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William Lindsey collection — 1932 NYT headlines

June 1932
Date Headline Page
06/01/1932 (Lt. Col. Franz) Von Papen Is Called To Helm In Germany; Ousted Here In War Was Linked With Boy Ed In 1915 1
06/01/1932 French Editor (Jules Sauerwein, Formerly of Le Matin Now With Paris Soir) Says World Looks To Us 2
06/01/1932 Von Papen (Picture) Indicted Here After Ouster Faces ArrestIf He Ever Returns Impeded Munitions Works (For Allies) Linked To Passport Fraud (Hated In U.S.) 3
06/01/1932 Reds Lose 3 Cities; 2,000 Slain In China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 3
06/01/1932 Britain Seeks End of Big War Tanks Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
06/01/1932 Says Hoover Kept Us On A Gold Basis 21
06/02/1932 Expect Hindenburg To Force Election; Papen Fills Cabinet Regime Held Reactionary Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
06/02/1932 28 Mayors Demand Federal Idle Relief 1
06/02/1932 Britain (Sir John Simon) Wants Us At Lausanne Talks 2
06/02/1932 (U.S. Von) Papen Indictment Dropped March 8 Evidence Found Lacking 5
06/02/1932 Soviet Army Organ (‘Red Star’) Warns Japanese 6
06/02/1932 France To Support New Deal On Debts Sees The German Envoy 7
06/02/1932 Book Gives Europe A Wider View of Us 19
06/03/1932 Japan Asks Russia To End Troop Moves 1
06/03/1932 Action To Remove (N.Y. Mayor, ‘Jimmy’) Walker (Tammany Hall) Is Left To Gov. Roosevelt Move Before Convention Might Be Held Political 1
06/03/1932 ‘Monocle Cabinet’ (A Hateful Description In The U.S.) Takes Reins of Reich Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
06/03/1932 Poles Hold Reich Shows True Face 5
06/03/1932 Boycott of (Zoppot) Resort (By Poles) Protested By Danzig 5
06/03/1932 (Vienna) Nazis Attack Socialists 5
06/03/1932 Sees Reich Delay On Short Credits 6
06/04/1932 Decree (By President Paul Von Hindenburg) Dissolves Reichstag Today Hitler Offers Coalition (‘Furor Teutonicus’ Used In Article) Fredrick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
06/04/1932 French Decide Terms For Credit To Reich 4
06/04/1932 Paris Press Urges Discussing Debts 4
06/04/1932 Urge World Parley On Jews’ Problems Dr (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Presiding B. S. Deutsch Warns of Its (‘Hitlerism’s’) Spread 18
06/05/1932 Reich’s New Cabinet Sees Financial Peril Reichstag Is Dissolved Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
06/05/1932 Solvency of Reich Issue At Lausanne Germans Assert Reparations Delay Impairs Chances of Paying Debts In Full Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
06/05/1932 Behind The Crisis In Germany Are Many Contending Forces XX-4
06/05/1932 (Newton D.) Baker Gives His Views On Issues of The Day XX-7
06/06/1932 (John Haynes) Holmes And (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Score Roosevelt Tammany Hall Is Puzzled 5
06/06/1932 Hitlerites Push On; Win (Mecklenburg Schwerin) State Election Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 7
06/07/1932 Sees 2,000,000 Jews Forced To Leave (N.Y.) City Warns of Economic Pressure 2
06/07/1932 All German Directory Appointed For Memel 6
06/07/1932 (‘Dusquesne’) Freed As War Spy But Is Seized Again (As Escaped Prisoner His Attorney, Arthur Garfield Hays) 10
06/07/1932 Jewish College Here Is Forced To Close Lack of Funds Revealed 15
06/08/1932 All Japan Stirred By Farmers’ Plight 7
06/08/1932 American Gunboat (‘Oahu’) Routs 2,000 Chinese (In Battle!) 9
06/09/1932 Washington Warns Anew On War Debts 1
06/09/1932 China Wants Russia To Block Japanese Peril Is Seen In Policy Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7
06/09/1932 Austrian Nazis Seek To Absorb Heimwehr (Run By Von Starhemberg) 7
06/09/1932 Prussian Officials Taxed To Get Funds Cattle Killing Tax Added 10
06/09/1932 Red Trend Assailed By (Patrick) Cardinal Hayes (Of Fordham Univ.) 16
06/10/1932 (New Cabinet) Intends To Amend Reich Constitution 6
06/10/1932 Hitler Infuriated, Denies Foreign Aid Will Not Accept Funds From Italy Or Other Countries Won’t Answer Questions 6
06/10/1932 Says Death Gripped Rega Under Soviet 17
06/12/1932 (Dr. Hans Luther, German Ambasador To U.S.) Sees Reich Holiday On Reich Debts 4
06/12/1932 Barter Replacing Trade In Europe (‘Autarchy’) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
06/12/1932 Tokyo Recognition of Pu Yi Is Pressed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 7
06/12/1932 Papen Sees Change In Governing Reich (Picture: Cabinet) 9
06/12/1932 Recalls How (Newton D.) Baker (Wilson’s Sec. of War) Supported Pershing (Against Lloyd George’s Demands For His Removal) 17
06/12/1932 To Pick (American) Jewish (Congress) Delegates (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Bernard S. Deutsch & Nathan D. Perlman) 19
06/12/1932 Say Bruening Held Nazis Too Lightly German Circles Believed That Hindenburg Felt Chancellor Underestimated Their Rise Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
06/12/1932 Condemns Warfare With Gas And Germs Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
06/12/1932 Calls Hindenburg’s Action Courageous Dr. Julius Curtius, Berlin E-4
06/12/1932 Unity Or Chaos Seen For Central Europe Trade Now At Standstill Outcome Important To Us John Mac Cormac, Vienna E-5
06/12/1932 (Dr. Wilhelm Stapel) Defines Jews’ Status If Nazis Attain Power Declares They Will Be In The Community But Not of It E-5
06/12/1932 Chinese Starving In Flood Regions E-6
06/12/1932 All Our Cardinals (Pictures!) Are Going To Dublin E-8
06/12/1932 Outflow of (U.S.) Gold Believed Near End F-1
06/12/1932 Graph: The Course of The Nation Debt (1900 1931) XX-1
06/13/1932 British And French Reach Agreement On Lausanne Aims (In Paris Meeting) 1
06/13/1932 Papen To Say Reich Can No Longer Pay (Reparations) Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 5
06/14/1932 (Senator) Robinson Assails Hoover On Economy 2
06/14/1932 Von Papen To Use Radio Propaganda Nazi Troops Legal Today 9
06/15/1932 France Withdraws Her Last Gold Here; Dollar Value Rises Dollar Is Dominant Again 1
06/15/1932 Reich Dole Cut 20%, More Taxes Levied New Tax On All With Jobs 6
06/16/1932 Plea To Us On Debts Pushed In Lausanne On Conference Eve 1
06/16/1932 Danzig Protests Visit of Polish Destroyer (‘Wicher’) Warsaw Says Call Was To Greet British Ships (Destroyers) 4
06/16/1932 Polish Ship Stirs Danzig Unannounced Visit 4
06/16/1932 British Sympathy For Reich Waning Augur, London 5
06/16/1932 Prussian Diet Asks Reich Quit League Storm Troop (Sturm Abteilung) Ban Lifted 5
06/16/1932 Nazis Stone Premier’s Windows When Bavaria Bans (Gregor Strasser) Broadcast 5
06/16/1932 Japanese Capture Three More (Manchurian) Cities 6
06/17/1932 Hoover, Curtis Renamed On First (Republicah) Ballots; Wet Dry Plank Is Defended By Stimson 1
06/17/1932 Lausanne To Offer Reparations Truce Till Final Solution Frederick T. Birchall, Lausanne 1
06/17/1932 Dominions Warned By Britain On Trade Expects More Reciprocity Than She Now Receives 5
06/17/1932 Poland Is Angered By Rumania’s Stand (On Russian Non Aggression Pact) 6
06/17/1932 Baden (State) Retains Ban On Nazi Uniforms 7
06/17/1932 World (Jewish Congress) Parley Plan of Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Scored Dr. Cyrus Adler (American Jewish Committee) Says Such A Congress of Jews Would Be A Colossal Mistake Sees No Benefit In It 42
06/18/1932 Creditors Wipe Out $45,00, 000 In Debts At Lausanne Parley Frederick T. Birchall, Lausanne 1
06/18/1932 Germans Are Cold To Lausanne Move France Seen As Obdurate 4
06/18/1932 Text of The Lausanne Moratorium Resolution Suspending Payments While Parley Continues 4
06/18/1932 Bruening Declares Spirit Is Unbroken 4
06/18/1932 Decision of Powers Will Not Affect Us 4
06/18/1932 Canton Army (Gen. Chen Chia-Tang) Routs Nanking (Gen Chaing Kai-Shek) Gunboats Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
06/18/1932 Gold In Reichsbank Shows Decrease 21
06/19/1932 France Sees Europe United Against Us On War Debt Issue 1
06/19/1932 Germans Are Upset By Herriot’s Data Frederick T. Birchall, Lausanne 2
06/19/1932 Von Papen Appeals To Reich On Radio Sees World Wide Crisis 2
06/19/1932 New Peace Pledge Is Urged By (H. Wickam) Steed Suggests A Pact For Individual Boycotts of Aggressor Nations 2
06/19/1932 Former Foes Join Regime In Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) 6
06/19/1932 Roosevelt Confers With Col. (Edward Mandell) House (Huis) 16
06/19/1932 Anti British Cartoon; War Debts ‘Jaded John (Bull) To Joyless Jonathan (U.S.) E-3
06/19/1932 French Attack Us On Debts And Arms E-3
06/19/1932 Geneva Apathetic To Our Platform Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
06/19/1932 The Week In Europe; Agony of War Debts Edwin L. James E-3
06/19/1932 Japanese Complain of Renewed (Chinese) Boycott E-5
06/19/1932 Hail End of Drain On Gold By France F-1
06/19/1932 The Story of Our Century of Expansion In The Pacific Book 1
06/19/1932 The Conflict In The Far East; Russia’s Objectives And Japan’s (Map) XX-3
06/19/1932 Natal Challenges The Power of The South African Union (Picture, Prime Minister J. B. M. Herzog) XX-10
06/20/1932 (Senator Claude A.) Swanson Stresses Debts At (Geneva) Arms Talk Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
06/20/1932 British And French Seek Unity On Debts 2
06/20/1932 Reich Fears Papen Made A Bad Start Guido Enderis, Berlin 2
06/20/1932 Ex-Kaiser Urges Reconstruction of Germany On ‘Old Foundations’ In Appeal To His Cavalry 2
06/20/1932 Munich Police Rout Invasion By Nazis Hitlerites Gain In Hesse 2
06/20/1932 Orthodox Jews of Nation Unite 15
06/20/1932 Jewish World Ties Demanded By (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise 2,000 Delegates Attend (Atlantic City Meeting) 16
06/20/1932 Europe Considers Gold Drain (On U.S.) Over 21
06/21/1932 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Attacks Our Policy On Debts (Text, P. 11) 1
06/21/1932 (James M. Beck) Says Constitution Failed Us In Crisis 2
06/21/1932 Poland Opposes Visit of Germans (Naval Units) To Danzig 4
06/21/1932 Wiping Out Debts Balked By Herriot 5
06/21/1932 Japanese Accuse American (A. T. Steele, Correspondent of The N.Y. Times) In Harbin With Being Messenger For General Ma (Chen Shan) 6
06/21/1932 Roosevelt Assails Hoover Debt Policy 9
06/21/1932 Race Degeneration Seen For America 14
06/22/1932 Herriot Rejects Our Plan For Reduction of Armies; Bars Ending Reparations 1
06/22/1932 Ishii Bids Us Shun Interfering In Asia 1
06/22/1932 New Arms Session Called Suddenly Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
06/22/1932 France Is Worried By Germans’ Stand Isolation Is Again Feared Blames Macdonald More Than Hitler For Arousing Reich To Oppose Her 5
06/22/1932 Nazi Uniform Riots Cause Two Deaths Hitler Demands Freedom 6
06/22/1932 Ishii Assails China As Treaty Violator Boycott An ‘Act of War’ 7
06/22/1932 Japanese Demand Papers of Writer (A. T. Steele) 7
06/22/1932 Japanese Kill 1,000 In Manchuria Battle 7
06/22/1932 Dr. (Cyrus) Adler Accused (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Nathan D. Perlman & Bernard S. Deutsch) of Disrupting Jews Will Proceed With Plans 18
06/22/1932 (Emanuel Neumann) Declares Palestine Feels No Depression 46
06/22/1932 Roosevelt Orders (N.Y. City Mayor, James J.) Walker To Answer Removal Charges 1
06/23/1932 Hoover Asks Arms Cuts of One Third To Save More Than $10,000,000,000; Italy Accepts, Others To Ask Changes 1
06/23/1932 Britain And France Offer Objections 1
06/23/1932 Reich Offers Help In Trade If Debts Go 2
06/23/1932 Germany Expects Arms Showdown 2
06/23/1932 President (Hoover) Says War Debts Are Not Coupled To The Arms Cuts 3
06/23/1932 Reich Fails To Lift Nazi Ban In States 7
06/23/1932 $609,293 Received In (American) Palestine (Campaign) Drive 15
06/23/1932 Name (Felix) Frankfurter To Bay State (Mass.) Bench Champion of Sacco And Vanzetti 23
06/24/1932 Powers Lay Aside Hoover Arms Plan, Waiting On Britain Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
06/24/1932 East Prussians Begin 3 Day Air Defense Drill; Danzig Welcomes German Warships Warmly 1
06/24/1932 Hoover’s Arms Cuts Find Strong Public Support In Britain And France 2
06/24/1932 Japan Is Lukewarm To (Arms) Reduction Plan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 2
06/24/1932 France And Reich To Seek Debts Pact 3
06/24/1932 Germans Expect Little of Parleys 3
06/24/1932 Nazi Red Rows Add Four To Death Toll Hitlerites Turn On Regime 6
06/25/1932 Reich Tells France She Will Never Pay 1
06/25/1932 Our Envoys Explain Arms (Reduction) Plan To Japan 4
06/25/1932 Bavaria Is Defiant On Lifting Nazi (Storm Troop Sturm Abteilung) Ban Hitler Asks Martial Law 4
06/26/1932 Herriot And Cabinet Oppose Hoover Plan, Insist On Security 1
06/26/1932 Small Powers Plan To Aid Hoover Move Americans Are Pleased Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
06/26/1932 Gen. Araki Critical of Hoover Method Security Need Stressed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 2
06/26/1932 London Papers Hail Hoover’s Arms Plan 2
06/26/1932 Bavaria Invokes Hindenburg’s Aid To Intercede In State Refusal To Lift Ban On Nazi (Storm) Troops Fears ‘Violent Overturn’ 4
06/26/1932 Fast Bomber Plane (Hawker Hart) Revealed In Britain 5
06/26/1932 Einstein Commends World Jewry Meeting Cables American Jewish Congress (Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman, National Executive Committee And President of American Federation of Polish Jews, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Bernard S. Deutsch & Nathan D. Perlman) 12
06/26/1932 The Week In Europe; Hoover’s Arms Plan Edwin L. James E-3
06/26/1932 Uniform In Reich Is Burning Issue Guido Enderis, Belin E-3
06/26/1932 France Is Absorbed In World Problems Arms Issue Paramount Herbert L. Matthews E-3
06/26/1932 (William Watson) Would Link British Interests To Ours E-5
06/26/1932 Nanking (Chaing Kai-Shek) To Going For Road Building (‘Burma’ And ‘Lido’ Roads Perhaps?) To Reduce Chiang’s Army Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-5
06/26/1932 Pictures: (12 Democratic) Presidential Hopefuls E-7
06/26/1932 London Fears Move In Reich To Default F-1
06/26/1932 The New Ordeal of Democracy Anne O’hare Mc Cormick Mag. 1
06/27/1932 Germany To Offer New Plan To France Scope Is Ultra European 3
06/27/1932 Papan Asks Hitler To Curb His Troops 3
06/27/1932 Churchmen Extol Hoover’s Proposal 3
06/27/1932 Ground For Accord At Lausanne Seen Frederick T. Birchall, Lausanne 3
06/27/1932 (Socialist, Norman) Thomas Asks Drive To Block Fascism 7
06/27/1932 End of Nationalism Asked As World Aid 15
06/27/1932 Bids Jews To Band In ‘Fight For Lives’ Dr. Tenebaum Tells (American) Jewish Congress That Anti-Semitism In Europe Threatens Race Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise Backs Appeal 18
06/28/1932 New Arms Proposal Indicated In Britain 4
06/28/1932 French And Germans Contradict Pact Tale 4
06/28/1932 Papen And Herriot Come To Deadlock 5
06/28/1932 German (Nationalist) Party Asks Hohenzollern Rule Prussian Bill Hits Jews 5
06/28/1932 Jews (American Jewish Congress, Stephen S. Wise, Bernard S. Deutsch, Joseph Tenenbaum) Endorse Call For World (Jewish Congress) Session American Congress Elects 35 As Delegates To Conference At Geneva In August Racial Bias Is Protested 18
06/29/1932 British Act To Save Lausanne Parley 1
06/29/1932 French Delegation Split On Arms Cut 4
06/29/1932 Germany Mourns (Versailles) Peace Pact Losses Press Condemns ‘Crime’ 4
06/29/1932 Lets Reich States Ban Nazi Parades Four More Die In Clashes 4
06/29/1932 Chinese Bandits Seize 10 Americans Washington Asks Rescue 5
06/29/1932 (Nanking, Chaing Kai-Shek) China Moves To End Issues With Japan Boycott Suspension Seen Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
06/29/1932 Teachers (In Convention) Hesitate To Honor Dr. (John) Dewey (Columbia University) 10
06/30/1932 Tokyo Navy Office Opposes Arms Plan Says We Are The Gainers Hugh Byas, Tokyo 3
06/30/1932 Paris Shows Trend To Our Arms Plan Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 3
06/30/1932 Rebel Navy Routs Cantonese Troops Americans Told To Leave 4
06/30/1932 Will To Win Seen Here By (Jules) Sauerwein 5
06/30/1932 Minorities’ Woes Related At (Vienna) Parley (8th European Congress of Nationalities) 6
06/30/1932 Reich Cabinet Asks Ban On Its Critics 7