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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

May 1932
Date Headline Page
05/01/1932 Reds Jeer At Rally of Socialists Here 21
05/01/1932 Negroes To Draft Political Policies Independent Action Urged (At Washington Meeting of NAACP Spingarn Etc.) N-1
05/01/1932 (Fernand J. J.Merck) Pictures Us In A Plot To Weaken France Sees A ‘World Conspiracy’ N-3
05/01/1932 Wave of Hitlerism Sweeping Austria Few Openly Advocate It John Mac Cormac, Vienna E-3
05/01/1932 Role of The Dollar Is Vital To France E-3
05/01/1932 Europe’s Salvation Seen In Danube Plan E-4
05/01/1932 Alabama Awaits Scottsboro (Negro Rape Case) Ruling Faults Seen In Defense E-6
05/01/1932 Roosevelt Waning W. A. White (Emporia, Kansas) Believes E-6
05/01/1932 Says Chang Tso Lin Forced Japan’s Hand Hugh Byas, Tokyo E-8
05/01/1932 Norman Thomas (Socialist) Presents Issues Mag. 11
05/02/1932 1,000,000 On Parade In Soviet May Day; Reds Riot In London 1
05/02/1932 Reds Orderly Here In Parade In Rain 3
05/02/1932 Hebrew University (Jerusalem) Is Praised On Radio 12
05/03/1932 Germans Fear Coup By Poles In Danzig Plot Known, Says Berlin Poland Scoffs At Rumor 1
05/03/1932 Picture: Walter Duranty (Moscow!), Pulitzer Award Winner 16
05/04/1932 Cantonese Capture Sea And Air Forces, New (Chinese) Civil War Near 1
05/04/1932 (Arkansas Senator) Robinson (Democratic Floor Leader) Demands World Court Entry (By U.S.) 3
05/04/1932 Shift To Right Due In German Cabinet 7
05/04/1932 Reports Japanese Will Oust Russians (From Portion of Manchuria Which They Seized) 8
05/05/1932 Prison Doors Close Behind Al Capone 1
05/05/1932 All Russia Aroused By Far East Events 1
05/05/1932 Roosevelt Set Back Spurs Garner’s Men 1
05/05/1932 Our Anti War Plan (‘Hoover Doctrine’) Outlined By (Acting Secretary of State, William R.) Castle 4
05/05/1932 Japan Not Worried By Our (Entire) Navy Shift (To Pacific) But Would ‘Consider Situation’ If Pacific Concentration Were Made Permanent Hugh Byas, Tokyo 9
05/05/1932 Germans Far Ahead In Memel Election 100% Vote In Some Places Despite Influx of 9,000 Lithuanians Shortly Before Election Day 9
05/05/1932 Kaiser’s ‘Blindness’ Is Blamed For War Third Volume of Von Buelow’s Memoirs Declares Emperor (Wilhelm II) Did Not Want Conflict Says Von Bethmann Hollweg And Von Jagow Were Incompetent And Puppets of Austrian Statesmen 17
05/06/1932 Hoover Sends (Democratic) Congress Sharp Message, Saying Its Inaction Disturbs The Nation; Demands Quick Balancing of Budget (Text, P. 8) Reed Is For A Mussolini 1
05/06/1932 Shanghai Armistice Signed In Hospital Japan Troops To Retire Hallett Abend, Shanghai 3
05/06/1932 Dr. (Raymond Leslie) Buell (Research Director of Unofficial ‘Foreign Policy Association’) Attacks Castle On Arms Cut Move Against Boycotts To Stop War Is Body Blow At Conference, He Tells League Group 3
05/06/1932 Democrats (In Congress) Shaken By Hoover Blast Arthur Krock 8
05/06/1932 Naval Experts Fail To Agree At (Geneva) Parley Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 10
05/06/1932 British Debt Policy Has Not Been Fixed 10
05/06/1932 Germans In Memel Sweep The Election Win 24 Seats In Diet To Five For Lithuanians 11
05/07/1932 French President (Paul Doumer) Dies of His Wounds 14 Hours After Being Shot By (Drunken, Emigrant, Czarist) Russian 1
05/07/1932 President (Hoover) Appeals Direct To People On Congress Delay 1
05/07/1932 Machine Gun Fire Wounds Eight (Chicago) Reds 1
05/07/1932 Roosevelt Cheered By (Senator) Norris And (Senator Huey P.) Long 3
05/07/1932 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Step To End Boycott (Of Japanese) Draws Ire (Chinese) People Wrathful Over Move Linked With Peace Terms Chiang’s (Nanking) Regime Assailed (Vice Foreign Minister) Shigemitsu (Who Signed Agreement) Near Death Injured By Bomb Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
05/08/1932 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Won’t Fight For A United China; To Hold The Yangtse 1
05/08/1932 Methodists (At Atlantic City Conference) Adopt Race Equality Plea 1
05/08/1932 Conference Called By Little Entente E-3
05/08/1932 (Marcel Braunschvig) Holds Europe Could Learn Much From Us E-3
05/08/1932 Manchuria Ruled By Seven Japanese Hugh Byas, Tokyo E-8
05/08/1932 (Eugene) Chen (Koumintang Leader) Sees Japanese Planning War On Us Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-8
05/08/1932 Von Buelow, Memoires of Prince Von Buelow, Vol III (Trans. By Goeffry Dunlop), Little Borwn & Co., Boston Book 3
05/08/1932 Isolation? Now France Ponders Mag. 1
05/08/1932 America Stirs Japan And Puzzles Her Hugh Byas, Tokyo Mag. 3
05/09/1932 Left Triumph In France; (Premier) Tardieu Coalition Beaten 1
05/09/1932 Manchurians Trap Japanese Brigades; Relief Army Rushed 1
05/09/1932 Lausanne Last Hope, Declares (German Chancellor, Heinrich) Bruening 5
05/09/1932 Churchill Blames Money For Crisis UrgesThat Britain And America Take Joint Step To End Depression 5
05/09/1932 Roosevelt Relies Upon (Political) Trades To Win (Democratic Presidential Nomination) 8
05/10/1932 Poles Fear (Leftist) France Will Drop Alliance 2
05/10/1932 Japanese (Manchurian) Brigades Report Foe Routed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 2
05/10/1932 Japan Sees Menace In Plane Carriers 2
05/11/1932 Le Brun President Defeats Socialist; Tardieu Out June 4 1
05/11/1932 Big Japanese Force Reaches Manchuria 1
05/11/1932 Le Brun A Former Pupil of Poincare 2
05/11/1932 Nazi Tumult Halts Reichstag Session Bruening Scored As Weak Groener’s Defense of Storm Troop (Sturmabteilung) Ban Provokes Furious Attack By Hitlerites 2
05/11/1932 (Negro Mother of Convicted Rapist) Appeals In Germany In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 2
05/12/1932 Bruening Insists Reich Cannot Pay (More Reparations) 1
05/12/1932 Japan’s Evacuation (Of Shanghai) Aims To End ‘Odium’ 3
05/12/1932 Britain To Send Out Bids To Debt Parley 5
05/12/1932 (‘Yugoslavian’) Students Demand A Free Slovenia 7
05/12/1932 (Dr.Nicholas Murray Butler, President Columbia) University Heads Back Jewish (Philanthropic Society) Drive 17
05/12/1932 Britain And France In Clash Over Gold (Standard) Paris Favors Retention 29
05/12/1932 $18,481,300 In Gold Shipped To Europe 29
05/13/1932 Lindbergh Baby (Charles A., Jr.) Found Dead Near Home; Murdered Soon After The Kidnapping 72 Days Ago And Left Lying In Woods 1
05/13/1932 Big Japanese Army Rushes Into (Manchuria) Battle Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
05/13/1932 (Gen. William) Gorener, Nazis Foe Quits Defense Post Keeps Interior Portfolio Police Expel Hitlerite Deputies As Four Are Arrested For Beating (Hostile) Journalist Hitler Opposed Outbursts 8
05/13/1932 60,000 Books Burn In Valencia Library Students Or Communists Are Blamed For Fire 8
05/13/1932 Latins Negotiationg A Union Against Us Washington Gets Protest 9
05/14/1932 (U.S.) Medical Schools Proposed For Jews 4
05/14/1932 Right (Of Government) To Seize Land Decreed In Mexico 6
05/14/1932 3 Nazi Deputies Get Jail Terms In (Reichstag [Journalist]) Fight 7
05/14/1932 (Former King) Alfonso Is Beaten By Spaniard In France 7
05/14/1932 Methodists (In Atlantic City Conference) Favor New War Debt Deal 9
05/15/1932 Mary Knoll Assigns Foreign Missionaries (To Orient) 14
05/15/1932 Japan Is For Action By Powers In China Hugh Byas, Tokyo 30
05/15/1932 Return To Farms In 1931 Reported N-10
05/15/1932 The Week In Europe The War Debts Issue Edwin L. James E-3
05/15/1932 Reich Middle Class Flocking To Hitler E-4
05/15/1932 What Germany Thinks of France Dr. Richard Von Kuehlmann Mag. 1
05/15/1932 Leon Blum: Power For Peace In Europe Dorothy Dunbar Bromley Mag. 6
05/16/1932 Militarists Kill The Premier (Ki Inukai) In Tokyo Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
05/16/1932 Slaying Is Linked To Shanghai Truce Resented (Japanese) Evacuation 1
05/16/1932 Honjo Insists Japan Wants Soviet Amity Hallett Abend, Mukden 4
05/16/1932 Charges (U.S.) Prejudice Is Driving Out Jew 5
05/16/1932 Two Die In Poland (One By Hanging, One By Shooting) As Spies For Soviet 6
05/16/1932 Possibility of War Seen In Depression Danger In Nationalism 13
05/16/1932 (Rev. Dr. Henry Howard) Would Call Army To Rout Lawless 13
05/17/1932 100 Dead In Bombay; Rioters Burn, Loot 1
05/17/1932 More Troops Sent To (Manchurian) Front By Japan Aid Rushed For Americans (At Pengpu Legation, From Communist Outlaws) 4
05/18/1932 Army Has Its Way On Japan’s Cabinet Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
05/18/1932 Soviet Said To Have Bought Polish Spy List; Deaths of Many Laid To Executed Poles 1
05/18/1932 Nanking (Chaing Kai-Shek) Again Wins Shantung’s (Gen. Han Fu-Chu’s) Backing Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
05/18/1932 Poland Protests Danzig (Warship) Restriction Attack (By Poles) Is Still Feared 7
05/18/1932 India Riots (Against British Rule) Spread; Clash In Calcutta 8
05/18/1932 Negroes Are Urged (By Kansas Senator Capper) To Cut Party Lines (In Comming Election) Emancipation Held Vital 13
05/19/1932 Roosevelt Reviews ‘Forgotten Man’ Plea Government Must Not Let Its People Starve Cites Jefferson’s World (‘Mass of Mankind Not Born With Saddles’) Urges A New Outlook 1
05/19/1932 British Plans Hold Despite India Riots Frederick T. Birchall 8
05/19/1932 Paderewski Warns of Polish Isolation Holds It Means ‘Slavery’ 8
05/19/1932 Pope (Pius Xi) Scores Accumulation of Wealth And Market Manipulation By Small Group 16
05/19/1932 Reich And France Show Trade Loss 30
05/20/1932 (President, Columbia University, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Sounds Call For A Liberal Party Offers 14 Points As Basis (Text, P. 10) 1
05/20/1932 (Columbia Univ. Propessor, Dr. John) Dewey Urges Negroes (NAACP Spingarn Et Al.) To Join New Party 2
05/20/1932 Taxes Unbearable (Charles M.) Schwab Declares Sees Business Throttled 4
05/20/1932 (Gen. Maxime) Weygand Recalls Joffre Pact In War 5
05/20/1932 Hitler Won’t Join Prussian Cabinet Goal of Nazis’ Struggle Is Not To Enter Coalition 8
05/21/1932 Reich To Decree New Taxes To Aid Jobless; Average Monthly Dole In 6,000,000 Homes $13 1
05/21/1932 Japanese Rout (Manchurian) Foe After Fierce Fight Bandits Hold Up A Train 5
05/21/1932 France Puts Check On Entry of Aliens 31
05/22/1932 Japan Seeking Hold On Chinese Eastern (Railroad) Big Army At Vladivostok Hallett Abend, Harbin 1
05/22/1932 (Rabbi Jonah Bondi Wise [American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee]) Finds Generous Aid For Jews In Europe 21
05/22/1932 New Deal In Europe Is Urged By (Dr. Julius) Curtius Asks Versailles Revision Calls For End of A Dictated Peace N-3
05/22/1932 Britain’s Debt To Us Difficult Problem Bears On All Nations United Front Is Sought Augur, London E-3
05/22/1932 Lengyel, Emil, Hitler, Lincoln Mac Veigh, The Dial Press, N.Y. Adolf Hitler As A Symbol of World Wide Upheaval Book 3
05/23/1932 (Viscount Makoto) Saito (Picture, P. 4) Made Premier By Japan’s Emperor 1
05/23/1932 Reduction of Army Demanded In France 1
05/23/1932 Roosevelt Demands ‘National Income’ Be Redistributed (In ‘Atlanta’ Speech, Text, P. 6) 1
05/23/1932 Soviet Relents Toward The Czarist Survivors 1
05/23/1932 Japan Is Absorbing Trade In Manchuria 4
05/23/1932 Outlook Improves For German Mark 25
05/23/1932 Germany’s Home Trade Still Losing Ground 25
05/24/1932 Herriot Will Guard Against Hitlerites; Demands Security P. J. Philip, Paris 1
05/24/1932 Plot To Seize Danzig Is Charged To Poles Germans Say Warsaw Would Recognize A Fait Accompli After Unofficial Coup Evidence of Intrigue Seen 1
05/24/1932 (Albert) Einstein Assails (Geneva) Arms Conference Ponsonby Supports Stand Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 7
05/24/1932 Cuba Seizes Chiefs of 1931 Rebellion Held In Suspicion of Part In New Plot 9
05/24/1932 (Elias Tobenkin) Sees Russia Preparing For A War In Europe 14
05/25/1932 Europe Will Pay Us Delayed Annuities Over Lo Year Period 1
05/25/1932 Manchukuo Would Bar The Japanese Hallett Abend, Mukden 4
05/25/1932 Japanese At Harbin Rout Foe, Take 500 4
05/25/1932 Germany To Warn Poland On Danzig 6
05/25/1932 New Prussian Diet Opens In Deadlock Guido Enderis, Berlin 7
05/25/1932 ‘Duquesne’ Is Jailed Here On (15 Year Old) Wartime Charge 11
05/26/1932 Prussian Diet Hall Wrecked In Battle As 50 Reds Aid Comrade Attacked By 150 Nazis Six Are Hurt Bruening Hinted In Break 1
05/26/1932 British Debt Action Disappoints French 6
05/26/1932 Raiders Dominate North Manchuria Hard Task For Japanese Douglas Robertson, Harbin 8
05/27/1932 Hamburg Police Fire On Jobless Rioters Wound 15 As Looting of Grocery Follows Battle With Hordes of Hungry Marchers 1
05/27/1932 Chinese Take 2 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Divisions Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7
05/27/1932 Japanese Moving Near Soviet Border Dangerous Situation Seen 7
05/27/1932 Naval Experts Fail To Agree At (Geneva) Parley Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
05/28/1932 Hoover Condemns ‘Pork Barrel’ Relief; Calls On People To Halt Garner Plan (Text, P. 3); (Democratic) Senate Votes $270,000,000 New Taxes 1
05/28/1932 Rioting Increases In German Cities Food Stores Plundered 6
05/28/1932 Half of German Shops Idle, Says Minister More Than 50 Per Cent of People Depend To Some Degree On State, Stegerwald Asserts 27
05/29/1932 (French Anti German Senator Henry) Berenger Suggests Cut In Reparations To Meet Trade Loss 1
05/29/1932 Bruening Proposes Land Settlements 7
05/29/1932 The Week In Europe; Britain’s Debt Plans Edwin L. James E-3
05/29/1932 Japan’s Militarism Held Peril To Reich E-3
05/29/1932 Designs On Danzig Denied In Poland Lay Intrigue To Germans Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-3
05/29/1932 Soviet Recognition By Us Is Predicted Robin Kinkead, Moscow E-4
05/29/1932 Hitler Would Allow No Women In Politics E-4
05/29/1932 Frederick The Great, The First of Modern Dictators Book 8
05/30/1932 Bruening Talks Long To Sway Hindenburg Seeks Backing 1
05/30/1932 Danzig Agitation Alarming Poland Government Keeps Calm 4
05/31/1932 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Ousts Bruening’s (Picture, P. 4) Cabinet Over Home Policy Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
05/31/1932 ‘Draft (Louis Dembitz) Brandeis,’ (For President) Bostonian Demands 2
05/31/1932 France Is Alarmed By Change In Reich (Picture: Hitler) 4
05/31/1932 Bruening Utilized Dictatorial Rule Relegated The Reichstag To A Secondary Role In More Than Two Years As Chancellor 5
05/31/1932 (Prof. Childs, Princeton University) Says Germans Seek A Courageous Leader Says Call For Dictatorship Is Not Hostile To Democracy 5
05/31/1932 Washington Fears Reich Unrest Now Bruening Resignation Is Seen As Prelude To Stormy Period In European Affairs 5