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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

October 1937
Date Headline Page
10/01/1937 (Vice President, Henry Agard) Wallace ‘Advises’ On Meat Rise Here-Supply Shortage Cited 1
10/01/1937 Chamberlain Makes Plea For ‘Fitter Britain’ In Broadcast Opening Big Health Campaign 1
10/01/1937 Hull Accepts Invitation To Visit Canada, Lord Tweedsmuir To Be His Host 1
10/01/1937 Pro-China Rally Tonight-Boycott Of Japanese Goods To Be Launched At (Madison Square) Garden (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Roger N. Baldwin, U.S. Ambassador To Germany William E. Dodd, Luise Rainer And Others To Be Present) 2
10/01/1937 Picture: William C. Bullitt, U.S. Ambassador To France Here On Vacation 3
10/01/1937 (Ernst) Bohle In London For Nazi Meeting-To Reassure Churchill 3
10/01/1937 Japanese Boycott In Britain Grows-Funds For China Urged (By Chief British Rabbi J. H. Herz And Others)-Indian (Nehru) Approves Boycott 3
10/01/1937 Reich And Poland In Minorities Pact-Follows Bitter Dispute-Warsaw Refused To Renew Silesian Treaty 4
10/01/1937 Italy Enters Plan For (‘Piracy’) Patrol Of (Mediterranean) Sea (Map) 4
10/01/1937 Arms Cost Appears In Britain’s Deficit 4
10/01/1937 Hitler Commends (German) Paris Fair Workers 5
10/01/1937 Two Church Bodies (‘World Conference On Faith And Order’ And The ‘Universal Christian Council For Life And Work’ Plan World Move (Establishment Of ‘World Council Of Churches’) 5
10/01/1937 (Mayor Laguardia) Proclaims Loyalty Days 5
10/01/1937 Morgenthau Silent On (Roosevelt’s) Budget Balancing (Promise For 1939) 13
10/01/1937 German Group Taxed With Misuse Of Flag (Complaint By German-American League For Culture An ‘Anti-Nazi Organization’) 16
10/01/1937 Leviathan (Ww I German Ship Taken As Booty By U.S.) Doomed, New Ship Ordered 22
10/02/1937 (Hugo L.) Black Admits He Joined The Klan; Quit, Then Ignored ‘Unsolicited’ (Life-Membership) Card; Cites Record As Liberal In The Senate (Text)-Roosevelt Misses Black Broadcast 1
10/02/1937 Britain Deports Palestine’s Arab Leaders; Mufti Of Jerusalem A Refugee In Mosque-Joseph M. Levy 1
10/02/1937 Open War On C.I.O. Declared By (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) 6
10/02/1937 Japan Denounced At (Madison Square Garden) Rally Of 10,000-National Boycott Urged (By Assembled, United Pro-Roosevelt Interventionist Liberals-Rabbi S.S. Wise, Mc Connell, Oxman, Etc.-See ‘Pro-China Rally’ Oct. 1, P. 2) 8
10/02/1937 (U.S.) Neutrality Act Hit As Unfair To China-It Virtually Makes Us An Ally Of Japan,’ (Raymond Leslie) Buell (President Of Foreign Policy Association) Says, Urges Radical Changes 9
10/02/1937 London Nazi Rally A Quiet Affair-Bohle Denies Agitating 9
10/02/1937 (Polish Col. Jozef) Beck On Secret Trip To Austrian Capital (To See Kurt Schuschnigg) 9
10/02/1937 16 Chemical Workers Executed In (Leningrad) Russia 9
10/02/1937 New Iron Process To Aid Reich Army-Basis Of Goering Concern (Iron From Low-Grade Iron Ore-Germany’s Deposits Lost With Loss Of Lorraine In Ww I-Plant In Salzgitter) 10
10/02/1937 Freed In Use Of Flag Of U.S. On Nazi Sign (Charge Brought By Non-Sectarian Anti-Fascist League [Samuel Untermyer] & The German-American League For Culture) 11
10/02/1937 Silk Groups Oppose Boycott On Japan-They Hold Action Would Cut Jobs Here And Also Hurt Cotton Exports 33
10/03/1937 Paris And London Demand Italian Troops Quit Spain; Soviet Asks Right To Aid 1
10/03/1937 State Of War Put In Force In Brazil 1
10/03/1937 Nation’s Press Almost United In Denouncing (Hugo L.) Black Speech 2
10/03/1937 Black Resignation (From Supreme Court) Put To Roosevelt 3
10/03/1937 32 Nations Vote (In League Of Nations) To End Neutrality (On Spain-Move Favored By Communists To Aid Loyalists) 38
10/03/1937 Goering Resisted In (Low-Grade) Iron Ore Plan-Otto D. Tolischus 39
10/03/1937 Firm British Policy Subdues (Arabs In) Palestine 42
10/03/1937 (American) Producers Set Up Japanese Boycott n/a
10/03/1937 Ethiopians Sniping At Italian Troops-Facts Difficult To Get E-4
10/03/1937 Are Laws Of War Scraps Of Paper? E-3
10/03/1937 (Belgian Premier, Paul) Van Zeeland Tries Anew Against Odds E-5
10/03/1937 Cartoon: Anti Axis E-9
10/03/1937 Europe’s Youth Calmly Survey A ‘Next War’ Mag. 3
10/03/1937 Europe Gets Ready To Meet The Menace From The Skies-Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 8
10/04/1937 Roosevelt Omits (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler’s Name In Montana Talks 1
10/04/1937 London Mob Raids Fascists’ Meeting-30 Treated In Hospitals-Communists Routed By Nightstick Charges (Picture, P. 14) 1
10/04/1937 Spanish (Catholic) Hierarchy Is Denounced Here (Text, P. 12 Plus Signatories)-150 Protestant Clergymen And Educators And Laymen Reply To Pastoral Letter-Doubt American Backing 1
10/04/1937 New Jewish Council (N.Y. Division Of American Jewish Congress) Organized In New Jersey-Dr. S.S. Wise Warns Leaders That ‘Tragic’ Issues Confront Their People 4
10/04/1937 ‘Keep Powder Dry,’ U.S. Is Counseled (By New York Times Correspondent, Frederich T. Birchall) 9
10/04/1937 Colonies ‘Burden’ Invited By Hitler 9
10/04/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And President Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Assails Japan As ‘Assassin’ 10
10/04/1937 Japanese Learn Friends Are Few 10
10/04/1937 U.S. Merchant Ships To Avoid War Zones (Unless To Evacuate Refugees) 10
10/04/1937 British Laborites Will Back Boycott (Of Japan) 11
10/04/1937 (Wellesley Business Conference) Asks For Boycott On Japanese (Show Of Hands) 11
10/04/1937 Military Experts See Weak Japan-Air Force Is Condemned-Unable To Lay Down An Artillery Barrage 11
10/04/1937 Arabs Show Anger By Closing Shops (In Jerusalem) 13
10/04/1937 Germans At Rally (Madison Square Garden-Steuben Society & German-American Volksbund) Felicitate Hitler-Fealty Pledged To U.S. 16
10/04/1937 Picture: (British-Born, Arch Interventionist, Episcopal) Bishop William T. Manning 18
10/05/1937 (John L.) Lewis Joins 12,000 In Backing Mayor (Fiorello Laguardia) 1
10/05/1937 Italy Will Insist On Spanish (Peace) Plan-Nazis Demand (Return Of Their Lost) Colonies 1
10/05/1937 Britain Proposes A Power Pact Block Act On Far East (War) 1
10/05/1937 Britain Opposing Boycott Of Japan 9
10/05/1937 Japan Is Defiant Of League Critics 9
10/05/1937 Hooded Men Lynch Negro In Florida 9
10/05/1937 British Laborites Remodel Party-Left Wing May Benefit 9
10/05/1937 Reich Commissions Ships (Submarine Flotilla) 10
10/05/1937 League (Of Nations) For Aims Of Hull On Trade 11
10/05/1937 Picture: Two Dictators (Hitler And Mussolini) As They Met In Munich 12
10/05/1937 Picture Shows Hitler Dancing With Farm Girl (At Harvest Festival At Bad Prymont-’The Usually Stern Hitler Face Showed A Happy Mood.’) 12
10/05/1937 ‘Pirate’ (Submarine) Attacks British Destroyer (Torpedo Shot At Destroyer Off Spain) 13
10/05/1937 (U.S. Shoe Manufacturers’) Shoe ‘Propaganda’ (Against U.S. Pact With Czechoslovakia) Deplored By Hull-Benefits Are Predicted 13
10/05/1937 Anti-Fascists (Who Attacked Sir Oswald Mosely’s Rally) Sent To Prison In London 13
10/05/1937 Rift Of Protestants Widens In Germany-Confessional Synod (Anti-NSDAP) Breaks Off Relations With The Methodist Church Over (Bishop) Melle (Who Supported German Government At The Hostile Oxford, England, Church Conference In August) 14
10/05/1937 Two Crosses Burned (In Poughkeepsie, N.Y.) 20
10/05/1937 Social Philosophies Found Dividing U.S.-Prof. Edouard Lindeman Holds It Our Task To Fit Democracy To Economic Realities 26
10/05/1937 Conflict In China Hits (U.S.) Drug Imports 45
10/06/1937 Roosevelt (In Chicago) Urges ‘Concerted Action’ (‘Isolation Of Dictators Speech’) For Peace And Arraigns War Makers; League (Of Nations) Committee Condemns Japan (Text, Pp. 1 & 16)-China Held Victim-President (Roosevelt) Hits Out 1
10/05/1937 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Speech Makes Stir Abroad 1
10/05/1937 U.S. Held Prepared To Help Curb Tokyo-Washington Finds President’s (Roosevelt’s ‘Dictator Isolation’) Speech Opens Door Wide To Collaboration Short Of War-Bertram D. Hulen 1
10/05/1937 Son Of Mussolini Flies To Franco; More (Italian) Troops Sent-Cream Of (Italian) Force Is In Spain 1
10/05/1937 Catholic (Mgr. Michael J. Ready) In Reply, Hits Letter (‘Diatribe’) Of 150 (U.S. Protestants Supporting The Red Spanish ‘Loyalists’-Accuses Them Of ‘Lies, Subtle Insinuation And Tortuous Interpretation Of The Facts.’) 6
10/05/1937 Hitler Voices Anger Against Churches 7
10/06/1937 ‘Ghetto’ Created In Polish Universities-(Polish) Nationalists Hail Move (They Claim The Jews In Polish Colleges Already Exceed 10%, The Percentage They May Legally Send To College According To Their Proportional Representation) 7
10/06/1937 Picture: Roosevelt In Chicago With Anti-German (Anti-NSDAP) Cardinal Mundelein-President Visits A Friend And Dedicates A Bridge In Chicago 16
10/06/1937 Nation Wide Press Comment On President Roosevelt’s Address (Advocating ‘Quarantining Dictators’-Generally Favorable. A Few Are Concerned About The Possibility Of War As A Result) 17
10/06/1937 President (Roosevelt’s) Mother Back From Europe-Found War Fear Widespread Abroad 18
10/06/1937 Borah (‘Isolationist’) Hails (Roosevelt Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Statement 18
10/06/1937 Dr. (Alice) Salomon Tells Here Of Her Exile (From Germany)-’Jane Addams Of Germany’ Says No Charges Were Made Against Her By Nazis (Sic)-Shows No Bitterness 19
10/06/1937 (Col. Frank) Knox (Ardent Interventionist) Praises (Roosevelt’s ‘Peace Policy-Quarantine Of Dictators’) Speech 19
10/06/1937 Big (Business) Boom To Last 2 Years (Says Babson’s R. B. Wilson) 40
10/06/1937 (James A. Farrell, Chamber Of Commerce) Urges Trade Pact With The British 43
10/06/1937 Trade Loss Heavy For U.S. In The Far East (Because Of The Conflict There) 45
10/07/1937 U.S. Condemns Japan As Invader Of China; Drops Neutrality (Neutrality Act Never Invoked By Roosevelt)-Embarks On New Course-Policy To Back League, Geneva Calls Meeting Of 9-Power Nations-U.S. Statement On Japan (Pp. 1 & 12) 1
10/07/1937 (Henry L.) Stimson (A Republican Formerly In Hoover’s Cabinet, An Arch Interventionist Like ‘Col.’ Frank Knox And Roosevelt’s War-Time Sec. Of War) Favors Action On Japan-Urges Joint Move By U.S. And Britain To Stop Supplying War Gods To Tokyo-He Praises Roosevelt-Terms Chicago (‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Speech ‘An Act Of Leadership’-Supports Our Backing League (Letter, Text, P. 12) 1
10/07/1937 Ostracize Japan, (Nevada Senator Key Pittman (Chairman Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee) Demands-Asserts An ‘Economic Quarantine’ (Boycott) Would End Conflict In 30 Days-Holds World Should Act-Calls On ‘Civilized’ Nations, Especially Britain To Join U.S. In A Strong Move 1
10/07/1937 London And Paris Said To Vie Italy 24 Hours To Reply-Show Of Force Expected 1
10/07/1937 Japanese Confer On Censure By U.S.-Roosevelt Is Criticized 1
10/07/1937 Roosevelt Has Named 66 Of 241 Federal Judges 4
10/07/1937 Reich Press Points To Fate Of Wilson (Regarding Roosevelt’s ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech-Semi-Official Organ (‘Diplomatische Korrespondenz’) Advises Roosevelt Against Starting Something He Can’t Finish-President (Roosevelt) Held To Have Failed To Recognize Bolshevism’s Menace To World Peace 13
10/07/1937 (French Foreign Minister) Delbos Is Grate For Roosevelt Aid (Praises Roosevelt’s Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech-Curb On Dictators Seen 13
10/07/1937 London Is Dubious Of (League Of Nations 9-Power) Parley Result-Roosevelt Stand (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech) Hailed 13
10/07/1937 Chinese Acclaim Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Speech-Dr. Sze (For Ambassador To U.S.) Urges A Boycott (Against Japan-An Excellent Example Of Arguments Which Will Later In World War Ii Become Common Place) 14
10/07/1937 Russia Pleased By Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Talk-Walter Duranty 14
10/07/1937 French Memorial To U.S.-(U.S. Ambassador, William C.) Bullitt Pleads For Unity (‘We Are Determined To Stay Out Of War, But This Does Not Mean That We Are Indifferent To The Fate Of EuropeFrance And America AreMarching Together In Peace.’)-Pershing Sees Democracies Forcing Peace-Petain Lauds American Leadership-Effect Of Roosevelt’s (‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Address At Chicago Apparent In Speeches At Ceremony 14
10/07/1937 Nazis Assail The Vatican 14
10/07/1937 (Roosevelt Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Speech Applauded In Latin America (Brazil)-Argentines Laud Roosevelt’s Clear Words 15
10/07/1937 (U.S. Munitions Board License) Lets Russia Buy Battleship Parts (In U.S.) 17
10/07/1937 (H. Wickham) Steed (British Propagandist Of World War I, Ardent Zionist, Former Editor Of London Times, ‘Holocaust’ Supporter [‘An Unimaginable Human Tragedy,’ The Listener, A Bbc Publication, December 24, 1942]) Holds Nazis Worse Than Reds (At English Speaking Union, Rockefeller Plaza 18
10/07/1937 18 To Die In Russia For Grain Spoilage 18
10/07/1937 Reich’s 3 Big Banks Are Privately Owned 18
10/07/1937 Women Here Would Omit Politician In Peace Plan (Demands Pressure Be Brought On Roosevelt To Invoke U.S. Neutrality Legislation In Chinese-Japanese War) 18
10/07/1937 Japanese War Lords Are Blamed For War (By Chinese Teacher) 19
10/07/1937 (Pastor Martin) Neimoeller Baby Born As Father Remains In Jail (Imprisoned 3 Months Ago) 19
10/07/1937 Roosevelt Keeps Silent-Refuses To Enlarge On Issues Given In His Chicago (‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Speech 19
10/07/1937 Austria Backs U.S. (Roosevelt) Stand (On Sino-Japanese War) 19
10/07/1937 Britons Support Catholics (‘Franco’) In Spain 20
10/07/1937 Madrid (Red, ‘Loyalist’ Spain) Is Overjoyed At Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Speech 20
10/07/1937 Nazis To Train (Tourists’) Guides-Visitors Will Be Told About The Third Reich’s Accomplishments (‘Propaganda’ By Dr. Joseph Goebbels) 20
10/07/1937 Submarine (Believed To Have Attacked British Ship Off Spain) Believed Sunk 20
10/07/1937 American Slain (Fighting With ‘Loyalists’) In Spain 20
10/07/1937 (Jewish) Women Meet Today In ($6,250,000) Aid Drive 21
10/07/1937 Marlene Dietrich Denounced By Nazi (Julius Streicher)-Newspaper (‘Der Stuermer’) Declares Star ‘Spent So Many Years Among Film Jews’ She Became (U.S.) Citizen 31
10/08/1937 U.S. To Join (League Of Nations’) 9-Power Parley, But Avoids Taking The Lead; Japan Will Stand By Policy-Tokyo Can’t Shift-Hull Will Accept (Invitation) 1
10/08/1937 Powers Spur Italy (Not An Ultimatum After All!) To Reply On Spain; Refusal Forecast 1
10/08/1937 Boycott Of Japan Pressed By A. F. L.-British Action Is Cue 1
10/08/1937 Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Stand Praised (By Feminist Leader Mrs. Carrie Champman Catt) 2
10/08/1937 (French Premier Camille) Chautemps Lauds Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Stand-Warns Aggressor States-He Says Powerful (French) Army Is A Matter For Reflection By Any Invading Force-Tells U.S. Group Paris Is In Complete Accord With (Roosevelt) Speech 2
10/08/1937 (North Dakota Senator Gerald P.) Nye Here, Warns Of Danger Of War-’Once Again Baited To Save World,’ He Says-Urges U.S. To Invoke Neutrality Act (A Step Avoided By Roosevelt-He Used His Own Edict To Warn Ships Etc. Going To China) 2
10/08/1937 President (Roosevelt) Lauded In Chile (By Government-Owned ‘La Nacion’) For Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Stand 2
10/08/1937 Gen Chiang ‘Moved’ By Washington (Roosevelt’s Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Stand 2
10/08/1937 Panama Approves (Roosevelt’s Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Speech 2
10/08/1937 Soviet Executes 14-101 Persons Have Now Died For Mismanagement Of Farms 2
10/08/1937 2 British Parties Praise Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech)-Conservatives And Laborites Applaud His Stand Against Aggressor Nations 3
10/08/1937 Restraint Shown By Reich On China-Roosevelt Is Criticized-Press Assails War Purchases In U.S. By Soviet Following The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Chicago (‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Talk 3
10/08/1937 (German) Miners Working In France Lose German Passports 3
10/08/1937 U.S. Cruiser (‘Augusta’ At Shanghai) Is Endangered 3
10/08/1937 ‘Japanese Fanatics’ Hit In A. F. L. Boycott Plea 4
10/08/1937 Konoye’s Son Admits Violation Of (Kellogg) Pact-(Japanese) Interests Seen At Stake 5
10/08/1937 Mission To The U.S. By (Leon) Blum (Of France’s ‘Popular Front’) Envisaged 6
10/08/1937 London Is Advised Ethiopians Rebel-Anonymous Despatch 6
10/08/1937 (German Teachers) Bar Jewish Music Pupils 6
10/08/1937 Franco Saves (U.S. Pilot) Dahl (Fighting With ‘Loyalists’) From Death Decree-Court Martial Finds Him Guilty Of Rebellion-Sentence Of Three Russians Tried With American Are Commuted Also 6
10/08/1937 Memorial (To U.S. Dead In Ww I) Marks Chateau Thierry-Rights Of Weak Stressed 7
10/08/1937 (U.S.) Navy Developing World’s Greatest Bomber, 50-Ton Flying Boat (Pby-2[?]) With 8,000-Mile Range 8
10/08/1937 2 Great Statesmen (Pope Pius XI & Jan Christian Smuts) Named By Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 11
10/08/1937 (Jewish) Refugee Doctors Sue For Licenses Here (Supported By Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League Headed By Samuel Untermyer, President & ‘Scottsboro’ Samuel S. Liebowitz, Associate Council For The Petitioners) 19
10/08/1937 Mrs. H. L. Hopkins (Nee Duncan) Wife Of WPA Head (Harry L.)-She Is Dead In Washington At Age Of 37-President (Roosevelt) To Be At Rites-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt, Morgenthau And Laguardia Also To Attend 23
10/09/1937 (Neville) Chamberlain Pledges Cooperation (With U.S. ‘Peace Policy’) To End Horror Of Two Major Wars; Japan Makes Reply To U.S. And League-Japan Is ‘Misunderstood’ (Sic)-Statement Asserts Nanking Should Be ‘Deemed Menace To Peace Of World’ 1
10/09/1937 Educators Assail Curbs On Liberty Set By Aggressors (Dr. Charles Seymour, Yale; Dr. Edmund Day, Cornell & Dr. James P. Baxter, Williams-Texts) 1
10/09/1937 Roosevelt Studies Orient With Aides (Hull, Sumner Welles & Norman H. Davis) 1
10/09/1937 Roosevelt Hailed By Moscow Press (‘Investia’ & ‘Pravda’)-Walter Duranty 2
10/09/1937 ‘Scourge’ Of China Is (General) Matsui’s Aim 2
10/09/1937 Japan Confident Of Early Victory-Vital Railroad Is Cut-Officials Believe Fighting Will Be Ended On All Fronts By End Of Year 2
10/09/1937 Convention (‘National Council For The Prevention Of War’) Scores Boycott Of Japan (As Drastic Action) 2
10/09/1937 Japanese Actor (Kysuka Tomada) Killed (In Action In China) 2
10/09/1937 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Upheld By Appeals Court-Decision Says Imprisonment Is Not Justified-Demands Prosecutor Bring Charge 3
10/09/1937 Picture: (North Dakota Senator Gerald P. Nye) Favors (U.S.) Neutrality 3
10/09/1937 Mussolini’s Son Scouts War Talk-Finds Americans Discuss (War) Issue More Than Europeans-Says Italy Wants Peace-Cites Needs Of Ethiopia 3
10/09/1937 (Berlin) Jewish Clothiers Gain (In Numbers Since 1933)-’Aryan’ Fair Held In Berlin To Offset Increased (Jewish) Business 3
10/09/1937 Soviet Purge Kills 6 (‘Terrorists’-Killed Communist Party Member) 3
10/09/1937 Lindbergh Expected At Munich (Lilienthal Association Aeronautical) Congress 4
10/09/1937 Gift (Bust Of Martin Luther) Of Ex-Kaiser Shown By (Poultney) Bigelow (Personal Friend Of The Kaiser) 4
10/09/1937 Scottsboro (Rape Case) Appeal Fought By Alabama 4
10/09/1937 Dr. Day Inducted (Cornell Univ.), Hits War Makers-Warns Of Dictated Ideas 8
10/09/1937 Baxter (Williams College) Condemns ‘New Neutrality’ (We Must Use Force To Enforce Peace) 8
10/09/1937 New Destroyer (‘Fanning’) Put In Commission 17
10/09/1937 Housing Shortage Held Near In U.S. (By American Public Health Association)-6,000,000 Units Needed 21
10/09/1937 President (Roosevelt) Confers On Cotton (Price) Outlook-(Henry Agard) Wallace Reports On Huge Crop, 29
10/10/1937 Mussolini Rejects A Parley On Volunteers In Spain (Text), Britain To Keep Door Open 1
10/10/1937 Italy Says France Still Sends Arms (To Spanish Loyalists)-Land, Sea, Air Are Cited 1
10/10/1937 U.S. Studies A Shift In Mexican Policy-Duty, Inequality Scanned 1
10/10/1937 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Abandons His Radio Program; Archbishop (Edward Mooney) Criticized (His) Attack On Roosevelt 1
10/10/1937 (Secretary Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Asks Women Guard Democracy-America ‘Last Citadel’ 4
10/10/1937 Dead Treaties (Vinson-Trammill Act, 1934) Set Size Of Our Navy-Britain’s Fleet Largest (List) 7
10/10/1937 A Knockout Blow Held Aim Of Japan 36
10/10/1937 Avoid War Says (Mass. Senator Henry Cabot) Lodge (Jr., The Hero Of Vietnam & Reputed Hit Man For Viet Nam’s Premier Diem) 37
10/10/1937 Soviet War Games Held In The Far East 39
10/10/1937 (Japanese) Silk Boycott Spurs Patterson (N. J.) Conference 39
10/10/1937 Reich Backs Italy On (Spanish Volunteer) Parley Refusal 40
10/10/1937 800 Zionists Meet (At Detroit, 35th Meeting Of The Jewish National Fund Of America) On Palestine (Partition) Plan-Seeks To Speed Land Buying Program (Of Jews In Palestine)-Partition Issue Barred-Violence Flares In Palestine (Arabs Apprehensive Over Jewish Buying) 42
10/10/1937 Propaganda Study Is Aim Of Institute (For Propaganda Analysis-Numerous Liberal U.S. Professor From U.S. Universities Listed) N-1
10/10/1937 66 Anti-War Clubs Organized (In U.S. Under The Auspices Of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President Of Both The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace & Columbia University & One Of The Most Violent, Outspoken Interventionists In The War) In Year-Total Now Stands At 805-(‘International Relations Clubs’ At U.S. Colleges, Universities & High Schools) N-3
10/10/1937 Americans Still Uneducated, Says (Robert M.) Hutchins (President Of University Of Chicago); ‘Have Little Knowledge But Much Opinion’ N-7
10/10/1937 Reich Negotiates Deal On U.S. Prunes (Bartered For German Goods) F-9
10/10/1937 The News Of The Week In Review-End Of Isolation?-F. D. R. Poses A Question (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech) E-1
10/10/1937 President (Roosevelt) Is Convinced The Nation Is With Him E-3
10/10/1937 World Asking How Far Washington Would Go E-3
10/10/1937 What Next? Washington Ponders (Roosevelt’s) Foreign Policy E-3
10/10/1937 Anti-Roosevelt Carton E-3
10/10/1937 Anti-Axis Cartoons E-3
10/10/1937 Anti-Goering Cartoon: ‘Iron Hermann’ Puts The Doctor (Schacht) In The Shade E-3
10/10/1937 What Would Boycott Do To Japan? E-5
10/10/1937 Palestine Is Calm Under Firm (British, Pro-Zionist) Hand-Joseph M. Levy E-7
10/10/1937 Picture: President Anastasio Somoza, Nicaragua E-12
10/10/1937 Greenbelt (A Roosevelt-Supported [Rexford] ‘Tugwell Town’)-An Experimental Town-Starts Off Mag. 3
10/10/1937 Gas (Warfare) Over Europe-How Real Is The Danger? Mag. 10
10/11/1937 France Is Turning From Plans To Aid Spanish Loyalists 1
10/11/1937 Left Keeps Power In French Voting-Communists (Heroically) Hold Own 1
10/11/1937 Berlin (Catholic) Bishop (Konrad Von Preysing) Sees Faith Being Sapped-Charges Nazis Are De-Christianizing Germany Systematically-Bids Parents Stand Firm (Against German Government) 1
10/11/1937 (Sir Oswald) Mosley, British Fascist, Is Badly Injured; Stones Are Thrown By Opponents At Rally 1
10/11/1937 Roosevelt’s Step (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech-’Sudden And Unexpected Emergence As The Leading Figure In The International Arena Coupled With Rumors Of A Gigantic American Rearmament Program’) Worries Germans-They Fear Him As The Prime Mover In New Democratic Front Against Fascism-President (Roosevelt) Seen As A Wilson Quicker On The Trigger-Otto D. Tolischus 2
10/11/1937 China To Execute Shirking Officers 3
10/11/1937 ‘Enforce Sanctions’ (Against Japan) Is Mexican (Cardenas’s) Position 3
10/11/1937 (Sir George) Paish (In International Conciliation, Published By Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President) Sees War Signs 3
10/11/1937 Jews Require Aid In Eastern Europe (Poland & Rumania)-New Anti-Semitic Drive (In Danzig) Opens 4
10/11/1937 Funds ($2,000,000) To Buy Land (For Jews) In Palestine Voted (At Detroit National Conference On Palestine Land Redemption-Jewish National Fund Of America)-To Raise Emergency Fund-$250,000 For ‘American Region’-Weizmann Stresses Value Of Holdings In Negotiations 13
10/11/1937 Challenge On (Roosevelt) Court (Revision-Reorganization) Issued By (Montana Senator Burton K.) Wheeler-New Fight ‘Will Tear Party To Shreds,’ He Says, But Foes Of Plan Are Ready 13
10/11/1937 War On Tyranny Urged By (Dr. Albert) Einstein-’Let Us Not Shun The Fight To Arrest Symptoms Of Moral Decay,’ He Says-Cites Lessons Of Bible (Message To Ymca) 19
10/11/1937 (Anti-Fascist Italians) Urge White House To Bar Duce’s Son 23
10/11/1937 God’s Plan Seen In World Unrest (By Presbyterian, Rev. Dr. Merle H. Anderson) 25
10/11/1937 Pushes (Anti-)Partition Fight-S.S. Wise Again Assails Policy Of Britain On Palestine 25
10/11/1937 Town Hall Recital Given By (Walter) Gieseking 26
10/11/1937 Industrial Reich Widens Activity 27
10/12/1937 Roosevelt Wants Freedom, Not Force To Rule World (Text, ‘Stout Polish Hearts’); Hard Fighting In Two Wars-Urges Union To Freedom 1&4
10/12/1937 ‘Voice Of America’ (Referring To Roosevelt & His Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech) Hailed By (Polish Ambassador To U.S., Jerzy) Potocki (Author Of The ‘Potocki Papers,’ At A Pulaski Day Dinner)-’Clear Call To Morality’-’A Contribution To Peace’ 4
10/12/1937 Mussolini Urges Reduced Imports 4
10/12/1937 Reich Determined To Support Franco 6
10/12/1937 (Tibor) Eckhardt (Budapest) Urges Return Of Hapsburgs 6
10/12/1937 Czech Nazi Official (Hans Rutha) Is Seized By Police 7
10/12/1937 (Eisenach) Congress For National Church Has Nazi Hue; (Some) Delegates Wear Uniforms Of Party Officials 8
10/12/1937 Britain Plays Host To U.S. (American) Legionnaires 8
10/12/1937 President (Roosevelt) Greets Mussolini’s Son-Anti-Fascists Stay Away 11
10/12/1937 Roosevelt Hails Child Guidance 27
10/13/1937 Roosevelt Calls Congress For Nov. 15-No Leap Into War (Text ‘Fireside Chat’) 1
10/13/1937 Gesture By Berlin-It Will Make Declaration Guaranteeing Belgian Neutrality In A War-Military Blow To France 1
10/13/1937 Puerto Ricans Say They Are Persecuted (By U.S.) 2
10/13/1937 Roosevelt Blamed For Fall In Stock (Value, By Congressmen Hamilton Fish) 6
10/13/1937 Negroes’ Housing Held ‘Intolerable’ (By Harold P. Herman)-Public Hearings Fixed 11
10/13/1937 Reich Has New War Plane (He-112) 14
10/13/1937 70 Fascist Rioters Arrested In Poland 16
10/13/1937 Nazis Jail (Naturalized) American Woman (Anna Binhammer) 16
10/13/1937 New Low Of Joblessness Reached In Germany 16
10/13/1937 Foreign Orders Rush (U.S.) Machine Tool Makers 17
10/13/1937 (World) Zionist (Organization) Organizer (Mordecai Bentov) Here 18
10/13/1937 Reich Buys Cotton On Drop In Prices-Deal To Be Financed (92,128 Bales) 35
10/14/1937 British-French Ships Act To Bar (Franco’s) Taking Of Minorca-France Is Alarmed 1
10/14/1937 Reich Gives Pledge To Defend Belgium 1
10/14/1937 Picture: Roosevelt ‘Standing’ 12
10/14/1937 Roosevelt Risks Neutrality Fight (In Calling Congress)-Chicago (‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Tone Softened 16
10/14/1937 (Congressman George Holden) Tinkham Suggests Impeaching Roosevelt For Failure To Invoke The Neutrality Act (Regarding The Sino-Japanese War As Required By Law) 6
10/14/1937 Roosevelt’s (‘Fireside Chat’) Speech Gets Varied Response 16
10/14/1937 World Aid Asked For Polish Jews (By Joseph BaskiN-3,000,000 Jews In Poland-’By Far The Saddest Of Any Group In Europe.’) 17
10/14/1937 Soviet Admiral (Smirnoff) Out; 21 Others Doomed 18
10/14/1937 (British Catholic) Leaves (Spanish Basque) Refugee (Childrens’) Group (In Protest-They Are Not Being Returned To Spain As Promised) 19
10/14/1937 Reply Of 175 Catholic Clergy And Laymen To Protestant Letter On Spain 20
10/15/1937 Chamberlain Courts Italy-Premier Friendly 1
10/15/1937 German Gain Seen In (Neutrality) Note To Belgium-French ‘Retreat’ Cited-Otto D. Tolischus 2
10/15/1937 New Foreign Policy Is Laid To (William C.) Bullitt (Alleged To Have Fathered Roosevelt’ Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech)-(Informant) Holds It Dangerous Doctrine (See Entry, Oct. 16, 1937, P. 3) 2
10/15/1937 Jewish Students Strike (In Warsaw)-Demonstrations Against ‘Ghetto Benches’ (In University) 2
10/15/1937 China Again Charges Foe (Japanese) Uses Poison Gas 3
10/15/1937 Pope (Pius XI) Is Reported Supporting Japan 3
10/15/1937 Picture: (Harold Dahl, A U.S. Pilot Fighting With The Spanish Loyalists)-As American Aviator Faced Franco’s Court 4
10/15/1937 Foreign Investors Warned By Mexico-Nationalization Will Go On 5
10/16/1937 Roosevelt For Mediation To Stop Warfare In China-Envisaged Mediation In ‘Fireside Chat’ 1
10/16/1937 Two British Constables Slain In Palestine 1
10/16/1937 Hull Opens Talks To Latin America-Cooperation Is Stressed 2
10/16/1937 Nazis Hail Hitler In Big Coburg Fete 2
10/16/1937 All Jews In Poland Will Strike Tuesday 2
10/16/1937 (Soviet) Commissar Ousted; 22 More Executed 3
10/16/1937 U.S. Urged To Hat Supplies To Japan (By U.S. Citizens In China) 3
10/16/1937 Advice (On Roosevelt’s ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech, Oct. 15, 1937, P. 2) Denied By (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt 3
10/16/1937 (‘Scottsboro’ Samuel) Leibowitz Sues For Fee (Allegedly Due Him From Help Rendered In Defending Richard Bruno Hauptmann) 4
10/16/1937 (Robert H.) Jackson Declines To Debate (Roosevelt’s) Court (Revision-Reorganization Plan With Frank E. Gannett) 11
10/16/1937 Dr. B. Dernberg, (Dead At 72, German) War Propagandist-German Was Sent To America In August 1914 To Present Berlin’s Point Of View-Finally Forced To Leave (Retired In 1933 Because He Was Jewish-Known As The J. P. ‘Morgan Of Germany’ Because Of His Admiration For The American) 19
10/16/1937 Keep Oil For War Ickes Recommends-Secretary (Interior) Declares Fuel Has Become Vital To Defense Of This Country-Permanent Policy Asked 28
10/17/1937 U.S. Joins Far East Parley But Retains Independence, (Norman H.) Davis Is Our Sole Delegate 1
10/17/1937 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman (Roosevelt-Supporting Chairman Of The Senate Foreign Relations Committee) Holds (U.S.) Neutrality Law (Not Invoked By Roosevelt In Sino-Japanese War) Does Not Bar (U.S.) Action In Brussels (Parley) 1
10/17/1937 Jerusalem Mufti Escapes (British) To Syria-Warrant For Arrest-Joseph M. Levy 1
10/17/1937 ‘General Staff’ Is Asked For Navy-War Time Stress Feared 12
10/17/1937 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Discounts (U.S.) Dictator Fear Here 15
10/17/1937 Moscow Is Moving To End The Purge-’Traitors’ Have Been Thwarted And Their Plots Exposed-Walter Duranty 26
10/17/1937 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Leaves Hospital 30
10/17/1937 Speed In Prospect On (Roosevelt’s) Reorganization (Of The Executive Branch Of Government) 32
10/17/1937 Mussolini’s Paper (‘Popalo D’italia’) Mocks Roosevelt-$10,000,000 In War Goods Went To ‘Red’ Spain From U.S. Via Russia In Month, It Says 36
10/17/1937 (Viscount Konoye) Finds ‘Propaganda’ For China In America 39
10/17/1937 Chinese Rushing (Burma & French Indo-China) Roads To Get (U.S.) Arms 39
10/17/1937 German Trade Declines 39
10/17/1937 (‘Fellowship Of Reconciliation’) Fights Boycott Of Japan 40
10/17/1937 Vatican Resents Tale About Pope (Pius XI Supporting Japan)-Japan Cheered By It (See Entry, Oct. 15, 1937, P. 3) 41
10/17/1937 German Catholics Consoled By Pope 41
10/17/1937 Germany Gets Bulk Of Brazilian Imports (24%-U.S. Got Only 21.93%) 41
10/17/1937 Japan Forced To Pay In Cash (Gold) For Imports 42
10/17/1937 Picture: Episcopalian, The Right Rev. Henry St. George Tucker (Effectual Ruler Of The Recently Unified Episcopalian Church-Avid Interventionist, One Of Founders Of ‘The Right To Fight, Inc.’) N-1
10/17/1937 Dr. Tucker Chosen Episcopalian Head N-1
10/17/1937 Mrs. Mc Lean Denies (Bruno Hauptmann Defense) Debt (To ‘Scottsboro’ Samuel Leibowitz) 44
10/17/1937 (James A. Farley) Says United States Need Fear No War-’Peace Loving’ President (Roosevelt) Will Preserve Safety N-2
10/17/1937 For Record (Naval) War Games N-2
10/17/1937 (Brussels) Conference Is Result Of Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’) Speech E-3
10/17/1937 Congress Cooperation Invited By Roosevelt-Thus Enhancing His Prestige E-3
10/17/1937 Pro-Roosevelt Cartoon-Anti-Axis E-3
10/17/1937 World Analyzes Power Of ‘Absolutist’ Nations-Hanson W. Baldwin E-4
10/17/1937 (Sir Oswald) Mosley’s Fascists Shrink In Numbers E-5
10/17/1937 Nazis Make Use Of (Duke Of) Windsor E-5
10/17/1937 Roosevelt (Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech) Peace Call Stirs National Debate E-6
10/17/1937 The Shape Of Wars To Come Book 1
10/17/1937 Landau, Capt. Henry, The Enemy Within, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, N.Y.-Plots, Spies And The Black Tom Blast Book 9
10/17/1937 Japan Drives On, Deaf To World Opinion Mag. 4
10/17/1937 (Dr. Charles) Seymour (Yale) Calls For Spiritual Freedom Mag. 13
10/18/1937 Reich Ready To Aid Accord On Spain In A Colonies Deal 1
10/18/1937 Left Again Victor In French Polling-Blum (Popular Front-Socialist) Gains Some 1
10/18/1937 (U.S. Communist, Earl) Browder For Roosevelt (Supports His Chicago ‘Peace Policy-Dictator Quarantine’ Speech) 2
10/18/1937 Renewed Violence Alarms Palestine-Arab Attackers Escape 7
10/18/1937 Plans Of Hull’s Visit In Canada Announced-He Will Get Lld At Toronto Friday 7
10/18/1937 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller (Protestant Confessional Church) Group Outlawed In Reich 8
10/18/1937 Urges Funds To Help Jews Leave Germany-J. C. Hyman (Jewish American Joint Distribution Committee) Tells Conference Their Outlook Is Hopeless So Long As Hitler Rules 9
10/18/1937 Trade Assurances (From Government) Heartens Germans 25
10/18/1937 Fewer Jobless In Reich 27
10/19/1937 Czechs Denounced By German Press-Warning Sounded That Reich Will Not ‘Tolerate’ (Sic) Attacks On Blood Brothers 1
10/19/1937 Italy Says 40,000 (Italians) Are Aiding Franco-’Valencia (Loyalist) Volunteers Far More Numerous,’ It Is Announced, Than This ‘Verifiable’ (Sic) Total-Paris And London Scored 1
10/19/1937 Picture: Huge Crowd Of Anti-Japanese Demonstration In Trafalgar Square 3
10/19/1937 Palestine Police Disarmed By Arabs-Officers Are Jeered As Gangs Spread Terrorism In Many Parts Of The Country-One Hurt In Jerusalem-Joseph M. Levy 6
10/19/1937 Picture: British Fascist Leader (Sir Oswald Mosley) Stoned In Liverpool 7
10/19/1937 (Germans) Plan Anti-Jewish Exhibit 7
10/20/1937 (Alf M.) Landon Asks Republicans To Cut Roosevelt Power; Objects To One-Man Rule-Peril Seen Abroad-Challenge By President (Roosevelt) To Neutrality Act (Not Invoking It In The Sino-Japanese War) Is Attacked By Kansan (Text, P. 6)-Asserts Excess Power Has Changed Him 1
10/20/1937 Officers Quit Posts In (U.S.) German Societies (Inability To Unify Them Into One Large Organization) 3
10/20/1937 Czechs Link Reich To (Domestic) Nazi Disorders-Hold Henlein’s Autonomy Move And German Press Outbursts Show Clash Was Staged-Berlin Attacks Continue 13
10/20/1937 Jews Of Poland Strike-Protest Against ‘Ghetto Benches’ In Universities 13
10/20/1937 Japanese Cabinet Slashes Expenses-Finance Ministry Says Nation Must Tighten Its Belt To Meet Cost Of China War 14
10/20/1937 U.S. Is Not Bound, Roosevelt Warns-Davis Will Enter The Brussels Nine-Power Parley Without Pledges 15
10/20/1937 (U.S. Negro) Milton Herndon (Serving With Abe Lincoln Brigade Brother In WPA & A Communist) Dies In (Spanish) Loyalist-Attack 16
10/20/1937 Episcopal Bishops Urge Unification (Of All Other Churches With Them) 17
10/20/1937 Poles Are Angered By Danzig Attacks 19
10/20/1937 Few Ousted By Nazis-Only 7/10 Of 1 Per Cent Of Reich Officials Dismissed 19
10/20/1937 Soviet Production Shows Steady Rise-Standard Of Living Lags-Walter Duranty 40
10/21/1937 Italy And Germany Agree To ‘Token’ Withdrawals; Commission To Go To Spain 1
10/21/1937 F. M. Warburg Dies At 66 In Home Here (Born In Hamburg, Germany, Active In Jdc, Picture, P. 18) 1
10/21/1937 Palestine Restricts Jewish Immigration; Basing It On Political Capacity Of Country 1
10/21/1937 Prague Protests Reich Press Drive 1
10/21/1937 Hebrew University Opens (In Jerusalem-Judah L. Magnes, President) 4
10/21/1937 Canadian Capital In Tribute To Hull (Picture)-Praises Will To Peace 6
10/21/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer Asks Defeat Of Levy (Who Was Criticized By Roosevelt) 13
10/21/1937 4 (Jewish) Refugee Doctors Get Licenses Here (Assisted By ‘Scottsboro’ Samuel Leibowitz And Samuel Untermyer, Pres. Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League) 16
10/21/1937 U.S. Ambassador William E. Dodd (Picture) Sails On ‘Washington’ For Post In Germany (Secretive About His Talk With Roosevelt On Oct. 19, 1937) 19
10/21/1937 (H. L.) Mencken Derides Roosevelt Voice 25
10/22/1937 Danzig Nazis Link Free City To Reich; End Center Party-Democracy Ended-Jews Now Being Warned 1
10/22/1937 James Roosevelt Made Coordinator (By Father, F. D. R.) Of 18 Big (Government) Agencies 1
10/22/1937 Big-Gun Plane (Bell ‘Aircuda’) Is Delivered To The Army; Weapons Believed Largest Ever Taken Aloft 2
10/22/1937 (H. G.) Wells (British Socialist-After War Advocated George Vi Abdicate) Assails Talk Of Dictatorship Here-After White House Visit, He Says No Nation’s Ruler Is More Honest Than Roosevelt 14
10/22/1937 Map Of Czechoslovakia Showing Areas Occupied By Germans 16
10/22/1937 Poland Charges Treason (Against [German] Editor, Publisher And Several Staff Members Of Kattowice Zeitung, Leading German Newspaper In Polish Upper Silesia) 16
10/22/1937 U.S. Aids New Plan To Fix (Nicaragua-Honduras) Boundary 17
10/22/1937 Reich, Italy Insist Soviet Agents (In Spain) Go-Otto D. Tolischus 17
10/22/1937 French Hold Britain Responsible On Spain 17
10/22/1937 62 More Executed By Soviet In Purge 18
10/22/1937 (Walter S.) Steele (National Republic Magazine) Denies Acting As Nazi Propagandist 18
10/22/1937 (Canada’s) Tweedsmuir Is Host At Dinner To Hull 18
10/23/1937 Treaty Breaker Denounced By Hull (Text, P. 5) And (Canadian) Premier King 1
10/23/1937 Nations Again Fail To Agree On Spain In Heated Session-Soviet Refuses To Agree 1
10/23/1937 Mrs. F. D. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Hailed By Negroes 3
10/23/1937 2 (Latin American) Nations Accept U.S. Border (Mediation) Offer 7
10/23/1937 Situation In Danzig Gives Poles Concern-They Fear The Polish Minority Will Be Eliminated As Has The German Opposition 7
10/23/1937 Soviet Chagrined Over Plan On Spain-Blame Is Laid To Britain 9
10/23/1937 L. I. (Long Island) Communist Dies In Battle In Spain (Joseph Dallett Serving With Abe Lincoln Brigade-’Loyalists’) 9
10/23/1937 Soviet Dooms Six; Seizes Two As Spies 9
10/24/1937 High Court Weighs Scottsboro (Alabama Rape) Case 11
10/24/1937 Unity Of Powers Urged (By Raymond L. Buell) To Ban War-Sees Losses In Isolation-Sacrifices Might Also Entail (U.S.) Press Censorship 12
10/24/1937 President (Roosevelt (Roosevelt) Renews Peace Policy (Chicago ‘Dictator Quarantine’) Plea 24
10/24/1937 Reich Press Leads New Czech Attack 30
10/24/1937 Nicaragua Will Rearm 30
10/24/1937 France To Expel Spanish (Loyalist Primarily) Refugees 32
10/24/1937 12 More To Die In Russia 33
10/24/1937 Son Of The President (James Roosevelt) Takes A Difficult Job (Appointed By His Father) E-3
10/24/1937 Roosevelt And Business: A Debate Reopened E-3
10/24/1937 Revived Nazi Pressure Felt By Three Nations E-4
10/24/1937 Neutral Belgium An Aid To Reich-Harold Callender E-4
10/24/1937 Cartoon: Pro-’Quarantine,’ Anti-Axis E-4
10/24/1937 Renewed Violence Worries Palestine-Joseph M. Levy E-5
10/24/1937 Curb On Nazi Bund (In America) Asked In St. Louis E-7
10/24/1937 Hartley, Livingston, Is America Afraid? A New Foreign Policy For The United States, Prentice Hall, Inc. N.Y.-Designates Germany As The Villain In Europe Book 20
10/24/1937 Roosevelt Shapes The Line-Up For 1940 Mag. 1
10/25/1937 U.S. Role At (9-Power Brussels) Parley Minimized By Reich (Frankfurter Zeitung) 6
10/25/1937 Czechs Undaunted By Nazis’ Uproar 7
10/25/1937 Jews’ Shops Raided By Nazis In Danzig-Police Passive In Riots 8
10/25/1937 14 (Russians) Doomed For Sabotage 8
10/25/1937 Germany And Italy To Stand By Franco 8
10/25/1937 Reich Bishop (Konrad Von Preysing, Berlin) Asks Aid For (Concentration) Camp Work 8
10/25/1937 German (Jewish) Woman Here Charges Blackmail (By German Government 10
10/25/1937 Acceptance Urged Of Poland’s (4½% Interest) Offer (Instead Of The Promised 7-8% On Bonds Sold In U.S.)-Negotiations To Continue 28
10/26/1937 Powers To Isolate Soviet If It Balks On Spanish Issues 1
10/26/1937 Reich To Rally World’s Germans In Support Of The Four Year (Economic) Plan 1
10/26/1937 (Supreme Court) Justices Sustain Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case, Defended By Scottsboro Samuel Leibowitz) Term-Black Disqualifies Self 1
10/26/1937 (Premier Paul) Van Zeeland Quits Post In Belgium-Minister To Face Charges In Bank Scandal (Picture, P. 4) 1
10/26/1937 Strike At Russia (Japanese General) Akaki Advocates-Blamed For War In China 2
10/26/1937 Nazis Still Bait Czechs 2
10/26/1937 40 Groups Uphold President (Roosevelt) On China (Policies) 3
10/26/1937 Japan Explained By (Episcopal) Bishop (St. George Tucker-Later, Arch War Interventionist)-Western Nations Must Share Responsibility For Aggression, Says New Church Head 3
10/26/1937 Brazil Says (Brazilian) Refugee (Former Governor) Ordered Reich Arms 3
10/26/1937 War On Communism Is Decreed By (Premier Duplessis) In Quebec 7
10/26/1937 9 Americans (In Abe Lincoln Brigade) Die In Spain 7
10/26/1937 Brandeis Is Called ‘Invisable’ Power (‘Member Of The Invisible Government At Washington’ By Edward H. Hunter, Called ‘Nazi And Jew Hater’ By His Opponents) 8
10/26/1937 (W. Averell) Harriman Confers With Roosevelt (Council He Heads Has Long-Range Business Objectives) 9
10/26/1937 Picture: Erna Sack As She Arrived On The Bremen Yesterday 18
10/26/1937 M’connell (Methodist Bishop) Sees Free Speech War-Says Liberalism Faces Deadly Attacks From Nationalism In Next Ten Years-He Chides The Church (Picture) 25
10/26/1937 Propaganda Fight Is Urged By Chase (N.Y. University)-Defends College System 25
10/26/1937 Says New England Fears Czech (Hull Reciprocal Trade) Pact 39
10/26/1937 Praise Marketing Of (U.S.) Surplus Crops 39
10/27/1937 Mayor (La Guardia) Derides ‘Red’ Issue (That They Support Him) And Defends Labor Party 1
10/27/1937 Norse Leader Here To See Roosevelt-Dr. KohtTo ‘Pave Way’ For Trade Pact In Talks With Hull (Picture) 5
10/27/1937 Assails Neutrality Law-Senator (Henry Cabot) Lodge (Jr.) Says It Aligns Us With The Strong Against The Weak 5
10/27/1937 Three Peace Groups Deny Shift In Policy (Less Active Support Of The U.S. Neutrality Act, Not Yet Invoked!) 5
10/27/1937 Germany Bans (John) Gunther’s Book (Inside Europe) 5
10/27/1937 Remilitarized Rhineland Has First Army Review 6
10/27/1937 Our Trade Position Sound, Britons (Viscount Halifax) Hold 6
10/27/1937 (U.S. Arms) Embargo On Spain Held Pact Breach (By U.S.-By National Lawyers Guild Committee)-Demands It Be Revoked 8
10/27/1937 Schacht Has Left Economics Office 8
10/27/1937 Busses Are Ambushed By Palestine Arabs 9
10/27/1937 German Press Drive Minimized By Czech (‘Highly Placed Official’) 10
10/27/1937 Finns Ask Curb On Nazis 10
10/27/1937 Roosevelt Holds To Budget Pledge 12
10/27/1937 Hoover’s Speech Calling For A Policy Of Progressive Americanism 14
10/27/1937 Dr. Chase (N.Y. Univeristy) Wants Colleges ‘Neutral’-They Should Shun Propaganda In Favor Of ‘Free Choices’ 21
10/27/1937 Navy Asks 2 Craft Of ‘Mosquito’ Type (Torpedo Boats)-To Serve As Experiments 32
10/27/1937 President (Roosevelt) Recommends Defense For Peace 32
10/27/1937 (Ass’t. Sec. Of Navy, Charles Edison) Urges More Battleships 32
10/27/1937 Hull Defies (U.S.) ‘Bluff’ (Opposition) On Czech (Reciprocal Trade) Treaty (Being Pushed By Him) 48
10/28/1937 Americans To Fire On All Air Raiders-Admiral Yarnell Issues Orders To Shanghai Shore Posts, Following British Step 1
10/28/1937 British Send Hood To Balearics; France Also Acts 1
10/28/1937 Trade Pact Policy Affirmed By Hull As Vital Farm Aid-Reciprocal (Trade) Treaties, He Says, Are Restoring Markets Hit By Old High Tariff-’Reply’ To Capper’s Move 1
10/28/1937 Text Of Japan’s Reply And Statement Outlining Her Stand On China 2
10/28/1937 Picture: Keel Of $60,000,000 Battleship Is Laid Here On Navy Day 3
10/28/1937 Nazi Assails Protestant-(Dr. Hanns) Kerrl Charges Bishop (Theophil) Wurm (Who Later Attacked Gen. Clay During U.S. Occupation) Sides With Enemies Of Germany 4
10/28/1937 Cardenas Breaks Sonora Opposition-American Property Hit 4
10/28/1937 Hitler Takes Away (‘Berliner Tageblatt’ Editor, Theodor) Wolff’s Citizenship (Not Stated If Wolff Is Jewish Or Not-Wolff Now In Exile-Action According To Law Of July 13, 1933) 5
10/28/1937 Reich Is Creating 14th Army Corps-No New Divisions Likely 6
10/28/1937 ‘T. R.’ Is Pictured As A New Deal Foe (By Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.) 8
10/28/1937 Downtown Pickets Urge (Japanese) Silk Boycott 9
10/28/1937 (H. G.) Wells Deplores Lag In New Deal-Asks Wider Civil Service 12
10/28/1937 Koht Visits Hull On (Reciprocal Trade) Norway Pact-Also On Peace Policies 45
10/29/1937 Mussolini To Back Germany’s Efforts To Regain (Lost) Colonies 1
10/29/1937 (Jewish) Bronxite’s (Isador Gennett, Jewish War Veterans’ Association & American Legion) Is A Shock To Nazis (On The Unter Den Linden German War Memorial) 1
10/29/1937 (Sir Arthur) Wauchope To Retire As (British) Palestine Chief-Commissioner Who Has Been Under Fire For Leniency To Arabs To Quit Early Next Year (Picture) 3
10/29/1937 Hadassah (Jewish Women’s World Zionist Organization) Adopts ($270,190) Palestine Budget 3
10/29/1937 Britain To Return (Spanish) Basque (Refugee) Children-Parents Signed Petition 4
10/29/1937 (Dr. Alfred) Rosenberg Blasts American Critics-He Cites Reich As Model 4
10/29/1937 Mayor (Laguardia) Sees (Boss) Tweed Outdone By (Tammany) Heirs-Ridicules ‘Red’ (Support) Charges 8
10/29/1937 Roosevelt Views Movies’ Problems-Will Hays (Movie Censor!), At Hyde Park, Voices Hope Britain Will Ease Restrictive Quotas-Fran(K)Furter Also Guest 14
10/29/1937 Wider Vision Asked By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Warns ‘Isolated’ Minds 23
10/29/1937 U.S. Exports Rose 35% In September-7% Gain Over August 31
10/29/1937 Japan Ships $6,600,000 More Gold Here; Hoarding Continues Unabated In London 31
10/30/1937 Hitler Expected To Ask (For) Colonies And Autonomy Of Czech Germans 1
10/30/1937 Reich Bars Action In Spanish Session-Saves Face For Russia-Soviet Remains Adamant 1
10/30/1937 Former Commissar Removed By Soviet-52 More Doomed In Agricultural Areas 2
10/30/1937 Britain To Combat Foes’ Radio News (On Bbc) 2
10/30/1937 Henlein Deputies Bold (Czech Dominated) Parliament 2
10/30/1937 Nazis Let Wreath Of U.S. (Bronx) Jew Remain (On Berlin War Memorial For German Fallen) 3
10/30/1937 Reich Rejects Bid To 9-Power Parley (On Grounds It Was Not An Original Signatory) 3
10/30/1937 Helium Purifying Plant Is Ordered (In Germany) For Zeppelins (Because Of High Cost Of The Gas In America) 3
10/30/1937 Nazi Parade Plot Charged By Mayor (Laguardia)-Sees Hand Of Tammany 7
10/30/1937 Laguardia Fears Violence At Polls 9
10/30/1937 Suit On Citizenship (Withdrawal From) Against (Fritz) Kuhn Fails-Only (Federal) Government Can Dispute Rights 9
10/30/1937 (Acting Secretary Of State, Sumner) Welles Lauds (Political) Aims Of Flying Caravan 36
10/31/1937 Roosevelt Gaining Younger Judiciary (By His Appointments) 1
10/31/1937 1,300 Police Guard 800 Nazi Paraders-Scuffles On Sidelines 7
10/31/1937 Jews Held Doomed Under Nazi Regime-Dr. Joachim Prinz (From Berlin) Says Next Ten Years Will See Their Extinction In Reich-Dr. SpiegelTells Hadassah (At Atlantic City) The (German) Hardenberg Code Of 1812 Was Designed To Undermine Judaism 18
10/31/1937 (Marshal) Smigly-Rydz (Pilsudski’s Successor, At A Meeting Of The ‘Camp Of National Unity’) Denies Leaning To Fascists 26
10/31/1937 French Again Talk Of Opening (Spanish-French) Border-Breakdown Now Feared 32
10/31/1937 Neurath Protests Naming (Japan) Aggressor 34
10/31/1937 Anti-Japanese In U.S. Hit By Viscount Konoye 35
10/31/1937 Chinese Thank U.S. For Medical Help 35
10/31/1937 Japanese Resent British Attitude-Accused Of Aiding China 36
10/31/1937 (Bronx, Jewish-American) Veteran’s Wreath Removed By Nazis (From German War Memorial On Unter Den Linden, Berlin) 38
10/31/1937 Roosevelt Extols Pacts Of Americas 38
10/31/1937 Reich Will Produce All Of Its Gasoline (By Fischer-Tropsch & Bergius Processes) 38
10/31/1937 War On ‘Piracy’ Studied (By British, French & Italians) 38
10/31/1937 Reich Creates (Catalog & Purchasing) Firm For Germans Abroad (So That They May Buy German Goods Which Might Be Boycotted Locally) 38
10/31/1937 Roosevelt Lauds Prayer For Peace 38
10/31/1937 Huge Potato Crop Will Aid Germany 38
10/31/1937 Nazis To Build Workers’ Resort (At Kolberg, East Prussia) 38
10/31/1937 League To Liquidate The Nansen (Refugee) Office (Issued The ‘Nansen Passports’) 40
10/31/1937 Propaganda Foes Expose Its Tricks (‘How Propaganda Works’) N-1
10/31/1937 15,000,000 Sought To Police World-Young Harvard Graduate Group Plans Youth Army To Supplant League N-2
10/31/1937 Business Takes Heart Despite Roosevelt Talk E-3
10/31/1937 Cartoons: Typical Anti-Japanese E-3
10/31/1937 Hull Confidant World Can Be Led To Peace E-4
10/31/1937 Van Zeeland Loss Is Felt By Belgium-Quit To Clear Name In Bank Charges-Under Fascist’s (Leon Degrelle’s) Attack E-4
10/31/1937 Democracy In Retreat Before Dictatorship-Year’s Record Of Diplomatic Duels Is One Of Unsuccessful Bluff And Repeated Surrender E-5
10/31/1937 Soviets Fighting Isolation-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-5
10/31/1937 Planned Economy; Have We Too Much?-Henry Hazlett Mag. 1
10/31/1937 Another Historic Chapter Is Written In Danzig-Emil Lengyel Mag. 5
10/31/1937 Picture: Bell Airacuda Roto.