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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

November 1937
Date Headline Page
11/01/1937 Majorca Is Found To Harbor 500 Italian And Reich Fliers 1
11/01/1937 Italy And Germany Mutually Vow Aid If 2 Powers Attack-Chamberlain Is Cautious 1
11/01/1937 Drive On Shirkers Ousts 3,465 In (Harry L. Hopkin’s) WPA 1
11/01/1937 Dr. S.S. Wise Aid Mayor (Laguardia In His Election) 3
11/01/1937 Army Plans Mass Recruiting If War Comes; State Groups (National Guard Units) Would Enlist 500,000 At Once 8
11/01/1937 Pact On Terrorism Up In Geneva Today 11
11/01/1937 Foreign (Volunteers With Loyalist Forces) Fighters Honored In Madrid 12
11/01/1937 French Party (Radical Socialists) Urges Relief For Germany (To Allow Them Access To Raw Materials) 15
11/01/1937 Prague Paper Makes Retort To Germany-Nazi Injustices To Minorities Cited In Contrast(To Czech) 15
11/01/1937 Hadassah Pleads For One (Un-Partitioned) Palestine-A Continued (British) Mandate Without Partition 17
11/01/1937 Imports Of Gold (Into U.S.) Fall Last Month 37
11/02/1937 (Anthony) Eden Asks Our Aid On China, Pledging Equality Of Action 1
11/02/1937 Boldness Of Nazis Alarms Austrians 19
11/02/1937 Soviet Executes 6 More 20
11/02/1937 (Japanese) Editor Says Japan Is Not Aggressive-Lay Outbreak (Of War) To China 21
11/02/1937 Vladamir Vorobieff, Embalmer Of Lenin (Dies) 25
11/02/1937 Picture: Hitler And Windsors At Berchtesgaden 27
11/03/1937 Rome-Tokyo Pact Held Peace Peril (By Moscow) 7
11/03/1937 (Roosevelt’s) ‘Quarantine’ (Dictators-’Peace’) Policy Perilous, Nye Says 7
11/03/1937 Picture: The Red Armies Of China Giver Her A United Front (They Are Armed With U.S.-Made Machine Guns!) 7
11/03/1937 (Acting U.S. Sec. Of State, Sumner Welles) Explains U.S. Role In 9-Power (Brussels) Parley 7
11/03/1937 (Albert) Foerster Foresees Danzig Under Reich 9
11/03/1937 Nazis Open Exhibits On Eastern Europe (Shows Role Of Germans) 9
11/03/1937 Peril Here Is Seen In Aerial Bombing-Guns On Roofs Suggested 25
11/04/1937 Windsors’ U.S. Trip Assailed By Unions (For Having Visited Hitler In Berchtesgaden) 1
11/04/1937 Brussels (9-Power) Parley Develops Move To Align Democracies In Resistance To Dictators-United Front Goal-DelegatesPursue Aim In Private Talks-But Disclaim Leadership For U.S. 1
11/04/1937 Danzig Police Seize Jews’ Bank Deposits; Jail Wealthy Merchants And Shopkeepers 1
11/04/1937 70 To 80 Die In Raid By Rebel Bombers-Loyalist Spain Incensed 2
11/04/1937 Address By (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Delegate To The Conference, Unauthorized To Involve U.S. Supposedly) At Opening Of Brussels (9-Power) Parley 4
11/04/1937 Hitler Protests Distortion Of His Speeches In Books 7
11/04/1937 President (Roosevelt) Assured Of Labor Loyalty (American Labor Party) 8
11/04/1937 (His Own) Speeches Delux Gift Of President (Roosevelt) 10
11/04/1937 24 (Protestant) Churchmen Face Trials In Germany 19
11/04/1937 Dorothy Thompson Urges Free Courts-Foresees Possible Supreme Court Of ‘Stooges’ 21
11/04/1937 (U.S.) Exports Of Steel Highest Since 1920-Trade With Far East Cut 41
11/04/1937 Japan Increases Gold Shipments (To U.S.) 43
11/04/1937 Germany Fighting Trade Isolation-Raw Materials Famine 51
11/05/1937 Hitler To Mediate In Far East War; Both Sides Accept; Armistice Likely; Brussels Powers To Question Tokyo-Reich Makes Offer 1
11/05/1937 Standard Oil Land Seized By Mexico-Cardenas Ends Treaty 1
11/05/1937 2 Reds And A Spy Executed In Reich (Spy Peter Sausen & Communist Labor Leaders, Adolf Rambte & Robert Stamm-Appeal Sent By William Green, Af Of L) 2
11/05/1937 Chamberlain Bares Talks With Rebels (Franco) 4
11/05/1937 Munitions Reach Mexico-1 000 Tons Of U.S. Supplies To Be Shipped To (Spanish) Loyalists 4
11/05/1937 Turks Lead Arms Buyers-Washington Licensed $2,670,000 Exports To Them In October 4
11/05/1937 Mussolini Says Italy Will Defend ‘Peace’ 4
11/05/1937 New York Editor Held In (Spanish Loyalist) Valencia-Accused Of Trotskyism 4
11/05/1937 (Protestant) Church Modifies (‘Waters Down’ Its Pro-Loyalist) Report On Spain 5
11/05/1937 (Maurice) Duperrey (Of Rotary Clubs International) Doubts Europe Will Fight-Nations Realize War Would Be Suicidal 7
11/05/1937 (Cuban) Medal To First Lady (Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt) 15
11/05/1937 Picture: Roosevelt & Hopkins 15
11/05/1937 Brazil Is Fighting Aski Mark Policy (See Entry Nov. 12, 1937, P. 35)-Roosevelt Asks Help Of (U.S.) Business Men 32
11/06/1937 Hitler Mediation In China How Held To Be Premature-Plan A Possibility-Berlin Report Seen To Have A Substantial Basis At Brussels (9-Power Parley, Attended ‘Unofficially’ By U.S.) 1
11/06/1937 Reich And Poland In Minorities Pact 2
11/06/1937 Goebbels Threatens Clergy With Treason 2
11/06/1937 Austria Seeks Truce With Reich On Trade 2
11/06/1937 Henlein Aid (Rutha) Suicide In Czechoslovak Jail-Was Held On (Undisclosed) Immorality Charges 2
11/06/1937 L288,000,000 Spend By Britain In Arming-Fifty-Eight Plants Erected-Five Airplane Works To Produce Soon 3
11/06/1937 Dr. Koht In Accord With Hull On (Reciprocal) Trade Treaty 17
11/06/1937 Fear Arms Race End Will Reduce Trade-Foreign Trade Convention Asks Move For Expansion To Halt Possible Depression-Reciprocal (Trade) Pacts Lauded 29
11/07/1937 Italy Joins Japan And Reich In Pact Against Communism; New World Line-Up Is Seen-Soviet Chiefs (Heroically) Defy Fascist Pact 1
11/07/1937 U.S. Sees Danger In (Axis) 3-Power Accord-Protocol Against Communism Increases Difficulties Now Facing World, It Is Held 1
11/07/1937 (U.S.) Government To Pay Farmers $L,500,000 To Feed Surplus Potatoes To Livestock 1
11/07/1937 9-Power (Brussels) Parley Asks Japan To Exchange Views On China; Tone Of Note Conciliatory (Text)-U.S. Project Fails-Davis Wanted To Stress Futility Of Force In Settling Disputes-But Effort To Meet Tokyo’s ObjectionsIs Not Expected To Succeed 1
11/07/1937 Warns Of War’s Effects-(Ass’t. Sec. Of State, Francis B.) Sayer In Virginia Says Neutrality Act (Not Yet Invoked!) Cannot Save Us 2
11/07/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer (President Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Fascist League & Associate Of Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And Jewish Labor Committee) Assails Duke (Of Windsor)-Asserts Former King Is Hitler’s ‘Latest Roving Ambassador’ 2
11/07/1937 Navy Asks Funds For Full Strength-Walsh-Healy Act Is Hit 3
11/07/1937 Sees (Roosevelt) ‘Dictator Step’ In Special Session 4
11/07/1937 Dr. Koht Predicts New (Reciprocal) Trade Treaty-Sees Hull Serving Peace 33
11/07/1937 German (Confessional Church) Protestants Assail Dr. Rosenberg 34
11/07/1937 U.S. To Investigate Mexican Seizure (Of U.S. Company’s Oil Lands)-250,000 Acres Are Seized 35
11/07/1937 Jews In Poland Hailed (By Jewish American Joint Distribution Committee Report)-3,000,000 ‘Standing Ground’ Despite Pogroms, Says Report 37
11/07/1937 Reich ‘Bluff’ Seen In Mediation Plan-Regarded As Part Of A Game With Democracies-Sir Arthur Willert (London) 39
11/07/1937 Nicaragua Is Worried By A Lack Of Arms 39
11/07/1937 Japan’s Situation Believed Critical-Financial Position Is Most Grave 39
11/07/1937 Mayflower Society Asks (Roosevelt For) Inquiry On Nazis 40
11/07/1937 3 Rabbi’s Sermons Cite Election (Of La Guardia) N-2
11/07/1937 Industrial Plans For War On File-Navy, Army Needs Listed N-7
11/07/1937 The News Of The Week In Review-Dictatorships Threaten On Two Fronts E-1
11/07/1937 Hitler Tries Fishing In Oriental Waters-Appears Willing To Be Mediator In Far-Eastern Pact E-3
11/07/1937 Europe’s Riddle-For What Will Britain Fight E-3
11/07/1937 Cartoon: Roosevelt, Eden & Delbos Afraid To Accept Dictatorship’s Challenge (Glove-Roosevelt, Standing, Is Very Much An Essential Part Of The Picture E-4
11/07/1937 Brussels (9-Power) Parley Opens Big Issues-Liberal Western Counties Concentrate On Finding Out American Policy-Davis Draws The Line (Does He Also Set The Line?) E-4
11/07/1937 Reich Splits Italy From Old Allies-First Step In Winning Il Duce To Fascist World Ideology (I Thought He Had Invented Fascism) E-4
11/07/1937 Germany Weighing Move To Get Back (‘Stolen’) Colonies E-5
11/07/1937 James Roosevelt Begins His (Government) Job As Coordinator (To Which His Papa Had Appointed Him) E-10
11/07/1937 From Czar To Stalin: Twenty Fateful Years Mag. 3
11/07/1937 The Man And The Woman Whom China Obey Mag. 7
11/07/1937 The Army Tests A New Defense To Smash The Tank Roto.
11/08/1937 Czechoslovakia Is Confident Of Resisting Nazi Pressure-Otto D. Tolischus 1
11/08/1937 Flow Of Gold Now Away From U.S.A. Credit Base Firm 1
11/08/1937 Brussels (9-Power) Parley Viewed As Futile 1
11/08/1937 (Hamilton Fish) Urges (Anti-Lynching) Plea To Roosevelt 3
11/08/1937 Great Peril Is Seen In Palestine Project-Foreign Policy Association Says Arabs In Proposed Jewish State Are Obstacle 6
11/08/1937 (Jewish National Fund) To Sell Palestine Bonds (To Buy Land) 6
11/08/1937 Embargo On Japan Urged (By A. F. Of L. & C.I.O.) 6
11/08/1937 U.S. Driving Europe To War Nazi (Julius Streicher) Holds 9
11/08/1937 Jews Face Curbs By Mexican Laws 9
11/08/1937 Budapest Jews Raided 9
11/08/1937 Aid For Danzig Urged (By Albert Foerster) 9
11/08/1937 95 Reich (Protestant) Churchmen Are Now In Prison 9
11/08/1937 Revival Of Ardor For Judaism Urged-Need For Faith Stressed 10
11/08/1937 World Crisis Near, Dr. H. F. Ward Holds-Civilization Must Adjust Itself To Democratic Principles Or Be Doomed, He Declares-Attends Free Synagog-Dr. S.S. Wise And Dr. Goldstein Join His Views On Dark Outlook For Peace 12
11/09/1937 Chaplains In German Army Oppose Nazi Church Policy 1
11/09/1937 U.S. ‘Un-Neutrality’ On Spain Assailed (By Montana Congressman, Jerry J. O’connell)-Says He Will Seek Modified Policy (To Favor Loyalist Spain)-Sees Loyalist Victory-Denies Reds Dictate To Government 12
11/09/1937 Seller Of Altered Passports Convicted; Aided (Loyalist) Volunteers Here To Reach Spain 12
11/09/1937 Danzig Diet Marks End Of Opposition-Poland Blocks Change In Flag 14
11/09/1937 (Julius) Streicher Opens Anti-Semitic Fair 15
11/09/1937 Democracy Curbed In Czechoslovakia-Revolutionaries Banned-Otto D. Tolischus 18
11/10/1937 Chamberlain Hopes U.S., Britain May Find Closer Understanding-Promises London Will Keep In Step With This Country In Settling Far Eastern War 1
11/10/1937 German Mediation Favored In Tokyo (In Settling Far-Eastern War-Germany Friend Of Both Japan & China) 1
11/10/1937 Nazi Boycott (Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And Jewish Labor Committee, Joseph Tenenbaum, Pres.) Brings $75,000 Fine-Arbitration Board Named By Jewish Group Penalizes 3 Fur Concerns Here-Pelts Sent Via Germany 11
11/10/1937 Arabs In Ambush Murder 5 Zionists-Joseph M. Levy 13
11/10/1937 Poles Calm On Danzig 13
11/10/1937 Anti-Jewish Rioting Resumed In Poland 17
11/10/1937 Picture: Deceased J. Ramsey Macdonald 19
11/10/1937 19 More Executed As Trotsky Aides (In Russia) 19
11/10/1937 Minorities Issue Harasses Prague-Otto D. Tolischus 20
11/11/1937 U.S. Fears Fascism In Latin America 1
11/11/1937 Brown Shirts Told To Combat Church-66 More Pastors Jailed 2
11/11/1937 Nazi Press Hails (Brazil’s) Vargus 4
11/11/1937 Palestine Orders Death For (All) Gunmen 8
11/11/1937 Notre Dame Club Scores (Spanish) Loyalists-Radicals Are Assailed 10
11/11/1937 Right To Scrap (And Sell?) Ships Is Sought By Navy 12
11/11/1937 Gen. (Hugh S.) Johnson (Former Nira Administrator) Calls New Deal A Peril 16
11/12/1937 State To Take Over All Coal In Britain Under Cabinet Bill 1
11/12/1937 Soviet Purge List Includes 3 Envoys (Poland, Germany & Turkey) 1
11/12/1937 Japan Rejects Bid Of 9-Power Parley-More Unity At Brussels 1
11/12/1937 Peace Pleas Made From Five Nations-(Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Assails Isolation Folly-Roosevelt Stand Upheld 2
11/12/1937 War To Gain Peace Upheld By (Rev. Dr. Roelif H.) Brooks-Terms Last War ‘Holy’-He Condemns ‘Slavery’ (Sic) Under Fascism 3
11/12/1937 (Rear Admiral Clark H.) Woodward Urges Nation To Prepare-’Our Enormous Stake In World Must Be Protected At All Costs,’ 3
11/12/1937 (Former Pacifist Of World War I) Sergeant York Ready To Join War On Japan 3
11/12/1937 Lunatic Gives King At London Service-Shouts ‘You Are Deliberately Preparing For War’ At The Armistice Day Fete-Police Subdue Annoyer-No Criminal Charge Will Be Made (Picture) 5
11/12/1937 Reich Dooms Dutchman (Treason-Reported Lured Into Germany(Across Border At Venlo, Holland) 12
11/12/1937 Navy Building Kept A Secret By Japan 13
11/12/1937 Quarantine Urged On Goods For Japan (By ‘American Committee For Peace And Security In The Pacific’) 14
11/12/1937 Reich Intensifies Czechs’ Problems-Otto D. Tolischus 17
11/12/1937 (U.S. Mobilized) ‘Army On Wheels’ Makes Night Dash 18
11/12/1937 Germany May Gain Business In Brazil-Re-Establishment Of Aski Mark Trade On Big Scale Feared By Exporters Here (See Entry, Nov. 5, 1937, P. 32) 35
11/13/1937 Stronger (‘Democratic’) Front To Japan In Brussels (9-Power) Parley 1
11/13/1937 British Seek Reich’s Amity-Halifax Visit Set-Eden Over-Ruled) On Move 1
11/13/1937 White Russia Again Undergoes Purge; Second In 5 Months 1
11/13/1937 Leniency To Nazis ‘Imperils’ Hungary-G.E.R. Gedye 3
11/13/1937 Medicine Shipment Goes By Air To China (From U.S.A.) 8
11/13/1937 Reich Police Close A U.S. News Bureau (Jewish Telegraph Agency) 8
11/13/1937 (Hsias) Aid To 86,772 (Jews) 10
11/14/1937 Mild Criticism Of Japan Is Drafted By 19 Powers: Action Is Left To Future 1
11/14/1937 (U.S.) ‘Army On Wheels’ Rolls To A Record (Picture, P. 38) 1
11/14/1937 Soviet Purge Hits Finnish, Estonian Reds; Many In Leningrad Executed Or Deported 1
11/14/1937 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Montana) Hails President (Roosevelt)-Says Roosevelt Has Done Most For The Common People 5
11/14/1937 Polish Socialists Ask Voting Change-War-Like Trend Is Noted 28
11/14/1937 Berlin Paper (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) Urges Ukraine’s Liberation 28
11/14/1937 British Fear Reich In Central Europe-Democracies Distracted-But War Is Held To Be Last Thing That The German And Italian Dictators Want-Sir Arthur Willert 29
11/14/1937 (N.Y. Court) Won’t Act On (German-Jewish) Refugees (Physicians, Desiring To Practice In New York State) 29
11/14/1937 Henlein Controls 15% Of Czech Vote-Otto D. Tolischus 33
11/14/1937 Text Of Davis; Declaration At Brussels 34
11/14/1937 Armistice In China Expected In Tokyo 36
11/14/1937 20,000 Pack (Madison Square) Garden To Salute Soviet-3,000 Take Party Pledge 39
11/14/1937 New Anti-Plane (Swedish Bofors) Guns Bought By British 39
11/14/1937 Cost Of War High As Against 1914-18 N-1
11/14/1937 Hungarian Nazism Is Gaining Rapidly-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
11/14/1937 Versailles Pact Is Whittled Away E-5
11/14/1937 British Price High On Ceding (Former German) Colonies E-5
11/14/1937 Religious Strife Grows In Germany E-5
11/14/1937 Europe Wonders About Roosevelt-Harold Callender Mag. 4
11/14/1937 Picture: Bell Airacuda In Flight-’The Fiercest Warrior Of The Skies’ (It Was A Flying Coffin!) Roto.
11/15/1937 (Anthony) Eden Seeks To Quit Over Halifax Visit (To Germany), But Changes Mind 1
11/15/1937 Czechs Disparage Nazi Minority Idea-(Czech) Germans Treated Well 4
11/16/1937 Oil Pact With U.S. Upset By Mexico 1
11/16/1937 (Arnold) Bernstein, Ship Operator, On Trial For Life; Accused Of Breaking Reich (Foreign) Exchange Laws (Picture, P. 5) 1
11/16/1937 Reich Ousts Reporter For Epizootic Story (Referred To Outbreak Of Hoof And Mouth Disease In Germany As Related To The Four Year Economic Plan) 2
11/16/1937 Firm Neutrality Is Aim In Congress 3
11/16/1937 American (Sam Baron, Socialist) Fearful For (Spanish) Loyalist Cause 5
11/16/1937 45 Jews Arrested In Jerusalem Fights-24 Of Them Sent To (British) Concentration Camp-Jewish Quarters Are Penalized For First Time 5
11/16/1937 ‘Small Wars’ Held Powers’ Real Aim-Millis Finds No Cure 24
11/17/1937 Senators Ask Curb On Declaring War 1
11/17/1937 Japan Sees Door To Mediation Shut (For Good By Brussels 9-Power Conference) 5
11/17/1937 Czechs Fight Reich By Aiding Minority-But Nazis Still Advance 8
11/17/1937 Ullstein Name Dropped (From Berlin Publishing House) 9
11/17/1937 (H. G. Wells Says Peace Is Impossible Now 24
11/18/1937 Paris Threatened By Tokyo For Any China Help-Views U.S. As War Ally (To China) 1
11/18/1937 Polish Jews Picketed-Merchants Ask Boycott (Of Jews) 4
11/18/1937 (Jewish American Joint Distribution Committee) To Plan Jewish Releaf (For Overseas) 5
11/18/1937 U.S. Stand On China Assailed In House-Roosevelt Policy Upheld 5
11/18/1937 (New Rochelle) Students And Union To Boycott Japan 5
11/18/1937 Britain Is Warned (By ‘Yorkshire Post,’ Eden’s Paper) On Nazi Ambitions 6
11/18/1937 Poland Will Avoid Danzig Intervention-Foreign Office Declares Public Policy Of ‘Hands Off’ 8
11/18/1937 Nazi Party Bars Clergy (Membership) 9
11/19/1937 (James H. R.) Cromwell (Spokesman For Roosevelt And Later U.S. Interventionist Envoy To Canada) In Lead For Moore Senate Post; Husband Of Doris Duke Ready To Take It 1
11/19/1937 Hitler’s (Personal Friend, Former Commanding Officer & Later German Consul General In San Francisco) Adjutant (Capt. Fritz Wiedemann) Off On Trip To U.S. 13
11/19/1937 Tokyo’s Envoy Denies ‘Ultimatum’ To Paris 14
11/19/1937 Battleship’s Role Stressed By Reich-More Submarines Begun 15
11/19/1937 ‘Spiritual Alliance’ Of U.S., Britain Asked (By Sir Evelyn Wrench, Founder Of The English Speaking Union Of The British Empire In A Speech Before The English Speaking Union 16
11/19/1937 Not Against (Czech) State Henlein (Picture) Declares 18
11/19/1937 Churches To Hold ‘Oxford’ Parley-’Working Unity’ Is Object 21
11/20/1937 Inquiry Demanded In (William C.) Bullitt’s Visit-Senators Hear (U.S.) Ambassador (To France) Will Advise Poland Not To Join Anti-Red Pact-Roosevelt’s Hand Seen-But State Department Denies Envoy Has A Mission, Saying He Asked Leave For Trip 6
11/20/1937 (Delegates) Ask U.S. To Protest For Jews In Poland 7
11/20/1937 Palestine Aid Urged (By Weizmann) 8
11/20/1937 (Nobel Laureate, Viscount) Cecil Urges Force To Preserve Peace 19
11/21/1937 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt Admits It’s A Man’s World (Takes A Dig At Germany) 26
11/21/1937 U.S. Catholic) Bishops Score (Spanish) Loyalists, Nazis-Persecutions Are Noted 33
11/21/1937 Propaganda Hurts, Honoye’s Son Says 34
11/21/1937 Rebels Sentence American And Wife (In Spain) 35
11/21/1937 Palestine Unrest Charged To Italy-Joseph M. Levy 35
11/21/1937 Tories Hope For Reich Accord-Nazi Intransigence Seen 37
11/21/1937 Brussels Debates New (Norman H.) Davis Draft-Fresh Outline Of Position To Be Offered To Conference 38
11/21/1937 Artificial Rubber Meets Reich Test N-7
11/21/1937 Long Struggle Is Begun To Round Out New Deal E-3
11/21/1937 Congress Gives Hints Of Independence E-3
11/21/1937 Cartoon: Anti-Axis E-3
11/21/1937 Germany Seeks Britain’s Consent To A Free Hand On The Continent E-4
11/21/1937 American Business Hit By Mexico’s Oil (Nationalization) Deal E-10
11/21/1937 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt’s Own Story Book 1
11/21/1937 Wilson, Woodrow, Life And Letters, Vol. Iv, ‘Facing War, 1915-17,’Ray Stannerd Baker, Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday Doran & Co., Inc Book 4
11/21/1937 Hitler Enlists The Germans Everywhere-Otto D. Tolischus Mag. 1
11/22/1937 Hitler Expecting No Colonies Deal For 5 To 6 Years 1
11/22/1937 Brooklyn Zionists Re-Elect L. J. Mass 2
11/22/1937 Army Getting Grip On Reich Industry-Otto D. Tolischus 8
11/22/1937 (Jewish) Youth Asked To Aid In Anti-Nazi Week (By Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress & Jewish Labor Committee) 9
11/22/1937 Britain Now Looks To Reich And Italy-’New Diplomacy’ Is Cited 10
11/22/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Entertains Windsors At Dinner 10
11/22/1937 U.S. (Neutrality) Policies Seen As Aid To Fascists (By Montana Congressman, Jerry J. O’connell) 11
11/22/1937 Soviet Warship (Destroyer) Launched (At Leghorn, Italy) 11
11/22/1937 Japan Makes Gains In Exports To U.S.A.-Textiles Are Major Item 12
11/22/1937 Japan Puts Budget On Wartime Basis-Drain On Country Rising 12
11/22/1937 Chiang Holds China Unbeatable; Says Resistance Will Be Kept Up 12
11/22/1937 Soviet Sends 50 Planes To Aid China In Warfare 12
11/22/1937 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Raise $3,275,000 For Jews Abroad 22
11/22/1937 U.S. Creditors Ask New Bid To Russia-Assurances (Given Them) By (Sumner) Welles (Acting Secretary Of State) 31
11/23/1937 Halifax Returns (From Berlin) His Talk A Secret 15
11/23/1937 Denies (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Went To Poland On Mission 15
11/23/1937 Palestine Seizes (Arab) Terrorist Leader-Joseph M. Levy 15
11/24/1937 Nazi Camps (In U.S.) Scored By (Conn.) Farmer Session 10
11/24/1937 Nazi (Dr. Robert Ley) Details Plan For Future Rulers 12
11/24/1937 Reich To Take Over Bernstein Lines (Hamburg) 12
11/24/1937 Nazis Score U.S. Writer (Otto D. Tolischus) 12
11/24/1937 Britain And France Discuss Hitler-Halifax Failure (In Berlin) Hurts 13
11/24/1937 British Business Best In 8 Years-End Of Depression Seen 15
11/24/1937 Nazis To Separate Church And State-To Avoid Political Issue 16
11/24/1937 Americans (Volunteers Serving Loyalists) Slain In Spain 16
11/24/1937 (Senator Robert) Wagner Appeals For Palestine (Jewish National Fund) Aid-Success Of (Jewish) Resettlement (In Palestine) Seen As Responsibility Of Democratic World 21
11/24/1937 Communists To Get (Episcopal) Ex-Bishops Estate (Provisions Of His Will) 25
11/25/1937 Britain And France Will Display Unity To Hitler By Talks-German Terms Strong 1
11/25/1937 Brussels (9-Power) Parley Condemns Force; Suspends Sitting-(U.S. Delegate, Norman H.) Davis Sees Some Gains 1
11/25/1937 U.S. Oil Form (Standard Oil Subsidiary, Richmond Petroleum Company) Sues Mexico On (Confiscated Oil) Lands 13
11/25/1937 (Jewish) Labor Groups To Act On Palestine Issues 13
11/25/1937 Dictators Press Britain To France-Paris Adamant On Nazis 14
11/25/1937 Drive Is On In Britain To Pay On (U.S.) War Debt-’Token’ SumsSuggested 14
11/25/1937 Tory M. P. Assails Roosevelt Policy-(Robert) Boothby Tells Commons That ‘Fantastic Blunders’ Imperil Capitalism Everywhere-Questions Trade Accord 15
11/25/1937 (Germany) Won’t Free Neimoeller 17
11/25/1937 Reich Bans (Anti-German) Swiss (News) Writer 17
11/25/1937 (Jewish-Owned) Bernstein Lines (Aryanized In Hamburg) Becomes Red Star Lines 17
11/25/1937 Arab Terrorist Sentenced To Die-Joseph M. Levy 20
11/25/1937 Picture: British And American Missions Feed Chinese Refugees 22
11/25/1937 (Cardenas) Budget For Mexico Will Set New High 22
11/25/1937 To Build Faster Planes-Australian Company Gets Improved United States Design (De Havilland [Mosquito Bomber Manufacturer] Mentioned As Company To Receive Engines) 22
11/25/1937 Japan Marks Year Of Pact With Reich 24
11/25/1937 New Deal Scored In Chamber (Of Commerce) Report-Slump Laid To 5 Causes 27
11/25/1937 (U.S.) Treasury Receives $1,482,640,000 Gold ($1,340,390,000 Foreign) 48
11/26/1937 (Anthony) ‘Eden’s Paper’ (Yorkshire Post) Hits Halifax’s (Berlin) Mission 2
11/26/1937 Japan Held (By Germany) Waging (Anti-Communist) Holy War In China-Otto D. Tolischus 2
11/26/1937 Leopold (Of Belgium) Presses Roosevelt (European Peace) Policy-Anne O’Hare McCormick 2
11/26/1937 French ‘War Talk’ Draws Rome Reply (From Virginio Gayda) 3
11/26/1937 Germans Not Sorry Over (Brussels 9-Power) Parley Failure-(Conference) Was Foredoomed 3
11/26/1937 U.S. Boycott Urged Against 3 Nations (Germany, Italy & Japan By N.Y.C. Chapter Of National Lawyers’ Guild) 4
11/26/1937 Russia May Move To Block Germany-Would Hamper Britain-Clarence K. Streit 5
11/26/1937 (Dr. Emanuel Gamoran) Urges Appreciation Of Jewish Culture 5
11/26/1937 Hitler Aide (Capt. Fritz Wiedemann, Picture, Confidante And Former Commanding Officer Of Hitler) Here, Is Booed (By 75 Unidentified Pickets) At Pier-Discounts War Rumors 7
11/26/1937 ‘War-Making’ Curb (On Roosevelt’s Power) Is Sought By (Senator Henry Cabot) Lodge-(Proposed Amendments To Neutrality) Law Is Called A Threat (To U.S.) 8
11/26/1937 (U.S.) Neutrality Is Urged (By Prof. Edwin Borchard, Yale) 8
11/26/1937 Three Jews Shot (Wounded By British) In Palestine 8
11/26/1937 CCC Gets Wool Clothes (Enough For An Army) 11
11/26/1937 Democracy Hailed In Thanks (Giving) Services 17
11/26/1937 Churches Ask Aid For War Refugees-Reich Christians On List 23
11/27/1937 Schacht To Retain Reichsbank Post (Picture, P. 5) 1
11/27/1937 Visit Of German Cruiser Annoys Estonian Circles 5
11/27/1937 Britain Held Lax In Palestine Policy 5
11/27/1937 Japan Is Willing To Discuss Peace 6
11/27/1937 U.S. To Seek Peace When Path Opens-President (Roosevelt) Says No New Move In Sino-Japanese War Is In Sight Now-(Norman H.) Davis Will Avoid London 6
11/27/1937 Reich Asks Mexico For A Barter Pact (Wants Coffee, Petroleum, And Farm Products) 7
11/27/1937 Pickets Bar Jews At Polish University (Lwow) 7
11/27/1937 President (Roosevelt) Heads Brotherhood Plan (Of National Conference Of Jews And Christians) 8
11/27/1937 Junior Hadassah (Detroit) Hits Palestine Partition 15
11/27/1937 (N.Y.) Schools Will Aid Cultured Exiles (English Lessons) 19
11/27/1937 45,000,000 Of Gold Shipped To France 24
11/28/1937 ‘Eternal’ Capital Planned By Hitler 1
11/28/1937 Japan Is Warned By Three Powers On China Customs (U.S., England & France) 1
11/28/1937 (N.Y. Socialists) Urge Roosevelt To Go On 3
11/28/1937 41,000,000 Is Sought For (Chinese) Refugees (Compare: Entry Nov. 22, 1937, P. 220 31
11/28/1937 French To Stress Deals For Peace 32
11/28/1937 German Economy Under Army Rule-Otto D. Tolischus 33
11/28/1937 Nazis Will Defend Germans Abroad-Will Not Tolerate Mistreatment Of Minority Groups 33
11/28/1937 Schacht’s Defeat Goering’s Victory 36
11/28/1937 Czechs’ Premier Calm Over Reich 37
11/28/1937 (German Army) Chaplains Daring In Plea To Hitler 38
11/28/1937 (Arab) Terrorist Leader Hanged By British (In Palestine)-Joseph M. Levy 38
11/28/1937 Palestine Shipping Is Seen As (Zionist) Labor Aid-Money Is ‘Need Of Hour’ 39
11/28/1937 Fascism Is Assailed By (American) Ethical Union N-1
11/28/1937 Zionism Is Called Democratic Move (At Jr. Hadassah Meeting, Detroit, Michigan) N-10
11/28/1937 Cartoon: Anti-Axis & Pro-British E-3
11/28/1937 Halifax’s Visit (To Berlin) Results In A Dimming Of Hopes E-4
11/28/1937 Hitler Words Matched With Deeds E-4
11/28/1937 (Anglo-American) Trade Pact Worries Berlin E-4
11/28/1937 An Inside View Of The Nazis By A Former Party Member (Kurt Ludecke) Book 3
11/28/1937 Boom Day For The Merchant Of Arms-Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 1
11/28/1937 Priestly Sees A Mission For America-It Is Now Our Turn, Says The British Author To Lead The World Out Of The ‘Dark Pit’ Mag. 7
11/28/1937 Under The Swastika Mag. 8
11/29/1937 Roosevelt Weighs Monopoly Curb With (Robert H.) Jackson On Way To Florida (For Fishing Trip) 1
11/29/1937 French In London Find British Favor Appeasing Of Reich 1
11/29/1937 Franco Announces General Blockade Of Loyalist Ports 1
11/29/1937 (Sec. Of War) Woodring Warns (U.S.) Of Other Armies-Would Add More Men 6
11/29/1937 Palestine Policy Of British Scored (National Labor Committee For Palestine) 9
11/29/1937 (British) Policeman Is Killed In Palestine Terror 9
11/29/1937 French Communist (Thorez) Appeals For Fusion (With French Socialists) 9
11/29/1937 France Sets Price On Deal With Reich-Ready To Appease The Nazis If They Enter Arms Talks And Cooperate Economically 10
11/29/1937 Japanese (Peace) Terms (To Chinese) To Be ‘Generous’ (Sic)-Tokyo Wants To End War-Hopes For Peace Soon 11
11/29/1937 Powers Pledged To Aid China, Tokyo Hears 11
11/29/1937 Litvinoff Boasts Of Soviet’s Power 11
11/29/1937 World Is Warned Of German Army-’Steel Axis’ Is Stressed (By Goering)-Otto D. Tolischus 14
11/29/1937 (American Jewish Congress, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Votes Wider War On Anti-Semitism-United States’ Aid Is Asked (Digs At Germany, Poland & Rumania) 14
11/29/1937 200 (U.S.)Scholars Score Polish (University) Ghetto Bench 23
11/29/1937 Junior Hadassah (Detroit Meeting) Commends Britain 24
11/30/1937 President (Roosevelt) Asks 16 Billions Be Spend In New Housing 1
11/30/1937 French Amenable On Reich Colonies; British Draw Back 1
11/30/1937 U.S. Note Demands Japan Consult Us On Customs Issue (In China) 1
11/30/1937 Britain Disputes Franco Blockade (Of Loyalist Spain) 4
11/30/1937 Germany Resents British Optimism-No Solution Expected 4
11/30/1937 (Russian) Red Leaders Feared Victims Of (Soviet) Clean-Up 5
11/30/1937 Nazis Further Cut Use Of Food Fats-Imports Already Reduced 6
11/30/1937 Arab Fire Wounds Three Jews In Bus 6
11/30/1937 America’s Aloofness (An Editorial) 22
11/30/1937 Washington Fears Japan Is Closing China’s Open Door 1
11/30/1937 Japanese Cleared Of Insulting U.S. 4
11/30/1937 L2,000,000 Reich Credit Granted To Manchukuo 4
11/30/1937 Japan’s War Cost Held Not Too High 4
11/30/1937 (N.Y. Time Editorial, ‘America’s Aloofness,’ Nov. 30, 1937, P. 22) Tire Of Isolation As A Fixed Policy-Hull Cites Times’ Views 8
11/30/1937 Map: Former Reich Colonies (In Africa) 8
11/30/1937 Third Term Seen In Event Of War-Dictator Charge Decried 15
11/30/1937 Ludwig, Emil, Life Of Roosevelt 16
11/30/1937 Gold Movements For Last Month-France Gets $25,250,000 39
11/30/1937 (Bernard M.) Baruch Blames ‘All’ (Nations) For Unrest 4
11/30/1937 8,000 Catholics Accused By Nazis 20
11/30/1937 Long Parleys Seen On (German) Colonies Issue 21
11/30/1937 Nazi Press Assails Proposed U.S. Role (N.Y. Times Editorial, ‘American Aloofness,’ Nov. 30, 1937, P. 22) 21
11/30/1937 Revolt Seen In Japan If She Keeps Up War (With China) 22
11/30/1937 Japan Now Fears A Prostrate China 23
11/30/1937 Town Hall (Final) Recital Given By Gieseking 33
11/30/1937 Wheat Prices Soar On Foreign Demand 46