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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

June 1937
Date Headline Page
06/01/1937 German Warships Shell Almeria (Spain), Killing 20, In Revenge (‘Retaliation’) For Bombing (Of The ‘Deutschland’); Berlin, Rome Quit Neutral Patrol-Children Among Slain-(Loyalist) Valencia Report, Lawrence Farnsworth 1
06/01/1937 Powers Get Notes Of Reich And Italy-London Committee Sits 1
06/01/1937 Nazis Denounced By Presbyterians 1
06/01/1937 Borah Wants U.S. Neutrality Law Invoked Against Reich And Italy 1
06/01/1937 Germany Favors Safety Zone Plan (Regarding Spain) 1
06/01/1937 Italy Trails Reich Out Of Committee 2
06/01/1937 Almeria’s Harbor An Important One (Map) 2
06/01/1937 Propaganda Held Lesson Of The (Spanish) War 3
06/01/1937 Roosevelt Consults Hull On The Spanish Situation 3
06/01/1937 (Loyalist) Spain Denounces (German) ‘Act Of Aggression’ 4
06/01/1937 Spanish Protest On The Shelling Of Almeria By The Germans 4
06/01/1937 (Damaged) Deutschland Quits Gibraltar (Account Of Loyalist Spanish Attack) 6
06/01/1937 Chamberlain Gives Government Aims-Pays Tribute To Baldwin-’Nearest To Lincoln’ 7
06/01/1937 Nazis War On Catholic Church To Make Dictatorship Complete 8
06/01/1937 Reich Informs Vatican Reply (On Cardinal Mundelein’s Anti-German Speech) Is Unsatisfactory 8
06/01/1937 Britain Opens Way For U.S. Trade Pact 11
06/02/1937 Italian Warships To Halt Vessels Carry Arms For The Loyalists; Hull Appeals To Reich And Spain-U.S. Urges Peace 1
06/02/1937 Rift With Vatican Is Opened By Reich-Relations Are Suspended 1
06/02/1937 Soviet Sees Italy And Reich On Loose-For A Democratic Front-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
06/02/1937 Brazil To Deport 26 Reds To Spain, Their Homeland 2
06/02/1937 Democracy Pleas Heard At Columbia (University-Germany, Italy & Russia Are Threats!) 19
06/03/1937 British Push Safe Zone Idea As Tension On Spain Wanes 1
06/03/1937 Germany May Try Monks For Years-Orders’ Liquidation Seen 1
06/03/1937 La Guardia Warns Police Cannot Use Clubs On Agitators 1
06/03/1937 Roosevelt Stands On Spanish Policy 2
06/03/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia Univ. & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace), Sailing, Sees No World War-Predicts Political Shift-Roosevelt’s Policies Paving Way For New Alignment, The Educator Asserts 9
06/03/1937 Poles Welcome (U.S. Ambassador, Anthony J. Drexel) Biddle 11
06/03/1937 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Sees Peace Oath Danger-’You May Be Pushed Into A Fight,’ She Tells Student In Radio Interview 27
06/04/1937 Roosevelt Now Considering Compromise On Court (Revision) Bill; For Action This Session 1
06/04/1937 Konoye Completes Japanese Cabinet 1
06/04/1937 Spread Of Narcotics Is Laid To Japanese (By Egyptian) 10
06/04/1937 Roosevelt (In Speech To W. C. T. U.) Cites Peace Aims Of U.S.)-America Is Ready To Work At All Times To Eliminate War-Cooperation Stressed 13
06/04/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges Wide Nazi Boycott-Asks Catholics And Protestants To Join The Jews In United Front Against Hitler 16
06/04/1937 $16,003,000 Of Gold Is Bought Abroad 35
06/05/1937 Germans Execute (Helmut) Hirsch, U.S. Citizen-Victim Is Held To Have Planned To Blow Up Streicher’s Office And Paper-Evidence Is Kept Secret (See Foreign Relations, 1937, Vol. Ii, Pp. 321, 395-405) 1
06/04/1937 Hirsch Case Complicated (It Surely Is!)-Hull Declines Comment 8
06/04/1937 (Camp Of) ‘National Unity’ Gains In Poland-Army (Smigly-Rydz) To Be In Control-Otto D. Tolischus 8
06/04/1937 Latvia Informs U.S. Of War Debt Default 9
06/04/1937 Reds Ask For Unity Of Labor On (Loyalist) Spain-Harold Denny, Moscow 9
06/06/1937 Catholics Answer Nazi Charge Today 1
06/06/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer, 79, Says Ford Can’t Stop Labor-Lawyer Still Aids German Boycott And Supports (Roosevelt’) New Court (Revision) Plan 19
06/06/1937 Lindbergh Visions Travel In Rockets-Goddard’s Work Praised 30
06/06/1937 Big Fascist Party Forming In Japan 31
06/06/1937 Poles Intensifying War On The Jews-Otto D. Tolischus 43
06/06/1937 Zionism Decried By Arab Leader 37
06/06/1937 Writers Spurred To Fight Fascism (By American Writers Congress) N-8
06/06/1937 Experts Of Canada And U.S. Confer-Trade, Finance, Culture And Other Affairs Between The 2 Nations To Be Discussed-Carnegie (Endowment For International.Peace) Fund A Sponsor-Chief Speakers To Include Lord Tweedsmuir, J. G. Winant, O. D. Young, Prof (J. T.) Shotwell F-4
06/06/1937 Dictators Make Haste To End Spanish Scare E-3
06/06/1937 Big Fascist And Communist Powers Draw Back From A War Over Spain E-4
06/06/1937 Again A Crisis Tests Our Neutrality Policy E-5
06/06/1937 Nazi State Manoeuvres For Open Religious War E-6
06/06/1937 (Father) Coughlin Is Facing Test On Methods-Prelate Held A Diplomat (Picture) E-9
06/06/1937 Men In Uniform Typify The Reich Mag. 5
06/06/1937 Schuschnigg Sails Stormy Seas As Dictator-G.E.R. Gedye Mag. 13
06/07/1937 Catholic And Nazi Youth Clash In Munich, 10 Held: Hitler Warns The Church-Priests Arrested 1
06/07/1937 President Of Poland (Moscicki) On Way To Rumania 2
06/07/1937 Single Aim Lacking At British) Empire Parley-On Only One Subject Is There Unity, The Coordination Of Resources In Case Of War 3
06/07/1937 Bias Against Jews In Rumania Decried (By Justice J. T. Mahoney In Speech Before United Rumanian Jews Of America) 3
06/07/1937 Goebbels Predicts Reich Expansion-Family Grants To Rise 4
06/07/1937 Arms Help Peace, Hitler Tells Nazis-Work Held Money Basis (Not Gold) 4
06/07/1937 Poll Of Republicans 71% For La Guardia (Democrat) 11
06/07/1937 (Dr. Frank) Kingdon (University Of Newark) Criticizes Churches In Reich (They Were Passive In Face Of Rise Of Nazism 12
06/07/1937 Reich Court Rules Church Is Subject To Secret Police 1
06/07/1937 C.I.O. Seizes Michigan Capitol To Protest Picket’s Arrest 1
06/07/1937 Hull To Combine European Service 11
06/07/1937 Rabbis Endorse New Deal ‘Spirit’ 13
06/07/1937 Arabs Using Italy To Sway Britain (On Palestine)-Joseph M. Levy 14
06/07/1937 (Sir Henri) Deterding To Distribute More Food In Germany 17
06/07/1937 Rumanians Acclaim President (Moscicki) Of Poland 18
06/07/1937 Neurath On Tour Flies To Belgrade-G.E.R. Gedye 18
06/07/1937 Jewish Delegates Welcomed By Mayor (La Guardia) 20
06/08/1937 Anglo-U.S. Treaty Up To Dominions 20
06/09/1937 Monroe Mich. Calls Citizens To Arms (Against Strikers) 1
06/09/1937 Hitler Defender (Rev. Charles S. Macfarland, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America, General Secretary), Now Attacks Him (Text & Picture, P. 16) 1
06/09/1937 Roosevelt Urges Millions For Ships-Fleet 85% Obsolete Now 8
06/09/1937 150 British M P.’s Oppose U.S. (Trade) Pact 10
06/09/1937 France And Reich To ‘Trade’ Children (‘Freundschaft-Amite’ Program Of Rotary Club) 11
06/09/1937 Reich Bars U.S. Plea For Ashes Of (Helmut) Hirsch (See Entry, June 5, 1937, P. 1) 12
06/09/1937 Hitler Or Vatican, Nazi Organ (Westdeutsche Beobachter) Warns 17
06/09/1937 Another Cruiser (‘Bluecher’) Launched By Reich 18
06/10/1937 Palestine Division Studied By British 1
06/10/1937 Hitler ‘Surprise’ On Danzig Is Seen In Speech June 29 1
06/10/1937 Pope Promises Aid To Reich Catholics-Plight Makes Him ‘Weep’ 4
06/10/1937 Appeal To Poland Asks Aid For Jews-Our Help To Nation Cited Fifty Christian Leaders Warn Of Harm If Anti-Semitism There Is Not Curbed 4
06/10/1937 Britain Criticized By Rabbis’ Group-Amity With Arabs Urged-Zionism Aids Them As Well As Jews (Rabbinical) Assembly Declares At Closing Session Here 4
06/10/1937 Macfarland’s Stand On Hitler Commended 4
06/10/1937 Credit Of France Lowest Since ‘26-Grave Position Admitted 7
06/10/1937 Picture: Herbert Claiborne Pell On Way To Ministerial Post In Portugal 7
06/10/1937 Britain Lays (Destroyer ‘Hunter’) Blast To A Franco Mine 8
06/10/1937 Anti-Fascist Fete Shifts 15 In WPA 25
06/11/1937 Air Corps To Get 177 New (B-16 Douglas) Bombers 3
06/11/1937 (Hadassah) Fights Palestine Change-Opposes Any Restriction Of Jews There (Immigration Etc.) 9
06/11/1937 Slavic Minorities In Poland Restive-Ukraine Big Problem-Regime Polonizes When It Can-Otto D. Tolischus 11
06/11/1937 American (John Hughes) Who Slew German (In Berlin) Held Insane (By The Germans Who Wish To Deport Him) 13
06/11/1937 U.S. Asked To Aid Jews In Poland-Representatives Of 400 Groups Summoned By The Jewish Congress Take Action 16
06/12/1937 8 Soviet Generals Doomed As Spies Aiding Alien Foes (Pictures, P 4)-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
06/12/1937 Wide Shocks Seen In Russian Trials 4
06/12/1937 Germans To Bring Plates For Kraut To Save (Wrapping) Paper (In Stores) 4
06/12/1937 Roosevelt Praises Japan Trade Talks 4
06/12/1937 (Berlin’s) Olympic Pools Bar Jews 4
06/12/1937 America Is At Bay (By Totalitarianism) Lafayette Is Told 7
06/13/1937 8 Generals Killed As Spies By Soviet 1
06/13/1937 Czechs Held Issue In Neurath (Budapest) Talks-G.E.R. Gedye 28
06/13/1937 Interfaith Boycott Of Germany Urged (By Samuel Untermyer)-Wants Allies’ (1921) Treaty With Poland (Guaranteeing Jewish Rights) Enforced 31
06/13/1937 Ukrainian Loyalty Held Aim Of Poles 33
06/13/1937 Reich Says It Fears A Labor Shortage 33
06/13/1937 Far Eastern Tours Promised To Nazis (‘Kraft Durch Freude’) 33
06/13/1937 School Freedom In America Hailed (By Prof. Dewitt Clinton Poole)-Hits Hitler, Mussolini N-3
06/13/1937 The News Of The Week In Review-The Area Of Action In The Labor Conflict E-1
06/13/1937 Hands Of Britain Tied By Hesitant Dominions E-3
06/13/1937 Hitler Youth Appeal Limited E-5
06/13/1937 Building Of Ships Is To Be Rushed E-6
06/13/1937 Can Europe Banish The Grim Spectre Of War? Mag. 1
06/14/1937 (James H. R.) Cromwell, Husband Of Doris Duke, Arrested In Moscow For Taking Street Photographs (Later Roosevelt’s Interventionist Mouth-Piece As U.S. Minister To Canada!) 1
06/14/1937 Munich Cardinal (Faulhaber) Aids Seized Priest (Father Mayr) 7
06/14/1937 East Europe Wars On Teutonic Blocks-Otto D. Tolischus 10
06/14/1937 Polish Jews Held To Face Starvation-Urgency Of Plight Of 3,500 000 Told To Convention Here-$50,000 Pledged (By Federation Of Polish Jews) 10
06/14/1937 Pacifists Scored By (British-Born, Episcopal) Bishop (William T.) Manning 23
06/14/1937 Output 11% Over ‘28 In Reich Factories-Our (Trade) Treaties Held Biased 27
06/15/1937 Soviet Executes 28 More In Siberia 1
06/15/1937 Plan To Divide Palestine Reported Dropped Because Of Arab And Jewish Opposition 1
06/15/1937 Secret Supply Of Arms For Spain Traced In Paris 5
06/15/1937 Dr (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Applies U.S. Plan To World 6
06/15/1937 Roosevelt Is Urged To Aid Polish Jews (By Independent Order Of B’rith Sholom, Atlantic City) 8
06/15/1937 (Bernard Baruch) Urges Adherence To Natural Laws 9
06/15/1937 Text Of Bernard M. Baruch’s Address At Union College 9
06/16/1937 Finland Only Nation To Pay On War Debt 12 Governments Again In Default 2
06/16/1937 Berlin Pastor (Gerhard Jacobi Of Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtnis-Kirche) Held For ‘Incitement’ 3
06/16/1937 Roosevelt Asked To Aid Palestine (By Pro-Palestine Federation Of America) 4
06/16/1937 Poland Rules Out New Minority Pact-She Bars Re-Signing Of 1922 Convention Drawn To Aid The Germans In Upper Silesia-Retaliation Is Possible-Otto D. Tolischus 4
06/16/1937 Poland Tries Slayer Who Brought On (Brest-Litovsk Anti-Jewish) Riot 4
06/16/1937 Women Democrats Praise (Roosevelt’s) Court (Revision) Bill 15
06/16/1937 Anti-Jewish Bias On Wnyc Is Denied-Defends Arab Program 15
06/17/1937 Nazis Ban Raising Of Synod Funds 1
06/17/1937 Danzig Public Cool To Nazi ‘Old Guard’ 10
06/17/1937 Germany And Italy Rejoin (Spanish) Sea Patrol 12
06/17/1937 Nazi Death Verdicts (For Union Officials) Protested By (William) Green (Af Of L) 13
06/17/1937 Nazi Camp (‘Siegfried,’ Yaphank Is Held Stirring A Revolt 25
06/18/1937 Rebel Clergy Hide From Nazi Police 1
06/18/1937 Final Plea By U.S. For Navy Gun Curb Rebuffed In Tokyo 1
06/18/1937 Britain Turns Toward Pact With Germany And Italy-Would Aid Reich Moderates On Learning They Kept Hitler From Declaring War On Spain 1
06/18/1937 Reich Staff Chief (General Ludwig Beck) Courts The French 13
06/18/1937 Czechs Attacked By German Press 16
06/18/1937 Little Entente Unity Stressed At Parley 16
06/18/1937 Austria Plans Elite Guard To Combat Nazi Activities 16
06/18/1937 Reich Trade Drive Continues To Gain 17
06/18/1937 (Lord) Tweedsmuir Bases World Peace On British-American Friendship-Thinks War Is Inevitable 23
06/19/1937 Three Russians Over Arctic On Moscow-Oakland Flight 1
06/19/1937 Nazi Police Push Hunt For Pastors 7
06/20/1937 German Steel Ban Asked By Joint Boycott Council (Joseph Tenenbaum Chairman) Of The American Jewish Congress And The Jewish Labor Committee) 12
06/20/1937 Roosevelt To Greet Dominion (Of Canada) By Radio 14
06/20/1937 Austria Lenient To Nazis 18
06/20/1937 Jews Fear An Outburst (Of Anti-Jewish Riots In Czenstochowa-Christian Killed By Jew) 19
06/20/1937 Poles Unfettered By Minorities Plan-They Have Pushed Liquidation Of Germans In Upper Silesia Despite League (Of Nations) System 0 Curbs Of Little Value-German Commerce Boycotted (‘Polonization’ Practiced)-Otto D. Tolsichus 21
06/20/1937 Reich Orders Farm Land Redistribution; Will Pool Small Holdings For Efficiency 21
06/20/1937 Reich Raises Issue Over New ‘Attacks’ (Loyalist Attempts To Torpedo German Cruiser ‘Leipzig’) 28
06/20/1937 When The Next War Breaks Out Mag. 4
06/20/1937 Picture: Boeing B-15 XX-11
06/21/1937 Catholic Schools Are Shut By The Nazis In All Bavaria; Thousands Of Children Our-Pope (Pius XI) Foresees Break With Reich 1
06/21/1937 Russians End Polar Flight; Land At Vancouver, Washington (Pictures, P. 3) 1
06/21/1937 Dr. Angell (President Of Yale Univ.) Attacks Roosevelt Regime 1
06/21/1937 (Leon) Blum (Popular Front) Cabinet Quits On Senate Denial Of Fiscal Powers 1
06/21/1937 Poland Dedicates Silesia Landmark-Celebrates 15th Anniver-Sary Of Occupation Of Border Region By (Polish) Troops 3
06/21/1937 Neutrals Accused Of Helping Franco 4
06/21/1937 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard University, Rabid Interventionist, Active With Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, Later U.S. High Commissioner In German Occupation) Liken 1914 To Todays World-Hits Totalitarian State 12
06/21/1937 Exiles In Security Seen By Dr. Dodds (Princeton Univ.)-He Assails Dictatorships 12
06/22/1937 Roosevelt Asks Steel Plants Not To Reopen; Gov. Davey (Ohio) Orders Troops To Keep Status Quo After Operators Quit Mediation Conference-Appeal By Roosevelt (Supports Strikers) 1
06/22/1937 Sit-Down Illegal U.S. Court Rules 1
06/22/1937 Reich To Conduct Catholic Schools 1
06/22/1937 Neurath Visit (To England) Off; Britain Offended By Check To Amity 1
06/22/1937 Says (F. D.) Roosevelt Jr. Lost (Reserve Naval Commission) 4
06/22/1937 Britain Attacked On 40-Hour Week (U.S. And I.L.O. Involved) 8
06/22/1937 Reich Labor Found On Depression Pay (By ‘Col.’ Frank Knox, Later Roosevelt’s Sec. Of Navy) 11
06/22/1937 Pace Of Neutrals Of Neutrals Disappoints Reich 12
06/22/1937 Dublin Welcomes (Franco-Supporting) Irish From Spain-Whole Brigade Searched 13
06/22/1937 (Alfred) Rosenberg Bids Us Drop Individualism 14
06/22/1937 New (Siberian-Manchukuo) Frontier Raids Laid (By Japanese) To Soviet Fears 14
06/22/1937 Political Parades Banned In London 14
06/22/1937 U.S. Squadron (Battleships ‘Arkansas,’ ‘New York’ And ‘Wyoming’) At Kiel 14
06/22/1937 3 Soviet Fliers Go To San Francisco (Pictures & Names) 17
06/22/1937 U.S. (Naval) Planes In Mass Hop (San Diego To Panama Canal Zone) 17
06/22/1937 Democracy Gains (Charles P.) Taft (Son Of President William Howard Taft) Tells Class-Dictatorships Speed Its Return-Honest Rule Possible 20
06/22/1937 Democracy To End Labor Wars Urged (By Dr. James G. Mc Donald, Strong Roosevelt Supporter. Later Head Of President’s Committee On Refugees)-Laud American Schools-Dr. (Mark) Eisner Says Our System Is ‘Best Guarantee’ For Holding Traditional Human Dignity 21
06/22/1937 ‘Slow Haste’ Urged In Britain On (Price Of ) Gold 33
06/23/1937 Four Powers Split On Naval Display To Warn Valencia 1
06/23/1937 Chautemps Forms Cabinet In France 1
06/23/1937 (Congressmen) Assail President (Roosevelt) On Strike Policy (Lack Of Action) 1
06/23/1937 (Roosevelt) Third-Term Reported Pressed By (John L.) Lewis (CIO), With Pennsylvania Labor Backing Roosevelt 1
06/23/1937 London Sees Film Withheld Here-Shipping Scenes In Chicago Police Fight With (Republic Steel) Strikers Called A Mistake 2
06/23/1937 Picture: (National Guard(Troops Arriving In Two Ohio Cities To Prevent Reopening Of (Steel) Mills 3
06/23/1937 800 (WPA ‘Art Workers’) Join Sit-Downs Over Cuts In WPA 6
06/23/1937 Navy Will Build Both Battleships 8
06/23/1937 (British Royal Commission Headed By Lord Peel, On) Palestine Report Signed 13
06/23/1937 Goering Bans Shift In Economic Policy-Bars ‘Foreign Dictation’ (Meaning U.S.)-Otto D. Tolischus 13
06/23/1937 (Belgian Premier, Paul Van) Zeeland To Visit Roosevelt Today-Exchange Of Views On World Trade And Peace Expected 15
06/23/1937 Austria Severe To Nazi (Dr. Fritz Voitche, Allegedly Involved In An Involved, Fantastic Plot To Kill Von Schuschnigg-Received 12 Years Imprisonment) 15
06/23/1937 Defense League Purged In Soviet-Harold Denny 16
06/23/1937 Italy Will Back Any Reich Action 16
06/23/1937 British Marines Land To End Trinidad Riots 16
06/23/1937 Princeton (University) Honors (Belgian Prime Minister) Paul Van Zeeland (Picture With 8 Others So Honored) 20
06/23/1937 Dr. Angell At Yale Warns That Nation Faces Communism Using Fascist Methods-Yale Class Is Told Of ‘Corrosive Ideas’ 21
06/23/1937 Japan Sends More Gold To Bolster Credit Here ($57,400,000 In Bullion) 39
06/23/1937 U.S. Body (American Chamber Of Commerce In Brazil) Hits German Trade-Reich Sales Now Lead-(German) Prices 7½ To 35% Lower 45
06/24/1937 Reich And Italy Quit (Spanish Neutrality) Patrol; Nazi Ships Mass Off Spain; Rome Sees Pledges Ended-Italy Ready To Act Alone On Spain; Warships Will Bar Aid To (Communist) Loyalists 1
06/24/1937 Roosevelt Backed By (Pennsylvania) Governor Earle For A Third Term (For Roosevelt) 1
06/24/1937 Fear And Anxiety In Russia Make Crisis Worst In Years-Harold Denny 1
06/24/1937 55 Indicted In Plot To Smuggle Gems (Later, See Jack Benny & George Burns Defended By Col. [Oss] William J. Donovan) 1
06/24/1937 Amendment For Equal Rights For Women Reported By Senate Committee 8
06/24/1937 France Proposes Ending Of (Spanish) Patrol 11
06/24/1937 Hitler Increases Fleet Off SpaiN-18 Warships Now There 12
06/24/1937 Reich Navy Attacks Feared In (Loyalist) Valencia-Looks To 2 Democracies 12
06/24/1937 Borah Sees Youth Duped By Fascists-Holds Teaching Disloyal (Text) 18
06/24/1937 (Belgian Premier, Paul Van) Zeeland On Cruise Sounds Roosevelt 20
06/24/1937 (League Of Nations) Reports On Reich’s Debt (Rose From Rm7 Million To Rm14 Million) 20
06/24/1937 War College Talk (By U.S. Sec. Of War Woodring) Is Given In Secret 26
06/24/1937 Personal Liberty Advocated By Hull-World Peace Our Policy 29
06/24/1937 (Federal Reserve) Links Gold Inflow (To U.S.) To Security Buying 37
06/25/1937 German Warships In Mediterranean; Britain Watchful-Berlin Gives Assurances 1
06/25/1937 Tokyo Army Seeks To Triple Output 1
06/25/1937 Publisher (J. David Stern) Is Host To (John L.) Lewis (Of CIO And United Auto Workers) And (Pennsylvania Governor) Earle 4
06/25/1937 Picture: Lady Astor Leaving White House-Yes, She Talked With President (Roosevelt), And He Is A ‘Great Man, Hated But Not Hating’ 9
06/25/1937 Poland Asks Pope To Settle (Polish) Dispute (With Church Over Pilsudski’s Burial Place) 11
06/25/1937 Fiery Nazi (Baron Manfred Von Killinger) Named Consul On Coast (San Francisco) 12
06/25/1937 Dueling Upheld In Reich As Way To Guard Honor 12
06/25/1937 Reich Police Seize 7 More (Protestant) Ministers 12
06/25/1937 Austria To Increase Army By Incorporating Militia 13
06/25/1937 Palestine (Arabs & Jews) Stirred As Division Looms 14
06/25/1937 (Spanish) Loyalists Bitter Over New (Italian-German) Threat 15
06/25/1937 (Belgian Prime Minister, Paul Van) Zeeland And Hull In 2 Conferences 16
06/25/1937 Goettingen (University) To Open (200th) Jubilee Fete Today-Discouragement Apparent As Few Noted (U.S. & British) Universities Sent Delegates To Celebration 16
06/25/1937 A Scientific Mind Urged By (Dr. Robert A.) Millikan (‘Look At The Fool Things The Dictators Are Preaching’) 23
06/25/1937 Chamberlain Sees Danger Of War In Spanish Crisis; Urges Europe To Be Calm-Friendly To Nazis (Text, P. 6) 1
06/25/1937 Many Doubts Rise In Russia On Guilt Of Eight Generals-Harold Denny 1
06/26/1937 Reich Calls Bishop (Dr. Ludwig Sebastian, Speyer) A Traitor In Court-Otto D. Tolischus 1
06/26/1937 U.S. Aiding Brazil In Adding To Navy 1
06/26/1937 Mexican (State) Control Of Farms Decreed 1
06/26/1937 Mills Reopening In Steel Regions; Pickets Orderly 1
06/26/1937 Congress Guests Of President (Roosevelt) Find Politics Tabooed-150 Merely Romp, Swim And Eat 1
06/26/1937 WPA To Cut 34,000 From Rolls Oct. 15-Present Staff Is 169,000 3
06/26/1937 Reich Reaffirms Neutrality Ties 6
06/26/1937 1936 Naval Treaty Ratified By France 6
06/26/1937 Crowds Urge Poland To Banish Archbishop (Sapieha, To The Concentration Camp At Bereza) 7
06/26/1937 Goettingen (University) Selects A Neopagen (Dr. Hans Heyse) As Orator At Its Bicentennial-Only Seven American Institutions (Named) Are Represented As Exercises Begin 7
06/26/1937 Tweedsmuir (Canadian Governor General) Calls For New Prophets-Sees ‘Moral Anarchy’ 18
06/26/1937 Reichsbank (Gold) Reserve Increases Slowly 23
06/27/1937 Il Duce Says Italy Will Back Franco Until Rebels (Franco) Win 1
06/27/1937 Gov. Davey (Ohio) Says Miss Perkins (U.S. Sec. Of Labor) Asked Steel Chiefs Be ‘Held Until They Sign’-(Ohio) Governor Refused-Likens Reported (Perkins’) Plan To ‘Kidnapping’-She Explains She Suggested Subpoena-Miss Perkins Denies Making Any Proposal To Have Steel Chiefs Held For Signing-NLRB Accuses Ford-(Ford) Company Is Blamed (By Union Witnesses) For ‘Brutal’ Attack On Auto Union Organizers (Walter Reuther, Richard Frankenstein And Others Named, P. 2) 1
06/27/1937 Dr. Schacht (Jokingly) Likens Himself To Hull (Both Support ‘Most-Favored-Nation’ Clause In Trade Treaties) 5
06/27/1937 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Demands End Of (Roosevelt) Court (Reorganization) Plan 12
06/27/1937 CCC Chief Allots 53,995 For Camps-5,000 Veterans Included-Plans Are Made Subject To Final Approval For A Force Of 300,000 15
06/27/1937 Picture: Gay Members Of Democratic Family (‘Demagogue Club’) (Outing) At Jefferson Islands 20
06/27/1937 Miss Earhart At Kupang 20
06/27/1937 U.S. Navy Explains Help Given Brazil 21
06/27/1937 260 British Planes Stage ‘Flight-Past’ 22
06/27/1937 (Belgian Prime Minister, Paul) Van Zeeland Is Due To Come Here Today 22
06/27/1937 Workers Quitting Unions In Soviet-Frank Knox 23
06/27/1937 (Dr. Hans Frank) Denies Nazis Curb Jews From Hatred-Says Laws Were Made ‘Because We Love The German People’ 23
06/27/1937 (Rumanian King) Carol Welcomed Warmly By Poles-Rumanian Pact Is Hailed 24
06/27/1937 Nazi March Marks Goettingen’s (Bicentennial) Fete 26
06/27/1937 Zionists Petition Britain On (Her League Of Nations Pledge On Her Palestine Mandate) Pledge (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 27
06/27/1937 Maine Bankers Hear Attack On (U.S. Labor) ‘Anarchy’ F-3
06/27/1937 The News Of The Week In Review-How Soon Will These (Steel Mill) Chimneys Blacken The Sky Again? E-1
06/27/1937 Democrats Seek Clue To Roosevelt Purpose-Party’s Fate Linked With His E-3
06/27/1937 Low Cartoon: Opposing The Sale Of Helium To Germany For Its Dirigibles E-3
06/27/1937 Cabinet In Reich Divides And Europe Is Shocked E-3
06/27/1937 Dictators Fan Flames Of Old-World Hatreds E-4
06/27/1937 Nazi Church War Takes A New Turn E-5
06/27/1937 (Harry L.) Hopkins Faces New WPA Task-Must Keep Projects Going And Stay Within $1,500,000,000 Limit E-6
06/27/1937 Cartoon: John L. Lewis (CIO) E-9
06/27/1937 Cartoons: Roosevelt For And Against E-9
06/27/1937 Two Views Of Nazi Germany (Two Prefaces: Harold J. Laski & Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler) Book 1
06/27/1937 Boy Scout Trails Lead To Democracy Mag. 12
06/27/1937 Russian Pilots In U.S. Roto.
06/28/1937 German Veterans Cheer For George (Vi) At Rally In Reich 1
06/28/1937 Senators Shifting On (Roosevelt’s) Court (Reorganization) Measure As Battle Nears 1
06/28/1937 C.I.O. Threatens (Ohio Governor) Davey On Troops; Job Moves Grows 1
06/28/1937 Right And Left Extremists Head Michigan Labor War 1
06/28/1937 Roosevelt Asks Group To Study (Federal) Aid To Education 1
06/28/1937 Bavaria Will End Help To Churches 1
06/28/1937 Troops Refused To East Chicago 3
06/28/1937 149 Groups (Headed By Samuel Untermyer) To Push Anti-Nazi Boycott-Catholic And Protestant Aid To Be Invoked In Drive To Combat Hitlerism 7
06/28/1937 U.S. Intercession (In Palestine) Urged By Zionists-(British) Mandate Violation Seen (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise)-Masada (Organization) Fights Partition 8
06/28/1937 Canadian Premier (Mackenzie King) Greeted At Berlin 9
06/28/1937 De Los Rios (Spanish Envoy In Washington) Sees (Spanish) War Affecting Americas 10
06/28/1937 King (George Vi) Pleads Peace As Veterans’ Task-Men Of Boer War In Ranks 10
06/28/1937 Soviet Air Deals Worry U.S. Chiefs 13
06/28/1937 Defeatist Spirit In Church Rebuked-’Cold Christians’ Are Away Too Much From The Bible, Rev. Edgar Tilton, Jr. Says 16
06/28/1937 Goettingen (University) Cites Three Americans 19
06/28/1937 $2,370,000 Is Raised By (American) Jewish (Joint Distribution Committee) Aid Group (In First 6 Months Of 1937 For Overseas Aid To Jews) 19
06/29/1937 France Suspends Payments In Gold And Shuts Bourse 1
06/29/1937 Michigan Limits Picketing Curbs Outside Agitators; New Roosevelt Policy Seen 1
06/29/1937 ‘Vigilante’ Army Forms To Aid Ford-War Veterans Are Backbone Of State-Wide Michigan Forces Arming For Fight 1
06/29/1937 Judge Scores CCC As Criminal Haven 3
06/29/1937 Picture: Hugh R. Wilson (Later U.S. Ambassador To Germany) Named As Aide To Hull 9
06/29/1937 Chiefs Here Urged To Help Zionists-Weizmann And (Ben) Gurion Appeal To Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise And Others To Go To England-British Rule (Of Palestine) Attacked 10
06/29/1937 Palestine To Feel Rule Of Iron Hand 10
06/29/1937 Salute For Hitler At Trade Congress-Americans Pay Tribute-Otto D. Tolischus 11
06/29/1937 Liberty Attacked In Goettingen (University Bicentennial) Fete 11
06/29/1937 Reich To Try Pastors 11
06/29/1937 British Give Glimpse Of Their New Planes 12
06/29/1937 Reich And Hungary Study Army Plans 13
06/29/1937 36 More Russians Executed As Spies-Harold Denney 14
06/29/1937 (Russian) Envoy Says Purge Is To Help Liberty-3 (Soviet) Airmen See Roosevelt 14
06/29/1937 Italo-Reich Acts Seen By (Spanish) Loyalists 15
06/29/1937 Italy To Negotiate On Spanish Issues 15
06/29/1937 Germany To Block Navy Patrol Shift 15
06/29/1937 U.S. Neutrality Backed (By World Youth Congress) 15
06/29/1937 Miss Earhart Flies For New Guinea Field To Start ‘Worst Section’ Of Globe-Circling 23
06/29/1937 (Belgian Prime Minister, Paul) Van Zeeland Asks World Trade Spur-Roosevelt ‘Encouraging’-Visiter Praises Our Willing-Ness To Back Practical Measures For Greater Amity 34
06/29/1937 Canada Enlarges Trade With U.S. 36
06/30/1937 Reich, Italy Block A Patrol Of Spain By Britain, France (Alone) 1
06/30/1937 Public Tired Of Both Sides In Strike, Roosevelt Feels (‘A Plague On Both Your Houses’); Blasts (Explosions) Shut Cambria (Pa.) Plant 1
06/30/1937 500 WPA Pickets Fight With (N.Y.) Police 1
06/30/1937 Russia Gives Way To Japan; To Evacuate 2 Amur Islands 1
06/30/1937 Picture: John L. Lewis (C.I.O. & United Mine Workers), Wife & Son Attending Soviet Dinner 2
06/30/1937 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Aid Saves Jews Abroad 8
06/30/1937 Talk On War Ends Goettingen (University Bicentennial) Fete (This Report Like All The Rest Is Quite Unsympathetic!) 13
06/30/1937 Canadian Premier (Mackenzie King) Talks With Hitler 14
06/30/1937 Senate Ratifies Americas’ Pacts 14
06/30/1937 ‘No War’ Says Hitler To American Caller-Thinks No Country Can Afford It And ‘Certainly That Is True Of Germany’ 15
06/30/1937 Roosevelt-Van Zeeland Statement 16
06/30/1937 France Warns U.S. She May Quit (Fiscal) Pact-Roosevelt Lauds Accord 16
06/30/1937 Crisis Cast Cloud On World Chamber (Of Commerce)-Otto D. Tolischus 16
06/30/1937 Czechs To Motorize The Rumanian Army (Germany Lost Contract) 16
06/30/1937 (Robert F.) Wagner (In Speech Before Zionist Organization Of America) Opposes Palestine Change (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise To Remain Its President-40th Anniversary Convention) 17