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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

April 1937
Date Headline Page
04/01/1937 Paris Ready To Ask Step To Withdraw Aliens In (Spanish) Civil War 1
04/01/1937 Virginio Gayda. Reiterates Britons Lie About Ethiopia 4
04/01/1937 British Idle Decrease 4
04/01/1937 Italians Reported Landed In Morocco-Commissioner Denies It 5
04/01/1937 Poland Will Resume Parleys With Danzig 5
04/01/1937 (William C.) Bullitt (After Lengthy Talks With Roosevelt In Georgia) Sails For France 5
04/01/1937 Canada’s Lord) Tweedsmuir Pays Honor To Our Dead-Dines At White House 6
04/01/1937 Nazis Will Alter Property Concept-State Above Individual 7
04/01/1937 Britain Ends Year With Real Surplus 8
04/01/1937 (Cambridge University. Declines Goettingen (University Bicentinneal Invitation) Bid 8
04/01/1937 Vexed India Gets New Constitution 9
04/01/1937 Canada Plans Rule Over Arms-Making-War Materials Covered 9
04/01/1937 Mayor (Laguardia) To Get (American Hebrew) Medal For His Aid To Jews-Picked By Committee Of 60 9
04/01/1937 Navy Orders Air (Plane) Engines 9
04/01/1937 (Britisher Herbert) Morrison Agrees With (U.S. Supreme) Court’s Foes-Sees Democracy On Trial 11
04/01/1937 Foreign Trade Up. Reversing Trend 31
04/01/1937 $13,202,000 In Gold Engaged Abroad 38
04/01/1937 March Gold Imports Largest In 5 Months 38
04/02/1937 Mrs J. B Harriman (Ardent Rooseveltian-Has Mandate Of The People. Congress Elected To Assist Him) Slated As U.S. Minister To Norway 1
04/02/1937 Arms Parley Plan Laid To Roosevelt 1
04/02/1937 (Canada’s Lord) Tweedsmuir Asks Our Aid For World-America And Britain Hold The Future Of Civilization, He Tells Congress-Fleet’s Role Is Stressed-Every New Ship In Our Navy Helps Peace 5
04/02/1937 Ties With Britain Urged To Aid Peace 7
04/02/1937 New Army Group Formed By Reich 60 Air Squadrons Added 8
04/02/1937 Air Preparedness Ordered For Swiss 8
04/02/1937 Manchester University Reject Bicentinneal Invitational) Bid To Goettingen 8
04/02/1937 ‘New Day’ In India Mourned By Hindus-Mood Of Defiance Rises-Hindus Want Full Liberty (From England) 9
04/02/1937 Stalin Tells Reds To Heed The People-Harold Denny 9
04/02/1937 (Americans) Confess Attempt To Join (Spanish) Loyalists 10
04/02/1937 Closer U.S. Link With Reich Urged (By Victor F. Ridder, New Yorker Staatszeitung Und Herold-Former WPA Administrator Of New York ‘Talking As Business Man’-See Admonition To U.S. Germans To Support Roosevelt In 1938) 11
04/02/1937 Anti-Nazi Parley Barred 11
04/02/1937 (House Report) Backs (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein (Nazi Propaganda In U.S.) Inquiry 12
04/02/1937 M’carl Sees (U.S.) Trend To Fascist Power-Reorganization Plans Of The President (Roosevelt) Has Vicious Aims 13
04/02/1937 President (Roosevelt) Renews Battle Over Court-(Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Hits At Plan 13
04/02/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace , 75 Today, Is Greeted By Messages From All Over The World (Picture, P. 25) 25
04/03/1937 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Foes Urged To Be Mild (In Their Treatment Of Him By Prof. Clyde R. Miller, Teachers’ College, Columbia University)-Sees Too Much Shouting 2
04/03/1937 La Guardia Lauds Roosevelt’s Policy (See Earlier Entries Involving Row With Germany! 2
04/03/1937 Hired By Borden’s, (‘Chowderhead’ Cohen) ‘Gorilla’ Testifies-Insists He Worked Alone 6
04/03/1937 U.S. Seeks To Keep Rubber Price Down 6
04/03/1937 Submarine Fleets A Problem To Reich-Mother Ships Are Lacking 9
04/03/1937 President (Roosevelt) Denies Arms Parley Plan 9
04/03/1937 (Von) Mackensen Sees Reich-Soviet War 9
04/03/1937 Southwest Africa Bans Nazi Activity 15
04/03/1937 Poland Dissolves Student Extremists 15
04/03/1937 Nazi Paper (Goebbels’ ‘Der Angriff’) Finds U.S. In Great Disorder (Strikes Etc.) 15
04/03/1937 Alien Population Declining Sharply Baiting Of Aliens (By U.S. Citizens) Decried 21
04/03/1937 CCC Playwrights Welcomed-Here 21
04/04/1937 15 Fast Russian Planes Cause Havoc In Cardoba (Spain); Swoop Low In Brief Raid-Army Hospital Hit 1
04/04/1937 French (Leon Blum, Premier) See Hope For Truce In Spain 1
04/04/1937 Germans To Resist South African (Anti NSDAP) Move 3
04/04/1937 Americans Curtail Film Work In Reich 4
04/04/1937 Soviet Pay Scales Cut To Aid Output-Harold Denny 6
04/04/1937 Rotary (Club) Asked To Adhere To ‘Aryan Clause’ In Reich 12
04/04/1937 Austria Quizzes Writers 12
04/04/1937 Tells Of Exploits As (Spanish) Rebel Deserter-Saw Many Dig Own Graves (Picture, N-4) N-1
04/04/1937 President (Roosevelt) Not To Call Arms Conference Now E-3
04/04/1937 President (Roosevelt) Is Criticized For Silence On (U.S.) Strikes E-3
04/04/1937 Supreme Court Clears Away Old Legal Tangles-A No Man’s Land Wiped Out E-3
04/04/1937 Europe’s Fear Of War Calmed By New Sanity E-4
04/04/1937 Yugoslavia’s Pact (With Italy) Upsets Her (Little Entente-[Benes]) Allies-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
04/04/1937 Loyalists Rule Spain’s Skies E-4
04/04/1937 Reich Handicapped In Radio Warfare-She Has More To Lose Than Gain By Interchange Of Hostile Broadcasts E-5
04/04/1937 Speech By Stalin Hits Bureaucracy-Harold Denny E-5
04/04/1937 India’s New Crisis Worries Britain E-5
04/04/1937 U.S. And Canada In Close Accord E-6
04/04/1937 Alien Actor Ban About Talked Out-Concession To (Samuel) Dickstein E-6
04/04/1937 Court Issues Cleared By The Nation’s Debate E-6
04/04/1937 Picture: Cuban Strong Man, Col. Fulgencio Batista E-10
04/04/1937 Blyths, Le Gette, Marshal Ney: A Dual Life, Stackpole, Sons, N. Y (Claims Another Man May Have Been Shot In The Luxembourg Gardens In His Stead) Book 9
04/04/1937 The.Broad Challenge Of The Sit-Down (Strike) Mag. 1
04/04/1937 When (Ww I War Drums Called Us (Facsimile Of U.S. Declaration Of War Against Germany-Plaintive Note Of Nostalgia!) To Arms Twenty Years Ago Mag. 2
04/04/1937 A Portrait Of The Commander Of The A. E. F. (Pershing) And His Version Of A Famous War Incident Mag. 4
04/04/1937 Posters Teach The Soviet Way Of Life To The Russians (The Treatment Is Somewhat Idealized! Picture: ‘Beloved’ Father Stalin With Children Etc.) Mag. 17
04/04/1937 Picture: A New Type Of American Bombing Plane Which Will Be Sold To (Allied) Foreign Nations Roto.
04/05/1937 29 Americans (Franco-Spanish Volunteers) Held At French Border (Arrested And Jailed On A ‘Tip’) 1
04/05/1937 Magazine Editor Accuses CCC Heads (His Publication Banned By Them) 2
04/05/1937 Navy Develops ‘Radio Spy’ Which Can Spot Or Track Enemy Warships For Away At Sea (Shades Of Pearl Harbor!-Radar?) 3
04/05/1937 Anti-Nazi German Army Deserter) To Be Deported 9
04/05/1937 Moscow Shocked By Yagoda Case-A Thorn In Stalin’s Side-Harold Denny 11
04/05/1937 Unity Of Germans Aim Of Nazi Radio 12
04/05/1937 (Von) Ludendorff Spurs Neo-Pagan Effort-Hitler Gives Him A Free Hand-Catholics Are Warned 12
04/05/1937 German Rally Held On Polish Frontier (At Schneidemuhl) 12
04/05/1937 Navy ‘War’ To Test New Ships, Planes-Hawaii Will Be Defended (!) 13
04/05/1937 Sockman (Methodist) Hopeful Of Lasting Peace 15
04/05/1937 WPA Teaches Music To 60,000 Weekly (In New York City 17
04/05/1937 Nathan Birnbaum, Zionist Organizer (Herzl Associate, Dead At 72) 19
04/05/1937 2,002 Camps Of CCC (Throughout U.S. Hail Its Birthday 21
04/05/1937 British Industries Continue Upswing-Revival Is Europe-Wide 29
04/06/1937 140 Of Speediest Russian Planes Help Loyalists Role In Spain’s Skies 1
04/06/1937 Hull Sees Disaster In Armament Race-Only A Military Explosion Or Economic Collapse Can Come Of It-Urges Unity (Of ‘Peaceful Nations ) For Peace (Text, P. 13) 1
04/06/1937 Treasury Forced To Barrow Again 1
04/06/1937 Germany To Pay $22,474,736 In War Claims, Chiefly In Black Tom And Kingsland Blasts 1
04/06/1937 Pershing In Plea For Preparedness Sees War Clouds Abroad-John J. Pershing 2
04/06/1937 Capital Recalls War Fervor Of ‘17 (Somewhat Nostalgically) 3
04/06/1937 Fleet Puts To Sea To Drill For War (‘Defend Hawaii’)-Major Battle Scheduled 3
04/06/1937 (France) Buys 20 Bellanca Planes 4
04/06/1937 Sex Instruction In Schools Urged-Old Age Linked To Diet 6
04/06/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow, Joseph E.) Davies Forecasts Capitalist Russia 7
04/06/1937 (Czech’ President Eduard) Benes Acclaimed On Belgrade Visit 7
04/06/1937 French To Ask U.S. About (29 Franco-Spain) Volunteers 9
04/06/1937 Italians Now Say France Aids (Loyalist) Spain (Leon Blum, French Premier) 9
04/06/1937 Japan Now Seeks China’s Friendship 10
04/06/1937 Germany Protests South African (National Socialist) Ban-British Welcome Dispute 11
04/06/1937 Deportation Plan Fought With Help Of National Council Of Jewish Women) 11
04/06/1937 Dueling Allowed For All Germans Decision By A German Student Council) 11
04/06/1937 Roosevelt Urges Permanent CCC 12
04/06/1937 (William Green (A. F. of L.) Says (John L.) Lewis (CIO) Would Be A Hitler 19
04/06/1937 Freeman Deplores ‘Pagan’ New York 25
04/07/1937 Martial Displays, Peace Pleas Mark War Anniversary 1
04/07/1937 ‘No Foreign War’ Cry Of New Crusaders 1
04/07/1937 Swift New (Spanish Loyalist) Planes (From Russia) Help Stem Rebels In Drive On Bilbao 1
04/07/1937 Textile Delegates Clash Over Japan 7
04/07/1937 Italian Agitation Over Spain Grows 14
04/07/1937 (German) Protestants Name Board, Defy Reich Won’t Work With Kerrl 14
04/07/1937 (Educator, Dr. John) Dewey ‘Impartial’ In Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Inquiry-Denies Bias On Any Side (He Will Open The ‘Trial’ Of Trotsky To Be Held In Mexico) 14
04/07/1937 Spanish Children Reach Crimea As Soviet Wards 14
04/07/1937 Parents Fail To Find Why Nazis Doom Son (Helmut Hirsch-See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol Ii, Pp. 321, 400-403) 15
04/07/1937 Tokyo Peace Bid To Moscow Seen 16
04/07/1937 Hertzog Extends A Bid To Germans (Settlers In South Africa) 17
04/07/1937 U.S. Tourists In China Watch 6 Executions (Narcotics Offenders) 17
04/07/1937 Hanfstaengel Sees Lawyer In London 19
04/07/1937 Foch’s Praise Of A. E. F Shown In ‘19 Letter; Princeton Document Hails Brave Sacrifices 19
04/07/1937 Germans Pin Faith On Ship Air Bases 19
04/07/1937 Roosevelt Feels ‘More Peaceful’ Than In ‘17; Recalls Cornering Supplies For The Navy 20
04/07/1937 Die In Own Gas (Probably Hcn) Chamber 20
04/07/1937 British Disregard (U.S.) War Anniversary-Irritated By Hull Talk 20
04/07/1937 Strong Army Held Best Bar To War (By General Robert Lee Bullard) 20
04/07/1937 Peace Talks By Admiral Byrd, Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt, And Dr. Fosdick 21
04/07/1937 Palestine Split Opposed (By Arabs And Jews) 21
04/07/1937 Reich Still Needs Two Years To Arm-Speed Has Been Exaggerated-Time Is Needed To Train Men, Pile Up Materials-26 Plane Maker (Glen L. Martin) Goes Into Foreign Field (To Increase Sales) 51
04/08/1937 Rome Says France Directs Loyalists And Trains Fliers-Sending Of Arms Alleged 1
04/08/1937 Poles Cautioned By Reich On (Amity) Pact-Press (Diplomatische Korrespondenz) Protests Demonstration At Which Poles Are Said To Have Claimed German Area 4
04/08/1937 Reich Is Suspicious Of Move On Trade-Some In France Alarmed-All See Hand Of Washington In Plan-Otto D. Tolischus 5
04/08/1937 To Tell Of Spanish War (British Admiral’s Son, A Spanish Loyalist Volunteer) 6
04/08/1937 Pittman Rebuked (By Academy Of Political Sciences) On Neutrality Act-Proposed Law Called Policy Of A Nation Shirking A Duty To Rest Of World 7
04/09/1937 France (Blum Premier) ‘Gives Lie’ To Italy On Spain As Strain Grows 1
04/09/1937 Reich Sets A Price For Commerce Aid-Refuses To Drop Her Program Of Self-Sufficiency 1
04/09/1937 House (Samuel Dickstein) Kills Inquiry Into Reds And Nazis; Opponents Say Investigations Weary Nation 1
04/09/1937 Black Tom Cases Will Be Reheard-New Evidence Promised 8
04/09/1937 Lehman Protests Negro ‘Ban’ By CCC 10
04/09/1937 (Paul Niepold, Anti-Fascist-Parents In Germany) Katonah, N.Y. Man Slain In Spanish Battle; Shot By Rebels As He Tries To Aid (Loyalist) Comrade 12
04/09/1937 Nazis Confiscate Church Pamphlet (By Niemoeller & Debelius-’We Summon Germany To God.’) 14
04/09/1937 Nazis Assailed In Ottawa (By Samuel Factor-For ‘Offenses Against Civilization’) 14
04/09/1937 (World Jewish Congress) Hits Nazi Plans In Danzig 14
04/09/1937 Reich Press Angry At Austrian Slur 15
04/09/1937 Britain Is Seeking Talks With Gandhi 16
04/09/1937 Britain Is Omitted In Democracy List (By Professor Eduard C. Lindeman) 23
04/10/1937 Roosevelt Denies Plan To Cut Gold But Franc Plunges 1
04/10/1937 Anti-Fascist Vote Urged By Cardinal In Brussels Poll-Primate Declares Degrelle’s Rexist Party Danger To Country And Church 1
04/10/1937 Germany Liberty Party Wars On Hitlerism; Berlin Mails Carry Plea For Social Justice 1
04/10/1937 Democracy Facing Crisis (Dr: Harold W.) Dodds (President Of Princeton Univ.) Finds-Education The Answer 2
04/10/1937 (F. R. Coudert) Warns Weak Court Leads To Dictators 5
04/10/1937 Bar Leaders Fight Court Change Idea 5
04/10/1937 (Von) Ludendorff At 72 Fails To Get Honor (Difficulties With Hitler Implied) 7
04/10/1937 Judge Lectures Priest On Nazism (In Germany) 7
04/10/1937 Vienna (Schuschnigg) Lashes Out At Reich Attacks 7
04/10/1937 Rome Paper (‘Tevere’) Lists Surnames Of Jews-Nazi Influence Is Seen 7
04/10/1937 Sales To Britain Financing Franco (Spain) 8
04/10/1937 Senate Sidetracks Nye Move ((To Institute Neutrality Law On Spain-Aimed At Ruling By Hull 8
04/11/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) On ‘Trial’ Denies Reich Deal (In Mexico) 1
04/11/1937 Baldwin Warns Against Fascism And Communism 1
04/11/1937 (Lyndon B.) Johnson Backing Roosevelt’s Court Plan, Wins Seat In Congress In Texas Election 1
04/11/1937 Nazi Tank Defense Held World’s Best-Hanson W. Baldwin 4
04/11/1937 (French) Socialists Heckle (Leon) Blum, Their Chief 6
04/11/1937 Germany Sees Reds In ‘Liberty Party’ 7
04/11/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Denies Plan For Parley On Arms-Says Roosevelt Not Preparing To Call Any Conferences 8
04/11/1937 Trade Pacts Held Unlikely In Europe-Pertinax 8
04/11/1937 (Berlin) Priest Allowed Reds To Stay In His House (Before 1934) 9
04/11/1937 Nazis Form Bloc To Aid Film Trade-Propaganda Minister Proposes World Fight Against Liberal And Communist Movies 12
04/11/1937 Chile Curbs Nazis’ Rise 12
04/11/1937 U.S. Queries Italy On (U.S. Women) Missionaries (Expelled From Ethiopia By Italians) 14
04/11/1937 (Harold L.) Ickes Denounces Court As ‘Loaded’ 35
04/11/1937 (Academy Of Political & Social Sciences) To Discuss Place Of The U.S. In War N-2
04/11/1937 Dr. Studebaker Pictures The Future For Public Forums As Part Of The New Trend To Real Democracy In Life (Through Re-Education) N-7
04/11/1937 Roosevelt Mimic Is Cut Off The Air (Wmca)-Ban Generally Observed N-10
04/11/1937 Cartoon: The Bright Hopes Of 1917-And The Realities Of 1937 (Wilson And The War To Make The World Safe For Democracy Vs Stalin, Hitler & Mussolini) E-2
04/11/1937 President (Roosevelt) Confronted By Monetary Dilemma E-3
04/11/1937 Britain Now Supports Hull’s Trade Policies E-4
04/11/1937 Russians Rejoice At Yagoda Ousting (By Stalin)-Harold Denny E-4
04/11/1937 Reich Bartering For Brazil’s (Iron) Ore E-4
04/11/1937 Neopagans Again Busy In Germany-Hitler’s Bodyguard Joins E-5
04/11/1937 Trotsky (Lev Beonstein) Ready For ‘Trial’ (Before John Dewey And Others In Mexico E-5
04/11/1937 A New Solidarity Linking Americas-Our Flag Flies In South E-6
04/11/1937 Control Of Crops Again Is Planned (‘Normal Granary’-Henry A. Wallace) E-6
04/11/1937 ‘Jewish Red Cross’ (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Plans Tea April 25 D-4
04/11/1937 Peace Conference Set In New Jersey (Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War) D-6
04/11/1937 (National Council Of Jewish Women Take Up Problems Of Jewish Council D-6
04/11/1937 Stoically Britain Arms For A War She Hates-Harold Callender Mag. 3
04/12/1937 Belgian Fascists (Degrelle Rexists) Swamped, Polling Less Than In 1936 1
04/12/1937 Britain To Convoy Ships Near Bilbao, Limiting Blockade-Sea Freedom Is Stressed 1
04/12/1937 Shots From C.I.O. Office Wound 9 Of Rival Union (In Galena, Kansas) 1
04/12/1937 Change Of Court Sure, Farley Says 4
04/12/1937 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Predicts ‘Worse Depression’ By Next April) 5
04/12/1937 Hitler’s Slogan On (Cancelled) Stamps (Being Sold In Stamp Shops) Barred In Czechoslovakia 8
04/12/1937 Nazi Police Close More Jews’ Clubs-Drive Began In January 8
04/12/1937 Neutrality Bill Seen (By Prof. James T. Shotwell. Columbia University) Ending Foreign Trade 9
04/12/1937 Gandhi Takes Hand In India’s Impasse-He Ignores Viceroy’s (Marquess Of Linlithgow’s) Bid 10
04/12/1937 Spanish War Is A Struggle Between Italy And France-Anne O’Hare McCormick (And Russia?) 16
04/12/1937 Franc Hit By Fear On Price Of Gold-Uncertainty Over U.S. Money Contributes 25
04/12/1937 Investments Tempt Buyers In Berlin 25
04/12/1937 British Not In Fear Of Lack Of Wheat Plenty Of Wheat Bound For Britain From Overseas) 30
04/13/1937 Supreme Court Upholds Wagner Labor Law; Hailed By Friends And Foes Of Bench Change 1
04/13/1937 New Deal’s Score In Court 1
04/13/1937 Britain Will Avoid Any Use Of Force To Curb Spaniards 1
04/13/1937 Pictures: Mexican Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Trial Participants 3
04/13/1937 (Spanish) Rebels Say French (Under Blum) Train Foes’ (Loyal-Ists’) Fliers 5
04/13/1937 Nazi Judge Scolds Priest (Who Had Been Tolerant Of Communists Before 1934) As Pacifist 7
04/13/1937 British Hold German Under Secrets Act 7
04/13/1937 Dr. Conant (Pres. Harvard) Denies Ban On Liberals 14
04/13/1937 Housing Act Asked By (National Council Of) Jewish Women (It Concerns A Project For German-Jewish Refugees) 30
04/13/1937 Names Roosevelt As ‘Best Salesman’-Sold The People A Bill Of Goods, And Is Making Them Like It (Says George R. Lightowler) 45
04/14/1937 Roosevelt Still Presses His Bill To Change Court; May Take A Compromise 1
04/14/1937 U.S. Drops Right (Article Viii) In Gadsden Treaty-’Good Neighbor’ Guides 4
04/14/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Says Paris (Leon Blum, Premier) Suppresses Proof (Of His Statements) 6
04/14/1937 Fosdick’s Appeal Assailed By Nazis-Miss (Erika) Mann Is Attacked 6
04/14/1937 (Dr. Baruch Braunstein, Before National Council Of Jewish Women) Pictures Women Fighting Next War-They Demand (U.S.) Neutrality 6
04/14/1937 Reich Orders Jews To Hold No Meetings 8
04/14/1937 Berlin Protests Papal Encyclical-Will Not Tolerate Interference In Its Internal Affairs-Bars ‘State Within State’ 8
04/14/1937 Nazis Forbid Attendance At Conventions In Moscow 8
04/14/1937 Many Horses Used By Army In Poland-Equipment Is The Latest-It Has 40 Regiments-Dogs And Carrier Pigeons Also Play A Considerable Part In Nation’s Defense Plans-Hanson W. Baldwin 10
04/14/1937 Britain Launches Big Plane Carrier (22,000 Ton ‘Ark Royal’) 10
04/14/1937 Picture: New Deal Feudists (Ickes And Hopkins) Get Together 20
04/14/1937 $3,310,000 Of Gold Engaged Abroad (England & Canada) 44
04/14/1937 Graph: Steel Ingot Output 44
04/14/1937 Ship Construction Up 200,830 Tons-Great Britain Leads-U.S. Shows Increase-Germany And Sweden Alone Failed To Show Gain In Last Quarter 51
04/15/1937 President (Roosevelt) Pledges Faith To Americas-Hull Hails Peace Gain 1
04/15/1937 Young Republicans Ask Mayor (La Guardia) To Run-His Efficient Rule Hailed 1
04/15/1937 Loyalist Spain Marks Republic’s Sixth Year; Franco Wipes Date From Holiday Calender 4
04/15/1937 4 Rebel Warships Foiled By British 5
04/15/1937 Nazi Judge Biased? No, Priest (Tolerant Of Communists Prior To 1934) Replies-Link To Reds Stressed 7
04/15/1937 97 More Germans Lose Citizenship Rights (Damaged German Interests) 7
04/15/1937 Britain Seeks Means Of.War Buying Here.-Efforts To Counteract Effect Of U.S. Ban On Loans 8
04/15/1937 U.S. Ranks Sixth In Air Warcraft-Britain Leads With 4,000 9
04/15/1937 Japanese Workers Ask War On Fascism 9
04/15/1937 25 Years Of Peace Seen By (Lord) Riverdale 10
04/15/1937 Schacht Demands Accord On Peace (Before Trade Agreements) 10
04/15/1937 Stratosphere Ship For Army Rushed (By Lockheed-P-38?) 13
04/16/1937 Brazil Would Buy Old U.S. Warships 2
04/16/1937 Canada Plans Defenses (Over And Above Those Of England-Will Not Depend Upon Monroe Doctrine For Protection) 2
04/16/1937 Vienna Suppresses Pro-Czech Journal-Reich Instigation Seen 4
04/16/1937 (Von) Ludendorff Honored On 55 Years In Army 4
04/16/1937 Reich Buying Ships To Get Needed Iron-No German Vessels Idle (Some To Be Put Into Service)-Otto D. Tolischus 7
04/16/1937 (U.S. Government Agent) Assails Berlin Plea On (Ww I) Sabotage Claims 9
04/16/1937 Fleet With 60,000 Off To ‘War’ Today-Vast Triangle In Pacific (5 Million Square Mile Area) In Pacific Will Be Scene Of Manoeuvres-’Fight’ For Hawaii A Part 10
04/16/1937 Roosevelt Talks With 200 Editors-’Off-The-Record’ Meeting At White House 21
04/16/1937 (Thomas) Ann Denounces Christianity Foes-Defines Duty Of Writers 24
04/16/1937 $15,177,000 Of Gold Is Engaged Aborad ($417,300,000 From England Since Sept. 26) 40
04/16/1937 French Bank’s Ratio Of Reserve Lower 40
04/16/1937 New Battleship Job Sought By Brooklyn 47
04/17/1937 20-Ton Bomber (B-17) Rolls From Hanger; Leads All War Craft In Size, Power 1
04/17/1937 (British) Patrols Off Spain To Avoid Stopping American Vessels-Certain Embargo Here Will Bar Shipments Of Arms 1
04/17/1937 Argentine Killing (Of National Socialist, Joseph Riedel By ‘Unidentified Assailants’) Enrages Germany (They Suspect The Act Was Similar To The Dr. Wilhelm Gustloff Case) 7
04/17/1937 Britain Asks Japan To Limit Warships-Hails Relations With U.S. 8
04/17/1937 Soviet Is Rebuffed (By U.S.) On Warship Plans 8
04/17/1937 (Czech President Eduard) Benes Says No W Ar Is Likely For Year-Others Predict Outbreak 14
04/17/1937 Wheat Collapses In World Markets 21
04/18/1937 Red Grip On Relief Charged By (Victor F.) Ridder (State Board Of Social Welfare, Earlier WPA Administrator, Later With New Yorker Staats-Zeitung Und Herold); Hits Magistrates 1
04/18/1937 Fleet Is Fighting Its Way To Hawaii-Will Cover 5,000,000 Square Mile Area Of Pacific 3
04/18/1937 (U S.) Neutrality Steps Declared ‘Selfish’-(William R.) Castle Says Our Policy Isolates Us And Is Not Sure To Keep Us Out Of War-Paying For Peace Urged 29
04/18/1937 Nazis Fail To Get Murder Evidence (For Joseph Riedel, German Citizen Killed By Unknown Assailant In Argentina)-More Mysteries In Case 31
04/18/1937 South Africa (Prime Minister J. B. M. Hertzog) Seeks German Cooperation 31
04/18/1937 Czech Nazis Punished-Henleinists Forbidden To Hold Meetings As Result Of Riot 32
04/18/1937 Nazi Press Features Hitler (World) War Citation 33
04/18/1937 Soviet Chides British On Slow Deliveries (Of Machinery Which They Have Ordered, Metals, Etc 33
04/18/1937 Jews Protest Reich Ban (On Meetings) 33
04/18/1937 Poland Is Pushing Her Defense Plans-Half Of Budget For Arms-Industrial Centre In The South Sandomierz), Naval Base (Gdynia), Fortifications And Railways Are Being Built Air Force Has 600 Planes, But Many Are Old-Hanson Baldwin 35
04/18/1937 Dr (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To The U.S.) Assails Nazi Critics Here-Praises Hitler’s Wisdom-Surprise Speech By Retiring Envoy Is Viewed As Having Reference To (N.Y. Mayor) Laguardia 37
04/18/1937 Reichsbank Adds To Gold Reserve F-6
04/18/1937 Germany Withdraws (Liberalizes) Barter Restrictions (Reduces Minimum Exchange Amount) F-9
04/18/1937 President (Roosevelt) Holds Firm For Changes In Court-Arthur Krock E-3
04/18/1937 Britain Finds India Difficult To Woo E-6
04/18/1937 Reich Is Barrier To A (U.S.) Trade Accord-Schacht Avoids Issue E-6
04/18/1937 Anti German (‘Low’) Cartoon A Skeptical British View Of German Aims E-7
04/18/1937 Our Colonial Empire Holds Many Worries-Harold B. Henton E-10
04/18/1937 South Africa Lists Its War Resources-Arms Factories Planned E-10
04/18/1937 Utley, Frieda, Japan’s Feet Of Clay, W. W. Norton & Co., N.Y.-A Provocative Estimate Of Japan’s Bid For World Power Book 3
04/19/1937 American Delegation To Be Biggest At Fete Of Goettingen (Bicentennial Celebration) University-German Faculty Denies Suppression Of Liberty (In Germany) 1
04/19/1937 ‘Trial’ Of Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) A Joke, Says Beals-’Hushed’ Adoration Cited 6
04/19/1937 Trade With Soviet Urged In Germany 8
04/19/1937 Russia Developing Submarine Fleet 8
04/19/1937 Nye Opens Crusade For ‘No Foreign War’-Present U.S. Military Policy Needs Better Definition, He Says 10
04/19/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia Univ. & Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns On (Roosevelt’s Proposed) Court Change-For Curb On Congress 17
04/20/1937 Hitler Backs Idea For World Parley On Trade And Arms-U.S. Looked To As Leader 1
04/20/1937 Britain’s Budget Brings Tax Rises 1
04/20/1937 27 Nations Start Spanish Patrols-Try To End War Aid-Loyalists Decry Scheme 1
04/20/1937 Loyalists Defiant On Control Plan (Map) 4
04/20/1937 Oslo Sees War Threat In Armada Mystery 5
04/20/1937 Soviet Army Rated Lower In Europe-Transport Big Problem 7
04/20/1937 Polish Government Criticized For Clash (With Civilians) 7
04/20/1937 B’nai B’rith Lodges Wiped Out In Reich-All Properties Seized 8
04/20/1937 Rebuff Is Urged For Goettingen (University On Bicentennial-German ‘Tyranny’ Cited (By Dr. Eugene H. Lehman) 8
04/20/1937 Slain Argentine Nazi (Joseph Riedle Held A Robber Victim-Police Say Riedel Was Too Inconspicuous To Figure In Political Crime 9
04/20/1937 Hitler 48 Today. Rallies Soldiers 9
04/20/1937 State Negroes Get 2 New CCC Camps 10
04/20/1937 Violent Advances In Wheat Abroad 37
04/21/1937 Roosevelt Calls For Rigid (Federal Government) Saving 1
04/21/1937 British Base A Tax On Rise Of Profits To Pay Arms Bill-Chamberlain Sets Retroactive Tax On Evaders 1
04/21/1937 Permits Are Given For (Commercial) Ocean Flights (U.S., Britain & Canada) 3
04/21/1937 (Spanish) War Shows Lead Of U.S. Airplanes (For Loyalists-Soviet Planes Almost Exact Duplicates Of U.S. Bombing Planes) 4
04/21/1937 Roosevelt Is Cold To World Parley-Reich Policy Shift Denied 5
04/21/1937 (U.S.) Floating Forts Move On Hawaii 5
04/21/1937 Czech Arms Shares Fall As Peace Outlook Gains 5
04/21/1937 British Food Ship Runs Blockade To (Spanish Loyalists In) Bilbao; Thousands Of Hungary Residents Cheer Her 5
04/21/1937 Hitler 48, Displays Reich War Forces-14,500 March In Parade 6
04/21/1937 German Group Here Marks (35th) Anniversary-Modern Reich Is Defended By German Consul-General, Dr. Hans) Borchers 6
04/21/1937 Dr (Thomas) Mann (‘Exiled’) Appeals To German Spirit (In N.Y.-Holds Nazi Force Fails 7
04/21/1937 Nazis Hold Jewish Head (Rabbi Beck, Grand President B’nai B’rith) 7
04/21/1937 (Ludwig) Lewisohn Calls (Jewish) Oppression Mania-Likens Nazis To Pharaoh 7
04/21/1937 Club Our To Rally Foes Of New Deal-Hoover Backs Program 15
04/21/1937 Publishers Urged To Guard Freedom (By Jerome D. Barnum) 16
04/21/1937 (Paul Moritz Warburg Estate Put At $2,513,583 24
04/21/1937 Present Century Tops All For Wars-’Bloodiest Period In All History.’ 25
04/22/1937 Italy Held Unprepared To Protect Austria Against A German Coup-Arnaldo Cortese 1
04/22/1937 (Spanish) Leftists (Loyalists) Split Up Foreign Fighters (Volunteers)-Most Of Tanks Are From Soviet-2,000 Fliers Said To Be Training In Moscow 4
04/22/1937 Mussolini Bans Arms Reduction Says League (Of Nations) Must Perish 6
04/22/1937 Daladier In London For Series Of (Arms) Talks (Norman H. Davis, U.S. Arms Expert Also There) 6
04/22/1937 Pact With Britain Sought By Japan-Soviet Strength Feared 7
04/22/1937 Brazil’s Fascists March 7
04/22/1937 Industry Resigned To New British Tax-But Many Are Grumbling 8
04/22/1937 (Thomas Mann (Sponsored By League Of American Writers & German-American Organizations Of Greater New York) Addresses 4,000-Intellect Facing Fascism, Must Learn To Fight, He Says 8
04/22/1937 Russians Ordered To Halt Sabotage-Wide Damage Is Listed-Harold Denny (Moscow) 9
04/22/1937 Roosevelt’s (Court Reorganization) Plan Called ‘Contempt’-Rabbi (William F. Rosenblum) Sees ‘Tyranny’ 13
04/22/1937 (Walter) Lippman Hits New Deal 13
04/22/1937 Ban On (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Anti-Roosevelt) Film Lifted (In Kansas) 13
04/22/1937 4,000,000 Jobless Always, Says WPA 16
04/22/1937 President’s Wife (Eleanor Roosevelt) Tells Why She Travels; Wants To Know How Country Is Thinking 24
04/22/1937 American Line Plans Two Ocean Dirigibles 35
04/22/1937 Steel Shipments Continue Heavy 41
04/23/1937 Mussolini Blocks Vienna (Hapsburg) Monarchy; Bans Military Aid To Austria Won’t Defend Austria’s) Freedom 1
04/23/1937 Reich Wants Gold In A Foreign Loan-Opposes Big Conference-Won’t Drop Basic Nazi Tenets 1
04/23/1937 Congress Warned Of New Tax Threat If Economy Fails 1
04/23/1937 (Admiral Richard E.) Byrd Asks We Take World Peace Lead-’Civilization Is At Stake’ 3
04/23/1937 American (‘Lincoln Battalion’ Loyalist Volunteers) In Spain Decimated 4
04/23/1937 (Polish, Col. Josef) Beck In Bucharest For Talks On Policy-Inspires Suspicious Comment By Rumanian Press 4
04/23/1937 Nazi Show Likely In Goettingen (University Bicentennial) Fete-Students Stress Unity 5
04/23/1937 Curb On Jews Held Official In Poland (Smigly-Rydz, Camp Of National Unity) 5
04/23/1937 Isolation Illusion, Bonnet Tells U.S.-Urges World Conference 5
04/23/1937 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Trial Hit By (Russian) Envoy As ‘Flop’ (Russia Is ‘Democratic’ Is ‘Pillar Of World Peace’) 6
04/23/1937 Britain Backs Aim Of World Parley-Seeks The Assurance Of Likelihood Of Conference’s Success-Silent On Hitler’s Move 7
04/23/1937 Czechs Put Faith In Arms And Pacts-Nation Looks To League 8
04/23/1937 Picture: Mrs (Sarah) Roosevelt Honored (By La Guardia As ‘America’s Beloved Mother’ (At Daughters Of Jacob Luncheon 9
04/23/1937 Sholem Asch Here To Aid (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief Fund (For Distressed Jews Overseas) 19
04/23/1937 U.S. Shipbuilding Has Steady Gain 45
04/24/1937 British Ships Run Bilbao (Franco) Blockade Aided By Cruiser 1
04/24/1937 Italy Turns From Austria, Backing Reich On Danube 1
04/24/1937 Hilo (Hawaii) ‘Destroyed’ In Navy War Game-Oahu Is Main Objective 3
04/24/1937 Nazi Persecution (Of Jews, Catholics & Protestants) Bars Trade Pacts-International Collaboration Is Not Possible While Germany Drives Against Jews 3
04/24/1937 U.S. Seeks Reprieve For (Helmuth Hirsch In Reich-Youth Sentenced To Die (Intent To Bomb Buildings & Assault On Hitler) Is An American Citizen, The State Department Decides (See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 321, 395-406)-Next Move Up To Hitler 9
04/24/1937 Athletics Is Urged To Save Democracy-’Helps Build Tolerance’ 21
04/24/1937 Indices Of Labor Highest Since ‘29 23
04/25/1937 1,000 Protestants Rebel In Reich; Holding Meeting After Defying Police 1
04/25/1937 (Helmut) Hirsch In Nazi Jail, Resigned To Death-American Art Student-Prisoner’s Case Linked To The Report Of An Attempt To Assassinate Hitler-Otto D. Tolischus (See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 321, 395-406) 1
04/25/1937 Thomas Mann Sails (To Switzerland)-Author Sees Nazism Peaceable Overthrown In A Few Years 19
04/25/1937 Jewish News Paper (Jewish Daily Forward) Marks 40th Year-Roosevelt Message Praises ‘Constructive Journalism’ 20
04/25/1937 President (Roosevelt) Extols Jewish Social Aid-Work In War Is Recalled 24
04/25/1937 Belgium Is Freed Of Locarno Ties-Released From Obligations To Help Britain And France In Declaration By Them 27
04/25/1937 Doctor’s Title Taken From Man (Julius Katzenstein) By Berlin 27
04/25/1937 Vienna And Prague Give Duce Worry-Pertinax 30
04/25/1937 Reich B’nai B’rith Had Own Charities-All Confiscated By Nazis 32
04/25/1937 (General Franz Von Epp) Claims German Colonies (Taken By Allies After War) 32
04/25/1937 Brazilian Fascists Mark Anniversary N-12
04/25/1937 Puerto Ricans Hail Roosevelt’s (Court Reorganization) Stand N-12
04/25/1937 $13,991,000 Of (English & Canadian) Gold Is Engaged Abroad F-1
04/25/1937 Japan Challenged By Brazil’s Cloths F-9
04/25/1937 Britain And France Now Talk Openly Of Entente, While Italy Shifts Position On Germany And Austria-And Belgium Is Neutral Again E-3
04/25/1937 British Foreign Policy Now Centers On Berlin-As Chief Danger Spot E-4
04/25/1937 Anti-Hitler Cartoon (Germany Buying Swedish Iron Ore) E-4
04/25/1937 The Battleship Is Queen Of The Seven Seas Again-Hanson Baldwin E-5
04/25/1937 No World Parley Wanted By Britain E-6
04/25/1937 Reich Would Confer-On Own Terms-Nazis Are Not Ready To Give Up Any Of Their Ambitions E-6
04/25/1937 Cut In (Senator Burton K Wheeler’s Anti-Roosevelt) Newsreel Stirs Up Kansas E-11
04/25/1937 (Thomas) Mann Calls Hitler ‘An Education’-Sees Germany Yet Free Mag. 9
04/25/1937 Culture Under The Nazis (Play, ‘Professor Wolf’) X-1
04/25/1937 (Thomas) Mann On (Richard) Wagner X-5
04/26/1937 Vast (Duesseldorf) German Fair Is Built In Secret To Rival Paris Fete 1
04/26/1937 Nazis To Return To Austria (After Being Banned) 4
04/26/1937 (Polish Col Josef) Beck Leaves Bucharest 4
04/26/1937 Books For Masses Urged By Goebbels 4
04/26/1937 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Is Knighted In Wine Bowl Order 6
04/26/1937 Roosevelt ‘Course’ Decried By (Amos) Pinchot-Says Aim Is Dictatorship 7
04/26/1937 Space On Ships Now At Premium-Treble Rates Offered 37
04/27/1937 Soviet To Speed Up Output Of Airplanes By American Mass Production Methods-Harold Denny (Moscow) 1
04/27/1937 British Warn Franco Not To Halt (Their) Ships-Insurgent Chief Protests (British) Blockade Running 5
04/27/1937 Hitler Praises Franco 5
04/27/1937 Seized U.S. Army Coats Worn By Spanish Rebels (30,000 On Ship To Bilbao Seized By Franco Navy) 5
04/27/1937 Oxford Rejects Goettingen’s (Bicentennial Celebration Invitation) Bid-Alumni Revolt Was Near-Joins Other Big Universities In Britain 6
04/27/1937 U.S. Embassy Asks Mercy For (Helmut) Hirsch Doomed Art Student)-It Is Humanitarian Plea (‘Foreign Relations Of The United States,’ 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 321, 395-406) 7
04/27/1937 Austria Builds Up Her Army Quietly-Hungary’s Force Bigger 7
04/27/1937 (N.Y. Representative Samuel Dickstein) Renews Anti-Fascist Cry 7
04/27/1937 (Roosevelt) Court (Revision) Plan Called Move For Dictator By New Hampshire Senator, Bridges) 11
04/27/1937 Clubwomen Split Over (Roosevelt) Court Plan 11
04/27/1937 Gold Reserve Rises Again At Reichsbank 37
04/27/1937 Cargoes So Heavy (U.S.) Line Adds A Ship 45
04/28/1937 Historic Basque Town (Guernica) Wiped Out; Rebel Fliers Machine-Gun Civilians-Waves Of German-Type Planes Fling Thousands Of Bombs And Incendiary Projectiles On Guernica, Behind Lines As Priests Bless Peasants Filling Town On Market Day-Bilbao Report By G. L. Steer 1
04/27/1937 Nazi (Party) Membership To Rise To 6,000,000-Influx Begins Saturday-Otto D. Tolischus 6
04/27/1937 Reich Limits Hotel Dishes ‘To Make Selection Easier’ 6
04/28/1937 Yale Will Refuse (Bicentennial Invitation) Bid To Goettingen-To Send Message But No Delegate 6
04/28/1937 (Cordell Hull) To Reply On B’nai B’rith (In Germany) 6
04/28/1937 New Type Of (Lockheed) Plane To Test High Flying (Pressurized Cabin) 12
04/28/1937 Farrell Asks Empire Favors End; For Trade Policy Tie With Britain 12
04/28/1937 30th Year Marked By Free Synagogue-President Roosevelt) And Mayor (La Guardia) Among Those Paying Tribute To Dr. S.S. Wise, Rabbi And Founder (Albert Einstein Also Present) 24
04/29/1937 Reich Priest (Rev. Joseph Rossaint) Gets 11 Years In Prison (Was ‘Tolerant’ Of Communists Prior To 1934 Among Other Charges)-Guilty Of Preparation ‘For High Treason’ 1
04/29/1937 Commons Stirred By Guernica (Spain) Raid-Indignant Members Question Eden About Rebel Attack On Open Spanish Town 4
04/29/1937 Another British Ship Runs Blockade (With British Destroyer-Load Of Coal, Wood & Food For Bilbao)-Four Others On Way 4
04/29/1937 Rumanian Alliance Seen Aided By (Polish Col. Jozef) Beck 5
04/29/1937 Gandhi Stand Backed By Congress Group 5
04/29/1937 Herbert Morrison Sails (Had Talk With Roosevelt) 5
04/29/1937 Princeton Rejects (Bicentennial Invitation) Bid To Goettingen 6
04/29/1937 U.S. Trade Project (Continental Export And Import Co.) Created In Reich-Cotton Is Sought First-Otto D. Tolischus 6
04/29/1937 Reich Jewish Relief (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Is Put At $3,000,000 (Since 1933) 6
04/29/1937 Two Warsaw Schools Are Closed By (Anti-Jewish) Riots 7
04/29/1937 Bids To Be Sought On (World) War Freighters-Many Will Be Scrapped 15
04/30/1937 Neutrality Bill Adopted In Rush-Speeded To Roosevelt (Text, P. 10) 1
04/30/1937 Nazi Regime To Try 1,000 Monks In War Against Catholics 1
04/30/1937 Air Attacks On Guernica (Spain) Attributed To Goering-Pertinax 1
04/30/1937 Henry Taft Calls (Roosevelt’s) Court (Revision) Plan Viscious 2
04/30/1937 Dr W. H. Carothers Found Dead Drank Poisoned Lemon Juice) 3
04/30/1937 Basques Indignant On Guernica-Clergy Of Town Insist That Great German ‘Blackbirds’ Bombed The Populace-Rebel Audacity Scored-(Loyalist) Government Irate At Charge That Inhabitants Set Fire To Their Own Homes-Bilbao Report By G. L. Steer 8
04/30/1937 (Spanish) Rebels Lay Fires To Guernica ‘Reds’-Deny Their Planes Flew On The Day Town Was Destroyed-Say They Respect Basques-Berlin Issues A Denial-Calls Charges That German Craft Took Part Pure Lies (Durango, Spain, Report)-Will P. Carney (Map) 8
04/30/1937 Belgium Bespeaks Reich Cooperation-Otto D. Tolischus 11
04/30/1937 Mexico To Divide Land Of Americans (U.S. Citizens) 12
04/30/1937 Federal Ship Aid Asked By O’Leary-’New Vessels Required’ 43