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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

April 1937
Date Headline Page
04/01/1937 Paris Ready To Ask Step To Withdraw Aliens In (Spanish) Civil War 1
04/01/1937 Virginio Gayda. Reiterates Britons Lie About Ethiopia 4
04/01/1937 British Idle Decrease 4
04/01/1937 Italians Reported Landed In Morocco-Commissioner Denies It 5
04/01/1937 Poland Will Resume Parleys With Danzig 5
04/01/1937 (William C.) Bullitt (After Lengthy Talks With Roosevelt In Georgia) Sails For France 5
04/01/1937 Canada’s Lord) Tweedsmuir Pays Honor To Our Dead-Dines At White House 6
04/01/1937 Nazis Will Alter Property Concept-State Above Individual 7
04/01/1937 Britain Ends Year With Real Surplus 8
04/01/1937 (Cambridge University. Declines Goettingen (University Bicentinneal Invitation) Bid 8
04/01/1937 Vexed India Gets New Constitution 9
04/01/1937 Canada Plans Rule Over Arms-Making-War Materials Covered 9
04/01/1937 Mayor (Laguardia) To Get (American Hebrew) Medal For His Aid To Jews-Picked By Committee Of 60 9
04/01/1937 Navy Orders Air (Plane) Engines 9
04/01/1937 (Britisher Herbert) Morrison Agrees With (U.S. Supreme) Court’s Foes-Sees Democracy On Trial 11
04/01/1937 Foreign Trade Up. Reversing Trend 31
04/01/1937 $13,202,000 In Gold Engaged Abroad 38
04/01/1937 March Gold Imports Largest In 5 Months 38
04/02/1937 Mrs J. B Harriman (Ardent Rooseveltian-Has Mandate Of The People. Congress Elected To Assist Him) Slated As U.S. Minister To Norway 1
04/02/1937 Arms Parley Plan Laid To Roosevelt 1
04/02/1937 (Canada’s Lord) Tweedsmuir Asks Our Aid For World-America And Britain Hold The Future Of Civilization, He Tells Congress-Fleet’s Role Is Stressed-Every New Ship In Our Navy Helps Peace 5
04/02/1937 Ties With Britain Urged To Aid Peace 7
04/02/1937 New Army Group Formed By Reich 60 Air Squadrons Added 8
04/02/1937 Air Preparedness Ordered For Swiss 8
04/02/1937 Manchester University Reject Bicentinneal Invitational) Bid To Goettingen 8
04/02/1937 ‘New Day’ In India Mourned By Hindus-Mood Of Defiance Rises-Hindus Want Full Liberty (From England) 9
04/02/1937 Stalin Tells Reds To Heed The People-Harold Denny 9
04/02/1937 (Americans) Confess Attempt To Join (Spanish) Loyalists 10
04/02/1937 Closer U.S. Link With Reich Urged (By Victor F. Ridder, New Yorker Staatszeitung Und Herold-Former WPA Administrator Of New York ‘Talking As Business Man’-See Admonition To U.S. Germans To Support Roosevelt In 1938) 11
04/02/1937 Anti-Nazi Parley Barred 11
04/02/1937 (House Report) Backs (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein (Nazi Propaganda In U.S.) Inquiry 12
04/02/1937 M’carl Sees (U.S.) Trend To Fascist Power-Reorganization Plans Of The President (Roosevelt) Has Vicious Aims 13
04/02/1937 President (Roosevelt) Renews Battle Over Court-(Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Hits At Plan 13
04/02/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, 75 Today, Is Greeted By Messages From All Over The World (Picture, P. 25) 25
04/03/1937 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Foes Urged To Be Mild (In Their Treatment Of Him By Prof. Clyde R. Miller, Teachers’ College, Columbia University)-Sees Too Much Shouting 2
04/03/1937 La Guardia Lauds Roosevelt’s Policy (See Earlier Entries Involving Row With Germany! 2
04/03/1937 Hired By Borden’s, (‘Chowderhead’ Cohen) ‘Gorilla’ Testifies-Insists He Worked Alone 6
04/03/1937 U.S. Seeks To Keep Rubber Price Down 6
04/03/1937 Submarine Fleets A Problem To Reich-Mother Ships Are Lacking 9
04/03/1937 President (Roosevelt) Denies Arms Parley Plan 9
04/03/1937 (Von) Mackensen Sees Reich-Soviet War 9
04/03/1937 Southwest Africa Bans Nazi Activity 15
04/03/1937 Poland Dissolves Student Extremists 15
04/03/1937 Nazi Paper (Goebbels’ ‘Der Angriff’) Finds U.S. In Great Disorder (Strikes Etc.) 15
04/03/1937 Alien Population Declining Sharply Baiting Of Aliens (By U.S. Citizens) Decried 21
04/03/1937 CCC Playwrights Welcomed-Here 21
04/04/1937 15 Fast Russian Planes Cause Havoc In Cardoba (Spain); Swoop Low In Brief Raid-Army Hospital Hit 1
04/04/1937 French (Leon Blum, Premier) See Hope For Truce In Spain 1
04/04/1937 Germans To Resist South African (Anti NSDAP) Move 3
04/04/1937 Americans Curtail Film Work In Reich 4
04/04/1937 Soviet Pay Scales Cut To Aid Output-Harold Denny 6
04/04/1937 Rotary (Club) Asked To Adhere To ‘Aryan Clause’ In Reich 12
04/04/1937 Austria Quizzes Writers 12
04/04/1937 Tells Of Exploits As (Spanish) Rebel Deserter-Saw Many Dig Own Graves (Picture, N-4) N-1
04/04/1937 President (Roosevelt) Not To Call Arms Conference Now E-3
04/04/1937 President (Roosevelt) Is Criticized For Silence On (U.S.) Strikes E-3
04/04/1937 Supreme Court Clears Away Old Legal Tangles-A No Man’s Land Wiped Out E-3
04/04/1937 Europe’s Fear Of War Calmed By New Sanity E-4
04/04/1937 Yugoslavia’s Pact (With Italy) Upsets Her (Little Entente-[Benes]) Allies-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
04/04/1937 Loyalists Rule Spain’s Skies E-4
04/04/1937 Reich Handicapped In Radio Warfare-She Has More To Lose Than Gain By Interchange Of Hostile Broadcasts E-5
04/04/1937 Speech By Stalin Hits Bureaucracy-Harold Denny E-5
04/04/1937 India’s New Crisis Worries Britain E-5
04/04/1937 U.S. And Canada In Close Accord E-6
04/04/1937 Alien Actor Ban About Talked Out-Concession To (Samuel) Dickstein E-6
04/04/1937 Court Issues Cleared By The Nation’s Debate E-6
04/04/1937 Picture: Cuban Strong Man, Col. Fulgencio Batista E-10
04/04/1937 Blyths, Le Gette, Marshal Ney: A Dual Life, Stackpole, Sons, N. Y (Claims Another Man May Have Been Shot In The Luxembourg Gardens In His Stead) Book 9
04/04/1937 The.Broad Challenge Of The Sit-Down (Strike) Mag. 1
04/04/1937 When (Ww I War Drums Called Us (Facsimile Of U.S. Declaration Of War Against Germany-Plaintive Note Of Nostalgia!) To Arms Twenty Years Ago Mag. 2
04/04/1937 A Portrait Of The Commander Of The A. E. F. (Pershing) And His Version Of A Famous War Incident Mag. 4
04/04/1937 Posters Teach The Soviet Way Of Life To The Russians (The Treatment Is Somewhat Idealized! Picture: ‘Beloved’ Father Stalin With Children Etc.) Mag. 17
04/04/1937 Picture: A New Type Of American Bombing Plane Which Will Be Sold To (Allied) Foreign Nations Roto.
04/05/1937 29 Americans (Franco-Spanish Volunteers) Held At French Border (Arrested And Jailed On A ‘Tip’) 1
04/05/1937 Magazine Editor Accuses CCC Heads (His Publication Banned By Them) 2
04/05/1937 Navy Develops ‘Radio Spy’ Which Can Spot Or Track Enemy Warships For Away At Sea (Shades Of Pearl Harbor!-Radar?) 3
04/05/1937 Anti-Nazi German Army Deserter) To Be Deported 9
04/05/1937 Moscow Shocked By Yagoda Case-A Thorn In Stalin’s Side-Harold Denny 11
04/05/1937 Unity Of Germans Aim Of Nazi Radio 12
04/05/1937 (Von) Ludendorff Spurs Neo-Pagan Effort-Hitler Gives Him A Free Hand-Catholics Are Warned 12
04/05/1937 German Rally Held On Polish Frontier (At Schneidemuhl) 12
04/05/1937 Navy ‘War’ To Test New Ships, Planes-Hawaii Will Be Defended (!) 13
04/05/1937 Sockman (Methodist) Hopeful Of Lasting Peace 15
04/05/1937 WPA Teaches Music To 60,000 Weekly (In New York City 17
04/05/1937 Nathan Birnbaum, Zionist Organizer (Herzl Associate, Dead At 72) 19
04/05/1937 2,002 Camps Of CCC (Throughout U.S. Hail Its Birthday 21
04/05/1937 British Industries Continue Upswing-Revival Is Europe-Wide 29
04/06/1937 140 Of Speediest Russian Planes Help Loyalists Role In Spain’s Skies 1
04/06/1937 Hull Sees Disaster In Armament Race-Only A Military Explosion Or Economic Collapse Can Come Of It-Urges Unity (Of ‘Peaceful Nations ) For Peace (Text, P. 13) 1
04/06/1937 Treasury Forced To Barrow Again 1
04/06/1937 Germany To Pay $22,474,736 In War Claims, Chiefly In Black Tom And Kingsland Blasts 1
04/06/1937 Pershing In Plea For Preparedness Sees War Clouds Abroad-John J. Pershing 2
04/06/1937 Capital Recalls War Fervor Of ‘17 (Somewhat Nostalgically) 3
04/06/1937 Fleet Puts To Sea To Drill For War (‘Defend Hawaii’)-Major Battle Scheduled 3
04/06/1937 (France) Buys 20 Bellanca Planes 4
04/06/1937 Sex Instruction In Schools Urged-Old Age Linked To Diet 6
04/06/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow, Joseph E.) Davies Forecasts Capitalist Russia 7
04/06/1937 (Czech’ President Eduard) Benes Acclaimed On Belgrade Visit 7
04/06/1937 French To Ask U.S. About (29 Franco-Spain) Volunteers 9
04/06/1937 Italians Now Say France Aids (Loyalist) Spain (Leon Blum, French Premier) 9
04/06/1937 Japan Now Seeks China’s Friendship 10
04/06/1937 Germany Protests South African (National Socialist) Ban-British Welcome Dispute 11
04/06/1937 Deportation Plan Fought With Help Of National Council Of Jewish Women) 11
04/06/1937 Dueling Allowed For All Germans Decision By A German Student Council) 11
04/06/1937 Roosevelt Urges Permanent CCC 12
04/06/1937 (William Green (A. F. of L.) Says (John L.) Lewis (CIO) Would Be A Hitler 19
04/06/1937 Freeman Deplores ‘Pagan’ New York 25
04/07/1937 Martial Displays, Peace Pleas Mark War Anniversary 1
04/07/1937 ‘No Foreign War’ Cry Of New Crusaders 1
04/07/1937 Swift New (Spanish Loyalist) Planes (From Russia) Help Stem Rebels In Drive On Bilbao 1
04/07/1937 Textile Delegates Clash Over Japan 7
04/07/1937 Italian Agitation Over Spain Grows 14
04/07/1937 (German) Protestants Name Board, Defy Reich Won’t Work With Kerrl 14
04/07/1937 (Educator, Dr. John) Dewey ‘Impartial’ In Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Inquiry-Denies Bias On Any Side (He Will Open The ‘Trial’ Of Trotsky To Be Held In Mexico) 14
04/07/1937 Spanish Children Reach Crimea As Soviet Wards 14
04/07/1937 Parents Fail To Find Why Nazis Doom Son (Helmut Hirsch-See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol Ii, Pp. 321, 400-403) 15
04/07/1937 Tokyo Peace Bid To Moscow Seen 16
04/07/1937 Hertzog Extends A Bid To Germans (Settlers In South Africa) 17
04/07/1937 U.S. Tourists In China Watch 6 Executions (Narcotics Offenders) 17
04/07/1937 Hanfstaengel Sees Lawyer In London 19
04/07/1937 Foch’s Praise Of A. E. F Shown In ‘19 Letter; Princeton Document Hails Brave Sacrifices 19
04/07/1937 Germans Pin Faith On Ship Air Bases 19
04/07/1937 Roosevelt Feels ‘More Peaceful’ Than In ‘17; Recalls Cornering Supplies For The Navy 20
04/07/1937 Die In Own Gas (Probably Hcn) Chamber 20
04/07/1937 British Disregard (U.S.) War Anniversary-Irritated By Hull Talk 20
04/07/1937 Strong Army Held Best Bar To War (By General Robert Lee Bullard) 20
04/07/1937 Peace Talks By Admiral Byrd, Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt, And Dr. Fosdick 21
04/07/1937 Palestine Split Opposed (By Arabs And Jews) 21
04/07/1937 Reich Still Needs Two Years To Arm-Speed Has Been Exaggerated-Time Is Needed To Train Men, Pile Up Materials-26 Plane Maker (Glen L. Martin) Goes Into Foreign Field (To Increase Sales) 51
04/08/1937 Rome Says France Directs Loyalists And Trains Fliers-Sending Of Arms Alleged 1
04/08/1937 Poles Cautioned By Reich On (Amity) Pact-Press (Diplomatische Korrespondenz) Protests Demonstration At Which Poles Are Said To Have Claimed German Area 4
04/08/1937 Reich Is Suspicious Of Move On Trade-Some In France Alarmed-All See Hand Of Washington In Plan-Otto D. Tolischus 5
04/08/1937 To Tell Of Spanish War (British Admiral’s Son, A Spanish Loyalist Volunteer) 6
04/08/1937 Pittman Rebuked (By Academy Of Political Sciences) On Neutrality Act-Proposed Law Called Policy Of A Nation Shirking A Duty To Rest Of World 7
04/09/1937 France (Blum Premier) ‘Gives Lie’ To Italy On Spain As Strain Grows 1
04/09/1937 Reich Sets A Price For Commerce Aid-Refuses To Drop Her Program Of Self-Sufficiency 1
04/09/1937 House (Samuel Dickstein) Kills Inquiry Into Reds And Nazis; Opponents Say Investigations Weary Nation 1
04/09/1937 Black Tom Cases Will Be Reheard-New Evidence Promised 8
04/09/1937 Lehman Protests Negro ‘Ban’ By CCC 10
04/09/1937 (Paul Niepold, Anti-Fascist-Parents In Germany) Katonah, N.Y. Man Slain In Spanish Battle; Shot By Rebels As He Tries To Aid (Loyalist) Comrade 12
04/09/1937 Nazis Confiscate Church Pamphlet (By Niemoeller & Debelius-’We Summon Germany To God.’) 14
04/09/1937 Nazis Assailed In Ottawa (By Samuel Factor-For ‘Offenses Against Civilization’) 14
04/09/1937 (World Jewish Congress) Hits Nazi Plans In Danzig 14
04/09/1937 Reich Press Angry At Austrian Slur 15
04/09/1937 Britain Is Seeking Talks With Gandhi 16
04/09/1937 Britain Is Omitted In Democracy List (By Professor Eduard C. Lindeman) 23
04/10/1937 Roosevelt Denies Plan To Cut Gold But Franc Plunges 1
04/10/1937 Anti-Fascist Vote Urged By Cardinal In Brussels Poll-Primate Declares Degrelle’s Rexist Party Danger To Country And Church 1
04/10/1937 Germany Liberty Party Wars On Hitlerism; Berlin Mails Carry Plea For Social Justice 1
04/10/1937 Democracy Facing Crisis (Dr: Harold W.) Dodds (President Of Princeton Univ.) Finds-Education The Answer 2
04/10/1937 (F. R. Coudert) Warns Weak Court Leads To Dictators 5
04/10/1937 Bar Leaders Fight Court Change Idea 5
04/10/1937 (Von) Ludendorff At 72 Fails To Get Honor (Difficulties With Hitler Implied) 7
04/10/1937 Judge Lectures Priest On Nazism (In Germany) 7
04/10/1937 Vienna (Schuschnigg) Lashes Out At Reich Attacks 7
04/10/1937 Rome Paper (‘Tevere’) Lists Surnames Of Jews-Nazi Influence Is Seen 7
04/10/1937 Sales To Britain Financing Franco (Spain) 8
04/10/1937 Senate Sidetracks Nye Move ((To Institute Neutrality Law On Spain-Aimed At Ruling By Hull 8
04/11/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) On ‘Trial’ Denies Reich Deal (In Mexico) 1
04/11/1937 Baldwin Warns Against Fascism And Communism 1
04/11/1937 (Lyndon B.) Johnson Backing Roosevelt’s Court Plan, Wins Seat In Congress In Texas Election 1
04/11/1937 Nazi Tank Defense Held World’s Best-Hanson W. Baldwin 4
04/11/1937 (French) Socialists Heckle (Leon) Blum, Their Chief 6
04/11/1937 Germany Sees Reds In ‘Liberty Party’ 7
04/11/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Denies Plan For Parley On Arms-Says Roosevelt Not Preparing To Call Any Conferences 8
04/11/1937 Trade Pacts Held Unlikely In Europe-Pertinax 8
04/11/1937 (Berlin) Priest Allowed Reds To Stay In His House (Before 1934) 9
04/11/1937 Nazis Form Bloc To Aid Film Trade-Propaganda Minister Proposes World Fight Against Liberal And Communist Movies 12
04/11/1937 Chile Curbs Nazis’ Rise 12
04/11/1937 U.S. Queries Italy On (U.S. Women) Missionaries (Expelled From Ethiopia By Italians) 14
04/11/1937 (Harold L.) Ickes Denounces Court As ‘Loaded’ 35
04/11/1937 (Academy Of Political & Social Sciences) To Discuss Place Of The U.S. In War N-2
04/11/1937 Dr. Studebaker Pictures The Future For Public Forums As Part Of The New Trend To Real Democracy In Life (Through Re-Education) N-7
04/11/1937 Roosevelt Mimic Is Cut Off The Air (Wmca)-Ban Generally Observed N-10
04/11/1937 Cartoon: The Bright Hopes Of 1917-And The Realities Of 1937 (Wilson And The War To Make The World Safe For Democracy Vs Stalin, Hitler & Mussolini) E-2
04/11/1937 President (Roosevelt) Confronted By Monetary Dilemma E-3
04/11/1937 Britain Now Supports Hull’s Trade Policies E-4
04/11/1937 Russians Rejoice At Yagoda Ousting (By Stalin)-Harold Denny E-4
04/11/1937 Reich Bartering For Brazil’s (Iron) Ore E-4
04/11/1937 Neopagans Again Busy In Germany-Hitler’s Bodyguard Joins E-5
04/11/1937 Trotsky (Lev Beonstein) Ready For ‘Trial’ (Before John Dewey And Others In Mexico E-5
04/11/1937 A New Solidarity Linking Americas-Our Flag Flies In South E-6
04/11/1937 Control Of Crops Again Is Planned (‘Normal Granary’-Henry A. Wallace) E-6
04/11/1937 ‘Jewish Red Cross’ (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Plans Tea April 25 D-4
04/11/1937 Peace Conference Set In New Jersey (Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War) D-6
04/11/1937 (National Council Of Jewish Women Take Up Problems Of Jewish Council D-6
04/11/1937 Stoically Britain Arms For A War She Hates-Harold Callender Mag. 3
04/12/1937 Belgian Fascists (Degrelle Rexists) Swamped, Polling Less Than In 1936 1
04/12/1937 Britain To Convoy Ships Near Bilbao, Limiting Blockade-Sea Freedom Is Stressed 1
04/12/1937 Shots From C.I.O. Office Wound 9 Of Rival Union (In Galena, Kansas) 1
04/12/1937 Change Of Court Sure, Farley Says 4
04/12/1937 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Predicts ‘Worse Depression’ By Next April) 5
04/12/1937 Hitler’s Slogan On (Cancelled) Stamps (Being Sold In Stamp Shops) Barred In Czechoslovakia 8
04/12/1937 Nazi Police Close More Jews’ Clubs-Drive Began In January 8
04/12/1937 Neutrality Bill Seen (By Prof. James T. Shotwell. Columbia University) Ending Foreign Trade 9
04/12/1937 Gandhi Takes Hand In India’s Impasse-He Ignores Viceroy’s (Marquess Of Linlithgow’s) Bid 10
04/12/1937 Spanish War Is A Struggle Between Italy And France-Anne O’Hare McCormick (And Russia?) 16
04/12/1937 Franc Hit By Fear On Price Of Gold-Uncertainty Over U.S. Money Contributes 25
04/12/1937 Investments Tempt Buyers In Berlin 25
04/12/1937 British Not In Fear Of Lack Of Wheat Plenty Of Wheat Bound For Britain From Overseas) 30
04/13/1937 Supreme Court Upholds Wagner Labor Law; Hailed By Friends And Foes Of Bench Change 1
04/13/1937 New Deal’s Score In Court 1
04/13/1937 Britain Will Avoid Any Use Of Force To Curb Spaniards 1
04/13/1937 Pictures: Mexican Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Trial Participants 3
04/13/1937 (Spanish) Rebels Say French (Under Blum) Train Foes’ (Loyal-Ists’) Fliers 5
04/13/1937 Nazi Judge Scolds Priest (Who Had Been Tolerant Of Communists Before 1934) As Pacifist 7
04/13/1937 British Hold German Under Secrets Act 7
04/13/1937 Dr. Conant (Pres. Harvard) Denies Ban On Liberals 14
04/13/1937 Housing Act Asked By (National Council Of) Jewish Women (It Concerns A Project For German-Jewish Refugees) 30
04/13/1937 Names Roosevelt As ‘Best Salesman’-Sold The People A Bill Of Goods, And Is Making Them Like It (Says George R. Lightowler) 45
04/14/1937 Roosevelt Still Presses His Bill To Change Court; May Take A Compromise 1
04/14/1937 U.S. Drops Right (Article Viii) In Gadsden Treaty-’Good Neighbor’ Guides 4
04/14/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Says Paris (Leon Blum, Premier) Suppresses Proof (Of His Statements) 6
04/14/1937 Fosdick’s Appeal Assailed By Nazis-Miss (Erika) Mann Is Attacked 6
04/14/1937 (Dr. Baruch Braunstein, Before National Council Of Jewish Women) Pictures Women Fighting Next War-They Demand (U.S.) Neutrality 6
04/14/1937 Reich Orders Jews To Hold No Meetings 8
04/14/1937 Berlin Protests Papal Encyclical-Will Not Tolerate Interference In Its Internal Affairs-Bars ‘State Within State’ 8
04/14/1937 Nazis Forbid Attendance At Conventions In Moscow 8
04/14/1937 Many Horses Used By Army In Poland-Equipment Is The Latest-It Has 40 Regiments-Dogs And Carrier Pigeons Also Play A Considerable Part In Nation’s Defense Plans-Hanson W. Baldwin 10
04/14/1937 Britain Launches Big Plane Carrier (22,000 Ton ‘Ark Royal’) 10
04/14/1937 Picture: New Deal Feudists (Ickes And Hopkins) Get Together 20
04/14/1937 $3,310,000 Of Gold Engaged Abroad (England & Canada) 44
04/14/1937 Graph: Steel Ingot Output 44
04/14/1937 Ship Construction Up 200,830 Tons-Great Britain Leads-U.S. Shows Increase-Germany And Sweden Alone Failed To Show Gain In Last Quarter 51
04/15/1937 President (Roosevelt) Pledges Faith To Americas-Hull Hails Peace Gain 1
04/15/1937 Young Republicans Ask Mayor (La Guardia) To Run-His Efficient Rule Hailed 1
04/15/1937 Loyalist Spain Marks Republic’s Sixth Year; Franco Wipes Date From Holiday Calender 4
04/15/1937 4 Rebel Warships Foiled By British 5
04/15/1937 Nazi Judge Biased? No, Priest (Tolerant Of Communists Prior To 1934) Replies-Link To Reds Stressed 7
04/15/1937 97 More Germans Lose Citizenship Rights (Damaged German Interests) 7
04/15/1937 Britain Seeks Means Of.War Buying Here.-Efforts To Counteract Effect Of U.S. Ban On Loans 8
04/15/1937 U.S. Ranks Sixth In Air Warcraft-Britain Leads With 4,000 9
04/15/1937 Japanese Workers Ask War On Fascism 9
04/15/1937 25 Years Of Peace Seen By (Lord) Riverdale 10
04/15/1937 Schacht Demands Accord On Peace (Before Trade Agreements) 10
04/15/1937 Stratosphere Ship For Army Rushed (By Lockheed-P-38?) 13
04/16/1937 Brazil Would Buy Old U.S. Warships 2
04/16/1937 Canada Plans Defenses (Over And Above Those Of England-Will Not Depend Upon Monroe Doctrine For Protection) 2
04/16/1937 Vienna Suppresses Pro-Czech Journal-Reich Instigation Seen 4
04/16/1937 (Von) Ludendorff Honored On 55 Years In Army 4
04/16/1937 Reich Buying Ships To Get Needed Iron-No German Vessels Idle (Some To Be Put Into Service)-Otto D. Tolischus 7
04/16/1937 (U.S. Government Agent) Assails Berlin Plea On (Ww I) Sabotage Claims 9
04/16/1937 Fleet With 60,000 Off To ‘War’ Today-Vast Triangle In Pacific (5 Million Square Mile Area) In Pacific Will Be Scene Of Manoeuvres-’Fight’ For Hawaii A Part 10
04/16/1937 Roosevelt Talks With 200 Editors-’Off-The-Record’ Meeting At White House 21
04/16/1937 (Thomas) Ann Denounces Christianity Foes-Defines Duty Of Writers 24
04/16/1937 $15,177,000 Of Gold Is Engaged Aborad ($417,300,000 From England Since Sept. 26) 40
04/16/1937 French Bank’s Ratio Of Reserve Lower 40
04/16/1937 New Battleship Job Sought By Brooklyn 47
04/17/1937 20-Ton Bomber (B-17) Rolls From Hanger; Leads All War Craft In Size, Power 1
04/17/1937 (British) Patrols Off Spain To Avoid Stopping American Vessels-Certain Embargo Here Will Bar Shipments Of Arms 1
04/17/1937 Argentine Killing (Of National Socialist, Joseph Riedel By ‘Unidentified Assailants’) Enrages Germany (They Suspect The Act Was Similar To The Dr. Wilhelm Gustloff Case) 7
04/17/1937 Britain Asks Japan To Limit Warships-Hails Relations With U.S. 8
04/17/1937 Soviet Is Rebuffed (By U.S.) On Warship Plans 8
04/17/1937 (Czech President Eduard) Benes Says No W Ar Is Likely For Year-Others Predict Outbreak 14
04/17/1937 Wheat Collapses In World Markets 21
04/18/1937 Red Grip On Relief Charged By (Victor F.) Ridder (State Board Of Social Welfare, Earlier WPA Administrator, Later With New Yorker Staats-Zeitung Und Herold); Hits Magistrates 1
04/18/1937 Fleet Is Fighting Its Way To Hawaii-Will Cover 5,000,000 Square Mile Area Of Pacific 3
04/18/1937 (U S.) Neutrality Steps Declared ‘Selfish’-(William R.) Castle Says Our Policy Isolates Us And Is Not Sure To Keep Us Out Of War-Paying For Peace Urged 29
04/18/1937 Nazis Fail To Get Murder Evidence (For Joseph Riedel, German Citizen Killed By Unknown Assailant In Argentina)-More Mysteries In Case 31
04/18/1937 South Africa (Prime Minister J. B. M. Hertzog) Seeks German Cooperation 31
04/18/1937 Czech Nazis Punished-Henleinists Forbidden To Hold Meetings As Result Of Riot 32
04/18/1937 Nazi Press Features Hitler (World) War Citation 33
04/18/1937 Soviet Chides British On Slow Deliveries (Of Machinery Which They Have Ordered, Metals, Etc 33
04/18/1937 Jews Protest Reich Ban (On Meetings) 33
04/18/1937 Poland Is Pushing Her Defense Plans-Half Of Budget For Arms-Industrial Centre In The South Sandomierz), Naval Base (Gdynia), Fortifications And Railways Are Being Built Air Force Has 600 Planes, But Many Are Old-Hanson Baldwin 35
04/18/1937 Dr (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To The U.S.) Assails Nazi Critics Here-Praises Hitler’s Wisdom-Surprise Speech By Retiring Envoy Is Viewed As Having Reference To (N.Y. Mayor) Laguardia 37
04/18/1937 Reichsbank Adds To Gold Reserve F-6
04/18/1937 Germany Withdraws (Liberalizes) Barter Restrictions (Reduces Minimum Exchange Amount) F-9
04/18/1937 President (Roosevelt) Holds Firm For Changes In Court-Arthur Krock E-3
04/18/1937 Britain Finds India Difficult To Woo E-6
04/18/1937 Reich Is Barrier To A (U.S.) Trade Accord-Schacht Avoids Issue E-6
04/18/1937 Anti German (‘Low’) Cartoon A Skeptical British View Of German Aims E-7
04/18/1937 Our Colonial Empire Holds Many Worries-Harold B. Henton E-10
04/18/1937 South Africa Lists Its War Resources-Arms Factories Planned E-10
04/18/1937 Utley, Frieda, Japan’s Feet Of Clay, W. W. Norton & Co., N.Y.-A Provocative Estimate Of Japan’s Bid For World Power Book 3
04/19/1937 American Delegation To Be Biggest At Fete Of Goettingen (Bicentennial Celebration) University-German Faculty Denies Suppression Of Liberty (In Germany) 1
04/19/1937 ‘Trial’ Of Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) A Joke, Says Beals-’Hushed’ Adoration Cited 6
04/19/1937 Trade With Soviet Urged In Germany 8
04/19/1937 Russia Developing Submarine Fleet 8
04/19/1937 Nye Opens Crusade For ‘No Foreign War’-Present U.S. Military Policy Needs Better Definition, He Says 10
04/19/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia Univ. & Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns On (Roosevelt’s Proposed) Court Change-For Curb On Congress 17
04/20/1937 Hitler Backs Idea For World Parley On Trade And Arms-U.S. Looked To As Leader 1
04/20/1937 Britain’s Budget Brings Tax Rises 1
04/20/1937 27 Nations Start Spanish Patrols-Try To End War Aid-Loyalists Decry Scheme 1
04/20/1937 Loyalists Defiant On Control Plan (Map) 4
04/20/1937 Oslo Sees War Threat In Armada Mystery 5
04/20/1937 Soviet Army Rated Lower In Europe-Transport Big Problem 7
04/20/1937 Polish Government Criticized For Clash (With Civilians) 7
04/20/1937 B’nai B’rith Lodges Wiped Out In Reich-All Properties Seized 8
04/20/1937 Rebuff Is Urged For Goettingen (University On Bicentennial-German ‘Tyranny’ Cited (By Dr. Eugene H. Lehman) 8
04/20/1937 Slain Argentine Nazi (Joseph Riedle Held A Robber Victim-Police Say Riedel Was Too Inconspicuous To Figure In Political Crime 9
04/20/1937 Hitler 48 Today. Rallies Soldiers 9
04/20/1937 State Negroes Get 2 New CCC Camps 10
04/20/1937 Violent Advances In Wheat Abroad 37
04/21/1937 Roosevelt Calls For Rigid (Federal Government) Saving 1
04/21/1937 British Base A Tax On Rise Of Profits To Pay Arms Bill-Chamberlain Sets Retroactive Tax On Evaders 1
04/21/1937 Permits Are Given For (Commercial) Ocean Flights (U.S., Britain & Canada) 3
04/21/1937 (Spanish) War Shows Lead Of U.S. Airplanes (For Loyalists-Soviet Planes Almost Exact Duplicates Of U.S. Bombing Planes) 4
04/21/1937 Roosevelt Is Cold To World Parley-Reich Policy Shift Denied 5
04/21/1937 (U.S.) Floating Forts Move On Hawaii 5
04/21/1937 Czech Arms Shares Fall As Peace Outlook Gains 5
04/21/1937 British Food Ship Runs Blockade To (Spanish Loyalists In) Bilbao; Thousands Of Hungary Residents Cheer Her 5
04/21/1937 Hitler 48, Displays Reich War Forces-14,500 March In Parade 6
04/21/1937 German Group Here Marks (35th) Anniversary-Modern Reich Is Defended By German Consul-General, Dr. Hans) Borchers 6
04/21/1937 Dr (Thomas) Mann (‘Exiled’) Appeals To German Spirit (In N.Y.-Holds Nazi Force Fails 7
04/21/1937 Nazis Hold Jewish Head (Rabbi Beck, Grand President B’nai B’rith) 7
04/21/1937 (Ludwig) Lewisohn Calls (Jewish) Oppression Mania-Likens Nazis To Pharaoh 7
04/21/1937 Club Our To Rally Foes Of New Deal-Hoover Backs Program 15
04/21/1937 Publishers Urged To Guard Freedom (By Jerome D. Barnum) 16
04/21/1937 (Paul Moritz Warburg Estate Put At $2,513,583 24
04/21/1937 Present Century Tops All For Wars-’Bloodiest Period In All History.’ 25
04/22/1937 Italy Held Unprepared To Protect Austria Against A German Coup-Arnaldo Cortese 1
04/22/1937 (Spanish) Leftists (Loyalists) Split Up Foreign Fighters (Volunteers)-Most Of Tanks Are From Soviet-2,000 Fliers Said To Be Training In Moscow 4
04/22/1937 Mussolini Bans Arms Reduction Says League (Of Nations) Must Perish 6
04/22/1937 Daladier In London For Series Of (Arms) Talks (Norman H. Davis, U.S. Arms Expert Also There) 6
04/22/1937 Pact With Britain Sought By Japan-Soviet Strength Feared 7
04/22/1937 Brazil’s Fascists March 7
04/22/1937 Industry Resigned To New British Tax-But Many Are Grumbling 8
04/22/1937 (Thomas Mann (Sponsored By League Of American Writers & German-American Organizations Of Greater New York) Addresses 4,000-Intellect Facing Fascism, Must Learn To Fight, He Says 8
04/22/1937 Russians Ordered To Halt Sabotage-Wide Damage Is Listed-Harold Denny (Moscow) 9
04/22/1937 Roosevelt’s (Court Reorganization) Plan Called ‘Contempt’-Rabbi (William F. Rosenblum) Sees ‘Tyranny’ 13
04/22/1937 (Walter) Lippman Hits New Deal 13
04/22/1937 Ban On (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Anti-Roosevelt) Film Lifted (In Kansas) 13
04/22/1937 4,000,000 Jobless Always, Says WPA 16
04/22/1937 President’s Wife (Eleanor Roosevelt) Tells Why She Travels; Wants To Know How Country Is Thinking 24
04/22/1937 American Line Plans Two Ocean Dirigibles 35
04/22/1937 Steel Shipments Continue Heavy 41
04/23/1937 Mussolini Blocks Vienna (Hapsburg) Monarchy; Bans Military Aid To Austria Won’t Defend Austria’s) Freedom 1
04/23/1937 Reich Wants Gold In A Foreign Loan-Opposes Big Conference-Won’t Drop Basic Nazi Tenets 1
04/23/1937 Congress Warned Of New Tax Threat If Economy Fails 1
04/23/1937 (Admiral Richard E.) Byrd Asks We Take World Peace Lead-’Civilization Is At Stake’ 3
04/23/1937 American (‘Lincoln Battalion’ Loyalist Volunteers) In Spain Decimated 4
04/23/1937 (Polish, Col. Josef) Beck In Bucharest For Talks On Policy-Inspires Suspicious Comment By Rumanian Press 4
04/23/1937 Nazi Show Likely In Goettingen (University Bicentennial) Fete-Students Stress Unity 5
04/23/1937 Curb On Jews Held Official In Poland (Smigly-Rydz, Camp Of National Unity) 5
04/23/1937 Isolation Illusion, Bonnet Tells U.S.-Urges World Conference 5
04/23/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Trial Hit By (Russian) Envoy As ‘Flop’ (Russia Is ‘Democratic’ Is ‘Pillar Of World Peace’) 6
04/23/1937 Britain Backs Aim Of World Parley-Seeks The Assurance Of Likelihood Of Conference’s Success-Silent On Hitler’s Move 7
04/23/1937 Czechs Put Faith In Arms And Pacts-Nation Looks To League 8
04/23/1937 Picture: Mrs (Sarah) Roosevelt Honored (By La Guardia As ‘America’s Beloved Mother’ (At Daughters Of Jacob Luncheon 9
04/23/1937 Sholem Asch Here To Aid (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief Fund (For Distressed Jews Overseas) 19
04/23/1937 U.S. Shipbuilding Has Steady Gain 45
04/24/1937 British Ships Run Bilbao (Franco) Blockade Aided By Cruiser 1
04/24/1937 Italy Turns From Austria, Backing Reich On Danube 1
04/24/1937 Hilo (Hawaii) ‘Destroyed’ In Navy War Game-Oahu Is Main Objective 3
04/24/1937 Nazi Persecution (Of Jews, Catholics & Protestants) Bars Trade Pacts-International Collaboration Is Not Possible While Germany Drives Against Jews 3
04/24/1937 U.S. Seeks Reprieve For (Helmuth Hirsch In Reich-Youth Sentenced To Die (Intent To Bomb Buildings & Assault On Hitler) Is An American Citizen, The State Department Decides (See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 321, 395-406)-Next Move Up To Hitler 9
04/24/1937 Athletics Is Urged To Save Democracy-’Helps Build Tolerance’ 21
04/24/1937 Indices Of Labor Highest Since ‘29 23
04/25/1937 1,000 Protestants Rebel In Reich; Holding Meeting After Defying Police 1
04/25/1937 (Helmut) Hirsch In Nazi Jail, Resigned To Death-American Art Student-Prisoner’s Case Linked To The Report Of An Attempt To Assassinate Hitler-Otto D. Tolischus (See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 321, 395-406) 1
04/25/1937 Thomas Mann Sails (To Switzerland)-Author Sees Nazism Peaceable Overthrown In A Few Years 19
04/25/1937 Jewish News Paper (Jewish Daily Forward) Marks 40th Year-Roosevelt Message Praises ‘Constructive Journalism’ 20
04/25/1937 President (Roosevelt) Extols Jewish Social Aid-Work In War Is Recalled 24
04/25/1937 Belgium Is Freed Of Locarno Ties-Released From Obligations To Help Britain And France In Declaration By Them 27
04/25/1937 Doctor’s Title Taken From Man (Julius Katzenstein) By Berlin 27
04/25/1937 Vienna And Prague Give Duce Worry-Pertinax 30
04/25/1937 Reich B’nai B’rith Had Own Charities-All Confiscated By Nazis 32
04/25/1937 (General Franz Von Epp) Claims German Colonies (Taken By Allies After War) 32
04/25/1937 Brazilian Fascists Mark Anniversary N-12
04/25/1937 Puerto Ricans Hail Roosevelt’s (Court Reorganization) Stand N-12
04/25/1937 $13,991,000 Of (English & Canadian) Gold Is Engaged Abroad F-1
04/25/1937 Japan Challenged By Brazil’s Cloths F-9
04/25/1937 Britain And France Now Talk Openly Of Entente, While Italy Shifts Position On Germany And Austria-And Belgium Is Neutral Again E-3
04/25/1937 British Foreign Policy Now Centers On Berlin-As Chief Danger Spot E-4
04/25/1937 Anti-Hitler Cartoon (Germany Buying Swedish Iron Ore) E-4
04/25/1937 The Battleship Is Queen Of The Seven Seas Again-Hanson Baldwin E-5
04/25/1937 No World Parley Wanted By Britain E-6
04/25/1937 Reich Would Confer-On Own Terms-Nazis Are Not Ready To Give Up Any Of Their Ambitions E-6
04/25/1937 Cut In (Senator Burton K Wheeler’s Anti-Roosevelt) Newsreel Stirs Up Kansas E-11
04/25/1937 (Thomas) Mann Calls Hitler ‘An Education’-Sees Germany Yet Free Mag. 9
04/25/1937 Culture Under The Nazis (Play, ‘Professor Wolf’) X-1
04/25/1937 (Thomas) Mann On (Richard) Wagner X-5
04/26/1937 Vast (Duesseldorf) German Fair Is Built In Secret To Rival Paris Fete 1
04/26/1937 Nazis To Return To Austria (After Being Banned) 4
04/26/1937 (Polish Col Josef) Beck Leaves Bucharest 4
04/26/1937 Books For Masses Urged By Goebbels 4
04/26/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Is Knighted In Wine Bowl Order 6
04/26/1937 Roosevelt ‘Course’ Decried By (Amos) Pinchot-Says Aim Is Dictatorship 7
04/26/1937 Space On Ships Now At Premium-Treble Rates Offered 37
04/27/1937 Soviet To Speed Up Output Of Airplanes By American Mass Production Methods-Harold Denny (Moscow) 1
04/27/1937 British Warn Franco Not To Halt (Their) Ships-Insurgent Chief Protests (British) Blockade Running 5
04/27/1937 Hitler Praises Franco 5
04/27/1937 Seized U.S. Army Coats Worn By Spanish Rebels (30,000 On Ship To Bilbao Seized By Franco Navy) 5
04/27/1937 Oxford Rejects Goettingen’s (Bicentennial Celebration Invitation) Bid-Alumni Revolt Was Near-Joins Other Big Universities In Britain 6
04/27/1937 U.S. Embassy Asks Mercy For (Helmut) Hirsch Doomed Art Student)-It Is Humanitarian Plea (‘Foreign Relations Of The United States,’ 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 321, 395-406) 7
04/27/1937 Austria Builds Up Her Army Quietly-Hungary’s Force Bigger 7
04/27/1937 (N.Y. Representative Samuel Dickstein) Renews Anti-Fascist Cry 7
04/27/1937 (Roosevelt) Court (Revision) Plan Called Move For Dictator By New Hampshire Senator, Bridges) 11
04/27/1937 Clubwomen Split Over (Roosevelt) Court Plan 11
04/27/1937 Gold Reserve Rises Again At Reichsbank 37
04/27/1937 Cargoes So Heavy (U.S.) Line Adds A Ship 45
04/28/1937 Historic Basque Town (Guernica) Wiped Out; Rebel Fliers Machine-Gun Civilians-Waves Of German-Type Planes Fling Thousands Of Bombs And Incendiary Projectiles On Guernica, Behind Lines As Priests Bless Peasants Filling Town On Market Day-Bilbao Report By G. L. Steer 1
04/27/1937 Nazi (Party) Membership To Rise To 6,000,000-Influx Begins Saturday-Otto D. Tolischus 6
04/27/1937 Reich Limits Hotel Dishes ‘To Make Selection Easier’ 6
04/28/1937 Yale Will Refuse (Bicentennial Invitation) Bid To Goettingen-To Send Message But No Delegate 6
04/28/1937 (Cordell Hull) To Reply On B’nai B’rith (In Germany) 6
04/28/1937 New Type Of (Lockheed) Plane To Test High Flying (Pressurized Cabin) 12
04/28/1937 Farrell Asks Empire Favors End; For Trade Policy Tie With Britain 12
04/28/1937 30th Year Marked By Free Synagogue-President Roosevelt) And Mayor (La Guardia) Among Those Paying Tribute To Dr. S.S. Wise, Rabbi And Founder (Albert Einstein Also Present) 24
04/29/1937 Reich Priest (Rev. Joseph Rossaint) Gets 11 Years In Prison (Was ‘Tolerant’ Of Communists Prior To 1934 Among Other Charges)-Guilty Of Preparation ‘For High Treason’ 1
04/29/1937 Commons Stirred By Guernica (Spain) Raid-Indignant Members Question Eden About Rebel Attack On Open Spanish Town 4
04/29/1937 Another British Ship Runs Blockade (With British Destroyer-Load Of Coal, Wood & Food For Bilbao)-Four Others On Way 4
04/29/1937 Rumanian Alliance Seen Aided By (Polish Col. Jozef) Beck 5
04/29/1937 Gandhi Stand Backed By Congress Group 5
04/29/1937 Herbert Morrison Sails (Had Talk With Roosevelt) 5
04/29/1937 Princeton Rejects (Bicentennial Invitation) Bid To Goettingen 6
04/29/1937 U.S. Trade Project (Continental Export And Import Co.) Created In Reich-Cotton Is Sought First-Otto D. Tolischus 6
04/29/1937 Reich Jewish Relief (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Is Put At $3,000,000 (Since 1933) 6
04/29/1937 Two Warsaw Schools Are Closed By (Anti-Jewish) Riots 7
04/29/1937 Bids To Be Sought On (World) War Freighters-Many Will Be Scrapped 15
04/30/1937 Neutrality Bill Adopted In Rush-Speeded To Roosevelt (Text, P. 10) 1
04/30/1937 Nazi Regime To Try 1,000 Monks In War Against Catholics 1
04/30/1937 Air Attacks On Guernica (Spain) Attributed To Goering-Pertinax 1
04/30/1937 Henry Taft Calls (Roosevelt’s) Court (Revision) Plan Viscious 2
04/30/1937 Dr W. H. Carothers Found Dead Drank Poisoned Lemon Juice) 3
04/30/1937 Basques Indignant On Guernica-Clergy Of Town Insist That Great German ‘Blackbirds’ Bombed The Populace-Rebel Audacity Scored-(Loyalist) Government Irate At Charge That Inhabitants Set Fire To Their Own Homes-Bilbao Report By G. L. Steer 8
04/30/1937 (Spanish) Rebels Lay Fires To Guernica ‘Reds’-Deny Their Planes Flew On The Day Town Was Destroyed-Say They Respect Basques-Berlin Issues A Denial-Calls Charges That German Craft Took Part Pure Lies (Durango, Spain, Report)-Will P. Carney (Map) 8
04/30/1937 Belgium Bespeaks Reich Cooperation-Otto D. Tolischus 11
04/30/1937 Mexico To Divide Land Of Americans (U.S. Citizens) 12
04/30/1937 Federal Ship Aid Asked By O’Leary-’New Vessels Required’ 43