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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

July 1937
Date Headline Page
07/01/1937 Franc Cut Adrift; 4-Cent Value Due 1
07/01/1937 Roosevelt-Du Pont Wedding (Pictures, P. 22) 1
07/01/1937 Japanese And Russians Reported Massing On Amur After Soviet Ship Is Sunk 1
07/01/1937 Riot Photos Force (Chicago) Police Admission 5
07/01/1937 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Apologizes For Slight To Soviet (In Speech-Note This Action Relative To Germany!) 8
07/01/1937 Aid For Miss Earhart Ready On Pacific Hop 13
07/01/1937 (Paul) Van Zeeland Sails In Optimistic Mood-Belgian Premier Non-Committal On Result Of Informal Talks With President Roosevelt (But Roosevelt Made A Profound Impression On Him) 13
07/01/1937 Roosevelt Letter Felicitates Zionists-Congratulates (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise On Re-Election And Praises Work In Palestine 13
07/01/1937 New Reich Edicts Curb Protestants 14
07/01/1937 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Talk To Scouts 24
07/01/1937 Imports Of Gold Heavy Last Month-Britain Led Shipments 48
07/02/1937 No C.I.O. Irresponsibility Shown, Miss Perkins Says; Would Force Conferences (See June 27, 1937, P. 1) 1
07/02/1937 Nazis Finally Put Neimoeller In (Moabit) Jail 1
07/02/1937 Race By (Robert F.) Wagner Now Held Likely 1
07/02/1937 C.I.O. Aide (Communist [?] Gus Hall) Surrenders (Picture) 2
07/02/1937 C.I.O. Gains Fast In Pittsburgh Area 4
07/02/1937 Roosevelt Greets Canadian Nation (Text) 7
07/02/1937 Thomas J. Watson (Ibm) Is Decorated By Hitler For Work In Bettering Economic Relations 8
07/02/1937 4 Years For Reich Priest (For Swindling) 8
07/02/1937 Britain Bids Reich Win Loan (From U.S. & Britain) By Peace 11
07/02/1937 Palestine Die Cast; Division Approved 12
07/03/1937 Miss Earhart Forced Down At Sea, Howland Isle Fears 1
07/03/1937 Soviet Withdraws Force From Amur At Scene Of (Russo-Japanese) Fight 1
07/03/1937 Soviet ‘Liquidates’ 120 More As Spies 1
07/03/1937 A. A. U. Declines Invitation To Germany; Religious Persecution Is Cited By Mahoney 1
07/03/1937 Two Synod Heads Are Fined In Reich 2
07/03/1937 The Text Of The (Roosevelt) Compromise Court Reorganization Bill 4
07/03/1937 Riot Film Backed By New Witness-Chicago (Republic Steel) Riot Film Stirs Audience Here (Filmed By Paramount Pictures As A News Film) 5
07/03/1937 2,500 Aliens Face Loss Of WPA Jobs 6
07/03/1937 (Senator) Copeland Assails Dividing Palestine-Says Partition Would Violate Convention Of 1924 Between United States And Britain 16
07/03/1937 Signs $864,930,000 Bills-President (Roosevelt) Approves Spending For Military And CCC Purposes 16
07/04/1937 Eden Says Britain Is Firm On Keeping All Spain Intact 1
07/04/1937 Troops Will Guard Cleveland Plants Reopening Tuesday 1
07/04/1937 Palestine Divided Into Three Parts (Map, P. 12) 1
07/04/1937 Clergy In Soviet Seized In ‘Plots’-Harold Denny 1
07/04/1937 Asserts (U.S.) Migrants Top Total Of 20S 2
07/04/1937 Text Of The Ford Company’s Reply To The Charges Of The NLRB 4
07/04/1937 ‘War Clouds’ Lead In (University Of Virginia) Institute (Of Public Affairs) Topics 12
07/04/1937 (H. Wickham) Steed Admits Peril Of European War-Sees Germany Thwarted (Propagandist Of World War I. Announced United Nations’ Policy That Germany Intended To Kill All The European Jews On The Bbc On Dec. 24, 1942) 13
07/04/1937 New Deal Praised By Paris Experts-President (Roosevelt) Is Termed ‘Eighteenth Century Country Gentleman’ Who Seeks Reforms 15
07/04/1937 Japanese Gloomy In View Of (Peace In) China 15
07/04/1937 U.S. Trade Pressure On Brazil Charged 15
07/04/1937 Reich Is Defeated In World Chamber (Of Commerce)-Otto D. Tolischus 16
07/04/1937 4 Priests Sentenced For A Clash In Reich (Attacks On Police) 16
07/04/1937 Reich Anti-Jewish Laws Are Extended To (German) Silesia 16
07/04/1937 Names (‘North Carolina’ & ‘Washington’) Selected For (New U.S.) Battleships N-1
07/04/1937 Nation Leads All (Others) In Road Building N-2
07/04/1937 World Racial Issues On Agenda Of Parley (Institute Of Race Relations; Sponsored By Quakers) N-2
07/04/1937 Warns Engineers To Guard Society-’Humanics’ Aim Is Told N-3
07/04/1937 U.S. Will Dedicate 13 War Memorials (To American Dead In Europe-The Construction Of These Was Pershing’s Peacetime Job After The War) N-6
07/04/1937 (R. L. Buell) Attacks New Deal At Youth Congress N-6
07/04/1937 1,700 (‘Picked’) Youths Enroll At Plattsburg Camp (For A Months Military Training At U.S. Expense) N-6
07/04/1937 Nazis Concentrate On Tourist Trade-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
07/04/1937 British Cling To Hope Of Accord With Reich E-5
07/04/1937 Anthony Eden Is For ‘Peace At Almost Any Price.’ E-5
07/04/1937 (U.S.) Treasury Year Ends With Seventh Deficit-And Debt Is At 36 Billions E-6
07/04/1937 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Policies Fought (Opposed) At Home (By Montana Constituents) E-10
07/05/1937 British See Reich Isolating Italians For Austrian Coups-Augur 1
07/05/1937 (Pennsylvania Governor) Earle (Strong Roosevelt Supporter) Pledges C. I. 0. Support; 12 000 At Johnstown Rally; Indiana Citizens Ask Troops 1
07/05/1937 Niemoeller In (Moabit) Jail Rallies His Paris-Women Weep As Message Is Read (By General Superintendent, Friederich Dibelius)-Dibelius Warns Nazis 1
07/05/1937 U.S. Units Play Ball At Madrid Front 2
07/05/1937 Roosevelt Hails The (U.S.) Constitution 2
07/05/1937 (Alfred E.) Smith, Returning, Warns Against European Trends 3
07/05/1937 (Leon) Blum In Defense Of Fallen (Popular Front) Cabinet 5
07/05/1937 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Sees Hope Put In U.S., Britain 6
07/05/1937 Soviet Says (Unnamed) Firm Here Aids Gestapo 8
07/05/1937 Berlin Is Hopeful Of Revised (Spanish Neutrality) Patrol 8
07/05/1937 (Sir Oswald) Mosley’s (3,000) Fascists Parade In London 8
07/05/1937 All Russian Forces Quit Islands In Amur 9
07/05/1937 (Catholic Archbishop & Rabbi) Calls Boy Scouts To Defend Church 18
07/05/1937 Critics Of U.S. Urged To Look At Europe 18
07/05/1937 Palestine Is Eager For (Peel) Inquiry Report 18
07/05/1937 Communists Back (Mayor) Laguardia In Race 19
07/05/1937 Solutions Drawn For Cuba’s Debts 21
07/06/1937 Roosevelt Warns We Would Suffer From War Abroad-World Disaster Will Come If Conflict Breaks 1
07/06/1937 (Robert F.) Wagner Declares Tammany Cradled Liberalism In U.S. (Picture 1
07/06/1937 Scottsboro (Negro Rape Of White Woman) Trials Start Again Today (Case Already Six Years Old) 2
07/06/1937 (Der) Angriff (Goebbels’ Paper) Calls (John L.) Lewis (Head Of CIO & United Mine Workers) Champion Of Moscow 6
07/06/1937 Roosevelt Affirms Nations Soundness (Text) 7
07/06/1937 British Rush Force To Calm Palestine-(Pro-Palestine Federation) Urges Roosevelt To Act 11
07/06/1937 Niemoeller Aide (Prof. Bachnin) Held For Petition 11
07/06/1937 22 More Executed As Spies In Russia 14
07/06/1937 (Ibm’s T. J.) Watson (President Of World Chamber Of Commerce Which Just Met In Berlin) Sends Hitler Notes Of Gratitude 14
07/06/1937 Col. (Frank) Knox Praises Labor Of Britain 17
07/06/1937 (Belgian Prime Minister, Paul) Van Zeeland Sees British Ministers-Belgian Premier Reports To Chamberlain And Eden On (His Recent) Talks With Roosevelt 30
07/06/1937 Racketeering Laid To WPA Officials (By Ralph M. Easley) 38
07/07/1937 Two-Way Atlantic Flight Hailed On Two Continents 1
07/07/1937 Roosevelt Will Edit Book Of His Papers; Records Show Progress Of His Policies (Judge Samuel I. Rosenman, A Close Personal Friend And Advisor Will Help) 1
07/07/1937 War Department Buys 210 Pursuit Planes With Speed Exceeding 300 Miles An Hour 2
07/07/1937 British On Guard In Tense Palestine-Arab Uprisings Feared-Palestine Becomes Tense 12
07/07/1937 Germany Lists Rise In Naval Armaments 12
07/07/1937 Reich Paper Scores (U.S. Ambassador To England, Robert W.) Bingham On (Agitating) Speech-Says U.S. Envoy To London Is Fulfilling ‘Peace Mission’ By A ‘Call To Arms’ 12
07/07/1937 Reich Grain Crops Likely To Be Poor-Hope Is Put In Potatoes 13
07/07/1937 New (German) Mark Plan For Jews (‘Haavaramarken’-Jewish Transfer Marks) 13
07/07/1937 France Is Pressed To Help (Loyalist) Valencia 14
07/07/1937 Franco Veils Threat To Neutral Nations 14
07/07/1937 Italy Is Constructing Sixty Military Airports 14
07/07/1937 Kung Asks U.S. Aid In Restoring China 16
07/07/1937 (Boy) Scouts Exhorted By (Lord) Baden-Powell (Text)-’Put Your Country First’ 24
07/07/1937 Exports Of Steel Biggest Since War 37
07/08/1937 Britain Approves Division Of Palestine Into 3 Parts (Text & Maps, Pp. 16-18); Will Push Plan At Once 1
07/08/1937 Two Dead, 19 Shot In Aluminum (Alcoa) Riot; Troops Called Out 1
07/08/1937 Devil’s Islander (Prisoner) Here After Perils 3
07/08/1937 Five Ford Workers Named In Attack (On Walter Reuter, Et Al.) 5
07/08/1937 Hanfstaengel (Former Hitler Confidante) Wins London Libel Suit 14
07/08/1937 Rothshcild Linked To (Karl) Marx By Nazis-Two ‘Brothers In Blood And In Spirit’ 14
07/08/1937 Aid For Loyalists Denied By Harvard (State Senator’s Charge) 14
07/08/1937 (British) Commission Finds Palestine Jews Happy; Hails National Home For Easing Distress-Sympathy For Arabs Is Voiced In Report; Wish To Rule Own House Is Recognized 17
07/08/1937 (Palestine Partition) Plan To Be Weighed By U.S. Under (1924 Anglo-U.S.) Pact 18
07/08/1937 Palestine Report Hailed In London-Zionist Critics Mild 18
07/08/1937 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And Of The Carnegie Institute For International Peace) Assailed In Reich (By Hamburger Fremdenblatt) 18
07/08/1937 India Nationalists To Accept (British) Offer-London Is Pleased 19
07/08/1937 Salzberg Festival To Lack Germans-Toscanini’s Performance 21
07/08/1937 World Crisis Held Danger To America (By University Of Virginia’s Institute Of Public Affairs, By Sumner Welles, Roosevelt’s Under-Secretary Of State) 24
07/08/1937 Boy Scouts Cheer Tumultuously As Roosevelt Tours Their Camp 25
07/08/1937 Picture: Roosevelt (Standing [‘Stabat Pater’]) Throwing Baseball To Start Ball Game In Washington 27
07/08/1937 Germans Win Point In Black Tom Case (Charged Fraud In Some Of The Previous Testimony) 48
07/09/1937 26,000 Scouts Hail The President (‘Chief’ Roosevelt) On Ride Through Ranks At Review 1
07/09/1937 Picture: The Battle Between Police And Strikers In Tennessee 2
07/09/1937 Ford Men Called ‘Typical Hoodlums’ (By Union Witnesses) 2
07/09/1937 (N.Y. Congressman, Hamilton) Fish Claims Proof On Roosevelt (Questionable Use Of Loophole In Income) Tax 7
07/09/1937 Palestine Division Is Protested Here-Rabbi S.S. Wise, Zionist Leader, Finds Britain Guilty Of ‘Betrayal Of Trust’-Arabs Dissatisfied Too 10
07/09/1937 Russia Threatens War With Japan 10
07/09/1937 Italy Reassures Britain On Arabs-Aids Palestine Stability 10
07/09/1937 Arabs To Consult The Moslem Kings-Terms Partition Unfair 11
07/09/1937 Germany Imprisons Two Priests As Foes (Agitated Against NSDAP) 11
07/09/1937 Poland Seen Opposed To Palestine Plan-Creation Of Small State A Curb To Hopes For Mass Emigration Of Polish Jews 11
07/09/1937 64 More Executed In Soviet Far East (Espionage)-Harold Denny 13
07/09/1937 (President (Roosevelt) Sees (Spanish) War Files (Made Personally By Writer Ernest Hemingway, Whitehouse Guest-Hemingway Later Moved To Cuba At The Time Under Castro. Here He Committed Suicide) 19
07/09/1937 (U.S.) Neutrality Called ‘Weak’ And A ‘Need’-Dr. (Clark M. Eichelberger Says It Will Not Keep Us From War-Eichelberger One Of The Most Virulent Interventionists! Director Of League Of Nations Association, Later Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies)-(California Representative, Jerry) Vorhis Disagrees (With Eichelberger At University Of Virginia, Institute Of Public Affairs) 19
07/09/1937 $1,021,135.97 Bid For Laid-Up Ships 39
07/10/1937 U.S. Agrees To Sell Gold To China In Move To Aid World Currencies (As A Result Of Morgenthau Negotiations-Pictures, P. 4) 1
07/10/1937 Court Bill ‘Bigots’ Raked By (Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler In Tensed Senate 1
07/10/1937 Tokyo Lists (Peace) Terms In North China Row-Military Attache Says Chinese Responsible For Fighting Must Be Punished-Truce Ignored By Troops 1
07/10/1937 Soviet Speaker (Andrey Vishinsky, Soviet Attorney General At The Moscow Trials-Later Attended Nuernberg Tribunal As Honored U.S. Guest) Derides U.S. Democracy; Sees Equality In Senate, Ignores House 1
07/10/1937 Women (Union Witnesses) In Ford Riot Tell Of (Company) Beatings 2
07/10/1937 (N.Y. Congressman, Hamilton) Fish Lays (Income Tax) Evasion To Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 4
07/10/1937 Schuschnigg Balks Reich 4
07/10/1937 Palestine Groups Gird To Fight (Peel) Plan-Arabs Ask For Counsel 7
07/10/1937 New Ideal In Trade Is Urged By (Adolf A.) Berle (Later U.S. Asst. Secretary Of State, At University Of Virginia, Institute Of Public Affairs 8
07/10/1937 WPA In Bay State To Drop All Aliens 8
07/10/1937 Czech Nazis Forming Ties With Austrians 8
07/10/1937 Palestine Plan Only Small Part Of Larger Problems-Anne O’ Hare Mc Cormick 14
07/10/1937 Cuba To Settle Debt By One Loan 21
07/10/1937 Police Here View (Chicago, Republic Steel) Strike Newsreel 32
07/11/1937 France Prepared To Suspend Patrol Of (Spanish) Border Tuesday-Will Cancel Neutral Observers’ Rights Unless Portuguese Control Is Reestablished 1
07/11/1937 Japanese Take Two Towns In Fighting Near Peiping; Chinese Prepare For War-Peace Move Fails 1
07/11/1937 2 New (U.S.) Battleships To Have 16-Inch Guns-Japan Rejected Accord 12
07/11/1937 British, Americans Vie For Tiny Isle (Canton Island) 16
07/11/1937 Sentenced Over Camp-New York Rabbi (Jacob Bienenfeld) Is Accused Of Operating (Camp ‘Minobi,’ Jewish Vacation Service) Without Permit 16
07/11/1937 President (Roosevelt) Approves $3,000,000 For (N.Y. World’s) Fair 20
07/11/1937 Franco-Reich Pact On Trade Is Signed 22
07/11/1937 Palestine Arabs Win Moslem Rulers’ Aid 22
07/11/1937 Reich Now Talks (War) Debt Annulment 23
07/11/1937 Reich Cuts Unemployed By 128,000 To 649,000 24
07/11/1937 League (Of Nations) Denounced As Breeder Of War (By Italian Dr. Luigi Villari, At University Of Virginia, Institute Of Public Affairs) 26
07/11/1937 Germans To Rebuild Zeppelin For Helium 26
07/11/1937 Picture: Vladimir Hurban, Czechoslovak Minister (With Nicola Tesla-After Czechoslovakia Became A German Protectorate, Hurban Became A U.S.-Supported Center Of Anti-German Activity In Washington) N-1
07/11/1937 Zionists Resentful, British Hopeful Over Proposal To Divide Palestine (Map) E-5
07/11/1937 Basic Facts About Palestine E-5
07/11/1937 Pictures: Sir Horace Rumbold & Lord Peel, Royal Commissioners In Palestine E-5
07/11/1937 Picture: Young Heinrich Himmler E-5
07/11/1937 Mexico Advances Toward Socialism-Picture: Cardenas E-6
07/11/1937 Moscow Strikes At Emigres-ExecutionsAr A Warning-Harold Denny E-6
07/11/1937 Substitute (Roosevelt) Court (Revision) Bill Viewed As Worse Than Original E-8
07/11/1937 A New German Faith Arises In Luther’s Land Mag. 5
07/12/1937 Syrian Arabs Riot For New Mandate 1
07/12/1937 (George) Messersmith Quits Vienna Amid Regret (Later, He Was The Source Of Many Affidavits Entered As ‘Evidence’ By The U.S. Prosecution [Robert H. Jackson] At Nuernberg) 6
07/12/1937 Protestants Ask Nazis For Peace 7
07/12/1937 Seek Plea By Hull For Polish Jury (Appeal By Delegates Headed By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-See Appeal To Roosevelt By Delegation Headed By Wise, Dec. 8, 1942) 9
07/12/1937 16-1N Guns By U.S. (On New Battleships) Expected By British-London Not Surprised 9
07/12/1937 Palestine Division Held Aid To Peace 13
07/12/1937 Middling Grain Crop Expected In Germany 27
07/13/1937 Control Of Court Is Roosevelt Aim, (N. C. Senator) Bailey Declares-Our Liberties Are At Stake 1
07/13/1937 Scottsboro Trial Brings Surprise 3
07/13/1937 Hull ‘Sympathetic’ To Jews In Poland-22 Killed In Five Months 7
07/13/1937 Dr. Alice Solomon (‘Germany’s Jane Addams’) Expelled By Reich (Picture) 7
07/13/1937 Moslems Threaten (Palestine) Partition Backers 9
07/13/1937 Morgenthau Signs Chinese Gold Pact-Dollar Exchange Extended Without Sale Of Silver-No Protest From Japan 13
07/13/1937 Reich Jails Priest For Marriage Rites-’Abetting Rassenschande’ 15
07/13/1937 Reich And Austria Reach Press Truce 15
07/13/1937 (Utah Senator) Thomas Predicts Unity Over Peace-League Failure Admitted (University Of Virginia, Institute Of Public Affairs) 17
07/13/1937 (Leo T.) Crowley (In War, Roosevelt’s Alien Property Custodian After Morgenthau) Says Banks Need Fdic For Crisis 27
07/14/1937 Revolt Against (Roosevelt) Court (Revision) Bill Grows With House Joining; Copeland Chides Roosevelt 1
07/14/1937 Russians Set Mark On Flight To U.S. 1
07/14/1937 $3,300 Gift By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt To Tera Is Revealed In Final Audit Of The Books 8
07/14/1937 39 WPA Teachers Guilty In Disorder 8
07/14/1937 Goering Tightens Reich 4-Year Plan 10
07/14/1937 German Students Work In Fields Under Pressure (‘Volunteers’) 10
07/14/1937 (Dr. W. H. Culemann) Contends Europe Justifies Hitler (University Of Virginia, Institute Of Public Affairs) 11
07/14/1937 (Dr. Carl J. Friedrich, Refugee) Gives Hitler Rule Less Than 20 Years (Total Existence)-Predicts Nazi Regime’s Downfall 11
07/14/1937 Militant Program Urged For Religion 12
07/14/1937 Reds And Rightists Battle Near Paris-1,500 Communists March On Headquarters Of Rival Party In Boulogne-Sur-Seine 12
07/14/1937 Soviet Executes 8 In Georgia As Spies 12
07/14/1937 China Will Fight, Says Vice Premier 15
07/14/1937 Japan Continues To Rush In Forces 15
07/14/1937 Mrs. Carrie C. Catt (Feminist ‘Pacifist’) Honored At Party 18
07/14/1937 Gold Imports Rise To High For 1937-$262,102,813 Total In June 29
07/14/1937 War Bureau Buys $820,997 Vehicles 31
07/14/1937 New Housing Bill Reaches President (Roosevelt) 33
07/15/1937 3 Russian Aviators Land In California; Easily Top Record 1
07/15/1937 French Envoy Scores Nazi Press Attack (‘Violent Language’) 2
07/15/1937 Berlin Welcomes British (Spanish War) Proposals 3
07/15/1937 Roosevelt Praises The Soviet Fliers-Hull Joins Him 3
07/15/1937 Why Reich Exiled (Deported) Dr. Alice Salomon) 7
07/15/1937 Poland And Germany In Silesian Accord 7
07/15/1937 Minorities Congress Convenes In London-Germans Predominate 7
07/15/1937 Scottsboro Trial Rushed To Finish-Chief Witness Assailed-F. Raymond Daniell 11
07/15/1937 (Dr. Horace M. Kallen) Sees Forces Working To Defeat Democracy 11
07/15/1937 (Robert M. Jackson, Later U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg) Lauds Tax Stand Of Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Calls Her Conscientious-Urges That Tax Evasion Committee Drop Charges Made By (N.Y. Congressman, Hamilton) Fish 14
07/15/1937 Gen. (Smedley) Butler Warns Of War ‘Rackets’ (University Of Virginia, Institute Of Public Affairs) 20
07/16/1937 Japan Ready To Mobilize; Sends Home Force To China; Drive On Peiping Expected-Tokyo Is Prepared 1
07/16/1937 Citizens Organize National Defense Of Right To Work (Without Union)-Charge Law Breakdown-Speakers Denounce Roosevelt 1
07/16/1937 Roosevelt Demands Fight For (His) Court (Revision) Continue; Says Nation Backs His Aims-Put Up To (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley-(Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Strikes Back-(Roosevelt’s ‘Dear Alben’ Letter) 1
07/16/1937 Jury Again Dooms Scottsboro Negro 1
07/16/1937 (Roosevelt’s) Court (Reorganization) Bill Beaten Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Thinks 2
07/16/1937 Picture: Senator (‘Dear Alben’) Alben Barkley Likely To Lead Court (Reorganization) Plan For President (Roosevelt) 2
07/16/1937 Pictures: Senators Who Conferred With President (Roosevelt) On Court (Reorganization) Bill (Guy M. Gillette, Iowa) 3
07/16/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Urges (Gov. Alfred E.) Smith For Mayor-Silent On Laguardia 6
07/16/1937 Drastic Tax Urged On Alien Investors (By Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman Of Federal Board-Picture) 7
07/16/1937 ‘Evaders’ Of Taxes Not To Be Called (At House Investigation-Hamilton Fish, Robert H. Jackson Disagreement Over Eleanor Roosevelt’s Tax Deductions) 7
07/16/1937 British Proposals On Spain Assailed (In Britain) 8
07/16/1937 Britain Is Warned On Arab Radicals (By London Times) 8
07/16/1937 (Lord) Lansbury Says Duce Does Not Want War 8
07/16/1937 Nazis (National Socialist Teachers’ League) Give Formula For Historical Study 8
07/16/1937 (Dr. Karl) Bosch Heads (Kaiser Wilhelm) Institute 8
07/16/1937 Basques Quit (London) Parley On Minorities Issue (Allegedly Dominated By German Refugees) 8
07/16/1937 (German-Polish) Silesia Pact Ends (Terminated By Poland); Germans Worried-They Will Be Treated As Well Or Badly As Poles In Reich Are, Warsaw Circles Say-Germans Are Downcast-Jerzy Szapiro 11
07/16/1937 Japanese Demand Autonomous Area (In China) 11
07/16/1937 Thousands Attend (George) Gershwin Funeral (Rabbi S.S. Wise Gives Eulogy-Many Liberal Lights-Wise Makes Dig At Germany) 19
07/16/1937 Nazi Church Idea Fought At Oxford (Conference Of Clerics) 21
07/16/1937 Brazil To Get (U.S.) Gold Under New Accord (Morgenthau Agreement) 25
07/17/1937 Sharper Fight On (Roosevelt) Court (Reorganization) Bill Follows President’s (‘Dear Alben’) Letter 1
07/17/1937 Press Views On Roosevelt’s Letter To Barkley 2
07/17/1937 Text Of Report Of City Bar Committee Condemning The (Roosevelt) Court (Reorganization) Bill 4
07/17/1937 Reich And Soviet Get Big Cruisers 5
07/17/1937 Hull Urges Peace As China Appeals-Refers To Neither Party (Text) 6
07/17/1937 U.S. Army Guards Tientsin Station 6
07/17/1937 Text Of Chinese Statement 6
07/17/1937 Hitler Glorified At Nazi Art Show-Is Called ‘Greatest Master Of German Art’ And ‘Greatest Builder Of All Time’ 7
07/17/1937 Spanish (‘Fascist’) Deserter Shot Swimming Border River (‘Escaping’ Franco) 7
07/17/1937 Summer Capital (At Berchtesgaden) Established In Reich 7
07/17/1937 U.S. Inquiry Is Asked Into New ‘Nazi’ Camp (Camp Nordland-Asked By ‘Non-Sectarian League’-Samuel Untermyer) 13
07/17/1937 German (Franco!) Guns At Gibraltar Point To An Italian Dilemma-Anne O’ Hare Mc Cormick 14
07/17/1937 Asks World Peace By Consultations (Virginia University, Institute Of Public Affairs) 16
07/17/1937 French Franc Off; Lowest Since 1926 19
07/17/1937 Wheat Prices Soar To New Top Levels 19
07/17/1937 June Trade Debit Reported By Reich-The First Foreign Commerce Deficit In Two Years Laid To (Foreign) Grain Purchases-Imports (By Germany) At 4-Year High 21
07/17/1937 (Col. William J.) Donovan Named Aid For (American) Legion Meeting (Other Names Who Later Became Important Mentioned!) 27
07/18/1937 Two Naval Pacts Signed In London-German And Russia Agree To 1936 (London Naval) Treaty Limiting Size Of Ships And Guns-Reich Surprises Barred 1
07/18/1937 (Chicago Cardinal) Mundelein Praised By Pope (Pius XI) For (Anti-German Attitude) Courage 2
07/18/1937 U.S. Finds Outlook In China Improved 3
07/18/1937 Americans Expect (Economic) Losses At Tientsin 3
07/18/1937 Goebbels Attacks Jewish Art Critics-Asserts They Cause German Art To Deteriorate 3
07/18/1937 Nazis Of Austria Mourn (Dolfuss) Assassins-G.E.R. Gedye 4
07/18/1937 (Peace-Loving) Governments Urged (By Former Minnesota Governor, J. A. A. Burnquist, In A London Meeting) To Unite For Peace 4
07/18/1937 Bells To Proclaim Niemoeller’s Trial 4
07/18/1937 Britain Eases Way For Palestine Plans 4
07/18/1937 (Samuel Liebowitz, N.Y. Att’y.) Ready To Resume Scottsboro (Rape Defense) Case (In Decatur, Ala.) 8
07/18/1937 Berlin Hails Link To Britain (1936 Naval Treaty Signatory) 10
07/18/1937 Woman Red (‘Mother Bloor’) At 75 Sees (U.S.) Revolt Near 14
07/18/1937 Builders Warned Of (Imported) Foreign Goods 14
07/18/1937 Pictures: Roosevelt & National Resources Advisors (Ickes, Wallace, Hopkins, Etc.) 20
07/18/1937 President (Roosevelt) Commends The (National Resources) Report As Guide To Nation’s Development 20
07/18/1937 (Report) Calls Television Propaganda Peril 21
07/18/1937 Western Nations (‘Democracies’ !) Likened To ‘Gang’-So Orient ‘Carries A Gun,’ Says Dr. Clark, Warning Of Peril To Civilization (At University Of Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs) 22
07/18/1937 Hodza (Of Czechoslovakia, Favoring Cooperation With Conrad Henlein) To Seek Cabinet 23
07/18/1937 Iraqi Moslems Kill 2 Jews In (Palestine Partition) Protest 24
07/18/1937 British Teachers To Study U.S. Life-American Return Visit (Sponsored By English Speaking Union) N-4
07/18/1937 Schools Criticized For Rote Spelling-Finds Memorizing Lists Holds Students Back N-4
07/18/1937 Reichsbank Reports Drop In Circulation F-3
07/18/1937 Francs And Dollars Weaken In London F-3
07/18/1937 The News Of The Week In Review-Roosevelt’s Supreme Court Revision Plan-’The Objectives Remain The Same’ E-1
07/18/1937 Roosevelt Embattled To Save His New Deal-Arthur Krock E-3
07/18/1937 Crisis In The Far East Deeply Rooted In Past (Maps)-Hanson W. Baldwin E-4
07/18/1937 Non-Intervention Kept As Diplomatic Fiction E-5
07/18/1937 Three Views Of Austria’s Future (With Kurt Schuschnigg, Picture)-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
07/18/1937 Palestine Peace Seen In Arab-Jewish Agreements-Letter From Judah L. Magnes E-8
07/18/1937 ‘Menacing’ Goethe-Biedermann’s Conversation-Emil Ludwig E-9
07/18/1937 The March Of The Dictators-History’s Autocratic Rulers Book 1
07/18/1937 Blum, Leon, A Study Of Marriage, (Marriage) Book 10
07/18/1937 Now F. D. R. Has An Entry For The Best Seller List (Speeches Etc.) Mag. 5
07/18/1937 Picture: An American Sky Dreadnought (B-17) Above The Clouds Roto. 1
07/19/1937 New Army Plane (Bell Xmf-L [‘Aircuda’?]) Called Greatest Designed To Rout Giant Bombers 1
07/19/1937 Easley Says Reds Rule WPA Writers 1
07/19/1937 Navy Ends Search For Miss Earhart 1
07/19/1937 (Communist) ‘Mother’ Bloor Honored 5
07/19/1937 British (Merchant) Vessel Is Seized By Spanish Rebels 6
07/19/1937 Hitler Forbids Art Not Obvious To All 8
07/19/1937 (Alfred Rosenberg) Reveals Nazi Aim To Absorb Church-Gabor De Bessengey 8
07/19/1937 Nazi Link Is Denied At Camp’s (Nordland’s) Opening (Accused By Untermyer’s Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League Of N.Y. City) 8
07/19/1937 Act Of Aggression (By China) Charged By Tokyo 9
07/19/1937 Christ Depicted As Labor Leader (By Catholic Priest, J. B. Delaunay) 10
07/19/1937 Jewish Ideal Lauded (By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein) 10
07/19/1937 London Cautious On Franc’s Future 23
07/19/1937 End Of U.S. Deficits Is Urged In (Twentieth Century Fund) Report 25
07/19/1937 Warner Pictures Doubles Profit 26
07/20/1937 Lehman Calls (Roosevelt’s) Court (Reorganization) Plan Dangerous And Asks Wagner To Vote Against It; Proponents Resentful, Press Fight (Lehman’s Letter To Wagner)-Roosevelt Is Firm-Letter Is Surprise 1
07/20/1937 Eden Warns Italy Of War In Mediterranean Row (Salient Parts, P. 17) 1
07/20/1937 Scottsboro (Rape) Trial Drops Death Plea-Leniency For All (After Proceedings Lasting 6½ Years) Hinted 1
07/20/1937 World ‘Haywire’ (U.S.) Editors Are Told 4
07/20/1937 New Clash Arises Over Chicago (Republic Steel Labor) Riot 4
07/20/1937 (William Allen) White Urges Laguardia For Presidency In 1940 (‘A Modern Lincoln.’) 10
07/20/1937 Churchmen Frame Reply To Germany (From Oxford Conference In England)-World Council Proposed 14
07/20/1937 2 Americans (Samuel Goodharz, A Polish Jew And Daughter, Jennie) Tell Of Jailing In Reich (On Smuggling Charges-Tell Of German Threats And Mistreatment) 14
07/20/1937 ‘Degenerate Art’ Displayed In Reich 15
07/20/1937 Tokyo Sees War If China Is Firm-Short Clash Is Foreseen 15
07/20/1937 Priests Battered In Belgrade (In) Clash (With Police) 15
07/20/1937 Chiang Says China Will Not Submit-Won’t Give Up Territory 16
07/20/1937 Danzig Shipyards Aiding German Arms Industry 16
07/20/1937 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt To Write Adds For (Samuel) Goldwyn Picture (‘Stella Dallas’-Money To Be Given To Unnamed Charity) 18
07/20/1937 Bomb Kills Assassin Trying To Slay Pole (Col. Adam Koc) 18
07/20/1937 National Anthems Of Hatred Decried (By American, Miss Kitty Cheatham) 24
07/21/1937 (Roosevelt) Court (Reorganization) Change To Be Shelved For Present, Capital Hears After White House Parleys; Roosevelt Sees Both Rivals For Leadership-History Of The (Roosevelt) Court Bill 1
07/21/1937 Messages Flood Lehman’s Office (On Roosevelt’s Court Reorganization)-(Samuel) Untermyer Assails Him 2
07/21/1937 No Peril Seen Yet In Our Public Debt-Long Job To Pay It Off 4
07/21/1937 Scottsboro (Rape Case) Asked To Give Life (To Guilty) 7
07/21/1937 Two Negro Youths Lynched In Florida 7
07/21/1937 Japanese Sentries Kick 2 U.S. Women 12
07/21/1937 Roosevelt Refuses Neutral Law Move-Holds Act Not Applicable To Situation In China Now 12
07/21/1937 Britain Considers 16-Inch Gun Ships-Preparing To Join Other Nations In The Race For Mightier Weapons (See July 18, 1937, P. 1-London Naval Treaty!) 13
07/21/1937 Soviet Executes 24 ‘Spies And Wreckers’ 13
07/21/1937 Britain Is Firm On Palestine (Partition) Plan 16
07/21/1937 (Eleanor) Roosevelt (Samuel Goldwyn) Ad Is A Story 19
07/22/1937 (Roosevelt) Court (Revision) Bill Drive Collapses; Foes ‘To Write Own Ticket;’ (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Made (Senate) Leader, 38-37 1
07/22/1937 Commons Refuses To Vote On Backing Palestine Division-Plan Up To League (Of Nations) 1
07/22/1937 Exiling Of Scholars Increasing In Europe; Russia, Italy, Portugal And Spain Add Quotas 1
07/22/1937 Roosevelt Lauded As Great ‘Teacher’ (By Dr. Lyman Bryson, Professor Of Education, Teachers’ College, Columbia University-Compare Entry July 17, 1937, P. 7, ‘Hitler Glorified’) 2
07/22/1937 (Pennsylvania) Governor Earle (Staunch Roosevelt Supporter) Calls Lehman Disloyal (For Not Supporting Roosevelt’s Court Reorganization Plan) 2
07/22/1937 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Constant In New Deal (Support) Stand-Leader In Fight On Court (Revision & Reorganization) 3
07/22/1937 (Hamilton) Fish Again Scores Roosevelt On (Income) Tax (Loop-Hole Usage)-Court Issue ‘Welcomed’ 4
07/22/1937 (Henry G. Alsberg) Defends Writings Of WPA Authors (Accused Of Being Communists) 9
07/22/1937 Japanese Regret Kicking Incident (With 2 U.S. Women) 10
07/22/1937 Neutral In China, Reich Answers U.S.-Envoy Tells Hull Germany Is In Sympathy With Our Policy In Far East 10
07/22/1937 Britain Puts Off Talks With Japan 10
07/22/1937 (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise Sailing (To 20th Zionist Conference In Zuerich), Denounces (Palestine) Partition Plan ‘Unjust And Unworkable,’ He Says 11
07/22/1937 (Germany) Would Segregate Jews In Trains 11
07/22/1937 Americans In Paris To Honor War Dead 11
07/22/1937 More Churchmen Seized In Belgrade 12
07/22/1937 Priest Denies Army Caused War In Spain-Father Sancho Says (Loyalist) Government Is Loyal Only To Moscow And Third International 13
07/22/1937 40 Loyalists Executed; Tore Down Rebel Flags (‘Volleys Were Heard Clearly’) 13
07/22/1937 (Japanese) Gold Sales (To U.S.) Linked To War In The Far East 29
07/23/1937 (Roosevelt’s) Court (Reorganization-Revision) Bill Is Killed, 70 To 20 As Senate Galleries Cheer; Lower Court Change Likely 1
07/23/1937 Police Denounced In Senate Report On (Republic Steel) Riot In Chicago 1
07/23/1937 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Criticizes The NLRB As A ‘Partisan Body;’ Says Average Man Thinks It A C. I. 0. Adjunct 1
07/23/1937 (James L.) Houghteling (Chicago Broker & Newspaperman, Husband Of Roosevelt’s Cousin) Named To (Commissioner Of) Immigration (And Naturalization) Post (In Department Of Labor Under Frances Perkins) 2
07/23/1937 Scottsboro (Alabama) Judge Warns (N.Y. Defense Attorney, Samuel) Leibowitz-Court Angered By Attorney’s Manner In Cross-Examining Mrs. Victoria Price (Victim) 3
07/23/1937 (George) Messersmith Back (From Vienna) To Take New Post (Vita) 3
07/23/1937 Chicago Attacks (Senator La Follette, Republic Steel Riot) Report As ‘Biased’ 5
07/23/1937 Foes Of (Palestine) Partition Hail Delay On Plan (Churchill, Lloyd-George-Worked Behind Scenes For Delay) 9
07/23/1937 (Palestine Partition) Issue Raised In Senate (By Illinois Senator Lewis) 9
07/23/1937 (Spanish) Loyalist Planes Said To Be Russian-American Says Soviet Fliers Are Prominent In Ranks And Command Of (Loyalist) Air Force 10
07/23/1937 Federal (FBI) Men Asked To Sift Nazi Camps (German-American Bund By Representative Citron) 10
07/23/1937 (Alfred Duff Cooper) Defends British Navy On Spanish Conflict 10
07/23/1937 Isaia Aisenstadt (Founder Of Jewish Labor Movement), Exile From Russia (Dies In Paris-71) 19
07/23/1937 Church Declares Its Independence (At Oxford Cleric Conference World Conference On Church, Community And State) 19
07/23/1937 Brazil-U.S. Accord On Trade Criticized-German Paper Says Terms Of Treaty (Negotiated By Hull-Morgenthau) Are Unfair And Unnecessary-Reich Cites Losses 29
07/24/1937 Roosevelt Holds Court (Revision-Reorganization) Objectives Gained 1
07/24/1937 (Congressional) Committee To Allow Sifting Of (Income) Tax Data Filed By James Roosevelt And Morgenthau 2
07/24/1937 Educators Score (Chicago Republic Steel) Strike Riot Police 2
07/24/1937 Belgian King (Leopold) Urges New Economic Study In An Effort To Avert War And Rivalries 4
07/24/1937 Reich Taxes Males Missing Army Duty-Jews (Disqualified From Military Service) Will Be Hard Hit 5
07/24/1937 Soviet Purge Cuts Young Communist Ranks; Eight High Officials Removed As Enemies-Harold Denny 6
07/24/1937 Basque Refugee Boys Fight British Police 6
07/24/1937 Pastors In The Reich Defy The Police 16
07/25/1937 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape) Case Ends (6½ Years After Crime) As 4 Go Free; 2 More Get Prison (Samuel) Leibowitz (N.Y. Defense Attorney) Is Elated (Chronology Of Trial, P. 4) 1
07/25/1937 (Oxford World Conference On Church, Community And State) Parley Condemns Nazi Church Curbs 1
07/25/1937 (American Legion) Veterans Defied By (German-American) Bund On Camp (Nordland) 9
07/25/1937 (Belgian King ) Leopold Cheered By Paris Crowds-His (International Economic) Proposal Is Praised 20
07/25/1937 Arabs Now Favor Amity With Jews (Unnamed ‘Arab Leaders’)-Joseph M. Levy 22
07/25/1937 German Accusation Denied By Brazilian (Finance Minister) 22
07/25/1937 Il Duce Holds War Will End ‘Fictions’ (That U.S. Debts Abroad Are Really Collectable) 23
07/25/1937 Soviet Sees Japan In Grave Situation 25
07/25/1937 Two Guillotined In Reich (For Betraying Military Secrets) 26
07/25/1937 Gandhi Is Jubilant Over Party’s Gains-Says Belief That India Needs British Military Protection Is ‘Gross Superstition’ N-1
07/25/1937 Drive Is Planned To End Prejudices (By Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, Director Of National Conference Of Jews And Christians) N-1
07/25/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges New (N.Y.) Transit Deal (Vita) N-3
07/25/1937 ‘Amazing’ Progress Is Seen For Brazil F-8
07/25/1937 Roosevelt’s Prestige Rocked By (Defeat Of) Court (Revision-Reorganization) Fight E-3
07/25/1937 Combination Of Forces Defeated The (Roosevelt) Court (Revision-Reorganization) Bill E-3
07/25/1937 Religious History Written In Oxford (England-World Conference On Church, Community And State Organized) E-4
07/25/1937 Bonnet Fights Against Time-His Powers To Save The Franc Rest On Shifting Politics And May Not Last E-5
07/25/1937 Royal Commissions (Such As That For Partition Of Palestine) Blaze Trails For Britain, Harold Callender Mag. 3
07/26/1937 Roosevelt Choice Of A New Justice Expected At Once-Court Redraft Finished 1
07/26/1937 Nazis Jail Brother Of Ref. Martin Niemoeller (Walter); Arrest Is Made Secretly After Three Sermons 1
07/26/1937 ‘Heils’ Are Absent At German Camp (Northland, Andover, N. J.) 2
07/26/1937 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Discloses Cuban 3-Year Plan 2
07/26/1937 Palestine Partition Assailed By (N.Y. Representative Hamilton) Fish-British Proposal Held ‘An Amazing Suggestion And A Deliberate Breach Of Trust’ 2
07/26/1937 Dr. (Alfred) Rosenberg Denies Reich Paganism Link 2
07/26/1937 Popular Front (Leon Blum) Foes Warned In France 3
07/26/1937 British Army League Asks 48 000 Recruits 3
07/26/1937 (Social) Security Numbers Given To 29,954,821 5
07/26/1937 Dictatorial Aims Laid To President (Roosevelt By Amos Pinchot) 6
07/26/1937 Germany Nettled By Our Brazilian (Economic) Deal 23
07/26/1937 Germany Resorts To Wheat Reserves 23
07/26/1937 Scottsboro (Rape Case) Group Is Due Here (N.Y.) Today 32
07/27/1937 Japanese Troops Cut Off In Peiping, Many Killed; Tokyo Plans Stern Action-Chinese Trap Foes (Map, P. 4) 1
07/27/1937 Picture: France Displays A New Aerial Warfare Machine (!) 3
07/27/1937 (U.S. Army) Buy 10 Flying Fortresses (B-17’S) 3
07/27/1937 Text Of Hirota’s Speech To The (Japanese) Diet 4
07/27/1937 (N.Y. Representative Samuel) Dickstein Assails Nazi Centers Here-Camp Nordland Scored 7
07/27/1937 (John J. Hughes, Jr., Insane American Who Killed A German In Berlin) Freed From Reich Prison (For Deportation To U.S.) 7
07/27/1937 4 Freed (Scottsboro Rapist) Negroes Start Anew Here (Greeted By 2,000) 8
07/28/1937 Lower (Federal) Court (Revision-Reorganization) Bill Is Drafted (For Roosevelt); Curbs Power To Enjoin Acts Of Congress, Speeds Appeals (Text) 1
07/28/1937 Battle For Peiping Begins; Chinese Are Pushed Back; One Regiment Annihilated-Whole Chinese Regiment Is Slain 1
07/28/1937 Reich Requisitions All Wheat And Rye 1
07/28/1937 Roosevelt Denies ‘Bias’ In (National) Labor (Relations) Board; Doesn’t Consider Wagner Act One-Sided 1
07/28/1937 3 Powers (U.S., Britain & France) Appeal To China And Japan-Treaties Are Not Invoked 2
07/28/1937 Lack Of Equipment China’s Weakness 2
07/28/1937 Japanese Say Aim Is A Small Area 3
07/28/1937 Japan Reassures Peiping Americans 4
07/28/1937 (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein Lists 46 As Nazi (Spies And) Agitators-Makes Plea For (House) Inquiry-Kuhn Insists On Action 4
07/28/1937 British (Merchant) Ship (From Loyalist Port) Is Captured (By Franco) 4
07/28/1937 German Privilege In Poland Assailed (In Sejm-All Minorities Should Be Polonized) 5
07/28/1937 Anti-U.S. Propaganda In Germany Charged (By Refugee Albert Grzesinski Who Had Formerly Been The Prussian Minister Of The Interior) 13
07/28/1937 U.S. Steel Clears Dividend Arrears-4 Year Accumulation Wiped Out 27
07/29/1937 Soviet Bars Doors To Many Tourists-Two Americans Arrested 1
07/29/1937 R. B. Mellon Estate To Pay $12,424,847 Taxes; Pennsylvania Will Give It To (State) Employees (As Salaries Etc.) 1
07/29/1937 Tokyo Sees Hope Of Averting War; Would Curb Fighting, Hirota Says 3
07/29/1937 Argentina Urges Treaty On (Political) Asylum 4
07/29/1937 (Martin) Niemoeller Faces Trial On 4 Counts 4
07/29/1937 Britain Is Far Ahead Among World Navies-Nearly Double Japan’s 4
07/29/1937 (Tax Committee) Drops Tax Inquiry On Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt (On Robert H. Jackson’s Recommendation) 21
07/30/1937 Connecticut Nazis Named By (N.Y. Congressman, Samuel) Dickstein 4
07/30/1937 Roosevelt Speeches Are Being Compiled (For Publication-By Judge Samuel I. Rosenman, Roosevelt’s Intimate Friend And Confidant) 5
07/30/1937 (Samuel S.) Leibowitz Bares Scottsboro (Rape Case) ‘Pact’ 8
07/30/1937 Russia Forbade 13 To Quit Cruise Ship (James H. R. Cromwell, Later Roosevelt’s Envoy To And His ‘Mouthpiece’ In Canada-Here He Is Evidently Trying To Get Publicity) 17
07/30/1937 Japan Continues To Send Gold Here-$12,667,000 Arrives In Week 29
07/31/1937 Chinese Routed By Japanese In District 100 Miles Wide-Japanese Win Marco Polo Bridge 1
07/31/1937 Partition Of Palestine Is Far Off, Briton Admits At Geneva Meeting-Clarence Streit (League Of Nations Reporter) 1
07/31/1937 France Sets Limit On Expenditures-Borrowing Is Curtailed 2
07/31/1937 Picture: John J. Pershing And Marechal Philippe Petain Shaking Hands 3
07/31/1937 U.S. Census Errors Told At (Population) Congress (Being Held In Paris) 17