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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

March 1937
Date Headline Page
03/01/1937 Pastor’s (Wiesler’s) Death (Suicide At Sachsenhausen) In German Prison Causes Stir Among Protestants 1
03/01/1937 British Aim To Rule Air As Well As Sea-Arms Plan Which May Cost L3,000,000,000 Seeks To Give Them Supremacy In Europe 1
03/01/1937 Reich Is Preparing New Export Drive-Autarchy May Be Ended 1
03/01/1937 Germans Trapped In Battle In Spain-Italian Aid Put At 60,000 7
03/01/1937 98 (American) Writers Score Spanish Rebels-Despite Our Neutrality, Our Citizens Should Condemn Insurgents, They Say-Bombing Of Madrid Cited 7
03/01/1937 New York Reporter (Ben Leider) Dies In Spanish War 7
03/01/1937 Czechs Are Accused By German’s Leader (Henlein) 8
03/01/1937 Russia Asserts Her Army Is Healthiest In World 8
03/01/1937 British Society Girl (Deborah Vivian Freeman-Mitford) Goes To Spain To Wed (Esmond Romilly, Nephew To Winson Churchill, Serving With Loyalists-No Volunteers From England?) 8
03/01/1937 Mexico Spurs Drive To Annex Oil Lands-Petromex To Meet Today 9
03/01/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Director Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Assails Neutrality In War-Sees Moral Duty To Defend Democracy From Attack By Rival Philosophies-He Warns Of Neutralism-It Will Lead To World Disaster 10
03/01/1937 Neutrality Bills Held Inadequate (By National Council For Prevention Of War)-Borah Also Critical 10
03/01/1937 Priest Again Scores Nazi’s (Alfred Rosenberg’s) View Of Youth 13
03/02/1937 High (Supreme) Court Aids Gold Ban; 5 To 4 Ruling Aids New Deal; Spirited Debate On Revision-’Propaganda’ Seen 1
03/02/1937 G. L. K. Smith Forms Anti-Red League-Ex-Aide Of Huey Long 2
03/02/1937 Palestine Fund Is Aided 2
03/02/1937 French Are Strict In (Spanish) Border Control 4
03/02/1937 Poland’s New Party Formally Launched-The ‘Camp Of National Unity’ 5
03/02/1937 Borah Sees (Roosevelt-Pittman Neutrality) Bill Bringing War Here 6
03/02/1937 Baldwin Welcomes U.S. ‘Collaboration’ 6
03/02/1937 Germany’s ‘Right’ To Colonies Urged-Sees A Limit To Arming 8
03/02/1937 (Harry) Hopkins Charges Court Dictation-Asks If Prejudices Rule 10
03/02/1937 $3,388,000 Of Gold Is Engaged Abroad (In England & Canada) 31
03/02/1937 Cuba Assures U.S. Of (U.S.-English) Labor Equality 38
03/03/1937 (Myron C.) Taylor And (John L.) Lewis Avoided Steel War 1
03/03/1937 25 Capital Ships Forecast In Britain’s New Navy-Additions And Redesigning Will Nearly Double Fleet’s Strength-Air Force Of 5,300 Planes By 1939 Seen 1
03/03/1937 Sec Gives Warning On German Debts In Allowing Issue (Text, P. 2) 1
03/03/1937 Reich Fiscal Drive Against Paris Seen 1
03/03/1937 Plea For Colonies By Reich Rejected-Eden Stresses In Commons Government’s Determination Not To Give Up Territory-Lord Lothian Urges Effort With United States To Keep World From Conflict 3
03/03/1937 4 Democracies Rich In Raw Materials-Britain, U.S., France, Holland Control More Than 60% Of Production Of Eighteen 3
03/03/1937 Italian Reprisals (In Ethiopia) Declared Savage 4
03/03/1937 Spanish Border Control Faces Two-Week Delay 4
03/03/1937 Evangelicals Warn Reich Church Chief 4
03/03/1937 Vast Arms Plan Is Voted By Italy 6
03/03/1937 Japan Fears Arms In U.S. Possessions-Believes Fleet Is Safe 6
03/03/1937 Britain Cuts (Import) Duty On Iron And Steel 6
03/03/1937 Germans Acclaim Italian Rearming-Britain Viewed As Target-Otto D. Tolischus 6
03/03/1937 British Territorial Army Obtains Irish Recruits 6
03/03/1937 Bases Urged For France In East Mediterranean 7
03/03/1937 Match The Leader, Is U.S. Navy Policy-We Have 15 (Capital Ships) Of This Type 7
03/03/1937 Reich Limits Arms In Drive For Trade-Schacht Wins First Move-Army Gives Him Backing-Anne O’Hare McCormick 8
03/03/1937 Oil Dictatorship Decreed In Mexico 9
03/03/1937 Britain Criticized (By American Labor Delegation To Palestine) On Palestine Rule 9
03/03/1937 (Mrs. J. Borden Harriman) Scoffs At Fears Of (U.S.) Dictatorship-Roosevelt Has Mandate-Insists Workers Gave It To Him-Adds Congress Was Elected To Aid President (Roosevelt) 11
03/03/1937 Conclusions In NRA Study As Summarized At White House 17
03/03/1937 Prof. Clark Lists Lessons Of Nra 17
03/03/1937 Dr. Frank Assails Aims Of Roosevelt-’Drunk With Power’And Determined To Rule The Roost’ 24
03/04/1937 Rigid Neutrality Passed In Senate By Vote Of 63 To 6-(Senator Pittman, Nevada) Bill Wins-Borah Amendment Loses 1
03/04/1937 Mrs (Myron C.) Taylor Gave Impetus To (Steel-Labor) Peace 2
03/04/1937 (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein To Ease Alien Actor’s (Immigration) Bill 11
03/04/1937 Radio Propaganda Vetoed By French 15
03/04/1937 Canadian Premier To Visit Roosevelt-Invited In ‘President’s Own Hand’-Trade Discussions Likely 15
03/04/1937 Chautemps Urges Unity 15
03/04/1937 Britain Asks Unit Of Power Systems 16
03/04/1937 Catholics Weigh Ending Reich (Concordat) Pact 16
03/04/1937 (Georges) Bonnet Says (Trade) Pact Is Principal Goal-Hopes To Sell More Here 17
03/04/1937 French Open Talk In Berlin On Trade-Otto D. Tolischus 17
03/04/1937 238,000 Tons More For British Fleet-45 Warships To Be Begun 18
03/04/1937 U.S. Bars American From Going To Spain; Member Of Ambulance Units Are Included (But Not Ernest Hemingway!) 19
03/04/1937 Mexico Continues To Aid (Spanish) Loyalists 19
03/05/1937 Germany Protests ‘Insult’ By Mayor (La Guardia In Speach Before Ladies Division Of American Jewish Congress): Hull Voices Regret-Assails La Guardia As ‘Jewish Ruffian’ And ‘Gangster-In-Chief’ Of New York 1
03/05/1937 German Secret Debt Is Estimated (By U.S.-Sec) At From 20 To 25 Billion Marks 1
03/05/1937 President (Roosevelt) Puts (His Federal) Court Plan On Basis Of Party Loyalty; Says Problems Can’t Wait (Text, Pp. 1 & 14) 1
03/05/1937 (German) Boycott Meeting Called (Madison Sq. Garden, Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And The Jewish Labor Committee-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Told Purpose Of Meeting. Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of The Boycott Council-Active In American Federation Of Polish Jews) 6
03/05/1937 90,000 Fewer Jews Under Hitler’s Rule-400,000 Professing Ones Still In Germany After 4 Years Of Nazis, Report Shows 8
03/05/1937 British Army Bill Highest Since 1922 10
03/05/1937 France Fears Cost Of Armaments Race 10
03/05/1937 (Leon) Blum Confident That (His) Regime Can Last-Says (French) People Back Him 12
03/05/1937 (James B.) Conant (Later Served As U.S. Official In Occupied Germany) Advocates Education Spread-Universities Must Reach The Public By Press And Radio 16
03/05/1937 Japan Is Starting Shipment Of Gold-Aim Is To Maintain (Yen) Rate 29
03/05/1937 Franc And Pound At 3 Month Lows 31
03/06/1937 France Ends Curb On Gold To Regain Vast Sum Abroad-British Pressure Seen 1
03/06/1937 Nazi Plot To Rule Bared In Hungary (Not German Fascists!) 1
03/06/1937 Hull Gives Reich Official ‘Apology’ (For La Guardia Speech) 1
03/06/1937 Party Democracy Ordered In Russia 1
03/06/1937 British Air Outlay Put At L82,500,000-40% Higher Than U.S. Bill 6
03/06/1937 Britain Lies Low On League Issues 6
03/06/1937 British Reds Reveal Aid To Left In Spain (Volunteers) 7
03/06/1937 Reich Is Far Short In Its Grain Supply-Concern Felt For Crops 8
03/07/1937 Treasury (Morgenthau) Engages In 3-Power Talks On Paris Finances 1
03/07/1937 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Takes Pistol On Motor Trips 1
03/07/1937 Catholic Parley Hails Democracy-Peace Head Raps Hitler 13
03/07/1937 Palestine Unrest Spreads To South 20
03/07/1937 Hitler Manoeuvre Feared By Belgium 26
03/07/1937 Nazi Press Widens La Guardia Attack-His Aim Is To Promote War To Enrich ‘Armament Jews’ In U.S. (La Guardia Gave An Anti-German Talk The Previous Thursday Before The Women’s Division Of The American Jewish Congress) 28
03/07/1937 British Don’t Fear Italy’s Arms Plan-Reich Faces Difficulty 29
03/07/1937 Germans See End Of (Leon) Blum Policies 29
03/07/1937 Blood Clinic Serves All Loyalist Spain 30
03/07/1937 Germans Skeptical On U.S. Neutrality 32
03/07/1937 Reich Renews Trade In War Materials 35
03/07/1937 Biro-Bidjan (Birobidjan, Jewish Colony In Siberia) Heads Held As Plotters N-7
03/07/1937 Berlin Flattered By British Arming E-4
03/07/1937 British Attitude On Reich Reversed (Now Anti-German) E-4
03/07/1937 British Shipyards Operating At Peak E-5
03/07/1937 Argentina Hits Our Exports-Menaced By Exchange Discrimination E-6
03/07/1937 Roads That Lead To Dictatorship Mag. 3
03/08/1937 Stalin Orders End Of Burocracies-Youths Want Democracy 10
03/08/1937 Germany Gloomy On Western Pact 13
03/08/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer Backs Attacks (E. G. La Guardia) On Hitler (President Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League) 13
03/08/1937 1936 Gold Inflow Above Bullion Net 29
03/09/1937 U.S. Thwarts Step By France To Have A Loan Agent Here 1
03/09/1937 Reich Seen Joining In Locarno Talks 4
03/09/1937 Reich Aides Avoid Address By Mayor (La Guardia) 4
03/09/1937 Nazis Say (Benjamin) Franklin Urged Ban On Jews (‘Der Angriff’)-Denied In Washington 5
03/09/1937 (Rev. John H. Lathrop) Calls For Fight On Nazis 5
03/09/1937 Eden Urges Trade To Sooth Nations-He Pays Tribute To U.S. 7
03/09/1937 Spot Copper Sells At A 7-Year Record-Lead, Zinc, Tin Also Rise 33
03/10/1937 Roosevelt Asks That Nation Trust Him In (Federal Supreme) Court Move: Resents ‘Packing’ Charges (Address, Pp. 1 & 10)-Time Is Held Vital 1
03/10/1937 (Spanish Loyalist) Arms Ship Traced By Betrayal Here; Sinking Denied 1
03/10/1937 (U.S. Army & Navy) Finds Nation Able To Fight Own War-Resources Board Says None Except Soviet Russia Needs So Little Help-Wants Supplies Stocked 6
03/10/1937 National Church Pushed By Nazis-For Plebiscite On Issue 10
03/10/1937 British Hope Reich Is Changing Policy Hear That Hitler Has Ordered Examination Of Implications Of London’s Rearmament 10
03/10/1937 Reich Orders Reprisals-Authorizes Steps Against Nationals Of (Foreign) Countries Hurting Germans (In Germany) 10
03/10/1937 (Benjamin) Franklin (Anti-Semitic) Forgery Exposed By (Prof. Charles A.) Beard-First Printed In U.S. (By William Dudley Pelley-Review Of Controversy) 11
03/10/1937 Lord Davies Warns Of A (Coming) ‘Ghastly’ War-Last Conflict Will Seem Child’s Play In Comparison, He Says 12
03/10/1937 ‘Cash-Carry’ (Rooseveltian ‘Neutrals’) Bloc Cites (Spanish Loyalist Arms) Incident-Note Shipments Other, Than Arms Might Have Been Sunk 12
03/10/1937 Hull Trade Policy Urged (By U.S. Member Of League Of Nations, Henry Grady) At Geneva-Poland Makes A Plea For Raw Materials-Germany Watching The Discussions Closely 13
03/10/1937 Northwest India Is Again In Revolt-30-Year Fight Renewed 13
03/10/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer (President Of Non-Sectarian, Anti-Fascist Group Which He Founded) Backs (Roosevelt’s Change In (U.S.) Court-Plan ‘Wise, Necessary’ 14
03/10/1937 Mrs. Bacon Urges Defense Of (U.S. Supreme) Court 14
03/10/1937 Records On A. E. F. (In France) Given To (N.Y. Public) Library (By William J. Wilgus) 25
03/10/1937 European Demand Lifts Wheat Price (Germany & Italy Buying) 42
03/11/1937 (Manuel) Quezon Asks Full Freedom For The Philippines (From U.S.) Quickly 1
03/11/1937 Livingston Fights Renaming Mayor (La Guardia)-Scores (His) Attack On Hitler 1
03/11/1937 Nine Indicted Here On WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Pay Frauds 3
03/11/1937 (Roosevelt & Hull) Confer On Changes In Foreign Service (William E. Dodd, Berlin Rumored About To Resign For Personal Reasons) 4
03/11/1937 (Connecticut Representative, James A Shanley) For 2-Year Limit In (Roosevelt-Pittman) Neutrality Law-Opposes A Rigid Policy (That Would Encumber Roosevelt’s Actions) 6
03/11/1937 President (Roosevelt) Is Accused Of ‘Haste And Hate’-(Senator Burton K.) Wheeler, In Debate At Chicago With (James M.) Landis, Assails Court Plan As A Dictator Weapon-Sec Chairman (Landis, A Roosevelt Appointee) Sees Crisis 8
03/11/1937 British Group Off To Seek U.S. Views (On Possibility Of Neutrality) 13
03/11/1937 Progressives Ask Changes In Court-’Judicial Veto’ Assailed 14
03/11/1937 France Will Issue Arms (Rearmament, Defense) Loan Today-(Premier) Blum Warns Of Outlays 17
03/11/1937 Reich Would Seize Alien Goods In War-Decree Makes Foreigners In Country Hostages For Nation’s Good Behavior-U.S. Would Be Hard Hit-Otto D. Tolischus 18
03/11/1937 Premier (Doranyi) Of Hungary Sees No Nazi Plots 18
03/11/1937 (Rev. Hanns) Kerrl (Reich Church Minister) Is Stripped Of His Power By Hitler 18
03/11/1937 Geneva Group Bars Talks On Colonies (Which Might Return Any Of Germany’s Lost Colonies To Her) 18
03/11/1937 Reich Loan Increased-Reich Reduces Jobless 18
03/11/1937 Picture: David J. Rosoff, New Head Of Amtorg (Russian Trade Organization) 22
03/11/1937 Wheat Up Sharply In World Markets 33
03/12/1937 British Navy (Rearmament) Plan Outlined By Hoare 1
03/12/1937 (Ass’t. U.S. Att’y. Gen., Robert H.) Jackson Urges Congress End Supreme Court Veto On Economic Legislation-Its Duty, He Holds-All New Deal ‘In Peril’-Court Power ‘Overgrown’ (Text, P. 8, Picture, P. 9) 1
03/12/1937 U.S. Takes Reich To Task Over Attacks In Press On La Guardia (March 3 Speech Before Women’s Division Of American Jewish Congress) Incident-Hull Orders Step-Instructs Envoy (William E. Dodd) To Make ‘Emphatic Comment’ On Obscene Jibes-Mrs S.S. Wise, Pres. Of Section Of American Jewish Congress Wrote To Him-Nazi Reply Not Expected 1
03/12/1937 Nazis To Intensify Boycott Of Jews-Dodd Takes Action Today 1
03/12/1937 President (Roosevelt) Leaves For Warm Springs-(William C.) Bullitt Goes With Him-He Will Report On Situation In France 1
03/12/1937 Ribbentrop Leaves Doubt On New Gesture (NSDAP Salute) To King 1
03/12/1937 Nation’s Bar (Association) 6-1 Vetoes Court Plan-Other Phases Favored 8
03/12/1937 U.S. Is Held In Danger Of Going Communist (By Professor Bernard Fay) 13
03/12/1937 (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein Charges Fascist Spy Plot-Seeks An Investigation 15
03/12/1937 Chilean Nazis Map Stand 15
03/12/1937 Finds Germany Thriving-Industrial Board Official (Vaso Trivanovitch) Sees Great Improvement Under Hitler 15
03/12/1937 President (Roosevelt) Greets (Cuban) Envoy 16
03/12/1937 Hull To Discuss Free Philippines 16
03/12/1937 Real Democracy Held Soviet’s Aim-Old Ways Called Vicious 17
03/12/1937 (2,000) Youthful (School Newspaper) Editors Meet At Columbia (University) 21
03/12/1937 Mrs (Willis Warfield) Simpson Talks War, Not Marriage 25
03/12/1937 Mexico Gets (Morgenthau) Aid On (Its) Gold Exports-To Defeat Evasion Of (Mexican) Taxes 40
03/12/1937 U.S. Hurt By Rise On Tin And Rubber (Prices) 43
03/13/1937 Germany Proposes New Locarno Divorced From League Of Nations 1
03/13/1937 Strong U.S. Rebuke To Reich Received By Foreign Office-Dodd Delivers To Baron Von Neurath Sharp Protest Against Indecency In Press-Reply Is Not Made Public-American Writer (Boris Smolar, Jewish Telegraph Agency Correspondent) Ousted-Otto D. Tolischus 1
03/13/1937 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Words (In 1933) Are Turned On Him (By Montana Senator Burton K. Wheeler In Court Controversy-Warned Of Confusion With Enlarged Judiciary In 1933)-Norris Urges Court Curb 1
03/13/1937 House Opens Talk On U.S. Neutrality-Most Speakers Favor Granting Wide Discretionary Power To President (Roosevelt) In Application-Pittman Plan Is Opposed-Fish Says ‘Cash-And-Carry’ Project Would Play Into Hands OfBig Navies 2
03/13/1937 Hanfstaengl Is Out Berlin Report Holds 3
03/13/1937 (Lord Tweedsmuir, Canada) Will Be Roosevelt Guest 4
03/13/1937 Seizure Of Offices (By Strikers) Ends Crysler Pay 8
03/13/1937 Chicago Sit-Downs Spread Over Loop 8
03/13/1937 Aim Is To ‘Unpack’ Court Says (Harold L.) Ickes-Tydings Also Is A Target 11
03/13/1937 Comment By Times Readers On The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Court Plans 17
03/13/1937 Roosevelt Admits He Can Milk Cows (And Taxpayers?) 21
03/14/1937 Reich Lays Press Attack On La Guardia Following His Attack On Germany On March 3 Speech Before Women’s Division Of The American Jewish Congress) To ‘Understandable’ Ire And Offers No ‘Regrets’-It Is ‘Heroic Anger’-Criticism Of Reich (By La Guardia) Cited-Dodd’s Attention Is Called To ‘Malicious’ Attitude Of U.S. Journals Toward Berlin-Some Papers, Perhaps Went Too Far, States Nazi Communique 1
03/14/1937 U.S. Battleships To Join The (British) Coronation Review 1
03/14/1937 France Takes Over Biggest Arms Firm-British Bar (Arms) Profiteering 1
03/14/1937 London’ Air Net To Scare Bombers-Balloon Barrage 1
03/14/1937 Roosevelt To Ask Arms Limitation As Help To Peace 1
03/14/1937 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman Plans A Switch To 15 Permanent Judges (On The U.S. Supreme Court), With Amendment Later 1
03/14/1937 President (Roosevelt) Pushes Court Plan Anew 1
03/14/1937 Court Bill Voted’ By (Princeton University. Model Senate-Neutrality Bill Passed 3
03/14/1937 Washington (Treasury-Morgenthau), Paris To Curb Smuggling 9
03/14/1937 (North Dakota Senator, Gerald P.) Nye Offer Plan To Prevent War-He Urges Neutrality Law 19
03/14/1937 WPA Airport Work (Harry L. Hopkins) Is 60% Complete 21
03/14/1937 Party Expulsions Halted By Moscow-Democracy Is Stressed 32
03/14/1937 Killer John Hughes Of N.Y.) May Be Sent Here From Germany 32
03/14/1937 League (Of Nations) Is Failure Its (Harvard-Radcliffe) ‘Model’ Insists 34
03/14/1937 Ex-Czarist (Gen. Yakhontoff) Lauds (Communist) Russia 35
03/14/1937 Social Life Lags Under Nazis’ Curb-Goerings Leading Hosts-Otto D. Tolischus 37
03/14/1937 Mexicans In War Games 37
03/14/1937 Soviets Would Buy Machines From Us-Gold Reserve Now Large 38
03/14/1937 Reich Reply Vague In View Of Britain-War Danger Held Nearer 38
03/14/1937 2 Jewish Shepherds Slain In Palestine 38
03/14/1937 Hanfstaengl Sent By Hitler To Spain (Picture) 39
03/14/1937 Nazis Attack (Jewish) Doctors (In Coblenz) 39
03/14/1937 Aid To Both Sides In Spain Assessed 40
03/14/1937 (Loyalist) Spain Says Italy Sent 15,600 Troops (To Aid Franco) 40
03/14/1937 16 Rebels Join Loyalists During A Lull In Firing 40
03/14/1937 Washington To Grant Passports To Spain (For ‘Medical And Relief Activities’) 40
03/14/1937 Nazi Group Fights Reich Church Split 41
03/14/1937 Open Arctic Part Of Soviet Defense-Vladivostok Seen As Key N-1
03/14/1937 Reich University (Goettingen, At Its Bicentennial) Invites (Columbia & N.Y. City College) Universities-Neither Has Sent Reply-Heidelberg Incidents Are Recalled N-1
03/14/1937 $575,000 (Collected By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) To Aid (European) Jews (For First Quarter Of 1937) N-3
03/14/1937 Japan Feels Pinch Of Trade Barriers F-1
03/14/1937 $28,221,000 In Gold Engaged Abroad (England) F-4
03/14/1937 Russia Increasing Equipment Orders ($10,000,000) F-10
03/14/1937 ‘Big Five’ Of Europe Speed The Arms Race E-4
03/14/1937 Gold Loan Steadies France E-4
03/14/1937 Nazis Are Active In Central Europe-Moves Are Camouflaged-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
03/14/1937 A Survey Of The Ideas Of The Fascists Book 9
03/14/1937 In Search Of A Way Out For Democracy Mag. 7
03/14/1937 Exacting Role Of The First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Mag. 10
03/14/1937 Picture: Roosevelt & Cabinet Roto.
03/15/1937 Rigid (U.S.) Neutrality Now A Lost Cause-Strong Backing In House For A ‘Discretionary’ Idea Deals A Blow To ‘Mandatory Bloc’ 1
03/15/1937 Russia Gives Civil Rights To Owners Of Property 1
03/15/1937 Swastikas Painted On Jewish Temple Here 1
03/15/1937 Cardenas Denies Hostility To The (Catholic) Church; Says Mexicans Have Full Liberty To Attend 1
03/15/1937 U.S. Held Lagging In War Aircraft-Puts Our Total At 2,400 2
03/15/1937 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) Warns Of Court’s Future (Opposes Roosevelt’s Court Plan But Favors A Constitutional Amendment Achieving Same Thing) 4
03/15/1937 Bar (Ass’n.) In All States Vetoed (Roosevelt’s) Court Plan 5
03/15/1937 Moscow Stresses Aid To (Spanish) Insurgents (Franco) 10
03/15/1937 British Cultivate Ties With Sweden (A Strict Neutral In World War I) 12
03/15/1937 Reich-Czech Accord Held Step Forward 15
03/15/1937 5,000 (Jewish) Pupils Depict Plea For (European) Jewish Aid 20
03/15/1937 World War (One) Story Fills 152 Volumes (Released By Carnegie Endowment For International Peace-Dr. James T. Shotwell A Director, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President) 25
03/15/1937 Tribute To (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise (By John Haynes Holmes & Others) 26
03/15/1937 U.S. Steel’s Gross Rose 43.5% In 1936 29
03/16/1937 Labor Democracy Is Bar To Fascism (John L.) Lewis Says Here 1
03/16/1937 Hospital Strikers Routed By Police With Pistols, Axes 1
03/16/1937 Nazi Rally Draws 65 In Yorkville-La Guardia Nominated For A Spot In ‘Sewer,’ Roosevelt For ‘Political Destruction’ 3
03/16/1937 Legal Fight Begun On Nazi Group Here 3
03/16/1937 State Aid On Rise In Reich Economy-Otto D. Tolischus 15
03/16/1937 Clique Rule Bared In Moscow Soviet-Democracy Is Demanded 15
03/16/1937 (Loyalist) Spain Appeals To American Conscience In Protest On Presence Of Italian Troops (On Franco’s Side) 16
03/16/1937 (U.S.) Neutrality Is Seen As Joke Of Future (Says E. M. Dirksen) 17
03/16/1937 Japan Trade Pact (With U.S.) In Prospect Now 18
03/16/1937 British Air Arming Rapid, Says Sassoon 18
03/16/1937 (World War I Ambulance) War Drivers To Organize 19
03/16/1937 Europe Buys Less, Sends More Here 42
03/17/1937 4 Dead, 310 Hurt As Reds In Paris Attack Fascists 1
03/17/1937 Goering Gives Hint Of Peril To Hitler 1&16
03/17/1937 Bolivia Oil Wells Lost By Standard 1
03/17/1937 Britain To Give Tommies Four Meals A Day And Domestic Help To ‘Kid Kids Into Army’ (Says Duff Cooper) 1
03/17/1937 (Columbia University) Law Class Backs Change In Court 10
03/17/1937 (Ernest) Hemingway Finds France Is Neutral (In Spanish War)-(Border) Guards Are Most Vigilant-Border Is Airtight 12
03/17/1937 Americans Die In Spain 12
03/17/1937 Artificial Raw Materials (‘Wool’ & Rubber) To Be Exported By Reich 12
03/17/1937 Moscow Is Happy Over World Trend 14
03/17/1937 Ribbentrop Jeered By London Students 16
03/17/1937 Reich Locarno Aim Is A Military Plan 17
03/17/1937 Reich Suppresses Mayor’s (La Guardia’s) New Jibe-Angriff Drops Demand That Roosevelt Act-Denies La Guardia HasBodyguard 17
03/17/1937 (U.S.) Veterans Express Neutrality Doubts 21
03/17/1937 Production Quota Raised For Rubber-Price Advance Continues 37
03/18/1937 (Michigan Governor, Frank) Murphy Warns Of Force As Strikers Defy Court Order At Detroit Plants-Mob Rule Feared 1
03/18/1937 (‘Popular Front’ Premier, Leon) Blum Weathering Paris Riot Storm As Reds Back Him 1
03/18/1937 Hull Urges Truce In Row With Nazis-(German Ambassador, Hans) Luther Resents ‘Insult’ 1
03/18/1937 Miss Earhart Off On World Flight-Fair Weather Lies Ahead 1
03/18/1937 Eden Queries Italy On Aid To (Spanish) Rebels; Non-Intervention Pact Is Imperiled 1
03/18/1937 (Spanish) Rebel Executions In Majorca Bared (By Loyalist Report From Barcelona) 9
03/18/1937 Japan Bars Curb On Warship Guns (Caliber)-But Still Denies A Race 12
03/18/1937 Reich Export Drive Shows Slight Gain 13
03/18/1937 (German) Protest Pleases Mayor (La Guardia) 13
03/18/1937 Nazi Press Bitter Again-Ridicules American Institutions 13
03/18/1937 Arab-Jewish Pact Is Sought In Paris (Immigration Of 40,000 Jews/Year To Palestine & 20,000 More/Year To Trans-Jordan-To Run For Ten Years) 14
03/18/1937 Clipper Plane Blazing New Pacific Rout Sights Erhart Craft Over Clouds At Sea (Map) 14
03/18/1937 (Brooklyn) Synagogue Painted With Nazi Swastikas (Second Incident) 15
03/18/1937 Selling Of Franc Again Breaks Out 44
03/18/1937 British Party Here To Survey (U.S. Attitude Toward British War Debt, Neutrality, Etc) Trends (Picture)-Hope To Meet President (Roosevelt And Other National Leaders) 52
03/19/1937 Neutrality Plan Is Voted By House; Discretion Limited-Fixes A 2-Year Period For Presidential Right To Curb Shipments 1
03/19/1937 Pope (Pius XI) Bids Nations End Red ‘Ravages’: Urges Fair Wages 1
03/19/1937 War Not Imminent, (Anne O’Hare McCormick) Journalist Says-Statesmen Not Alarmed 8
03/19/1937 Nazis Now Demand A Gag (Laguardia!) Law For Us (‘Der Angriff’ & ‘Hamburger Fremdenblatt’) 11
03/19/1937 Wide Paris (Communist) Strike Protests Fascism-(‘Popular Front’ Premier, Leon) Blum Regime Is Stronger 11
03/19/1937 British Dean Calls Mussolini Madman 12
03/20/1937 Mussolini Quoted (By Loyalists) As Urging Italians To Victory In Spain 1
03/20/1937 Dr. (Harold) Laski, Here, Sees War-Crazed World 4
03/20/1937 James Roosevelt Calls (U.S. Supreme) Court Aloof-Holds Change Desired By Roosevelt) Necessary 8
03/20/1937 Reich Fixes Budget At 18 Billion Marks 10
03/20/1937 Hull Stresses Peril In Europe’s Rearming-WarnsOf Threat Of War Or Economic Crash In ‘Year Or So’ 10
03/20/1937 Moscow Aroused, Ready To Aid (Loyalist) Spain 11
03/20/1937 (Hilaire) Belloc Denounces Spanish Loyalists-They Seek To Enslave People By Destroying Church-Sees World-Wide Peril 11
03/20/1937 U.S. Consul Intervenes To Save Family Of 4 Feared Doomed On Majorca As Leftists 11
03/21/1937 Schacht Remained For Only One Year 1
03/21/1937 Miss Earhart Safe As Plane Crashes 1
03/21/1937 Red Radio Station Heard In Germany-Aid For (Loyalist) Spain Is Urged 11
03/21/1937 Americas; Parley Lauded By (Sumner) Welles-Expects Results To Grow 12
03/21/1937 Roosevelt Rebuked By Italian Writer (Virginio Gayda For ‘Chronic Slander’) 25
03/21/1937 Vast Arms Scheme Pushed In France-1937 Cost $24 Per Capita-New Planes, Tanks, Warships On Way-Army Of 708,000 Is Probably Best In World 27
03/21/1937 Germany Dooms Man On Treason Charges-Helmut Hirsch, ‘Stateless Jew,’ Believed Convicted Of Red Sabotage Activities (See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol. Ii, 400-404) 27
03/21/1937 More Arms Bought In Mexico By (Loyalist) Spain-Mexico To Look To U.S. (To Replace What They Sold) 28
03/21/1937 Canterbury Assails Italy For Massacres (Of Ethiopians) 28
03/21/1937 (Columbia University Professor, Franz) Boaz Challenges ‘Biological Purge’-Science Not Yet Ready (Says Hooton) N-1
03/21/1937 Warning Sounded Against (Negro) Race Bias (By Dr. E. Franklin Frazier) N-2
03/21/1937 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant Assails Foes Of Learning-Defends Pure Research N-3
03/21/1937 (Spanish) Loyalists Attacked And Defended Here N-3
03/21/1937 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Urge ($) Quota To Aid (European) Jewish Sufferers-Oppose Mass Migration-400,000 Face Extermination N-10
03/21/1937 Reich Colonial Claims Leave British Unmoved E-5
03/21/1937 Time Held Unripe For A Peace Move-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
03/21/1937 Clearer Foreign Skies Seen From Washington E-6
03/21/1937 China’s Reds Take New Hope E-6
03/21/1937 British Eye Our Neutrality-Harold Callender E-6
03/21/1937 Court Debate Looses Flood Of Amendments E-10
03/21/1937 Nazi Course Here Beset By Discord E-11
03/21/1937 (Women’s) Equal Rights Bill Up For 3 Debates D-6
03/21/1937 All Europe.Studies The Map-And Arms Mag. 1
03/21/1937 Achilles Heels Of The Dictators-Harold Callender Mag. 4
03/22/1937 Pope (Pius XI) Warns Nazis Church Will Fight To Keep Its Rights-School Ban Condemned 1
03/22/1937 League (Of Nations) Palace Prepares Against Air Attack; New System Will Put Out Lights In A Second 1
03/22/1937 ‘Unblushing’ Aims Seen In (Roosevelt’s) Court Plan 6
03/22/1937 Reich Film Studios In Goebbel’s Grip 8
03/22/1937 Nazi Economy Held Far From Stable 8
03/22/1937 Nazis Hear Christ Foiled Jews’ Plot (In ‘Der Stuermer’) 8
03/22/1937 Parochial Schools To Be Closed In The Saar After An Overwhelming Nazi Registration 8
03/22/1937 (U.S.) Neutrality Measure Called Pro-Fascist (By Minnesota Representative, John T. Bernard) 8
03/22/1937 Russia And Japan Push Pinprick War 11
03/22/1937 Belloc Portrays Peril To Catholics-He Criticizes England 14
03/23/1937 Official Abstract Of The Pope’s (Pius XI) Encyclical On Germany 5
03/23/1937 Leopold As His Own Envoy Gives British Belgians’ Neutrality Plan 6
03/23/1937 $65,000,000 War Claims Made On U.S. By Norway (U.S. Confiscations In World War I) 6
03/23/1937 Baldwin Implies Bars To U.S. (Trade) Pact-Against Low Tariff Bloc (Hull-Roosevelt Trade Agreements) 8
03/23/1937 Navy Bill Passed By Senate, 64 To 11-Nye Sees Baseless ‘Fear’ (By U.S.) 10
03/23/1937 Navy Buys Steel For New Warships-Lets First Major Contracts Under Walsh-Healy Act 10
03/23/1937 (Henry A.) Wallace Charges Usurping By U.S. Supreme) Court 18
03/23/1937 (Pennsylvania Representative, Robert Rich) Says President (Roosevelt) Pulls Wool Over Congress 18
03/23/1937 Georgia Students Honor Roosevelt (Made Honorary Member Of Phi Beta Kappa) 21
03/23/1937 Jewish Aid Is Urged (By Rabbi Jonah B. Wise, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 21
03/23/1937 Embargo Outlook Lifts World Wheat 33
03/24/1937 Reich (Government) To Operate Laggards’ Farms To Speed Output 1
03/24/1937 (Hans) Dieckhoff Named Reich Envoy To U.S. (Replaces Hans Luther-Picture Of Dieckhoff, P. 6) 1
03/24/1937 Mussolini Lashes Back At Critics In The Foreign Press And Pulpits 1
03/24/1937 Picture: Christian German Refugees Sail For New Homes (James G. Mc Donald, Later Of Roosevelt’s Refugee Committee Involved) 2
03/24/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, Joseph E.) Davies Entertains Red Army Leaders (In Moscow) 3
03/24/1937 End Of Row (Over La Guardia Speech To Jewish Women) Asked By Reich Consul-Echoes Hull’s Appeal (See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 367-372-Maybe More!) 3
03/24/1937 (N.Y. Representative William I. Sirovitch) Would Cancel (War) Debts Of London And Paris-To Put Pressure On ‘Dictatorship States’ To Pay U.S. 3
03/24/1937 Reich Seeks Truce With Protestants-But Synod Leaders Balk 6
03/24/1937 Germany Urged To List Her War Workers Now 6
03/24/1937 Opponents Of War In 1917 Will Meet 11
03/24/1937 ‘Bust’ Seen In Wake Of Coming (New Deal) ‘Boom’ 13
03/24/1937 Nation Must Arm, Col. (Edward Mandell) House Warns-Points To War Lessons (Ww. I)-U.S. Can Command Peace If Strong Enough To Uphold Rights, He Declares 15
03/24/1937 Job Index At 98.9 Highest Since 1929 37
03/25/1937 France Is Incensed By Italy On Spain; Would Call Bluff 1
03/25/1937 Bukharin And Rykoff Resist Confessing To The Charges Against Them In Russia 1
03/25/1937 U.S. Ships Carry Spain Volunteers (To ‘Both Sides,’ Via France)-Passports Faked There 5
03/25/1937 Reich Meets Third Of Textile Needs-Otto D. Tolischus 8
03/25/1937 Soviet Standards For Workers Rise 9
03/25/1937 Wheat Advances To Best In 8 Years 37
03/25/1937 Steel Output Near Records Of 1929 45
03/25/1937 Cotton Advances In Quiet Market 45
03/26/1937 Amity With Italy Held British Aim-Lloyd George Hits Policy 1
03/26/1937 Aid To (European) Jews Urged In Passover Pleas 4
03/26/1937 Nye Wants Ruling On Who Is At War-Pittman Against Action-Asserts There Is No Evidence Italian Government Is Doing Anything In The Conflict 6
03/26/1937 Nazi Press Calm In Vatican Reply 9
03/26/1937 Union Of Nations Debated By Three 11
03/26/1937 Red Peril Feared Urban Poll Shows 11
03/26/1937 Senate Bill Asks Revalued Dollar-Roosevelt’s Aim Quoted 33
03/27/1937 Italians Angered At British Failure To Halt Criticism 1
03/27/1937 Ask Nation To End Sit-Down Revolt-Roosevelt’s Silence Hit 1
03/27/1937 Spanish Rebel Flier Slay After Bailing Out; Plane Machine-Guns Him As He Is Falling 1
03/27/1937 Strong Arm Crew Ousts Sit-Downs-Police Refuse To Act 2
03/27/1937 Jewish Paper Scores (Representative Samuel) Dickstein’s Inquiry 4
03/27/1937 New Unity Is Sought By Little Entente-France Is Urging Move 6
03/27/1937 High Price Of Iron Is Worrying Japan 6
03/27/1937 Strikers In Poland Turned Upon Jews 6
03/27/1937 Washington Holds War Danger Fades 7
03/27/1937 Domestic Wheat Sold For Export 24
03/27/1937 General Electric Increases Payroll 24
03/28/1937 Synagogue Swept By Fire In 82Nd St.; Incendiary Hunted 1
03/28/1937 No More Italians Will Go To Spain, London Hears, As Tension Is Eased 1
03/28/1937 Hull Says Nations Flout Friendship 4
03/28/1937 $106,852 In Steel Ordered By Navy 4
03/28/1937 Jewish ‘Bondage’ Of Today (‘In Germany And Other European Countries’) Assailed (By N.Y.C. Rabbis) 7
03/28/1937 Truth Best Policy, Reich Press Hears-Gayda Assails ‘Intrigues’ 20
03/28/1937 (Socialist, Norman) Thomas Supports President’s (Roosevelt’s) Court (Packing)-Not Blow To Democracy 21
03/28/1937 French ‘Capture’ 25 (13 Americans) On Way To Spain 24
03/28/1937 Japan Is Startled By Foreign Navies 27
03/28/1937 Press Holds Japan Faces Naval Trap-Says Britain And U.S. Seek To Snare Her Into Status Of Permanent Inferiority-Or Blame Her For A Race 27
03/28/1937 Birobidjan (Siberian Jewish Settlement) Called Place Of Promise-J. M. Budish N-3
03/28/1937 Boeing Airplane Earns $168,364 Net F-1
03/28/1937 European Powers Requisition Babies (For Army) E-5
03/28/1937 British Statesmen Get Better Pay (Than U.S. Statesmen) E-5
03/28/1937 Britain In Difficulties As Europe’s Helmsman E-5
03/28/1937 Filipinos Are Insistent On Early Independence (From U.S.) E-7
03/28/1937 (Popular Front) Prime Minister Blum And Democracy In France Book 9
03/28/1937 As Roosevelt Wages Political Battle Mag. 1
03/28/1937 The British Rearm To Stabilize A Continent Mag. 3
03/29/1937 Stalin Calls Halt On Fulsome Praise-Cracks Down On Flattery 1
03/29/1937 U.S. Agrees To Withhold Diplomatic Secrets; Foreign Nations Oppose Early Publication 1
03/29/1937 (N.Y. City) Rabbis See Lesson To Jews In Easter-Emancipation Of The Race By Upbuilding Of Homeland In Palestine Is Urged 13
03/29/1937 Stand For Liberty Asked By (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning (Later A Rabid Interventionist) 17
03/29/1937 Steel Production Highest On Record 27
03/29/1937 British Needs Tax Iron, Steel Trade 27
03/29/1937 Return Of Capital To France Is Slow 27
03/29/1937 Phenomenal Rise Of Japan Traced (By U.S. Commerce Department Study) 33
03/29/1937 Spirited Buying Sends Grains Up 34
03/29/1937 Bids From Abroad Stimulate Cotton 34
03/30/1937 British Freighter Fired On By (Spanish) Rebels-Loyalist Ship Grounded 4
03/30/1937 Paris And London United On Spain 4
03/30/1937 President (Roosevelt) Shifts Five U.S. Envoys 5
03/30/1937 Increased Trade With Russia Seen 5
03/30/1937 India Issue Bursts Upon Britain Again-New Turn Shocks London 6
03/30/1937 100 Nazis In Court Cry ‘Heil’ To (Fritz) Kuhn-Cheer Answered By Boos 7
03/30/1937 U.S. Makes No Plans For Light Cruisers-Battleship Plans Laid 7
03/30/1937 Warships Damaged In ‘Shake-Down’ Trials 8
03/31/1937 Mutinies Affect Both Sides In The Civil War In Spain 1
03/31/1937 Soviet Is ‘Alarmed’ By Lagging Output 1
03/31/1937 Hail Tweedsmuir (Canada) With Capital Pomp-Here To Visit Roosevelt 1
03/31/1937 Briton In Ethiopia Accused Of Spying 2
03/31/1937 Brazil May Admit More Farm Workers 2
03/31/1937 Bullitt Ready To Sail-Envoy Leaves Here Tomorrow To Resume Post In Paris (After Sojourn With Roosevelt In Georgia) 2
03/31/1937 Nye And Fish Seek All-Time Arms Ban-Scrap Iron Sale Opposed 3
03/31/1937 Mexico Will Urge League To End (Spanish) War 5
03/31/1937 (Von) Ludendorff Makes Peace With Hitler 6
03/31/1937 Saito Says Japan Arms For Defense 6
03/31/1937 (Herbert) Morrison Assails Britain’s ‘Cringing’ 6
03/31/1937 Livingston Backs Mayor (La Guardia) As Nominee 7
03/31/1937 25 Strikes Called In WPA Here Today 8
03/31/1937 Socialists Warn Of War Dictator 10
03/31/1937 Americas Urged To Teach Liberty (By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler-Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)-Europe ‘Going Backward’ 26
03/31/1937 May Corn Reaches A Seven-Year High 31
03/31/1937 Copper Up To 17 Cents, Highest Since 1930-Others Likely To Follow 31