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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

May 1937
Date Headline Page
05/01/1937 New Irish Constitution Sets Up ‘Eire’ Republic; Link Kept With British Empire 1
05/01/1937 Diplomat In Storm Troop Garb Meets Envoy (Sir Neville Henderson) Arriving From Britain To Take Berlin Post 1
05/01/1937 Raids Give Nazis Catholic Records 2
05/01/1937 Reich Aryanizes’ 2 Big Jewish Firms (M. Kempinsky & Co. And Loeser & Wolff) 2
05/01/1937 Pennsylvania (University) Out Of Goettingen (Becentennial) Fete 2
05/01/1937 Reich ‘Volunteers’ Reported In North Spain-Bilbao Report) 3
05/01/1937 Progress Of Reich Cited On May Day 3
05/01/1937 $155,881,800 Gold Imported In April 25
05/02/1937 Hitler Defies (Catholic).Church Foes; Warns He Will Fix Morals; Pope Is Answered 1
05/02/1937 Soviet Shows Army Power-800 Planes Viewed-Held Warning To Nazis 1
05/02/1937 Hoffman Assails Roosevelt ‘Error’ (In Understanding The Constitution) 7
05/02/1937 Confusion At Goettingen (University) 19
05/02/1937 Hitler ‘Volkswagen’ Remains A Mystery-Experiments Show Cheap Car For The People Is Not Ready For Mass Production 32
05/02/1937 Italy And Poland Hostile To Czechs 33
05/02/1937 Neutrality Fixed By The President (Roosevelt) 37
05/02/1937 Goebbels Opposes Rewriting History 39
05/02/1937 Belgium Avoiding Affront To Reich N-3
05/02/1937 London Times Sees U S. Aloof From War-Neutrality Bill Is Called Determination To Keep Hands Off Any Conflict N-12
05/02/1937 Washington Will Try Wartime Neutrality The Cash And Carry Plan Included In Measure Pushed Through-All Issues Are Not Solved E-3
05/02/1937 Goering And Ersatz Build Anew Germany E-5
05/02/1937 Neutrality Quest In A Third Phase E-6
05/02/1937 War Fails To Stop (U.S.) Imports From Spain E-11
05/02/1937 Step By Step Germany P#S Regimented Her Press-Otto D. Tolischus Mag. 4
05/03/1937 Germany Cooling On Belgian Status-Sees Brussels Still Tied To Paris And London 4
05/03/1937 Immigration Task Now One Of Policing 4
05/03/1937 Vatican-Reich Pact Now Held Unlikely 5
05/03/1937 Mass War Urged (By Communist Earl Browder) To End Fascism-Calls For A Peoples FrontTo Wipe It From The Earth 6
05/03/1937 Polish Trial Links Munich With Plot (Cossack Uprising In Wolhynia) 6
05/03/1937 Discontent In Reich Is Reported Growing 6
05/03/1937 Goetting (University) Snub Urged (By Dr. Eugene Lehman) 7
05/03/1937 Gain For U.S. Seen In Empire Parley-Recognize Need For Stronger British-American Ties 8
05/03/1937 (Roosevelt) Jewish Center Dedicated (In Roosevelt, Long Island) 14
05/03/1937 Mayor (La Guardia) Gets (American Hebrew) Medal For Tolerant Aims (Henry Morgenthau, Sr. & Samuel Untermyer Present-La Guardia Digs Germany) 21
05/03/1937 World’s Soldiers Put At 55,000,000-Soviet Force The Biggest 40
05/04/1937 Picture: Pierre S. Du Pont & John J. Raskob 3
05/04/1937 Britain Skeptical Of Japan’s Moves 6
05/04/1937 Britain Inquires On Bilbao’s Fate-Cautious On Guernica-Avoids Linking Germans To Horror-Rebels Say Bombs May Have Fallen There 8
05/04/1937 Bias Laid To Press (Favoring Loyalists) In News From Spain 8
05/04/1937 Reich Press Opens A Drive On Britain-Indignant On Guernica-Looses Blast Against ‘Atrocity Campaign’ Charging German Activity In Spanish War-Otto D. Tolischus 9
05/04/1937 Pope Pius (Xi) Preparing ‘White Book’ On Reich 10
05/04/1937 M. I. T. To Send Man To Goettingen (University Bicentennial) Fete 10
05/04/1937 Estonian Towns To Drop Foreign-Sounding Names 10
05/04/1937 Roosevelt Policies Praised By (Orthodox) Rabbis (Of U.S. & Canada In Atlantic City Meeting-They Want Palestine!) 14
05/04/1937 U.S. Debt April 30 Was $34,940,629,364 37
05/05/1937 Pope (Pius XI) Insists Reich Let Church Alone 1
05/05/1937 (Philadelphia) Inquirer Doubtful On Guernica Fire-No Evidence Is Found That Basque Town Was Set Aflame By Bombs From Planes-Priest Describes Attack-Vitoria, Spain Report 1
05/05/1937 Harvard Names Dr. Bruening (Former German Chancellor) To Faculty; Nazis Silent On Honor To Scholar-Exile 1
05/05/1937 Germany Balks At Ban On Airplane Bombings Of Civilians In Undefended Spanish Towns (London Report) 17
05/05/1937 War Aid (By American Committee For Spanish Relief) Is Linked (By [Loyalist!] Spanish Embassy) To Franco’s Cause 17
05/05/1937 Italy Subsidizes Babies To Increase Birth Rate 17
05/05/1937 (Anti-German) Guernica Report Is Defended Against German Attacks-Score Guernica Bombing 18
05/05/1937 Nazis Try To Force Choice On Britain 19
05/05/1937 (Free) Masons Are Told Of (Historic) ‘Persecutions’ 23
05/05/1937 Annoyed Congress Had Expected A Restful Year 24
05/06/1937 ‘Trotsky’ (Lev Bronstein) Activity Alarming Stalin 1
05/06/1937 Roper Tells Trade To Shun ‘War Boom’ 3
05/06/1937 Germany Now Ready To Limit (Spanish) Air Raids (Von Ribbentrop Disavows Any German Connection With Guernica) 6
05/06/1937 Rome And Berlin To Ignore League (Of Nations) 8
05/06/1937 More Friars Found Guilty In Germany 8
05/06/1937 Nazis Launch Ocean Liner (‘Wilhelm Gustloff’) For Workers On Vacation (‘Kraft Durch Freude’ Project-Christened By Wilhelm Gustloff’s Widow-Gustloff Killed By David Frankfurter In Switzerland, Released After War) 13
05/06/1937 Spreading Out Urged For Jews In Europe (By Ort) 20
05/06/1937 Danzig Senate Keeps Emergency Powers 20
05/06/1937 Reich Reorganizes Its Film Industry-Goebbels Names Board 22
05/07/1937 (Zeppelin) Hindenburg Burns In Lakehurst (New Jersey) Crash 1
05/06/1937 Italy And Reich Insist On Autarchy Plans-Rule Out Utopian Ideas 6
05/06/1937 (Senator) Borah Sees Peril In Fascism Here-Scores Guernica Horror 7
05/06/1937 British Reject Ban On Used Arms Sale 7
05/06/1937 Guernica Inquiry Favored By Eden 10
05/06/1937 Reich Debt Rising; More Credit Used 11
05/06/1937 Eckener Grieves Over Loss Of Ship (‘Hindenburg’-U.S. Would Sell Germany No Helium) 18
05/06/1937 Ship Like Hindenburg Nearing Completion (At Friedrichshafen) 18
05/06/1937 Lieutenant (Police Force) Paying For Slur On Mayor (La Guardia) 27
05/08/1937 Germans Found Helium Unfeasible (‘Unobtainable’ From Roosevelt, Morgenthau And Ickes) 1
05/08/1937 Goering Grateful For U.S. (‘Hindenburg’) Rescue Work 4
05/08/1937 Britain, U.S. Agree On Foreign Policy-Trade Treaty Is Pushed 5
05/08/1937 Jewish Exiles (Polish Jews Living In Germany Who Were Returned To Poland By Germany) Get Relief (From The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 5
05/08/1937 (French Premier, Leon) Blum Makes Plea For National Unity 6
05/08/1937 Delegates Stress (Little) Entente’s Unity-Benes In Bid To Germans 6
05/08/1937 Harvard (James Bryant Conant, President, Later U.S. Commissioner In Occupied Germany) Declines Bid To Goettingen (University, Bicentennial Invitation)-Greetings Are Conveyed (By J. B. Conant) 10
05/08/1937 (Dr. Hugo Bergmann) Chides Zionists On Drives (S.S. Wise Present) 10
05/09/1937 Roosevelt Gets (Richard J. H.) Gottheil (President Of The American Zionist Federation, A Semitic Scholar) Medal (For ‘Distinguished Service To Jewry’)-Fight On Bigotry Cited (Gottheil Also A Close Zionist Associate Of S.S. Wise) 5
05/09/1937 Group Hears Plan To Resist U.S. War 15
05/09/1937 Japan Now Wants Friends In World-Ken Sato (Nichi Nichi) 26
05/09/1937 Nazi Youth Groups Made Compulsory 27
05/09/1937 Reich Slows Arms Race To Make Export Good (London Report) 29
05/09/1937 Col. Frank Knox (Later Secretary Of Navy Under Roosevelt) Sails-Will Survey Wages And Working Conditions In Europe 29
05/09/1937 Reich Shows Uses Of Its Materials (Duesseldorf Exhibit) 33
05/09/1937 Aircraft Is Spotted Unerringly By Army’s Improved (Radar?) ‘Black Ray’ N-1
05/09/1937 (Roosevelt) Court (Revision) Plan Backed In Rabbis’ (Rabbinical Assembly Of America) Report-Urges Amendment Later N-1
05/09/1937 New Navy Cruiser (‘Savanah’) Goes Into Water N-10
05/09/1937 Guernica (Spain) Sparks E-1
05/09/1937 War In Spain Hinges On Military Supplies E-6
05/09/1937 Poland Inclines Toward The Reich-See Nazis As Lesser Evil (Vis A Vis Russia)-Hanson Baldwin (Picture Of Pilsudski & Polish Cavalry) E-6
05/09/1937 Germany Divided On Church Trials E-6
05/10/1937 Congress Puzzled, Awaits Roosevelt 1
05/10/1937 Bid Of Goettingen (University Bicentennial Invitation) Refused By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler-Columbia (University) Will Not Attend 200th Anniversary Of The German University 3
05/10/1937 Trials Bring Retort From Berlin Bishop (Von Preysing) 4
05/10/1937 U.S. Leaders Sign Guernica Protest (Many Names Listed-Liberals Etc. Prof. Charles A. Beard Among Them) 5
05/10/1937 Hadassah Fears Palestine Curbs (On Jewish Rights) 11
05/10/1937 Miss (Henrietta) Szold (Founder Of Hadassah) Honored 11
05/10/1937 Bar Gaming Devices To Get (To Raise) Jewish Funds 12
05/10/1937 Steel Production Put At 92 Per Cent 29
05/10/1937 Cost Of Our Army Lowest Of Powers 39
05/11/1937 Dr. Sizoo Warns Of Church Crisis 8
05/11/1937 Hull Seconds Roosevelt For Nobel Peace Prize (What Had He Been Doing Thus Far?) 10
05/11/1937 Nye Sees ‘Spy Ring’ Aiding Franco Here 18
05/11/1937 Revision Of Values Is Urged Upon Jews (By Mrs. Edward Jacobs, National President Of Hadassah At 2-Day Conference At Hotel Pennsylvania-Women’s Auxiliary Of Zionist Organization Of America) 28
05/12/1937 Hitler Prohibits Hydrogen Flights (Of Dirigibles) 2
05/12/1937 Steady Drop Noted In Jewish Births 3
05/12/1937 (British-Born) Dr. (Bishop William T.) Manning Warns Of Dictator Here-Protest On Court (Reorganization Plan Of Roosevelt) Sought 4
05/12/1937 Warning By (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, William E.) Dodd Of A Dictatorship 4
05/12/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns Of Pessimist Trend-Decries Isolationist Policy-The Americas And Europe’s Democracies Must Unite To Combat It, He Says 5
05/12/1937 (Administration Leaders) Will Ask President (Roosevelt) To Yield On Court (Revision Plan) 5
05/12/1937 Hull Sees (Trade) Policies As Vital To Cotton 6
05/12/1937 Roosevelt Advises Less War Spending 7
05/12/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To England, Robert W.) Bingham Stresses Our Tie To Britain 15
05/12/1937 New British Envoy (Sir Neville Henderson) Received By Hitler 19
05/12/1937 (Joseph P.) Kennedy (Maritime Commission) To Rush Faster New Ships-Need Is Declared Urgent 47
05/13/1937 George Vi And Elizabeth Crowned In Abbey 1
05/13/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, William E.) Dodd Is Denounced By Court (Revision) Bill Foes-His Recall Is Demanded-Borah Terms The Ambassador ‘Disgrace To This Country’ (See Letter, May 12, 1937, P. 4)-Nye Wants Name Of Billionaire (Allegedly) Backing Dictator 8
05/13/1937 (Italian) Gayda Scores Borah For Fascism Attack 10
05/13/1937 Radio War Plans Told By Harbord 11
05/13/1937 12 Years (Prison) For Reich Cleric (Father Kreth, Gross Immorality) 15
05/13/1937 Britain And U.S. Seen As Interdependent (Says Federal Judge John C. Knox At British Club) 18
05/13/1937 ‘Smart-Aleck’ Talk On Helium Scored-Philadelphia Inquirer Assails ‘Loose’ Rumors That U.S. Is ‘Hogging’ Supply Of (Helium) Gas (Concerns Hindenburg Disaster) 22
05/14/1937 British Destroyer In Blast Off Spain; Sailors Are Killed-’German Submarine’ Is Guilty, Loyalists Say 1
05/14/1937 President (Roosevelt) Affirms His New Deal Aim 1
05/14/1937 Reich Builds Great Fortifications On Baltic; Germans In London Bare Luebeck Bay Work 1
05/14/1937 (Raymond Leslie) Buell Warns U.S. Of European Link-Tells Jersey Women Pacts We Have Made Give Britain And France Advantage 6
05/14/1937 Gifts Asked To Aid Jews (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 6
05/14/1937 Reich Tax Of 100% On Rubber Imports-Otto D. Tolischus 9
05/14/1937 New Guns Of Army Shown To Experts 24
05/14/1937 (Lord) Melchett Urges Wealthy Jews’ Aid (Settling Jews Of Europe In Palestine-S.S. Wise Involved)-Holds Plight Desperate 24
05/14/1937 Shipments Of Gold From London Rise 40
05/15/1937 Roosevelt, Back (From Fishing), Demands Passage Of His Court (Revision) Plan And $1,500,000,000 Relief Fund (Picture, P. 9) 1
05/15/1937 U.S. Trade Policy Backed By Canada At Empire Parley 1
05/15/1937 Poles Raid Jews To Avenge Killing 3
05/15/1937 Germany Denies Women High-Top Leather Boots (Leather Shortage) 3
05/15/1937 Russians Show Film Of (Red) Army To Germans 3
05/15/1937 (Fritz) Kuhn Nazi Editor, Is Cleared By Court 3
05/15/1937 German Ambassador (Dr. Hans Heinrich Dieckhoff) Arrives In Capital 3
05/15/1937 (Pastor) Niemoeller Sermon Tomorrow Banned 3
05/15/1937 British Think Mine Caused Ship (British Destroyer) Blast (Off Spanish Coast) 4
05/15/1937 German Reds Sentenced For Hearing Soviet Radio 4
05/15/1937 Japan On New Tack On Economic Plans 4
05/16/1937 Loyalist Cabinet In Spain Resigns 1
05/16/1937 Mrs (J. Borden) Harriman Goes In For Open Diplomacy (As Minister To Norway) 1
05/16/1937 Mayor La Guardia) Says Federal Aid Prevented Chaos 14
05/16/1937 End Of Poverty Seen By (Harry L.) Hopkins-Will Be Wiped Out In 20 Years, WPA Head Says 16
05/16/1937 Mexico To Disarm Foes Of Peasants 24
05/16/1937 Italians Resolute On Vast Arms Plan 26
05/16/1937 Nazi Chief (A. A. Mussert, Dutch Fascist Leader) Stages Clash In Netherlands 27
05/16/1937 Nazi Police Close Catholic Seminary 28
05/16/1937 Anti-Semitic Rioting Spreads In Poland 30
05/16/1937 Mussolini Backs Self-Sufficiency (For Italy) 31
05/16/1937 Roosevelt Stand (On Stabilization Of Commodity Prices) Wins Nazi Praise 32
05/16/1937 Dean (Virginia) Gildersleeve Hails Women’s Gains (Barnard College) 35
05/16/1937 (School) Contest Honors To Foreign-Born N-7
05/16/1937 We Ease Trade Policy To Aid Central Europe-May Have Political Effect E-3
05/16/1937 Will Congress Bow To The President’s (Roosevelt’s) ‘Must’? (Interesting Cartoons) E-3
05/16/1937 Italy Intensifies Navy Rearmament E-4
05/16/1937 Italians Anxious On British Arming E-4
05/16/1937 Mid-Europe Looks To London-G E. R. Gedye E-4
05/16/1937 Borchard, Edwin M & Saye, William P., Neutrality For The United States, Yale Univ. Press, New Haven, Conn. 1937 Book 1
05/16/1937 Forges Of War Flame Over Europe Mag. 1
05/17/1937 Communists Block Cabinet For (Loyalist) Spain And Premier (Largo Caballero) Quits 1
05/17/1937 (British-Born Episcopal) Bishop (William T.) Manning Aids (Roosevelt) Court Change Foes 2
05/17/1937 (Federation Of Polish Jews In America) Protests Attacks On Jews In Poland 4
05/17/1937 ‘New Deal’ In East Is Asked By China 8
05/17/1937 Rise Of Democracy Laid To Pentecost 15
05/18/1937 WPA Plans To Oust 8,500 (In New York City) As Chiselers 1
05/18/1937 15 Democratic Senators Now Demand Showdown With Roosevelt On Court (Revision)-(Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Is Leader 1
05/18/1937 Swedish (Bofors) Guns Basis Of London (Anti-Aircraft) Defense 16
05/18/1937 Police Guard Dinner On Anti-Semitic Issue 16
05/18/1937 Religious Liberty Is Found In Russia 5
05/18/1937 Roosevelt Greets New Reich Envoy (Dr. Hans Heinrich Dieckmann)-President Pledges Help 9
05/18/1937 (Cardinal) Mundelein Scores Nazi Government (Starting A Bitter Controversy-See Later Entries) 11
05/18/1937 Defense Is Secret In (German) Trial Of Friars-Most Are Lay Brothers 11
05/18/1937 Oxford Conference Hailed By Dr. (Henry S.) Leiper (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 23
05/20/1937 Nazis Bid Vatican Rebuke Mundelein For His Criticism (Picture. P. 4) 1
05/20/1937 (Sumner) Welles And (R. Walton) Moore Receive Promotion (Both Now To Be Undersecretaries Of State-Welles’ Picture, P. 13) 1
05/20/1937 (Spanish) Town (Munguia-Several Others Also Named) Devastated By Rebel Bombers In Drive On Bilbao-Munguia Wrecked As Other Craft Rake Fleeing Basques-Bilbao Report, G. L. Steer 1
05/20/1937 (German Professor Friedrich Schoenemann, Back From Visit To U.S. ) Warns Germany On U.S.-Says Public Would Back War (Against Germany Quickly 4
05/20/1937 (German Ambassador, Hans Heinrich) Dieckhoff States (German) Disarmament ViewConsideration Of Elimination Of Certain Weapons-Gas And Bombs Included-Opposes The Tying Of Arms And Economics In A World Conference 5
05/20/1937 World Affairs Up At Empire Parley-Closed Meeting Held In Cabinet Room 6
05/20/1937 (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, James W.) Gerard Stresses Democracies’ Unity 7
05/20/1937 (Spanish) Loyalists Cabinet Curbs Extremists-Prevent Uprisings By Leftists Who Oppose Regime 8
05/20/1937 Powers Unwilling To Halt Spain’s War, British Hear 8
05/20/1937 Washington Found Sympathetic To Sale Of Helium To Eckener-Board Named By President (Roosevelt) To Study The Export Problem The ‘Board’ Always Held Up Any Sale To Germany!) 12
05/21/1937 Reich Envoy Brings (Cardinal) Mundelien Attack To Notice Of Hull-But No Protest Is Made-Nazi Press Still Bitter 1
05/21/1937 French And German Historians Agree To Purge Texts Of ‘Poison’-Both Sides Have Reservations In Pact To Shun Untruths-Otto D. Tolischus 1
05/21/1937 44 Russians Shot As Tokyo Agents-One Woman Is Included 1
05/21/1937 (Ellis H.) Parker Sr. Visited (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann In Cell (Before Execution) 1
05/21/1937 (Sir John) Simon Refuses To Let Catholic Hierarchy Send An Address Of Loyalty To King George 1
05/21/1937 Hazard Of Sparks Feared On Airship (Hindenburg)-Sabotage Theory Revived 3
05/21/1937 Incendiary Bombs Set Murguia Afire-Say Raiding Planes Were German Made-Bilbao Report, G. L. Steer 5
05/21/1937 Spain Asks League (Of Nations) To Open Arms Issue 5
05/21/1937 Vatican (Pius XI) Approves (Cardinal) Mundelein (Anti-German) Speech 7
05/21/1937 Nazi Press Resumes Attack On La Guardia 7
05/21/1937 Chicago Churchmen Support (Cardinal) Mundelein 7
05/21/1937 Victims Of Nazis Honored (Oswold Garrison Villard-Appeals To Roosevelt) 7
05/21/1937 Japan Denies Plan For Navis Is Threat (To Other Countries) 8
05/21/1937 French Seek Bases For Belgium Amity 9
05/21/1937 Permanent CCC Voted By Senate 11
05/21/1937 (Sumner) Welles And Moore Quickly Confirmed-Former Will Be Acting Secretary (Of State, In Hull’s Absence) 11
05/21/1937 Jewish Group (National Conference Of Jewish Social Workers) Head (Harry L. Gluckman) Warns Of Fascism-A Menace To Democracy 22
05/21/1937 1,000 Join (Lord) Melchett In Palestine Plea (To Be Yielded To Jews As Their National Homeland-United Palestine Appeal) 22
05/21/1937 $1,231,000 Received In (American) Jewish (Joint Distribution CampaignExpects $2,000,000 By July 1 22
05/21/1937 Columbia (University. Names 20 To Its Faculty Dr. Kurt Von Fritz (Formerly Of University Of Rostok) Among Appointees 23
05/21/1937 Morgenthau Bars (International) Monetary Parley-Roosevelt Backing Seen 31
05/22/1937 (Spanish) Rebel Plane Strafe Roads Inside Bilbao Fortifications-German Fliers Sentenced To Die For ‘Rebellion’-Bilbao Report, G. L. Steer 1
05/22/1937 Reich Trade Sets Nazi Era Records-Rearming Not Curtailed-Otto D. Tolischus 1
05/22/1937 Nazi Police Hunt Mundelien (German) Aides 2
05/22/1937 La Guardia Retorts 10 New Nazi Attack 2
05/22/1937 Washington May Admit 500 (Spanish Loyalist) Basque Children On Visitors’ Visa Granting Six-Month Stays 3
05/22/1937 Hull Reorganizes State Department 3
05/22/1937 Airship Fire Is Laid To Hydrogen Blast-Evidence Of Heavy Explosion On The Hindenburg 7
05/23/1937 Soviets Execute 20 In Tiflis Plot 1
05/23/1937 North Pole Claim Is Made By Soviet As Tent City Rises-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
05/23/1937 18 Catholic Printing Shops Reported Seized By Nazis 1
05/23/1937 Eckener Says Airship (Hindenburg) Fire To Static And Leaking Gas 1
05/23/1937 President (Roosevelt) Pledges Our Aid For Peace 1
05/23/1937 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Pledges Merchant Marine To Equal Any Rival 1
05/23/1937 Baptists Oppose Military Training 17
05/23/1937 World Peace Plans Heard At Conference 25
05/23/1937 Jews Will Be Idle In Polish Protest (Strike!) 26
05/23/1937 6 Pastors Jailed As Foes Of Nazis 29
05/23/1937 (3,800 Loyalist) Basque Children Arrive In England 31
05/23/1937 Hull’s Address On ‘The Next Step For Peace’ 31
05/23/1937 Czechs Arrest 109 Nazis-Police Act As Henlein Champions Hitler Salute At Meeting 31
05/23/1937 Deaths In Spanish War Put At 300,000 Thus Far 33
05/23/1937 Gayda Says French (Under Premier Leon Blum) Let (Loyalist) Spain Get Arms-Terms Sea Patrol Futile-Arnaldo Cortesi 31
05/23/1937 Russian Buttress Vast War Machine-Air Power Exaggerated-Hanson W. Baldwin N-1
05/23/1937 (Cornell) Campus Of Peace To Celebrate (World) War N-8
05/23/1937 Refugees (From Germany Going To Other European Countries) Put At 35,500-29,000 Of Those Fleeing Germany Reported To Be Jews (Report Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) N-9
05/23/1937 Mr. (Harry L.) Hopkins Presents His Philosophy Of Relief-Picture: ‘Manager Of The ‘Biggest Business’’ (Relief) E-3
05/23/1937 Soviet Regains Favor Of France And Britain E-3
05/23/1937 Negrin Cabinet Unites The Loyalists (Leftists) In Spain E-5
05/23/1937 (German) Public Cool To Hitler Show-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
05/23/1937 Britain Takes A Chamberlain As Pilot Mag. 1
05/23/1937 Five Power Secretariats Smoothes Roosevelt’s Way Mag. 8,9
05/24/1937 (German) Catholic Bishops Challenge Nazis On Youth Groups 1
05/24/1937 Reich Would Stop Conflict In Spain-Is Ready To Give Full Support To British Effort 1
05/24/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Describes 4th International 1
05/24/1937 Arms Work Eases Slump In Europe-London Report, Hanson W. Baldwin 2
05/24/1937 New Italian Navy To Expand Scope-Britain Held Challenged 2
05/24/1937 Nazis’ Actions Mar Vienna Sports Fete 3
05/24/1937 Jewish Unity Stressed (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee & United Jewish Appeal Function) 7
05/24/1937 Young Israel Marks 25th Anniversary-Roosevelt Praises Ideals Of Group 14
05/24/1937 Jewish Veterans Here Honor War Dead-Roosevelt Sends Message 22
05/24/1937 Outlook For Harvest Unfavorable In Reich 29
05/24/1937 Industry In Reich Increases Output 33
05/24/1937 France Increases Her Foreign Trade 34
05/24/1937 30-60 Ships A Year Held Nation’s Need 39
05/25/1937 Recruits For (Loyalist) Spain Drilled In U.S., Deserter From Group Says In Paris 1
05/25/1937 British To Propose Truce To Rid Spain Of Foreign Troops-(Loyalist) Valencia’s ‘No’ Emphatic 1&9
05/25/1937 Profits Tax Bill Pressed In Britain To Get Arms Fund 1
05/25/1937 Polish Jews Stage A General Strike-Otto D. Tolischus 10
05/25/1937 500 (Loyalist) Basque Children To Get Homes Here 10
05/25/1937 Reich Silent On (Deceased!) Rockefeller’s Aid (To Germany) 11
05/25/1937 World Fair Called A ‘Patronage Mill’ 29
05/26/1937 Italian Jews Told To Uphold Fascism Or Leave Country-Warns Against Zionism 1
05/26/1937 Empire War Pool Studied In London 1
05/26/1937 President Roosevelt) Backs Export Of Helium-Bar Upon (Any Suspected) Military Use 2
05/26/1937 Reich Curbs Visit To The Paris Fair 4
05/26/1937 Germany Protests To Vatican On (Cardinal Mundelein Anti-German) Talk 6
05/26/1937 Europe Heightens Pace Of Rearming-6,000,000 Now In Armies-Hanson W. Baldwin 8
05/26/1937 Spanish (Recruit Training) Camp Here Is Hunted In Vain-(Loyalist) War Aid Groups Deny It (See Entry May 25, P. 1) 10
05/26/1937 U.S. Entry Is Problem For (Loyalist) Basque Children 11
05/26/1937 Anti-Semitic Wave Is Seen Rising Here (Women’s Division Of American Jewish Congress Speakers) 18
05/26/1937 Munitions Output Of Du Ponts Is Cut 21
05/26/1937 (War (Referendum) Amendment Urged By Baptists 26
05/27/1937 Ford Men Beat And Rout Lewis’ Union Organizers (R. T. Frankensteen & Walter Reuther) 1
05/27/1937 Reich Police Jail Protestant Board 1
05/27/1937 Powers Get Plan Of Aliens In Spain 12
05/27/1937 45 Foreign Prisoners (Of War) Are Freed By Franco 12
05/27/1937 Washington Cool To Italy’s Arms (Limitation) Bid 13
05/27/1937 Schacht Urges Aid To Reich For Peace-Would End Debt Burden 14
05/27/1937 (War Supply) Committee Named By (British) Empire Parley-Permanent Body Is Aim 14
05/27/1937 Our Ideals Traced To Jewish Culture (By [Jewish] Professor Abraham A. Neuman) 15
05/27/1937 Golden Gate Span Flies Nazis’ Flags 16
05/27/1937 Rosendahl Turns To (Hindenburg) Sabotage Idea 24
05/28/1937 (Loyalist) Spain Asks League To Act Upon Italy As An Aggressor-Presents White Book Of 101 Documents To Prove Her Charges Of Invasion-German Planes (Only) Mentioned-Geneva Report, Clarence K. Streit 1
05/28/1937 (Neville) Chamberlain Takes Permiership Today; Title For Baldwin 1
05/28/1937 10,000 Stop Work (Strike!) On WPA Projects 1
05/28/1937 (Spanish Loyalist Premier [Negrin], Valencia) Said To Plan To Reopen (Closed Catholic) Churches 4
05/28/1937 Norman Thomas At (Loyalist) Front 4
05/28/1937 (Two New U.S.) Destroyers Launched (At Porthsmouth, Va.) 5
05/28/1937 Reich Envoy Asks End Of ‘Insults’ 6
05/28/1937 Germany Receives Note From Vatican (On Anti-German Mundelein Speech) 6
05/28/1937 Riot Scars (From Anti-Jewish Riots) Remain On Brest-Litovsk 7
05/28/1937 Europe Is Selling Arms On Big Scale 8
05/28/1937 3 Poles Beaten In Russia 8
05/28/1937 Chamberlain Once Hailed As ‘Good Old Neville’ 8
05/28/1937 (British) Dominions Hear U.S. Trade Wishes 9
05/28/1937 British And Japanese Cooperate In China 9
05/28/1937 Roosevelt Message (To Congress) Is Criticized In Italy; ‘Lacking In Clear Thought,’ Rome Paper (‘Tribuna’) Says 13
05/28/1937 Rabbis In Conference Back ‘Labor’s Rights’ 13
05/28/1937 Americans (U.S. Film Industry) Threaten Venice Film Boycott 16
05/28/1937 Lutherans Avoid Pacifist Pledge 22
05/28/1937 Business Advance Held Irresistible 30
05/28/1937 Corn Prices Soar In Broad Movement-Oats, Rye Also Advance 31
05/29/1937 Goebbels.Lashes.Catholic Church On Morals Issue 1
05/29/1937 Chamberlain Takes Office As Premier-Appointments Of Duff Cooper To Admiralty And Hoare To Home Office Puzzling (Pictures, P. 2) 1
05/29/1937 26 Hurt In Chicago Riot As Police Fight Strikers Marching On Steel Plant-Mob Is Beaten Back 1
05/29/1937 Chamberlain Bold. Aloof Politician 2
05/29/1937 U.S. Trade To Fore At (British) Empire Parley 3
05/29/1937 Schacht Has Hopes For French Accord-German Offers Stressed 3
05/29/1937 Britain Is Skeptical Of Duce’s Arms (Limitations) Plan 3
05/29/1937 Sabotage Rumor On Airship (Hindenburg) Bared 4
05/29/1937 Palestine Exhibit Open-’Pavilion Of Israel’ Dedicated At Paris Exposition 4
05/29/1937 Bishops Back (Anti-German Speech Of Cardinal) Mundelein 4
05/30/1937 Reich Battleship Set Afire (‘Deutschland’) By Spanish Loyalist Bombs; Italians To Fire On Planes 1
05/30/1937 All Churches See New Nazi Attacks 1
05/30/1937 War Issue Avoided By Presbyterians 4
05/30/1937 War Debt Notices Are Sent Out By U.S.-Twelve Defaulting NationsOnly Finland Is Ready To Pay 5
05/30/1937 German Catholics Accused Of (Passport) Forgery 11
05/30/1937 German Press Wary On British Leader (Chamberlain) 11
05/30/1937 Admiral Scheer A Powerful Ship (Actually The ‘Deutschland’ Was Bombed Not The ‘Admiral Scheer’) 12
05/30/1937 League Shifts War In Spain To London-Condemns Tactics Used 12
05/30/1937 Rabbi (Maurice Eisendrath) Calls On Jews To Work For Justice (Against Totalitarianism) 17
05/30/1937 Arab Delegate Here, Warns On Palestine-Jewish Immigration (To Palestine) ‘Must Halt’ 17
05/30/1937 Italy And Reich Seek Help To Meet Needs-Germany Wooing Britain E-3
05/30/1937 Germany’s Policy Near Britain’s E-4
05/30/1937 Spanish Factions Shy At Armistice; Britain Keeps Up Pressure For It E-5
05/30/1937 Hindenburg Explosion Baffles Investigators E-10
05/30/1937 Missouri To End Public Hangings E-10
05/30/1937 Where Hitler Dreams And Plans (Berchtesgaden) Mag. 1
05/30/1937 (Leon) Blum’s Way With The French Mag. 4
05/31/1937 Spanish Attack (On ‘Deutschland’) Stirs Reich; All Navy Leaves Cancelled; Bombs Kill 23 On Warship 1
05/31/1937 Protestants Defy Move By The Nazis To Silence Clergy 1
05/31/1937 War Dead Honored; Arms Race Scored 1
05/31/1937 4 Killed, 84 Hurt As Strikers Fight Police In Chicago (Picture, P. 5) 1
05/31/1937 U.S. War Victims Honored In France 2
05/31/1937 Rebel (Franco) Raids Decried By (Norman) Thomas 2
05/31/1937 Chamberlain Wins Churchill’s Help 4
05/31/1937 U.S. Found Easing Isolation Policy 4
05/31/1937 Columbia (University) Sermon Hails Democracy 10
05/31/1937 Rabbis Denounce Fascists In Spain 10
05/31/1937 Reich Held Harsh On Foreign Loans-Cutting Interest-Maximum Is Fixed At 4% 23