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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

September 1937
Date Headline Page
09/01/1937 Britain Bars Plan Of Reich To Send ‘Cultural’ Envoys-Eden’s Newspaper (‘Yorkshire Post’) Firm 1
09/01/1937 China Apologizes To U.S. (For Attack On U.S. Ship) 1
09/01/1937 Gen Chiang Asks For (Foreign) Intervention (In War With Japan) 1
09/01/1937 (Belgian Premier Paul) Van Zeeland Accused Of Taking Double Pay; Calls Belgian Parliament To Fight Charge (Leon Degrelle And Rexists Involved) 1
09/01/1937 (Little) Entente Nations Praise Hull’s (Peace) Plea-Nations Plan War Games 3
09/01/1937 Reich ‘Prosperity’ Financed By State-’German Miracle’ Achieved In Defiance Of Sound Economics, Rests On Armaments Boom-Public Debt Has Soared-Otto D. Tolischus 5
09/01/1937 German Rotary Disbands 5
09/01/1937 Nazis Report Unity Of Germans Abroad; Palestine Leader Tells Of Harmony There 5
09/01/1937 ‘Degenerate’ Art Popular (In Munich) 5
09/01/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer (Non-Sectarian Anti-Fascist League) Scouts Copeland Charge 6
09/01/1937 3 Faiths Prepare For Loyalty Days 6
09/01/1937 Film Heads Reject Role Of Educators-Bar Propaganda Movies-Spokesman At Human Relations Institute Say They Will Stick To Entertainment-Democracy Is Defined 12
09/01/1937 Gold Imports Here At 13-Month Low-Japan Largest Shipper 33
09/02/1937 Nazi Chiefs Differ On Economic Road-Gains Have Been Many-Otto D. Tolischus 2
09/02/1937 Arabs Buy Arms In A Revolt Plan-Joseph M. Levy 2
09/02/1937 Hungary Objects To Nazi Activities-Premier Tells The Reich Envoy That Propaganda Will Not Be Tolerated Any Longer 2
09/02/1937 Insurgents (Franco) Doom American Aviator (H. E. Dahl Flew For Loyalists, $1,500 Per Month-Entered Spain On Forged Spanish Passport-More!) 3
09/02/1937 Army Tests Plane (Bell Xfm-L-’Aircuda’ ?) To Fight Bombers-Motors Mounted In Rear 12
09/02/1937 Veterans Acclaim Anti-War Appeal-Debtor Nations Assailed 16
09/03/1937 Parley On ‘Piracy’ In Mediterranean Called By British 1
09/03/1937 Spanish Prelates Justify (And Support Franco) Rebellion (Text, P. 4) 1
09/03/1937 U.S. Policy Backs Joint China Moves 1
09/03/1937 (U.S.) Warships Will Escort (Convoy) Our Shipping-(Admiral Harry E.) Yarnell Plans Aid 1
09/03/1937 Paderewski Warns Poles Against Fascism; Police Ban Manifesto That Foresees Strife 1
09/03/1937 (U.S.) Veterans Demand Iron Neutrality-Against Protecting (Convoying) Ships 3
09/03/1937 Goering Threatens Jews On Boycott-States Any Action Engineered Abroad Will Be Paid For By Jews In The Reich-Says Nation Asks Peace 3
09/03/1937 Removing A War Cause Urged On Quakers By Letting Reich, Italy And Japan Expand 3
09/03/1937 Picture: Samuel Levy (President Of Manhattan) Rejects Cuspidors ‘Made In Germany’ 7
09/03/1937 War Scare Lifts Wheat (Prices) Sharply 32
09/04/1937 Britain Increases Anti-’Pirate’ Fleet In Mediterranean 1
09/04/1937 (John L.) Lewis (CIO) Warns The President (Roosevelt) To Back C.I.O. Or Face Bolt (Text, P. 4) 1
09/04/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, William E.) Dodd Protests Sending Aide To Nazi (Nuernberg NSDAP) Fete, But State Department Overrules Envoy 1
09/04/1937 China Leads Powers In Buying U.S. Planes (On Credit?) 2
09/04/1937 Nazis Call People To Spartan Ways-No Rise In Living Standard-’Hungering Herself To Greatness’-Otto D. Tolischus 3
09/04/1937 British Labor Ends Its Pacifist Policy-Security Issues Stressed 3
09/04/1937 Palestine Parley Asked By (Felix M.) Warburg-Lipsky Was Disappointed (At Zuerich)-Says Creation Of Separate (Jewish) State Is Only Way Out-Ben Gurion Also Here 15
09/05/1937 Three Powers Ask End Of Warfare Around Foreign Areas At Shanghai; U.S. Will Oppose Aggressive Nations 1&19
09/05/1937 (Protestant) Pastors In Reich Defy State Anew 9
09/05/1937 Reich Jails Farmer For Crop Sabotage; Soldiers And Sailors To Work In Harvest 10
09/05/1937 900 Nazis To Work On Community Canal (At Koenigsberg) 10
09/05/1937 Reich-Born Owe Us Loyalty, Hull Says-Minimizes Dodd Protest (See Sept. 4, P. 1)-But Ambassador Still Thinks Of Resigning Because His Complaint Became Known 11
09/05/1937 British Reds Quit (Spanish) Loyalist Brigade 13
09/05/1937 Chile Curbs Nazis; Brazil Sees Perils-German Propagandists Are Said To Be Demanding Oath Of Allegiance To Hitler 13
09/05/1937 Extracts Of Palestine Report Made To League 16
09/05/1937 Reich Rotary Clubs To Disband Voluntarily 16
09/05/1937 Britain Reluctant To Coerce Arabs-Clarence K. Streit 17
09/05/1937 China’s Firm Stand Laid To Germans-Five Generals In Mission 18
09/05/1937 Hirota Says Japan Intends To Make China Submit To Her 21
09/05/1937 Big Business Aided By Nazi Economics-Otto D. Tolischus N-3
09/05/1937 U.S. Found Active For World Accord-Prof. Henry ReiffSince 1865 In Creating 40 International Unions (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler President) N-5
09/05/1937 Trade Shift In Asia (Markets Lost By Japan) To Help U.S. Sales F-8
09/05/1937 (U.S.) Neutrality Law Poses Puzzler For Roosevelt E-4
09/05/1937 Nazism To Parade Its Power Again-labor Theme Is Chosen E-5
09/05/1937 Palestine Division (Partition) Advances E-5
09/05/1937 Japan Pursues Her Destiny In China Mag. 1
09/06/1937 Miss (Frances) Perkins Sees Nation Advanced By Labor’s Gains 1
09/06/1937 Biggest Nazi Rally Packs Nuremberg-Bells To Meet Hitler 1
09/06/1937 U.S. Warns Mexico On Oil Trade Curbs 1
09/06/1937 Bad Pork Served, Soviet Executes 3 2
09/06/1937 Strategy Is Seen In (British) Palestine (Partition) Plan-Military Proposal Cited-Ormsby-Gore Cites Origin-Clarence K. Streit 2
09/06/1937 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Asserts U.S. Is Opposed To Force 2
09/06/1937 Reich Housewife Is Boon To Nazism-Her Ability To Get The Most Out Of Worker’s Meager Pay Makes Her Hitler’s Best Ally-State Fights All Waste-Otto D. Tolischus 4
09/06/1937 12,000 At (N.J.) Nazi Fete Hear Boycott Plan-’American Fascists’ Threat To Fight Jewish Enterprises Cheered At Jersey Camp (Donald Shea, National Gentile League Inc.) 4
09/06/1937 Goebbels Eulogizes Successes Of Nazis 4
09/06/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Urges End Of Old Parties-Says True Issue Is Between ‘Progressive Liberals’ And ‘Reactionary Radicals’ 8
09/06/1937 Roosevelt Bars Federal Strikes-Stresses Duty To Public 14
09/06/1937 Dictators Seen Wrecking Nations (By Rev. Robert E. Woods, Catholic) 15
09/06/1937 New Year Sermons Cite Jews’ (Palestine) Plight-Democracy Held Greatest Help To People 19
09/06/1937 Copeland Finds U.S. Chief Hope Of Jews 19
09/06/1937 Hull Extends (Rosh Ha-Shanah) Greetings (To Jews) 19
09/06/1937 Crops In Germany Top Expectations-Quality Found Mediocre 21
09/06/1937 Roosevelt Prestige At State, Says Ryan (Refers To Congressional Support) 30
09/07/1937 Russia Charges Italy Torpedoed Two Of Her Ships 1
09/07/1937 All Faiths Urged To Fight Dictators (In Rash Ha-Shanah Sermons) 7
09/07/1937 (F. J. Libby) Scores Roosevelt On Neutrality Act (Failure To Invoke It) 11
09/07/1937 Missionaries Defy (China) War Zone Dangers-Death ‘Highest Reward’ 12
09/07/1937 Reich Must Change Its Economic Ways-Raw Materials Exhausted-New Curbs Face People-Otto D. Tolischus 13
09/07/1937 (Father) Coughlin Lauds Britain (Failure To Pay War Debt) 13
09/07/1937 ‘No Hope’ In Europe (Bernard) Baruch Reports-World ‘A Tinder Box’-People Do Not Want War 14
09/08/1937 Hitler Hails Ties With Italy, Japan 1
09/08/1937 President (Roosevelt) Scored For China Policy-Stresses Fleet Inaction (Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.-Rather Bellicose) 3
09/08/1937 (Belgian Premier, Paul) Van Zeeland Defends Acts To Parliament (Accused Of Accepting Money Illegally) 3
09/08/1937 U.S. Aid For Britain Is Seen In Next War (By Dr. Charles A. Richmond) 6
09/08/1937 Valencia (Loyalist Spain) Hails Russia 8
09/08/1937 Soviet Executes 8 More 8
09/08/1937 British Workers Condemn Franco 9
09/08/1937 Retirement Asked By Schacht Again-Opposes Hitler Policies-Otto D. Tolischus 10
09/08/1937 Duty Is Stressed At Nazi (Nuernberg) Congress-Blind Obedience Urged 10
09/08/1937 (Morris) Rothenberg Sees Peace In Palestine-Room For Both Jews And Arabs-Solidarity Is Stressed 16
09/08/1937 (Nevada’s Senator Key) Pittman Looks To 1940 16
09/09/1937 Reich, Italy Reject ‘Piracy’ Parley; Britain, France Determined To Act; U.S. Warns Ships In Mediterranean-Hull Is Concerned-Fascists In Unison 1
09/09/1937 Prague Informs Japan (She Will Send Arms To China) 2
09/09/1937 Labor Has Its Day At Nazi (Nuernberg) Congress 4
09/09/1937 Belgian Chamber Backs Van Zeeland 4
09/09/1937 Arab Congress Opens 4
09/09/1937 British Labor Aims At U.S. Standards 5
09/09/1937 $8,629,000 In Gold Will Be Shipped Here ($5,800,000 From Japan) 37
09/10/1937 Goebbels Sees Day Of Democracy Past-Calls On Nations To Join Nazi Crusade 1
09/10/1937 Arabs Leader Warns Britain At Congress 2
09/10/1937 Economic Report To League Gloomy-’Political Peace Needed’ 2
09/10/1937 (Ort) Reports On Jews’ Plight (In Eastern And Central Europe) 2
09/10/1937 China Intellectuals Ask Help Of World 3
09/10/1937 Italy-Reich Notes Rejecting (British) Bids (To Mediterranean Conference) 4
09/10/1937 Franco Agrees To Exchange Dahl, U.S. Flier, After Wife (Picture) Begs For Latter’s Life In Letter (Sounds Like He May Previously Have Been In U.S. Air Corps!) 5
09/10/1937 (Poles) Boycott Nazi News Men 7
09/10/1937 Dies In Danzig Prison-Polish Jewish Merchant Was Jailed On Nazi ‘Racial’ (Defilement) Charge (Mordka Zylberberd) 7
09/10/1937 Mexican Oil Issue Seen Aided By U.S.-Frank L. Kluckhorn 8
09/10/1937 (Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Urges Limit On President’s (Roosevelt’s) Power 15
09/10/1937 Frank At New Low Since Gold Change 33
09/11/1937 Nyon Powers (Britain & France) Act To Suppress Piracy; To Patrol Mediterranean By Zones; Russia Threatened To Take Own Steps-Italy’s Navy Ready 1
09/11/1937 Almost All Envoys Attend Nazi (Nuernberg) Rally 1
09/11/1937 Hitler Urges More Children (Births) 6
09/11/1937 British Arms Aims Backed By Labor 7
09/11/1937 4 ‘Wreckers’ Shot (By Soviets) In Ukraine District 8
09/11/1937 Alien Allegiance Scored By (American) Legion 9
09/11/1937 Palestine Demands Repeated By Arabs 9
09/12/1937 Hitler Emphasizes Need Of Hardihood 1
09/12/1937 Britain And France (Nyon Powers) Get Patrol Duty With Way Open For Italy To Aid Them; Roosevelt Is Determined To Avoid War-President (Roosevelt) Anxious 1
09/12/1937 Way Open For Reich To Join Nyon Plans 1
09/12/1937 Scottsboro (Rape) Case Again In High Court (Samuel S. Leibowitz Active) 18
09/12/1937 Reich Clergy Hold ‘Catacomb (Underground) Synod’-Decide To Defy Decrees-Otto D. Tolischus 38
09/12/1937 French Envoy Retorts To A German Nazi’s Gibe 38
09/12/1937 Nazi Economics Upheld (By Essener National Zeitung-Hermann Goering’s Paper) 38
09/12/1937 Rabbi (Abraham L. Feinberg) Denounces Dictators’ Spell 45
09/12/1937 Soviet Throws A Sabat Into British-Germany In A Pacifying Role E-3
09/12/1937 Palestine Arabs Repeat Demands-Foreign Aid (To Jews) Is Charged-Joseph M. Levy E-4
09/12/1937 Hull Works For Peace By Appeal To Morality E-6
09/12/1937 The Shadow Of All-Pervading Fear Darkens Europe-War-Hanson Baldwin Mag. 8
09/12/1937 Soviet ‘Cleansing’ Sweeps Through All Strata Of (Russian) Life-Harold Denny 1
09/12/1937 Reich Sees Victory In Nyon (British-French) Proposal; Italy Cool To Plan 1
09/12/1937 Hitler Says Peace Hinges On Colonies-(Hitler’s) Views On Minorities (P. 10) 1
09/12/1937 Gas Bombs Set Off In 22 Movie Houses-Labor Row Blamed 1
09/12/1937 Pwa (Under Ickes) Does A Rush Business Renting Housing 1
09/12/1937 Soviet Dubious Over Results Of Nyon (British-French) Parley; British Plan To Sell Out Loyalists (Spanish Communists) Feared 4
09/12/1937 Chinese Link U.S. In Plea To League (Of Nations-Ask That America Join)-Clarence K. Streit 5
09/12/1937 Paris Police Hunt Terrorists’ Group-Bombs Blew Up Offices Of Employers Held To Be Similar To Others 8
09/12/1937 Soviet Youths Vow Devotion To Stalin-Banners Defy Fascists-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
09/12/1937 Hitler’s Own Men March Before Him (At Nuernberg Party Congress Rally)-’We Have Won,’ He Says 10
09/12/1937 Boycott All Jews-Polish Nationalist Pickets Drive Would-Be (Warsaw) Customers Away (‘Anti-Jewish Month’ Proclaimed) 10
09/12/1937 (Maj. Gen. James G.) Harbord Pledges (American) Legion To Service 13
09/12/1937 Back Stand On Palestine-Zionist Leaders (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Louis Lipsky, Rabbi Israel Goldstein, Robert Szold, Jacob Fishman, Judge Morris Rothenberg & Others) Here Approve Inquiry (To British) On Jewish State 15
09/12/1937 Peace Plea Opens Constitution Week 23
09/12/1937 Antichrist Seen (By Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, Episcopalian) Warring In World 24
09/12/1937 German Industry Urged To Employ Elderly As A Solution Of Labor Shortage Problem 31
09/12/1937 NLRB Finds Todd (Shipbuilding Co.) ‘Coerced’ Workers 41
09/14/1937 China Appeals To League (Of Nations) But Avoids Charge Of War; Army Retires To Shanghai 1
09/14/1937 British Push Plans Of ‘Piracy’ Control (In Mediterranean) 1
09/14/1937 Masaryk (Czechoslovakia) Is Dead; Founded A NatioN-1eft Prague Office On Dec. 14, 1935-(In Ww I) Formed Czech Legions (In France, England, Russia, Siberia, Japan & U.S.A.)-Married An American 1&23
09/14/1937 Dr. S.S. Wise Makes Yom Kippur Plea-Asks Christians As Well As Jews To Consider Spiritual Ills Affecting The World-Obligations Of Jews To Their Own People Will Be Discussed In Sermons-Berlin Rabbi (Dr. Joachim Prinz) Aids Appeal 2
09/14/1937 Many ‘Disappear’ In (Russian) Karelian Purge-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
09/14/1937 Hitler Shuts Door Of Europe To Reds-Hits British And French-Says Reich Will Not Remain Indifferent To Bolshevism’s Spread Especially In Spain 9
09/14/1937 Americans In (Loyalist-Communist) Spain, Veteran Soldiers-Ernest Hemingway 10
09/14/1937 Communist Rally (At Madison Square Garden) Attended By 15,000 10
09/14/1937 1,500,000 (Chinese) Refugees Overrun Shanghai 12
09/14/1937 President (Roosevelt) To See Cabinet On China-No Major Step Likely 12
09/14/1937 New Group Formed (‘Knights Of Progress,’ Dedicated To Americanism) Formed To Fight Radicals 14
09/14/1937 Roosevelt Foe (Life Threatened In Letter) Jailed 14
09/15/1937 Roosevelt Named (Hugo L.) Black (To Supreme Court) Unaware Of Link To (Ku Klux) Klan 1
09/15/1937 U.S. Ships Forbidden (By Roosevelt Ban, Perhaps Executive Order) To Take Arms To Far East; Private Lines Are Warned-He Imposes Embargo Without Invoking (At The Same Time Avoiding) Invoking The (U.S.) Neutrality Act-Other Ships Unaffected 1
09/15/1937 Atrocities In Reich Feared By Vatican-Official Paganism Seen-Editorial Approved By Pope (Pius XI)-Fears Killing Of Priests 1
09/15/1937 Lehman Appeals For Unified Taxes-President (Roosevelt) Asked To Lead 8
09/15/1937 Spain Bound Ship Held At Her Pier-Freight To Stay Aboard (Company Had Refused To Pay The Crew A Bonus For The Trip) 10
09/15/1937 Third Reich Builds On Colossal Scale 14
09/15/1937 U.S. Aid To League Sought By China 14
09/15/1937 Anarchist Seizure Of Gijon (Spain) Reported 15
09/15/1937 Britain Is Sending 10 More Warships (To Mediterranean) 16
09/15/1937 Text Of (British-French Nyon Anti-Piracy Accord 16
09/15/1937 Moscow Satisfied With Nyon Accord-Walter Duranty, Moscow 17
09/15/1937 (Partition) Plans On Palestine Gain At Geneva-After Energetic Action By (Anthony) Eden 18
09/15/1937 Yom Kippur Pleas Stress Jews’ Task-Aid For Oppressed Stressed (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Other N.Y. City Rabbis) 23
09/15/1937 Czechs Bowed By Masaryk Death-G.E.R. Gedye 23
09/15/1937 Six Yiddish Theaters Will Open Tonight 26
09/15/1937 $12,426,000 Of Gold To Be Shipped Here ($7 Million From England & $5 Million From India) 33
09/16/1937 British Insurers Now Put Curb On Trade To Orient-New Blow Dealt To China 1
09/16/1937 Franc At New Low; No Brake Put On It-11-Year (Low) Mark 1
09/16/1937 Roosevelt And (John L.) Lewis (C.I.O. Talk ‘Pleasantly’) At White House 1
09/16/1937 (Hugo L.) Black Took Oath As (Supreme) Court Justice Secretly Aug. 19-Act Gave Him Full Power 1
09/16/1937 Nazis Charge Masons Here (With Help Of French Lodges) Arm ‘Red Spain;’ British Newspaper (‘Manchester Guardian’) Exposes Angriff Reports 1
09/16/1937 Spain Negotiates To Pay U.S. Debts And War Damages 1
09/16/1937 Danzig Halts Mail; Poland Is Angered 8
09/16/1937 Special Seats (Benches On Kurfurstendamm) For (Berlin) Jews 8
09/16/1937 (Vatican) Gets Report On Nazis 9
09/16/1937 Reich Asks War On Spies 10
09/16/1937 (Ass’t. Secretary Of The Navy, Charles) Edison Warns Navy Must Be Kept Fit 21
09/16/1937 Shofar Ceremony Ends Yom Kippur-Rabbis’ Warnings Heard-Threats To World Peace And To Religious Rights Stressed(By N.Y.C. Rabbis) 25
09/16/1937 (150 Newest U.S. Army) Warplanes To Fly As (American Legion Marches 27
09/16/1937 Two More Crews Balk At War Trips (Without Bonuses For Trips)-Company Sees No Risk 51
09/17/1937 La Guardia And Mahoney (Strongly Pro-Roosevelt) Defeat Copeland 1
09/17/1937 French Police Seize Arms Of Hooded Gang (‘Les Cagoulards’); Secret Organization Linked To Monarchists (Latter It Is Implied They Are Similar To The Ku Klux Klan) 1
09/17/1937 U.S. Vessel Drops (Unloads) Planes For China-Other Craft Available 4
09/17/1937 Alois Hitler Makes Good As (Berlin) Tea Room Proprietor 4
09/17/1937 Pope (Puis Xi) Studies Reich Peril 4
09/17/1937 Foreign Cargoes Exempt Off China 5
09/17/1937 (U.S.) Volunteers In Spain Are Penalized Here (Passports Seized) 8
09/17/1937 (General Hugh S.) Johnson Charges Dictatorship (Is Roosevelt’s Aim 13
09/17/1937 Living Constitution Is Urged By (Roosevelt Stalwart, ‘Dear Alben’) Barkley (In Paris) 20
09/18/1937 Roosevelt Renews His Fight For Whole Social Program, Challenges Foes On Court-Fealty Called For-But To Constitution, Not Its Misinterpretations, Says President (Roosevelt, Text, P. 4) 1
09/18/1937 Rebel (Franco) Submarines Convoyed By Reich And Italian Ships-Spanish Patrol Is Ended 1
09/18/1937 China Says We Aid Japan By Curbing Shipping Of Arms 1
09/18/1937 Vatican Protesting On Nazi Press Attacks; Pope (Pius XI) Bans German Author’s ‘Cloisters’ 1
09/18/1937 (Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Attacks Rule By ‘One Man’-Advocates Social Laws (Within Constitution) 3
09/18/1937 Nyon (British-French) Pact Widened To Include Planes-Clarence K. Streit 8
09/18/1937 Britain Empowered (By League Of Nations) To Study (Palestine) Partition 8
09/18/1937 Portugal Caustic On (Peace) Appeal By Hull 8
09/18/1937 Roosevelt Extols Reunion Of States (Picture, Text Of Antietam Speech) 20
09/18/1937 $17,500,000 Gold Here From Britain 23
09/19/1937 British Destroyer Attacked By Plane Off Coast Of Spain-Rome Says Britain Is Playing A Double Game 1
09/19/1937 (American) Legion) To Avoid Pension Issues And Stress Anti-War Program 1
09/19/1937 Reich Builds Navy At Moderate Pace-Less Than Treaty Grants 16
09/19/1937 Nazi Paper (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) Warns Lithuania Sharply-Attack After Dispossession Of (24) Memel Landowners (For Lithuanian Use) Seen As Threat Of Armed Action 17
09/19/1937 Reich Bets Ready For ‘Black (Out) Week’-Part Of Manoeuvres (No Lights) 21
09/19/1937 Poles Concerned About Palestine-Its Future Believed To Hold Key To Solution Of Their Own Jewish Problem-Anti-Semitism Spreading (In Poland) 22
09/19/1937 (Yvon Delbos, Of France) Sees Europe Near ‘Trigger’ Stage-Clarence K. Streit 30
09/19/1937 British War Head (Leslie Hore-Belisha) Hails French Army-’It Will Never Be Beaten’ 31
09/19/1937 Reich Exports Set Record In August-Increased Purchases By The U.S. 31
09/19/1937 American Physician (Dr. Randall Sollenberger With Loyalists) Is Killed In Spain 33
09/19/1937 Palestine Division (Partition) Opposed By Egypt-He Says Promise (To Arabs) Broken 34
09/19/1937 (Commission Of) 3 Named By Japan To Tell U.S. Of Aim (In China) 35
09/19/1937 Japan Warns China On Ship Transfers 35
09/19/1937 German Trade Hit By Far East Crisis 37
09/19/1937 German Pilgrims Warned By Pope (Pius XI) 37
09/19/1937 Roosevelt’s Speech Is Held Up In Berlin-Propaganda Ministry Delays Publication Of Attack On Dictators To Assail It 39
09/19/1937 Democracy Works Laguardia Holds 42
09/19/1937 Jewish Sermons Hail Constitution-Lincoln’s Words Cited (By N.Y. City Rabbis) N-8
09/19/1937 Pictures; Hitler’s Half-Brother, Alois & Father (Vita) E-1
09/19/1937 President (Roosevelt) Holds Fast To His Judiciary (Revision-Reorganization) Aims-He Has ‘Just Begun To Fight’ E-3
09/19/1937 We Find Isolation Hard To Achieve E-4
09/19/1937 Franc Fall Is Laid To ‘Both Houses’ E-5
09/19/1937 Klan Shorn Of Power Seeking To Regain It E-6
09/19/1937 ‘Germanicus,’ Germany: The Last Four Years, Houghton Mifflin Company, N.Y.-A Cool Appraisal Of Germany Book 20
09/19/1937 Destiny Again Rides The Mediterranean Mag. 1
09/19/1937 Attacks Of The Nazis Strengthen The Church Mag. 7
09/19/1937 War Or Peace May Hang On Some Question Of Prestige-Harold Callender Mag. 13
09/19/1937 Picture; When America Welcomed Its Fighting Men Back From France (After Ww. I) Roto.
09/20/1937 (Anthony) Eden Voices Hope For Anglo-U.S. Pact To Promote Trade-British Foreign Minister Joins In Peace Broadcast-Hull Warns On Isolation (Hull’s Text, P. 8) 1
09/20/1937 Pastors See (American) Legion As Peace Bulwark 1
09/20/1937 Calmery Warns Legion On Perils To Democracy-Alien ‘Isms’ Scored-Without Naming New Deal Report Denounces Some Of Its Trends 1
09/20/1937 Japanese Labeling Goods ‘Made In U.S.A.’ To Evade Import Quotas In Latin America 1
09/20/1937 Crusade For Peace Planned By Legion-Says We Must Stay Out 3
09/20/1937 Urge Neutral Status If We Act At Geneva-Six Peace Groups See Peril Of U.S. Involvement In Far East Unless (Neutrality) Act Is Invoked 10
09/20/1937 Italy Now Willing To Join In (Mediterranean) Patrol-France And Britain Believed Ready To Grant Equality In Exchange For Cooperation 12
09/20/1937 Aircraft At Malta On ‘Piracy’ Guard 12
09/20/1937 ‘Decalogue’ Decreed For Reich Students 12
09/20/1937 Soviet Executes 26 In Wrecker Purge 14
09/20/1937 Nazis Not Invited To Bronx (German Folk) Festival 16
09/20/1937 Constitution Held Bible Of Nation-Definite Link Between The Two(Rev. Dr. William Carter, Chairman Of Interdenominational Fellowship Of The Spirit-Spoke At Presbyterian Church) 26
09/20/1937 Outlook Disturbs Financial Paris 33
09/21/1937 (American-Legion Urged (By Hull) To Help Avoid War; Warned On Nazi And Red Perils; World Mood Dangerous, Hull Says (Text, P. 16)-Nation Must Chart A Middle Course 1
09/21/1937 Hull Holds Trade Can Save Europe-Roosevelt Joins Warning 8
09/21/1937 Morgenthau Opens Talk With Briton (Sir Frederick Phillips, Under-Secretary Of The British Exchequer)-NatureUnrevealed-Just Informal, He Says 9
09/21/1937 Jews In (Warsaw) Poland Protest (Anti-Jewish Attacks On The Streets) 9
09/21/1937 Moore Gives Japan U.S. Stand On China 10
09/21/1937 U.S. Note To The League (Of Nations) 10
09/21/1937 Japanese Praise British (Blockade Of China) Proposal 10
09/21/1937 Berlin Darkened In Vast War Test (Black-Out)-Otto D. Tolischus 11
09/21/1937 Eden Voices Fears Over Help In Spain-Stresses London Arming-Clarence K. Streit 12
09/21/1937 (Herbert) Lehman And Mayor (La Guardia) Make Peace Pleas-Gen. Pershing Honored 18
09/21/1937 (Federal) Education Bill Fought In (American) Legion 19
09/21/1937 Anti-War Crusade Urged On Women 21
09/21/1937 Mrs. (Herbert) Hoover Urges Campaign For Peace 21
09/21/1937 Schoolboy Stirs (American Legion’s Women’s) Auxiliary With An Address Calling On Americans To Uphold Democracy 21
09/21/1937 (Edward) Johnson Returns, Lauds Reich Opera 29
09/21/1937 $10,336,000 Of Gold Is Engaged Abroad 37
09/22/1937 Navy Reorganization Along Tactical Lines; Planes Replace Scout Fleet Destroyers 1
09/22/1937 U.S. And Britain Protest (Bombing) To Japan 10
09/22/1937 Germany Arming China (Report Of British Writer) 11
09/22/1937 Arms From France Needed By Loyalists 12
09/22/1937 Germans Condemn Democratic Pleas-Roosevelt Held Trying To Draw Attention From His Own ‘Dictatorial Appetites’-Otto D. Tolischus 14
09/22/1937 Germans Studying Germ War Tactics 14
09/22/1937 (Palestine) Partition Plan Favored (At League Of Nations) 14
09/22/1937 Bombers And Speedy Pursuit Planes Put On Air Spectacle-Air Show Thrills Throng At Parade 23
09/22/1937 Philippine (Independence) Delay Urged (At American Legion Convention) 23
09/22/1937 Navy Day To Glorify Nation’s Sea Power 24
09/22/1937 2,000,000 Czechs At Mazaryk Rites-Benes Delivers Eulogy-G.E.R. Gedye 28
09/23/1937 U.S. In Sharp Note To Japan, ‘Objects’ To Nanking Raids; Fifty Planes Attack City 1
09/23/1937 Reich Italy Seek British Friendship And 4-Power Pact 1
09/23/1937 Roosevelt Starts Tour To Far West (Picture, P. 4) 1
09/23/1937 (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) Bids (American) Legion Merge With Labor To Combat ‘Isms’-Warns Of Dictators 1
09/23/1937 Hundreds Of Jews Attacked In Warsaw 12
09/23/1937 Germany Obtains Many New Foods-Hogs’ Blood To Be Eaten-Whaling Fleet Will Leave Soon For Antarctic To Aid Drive For Self-Sufficiency 13
09/23/1937 Soviet Executes 9 County Officers-Walter Duranty, Moscow 13
09/23/1937 New Nazi Charges Made By (Samuel) Dickstein 13
09/23/1937 Airplanes Are Active In Reich Manoeuvres-Half Of Schweinemuende Theoretically Burned 16
09/23/1937 French Cool To Bid By Italy On (Mediterranean) Patrol-Clarence K. Streit 16
09/23/1937 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Is Howled Down (By 1,000 Anti-Fascists) 16
09/23/1937 U.S. Note To Japan 19
09/23/1937 Effects Of Arms Race Alarming To League (Of Nations) 19
09/23/1937 (President Roosevelt) Hails Jewish Veterans 24
09/23/1937 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Denounces Fascist Aggression-All Free People Must Oppose It, He Urges-Minimizes Soviet Threat-He Names Japan, Italy And Germany As Grave Menaces To Democratic Ideals 28
09/23/1937 U.S. Smelting Net Rises In 8 Months 41
09/24/1937 A Negro Messenger Assigned To (Hugo L.) Black 3
09/24/1937 ‘Major Battle’ Is On In Reich War Games 11
09/24/1937 Roosevelt Message Praises (American) Legion Aims 14
09/24/1937 Picture: Wilhelm Furtwaengler-May Shun Salzburg (Quarrel With Toscanini-Toscanini Feels Furtwaengler Should Remain At Bayreuth To Direct Wagner-He Considers Bayreuth Anti-Jewish-Toscanini’s Daughter Married Vladimir Horowitz) 17
09/25/1937 (U.S.) Navy Will Stay In China, Yarnell Declares 1
09/25/1937 Roosevelt Shuns A Court Reprisal; War Perils Noted-Foreign Affairs Tie Him 1
09/25/1937 Britain Expresses ‘Horror’ Of (Japanese) Bombings, Talks Of Boycott; Our Fleet To Stay In China 1
09/25/1937 Parachute Attack Staged By Soviet-2,200 Leap From Planes-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
09/25/1937 Chiang Condemns Neutrals’ Policy 8
09/25/1937 Fighting Stubborn In Reich Game-Naval Units Help ‘Reds’ (Vs. ‘Blues’) 8
09/25/1937 Soviets Kill 19 More As Trotskyist Spies (Vladivostok) 8
09/25/1937 Plea For (Spanish) Loyalists Voiced At Rally Here-600 Attend Meeting Of (Nathan Hale Brance Of) Young Communist (League)-Use Of School For Session Protested 9
09/25/1937 League (Of Nations) Again Avoids Decision On Palestine (Partition) 9
09/26/1937 Hitler Welcomes Mussolini Warmly; They Begin Talks (Pictures: P. 30) 1
09/26/1937 4 Italians Executed For Ethiopian Crime (Robbed Natives) 27
09/26/1937 Greek-Reich Trade Pact 28
09/26/1937 Dictators Agree To Stop Agitation 29
09/26/1937 Duce Says Italy, Reich, Want Lasting Peace, And Will March Together, Rifle On Shoulders 29
09/26/1937 Tanks Make A Charge In German War Game 31
09/26/1937 (Paul) Van Zeeland To Stay As Belgian Premier 32
09/26/1937 Blow To U.S. Is Seen If Japan Wins China (By Chinese Foreign Minister) 37
09/26/1937 Veterans Urged To War On Bigotry-Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt Warns Jewish Group Of Threat To Liberty Inherent In Intolerance 40
09/26/1937 World Ban Asked On Ruthless War (By N.Y. City Rabbis) N-3
09/26/1937 The News Of The Week In Review-Dictators Meet E-1
09/26/1937 Roosevelt On His (Western) Trip Starts No Reprisals E-3
09/26/1937 Signor Mussolini Goes To Call On Herr Hitler E-3
09/26/1937 The Rome-Berlin Axis: How Long Will It Revolve E-3
09/26/1937 War Saps Japan’s Finances E-4
09/26/1937 Franc’s Fall Imperils Other Currency Values E-6
09/26/1937 Anti-Japanese Cartoon E-9
09/26/1937 Role Of Women In Germany-Doris Kirkpatrick D-7
09/26/1937 Picture: Heinrich Mann (Brother Of Thomas Mann) Book 1
09/26/1937 Lippmann, Walter, The Good Society, Little Brown And Co. Boston Book 3
09/26/1937 Ball, M. Margaret, Post-War German-Austrian Relations: The Anschluss Movement, 1918-36, Stanford Univ. Press Book 3
09/26/1937 Lanier, Henry Wysham, He (Rudolph Of Hapsburg) Did Not Die At Mayerling, J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia (Considered A Hoax By The Reviewer) Book 5&19
09/26/1937 Teeling, William, Pope Pius XI And World Affairs, Frederick A Stokes Company, N.Y Book 9
09/26/1937 Hitler And Mussolini Confer As The World Watches Mag. 3
09/26/1937 (Roosevelt) Our No. 1 Stamp Collector (See Stamp Scandal!) Mag. 5
09/26/1937 The Fear Of Death Darkens Europe’s Skies-Hanson Baldwin Mag. 6
09/26/1937 A New Tommy Is Evolving Mag. 12
09/27/1937 Russian Note Warns Japan To Spare Nanking Embassy; Protests Worry Japanese 1
09/27/1937 Hitler Puts Army On Review Before Mussolini 1
09/27/1937 British Chief In Galilee Killed By Arabs Near Nazareth Church 1
09/27/1937 Peace Action In China By Churches Is Urged (By Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America & Others) 6
09/27/1937 (Rev. Dr. Christian F.) Reisner Urges Boycott (Against Japan) 6
09/27/1937 21 More Executed As Soviet Wreckers 7
09/27/1937 Cardinal Pacelli (Later Pope Pius XII) Leaves (Pope Pius XI) 8
09/27/1937 (Rumanian) Decree (Banning Collection Of Funds For Zionism) Blow To Zionists 9
09/27/1937 Nyon (British-French Pact) Leaves Italy Loophole On Spain-Clarence K. Streit 10
09/27/1937 Modern Atrocities Of War Protested (By Presbyterian Rev. Dr. John Sutherland Bonnell) 11
09/27/1937 America Is Called ‘Jittery’ On War (By Methodist Rev. Dr. Ralph W. Sockman) 11
09/27/1937 Nazi Camp (‘Nordland,’ German-American Volksbund) Invites (Antagonist Samuel) Untermyer (Non-Sectarian Antifascist League) To Visit-He And Dickstein Have Made Nordland World Famous Says (Fritz) Kuhn At Festival (Picture) 12
09/27/1937 German Posters Rouse (Samuel) Untermyer (Non-Sectarian Anti-Fascist League-Would Oust Nazi Camps (See Entry ‘Freed In Use,’ Oct. 2, P. 11) 25
09/27/1937 Foreign Exchange A Problem To Reich-Big Gold Export Shown 27
09/27/1937 Industrial Outlook In Germany Bright 30
09/28/1937 President (Roosevelt) Tells Of His ‘Planning’ For A Better Nation 1
09/28/1937 Treasury (Morgenthau) Begins Economic Survey 1
09/28/1937 Russia And Japan Mass On Borders-Japanese Press Excited 1
09/28/1937 Cheers Of Millions In Berlin Approve Tie With Mussolini 11
09/28/1937 Palestine Police Arrest 106 Arabs (Leaders) 11
09/28/1937 18 (Apparently Poles) In Warsaw Hurt By Anti-Jewish Bomb (More!-Jews Also Attack Col. Adam Koc’s Camp Of National Unity!) 11
09/28/1937 Rockefeller Funds To China May Be Stopped 13
09/28/1937 Europe Less Tense, Dieckhoff Reports 15
09/28/1937 Hitler, Duce Agree On Extending Axis 16
09/28/1937 Europe Reported In No Fear Of War; Lord Mottistone Sees Britain Safe In Air 16
09/28/1937 Soviet Is Pleased With World Trend-Litvinoff At Geneva Believed To Have Done Much To Restore Soviet Prestige 17
09/28/1937 Krupp Gun Output Impresses Il Duce (Saw Krupp Works Which Included Artillery Factory) 17
09/29/1937 Mussolini, Hitler Ask Peace; Duce Sees A Fascist Europe-Fuehrer Stresses ‘Community Not Only Of Views But Of Action’ 1
09/29/1937 Roosevelt Says Budget Will Be Balanced In 1939; Strikes Back At Critics 1
09/29/1937 Hull Backs League (Of Nations) In Rebuking JapaN-1eague Condemns Japan 3
09/29/1937 Russia Ends Lives Of 31 As Wreckers-Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
09/29/1937 Paris Not Worried As Dictators Talk-Peril To Democracy Seen 10
09/29/1937 Nazis Score (‘Democratic’ Propaganda) Horror News (‘Jap-Nazi’ Use Attacked In Voelkischer Beobachter) 10
09/29/1937 Argentines Ban Fascism-Newspapers Say Roosevelt’s Model Is Better Than Mussolini’s 10
09/29/1937 Texts Of Hitler’s And Mussolini’s Speeches 12
09/29/1937 Japanese (Foreign) Buying Seen In London Tin Rise 12
09/29/1937 Japan Lengthens Military Service 13
09/29/1937 China Studies Plan To Buy U.S. Planes (And Other War Materials Despite Roosevelt’s Order-Not Neutrality Act’s Ban On Them) 13
09/29/1937 Church Council (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Here Condemns Japanese 13
09/29/1937 Roosevelt Blows At Rich Deplored 21
09/29/1937 Dr. (Harold Willis) Dodds (President Of Princeton University) Assails Rule By Emotion 24
09/30/1937 Japan In Brief Note To U.S. Refuses To Change Course (In China) 1
09/30/1937 Pagans And Reds Are Held By Pope (Pius XI) To Menace World (Text, P. 12) 1
09/30/1937 British Push Plan To Ban Aid In Spain; Rome Tone Firmer 1
09/30/1937 (Hugo L.) Black (Controversial Roosevelt Supreme Court Appointee) Denounced As Foe Of Liberty 3
09/30/1937 (Hjalmar) Schacht To Guard German Savings-Otto D. Tolischus 12
09/30/1937 British Groups Stop War Risk Insurance 12
09/30/1937 10 Die In Leningrad For Electric Halt-Others Are Executed-Land Of Strange Events-Walter Duranty 13
09/30/1937 Dictators Combat London-Paris Rule 15
09/30/1937 Mussolini Is Leader In Axis, French Think 15
09/30/1937 High Costs Lower U.S. Aid To (Loyalist) Spain 16
09/30/1937 Britain Will Sell Airplanes To China (And We Can Sell Anything To The British They Want!) 17
09/30/1937 Japanese Angered By War Pictures Here; Officer Says Chinese Fake Scenes Of Cruelty 17