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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

February 1932
Date Headline Page
02/01/1932 Our Asiatic Fleet, 1,600 Men, Sent To Shanghai; British Also Act; France And Italy Back Policy; Fighting Is Renewed In City 1
02/01/1932 Japan Asks Powers To Halt The Chinese Defends Tokyo’s Cause 1
02/01/1932 Slaughter of Civilians At Shanghai Intensifies The Tragedy Gripping China 3
02/01/1932 Dr. (S. Parkes) Cadman (Radio Minister of Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Decries Bombing of Chinese 4
02/02/1932 50,000 Chinese Troops Reach Shanghai; Japanese Shell Nanking And Land Men; Britain Joins U.S. In Vigorous New Note Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
02/02/1932 (20 Harvard Professors) Ask Boycott of Japan 18
02/02/1932 Lewis Says Japan Hopes To Rule Asia 19
02/02/1932 Roosevelt Quoted On The Presidency 22
02/03/1932 Gov. Roosevelt Comes Out Against Entering League; Opposes Cancelling Debts, Text, P. 4 1
02/03/1932 Japan’s Planes Again Bomb Shanghai Hallett Abend, Shanghai & Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
02/03/1932 Reich Joins Powers In Far East Protest Urges Peace Negotiations 12
02/03/1932 (Dr. Richard Von) Kuehlmann Expects Failure At Geneva 19
02/04/1932 Washington Pledges 100 Per Cent Aid For Safety of Shanghai Settlement; Tokyo Rejects Peace; Battle Goes On 1
02/04/1932 Hitler Sends Two Observers To Geneva (Disarmament) Arms Conference (Called ‘Nazi’ Observers) 1
02/04/1932 Praise Roosevelt For (Anti-) League Stand 1
02/04/1932 Charge Hitler Got (German) Citizenship By Ruse Accuse (Thuringian) ‘Nazi’ Minister But Hitler Said He Rejected Plan (Wilhelm) Frick Proposed Guido Enderis, Berlin 8
02/05/1932 Japanese Land Big Guns, Pound Chapei; Chinese Planes Engage Foe Near City; Tokyo Sends Infantry 1
02/05/1932 Drive On (Gold) Hoarding Pressed By Hoover 1
02/05/1932 (William) Breen Asks Senate To Vote Aid Gift Opposition To Fund Grows 2
02/05/1932 (Joseph P.) Tumulty (Wilson’s Secretary) Criticizes Roosevelt Backer He Assails Their Statements On The League As ‘Surrender’ Because of Expediency 2
02/05/1932 Want Palestine Cut Into 2 States William Zuckermann, London 9
02/05/1932 Hitler Aide (Wilhelm Frick) Faces Indictment In Plot Thuringia Expected To Charge Frick With Malfeasance In Plea To Make Chief Citizen 10
02/05/1932 Police Rout ‘Nazis’ (Sic) At Berlin University 10
02/05/1932 Tardieu Won’t Let German (Chancellor Heinrich Bruening) Talk First Does Not Want To ‘Retort’ 12
02/05/1932 Charges Reich Is Arming French Deputy Says War Machine Better Than 1914 Is Being Built 12
02/06/1932 France Calls For World Police Force; Would Place Troops, Planes And Ships At Disposal of League To Keep Peace Action Astounds Geneva, Text, P. 9 1
02/06/1932 Our Senators Cold To A League Police 1
02/06/1932 Col. (Frank) Knox (Chicago Daily News) Will Head (Hoover) Anti Hoarding Drive 1
02/06/1932 Tokyo Is Distrubed By (Hostile) Attitude Abroad Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
02/06/1932 Vatican Forbids Mixed Marriages Unless Faith of Children Is Guaranteed 1
02/06/1932 Lists 1,200 (U.S.) Plants For War Munitions 6
02/06/1932 German Army Ends Ban Against ‘Nazis’ Presidency Not Hitler Aim 8
02/06/1932 (Clarence K.) Streit On Radio, Urges League Aid Says We Hurt Ourselves By Not Joining 9
02/06/1932 Strain On Finances of Japanese Seen 11
02/06/1932 Roosevlt Warned On Pronunciation 19
02/07/1932 Nationwide Pledge Is Given To Hoover To Battle Hoarding (Picture, P. 3) 1
02/07/1932 More U.S. Warships Speed To Far East 1
02/07/1932 Japan Tries To End Powers’ Misgivings Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
02/07/1932 Japan Best Fitted For War, Pratt Says 3
02/07/1932 Lithuanians Seize (Arrest) Memel’s (German) President Berlin Fears Coup D’etat 6
02/07/1932 Jews Ask Gen. Groener To Curb Nazi Attacks (Jewish Communities Complain of Agitation Against Them) 21
02/07/1932 Powers Consider Possbility of Blockage In The Orient 25
02/07/1932 World Peace Plan Is Criticized Here 26
02/07/1932 Friends of France (Les Amis De La France) Rebuke Critics Here N-1
02/07/1932 The Week In Europe; France Has Her Plan Fought For System In 1919 Edwin L. James E-3
02/07/1932 German Education Feeling The (Financial) Pinch E-4
02/07/1932 The Week In America; Roosevelt Reverses (Stand) No Longer For The League Arthur Krock E-5
02/07/1932 Germany In Her Hour of Trial Book 1
02/07/1932 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Looks Back Over Fifty Years Mag. 3
02/08/1932 Japanese Advance On Woosung Forts As Navy Makes New Attack At Chapei 1
02/08/1932 Chicago Audience Applauds (Winston S.) Churchill Appeal For Anglo-American Union Against Communism Wins Warm Approval 3
02/08/1932 Borah Condemns World Police Plan 4
02/08/1932 Lithuanians Close Memel’s Frontier Boettcher Charged With Treason (German Chancellor) Bruening To Ask League Today To Take Action 5
02/09/1932 British Ask Geneva To Ban Poison Gas And Submarines Views Clash With French 1
02/09/1932 Washington Firm For A Free China 1
02/09/1932 (Sir John) Simon Rejects Idea of A League Army 4
02/09/1932 Militarists (Admiral Fiske & Gen. Fries) Meet Pacifists (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & John Haynes Holmes) In Debate (John Dewey, Columbia University Acting As Moderator) 4
02/09/1932 German Press Accuses French of Manoeuvre 4
02/09/1932 Germans In Memel Demand Plebiscite 10
02/09/1932 Ruthless Economy Demanded By (Senator Cordell) Hull 11
02/09/1932 (Col. Frank) Knox Opens Drive To Stop Hoarding 13
02/10/1932 Geneva Sees Best Chance of Arms Cuts In Our Plan; Germans Denied Equality 1
02/10/1932 (Governor Franklin D.) Roosevelt Is Called A ‘Liar’ In (Albany) Senate 2
02/10/1932 U.S. And Germany Asks Sweeping Reductions In Arms 12
02/10/1932 Germany Demands Action On Memel 15
02/11/1932 (Albany) Senate Votes For Inquiry, Like City Investigation Into Roosevelt’s Regime 1
02/11/1932 Japan Sends $18,500,000 More Gold Here 1
02/11/1932 Geneva Sees Peril Without Our Help Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
02/11/1932 Charges We Forced Loan To Hold Haiti 9
02/11/1932 Pain Ships 109 Reds To Exile In Africa 11
02/11/1932 Revisionists (Possibly Associated With Vladimir Jabotinsky, Founder of Irgun Zvai Leumi) Raid Hebrew University 24
02/12/1932 League (Of Nations) Association Fears Our Isolation (Charles H. Strong, Chairman) 3
02/12/1932 Party Forbids Hamburg Nazis (Sic) To Drink Beer 3
02/12/1932 (Lithuania) Implicates Reich In Memel Affair 3
02/12/1932 Russia Makes Plea For Full Disarming 4
02/12/1932 (Maxime) Litvinoff Is Ready For Any Arms Cut 4
02/12/1932 (Walter Lippmann, Wilson Journalist Confidant) Sees Isolationism At Peak Here Now 9
02/12/1932 Roosevelt Resents (N.Y. State) Inquiry (Into His Regime) As ‘Politics’ 12
02/13/1932 Poland To Exercise A Firmer Hand In Danzig; Policy Seen In Naming of New (Polish High) Commissioner 1
02/13/1932 Germans Acclaim Our Credit Move 4
02/14/1932 2,500,000 Summon Hindenburg To Run (For President of Reich) 5
02/14/1932 League To Conduct Inquiry On Memel 8
02/14/1932 Washington Opposes Japanese Proposal 26
02/14/1932 J. H. M. Cromwell (Later Marries Doris Duke. Becomes One of Roosevelt’s ‘Mouthpieces’ & ‘Testers’ U.S. Interventionist Minister To Canada) Palm Beach Host N-5
02/14/1932 French Say Reich Is Armed To Teeth Say Treaty Is Violated Herbert L. Matthews, Paris E-3
02/15/1932 Says Japan Plans To Conquer World 8
02/15/1932 Bruening Demands ‘Equality’ In Arms Holds Reich Is Helpless 10
02/15/1932 Shake Up In Memel Protested In Reich (Tilsit) 10
02/15/1932 Six Heimwehr (Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) Men Shot 20
02/15/1932 No Revival Is Seen In Germany’s Trade 28
02/16/1932 (Paul Von) Hindenburg Agrees To Seek Re Election; Nazis To Fight Him Hitler A Likely Candidate Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
02/16/1932 Reds Seize Capital of Kiangsi Province 10
02/16/1932 (Karl Friedrich Nowak) Says Aides Forced Kaiser Into War Peace Moves ‘Frustrated’ 19
02/17/1932 (Pierre) Laval Cabinet Quits, Defeated By Senate No Successor Is In Sight 1
02/17/1932 Hindenburg’s Foes Silent On Choice Guido Enderis, Berlin 9
02/17/1932 Fear Reich Default On Debt Payment 9
02/18/1932 Chinese Join Peace Move, But Say They Won’t Yield Unless Japanese Retreat 1
02/18/1932 Tardieu Holds Key To France’s Crisis 14
02/18/1932 German Group Urged To Take United Stand (Victor) Ridder (Publisher With Brother) And Others At Luncheon To Mrs Kiep Call For Action On Problems of The Day 15
02/18/1932 Reichstag Plans Cut In Ex-Kaiser’s Pay 17
02/19/1932 China Will Rejeect Japanese Demands, Troops, Planes, Guns Ready For Battle; Manchuria Proclaims Separate State 1
02/19/1932 Plan To Split China Now Laid To Japan 1
02/19/1932 Reds And Nazis Clash One Killed, One Dying, Score Hurt (At Kottbus) 7
02/19/1932 Germany Proposes Widest Disarming, P. J. Philip, Geneva 8
02/19/1932 Ex-King Friedrich of Saxony Dead 21
02/19/1932 Sir Norman Angell Fears World Ruin 26
02/20/1932 Japanese Open Shanghai Offensive, Troops Attacking On A Wide Front; Stiff Resistance Afforded By Chinese 1
02/20/1932 Henry Pu Yi Heads Manchurian State 4
02/20/1932 (Nanking Chiang Kai-Shek) Chinese Hold Foes Are Bent Upon War 6
02/21/1932 Roosevelt Demands Repeal of Dry Law As An Economic Aid 1
02/21/1932 Our Marines Seize Japanese Supplies 1
02/21/1932 Chinese Cling To Lines Under Terrific Attack 1
02/21/1932 Sato Warns Tokyo To Use Moderation 12
02/21/1932 School Histories Declared Biased Progressive Education Association Calls For Full Truth As Means To Avoid Wars N-13
02/21/1932 Picture: Von Hindenburg & Hitler, Contenders For Reich Leadership (Presidency) E-3
02/21/1932 Hindenburg Calls Reich On His Side E-3
02/21/1932 France Is Warned To Reduce Expenses E-3
02/21/1932 Austria’s Destiny In Hands of Aliens E-4
02/22/1932 (Czech Foreign Minister Eduard) Benes Sees Progress In Any Cut In Arms 5
02/22/1932 ‘New’ (George) Washington Upheld By Pastors 20
02/23/1932 Hitler (Picture) Enters Race For The Presidency Hindenburg Victory Seen Guido Enderis, Berlin 9
02/23/1932 War Boycott Plea Wins Wider Backing 10
02/23/1932 Chiang’s (Kai-Shek’s) Men Enter Battle, Taylor Says 11
02/23/1932 (George) Washington Hailed All Over Germany 15
02/23/1932 Palestine To Plant A (George) Washington Wood 20
02/24/1932 Britain Will Oppose (Japan) Boycott By League 1
02/24/1932 Ousted (German) Council Head Resigns In Memel 10
02/24/1932 Red Army Hailed On Its 14th Year Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
02/24/1932 Reichstag Ejects Hitler’s Chief Aide (Dr. Joseph Goebbels) Charged With Offering A Serious Insult To (President) Von Hindenburg He Attacks Bruening Too 11
02/24/1932 ‘Reign of Terror’ Laid To Japanese, Morris J. Harris, Shanghai 15
02/24/1932 Japan Curbs Passes of Battle Reporters Because of Atrocity Stories All Are Cancelled, But Some Will Be Reissued 15
02/24/1932 American (Robert Short, Picture) Shot Down In Air Fight In China After Slaying Japanese Observer In Battle Over Soochow 16
02/24/1932 (Oklahoma) Gov. Murray Warns of ‘War’ With Japan ‘Pro China’ Policy Will Bring Conflict Within A Year 22
02/25/1932 Stimson Holds Pacific Treaty Broken; Sees Tokyo Voiding Naval Pact Ratio 1
02/25/1932 Japanese Warned of Hostility Here Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
02/25/1932 Japan To Lay Down Four New Cruisers 8
02/25/1932 Picture: War Scenes Behind The Japanese Lines And In The Shanghai Settlement 9
02/25/1932 (Gen.) Groener Denounces Hindenburg’s Critic (Dr. Joseph Goebbels) 11
02/25/1932 Republic At Stake In Reich’s Election Those Candidates Who Oppose Hindenburg Are Openly Out To End It President Its Defender Harold Callender, Berlin 11
02/25/1932 Says Germany Insists On Arms Reduction 12
02/25/1932 Says Lithuania Sends War Train To Memel 13
02/26/1932 Reich Plans To Pay All Private Debts 1
02/26/1932 Red Army Reported Massing In Siberia 1
02/26/1932 (Dr. Richard Von) Kuehlmann And Hoover Have ‘Pleasant Chat’ 3
02/26/1932 Bruening Lashes Foes In Reichstag Guido Enderis, Berlin 8
02/26/1932 Mexican Churches Reopen 8
02/26/1932 German Citizenship Acquired By Hitler He Receives An Appointment To Post of Attache At Berlin Legation of Brunswick 9
02/26/1932 Pratt Denies Japan Ends Naval Holiday 14
02/26/1932 Admiral Wiley Says Japan Has Hamstrung Us 14
02/26/1932 5,000 More Back Boycott of Japan 14
02/26/1932 Boycott of Japan Urged By Filene (Boston) 14
02/26/1932 Engineer Reports Russia Is Succeeding 17
02/27/1932 Japanese Make Plea To British Fair Play Claim Defense In China 1
02/27/1932 Four Powers Appeal To Japan To Move Warships And Stop Using (Shanghai) Settlement For Landing Troops 1
02/27/1932 Urge United States Set With (League) Assembly 2
02/27/1932 Soviet Charges Menace To Siberia From White Russians With Japan’s Aid 7
02/27/1932 Reichstag Upholds (Chancellor Heinrich) Bruening, 289 To 264 Guido Enderis 8
02/27/1932 Hitler Takes Oath To Back Constitution And Qualifies For Presidency 8
02/28/1932 Roosevelt Heads Iowa (Presidential) Straw Poll 1
02/28/1932 Lithuania Names Premier For Memel Bitterness More Intense German Propaganda Charged Harold Callender, Memel 17
02/28/1932 Hitler Stirs 20,000 As Camapign Opens Looks To ‘Higher Justice’ 18
02/28/1932 (Dr. Richard Von) Kuehlmann Praises The Stimson Letter 20
02/28/1932 Warns of Boycott As War Declaration (Dr. H. A. Gibbons, Princeton Univ.) 21
02/28/1932 (Albert) Einstein Advocates Economic Boycott (Of Japan) Dr. Millikan And Dr. (Charles A.) Beard In Pasadena (Cal.) Urge International Police Measures N-4
02/28/1932 Economic Boycott Held War Breeder (By John Martin, Rollins College) N-4
02/28/1932 ‘Be United’ Keynote of Reich (Presidential) Campaign E-3
02/28/1932 The Week Abroad; Stimson’s Letter Edwin L. James E-3
02/28/1932 Picture: ‘A Danger To Liberalism In Germany’ Adolf Hitler Reviews Nazi ‘Storm Troops’ (Sturmabteilung) In A Recent General Roll Call In Berlin (Prince August Wilhelm Shown) E-3
02/28/1932 American Civilization Assayed Bernard Fay Believes That Europe Needs To Examine The American WayDespite Mistakes, Principles That Are of Definate Value To The Whole World Bernard Fay Mag. 1
02/29/1932 Peace Negotiations Begun At Shanghai; Prospects of Accord ‘Fair,’ Tokyo Says 1
02/29/1932 Pope Blames ‘Vanity’ For Clash In China 1
02/29/1932 Soviet To Let Japan Move Army By (Chinese Eastern) Rail (Way) 1
02/29/1932 New British (Import) Tariff Held A Blow To Us 2
02/29/1932 (French Premier) Tardieu Sees (Dr. Leopold Von Hoesch) Envoy On Reich Relations 8
02/29/1932 Madrid Police Rout Monarchist Groups 8
02/29/1932 Hitler Now Faces Unpleasant Task In Hindenburg, He Is Opposing Aged National Hero Who Will Not Actively Hit Back — Harold Callender, Berlin 10
02/29/1932 Hitler Protests Alarmist Charges Scores Muzzling of Press (‘Der Angriff’ ‘National Socialist’ Used Along With Nazi [Without Quotes]) 10
02/29/1932 Soviet Encourged By Stimson’s Views 12
02/29/1932 Boycott of Japan, Opposed In Washington, Is Favored By Churchmen (Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) 13