of Our Aid Promises-Minister To U.S. Absolves Col (William J.) Donovan 4
04/14/1941 Reich Acts To Regain Iraqi Oil Interests (Diplomatic Moves) 5
04/14/1941 D. A. R. To Debate Problems Of War (‘Union Now,’ A New A. E. F., Etc.) 19
04/14/1941 (Harold L.) Ickes Offers A List Of Nazi ‘Tools’ (Lindbergh & The America First Group) Here 19
04/14/1941 Covetousness, Bigotry And Prejudice Named (By Rev. John Paul Jones, Union Presbyterian Church-Name Seen Frequently) By Jones As Flaws In ‘Religion’ Many Live By 20
04/14/1941 Christ Is Envisaged (By Dr. C. Jeffares Mc Combe, Methodist Church) On All Battlefronts 20
04/14/1941 Palestine Termed (By ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley & Chaim Weizmann)-Aid To Democracy (At National Labor Committee For Palestine Meeting At Hotels Astor & Commodore-Greetings From Wagner & Roosevelt) 21
04/15/1941 U.S. Bars Recall-Of Danish Envoy (Over U.S. Assuming Control Over Greenland)-Rejects Denmark Order 8
04/15/1941 Meatless Days In Tokyo 11
04/16/1941 Roosevelt Holds (U.S. Merchant) Ships’ Protection (While Operating Anywhere Outside A Declared Combat Zone) Required By Law (Attempting To Justify Convoying U.S. Ships Carrying War Supplies To England) 1
04/16/1941 U.S. Aid Reported Promised To Poles (By Roosevelt & Hull) 3
04/16/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy (Pro-Roosevelt, Anti-Vichy, Anti-German) Influence Decried (By Marcel Deat) 3
04/16/1941 (Senator-Burton K.) Wheeler Says U.S. Promises War Aid (To Britain ‘Thousands Have Been Killed Abroad Because Of Our Assurances’) 13
04/16/1941 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant Is Back (From England); Silent On Mission 15
04/16/1941 Convoy Problem Engages Senate-(‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Makes Defense (Of Roosevelt’s Policy And Actions) 15
04/17/1941 Nazis Goose Step To Athens Prison 1
04/17/1941 Reds Here Resume Attacks On Hitler (Ernst Thaelmann’s Birthday-[Communist] Buchenwald Inmate) 6
04/17/1941 Red Cross Is ‘Ready For Action’ Secretary Tells D. A. R. Congress (Ready For ‘Any Emergency.’) 10
04/17/1941 Revolt In Iraq Is Seen As Part Of Nazi Push-100,000 British Troops Would Be Needed To Restore Order (Istanbul Report) 11
04/17/1941 (Sir Gerald) Campbell Urges Total Warfare-Defends (British) Food Blockade (Of Europe-But England Eats Regularly!) 11
04/17/1941 European Blocs Seen By (Polish General) Sikorski (Picture) 13
04/17/1941 Senate Committee To Consider Convoy Ban April 30-Tobey (Anti-Convoy) Resolution First 13
04/17/1941 Movement (Independent Theater Owners Association & Allied Theater Owners Of New York, Inc.) To Ban Films Of The Axis See Inimical Propaganda (In Them But Not In Their Own) 28
04/17/1941 Reich Liquidating Its Credits Here 35
04/18/1941 British Slaughter Germans In Greece 5
04/18/1941 Japan Now Plans ‘Diplomatic War’-Wants East Indies Pact 7
04/18/1941 Lindbergh Calls War Lost By Allies 8
04/18/1941 (U.S.) Ships Go To British Under Leasing Act 8
04/18/1941 (Axis) Ship Seizure (By U.S.) Plan Stirs (Congressional) Committee 8
04/18/1941 (Senator) Tobey Asks Stand On Convoy Issue 8
04/18/1941 President (Roosevelt) Gains Popularity Peak (73% Of Voters-Gallup Poll) 10
04/18/1941 G. M. C. Begins Output Of $61,000,000 (30 & 50 Caliber Machine) Guns 14
04/19/1941 Premier Of Greece (Korizis) Dies Unexpectedly (Cause Unknown-later, Germans Blame British) 1
04/18/1941 President (Roosevelt) Warns We Are Not Aware Of Nation’s Peril-Convoy Charge Denied 1
04/18/1941 Yugoslavs To Fight, Envoy To U.S. Says-Fotitch Sees (Sumner) Welles 3
04/18/1941 ‘Union Now’ Move Opposed By D. A. R.-But British Aid Is Backed 4
04/18/1941 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Says U.S. Convoys No Ships-Tells Faith In Roosevelt 4
04/19/1941 Petain And (Admiral William D.) Leahy Confer In Vichy 6
04/19/1941 Plan New Plants For Big Bombers (Needed By England To Bomb Germany) 6
04/19/1941 Refugees Reported Shot-150 Killed In France Resisting Extradition (See April 22, 1941 Entry, P. 12) 6
04/19/1941 Refugee Youth’s Model Plane Wins Prize In Meet On High School Athletic Field (Ernest Weil) 7
04/19/1941 Defense Leaders Ask Aid (Submission) Of Editors-Repeat Censorship Denial 7
04/19/1941 (Judge Robert N. Wilkin) Denounces Lindbergh For Chicago (‘Defeatist’) Speech 8
04/19/1941 Lehman Signs Bill Barring Race Curb (Mahoney Bill) 9
04/20/1941 Troops Of Britain (‘Strong Forces’) Land To Hold Iraq (Oil)-To Protect Oil Region And Open Communications (Map On P. 12) 1&12
04/20/1941 Deborah Mitford Is Bride In London (Sister Unity Mentioned) 4
04/20/1941 (Yugoslav) Fight To Continue Simovitch (In Athens) Insists 5
04/20/1941 Korizis Killed By British, Germans Say As (Greek) Cabinet Flees (Compared To Metaxas’ Death Earlier) 7
04/20/1941 Jew (Engineer) Exempted (From Jewish Laws) By Vichy (Raymond Berr) 8
04/20/1941 (Secretary) Wickard Depicts Nazi Food Crisis-Cites Balkan Crop Loss 13
04/20/1941 Hitler Calls Reich To ‘Heavy’ Combat 15
04/20/1941 Kirsten Flagstad Off For Norway-Will Return For (Opera) Season 18
04/20/1941 Peril Of Sabotage Watched At (Panama) Canal 19
04/20/1941 (Bainbridge) Colby Says Convoys Are Essential To (Our) Aid (To England) 20
04/20/1941 Britain Doomed, (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Says 26
04/20/1941 Envoy Of France (Gaston Henry-Haye) Beseeches Our Aid (Food For France) 27
04/20/1941 68 Senators Back Palestine Refuge-As Their (Jews’) National Homeland (List Of Signers) 28
04/20/1941 Rabbis Ask All Aid For Democracies 31
04/20/1941 28-Ton Tanks Begin Rolling For Army 33
04/20/1941 British Scan (Their) Need As (U.S.) Censoring Test 35
04/20/1941 (Hull) Speeds Refugee’s (Wife Of Clemenceau’s Grandson’s) Return (To U.S.) 37
04/20/1941 Army Considers Using German-Type (Army) Helmet 39
04/20/1941 Greenland Is Officially Included (In Monroe Doctrine) But Limits Depend On What We Would Fight For E-6
04/20/1941 (U.S.) Government Tries Out Its Price-Fixing Power E-7
04/21/1941 U.S., Canada Join (Economies) For War Output 1
04/21/1941 Roosevelt Calls For 1,000 Doctors To Go To Britain 1
04/21/1941 Japanese Report U.S. Is In Secret Accord (With Britain, China, Australia & Others-Abcd Powers) To Defend Southeast Asia Against (Japanese) Drive 1&9
04/21/1941 Britain Defended On Move In (To) Greece 6
04/21/1941 Convoys Supported By (American) Social Democrats 6
04/21/1941 Victors’ Clemency (For Defeated Nations) Besought By Pope 7
04/21/1941 Refugees Turning To Travelers Aid-55,925 Assisted In Year 7
04/21/1941 (General Maxime) Weygand To Fight If (Any) Invasion (Of French Territory By Anyone) Comes 8
04/21/1941 Vichy Frees A Rothschild (Philippe De-Exonerated On A Desertion Charge) 8
04/21/1941 (British Destroyers) Convoy American Ships (In Australian Waters Already) 9
04/21/1941 Gifts For Britain Laid Upon (Episcopal) Altar 10
04/21/1941 U.S. War On Nazis Asked By (Rev. Donald B.) Aldrich (Episcopal Minister) 13
04/22/1941 U.S. Pact To Ease (Economic) Strain On Canada 1
04/22/1941 34 Physicians Volunteer (Of The 1,000 Requested By Roosevelt To Go To England For Service) 5
04/22/1941 French ‘Recapture’ Vessel From British (Confiscated By British) 5
04/22/1941 U.S. Liner (‘Siboney’) Halted By (British) Warships’ Fire (In Atlantic, Countess Bernadotte On Board) 5
04/22/1941 Britons Concerned On Convoy Debate 6
04/22/1941 Guard Against Typhus (In Spain) 6
04/22/1941 Eve Curie Pleads For Aid To Britain (By U.S.) 6
04/22/1941 Germans Now Eye The British In Iraq 8
04/22/1941 Census Of All Jews Is Planned In France 9
04/22/1941 Henry-Haye Appeals For Food For France (Needs 490,000 Tons Of Wheat) 9
04/22/1941 Laval Aide Gone (Disappeared); Foul Play Is Seen 9
04/22/1941 Vichy Notes Ships Seized By British (139 Merchant Ships) 10
04/22/1941 Roosevelt Pushes Seized Ships Bill 10
04/22/1941 No Prisoners Shot At Camp, Vichy Says (150 Reported Shot By Allies) 12
04/22/1941 New A. E. F. Urged (By Bishop Henry W. Hobson, Episcopal Church Bellicose Head Of ‘Fight For Freedom Committee’) To Defeat Hitler 15
04/22/1941 Lehman Urges U.S. To Unite In Arming 26
04/23/1941 Roosevelt Urges Faith In Victory With American Aid 1
04/23/1941 Army ‘Over Hump’ Marshall Asserts 1
04/23/1941 Winant Stresses Aim To End Nazi Tyranny 2
04/23/1941 (Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Acts To Bar Refuge To (German) War Prisoner As Nazi Jumps His $10,000 Bail Bond Will Be Refused Henceforth To Those Who Escape To The United States 4
04/23/1941 U.S. Flier Killed On Study Of R. A. F.-Flew In Fighting Planes 9
04/23/1941 50% Still Oppose Convoys To Britain-But 71% Favor Plan If Defeat Of England Seems Impending, Gallup Survey Finds 9
04/23/1941 Lindbergh To Lead Anti-Convoy Rally 9
04/23/1941 46,000,000 Garments Delivered To The Army 11
04/23/1941 U.S. Soldiers Seen Due To Go To War (By Col. J. A. Baer, Chief Of Staff, 2Nd Corps Area) 12
04/23/1941 Army Lands 2,000 In The Philippines 13
04/23/1941 Picture: Mrs. Pierre B. Clemenceau 14
04/23/1941 U. P. Executives Map European Coverage 17
04/23/1941 Critics Prize Goes To ‘Watch On Rhine’ (Llllian Hellman Movie) 24
04/24/1941 British Seek Another A. E. F. Lindbergh Tells 10,000 Here (Text Of Speech, P. 12) 1&12
04/24/1941 Capital Expects Convoy Decision 8
04/24/1941 20 Mosquito (Torpedo) Boats On Way To Britain (Built For U.S. By Canada ?) 8
04/25/1941 Hull Declares ‘Ways Must Be Found’ To Get Quick, Full Aid To Britain-High Time We Act (Text, P. 12) 1
04/25/1941 ‘This Is Our Fight,’ Knox Says Here-’No Turning Back’ (Text, P. 10) 1
04/25/1941 Sharp Responses Made To Lindbergh-J. P. Warburg (J. D. C.) Assails Flyer As Betraying Defense-(Writer, Rex) Stout Calls Him A ‘Quitter’ 1
04/25/1941 Churchill Rejects (Parliament) War Debate Plea 1
04/25/1941 Nazis Uphold Werra In Flight From U.S.-Berlin Says International Law Is No Longer Honored Here 5
04/25/1941 Aide Of Daladier Indicted At Riom-Court Will Merely Fix Blame For Defeat-War Guilt Issue Shelved 6
04/25/1941 (Federal Price Control Administrator) Henderson Warns Of ‘Hitler Prices’ 6
04/25/1941 29 Women Leaders Support (British) Blockade (Of Europe)-Mrs. (J. Borden) Harriman Heads Group Calling On Americans To Let British Food Policy Go OnSays Supplies Would Be Plundered By Nazis 9
04/25/1941 (Newspaper) Publishers Renew Pledge To Defense-State Cooperation (Voluntary Censorship) Urged 9
04/25/1941 Mayor (La Guardia) Attacks Lindbergh Stand 12
04/25/1941 Voters Disagree With Lindbergh (Gallup Poll) 12
04/25/1941 Lindbergh Praised In Nazi Newspaper (‘Hamburger Fremdenblatt’) 13
04/26/1941 Willkie Demands We Guard Cargos (Destined For Britain-In Convoy Dispute) 1
04/25/1941 U.S. Will Patrol Wider Sea Areas 1
04/25/1941 Greenland Alarm-President (Roosevelt) Hears Nazis May Be-There Now And We Will Act If So-Our Ships Scout Oceans He Likens Lindbergh To Civil War Copperheads, And Hits All Defeatist (Opposing) Forces 1
04/25/1941 Yugoslav Fall Is Laid To Traitors; Cutting Of Wires Isolated Armies (By C. L. Sulzberger) 3
04/25/1941 Belgrade Horror (Starvation Lawlessness, Etc.) Told By Witness (Cecil Brown Of Cbs) 3
04/25/1941 (Law) Authorizes Use (By U.S.) Of Seized (Axis) Ships 4
04/25/1941 Germans Renew War Zone Threat (Ships Bound To Britain With War Supplies Will Be Sunk) 4
04/25/1941 Roosevelt ‘Betrayal’ Of U.S. Into War Seen-Rev. J. H. Holmes Says Hull And Knox Confirm Public Fear 4
04/25/1941 (Roosevelt’s Statements) A Test (For Public Reaction) Says (Burton K.) Wheeler 4
04/25/1941 President (Roosevelt) Defines Lindbergh’s Niche-Puts Him With (Civil War Senator Clement) VallandinghamAnd Valley Forge Quitters-So Not Called By Army 5
04/25/1941 Emil Ludwig (German-Jewish Refugee) Becomes (Treasury Department-Morgenthau) Dollar-A-Year Worker 5
04/25/1941 (7,000) More Joining Lindbergh 5
04/26/1941 Shift Of U.S. Ships Reported In Tokyo-Nichi Nichi Declares American Craft Will Take Over From Britain In Far East 7
04/26/1941 European Refugees (Max Bernstein & Herman Rothschild) Arrive Here (Aboard Portuguese Liner ‘Nyassa’) 7
04/26/1941 1/2 Page Advertisement: The Fight For Freedom Committee-Request For People To Send Letter To Congress-’I Will Support Any Action Toward The End Of Defeating Hitler’ 7
04/26/1941 U.S. Entry Into War Predicted By 82% (Of People-Gallup Poll) 8
04/27/1941 Senate Poll On Convoys Is Close-50 For, 45 Against-Leaders Likely To Keep Issue Off The Floor To Avoid Long Battle-Executive Order For Convoys Expected By Some If Their Use Is Held Necessary 1&21
04/26/1941 Americas For Unity On Seizure Of (Axis) Ships (Text Of Resolution, P. 19) 1
04/26/1941 Stukas Sink Yacht Carrying Civilians-Many Killed In Piraeus (Greece) Harbor On Former Vanderbilt Craft (Cbs Report) 2
04/26/1941 Use Of Prisoners Vital To Germany-Labor Shortage Persists-2,000,000 Now Employed Play Decisive Role In Economy, Reich Authorities Admit 15
04/26/1941 Press In Germany Attacks President (Roosevelt-Policy Of Supplying England) Call Americans Misled 18
04/26/1941 Methodists Here Back U.S. Convoys 21
04/26/1941 (Rabbi Abraham D. Shaw, Baltimore) Bids Jewish Youth Beware Defeatism 23
04/26/1941 War Sentiment (In U.S.) Up, Gallup Test Finds-68% Favor Our Entrance If Necessary To Defeat The Axis 24
04/26/1941 (Att’y. General, Robert H. Jackson) Blames (German) Consulate In Von Werra Case-’A Breach Of Propriety’ (Speech In Richmond, Va.) 26
04/26/1941 Britain Finds Nazis Need Ferrous Alloys 26
04/26/1941 Patrol Getting A Trial-Before Convoy System (To Deliver War Supplies To British) Technically Short Of War (Arthur Krock) E-3
04/26/1941 Europe’s Emigres Crowd Shanghai (More Than 7,000 Registered With U.S. Consulate There) E-4
04/27/1941 Question Of Convoys Studied By Roosevelt E-6
04/27/1941 Solid South Takes Stand On Race Segregation Laws-Ten States Join In Unprecedented Appeal To The Supreme Court Not To Take Action E-9
04/27/1941 The Truth About Jan Valtin (Real Name, Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Not Mentioned-See Current Biography, 1941) Book 32
04/27/1941 (Henry) Morgenthau At 85 Recalls A Full Life Mag. 13
04/27/1941 Picture: Dr. Hans Frank, Governor General In Poland Mag. 22
04/28/1941 Churchill Sees Victory With U.S. Sea Aid-Premier Confident (Text Of Speech, P. 4) 1&4
04/28/1941 R. A. F.’s New Bombs Tear Into Hamburg 1
04/28/1941 (John D.) Rockefeller (Jr.) Asks President (Roosevelt) To Convoy Arms And Eliminate Nazi And Red Fifth Columns 1
04/28/1941 Italians Say U.S. Lacks Democracy 5
04/28/1941 (German) Bomb At Liverpool Hit Nursery 6
04/28/1941 (William C.) Bullitt Declares China Guards Us 7
04/28/1941 Anti-Convoy Move Doomed In Senate (By W. H. Lawrence) 8
04/28/1941 Head (Ernest W. Gibson, Jr.) Of Aid Group (‘Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) Asks Convoys Now-Calls Action Necessary 9
04/28/1941 Many (Americans) Give Support To ‘Total’ War Plan 9
04/28/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Sees Us ‘Rushing’ Into War (Crowd At Speech Asked Not To Boo Roosevelt) 10
04/28/1941 (James A.) Farley Asks Unity Behind Roosevelt 18
04/28/1941 U.S. Stand On War Is Set, Romig (Pastor, West End Collegiate Reformed Church) Says 18
04/28/1941 (Rev. Harry Emerson) Fosdick Warns U.S. Not To Enter War 18
04/29/1941 (U.S. Supreme) Court Backs Rights Of Negro On (Pullman] Trains (In The South) 1
04/28/1941 Lindbergh Quits Air Corps; Sees His Loyalty Questioned 1
04/29/1941 B. E. F. In Greece Getting Out-Anzacs Are Going 1
04/29/1941 Picture: London Landmark (St. Andrews Church) Shattered By Force Of Nazi Bombs 6
04/29/1941 Palestine Is Held Example Of Unity-Jewish State Is Seen 7
04/29/1941 Japan Prepares For Gas (Warfare) 7
04/29/1941 550,000 Refugees Still Taxing Vichy-Thousands Not Listed 8
04/29/1941 3 UNESCOrted Boys (Including Twins) Arrive From Paris 8
04/29/1941 Atlantic Clipper Arrives With 43 Passengers 8
04/29/1941 Ex-Pacifists Favor War If Necessary-Liberals Headed By Niebuhr 9
04/29/1941 Germans Make Sawdust Into Food For Livestock 9
04/29/1941 Judge Simons (Elected) Head Of Hebrew Council-Greetings By Roosevelt 14
04/29/1941 Half Billion Spent On Army Textiles (Items Listed) 34
04/30/1941 Roosevelt Plans (Naval) Patrols In War Zones Or Anywhere Necessary For Our Defense (As He Sees Fit!) 1
04/30/1941 Stimson Permits Lindbergh To Quit 1
04/30/1941 (Admiral Harold R.) Stark Hints At Aid For British Fleet 1
04/30/1941 Nazis Say Patience Is Tried By Swiss 2
04/30/1941 Churchill (In Surprise Move) Seeks Confidence Vote (In Parliament) 4
04/30/1941 Capt. (James) Roosevelt Visits Chungking 6
04/30/1941 Columbia Admits Close Ties To U.S. 7
04/30/1941 Mystery Planes Seen In This Area 8
04/30/1941 No-War Group (‘No Foreign War Committee’) Ends Activities In Nation 8
04/30/1941 New Step Is Taken (By U.S.) To Seize Axis Ships 10
04/30/1941 Reich Press Warns U.S. Against Convoys 10
04/30/1941 (Group Headed By Lindbergh’s Mother-In-law) Plans Drive For Convoys 10
04/30/1941 Convoy Drive Is Begun 10