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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

December 1932
Date Headline Page
12/01/1932 (U.S.) Navy Men Alarmed By Threat of Cuts; See Us Outranked 1
12/01/1932 Huge Ocean Planes Ordered By (Pan American) Air Line 1
12/01/1932 (England) For Wider Conversation of The German Debts 4
12/01/1932 Hitler Stays Away Avoiding Schleicher Showdown Today Is Seen 5
12/01/1932 Franco Soviet Pact Praised In Moscow 5
12/01/1932 Japanese In Drive Advance 100 Miles 6
12/01/1932 Tokyo To Consider Conciliation Plans Hugo Byas, Tokyo 6
12/01/1932 Discuss Abandoning of (Geneva) Arms Conference 7
12/01/1932 Two Clash Victims Honored In Lwow (Poland) Jews Here Issue Appeal 7
12/01/1932 Asserts Navy Cuts Show British View 7
12/01/1932 Tokyo ‘Propaganda’ Attacked By China 7
12/01/1932 Naval Manoeuvres Ordered In Pacific 15
12/01/1932 Civil Service Abuse Charged To Hoover 22
12/02/1932 Paris Note Pleads France Is Bulwark (Against Germany) 1
12/02/1932 Britain Warns Dec. 15 Payment Imperils Lausanne Recovery And Trade With Us; Plea Moves Hoover But Not Congress (Text, P. 12) 1
12/02/1932 Hoover Finds Merit In British Appeal 1
12/02/1932 Germans Restless Over Cabinet Delay Hitler Makes A New Bid 6
12/02/1932 British Fear Loss of Soviet Business 6
12/02/1932 Lwow (Poland) Again Open; University To Open Terrorists Slain In Raid Jews In New York Protest 7
12/02/1932 Blocking of Japan By 3 Powers (U.S., Britain & France) Urged (By Sir Frederich Whyte) 8
12/02/1932 Labor Demands Bar On Profit For Arms 18
12/02/1932 210 Cited For Work In Jewish Who’s Who 18
12/03/1932 France Holds President (Hoover) Obligated To Debt Delay As Sequel To Moratorium 1
12/03/1932 (General Kurt Von) Schleicher Is Named German Chancellor Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
12/03/1932 Hold Roosevelt Is For Strong Navy For ‘Reasonable’ Economy 2 (U.S.) Treasury Deficit Totals $751,311,442 2
12/03/1932 Curtius Here, Sees Polish War Danger Declares Corridor Must Be Abolished 5
12/03/1932 Italians Hold Key To Disarmament Heaviest Burden On (Norman H.) Davis Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
12/03/1932 Mussolini Orders Four New Battleships 6
12/03/1932 Japanese Consider Parley With China 6
12/03/1932 Hitler Says Nazis Won’t Back (General Von Schleicher’s [Picture]) Regime (Von) Schleicher Is Confident 7
12/03/1932 Policemen In Warsaw Quell Demonstration Students Demand Dissolution of Jewish Fraternities 7
12/03/1932 Self Rule In India Pledged By Britian 7
12/03/1932 Danger Is Seen For Lausanne Pact Germany’s Status Serious 13
12/03/1932 Reich Not Alarmed By British Debt Note 13
12/03/1932 Debts Hurt World, Baldwin Asserts 13
12/04/1932 Ousted Marchers Riot In Maryland 1
12/04/1932 New Deal On Debts Sought By Deputies Before France Pays 1
12/04/1932 Democrats Expect Soviet Recognition (By U.S.) 1
12/04/1932 Roosevelt Scored For Debt Attitude Hoover Also Criticized (By Foreign Policy Association) 2
12/04/1932 British Come Over To Our Arms View (At Geneva, With Help From Norman H. Davis) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 26
12/04/1932 State Department Backs (Norman H.) Davis’s Work (At Geneva) 26
12/04/1932 (General Von) Schleicher Makes Few Cabinet Shifts 31
12/04/1932 Japanese Rush On; Push Nears Siberia 31
12/04/1932 Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Opposes A (Peace) Parley With Japan 31
12/04/1932 (Dr. Julius) Curtius Is Confident of Reich’s Recovery 31
12/04/1932 Rules For German In Black Tom (World War I Sabotage) Claim (Owen J. Roberts Later Pearl Harbor Investigation) 35
12/04/1932 Germany’s Desire To Rearm In Relation To World Peace E-2
12/04/1932 The Week In Europe; Sad Debt Deplomacy Edwin L. James E-3
12/04/1932 Britain Now Fears Debt Apathy Here E-3
12/04/1932 Weimar Coalition Draws Last Breath E-4
12/04/1932 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt In The Classroom Mag. 1
12/04/1932 The (English) Unemployment Riddle: A New Approach Harold Callender, London XX-5
12/04/1932 German Industrialist (Robert Bosch) Offers A Program To Avert Crisis XX-8
12/05/1932 (President) Hoover To Hold Up His Debt Proposals Till After Dec. 15 1
12/05/1932 British Still Hope For Relief On Debt Frederick T. Birchall, London 4
12/05/1932 (Senator William) Borah Is Skeptical of Debt ‘Solution’ 5 Schleicher Again Asks Aid of Nazis Guido Enderis, Berlin 6
12/05/1932 Rush Geneva Talks With Eye On Dec. 15 (War Debt Payments Due Then!) 7
12/05/1932 Japanese Press On At 40 Below Zero 8
12/05/1932 (Morris) Rothenberg Honored For Aid To Zionism Greetings From Hoover, Roosevelt And Lehman Are Read 13
12/06/1932 Einstein’s Ultimatum (To U.S. Consul, George S. Messersmith, Berlin) Brings A Quick Visa; Our Consul Angered Him By Political Quiz 1
12/06/1932 Britain Will Offer Bonds As Solution of Dec. 15 (War Debt) Payment Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
12/06/1932 Rockefeller Gift Aids Jewish (Philanthropic Society) Drive 5
12/06/1932 Break With Spain Considered By Us 7
12/06/1932 Japanese Capture Hailar, Routing Foe 9
12/06/1932 Jews Urge Poland To Fix Guilt In (Warsaw Anti Jewish) Riots Police Delay (In Acting) Is Criticized 9
12/06/1932 Germans Hope We’ll Pay (World War I, Black Tom Sabotage Case) 9
12/06/1932 Events In Soviet Difficult To Weigh Wlater Duranty, Moscow 10
12/06/1932 Text of Czechlslovak Plea On Debts 12
12/06/1932 Big Five Assemble For Key Arms Talk Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 13
12/06/1932 Reds To Move Today To Oust (Chancellor General Kurt Von) Schleicher 13
12/06/1932 German Jobless Stay Abed To Economise 18
12/06/1932 Shah Defies Britain In ‘Offensive’ Note: Breach Is Widening 1
12/06/1932 Small Powers Ask For Check On Japan At League Meeting Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
12/06/1932 France In Debt Talk With Britain Today 1
12/06/1932 Reichstag To Give Schleicher Respite Guido Enderis, Berlin 5
12/06/1932 (Arms) Equality Formula Offered To Reich (By U.S., England And Italy) 5
12/07/1932 (Polish Ambassador To U.S.) Says Poland Strives To Protect Its Jews Replies To (U.S.) Inquiries Here On Anti-Semetic Outbreaks At Lwow (In Which A Christian Pole Was Killed) 8
12/08/1932 Note Gives Britian Debt Revision Hope If She Pays Dec. 15 1
12/08/1932 Birth Control And Revised Social Creed Urged In Federal Council (Of Churches of Christ In America) Report 1
12/08/1932 Wild Nazi Red Fight Halts The Reichstag Row Starts In Gallery 4
12/08/1932 Jewish Bodies Here Score Polish Envoy (In Lwow Unrest) 5
12/08/1932 Americans (In Geneva) Propose 3 Year Arms Pact Ban On Air Bombing Urged 7
12/08/1932 Belgium’s Plea On Debts 16
12/08/1932 Default Talk Gains Headway In Britain 16
12/09/1932 Hoover Offers Britain Review of Debts In A New Note, But Bars Cancellation; Will Accept ‘Any Appropriate Agency’ (Text, P. 12) 1
12/09/1932 Britain And France Unite For Revisions (Of War Debt Stance) 1 Japan Tells League It Cannot Stop Her; Hints She Will Quit 1 Japanese Attack On Jehol Border 4
12/09/1932 Japan Is Doubtful As To Arbitration 5
12/09/1932 British Ultimatum Is Sent To Persia Will Protect Subjects 6
12/09/1932 (Admiral) Pratt Says Cut Will Not Ruin (U.S.) Navy 9
12/09/1932 London Sees Door Open To New Deal Frederick T. Birchall, London 12
12/09/1932 Aircraft Carrier Designed By Navy Bombing Plane Perfected 14
12/10/1932 Stimson Tells Paris We Expect Payment, Cites Store of Gold (Text, P. 5) 1
12/10/1932 Censure of Japan Fails In The League Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
12/10/1932 Text of Polish Note Asking For Delay On (War) Debt 4
12/10/1932 Poles Ready To Pay If We Refuse Delay 4
12/10/1932 Blow To Our Policy Seen In League Act (Failure To Censure Japan) 6
12/10/1932 North China Clash Settled Amicably Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
12/10/1932 Reichstag Grants Schleicher A Truce Chief Hitler Aides Revolt 6
12/10/1932 (Lionel D. Edie) Holds People Fear To Be Duped On Debt 9
12/11/1932 Japan Seeks A Rise In Her Naval Ratio And Tonnage Slash 1
12/11/1932 (Firello) La Guardia Urges New Economic Deal 3
12/11/1932 Hitler Takes Over (Gregor) Strasser’s Duties (In Party) 18
12/11/1932 Poland Seeks Data On (Polish Jewish) Rioting At Lwow 20
12/11/1932 (Big Five) Fix German Terms For Arms Parley (Norman H.) Davis Speeded Accord 31
12/11/1932 Japan Is Undecided As To League Plan Cold To Our Participation 31
12/11/1932 Germans Save 66% Buying (Their Own) Bonds Back N-7
12/11/1932 The Week In Europe: Washington Relents (On War Debts) Edwin L. James E-3
12/11/1932 British Shun Force In Persian Dispute E-3
12/11/1932 United (European) Debt Front Thrives On Dislike Augur E-4
12/11/1932 Louis Howe Bares (Roosevelt’s) Campaign Strategy E-7
12/11/1932 ‘Hotheads’ On Debts Warned By (Lord Rufus Isaacs) Reading E-7
12/11/1932 The War Debts And Prosperity Book 1
12/11/1932 Europe Makes The Conference A Habit Frederick T. Birchall, Paris Mag. 7
12/12/1932 British Offer Payment In Cold On Dec. 15 On Condition It Apply In New Deal On Debts; Stimson Promptly Rejects Terms As Illegal (Text, P. 1) 1
12/12/1932 French Plan To Pay On The British Terms 1
12/12/1932 Germany To Rejoin (Geneva) Arms (Equality) Conference; Signs 5 Power Pact 1
12/12/1932 World Court Issue (To Join Or Not To Join) Pressed On Senate 3 Schleicher Victory Encourages Reich Guido Enderis, Berlin 4
12/12/1932 Europe Is Due To Pay $123,641,692 (In Gold) Thrusday (Schedule For Payments Given) 4
12/12/1932 British Find Flaws In Tokyo Navy Plan 6
12/12/1932 Japan Would Gain By Her Naval Plan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
12/12/1932 Peace Workers See Threat of World War (James G. Mc Donald, President, Foreign Policy Association Later League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany & Finally First U.S. Ambassador To Israel) 6
12/12/1932 Germans Gratefied By Geneva Accord 7
12/12/1932 100 Jewish Groups Join Zionist Cause Leaders Praise (Dr. Chaim) Weizmann 11
12/13/1932 Herriot Lays Debt Snarl To Hoover: Says France Will Pay With Conditions: Britain To Meet Stimson’s Objections France Consults Britain 1
12/13/1932 Washington Awaits French Conditions 1
12/13/1932 Relations Resumed By China And Russia 4
12/13/1932 Germany Now Aims For Parity In Arms 6
12/13/1932 Washington Happy Over (Geneva 5 Power) Arms Accord Polish Anxiety Aroused 6
12/13/1932 (Woodrow Wilson Confidant) Col. (Edward Mandell [Mandel]) House (Huis) Predicts Era of Cooperation 10
12/13/1932 Pave Way To Action On German Credits 16
12/13/1932 (Carnegie Endowment For International) Peace Group Asks Review of Debts Urge Real Arms Cut 16
12/13/1932 (Neville) Chamberlain’s Remarks On The (War) Debts 16
12/14/1932 Herriot Falls, Deputies Vote (French War Debt) Default, Refusing Payment Without New Deal; Britain Will Pay, Belgium Will Not 1
12/14/1932 Japan Bars Our Aid In The League Plan To End War In East 1
12/14/1932 Belgium Won’t Pay; Government Quits 1
12/14/1932 Aid To Labor Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 3
12/14/1932 Sees Grave Danger In Ottawa (British Empire Trade) Treaties 5
12/14/1932 Persia Will Refer (British) ‘Threats’ To League 7
12/14/1932 Hoover Impeaching Squelched In House 17
12/14/1932 500 Seized In Paris In Anti Debt Riots 18
12/15/1932 Hoover For Debt Review With Britain; Will Ask Congress To Join Discussion; Confusion In France; Poland Defaults 1
12/15/1932 Koumintang (Chaing Kai-Shek) Meets At Nanking Today Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
12/15/1932 Japanese In Drive Near Siberia Again 6
12/15/1932 Mexico Is Reported About To Quit League 6
12/15/1932 Mussolini Scores Yugoslav Hostility 7
12/15/1932 Debts Most Urgent In World Problems 13
12/15/1932 Congress Studies Ban On (War Debt) Defaults Forbidding Them To Offer Loan Issues Here 14
12/15/1932 France In Debt Tilt With Us In 1830 15
12/15/1932 Germans Anxious Over Debts Tension 15
12/15/1932 Le Matin Says ‘Mess’ Is All Hoover’s Fault 15
12/15/1932 Britain To Ship Us 200 Tons of Gold Stress Aim To Discontinue Payments On Old Scale 17
12/16/1932 Japan Plans Empire In Norther China With Pu Yi At Head 1
12/16/1932 (Chancellor General Kurt Von) Schleicher Pledges More Jobs In Reich 1
12/16/1932 Hoover Plans To Seek Roosevelt’s Aid In Arranging Debt Parley With Britain; London Pays; Paris Still Seeks Cabinet 1
12/16/1932 Persia Would Mend Oil Lease Breach (With England) 9
12/16/1932 (Pierre) Laval Reiterates He Opposes French Payment 16
12/16/1932 5 Nations Default; Six Pay $98,685,910 17
12/16/1932 League Committee Puts Onus On Japan 17
12/16/1932 Harvard Honors German War Dead 22
12/17/1932 Washington Hears Paris May Pay Loan; Criticism Is Hushed 1
12/17/1932 Roosevelt Confers On War Debt Issue No New Bid From Hoover 3
12/17/1932 Leaders Urge China To War With Japan Plan Gets Wide Support 12
12/17/1932 Concililaton Plan Opposed By Japan China Also Dissatisfied 12
12/17/1932 Russia Won’t Help League In Far East Wants Accord With Us 12
12/17/1932 Press Is Tolerant On Schelicher Talk Hitler Asks, ‘Is That All?’ 12
12/17/1932 Paris Default Laid To Us By Leon Blum 13
12/17/1932 German Paper (Frankfurter Zeitung) Lays Debt Muddle To Us 13
12/18/1932 Congress Leaders Worried By Absence of Roosevelt Plans 1
12/18/1932 (Former Ambassador To Turkey, Henry) Morgenthau (Sr.) Finds Society On Trial 2
12/18/1932 Japanese Demand Parley With China Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
12/18/1932 Chinese Bomb Home of Japanese Consul 6
12/18/1932 Denies Capitalism Bars World Peace 29
12/18/1932 Attitude of German CriticsDiscussed By (Henry) Wickham Steed Responsibility For The Book, Germany And Peace, Disclaimed Except For The Preface E-2
12/18/1932 The Week In Europe; New Debt Deal Sought Edwin L. James E-3
12/18/1932 (Chancellor General Kurt Von) Schleicher Wields Invisible Power E-3
12/18/1932 Revision Realarms The Little Entente E-3
12/18/1932 France Views Debt As ‘Hoover Issue’ Our ‘Interference’ Scored E-3
12/18/1932 British Debt View Is of World Scope E-3
12/18/1932 The Week In America; War Debts The Big Issue France Refuses To Pay Arthur Krock E-5
12/18/1932 Colonel (Edward Mandell [Mandel]) House As Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Idea Factory’ George Sylvester Viereck Book 3
12/18/1932 Again John Bull Eyes Uncle Sam Mag. 1
12/18/1932 (Paul Von) Hindenburg And (Adolf) Hitler An Epic Duel Mag. 3
12/18/1932 The Larger Issues Behind The War Debts XX-1
12/19/1932 New French Cabinet Is Formed, Includes No Foe of Payment 1
12/19/1932 (R. D. Blumenfeld) Says Britons Seed Debts’ Unfairness 8
12/19/1932 Soviet China Pact Is Linked With Us Sees Japan Chagrined Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
12/19/1932 Nazi Storm Troops (In Kassel) Reported In Revolt Angry At Hitler Promises 10
12/19/1932 Revision Is Banned By Little Entente 10
12/19/1932 (Anton) Cermak (Chicago) Asserts Capone’s Power Is Broken 11
12/20/1932 Hoover Asks Congress For Debt Board; He Wants Roosevelt To Help Name List 1
12/20/1932 Action By Powers In China Predicted Hallett Abend, Shanghai 10
12/20/1932 United Stand Taken By Little Entente Form Permanent Council Prepare To Resist Revision of War Treaties 12
12/20/1932 Lists 44 Countries Off Gold Standard 27
12/21/1932 Amnesty Bid Freeing 15,000 In Germany Is Sent To Reich President (Paul Von Hindenburg) For Signature 1
12/21/1932 Roosevelt Bars Bipartisan Debt Action; Declines To Cooperate In Naming (War Debt) Board, But Won’t Hamper Immediate Review 1
12/21/1932 Hoover’s Message Assailed In France 4
12/21/1932 (Jules) Sauerwein Regrets French Debt Default 5
12/21/1932 China’s Final Reply To Japan Prepared Manefesto Will Set Forth Her Basic Demands 9
12/21/1932 Briton (Sir Alan Anderson) Accuses Us of Ruining Shipping 10
12/21/1932 Soviet Tightens Up Rationing System Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
12/21/1932 Noted Naval Book (Janes’) Lauds Our Cruisers Japanese Craft Deadly New German Ship Pictured 11
12/21/1932 Bargain Bid Wins Big (U.S.) Cruiser Award 11
12/22/1932 Arms Ban Treaty Urged On Hoover 10
12/22/1932 To Spend $11,500,000 For Army Planes 10
12/22/1932 Thousands Quit Jails Under Reich Amnesty 12
12/22/1932 British Are Wary of Hoover’s Plan 12
12/22/1932 Hoover Dodges Issue, Says German Paper (Koelnische Zeitung) 12
12/22/1932 Immigration Bars Kept 500,000 Out (Of U.S.) 22
12/23/1932 Hoover Leaves War Debts To Roosevelt; He Suggested Naming Young Or (Col. Edward Mandell [Mandel]) House; Governor Roosevelt Denies Refusing Cooperation 1
12/23/1932 World Trade Strikes Us Hardest 3
12/23/1932 (Felix) Frankfruter Visis (Too Roosevelt) Spurs Cabinet Talk 8
12/23/1932 (John Haynes) Holmes Demands Clean Up By (N.Y. Mayor) O’brien ‘Days of (‘Jimmy’) Walker Are Gone’ (But Tammany Hall Is Still In Control!) 10
12/23/1932 (N.Y.) Police Break Up Anti Polish March To Desperse 1,000 In Student Protest Over Recent (Polish) Attacks On Jews 12
12/23/1932 Norman (H.) Davis (Allan Dulles & A. J. Hepburn) Back (From Geneva); Lauds (Geneva) Arms Parley 13
12/23/1932 Poland Is Stirred By Ukrainian Trial 13
12/23/1932 Nationalists (Koumintang Chaing Kai-Shek) Pledge Protection of China 13
12/24/1932 Hoover Determined Not To Act On Debt 1
12/24/1932 Paris Renews Move For Debt Revision; Premier Sees Edge 1
12/24/1932 Roosevelt Drops War Debts Issue To Meet (Norman H.) Davis Next Week 2
12/24/1932 (Norman H.) Davis Gives (President) Hoover Report On (European) Parleys 2
12/25/1932 (George Sylvester) Viereck Back, Tells of Visit To Kaiser (Wilhelm II) 3
12/25/1932 British Weigh Plea To Liberate Gandhi 5
12/25/1932 German Children Get Tin Soldiers 10
12/25/1932 Atheism Campaign of Russia Revealed Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia Univ; Chairman, Carnegie International Endowment For Peace) Gives Details of ‘Five Year Plan’ Which Were Never Fully Published By Soviet No Churches After 1937 N-2
12/25/1932 (William Henry Chamberla:N) Predicts A Change In Soviet’s Policy N-2
12/25/1932 The Week In Europe; Delay On War Debts Edwin L. James E-3
12/25/1932 Press Tells Britons Our Side On Debts E-3
12/25/1932 Future of Nations Seen In Our Hands Augur, London E-3
12/25/1932 Spain To Prepare For Eventual War Frank L. Kluckhorn, Madrid E-4
12/25/1932 Germany Betrayed By A High Officer France Bought Schleiffen Plan Long Before War Traitor Sought Revenge E-8
12/26/1932 Chinese In Jehol Battle Japanese; New Invasion Seen Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
12/26/1932 Urges Jews Rejoice Over Birth of Chirist Rabbi S. S. (Stephen Samuel) Wise Says ‘HeHas Done More Than Any Human To Change Face of Earth’ 21
12/26/1932 Outflow of Gold Begins At Paris 31
12/27/1932 Roosevelt States His Views To (Norman H.) Davis On World Problems James A. Hagerty 1
12/27/1932 Urges Jewish Pioneering Louis Lipsky Appeals To Youth For Palestine Colonization 4
12/28/1932 Stimson To Demand Payment By France Before (War Debt Negotiation 1
12/28/1932 Col. (Edward Mandell [Mandel]) House (Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Alter Ego’) Warns of Dictator Peril ‘Revolutionary Leader Might Appear Overnight,’ Wilson’s Advisor Declares Reaction Held Danger 3
12/28/1932 Japan To Reinforce Army In Manchuria 4
12/29/1932 20,000 (Anti British Political Prisoners) Go Free In India On Jan 1 1
12/29/1932 Roosevelt Policy Nearer To Hoovers On World Parley Effected Through (Norman H.) Davis 1
12/29/1932 Japan’s Army Aims To Equal Russia’s Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
12/29/1932 Sharp Cut In Arms Predicted By (Norman H.) Davis 8
12/29/1932 (Briton, Dr. Cyril A Alington) Puts World’s Hope In Us And Britain Plans Good Will Tour 8
12/29/1932 Palestine (Jewish) Colonists Protest Terrorism 9
12/29/1932 Urges End of Ban On Alien Teachers 10
12/30/1932 Soviet Bars Food For Housewives Under 56; All Must Work In Industry To Get Bread 1
12/30/1932 (Dr. Sao Ke Alfred) Sze To Be (Chiang Kai-Shek) Envoy Here 4
12/30/1932 Cordial Welcome To (German Jewish Conductor) Bruno Walter 13
12/31/1932 Mussolini Will Curb Industrial Output As A Means of Combatting Depression 1
12/31/1932 (Congress) Inclined To Leave Job To (President Elect) Roosevelt 2
12/31/1932 Insist Hitler Act In Murder of Nazi Friends Hold Leader Cannot Again Afford To Incur The Odium of Approving Killing Body Found In Reservoir Saxony Asks Extradition of Three Fellow Troopers Who Fled To Italy Two Others Arrested 5
12/31/1932 (Edgar Ansel Mowrer) Sees Prussianism Rising In Germany Treaty (Of Versailles) Revision A Fetish (Germany Turns The Clock Back) 18