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William Lindsey collection — 1937 NYT headlines

August 1937
Date Headline Page
08/01/1937 Chamberlain Sends Note To Mussolini As Peace Gesture-May Recognize (Ethiopian) Conquest 1
08/01/1937 Terrorism Laid To Weirton Steel (By NLRB) 4
08/01/1937 8 Slain (Soviet) Generals Linked With Reich 25
08/01/1937 Soviet ‘Liquidates’ Seven As Traitors 25
08/01/1937 Goebbels Decries National Borders-Great Unity Cry Raised 26
08/01/1937 Palestine Charter Held Unworkable 30
08/01/1937 War Danger Seen In (U.S.) Neutrality Law-Roosevelt To See Hull 30
08/01/1937 ((U.S. Loyalist) Veterans Of Spanish Warfare Return To Homes Here (Pictures) 30
08/01/1937 Germans’ Theory Of Race Attacked-Prof. (Franz) Boaz (From The Department Of Anthropology, Columbia University) At The Population Congress In Paris Stresses Similarity Of Peoples-La Guardia Is Example 32
08/01/1937 Reservists To Join Camp Dix ‘Battle’ N-8
08/01/1937 Cry Of ‘Wolf’ Alienates Democrats In Congress (From Roosevelt) E-3
08/01/1937 Reich Now Controls (German) Bread E-4
08/01/1937 Britain Applies Lever To The Rome-Berlin Axis E-5
08/01/1937 Scottsboro (Rape Case) End Splits South E-7
08/01/1937 In Memory Of American (War) Valor Mag. 12
08/02/1937 30 Soviet Churchmen Are Tried On Charges Of Fascist Plotting-Harold Denny 1
08/02/1937 Flood Of Tourists Pleases Germany 2
08/02/1937 Madam Chiang Urges Women Of China To Fight Japan ‘According To Their Ability’ (Picture) 2
08/02/1937 Nazis Defied Anew By Berlin (Protestant) Pastors 2
08/02/1937 Germany Warned By Soviet Press-Aid Of U.S. Is Sought 3
08/02/1937 Homage Paid Reich At Rochester (N.Y.) Fete 3
08/02/1937 Speeches At U.S. War Shrine At Montfaucon (U.S. Ambassador William C. Bullitt Present)-Roosevelt’s (Radio) Address (Delivered-’Common Ideal’ Discussed) 3
08/02/1937 Picture: German Rabbi Joachim Prinz-To Aid (United) Palestine (Appeal) Drive (Says Only 380,000 Jews Left In Germany) 4
08/02/1937 Germany Is Host To War Wounded 4
08/02/1937 Americans Protest Palestine Partition (Refer To ‘Persecution Of Jews That Now Degrades Germany, Poland And Rumania.’) 4
08/03/1937 League (Of Nations) To Reopen Palestine Issues 1
08/03/1937 Wide Pwa Graft Charged In Boston 6
08/03/1937 Reich Bars Trips Abroad On Nothing But 10 Marks 10
08/03/1937 Bela Kun’s (Cohen) Arrest In Russia Is Reported 10
08/03/1937 Nazi Paper (Der Angriff) Warns Poland On (Rights Of German Minority In Polish) Silesia 12
08/04/1937 Vatican Accepts Diplomat From Franco, Recognition Believed To Be ‘Very Probable’ 1
08/04/1937 Brazil Cancels Coffee Deal With Germany; Berlin Said To Have Failed To Find Credits 2
08/04/1937 800-Mile Highway In Ethiopia Opened (By Italians) 3
08/04/1937 (Chaim) Weizmann Assails Palestine Regime-Zionist Leader Lays Blame For Mandated Area’s Plight At Britain’s Door (At 29th World Zionist Congress At Zuerich-Speech Read In ‘Funeral Tone’) 4
08/04/1937 Goering Launches The Nazi Art Purge-Modernists Are Target 6
08/04/1937 Gold In Reichsbank Continues Slow Rise 35
08/05/1937 Europe Is Neutral In Far East Fight 3
08/05/1937 (Chaim) Weizmann Urges (Palestine) Partition Parley-Iraq Protests To League-Clarence K. Streit 4
08/05/1937 Reich Pushes Drive On Jews In Schools 4
08/05/1937 More (U.S.) Battleships Sought By Navy 5
08/05/1937 (N.Y. Congressman, Samuel) Dickstein Lists More ‘Nazi Aides’ 5
08/06/1937 Study Of Psychology In Germany Drops (Columbia University Complains) 2
08/06/1937 Japan Disturbed By Report 182 Americans Have Enlisted To Fly Warplanes For China 3
08/06/1937 Partitionists Gain At (World) Zionist (Congress) Session (At Zuerich)-Arabs Criticize British 3
08/06/1937 ‘Degenerate’ Art Popular In Reich 15
08/06/1937 (James H. R.) Cromwell Warns Of Regimentation-Chides Roosevelt Critics 19
08/06/1937 Gold Returning To Bank Of France 29
08/07/1937 Berlin Court Acquits Dr. (Friedrich) Dibelius In Attack On Nazi Church Minister (Rev. Hanns Kerrl) 1
08/07/1937 3 German Writers In Britain Expelled-No Explanation Given-Espionage Not The Cause (See Aug. 8, P. 30) 1
08/07/1937 (Fritz) Kuhn Citizenship Revocation Asked (By Major Julius Hochsfelder, Attorney For German-American League For Culture)-Kuhn Accused By (N.Y. Congressman, Samuel) Dickstein 2
08/07/1937 Palestine Plans Opposed By Paris-Augur 4
08/07/1937 Text Of United States-Soviet Trade Pact 4
08/07/1937 Hitler Welcomes Envoy Of Franco-German Sees Red Peril 6
08/07/1937 Reich Forbids Use Of Wood For Fuel-Goering Orders State Control Of All Forests And Timber-May Seize Supplies 6
08/07/1937 Reich Churchmen Defend State Acts 16
08/08/1937 Russia Now Seeking 3 Battleships Here 1
08/08/1937 37 Nations Respond To U.S. Peace Plea; Spain, China Silent-Germany, Italy And Japan Also Decline To Answer Hull Plan For World Agreement 1
08/08/1937 Hull Asks Leasing Of Old (U.S.) Warships-To Aid Defense Of Latin Republics 12
08/08/1937 World Gold Store Studied In Capital 21
08/08/1937 Soviet Welcomes Firmer Tie To U.S. 28
08/08/1937 Hundreds Of Koreans Reported Put In Jail (By Japanese) 28
08/08/1937 Zionists (At World Zionist Congress, Zuerich) To Accept Weizmann Policy-Clarence K. Streit 30
08/08/1937 Reich Plans Action In (British) Expulsion Case-May Lead To Retaliation (See Aug. 7, P. 1) 30
08/08/1937 Dictator (John Metaxas) Keeping Firm Grip In Greece 31
08/08/1937 France Has War Games 31
08/08/1937 27 More Churchmen Seized In Germany 32
08/08/1937 Leverage On Congress Retained By Roosevelt E-3
08/08/1937 British Adroitness On Palestine Seen E-3
08/08/1937 For America If Not Democracy, What-James Truslow Adams Mag. 1
08/08/1937 (Senator Burton K. Wheeler) The Liberal Who Fights New Deal Liberalism Mag. 3
08/09/1937 Japanese Occupy Peiping To Set Up Rule By Army 1
08/09/1937 115 Seized In (Pro-) Neimoeller Parade, Believed First Anti-Nazi Massing 1
08/09/1937 Brazil Is Told U.S. Lends Destroyers-Press Release Asserts Six Old Vessels Are Involved In Deal Seen As A Beau Geste-Hull In Favor Of Plan 4
08/09/1937 Dr. S.S. Wise (World Zionist Congress, Zuerich) Scores Palestine Split-Up-Doubts Its Aid To Peace 5
08/09/1937 (German Ambassador To U.S., Dr. Hans Dieckmann) Assails Bias Here Against Germany 8
08/09/1937 Protest Planned (By German-American Bund) At German Camp Nordland-(N.Y. Congressman, Samuel) Dickstein Is Assailed 8
08/09/1937 Nazis Warn Farmers Of Heavy Penalties (For Withholding Wheat And Rye) 8
08/09/1937 (E. E. Hausamann) Deplores Nazi Prejudice 8
08/09/1937 Rebel Nazi Pastor (Rev. Martin Niemoeller) Lauded For Ideals (By Presbyterian Rev. Dr. Andrew R. Osborn) 17
08/10/1937 Reich To Oust London Times Man; Complains Of (3 Earlier) British Expulsions (Of German Newsmen) 1
08/10/1937 Copeland Assails (Roosevelt’s) ‘Reprisal Policy’-Asks Bar To Third Term 6
08/10/1937 Niemoeller Trial Put Off By Reich 9
08/10/1937 Reich Backs Hull (Peace) Plan 9
08/11/1937 Argentina Scores (U.S.) Warship Leasing; Wants U.S. And Brazil To Explain It 1
08/11/1937 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Greets World Girl Scouts-Decries Mere Lip Service 3
08/11/1937 Roosevelt Gives Views On Government Unions (References, No Views!) 4
08/11/1937 Mussolini Denies He Is Anti-British 10
08/11/1937 Foreign Oil Firms In Mexico May Quit 11
08/11/1937 Hitler Power Laid To Cure-All Policy (By Refugee, Dr. Hans Seinon) 12
08/11/1937 Hitler Called ‘History’s Greatest Physician’ For Lighting Rays Of Hope In The Despairing 13
08/11/1937 Zionists Get Plan Of Partition Foes (At World Zionist Congress, Zuerich)-Clarence K. Streit 14
08/12/1937 Revolt In Congress Blocks Chief Roosevelt Measures; Democrats Lead In Uprising 1
08/12/1937 72 More Russians Executed As Spies-Bringing Siberian Total To 310 In Three Months 1
08/12/1937 Zionists Approve Partition Parley-Rabbi S.S. Wise Stirs Delegates (At World Zionist Congress, Zuerich)-Clarence K. Streit 1
08/12/1937 Navy Describes New Air Bomber (Xpbs-Picture) 5
08/12/1937 (U.S. Chamber Of Commerce) Fights U.S. Withdrawal (From Tientsin, China) 9
08/12/1937 (Sumner) Welles Explains (‘Old’ U.S.) Warship Leasing (To South American Nations Who Are Friendly)-Chileans Now Back Plan 10
08/12/1937 Poland Expels Germans (Three Evangelical Pastors From Upper Silesia) 11
08/12/1937 Germans In London Organized By Nazis-’Journalists’ Are Active-Augur 12
08/12/1937 Germany Suffers A Labor Shortage-Speed Up Is Advocated-Otto D. Tolischus 12
08/12/1937 Cites Anti-Reich Stories 12
08/12/1937 (Story) Says Hanfstaengle Fled One-Way Ride-Was Critical Of Franco 13
08/12/1937 Costa Rican Site Bought For (Refugee) Jews (50,000 Acres Bought By Refugee Economic Corporation) 13
08/12/1937 F. M. Warburg Off For Zurich (World Zionist Congress) Parley-Heads Non-Zionist Group-To Fight Partition Plan 13
08/13/1937 Argentina Fights (U.S.’S) Warship Leasing (To Other South American Countries) 7
08/13/1937 Zionists (At World Zionist Congress, Zuerich) Hear Plan To Aid 200,000 Jews (Origin Not Stated)-Palestine Jews Pleased-British Plans Discussed 9
08/13/1937 Appeals Made To Jews-Rabbis Ask Greater Aid For The (United) Palestine (Appeal) Fund 10
08/14/1937 U.S. Plan To Lease (‘Lend-Lease’ ?) Warships Is Postponed; Action Follows Hull’s Talks With Argentine 1
08/14/1937 U.S. Safeguarding Rights In Palestine 2
08/14/1937 Texts Of Notes On Palestine 2
08/14/1937 Japan Faces Peril Of War On 2 Fronts 3
08/14/1937 Proof Asked Of Reich For Expulsion Order 3
08/15/1937 25 More Nations Back U.S. (Peace) Proposal 27
08/15/1937 Text Of News Responses From Foreign Governments On Hull’s Appeal For Peace 27
08/15/1937 39 U.S. Warships Ready Off China 30
08/15/1937 Shooting Staged (By Japanese) The Chinese Insist 30
08/15/1937 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Asks Aid Of Mme. Chiang 30
08/15/1937 More U.S. Tourists Barred By Soviet-Barred Tourists Return 31
08/15/1937 Nazi Chief Warns Of (German) Minority Issue (In Poland, Czechoslovakia Etc.) 32
08/15/1937 War Phobia Held Overemphasized N-3
08/15/1937 (Mutual) News Mens’ Expulsions Hurt Anglo-German Ties E-5
08/15/1937 Central America Tied To Fascism-Our Position Weakened E-5
08/15/1937 Destroyer Leasing (By U.S. To Favored South American Nations) Is Quickly Dropped-Brazil’s Request Met In The ‘Good Neighbor’ Spirit Stirs Up Sharp Protests-Hull’s Letter A Cause E-6
08/15/1937 Our Debt Linked To Gold Imports E-7
08/15/1937 Cartoon: Pro-Roosevelt E-9
08/15/1937 Peace Volunteers Man 63 Centers; Students At Work In 22 States D-5
08/15/1937 Lehmann, Capt. Ernst A., Zeppelin, Longmans, Green & Co., N.Y.-The Eventful Story Of The Zeppelin In War And Peace Book 5
08/15/1937 An Unchanging (Radiant) Roosevelt Drives On-Anne O’ Hare Mc Cormick Mag. 1
08/15/1937 Archduke Otto (Of Hapsburg) Awaits That Call To Vienna Mag. 3
08/15/1937 Vignettes Of Peace In Palestine-Joseph M. Levy Mag. 9
08/15/1937 Picture: The Army’s Test Plane For Flights In The Sub-Stratosphere (Lockheed Xc-35) Roto.
08/15/1937 Picture: National Socialist League Of War Wounded In Berlin-’We Are The Army Of Those Who Really Know What War Is.’ Roto.
08/15/1937 Kaleidoscope Pageant Of Youth At Girl Scout Jubilee Camp-Germany Not Represented Roto.
08/16/1937 Japanese Forces Attack Shanghai In Early Dawn By Land, Air And Sea; U.S. Evacuating Women And Children-Chinese Surprised 1
08/16/1937 $409,195,154 Spent Here By WPA (Harry Hopkins), 82% On Public Works For City 1
08/16/1937 Roosevelt Insists On Budget Balance In New Discussions 1
08/16/1937 Air Travel To U.S. Rose 26% In Year-38,753 Entered The Country In 1937 Fiscal Term Or Twice Average From 1930 To 1934 2
08/16/1937 (Alfred E.) Smith Reiterates Dig At (Roosevelt) New Deal 3
08/16/1937 Unity Of Germans In U.S. Is Nazi Aim (Allegedly Quoted From The ‘National Socialist Kurier’) 6
08/16/1937 150,000 Nazis Bar Fete By (Speyer) Catholics 7
08/16/1937 (Patriotic Front Austrians) Protest German Film 7
08/16/1937 WPA Administrator Here (Col. Brehon Somervell, Picture) Reviews Expenditure Of $409,195,154 Federal Fund (Administered By Harry Hopkins) 8
08/16/1937 ‘Scottsboro (Rapist) Boys’ Take To The Stage (In N.Y.)-Youths Decide Over Objection Of (Defense Lawyer, Samuel) Leibowitz, That They Are Career Men Now 21
08/16/1937 Dr. Burrel (Reformed Church) Asks End Of Class War 22
08/16/1937 Obedience To God Called Essential (By Edinburgh, Scotland, Baptist, Rev. Dr. W. Graham Scoggie) 22
08/16/1937 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns Of Nazis’ Policies-Says Suppression Of Religious Beliefs Must Be Opposed By All Peaceful Means 22
08/16/1937 Eased Price Decree (In Berlin) Pleases Germans 23
08/16/1937 Export Industries Gain In Germany 26
08/17/1937 Foe Of Cardenas (In Mexico) Forced To Resign-Radical Rift Is Widened 1
08/17/1937 New (A. F. Of L.) Radio Union Headed By (Eddie) Cantor 1
08/17/1937 Japanese Masses Cool Toward War 1
08/17/1937 Times Of London Unmoved On Reich (Retaliatory Expulsion Of Its Berlin Correspondent) 2
08/17/1937 Refugees Roaming Shanghai Streets-Shops Looted For Food 2
08/17/1937 Chinese Arms Deal In Prague Reported ($50,000,000 Credit) 2
08/17/1937 Lloyds Increases Rates 2
08/17/1937 16 Killed In Clash Of Fascists In Brazil 2
08/17/1937 France Is Anxious To Avoid Conflict (In The East) 3
08/17/1937 Americans Confer On Palestine Plan-Arab And Jewish Groups Study Possibilities Of A Federation Instead Of Partition-Weizmann Is Reelected-(World) Zionist Congress (Zuerich) Retains Entire Executive-Empowers It To Negotiate On Jewish State (S.S. Wise To Seek More Money From U.S. Jews)-Clarence K. Streit 4
08/17/1937 German Seaplane (‘Nordmeer’) Here From (Via) Azores (Picture & Crew) 6
08/17/1937 U.S. War Memorial Dedicated In England (Picture) 24
08/17/1937 Nya Will Close Its Girl Camps 24
08/17/1937 Japanese Bonds Drop To 1937 Lows 28
08/17/1937 Large U.S. Cargoes Afloat For China-Exporters Ponder Effect On New Trade If Roosevelt Invokes The Neutrality Act 33
08/18/1937 U.S. (Roosevelt) Avoids Neutrality (Act) Stand On China, Will Guard Nationals Till Evacuated; Scale Of Shanghai War Grows Rapidly-Hull Gives Policy 1
08/18/1937 Britain To Defend Threatened Rights 1
08/18/1937 Chinese Refugees Alarm Foreigners-Mob Violence Increases 3
08/18/1937 Manila Prepared As Refugee Haven 3
08/18/1937 Picture: U.S. Brig. Gen. John C. Beaumont Will Go To Shanghai 3
08/18/1937 Soviet Drops ‘Spies’ In Planning Board-Harold Denny, Moscow 5
08/18/1937 Cardenas’s Speech (Mexico) Disturbs Bankers 5
08/18/1937 Palestine Bargain Laid To Weizmann 17
08/18/1937 ‘To Hell With Law’ Says Lynching Mob (Lynched Negro Who Killed White Sheriff) 20
08/18/1937 Situation In China Advances Wheat (Prices) 27
08/18/1937 Output Of Oil Sets High Record Again 27
08/18/1937 Gold Reserve Rises Again At Reichsbank 34
08/18/1937 President (Roosevelt) Begins Shake-Up (Reorganization) Of FCC 34
08/18/1937 Few Export Firms Shipping To (Shanghai) China 36
08/19/1937 Roosevelt Assails Critics As Enemies Of Democracy; Stands By Present System (Text Of Speech-Quotes Mccaulay, 1857!) 1
08/19/1937 Japan Held Facing Long Chinese War 2
08/19/1937 Chiang Gives Army Fliers An Extra Month’s Pay 2
08/19/1937 Hull Cool To Plan For Shanghai Plea (To Cease Hostilities-Map Of Shanghai) 3
08/19/1937 (Secretary Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Sees Snags In (U.S.) Neutrality Law-Trade Loss A Possibility 3
08/19/1937 German Exports Set Record For Nazi Era 4
08/19/1937 Pictures; American And British With Loyalist Forces In Spain 4
08/19/1937 Americans To Visit Spain-Will Survey Work Being Done In Loyalist Area With U.S. Funds (‘North American Committee To Aid Spanish Democracy’) 4
08/19/1937 Churches Affirm Unity As Goal (Edinburgh ‘World Conference On Faith And Order’) 4
08/19/1937 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Called ‘Sweetheart Of The World’ (By Policeman, Michael Karpelman) 6
08/19/1937 Non-Zionists Rake Plan For (Palestine) Partition-Americans (F. M. Warburg,American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Lead Heavy Attack In Jewish Agency Council On Palestine Proposal-Secession Danger Looms-Mandate Report Ready-Clarence K. Streit 11
08/19/1937 ‘Ghetto’ Zones For Jews Decreed In Berlin Parks 11
08/19/1937 (FBI) Inquiry Is Started On German Camps-Acts On Plea Of (Connecticut Congressman) Citron-Meanwhile Fritz Kuhn At Andover, N. J. Says He Welcomes Investigation 40
08/20/1937 U.S. Non-Zionists In Bolt At Zurich-Led By (F. M.) Warburg And Magnes-Weizmann May Mediate-Clarence K. Streit 1&3
08/20/1937 Neutrality (Act) Action (By U.S. In Japan-China War) Is Urged In House 2
08/20/1937 British Proposal (Withdrawal Of Troops) Rejected By Tokyo 2
08/20/1937 U.S. And Brazil Set On Warship Rental-Both Governments Indicate Plan Will Be Completed Despite All Objections-Rebuke To Argentina 3
08/20/1937 Text Of U.S.-Brazilian Statement 3
08/20/1937 34 More Executed By Soviet In Siberia 3
08/20/1937 Jewish Colony Opposed-Costa Rican Newspaper Attacks Plan For (Jewish) Settlement (In Guana Caste-50,000 Acres) 3
08/20/1937 Large Jewish Store (‘Wertheim’s’) In Berlin Liquidated (‘Aryanized’) 4
08/20/1937 Picture: Baptist Church In Shanghai Bombed 4
08/20/1937 (Mexico’s) Cardenas Pledges Labor Democracy-Defies Armed Opposition 5
08/20/1937 Roosevelt (In Roanoke Island) Speech Stirs Senate Foes 10
08/20/1937 Former Wier Men (CIO Organizers) Tell Of (Company) Beatings (To NLRB) 18
08/20/1937 1937 Reich Exports To U.S. At New High 31
08/21/1937 U.S. Flagship (Cruiser ‘Augusta’-Picture On P. 3) Hit, 1 Killed, 18 Injured-Origin Of Fatal Missile Unknown-One-Forth Of Shanghai Is Burning 1
08/21/1937 Shelling (Of ‘Augusta’) A Mishap In Roosevelt View 1
08/21/1937 Refugees Greeted By Manila Quakers 1
08/21/1937 Mussolini Makes Fervid Peace Plea-Pledges Franco Support 2
08/21/1937 256 U.S. Refugees Arrive At Manila 2
08/21/1937 Credits In Europe (Czechoslovakia) Confirmed By Kung-Chinese Minister Is Believed To Have Paved Way For Large Munitions Purchases 2
08/21/1937 Konoe Says, Japan Must Settle War-Does Not Want Any Foreign Intervention 3
08/21/1937 China’s Recovery Reported At Peak (By U.S. Commercial Attache-Gold Reserves Improved 3
08/21/1937 WPA Guide Book Under New Attack 5
08/21/1937 Compromise Seen In Jewish Agency-Clarence K. Streit 13
08/21/1937 Polish Jews To Meet 13
08/21/1937 (‘German Liberty League’ Of St. Louis, Mo.) Assails Use Of Swastika (In Parade) 13
08/21/1937 Women Witnesses (CIO Escorts) Accuse Wier (Company) Men (Before NLRB) 30
08/22/1937 Peasant Slayings (By Trotsky Etc.) Scored In Soviet 1
08/22/1937 Japan’s Finances Strained By War 2
08/22/1937 Colleagues Praise (British) Writer Nazis Oust (In Retaliation) 2
08/22/1937 Nazis Make Doctors Take Extension Work (To Keep Up To Date In Medicine) 2
08/22/1937 Manila Prepares For New Refugees 3
08/22/1937 (Chinese) Snipers Not Executed (By Japanese) 3
08/22/1937 German Judges Free Asserts Nazi Leader (Dr. Hanns Frank) 4
08/22/1937 France Limits (Spanish) Refugees 4
08/22/1937 Lutherans In Reich Criticize (German) Methodist (Bishop Melle For Protest At Oxford Conference Against The Resolution Deploring German Church Conditions) 5
08/22/1937 17 Killed In Poland In Farm Strike Riots 10
08/22/1937 Session Is Rough On New Deal Bills-Court (Revision-Reorganization) Defeat Stands Out 28
08/22/1937 Southerners Win On Cotton Subsidy 29
08/22/1937 Non-Zionists Win In Jewish Agency-This Rules Out (Palestine) Partition (Text) N-4
08/22/1937 Scottsboro (Rape) Case Is Reopened Again-Court Pact Seems Ended N-8
08/22/1937 Our Neutrality Policy Meets A Test In China-Might Defeat Our Own Ends-Anne O’ Hare Mc Cormick E-3
08/22/1937 Palestine Debate Narrowing Down-Clarence K. Streit E-4
08/22/1937 Germany Feels Pinch In Steel And Grains E-5
08/22/1937 Dictators Balked In South America (Bolivia & Paraguay) E-5
08/22/1937 Hart, Liddell, Europe In Arms, Random House, N.Y.-Liddell Hart Reviews The Marching Men Of Europe Book 3
08/22/1937 Nine Muses Regimented To Serve Nazi Kultur-Otto D. Tolischus Mag. 4
08/22/1937 ‘Done For The Good Of The Diplomatic Service’ (State Department Reorganization) Mag. 8
08/23/1937 President (Roosevelt) Centers Mind On Far East-U.S. Policy Is Unchanged 1
08/23/1937 Diplomatic Status Sought For Nazis (Request For Protection Of German Nationals In Foreign Countries) 3
08/23/1937 Factions See Gain In Jewish Agency 3
08/23/1937 Arabs Press Idea Of Deal With Jews-Joseph M. Levy 3
08/23/1937 (St. Louis ‘German Day’ Speakers) Predict Reich Democracy 3
08/23/1937 Nazis Hold More (Protestant) Pastors 3
08/23/1937 Polish Peasant Riots Are Laid To Politics 3
08/23/1937 543 Angry Tourists Back From Soviet 4
08/23/1937 Eight Factory Men At Leningrad Shot-Theater Joins In ‘Purge’ 4
08/23/1937 (Jeremiah T.) Mahoney Assails Nazi Persecution-Endorsed By (‘Scottsboro’ Samuel S.) Leibowitz 6
08/23/1937 Dr. Bowie (Episcopalian) Rejects Totalitarian Idea-Hails Unity In Religion 10
08/23/1937 Apathy Decried Among Catholics-Modern Pagans Scored 10
08/23/1937 2,200 Infantrymen Reach Camp Smith 10
08/24/1937 Wartime Economy Planned By Japan 1
08/24/1937 Hull Again Makes Plea For Peace-(Senator Key) Pittman Defends Policy 1
08/24/1937 Japanese Facing Fires Set By (Chinese) Foe 1
08/24/1937 (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman (Chairman Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee And Roosevelt Stalwart) Explains (U.S.) Neutrality Status-Delay In Applying (Neutrality) Act 3
08/24/1937 Hull Statement On China Crisis-Peace Has Been Urged 3
08/24/1937 Shelling Of (U.S. Cruiser) Augusta Is Mystery To (Inquiry) Board; U.S. Inquiry Is Unable To Trace Its Source 3
08/24/1937 Fear Of Russians Hampers Japanese 4
08/24/1937 Child Refugees Fear Sight Of Airplanes 5
08/24/1937 Valencia (Loyalist Spain) Protests Italy Sinks Ships (One Loaded With Gasoline From Russia)-Clarence K. Streit 6
08/24/1937 League Body Backs Palestine Division (Partition)-British Policy Criticized 8
08/24/1937 World Peace Parley Of Veterans Is Urged (In Appeal To Roosevelt) 8
08/24/1937 Picture: Berlin Celebrates Its 700th Anniversary 8
08/24/1937 German Dueling Halted (Reich Decree) 8
08/24/1937 Accuses Hungarian Nazis-Count Szechenyl Says Germany Is Pouring Money Into Country 8
08/24/1937 U.S. Envoy (Joshua Butler Wright) To Cuba Hailed By (President) Laredo Bru 9
08/24/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer (Non-Sectarian Anti-Fascist League) Warns Poles (Promises Aid To Poland For Better Treatment Of Jews-Federation Of Polish Jews) 9
08/24/1937 Miss (Frances) Perkins Hit Over Alien Laws-Deportation Demanded (Immigration & Naturalization Under Labor Dept.) 27
08/25/1937 9 More Executed In Russian Plots 1
08/25/1937 Communists Here Endorse The C.I.O. 3
08/25/1937 (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) Says C.I.O. Hires Communists 3
08/25/1937 Wage (And Hour) Bill To Win (Robert H.) Jackson Declares 5
08/25/1937 20 Planes (Bellancas) Shipped To China From U.S. 6
08/25/1937 Roosevelt Backs Hull’s Peace Plea 7
08/25/1937 Nazis (‘Der Angriff’) Find Japan Warring On Reds-Sees Soviet Mobilizing 7
08/25/1937 Chinese Are Strong, German Aide (Col. Fritz Neidhold) Says 8
08/25/1937 80 More Are Injured In Rioting In Poland-Sixty Jews Are Beaten By Fascist Raiders 9
08/25/1937 Brazil Asks Reich To Deport (German) Woman 9
08/25/1937 Rotary Clubs Put Under Nazis’ Ban-Otto D. Tolischus 10
08/25/1937 Reich Releases (Protestant) Pastors 10
08/25/1937 (Roosevelt) Lets Aliens Re-Enlist (In Army) 11
08/26/1937 Japanese Blockade Coast Of China To Foe’s Shipping-War Area Widened 1
08/26/1937 British Back Hull On Peace Appeal-Note U.S. Collaboration 1
08/26/1937 Hull’s (Peace) Appeal Criticized (In Tribune De Geneve) 2
08/26/1937 Polish (Jewish) Curbs Condemned-Jews At Brussels See Ruin Of 3,500,000 (Polish Jews) 3
08/26/1937 Germans Anger Poles-Repressive Measures Increase In Upper Silesia And Danzig 3
08/26/1937 20 British Fascists Guests Of Streicher 6
08/27/1937 Japanese Fliers Shoot (Wound) British Envoy-Tokyo May Search Foreign Vessels 1
08/27/1937 Samuel Untermyer, Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League) Demands U.S. Ignore Nazi Party Festival (In Letter To Hull-S.S. Wise Concurs) 3
08/27/1937 China Executes 18 3
08/27/1937 Rumania Will Rearm With Czechs’ Help 4
08/27/1937 Nazi (Exchange) Students Drill On Converting World 4
08/27/1937 Attack On (Rumanian) Jews (By Orthodox Patriarch, Miron Christes) Scored 4
08/27/1937 (James L.) Houteling Takes Oath (As Commissioner General Of Immigration And Naturalization-Under Francis Perkins, U.S. Secretary Of Labor) 6
08/27/1937 Communist Party Backs La Guardia (Candidacy) 7
08/28/1937 China Welcomes Hull Peace Plan (Text, P. 31) 1
08/28/1937 Hull Warns Japan And China On U.S. Ships And Nationals; Britain Preparing Demands 1
08/28/1937 Laguardia Is Cool To Communist Aid (In Election) 1
08/28/1937 France To Follow U.S. Lead In China-Will Suggest League Adopt Our Policy-British Support Is Seen 4
08/28/1937 Last Peace Refuge Is Seen In America (By George Messersmith-Text)-Stresses Hull’s Policy 5
08/28/1937 Soviet Executes 32 In East Siberia-Woman Is Also Shot 5
08/28/1937 Hull Urged By (Emanuel) Celler To Decline Nazi Bid (To NSDAP Party Fete At Nuernberg) 5
08/28/1937 France Will Give (Spanish Loyalist-Communist) Refugees Transit 6
08/28/1937 (Samuel) Untermyer (Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League) Praises Subway In Moscow-He Sees Perils Of Fascism Much Greater Than Those Of Communism 6
08/28/1937 $5,865,000 Of Gold Engaged In Japan 21
08/29/1937 Hitler Held Ready For Vatican Truce 1
08/29/1937 Five New Naval Vessels To Join Fleet Soon; Dates For September Commissioning Set 3
08/29/1937 Scottsboro (Rape Case) Judge Denies New Trials-Prejudice Charged To Him 19
08/29/1937 Ban On Nazis Is Urged (By American Society For Race Tolerance In Telegram To Hull) 24
08/29/1937 Nazis Plan Exhibits Against Bolshevism (At Nuernberg Party Congress) 25
08/29/1937 Roosevelt Is Urged (By Socialist, Norman Thomas) To Act Against Italy 26
08/29/1937 Rulers Are Cool To Arab Congress-Joseph M. Levy 26
08/29/1937 Japanese Expect Short, Sharp War-They Hold Chinese Are So Far Outclassed That Resistance Will Be Over By Christmas 29
08/29/1937 Roosevelt Warns Nation On Liberty-Assails ‘Small Minority’-Some ‘Complacent’ In Saying Democracy Is Challenged Abroad, He Writes-They ‘Distrust’ Our System N-1
08/29/1937 (U.S.) War Games Reach Climax This Week N-1
08/29/1937 More Lines Refuse Shanghai Cargoes F-9
08/29/1937 Arabs In Palestine Ponder Scheme For Bi-Nationalism (Picture: Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem) E-5
08/29/1937 (Treasury (Department-Morgenthau) Sends Agents To School; Insists 2,700 Must Be ‘Educated’ D-4
08/30/1937 Sharp British Note Demands Redress For ‘Inexcusable’ Wounding Of Envoy; China And Russia Enter Anti-War Pact 1
08/30/1937 U.S. View Is In Line With British Note 1
08/30/1937 Two Women Shot In Soviet As Poisoners 1
08/30/1937 25,000 Hear Critics Of Nazis Assailed-’German Day’ At Yaphank Camp Celebrated With Marching And Much Speech-Making-50 Black Shirts (Ordnungs Dienst) Attend-(Fritz Kuhn)Criticizes Samuel Untermyer Views (On Russia-See Aug. 28, P. 6) 3
08/30/1937 Nazis Assert Hold On Germans Abroad-’Reich Loyalty’ A Right 3
08/30/1937 Nazis To Glorify (Their) Economic Success-Reich Leads In Recovery-To Celebrate Virtual End Of Joblessness Under Hitler (At Nuernberg Congress)-Otto D. Tolischus 4
08/30/1937 Reich Churchmen Are Still Defiant 4
08/30/1937 Roosevelt Vetoes Veterans’ Aid Bill 5
08/30/1937 Democracy Called Way To Perfection (See Aug. 31, P. 24) 22
08/31/1937 U.S. Warns Ships To Avoid Shanghai After Chinese Bomb Big Dollar Liner; Warships Ready To Save Americans-New Refugee Plan 1
08/31/1937 (Senator Arthur) Vandenburg Urges Firmer Neutrality-Notes Roosevelt’s Delay (In Invoking Provisions Of Neutrality Act) 1
08/31/1937 (Sumner) Wells (In Paris, Met By U.S. Ambassador To France, William C. Bullitt) Denies Mission (‘I’m Here For A Vacation.’) 2
08/31/1937 Poles Protest To Danzig-New Note Decries The ‘Persecution’ Of (Polish) Children (In Danzig) By Nazis (Forced To Attend German Schools) 3
08/31/1937 Zionist Leaders Return (To U.S. From Zuerich World Zionist Conference)-Robert Szold Scores (Palestine) Partition Plan As Unfeasible And Futile 4
08/31/1937 German Plan (‘Nordmeer’-Picture) Off On Return Flight (Via Azores) 14
08/31/1937 Propaganda Tide Gauged In America-Speakers Of 3 Faiths Agree At Williams (College) That Films Must Educate, Differ On Process-Journalists Debate Majority Rule In Democracy-Campus As Light Source 24
08/31/1937 Food Termed Vital In Hawaii Defense (By Maj. Gen. Hugh A. Drum) 24