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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

July 1932
Date Headline Page
07/01/1932 (U.S.) Marine Murdered In Nicaraguan Camp 3
07/01/1932 Americans Demand Arms (Reduction) Decision Now (U.S. Ambassador Hugh) Gibson (Geneva) Insists On Acceptance of One Third Cut Principle Before Parley Adjourns Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
07/01/1932 Five Powers Push Lausanne Accord Frederick T. Birchall, Lausanne 4
07/01/1932 Seek Interest Cuts On German Debts Strive For 4 Per Cent Reduction See That Or Suspension (Of Debt) 4
07/01/1932 Nazis Engage In Fight At Berlin University 4
07/01/1932 Present Navy Ratio Attacked By Japan Hugh Byas, Tolyo 5
07/01/1932 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (In Paris) Hails The Democratic Plank 15
07/01/1932 Van Loon Blames Us For World Muddle (Lack of International Cooperation) 19
07/02/1932 Roosevelt Nominated On Fourth Ballot 1
07/02/1932 The Democratic Nominee For President (With Mama Next To Him) And His Family 7
07/02/1932 Germany Receives New Payment Plan 8
07/02/1932 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler To Demand Teeth In Paris (Briand Kellogg) Pact 8
07/03/1932 Reich Balks At Plan For Final Payment Through Bond Issue 1
07/03/1932 (Stimson) Says Hoover Saves Nation From Riots 2
07/03/1932 Roosevelt Victory Worries Germans 4
07/03/1932 Manchukuo Seizes American’s (Robert M. Talbot) Papers 4
07/03/1932 France Again Cuts American Imports 4
07/03/1932 Steel Helmet Head Fears European Red Sweep Unless German Polish Relations Are Mended 4
07/03/1932 Zionist (Organization of America) Delegates Ready For (Philadelphia) Convention 6
07/03/1932 Ex-Governor (N.Y., Alfred E. Smith) Avoids Meeting Roosevelt 10
07/03/1932 The Two Conventions: Chicago Contrasts XX-1
07/03/1932 New Phases In The Arms Parley Opens With Hoover’s Proposal (Dr.) Raymond Leslie Buell, (Research Director, of The Unofficial ‘Foreign Policy Association’) XX-3
07/04/1932 Reich Bars Our View As Lausanne Factor; Insists On Finality Von Papen Says Ratification of Accord Must Not Depend On Debt Revision By Us 1
07/04/1932 Roosevelt Hailed By British Press 3
07/04/1932 German Press Hits Papen Debt Plan United States Criticized Says Many Versailles Treaty Clauses Must Be Cancelled If $1,000,000,000 Is Paid 12
07/04/1932 Dr. (Rev., S. Parkes) Cadmon Calls For A (‘George’) Washington 13
07/04/1932 Zionism Reported Gaining Strength 24
07/05/1932 Italy Urges Europe To Cancel War Debt And End Reparations 1
07/05/1932 150,000 Berlin Reds And Socialists Parade; Assail Regime For Suspending Newspapers 1
07/05/1932 World Cooperation Is Urged By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Comlubia University & Chairman of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Text, London Speech) 2
07/05/1932 Socialists Urge Debt Moratorium 4
07/05/1932 Britain Votes Duties of 100% Against Irish 8
07/05/1932 (Philadelphia Zionist Organization of America Convention) Zionists Approve (World Jewish Congress) Parley At Geneva (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Demands (Jewish) Solidarity 18
07/05/1932 (Norman) Thomas Sees Crisis Worse Than In 1776 18
07/06/1932 Peiping Fears Raid By Japanese Force 5
07/06/1932 French At Lausanne Bar War Guilt Issue Herriot Also Rejects Reich’s Plea For Arms Equality As A Reparations Condition 8
07/06/1932 Germans Win Cut In Interest Rates 8
07/06/1932 New Yorkers Reach Plattsburg (‘Citizens’ Military Training) Camp 9
07/06/1932 Reich Court Bans Centrists’ Organ (‘Cologne Volkszeitung’) 10
07/07/1932 Accord At Lausanne Balked By Proposal Erasing.War Guilt (French Premier) Herriot Ready To Drop It But Not Retract It 1
07/07/1932 (Ex N.Y. Governor, Alfred E.) Smith Will Support Party, But He Fails To Name Roosevelt 1
07/07/1932 Bids Nanking (Chaing Kai-Shek) Protect American Citizens (In China) 4
07/07/1932 Americans Demand Arms Talks Go On 4
07/07/1932 Many Billions Cut From (German) Reparations (At Lausanne Parley) 7
07/07/1932 Dictators Blamed In Latin America 7
07/07/1932 Prague Mayor Warns Slavs Against Reich 7
07/08/1932 British Ask Cut of Third In Size of Ships And Guns; Would Limit Air Bombing 1
07/08/1932 Washington Insists Army Cuts Be First (Ahead of Navy Cuts) 4
07/08/1932 Geneva Arms Cuts Checked By Britain Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
07/08/1932 Paris Eager To See Shift Here On Debt 5
07/08/1932 Danzig Asks Poland To End The Boycott 6
07/08/1932 Soviet Finnish Pact of Amity Is Signed 6
07/08/1932 ‘Big Business’ Hit By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 8
07/09/1932 Lausanne Accord Ends Reparation; Berlin To Issue $714,000,000 In Bonds; War Guilt Issue Avoided (Text, P.4) 1
07/09/1932 Papen On Air Tells Reich Load Is Lifted Nation Will Now Fight For Political Equality His Foes Back Settlement Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
07/09/1932 Lausanne Accord Raises Hopes Here 4
07/09/1932 Reich Agains Offers Arms Plan To Paris French Cool To Proposal Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
07/09/1932 Leaders In Congress Now Fear Pressure On Us By Europe For Revision of (War) Debts 5
07/09/1932 War Debts To Us Total $11,261,176,719.57 5
07/09/1932 Chiang (Kai-Shek) To Lead War On The Communists Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
07/10/1932 Paris Disavows Aim of Pressure On Us 1
07/10/1932 Hoover Would Consider Capacity To Pay But Still Opposes Cancelling War Debts 1
07/10/1932 (Dean Herbert E. Hawkes) Says Schools Fail To Curb Prejudice 6
07/10/1932 Lausanne’s Effect In Reich In Doubt Von Papen Is Attacked Goebbels, Nazi Leader Denounces Failure To Lift War Guilt Stigma From Germany Guido Enderis, Berlin 16
07/10/1932 Gen. Ma (Chen Shan) Renews War On Japanese (In Manchuria) 17
07/10/1932 Attempt Made On Chiang’s (Kai-Shek’s) Life; Strict Martial Law In Hankow 17
07/10/1932 British Naval Idea Is Favored In Japan Reduction In Size, Not Number of Ships Hugh Byas, Tokyo 17
07/11/1932 Allies Debt Proviso Arouses Opposition of Senate Leaders ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ Seen By Some As Nullifying Lausanne Progress 1
07/11/1932 (Mayor Frank ‘Boss’) Hague (Head of Jersey City, N. J. Political Machine) Now Pledges State To Roosevelt1 France Awaits Our Debt Action; League To Act On Economics 8
07/11/1932 (Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Demand Arms Cuts As A Debt Condition 8
07/11/1932 (Felix Morley) Sees United States (As) League ‘Associate’ 8
07/11/1932 Herriot Stresses Our Link To (Lausanne) Pact 8
07/11/1932 Lausanne Action Reassures Berlin Robert Crozier Long, Berlin 21
07/12/1932 Commons Told We Joined In Lausanne Debt Talks; Relch Disowns Secret Pact (Neville) Chamberlain Tells Role Says Americans Spoke Reassuringly Before Accord Was Reached Berlin Makes Disavowal 1
07/12/1932 (Jersey City Mayor Frank, ‘Boss’) Hague Leads Rally To Aid Roosevelt 6
07/12/1932 Secret Debt Pact Disturbs Capitals of Four Powers 12
07/12/1932 End of War Guilt Seen By Von Papen 12
07/13/1932 No Debt Pledge Gives By Washington No Secrecy, (Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald Tells Commons; Stimson Insists That We Kept Aloof 1
07/13/1932 Political (Turmoil) Deaths Arouse Germany 18 Killings Sunday 10
07/13/1932 (Mass.) Judgeship Refused By (Felix) Frankfurter (Harvard Law School) 19
07/14/1932 Britain And France Form New Entente (‘Cordiale’); To Consult On War Debts Owed To Us; Invite Others To Unite To Help Europe, Text 1
07/14/1932 Herriot Sees Unity In Debt Settlement 1
07/14/1932 Hoover Undisturbed By The New (Anglo French) Accord 1
07/14/1932 Prussia Tightens Curb On Meetings Four More Die In Clashes 8
07/14/1932 Cantonese Defeat Reds 8
07/14/1932 See United Front Forming In Europe Frederick T. Birchall, Lausanne 10
07/14/1932 Reich Would Shun A Political Truce (European) Union Against, Us Feared 10
07/14/1932 Harbin Port Works Seized By Japanese 11
07/14/1932 Fascist Slain Here Proves To Be Bandit 20
07/14/1932 New Book (Why Hoover Faces Defeat) Assails Hoover As Dictator 22
07/15/1932 Hoover Warns European United Front On Debts, Denying We Were Consulted; Britain Insists (Lausanne) Pact Will Not Affect Us 1
07/15/1932 Roosevelt Promise Derided By (Secretary of War, Patrick J.) Hurley ‘New Deal’ of Governor (Roosevelt) Is (William Jennings) Bryan’s Old Deal, Text, P. 4 1
07/15/1932 Issues Who’s Who of Foreign Jews 6
07/15/1932 Japan Tells League Manchuria Is Free Hugh Byas, Tokyo 7
07/15/1932 Reich Disdappointed By Accord On Debts Big Gain For Hitler Seen Guido Enderis, Berlin 8
07/15/1932 Text of The (Lausanne) ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ 8
07/15/1932 French Deny Move To Coerce America Jules Sauerwein, Paris 8
07/15/1932 Fears of (New Anglo French) Entente (‘Cordiale’) Deplored By (French) Editor Opening of New Era Seen 9
07/15/1932 Picture: W. Averell Harriman (Later One of Roosevelt’s Most Devoted Lieutenants) Heads Railway Boards 23
07/15/1932 Bank of England Takes In More Gold 27
07/16/1932 League Acts To Call World Trade Parley Urged At Lausanne Clarence K. Steit, Geneva 1
07/16/1932 (Frank B.) Kellogg (Coolidge’s Sec. of State & Member World Court) Back, Sees No War Hint Abroad 2
07/16/1932 Hoover Stand Adds To German Gloom 4
07/16/1932 $16,992,200 Gain In Gold For Day 15
07/16/1932 Bank of France Adds To Its Gold 17
07/16/1932 Our Policy Blamed For Britain’s Traffic (Institute of Public Affairs, Univ of Virginia, Charlottesville) 22
07/17/1932 British View of (Lausanne) Pact Accepted By Herriot 7
07/17/1932 Reich Sees Austria Enslaved By Loan League Aid Is Called ‘Political Usury’ And Held Just Enough To Keep Nation From Dying 9
07/17/1932 Heidelberg (City) Defaults On Debt 9
07/17/1932 Reich Establishes New (Volunteer) Labor Service 9
07/17/1932 Rout Polish Workers Who Held Mill 4 Days 11
07/17/1932 Proletariat ‘Trial’ Is Hard On A. F. of L 16
07/17/1932 The Week In Europe; Pathetic Diplomacy Edwin L. James E-3
07/17/1932 Europe Surprised At Distrust Here P. J. Philips, Paris E-3
07/17/1932 Geneva For Action On Debts By U.S. Now Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
07/17/1932 Talk of War With U.S. Belittled By Shii E-5
07/17/1932 Mussolini Looks At The World Emil Ludwig Mag. 1
07/18/1932 (Columbia Univ. Pres, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Sees Danger In America’s Delay of Revision of Debt 1
07/18/1932 Bonus Army (Veterans of WWI) Digs In ‘To Stay Until 1945’ 1
07/18/1932 10,000 Die In Battles In 5 Areas of China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
07/18/1932 (German) Reparations Dead, Declares (Sir Walter Thomas) Layton Economist Says On Radio It Is ‘Unthinkable’ Nations Will Dare To Revive Them 5
07/18/1932 Settle Debts Now, (Walter) Lippman (Wilson Advisor) Urges 5
07/18/1932 Hoover’s Debt View Assailed By French Europe’s Move Defended 5
07/19/1932 Ban On Civil Strife Is Imposed By Reich Threatens Death Penalty 1
07/19/1932 Picture: Gov. Roosevelt Confers With Col (Edward Mandell [Mandel]) House (Huis) 3
07/19/1932 Lays Death of Jew To Rumanian Police 10
07/19/1932 Japanese Battle Chinese In Jehol Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
07/19/1932 Gold Stocks Down In The Reichsbank 30
07/20/1932 Prussian Dictator Demanded By Nazis President of Diet (Hanns Kerrl) Formally Asks Reich To Replace Cabinet With A Commissioner Guido Enderis, Belrin 1
07/20/1932 Japan Rushes Army For Battle In Jehol War Is Feared In China 1
07/20/1932 Editor Seized Here In Fascist Killing 7
07/21/1932 Reich Seizes Prussia, Names Dictator; Army Ousts Officials And Rules Berlin; Papen Under Hindenburg’s Order Guido Enderis, Belrin 1
07/21/1932 Texts of Hindenburg Decrees 1
07/21/1932 Prussian Officials Ousted After Dictator Is Named Pictures of Principles (Carl Severing Included) 3
07/22/1932 Arms Accord ‘Vain’ Mussolini Asserts; He Withholds Vote Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
07/22/1932 Papan Will Consult Premiers of States 3
07/22/1932 Il Duce Takes Over Two Cabinet Posts 3
07/22/1932 Japanese Threaten Attack On Peiping 10
07/23/1932 Germany Threatens Arms Parity of Threat of Bolt Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
07/23/1932 Chinese Mobilize To Defend Jehol Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
07/23/1932 (World War I) Defeat Is Called Boon To Germany (Hergesheimer, Joseph, Berlin, Alfred Knopf, N.Y.) 6
07/24/1932 Prussia Opens Fight In Court On Dictator Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/24/1932 Japan Withdraws Troops From Jehol Hugh Byas, Tokyo 12
07/24/1932 Nanking’s Expenses Far Exceed Income E-5
07/24/1932 Hitler Counts Heads Roto.
07/24/1932 Germany’s Intense Struggle; A New Alignment of Forces Dr. Reichard Von Kuehlmann XX-3
07/24/1932 Anti Hitler Cartoon XX-3
07/25/1932 City Salaries Cut Generally In Nation 1
07/25/1932 Italy Now Building Warships In Secret, Says British (Naval) Expert (Hector C. Bywater) 1
07/25/1932 (Norman) Thomas Predicts Spread of Fascism 3
07/25/1932 Another (Political) Stalemate Is Likely In Germany 4th National Vote In Year Germans Will Try Once More To Choose Between Hitler And Parliamentary Rule Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
07/25/1932 Azala (Paraguay) Says Bolivia Is Provoking War 8
07/25/1932 Court Backs Papane On Dictatorship; He Will Curb Army Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/25/1932 Roosevelt Confers On Russian Policy Consults (Newsman In Moscow!) Walter DurantySuggestions That Our Attitude Should Change 1
07/25/1932 Germany Accepts Consultative Pact (With England & France An Enlarged ‘Entente Cordiale?’) 8
07/25/1932 Anti War Pact Signed By Poland And Soviet 8
07/25/1932 Japanese Campaign In Far East Upheld (By Kyugoro Obata) 11
07/25/1932 Says Hoover Shuns Role of Dictator 13
07/27/1932 Reich Ready To Arm In Defiance of (Versailles) Treaty, Says (Gen. Kurt Von) Schlelcher, If Others Don’t Disarm 1
07/27/1932 Manchuria Report To Blamee Japanese Break With League Likely Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
07/27/1932 Reich Reactionaries Due To Gain Heavily Freder1Ck T. Birchall, Berlin 7
07/27/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Buller Urges Us To Back Lausanne 8
07/27/1932 (Austrian) General Geisl Reveals How The (World) War Began Says Czar Incited Belgrade To Resist In 1914 9
07/27/1932 Germany Envoy (Von Prittwitz) Off For Europe Tonight (Well Wishers: Walter Duranty, N.Y. Times Moscow Correspondent & N.Y. Rep. Emanuel Celler) 20
07/27/1932 Editor Is Indicted In Fascist Slaying 36
07/28/1932 All Germany Backs (Gen. Kurt Von) Schleicher On Army (Rearmament) Nazis Hold A Huge Rally Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
07/28/1932 French See Danger To Versailles Pact 11
07/29/1932 (Popular N.Y. City Mayor, Jimmy) Walker Reply A Denial of All Seaberg Charges, Calls 10 of 15 Outlawed Governor (Roosevelt) To Act Quickly (P. 7) 1
07/29/1932 Herriot Protests Schleicher Speech; Editors Attack It 1
07/29/1932 (U.S.) Troops Drive (Bonus) Veterans From Capital; Fire Camp There And At Anacostia; 1 Killed, Scores Hurt In Day of Strife Hoover Orders Eviction Bonus Army Scattered (Pictures, P. 3) 1
07/29/1932 New Chaco Attack Reported By La Paz (Bolivia) 9
07/29/1932 Britain Drives To Get Our Machinery And Electrical Trade In Canada 10
07/29/1932 Nitobe Calls Japan A Spectator In League 11
07/29/1932 (Dr. Alfred) Hugenberg Calls For A Kaiser Again Seven Killed In Clashes 11
07/29/1932 Tide In Reich Turns Against The Left Absence of Political Killings In Berlin Under Army Control Greatly Aids Rightists Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
07/29/1932 Tammany (Hall, Politcal Machine) Lines Up Behind Roosevelt 13
07/29/1932 Two Groups Endorse Boom For (Col. William J [Wild Bill] Donovan (For Governor of N.Y. Was Organizer of Roosevelt’s Office of Strategic Services In War) 13
07/30/1932 Reich Cabinet Firm On Threat To (Re-) Arm Papan Bars Dicatatorship Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 1
07/30/1932 Papan Denies Aims For A Dictatorship 2
07/30/1932 All Is Not German That’s Nazi Names of Nominees Indicate (Many Are Obviously of Slavic Origin! ‘Great Wotan Hide Thy Head’) 2
07/30/1932 (State Department) Details Our (1918) Fight On Role In Siberia (Against Soviets) 13
07/30/1932 Holds Naval Parity Could Prevent War 14
07/30/1932 German Economist (Dr. Wilhelm Roepke) Warns The Nations Must Solve Reparations 16
07/30/1932 American (Harold R. Isaacs) Warned of Trial By China Our Consul Tells H. R. Isaacs (Associate of Agnes Smedley), Editor, Attacks On Nanking (Chaing Kai-Shek) May Bring End of Immunity Death Penalty Possible Support of Reds (Against Chiang Kai-Shek) 16
07/31/1932 Reich Votes Today With Strong Trend Toward The Right Gain of 100 Conceded Nazis 5 Killed As Campaign Ends Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/31/1932 (Socialist, H. G.) Wells Assails King (George V) For ‘Political’ Acts 1
07/31/1932 Reds Accept Blame For Bonus Rioting (In Washington) 1
07/31/1932 Papen Would Alter Reich Constitution Urges A Stronger Germany (Karl) Severing (Ousted From Berlin By Army) Pleads For Democracy 6
07/31/1932 War Opens In Chaco; Bolivia Takes Forts 7
07/31/1932 General Ma (Chen Shan) Killed (In Manchuria) Japanese Declare 7
07/31/1932 Urges Roosevelt Define ‘New Deal’ (N.Y.) State Finances Are Cited 15
07/31/1932 The Week In Europe; Germans Vote Today Elect A New Reichstag Edwin L. James E-3
07/31/1932 Nationalism To Fore In German Election Hugh Jedell E-3
07/31/1932 Show Down Is Near For German Nazis (Picture, Hitler) Guido Enderis, Belrin E-3
07/31/1932 Anglo French Pact Revival of Entente (Cordiale) Aimed Mainly At Germans Augur E-4
07/31/1932 Propose Substitute For Gold Standard Would Stop Shipping Gold F-1
07/31/1932 Gold Holdings Rose $49,000,000 In July F-4
07/31/1932 (N.Y. Senator Robert F.) Wagner (Later One of Roosevelt’s Most Dedicated Followers & Author of Wagner Labor Bill, A Vitriolic Anti German German) Seeks Humanity In Government Mag. 3
07/31/1932 Vast Changes In America’s Foreign Trade (Graph, 1900 1931) XX-1
07/31/1932 Anti Hitler Cartoon XX-2
07/31/1932 Two Stems of The Roosevelt Family Tree (Franklin Delano & Theodore) XX-2