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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

January 1932
Date Headline Page
01/01/1932 Hindenburg On Radio Warns On Burdening Reich Too Heavily Demands Equal Security Reds Interrupt Speech 1
01/01/1932 Six More Bombs Discovered In 4 (U.S.) Cities; Point To Nation Wide Anti Fascist Plot: Government Spurs Hunt For (‘Anti Fascist’) Terrorists 1
01/01/1932 World’s 1932 Hopes Voiced By Leaders German Payment Pledged 2
01/01/1932 (N.Y. Governor) Roosevelt Message Holds State Strong Aid To Needy Is Stressed 5
01/01/1932 Reich Finds Reason To Keep Gold Basis 10
01/01/1932 Gandhi Plea Fails; He Urges Defiance (Of British) 10
01/01/1932 Text of (Paul Von) Hindenburg’s Radio Address 13
01/01/1932 Britain Worse Off Than At End of 1930 15
01/01/1932 Fall of Chinchow (To Japanese) Now Is Imminent Chinese Retreat Is Wild 18
01/01/1932 Japanese Admit Aim Is To Hold Manchuria Hallett Abend, Dairen 19
01/01/1932 Murder Sentences (In U.S.) In 1931 At New Mark 20
01/01/1932 Chronological Record of World Activities In 1931 24
01/01/1932 Years Biggest Events Classified And Coordinated [‘Nazi’ (National Socialist Deutsche Arbeiter Partei) [Sic]] 25
01/01/1932 Twelve Months of Struggle Toward A Normal Status 26
01/02/1932 Foreign (South American Nations) Defaults On Bonds Here Exceed $815,000,000 1
01/02/1932 Bigger Navy Forces Prepare Two Plans; One 10, One 15 Years 1 Our Experts Accept Budgetary Arms Cut 1
01/02/1932 Japan Takes Chinchow Control All Manchuria Sword To Be Sheathed 1
01/02/1932 Bomb Plots Arouse Five More (U.S.) Cities 1
01/02/1932 Hindenburg Urges World To Cut Arms Stresses Reich Hardships 4
01/02/1932 Japanese Gloomy On 1932 Outlook 6
01/02/1932 Unequal Wage Step Marks Soviet Year Communists Show Gains Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
01/02/1932 Europe Seeks Jobs For 10,000,000 Idle Germany Is Hardest Hit 9
01/02/1932 Charge Mine Chief Incited Killings 12
01/03/1932 Six (Missouri) Officers Killed By Desperate Bond Governor Sends Troops 1
01/03/1932 Cruisers To Become Little ‘Battleships’; Navy Alters Design Heavier Armor Ordered (‘Pocket Battleship’?) Hanson W. Baldwin 1
01/03/1932 China Not Lacking In Will To Fight Organization Is Wanting George E. Sokolsky 26
01/03/1932 Reds March In Rain (In N.Y. City); 2 Rallies Broken Up 27
01/03/1932 Picture: Einstein Welcomed In California 29
01/03/1932 Three Banks Closed In Hartford Area More Failures In South 29
01/03/1932 Soviet Hails 1932 With Great Hopes 250 Tractors Made Daily Walter Duranty, Moscow N-3
01/03/1932 The Week In Europe; We Shun Reparations Lausanne Not For Us Edwin L. James E-3
01/03/1932 German (Labor) Unions Held As Force For Peace Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
01/03/1932 Chinese In Mukden Have Orgy of Vice Houses Do Big Business Hallett Abend, Mukden E-4
01/03/1932 Japanese Parents Selling Daughters E-4
01/03/1932 Trouble Expected From Spanish Reds Lawrence A Fernsworth, Barcelona, Spain E-4
01/03/1932 The Child Learns At Play In Russia (‘Heroic’ Treatment) Jessica Smith E-7
01/03/1932 Japan’s Course In Manchuria Book 1
01/03/1932 The Nazi Mind: A Study In Nationalism Harold Callender, Berlin Mag. 3&21
01/03/1932 Old Moscow Dies, New Moscow Arises Avrahm Yarmolinsky Mag. 14
01/03/1932 Issues That Press Upon The World In 1932 (Includes Hitler Who Sees Supreme Power In Germany For The ‘Nazis’) XX-1
01/03/1932 Russia, The Planned State, As Viewed By A Scientist Professor Julian Huxley XX-3
01/04/1932 Gandhi Sent To Jail (By British); Part To Be Banned; All India Quits Work 1
01/04/1932 Churches Are Shut In Mexican Capital (By Government) 1
01/04/1932 Treaty Navy By 1942 To Cost $616,000,000 Asked In Vinson Bill 1
01/04/1932 U.S. Consul Beaten By Japanese Patrol In A Mukden Street Hallett Abend, Mukden 1
01/04/1932 Courage Will End Slump, Says (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia University & Chairman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Confidence, Not More Wealth, Needed 14
01/04/1932 Berlin Cheerful At The Year’s End 30
01/04/1932 Gold Still Flows Into The French Bank 30
01/04/1932 Gold At London Bank Lowest Since 1920 30
01/05/1932 (Henry L.) Stimson (Hoover Secretary of State, Later Roosevelt’s War Time Secretary of War Always Anti Japanese) Demands Amends By Japanese For Beating Consul 1
01/05/1932 Drastic Preression Ordered (By British) In Al India; Two Killed In Clash 1
01/05/1932 Japan Minimizes (Their) Beating of (U.S.) Consul Forigners Long In Terror Hallett Abend, Mukden 3
01/05/1932 Churches (Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Demand Jobs Not Pay Cuts (Jews & Catholics Also Involved) 4
01/05/1932 West (Montana) Will Launch (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Boom (For The U.S. Presidency Scott Bullitt [Related To William C. Bullitt?], National Democratic Committeeman From Montana) 8
01/05/1932 Germans Mistrust Reparations Parley View Lausanne Meeting With Suspicion 10
01/05/1932 German Press Backs British Policy In India 12
01/05/1932 (William R.) Castle Says Reich Must Now Aid Itself Defends Hoover’s Policy 16
01/05/1932 German Crew Seized In Red Protest Here 51
01/06/1932 (Mexican) Court Denies Writ To Mexican Priest 8
01/06/1932 Air Deal Is Sought By Paris And Berlin 11
01/07/1932 (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Calls For New Leadership In Nation, As He Cites State’s Needs; Message Urges Emergency Tax Rise, Text, P. 20 (Picture) 1
01/07/1932 (Julius) Rosenwald Dead; Nation Mourns Him (Daughters: Mrs. Edith R. Stern & Mrs. Alfred K. Stern See Entry, Dec. 12, 1933, P. 21) 1&18
01/07/1932 Intimates Japan Would Appease Us. Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
01/07/1932 Soviet Fears Japan Will Enter Harbin Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
01/08/1932 (German Chancellor, Heinrich) Bruening Asks Help of Hitler To Extend Hindenburg’s (And His) Term (Of Office) Reich’s Chancellor Confers With ‘Nazi’ Leader Fascists May Join Cabinet 1
01/08/1932 Stimson Insists On (U.S.) Rights In Manchuria Under 9-Power Treaty And Kellogg Pact: Invites The Other Signatories To Act, Text 1
01/08/1932 Wang Ching-Wei Quits Nanking Government Paving Way For Return of Chiang Kai-Shek 2
01/08/1932 Britain Reassures Zionist Body (Zionist Organization of America) Here 4
01/09/1932 Reich Demands End of Reparations; Will Take Firm Stand At Lausanne 1
01/09/1932 Japan Denies Move To Violate Treaties Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
01/09/1932 Hitler Due To Reply To Bruening Today PlanDepends Largely On ‘Nazi’ (Sic) Backing 7
01/09/1932 Our Move Causes Dismay In Mukden 9
01/09/1932 Britain Not Likely To Join In Our Move Some Call Stimson Hasty 9
01/10/1932 Reparations Ended, Bruening Declares; Paris Is Perturbed Further Payments Impossible For Germany And Ruinous For World Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
01/10/1932 Says World Peace Depends On Our Aid (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 15
01/10/1932 (British Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald Is Urged To Back Bruening 16
01/10/1932 Debuchi Calls U.S. A Partner of Japan 22
01/10/1932 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Fervent Rooseelt Supporter, Pacifist, Feminist, ‘Anti Fascist,’ Zionist, Interventionist In European War, Etc.), 73, Urges Nation To Cheer Up 31
01/10/1932 (Sir William) Wiseman Attacks Versailles Treaty N-1
01/10/1932 Roosevelt Wins (N.Y.) City College Poll N-3
01/10/1932 Inter Faith Group Is Formed At N.Y.U N-3
01/10/1932 Ten Senators Favor Parley To End Arms N-3
01/10/1932 The Week In Europe; Stimson Takes Lead Reich Tired of Payments E-3
01/10/1932 Repudiation (Of U.S.) Feared If We Ramain Aloof (From International Affairs) Augur, London E-4
01/10/1932 Old Regime’s Ways Hamper New Spain E-4
01/10/1932 The Day of The Dictatorships Book 1
01/10/1932 Remaking A Nation (Spain); A Titanic Task Mag. 1
01/11/1932 Call On Us To Lead World To Disarm 2
01/11/1932 (James W.) Gerard (Wilson’s Wartime Ambassador To Germany) Decries Fear In Facing Depression ‘Future Belongs To The Bold,’ He Says 2
01/11/1932 Our Action On China Pleasing To Russia Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
01/11/1932 Chinese Beg Chiang (Kai-Shek) To Aid Government 4
01/11/1932 (Albert H.) Wiggin Discloses Germany’s (Financial) Plight 18
01/11/1932 Reich Is Surprised By Flurry Abroad (Over Bruening Statement On Reparations) Guido Enderis, Berlin 18
01/11/1932 France Is Shocked By German Stand 18
01/11/1932 Belgium Is Angered By Bruening’s Ideas 18
01/11/1932 Soldier’s Funeral Is Given To (Andre) Maginot (Maginot Line) (Pierre) Laval Delivers Eulogy 21
01/11/1932 Helen Gahagan (Douglas?) Makes Her Vaudeville Debut 29
01/12/1932 Terrorism Chargedto Japanese Troops In Chinchow Region Hallett Abend, Tientsin 1
01/12/1932 Chinese Annihilate Japanese At Linmin 6
01/12/1932 Mrs Gandhi Seized (By British) For Anti Tax Drive 12
01/12/1932 Europe Is Divided On Germany’s Declaration Against Further Reparations 18
01/13/1932 (Pierre) Laval Cabinet Out; He Fails In Attempt To Switch To Left 1
01/13/1932 Roosevelt Asks 100 Per Cent Increase In Tax On Incomes And Gasoline Sales To Meet Large Deficit Faced By (N.Y.) State 1
01/13/1932 Germans Criticize Our Foreign Policy 5
01/13/1932 Charity Not Enough, Says Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 8
01/13/1932 Japanese Trapped In Burning Town (By Chinese) 9
01/13/1932 Hindenburg Backed By Non Party Bloc Guido Enderis, Berlin 18
01/13/1932 Soviet Paper Holds We Back Bruening Sees German Revolution Walter Duranty, Moscow 18
01/13/1932 France Says World Needs Moral Leader 18
01/13/1932 (Banker, Charles E.) Mitchell Warns Against (U.S.) Isolation 39
01/14/1932 (Pierre) Laval Again Heads French Government; Takes Briand’s Post 1
01/14/1932 Belgium Deplores Gibes At Hoover 1
01/14/1932 European Problems Dropped By Hoover; ‘Home Job’ Put First 1
01/14/1932 10 Polish Leaders Convicted of Plot (Against Pilsudski) 5
01/14/1932 Il Duce Asks Unity Agains Us On Debts 6
01/14/1932 Layton Says Germany Can Pay Something 6
01/15/1932 Nation’s Democrats Rally For Victory; Roosevelt Calls For New Tax System 1
01/15/1932 600 (Jewish) Teachers Begin Strike In Palestine 9
01/15/1932 Japan Reveals Pact With China of 1905 Hugh Byas, Tokyo 12
01/15/1932 Bankers Aid China; Treasury Is Empty 12
01/15/1932 Japan Punishes Four For Attack On (U.S.) Consul 12
01/15/1932 (Sir Josiah Stamp) Assails Americans As Britain’s Critics 34
01/15/1932 French Bank’s Gold Shows Big Increase 34
01/16/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia University & Chairman of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Assails ‘Stupid (U.S.) Isolation’ In Plea For League Holds ‘War Is Still On,’ Text, P. 8 1
01/16/1932 Japan Replies To Us, Pledging ‘Open Door’ 1
01/16/1932 Japanese Defeated Along Wide Front 6
01/16/1932 (Edouard) Herriott Condemns Bruening’s Stand Sees Morality In Danger 9
01/16/1932 Europe Must Pay, Says (Pennsylvania) Senator Reed 9
01/16/1932 Dr. (S. Parkes) Cadman Hailed As Envoy of Peace (Former President of Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America By ‘World Alliance For International Friendship Through Churches’ Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Michael Williams of Catholic ‘Commonweal’ Involved!) 17
01/17/1932 Stimson’s Warning To Japan To Stand Despite Her Reply 1
01/17/1932 France Shuts Out Most of Our Radios In Drastic Decree Dutch Trade Is Favored 1
01/17/1932 Hitler Is Acquitted On Slander Charge Editor Is Found Guilty 14
01/17/1932 (Social Democratic Leader, Rudolf Breitscheid) Says Reich Will Seek Armament Cut By All N-2
01/17/1932 German Denounces France’s ‘Security’ E-3
01/17/1932 Sorbonne Explains (Versailles Treaty) War Guilt Clause It Means Germany Pays For War Damage E-4
01/17/1932 (International) Debt Settlement Urged By (John Maynard) Keynes E-4
01/17/1932 Russia’s Part In Fighting The World War Book 11
01/17/1932 To The Nazi Colors The Students Flock Harold Callender, Berlin Mag. 5
01/17/1932 Europe’s Momentous Wedge of Discord (The Polish Corridor) Emerie Deri 9
01/18/1932 German Plight Laid To Interest Burden 7% Call Rate Is Cited 2
01/18/1932 (Maj. Gen. John F.) O’ryan (A Constant Source of Anti German Agitation) Asks War Ban Instead of Arms Cuts 5
01/18/1932 Hitler Issues Reply On Presidency Plan Tells Bruening The Retention of Hindenburg Without Election Would Violate Constitution Declares (Bruening) Regime Must Go 8
01/18/1932 Hitler Sees Fight To Finish In Reich ‘Nazis’ Must Overcome Foes 8
01/18/1932 Reich Wants Right To Have All Arms Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
01/18/1932 $2,500,000 Sought For Palestine Aid 10
01/18/1932 Postal Ban Urged On Red Propaganda 18
01/19/1932 Japanese Planning A ‘Free’ Manchuria Dominated By Tokyo 1
01/19/1932 Reply of Japan To Stimson Scored J. (James) G. Mc Donald (Chairman, Unofficial Foreign Policy Association) Tells Women’s Peace Session (Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt’s Conference On ‘The Cause And Cure of War’) It Fails To Meet Any of Issues Warning On (German) Moratorium 5
01/19/1932 National Leaders Press Zionist Aims Hoover Backs Movement 6
01/19/1932 Poles Act To Ease Rule In Ukrainia Autonomy Plan (For Ukrainian Part of Poland) Rejected 9
01/20/1932 ‘sacrifice; On Debts Is Barred By (Pierre) Laval In Outlining Policy France Will Not Reduce Claims Without Cut In Her Obligations 1
01/20/1932 Debts Hurt Trade, Says League Body Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 14
01/20/1932 Balance of Trade Falls In Germany 14
01/20/1932 Incentive On Debt Is Left To Europe (By U.S.) 14
01/20/1932 Germany Is Irritated By Laval’s Demand 14
01/20/1932 Gandhi’s Son Jailed By British In India 15
01/21/1932 Europe Postpones Lausanne Parley As Reich Bars Temporary Settlement; Stimson Warns On Moves Against Us 1
01/21/1932 Germans Demand Full Debts Parley Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
01/21/1932 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Hails Einstein As Pacifist Leader 13
01/21/1932 Stimson Combats United Debt Plea 14
01/21/1932 Revised (Kellogg( Paris Pact Urged By (James T.) Shotwell (Columbia Univ. Professor & A Director, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 14
01/21/1932 French Charge Reich Prepares For War Senators Say Shock Troops And Vast Military Stores Are Now In Readiness 14
01/22/1932 Germans Seek Truce At Home For A Year Without Election ‘Nazi’ Backing Is Possible 1
01/22/1932 (Senator Claude A.) Swanson (Roosevelt’s Sec. of Navy) Sees War Is The (Geneva Disarmament) Parley Fails 11
01/22/1932 France Depressed By Our Debt Stand 12
01/23/1932 Shanghai Consuls Warn Japan’s Fleet To Avoid Overt Acts 1
01/23/1932 Ex-Kaiser Says Slum Is Allies’ Punishment 2
01/23/1932 Reds Battle Police In Rent Strike Riot 4
01/23/1932 Spain Crushes Reds In Catalan Towns 10
01/23/1932 Denies Gold Is Aim of Lusitania Hunt (By Divers) 10
01/23/1932 Berlin Students Riot; University Is Close 10
01/23/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Sees Liberty Under Fire Attacks (Our) Isolation Policy 11
01/24/1932 Japanese Land Marines To Seize Shanghai Forts; Chinese Ready To Resist 1
01/24/1932 Reich Credit Accord For Year Concluded By Bankers In Berlin 1
01/24/1932 Gov. (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Enters Race For The Presidency In North Dakota Primary 1
01/24/1932 (Senator William E.) Borah Says France Should Alter Policy Scores (Pierre) Laval’s Stand 1
01/24/1932 President (Hoover) Opposes Navy Building Bills ‘Limit In Economy’ His Aim 1
01/24/1932 Spain Liquidates The Jesuit Order State May Seize Schools 5
01/24/1932 Bruening Hits Hitler’s Motives 8
01/24/1932 Germans Denounce Laval’s Debt Stand 14
01/24/1932 Prof. Davis (Yale Univ.) Finds An Autocracy Here 18
01/24/1932 China (W. W. Yen) Asks League To Uphold Stimson 20
01/24/1932 German Movement Back To The Land N-14
01/24/1932 French Obsessed By Debt Problem E-3
01/24/1932 All Eastern Europe In Grip of Autarchy E-4
01/24/1932 Japan Would Raise Standard of Living E-8
01/24/1932 How The German (Weimar) Republic Came Into Being Book 9
01/25/1932 Japan Warned By Soviet Journal (‘Izvestia’) Walter 4
01/25/1932 Japanese In Drive On Loo Mile Front Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
01/25/1932 Germans Push Job On Biggest Airship (Lz-129) 6
01/25/1932 German Note Hoard Put At $250,000,000 7
01/25/1932 Berlin Is Disturbed By Lausanne Delay 29
01/26/1932 Suggest Dropping Army Citizens (Military Training) Camps 1
01/26/1932 Churchill On Return Citicizes Democracy Progress of World Is Dependent Upon Eminent Individuals 2
01/26/1932 Reich Glad Creditors Denied Extravagance Admission Money Was Carefully Spent (By Germans) 4
01/26/1932 300,000 Refugees Moved From Hankow 4
01/26/1932 British Again Seek Paris Debt Accord 7
01/26/1932 (German) Socialists Demand End of War Debts 7
01/27/1932 Deficit of Nation Now $1,501,100,000 8
01/27/1932 Big Japanese Loss Shown In 1931 Trade 10
01/27/1932 Unity of Christians And Jews Is Urged (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & John Haynes Holmes) 15
01/28/1932 Washington Consults London On China; Tokyo’s Ultimatum Ends At 5 A. M. Today; Martial Law In Shanghai Foreign Area 1
01/28/1932 Britain Will Seek Tariff Reciprocity In New Trade Pacts 1
01/28/1932 (Gen. Wilhelm) Groener Says France Has Napoleonic Aims 8
01/28/1932 Germans Uniting Behind Hindenburg ‘Nazi’ Candidate Unlikely 9
01/28/1932 British Sympathy With Japan Grows 15
01/29/1932 Japanese Unable To Occupy Shanghai Despite 13-Hour Land And Air Attack; Stimson Asks Tokyo To Tell Intention 1
01/29/1932 Britain Will Avoid Clash With Japan 1
01/29/1932 All Shanghai Terrorized, Foreigners Guarded, As Japanese And Chinese Clash 2
01/29/1932 Anglo American Tie Urged By (Winston S.) Churchill Says Union Would Counterbalance A United States of Europe Takes Up Lecture Tour (In U.S.) Dry Law Is Criticized 5
01/29/1932 New Deal For Reich Is Urged By (Sir Robert) Horne 10
01/30/1932 Japanese Forced Back At Shanghai; Great Area In Ruins, Hundreds Slain 1
01/30/1932 Berlin Fears Japan Dooms Arms Talks Uneasy Over Our Attitude 4
01/30/1932 Reich Lists Amount Paid In Reparations Total Put At $16,082,100,000 9
01/30/1932 Deputies See France At Mercy of Enemy In Air; Even Germany Is Said To Have Better Planes 9
01/31/1932 Japanese Seize Part of Foreign Area In Shanghai And Terrorize Residents: China Asks Aid Makes Threat of War 1
01/31/1932 Picture: General Chiang Kai-Shek, Former President 1
01/31/1932 American And British Warships On Way To Shanghai 24
01/31/1932 Russia Sees Start Fo Imperialist War Walter Duranty, Moscow 24
01/31/1932 Terror Spreads In Shanghai As Truce Fails 25
01/31/1932 (U.S.) Boycott of Japan Opposed In Senate 25
01/31/1932 Big Gold Increase From Japan (To U.S.) Shown 26
01/31/1932 The Week Abroad: Japan On Her Way Edwin L. James E-3
01/31/1932 (German) Reparations Arm Germany’s Old Foes French Loan To Czechoslovakia Is Expected To Finance The Skoda Munitions Works G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-3
01/31/1932 Europe’s Hope Still In United States Events of 1916 Recalled Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
01/31/1932 The World’s Path To Peace (Sir Norman Angell) Book 1