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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

March 1932
Date Headline Page
03/01/1932 Demands of Japanese And Chinese Balk Peace Moves At Geneva And Shanghai 1
03/01/1932 Roosevelt Appoints Sheehy As Sheriff; Tammany (Hall) Is Elated 1
03/01/1932 Finnish Army Opens Battle On Fascists 1
03/01/1932 League Peace Plan Backed By Stimson 1
03/01/1932 (Paul Von) Hindenburg’s Foes Split On Policies Harold Callender, Berlin 8
03/01/1932 (German Chancellor, Heinrich) Bruening Uses Ruse To Campaign On Air Phonograph Record 8
03/01/1932 Hitlerite Body Dissolved (In Prague) 8
03/01/1932 Polish Monarchists Seek Michael (Of Rumania) As King 10
03/01/1932 (Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Gerhart) Hauptmann Gets Columbia (University) Degree He Tells (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. of Columbia) Taht If He Were Not German, He Would Like To Be American 18
03/01/1932 Banks To Prolong Credit To Germany 31
03/02/1932 Lindbergh Baby (Charles A., Jr.) Kidnapped From Home of Parents On Farm Near Princeton (N.J.) 1
03/02/1932 Japanese Routing Chinese In Fierce Shanghai Battle Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
03/02/1932 Japan Will Offer New Truce Terms 1
03/02/1932 (Premier) Tardieu To Foster Accord With Reich Credit Extension Backed 8
03/02/1932 Lenin Note Upholds Political Killing Letter Written In 1916 Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
03/02/1932 Legislators Balk New Memel Regime New Election Likely Harold Callender, Memel 8
03/02/1932 Japan’s Desire To Win A Decisive Victory At Shanghai Handicaps Peace Efforts 12
03/02/1932 Washington Firm On Stimson Policy Arthur Krock 13
03/03/1932 Lindbergh Hopeful, Is Ready To Ransom Son 1
03/03/1932 Japan Ceases Hostilities With Objectives Gained; Chinese Retiring 30 Miles 1
03/03/1932 (Columbia University Professor, Dr. John) Dewey Backs (Japanese) Boycott 4
03/03/1932 London Is Willing To Let Japan Rule In Manchuria, But Seeks To Limit Her On Yangtse 5
03/03/1932 Two Germans Die In Nazi Red Clash Shot Near Koenigs Berg Nazis Appeal For Votes Call Socialists ‘Traitorous Knaves’ 6
03/03/1932 Writer (Wallace Thompson) Foresees A ‘Greater America’ 12
03/03/1932 Leviathan (Originally ‘Vaterland’ U.S. Booty From World War I) Slated For German Trade 39
03/04/1932 Orders Fail To End Shanghai Fighting; League Hears Case Chinese Refuse A Truce 1
03/04/1932 Defeat And Heavy Losses Cause Renewal of Chinese Attacks On Chiang (Kai-Shek) 4
03/04/1932 Home Area Turns On Von Hindenburg Hitler Expected To Carry East Prussia Nazis Stir Up The Farmers Harold Callender, Koenigsberg 10
03/04/1932 Germany Counters Tardieu Trade Bloc 11
03/04/1932 Five (Duesterberg, Hindenberg, Hitler, Thelmann & Adolf Gustav Winter) Obtain Places On German (Presidential) Ballott 11
03/04/1932 British Arms Costs Cut By $26,353,500 12
03/04/1932 Britain To Tighten Credits To Soviet 12
03/04/1932 Massacre (Of Moldavian Russians) On (Rumanian) Border By Soviet Confirmed 13
03/04/1932 French Bank’s Gold Now Excells Ours 27
03/04/1932 Gold Holdings Rise In Bank of England 32
03/04/1932 (Dr. Richard Von) Kuehlmann Hopeful of French Entente 40
03/05/1932 Russia Begins Draft of New 5 Year Plan 12 Months To Draw It Up 1
03/05/1932 Trotsky Predicts World Sovietsm Sees Deep Changes Here Stalin Regime Denounced 4
03/05/1932 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Alert At Troop Review 4
03/05/1932 Bans Curb On Jews In Polish Colleges (Polish) Sejm Rejects Percentage Plan (For Jews In Colleges) 4
03/05/1932 Chinese Charge New Japanese Attack As League Assembly Calls For Peace 9
03/05/1932 Forget Diplomacy In (Providence, R. I.) Model League 10
03/06/1932 Soviet Challenge To Japan Backs Us ‘Showdown’ Is Demanded 3
03/06/1932 Roosevelt (Presidential) Boom Faces First Test 3
03/06/1932 11 Killings Unsolved In Berlin In 4 Years 6
03/06/1932 Stormy Campaign Hinging On Hitler Hindenburg’s Name Left Out of Speeches As Mark of Esteem For Him 15
03/06/1932 More (Moldavian) Refugees Slain At The Soviet (Rumanian) Border 15
03/06/1932 Model (Providence) League Finds Japan Is Aggressor N-1
03/06/1932 Reich ‘Carries On’ With Its Belt Fight E-3
03/06/1932 Joffre Prepared For The War In 1911 (Was ‘Surprisingly Confident’) E-3
03/06/1932 Hindenburg Link Between Old And New Germany Book 5
03/06/1932 Adolf Hitler, The Man And His Program Book 5
03/06/1932 Making Communists of Soviet Children Margaret Bourke White Mag. 4
03/06/1932 (Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Gerhart) Hauptmann Urges A Greater Tolerance Mag. 7
03/06/1932 Why The Youth of Germany Demands Political Changes XX-4
03/07/1932 Hoover Summons Hoarders To Join War On Depression 1
03/07/1932 ‘Star Spangled Banner; Echoes In Reichstag As Germans Hail (George) Washington Bicentenary 1
03/07/1932 Japan Rushes More Troops To Shanghai; Russia Fears Attack 3
03/07/1932 Moslems Threaten To Boycott Britain 6
03/07/1932 20,000 Hail Hitler At Frankfurt Talk Harold Callender, Frankfurt A/M 8
03/07/1932 Picture: Nazi Leader (Hitler) Becomes Citizen of Germany 8
03/07/1932 Balance of Trade In Austria Worse 27
03/08/1932 Japan Seeks To End Muddle In Shanghai Aid of Powers Is Sought Is Eager To Withdraw ForcesSecurity For Her Interests 1
03/08/1932 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Put In Command of All Chinese Forces 5
03/08/1932 Bruening Condemns Agitators’ Phrases Scores Hitler’s Tactics 8
03/08/1932 Election In Reich Finds Foe Aiding Foe Nazis Appeal To Workers To Vote Communist In Effort To Cut Hindenburg’s Total 8
03/08/1932 One Killed In Duesseldorf (NSDAP Red Clash) 8
03/08/1932 (Viscount) Grey Blames Japan For Starting War 10
03/08/1932 German Arms Plans Advanced On (League) Agenda United States Proposal Restored To Geneva Conference Program (Hugh Gibson [Not Wilson!] Head of U.S. Delegation) 10
03/08/1932 Long Career of (Deceased!) Briand As Statesman Evokes Tribute In Capitals of The World Briand Was Premier of France 11 Times 17
03/08/1932 Fleets In Pacific All Ready For ‘War’ Hanson W. Baldwin 18
03/09/1932 Japanese Attacking On New Chinese Line Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
03/09/1932 Roosevelt Rivals Halted Satisfactorily 2
03/09/1932 Women Celebrate Gains Under Soviet Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
03/09/1932 Sees Plot On Life of German Envoy (In Moscow See Later Entry, April, 6, 1933, P. 7) 7
03/09/1932 Britain Cuts Deep Into Army Budget Urgent Building Deferred 9
03/09/1932 Churchill Warns 0 Funited (States Of) Europe English Statesman Urges Us To Join With Great Britain Tooppose Possible Danger 11
03/10/1932 France Revives Ban On American Fruits (Because of Scale!) 1
03/10/1932 Vote For Roosevelt Hailed As Insuring Convention Victory 1
03/10/1932 Hitler’s Prospects Regarded As Slight Anti-Semitism Discounted While The Sentiment Prevails Among Nazis, Their Leaders Are Not Encouraging It Not Apparent In Schools 6
03/10/1932 (Fritz) Thyssen Prefers Hitler To The Reds Says Choice Between Fascism And Communism Harold Callender, Essen 6
03/10/1932 (N.Y. City) Jews Denounce Hitler (B’nai B’rith, Temple Emanu El) 6
03/10/1932 Planes Pelt Nazis (Lustgarten, Berlin) With Foes’ Appeals Leaflets Urging Hindenburg Votes 7
03/10/1932 Lloyd Goerge Renews Political Activity (Critical of Sir Herbert Samuel) 7
03/10/1932 (Premier) Tardieu Makes Bid For European Amity New Hope On Reich Stand 8
03/10/1932 French Battlefields Slowly Yield Missing 1,250 Aerricans Are (Still) Sought 8
03/10/1932 Dr. (Sven) Hedin Recalls Feats At German American Dinner 8
03/10/1932 Rout 300 Reds Here At Anti Ford Rally 12
03/10/1932 Fighting Continues Near Shanghai (Pictures) 14
03/10/1932 Creed Prejudices Decried By (Newton D.) Baker (Makes Thinly ‘Veiled Reference’ To Hitler) Rev. Samuel Mc Crea) Cavert (General Secretary, Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Assails Hitlerism 23
03/11/1932 Hindenburg Appeals For Votes To Avert Victory of Radicals, Text, P. 11 1
03/11/1932 Trade Leaders Urge Reparations Accord 1
03/11/1932 Chinese Demand The Withdrawal of Japanese Troops As League Prepares To Act 12
03/12/1932 (Judge Samuel I.) Rosenman Named (By Gov. Roosevelt) To Succeed Mullan (In State Supreme Court) 4
03/12/1932 War Or Peace Held To Rest On France Henry Morgenthay (Sr.) Says We Should Realize That She Is Now Dominant In Europe Finds Defense Her Aim 6
03/12/1932 Climax Held Near In Memel Dispute Lithuania Reported Reinforcing Border Troops 7
03/12/1932 Japan Agrees To Go From Seized Zone Hugh Byas, Tokyo 8
03/12/1932 (Herman Kantorowicz) Says German Myth Led To World War Exonerates England of Plot To Encircle His Country (Gemany) Offers Mass of Evidence (The Spirit of British Policy 13
03/13/1932 German Election In Doubt On Eve of The Vote Today; Discontent Aids Radicals 1
03/13/1932 China’s Truce Plan Rejected By Japan Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
03/13/1932 Strife Renewed In China; Japan Rejects Offer At Shanghai 2
03/13/1932 Sale of Nitrates (By U.S.) To Japan Assailed 2
03/13/1932 5 Wounded In Riot of Reds In Chicago 17
03/13/1932 Four Ford Riot Victims Buried With Red Rites 17
03/13/1932 (Sir John) Simon And Tardieu Agree On Bloc Plan 19
03/13/1932 Poland Demands (Control Of) Customs of Danzig 19
03/13/1932 Pictures: Hindenburg, Hitler, Thaelmann & Duesterberg 24
03/13/1932 The Week In Europe; German Votes Today Second Ballot Is Possible Edwin L. James E-3
03/13/1932 Pictures: Jan Christian Smuts & J. B. M. Hertzog (South Africa) E-8
03/13/1932 Russia Remains Always Russia (Czarist Or Soviet) Book 1
03/14/1932 Hindenburg Barely Fails of Election; Polls 7,333,165 More Votes Than Hitler; Considered Certain To Win In Run Off Nazi Viewed As At Peak Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1&8
03/14/1932 Result In Germany Elates Washington 8
03/14/1932 (American Zionist Committee) Urge A Palestine Open To Jews Pledge Amity With Arabs 8
03/14/1932 Immigration Now An Issue In Soviet Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
03/14/1932 Debt Uncertainty Handicaps Britain Sure Germany Can’t Pay 9
03/14/1932 War Horror Photos Withheld By Army ‘Pleasant’ Ones Available 32
03/15/1932 Hindenburg Enters Run Off Election; Bars Political Deal Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
03/15/1932 China Adopts Plan To Force Japan Out 1
03/15/1932 League Mission At Shanghai As Japan Cuts Forces 4
03/15/1932 Paris Is Relieved At Hindenburg Vote Left Press Is Elated 8
03/15/1932 (John Maynard) Keynes Predicts Ban On Our Exports 13
03/15/1932 (Owen Latimore) Sees Migration of Russian (Soviet) Ideas Invades By ‘Conversion’ 19
03/16/1932 (10 Senators) Ask Total Embargo On Soviet Products 1
03/16/1932 Japan Agrees To Go From Shanghai Area 1
03/16/1932 Chinese Troops Loot Cities Behind Shanghai Front 4
03/16/1932 France Lifts Embargo On Our Fresh Fruit; Will Inspect It To Keep Out Infectious Scale 7
03/16/1932 Germany Demands Redress On Memel Framed Election Feared 8
03/16/1932 Citizenship Inquiry ‘Insulting’ To Hitler Tells Weimar Court He Refused (Citizenship) Status From Bruening’s Regime Missile Hits (His) Train 8
03/16/1932 Russian Wife Sells Husband To Friend Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
03/16/1932 $12,500,000 In Gold Shipped To France 26
03/17/1932 Japan Sees Danger of Fascist Regime; Troops Are Warned 1
03/18/1932 Hitler (Party) Centers Raided On Civil War Rumor; He Admits Order To 500,000 To Fight Reds 1
03/18/1932 League Rules Out Any Price By Japan For Shanghai Peace Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
03/18/1932 Delay On Armistice By Japan Irks China Chinese Denounce Foes 5
03/18/1932 Russia Will Curb Job Seekers Entry (Into Russia) Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
03/18/1932 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Honored On His 58th Birthday 19
03/19/1932 French Envoy Gives Reparations View Backs Versailles Treaty 6
03/19/1932 Nazis Give Pledge of Strict Legality (Capt. Hermann Goering) Protests Prussian Raids (On Party Offices) 7
03/19/1932 French Add To Curb On American Goods 8
03/19/1932 Peiping Urges Halt In Koumintang Rule 8
03/19/1932 Japan Asks Change In (Chinese) Armistice Terms 8
03/20/1932 Duesterberg To Quit Reich (Presidential) Election Race 12
03/20/1932 Britain To Dictate Indian Settlement 21
03/20/1932 The Week In Europe; Skies Are Brightening German Vote Factor E-3
03/20/1932 Defeat of Hitler Pleasing To London E-3
03/20/1932 Fascism Spreads In Eastern Europe E-3
03/20/1932 Germany’s Factions Begin ‘Truce of God’ Hitlerism In The Balance Frederick T. Birchall E-3
03/20/1932 Soviet Bewildered By World Events Germany Puzzles Them Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
03/20/1932 Arab Trespassing Arouses Palestine (Jews) Have Thrown Themselves In Front of Plows of The Jews Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem E-4
03/20/1932 Germany Stands By The ‘Old Gentleman’ (Von Hindenburg) Mag. 3
03/20/1932 Britain’s Striking Recovery; Strides Made In Six Months XX-3
03/21/1932 Tokyo’s War Office Halts Peace Plans; Armies Near Clash 1
03/21/1932 Dr. (Episcopal Bishop William T.) Mamming Asks S250,000 For Idle 2
03/21/1932 (Dr. Glen Frank, Pres., Univ. of Wisconsin) Sees Civilization Hanging In Balance Finds Leadership Lacking 18
03/22/1932 Hitler Asks Court To Ban Further Raids (On NSDAP Offices By Prussian Minister of Interior, Karl Severing) 7
03/22/1932 (Naval) Manoeuvres Show That We Need Ships Hanson W. Baldwin 15
03/23/1932 De Valera Notifies Britain Ireland Will End Royal Oath (Of Allegiance To British King) 1
03/23/1932 Moslems of India Break With Britain 1
03/23/1932 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley (Senator From Kentucky) Declares For Gov. Roosevelt (For Democratic Candidate For President) 8
03/23/1932 China Upsets Move For Shanghai Peace 12
03/23/1932 (Admiral Schofield) Holds Battleship Is Still Supreme Sees Treaty Navy As Need Hanson W. Bladwin 16
03/24/1932 Japanese Lay Plan For Huge Migration Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
03/24/1932 Pole Says Danzig Is Nation’s Port 6
03/25/1932 Chinese See Japan Obstructing Parley As (Chinese) Civil War Looms Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
03/25/1932 $150,000 Gifts Open (American) Palestine (Campaign) Drive Work of Pioneers Lauded Reconstructing Holy Land 9
03/26/1932 Cantonese (Faction of Koumintang) Demand China Fight Japan Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
03/26/1932 Soviet Press Assails Lithuania On Memel 7
03/27/1932 Japan Seen Moving To Quit The League Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
03/27/1932 (General William Groener) Pledges Defense For East Prussia 10
03/27/1932 Reds Riot In (U.S.) Capital At Japan’s Embassy 13
03/27/1932 Mr. (George Bernard) Shaw And The (First) World War Book 1
03/27/1932 Japan Ponders Her Role In The World George Sokolsky Mag. 3
03/27/1932 Naval History of (Forst) World War Told In The Gibson Collection XX-9
03/28/1932 Germany Prepares For Political Race Hindenburg Victory Sure 5
03/29/1932 1,000 (Moldavians) Slain In Flight From Soviet Terror Mass Exodus Continues Eugene Kovacs, Tighina, Bessarabia 1
03/29/1932 Lack of (Former N.Y. Governor Alfred E.) Smith’s Aid (In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Presidential Bid) Puzzles (Franklin D.) Roosevelt (Says His Son James) 2
03/30/1932 (Premier) Tardieu Will Strive To Save The Entente At Parley In London 1
03/30/1932 Roosevelt Men Act To Select (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley (As Temporary Chairman At Democratic National Convention) 2
03/30/1932 Reich Polish Accord On Trade Provisional 9
03/31/1932 Count Roosevelt As A Sure Winner Arthur Krock 1
03/31/1932 30,000 (Coal Miners) On Strike In Czechoslovakia 5
03/31/1932 Germany Planning Vast Public Works 6
03/31/1932 Poland Begins Rule By Presidential Edict 6
03/31/1932 (Admiral Wiley) Sees Conflict Coming In Our Pacific Rights 8
03/31/1932 (Dr. Richard Von Kuehlmann) Lays Hitler’s Rise To His ‘Advertising’ 9