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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

April 1932
Date Headline Page
04/01/1932 Britain Has Surplus of $1,383,200 In Year, Budget Heavily Cut 1
04/01/1932 Tokyo 5 Year Plan Is Balked By Deficit 4
04/01/1932 Deny Reich Plans Full Moratorium Guido Enderis, Berlin 5
04/01/1932 Britain To Create Legislature For Palestine (10 Moslems, 3-4 Jews + 10 or 12 British) 6
04/01/1932 We Seek Reduction of Offensive Arms 8
04/01/1932 Gold Supply Here Increased In Month Loss For Quarter Shown 36
04/02/1932 Japanese Launch Drive In Manchuria 8
04/02/1932 German Industry Bans Import Quota Warns of Trade Reprisals 9
04/02/1932 (Rabbi) Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise And (Rev. John Haynes) Holmes Retort To Governor( Roosevelt) Denounce Peremptory Refusal To Oust Mc Quado Or To Use Influence Against Theofel Accuse Him of Quibbling Also Charges Roosevelt Bows To Tammany (Hall), Text of Letter 10
04/02/1932 Picture: The Wife of Soviet Russia’s Dictator (Joseph Stalin) 17
04/03/1932 New Japanese Army To Enter Manchuria Near Russia To End Rebellion 1
04/03/1932 Germany To Resume Vote Battle Today 11
04/03/1932 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Says China Will Resist To Last 17
04/03/1932 Governor (Franklin D. Roosevelt) Chides Holmes And Wise Says If They Served ‘God With As Much Zeal As Themselves The People Would Gain’ (See Entry, April 2, 1933, P. 10) 21
04/03/1932 Britain Again Seeks To Dominate Europe Charles A. Selden, London E-3
04/03/1932 Poland Overhauls State Machinery Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-3
04/03/1932 Worried Germans Ask Aid of Occult Clairvoyants And Stargazers Being Increasingly Sought Hitler’s Spell Is Fading Guido Enderis, Berlin E-4
04/03/1932 Flashes of Red In The German Picture (Picture, Ernst Thaelmann) Mag. 1
04/03/1932 (British) Cartoon: Hindenburg Bothered By Hitler ‘Fly’ XX-2
04/04/1932 London Parley Widened After (French Premier) Tardieu’s Arrival And Talk With (British Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald 1
04/04/1932 (Samuel) Untermyer Favors Tax On Subway Rides 1
04/04/1932 Tardieu Seeks To Put Limin On Us Clarence K. Streit, Basle 1
04/04/1932 Mussolini Uses German And 3 Other Toungues As He Opens School In Villa Given By American 1
04/04/1932 Reich Still Looks To Us At Lausanne 2
04/04/1932 (Sir James Arthur) Salter Terms Us Key To Recovery 2
04/04/1932 Roosevelt Men List 701 Delegates Now James A. Hagerty 3
04/04/1932 Poles Fear France Will End Alliance 10
04/04/1932 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia Univ. & Chariman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) For Boycott As Weapon of Peace Views It As Only Alternative To War With A Nation That Violates Pact of Paris 18
04/05/1932 Britain And France Agree On 3 Points 1
04/05/1932 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Won’t Pledge Support To (Herbert Hoover Consents To Go To Chicago As Delegate Only If He Is Not Instructed 5
04/05/1932 New (Presidential Election) Race In Reich Starts With A Rush Hitler Appeals To Women Attorney General Gets Evidence of Treasonable Activities By Nazi Leaders 6
04/05/1932 Russian Assassins Vie To Take Blame (See Entry, April 6, 1932, P. 7) Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
04/05/1932 Reich Fixes Quotas On Her Long Credits 16
04/05/1932 Methodists Vote To Back Pacifists 22
04/06/1932 Newfoundland Mob Wrecks Assembly, Forces Premier Out Battle With Police 1
04/06/1932 Reich Plans To Ban Nazi Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilung) Espionage System Bared Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
04/06/1932 New German Budget Leaves Out Reparations; Government Indicates Payments Are Ended 1
04/06/1932 45,000 Immigrants Set New Low Mark 7
04/06/1932 2 (Judas Stern & Sergei Vassiliev) In Moscow To Die For (German) Envoy (See Entry, April 5, 1932, P. 9 & April, 8, 1932, P. 30) Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
04/07/1932 Danube Parley Split As Relch And Italy Oppose French Plan 1 (Senator) Capper For Boycott As Kellogg Pact Aid 1
04/07/1932 World War Entry (Picture) Marked In Capital Senate Stirred By Norris He Objects To Honoring Our Part In Conflict That ‘Brought Civilization Near Destruction’ 3
04/07/1932 Pacifism Attacked By Army Chaplains 3
04/07/1932 Chinese Would End Armistice Parley Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
04/07/1932 Shantung Revolts; Civil War (In China) Expected 4
04/07/1932 (Norman H.) Davis Is Favored To Be Danube ‘Czar’ 6
04/07/1932 Reich Defers Ban On Hitler’s ‘Army’ Awaits Attorney General’s Report 8
04/07/1932 Roosevelt Forces Fight (Alfred E.) Smith Anew 12
04/08/1932 Roosevelt Charges Federal Neglect of ‘Little Fellow’ 1
04/08/1932 Danube Parley Fails As 4 Powers Divide 1
04/08/1932 Suggest Friends Drop (Alfred E.) Smith Fight 1
04/08/1932 Bavaria Prohibits Nazis’ Mobilization 9
04/08/1932 Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Faces A Double Threat 13
04/08/1932 Soviet Press Charges Poles Direct (Assassination) Plots (See Entry, April 6, 1932, P. 7) 30
04/09/1932 In The (Presidential) Race To Stay, (Alfred E.) Smith Tells Aides; Resents Whispers 1
04/09/1932 (Paris Press) Says Reich Blocks Recovery In Europe 4
04/09/1932 Japan Gives Notice of League Stand 6
04/09/1932 Hindenburg Boock Holds Giant Rally (‘Down With Hitler’) 7
04/10/1932 Expect Hindenburg To Win By 8,000,000 In Reich Vote Today Hitler Silenced In Munich His Meetings Forbidden, While Bruening Talk In Koenigsberg Is Broadcast To Nation Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
04/10/1932 Would Be Assassin Wounds (German Ambassaror To U.S.) Dr. (Hans) Luther 16
04/10/1932 Picture: Roosevelt, Cardinal Hayes & Alfred E. Smith 25
04/10/1932 Governor (F. D. Roosevelt) Praises (Alfred E.) Smith To Catholics 25
04/10/1932 7 Doomed Negroes Lose (Scottsboro) Alabama (Rape Case) Plea 27
04/10/1932 Spain Has Gone Far For New Republic Frank Kluckhorn, Madrid E-4
04/10/1932 (Columbia Univ. Prof. Dr. John) Dewey (Picture) Describes Child’s New World E-7
04/10/1932 When Ludendorff Was The Dictator of Germany Book 4
04/11/1932 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Wins Election; Hitler Is 6,000,000 Behind; Communists Lose Heavily 13,417,460 Votes For Nazi Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
04/11/1932 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres of Columbia Univ. & Chairman of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Assails Timidity of Nations War Debt Stand Scored 1
04/11/1932 Lindbergh Identified Gang By Code In Ransom Note Found In Baby’s Nursery 1
04/11/1932 Roosevelt Is Initiated Into Order of Moose 1
04/11/1932 Paris Is Pleased By German (Election) Result Welcome Hitler’s Defeat 2
04/11/1932 (Dr. Hans) Luther’s Attacker Sought Publicity (Dr. Max Roosen) Joined The Nazis In Vain 2
04/11/1932 (Norman H.) Davis Is Now Cast As 4 Power ‘Arbiter’ Would Be League Link Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
04/11/1932 (Ambassador Hugh) Gibson Will Urge Speed In Arms Cuts (At Geneva Parley) 9
04/11/1932 France Reasserts Reparations Claim (Against Germany) 9
04/11/1932 List of Serial Numbers of $50,000 In Notes Paid By Lindbergh To Kidnappers 10-11
04/11/1932 A. S. Bullitt (Picture, Washington State) Dead; Roosevelt Backer Was of Colonial Ancestry (From Virginia & Kentucky) 15
04/11/1932 Foreign Payments Purplex Germany 25
04/12/1932 (U.S. Ambassador Hugh) Gibson Asks A Ban On Offensive Arms (Text, P. 8); Britain Backs Plan 1
04/12/1932 Liquidation Not Shorts (Sales), Upset Stocks, Says Whitney 1
04/12/1932 Shanghai Parley Halts In Discord Japan Sees Chaos In China 9
04/12/1932 Hitler Domination Possible In Prussia President (Paul Von Hindenburg) Backs Bruening Guido Enderis, Berlin 10
04/12/1932 French Feel Alarm Over Hitler’s Gains 10
04/12/1932 (Dr. Richard Von Kuehlmann) Sees Reich Policy Endorsed By Vote 10
04/12/1932 Prussian Premier (Otto Braun) Demands Ban Upon Hitler’s ‘Storm Troops’ (Sturmabteilung) 10
04/13/1932 World Army of Idle Is Put At 20,000,O00 (By Geneva [‘Ilo’] International Labor Organization) 9
04/13/1932 Germans Acclaim (U.S. Ambassador Hugh) Gibson’s Proposals 10
04/13/1932 Prussian Diet Acts To Avert Nazi Rule Coalition Amends The By Laws 11
04/14/1932 (Former N.Y. Governor Alfred E.) Smith’s Call For New War Debt Deal And Veiled Challenge To Roosevelt Stir Democrats At Jefferson Fete 1
04/14/1932 Germany Breaks Up Nazi Military Units (Sturmabteilung) Their Equipment Is Seized 1
04/14/1932 (Newton D.) Baker Hails Wilson As Leading Us Now 1
04/14/1932 3 (Coal Miners) Killed In Riots of Czech Strikers (Cavalry Fire On Brux [Most]) 22
04/15/1932 Bruening To Press Reich Arms View He Will Demand ‘Equality In Disarmament’ For Germany Expected To Back (U.S. Ambassador Hugh) Gibson Guido Enderis, Berlin 6
04/15/1932 Nazi Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) Disband Peaceable Hitler Predicts Victory 6
04/15/1932 Vienna Editor Beaten For Slur On Hitler 6
04/15/1932 Agenda Is Announced For Memel Hearing 6
04/15/1932 Japan Will Ignore League Discision Hugh Byas, Tokyo 9
04/15/1932 South China City Menaced By Reds 9
04/15/1932 Gold Holdings Up Inbank of England 29
04/16/1932 Tammany (Hall) Controls State Delegation; Smith And Davis On It; Wet Plank Voted (Pictures of Delegates, P. 10) 1
04/16/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Demands Deep War Debt Cut, Text, P. 8 1
04/16/1932 Race Riot Trial Opens; Two (Jews) Freed In Poland 7
04/17/1932 (Sir Austen) Chamberlain Urges Americans To Heed Call To Cooperate Asks Relief From Debts Security Thesis Backed 1
04/17/1932 Hindenburg Orders Ban On Pary Armies Instructs (Gen. William) Groener To Dissolve Groups If Inquiry Finds Them Comparable To Nazi (Sturmabteilung) Troops 5
04/17/1932 Schacht Says Reich Will Pay Its Debts But Temporary MoratoriumMay Be Needed 9
04/17/1932 Japan Is Warned By Soviet Journal (Pravda) Walter Duranty, Moscow 15
04/17/1932 Tokyo Labor Split; ‘Nazi’ Party Formed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 15
04/17/1932 (Count Hermann) Keyserling Holds Nazis Unfit To Rule Scouts Their Race Theory There Is No People More Mixed Than The Germans Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
04/17/1932 Too Many Americans Are Going To Russia They Expect To Find Jobs E-3
04/17/1932 Move To Restore Monarchy In Spain Lawrence A. Fernsworth, Barcelona, Spain E-4
04/17/1932 In Japan Too, The Bleachers Go Wild Hugh Byas, Tokyo Mag. 7
04/18/1932 Soviet Army Force Doubled In Far East; Japanese Disturbed 1
04/18/1932 Soviet Determined To Discipline Labor 7
04/18/1932 Our Policy In China Traced Back To ‘89 7
04/18/1932 Book of Exodus Laid To Contemporaries 8
04/18/1932 Saxon Nazis Fail To Dissolve Diet Hitler Sues Berlin Editor 9
04/18/1932 ‘Modern’ Schools Derided And Upheld Sees Educators In Chaos 10
04/19/1932 Russia Says Japan Plots Aggression Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
04/19/1932 Insist That Haiti Abide By 1915 Pact 11
04/20/1932 British Budget Omits (War) Debt Payments; Does Not Provide $171,500,000 Due To Us; Official Washington Is Not Surprised Britain Expects Revision 1
04/20/1932 Picture: Roosevelts Arriving In St. Paul For Dinnfr 3
04/20/1932 (Cordell) Hull Shuns Post At (Democratic) Convention 3
04/20/1932 Japan Rushes Aid To Menaced Cities (In Manchuria) 7
04/20/1932 League Asks Japan To Leave Shanghai Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 7
04/21/1932 Senate’s Sharp Economics Woor Hoover And Mills; Loss of 6,000 Jobs Is Seen 1
04/21/1932 League Resolution Attacked By Japan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
04/21/1932 Chinese Rebels Take The Capital of Fukien 6
04/22/1932 Britain Increases Her Tariff To 29%: 33 1/3% Duty On Steel 1
04/22/1932 Britain Opposes Debt Repudiation 6
04/22/1932 (Arkansas Senator) Robinson Favors Trade With Russia 9
04/23/1932 Japanese Seeking A League Showdown Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
04/24/1932 Hitler Seeks Power In Five States Today Bruening Regime Menaced Guido Enderis, Berlin 5
04/24/1932 Schacht Hails Trend Away From Socialism 5
04/24/1932 Washington Firm In Russian (Non Recognition) Stand 7
04/24/1932 Japan May Accept League Resolution Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
04/24/1932 (Samuel) Untermyer Hits Banker’s Groups Blames Stock Exchange (Untermyer On Committee Headed By Bainbridge Colby, Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary of State Following Lansing) N-7
04/24/1932 Reich Sorely Tried By Unemployment Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
04/24/1932 Students In Reich Double Since War Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-7
04/24/1932 Manchuria Regime Pure Dictatorship Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-8
04/24/1932 Picture: Roosevelt In St. Paul, Minnesota (To Give Speech) Roto.
04/24/1932 Palestine Faces The Future With Hope In Her Prospects Nahum Sokolow (Picture) XX-5
04/25/1932 Nazis Lead In Four States; Winn 162 Seats Inprussia; Liberals Now In Minority Hitlerites Gain Heavily They Poll 8,008,000 In Prussia As Socialists Get 4,675,000 Guido Enderis, Belrin 1
04/25/1932 ‘Let Europe Alone,’ Herriot Advises Us 1
04/25/1932 450 Seized At Delhi For Defiance of (British) Ban of India Congress 1
04/25/1932 Chadbourne Scores Roosevelt Tactics Terms His Talk On ‘Forgotten Man’ ‘Cheap Opportunism Bordering On Demagogy’ 4
04/25/1932 J. I. Straus (Later Roosevelt’s Ambassador To France) Organizes A Roosevelt League 4
04/25/1932 Austrian Fascists Make Gains In Diets Socialists Hold Capital 7
04/25/1932 Austrian Fascists Make Gains In Diets Socialists Hold Capital 7
04/25/1932 (R. D. Blumenfeld) Says British View Us As Non Aliens 9
04/25/1932 World Conference of Jews Is Voted (Bernard S. Deutsch & Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Sees Grave Situation 9
04/26/1932 Japan Strengthens Manchurian Army Soviet Activity Reported 1
04/26/1932 (League Of) Women Voters Here Appeal For Peace 2
04/26/1932 Soviet Recognition Urged By (Illinois Representative) Rainey 7
04/26/1932 Nazis’ Rise Bring Prussian Impasse Dissolution Is Possible Guido Enderis, Berlin 8
04/26/1932 New Austrian Vote Demanded By Nazis Government In Minority 8
04/26/1932 Triumph of Hitler Alarms French 8
04/26/1932 Palestine Moslems Battle With Police 8
04/27/1932 Stimson Acts To End Frnco German Rift 1
04/27/1932 Pilsudski Ignored In Warsaw Parley Pilsudski In Ill Health 5
04/27/1932 New Prussian Diet To Open On May 24 Neither Hitlerites Nor Present Coalition Has Majority Fo Form A Cabinet 5
04/27/1932 600 Japanese Rule Manchoukuo Regime Hallett Abend, Mukden 6
04/27/1932 Both Sides Approve New Shanghai Plan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
04/27/1932 New Deal In World Urged On Women (By National League of Women Voters) 19
04/28/1932 Roosevelt Halted (In Presidential Campaign) Smith Declares 1
04/28/1932 Stop Roosevelt Gains New Impetus Arthur Krock 2
04/28/1932 Nazis Would Sift Hindenburg Fund They Charge Reich Resources Were Used Guido Enderis, Berlin 6
04/28/1932 10,000 Japanese In Drive On Rebels 8
04/29/1932 Bomb At Shanghai Wounds 5 High Japanese Officials Troops Assailant Believed A Korean Missile Tossed Into Stand 1
04/30/1932 Hitler To Contest Validity of Election Restriction of The Radio To Hindenburg Supporters 5