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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

January 1937
Date Headline Page
01/01/1937 Wild Throngs Greet 1937 In The Old Champagne Way 1
01/01/1937 Spanish Rebels (Franco) Expect Big Force From Abroad — (Communist) Loyalists On Offensive 1
01/01/1937 33,400 Men Are Made Idle; ‘Sit-Down’ Strikes Close 7 General Motors Plants 1
01/01/1937 Germans Anxious Over 1937 Events 2
01/01/1937 Britain Confident; Counts 1936 A Gain 2
01/01/1937 (Premier Leon) Blum Asks French Unite Strength 2
01/01/1937 Soviet Has Its Gayest Celebration — Harold Denny 2
01/01/1937 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) Predicts Year Of Bright Gains; New Confidence And Courage In The Air 4
01/01/1937 Jews In Palestine Fight Concessions — Insist National Homeland For Them Is The Primary Objective Of The British Mandate 4
01/01/1937 Nazis Again Assail (Bernhard) Fiance Of (Holland’s) Juliana 12
01/01/1937 New British Laws Become Effective — Aimed At (Sir Oswald) Mosely Army 12
01/01/1937 (Cardinal) Faulhaber (Munich) Urges Fight On Paganism 14
01/01/1937 Years End In Spain Sees Shift In War — Leftist Now On Offensive (Loyalists) 16
01/01/1937 An Interpretative Chronology For The Year 1936 25
01/01/1937 Twelve Parlous Months In The Eastern Hemisphere 26
01/01/1937 Years Biggest Events Classified And Coordinated 27
01/01/1937 $3,150,000 Of Gold Taken In England 37
01/02/1937 (Communist-Loyalist) Spanish Vessel Is Seized By Germany As A Reprisal For Holding Of Arms Embargo-’To Punish Piracy’ 1
01/02/1937 Britain And Italy Speed Up Accord 1
01/02/1937 Catholics Pledge Aid To Hitler Anew In War On The Reds 1
01/02/1937 War Debts Will Be One Of Topics Studied By British Parliamentary Group In U.S. 1
01/02/1937 150,000 Pilots Aim Of Soviets In 1937 2
01/02/1937 Britain Lays Keels Of 2 Battleships (‘George V’ & ‘Prince Of Wales’ — Among First Lost To Japanese Airplanes In 1942 In China Sea) — Thirty Craft Due In 1937 2
01/02/1937 German Ban On Red Rule In Spain Upsets Plans Of Paris And London (And U.S.!) 2
01/02/1937 (Communist Spanish Loyalist) Largo Caballero Extols The Soviet 2
01/02/1937 British Complete Plan For 2,500 New Pilots 2
01/02/1937 Mexican Sale Of Arms To Spain At (Admitted!) $1,500,000 2
01/02/1937 Poland Is Optimistic After Gains In 1936 2
01/02/1937 (Czech President, Eduard) Benes Voices Hope 1937 Will Be Peaceful; Says Czechs’ Neighbors Are All Friends 3
01/02/1937 Living Conditions Improve In Soviet — Harold Denny 3
01/02/1937 Envoys See China Enduring Red Wars 3
01/02/1937 Roosevelt Facing An Economic Bloc 4
01/02/1937 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Pleads Industrial Peace 6
01/03/1937 Germans Stiffen Attitude On Spain; Fire On A Steamer — Move Held ‘Act Of War’ 1
01/03/1937 Britain And Italy Sign Accord For Mediterranean Harmony 1
01/03/1937 Paul Scheffer Out As Editor In Reich 26
01/03/1937 Admiral Says Japan Will Not Start (Arms) Race 33
01/03/1937 U.S. Finds No Basis For Note To Mexico (Resulting From Armament Sales To Mexico Which Are Then Transshipped To The Communist Spanish Loyalists) 34
01/03/1937 Our Cuban Trade Gains Under Pact 34
01/03/1937 Chamberlain Sees Peril In 1937; Hopes Rulers Can Avert Disaster N-1
01/03/1937 Old Friends Keep By British Ruler (George VI) — J. P. Morgan (Purchasing Agent For Britain In WW I) A Favorite N-1
01/03/1937 Forums Booming All Over Nation — Federal ($) Help A Factor N-7
01/03/1937 Reich Foreign Policy Hits Many Hot Spots — His (Hitler’s) Economic Situation Bad E-3
01/03/1937 Hitler’s Program Meets First Check — Stand Of France And Britain Is Interpreted As A Major Challenge To Nazism — Otto D. Tolischus E-4
01/03/1937 New Discipline Imposed On Germany-Four-Year Plan For Self-Sufficiency (From Gold-Consuming Imports) E-4
01/03/1937 (French Premier, Leon) Blum Now Needs Added Authority E-5
01/03/1937 (Russian Leon) Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Finds A Haven In Face Of Stalin’s Ire (With Cardenas, Mexico) E-6
01/03/1937 Picture: (Women ‘Feminist’) Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt (Active In World War I) D-6
01/03/1937 Women Mobilize To Achieve Objectives Before Legislature D-6
01/03/1937 Democracy Vs. Dictatorship, We Or They, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Macmillan, N.Y. Book 1
01/03/1937 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University, Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For World Peace, Avid Interventionist & Anglophile) Gives A Definition Of Education Mag. 7
01/03/1937 Shipyards Hum; Another Naval Race Is On Mag. 11
01/04/1937 Germany Tempers Answer To (Communist-Loyalist) Spain 1
01/04/1937 Britain And Italy In Accord, Hold Spain Must Be ‘Intact;’ Reich Would End Ship Clash 1
01/04/1937 British Aim To Get French Into Pact 1
01/04/1937 (U.S. Citizen) Simpson Returns From Nazi Prison 2
01/04/1937 (Loyalist) Spain To ‘Resist’ Reich Naval Acts 6
01/04/1937 Rebels (Franco’s Troops) Deserting Steadily In Spain 7
01/04/1937 Ex-Nazi Of Danzig (Hermann Rauschning) Accuses Germany 7
01/04/1937 Mexico Won’t Ship U.S. Arms To (Communist-Loyalist) Spain (Anymore!)-Planes Held At Vera Cruz 7
01/04/1937 Palestine Grove Given To Toscanini (Father-In-law Of Pianist Vladimir Horowitz) 21
01/04/1937 An Era Of Justice Urged By (British-Born Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning (Later Virulent Interventionist) — He Decries Dictatorship And Extols Christian Ideals 30
01/04/1937 Democracy’s Gain Hailed — Rabbi Perlman Reviews Events Of 1936 30
01/04/1937 A Weapon Of Democracy — Dr. Coit (British Episcopalian) Says Moral Insight Is Needed To Fight Dictators 30
01/04/1937 Chronological Record Of Highly Interesting Period In Finance And Politics 40&41
01/04/1937 Reich ‘Boom’ Laid To State Activity 62
01/05/1937 Reich Openly Mustering Its Public Against (Communist-Loyalist) Spain; Rebels (Franco) Gain Near Madrid 1
01/05/1937 Congress Convenes Today; Neutrality Its First Task 1
01/05/1937 The Hague Rebukes Berlin On (Bernard-Juliana) Wedding-’Insult To Queen’ Seen (German Flag Absent) 1
01/05/1937 (Spanish) Rebels Apologize To Britain On Ship 4
01/05/1937 Quick Change Due In (United States’) Neutrality Act — To Bar Arms Shipments To Civil War Factions 6
01/05/1937 Planes For (Apparently Loyalist) Spain Put On Ship Here — ’Old’ Engines (See 50 ‘Old’ Destroyers For Britain Later On) Were Sold 6
01/05/1937 Recruiting (In U.S.) Denied By (Communist-Loyalist) Spanish Envoy — To Avoid Bad Propaganda 7
01/05/1937 Britain To Take Over Radio Network (British Broadcasting Corporation, ‘BBC’) In War; Expert Maps Plan For Operation Of System 7
01/05/1937 Race Hatred Decried As Threat To Peace — German Dictatorship Is Another Big Danger, Dr. (Hans) Simons Tells Jewish Women’s Council 8
01/05/1937 Nazi Golfers (Club, In Berlin) Bar Jews 8
01/05/1937 (U.S.) Supreme Court Decision Reversing The Conviction Of Oregon Communist 11
01/06/1937 Britain Asks Berlin, Rome To Rush Neutrality Reply (On Spain); Reich Ultimatum To Spain 1
01/06/1937 Congress To Rush Arms Embargo; New Big Shipment (Of Arms To Spanish Communist-Loyalists) Is Permitted (List Of Items) 1
01/06/1937 Party For (Dutch Queen) Juliana In Hitch On Nazism 1
01/06/1937 Tokyo-Berlin Pact Defended By Arita — Wants Friendship Of U.S. 1
01/06/1937 Immigration Quotas Fall Below Quotas 6
01/06/1937 Joseph E. Davies Off For (U.S. Ambassadorial) Post In Russia 8
01/06/1937 Reich Ultimatum Is Sent To (Loyalist) Spain (Who Have Impounded A German Ship) 10
01/06/1937 Paris Press Shows Contempt For Germany By Calm Over Spanish Shipping Incidents 10
01/06/1937 Soviet Arms Drive Aided By Workers-Harold Denny 10
01/06/1937 Polish Parliament (Sejm) Accepts Paris Loan (Col. Jozef Beck Foreign Minister) 10
01/06/1937 World Arms Cost Three Times 1913’s — 11% Of Industrial Output — Reich Arms Figures Missing, But Outlay Near 20 Billion Marks Since 1934 Is Seen — Otto D. Tolischus 11
01/06/1937 (Nicaraguas’s) President Samoza Hurt 11
01/06/1937 Loading Of Planes For (Loyalist) Spain (From U.S.) Halted 12
01/06/1937 Another Protestant Pastor Is Arrested In Germany (Unnamed!) 12
01/06/1937 French And British Will Map Defenses — General Staffs Are To Confer On Joint Action In Event Of A New European War (Duff Cooper, Churchill’s Minister Of ‘Information’ A Conferee With Daladier) 13
01/06/1937 (U.S.) Per Capita Debt $266.96 On Dec. 31 31
01/06/1937 Rush By Congress (To Change Neutrality Act) Fails 1
01/06/1937 Germany Is Fortifying Part Of Polish Frontier (Part Closest To Berlin) 1
01/06/1937 James Roosevelt To Be A Secretary (An ‘Administrative Assistant’ In The White House) 2
01/06/1937 Arab Leaders End Boycott Of (British Palestine Commission) Inquiry 10
01/06/1937 Reich, Italy Reply Today On Spain Aid — Otto D. Tolischus 11
01/06/1937 (Loyalist) Spanish Ship Off With Plane Cargo-Embargo Move Is Evaded 11
01/06/1937 (Mexico’s) Cardenas Refuses To Let Planes (For Loyalist Spain Manufactured In U.S.) Sail 11
01/06/1937 (Du Pont) Sends No Arms To Spain (From Bridgeport Remington Arms Factory) 11
01/06/1937 (Henry) Ford Disclaims Book (The International Jew — in Letter To Samuel Untermyer) 44
01/08/1937 Reich, Italy To Halt War Aid (To Franco Spain) Only If Others Leave Spain — Would Bar All Aid (Texts Of Notes, P. 8) 1
01/08/1937 British Fleet To Gibraltar 1
01/08/1937 French Move To Guard Morocco As Reich ‘Invasion’ Is Reported 1
01/08/1937 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Hits (John L.) Lewis On Auto Union Strike (Calls Him ‘Unofficial Spokesman Of The Government’) 2
01/08/1937 Recruiting (In The U.S. By Loyalist Spain) Inquiry Is Opened By U.S. 9
01/08/1937 Germans Approve Our Neutrality Act 9
01/08/1937 Nazi Secret Police (Under Dr. Werner Best) Enjoy Free Hand 10
01/08/1937 British Air Force Scored By Editor — He Blames ‘Politicians’ 10
01/08/1937 Arab Leaders Appear At Palestine Hearing — Ben Gurion Tells (British) Commission That Jews Have No Desire To Dominate Others 1
01/09/1937 Paris Moves To Balk Reich As Troops Go To Morocco; Army And Navy Made Ready 1
01/09/1937 Balanced Budget Next Year Is Promised By Roosevelt 1
01/09/1937 President (Roosevelt) Orders Two Battleships — No Construction Race 1
01/09/1937 Group (Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights, Inc.) To Boycott Schmeling Fight 2
01/09/1937 Embargo On Arms For Spain In Force — Licenses Are Cancelled 3
01/09/1937 Moves In Morocco Denied By Germany 3
01/09/1937 Soviet Won’t Admit Sending (Loyalist [Communist]) Spain Help 3
01/10/1937 Berlin Discloses Deal With Lisbon 1
01/10/1937 Miss Royden Asks American War Ban — Warns On Results In 1917 — Hailed By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt And Others — U.S. Cannot Save World By Fighting, Whatever The Cause She Declares 12
01/10/1937 Nazi Protestants Resent New Curb — Secret Police Hostile 26
01/10/1937 Strict Neutrality Urged By (Senator Bennett Champ) Clark 29
01/10/1937 State Department Expects No European War; ‘Suicidal Adventure’ Not Near, (R. Walton) Moore Holds 30
01/10/1937 U.S. ‘Imperialism’ Forgot At (Valparaiso, Chili) Parley 32
01/10/1937 (Egyptian) Envoy Praises U.S. For Anti-War Acts — Holds Conflict Unlikely N-3
01/10/1937 Reich Bars (German) Tourists From Austrian Alps (Foreign Exchange Problem. Reichsbank Failed To Allot Funds For German Tourists) N-3
01/10/1937 Early German (Middle Ages) Films To Be Shown Tonight N-4
01/10/1937 (Dr. Hugo) Eckener (Picture) Offers Airship Aid Here — Zeppelin Plans Available For American Craft And He Is Ready To Help Build It — For U.S.-German Service — Arriving To Consult (U.S. Government) Officials, He Schedules 10 North Atlantic Dirigible Trips In 1937 N-4
01/10/1937 Gold Reserve Rises At The Reichsbank F-1
01/10/1937 The News Of The Week In Review — Beginning The Fifth Year Of The New Deal — Supreme Court Budget — Neutrality E-1
01/10/1937 Roosevelt Puts (U.S. Supreme) Court On Trial Before Nation — Arthur Krock E-3
01/10/1937 Strait Of Gibraltar Center Of New Crisis — Alleged Landing Of German Troops In Spanish Morocco Raises New And Most Dangerous Situation — Recalls 1911 Agadir Incident E-3
01/10/1937 (Anglo-Italian) Treaty Makes History In The Mediterranean — Hanson Baldwin E-4
01/10/1937 Reich Puts Pressure On France Via Spain (With German Volunteers Serving In Spain) E-5
01/10/1937 Hague (Princess Juliana & Prince Bernhard) Wedding Is Nazi Loss E-5
01/10/1937 Chautauqua Woman’s Club Opening ‘Pilgrimage’ Program Here Today D-6
01/10/1937 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt’s Associates Of Suffrage Era Help Her To Celebrate 78th Birthday D-6
01/10/1937 Three Dictators (Mussolini, Hitler & Stalin [Sic] — Pilsudsky Also Mentioned) Who Pose As Prophets Mag. 14
01/11/1937 Britain Bars Volunteers To Spain ; Calls On Other Nations To Do Same; Franco’s Drive On Madrid Is Halted — 1870 Law Invoked — France Warns Germany — France Finds Only 1,500 Germans (25 Officers) Enrolled In Legion In Morocco (Picture Of Admiral Jean Darlan) 1
01/11/1937 Roosevelt Meets Congress Leaders On (His Proposed Government) Reorganization 1
01/11/1937 Germany Angered In Moroccan Issue — Resents French Warning 1
01/11/1937 Senator (Gerald P.) Nye Urges Strict Neutrality 3
01/11/1937 (English Woman, Dr. Maude Royden) Even Dishonor Held No Excuse For War 3
01/11/1937 Danger To Austria Seen (By Kurt Schuschniggs’s ‘Mouthpiece,’ ‘Weltblatt’) In Reich Pact 4
01/11/1937 Anti-Fascist Parade Held For Children In Valencia 4
01/11/1937 Danzig (Arthur Greiser, President Of Danzig Senate) Signs Accord Saving League’s Face 5
01/11/1937 (Emanuel) Celler (Supporting Roosevelt) In Warning To (U.S.) Supreme Court 9
01/11/1937 Boxing Body Asked To Bar (Max) Schmeling — Anti-Nazis To Carry Protest Against Braddock Fight To The State Commission 12
01/11/1937 Federal (FBI) School Opens For Police 12
01/11/1937 WPA (Harry Hopkins) Reorganizes Local Orchestras 15
01/11/1937 Anti-Jewish Plots Held Failure Here (By Cyrus Adler, American Jewish Committee) — Hope Found In Germany — But Rumanian Trend Is Deplored 16
01/11/1937 (Y.M.H.A. & Y.W.H.A.) Want Jewish Clubs ‘Closer’ (Integrated) To Temples 16
01/11/1937 Jews Are Chided (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) For Failing To Read (Jewish Books) 22
01/11/1937 Synagogues Urged To Appeal To Youth (By U.S. Rabbis) 22
01/11/1937 Germany To Add (2,000,000) Workers 27
01/12/1937 Soviet War Budget Increased A Third; Fascism Is Cited 1
01/12/1937 Hitler Trades Assurances On Spain With French Envoy 1
01/12/1937 24 Hurt In Flint (Michigan) Strike Riot-Militia Mobilized 1
01/12/1937 790 Million Asked For Idle (Workers) To July 1 1
01/12/1937 France Now Views Episode (Of German Volunteers In Spanish Morocco) As Closed 4
01/12/1937 Germans Are Active In Morocco; Have A Virtual Naval Base There 4
01/12/1937 Writer (Ernest Hemingway) To Aid (Spanish Communist) Loyalists 4
01/12/1937 (U.S. State Department) Curbs U.S. Passports (To Spain) 4
01/12/1937 French Outplayed Hitler In Morocco-Augur 6
01/12/1937 Americans Urged (By U.S. State Department) To Quit Areas In Spain And China 6
01/12/1937 (Anthony) Eden Met Defeat On (Spain) Blockade Plan 6
01/12/1937 Germany Tightens Grain Collections-Shortage Is Confirmed-Otto D. Tolischus 7
01/12/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Is At Villa Of Riviera In Mexico 9
01/12/1937 Schmeling Tour Opposed (By ‘The Non-Sectarian, Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights-Mortimer Zerwick & Walter White Of National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People) 9
01/12/1937 Roosevelt’s Message On Relief ($790,000,000 Worth!) 14
01/13/1937 Roosevelt (His Government Reorganization) Plan In Brief-Capital Startled 1
01/13/1937 (Anthony) Eden Chides Nazis, Says British Rate Butter Above Guns (1937 Might Be ‘The Decisive Year For Europe.’) 1
01/13/1937 Head Of WPA Union Barred In School (Denied License For Lack Of Qualifications) 4
01/13/1937 Pastor (Universalist) Is Ousted For ‘Radicalism’ (Active In American Civil Liberties Union & American League Against War And Fascism) 8
01/13/1937 Soviet Building Up Huge War Reserve-Harold Denny 9
01/13/1937 Picture: Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) And His Wife In Mexico 9
01/13/1937 Mufti Says Liberty Is Aim (Of Rebellious Arabs) In Palestine 9
01/13/1937 Germany Courts Britain On Spain 10
01/13/1937 Gas Mask Output Speeded In Britain-500,000 Units A Week 10
01/13/1937 18 (Schedule) Trips This Year For The (Zeppelin) Hindenburg 13
01/13/1937 $1,232,000 (English) Gold Engaged 37
01/14/1937 Soviet Finances Defense Through Profits On Food 1
01/14/1937 (Dr. Rexford) Tugwell Detects Lag In (Liberal) Leadership 3
01/14/1937 Poles Renew Call For Exile Of Jews-(Col. Jozef) Beck Says Many Must Go 7
01/14/1937 (Anti-Semetic) Riots Close Vilna University 7
01/14/1937 U.S. Barring A French Debt Parley 7
01/14/1937 Yugloslavia To Curb Exports To Germany (Until Germany Pays Its Debts) 8
01/14/1937 Japanese Anxious Over U.S. Navy Plan 9
01/14/1937 U.S. Bans Service (Of U.S. Citizens) In Spanish Forces-American Volunteers Face Fines And Imprisonment-Citizenship Imperiled 10
01/14/1937 Germans Hail U.S. Move-Would Press War Claims Of Their Own (Against U.S.) If New Board Is Set Up 10
01/14/1937 Hull, Back, (From Buenos Aires) Hails Unity Of Americas 11
01/14/1937 Reich Organ (Bergwerks Zeitung) Pities U.S. For Its Strikes 15
01/14/1937 Imports Of Gold Decline In Year (1936-$1,144,177,000 Aggregate, $1,740,979,000 For 1935) 38
01/14/1937 Britain’s Exports Above A Year Ago 38
01/15/1937 Germany And Italy Decide To Back Final Franco Drive Before Armed Aid Is Halted-Seek Quick Victory-(Leon) Blum Acts To Curb Help 1
01/15/1937 U.S. Navy Designs Unique Gun Turrent-Vessels’ Speed 27 Knots 1
01/15/1937 Tales Of Flogging (In Alabama) Told To Senators 9
01/15/1937 U.S., Britain Show Anger With China (Their Nationals Not Evacuated From Sian)-Germans Are Taken Out 11
01/15/1937 (French Premier, Leon) Blum Fosters Bill To Ban (Spanish) Volunteers 12
01/15/1937 (U.S. Citizen) Acosta Must Tell Of His Aid (As A Pilot) To (Communist, Loyalist) Spain-They Deny Breaking Law 12
01/15/1937 Reich For Peace Dr. (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.) Insists-Denies Undue Aid To (Franco) Spain 13
01/15/1937 Medical Unit Here Ready To Aid (Communist, Loyalist) Spain-Move Is Called ‘Purely Humanitarian (By ‘American Friends Of Democracy’) 13
01/15/1937 No German Troops Seen In Morocco (By British Visitors) 13
01/15/1937 Palestine Greets New Chief Rabbi-Dr. J. A. Herzog 13
01/15/1937 (Loyalist) Spain’s Outlook Held Bad (By New York Times Correspondent, William P. Carney) 14
01/16/1937 14-Inch Gun Limit Accepted By Italy 2
01/16/1937 Berlin Catholics Defy Nazi Threat 2
01/16/1937 Reich Is Organized To Gather Up Junk (Dire Need Of Raw Materials) 2
01/16/1937 Reich Urges Farmer To Better (Increased Yield Of) Crops 2
01/16/1937 (U.S.) Flier (In ‘Yankee Squadron’) Says Lawyer Sent (Enlisted) Him To (Loyalist) Spain 3
01/16/1937 (American) Legion Is Seeking Peace, Says Chief 3
01/16/1937 French War Game (In Atlantic) Begins 3
01/16/1937 Relief Marchers Taunt Roosevelt-Garner Rebukes Critics 6
01/16/1937 Unity Of Action Is Urged On Jews (By J. W. Mack At New Orleans Meeting Of The Council Of The Union Of American Hebrew Congregations) 15
01/17/1937 Mother Held ‘Red’ Fights For Family 16
01/17/1937 Fascism Assailed (By Rabbi Morris S. Lazaron, New Orleans) As Gravest Peril-Jew Is Only One Casualty Of War To Redeem Humanity-Opposes Jewish Nationalism 21
01/17/1937 Palestine Arabs Charge (Pro-Jewish) Prejudice 27
01/17/1937 Fliers Fully Paid (Loyalist) Spain’s Agent Says 30
01/17/1937 Catalonia Fights (Franco) ‘Gangster’ Terror-Priests’ Lives Are Saved 30
01/17/1937 Mexicans Puzzled By (Sudden U.S.) Ban On Planes (To Be Shipped To Loyalist Spain) 31
01/17/1937 (U.S.) Hospital Group Sails For (Loyalist) Spain 32
01/17/1937 Paris Hears Soviet Will Agree On Spain (Volunteers & Armaments) 32
01/17/1937 Japanese Silent On Naval Gun Size-Rule Out Building Race 33
01/17/1937 Hitler Elite Guard (S.S.) Take Over Police (Heinrich Himmler) 36
01/17/1937 German Papers Smaller-To Save Newsprint 36
01/17/1937 Holland Bars Nazi Gift (For Wedding Of Juliana & Bernhard) 36
01/17/1937 Vienna Rebuffs Pro-Nazis 36
01/17/1937 249 New Models Of Planes Listed-U.S. Leads With 150 Kinds N-2
01/17/1937 Nazis Still Calm ‘German Colonies’ (Lost At Versailles) N-6
01/17/1937 Nation Joins Roosevelt ‘Little Left Of Center’-If President Seems Less Radical It Is Because The Country Has Shifted E-3
01/17/1937 (Leon) Blum Aims To Win Reich In New Way E-4
01/17/1937 Germany Heeding (France’s) Morocco Warning E-4
01/17/1937 Goering And Duce Plot Path In Spain E-4
01/17/1937 Cartoon: Anti-German, ‘A Hand-Shake For Mussolini’ E-4
01/17/1937 Trotsky Has Difficult Role (In Mexico) E-5
01/17/1937 As Mr. Roosevelt Sees His Role-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
01/17/1937 World Boom In Aircraft Brings Rush To American Manufacturers Roto.
01/18/1937 Moscow Refuses To Curb Aid To Spanish (Communist) Loyalists; Asks Powers’ Joint Action (Against Fascism)-Peril To Czechs (Is) Seen-Harold Denny 1
01/18/1937 Bonnet Sees Fear Of War As Only Bar To (French) Recovery 1
01/18/1937 French Woo Reich With Conciliation; Trade Pact Sought-Curb On Arms Is A Goal 1
01/18/1937 5 German Prelates Inform Pope On Catholics’ Problems In Reich 5
01/18/1937 Franco Denies Deal Giving Up Territory-Rebel Leader Charges The Real Foe Of Spain Is The ‘Russian Communist International’ 6
01/18/1937 Germans Control Morocco Airports-Presence (Of Young German Aviators) Not Explained 7
01/18/1937 Paris Is Amenable On (Spanish) Volunteer Plan-Accepts British Contention 7
01/18/1937 Reich And Austria At Odds Over Trade 7
01/18/1937 Devalued Moneys Windfall To Reich (On Exchange In Foreign Debt) 8
01/18/1937 (Dr. H. S. Coffin) Finds A New Faith In Our Democracy-Says Dictatorships Have Strengthened Belief In American Institutions (‘Sinister Events In Europe.’)-Jewish Conference Held (Dr. Cyrus Adler)-Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres., Columbia University & Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) On Religion 9
01/18/1937 Roosevelt Found Turning To Right (By John Haynes Holmes)-Sees War Menacing Plan 10
01/18/1937 Social Peril Seen In Our Education 15
01/18/1937 Britain’s Imports Outpace Exports 23
01/18/1937 World Price Spur Seen In New Deal 23
01/19/1937 Britain Bars Bribe (Former German Colonies) As Price Of Peace-Sees No Japanese Threat 1
01/19/1937 (Ass’t. U.S. Att’y. Gen.,) R. H. Jackson Shifted (From Tax Division To Anti-Trust Division Of Dept. Of Justice) 7
01/19/1937 Reich Giving Greece Credits For Arming 11
01/19/1937 New Nazi (‘Adolf Hitler’ Institution) Schools Will Train (Future) Rulers 14
01/19/1937 Hitler Sees Construction Work Started On A Branch Chancellery At Berchtesgaden 14
01/19/1937 Commercial Flying Closed As A Career By Germany (Must Join Luftwaffe To Become Pilot) 14
01/19/1937 Nazi Secret Police Ban Official (Church) Paper Action Sets Precedent 14
01/19/1937 (Julius) Streicher Attacks Churches (But Not Christianity!) 14
01/19/1937 British Commons Faces Arms Issue-Conscription Plan Denied 16
01/19/1937 Huge New Colony For Jews (From Poland, Germany & Rumania) Proposed (In Dominican Republic-Action Initiated By Letter From Rabbi Stephen S. Wise To Trujillo) 26
01/19/1937 Slight Rise In Gold Again At Reichsbank 37
01/19/1937 Sales Are Halted Of Wartime (Ww I) Ships 45
01/20/1937 (Anthony) Eden Tells Reich Britain Will Help If It Cooperates (Text, P. 13) 1
01/20/1937 Soviet Tries Radek And 16 On Saturday As Trotsky Aides (Vishinsky, Prosecutor!) 1
01/20/1937 Roosevelt Takes Oath Again Today: Gay Throngs Wait 1
01/20/1937 (Herbert) Lehman Arrives For Inauguration 9
01/20/1937 Nazis’ Boycott (Of Jewish Physicians) Stressed 12
01/20/1937 French Study Haven For Jewish Refugees (Madagascar Mentioned As A Possible Site) 15
01/20/1937 Polish-Danzig Agreement 15
01/21/1937 Roosevelt Pledges Warfare Against Poverty, Broader Aid For ‘Those Who Have Too Little;’ Throngs See Inauguration In Pelting Rain (Text, P. 1)-Scorns ‘Blindly Selfish’ 1
01/21/1937 Open Door Urged.In World Colonies By Tokyo Minister (Arita) 1
01/21/1937 Paris Concessions Disappoint Angora-Danzig Is Still Big Issue-Clarence K. Streit (Geneva) 7
01/21/1937 Delay Is Expected In League Reforms-Abolition Of Curb On Aggressor.Now Would Be Victory For German Dictator-Augur 7
01/21/1937 President (Roosevelt) Hailed For Peace Effort (By Pan-American Society) 7
01/21/1937 (Anthony) Eden Speech Fails To Impress Reich-Censorial Tone Stressed (Offered Nothing New) 8
01/21/1937 3,000 Reich Troops En Route To Spain-More ‘Volunteers’ (Sic) Likely-Pertinax 8
01/21/1937 Japan Is Menaced (By Russia, U.S. & Britain) War Office Holds 10
01/21/1937 Russian Police Search Japanese Ship 8 Hours 10
01/21/1937 Reich Exports Up 12 Per Cent In 1936-550,000,000 Mark Surplus 12
01/21/1937 Vienna (German) Trade Hopes Fall 12
01/21/1937 Japan’s Cotton Men Warned Of (Product) Ban Here (In U.S.) 12
01/21/1937 (Dorothy Thompson’s) Book (‘I Saw Hitler’) Banned (In Germany-Very Condescending, Uncomplimentary & Anti-Hitler) 13
01/21/1937 Motorized Cavalry In The Parade; First Such In Inaugural Escort 17
01/21/1937 Japan Clarifies Exchange Curbs-To Stabilize Currency 31
01/22/1937 War Moratorium Proposed By (Admiral Richard E.) Byrd (In A Letter To Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler)-Educator Backs Plan 1
01/22/1937 $1,182,000 For Polish Jews (From The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 2
01/22/1937 Roosevelt (Inaugural) Address Praised In London 7
01/22/1937 Senate Passes Blum Bill (Banning Volunteers To Spain) 8
01/22/1937 Germany Demands New Czech Policy-Prague Menaces Germans 9
01/22/1937 Azana Sees Fate Of Europe In (Leftist-Loyalist) Spain 9
01/22/1937 (Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht 60 Today; Germans Hail Him 11
01/22/1937 Roosevelt Praises Synagogue Campaign 12
01/22/1937 Japan Will Limit Textiles Sent To U.S. 36
01/23/1937 Wide Embargo Act To Keep Us Neutral Moved By (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman (One Of The Arch Interventionists!) 1
01/23/1937 Open Letter To The Consul General Of Poland-Dr. S. Margoshes, Editor Of ‘The Day’ 8
01/23/1937 Schacht Honored On 60th Birthday-Hitler Sends Message 9
01/23/1937 German Catholics (At Fulda Meeting) To Defy Nazi (School) Bans-Concordat Is Emphasized 9
01/23/1937 (Prof. Dr. Ernst Kriesck) Would Shut Third Of Reich Colleges (Because Of Substandard Teachers) 9
01/23/1937 Japanese Quotas For Textiles (To Be Exported To U.S.) Vary 9
01/23/1937 Berlin Seeks Curb On Loyalist (Spanish) Gold 10
01/23/1937 Americans Named To League (Of Nations) Posts-U.S. Cooperation Seen-Clarence K. Streit 10
01/23/1937 Japan May Use Gold To Support Yen 25
01/24/1937 Plot With Reich And Japan Confessed At Soviet Trial (Pictures, P. 28) 1
01/24/1937 Roosevelt’s Speech Is Belittled In Rome-His Praise Of Democracy Draws A Retort In Paper That Some Acts Smack Of Dictatorship 26
01/24/1937 Reich Job Plan Held Superior To Ours (By Prof Julius Richter, Visiting U.S. From Berlin) 26
01/24/1937 Roosevelt Begins Runciman (Trade) Parleys-(Involving) Arms Manufacture, Commerce And Other Issues Are To Be Discussed-Hull Joins Them Today 27
01/24/1937 (U.S. Ass’t. Sec. Of State, Francis B. Sayre) Asserts No Nation Wants Free Trade N-2
01/24/1937 Room For More Jews Is Seen In Palestine (United Jewish Appeal-Joseph L. Cohen) N-7
01/24/1937 Washington’s Dream Is Perfect Neutrality-To Keep Us Safe, (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman Bill Gives President Power To Cut Off Trade With Belligerent Nations E-3
01/24/1937 Germany’s Rebuff Disappoints Paris E-4
01/24/1937 Italo-Reich Unity A Force In Europe E-4
01/24/1937 Rearming Occupies Britain E-4
01/24/1937 Arab Case Is Held Hurt In Palestine-Joseph M. Levy E-5
01/24/1937 League Reflects Division Of Europe E-5
01/24/1937 Warship Building Highest Since War-Battleship Coming Back S-10
01/24/1937 Van Der Meersch, Invasion, Viking Press, N.Y. (In Translation)-A Story Of Life In France Under German Occupation Book 1
01/25/1937 (French Premier, Leon) Blum Offers Help To Reich But Bars Using It For Arms 1
01/25/1937 President (Roosevelt) Directs Government Aid-Put On Wartime Basis 1
01/25/1937 Radek (In Moscow Trials-Vishinsky) Bares Plot To Halt (Russian) Railways 1
01/25/1937 Radek Wins Tilt Of Wits (With Vishinsky) At Trials, Confession Amazes Spectators 3
01/25/1937 Germans Condemn ‘Moneybag Policy’-Hitler Held Unlikely To Trade Political Concessions (On Internal Affairs) For Offers Of Economic Aid 4
01/25/1937 Germany Gripped By Anti-Red Drive-Otto D. Tolischus 4
01/25/1937 Allies Are Blamed For Rise Of Hitler-German Pastors Praised (By Presbyterian John Sutherland Bonnell) 10
01/25/1937 Jews Told To Play Life’s Game Fairly-If They Do Not, They Will Go Down In Hatred To Destruction, Dr. S.S. Wise Says 10
01/25/1937 British Optimistic On Roosevelt ‘Luck’ 29
01/25/1937 Roosevelt Puzzles Paris-French Ask If President Is Weighing Revision Of (U.S.) Constitution 29
01/25/1937 Net Imports Of Gold Up In Britain In 1936 34
01/26/1937 Anglo-U.S. Treaty On Trade Nearer 6
01/26/1937 Italy, Reich Agree To Ban Aiding Spain-Ready To Act When Others Take ‘Positive Measures’ And Recall Agitators 8
01/26/1937 Munich Renews Fight On Catholic Schools 8
01/26/1937 Polish Jews Fear Fate Of Germany’s (Jews)-Government Powerless To Stem Tide Of Anti-Semitism Sweeping The Nation-Emigration Plan Dropped 9
01/26/1937 Reich Suspends Jewish Groups 9
01/26/1937 Russian On Trial (Moscow-Vishinsky) Names Reich Again 11
01/27/1937 Swift Aid Is Asked For Jews In Poland (By Rabbi Jonah B. Wise, Chairman Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 7
01/27/1937 Helped Slay Czar (Nicholas Ii); Now Held In Plot (Moscow Trial-Vishinsky) 10
01/27/1937 Danzig Compromise Reached In Geneva 10
01/27/1937 Audience Laughs At Soviet (Moscow) Trial When Plotter Annoys Prosecutor (Vishinsky) 10
01/27/1937 (Raymond Leslie Buell) Says Roosevelt Could Avert War (By Calling A Six-Power Conference) 23
01/27/1937 U.S. Steel Clears $50,525,684 For ‘36-Largest Profit Since 1930 29
01/28/1937 Russian Plotters (Moscow Trial-Vishinsky) Says War On Soviet Was Fixed For 1937 1
01/28/1937 Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise Scores Polish Threat Against (Jewish) Race-(James G.) Mc Donald (Later Head Of Presidents Committee On Refugees) Sees Liberty Imperilled 2
01/28/1937 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Asks Unity To End Despotism-Sees Wide War Of Ideas-No Peace Anywhere, Even In The United States As Opposing Ideals Clash 6
01/28/1937 Vatican Protest To Reich 8
01/28/1937 Britain Is Arming Swiftly In The Air-Gives Warning To Reich-Cautions That Preparation For War Will Go On Until Accord For Peace Is Assured 8
01/28/1937 Greece (Metaxas) Calls Off Reich Arms Deal 10
01/28/1937 Canadian Peace Plea Is Opposed By Leader-Request To U.S. To Call Parley Might Cause Embarrassment (To Roosevelt) 10
01/28/1937 Vienna-Berlin Pact Signed 10
01/28/1937 British Fascist Fined 10
01/28/1937 (Suffragette, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt) Asks Virile Title For Peace Drives 27
01/29/1937 Death For 17 Asked (By Vishinsky) At Moscow Trial 1
01/29/1937 Troyanovsky Lists Russia’s New Aims-Friendly Cooperation With All Democracies-Calls Fascism Its Foe 2
01/29/1937 12 Navy Planes Wing To Hawaii 3
01/29/1937 Warsaw Students Bar Gate To Jews-Fascists Beat Several 3
01/29/1937 Poles Here Resent Criticism By Jews 3
01/29/1937 (Walter) Damrosch, At 76 Has No ‘Message’ 9
01/29/1937 Baruch Gives Plan For Avoiding War-’Cash And Carry’ System, Laws To Curb Profits And Strong Defense Urged In Committees 10
01/30/1937 Soviet (Moscow Trial) Dooms 13; Radek And Others Get 10-Year Terms (Vishinsky) 1
01/30/1937 Neville Chamberlain Asserts Reich Can Aid Europe By Cooperating For Peace 1
01/30/1937 Appeal To Hitler Is Made In Britain-Regrets Armament Race 2
01/30/1937 Thanks For Hitler In Church Ordered (In Germany) 2
01/30/1937 Some Foes Of Nazis Face Life Prison Camp Terms 2
01/30/1937 Beck Says Poland Is Not Anti-Jewish-’All Excesses’ Barred-Clarence Streit 3
01/30/1937 Peace Groups Back (Roosevelt’s) Good Neighbor Aim (‘Conference On The Cause And Cure Of War’) 3
01/30/1937 New Dealer (Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Ass’t. Att’y. General) Warns The (U.S.) Supreme Court 6
01/31/1937 Hitler Retracts ‘War Guilt;’ Demands Former Colonies; Says Surprises Are Ended-Hitler Band Nobel Prizes; Sets Up Rival German Awards-Otto D. Tolischus 1
01/31/1937 War Funds Scored By Anti-Fascists-For Schmeling Boycott 22
01/31/1937 Foes Prepared Attack On Cabinet In Poland 22
01/31/1937 Germany Is Held Sole Peace Peril (By Robert Valear, Columbia University, At Foreign Policy Association) 26
01/31/1937 Democratic Goal Visioned For Jews-Liberalism As Heritage 34
01/31/1937 (Mass. Senator, David I.) Walsh Bids Us Arm As Peace Measure 37
01/31/1937 (N.Y. Representative, Hamilton) Fish Assails Roosevelt N-2
01/31/1937 Aid To Polish Jews Cited (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) N-2
01/31/1937 Hitler Starts Mildly His Second Four Years-Sees Reich As Real Democracy E-3
01/31/1937 (Leon) Blum’s Foes Focus Attacks On Franc E-4
01/31/1937 Hitler’s ‘Eternal’ Plan Changed In Four Years-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
01/31/1937 Butter And Guns Europe’s Symbol E-5
01/31/1937 New Pro-Nazi Body Formed In Austria-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
01/31/1937 (Sumner) Welles Will Speak On American Peace D-6
01/31/1937 Four Years Of Hitlerism-Frederick T. Birchall (Unsympathetic) Mag. 1
01/31/1937 Neutrality; 1915 Sheds Light On 1937 Mag. 3