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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

December 1937
Date Headline Page
12/03/1937 Younger Generals Head British Army In Sweeping Shift (By Leslie Hore-Belisha) 1
12/03/1937 (Joseph M.) Proskauer Leaves In Midst Of Debate-Offended By Opponent (Maurice Samuel) During Talk On Zionism 8
12/03/1937 Roosevelt’s Anglers Led By R. H. Jackson 9
12/03/1937 Anti-Semitic Drive Going In Mexico — Nationalist League Fears New ‘Wave’ Of Jewish Immigrants From Europe In 1938-Hand Of Nazis Seen 14
12/03/1937 Reich Ambassador In China Seeks Peace 16
12/03/1937 12 Czech Nazis On Trial (In Prague) 17
12/03/1937 (French Foreign Minister) Delbos To Oppose German ‘Free Hand’ 19
12/03/1937 Lloyd George Hits Deal With Reich-Says Liberty Is At Stake 19
12/03/1937 ‘Reich Escape Tax’ (For Emigrants) Rises (The Amount Per Person Is Not Disclosed Here!) 19
12/04/1937 U.S. Troops Halt Invasion Of Our Area In Shanghaia; Japanese abandon raid 1
12/03/1937 Britain To Speed Democratic Army 1
12/03/1937 M’michael Named To (British High Commissioner Of) Palestine Post 2
12/03/1937 Record Sum (Fr. 12,934,000,000) Voted In Paris For Arms 2
12/03/1937 Germany Arrests Her ‘Cecil Rhodes’ (Alfred Toepfer On Violations For Exchanging Foreign Currency) 3
12/03/1937 U.S. Gold Exports Help French Fund (See P. 2 This Issue) 23
12/05/1937 France Will Back Poles On (Demand For) Colonies 1
12/05/1937 First Section Of Reich (Tempelhof) Air Terminal Opened; When Completed It Will Be World’s Largest 1
12/05/1937 (U.S.) War Plan Is Urged To Draft Industry 24
12/05/1937 Democracy Losing Educator (Prof. Eduard C. Lindeman) Holds 38
12/05/1937 (U.S.) Farm Bill Called Trend To Dictator (By Senator King) 43
12/05/1937 German (Ambassador) Abandons Nanking (Peace) Parleys 47
12/05/1937 Britain Is Anxious To Appease Japan 47
12/05/1937 (U.S. ‘Second Hand’ Weapons) ‘Arms Trust’ Plans A Deal With China (From France) 47
12/05/1937 Reich Army Organ (‘Die Wehrmacht’) Denounces Soviet 48
12/05/1937 Rome-Berlin Axis Scouted As Threat 48
12/05/1937 Holy War Is Urged By Arab Agitators-Joseph M. Levy 48
12/05/1937 Fascists In Brazil To Disband Party 51
12/05/1937 Italian Planes Bomb Natives In Ethiopia 53
12/05/1937 Judaism Is Urged To Include Jesus-Place For ‘Young Sage’ Seen As Means To Brotherhood By Rabbi Rosenblum-Rabbis Zeitlin And Feinberg Ask Country To Range Its Weight With Democracies 56
12/05/1937 (J. B. S.) Haldane Derides New War Horrors N-8
12/05/1937 Cartoon: Anti-Axis (Punch) E-3
12/05/1937 Hitler Plans ‘Grand Berlin’ E-5
12/05/1937 The New Deal’s ‘Revolution’ Defended-Donald R. Rich Berg Mag. 1
12/06/1937 Delbos Reassured On Desire Of Poles To Resist Fascism 1
12/06/1937 Infantry Supreme In War, Says Craig-Asks Anti-Aircraft Guns 1
12/06/1937 Nazis Are Defied By Catholic Bishop (Konrad Von Preysing, Berlin) 4
12/06/1937 Trial Of Bernstein (Hamburg Jewish Shipping Magnate) Enters Last Week 4
12/06/1937 Nazis Censured By Germans Here (German-American League For Culture) 5
12/06/1937 Neutrality Costs Held Underrated (Organization Has Terribly Long Propaganda Name) 8
12/06/1937 Senators Want (U.S. Neutrality) Act Used (-Invoked By Roosevelt!) 8
12/06/1937 Lehman Bids Jews Hold To Tradition 12
12/06/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer (Chairman Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League) Asks Aid For Jews In Poland-2,000,000 (Of A Total Of 3,150,000) Are Virtually Starving To Death 18
12/07/1937 Reich Would Risk War For Colonies, Neurath Indicates (Augur Reports From France) 1
12/07/1937 Our Policy In China Defended By Hull (Text, P. 11) 1
12/07/1937 Father Coughlin Is Going Back On The Air; Resuming With The Consent Of His (Church) Superiors 1
12/07/1937 Picture: Honoring Founder Of Lafayette Escadrille (Lt. Norman Prince) 7
12/07/1937 Hungary Assured On Her Minorities 14
12/07/1937 Delbos And Beck Renew Nations’ Tie 14
12/07/1937 Brazil Is Assured Of Our Sympathy (By Sumner Welles) 15
12/07/1937 Drive Against War Is Begun By V. F. W 15
12/07/1937 Intruder Captured Near Hitler Offices 15
12/07/1937 Nazis Warn All Slackers To Use The Hitler Salute 16
12/07/1937 Helium (17,900,000 Cubic Feet) Allotted Germany For Zeppelin Operation (By The U.S. Munitions Control Board-Germany Has Hot Applied For Nor Has It Been Issued A License For The Transfer, And It Never Was!) 17
12/08/1937 (U.S. Ambassador, William E.) Dodd Resigns Post As Envoy To Reich; (Hugh R.) Wilson (Pictures Of Both, P. 8) Successor 1
12/08/1937 Germans See The End Of Chiang’s Control 4
12/08/1937 Japanese Mills (In Tsingtao) Looted (By Chinese) 4
12/08/1937 Delbos Is Pleased By Visit To Poland 6
12/08/1937 Nazi Guards Hail A ‘State Religion’-Cult Put Above Churches 7
12/08/1937 Britain To Set Up Air (Raid)-Shelter Areas 9
12/08/1937 Yugoslavia Adamant On Expelling (British Subject, Hubert Harrison Of New York Times) Writer 10
12/08/1937 New Club Head (National Democratic Club) Backs Roosevelt Policies 16
12/09/1937 President (Roosevelt) Chooses Joseph P. Kennedy As Envoy To Britain 1
12/09/1937 Drive For Fascism (By U.S. Industrialists & Wealthy) Charged By (Harold Leclair) Ickes (Sec. Of Interior) 1
12/09/1937 (U.S. Ambassador, William E.) Dodd Hints He Had Troubles In Berlin 6
12/09/1937 Eased Arab Stand In Palestine Seen-Joseph M. Levy 8
12/09/1937 Cyprus Naval Base For Britain Hinted 9
12/09/1937 Mexico Is Silent On (Sumner) Welles Speech 9
12/09/1937 Air Force Of U.S. Ranked At The Top 10
12/09/1937 Yugoslavs Cheer (New York Times) Writer (Britisher Hubert Harrison) As He Goes (Is Ejected!) 11
12/09/1937 (Konrad) Henlein Speaks In Berlin 11
12/09/1937 Delbos In Rumania To Seek New Pact-France Hopes Bucharest Will Let Soviet Use Rail Lines If The Czechs Are Attacked 12
12/10/1937 American Couple (‘Robinsons’) Vanish Mysteriously In Moscow 1
12/10/1937 Mexico Demands Royalties On Oil 2
12/10/1937 14 Czechs (Followers Of Henlein) Sentenced (By Czechs, Most On Homosexual Charges) 2
12/10/1937 Tokyo Held Eager For U.S. Mediation (In Far-East War) 5
12/10/1937 World Plan Urged On Raw Materials (Availability To All Nations) 6
12/10/1937 Unity Of Rumania And France Cited-For Collective Security 6
12/10/1937 (U.S.) Army Seen Weak In Anti-Aircraft 10
12/10/1937 Nazi (Camp) Ban Is Put Up To Southbury Vote 17
12/11/1937 Italy May Declare Open Intervention In Spain’s Conflict 1
12/11/1937 France Will Sell Arms To Rumania 2
12/11/1937 Britain And France Are Again In Default (On War Debt To U.S.) 2
12/11/1937 Pacific War Games Expanded By Navy 11
12/11/1937 $7,300,000 Of Gold Coming (To U.S.) From Japan 27
12/11/1937 Sale Of Leviathan (Taken From Germany By U.S. In Ww I-To British For Scrap) Finally Approved 35
12/12/1937 Hull Asks Moscow For Urgent Action To Find Robinsons (See Entry, Dec. 10, 1937, P. 1) 1
12/12/1937 3 Great Warships Reported In Japan 1
12/12/1937 Italy Leaves The League; Great Crowd Cheers Duce In Pledge To Back Peace 1
12/12/1937 500 In Parade Back Boycott On Japan (Boycott Committee Of The Friends Of The Chinese People’) 3
12/12/1937 Giant Plane Plan Stirs Washington 22
12/12/1937 German Merchants (In Hamburg) Held (Foreign Exchange Violations) 22
12/12/1937 $11,857,000,000 Spent (By World) In Arming This Year 33
12/12/1937 (Congressman Hamilton) Fish Lays (U.S. Economic) Slump To (Roosevelt’s) ‘Unsound’ Rule 37
12/12/1937 Full Ethical Code Found In Judaism (By Rabbi Louis I. Newman) 39
12/12/1937 (Norman H.) Davis Finds Good In (Futile) 9-Power Parley-Failure To End War In China Not The End Of Effort-Finds It ‘Worth A Lot’ That 16 Nations Took United Stand Against Conflict 40
12/12/1937 (Joseph E.) Davies Will Take New (Russian) Envoy Post 40
12/12/1937 Veteran (Isador Gennett-Picture) Honored (By Jewish Buddies) For Baiting Hitler (See Entry, N.Y. Times, Oct. 29, 1937, P. 1) 44
12/12/1937 (Army) Orders 13 (P-37) Pursuit Planes 44
12/12/1937 League Expected Italy To Withdraw-Clarence K. Streit 45
12/12/1937 Polish (Jewish) Artisans Aided-50,000 Obtained Loans In Year Jewish Agency (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Reports 45
12/12/1937 Peace Difficulty Is Seen In China-Problem For U.S. Likely 47
12/12/1937 Japan’s Collapse In 3 Months Seen (By Chinese Banker, T. V. Soong, Brother Of Mme. Chiang)-Stresses China’s Riches 48
12/12/1937 Poles Need Peace To Develop Nation-Industry Plan Launched 51
12/12/1937 (Salvation Army) Gen. (Evangeline) Booth Praises Anglo-U.S. Amity 51
12/12/1937 Nazis Lift Anathema On Einstein Theory (Of Relativity) 51
12/12/1937 Mexico Stands Pat On Land (Expropriation) Program (Sumner Welles Negotiating) 51
12/12/1937 Soviet Denudes Border (At Estonian Frontier) 51
12/12/1937 Palestine Terror Decried By Arabs 52
12/12/1937 Democratic Ideal Urged By (Michigan Governor, Frank) Murphy-He Calls For (Religious) Tolerance (At Yeshiva College) 53
12/12/1937 Schools Warned Of Chaos Of Ideas 53
12/12/1937 Radio Propaganda Of Europe (Of ‘Germany And Italy’) Scored (By Prof. Lyman Bryson, Columbia University) N-1
12/12/1937 Delbos Tour Focuses East Europe Problems E-3
12/12/1937 Reich Bids For Place In Skies E-5
12/12/1937 Rome And Berlin;-’Partners For Profit’-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3
12/12/1937 A Democracy Amid Dictatorships (Czechoslovakia)-Shepard Stone Mag. 8
12/12/1937 New Stirring And A New Generation In France Mag. 9
12/13/1937 U.S. Gunboat (Panay) Sunk By Japanese Bombs-Japan Takes Onus 1
12/13/1937 (Dear Alben W.) Barkley Assails ‘Autocrats’ In U.S.-Sees Peril To Democracy (At Yeshiva College Dinner) 3
12/13/1937 New Appeal Is Made For Fleeing Germans (By ‘American Committee For Christian German Refugees’) 3
12/13/1937 ‘Magic’ Seen Ousting Religion In Germany (By Prof. Karl Beth, University Of Vienna)-Culture Is Now Facing Extinction 4
12/13/1937 (Pro-French) Riots In Belgrade Mark Delbos Visit 14
12/13/1937 Nazi (Fritz Kuhn) Speech Protested (By Jewish Veterans) 14
12/13/1937 German Jews On Relief (Government Or Jdc Relief Not Specified In Jdc Report) 15
12/13/1937 Church Seizures Planned In Reich-Paganism Is Recognized 16
12/13/1937 Britain Is Unmoved By Il Duce’s Action 18
12/13/1937 Italians Are Cool To Quitting League 18
12/13/1937 End Of Two Wars Held Not Far Off (By Washington Analysts)-Tokyo Economically Weak-Conflict In Spain Expected To Wind Up In Rebel Victory Or Truce 19
12/13/1937 Italy Held Enemy Of Peace Program (By Salomon O. Levinson, Chicago) 19
12/13/1937 Push Plan To Lift Mobility Of Army 20
12/13/1937 (Episcopal Canon, Charles T.) Bridgeman Wants Palestine As Unit 24
12/13/1937 Berlin Stock Fall Laid To Emigrants 35
12/14/1937 U.S. Demands Full Satisfaction From Japan, With Guarantee Against Further Attacks; Thought Ship Chinese, Admiral Explains-Japanese Worried (Text, P. 16) 1
12/14/1937 Gunboat Attacks Arouse British Ire 1
12/14/1937 Windsor Castle To Have Shelters From Bombing 1
12/14/1937 Stalin Wins Poll (Election) By A Vote Of 100%-Harold Denny, Moscow 11
12/14/1937 German Butter Ration Will Be Cut 15 Per Cent 12
12/14/1937 Yugoslavia To Sign French Trade Pact 12
12/14/1937 Reich ‘Buries’ The League (Said It Was Dead From The Time The Italians Left) 12
12/14/1937 League Yearbook Shows Arms Race-Seven Billion This Year-Heaviest Costs In Europe 13
12/14/1937 British Group Bars Giving Reich (Its Former) Colonies 13
12/14/1937 Bombing Of Gunboat (Panay) Deliberate Assert Observers After Rescue 17
12/14/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt In Conference-Discusses With French Official Bombing Of U.S. Gunboat 17
12/14/1937 (Japanese Admiral) Suma Calls Bombing Of Panay A ‘Mistake’ 21
12/14/1937 (Fritz) Kuhn Speech At Union Defended By Dr. (Dixon Ryan) Fox (President Of Union College) 26
12/14/1937 (James H. R.) Cromwell (Big Roosevelt Booster And Interventionist-Divorce) Suit Settled (Now Married To Doris Duke) 29
12/14/1937 Government Held Big (U.S.) Problem Of ‘38 46
12/15/1937 Hull Note (Text, P. 16) Demands Formal Redress, Ignoring Earlier Japanese Apologies-Protest Is Stern 1
12/15/1937 ‘Robinsons’ Got Passport By Fraud To Enter Russia (Pictures P. 20) 1
12/15/1937 War Referendum Recalled To House 1
12/15/1937 Britain Abandons Hope Of Joint Move (With U.S. On Far East) 1
12/15/1937 Lead In Ocean Flying Is Foreseen For U.S. (By William H. Cloverdale) 12
12/15/1937 Admiral Yarnell Bars (U.S.) Gunboat Withdrawal As Yangtze Solution By Japan 16
12/15/1937 French Hope Action Of U.S. Will Be Stern 16
12/15/1937 Japanese Speedy In Apology To Us-Civilians Show Regret 17
12/15/1937 Prague To Stiffen Policy On Henlein 17
12/15/1937 (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Denounced By Streicher Paper-Manning To Renew Attacks 20
12/15/1937 Southbury Zones, Barring Nazi (German-American Bund) Camp 26
12/15/1937 Europe Buys Corn On A Heavy Scale 39
12/16/1937 Japanese Air Chief Ousted For Bombings On Yangtze; Tokyo To Send U.S. New Note 1
12/16/1937 British Ask Tokyo For Real Remedies 1
12/16/1937 (House Immigration Committee) Orders Investigation Of (Fritz) Kuhn’s Activities (On Complaint Of N.Y. Congressman Samuel Dickstein) 6
12/16/1937 (Anthony) ‘Eden’ Paper (Yorkshire Post) Asks Our Aid In Far East 19
12/16/1937 Eden Won’t Protest (Britisher Hubert Harrison, N.Y. Times) Writer’s Expulsion (By Yugoslavia) 19
12/16/1937 Somoza Reads Message (Thanks Roosevelt) 20
12/16/1937 994 U.S. Teachers Appeal To Poland-’Ghetto Benches’ (In Universities) Assailed By American Section Of League Of Academic Freedom 22
12/16/1937 France And Reich Make Border Pact 22
12/16/1937 (U.S.) ‘War Referendum’ Opposed By Hull 22
12/16/1937 Delbos Is Cheered On Prague Arrival 23
12/16/1937 Fascist Assault Feared By Soviet 24
12/17/1937 Panay Attack Deliberate, Yarnell Report Indicates; Our Protests Broadened-Japan To Salute Panay Victims With Volley At Scene Of Sinking (Ultimatum?) 1
12/17/1937 Soviet Takes Steps To Hold ‘Robinsons’-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
12/17/1937 British Mark Time In Yangtze Affair 4
12/17/1937 Tokyo Denies Boats Fired On The Panay 5
12/17/1937 Japan Seen Trying Western Patience-Sir Arthur Willert 6
12/17/1937 Use Of Iron Is Cut Further By Reich-Yet Metal Output Is High 6
12/17/1937 Church Held Foe Of Fascist State (By Irving Lehman Before Jewish Theological Seminary Of America) 7
12/17/1937 France Would Add Production By 30%-Aims To Reduce Imports 8
12/17/1937 Boycott Of Japan Urged (In Winnipeg, Canada) 9
12/17/1937 Soviet Astronomy Is Purged Of ‘Foes’ 10
12/17/1937 Czechs Voice Faith In France’s Ideals 11
12/17/1937 Brazil To Rebuild Her Army And Navy 11
12/18/1937 U.S. Naval Display Reported Likely Unless Japan Guarantees Our Rights 1
12/18/1937 Butchery Marked Capture Of Nanking-All Captives Slain 1
12/18/1937 President (Roosevelt) Opposes War Referendum-Ludlow Plan Not Named 2
12/18/1937 Nazi Show Draws Sharp Protests (From Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League, Samuel Untermyer, President) 5
12/18/1937 Delbos Furthers Reich-Czech Amity 10
12/18/1937 Woman Communist Missing 7 Months (Believed To Be The Woman Of The ‘Robinson’ Couple) 10
12/18/1937 ‘Aryans’ Will Buy (Jewish) Berstein Lines 10
12/18/1937 Trade Pact Signed By U.S. With Italy (Text) 11
12/18/1937 Jewish Boycott Decreed (By Julius Streicher-Advocated Is A Better Word) 11
12/18/1937 Artists Congress Denounces Japan-Federal Art Bill Backed 22
12/18/1937 $5,800,000 Of Gold Shipped By Japan-To Offset Trade Deficit 29
12/19/1937 Reliance On Paris Is Found By Delbos In Eastern Europe-Will Report To Britain 1
12/19/1937 Roosevelt Makes Plea For Liberty-Message To Jewish-Christian Meeting Says Democracy Demands Sacrifices 14
12/19/1937 (Negroes) Hear Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 28
12/19/1937 Rumanian Jews Warned 33
12/19/1937 Reich-Dutch Sign Accord 33
12/19/1937 Nazis In Austria Gaining Steadily 34
12/19/1937 Exile Of All Jews From Reich Seen-Only The Old Will Be Left By 1940 Under Hitler Policy 35
12/19/1937 Poles Again Urged To Ease Jews’ Lot 35
12/19/1937 Japanese Accused As Canal Zone Spies (By Congressman J. Parnell Thomas) 37
12/19/1937 British Deny Plan To Send Ships East 37
12/19/1937 Civic Groups Urge Boycott Of Japan 38
12/19/1937 About $250,000,000 In Gold Lost By U.S. F-1
12/19/1937 In Splendid Isolation We Face Japan Alone (What Odds!) E-3
12/19/1937 Panay Crisis Poses The Neutrality Issue Anew E-3
12/19/1937 Germany Is Eager To End China War E-4
12/19/1937 Japan Wooing Us, Strikes At Britain E-4
12/19/1937 Cartoons: Anti-Japanese Of The Type That Became Quite Common After Dec. 7, 1941 E-4
12/19/1937 Delbos Finds His Allies In East More Exacting E-5
12/19/1937 Cartoon: Anti-German E-5
12/19/1937 Viereck, George Sylvester, The Kaiser On Trial, Greystone Press, New York Book 7
12/20/1937 Col Hashimoto Ordered Panay Firing; Political Influence Bars Punishment-Panay Fired On, Tokyo Admits 1
12/20/1937 Soviet Executes 8 Leaders; Karakhan Among Victims (Picture, P. 18) 1
12/20/1937 Czechs Held Able To Stave Off Foes (Says Delbos)-Forts Are Underground 1
12/20/1937 Roosevelt Seeks Ban On ‘Spy’ Photographs 1
12/20/1937 9,000 In London (Rally) Ask Help For (Spanish) Loyalists 12
12/20/1937 Jews In Mexico Hit (By New Law) 15
12/20/1937 Germany Leads Europe In Commercial Planes 15
12/20/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges Boycott Of Japan (Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League) 16
12/20/1937 Germans Suspicious Of Panay Dispatches-(Reporter) Mc Donald In Story To Times Of London Seen As Attempting To Stir Up America 18
12/20/1937 France In Agreement With Reich On Press 18
12/20/1937 Soviet Accuses Poles (In Attempt To Burn Russian Train) 18
12/20/1937 (U.S.) Educators Assail Poles’ Jewish Curb (In Universities) 20
12/20/1937 Rebuilding Palestine (For Jews) Held A World Lesson 20
12/20/1937 Palestine Combed In Terrorist Hunt 20
12/20/1937 Palestine Split Opposed (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 20
12/20/1937 Pastors Deplore Dictatorship Era 21
12/20/1937 Japanese Policies Traced To (Their) Religion 21
12/21/1937 Panay Is Accused Of Shelling Japanese Soldiers 1
12/21/1937 Britain Leads Race To Rebuild Navies-U.S. Lags In Construction 1
12/21/1937 U.S. Forces To Stay In China, Says Hull 1
12/21/1937 2 Anti-Nazi Pickets Held 10
12/21/1937 Secret Police Hit In Soviet Purge 14
12/21/1937 (Anthony) Eden Challenges Rome Propaganda 14
12/21/1937 Ludendorff (Picture) Dead, His Disputes Go On 17
12/21/1937 2,300,000 CCC Youths Ready For War; ‘First-Class Fighting Men,’ Says (Robert) Fechner 19
12/21/1937 World Sugar Pact Ratified By Senate 35
12/22/1937 Roosevelt Bars Peace At Any Price; (Alf M.) Landon, (Frank) Knox Pledge Unity In Crisis (Text, P. 10); Japan Warned By British Premier-U.S. Urged To Lead 1
12/22/1937 (Henry L.) Stimson Opposes War (Ludlow) Referendum) Letter, P. 14) 1
12/22/1937 President (Roosevelt) Charges Most Of The Press Is Fostering 1
12/22/1937 Roosevelt Meets With 8 Liberals-Calls Them To White House For ‘Secret’ Talk, The Aim Being Veiled In Rumor 6
12/22/1937 France To Sustain Far East Position 13
12/22/1937 Priest Jailed In Reich 14
12/22/1937 Reich Marks (Winter) Solstice (Aim To Indicate German Return To Paganism) 14
12/22/1937 Britain Is Held Key To Palestine Peace (By Mrs. Samuel W. Halprin) 16
12/22/1937 See National Peril In Industrial Spies 23
12/23/1937 Japan Denies Army Fired Intentionally Upon Panay-Firing Is Explained-Friendship Is Stressed 1
12/23/1937 Palestine (Foundation) Fund Plan Is Told At Session-Lipsky Says It Will Become A ‘Veritable State Treasury’ If Partition Is Tried 2
12/23/1937 Reich Foreign Office Has Special Nazi Unit 10
12/23/1937 Ludendorff Buried With Pagan Eulogy 11
12/23/1937 Picture: A (Spanish) Rebel ‘Heil Hitler’ Envelope Arrives Here (Through Mail) 11
12/23/1937 Anglo-U.S. Treaty Democratic Hope-Anne O’Hare McCormick 12
12/23/1937 (William E.) Dodd (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Fanatically Anti National Socialist, In Process Of Resigning Post) Is Pessimistic On World Outlook 12
12/23/1937 Germany, Italy Deny Encouraging Japan In The Recent Attacks Upon Foreigners 12
12/23/1937 Baltic League Idea Is Laid To Germany 13
12/23/1937 Reich Is Raising (Miners’) Wages By Insurance Payment Cut 15
12/23/1937 Lady Astor Here (Picture!) Asks United Front-Holds U.S. And Britain Must ‘Stand Firm’ (‘Together’) To Hold The Peace Of The World’ 16
12/23/1937 (Frank B.) Kellogg Tribute Paid By President (Roosevelt)-Hull Expresses Regret 22
12/23/1937 Wheat Ends Down In Dull Market 37
12/23/1937 Cotton Prices Off-Drop Abroad Felt 37
12/23/1937 Steel Output Cut To 23½ Per Cent-Inventory Factor Cited 37
12/24/1937 NLRB Finds Ford Guilty Of Violating (National) Labor (Relations Act) Law-29 Win Pay Order 1
12/24/1937 Reports By Naval Board Strengthens Our Demand For Redress From Japan 1
12/24/1937 British Warn Italy Anew To Halt Propaganda; Laborite Cites Press Orders To Harass Eden 1
12/24/1937 Stay-In Strikes Sweeping France Again; 1,800 Tons Of Food Pile Up At Rail Stations 1
12/24/1937 Japanese Military Report On Panay-Confusion Is Stressed 6
12/24/1937 Reich Holds Itself Neutral In Orient-Own Interests Damage 6
12/24/1937 Japanese Ship Salutes U.S. Cutter In Savannah 6
12/24/1937 British Wait On U.S. In Japanese Affair-Will Do Nothing To Challenge Tokyo Now Unless Washington Acts With Them 6
12/24/1937 Picture: France’s New Ambassador To The United States (Count Rene Doynel De St. Quentin) 6
12/24/1937 France Honors (U.S. General) Pershing 6
12/24/1937 13 (One Confessional Synod Cleric & 12 Students) Jailed In Reich 7
12/24/1937 Mexico Lays Plans To Oust Many (18,000 Polish And Sephardic) Jews 7
12/24/1937 Nazis (Winterhilfe Program) Plays Santa To Many (3,000,000 Needy) Children-Otto D. Tolischus 8
12/24/1937 Eleven Arabs Slain In Palestine Battle (With British) 8
12/24/1937 (54 Polish Professors) Oppose (Polish) Ghetto Benches (Reserved Specifically For Jews) 8
12/24/1937 21 Giant (Glen L. Martin, 2 Engine) Bombers Ordered For Navy ($5,299,538) 18
12/24/1937 $5,000,000 Of Gold Going To France-Large-Scale Sales Seen 23
12/24/1937 Americans Accept Cuban Debt Offer (President Laredo Bru) 25
12/25/1937 Nazi ‘Persecution’ Assailed By Pope (Pius XI); He Denies Politics 1
12/25/1937 Japan In New (Panay) Apology Says Guilty Have Been Punished-Regard Incident As Shut (Text) 1&5
12/25/1937 U.S. Data Conflict With Japan’s Note (Report Texts, P. 4) 1
12/25/1937 President (Roosevelt) Quotes Christmas Parable To Nation-Bids Good-Will To All-That Means ‘To Ever Last Son Of God,’ He Stresses At Community Tree Lighting 3
12/25/1937 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Dresses Tree For Grandchildren (From Anna Boettinger) In Seattle 3
12/25/1937 (Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA Administrator) A Santa Claus (To Children In His Hospital Where He Underwent Operation) 3
12/25/1937 U.S. Seizes Letters On Japanese Ships-Move Called Routine 5
12/25/1937 Germany’s Security Is Stressed By Nazi (Rudolf Hess) 5
12/25/1937 Navy Air Increase In Alaska Mapped 6
12/25/1937 Picture: Episcopal Bishop Henry St. James Tucker (From Richmond, Virginia-To Move To N.Y.C. On Jan 1, 1938 To Assume Duties As Head Of ‘United’ Protestant Episcopal Church. Here, He Became One Of The Most Ardent Advocates Of American Intervention Against Germany In World War Ii) 12
12/25/1937 Balance Of Trade Swinging To U.S. 19
12/25/1937 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Proposes Treasury ‘Watchdog’ (To Check Executive Department) 22
12/26/1937 America Accepts Japan’s (Panay) Apologies But Insists On Future Safeguards-U.S. Ships Stand By-Crisis Held Past (Text Of Hull’s Reply) 1
12/26/1937 Boycott On Japan Urged (By ‘Patriotic Guard Of America’) 2
12/26/1937 Peace Groups Defend Ludlow Resolution (Requiring A Referendum On A U.S. Declaration Of War) 3
12/26/1937 Landsbury (British Labor Leader) Hopeful On Peace Outlook 3
12/26/1937 (Spanish) Rebels (Franco) Hold War Nears Conclusion 4
12/26/1937 16 New Soviet Executions, Ruining Dummies A Cause 4
12/26/1937 America Greeted By Haile Selassie (From London In Broadcast) 6
12/26/1937 2 (Soviet) Executions Held A Sop To Cossacks 12
12/26/1937 Reich To Rejail Pastors (Including Neimoeller) After (Christmas) Holiday Furloughs 13
12/26/1937 Reports Churchill Named To Cabinet 14
12/26/1937 N.Y. A. In City To Add 1,000 Boys And Girls-Up-State Rolls To Be Increased To 7,500 20
12/26/1937 Roosevelt Helps To Open Stockings (In Washington, D. C.-’Mama’ Present-Picture) 26
12/26/1937 Jewish Sermons Plead For Peace-Democracies Of The World Urged ‘Vigilantly To Safeguard Their Free Institutions’-Militarism Is Assailed-United (Judeo-Christian) Front Held Needed N-2
12/26/1937 (U.S.) Policy Of Secrecy On Gold Under Fire N-9
12/26/1937 (U.S.) Importers Using German Barter System To Be Required To Give Details To Treasury (Morgenthau) N-11
12/26/1937 Cartoon: New Deal Slogans And Deeds Are Compared Unfavorably E-2
12/26/1937 Nazi (‘Pagan’) Christmas E-2
12/26/1937 Japanese Insist Panay Was Sunk By Accident E-3
12/26/1937 New Year To Add Momentum To The Navy Race-The United States Is Expected To Join Other Powers In Intensive Effort E-3
12/26/1937 Food In Reich Poor If Not Insufficient-Egg Shortage Expected (Dairy Products Short) E-4
12/26/1937 Amnesty (By Dictator Col. Fulgencio Batista) Will Free Prisoners In Cuba E-4
12/26/1937 Cartoon: As Russia Builds A New Communist Party (By Executing Opposition) E-4
12/26/1937 British Welcome Firm Stand Here E-5
12/26/1937 Opinions (Letters) On The Ludlow Resolution E-8
12/26/1937 Far East Vigil Kept By State Department (Under-Secretary Of State, Sumner Welles, Hard At Work) E-10
12/26/1937 Wider Diplomacy Seen As Peace Aid (By ‘National Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War’) D-5
12/26/1937 The Rather Paradoxical Career Of General Von Steuben Book 3
12/26/1937 Time Fights On The Side Of Democracy-The Close Of Another Year Finds The Free Nations On The Defensive But Still Dominant Mag. 1
12/26/1937 Franco Tells What He Plans To Do For Spain Mag. 5
12/26/1937 A Mirror Of Our Changing World-The Times IndexReflects Faithfully The Dramatic Course Of Events Mag. 10
12/27/1937 Britain Will Fight Radio Propaganda Of Italian Stations-(Bbc) Broadcasts In Spanish, Arabic & Portuguese Will Answer Attacks 1
12/27/1937 New Deal Is Ready For War On (Economic) Slump (Robert H.) Jackson (Assistant U.S. Att’y General) Declares-Monopolies Are Blamed-The Government Will Step In, He Says 1
12/27/1937 Scientists To Take First Steps To Unite In A World Body (Indianapolis Meeting Of American Association For The Advancement Of Science) 1
12/27/1937 Chaos Robs Japan Of Gain In Victory-Anarchy Is Widespread-Order Must Be Restored Before Empire Can Hope To Profit From Asiatic Mainland 1
12/27/1937 ‘Scarcity’ Called A Prosperity Curb (In U.S.) 2
12/27/1937 Anti War Pledge Accepted By Haiti (President Rafael Trujillo) 6
12/27/1937 U.S. Urges Mexico To Halt (Nationalization Of Industry) Crusade 6
12/27/1937 (Lt. Col. Prentiss(Hits Exaggeration Of War Gas Peril 8
12/27/1937 U.S. Writers Send Protest To Poland (American Writers Committee To Aid The Jews Of Poland)-Condemn ‘Ghetto Benches’ In Universities; See Threat To Nation’s Culture-Cite Our (U.S.) Aid To Republic 13
12/27/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Warns On Class Warfare 17
12/27/1937 Pagan Doctrines (Implying German, Of Course) Seen As Doomed 22
12/27/1937 France Gets Gold As Confidence Rises 23
12/28/1937 Scientists Called To Rally Humanity Against Warfare-Must Act In Democracies So Intellectual Freedom Will Live, Conklin Asserts (Indianapolis, Am. Assoc. For The Advancement Of Science) 1
12/28/1937 Picture: Joseph P. Lash (Rumored To Be Eleanor Roosevelt’s Lover), Executive Secretary Of American Student Union 3
12/28/1937 Arab Terrorists Get Monthly Pay-Italian Propaganda Campaign Renewed Thought To Blame For Most Of Trouble (A Report From Jerusalem) 10
12/28/1937 Mussolini Chides U.S. Over Pan Incident 12
12/28/1937 ‘Parallel Action’ (With U.S.) Praised In Britain-World Peace Held Aim-Joint Policy By 2 Democracies Seen As One Thing Feared By Aggressor States 14
12/28/1937 U.S. Not To Censor Panay Film-Fish Lauds Hull’s Stand (About 400 Feet Of Film Taken By U.S. Companies) 14
12/28/1937 Brazil Jails 20 (Anti-Vargas) Fascists 14
12/28/1937 Mexico To Reopen (Trade) Treaties Discussion-Most-Favored-Nation (U.S.) Pacts Discarded Last Year, Will Be Talked With Germany 16
12/28/1937 Poland And Rumania To Get French Help 16
12/28/1937 (Germany) Bans New Jewish (Clothier) Firms (In Berlin) 16
12/28/1937 Soviet Maps Trip Undersea To Pole-As Next Step In Establishing Air Line To United States 23
12/29/1937 Roosevelt For Larger Navy: Voices ‘Growing Concern’ At Trend Of World Events-Time To Face Facts-No Nation Is Mentioned 1
12/29/1937 Pro-German (Carol Names Goga) Forms Rumanian Cabinet-It Opposes Democracy 1
12/29/1937 Japan Hands Note To British Envoy-Attacks Called Mistake 2
12/29/1937 Britain Is Waiting To Close Incident-Annoyed By Our (In-) Action-London Irked By U.S. Failure To Consult 2
12/29/1937 First Photos Of Sinking Of Panay By Japanese And Some Of Survivors 3
12/29/1937 Four U.S. Cruisers To Go To Australia-Washington Says They Are Only Responding To Invitation To Join (150th Anniversary Of Botany Bay Settlement In Australia) Anniversary Fete 3
12/29/1937 Bukharin Believed Already Executed (In Russia)-Pilloried Without Trial 5
12/29/1937 Picture: (Resigned) U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E. Dodd Starts For Home 6
12/29/1937 Boycott Of Jews Reviving In Reich 6
12/29/1937 Nazi Bureaucracy Grows 6
12/29/1937 New Drive Presses War (Ludlow) Referendum 7
12/29/1937 Educators Urged To Save Democracy-Schools Must Revitalize Curricula And Teaching Methods Dr. (Howard E.) Wilson (Harvard Education Professor) Declares 10
12/30/1937 (Robert H.) Jackson (Asst. U.S. Att’y. General) Charges Business ‘Strike’ Against New Deal-Sees ‘Private Socialism’ (Text, P. 6) 1
12/30/1937 Germans Threaten To Claim Alsace Unless Other Demands Are Met Now-Colonies Must Be Returned, Predominance In Austria Admitted And French Backing For Czechs Limited-Augur 1
12/30/1937 Big Navy Program Backed At Capital-Congress Leaders Predict Adoption Of Roosevelt Plan-Navy Experts Say Program May Include 10 To 15 Craft Besides Battleships 1
12/30/1937 Panay Film Ready; Bears Out (U.S.) Charges (U.S. Flag Visable) 3
12/30/1937 Reich Limits Goods For Jewish Concerns 7
12/30/1937 Jewish Board (National Council Of Palestine Jewry) Bars Deals (Which They Do Not Authorize) For Palestine 12
12/30/1937 Dr. (Charles A.) Beard Urges New History Basis-Annals With-Out Consideration Of Economics Misleading, He Asserts-Gains By Despots Cited 17
12/30/1937 Students (American Student Union, Joseph P. Lash) Reject Anti-War Vow (Oxford Pledge Adopted A Year Earlier)-Would Lead In Embargoes-And Help Any Nation Attacked-Opponents Fought Hard To Stop Policy Reversal 20
12/30/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Finds Old Ideals Ignored-Modern Trends Assailed 21
12/30/1937 (Four ‘5 & 10’) Chains Quit Buying Goods From Japan (S. H. Kress, Mc Crory, S.S. Kresge & F. W. Woolworth) 35
12/30/1937 Race Persecution Scored By (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning (A Strong Advocate Of U.S. Intervention In The War Against Germany)-Would Prefer Hell With Jews And Christians To Heaven With Nazis, He Declares-Addresses City Rabbis-War, Bishop Says Sometimes ‘Is Not Only Justifiable But Our Bounden Duty’ (Introduced By Rabbi Jess Bienenfeld-Is It Possible He Got His Wish?) 40
12/31/1937 Roosevelt Is Backing Drive For Cut In Monopoly Prices, Fight To Finish, Says Ickes-To Seek New Laws-People Must Call ‘Bluff’ Of ‘Big Business’ (Text, P. 6) 1
12/31/1937 Alien (U.S. & British) Oil Men Bar Pay Rise In Mexico-Difficulty Is Foreseen 1
12/31/1937 Passports Issued As Political Favor In Robinson Case (The ‘Robinsons’ Disappeared In Moscow) 1
12/31/1937 (Ass’t. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson’s Speech Scored By (Senator) M’nary-Representative Halleck Calls (Att’y. Gen.) Cummings Aide (Jackson) ‘White House Charlie McCarthy’ (A Dummy Or Puppet) 1
12/31/1937 Congress Of Nazis’ Foes Reported (In Germany) 1
12/31/1937 Japan Apologizes In Note To Britain (Text, P. 2) 2
12/31/1937 Students (American Student Union, Joseph P. Lash Executive Secretary) Demand Boycott On Japan 3
12/31/1937 Rumanian Premier (Goga) Acts Against Jews-Prohibits Ownership Of Land And Ends Citizenship Of Some (Those Naturalized After 1920)-G.E.R. Gedye 4
12/31/1937 Berlin, Rome Laud Rumanian Change-German Press Sees Blow To French Aims In Central And Eastern Europe-Goga Is Hailed In Italy-Poland, Yugoslavia And Spain Viewed As Next Nations To Join The Fascist Ring 4
12/31/1937 Chamberlain To Fill Eden’s Post For Time 4
12/31/1937 Jew Slain In Palestine 4
12/31/1937 American Science Put To World Aid (Indianapolis Convention) 5
12/31/1937 World Fair Space Taken By Germany (By German Consul General Dr. Johannes Borchers) 17