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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

August 1932
Date Headline Page
08/01/1932 Right Parties Fail To Carry Germany; Nazi Seats Doubled Hitler Party Gets Only 37% of The Votes (Abraham Lincoln Had Fewer Than 40% of The Vote In The U.S. In 1860) Will Have 229 Members (Of 602) in Reichstag. Reichstag To Be Larger (Now 602 Members, Formerly 577 Members) 1&8
08/01/1932 Nanking (Chang Kai-Shek) Raises Duties To Meet Debt Charges 2
08/01/1932 Pictures: Leading Figures In Germany’s Elections For The Reichstag Hitler, Von Papen & Ernst Thaelmann [Communist] 8
08/01/1932 Ten Killed In Reich As The Nation Votes Rows Between Nazis And Reds Are Numerous 8
08/02/1932 Vote Disappoints The German Press Nazi Flood Seen At Peak 4
08/02/1932 French Gratified Nazis Fell Short Hold Democracy Failed 4
08/02/1932 Prussian Dictator (Dr. Franz Bracht) Warns Violence Must End; Four Killed, Many Hurt In Post Election Riots 4
08/02/1932 Good Will Waning At (Ottawa, British) Empire (Economic) Parley 5
08/02/1932 Nanking (Chaing Kai-Shek) Is Moving To Resist Japanese Japanese Again Excited Terrorism Is Renewed Hallett Abend, Shanghai 8
08/02/1932 New Deal In Europe Urged At Williams (Institute, Williamstown, Mass.) 18
08/03/1932 Reich Would Seek Private Debts Cut At World Parley Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/03/1932 Briton Took Funds Americans (Tourists) Charge 6
08/03/1932 British Inventers Argue War Claims 6
08/03/1932 Chinese Reds Seize Big Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Force 7
08/03/1932 Manchurians Start Big New Rebellion Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7
08/03/1932 Links Japan’s Fate To That of China (Sokolsky, George, The Tinder Box of Asia, Doubleday, Doran & Co.) 10
08/03/1932 Reich Forbids Bank To Repay Loan Here 23
08/04/1932 War Debts Are Crux of Economic Parley, Borah Says In West 1
08/04/1932 Mussolini Declares War Enobles Peoples; Scouts Perpetual Peace And Democracy 1
08/04/1932 Reich Raises Issue of Arms Equality Britain May Back France 6
08/04/1932 East Prussia Prey of Nazi Terrorism Storm Troop (Sturm Abteilung) Reprisals Result In Many Arrests And Threats of Disbandment In Region 3 More Die In Clashes Decrees Against Fascists Reported Considered As Hitler Disavows Violence Synagogue Bombed 6
08/04/1932 Hitler Is Praised By (Lt. Gen. Kurt) Von Schleicher 6
08/04/1932 Rising In Manchuria Spreading Swiftly 7
08/04/1932 Pearl Buck (The Good Earth,Liberal Pulitzer Prize Winner) Is Back From China 21
08/05/1932 Reich Warns Fighting Must Cease Today; Threatens Special Courts And Death Penalty 1
08/05/1932 Japan Threatens Drive Into China Chinese Ready To Fight Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
08/05/1932 Britons Ask Canada To Reject Our Coal 6
08/05/1932 (Latin American) Bond Defaults Stir Williams Institute 8
08/06/1932 Pictures: Senator Claude A. Swanson, Dr. Mary Emma Wooley (Holyoke College) & Norman H. Davis (Geneva Parley Delegates) 3
08/06/1932 Reich Defers Curb Though Riots Go On Nazi Rowdyism Lessens Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
08/06/1932 Inflation Is Urged By Gustav Cassel 14
08/07/1932 $130,000,000 (Welland) Canal Opened By Canada 1
08/07/1932 Japan Puts Troops Below Great Wall Hallett Abend, Shanghai 12
08/07/1932 New Curb On Riots Dropped By Reich Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 16
08/07/1932 The Week In Europe; Germany Faltering No Reichstag Majority Edwin L. James E-3
08/07/1932 Hindenburg Holds His Power In Reich Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
08/07/1932 Spain Minimizes Spirit of Revolt Frank Kluckhorn, Madrid E-3
08/07/1932 (Former Austrian Chancellor, Ignaz) Seipel On Deathbed Fought Anschluss John Mac Cormac, Vienna E-3
08/07/1932 (Gen. Kurt Von) Schleicher Called Master of Germany Augur, London E-4
08/07/1932 (Samuel) Untermyer Assails (N. .Y.City) Transit ‘Politics’ F-1
08/07/1932 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Government Not Politics, Covici Friede, N.Y Book 1
08/07/1932 A Changed France Stresses Friendship Mag. 3
08/07/1932 General March Now Tells His (World War I) Inside Story (The First of A Series of Memoires) XX-1
08/07/1932 Our Alien Program Is Vastly Changed Departures Exceeding Arrivals XX-4
08/08/1932 (Gen. Kurt Von) Schleicher Warns Germany Can’t Wait For Arms Equality Denies Militaristic Aims Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/08/1932 French Leaders Speak of Dangers To Peace As They Honor 400,000 (World) War Dead At Verdun 1
08/08/1932 Britain And Canada In Duel At Ottawa (Economic Parley) 6
08/08/1932 Two Parties (Nationalists & Socialists) Urge Ban On Reich Riots Reichsbanner Chief Slain Nazi Leaders In Dilemma As They Face Responsibility 8
08/09/1932 Reich Will Crush Political Rioting DecreeProviding Death For Armed Rowdies Nazi Chancellor Unlikely 1
08/09/1932 Rise of Reds In China Continues Rapidly Russell Owen, Shanghai 5
08/09/1932 British Tell Canada She Must Give More (Ottawa Empire Economic Parley) 6
08/09/1932 Looks To Us To Lead World In Recovery 6
08/10/1932 Reich Will Enforce Curb On Riots Today; Nazi Coup Rumored Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/10/1932 Tokyo Is Indignant At Stimson Speech Considers Protest An Address On Kellogg Pact Pointing To Japan As Aggressor Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
08/10/1932 Lay Gains of Reds In China To Japan Louis Stark, Williams Institute (Williamstown, Mass.) 7
08/10/1932 Stimson Speech Praised By Brltish Papers 8
08/10/1932 Geneva Welccmes Stimson’s (Anti Japanese) Address Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8
08/11/1932 Russia To Sell Bonds Here: Trade Increases Forecast With Recognition Nearer 1
08/11/1932 Hitler Is Expected To Be Chancellor In Cabinet Shake Up Every Liklihood Now That Nazi Leader Will Be Appointed Within A Few Days Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/11/1932 Spain Quells Revolt of Army Royalists 1
08/11/1932 Perils of Isolation Told At Williams (Institute) 2
08/11/1932 Japan’s Envoy (Debuchi) Sees Stimson On Speech Debuchi Denies Protest 9
08/11/1932 Mongolia Attacked By Big Tibetian Army A. T. Steele, Harbin 9
08/11/1932 Text of Reich Decree On Riots 11
08/12/1932 Hoover Admits Failure of Prohibition (Accepts Republican Nomination For President, Chicago) 1
08/12/1932 (Popular N.Y. City Mayor, ‘Jimmy’) Walker Pleads For His Official Life (To Roosevelt) 1
08/12/1932 (Weimar) Republic Is Ignored On Reich Fete Day; Hitler Strikes Snag Nazi Chancellor Unlikely Von Hindenburg Bars Leader of Largest Party Because He Can’t Run Reichstag Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/12/1932 Hindenburg Balks At Nazi Chancellor Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
08/12/1932 League Warns Germany On Payment of Dues 2
08/12/1932 Chiang (Kai-Shek) As Dictator Forecast In China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 2
08/12/1932 Herriot Welcomes Stimson Doctrine 3
08/12/1932 Lithuania Upheld At Hague On Memel World Court Rules Governor Had Right To Oust German President of Council Says Latter Violated Law But Decides Diet Was Not In Order Berlin Displeased 3
08/12/1932 France Pacifistic Declares (Cardinal) Verdier Says Europe Asks Our Aid 17
08/12/1932 (Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee) Asks Germans Share In Polish Corridor Poland Assailed On Pact (Williams Institute, Williamstown, Mass.) 36
08/13/1932 Britain And Canada Reach Trade Accord At Ottawa (Empire Economic) Parley 1
08/13/1932 Europe Is Divided In Hoover’s Policy Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 3
08/13/1932 Deadlock Persists On German Cabinet Nazis Insist Hitler Must Get Chancellorship Before He Can Make Any Promises Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 9
08/13/1932 100 Spanish Nobles Jailed For Revolt 9
08/13/1932 (Lester P.) Barlow Tells (Russian) Reds Deadly War Plans (For Planes) 9
08/13/1932 Democracy Is Seen Going Into Eclipse (Williams Institute) 15
08/13/1932 Holds 5 Cent Beer Is Need of Nation 18
08/14/1932 Hitler Demands Office As Dictator; Hindenburg Bars It Nazi Chief Refuses Secondary Post, Asking Power of ‘Mussolini After March On Rome’ (See Later Entry, August 19, 1932, P. 5) Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/14/1932 Irish Boycott of English Goods Planned Here 1
08/14/1932 Araki Asks Japan To Block White Race Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
08/14/1932 Manchuria Called Japan’s ‘Lifeline’ Louis Stark (Williams Institute, Williamstown, Mass.) 5
08/14/1932 Stimson View Held Aid To Peace Pact (Judge Yuen Li Lang) Sees Curb On Aggressor (In Washington) 5
08/14/1932 (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein (Chairman of House Immigration Committee) To Open Inquiry In Warsaw Will Investigate Complaints of Would Be Emigrants Over American (Medical) Examination 7
08/14/1932 Poland And Danzig Reach Agreement 7
08/14/1932 Women At Geneva Row Over Equality 10
08/14/1932 Jews (American Jewish Congress Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Bernard S. Deutsch) Open Parley At Geneva Today American Group Is Largest 25 Nations Represented World Conference Will Take Up ‘Grave Conditions’ Facing The Race In Many Lands 18
08/14/1932 The Week Abroad; ‘Part of The World’ Isolation Gets A Setback Policy of Consultation Is Formally Adopted By The United States It Is Stated By Hoover Success For Col. Stimson Edwin L. James E-3
08/14/1932 Jobless In Reich Help Each Other Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
08/14/1932 Soviet Guards Kill Refugees (On Rumanian Border) E-3
08/14/1932 Soviet Food Supply Is Biggest Problem Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
08/14/1932 Soviet Polish Pact Distrubs Rumania Eugene Kovacs, Bucharest E-3
08/14/1932 Anti-Semitism Fight Shifting Its Centre Jews In Poland Now Taking LeadershipFromBritain (Lord) Melchett’s View Borne Out He Foresaw That War Would Split Jewish And German Interests In Europe Augur, London E-4
08/14/1932 Anxiety In London Over German Loans F-1
08/14/1932 The Facts Revealed In The (Mayor James J. Walker) Seaburg Inquiry XX-1
08/15/1932 Nazis Are Expected To Insist On Power Hitler’s Pledges Doubted Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/15/1932 Herriot Disturbed By Eulogies of War 6
08/15/1932 (British Knights of Garter) Vote To Readmit Ex-Kaiser 6
08/15/1932 China Is Determined To End Concessions Russell Owen, Shanghai 8
08/15/1932 (Geneva) Jewish Conference Hears Plea By (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Rabbi Urges That World Jewish Congress Be Convoked As Geneva Meeting Begins Hitlerism Is Chief Topic B. S. Deutsch Joins In Assailing Anti-Semitism Deutsch’s Address (American Jewish Congress) 13
08/16/1932 Hitler Would Oust Gen. Von Schleicher Hitlerite Rally Put Off Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/16/1932 ‘Hoover Doctrine’ Approved In Tokyo Sees Stimson At Variance Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
08/16/1932 Chang (Kai-Shek) Is Replaced As Peiping Leader 5
08/16/1932 Say Palestine Jews Have Best Condition 5
08/16/1932 French Are Divided On Arms For Reich 6
08/16/1932 Hitler Dictatorship In Reich Held Unlikely 6
08/17/1932 Britain Separates Factions In India In Electoral Plan 1
08/17/1932 Manchurian Report Disturbing Britain 1
08/17/1932 Estates of Nobles Are Seized In Spain Exile To Africa Hinted 4
08/17/1932 American In China Slain By (Chinese) Soldiers 4
08/17/1932 (World) Jewish Congress Planned For 1934 Hitlerism To Be Assailed 5
08/17/1932 Leaves Extended For Nazi (Storm) Troopers (Sturm Abteilung) Hitler Attacks Cabinet Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
08/17/1932 (Izvestia) Hits Our Refusal To Recognize Russia 7
08/18/1932 Italy Will Retire 130,000 Tons of Navy 1
08/18/1932 Rabbis Back (Herbert) Lehman In (N.Y.) Governorship Race 2
08/18/1932 Munitions Plants Speed Up In Japan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
08/18/1932 Reich Hard Pressed Tomeet Dole Cost One Person In 9 Gets Aid Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
08/18/1932 Von Papen Says He Will Crush Any Revolt 6
08/18/1932 Jews Demand End of Anti-Semitism Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Asks For ‘Justice’ And Denounces Hitler World Jewish Congress To Meet Seeks Aid of League of Nations 9
08/19/1932 New Soviet Planes Rival World’s Best Walt Duranty, Moscow 3
08/19/1932 Hitler Now Claims 75% of Cabinet Jobs Denies Mussolini Remark (See Entry, August 14, 1932, P. 1) 5
08/19/1932 Nazi Centrist Rule In Prussia Likely Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
08/19/1932 Compulsory Labor Is Sought In Reich 5
08/20/1932 (Popular N.Y. City Mayor James J.) Walker Loses Plea To Dismiss Charges 1
08/20/1932 (World) Jewish Congress Success Says (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise In Paris) 4
08/20/1932 Jews Beaten By Anti Communist Argentines 4
08/20/1932 Swiss Couple Get Life Terms In China CondemnedAs Reds 4
08/20/1932 (Ira A. Hirschmann of ‘Lord And Taylor,’ Confidant And Savant of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise And The World/American Jewish Congresses) Sees Hitler In Power Within Nine Months 4
08/20/1932 Nazis And Reds Mar Berlin Radio Show 14
08/21/1932 Rise In Dole Asked By Reich Socialists (Sozialistiche Parti Deutschlands And Sozial Demokrats, The ‘Sozis’) Decree Rule Gains Gains In Favor Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/21/1932 Chinese Intensifying Boycott of Japan (Shanghai) Truce Is Repudiated Hallett Abend, Shanghai/Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
08/21/1932 Warns Trade Curbs Imperil Reich Debt 5
08/21/1932 Great Landowners Arrested In Spain 9
08/21/1932 Buenos Aires Give Jews Protection 10
08/21/1932 Pan American ‘Love’ (For U.S.) Held Almost Dead (By Williams Institute, Williamstown, Mass) 11
08/21/1932 The Week Abroad; Holiday For Nazis Eugene J. Young E-3
08/21/1932 Japanese Prepare For Air Operation A. T. Steele, Harbin E-5
08/21/1932 Conditon In China Worse Than In 1931 Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-5
08/21/1932 German Democracy’s New Test Simeon Strunsky Mag. 1
08/22/1932 Roosevelt Ponders Appeal For Funds To ‘Forgetten Man’ 1
08/23/1932 Nazis Riot In Court As 5 Are Condemned For Murder of Reds Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/23/1932 French Pay Honor To Col. (Alfred) Dreyfus 7
08/23/1932 Japanese Seek Oil In Case of Boycott 8
08/24/1932 (Fritz Von) Papen Defies Nazis; Ready To Use Army Reich And Prussia Pledge Impartial Review For Five Condemned For Murder Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/24/1932 Soviet Is Accused of Slaying Finns Finland Intervenes Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
08/24/1932 (Paul) Renaud (Followed Daladier As War Time French Premier) Here, Says France Asks Peace 19
08/24/1932 (Albert) Einstein Is Reported To Plan Work Here (At Princeton Univ.) 19
08/25/1932 Reich Not To Ask Cut In Private Debt, Declares Dr. (Hans) Luther (President of Reichsbank) 1
08/25/1932 Japan Tells League She Won’t Give Way Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
08/25/1932 Nazi Paper (‘Der Angriff’) Banned For Inciting Strife Retrial of (Five) Killers Asked Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
08/25/1932 Ousted Educator (Dr. Emil Gumbel, Formerly of Heidelberg University) Blames Nazi Trick Gumbel Says Students Slipped (‘Unbidden’) Into Closed (Sic) Meetings And Falsely Reported Speech Fears Accession of Hitler To Power Would Mean ‘Slaughter’ (Now At Cornell Univ, Ithaca, N.Y.) 5
08/25/1932 Japan Reinforces Guard In Shanghai Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
08/25/1932 Britain Will Push Empire Trade Plan 14
08/26/1932 Reichstag To Face Quick Dissolution Nazis And Centrists Still Unable To Agree Slayers’ Guard Increased 1
08/26/1932 Urge New Parley To Pacifiy Japan (Williams Institute) 2
08/26/1932 (Albert) Einstein Will Join American Institute (Life Appointment!) 2
08/26/1932 40,000 Shipments Looted In Russia Kulak Influence Blamed 4
08/26/1932 Reichsbank’s Gold Shows Sharp Rise 25
08/26/1932 Decrease In Gold At Bank of France 25
08/27/1932 (John Nance) Garner Puts Blame On Hoover In Slump 1
08/27/1932 Mori Urges Japan To Seek Isolation Friction With Us Seen Hugh Byas, Tokyo 2
08/27/1932 Nazis Map Policy In The Reichstag Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
08/28/1932 Japan Would Block Censure By League And Avert A Break Mission Condemns Tokyo 1
08/28/1932 Papen To Open Fight With Recovery Plan Nazi May Be Chancellor (Gregor) Strasser, Close Friend of Hitler Mentioned, With Bruening As Foreign Minister Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
08/28/1932 Hindenburg Urges Fatherland Before Party 4
08/28/1932 2,000 Pacifists Open Parley In Amsterdam 4
08/28/1932 Goethe Medal Is Given To (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia University) In Germany 5
08/28/1932 (Prof. Frederick A. Ogg) Denies Democracy Fails To Meet Test 25
08/28/1932 The Week In Other Lands: Japan Issues A Challenge Eugene J. Young E-3
08/28/1932 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) And Tokyo Fear League Report Hallett Abend, Shanghai (Picture of League Investigating Commission) E-5
08/28/1932 (Pacifist, Lord) Cecil Calls For A War On War Mag. 1
08/28/1932 German Legend Raises A New Iron Man (General Kurt Von Schleicher, Picture Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin Mag. 3
08/29/1932 Japan Sending Envoy (Kichisaburo Nomura) To Seek Our Good Will 1
08/29/1932 12 Month Program To Rescue Germany Offered By Papen Rule By Parties Is Barred Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/29/1932 German Debts Are Put At 20 Billion Marks 6
08/30/1932 (Franz Von) Papen Tells Hitler He Will Not Permit Nazi In Government Rivals Take Luncheon Together But Part To Continue Fight Against Each Other Murder Case Still Issue Hitler Orders Reichstag Caucus Not To Support Cabinet Which Backs Death Sentence Clara Zetkin (One of The Most Influential Communists of Germany) To Preside Today 1
08/30/1932 Papen’s Proposals Win Favor In Reich Inflation Held Only Peril Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 8
08/30/1932 (Japanese) Fliers Hunt Rebels After Mukden Raids 8
08/30/1932 Chinese Brigands Sack Town, Kill Residents In Peiping Area 8
08/31/1932 Reichstag Is Calm; Will Ask Hindenburg To Let It Continue Nazi Is Elected Speaker Red Assails The President Deputies Sit Quietly As Frau (Clara) Zetkin Opens Session With Plea For Impeachment (Of President Paul Von Hindenburg) Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/31/1932 Japan Sends Naval Squadron To Shanghai Manchukuo Is Declared In Open Rebellion Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
08/31/1932 Our Fleet Moves Disturb Japan Hugh Byas 8
08/31/1932 Poland Puts Down Uprising of Ukrainians; Peasants Will Lay Complaints Before League 8
08/31/1932 Reich ‘Tests Faith’ of World On Arms 9
08/31/1932 Picture: Hermann Goering (Speaker of Reichstag) & (Communist) Clara Zetkin 9
08/31/1932 Hitler Will Wane, Says (Cleveland) Bishop (Joseph) Schrembs Declares Nazi Leader Is Regarded As Too Arrogant 9