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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

November 1941
Date Headline Page
11/01/1941 U.S. Destroyer (Reuben James) Sunk, 44 Of 120 Crew Rescued-Was With Convoy-DetailsAre Not Yet Known 1
11/01/1941 London Sees Nazis All Out Against Us 3
11/01/1941 Nazis Call Sinking Justified By Law-Drew Attack In Acting As Convoy 4
11/01/1941 Mayor (La Guardia) Sees U.S. On Brink Of War 4
11/01/1941 Battle In Serbia A ‘Second War’ (A Guerrilla War Led By An Unnamed Group Of Yugoslav Officers) 6
11/01/1941 French Set Jan. 15 For Gamelin Trial-Blum And Daladier Also To Be Arraigned At Same Time (Riom Trial) 6
11/01/1941 Big Tax Increase Decided In Japan 7
11/01/1941 President (Roosevelt) Names Score Of Generals 17
11/01/1941 Palestine Called Prepared To Fight (By Mrs. Dushkin, Hadassah, Senator Claude Pepper, Florida, To Speak Along With Others) 18
11/02/1941 Hitler Says U.S. Started-Shooting-Admits Kearny Hit-Roosevelt Called ‘Liar’-Map Of Nazi Latin America (Claimed By Roosevelt To Be In His Possession) Is Termed Forgery (Text, P. 13) 1&11
11/02/1941 Hitler Declares War Is (Lord Beaverbrook’s) View In London 2
11/02/1941 Japan’s Warships Pry In U.S. Waters-Submarine Prowls Off Hawaii And Fast Ships Cruise Near Our Pacific Bases-We Learn Their Aims 3
11/02/1941 World Ship ‘Pool’ For U.S. Forecast-Like Britain’s System 4
11/02/1941 Serbs Kill 19 Chiefs In Nazi-Held Towns 5
11/02/1941 Britons (A. V. Alexander, First Lord Of The Admiralty) Expects Us To Act 5
11/02/1941 Knox Assails Acts That Pass ‘Piracy’-Our Role Self Defense-We Are Now In ‘Fight-To-Finish’ 6
11/02/1941 Our ‘War’ Answer Awaited (By Australia) 7
11/02/1941 Says Reuben James Sank Two U-Boats-Seaman (Leonidas C. Dickerson) On Lost Destroyer, In Letter Adds ‘Maybe More’ 9
11/02/1941 (Hitler) Sees Roosevelt ‘Before Tribunal’ 11
11/02/1941 Tokyo Is Cautious On Hitler Charge-No ‘Premature’ Comment 12
11/02/1941 The Reich Reply To Roosevelt-Our Stand Clear 13
11/02/1941 (Dr. L. M. Birkhead) Urges Propaganda To Aid Democracy-Assails America First (Committee)-Head Of Friends Of Democracy Tells Hadassah It Is ‘Nazi Party Of America’ 17
11/02/1941 Nazis Again Fan Hatred Of Jews-Some Tolerance Noted 24
11/02/1941 (‘Dear Alben’ W.) Barkley Proposes A Palestine Army-Balfour Pledge Is CitedSays Jews Should Be Allowed To Put Strong Force In The Field 27
11/02/1941 Panama’s (New, Pro-U.S.) President Revises Neutrality 27
11/02/1941 Conscription Plea Swells In Canada 28
11/02/1941 Japanese Warn War Seems Sure-Assert They Must Seek Vital Supplies Elsewhere Unless U.S. Eases Pressure Statement From Official Quarters Stresses Steps To Prepare For Clash 31
11/02/1941 Roosevelt Speech Hailed In Sermons (By N.Y. C. Rabbis) 32
11/02/1941 I.L.O. Asked (By Paul Van Zeeland At Session At Columbia University) To Fix Post-War Aims 32
11/02/1941 Federal Job Rise Of 238,509 Shown (Dec. To June, 1944)-1,091,897 Men In Total 33
11/02/1941 Schools To Tell Freedom’s Fight D-6
11/02/1941 Our Arsenal Of ‘Democracy’ Begins To Function-Hanson W. Baldwin E-3
11/02/1941 Caucasus Looms As Vital Front (Iranian Supply Line To Russia Key) E-4
11/02/1941 India Plays A Bigger Part In War-Task In Iran (Provided Most Of ‘British’ Invasion Troops, Will Build Roads, Etc.) E-4
11/02/1941 When F. D. R. Makes A Decision Mag. 5
11/03/1941 Roosevelt Places The Coast Guard Under Navy Orders For Emergency 1
11/03/1941 Tokyo Time Limit On U.S. Forecast-Tojo To Warn Of End Of Talks Because America Is Curbing Japan’s Policy, Says Domei 1
11/03/1941 War Declarations By Britain (On Finland, Rumania & Hungary) Likely 3
11/03/1941 Saw Roosevelt Nazi Map, Peru Vice President (Rafael Largo Herrera) Says (Will Not Elaborate To Avoid Violating Roosevelt’s Confidence) 4
11/03/1941 (Disabled American) Veterans Ask Cut Of Ties With Reich 5
11/03/1941 Japanese Vessel (‘Tatuta Maru’) Takes 1,000 (Japanese) Home 7
11/03/1941 Miss Bourke-White Praises Stalin 15
11/03/1941 (Florida Senator Claude) Pepper Calls On Hadassah To Save Democracy Here From Hitlerism 15
11/03/1941 Advertisement, Full Page, Fight For Freedom, Inc.: ‘Repeat After Me, Yank: ‘Adolf Hitler, Hallowed Be Thy Name’ 40
11/04/1941 U.S. Demands Finns End War-Hull Is Emphatic-Says Freedom Is Issue 1
11/04/1941 U.S. Unyielding Says Roosevelt-Our Nation Will Never Accept ‘New Order’ Of Dictators 3
11/04/1941 Navy Will Build Convoy Ships 4
11/04/1941 (American) Legion Aim Called Defeat Of Hitler 4
11/04/1941 Japan Holds Back On Reich-U.S. Row 6
11/04/1941 Japan Held Unable To Face ‘All Of Us’ (By Sir Kieth Murdoch, Australian Publisher) 7
11/04/1941 Reich Jews Rebuild Lodz 12
11/04/1941 Mexicans Link Oil (Settlement Of U.S. Claims Against Them From Their Confiscation Of Our Oil Properties) To Wider U.S. Aims 42
11/05/1941 Japanese Ask Us To Reverse Stand Or Face Conflict-Foreign Office Organ Demands Complete About-Face On Pain Of ‘Alternatives’ (Wasn’t It Plain Enough?) 1
11/05/1941 U.S. Navy Tanker (Salinas) Torpedoed Near Iceland, Reaches Port 1
11/05/1941 (Former U.S. Ambassador To Belgium, John) Cudahy Asks Poll On War (Poor Old John Still Thinks Roosevelt Wants Peace!) 3
11/05/1941 1,276 U-Boat Men Taken (Captured) British Say 6
11/05/1941 50 Reported Slain In Poland By Nazis (For Sabotage) 7
11/05/1941 Mufti Leaves Home For Talks In Berlin 8
11/05/1941 Nazis Infuriated By (U.S.) Note To Finns 10
11/05/1941 Warning To Finns ‘Immoral’ To (Senator) Taft 11
11/05/1941 (Herbert) Hoover Condemns (U.S.) Course On Helsinki-Russian Attacks (On Finland) Cited (‘Has America Lost All Sense Of Human And Moral Proportions?’ Hoover Asks) 11
11/05/1941 Finland Is Caught In Cruel Dilemma 11
11/05/1941 Food For Vatican Purchased Here 24
11/05/1941 Women Hurl Eggs And Tomatoes At Lord Halifax On Detroit Tour 25
11/05/1941 U.S. Aid Pledged Post-War World (By Francis Perkins, U.S. Secretary Of Labor, To I.L.O. At Session At Columbia University) 46
11/06/1941 Tokyo Rushes Special Envoy To U.S. With ‘Last’ Proposals-Diplomat Is Flying 1
11/06/1941 London Defends (French) Convoy Seizure (English Have Seized 39 French Ships This Year) 2
11/06/1941 Navy Plows Ahead Shooting On Sight 3
11/06/1941 Candid War Policy Urged By (Arthur) Krock-’Americans Grown Up’ (Text, P. 4) 4
11/06/1941 U.S. Canada Link Arms Production 5
11/06/1941 Capital Hopeful On Kurusu Visit 6
11/06/1941 British Go All Out For Aid To Russia (As In World War I) 8
11/06/1941 Nazi Posts Raked By R. A. F. Americans 10
11/06/1941 Support Of War Urged By I.L.O.-Roosevelt To Speak (At Columbia University Session Of I.L.O.) 11
11/06/1941 5,000 (50 Caliber) Machine Guns Rejected By Army (Imperfections) 11
11/07/1941 U.S. Lends $1,000,000,000 To Russia (No Interest); Roosevelt Asks Full War Effort 1
11/06/1941 Stalin Appoints Litvinoff Ambassador To Washington 1
11/06/1941 Goebbels Warns Reich Of ‘Inferno’ If She Loses The ‘Hard War’ Ahead 1
11/06/1941 Plan For Palestine Is Being Formulated (By Unofficial Arab-Jewish ‘Thought’)’ 3
11/06/1941 Serb Extinction Held German Aim-Whole Towns Wiped Out (In Retaliatory Moves By Germans) 6
11/06/1941 Japan Protests To Soviet On Ship (Sunk By Mine) 8
11/06/1941 Text Of President’s (Roosevelt’s) Address To I.L.O. On Work And Hitler (At Columbia University Session) 10
11/06/1941 (Representative Hamilton) Fish Offers ‘War Declaration’ Resolution [Against Germany]; Hopes For Its Defeat If Showdown Comes 11
11/06/1941 Army Order (Putting America-First Headquarters In Denver ‘Out-Of-Bounds’ To Military Personnel) Stirs Isolationist Ire 25
11/08/1941 Senate Votes To Put Arms On Ships And Permit Sailings To War Ports (50 Votes To 37) 1
11/08/1941 Hull Shows Finns Got Peace Bid; Helsinki Spurns ‘Suicide’ Truce (With Russians) 1
11/08/1941 Attlee Is Certain That Industries Of U.S. And Britain Will Win War 3
11/08/1941 Dr. (Judah Leon) Magnes (Resident Head Of Hebrew University, Jerusalem) Sees War Forcing Social Gains 3
11/08/1941 President (Roosevelt) Speeds Russian Supplies 4
11/09/1941 Fire Only If U.S. Attacks Hitler Says-Fuehrer Boastful 1
11/09/1941 (Special) Japanese Envoy Is Said To Doubt An Accord Here 1
11/09/1941 Berlin Dean (Of St. Hedwig’s, Bernhard Lichtenberg) Held; Prayed For Jews 1
11/09/1941 Kidnap (Deported) Refugee (Berthold Jakob-Salomon) Now Held For Nazis (Reported By American Committee At Marseilles For The Aid Of Political Exiles And Refugees) 2
11/09/1941 (U.S.) Educators Endorse Palestine As Haven (For Jews-A Lengthy List) 10
11/09/1941 10,000 Deaths Laid (By Germans) To Red (Dnieper) Dam Blast (3,500 Refugees Were Crossing Dam As It Was Blown Up By The Retreating Red Army) 16
11/09/1941 Japanese Protest Panama Exclusion (Of Japanese)-’Racial Bias’ Alleged 30
11/09/1941 Negroes Here Get Defense Training (From N.Y. A., Urban League, Y. M. C. A.) 35
11/09/1941 200,000 Poles Recruited (In Russia-Maybe ‘Left’ Is Better Than ‘Recruited’) 37
11/09/1941 Syphilis Aid Tried On Advanced Cases (In Sing Sing Prison) 46
11/09/1941 Washington Faces Question Of Declared War E-3
11/09/1941 Japan Silent On Ties To Axis E-5
11/09/1941 Defeat Of Hitlerism Is Regarded As Our Primary Aim E-6
11/10/1941 U.S. Blacklists 519 More Firms (Latin American Firms Suspected Of Trading With Axis Text Of Order Signed By Hull, Biddle, Morgenthau, N. A. Rockefeller, W. C. Taylor, & Milo Perkins, P., 26) 1
11/10/1941 Czechs Executed For Vienna Arson 1
11/10/1941 Essen Is Pounded By R. A. F. RaidersIn Stepped-Up Offensive 1
11/10/1941 Reich Catholic Pulpits Uphold War On Soviet 1
11/10/1941 British Sink 11 Ships In 2 (Italian) Convoys 1
11/10/1941 Japan Not Bound To War For Axis-Revelations Made As Special Envoy Nears Washington For Showdown With U.S. 3
11/10/1941 Assassins In Iraq Kill (Pro-British) Arab Leader (Takhri Bey Nashashibi) 3
11/10/1941 Vast Supply Here Turned From Axis-Diverted To Defense 3
11/10/1941 Text Of The Goebbels (‘Das Reich’ Magazine) Article On ‘Hard And Relentless’ War 3
11/10/1941 Nazis Say Yalta Has Been Seized 4
11/10/1941 Litvinoff’s (U.S.) Mission Vital War Factor-He And Steinhardt To Start From Kuibyshev Together Today For Washington 4
11/10/1941 Berlin Plans Sale Of (Captured) Russian Plants (To Private Ownership) 4
11/10/1941 Picture: Scuttled Nazi-Ship (‘Eisenach’) Brought To The Surface (In Costa Rico For Salvage) 4
11/10/1941 Stalin Hopes To Arrange Meeting With Roosevelt 4
11/10/1941 Schiller’s ‘Wilhelm Tell’ Is Under Ban In Germany 4
11/10/1941 British Blitz Sound Cure Tried In St. Louis, But Records Terrify A Medical Audience (Treatment For Victims Of Shell Shock) 4
11/10/1941 Sea War With U.S. Forecast In Reich (By Hitler)-Our ‘Shoot-On-Sight Order And Nazi Defense Action (Fire When Fired Upon) Are Viewed As Same Thing-Warning To Washington 5
11/10/1941 Ship Ban Battle Shaped In House (Of Representatives) 5
11/10/1941 R. A. F. Cuts Hitler Off Air (With Raid); Press Gets Planned Talk 6
11/10/1941 Armistice Prayer (By Episcopal Bishop St. George Tucker) Is For Fair ‘Just Peace’ 7
11/10/1941 Hillman Asks End Of ‘Usual’ Rights-Labor Honors First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt-Her Picture With Hillman) 8
11/10/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Outlines Plans For Volunteer Bureaus 8
11/10/1941 (League Of) Women Voters Weigh Defense 13
11/10/1941 Sacrifice Is Held Our Debt To Nation (By Rev. Ignatius Smith, Catholic University, Washington) 14
11/10/1941 Tolerance (In Building New World Order) Urged By (Methodist) Bishop Welch 14
11/10/1941 New Spirit In U.S. Praised By (Episcopal Bishop, Rev. Henry St. George Tucker-Chairman Of Militant ‘Fight For Freedom, Inc.’) 14
11/10/1941 My New Order,’The Greatest Anthology Of Broken Promises Ever Compiled’-’The Book That Begins Where Mein Kampf Left Off’ Praised By W. L. Shirer, Clifton Fadiman, Lewis Gannett, H. V. Kaltenborn, Colliers Magazine (All Anti-German High Priests) 15
11/10/1941 Panama Ridicules U.S. Pressure Charge (Of Closing Japanese Businesses At U.S. Request-In View Of What Happened After Dec. 7, 1949 To Japanese In California, This Does Not Sound To Unlikely!) 37
11/11/1941 Churchill Promises To Join U.S. ‘In Hour’ If Japan Fights; Says Big Ships Are Available-Our Stand Backed-Claims Air Equality Now (Text,.P. 4-In Fact, Churchill Had Become The Junior Partner And Joiner, Not The Leader) 1
11/11/1941 Minister Says Japan Aims To Rid Asia Of U.S., Britain 1
11/11/1941 (Senator Henrik) Shipstead (Minnesota) Attacks Hull On (His Threats To) Finland 2
11/11/1941 Quick Nazi Defeat Is Seen By Willkie-In Short Wave Broadcast To Poland, He Tells People Not To Be Discouraged-U.S. And Britain To ‘Command Both Oceans And Air’ In Short Time, Is Prediction 3
11/11/1941 Crisis In Far East Now Held Acute (In Washington)-Hull To Receive Kurusu-But U.S. Remains Firm On Any Yielding To Japan Unless She Alters Stand On Orient-Churchill’s Pledge Is Viewed In Washington As Underlying Gravity Of The Situation (Most Likely Discussed At Length At The So-Called Atlantic Conference) 4
11/11/1941 Singapore Prepared For Any Japanese Move; British Naval Base Gets Own Striking Force 4
11/11/1941 Kra Canal Project Reviewed In Japan 5
11/11/1941 House Tells (Representative Hamilton) Fish To Ignore (U.S. Grand Jury, Nazi Propaganda) Summons 6
11/11/1941 Indian (Picture: Subhas Chandra Bose) Left-Wing Leader ‘Has Gone Over To Enemy’ (Axis) 6
11/11/1941 Win War (First Ruin Germany) Then Peace Clergymen Are Told (By Rev. Claris Edwin Silcox To World Alliance For International Friendship Through The Churches) 6
11/11/1941 (General Electric Radio Station) Pours News Into Europe 6
11/11/1941 Serb Peace Talks Reported Failure-A Parley Between (German-Supported Premier Gen. Milan) Neditch And Fighting Commander (Col. Draja Mikhailovitch, Leader Of Chetniks) Ends In New Hostilities (First Mention Of Mikhailovitch) 7
11/11/1941 Nazis Enslave Labor, Winant Tells British 8
11/11/1941 Nazi Creed Speaks On Belief In Divine-Faith In Hitler Set Forth 9
11/11/1941 Famine Wasting French Children-Household Pets Are Food (But No Food From The U.S.A.!) 11
11/11/1941 Vichy Envoy Sees Roosevelt On Food-He Cites Mortality Rate-Henry-Haye Fears ‘Extermination’ Of French People Unless They Obtain More To Eat 11
11/11/1941 (Brazilian President) Vargas Reavows Americas’ Unity 12
11/11/1941 Marines Ready, Says Gen. (Louis McCarthy) Little 14
11/11/1941 Air Force Of (U.S.) Army Held World ‘Finest’ (By Under-Secretary Of War, Robert P. Patterson) 14
11/11/1941 (Dr. A. Leon Sachar, National Director, Hillel Foundation Of-B’nai B’rith) Sees Jews Duped By Slurs (Accusations) Of FoesSays They Are Beginning To Believe The Charges Against Them 15
11/11/1941 San Diego Work For Navy Tied Up (By A. F. Of L. Strike) 16
11/11/1941 Educators Plan Discussion Spur-Resolution Says Advocates Of Cut In (State And Federal) Appropriations Should Be Known As Unpatriotic 26
11/11/1941 Concrete Barges For Oil ($3,000,000 Each) Ordered 45
11/12/1941 Japanese Irate At British Stand (Supporting U.S. Against Them) 1
11/12/1941 Finland Rejects Warning (Threats ?) Of U.S. 1
11/12/1941 C.I.O. Men Leave (Defense) Mediation Board; Call It Useless 1
11/12/1941 President (Roosevelt) Warns Nation Is Facing World War Again-For Liberty And Decency (Not Democracy?-Text, P. 3) 1&3
11/12/1941 Knox Tells Japan We Won’t Budge-As In Europe, He Adds American Force Will Be Exerted To Win The Peace As Well As War 2
11/12/1941 Lindbergh Scored By Sergeant (Alvin C.) York 2
11/12/1941 (Gen. George C.) Marshall Warns Of Axis ‘Sabotage’ Some In Congress Misled 2
11/12/1941 Nazis’ Murderers To Die (Rumania) 2
11/12/1941 Soviet Gets Priority On (U.S.) Machine Tools 2
11/12/1941 (Lt. Gen. Hugh A.) Drum Says Force Is Key To Freedom 2
11/12/1941 (Sumner) Welles Cites Cost Of (Woodrow) Wilson Rebuff (By U.S. Congress-Implying Blind Faith In Roosevelt Essential) 3
11/12/1941 Henry-Haye Urges Aid To Ship To France 3
11/12/1941 (U.S.) Lost Peace (After World War I) Tugwell Says 3
11/12/1941 Gen. O’ryan Sees U.S. On Hitler’s Victim List; Insists Offensive Action Is Only Safeguard 4
11/12/1941 U.S., Canadian Envoys Laud Joint Defense At International Peace Monument Dedication 5
11/12/1941 Army Not Yet Ready, Gen. (William M.) Grimes Asserts 6
11/12/1941 Singapore (Official) Holds Japan Missed Bus (No Longer Any Chance Of Military Success Perhaps A Year Ago) 7
11/12/1941 ‘Peace Feelers’ Denied By Berlin 7
11/12/1941 Roosevelt Trip (To Warm Springs, Georgia) Snag To Kurusu 8
11/12/1941 (British) War Effort Fails To Satisfy Britain (Gallup Poll) 8
11/12/1941 U.S. Is Seen Facing World Revolution (By Herbert Agar, Louisville Courier-Journal) Dorothy Thompson Bars Peace With Hitler 9
11/12/1941 Hidden Tank Army Protects Moscow-Innumerable Machines 10
11/12/1941 Litvinoff Obtains Second High Post 10
11/12/1941 Pole Accuses Nazis Of Murdering 10,000-’Village Of Death’ (Palmiry, 15 Miles From Warsaw)Says Spokesman (For Polish Government-In-Exile) In London (Katyn Not Yet Discovered!) 10
11/12/1941 Masaryk Says Secret 2-Way Radio System Joins Czech Patriots (Underground) Government-In-Exile (Presumably In London) 11
11/12/1941 Wavell Takes Full Blame For Libya Setback; Foe Attacked A Month Before He Expected 12
11/12/1941 France Threatens To Destroy Jibuti (To Prevent Its Capture By British) 12
11/12/1941 President (Roosevelt) Assailed By Anti-War Leader (Norman Thomas, Socialist) 14
11/12/1941 Mexicans Expect Oil Feud Victory (Regarding Settlement Of The U.S. Oil Properties Confiscated By Mexican Government) 15
11/12/1941 Histories Of U.S. Held Provincial (By Dr. Ralph A. Burns, Professor Of Education, Dartmouth-We Need ‘New’ Histories!) 25
11/12/1941 Schools To Point To Dictator Peril 25
11/12/1941 Nazism Peril Told To (N.Y. State Federation Of) Women’s Clubs 28
11/12/1941 Countess Tolstoy Tells Of Her Work (In Russia) 28
11/12/1941 (Opm) Scans Distribution Of (U.S.) Rubber Stocks 40
11/13/1941 Speeches Of Roosevelt, Knox And Welles Jar Tokyo-Americans Excoriated 1
11/13/1941 Hull Says Finns Are Aiding Hitler (Excerpts Of Finnish Note To U.S.) 2
11/13/1941 Reply To U.S. Hailed By Finnish Press 3
11/13/1941 Gayda Again Charges U.S. Submarine Raids (In Mediterranean) 3
11/13/1941 Russia Replaces War Industries-All Her Key Enterprises Are Re-Established East Of The Volga, British Report-High Production Looms (Who Helped Build These Factories?) 4
11/13/1941 (German) War Prisoners Meet (In Russia, Appeal For End Of Hitlerism) 4
11/13/1941 R. A. F. Raids Doubled In Intensity In Year 5
11/13/1941 Nazi Pupils Rushed To Jobs In Industry-Shortages (Of Workers) 5
11/13/1941 Nazis See President (Roosevelt) ‘Plowing Under’ (American) Boys 7
11/13/1941 Gamelin, Daladier And Blum Are Moved-To Await Partly Secret Trial (Riom) 10
11/13/1941 (Polish Premier) Sikorski In Cairo; Weighs Poles’ Role 10
11/13/1941 Nicaragua (President Anastasio Samoza) Offers To Aid U.S. In War 12
11/13/1941 U.S. Camps Urged (By Rev. Eric M. Tasman) To Train Pacifists 13
11/13/1941 B’nai B’rith Women Called To Defense (By Mrs. Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 16
11/13/1941 Dorothy Thompson Asks For A Divorce (From Sinclair Lewis) 29
11/14/1941 Knox Says Arming Hastens Victory 1
11/14/1941 House Votes 212-194 To Amend Neutrality Law-Navy Ready To Arm American Merchant Ships (Picture: House Supporters Signing Bill Amending Neutrality Act) 1
11/14/1941 Icelander Is Slain; 2 Americans Held 1
11/14/1941 Frankness Urged On Tokyo Leaders-300 Members Of The Japanese House Act On Eve Of The Special Diet Session 1
11/14/1941 Britain Welcomes (U.S.) Ship Bill Decision 2
11/14/1941 Willkie Pleased By House Action 2
11/14/1941 President (Roosevelt) Warns Churchmen (National Catechetical Congress Of The Cofraternity Of Christian Doctrine) Of (U.S.) Peril 3
11/14/1941 Knox Defends Ban On U-Boat News As Necessary To Protect Our Security 3
11/14/1941 British Trade Losses Attributed To U.S. 3
11/14/1941 Texts Of Roosevelt And Hull Letters To The House (Supporting Arming Of U.S. Ships-Who Voted For What) 4
11/14/1941 Press Acclaims Neutrality (Arming Of U.S. Merchant Ships) Vote (Survey Of Nation’s Newspapers) 6
11/14/1941 Singapore Tense; More Japanese Go (Leave)-China Watches Foe Mass 7
11/14/1941 Nazi Elite Seek Recruits 8
11/14/1941 Finns See Door Still Open For Us-Procope Calls On (Sumner) Welles 9
11/14/1941 Goebbels Spurs Abuse For Jews-Every Jew Is An Enemy Of The Germans And Must Be Silenced, He Writes (In ‘Das Reich’) 11
11/14/1941 3 Faiths Protest Nazi Persecution (Clark Eichelberger, Of The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, Production) 13
11/14/1941 U.S. Negroes Held Foes Of Fascism (By Mrs. Mary Mc Leod Bethune, President, National Council Of Negro Women) 20
11/14/1941 Women (State Federation Of Women’s Clubs) Ask Place At Post-War Table 20
11/14/1941 U.S. Ship Orders Set Now At 2,831-7 Programs Are Involved-Admiral (Emory S.) Land Says Nation Plans A Fleet Second To None In The WorldWill Be 7 Billion (Dollars) 47
11/15/1941 More War Funds Sought In Japan-(Tokyo) Calling Men Who Had Been Deferred 1
11/15/1941 Roosevelt Orders Marines To Leave 3 Posts In China-Indicates Dangerous Situation In The Far East Might Lead To War-Kurusu Hopes To Make ‘Touchdown’ In Talks (In Washington) 1
11/15/1941 British Describe Commando’s (Bardia, Libya) Raid 2
11/15/1941 (Va. Senator Carter) Glass Wants President (Roosevelt) To ‘Shoot’ Quicker, Surer 2
11/15/1941 Berlin Warns Us Of Sea Clash As Result Of Voiding Neutrality-Germans Say They Will Be ‘Obliged’ To Fire On Ships Taking War Aid To Allies ‘Bribery’ (Of Congress) Is Laid To Roosevelt 3
11/15/1941 3 (New) Ships A Week For New Convoys 3
11/15/1941 Knudsen Urges Lifeline Of Ships (To England To Defeat Hitler) 4
11/15/1941 Reich Imposes Ban On U.S. Broadcasters (In Germany-After So Long A Time Of Tolerating William L. Shirer And His Likes!) 4
11/15/1941 Kurusu Arrives Hoping For Peace-Charges Others Seek War-Japan And U.S., He Asserts, Should Look Out For Our Own Good 4
11/15/1941 Vichy Relaxes On Masons-Some May Be Allowed To Hold Office 5
11/15/1941 Finns Voice Hopes Of Avoiding Break (With U.S.) 6
11/15/1941 Nazis Pass U.S. Tobacco For French Prisoners (Of War) 6
11/15/1941 President (Roosevelt) Praises Efforts Of (U.S.) Radio-To Further Democracy 10
11/15/1941 Rivers-Harbors Body Backs President (Roosevelt) On His Plans For Post-War Reservoir 10
11/15/1941 Ratio Of Immigrants Drops In Nine States; Decline Hints We Are Less Of A Melting Pot (U.S. Census Bureau) 15
11/15/1941 Cultural Sessions Opening In Havana 15
11/15/1941 Pupils To Debate U.S. Stand In War 19
11/16/1941 Kurusu Stresses Sympathy Of U.S. Is Vital To Peace-Sees ‘Fighting Chance’ For Talks’ Success Then As He Reaches Washington (‘You Are The Bookmakers’) 1&27
11/16/1941 Raynaud And Mandel Join Three In Fort (Riom Trial Preparations) 9
11/16/1941 Axis Held Ousted In Most Of Serbia (Simovitch, In London Demands Chetniks Captured By Germans He Treated As Members Of Yugoslav Regular Army. Names Col. Draja Mikhailovitch As Their Commander) 10
11/16/1941 (British) Commandos’ Chief (Admiral Sir Roger Keyes, Picture) Reported Sacked Work Long Kept Secret 13
11/16/1941 U.S. Army Standards Put Above Reich’s (By Dr. Morris Fishbein, American Medical Association) 14
11/16/1941 Nazis Find Winter Is Formidable Foe-Grippe And Typhus Epidemics Have Begun 15
11/16/1941 Nazis Bar Jews’ Phones-Ghetto Established In South Part Of Lwow (Lemberg) 17
11/16/1941 (Admiral John W.) Greenslade Hails (Boasts About) Strength Of Navy 20
11/16/1941 U.S. Hands Untied (By Amendment To Neutrality Act) Harriman Asserts 26
11/16/1941 Diet Meets To Aid Tokyo War Plans-Majority Group Demands Firm Effort Against ‘Unbearable’ Attitude Of United States 29
11/16/1941 Victory For China Seen With U.S. Aid-Axis Defeat Is Forecast (By Chu Hsueh-Fan Before N.Y. C. League Of Women Voters-Clark Eichelberger, Committee To Defend America And Many Other Interventionist Notables As Speakers) 31
11/16/1941 (U.S.) Must Feed World, Morgenthau Says-As Check On ‘Barbarianism’ (But No Help Yet To France) 34
11/16/1941 U.S. Is Extending Culture Program (Dr. Richard C. Pattee, U.S. State Department) 40
11/16/1941 Alien Education (Federal Aid.$14,000,000) To Help Morale Is Being StartedTo Teach Aims Of (U.S.) Democracy D-6
11/16/1941 Prof. (Harvey W.) Zorbaugh (N.Y. University, School Of Education) Says Writing (Of History) Is Done To Meet Each Generation’s Needs (Does This Mean There Is No Absolute, Unchanging, True History?) D-6
11/16/1941 Cartoon: War’s Grim Irony (Finland-U.S. Attitude In 1939 & Again In 1941) E-2
11/16/1941 Washington And Tokyo Seen Near Showdown-Diet Meets In ‘Crisis’ Session E-3
11/16/1941 Neutrality Act Revision A Major Blow To Hitler E-3
11/16/1941 Goebbels Appeal (For The Necessary Sacrifices For A Long War) A Startling Move (Not Startling To The Germans!) E-4
11/16/1941 The Nazi Tide Laps Against The Vital Caucasus E-4
11/16/1941 Japan Near End Of Air Reserve-Present Lead Of 2-To-L Over Opponents Is Due To Shrink With Supplies Cut Off E-5
11/16/1941 Issues Of Peace Or War Now Raised With Japan E-7
11/16/1941 Cartoon: ‘Peace Mission To Washington’ (‘Gimme Everything Or Else’-But It Wasn’t The Japanese Who Demanded This!) E-7
11/17/1941 U.S. Cruiser Seizes Axis Ship Displaying American Flag-Scuttling Is Tried 1
11/17/1941 Tojo Sets Terms, Demands We End Curbs On Japan (Text, P. 6) 1
11/17/1941 Ickes Denounces ‘Traitor’ Activity-Assails ‘America First’ 2
11/17/1941 Concentration Camps Multiply In Norway-Brutality Rife 2
11/17/1941 New Peace Move Planned By Nazis-Turks Would Mediate 3
11/17/1941 (Bishop O’hara) Pleads To Keep Americas’ Unity 3
11/17/1941 Msgr. Sheet Says Nazi Paganism Menaces World Christianity 3
11/17/1941 5 Sentenced To Death By Moscow Army Court (For Distributing Counter-Revolutionary Literature In Factory Where They Worked All This In 10 Lines Of Print In N.Y. Times) 3
11/17/1941 U.S. Ships (Arming) Action Pleases Russians 4
11/17/1941 Kurusu Prepares For Visit To Hull-U.S. Officials Skeptical 7
11/17/1941 ‘Showdown’ Near M’nutt Declares-Sees Mistake By Hitler-Dictator Made Blunder In Misjudging The U.S. 7
11/17/1941 Advertisement, Full Page, The Committee To Defend America: ‘In The Name Of Common Sense’ 9
11/17/1941 Freezing (Of Assets By U.S.) Holds Nazis’ Interest 29
11/17/1941 Volume Is Small On Berlin Boerse 29
11/18/1941 President (Roosevelt) Signs Ship Ban (Arming) Repeal (Of Neutrality Act) 1
11/18/1941 Kurusu And Roosevelt Talk For Hour On The Far East Crisis 1
11/18/1941 U.S.,Britain Form Post-War Policy 1
11/18/1941 Curacao Gives Haven To Refugees (86 Jews) On Ship 2
11/18/1941 Nazis Set Up Rule In Occupied Russia-Dr. Alfred Rosenberg Named Minister For East 4
11/18/1941 Nazi ‘Peace Plans’ Derided In London (No Less So In Washington) 5
11/18/1941 Allies Build Up Mid-Asia Power (Iraq-Iran Supply Routes To Russia) 5
11/18/1941 London Lists 9 U.S. Fliers Killed In Action; 3 Others Are Missing, One Taken Prisoner 5
11/18/1941 Showdown Held Nearer In Tokyo-Eyes Are On Washington 6
11/18/1941 Alliance With U.S. Seen In Chungking-Awaits Burma Road Blow 6
11/18/1941 Japan To Double Indo-China Force 7
11/18/1941 Viereck Publisher (Flanders Hall, Inc.) Is Out Of Business 10
11/18/1941 Guerrillas Widen Warfare In Serbia (Mikhailovitch Not Mentioned) 11
11/18/1941 India Ships Soviet Aid Over New Iran Route-British Report First Big Cargo 5,000 Men Work On Road 11
11/18/1941 Need For Quick Aid To Russia Stressed (By Mrs. Joseph E. Davies) 13
11/18/1941 (U.S. Catholic) Bishops Condemn Nazis And Reds (Text, P. 22) 22
11/18/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Appeals For Unified People 30
11/19/1941 Japanese Envoys Ask Instructions After Hull Talk-Nomura Still Hopeful 1
11/19/1941 U.S. Army To Send Mission To Russia 1
11/19/1941 Dill Retiring As British Army Chief; Brooke Gets Post In Wide Shake-Up 1
11/19/1941 Food Shipment Urged For Feeding Europe 2
11/19/1941 U.S.S. Omaha Asks Odenwald Libels (Disguised As A Ship From Philadelphia) 3
11/19/1941 Dewey Would Repel Swastika Invasion 3
11/19/1941 Priorities Set Up For Arming Ships (First Priority: Ships To England-Europe; Second: Red Sea; Third: South Atlantic Traders) 3
11/19/1941 St John’s (Bishop William T. Manning) To Pray For Foes Of Axis 4
11/19/1941 Stalin Invoked God’s Aid For U.S. At Kremlin Dinner For Officials-Struck Religious Note In Toast To Roosevelt-British-American Delegates Impressed By Soviet Leader’s Human Side 6
11/19/1941 Mexican President (Comacho) Greets Roosevelt-Hope For An Oil Settlement (Confiscated U.S. Oil Properties) 7
11/19/1941 (Martin) Dies Says Capital Has Influx Of Reds 8
11/19/1941 (Lt. Gen. Ernst) Udet, Nazi Flier Dies In Accident (Strange Airplane Accident-A La Sikorski Et Al.?) 9
11/19/1941 U.S. Civilians Stay At Shanghai Jobs 9
11/19/1941 (Catholic Archbishop Mc Nicholas) Calls Nazi Way Alien To Church) 11
11/19/1941 Australia Appeals To Workers In U.S.-Points To Nazi Menace 12
11/19/1941 Picture: Maurice Wertheim 15
11/19/1941 Full War Effort Urged On Canada 36
11/20/1941 U.S. And Mexico In Wide Pact Set Oil (Compensation For Mexico’s Expropriation) Procedure (Text, P. 4) 1
11/20/1941 New A. E. F. Looms (Former President Herbert) Hoover Asserts 1
11/20/1941 U.S. Tanks Lead Big (African) Desert Drive (By The British) 1
11/20/1941 Axis Executions Are Put At 100,000 (By Inter-Allied Board) 2
11/20/1941 U.S. Aid To French Expected To Stop-Clarification Is Awaited 2
11/20/1941 Winant Lauds R. A. F. At Eagle (U.S. Citizens Serving In R. A. F.) Luncheon 3
11/20/1941 First Armed (U.S.) Ships To Go In A Week, All At Sea By Spring, Says Knox 4
11/20/1941 Terms (Of Mexican Oil Expropriation Settlement) Rejected Oct. 2, Say Oil Men 5
11/20/1941 Hull Chided Again (By Senator Shipstead, Minnesota) On Note To Finland (Alleged Threatening To Finns!) 6
11/20/1941 Frankness On (U.S.) Foreign Policy Urged (By Emmett F. Connely) 6
11/20/1941 Defeat Of Germany Viewed As U.S. Task (By U.S. Foreign Correspondents) 8
11/20/1941 Japanese Adopt Milder Attitude-Press Also Curbs Tone 10
11/20/1941 Japanese Envoys Still Await Word 10
11/20/1941 Japan And Soviet In New Frontier Clash; 1 Russian Killed, 2 Captured, Domei Says 10
11/20/1941 Burma Road Peril Stressed By Eden-Any Japanese Attack (Thereon) Would ‘Create A Grave Situation’ 11
11/20/1941 India’s Status Held A Post-War Problem (By Leopold S. Amery) 12
11/20/1941 Nazi Troops Lack Wool, British Say 14
11/20/1941 Argentina Plans To Use (Seized) Axis Ships (Like All Other Latin American Countries Did Who Seized German Ships!) 55
11/21/1941 U.S. Bars Terms Under Tojo Plan-Rebuff And Rebuke To The Premier Intimated 1
11/21/1941 Churchill Maps Libyan Knockout 1
11/21/1941 Picture: General Erwin Rommel Commands German Forces In Battle For Libya 2
11/21/1941 Goebbels Repeats Long War Looms-Eventual Victory Seen 3
11/21/1941 Eden Confident Of U.S. In Orient 5
11/21/1941 Japanese Protest Again To Panama 5
11/21/1941 Tokyo Diet Serves As Demonstration-General Talks Of Raids-Warns The People To Prepare For All Possibilities 5
11/21/1941 Burma Boom Road Restores Morale (Of Chinese) 5
11/21/1941 Food Shipments To Britain Grow ($300 Million Spent In Last Six Weeks-Nothing For France And The Other Countries!) 9
11/21/1941 Pastors Stress Our Duty To U.S.-Our Tradition Is Hailed 13
11/21/1941 Twenty Pastors Aid War Objector 18
11/21/1941 College Women Meet In Havana-Picture: Dr. Virginia C. Guildersleeve (Presiding Officer At Convention-President Of Barnard [Columbia University] College) 20
11/21/1941 Mexico Heartened By (Military) Accord With Us 21
11/21/1941 Young Zionists (Junior Hadassah) Ask Jewish Statehood-Right To Fight Is Sought Convention At Boston(I Think ‘Statehood’ Might Have Been Even More Valuable To Them Than Being Part Of The British ‘Commonwealth’ As Zionists Had Wanted Earlier!) 35
11/22/1941 Japan’s Parleys Wit Us Hit Snag; No Meeting Held-Reason Is Not Revealed 1
11/22/1941 Showdown On Strike Expected Today-Sheriff Asks Aid-More Sympathy Strikes 1
11/22/1941 U.S., Iceland Sign British Aid Deal 1
11/22/1941 Nazi Labor Leader (Dr. Robert Ley) Warns Europe To Unite Or Be Crushed By American ‘Barbarians’ 3
11/22/1941 Anglo-Soviet Task After War Joined (By Eden) 4
11/22/1941 New Tokyo ‘Protest’ Not Sent To Panama-Believed For Home Consumption 4
11/22/1941 Japan’s Diet Ends On Imperial Order-New Election Urged 5
11/22/1941 (U.S.) Companies Again Refuse (Mexican) Oil (Expropriation Settlement) Pact 10
11/22/1941 (Miss Sulamith Schwartz, Junior Hadassah, Boston) Links Free World To Free Palestine-Weizmann (Message) Gives Warning (Of Post-War Jewish Problem) 12
11/22/1941 Mrs. (Dwight) Morrow Asks Fair Hearing For Honest Isolationists’ Views 12
11/22/1941 U.S. May Put Curb On French Ships-Route Between Casablanca And Ports Here Is Likely To Be Ended 32
11/23/1941 5-Power (U.S., Dutch, British, Chinese & Australians) Meeting Increases Hopes Of Pacific Peace-Envoys Back Us On Japan In Parley With Hull 1
11/23/1941 Roosevelt Urges Strike Curb Again 1
11/23/1941 Libyan Trap Holds-Nazis’ Main Tank Force Is Still In Pocket And Badly Battered 1
11/23/1941 Vatican Eschews Political Choice 5
11/23/1941 3 Senators Assail Navy’s Secrecy (On U-Boat Action Of U.S. Navy) 6
11/23/1941 Nazi Cotton Industry Sees Aid In Conquest 6
11/23/1941 Curtin Rules Out Australian Draft 10
11/23/1941 400,000 Air Cadets To Be Sought In 1942 10
11/23/1941 Hitler Peace Bid Reported Staged-Early, Roosevelt Secretary, Warns Nazis Plan Parley Of European States-Sees Move For Puppets (‘Peace Without U.S.!’) 14
11/23/1941 British Admonish Japan Once More 15
11/23/1941 ‘Victory Over War’ Is Urged In Japan-Nichi Nichi In Interview From Washington Sees Failure Of Kurusu Mission 16
11/23/1941 (Dr. Liebman, Before Junior Hadassah) Says Jews Claim Huge Reparations (From Axis-’Germany’) 17
11/23/1941 Nazis Execute 2,225 In Past Five Months-Acknowledged In Berlin For Areas Save Russia 21
11/23/1941 U.S. Mission Chief (Brig. Gen. Russell L. Maxwell) Arrives In Cairo (U.S.) Technicians To Follow (Picture) 24
11/23/1941 Nazis Regiment Workers-’Escape’ Is Not Possible-War Production Maintained By Rigorous System Of Labor Under ‘Contracts’ Nationals Of ‘Friendly’ States Get Privileges 26
11/23/1941 Poles’-Premier (General Wladislaw Sikorski) Plans Parleys With Stalin Status Of Polish Forces In Russia Likely To Be Discussed 28
11/23/1941 University Women Seek Closer Ties-Picture: Conference Of University Women In Havana 30
11/23/1941 Mexicans Expect New Economics Era-But Oil (Expropriation Differences, Unsolved) And Debt Remain 31
11/23/1941 Patriotism Urged In The Labor Crisis (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 42
11/23/1941 Mexican Oil Bid No Bar To Treaty F-3
11/23/1941 U.S. Aluminum Production Rate To Top Output By Axis By Jan. 1 F-3
11/23/1941 Gold As Treasure Or Junk In Future F-3
11/23/1941 Legal Curbs On Unions Wait Roosevelt’s Signal E-3
11/23/1941 Johnson, Gerald W., Roosevelt, Dictator Or Democrat, Harper & Brothers, N.Y Book 1
11/23/1941 Planned Economy-And/Or Democracy-Elliott V. Bell Mag. 5
11/24/1941 U.S. Now Shooting, Harriman States-(German) U-Boats And Planes Attacked By U.S. Warships, He Says In London Broadcast 1&15
11/24/1941 Nazis Convene Lo-Nation Parley 1
11/24/1941 U.S.-Japan Talks At Critical Point In Bids For Truce-Both Sides See No Pacific War If The Balance Of Power In Europe Is Not Shifted-Hull Continues Silence 1
11/24/1941 Papal Peace Bid Seen In Yule Broadcast 1
11/24/1941 U.S. In War By Spring (Fulgencio) Batista Forecasts-Cuba First To Follow 2
11/24/1941 Axis Is Cautious On Libya Fighting 3
11/24/1941 1926 Records Reveal U.S. Ban On Soviet Aid 3
11/24/1941 British (Australians) In Syria Ready For Nazis 3
11/24/1941 Serb Units (Chetniks Under General Draja Mikhailovitch) Fight Armored Forces 3
11/24/1941 Soviet Rail Shuttle Behind Front Seldom Disturbed By Nazi Planes 4
11/24/1941 Lend-Lease Aid Exceeds Billion 5
11/24/1941 (Sumner) Welles Pledges Full Refugee Aid-He Calls Hitlerism ‘Accursed’ Thing He Says This Country Will Join After The War In Providing New Permanent Havens 5
11/24/1941 Jewish Army Lack Blamed On British (By Emanuel Neumann Before Junior Hadassah) 5
11/24/1941 Col. (William J.) Donovan Censored (By U.S. Irish Societies) 5
11/24/1941 U.S. Jews Urged To Aid Palestine (By National Labor Committee For Palestine, Convention) 17
11/24/1941 French Concerns Join Reich Unit (I. G. Farbenindustrie) 25
11/25/1941 U.S. Aid Given Free French; Ban Is Put On Vichy Africa 1
11/25/1941 Berlin Widens Anti-Red Front-13 Nations Sign 1
11/25/1941 United States Troops Sent To Dutch Guiana (Occupation) 1
11/25/1941 Urgent Tokyo Note Sent To Kurusu; Hull Again Sees Four Allied Envoys 1&8
11/25/1941 Men Describe Loss Of Reuben James 5
11/25/1941 Serbs Battle Nazis In Fierce Contests (Chetniks Under General Draja Mikhailovitch) 5
11/25/1941 (Louis Lipsky) Assails British Policy On Jews-Says Status Of Jews Should Be Settled Now, Without Waiting For Peace-At Baltimore (American Jewish) Congress 6
11/25/1941 Hull Again Sees 4 (Supporting) Pacific Envoys 8
11/25/1941 (Florida Senator Claude) Pepper Says War Is Near 8
11/25/1941 Tobruk Siege (By British) Cost Australia 500 Men 12
11/25/1941 Nazis Found Pinched By Economic Warfare (By U.S. & England) 13
11/25/1941 Russian Imperialism The Foe, Nazis State 16
11/26/1941 (William C.) Bullitt Is Named Near East Envoy 1
11/26/1941 Kurusu Parleys Reveal No-Bases For Negotiations-Climax In Talks Is Believed Near Roosevelt Confers With Hull, Knox, Stimson-U.S. Consulate In Tokyo Again Warns Americans To Get Out Of Japan Promptly 1
11/26/1941 Anti-Strike Bill Is Ordered Sent To House Friday (By House Labor Committee) 1
11/26/1941 British Made Sortie Into France; Keyes Says His Plan Was Blocked (Keyes Says Churchill Ordered Him To Establish Commandos) 1
11/26/1941 Buildings Of Jews To Be Sold In Paris 2
11/26/1941 Stimson Charges Finns Hamper Aid (Of U.S. To Russia) 6
11/26/1941 Britain Drops Plan For Army Of Jews 7
11/26/1941 Tojo Bids Japan Fight To Victory-Anglo-Saxon Rule Scored 8
11/26/1941 Lin-Yutang Sees U.S.-Japanese War 8
11/26/1941 Japanese Newspapers Submit New Curbs; To Be ‘Public Utilities With National Mission’ 8
11/26/1941 Intellectuals (In Havana) Hold Neutrality Is Wrong 10
11/26/1941 13 Regimes Sign Anti-Red Pact (In Berlin) 12
11/26/1941 Anti-Red Meeting Called A Prelude 12
11/27/1941 U.S. Gives (‘Dictates’) Terms To The Japanese; Plan Clings To ‘Basic Principles’ 1
11/27/1941 First U.S. Cargo Ship Is Armed Amid Both Secrecy And Fanfare (Pictures, P. 5) 1
11/27/1941 Ribbentrop Cries Defiance At U.S.-Lays War To Roosevelt-He Charges President (Roosevelt) Forced Chamberlain To Reverse Policy After Munich 2
11/27/1941 (U.S.) Army May Ferry Planes Over Sea (Army Air Corps Ferrying Command) 3
11/27/1941 Churchmen Ask Defeat Of Hitler 4
11/27/1941 Navy Is Planning Use Of Selectees (Draftees) 5
11/27/1941 ‘Reuben James’ (Own Depth) Bombs Exploded Under Men 5
11/27/1941 Hirohito Receives Tokyo Ministers-Tojo Urges Sincerity 6
11/27/1941 Japan Reported Willing To Leave China Areas Occupied In ‘Incident’ 6
11/27/1941 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Says China Can Fight For Years 6
11/27/1941 Nazi World Spying Is Told In Manual (In Copy Seized From An Agent, By Att’y. Gen. Francis Biddle) 11
11/27/1941 Pro-War Leagues Headed By (Former Ambassador To Germany From The U.S., James W.) Gerard-Ex-Envoy To Germany Accepts Honorary Chairmanship 14
11/27/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Warns Of A Hitler Peace-War Declaration Hailed (By Author Rex Stout Of ‘Pen’) 26
11/28/1941 Roosevelt Sees Tokyo’s Envoys (Nomura & Kurusu) As Japanese Mass In Indo-China-Talks Are Bogged 1
11/28/1941 U.S. Marines Sail From Shanghai With Farewell Of Rain And Tears 1
11/28/1941 Argentina Sells U.S. All Tungsten 1
11/28/1941 Nazis Show Captive As Molotoff’s Son-To Dispute Charges Of Cruelty 3
11/28/1941 British Transport Here With Warship Crews To Man (British) Vessels (Damaged In War Action And) Being Repaired In U.S. (Ship) Yards 3
11/28/1941 Japan Sees End Of Negotiations-Blame Is Put Upon U.S. 4
11/28/1941 Peace In The Pacific Is Australia’s Policy-U.S. Leadership Acceptable Says Foreign Minister (Dr. H. V. Evatt) 4
11/28/1941 Finn’s Envoy Says Fight Must Go On 6
11/28/1941 Goebbels Accuses Roosevelt Of Plots 6
11/28/1941 Hotel Rooms ‘Rationed’ Under New Reich Rules 6
11/28/1941 Picture: Transfer Point In Iran For Russia’s Supplies 6
11/28/1941 Roosevelt Chooses (George S.) Messersmith (Author Of Many Questionable Affidavits At Nuernberg Tribunals) For Ambassador’s Post In Mexico (Former Educator In Public School Systems Of Pennsylvania & Delaware) 7
11/29/1941 Japan Warned We Can’t Tolerate Any New Attacks In The Orient-War Seen Closer-President (Roosevelt) Off To Georgia-Roosevelt Says Arming Of Pacific Freighters Depends On Japan 1
11/29/1941 (Manuel) Quezon Accuses U.S. On Defenses-Roosevelt Blocked Him, He Says-Asserts Philippines Are Not Ready For War 1
11/29/1941 Willkie To Plead Case For U.S. Red 1
11/29/1941 30,000 Japanese Move Southward-70 Transports 3
11/29/1941 U.S. ‘Ultimatum’ Is Seen By Japan 4
11/29/1941 Hull Views Finns As Hitler’s Allies 4
11/29/1941 Japanese Prepare To Close 5 Banks (In New York) 4
11/29/1941 Stern Chiang (Kai-Shek) Note To Us Reported Against Let Down In Aid To China 4
11/29/1941 Republicans Veer To Willkie On War 7
11/29/1941 Woman M. P. Tells Of Classless War 12
11/29/1941 U.S. Canned Foods Ease British Diet 12
11/29/1941 Women Criticized (By Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg) On Defense Work 12
11/30/1941 Tojo Would ‘Purge’ Orient Of U.S.-Roosevelt May Curtail Vacation-Hull Relays Data-Warning By Roosevelt 1
11/30/1941 Vichy Orders Press To Save Newsprint 2
11/30/1941 Ban On War Talks In Pulpits Asked (Gallup Poll) 10
11/30/1941 War Declaration Urged (By Cornell University Professors) 11
11/30/1941 Hull And Halifax Study Far East 17
11/30/1941 Roosevelt Bares China Aid Record 20
11/30/1941 Japanese Close Army Office Here 21
11/30/1941 President (Roosevelt) Warns (Japan) We Stand United 24
11/30/1941 Singapore Calls Troops On Leave 26
11/30/1941 Peace With-Japan Is Asked In Prayer (By Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein)-(German) Anti-Red Pact Scored 26
11/30/1941 (Manuel) Quezon’s Charges Denied By (Roger N.) Baldwin (Director Of American Civil Liberties Union) 28
11/30/1941 Finland Adopts Former (Pre 1939) Border 35
11/30/1941 Mercy Killings (By Germany) Draw Vatican Paper’s Ire (German, Film, ‘Ich Klage An’) 49
11/30/1941 ‘Bridge Of Ships’ Is Rising Rapidly 59
11/30/1941 Defense Lay-Offs Here Worry State 59
11/30/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) To Join Phi Beta Kappa (This Is By Invitation, Not As A Result Of Academic Achievement!) 59
11/30/1941 The News Of The Week In Review-New Tension In The Pacific E-1