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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

February 1937
Date Headline Page
02/01/1937 4 Senators (Opposing Roosevelt) Draft A ‘Cash And Carry’ Bill On U.S. Neutrality (Nye, Clark, Bone & Vandenberg) 1
02/01/1937 13 Plotters’ Pleas Futile In Moscow (Vishinsky Trial); All Will Be Shot 1
02/01/1937 (Board Of Directors Of The National Council Of Jewish Women) Plan Wider Activity For Jewish Women 4
02/01/1937 (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) Bids Nation Back Ban On Nazis-He Calls For Intensified Boycott (Of Germany)-(Samuel) Untermyer, In Message, Warns Germany (Not Hitler!) Cannot Be Trusted Under Trade Treaty (Wilhelm Sollmann Also Spoke) 5
02/01/1937 (Jewish Peoples Committee For United Action Against Fascism And Anti-Semitism) Would Bar Reich At (New York Worlds) Fair 5
02/01/1937 Hitler Clears Way For Vital Parleys-Reich In No Rush For Pact 8
02/01/1937 British Find Reich Still Holds Aloof-Press Is Coldly Critical 8
02/01/1937 Munich Votes 95% For State Schools-Bloc To Church Seen 8
02/01/1937 Geneva Unimpressed By Hitler’s Speech 8
02/01/1937 Delbos Bars War By Reich On Soviet-He Warns Franco-German Amity Must Not Be Aimed At Russia 8
02/01/1937 Hitler’s Nobel Move Alienates Sweden 8
02/01/1937 (Samuel I. Rosenman, Roosevelt Confidante) Appeals To Jews (General Assembly Of The Council Of Jewish Federations And Welfare Funds) To Aid Democracy-Immigration Problem Up-Felix M. Warburg (Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Emphasizes Needs Of The Many Distressed Refugees Germany (Also Mentioned Polish Need) 19
02/01/1937 (American) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, President) Attacks Poland-Demands Restoration Of Rights Guaranteed By The Versailles Treaty-(British-Born, Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Sends Message (Also Dr. Samuel Mc Crea Cavert, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 22
02/01/1937 Clergy In Germany Praised For (Anti-NSDAP) Stand 22
02/01/1937 View Like Dictators Laid To Catholics 22
02/02/1937 Poland To Fortify German Border, Matching Reich’s New Defenses-France Will Provide Most Of The Funds And EngineersOf ‘Maginot’ Line 1
02/02/1937 (Vatican) Put Slain Priests (By Spanish Loyalist ‘Reds’) At 13,400-List Of 11 Bishops Killed 11
02/02/1937 Franco ‘Heils’hitler On Anniversary Date 11
02/02/1937 Drastic War Bans Sought In Senate-Would Outlaw Insurance 12
02/02/1937 Reparations Bonds Scrapped By Reich 12
02/02/1937 Hull Hears Arab Plea 12
02/02/1937 Soviet Executes 13 (From Moscow Trials) As Trotskyists (Vishinsky) 14
02/02/1937 Reich Cooperation Still Britain’s Hope 15
02/02/1937 Cuba Will Deport 50,000 (Hatians & Jamacaians) To Make Jobs For Natives 15
02/03/1937 Vast Arms Scheme Is Voted In France To Match Germany-Reds Solidly Favor Plan 1
02/03/1937 Huge Arms Outlay By Reich Reported-31 Billion In Four Years 2
02/03/1937 Arnold Bernstein Detained In Reich-’Misunderstanding’ Seen 2
02/03/1937 Britain Fines Comedian For Joking About Hitler 2
02/03/1937 Nazis Create Office For Germans Abroad (Ernst Wilhelm Bohle) 2
02/03/1937 German (Ww. I) ‘Pig Murders’ Attributed To Jews 2
02/03/1937 President (Roosevelt) Favors Some Trade In War 3
02/03/1937 Our Air Supremacy, Aim Of (Maj. Gen. Oscar) Westover 25
02/04/1937 Italy Keeps Her Eye On Germany Despite Their Truce Over Austria-Anne O’Hare McCormick 1
02/04/1937 2 Germans Desert En Route To Spain (Arrested On Yugoslav Border) 4
02/04/1937 Nazi Interference Assailed In Vienna 7
02/04/1937 (Yugoslavs) Urge Curb On Reich Trade 7
02/04/1937 Suspicion In Soviet Sharp Since (Moscow-Vishinsky) Trial 7
02/05/1937 (Bernard) Baruch Sees Clash Of U.S. Trade Aims And War Isolation (Text, P. 4) 1
02/05/1937 (Sumner) Welles Acclaims Americas Parley 2
02/05/1937 Hull Is Attacked (By Rep. Culkin) Over Trade Pacts 2
02/05/1937 (Albert) Einstein In Sympathy With Madrid (Communist) Cause-Feels ‘Ashamed’ Democratic Countries Have Not Met ‘Fraternal Duties’ 2
02/05/1937 Swiss More Fearful Of Germany’s Aims 6
02/06/1937 Roosevelt Asks Power To Pack (Federal) Courts 1
02/06/1937 Soviet Ends Plan To Blockade Spain 4
02/06/1937 Poland To Create War Industry Area-Triangle Bounded By Vistula And San Rivers Is Selected 4
02/06/1937 Runciman Holds Trip To U.S. Unimportant-Says Visit Was Private (See Entry, Jan. 24, 1937, P. 27) 4
02/06/1937 Navy Chief Warns Of Britain’s Might-Hails Peace Influence 5
02/06/1937 $52,753,335 Spent To Colonize Jews-$20,000,000 From America (Supporters Sound Like A ‘Who’s Who’of The U.S. Congress) 5
02/06/1937 Nazi Envoy Pushes Claims In London 6
02/07/1937 Soviet ‘Purge’ Jails Of Trotskyists 1
02/07/1937 Christ A Non-Jew, Nazis Will Teach 8
02/07/1937 Britons Applaud Roosevelt (Supreme Court) Action 31
02/07/1937 Jews Face Crisis In Eastern Europe-Wave At Peak In Poland (But Also Active In Rumania, Latvia, Lithuania & Hungary)-Otto D. Tolischus 34
02/07/1937 Warn On Palestine (‘Eretz Israel’) Issue 34
02/07/1937 (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Fight Any Closing Of Palestine Door-Make Appeal To Britain (At National Conference For Palestine) 42
02/07/1937 France And Poland Prepare To Expend Greater Sums To Extend Their Systems Of Defense Against Germany E-4
02/07/1937 Cartoon: French, Anti-German E-4
02/07/1937 (Pacelli) The Man At The Center Of Vatican Diplomacy Mag. 5
02/08/1937 Reich Food Crisis Ends With Buying Of Grain Cargoes (By Germany) 1
02/08/1937 Nationalism Casts Polish Jews Aside-Otto D. Tolischus 9
02/08/1937 Britain (Militarily) Prepared In View Of Experts 9
02/08/1937 Jewish Charities Unite For Drive 18
02/08/1937 President (Roosevelt) Praises Jewish Pioneering (In Palestine-Message To Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 18
02/08/1937 Delivery Orders Tax Steel Mills 25
02/08/1937 German Steel Mills Get Higher Bids From Abroad 25
02/08/1937 Exports Stressed As Pivotal In Reich 25
02/09/1937 Poland Stresses Jewish Immigration-No Number Specified 11
02/09/1937 War Vital For Man, German Writer (Von Waldeger Harz) Says 11
02/09/1937 Finland Is Seeking Soviet Friendship 14
02/09/1937 British Back Right Of Soviet On Spain-Rebuff To Nazi ‘Holy War’ (Against Communism) 15
02/09/1937 Food Sought Here For Madrid Forces 15
02/09/1937 Soviet Holds Back Exports Due Reich 15
02/09/1937 Madrid Finds Way To Make War Munitions 15
02/09/1937 Diplomatic Shifts Reported In (U.S.) Capital (Gibson, Caffery & William E. Dodd) 18
02/09/1937 (Eleanor Roosevelt) Advises Citizens To Study (Own) Country-Lack Of Knowledge In All Sections 20
02/09/1937 Roosevelt Invites (Boy) Scouts To Capital 25
02/09/1937 Veterans (Of Ww. I) Of 14 Lands Will Meet In Berlin-Hitler Will Appear At Sessions That Are Intended To Promote International Rapprochement 25
02/09/1937 Credit Renewals Seen For Germany 31
02/10/1937 Polish Jews Offer Solution Of Plight-Not Resigned To Fate-Otto D. Tolischus 6
02/10/1937 Danzig Nazis Oust Enemies’ Deputies 6
02/10/1937 Envoy (Von Ribbentrop) Compromises On (NSDAP) Salute As He Presents Germans To King 6
02/10/1937 Sterilization (Of Humans) Study Is Urged By (Puerto Rican Governor)-Winship 6
02/10/1937 Runciman Informs Commons On (‘Personal’ U.S.) Trip 7
02/10/1937 Soviet Doubts Aid If It Is Attacked-Clash Is Expected Soon 8
02/10/1937 Italian Navy Helped Rebels, Say (Spanish Loyalists) Leftists 8
02/10/1937 WPA (Harry Hopkins) $780,000,000 Fund,Is Approved By Roosevelt 11
02/10/1937 Views Of Senators On Roosevelt’s Plan For Remaking (U.S. Federal) Courts (‘For,’ ‘Against’ & ‘Uncommitted’) 15
02/10/1937 Shun Europe Mess (Hilaire) Belloc Advises U.S.-He Declines To Talk On World Affairs 25
02/10/1937 Roosevelt Chosen As (Clothes) Fashion Leader 25
02/10/1937 Europeans Assail U.S. Gold Imports-Devaluation Is An Issue 41
02/10/1937 Wendel On Stand Tells Of Torture (To Obtain Confession That He Killed Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr.) 48
02/11/1937 Roosevelt Bars Splitting Of (Federal) Court Reform Program 1
02/11/1937 Hull Calls (His Trade) Pacts For Foreign Trade, Peace Insurance (Letter, P. 2) 1
02/11/1937 Reich To Operate Bernstein (Shipping) Lines 1
02/11/1937 Church Ban Lifted By Mexican State (Catholic) 1
02/11/1937 Purple Heart Meant For CCC Army Men 2
02/11/1937 Japanese Military Cut Their Budgets 8
02/11/1937 (British) Malta Starts Purge Of Italian Officials 8
02/11/1937 Europe Will Avoid War (Czech President, Eduard) Benes Holds-Urges U.S. Moral Backing 9
02/11/1937 Schuschnigg Backs A King (For Austria) 9
02/11/1937 Paris Delays Gold Action (Redemption Of Foreign Loans) 9
02/11/1937 British Turn Eyes On German Envoy (Von Ribbentrop-Suspicion) 10
02/11/1937 Germany Cuts Half Pound From Famous (‘Kamrad’) War Helmet 10
02/11/1937 ‘Republic’s Death’ Seen In (Roosevelt’s) Court (Revision) Plan (By Alfred A Cook, N.Y.C. Bar Association) 10
02/11/1937 (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Assails President’s (Roosevelt’s Court Revision) Plan-Would ‘Arouse Church’ 10
02/11/1937 Control Of (Federal) Court (Roosevelt’s) Aim, Says Lowell-He Recalls George Iii 10
02/12/1937 Britain Will Raise A L400,000,000 Fund For Rearmament-Plan Is Warning To Reich 1
02/12/1937 Poland Planning One-Party State-Program Going To Sejm Today Would Make Smigly-Ridz Leader 1
02/12/1937 (Supreme) Court Burdened (Samuel) Untermyer Says-Doubts (Roosevelt) ‘Ulterior Motive’ 2
02/12/1937 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Silent On Court (Revisions Wished By Roosevelt) 4
02/12/1937 Polish Jews’ Ruin Typified By Town-Two-Thirds Of The Families In Minsk-Mazowiecki Have Asked Aid After Pogrom-Otto D. Tolischus 8
02/12/1937 Violence Is Urged (In Support Of Metaxas) In Greek Politics 8
02/12/1937 German Minorities A Threat To Europe-Benes Sees A Solution-Anne O’Hare McCormick 10
02/12/1937 Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt Hits U.S. Colonial Policy 10
02/12/1937 Nazis Bar Discrimination Against Unwed Mothers 10
02/12/1937 Russia And Finns ‘Good Neighbors’ 14
02/12/1937 South Africa Opens War Industry Census-Also Signs Large Ammunition Contract 14
02/12/1937 Imports Of Gold Dropped In Month (Only $121,336,253-Listing Of Gold Imports From 1920 To 1937) 30
02/13/1937 Mayor (Laguardia) Says (U.S. Supreme) Court Caused Civil War 2
02/13/1937 (Penn. Governor Earle) Says People Support (Roosevelt’s) Court Plan 3
02/13/1937 (American) Nazi Rally Assails Aims Of Communism (At ‘Hippodrome’) 5
02/13/1937 Belgium Asks Reich About Neutral Plan 6
02/13/1937 Hitler Felicitates Pope (Pius XI) On Anniversary 7
02/13/1937 Reichsbank To Get Orders Of Hitler 7
02/13/1937 Large Budget Cut Is Made By Japan-Military Funds Included 7
02/13/1937 (Sven Hedin) Backs Reich On Colonies (Lost After World War I) 7
02/13/1937 World Wheat Up On German Buying 22
02/14/1937 (Dr. Charles) Seymour Named Yale President (Picture, P. 30-Later Avid Interventionist) 1
02/14/1937 Roosevelt Moves For Peace Hailed-Gen. Rafael L. Trujillo, President Of The Dominican Republic 5
02/14/1937 ‘Battle’ Will Test Landing Of (U.S.) Troops 6
02/14/1937 Exchanging Students Urged (By Miss Erin Sampson) As Peace Aid-Warns On Building Intellectual Walls Against One Another 13
02/14/1937 Mercy Death (Euthanasia) Bill Filed In Nebraska 17
02/14/1937 4 Bar Groups Assail Roosevelt On Court (Revision Plan) 28
02/14/1937 Protestant Board In Germany Quits-Police Persecuted Them 35
02/14/1937 Britain Rejects Plea For (Return Of Lost) German Colonies 35
02/14/1937 (Dutch) Pact With Hitler Barred 35
02/14/1937 Germany Asks Farmers To Yield Rye Surplus 36
02/14/1937 Neutrality Aims Of U.S. Outlined-Pittman Bill Is Basis 37
02/14/1937 WPA (Harry Hopkins) Actors Play To 5,500,000 In City-’It Can’t Happen Here’ (A Popular Presentation) N-3
02/14/1937 With A Free Hand, What Would Roosevelt Do?-E. L. Duffus E-3
02/14/1937 Map: Czechoslovakia Presents ‘A Picture Of Bustle And Tranquility’ E-5
02/14/1937 Economic ‘Arming’ Urged On Germans (By German General Georg Thomas)-’Peoples’ War’ Predicted E-5
02/14/1937 Czechs Wary But Unafraid E-5
02/14/1937 Cartoon: Anti-British (Italian, One Of The Very Few I’ve Seen) E-5
02/14/1937 Sofia Orders Bombproofs For Tenement Buildings E-5
02/14/1937 World Survey Shows Few Women Get High Government Posts D-6
02/14/1937 A View Of World Affairs From Britain’s Standpoint Book 2
02/14/1937 Goebbels Edits The Popular Mind In Germany Mag. 3
02/14/1937 Can Man Live In The World He Has Created Mag. 6
02/14/1937 Life Inside A Nazi Concentration Camp Mag. 16 & 17
02/14/1937 Superhighway (Autobahn) For The Reich (Map) XX-1
02/15/1937 Reich To Build 2 Ships For Venezuelan Navy 1
02/15/1937 Dictator (In U.S.) Feared By Amos Pinchot 3
02/15/1937 Interest In Spain Wanes In France-Austria Becomes Issue 6
02/15/1937 Schuschnigg Says (Austrian) Throne Is Up To Him 6
02/15/1937 Yugoslavia Is Vexed By Reich Trade Pact 8
02/15/1937 World’s (WWI) Veterans Gather In Berlin-Visitors To Meet Hitler 10
02/15/1937 Nazis Are Assailed By Munich Prelate (Faulhaber) 10
02/15/1937 World Arms Outlay Doubled In 2 Years-$11,000,000,000 Spent By 60 Nations In 1936, A Report By Foreign Policy Group Finds 10
02/15/1937 Poland Held Center Of Jewish Distress (By United Palestine Appeal)-Story Of Persecution There Brings Pledges Of ($) Aid 10
02/15/1937 Democracy Linked With Christianity (By Unitarian Rev. Minot Simons) 20
02/15/1937 French Gold Fund Lets Franc Waver 25
02/15/1937 Gold Movements Puzzle To London-Heavy Imports From France, Large Exports To United States 25
02/16/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Gives His Proof (In Mexico) Of Moscow Trial Falsity 1
02/16/1937 Hull’s (Trade) Pacts Curb War, Says (Lewis W.) Douglass-Economic Peace Is Vital (Text, P. 6) 1
02/16/1937 Act To Oust (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) From Miner’s Union 1
02/16/1937 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gets Court Plan Protests; She Believes Most Foes Are Prejudiced 4
02/16/1937 Canada Denies Ties To Britain For War-Socialists Push Protest 12
02/16/1937 Pan American Group Marks 25th Year 15
02/16/1937 Soviet Stiffening Attitude On Japan 16
02/16/1937 Reich Scouts Fears Of A (Polish) Coup In Danzig 16
02/16/1937 Hitler To Receive Visiting (Ww I) Veterans-Welcomed By Goering 17
02/16/1937 Britain Stays Firm On (Lost German) Colony Question 17
02/16/1937 Caffery Bids Cuba Uphold Democracy 25
02/17/1937 Britain Announces A Record Program Of Naval Spending-Three More Battleships-Air Force, Army To Grow-5 Year Rearmament Plan 1
02/17/1937 Roosevelt Urged To Spur Religion-Dr. Sizoo (Collegiate Reform Church) Proposes A Conference Addressed By President (Roosevelt) To Arouse The Nation 4
02/17/1937 Lord Davies Here Sees No War Now (Uncertain About Future) 4
02/17/1937 (General Hugh S.) Johnson Doubtful On (Benefits Of) Rigid War Laws-But Sees Some Benefits 7
02/17/1937 (Hilair) Belloc Sees Crisis Menacing Society-Revolutionary Clash Between Catholic Church And Reds-Asks Return To ‘Faith’ 8
02/17/1937 Thousands Benefit In Rome Amnesty-Ex-Foes Of Duce Included 11
02/17/1937 28,500 New Planes In 1937 (Production Forecast 12
02/17/1937 (German General) Blomberg Backs Fight For Peace 14
02/17/1937 Goering Guarded On Warsaw Visit 14
02/17/1937 New Crisis Arising Over Japan’s Army 15
02/18/1937 U.S. Navy Will Ask More Battleships To Match Britain-Admiral Leahy Says The Policy Still Is To Retain Parity With The British Fleet 1
02/18/1937 2 Amendments Proposed To Limit (Federal Supreme) Court’s Powers; A. F. Of L. (William Green) Backs President (Roosevelt) 1
02/18/1937 Malaga (Spain) Refugees Reported Bombed (By Franco)-Children Among Victims 12
02/18/1937 Paris Acts To End All Aid For Spain 12
02/18/1937 Hitler For Peace, He Tells (Delegations Of Ww I) Veterans (Meeting In Germany) 13
02/18/1937 Lords Hear Pleas To Open Colonies-No Shift In Sovereignty 13
02/18/1937 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (In Puerto Rico) Hails University 13
02/18/1937 Britain Cautions Aggressors Again-Warns Of Groups Of Foes 14
02/18/1937 Nazis Impressed By British Arming-Expect A Final Showdown Between Rich Democracies And Fascist Powers 14
02/18/1937 (Oswald Pirow, Minister Of Union Of South African Defense) Backs Britain On Arms (Strange Coincidence! Both He And England Decide To Arm ‘Simultaneously’) 14
02/18/1937 Soviet Pact Asked In Japanese Diet-Lashes German Treaty 15
02/18/1937 Bill On Neutrality Ready For Senate 16
02/18/1937 Georges) Bonnet Arriving, Denies (French War) Debt Plan (Picture) 23
02/18/1937 President (Roosevelt) Confers On Capital (Foreign Gold) Influx 31
02/18/1937 Reichsbank Reserve Is Reduced Again 38
02/19/1937 Britain To Press For New Locarno; Pushes Arms Bill-’Has Not Lost Hope,’ Baldwin Says, Indicating Overture Will Be Made To Reich 1
02/19/1937 Americas Exempt In Neutrality Bill-Hull For Elastic Powers 1
02/19/1937 Roosevelt Acts To Rush Warships; Seeks End Of Deadlock Over Steel 10
02/19/1937 Reich Prods Soviet On (2) German Prisoners (Arrested) 10
02/19/1937 German Exports Fell In January-Less Food Was Bought 11
02/19/1937 Gold Clause Bill Passed In France 11
02/19/1937 L600,000,000 To Go To Britain’s Navy-European Sea Rule Aim 12
02/19/1937 Churchill Hopes The U.S. Will Equal British Fleet 12
02/19/1937 Japan Is Worried On Naval Building-Strong Policy Demanded 12
02/19/1937 Arms Shares Rise Rapidly In Britain 12
02/19/1937 France Demands Real Neutrality (In Spain) 13
02/19/1937 Irish Fight Move To Bar Aid In Spain 13
02/19/1937 Japan To Ship Gold After Five Year Bar 13
02/20/1937 China Will Make Peace With Reds 1
02/20/1937 Armament Race Laid To The Democracies (By Virginio Gayda) 6
02/20/1937 Hitler Signs Ban On Help For Spain 6
02/20/1937 Captured Spanish Rebels Freed To Fight For Left (Communist, Loyalists) 6
02/20/1937 Britons Fighting In Spain Say They Signed To Work 6
02/20/1937 Arms (From U.S.) Ship Sails For Spain 6
02/20/1937 U.S. Anti-Aircraft Guns Used By Basque Loyalists 7
02/20/1937 Prague Is In Accord With (A) German Group 7
02/20/1937 Psychiatrist Hails Roosevelt As Ideal-’Truly Great Leader,’ Dr. (John) Levy Asserts, Because He Is Inspired By Love 19
02/20/1937 New Goebbels Baby Fourth In Five Years 19
02/20/1937 U.S. And Salvador Sign Trade Treaty-Tariff Rates Slashed 29
02/21/1937 Blockade Of Spain Begins As Powers Complete Accord-Full Control On March 6 1
02/21/1937 Mexico To Control Entire Oil Output-State Monopoly Planned 1
02/21/1937 Bill On Neutrality Ready For Senate-Passage Is Held Certain (Text, P. 2) 1
02/21/1937 Schuschnigg Drops Romance (34 Year-Old Hungarian Countess) For Duty 5
02/21/1937 Ethiopians Bomb Italian Officials 6
02/21/1937 Japan Will Try To Appease China 7
02/21/1937 New Vote System For Reich Church (Direct Election Of National Synod By Church Members)-Otto D. Tolischus 11
02/21/1937 German Auto Men Warned By Hitler-Industry Must Be Made Independent Of The ‘Insecurity’ Of Imports (Raw Materials) 15
02/21/1937 Roosevelt Recalls Arrest In Germany-Tells (American) Youth Congress He Was Seized Four Times In Day By ‘Politzei’ (Sic-Insulting Behavior) 16
02/21/1937 Czech Concessions Win Some Germans 18
02/21/1937 Reich Wants Baldwin To Disclose Menaces (To England)-German Newspaper (Diplomatische Korrespondenz) Contends Only Threat To Britain Is In Mutual Aid Pacts 19
02/21/1937 Cartoons: Anti-German-A Variety Of Salutes For The Court Of St. James (Irritation Over Von Ribbentrop’s NSDAP Salute) E-2
02/21/1937 (Supreme) Court Compromises Fail To Satisfy Roosevelt-Relies On Their Faith In Him-Arthur Krock E-3
02/21/1937 British Navy Program Raises Issue Of Parity-Japan Has Her Problem Too E-3
02/21/1937 British Rearming Startles Europe-Warning To Dictators E-4
02/21/1937 Big (U.S.) Gold Stocks A Problem E-6
02/21/1937 Cartoon: Anti-Roosevelt E-9
02/21/1937 That Bulwark Of Conservatism, Prime Minister Baldwin Book 5
02/21/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Explosively Wages His War Of Words (From Mexico) Mag. 4
02/22/1937 New Polish Party (‘Camp Of National Unity’) Appeals For Unity 1
02/22/1937 Reich Offers Hand, (General) Blomberg Asserts-Pays Tribute To Hitler 1
02/22/1937 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Pleads For Constitution (In Supreme Court Issue With Roosevelt) 4
02/22/1937 Gannett Sees (Supreme Court) Issue Of Dictatorial Rule 6
02/22/1937 Only 16,000 Germans And Italians In Franco Armies, Gibraltar Hears 8
02/22/1937 Hitler Arms Plan Awaited In London-British Defense Projects Are Expected To Force Germany To Take New Course-Berlin Must Choose Isolation Or Cooperate With The Western Powers As A Whole 10
02/22/1937 Nazism Issue Rises In (German) Church Election 10
02/22/1937 (Leon) Blum Cites Need For (French) Reform Curb 11
02/22/1937 31 Educators Back (Roosevelt’s Federal) Court Proposals 19
02/22/1937 Wider Fields Eyed By Reich Shippers 25
02/23/1937 Vienna Riots Mark Neurath’s Arrival; Police Fight Nazis 1
02/23/1937 Reich Lists Poland In Fascist Column 12
02/23/1937 Soviet Is Blamed In Japan’s Arming-China Policy Is Softened 13
02/23/1937 Torturing Is Laid To Japan’s Police 13
02/23/1937 Goering Quits Poland With A Lot Of Food-Hunt Was Fruitful Game 16
02/23/1937 Germany Declines Bid To League (Raw Material Availability) Talk 16
02/23/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Praises (Governor Blanton Winship) Puerto Rico Regime 18
02/23/1937 Angell Asks Yale To Fight Bigotry-Amid Era Of Charlatans 19
02/23/1937 Roosevelt Urges Forums In Schools-To Bulwark Democracy 20
02/23/1937 Shortage Of Labor Expected (By National Industrial Conference Board) By 1940 29
02/24/1937 Reich Business Fights 4-Year Plan; Will Present A Warning To Hitler-Anne O’Hare McCormick 1
02/24/1937 Italians Are Angered By (British) Bid To Haile Selassie To Send Envoy To George Vi’s Coronation 1
02/24/1937 Reich To Organize Military Workers-Soviet Cites War Threat 8
02/24/1937 British Army Plans Luxurious Barracks 8
02/24/1937 Reich No Longer Offers Market For Jew’s Harps (The German Word For ‘Jew’s Harp’ Is ‘Die Maultrommel.’ This Is Probably A Fabricated Article) 8
02/24/1937 Austrians Display Ire Toward Nazis 9
02/24/1937 Defender Of Nazis Threatens Priest 9
02/24/1937 Deny (William C.) Bullitt Speech Hinted Of (Anti-German) Parleys 10
02/24/1937 Davies Is Winning Soviet Popularity (As U.S. Ambassador) 11
02/24/1937 British Draw Plans To Fight War Fires-Incendiary Bombs Held One Of Greatest Menaces In Air Attack-Equipment Ordered 11
02/24/1937 Angry Catholics Parade (Against Government’s Policy) In Mexico 11
02/24/1937 Text Of (Senator Pittman’s) Neutrality Bill Approved By House Foreign Affairs Committee (Pittman, Nevada Was An Avid Pro-Roosevelt Interventionist!) 12
02/24/1937 3,000 Annihilated Near Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) 13
02/24/1937 Educators (At New Orleans Convention) Warned On Utopia Building 26
02/25/1937 Borah Denounces (Hull-Roosevelt) Trade Treaties 10
02/25/1937 War Perils Alter Belgium’s Course 13
02/25/1937 Runciman Opposes Tariff Cuts For U.S.-Scores ‘One-Sided Trade’ 15
02/25/1937 Hungarian Jews Beaten 15
02/25/1937 Extremists Sweep Elections In India (Anti-British Move) 16
02/26/1937 Gas Mask Output Startles Britain-Dictators Are Criticized 1
02/26/1937 Italians Execute Ras Desta Demtu (Picture, P. 12), Negus’ Relative-End Of Resistance Seen 1
02/26/1937 British Publishers Hit ‘Yellow Journalism’ 1
02/26/1937 (Protestant) Clergy’s Protest To Reich Revealed 11
02/26/1937 American Hospital Aids Madrid (Loyalist) Victims 11
02/26/1937 Russia Will Deport 10 Accused Germans 11
02/26/1937 Polish Jews Held In Immediate Need (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee)-Anti-Semitism Growing 12
02/26/1937 British Favor Idea Of Restoring Otto (Von Hapsburg)-Augur 13
02/26/1937 Reich Paper Derides Speech By (William C.) Bullitt 14
02/26/1937 Hull Asks Nations To Band For Peace-He Sees Drift To Anarchy 15
02/26/1937 Educators (In New Orleans Meeting) Demand A Universal (Military) Draft 16
02/26/1937 Hadassah Marks 25th Anniversary-Henrietta Szold Praised 16
02/27/1937 Russia Quits Spanish Patrol Fleet After British Let Her Save ‘Face’ 1
02/27/1937 Czech (Dr. Kamel Krofta) Denies Reich Plans Aggression-Holds Britain’s Plan For Rearming Will Help Cause Of Peace In Europe-G.E.R. Gedye 5
02/27/1937 Hitler To Respect Swiss Neutrality 5
02/27/1937 (Frick) Bars Criticism Of Hitler (In Church Election) 5
02/27/1937 Reich Bans U.S. Magazine (‘Look’-Anti-German Policy) 5
02/27/1937 (Georges) Bonnet Hails Us As Ally In Liberty-’Civilization’s Salvation’ 6
02/27/1937 Germany Punishes Man Who Sued Nazi 7
02/27/1937 Mrs. (Henry) Morgenthau Jr. White House Guest 10
02/27/1937 Mexican Conditions Praised By (Josephus) Daniels 19
02/27/1937 Japanese Defense To Be Air Attacks 1
02/27/1937 The President (Roosevelt) Discusses His Political Philosophy-Arthur Krock 1&33
02/27/1937 Path To War Seen (By Stephen Raushenbush) In U.S. Trade Boom-Says Nation Is In Same Predicament As In 1914-Expects Similar Result 12
02/27/1937 2 New Battleships Named By Swanson 12
02/28/1937 Problem Of Negro Is Held National (By National Urban League) 24
02/28/1937 Reich Ends Market In Foreign Issues-Owners Forced To Sell 26
02/28/1937 Ribbentrop Will Give Hitler British Views 26
02/28/1937 Gandhi Again Active In (Anti-British) Politics In India 27
02/28/1937 France To Aid Study Of Alsace-Lorraine 27
02/28/1937 Czechs Will Help German Minority-Gives Terms To Henlein-G.E.R. Gedye 29
02/28/1937 Reich Seeks Grant Of Church Lands 29
02/28/1937 Hitler Picture Replaces Crucifix (Reported At Frankenholz) In Class Rooms 29
02/28/1937 Eagle Oil Deprived Of 2 Mexican Fields (By Mexican Gov’t.) 29
02/28/1937 Equality Of Negroes In U.S. Angers Nazis 30
02/28/1937 (Ernest Hemmingway Off To Spain-Author To Report (Spanish) Government’s Side 30
02/28/1937 France Unmoved By (Leon) Blum’s Appeal 31
02/28/1937 (Finance Minister) Calls Yugoslavia Prosperous Nation 31
02/28/1937 F. M. Warburg Urges Palestine Fund Aid (For Jews From Poland, Germany & Others) 33
02/28/1937 Germans Set 1943 Date For Rhine-Danube Canal 34
02/28/1937 Roosevelt Guest Of News Writers 34
02/28/1937 Nationalist Bias In Schools Scored N-1
02/28/1937 36,000 Teachers Get United Voice N-5
02/28/1937 Our (Pittman-Roosevelt) Neutrality Plan Should Please London-Cash And Carry Policy Would Place Our Wartime Atlantic Trade Under Control Of The British Fleet-Big Powers Do Not Need Arms E-3
02/28/1937 Trade And Neutrality Clash In Legislature E-3
02/28/1937 Britain Sees Herself As A Force For Peace E-4
02/28/1937 Ethiopia Is Far From Tamed (By Italians) E-4
02/28/1937 Germany Turns Back To Revisionist Policy E-5
02/28/1937 Markets And Colonies Are Wanted By Japan E-5
02/28/1937 Map: Paths Of German Continental Expansion E-5
02/28/1937 Austrian Nazis Losing Hope E-5
02/28/1937 Britain And France: A ‘Bedrock’ Union Mag. 1
02/28/1937 Germany Plays Host To The Soldiers Of Her Wartime Enemies Roto.