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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

October 1932
Date Headline Page
10/01/1932 (Former Governor of N.Y. Alfred E.) Smith Derides Talk of ‘Forgotten Man’ But Supports (Roosevelt) Ticket 1
10/01/1932 Roosevelt Tactics Assailed By (Hoover’s Sec. of Treasury, Ogden) Mills Hoover ‘Slyly And Covertly’ Misrepresented, (Text, P. 9) 1
10/01/1932 Roosevelt Hailed By Chicago Throng 1
10/01/1932 (Rabbi Louis I. Newman) Assails G. B. (Playwright George Bernard) Shaw As Enemy of Jews Says Attack On Race Bears Mark of Senility 18
10/01/1932 (Work) Ruling Is Modified On Alien Students (See Earlier Entry) 18
10/02/1932 President (Hoover) Praised By Stimson (His Sec. of State) As Saving The World From Ruin, Text. P. 32 (Stimson Was Later Roosevelt’s Sec. of War!) 1
10/02/1932 Japan, In White Book Defends Her Actions Gives Lists of (Chinese) ‘Outrages’ 26
10/02/1932 Hitler Addresses Huge Youth Rally 26
10/02/1932 Hindenburg 85 Today; In Excellent Health Nazis Among Those Felicitating German President 28
10/02/1932 (British Economist, Sir Arthur) Salter Will Speak Here 30
10/02/1932 ‘Jewish View of Life’ Is Denied By Einstein He Holds Judaism Is Not A Faith But A Moral Attitude Toward Tangible Experiences 35
10/02/1932 Jews At New Year Ask Renewed Faith Disarmament Plea Made 39
10/02/1932 Hitler Now Trains His Guns On Right Carl Pueckler E-3
10/02/1932 Finds Our Culture Unsuited To China Says We Lack Traditions Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
10/02/1932 (Chancellor Heinrich) Bruening Diplomacy On Arms Revealed Offer To Bind Germany To Limitation The Real Reason He Was Dismissed Augur, London E-4
10/02/1932 Soviet Sees World On Disaster’s Brink Fefars German Outburst Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
10/02/1932 Poles And Russians Acting Neighborly Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-4
10/02/1932 Papen To Tell Us Debt Must Be Cut H. V. Kaltenborn E-8
10/02/1932 ‘Back To Asia!’ Japan’s New Cry Mag. 1
10/02/1932 Germany Liquidates Her (1918) Revolution Harold Callender, Berlin Mag. 3
10/03/1932 League Experts Find Japan At Fault With Treaties Violated In Manchuria; Can’t Undo What’s Done, Tokyo Retorts China’s Claim Is Upheld, Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/03/1932 Japan Says (League) Report (Text!) Will Not Deter Her 1
10/03/1932 Roosevelt Pleads For Social Justice In Detroit Address (Sounds Like Father Coughlin!) Three Great Faiths Cited, (Text, P. 2) 1
10/03/1932 Mexico Threatens To Close Churches Lays ‘Vulgarity’ To Pope 6
10/03/1932 Gandhi’s Birthday Is Celebrated Here (By Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise) 7
10/03/1932 Hindenburg Hailed Throughout Reich 8
10/03/1932 British See (Lytton League of Nations) Report (Against Japanese & On Manchuria) As ‘Wise And Fair’ 11
10/03/1932 Chinese Are Pleased By Lytton Findings Our Reaction Is Awaited Hallett Abend, Shanghai 11
10/03/1932 7 Yiddish Theatres Open Their (N.Y. City) Seasons 15
10/04/1932 Tokyo Sees Little Chance For Lytton Policy If Manchukuo Fails Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
10/04/1932 (Ogden) Mills Challenges Roosevelt Fitness 3
10/04/1932 French Reaction Friendly To Japan 4
10/04/1932 Lytton Expected Japanese Refusal 4
10/04/1932 Chinese Are Divided On Lytton Report T. V. Soong Hails The Plan Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
10/04/1932 Vote To Oust Envoy of Pope To Mexico Prelate Denies Plotting 7
10/04/1932 British Revise Plan of Naval Defenses 7
10/04/1932 Heavy Loss Likely For Nazis In Poll Cards Against Them Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
10/04/1932 Germans Want Us To Rix Size of Reich Army, (Illinois Sen., J. Hamilton) Lewis Declares 9
10/04/1932 Outdoor Meetings Banned At Columbia (University) Recent Disorders Blamed Student Riots 23
10/05/1932 Mexico Exiles (Archbishop) Ruiz For Fealty To Pope (Picture, P. 12) 1
10/05/1932 Britain Asks Parley On German Arms (Equality) Berlin Holds To Equality 9
10/05/1932 Lytton Proposals Rejected By Tokyo 10
10/05/1932 Chinese Bitterness Over Report Grows Hallett Abend, Shanghai 11
10/06/1932 France And Reich Block Arms Parley Berlin Wants A New Start 1
10/06/1932 Szechuan Factions Plunged Into War Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
10/06/1932 Manchukuo Issue Closed, Says Tokyo Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
10/06/1932 Jobless In Riots In 3 British Cities 5
10/06/1932 Two Nazis Sentenced For Libeling Police 6
10/06/1932 German Arms (Equality) Plan Is Upheld By (Senator William E.) Borah 8
10/06/1932 Roosevelt Undecided On Soviet Recognition 12
10/06/1932 (World) Jewish Population Is Put At 16,000,000 (In ‘Menorah Journal’) 25
10/07/1932 Lytton Reminds Us of Implied Pledge Stimson View Consultation Is Inherent In Kellogg Pact 4
10/07/1932 Mexican State Bans Priests As Citizens 5
10/07/1932 French Bank’s Gold Highest In History 35
10/08/1932 (Norman H.) Davis (Later Roosevelt’s Ambassador) Is In London To Push Hoover Plan 1
10/08/1932 War Flames Flare In 4 Areas of China Reds Report Victories Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
10/08/1932 Soviet Denounces The Lytton Report Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
10/08/1932 Prelate (Mgr. Diaz) Arrested In Mexican (Church) Dispute 5
10/08/1932 Abyssenian Ruler (Haile Selassie) Asked To Free Foe (The Former Emperor of Abyssinia Whom He Deposed!) 6
10/08/1932 Lord (Rufus Daniel Isaacs) Reading (Picture) Urges (U.S. British Alliance For Peace 13
10/09/1932 No Danger To Dollar From Foreigh Raids Seen Now In Capital 1
10/09/1932 President (Hoover) Praises Founder of Ymca Roosevelt Pays Tribute 5
10/09/1932 Bavaria Is Hostile To Papen’s Cabinet Frederick T. Birchall, Munich 7
10/09/1932 8 Croat Leaders Held In Plot Against State 7
10/09/1932 Stalin Not A Dictator, Prof. (Harry F.) Ward (Union Theological Seminary) Declares 8
10/09/1932 Mexican Prelate (Mgr. Diaz) Freed After Fine 9
10/09/1932 Szechway Invaded By 20,000 Tibitans Hallett Abend, Shanghai 11
10/09/1932 Reds At (N.Y. Union Square) Rally Charge Scottsboro (Ala. Negro Rape Case) ‘Terror’ 22
10/09/1932 The Week In Europe; German Arms (Equality) Demand Edwin L. James E-3
10/09/1932 Reich Constitution Subject of Reform Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
10/09/1932 German Documents Reveal War Spirit Confidential Correspondence of Stresemann Shows He Was An Arch Intriguer Planned To Avenge Nation (Ww I Newsman Propagndist, Henry Wickham) Steed Wrote The Preface (Germany And Peace By Roger De Wyss) Augur, London E-4
10/09/1932 Our Trade Blocked By Japan’s Advisers A. T. Steele, Darien E-8
10/09/1932 Germany’s Junkers Await A New Dawn Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin Mag. 1
10/09/1932 General March’s War Story Attacked By General (David C.) Shanks XX-4
10/10/1932 (British Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald To Discuss Arms (Equality) With Herriot; 4 Power Talk Off Berlin Resentment Seen 1
10/10/1932 Rebels Now Control Most of Manchuria Japanese In Area In Peril 1
10/10/1932 Hitlerites Break Up Nationalist Rallies Guido Enderis, Berlin 7
10/10/1932 (Gustav) Stresemann Seen As Deceiving Briand Augur, London 8
10/10/1932 Chinese Reds Press Toward Hankow Again 9
10/11/1932 (Alfred) Einstein Will Head School Here, Opening Scholastic Center 1
10/11/1932 Lytton Advocates Our Anti War Stand Urges Acceptance of Stimson’s Position For Consultations As Best Guarantee 4
10/11/1932 Big Japanese Drive Opens In Manchuria 4
10/11/1932 Papen Off To Ask Bavaria’s Support 4
10/11/1932 Japanese Are Accused of ‘Thwarting’ League (By Dr. Liang Yuen Li, Shanghai Judge) 4
10/11/1932 (Ramsay) Macdonald Lauded By Lord (Rufus Daniel Isaacs) Reading 6
10/11/1932 Guarded High (U.S. Supreme) Court Hears (Scottsboro, Ala. Rape Case) Negro Pleas 19
10/12/1932 Pu Yi Would Restore Chinese Monarchy (In Manchuria) 1
10/12/1932 Papen Threatened With Impeachment Reichstag Foreign Committee Charges Refusal To Report Violated The Constitution Berlin Nazi Rally Banned = Guido Enderis, Berlin 5
10/12/1932 Duesterberg Holds Post In Stahlhelm Tells of Nazi Attacks 5
10/12/1932 Hoover Plan Urged By (Norman H.) Davis In London 11
10/12/1932 (Lord Rufus Daniel Isaacs) Reading Is Hopeful of Accord On Arms 13
10/12/1932 Envoy Says Japan Needs Manchuria 14
10/12/1932 Herriot To Broach 5 Point Arms Plan German Solution Sought 14
10/12/1932 (German Red Groups) Fight Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 14
10/12/1932 Nation’s Jobless Put At 11,000,000; British At 2,858,011; French At 251,193 & German At 5,100,000) 15
10/12/1932 Tammany (Hall) Puts Vigor In Roosevelt Drive 19
10/12/1932 (Cordell) Hull Denies Peril To Gold Standard Supply Here Held Plenty 20
10/13/1932 Papen Would Make Cabinet Dominant Assails Hitler And Nazis Says They Forfeited Their Right To Share In Rebuilding Nation 1
10/13/1932 3,000 Police Quell Rioting In Belfast; British Troops Sent In 1
10/13/1932 5 Factional Wars Under Way In China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7
10/13/1932 Big Loan of Silver Is Sought For China 7
10/13/1932 Harbin Kidnappers Kill English Woman 7
10/13/1932 Tokyo Asks Powers For Aid At Geneva 7
10/13/1932 German ‘War Hero’ Admits Tale A Hoax 8
10/14/1932 Roosevelt Holds Relief An Obligation of Nation; For ‘Sound’ Public Works 1
10/14/1932 ‘Stimson Doctrine’ Seen As Dangerous Praises Lytton Report 6
10/14/1932 Japanese In Drive, Draw Near Fushun 6
10/14/1932 France Increses Export of Arms 7
10/15/1932 Reich Bars Geneva For 4 Power Talks On (Arms) Equality Demand Reich Police Called Army 1
10/15/1932 Arms Body To Study The German Police Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
10/15/1932 Speachers of Paul Reynaud & Lord (Ruf#S Daniel Isaacs) Reading Before Washington Bar Association 6
10/15/1932 Three Power Action Is Urged By Reynaud Praises Stimson’s Stand Reading (Rufus Daniel Isaacs) Urges Security 6
10/15/1932 British Ship Looted By Chinese Pirates 33
10/16/1932 Hoover Denounces ‘Lies’ of His Critics 1
10/16/1932 Paris Sees Affront By Reich To League 6
10/16/1932 Russia Acts To Aid Captured Japanese 6
10/16/1932 Papal Nuncio Bars Resistance In Spain Frank Kluckhorn, Madrid 25
10/16/1932 (Canadian, Newton D. Rockwell) Commends America As Peace Leader 26
10/16/1932 The Week In Europe: Test of The (Versailles) Treaty Edwin L. James E-3
10/16/1932 Geneva Watches Us And Soviet Russia Hope of Our Entry Seen Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
10/16/1932 (British Primer Minister, Ramsay) Macdonald Facing Crisis On Armament (Equality With Germany) E-3
10/16/1932 Says League Evades Our Japanese Policy Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
10/16/1932 Brazil Is Welcoming Japanese Colonists Intermarriage Permitted E-8
10/16/1932 Nanking (Chaing Kai-Shek) Issues Order For Compulsory Drill E-8
10/17/1932 Papen Says Reich Can Pay Creditors Only In Goods; Wants Trade Bars Lifted 1
10/17/1932 Reich Group Backs Russia As Market 10
10/17/1932 German Nationalism Extolled By (Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greely) Schacht 10
10/17/1932 Pace of Recovery Slow In Germany 23
10/18/1932 Berlin Again Bars Geneva For (Arms) Parley 4
10/18/1932 Picture: German Ambassador To U.S., F. W. Von Prittwitz 5
10/18/1932 (Albert) Einstein Would Quit Berlin Professorship (Kaiser Wilhelm Institut) 6
10/18/1932 35 Students Hurt In Vienna Rioting 7
10/18/1932 Autonomy Demanded By Slovaks (From Czechs) 7
10/19/1932 Police Battle Mobs In London Six Hours Looters Smash Windows 1
10/19/1932 Britain Ends (Trade) Treaty With Soviet Russia 1
10/19/1932 (Austrian Socialists) Say Dollfuss Aims To Be Dictator 4
10/19/1932 Nazi Leader’s Arrest Ordered In Silesia 6
10/20/1932 France And Britain Prepare Topay Debt Due Us On Dec. 15 1
10/20/1932 (Col William J. [‘Wild Bill]) Donovan (Candidate For N.Y. State Governor, Later Head of Rooseevelt’s Oss) Denounces Governor (Roosevelt) As Faker 1
10/20/1932 (Heinrich) Bruening Foresees The Nazis As Allies 5
10/20/1932 Tokyo Concessions To League Foreseen Would Admit An Observer Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
10/20/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Tells of Repeal (Of Eighteenth Amendment) Fight 8
10/21/1932 Manchurian Rebels Strike At Japanese 1
10/21/1932 Germans Attack Award of (Goethe) Medal To Herriot: Editor (Boersenzeitung) Callers (French) Premier A ‘Dangerous Enemy’ 1
10/21/1932 (Dr. Hans) Luther (Reichsbank) Says Reich Needs World Trade 4
10/21/1932 France Omits Debt Due Us In Budget 4
10/21/1932 (Ramsay) M’donald Defends Stand On Arms Cuts 5
10/22/1932 Profound Changes Forecast In China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
10/22/1932 (Matsuoka) Says Japan Backs Peace Machinery 4
10/22/1932 France Uncertain On Debt Payment 4
10/22/1932 Papen Contradicts Hitler On Rearming Says It Won’t Be Sought 4
10/22/1932 Soviet Threatens Trade Reprisals Assails British Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
10/23/1932 (Episcopal) Church Shut In (Racial) Row; (Episcopal Bishop, Born In Britain, William T.) Manning Is Barred (From Church) 1
10/23/1932 (Senator William E.) Borah Tells Germans Arms Plea Is Just Letter To Cologne Gazette 2
10/23/1932 Japan May Give Up Third of Manchuria Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
10/23/1932 Nazis Name 82 Year Old (Gen. Karl Litzmann [Of Litzmann Stadt ?]) To Bar Clara Zetkin (German Communist) Opening Reichstag 5
10/23/1932 The Week In Europe: Cash For War Debts Edwin L. James E-3
10/23/1932 Germany Is Uneasy As Election Nears Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
10/23/1932 Papen’s Debt Policy Is Laid To Politics Debters Want To Pay Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-3
10/23/1932 Fascist Incubator Is Two Years Old E-4
10/23/1932 (Paul) Reynaud Defends Frenc Gold Policy F-1
10/23/1932 Franc Advances Against Dollar Wall Street Undesturbed F-5
10/23/1932 Drama of Mexico’s Church Struggle Anita Brenner Mag. 3
10/24/1932 Mussolini Appeals To Us To Cut Debts; Will Stay In League 1
10/24/1932 (Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Forces Way Into Church To Keep It Open To Negroes (Picture. P. 3) 1
10/24/1932 Reich Would Revise Whole Army Basis Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
10/24/1932 Poland Hangs 4 As Soviet Spies, Making 8 Executed This Month 4
10/24/1932 Hitler Again Asks Complete Power 4
10/24/1932 (French Senator Henry Berenger) Says France Has Right To Ask Debt Changes 4
10/24/1932 French Army Halts Herriot Arms Plan German Threat Stressed 4
10/24/1932 Motta (Of Switzerland) Welcomes Our Aid To League 6
10/24/1932 (Socialist Presidential Candidate, Norman Thomas) Accuses Roosevelt of Tammany (Hall) Trade 8
10/24/1932 (George Sylvester Viereck) Says (Col. Edward Mandell) House Averted (U.S.) War With England (In WWI) 16
10/25/1932 Britain Backs (Arms) Cuts To Meet Reich Plea 4
10/25/1932 Farmers In Revolt Invade Chinese City Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7
10/25/1932 Our Legation Seeks Redress of Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Over Slaying of Henry Ekvoll 7
10/26/1932 Japan Will Present New Naval Cut Plan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
10/26/1932 French Are Divided On Arms (Equality) Proposal 4
10/26/1932 Herriot Prevents War Debts Debate (In Paris) 4
10/26/1932 Mussolini To Free Political Convicts Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome 4
10/26/1932 Court Backs Papen In Prussian Dispute Guido Enderis, Berlin 6
10/26/1932 Son of Ex-Kaiser Opposes Monarchy Anti-Semitism Stressed 6
10/27/1932 Hoover Says Nation Must Enlarge Navy, Should Geneva (Arms Talks) Fail 1
10/27/1932 Stimson Says Stand In Orient Aids Peace 1
10/27/1932 Japan Tries To Get Franco Soviet Help In Manchurian Issue Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
10/27/1932 British Hunger Marchers Mass In London; 5,000 Police Guard Hyde Park Protest Today 1
10/27/1932 (U.S.) To Bar Footwear Dumped By Czechs 2
10/27/1932 New Naval Accord Pressed By (Norman H.) Davis 5
10/27/1932 French Profit Seen On Our War Stocks 6
10/27/1932 Braun Is Prepared To Work With Reich 7
10/27/1932 3 Americans Hurt In Vienna Rioting Anti-Semitic Disorder At The University 8
10/27/1932 (Ex-Turkish Ambassador, Henry Morgenthau, Sr.) Calls Roosevelt A ‘Mental Dynamo’ 10
10/28/1932 (Norman H.) Davis Wins London To Hoover Arms Idea As A Working Basis 1
10/28/1932 London Unemployed Riot And Fight Police As ‘Hunger Marchers’ Meet In Hyde Park 1
10/28/1932 Democrats Unsafe Says Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt (In Manila, Text, P. 13) 1
10/28/1932 Say Hoover Admits Our Navy Is Inferior (To That of Britain) 3
10/28/1932 Stimson’s Address Belittled In Japan 3
10/28/1932 American (Rev. Bert Nelson) Reported Murdered In China 4
10/28/1932 (James M. Beck) Calls Roosevelt Dangerous Radical 10
10/28/1932 (William J. Donovan) Charges Roosevelt Fans ‘Discontent’ 13
10/28/1932 (Ogden Mills) Assails Roosevelt On (N.Y.) State Spending 14
10/28/1932 Germans Here Act For Cultural Unity Lack of Recognition Seen 21
10/29/1932 Herriots Plan Asks Militias Not Armies, Consultation By Us 1
10/29/1932 ‘Hunger Marchers’ Absolved In (London) Riots Nail Studded Clubs Found 1
10/29/1932 Japan Would Cut Aircraft Carriers Hugh Byas, Tokyo 2
10/29/1932 Anti-Semitic Riots In Warsaw University Jewish Students Driven Out of Lecture Hall Government To Curb Schools 2
10/30/1932 (Norman H.) Davis Tells Herriot We Will Not Pledge Joint Use of Force Consultative Accord Regarded As Limit of Our Committment To New Arms Proposal 1
10/30/1932 Reich Open Minded On Herriot’s Plan 6
10/30/1932 Reich Police Held To Be Arms Force (By League Experts) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
10/30/1932 Fails To Find Basis For Ruling Prussia 7
10/30/1932 (Herriot) Links Reparations And The War Debts Defies Others To Deny It 7
10/30/1932 Spy, Once Spared, Hanged In Poland 7
10/30/1932 Holds Debt Policy Hinges Upon Arms Dr. (Harry Elmer) Barnes Says ‘Proof Allies Started War’ Entitles United States To Be Firm 8
10/30/1932 American Aid Saves Thousands In China 10
10/30/1932 17 Are Sentenced In Tokyo Red Plot 10
10/30/1932 Germans Intensify War Guilt Clamor Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
10/30/1932 The Week In Europe; France’s New Plan E-3
10/30/1932 British Debt Plan Is A Deep Mystery E-3
10/30/1932 Paris Conciliatory On Arms Reduction Germans Likely To Reject It E-3
10/30/1932 Britain Takes Stand Against Rearming New Front To Germany Augur, London E-4
10/31/1932 Roosevelt Pledges Solution of Crisis: Meets Progressives 1
10/31/1932 London Police Rout Mob Trying To Rush Buckingham Palace 1
10/31/1932 Arms Race Danger Is Seen By Herriot 4
10/31/1932 French Arms Plan Wins Wide Praise 4
10/31/1932 German Speakers Fail To Stir Voters Strength of Nazis Waning Apathy of Electorate Expected To Cost Hitlerites More Ballots Than Any Other Group Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
10/31/1932 Papan Will Tighten His Grip On Prussia Guido Enderis, Berlin 5
10/31/1932 Roosevelt Call For ‘Heroic’ Relief 9