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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

November 1932
Date Headline Page
11/01/1932 Jobless Threaten British Commons Communist Leader 1
11/01/1932 (Rufus Daniel Isaacs, Lord) Reading Denies Riot Was Due To Hunger 4
11/01/1932 Germany To Ignore Arms Holiday Plea Work of (Norman H.) Davis Is Praised 6
11/02/1932 London Police Repel Raid By Jobless On Parliament In Three Hours of Rioting Leader Is Seized Earlier 1
11/02/1932 Tokyo Seeks Funds For Bigger Air Force 1
11/02/1932 Chinese Say Communists Killed Bert Nelson, Thinking We Were Aiding Anti Red Campaign 2
11/02/1932 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Along With Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Urges Blow At Political Bench Calls On Citizens To Vote For (Bernard S.) Deutsch (‘His’ Chairman of The American Jewish Congress) And Alger 9
11/02/1932 Jewish (Agency For Palestine) Body Files Palestine Report Funds Greatly Curtailed 20
11/03/1932 France To Offer Us Anti War Pact In New Arms Plan German (Arms) Equality) In View 1
11/03/1932 Germany Will Seek Private Debt Cuts Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 1
11/03/1932 Charged Wire Kills Manchurian Rebels 5
11/03/1932 Prague Plans To Cut Imports of Our Tires 5
11/03/1932 League Plans Study of Germany’s Police 6
11/03/1932 (Newton D.) Baker Lays Slump To Isolation Stand 16
11/03/1932 (Samuel) Untermyer Alters Bank of U.S. Plan 31
11/04/1932 All Berlin Walks In Outlaw Transit Strike; Reds And Nazis Plan To Wreck Trade Union 1
11/04/1932 Herriot Criticizes Hoover Arms Plan ‘Impracticable’ For France 4
11/05/1932 France Bids For Aid of U.S. And Reich To Abolish Armies Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
11/05/1932 (Tokyo) Hears China Seeks Amity With Soviet 2
11/05/1932 Manchukuo Forces Mutiny In 2 Cities 2
11/05/1932 3 Killed In Berlin In Transit Strike 3
11/05/1932 Papen Says Hitler Stabs Him In Back Chancellor In Final Campaign Appeal Deplores Cirticism of His Foreign Policy 3
11/05/1932 Rabbi (Dr. Stephen S.) Wise Urges New Jewish Ideal Assimilation Is Assailed Accepting Term ‘Melting Pot’ Declared Treason To The Jewish Capacity To Enrich Life Here 16
11/06/1932 New Deadlock Seen In Reich Poll Today; Nazi Losses Likely 1
11/06/1932 Hoover And Roosevelt End Campaigns, Governor (Roosevelt) At Big Tammany (Hall) Rally Here (With Momma & Rest of Family) 1
11/06/1932 (Nathaniel Peffer) Sees War With Japan Unless We Reconsider 5
11/06/1932 Arms Progress Laid To Norman H. Davis E-3
11/06/1932 Roosevelt Victory Is Desired In Reich Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
11/06/1932 New Nazi Quarters In ‘Prohibited Mile’ E-4
11/06/1932 France Struggles With Huge Deficit E-4
11/06/1932 Japanese Will Try To Placate ‘Bandits’ A. T. Steele E-7
11/06/1932 Another Civil War Starts In Szechuan E-7
11/06/1932 Matsuoka Reveals His League Defense Hugh Byas, Tokyo E-7
11/06/1932 Joffre, ‘Hero of The Marne’ Book 1
11/06/1932 Fridtjof Nansen, A Viking Great In Many Fields Book 3
11/06/1932 Fifteen Years of Soviet Power Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 3
11/07/1932 Hitler’s Vote Cut (Election Results!), Communists Gain In Reich Election Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
11/07/1932 Mussolini Amnesty Frees Thousands 5
11/07/1932 20,000 Reds Demand A ‘Soviet America’ (Including Walter Reuther Possibly) 8
11/07/1932 Roosevelt Built Up Own Corps In Party 10
11/07/1932 Picture: Roosevelt’s Mother At Tammany Hall Rally 10
11/07/1932 (Henry) Morgenthau (Sr.) Hails Aims of Roosevelt 12
11/08/1932 (Norman H.) Davis And Mussolini Agree In Arms Talk; New Step Forecast 1
11/08/1932 Roosevelt Asks Vote For ‘New Deal’ Text, P. 3 1
11/08/1932 President (Hoover) Warns Against (‘New Deal’) ‘Rainbows’ (Text, P. 16) 1
11/08/1932 Jewish Center Hails Roosevelt As Friend 10
11/08/1932 Scottsboro (Alabama, Negro Rape Case) Ruling (By Supreme Court New Trial!) Evokes Praise Here 11
11/08/1932 Defers New Action In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 13
11/08/1932 German Vote Bars Parliament Rule Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 24
11/08/1932 France May Revise Disarmament Plan 24
11/08/1932 Papen Ready To Give Reichstag A Chance 24
11/08/1932 (British Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald Pins Hope On World (Economic) Parley 24
11/09/1932 Roosevelt (Presidential) Winner In Landslide! Democrats Control Congress 1
11/09/1932 (John P.) O’brien (Tammany Hall Candidate) Elected Mayor (Of New York City In ‘Jimmy’ Walker’s Place) By Plurality 7
11/09/1932 Roosevelt Started Fighting Tammany 9
11/09/1932 Hope Seen By Papen In Paris Arms Plan 21
11/09/1932 Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case Called ‘Landmark’ 40
11/09/1932 (Rabbi Dr. Samuel Schulman) Scores Rabbis’ Report As Aid To Socialism 40
11/10/1932 Britain Drafts Debt Note To Us Pleading Hardship; Baldwin Urges Revision 1
11/10/1932 Stalin’s Second Wife Dies Suddenly At 30; Cause Is Not Revealed, Accident Rumored 1
11/10/1932 (James) Farley Says Roosevelt Will Head Wise (No Pun Intended!) Regime 4
11/10/1932 Russians Hopeful of A ‘New Deal’ Accuses Hoover of Bias Walter Duranty, Moscow 12
11/10/1932 Liberal Debt View Forecast In Vienna 12
11/10/1932 Roosevelt Victory Is Hailed In France 13
11/10/1932 Japanese Welcome The Political Shift 13
11/10/1932 League Heads See Close Cooperation (With U.S.) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 13
11/10/1932 Poles Expect Change In Our Foreign Policy Believe Roosevelt Will Strengthen World Peace 13
11/10/1932 German Feelings On (U.S.) Election Mixed Regrets Hoover’s Passing Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 14
11/10/1932 Buenos Aires Hails (U.S.) Revolution By Vote 14
11/10/1932 Paris Editor (Jules Sauerwein) Hopes For Wilson Policy Says ‘Isolation’ Is Past 14
11/11/1932 Britain And France Askk Debt Relief; London Sends Note, Paris To Follow; Greece Defaults, Hungary Cannot Pay 1
11/11/1932 British Seek To Air Whole Debt Tangle 1
11/11/1932 Hostility On (U.S. War) Debts Growing In France 4
11/11/1932 (French Editor, Jules Sauerwein) Warns A New War Would Draw Us In 5
11/11/1932 13 Are Sentenced In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Row 5
11/11/1932 Warsaw University Closed In New (Anti Jewish) Riots 7
11/11/1932 Judge Freeing Prisoner, Holds Roosevelt ‘Usurped’ Presidential Authority In 1919 9
11/12/1932 New Arms Cut Hope Seen By Dr. Curtius Holds Our Support Vital 1
11/12/1932 Britain Tells Allies of Debt Moves Here 1
11/12/1932 Hoover Will Study War Debt Appeals; French Submit Note 1
11/12/1932 Paris Keeps Silent On New Debt Move 2
11/12/1932 Germans Approve (Sir John) Simon’s Arms Plan 2
11/12/1932 Denies Japanese Fortify Mandate Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
11/12/1932 Tokyo Budgets Set A New High Record Hugh Byas, Tokyo 2
11/12/1932 Wilson’s Foresight Eulogized By (Newton D.) Baker (Wilson’s Secretary of War) 6
11/13/1932 Churchmen (‘World Alliance For International Friendship Through The Churches’) Favor Anti War Embargo 1
11/13/1932 Britain Will Offer A Proposal To Cut Navies And Armies Would Abolish Big Ships 1
11/13/1932 Roosevelt Silent On War Debt Notes 1
11/13/1932 Joint Debt Action Denied By France 2
11/13/1932 (Prof. William Lyon Phelps) Reports Mussolini For Disarmament Found Il Duce No Tyrant 2
11/13/1932 Southeast Europe Hopes For Our Aid Wants Roosevelt To Assume Initiative In Ending Strife Between The Nations John Mac Cormac, Vienna 2
11/13/1932 (N.Y.) City Forts Salute German Warship (Cruiser ‘Karlsruhe’) 3
11/13/1932 Japan Tries To Buy (Manchurian) Rebels; Allegiance Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
11/13/1932 The Week In Europe; War Debts Revision Edwin L. James E-3
11/13/1932 Papen Says Peace Is Policy of Reich E-3
11/13/1932 Paris Is Rejoicing Over Our (Presidential) Election E-3
11/13/1932 Our World Sway Shown By Election Augur, London E-4
11/13/1932 Germany Grieved By De Wyss Book Statements That Reich Believes That War Is A Fine Thing Are Denied London Editor (Henry Wickham Steed) Criticized Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-4
11/13/1932 (Heinrich) Richter Defends German Arms (Equality) Plea He Points To Article V (Of Versailles Treaty) E-8
11/13/1932 French Arms Data On Germany Bared Secret Dossier Asserts Fleet Is More Powerful Than The (Versailles) Treaty Sanctions Hector C. Bywater E-8
11/13/1932 The Biggest Job In The World S. T. Williamson Mag. 1
11/13/1932 Germany’s Many Princelings Cheer Up Frederick T. Birchall, Munich Mag. 3
11/13/1932 Roosevelt’s Approach To The Great Task XX-1
11/14/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Summons Young Republicans To Seize Party Role 1
11/14/1932 Hoover Invites Rooseevlt To Confer With Him On War Debts, Armaments And Economic Parley, Text, P. 1 1
11/14/1932 Vote Leaves Papen With Firmer Grip ‘Authoritarian’ Rule Gains 4
11/14/1932 (German) Vote Leaves (Von) Papen With Firmer Grip ‘Authoritarian’ Rule Gains 4
11/14/1932 (American) Jews See New Hope For German Amity American (Jewish) Committee (Not American Jewish Congress!) Expects Hatred And Prejudice To Wane As Hitlerism Recedes (Horace) Stern Plan Is Discussed 5
11/14/1932 Debt Note Backed By French Parties 11
11/14/1932 Roosevelt Victory Encourages Reich Guido Enderis, Berlin 11
11/15/1932 Roosevelt Agrees To Informal Talk (With Hoover), Puts Debt Responsibility On Hoover, Text 1
11/15/1932 President (Hoover) Pleased By Roosevelt Reply 1
11/15/1932 French Arms Plan Asks League Force, Text, P. 16 1
11/15/1932 Surrender of 10,000 To Japan Reported Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
11/15/1932 Shantung War At End 5
11/15/1932 Von Papen Jeered On Visit To Dresden 6
11/15/1932 War Debts Not Put At $11,229,968,706 Britain’s Load Heaviest 14
11/15/1932 (Koeln Paper) Says France Hides (Its Own) Arms Expenditures Paris Denies Accusation 17
11/16/1932 British Threaten Abyssinia With ‘Action’ After Massacre By Slave Raiders In Kenya 1
11/16/1932 French Press Gibes At New Arms Plan; Reich Finds Idea Old Germans Condemn Move 1
11/16/1932 $726,000 Is Pledged To Jewish Charities 2
11/16/1932 Roosevelt To Meet Hoover On Tuesday 3
11/16/1932 7 Envoys Consult On Japan’s Defense 4
11/16/1932 Socialists Reject Parley With Papen 6
11/16/1932 Womens’ Aid Asked By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 9
11/16/1932 Roosevelt’s Vote Sets Party Record He Received 57.3 Per Cent, Highest For A Democrat In Half A Century 9
11/16/1932 Gains Made In 1932 By Curtiss Wright (Aircraft) 31
11/17/1932 Lamont Holds Debts Fair But Impossible Choke World Trade 1
11/17/1932 Chamber May Balk (War Debt) Payment By France 1
11/17/1932 President (Hoover) Will Not Request Congress To Suspend War (Debt) Payments Dec. 15; Further Study Depends On Roosevelt Payment Held Essential 1
11/17/1932 France Joins Reich With Aid of British To Push Public Work 1
11/17/1932 Roosevelt ‘Quotation’ (Supporting League of Nations) In Rome A Mystery Governor Can’t Recall Making Statement That We Should Cooperate With League (Of Nations) 3
11/17/1932 (Franz Von) Papen Fails To Win Reichstag Support 4
11/17/1932 Reich Arms Critic Arouses French Ire Suspicions Are Still Held 4
11/17/1932 Britain Says T. R. (Theodore Roosevelt) Opposed Big Navy Ships 4
11/17/1932 Absences Banned For Soviet Labor Penalty Drastic In Russia Walter D. Durnaty, Moscow 6
11/17/1932 (Chinese) Rebel Chief (Gen. Hsu Pin Wen) Spurns Japan’s Overtures Hugh Byas, Tokyo 7
11/17/1932 17 Foes of Fascism Pardoned By Italy Most of Them In Exile 7
11/17/1932 Model Homes Futile In Slums, Say Berry All Tax Exempt Payments Have Failed 21
11/18/1932 (Franz Von) Papen Cabinet Quits; Partyheads Called May See Hitler Tomorrow Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
11/18/1932 Washington Begins Hunt For New Taxes; Beer Is Not Enough 1
11/18/1932 (Sir John) Simon Offer Basis For Arms Equality To Win Reich Back (Norman H.) Davis Calls For Results Clarence K. Streit, Geneva (Texts, P. 4) 1
11/18/1932 Debt Cancellation Is Urged By Snowden Stresses Origin of Loans Attacks Terms of Funding 2
11/18/1932 Hibben Says Europe Requires Our Help Sees Strained Relations 2
11/18/1932 France Sees Relief In Debt Commission 2
11/18/1932 Roosevelt Will Assist At (Herbert) Lehman Inaugural (As Governor of New York State) 2
11/18/1932 (Sir John) Simon Wins Praise From London Press 5
11/18/1932 Poles Act To Force (Their) Currency On Danzig 6
11/18/1932 Germans Reserved On Industrial Plan Admit A Step Toward Closer Cooperation With France 8
11/18/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. of Columbia Univ.) Defends Academic Freedom 12
11/18/1932 British Hopes Rise (J. P.) Morgan (British Arms Purchasing Agent In U.S. During World War I) Declares 21
11/18/1932 French Bank’s Gold At New Record High 30
11/18/1932 Gold Rises Slightly In Bank of England 30
11/18/1932 War Debt Situation Weakens Sterling 30
11/19/1932 (President) Hoover Works Out A Debt Plan To Lay Before (President Elect, Franklin D.) Roosevelt 1
11/19/1932 Lamont Says Nothing Can Drive United States Off Gold Basis 1
11/19/1932 Prayer Invoking Helf For The ‘Forgotten Man’ Used By Roosevelt To Proclaim Thanksgiving (Day In New York State) 1
11/19/1932 Roosevelt Hears ‘Hunger Marchers’ 1
11/19/1932 Democrats To Lead In New House By 191 Senate Plurality Is 23 2
11/19/1932 (German President, Paul Von) Hindenburg To Hear Hitler’s Case Today Guido Enderis, Berlin 3
11/19/1932 Control of Prussia Tightened By Reich 3
11/19/1932 Roosevelt Aides Get War Debt Data (Prof. ) Moley Stays At (Roosevelt, Governor’s) Mansion (Roosevelt Also Had Visit From Chicago’s Cardinal Muendelein) 6
11/19/1932 Germany Unshaken By (Sir John) Simon’s Appeal 6
11/19/1932 Arms Output Curb Is Supported By Us Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
11/19/1932 Roosevelt Has Greatest Power Declares The London Economist 6
11/19/1932 Japan’s Army Cuts Its Budget A Third 6
11/19/1932 Soviet Is ‘Purging’ Reds In Caucasus 7
11/20/1932 Hitler Gets Chance To Combine Parties Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
11/20/1932 Russians Renounced Propaganda Policy Walter Duranty, Moscow 14
11/20/1932 Clash On Manchuria Renewed At Geneva Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 16
11/20/1932 British Lose Hope of Debt Postponement 16
11/20/1932 New War Horrors Are Seen By (Socialist Author, H. G.) Wells 16
11/20/1932 (Cordell) Hull Holds (War) Debts Not Basic Program Hope Put In Roosevelt 17
11/20/1932 (Paul Reynaud) Warns Extremists In France On Debts 17
11/20/1932 (Kenworthy) Finds Britain Lacks Full Accord With Us 18
11/20/1932 (Dr. Stephen P. Duggan) Says We Humiliate Foreign Students 20
11/20/1932 (State Department Foreign Relations, 1917 18, Supplement) Tells of Our Stand In Russian Revolt 23
11/20/1932 Capitalism Decried By (Episcopal) Church League 29
11/20/1932 ‘Hoover Roosevelt’ A 1920 (Democratic Liberal) Ticket Plan 30
11/20/1932 The Week In Europe; War Debt Embroglio E-3
11/20/1932 Farming Problem Grave In Germany Hunger Blockade Factor Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-7
11/20/1932 France Is World’s Most Expensive Country E-3
11/20/1932 Soviet And Britain Show Bitterness Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
11/20/1932 Poll Shows Many Members of Congress Opposed To Any Extension of The War Debt Moratorium Burden Would Fall Here E-8
11/20/1932 Danger Is Foreseen If Japan Is Rebuked Hugh Byas, Tokyo E-8
11/20/1932 (Germany) Toward A New Place In The Sun Mag. 1
11/20/1932 To Revise Or Not To Revise; The (War) Debts Issue XX-1
11/20/1932 When Hoover And Roosevelt Met Before XX-1
11/20/1932 The ‘Cabinet’ Mr. Roosevelt Already Has XX-2
11/21/1932 Japan Replies To Lytton On Eve of League Debate; Makes Self Defense Plea (Text, P. 8) 1
11/21/1932 Lytton Asks World To Unite On Far East Puts Burden On Japan 1
11/21/1932 (Terrorists’) Attempt To Wreck (French Premier) Herriot’s Train Is Balked; Nantes Outrage Is Laid To Breton Autonomists 1
11/21/1932 Britons See Danger In Parley On Debts May Oppose Payments 1
11/21/1932 Better Terms For Britain In War Debt Settlement Considered In Washington 1
11/21/1932 Dire Need of Allies In 1917 Is Revealed Emphasized By Balfour 4
11/21/1932 Dr. Kuehlmann (Negotiated Brest Litovsk Treaty) Sees Recovery On Way 6
11/21/1932 (German President, Paul Von) Hindenburg To See Hitler Again Today 6
11/21/1932 Dr. Yen Says China Accepts (Lytton) Finding 9
11/21/1932 Russian (Luther) ‘Burbank’ (Trofim D. Lyssenko, Later A Member of The Russian Extraordinary C0Mmittee To Investigate German Crimes & Finally Dishonored As A Scientist) Shuffles Seasons 19
11/21/1932 German Business Waiting On Politlcs 29
11/22/1932 League Hears Clash of China And Japan; Our Actions (In Mexico) Cited (By Japan In Defense) 1
11/22/1932 Hitler Gets Chance To Form A Cabinet By Rejects Terms Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
11/22/1932 (President Elect, Franklin D.) Roosevelt Confers With (N.Y. State Governor Elect, Herbert C.) Lehman Here 2
11/22/1932 Caution Urged To Keep Anglo American Amity 2
11/22/1932 French Hold Truce On War Debt Issue 2
11/22/1932 Japanese Disavow Wider Plan In Asia Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
11/22/1932 Washington Avoids Any Far East Talk Tokyo Reply (Defense) Called Weak 4
11/22/1932 Chinese Indignant At Japan’s Defense Internal Discord (In China) Growing Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
11/22/1932 Arms Parley Seeks To Draw Reich Back (To Geneva) (Norman H.) Davis (United States Unofficial Delegate) Sees Von Neurath 5
11/22/1932 France And Soviet To Sigh Peace Pact 6
11/22/1932 Poland And Danzig Balk At New (League High Commissioner’s) Rules 6
11/22/1932 Mexico Uses Army To (Seize And ) Divide Up Land 7
11/22/1932 ‘Spy’ Note Offered As Black Tom (World War I Sabotage Litigation) Link Written On A Magazine (Owen J. Roberts) 9
11/23/1932 Hitler Holds Back Decision On Cabinet As Aides Disagree 1
11/23/1932 Hoover Will Oppose Debt Suspension, But Make Move For Possible Revision; Roosevelt Non Committal In Parley 1
11/23/1932 Roosevelt Dined By The Press Club Makes An ‘Off The Record’ Talk To 400 2
11/23/1932 Dr. (John H.) Finly Honored As Friend of Jews (Hebrew Medal Henry Morgenthau, Sr. Et Al.) Hoover Commends Award Roosevelt, Lehman, Baker And Others Also Praise His Public Service (Picture) 3
11/23/1932 ((Joseph C.) Grew Tells Japan War Is Disasterous 5
11/23/1932 Democrats To Urge Army Navy Merger 7
11/23/1932 Warns Methodists of Race Prejudice 14
11/23/1932 Ends Life To Help (Roosevelt’s) ‘Forgotten Man’ 20
11/23/1932 Our Gold Supply Up Sharply In Month 29
11/24/1932 Roosevelt Opposes Debt Commission As Proposed In Statement By Hoover, But Would Hear Debtors Separately 1
11/24/1932 Britain Will Send New Note On Debt 1
11/24/1932 Congress Leaders Unyielding On Debts 1
11/24/1932 Britain Will Pay, Says London Times 4
11/24/1932 Premier Assailed As Spain’s Dictator 20
11/24/1932 Japan Loses Fight To Silence Lytton Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 28
11/24/1932 Hitler Turns Down Hindenburg Offer Guido Enderis, Berlin 28
11/24/1932 (Winston S.) Churchill Assails The India (Self Government) Parley Depicts An Armed Europe 28
11/24/1932 Reich Still Balks At Talks On Arms Americans Are Kept Busy 28
11/25/1932 All Russia Suffers Shortage of Food; Supplies Dwindling Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
11/25/1932 Hitler Is Ruled Out By Reich President (Von Hindenburg) Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
11/25/1932 France Will Offer Political Reasons In Another Request For Debt Revision; Washington Awaits New British Note 1
11/25/1932 War Debt Control By Commons Asked 1
11/25/1932 China Accuses Japan of Massacring 2,700; Soviet Tells Tokyo Mission To Quit Siberia 1
11/25/1932 Italy Sees Chance For Debt Revision Ready To Pay Installment 2
11/25/1932 Links Far Debts To War Deb Ts Review 2
11/25/1932 Sees God Ignored In (Versailles) Treaty of Peace 4
11/25/1932 (Constantin Von) Neurath Modifies Attitude On Arms 10
11/25/1932 New War Unlikely, (General John J.) Pershing Says Here 17
11/25/1932 (Anti German, Dr.) T. S. Baker To Give Talks In Germany Carnegie Trust President Accepts Invitation of The Carl Schurz Foundation (See Entries After Return!) 20
11/26/1932 War Debtors Told To Pay, But Stimson Notes Admit Britain’s Serious Plight (Texts, P. 6) 1
11/26/1932 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Sees Way Still Open On Debts (Neville) Chamberlain Is Hopeful (Texts, P. 7) 1
11/26/1932 Reich Will Return To Presidential Rule 1
11/26/1932 More Arms Shipped To China By French 7
11/26/1932 France To Follow Britian On Debts 7
11/26/1932 Japanese Concedes A Point To League 8
11/26/1932 Two (Chinese) Armies Uniting To Fight Japanese 8
11/26/1932 Arms Delegates Pressed By (Norman H.) Davis 8
11/26/1932 Food Shortage Laid To Soviet Peasants Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
11/26/1932 Decrease In Gold At The Reichsbank 23
11/26/1932 Leaders In Tokyo Warn On Finances 23
11/26/1932 Curb On (Jewish) Immigration To Palestine Assailed Rabbi (Meyer) Berlin Tells Mizrachi At Buffalo That British Retard Jewish Homeland 31
11/27/1932 Britain Prepares ‘Human’ Debt Appeal To Win Our Public Opinion To Delay; Business Here Opposes Cancellation 1
11/27/1932 Czechs And Poles Told To Pay (War Debts) Dec. 15 1
11/27/1932 (Jewish) Farms In Palestine Said To Be Thriving 18
11/27/1932 France Will Await British Debt Action 29
11/27/1932 Soviet Press Lays (Food) Shortages To Foes Blames The Kulaks Walter Duranty, Moscow 30
11/27/1932 Herriot And (Norman H.) Davis Talk On Reich Arms 30
11/27/1932 The Week In Europe; Debts In The Balance Edwin L. James E-3
11/27/1932 British Now Bitter Over Debt Muddle E-3
11/27/1932 British Debt Seen As Economic Peril Augur E-3
11/27/1932 Rise In Unemployed Worries Germany 22,000,000 Look To State (For Some Measure of Support) E-4
11/27/1932 Drift In Poland From France Is Seen Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-4
11/27/1932 The Week In America; Debts Rise To Plague Arthur Krock E-5
11/27/1932 Reducing Operating Costs of Government Involves Scrapping Some of Its Machinery E-8
11/27/1932 As His Closest Friend (Louis Howe) Sees (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Mag. 3
11/27/1932 Was Stresemann A Hypicrite? A Review of All The Evidence Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva XX-3
11/27/1932 When The Debts Were Revised; The Record of The Commission XX-8
11/28/1932 British Draft Reply To Us On Debts; Nation To Back It 1
11/28/1932 Denies Mussolini Released His Foes 4
11/28/1932 Calm Urged In Paris In Deciding On Debts P. J. Philip, Paris 5
11/28/1932 Soviet Not Alarmed Over Food Shortage Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
11/28/1932 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Predicts Success of Soviet 7
11/28/1932 (General Kurt Von Schleicher) Sees Might Robbing Germany of Rights 8
11/28/1932 Hitler’s Voice Heared Here (On Phonograph He Was Denied The Use of The Radio In Germany) 8
11/29/1932 Persia Cancels Vast British Oil Concession; Teheran Rejoices, London Will Fight Decree 1
11/29/1932 Hoover Vetoes Peril Roosevelt Program 1
11/29/1932 New Soviet ( French) Pacts Please Germans 5
11/29/1932 Soviet (Kulak) Industries Hurt Agriculture Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
11/29/1932 (General Kurt Von) Schleicher Trying To Form A Cabinet 6
11/29/1932 30 Hurt In Poland In Anti-Semitic Riot Police Reserves Are Rushed To Lwow After Killing of (Gentile) Student 7
11/30/1932 Roosevelt Favors Navy Building Cut; Vinson Approves 1
11/30/1932 Bolsheviki United On Socialist Goal Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
11/30/1932 Chinese Confess Slaying American Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
11/30/1932 Persians To Grant (Oil) Monopolies To Us 5
11/30/1932 (Polish) Rioting At Funeral of (Gentile) Youth In Lwow Jewish Quarter Attacked 5
11/30/1932 (Luiz Zulueta) Says Spain’s Amity With Us Is Lasting 5
11/30/1932 Roosevelt Defines Plan For ‘New Deal’ Jobless Relief Put First 12
11/30/1932 (General Douglas) Macarthur Urges Increase In Army Points To Foreign Armies 12