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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

September 1932
Date Headline Page
09/01/1932 Reich Asks France To End (Versailles) Treaty Ban On Arms Equality (Franz Von) Papen Rebuked By Britain 1
09/01/1932 Germany Declares New High Tariffs Many American Exports Affected 4
09/01/1932 President (Hindenburg) Rebuffs Reichstag Officers Papen Demands Free Hand Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 4
09/01/1932 British Warn Reich To Curb Arms Talk Rebuke Accompanies Denial By (Sir John) Simon That London Backs Berlin’s Equality (Of Arms) Demand 5
09/01/1932 Shanghai Alarmed At Japanese Moves Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
09/01/1932 Japan Defies All (Nanking [Chiang Kai-Shek] Foreign Minister) Lo Wen Kan Holds 6
09/01/1932 Soviet Economy Hit By Small Harvest Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
09/02/1932 (Popular N.Y. City Mayor, ‘Jimmy’) Walker Resigns (Under Fire!) Denouncing The Governor (Roosevelt) Calls Trial A Travesty Roosevelt Not Surprised 1
09/02/1932 Tammany (Hall) Bitter Against Governor (Roosevelt) 1
09/02/1932 Britain And France Will Act In Accord On Arms For Reich Their Views Are Alike 1
09/02/1932 Americans Protest Reich’s New Tariff Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 4
09/02/1932 Reich Denies Move For Larger Army 4
09/02/1932 Hitler Promises To Obtain Power StressesThat He Is Likely To Outlive His Aged Foe Von Hindenburg 4
09/02/1932 German War Veterans (‘Stahlhelm’) Eclipse Hitler In Berlin; Leader At Cokvention Backs Von Papen Rule 4
09/02/1932 Austria Will Honor Debts, (Chancellor Engelbert) Dolfuss Says 4
09/02/1932 Borah Backs Reich (Arms Equality) Aim 4
09/02/1932 Soviet Near Crisis Over Food Shortage Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
09/02/1932 Reich Seeks Delay On Payments To Us Arising From War Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
09/02/1932 Japanese Marines Seized In Shanghai 5
09/02/1932 Von Papen Is Linked With Steel Helmet (Stahlhelm Veterans’ Organization) 5
09/02/1932 France Is Cautious On Reich Arms (Equality) Plan 5
09/02/1932 Washington Avoids German Arms (Equality) Issue 5
09/02/1932 Death Sentences of Nazis Commuted Date of Crime A Factor 5
09/02/1932 Manchukuo Warns China of An Attack 5
09/04/1932 Prussia To Be Split Into Minor States By Papan’s Decree 1
09/04/1932 Japanese Protest (International Settlement Police) Arrest of (Japanese) Marines Says Policemen Manhandled Group 5
09/04/1932 New Reich Tariffs Hit Our Exporters Frederick T.Bichall, Belrin 6
09/04/1932 French Ministers Review Reich Arms 7
09/04/1932 Declares Hoover Seeks Strong Navy 10
09/04/1932 The Week In Europe; Persistent Germany Edwin L. James E-3
09/04/1932 Italians Indignant At French Critics E-3
09/04/1932 Paris Undisturbed By Reich Arms (Equality) Plea E-3
09/04/1932 Children Take Up (Political) Strife In Germany E-4
09/04/1932 Fate of Reichstag Hangs In Balance E-4
09/04/1932 Facsimile: A German Ballot (17 Parties) E-4
09/04/1932 Blow At Our Trade Seen In Reich Tariff F-1
09/05/1932 100,000 (‘Stahlhelm’ Veterans) In Military Review Cheered By Berlin Throng; World War Chiefs Hailed Crown Prince Attends French Resent Gesture Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
09/05/1932 Three of Our Envoys Kidnapped In Persia 1
09/05/1932 French See ‘Insult’ In Berlin (‘Stahlhelm’ Veterans’) Gesture A Deliberate Flaunting of Extralegal Military Strength 4
09/05/1932 (Economic) Relief For Europe Sought At (Stresa) Parley 4
09/06/1932 (Bernard) Baruch (Confidant of Woodrow Wilson) Acclaims Roosevelt As Sound 1
09/06/1932 Reich Move To Back Arms (Equality) Seen 10
09/07/1932 (French Premier) Herriot Is Drafting A Conditional Veto of Reich Arms (Equality) Plea Gives View To Washington Berlin Firm For Equality 1
09/07/1932 (New Yorker Staats Zeitung, Owned By Bernard & Victor Ridder Latter Later Wpa Administrater Under Harry Hopkins) Warns Tammany (Hall) To Shelve (Former N.Y. City Mayor ‘Jimmy’) Walker (Who Wishes To Run For Mayor Again, In Defiance of Roosevelt) 2
09/07/1932 Reich Makes Public Her Arms (Equality) Demand, Text 10
09/07/1932 Duesterberg Resigns (‘Stahlhelm’ Veterans’ Organization) Finding He Is Jewish (Grandfather Was Jewish See Later Entries) 10
09/08/1932 Papen Ready To Test Strength At Polls; Hitler Assails Him Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
09/08/1932 All China Tense; Japan Fears Clash 1
09/08/1932 Herriot Outlines Refusal (Of Arms Equality) To Berlin 8
09/08/1932 Fewer On Reich Dole List 8
09/08/1932 Denies Duesterberg Quit (‘Stahlhelm’ Head) 8
09/09/1932 Papen And Nazis In War To Knife President Backs Regime Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 8
09/09/1932 Hitlerism Doomed (Samuel) Lampert Declares Deplores Anti-Semitism He Charges Nazis With Cowardice And Cruelty Toward Jews And Fears Excesses If They Get Power 8
09/09/1932 Duesterberg (Resignation) Story Inspired By Nazis Tried To Discredit The Stahlhelm (Veterans’ Organization) By Report of Leader’s Jewish Ancestory Organization Backs Him Says It Doesn’t Matter If His Grandfather Was Jewish 9
09/10/1932 Manchurian Rebels Open Wide Campaign 1
09/10/1932 China Cuts Buying of Japanese Goods 4
09/10/1932 Germans Cooler To New Election Guido Enderis, Berlin 4
09/10/1932 Paris, Too, To Avoid Seeking Debt Delay 5
09/10/1932 Paris (Anti Arms Equality) Note To Reich Studied By Britain 5
09/10/1932 Arms Parley To Test Reich Talk of Quitting 5
09/11/1932 (Popular Former N.Y. Mayor James J.) Walker Sails For Italy On Health Trip(Probably To Avoid Prosecution!) 1
09/11/1932 (Britlsh Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Requests Four Power Talks On Reich Arms Plea 1
09/11/1932 Britain Opens Drive For Russian Trade 1
09/11/1932 Reich Parties Lose Fervor For A Poll Nazis’ Drums Are Muffled Guido Enderis, Berlin 19
09/11/1932 Paris Sends Reply On Arms (Equality) To Berlin Refuses Direct Discussion 20
09/11/1932 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) To Invoke Nine Power Treaty Hugh Byas, Tokyo 21
09/11/1932 Japanese In Raid On American Bank 21
09/11/1932 The Week In Europe; Reich Seeks An Army Edwin L. James E-3
09/11/1932 Seeks To Reunite Reich And Prussia E-3
09/11/1932 Vienna Seeks Means To Keep War Records (Which Were Recorded On Bad Paper During War Time) E-3
09/11/1932 British See Danger In German Demands E-4
09/11/1932 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Red Drive Ending In A Draw Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-5
09/11/1932 Roosevelt’s View of The Big Job Anne O’hare Mc Cormick Mag. 1
09/11/1932 Hitler In Action: The Voice of The Mob Mary Lee Mag. 4
09/11/1932 Manchuria: A New Act In The World Drama XX-1
09/12/1932 Nazis Act To Rouse Reich On Defense Hitler Establishes A Military Bureau Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
09/12/1932 Manchurians Derail Train Killing Scores; Bandits Attack Our Harbin Consul General 1
09/12/1932 London Sees Delay In Debt Payments 4
09/12/1932 Herriot Rejects Arms (Equality) Talks Now London Is Not Surprised 5
09/12/1932 Saar People Pledge Loyalty To Germany 6
09/12/1932 Bigamy Case Stirs Jews In Palestine 10
09/12/1932 Collapse Is Feared of Aid In Palestine Deplores Tourists’ Tales 16
09/13/1932 (Von) Papen Uses Decree To End Reichstag As It Ousts Him Chancellor And Nazi Chairman of Legislature (Goering) Dispute Which Is Thrown Out of Office Courts To Decide Issue Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
09/13/1932 Curtius Confident of Reich’s Safety Says Hitler Is On Wane 11
09/13/1932 France Says League Is Reich Arms Judge Tells Germany She Must Go To Council But Warns On Remilitarization Aim, Text 1 2
09/13/1932 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Threatens War On Manchukuo Hallett Abend, Shanghai 13
09/13/1932 Soviet 5 Year Plan Lags In All Lines Walter Duranty, Moscow 14
09/14/1932 Papen Is Victorious As Reichstag Yields; Now Plans Reforms Cabinet Refuses Summons Nazi Chairman Is Reproved By Hindenburg Frederick T.Birchall, Be In 1
09/14/1932 Assassin of Doumer Dies On The Guillotine 1
09/14/1932 Germans See Door To Arms Talks Shut Appeal To League Is Urged 10
09/14/1932 China To Ask League To Boycott Japan Japanese Fear Outbreaks Demonstrations Planned Hallett Abend, Shanghai 11
09/15/1932 (Nations) Ask 2 Year Grace In (War) Debt Payments 1
09/15/1932 Hoover Warns Leagion He Opposes (Veterans’) Bonus As Fatal To Recovery Program; Convention Committee Asks Payment 1
09/15/1932 Holds Older Vote (Er) Age Would Halt Hitler Nazis Will Lose Half Strenght If Papen Raises It To 29 (Isaac F.) Marcasson Says On Return 4
09/15/1932 Germany Will Train Its Youth In Camps Hindenburg Proclaims System Manned By Foremr Officers To Aid Physical Fitness Aims To Counteract Nazis Hitler Is Quick To Reply Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
09/15/1932 Reichstag Group Still Rebellious 9
09/15/1932 (John Franklin Carter) To Bring Hitlerism Here 9
09/15/1932 Japan Sign Treaty With Manchukuo Chinese Outbreak Feared Japanese There Warned 10
09/15/1932 Manchukuo Asked To Aid Foreigners (Train) Wreck Horrors Picture 10
09/16/1932 (American) Legion Asks Bonus Now 1
09/16/1932 Hoover Calls On Nation To Let No One Go Hungry Or Cold In Coming Winter 1
09/16/1932 China Begs World To Rebuff Japan Tension Great At Nanking (Chaing Kai-Shek) Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
09/16/1932 Roosevelt Hails ‘New Liberalism’ In Old Democracy To Make Nation ‘Safe’ James A. Hagerty 1
09/16/1932 British File No Debt Plea As Time Limit Ends; Hope For A Moratorium After The Elcetion 1
09/16/1932 (Patrick J.) Hurley (Hoovers Sec. of War) Challenges Roosevelt Speech Asserts That Governor Is Incorrect On Tariff Cites Foreign Schedules 2
09/16/1932 Manchukuo Asks World Recognition Denounces Our Attitude 8
09/16/1932 The Japan Manchukuo Treaty 8
09/16/1932 Japan Asks League To Delay Its Study Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
09/16/1932 Goering Sues Papen On Grouds of Libel 11
09/16/1932 Reich Trade Falls To New Low Imports Drop 10 Per Cent 12
09/16/1932 German (Ww I’s) Navy End Is Traced In Volume (Death of A Fleet, Paul Schubert & Langhorne Gibson, Coward Mc Cann) 19
09/17/1932 Reich Leaves Way Open To Return To (Arms) Parley; Arms Bureau Is Ready To Go Without Her Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
09/17/1932 Papen Overcoming Hostility of States To Reform of Reich States Would Be Cut To 5 1
09/17/1932 Troops Are Denied In (Sioux City) Iowa Farm War 2
09/17/1932 Says Hoover Plan Saved Arms Parley Basis of Benes (Czechoslovakia) Resolution 8
09/17/1932 (Von) Prittwitz May Go In German Shake Up 8
09/17/1932 Germany Abandons Arms Note Writing Reveals Dissappointment 8
09/17/1932 Chinese Are At Odds In Action On Japan (Map) Hallett Abend, Shanghai 32
09/17/1932 Soviet Press Aloof On Japanese Move Walter Duranty, Moscow 32
09/18/1932 Herriot Says Reich Holds Secret Arms; Gets Britain’s Reply P. J. Philip, Paris 1
09/18/1932 Papen Sets Nov. 6 For Reichstag Poll Nazis Fear They Will Lose Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
09/18/1932 Roosevelt Outlines 6 Point Rail Plan; Would End Competition; Control Buses, Protect Owners And 1,700,000 Workers 1
09/18/1932 (Alsatian Senator, Eccard, Quoting A Dr. Nagelschmidt) Says Reich Will Fight To Win Back Alsace 6
09/18/1932 China, Asking Help, Lists Tokyo ‘Crimes’ (Washington Report! Text) 7
09/18/1932 Shantung Plunged Into New Civil War Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7
09/18/1932 Plan For New Warship (‘Pocket Battleship’) Defended By Germany French Alarm Over Third ‘Pocket Battleship’ Held Unjustifiable As Treaty Provides For It 12
09/18/1932 Germany Is Sending Cruiser To Visit Here FirstSince 1909 12
09/18/1932 (Joseph P.) Tumulty (Wilson’s Secretary) Rallies Party To Roosevelt To Back ‘Man of The Hour’ 30
09/18/1932 Britain Prepares For Shift On Arms E-3
09/18/1932 Reich Acts To Make The Radio Patriotic Carl Pueckler, Berlin E-3
09/18/1932 German Stand Aids Anglo French Amity Augur, London E-4
09/18/1932 Prof. Takagi Explains Japan’s Sentiment For Withdrawal From The League of Nations E-4
09/18/1932 China’s Position Seen As Nearly Hopeless Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-5
09/18/1932 Terrorist Activity Increases In China Courts Fail To Punish E-5
09/18/1932 Barter Increasing In World Trading F-1
09/18/1932 Reichsbank Gold Up, But Exchange Drops F-5
09/18/1932 The Germans Still Bow To The Uniform Harold Callender, Berlin Mag. 3
09/18/1932 Stahlhelm Parade, Berlin Roto.
09/18/1932 Fascism Defined By Mussolini As The Creed of The Century ‘Only War Raises All Human Energies To The Maximum’ XX-3
09/19/1932 Britain Condemns German Arms (Equality) Plea; Backs French View Text, P. 2 1
09/19/1932 British Statement To Shock Germany Comes As Painful Surprise Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
09/19/1932 Reports On Effects of Ottawa (British Empire Economic) Treaties 2
09/19/1932 League Looks To Us In Policy On China Secretariate Holds Japanese Are Aggressors Heartened By Stimson Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
09/19/1932 Loss of Manchuria Mourned By Chinese Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
09/19/1932 (Viennese) Fascists Prepare For World Revolution To Hold Spring Congress 5
09/19/1932 Asserts Roosevelt ‘Lifted’ Rail Ideas Parallels Hoover’s Active Program 10
09/19/1932 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Doubts M’kee Can End Walkerism (In New York City Gov’t. [Tammany Hall Influence]) 12
09/19/1932 Business Outlook In Germany Better 25
09/19/1932 Germans Rebuying Bonds At Low Price 30
09/20/1932 Edge And Reed Tell Herriot We Oppose Rearming By Reich Stresses (Versailles) Pact’s Sanctity 1
09/20/1932 Fascist Trend Here Feared By (Norman) Thomas Holds Marxism Only Hope ‘Capitalism May Need A Good War,’ (Socialist Presidential) Nominee Says 5
09/20/1932 Japanese Threaten Ruin To Jehol Towns 8
09/20/1932 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Acts To End (Civil) War In Shantung Hallett Abend, Shanghai 8
09/20/1932 American’s (Harry Gruenberg’s) Gold ($27,000) Seized By Vienna 10
09/20/1932 Germany Rejects British Arguments (Prague) Sees ‘Lesson’ For Germans 12
09/20/1932 Arms (Equality) Debate Helps Anglo French Tie 12
09/20/1932 Danubian Aid Plan Adopted At Stresa John Mac Cormac, Stresa, Italy 12
09/20/1932 Gandhi Fasts Today Unshaken By Pleas 13
09/21/1932 Hoover Wants The Reich To Remain In The Arms Parley; Aloof On (Arms) Equality Plea 1
09/21/1932 Reciprocal Tariff Deals Are Urged By (Presidential Candidate) Roosevelt 1
09/21/1932 Japanese Uneasy On De Valera View 7
09/21/1932 (Nitobe) Holds Japan Acted Within Pact Rights Disputes Alarmist Views 7
09/21/1932 Lloyd Goerge Assails Britain’s Arms Policy 8
09/21/1932 Soviet Will Expell Woman Journalist (Canadian, Miss Rhea Clyman, Toronto) 9
09/21/1932 Papan Reinstates Monarchist Group 10
09/21/1932 French Arm Stand Hinges On Britain 10
09/21/1932 Gen. March Extends Attack On (General John J.) Pershing Tells of French (World War I) Mutinees Petain Restored Morale 24
09/22/1932 (Geneva) Arms Board Defers The German Issue Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
09/22/1932 Reich Not To Reply To Henderson Note Guido Enderis, Berlin 4
09/22/1932 Nazis Bow To Papen In Prussian Diet Act To Avert Dissolution 4
09/22/1932 (London Times) Sees Germans Vindicated 4
09/22/1932 Spain Ships Nobles Into African Exile Relatives Weep At Docks Frank Kluckhorn, Madrid 7
09/22/1932 (Leon) Blum Backs Reich Plea (On Arms Equality Views Versailles Treaty As Temporary) 7
09/23/1932 France Supports Us On Manchuria Issue; Japan Scents A Deal London Believed In Accord Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
09/23/1932 Rearming of Reich Held Menace To Us Hector Bywater, British Naval Expert 4
09/23/1932 Unemployed Resume Rioting In Liverpool 4
09/23/1932 Reich Now Expects Early Arms Accord Would Yield If Powers Agreed To Scrap Tanks, Bombers And Mobile Guns Within 15 Years Guido Enderis, Berlin 4
09/23/1932 Berlin ‘Capture’ In Reich War Game 4
09/23/1932 Chinese Threaten To Kill 2 Britons Have One Week To Live 5
09/23/1932 German Issue Kept In The Arms Burea (Of The League) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
09/23/1932 No ‘Forgotten Man’ Known By (Sec. of War Patrick J.) Hurley Reply Made To Roosevelt Calls ‘Forgotten Man’ Imaginary 11
09/23/1932 Japanese Prepare To Import Baku (Russian) Oil 33
09/24/1932 Reich Issue Guides Paris On Manchuria Question of Treaty Sanctity Involved In Both Cases ‘Deal’ Rumor Not Credited 3
09/24/1932 Reich Rejects Bid To Rejoin (Geneva Arms) Parley British Offer Compromise 3
09/25/1932 Press In Manchuria Attacks Americans 6
09/25/1932 Soviet Recognition of Manchuria Seen 7
09/25/1932 Our Music Leads, Gershwin Asserts 17
09/25/1932 Finds Japan Aided By Stimson’s Policy 24
09/25/1932 Private Food Trade Abolished In Russia 26
09/25/1932 (French Press) Holds Reich Forces Outnumber French Agrees With (Winston) Churchill 26
09/25/1932 Von Neurath Sees Henderson On Arms 26
09/25/1932 Paris Sees Stimson As Active Abroad Hewbart L. Metthews, Paris E-3
09/25/1932 British Find Good In Gandhi’s Fast E-3
09/25/1932 Sees Reich (Arms) Equality As Peace Guarantee E-4
09/25/1932 Germans Feel Need For Training Youth Guido Enderis, Berlin E-4
09/25/1932 Picture: Reichstag ‘Presidium’ E-4
09/25/1932 Manchurian Bandits Keep Japanese Busy E-5
09/25/1932 March, Gen. Payton C., The Nation At War, Doubleday Doran & Co., N.Y Book 3
09/26/1932 Herriot Sees Hope To End Reich Issue By Security Accord Condemns Move To Rearm Also Denounces The Training of German Youth For War And Secret Arms Plants Berlin Angered By Charge 1
09/26/1932 Militancy Opposed By German Masses Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
09/26/1932 Hoover Arms View Assailed In Britain Lord Dickenson Says Our Pact With Germany Bound Us To Versailles Disarmament Supports Stand of Berlin 11
09/26/1932 German Pacific Mandate Urged If Japan Resigns From League 11
09/26/1932 World League Amity Is Assured By Salter Holds We Must Lead Way 17
09/27/1932 Gandhi Breaks Fast As British Accepts (Hindu) Pact 1
09/27/1932 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) To Join (Franklin D. Roosevelt) Tour 5
09/27/1932 Our Pacific Rights Linked With Geneva 10
09/27/1932 London Times Gloomy Over Berlin And Paris Cooperation Is Vital To Peace 10
09/27/1932 Foreign Students Barred From (U.S.) Jobs (U.S.) Educators Denounce Step 23
09/28/1932 Roosevelt Asks Again For Support of All ‘Liberals’ James A. Hagerty 1
09/28/1932 Bomb Menaces Life of Sacco (Vansetti) Case Judge (Webster Thayer) 1
09/28/1932 4 Slain, 2 Wounded By Cuban Assassins, Army Rules Havana 1
09/28/1932 Papen Denies Move To Rearm Germany Finds France Militaristic 6
09/28/1932 Krupp Head Backs German Arms Plea 6
09/28/1932 Mexico Planning To Quit The League Joined Just A Year Ago 7
09/28/1932 Navy Order Work On 3 Destroyers One Will Be Built Here 15
09/29/1932 Manchurian Cities Captured By Rebels Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
09/29/1932 Germany Puts Off Debt Payment To Us Reich Unable To Meet It 1
09/29/1932 British (Calcutta) Editor Shot By Indian Assassins 3
09/29/1932 Program of Food Urgent In Russia Deliveries Are Backward Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
09/29/1932 (Dr. James T.) Shotwell (Picture) Sees Work For Peace (In League of Nations) Broadened 7
09/30/1932 Naval Chiefs Back A $600,000 Bill 4
09/30/1932 (Roger W. Straus, One of The Chairmen of The National Conference of Jews & Christians) Alleges Hitler Seeks To Get Foothold Here Anti-Semitic ‘Cells’ Have Been Established 5
09/30/1932 (Hugh Byas, Tokyo) Minimizes Friction of Japan With Us China Is A Major Issue 6
09/30/1932 (Dr. Henry Junghui Chang, Chinese Consul General, N.Y. City) Says Japan Commits ‘Crime’ Against World 6
09/30/1932 Vienna Fights Start As Nazi Forces Rally 7
09/30/1932 Herriot At Geneva Praises Stimson Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8