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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

January 1938
Date Headline Page
01/01/1938 Roosevelt Cuts Silver To 64.64 Cents 1
01/01/1938 Reich Is Stronger, But Cost Is Heavy-Prosperous On Surface 3
01/01/1938 Events Relating To The Federal Government Since Congress Ended In August 6&7
01/01/1938 An Interpretive Chronology For The Year 1937 (Germany, P. 23) 21-23
01/01/1938 $23,501,000 Gold Received In Month 26
01/01/1938 Month’s Dividends Off From Year Ago 32
01/01/1938 Shipbuilding In ‘37 A Peace-Time High-1938’s Prospects Bright 35
01/01/1938 Independent Austria Seen By Schuschnigg 36
01/02/1938 France To Refuse To Arm Old Allies-A Virtual Embargo Ordered On Armament Supplies To Rumania And Yugoslavia 1
01/02/1938 Census Shows 7,822,912 Idle 1
01/02/1938 Report Huge (L500,000,000) Jewish Fund To Fight Hostile States 7
01/02/1938 Democracies Held Bulwark Of Peace (By Rabbis J. B. Wise And Joseph Zeitlin) 9
01/02/1938 Militarism’s Rise Held World Peril (By Dr. Harry W. Laidler, Ex-Director Of The League For Industrial Democracy) 12
01/02/1938 New League (Of Nations) Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 12
01/02/1938 Army Now Can Put 300,000 Into Field 25
01/02/1938 Britain Ends 1937 Well Off Fiscally 38
01/02/1938 Nazi Ancestor Worship Spreading In Germany 39
01/02/1938 Democracy Lost In 1937; What Will 1938 Bring-Totalitarian States Using Force And Threats Of Force-Edwin L. James E-3
01/02/1938 Cartoon-Hitler, Mussolini, Franco & Japan E-3
01/02/1938 British Use Radio In New Diplomacy E-5
01/02/1938 Germans Call Us ‘Kibitzer’ E-5
01/03/1938 Mexico Abrogates Oil Pact With U.S.; Adds Trade Threat 1
01/03/1938 (Carl W.) Ackerman (Dean Of School Of Journalism, Columbia University) Scores Dictators’ Press (Mentions Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President Of Columbia And Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 7
01/03/1938 Jews Deny Any Plan To Fight Persecutors (With Fund Of L500,000,000-See Above!) 10
01/03/1938 Picture: Right Rev. Henry St. George Tucker, New Head Of Protestant Episcopal Church, Delivers First Address As Presiding Bishop-Strongly Pro-British And Interventionist) 22
01/03/1938 Fiscal Strain Tries French Resources 31
01/03/1938 Graph: Stock Market In 1937-Low In Nov. & Dec. (92 Vs. 140) 32
01/03/1938 Federal Debt Rose ($) 2,933,000,000 In 1937 33
01/04/1938 ‘Big Navy’ Speeded 1
01/04/1938 Soviet Executes 8 In Armenian Plot 5
01/04/1938 Press In Germany Sneers At (Roosevelt) Speech (Text, P. 16) 17
01/04/1938 Dollar Moves Off In Foreign Listings-Pound At $5.01½ 29
01/04/1938 Erie R. R. Defaults On Bond Interest 29
01/04/1938 124 Ships On Ways In American Yards-Tankers Still Chief Type 47
01/05/1938 Britain Is Cooler On Palestine Split; Long Delay Seen (Text Of British White Paper On Palestine, P. 6) 1
01/05/1938 Roosevelt Asks Business To Join Him In Controlling New Industrial Production 1
01/05/1938 Anti-Semitic Acts Pile Up In Rumania 6
01/05/1938 Jews’ Economic End In Germany Is Seen-Situation In Poland Is Worse Because Of Personal Danger, Says Loovitch Of Ort 9
01/05/1938 President (Roosevelt) Pushes His Defense Plans-Navy Bill Awaits Talks 11
01/05/1938 Geneva Is Gratified By Tone Of (Roosevelt’s) Message-Roosevelt Is Seen As Outstanding Champion Of Democracy, But Arms Program Is Criticized 12
01/05/1938 Zeppelin Service To Resume In June-Gas (Helium) Export Ban (Of U.S.) Lifted 19
01/06/1938 War On Recession Asked By (Herbert) Lehman 1
01/06/1938 1 Billion Deficit In 7 Billion Budget; Defense Outlay Raised To 990,000,000; President (Roosevelt) Cites Slump, World Unrest-Billion To Relief-To Enlarge Navy 1
01/06/1938 Britain Assailed On Palestine Plan 2
01/06/1938 Attacks On Radio Worry Dictators-Otto D. Tolischus 4
01/06/1938 Niemoeller Fears A Communist Reich 4
01/06/1938 (J. Edgar) Hoover Reports On (Fritz) Kuhn On (German-American) Bund 4
01/06/1938 Plebiscite Urged For Puerto Rico-Elective (Not Appointed By U.S. President, Roosevelt) Governor Asked 5
01/06/1938 Congress Tightens Defense Secrecy 11
01/06/1938 Roosevelt Budget-Govt. Receipts And Expenditures For 9 Years 12&13
01/06/1938 Early Lost In Wheat And Corn 36
01/07/1938 (Dr. William E.) Dodd (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany Who Resigned Because Of His Dislike For The German Government, Daughter, Martha, Shortly To Wed Alfred K. Stern, Chicago) Back, Bitter On Dictatorships-Sees World War Brewing-Arms Race Twice As Great As In 1913, He Holds 1
01/07/1938 British Infuriate Reich On Rumania-German News Agency Accuses London Of Hypocrisy After Step In Defense Of Jews 11
01/07/1938 New Group Backs Policies Of Hull (‘The Economic Policy Committee’) 11
01/07/1938 Japan’s War Costs Reach High Figure 11
01/07/1938 Schuschnigg Vexes Berlin By (Hostile) Interview 12
01/07/1938 (Baldur Von Shirach) Decrees Girls (14-21 Years) In Germany Must Learn Housekeeping (‘Pflichtjahre’)-Trade With Japan Took Spurt In 1937 31
01/08/1938 (Roosevelt) Shifts Diplomats, Appoints Kennedy (To London & Hugh Wilson To Berlin-Pictures, P. 3) 1
01/08/1938 Duplessis (Quebec) Officers Raid Jewish Library 4
01/08/1938 Three Guillotined For Treason In France 5
01/08/1938 Yugoslavs Oust Aliens 5
01/08/1938 Nazi Girls Must Work (Pflictjahre) 5
01/08/1938 Ludendorff Urged Aides To Fight On-Praises Nazi Revolution 7
01/09/1938 Roosevelt To Ask Big Navy Increase 1
01/09/1938 Russia Preparing To Build Warships 1
01/09/1938 Persecuted Jews Seen On Increase-6,000,000 Victims Noted (By Dr. Bernhard Kahn, European Director Of The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee,’Jdc’) 12
01/09/1938 Immigration In Year Far Under Quotas-Only 53,610 Aliens AdmittedAllowance Of 153,774 14
01/09/1938 Hitler Austrian Aim (Anschluss) Declared Unaltered (In ‘Aufbruch’) 24
01/09/1938 Hull Again Hits War Referendum (Bill)-Ludlow (Sponsor) Revising His Plan 24
01/09/1938 14 Church Leaders Back Ludlow (War Referendum) Bill-Democratic Ideal Cited 24
01/09/1938 Propose Curb On War-Peace Patriots Send Roosevelt Plan To Boycott Aggressors (Germany, Italy & Japan) 28
01/09/1938 Reich Limits Study Of Hebrew 28
01/09/1938 Nazi Farms To Get 30,000 Italians’ Aid 36
01/09/1938 Reich Will Welcome (Hugh) Wilson As U.S. Envoy-Dodd’s Criticisms (Of Germany) Cause Vexation 36
01/09/1938 Japanese Atrocities Marked Fall Of Nanking After Chinese Command Fled 38
01/09/1938 Nanking Invaders Executed 20,000-The Conquerors Ran Wild 38
01/09/1938 Sacrifice Of Youth In War Denounced (By N.Y. City Rabbis) N-2
01/09/1938 British Anti-German Cartoon E-2
01/09/1938 Reich Studies Plan To Stop Church Aid-States’ Subsidies Large E-4
01/09/1938 Japan’s Economy Is Strained (Because Of War In China) E-4
01/09/1938 British Mark Time On Palestine Issue E-5
01/09/1938 If Franco Triumphs What? E-5
01/09/1938 Mrs. Hull And Mrs. Morgenthau; Study In Cabinet Officers’ Wives D-5
01/10/1938 War Referendum Up In House Today; Foes Are Hopeful-Hope For Roosevelt Aid (In Killing It) 1
01/10/1938 Reich Diet To Be Changed; Liquor And Tobacco Cut 1
01/10/1938 Ludlow War Vote Opposed By Legion 4
01/10/1938 German Films Fail To Attract (German) Public 5
01/10/1938 ‘Silence Training’ Is Urged On Reich 5
01/10/1938 Jews Seen Doomed As Group In Germany 5
01/10/1938 Opposes Palestine Split-Rochester 7
01/10/1938 U.S. Aid To The Peso Acclaimed In Mexico 10
01/10/1938 Citizenship Curbs In U.S. Assailed-Alien-Baiting Is Scored 34
01/11/1938 Ludlow War Referendum Is Defeated (209-188) In The House As Roosevelt Scores It (List Of Those Who Voted For & Against, P. 18) 1
01/11/1938 Noted (British) Excavator Slain In Palestine 1
01/11/1938 Goering Discloses Business Criticism 7
01/11/1938 Reich Trade Shifting-Business Increases In South America Are Reported 7
01/11/1938 Covenant Of League (Of Nations) Assailed In Poland (By Foreign Minister, Jozef Beck) 11
01/11/1938 Roosevelt Turns To Naval Program-Confers With Hull, Welles And Admiral Leahy On Steps To Expand The Fleets 18
01/11/1938 2,000,000 Approve Anti-War Appeal 18
01/12/1938 Brazil Repudiates Any Fascist Aims; Pleads For Amity-Halts Step To Oust Jews 1
01/12/1938 WPA Rolls Jump, Reach 1,760,000 4
01/12/1938 Hitler Says Reich Is Eager For Peace-Economic Needs Noted-Otto D. Tolischus 11
01/12/1938 Dr. (Harry Woodburn) Chase Sees Harm In Dictators’ Sway (At Jewish Theological Seminary Of America, Dr. Cyrus Adler, President) 15
01/12/1938 Dr. Otto Warburg, Noted Zionist, 78 (Dies In Berlin) 21
01/12/1938 (U.S.) Recession Termed Only Temporary 38
01/13/1938 Pope Pius (Xi) Praises Mussolini But Disapproves Of Hitler 1
01/13/1938 Austria, Hungary Recognize Franco At Italy’s Urging 1
01/13/1938 Says Nazi (German-American) Bund Here Obeys Federal Laws 4
01/13/1938 Japan Still Hopes China Will Give Up 4
01/13/1938 Reich Unemployed Up-995,000 Out Of Work During December 4
01/13/1938 Barefoot Bands Stalk Japanese In Icy North China, Writer (Agnes Smedly, Picture) Says 5
01/13/1938 Marshal Von Blomberg Weds Quietly In Berlin (Picture) 7
01/13/1938 Nazis Persecute Clergy 7
01/14/1938 Democracies Seen In Peril By (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Resigned, Dr. William E.) Dodd-Former Envoy Holds Fascistic Nations Must Be Checked If Civilization Is To Survive-He Blames U.S. In Part (Text, P. 4) 1
01/14/1938 U.S. Cruisers (‘Trenton,’ ‘Milwaukee,’ ‘Memphis’ & ‘Louisville’) To Go To Singapore Fete-On Britain’s Invitation 2
01/14/1938 Lwow (Poland) Yields To ‘Ghetto’ (Demands)-President, Deans Resign 2
01/14/1938 Reich Uses Fish Extract Instead Of Hen Eggs 2
01/14/1938 Nazis In Vienna Clash 2
01/14/1938 French Franc Here Goes Down To 3.23 Cents 3
01/14/1938 Paris To Seek Aid As Franc-Declines-Gold Is Leaving Country 3
01/14/1938 Hitler Anniversary Marked By Foes Here-(Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, William E.) Dodd Pleads For Jews Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Speaks-Dodd’s Text, P. 4) 3
01/14/1938 Reich Bars (Medical Study) Field To Jews 4
01/14/1938 Otto H. Warburg (At Kaiser Wilhelm Institut) Alive (Confused With The Otto Warburg Who Died A Few Days Ago) 4
01/14/1938 Brazil To Modify Immigration Law (To Permit Jews To Enter But To Restrict Japanese) 5
01/14/1938 Rumania To Restrict Jewish Physicians 7
01/14/1938 Fascism Assailed By Temple Women-Intolerance Also Scored 11
01/15/1938 Roosevelt Insists On The Dissolution Of Holing Companies, Banks Included 1
01/15/1938 (German Ambassador To U.S.) Protests Attack By (For U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd On Hitler 1
01/15/1938 Reich Jews Appeal Against New Curbs 4
01/15/1938 Nazi (Fritz Kuhn) Aide Jailed (30 Days) Here 4
01/15/1938 Schiff, Warburg Honored (James G. Mc Donald Of President’s Council On Refugees, Delivered Eulogy) 8
01/15/1938 Backward Students To Be Segregated 17
01/16/1938 (Herbert) Hoover Bids Nation Arm To Keep Peace-Would Back Moral Force (Text, P. 4) 1
01/16/1938 Japan Seeking 450,000,000 Credit For U.S. Machinery 1
01/16/1938 Messages Praised (Ambassador William E.) Dodd’s (Anti-Hitler) Reich Talk-Surprised At (German Ambassador) Dieckhoff 9
01/16/1938 (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Asks League (Of Nations) To Aid Jews (In Rumania) 28
01/16/1938 Arabs Open Drive On British Inquiry-Decries (Palestine) Partition Plan 31
01/16/1938 Peace Terms Seen In Japanese Drive 31
01/16/1938 Brazil Foreigners Subject To Ouster-Leniency For Jews Seen 32
01/16/1938 13 Commandments For Nazis Are Listed 33
01/16/1938 Schools To Open Tolerance Drive N-6
01/16/1938 Teachers Weigh Propaganda Evil N-6
01/16/1938 U.S. Drive Is To Further Peace N-10
01/16/1938 Business Index Moves Higher (Review, 1929-1938) F-1
01/16/1938 Reich Gets Labor (From Italy) On A Barter Plan E-5
01/16/1938 Washington Loath To Stir War (Referendum) Issue (Defeat) E-6
01/16/1938 Jewish Group’s (N.Y. Section Of The National Council Of Jewish Women’s) Aid To Aliens Is Topic D-5
01/16/1938 Picture: Rev. Henry St. George Tucker, A Leading Supporter Of Roosevelt’s Interventionist Policies, Vita Roto.
01/17/1938 Walsh, Nye Debate Need For Big Navy-Dakotan Assails Plans 7
01/17/1938 Jews See Crisis For All Mankind-Democracy Held Remedy 9
01/17/1938 Bavarian Nazis Seize Father Meyr Again 9
01/17/1938 (Zionist Organization Of America) Upholds Jewish State (Palestine) 9
01/17/1938 British Jews Favor Palestine Dominion (Under England) 9
01/17/1938 Dr. Fosdick Places Limit On Tolerance-Can Be A Way To Tyranny 20
01/17/1938 Sanction Is Sought For ‘Mercy Deaths’ 21
01/17/1938 Rumanian Jews Here Appeal To King Carol (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Involved 34
01/17/1938 Mrs Warburg Elected 34
01/18/1938 (Admiral William D. Leahy, Picture) Defends (Roosevelt’s) Naval Budget 12
01/18/1938 (Jacob Gould) Schurman (Former U.S. Ambassador To German) Urges U.S. To Arm Heavily-Gloomy On War Outlook 12
01/18/1938 $553,266,494 Bill For Navy Reported 12
01/18/1938 U.S. Would Frown On Credit To Japan 14
01/18/1938 Reich Will Defend (German) Minorities Abroad (Says Dr. Wilhelm Frick) 16
01/19/1938 Brazil Found Free Of European Ties-Pan-American Trend Seen 1
01/19/1938 Ecuador Orders Expulsion Of All Alien Jews Except Those Engaged In Farming Pursuits 3
01/19/1938 Smigly-Rydz (Polish) Foe Ousted-Friend Of Pilsudski Loses War Committee Chair In Sejm (Gen. Ludjan Zeligowski) 9
01/19/1938 Roosevelt Holds To Policy In Asia 10
01/20/1938 Mexican Tariffs Raised 100 To 200% On U.S. Products-German Goods Favored 1
01/20/1938 British Defiance Subdues Japanese In Tientsin Dispute 1
01/20/1938 Navy Debaters Ask Roosevelt’s Aims 1
01/20/1938 Sabotage Is Hinted In Hindenburg (Zeppelin) Fire 8
01/20/1938 Give Up War ‘Loot’ Mrs. Catt Demands 8
01/20/1938 (Der) Stuermer Is Suppressed (Attacked A Government Bureau) 8
01/20/1938 Beautification Of Girls Is Ordered In Germany 8
01/20/1938 Britain Is Cheered By Rise In Birth Rate And (Building) Permits 8
01/20/1938 Pledge On Danzig Seen-Foerster Backs Up Idea Hitler Will Keep Hands Off 8
01/20/1938 (Archbishop Of) Canterbury Assails Reich Church Policy 9
01/20/1938 Jews In Rumania See Facing Crisis (By James G. Mc Donald Of The President’s Committee On Refugees) 10
01/20/1938 Dr Mac Farland Asks (Racist) Intolerance Curb 10
01/20/1938 Jewish Leader (Dr. Bernard Joseph Of The Jewish Agency For Palestine) Arrives 10
01/21/1938 Son (James) Says President (Roosevelt) Shuns Dictatorship 1
01/21/1938 Reich Sees France Weaker In Europe 8
01/21/1938 Anglican Bishops Urge Reich Accord 8
01/21/1938 Germany Bans Weekly (‘Nature’) 8
01/21/1938 U.S. Film Concerns Oppose Polish Tax 9
01/21/1938 Mexico Fails To Curb Drive Against Jews-’Undesirable Foreigners’ 9
01/21/1938 (Josephus) Daniels Protests Mexican Tariffs (Placed On U.S. Goods) 9
01/21/1938 Peace Delegates Back (Roosevelt-Hull Peace Pacts-Valid Boycotts Upheld 12
01/21/1938 Showing Of Film On Nazis Guarded-Fist Wavers Separated 14
01/21/1938 (Federal) Government ‘Hint’ To Movies Is Urged (By Herbert S. Walsh, WPA)-Educational Films For Use In Schools Suggested As ‘Force For Public Good’ 14
01/22/1938 (Robert Houghwout) Jackson To Become Solicitor General As (Stanley) Reed Quits Post 1
01/22/1938 (Prof. Alexander) Cuza (One Of The Leaders Of The National Christian Party) Insists Jews Must Quit Rumania (‘Pick Up And Leave’)-Assails ‘Accursed Race’-Premier’s Aged Ally Warns Of ‘Terrible Pogroms’ Unless All Of Them Are Expelled 2
01/22/1938 Another (Der) Stuermer (Urging Death For Rassenschande) Is Seized In Germany 2
01/22/1938 Reich Trade Sets Record For Month-Exports Increased By 24% 3
01/22/1938 Films Of Attack On Panay Barred By Polish Censor 3
01/22/1938 U.S. Held Lagging In War Equipment (By Ass’t. Sec. Of War, Louis B Johnson) 4
01/22/1938 Collective Action Set As Peace Basis-Conference On Cause And Cure Of War Votes To Press For Neutrality Law Changes (On The Embargo Of Armaments)-See Hope In Firm Stand-Women Delegates Approve ‘Even Use Of Military Force’ In The Event Of Crisis 4
01/22/1938 Educational Duty Of Movies Denied (By Prof. Mortimer J. Adler)-Convention Also Hears Film Industry Depicted As Bulwark Against Dictatorship 17
01/22/1938 $1,290,390,000 Gold Is Gained In Year 23
01/23/1938 (Herbert M.) Lehman Sees Peril In Dictatorships (Speech, Text, P. 14, Before N.Y. State Bar) 1
01/23/1938 Open Door In China Pledged By (Foreign Minister) Hirota; A Long War Is Seen (Text, P. 34) 1
01/23/1938 (Dear Alben) Barkley Predicts Less Government 9
01/23/1938 (Lord Marley) Warns Of Mexican Nazis 25
01/23/1938 ‘Wanton Attack’ Of Japan Censured (By N.Y.City) Rabbis)-Lynching Bill Is Backed (Loyalist Spain Supported As Is Zionism) 25
01/23/1938 Changes Planned In French Defense 26
01/23/1938 Church Policies Of Nazis Debated-Dr. H. S. Leiper Holds Hitler Seeks To Substitute Paganism For Christianity-Dr. Max Clauss Tells Foreign Policy Group (Association) Reich ‘Rejects A Godless Society’ 26
01/23/1938 Jews Will Protest Rumanian Status-Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise, Nathan Straus And Ludwig Lewisohn Ask For Palestine Colonization-Meeting Opens In Capital-Appeal To The League Of Nations Will Be Made This Week 27
01/23/1938 Rumania To Test Jews’ Citizenship-Serious Blow Is Feared (1,000,000 Jews In Rumania) 27
01/23/1938 Nazi Model (In Rumania) Is Stressed (N.Y. Times Report From Berlin-’It Seems Fairly Clear.’) 27
01/23/1938 Pickets Of Jews Upheld (By Polish Court-Jewess Sentenced To 14 Days In Jail & 50 Zloty Fine For ‘Abusing’ A Picket In Tezew, Poland) 28
01/23/1938 Jews In Poland Get Aid (From American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 28
01/23/1938 Jewish Women Open Convention (National Council Of Jewish Women) Tonight-Roosevelt Sends Greetings 29
01/23/1938 Big Advance Made By Krupp Company-Arms Markets Regained-Large Foreign Contracts (N.Y. Times Report From Essen) 30
01/23/1938 Villard Demands Strict (U.S.) Neutrality (Americans Living Abroad Do So At Own Risk) 31
01/23/1938 Nancy (France) University Honors (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt-He Scores Dictatorships-Envoy Denounces Religious Interventions That Demand Subservience Of Men-Honorary Doctorate 31
01/23/1938 3 Guillotined In Reich On Charges Of Treason 33
01/23/1938 Spread Of Terror In World (Arabs, Germans-’Anti-Semites’) Decried (By Rabbi Louis I. Newman)-Attack On Anti-Semites Held Duty Of Christians By Rabbi Tintner N-6
01/23/1938 Mme. (Leon) Blum Is Dead; Ex-Premier’s Wife-Active (Militant) Worker In Party N-8
01/23/1938 Roosevelt Hunts Way To A New Era E-6
01/23/1938 Pittsburgh Is Host To (National League Of) Jewish Women-Plans For Peace To Fore D-5
01/24/1938 $25,000,000 More Sought For Army (Already $427,060,318) 1
01/24/1938 Wide Plane Raids By Rival Bombers Mark Spanish Civil War-Americans Fight Moors (Franco) 1
01/24/1938 Trade In Rumania Falls Off Sharply 3
01/24/1938 Americans Battle Moors (Franco) At Teruel 3
01/24/1938 Exchange Likely For Teruel Bishop-He Puts Faith In Franco 3
01/24/1938 Nazi Foreign Units Upheld By Leader (Wilhelm Bohle) 4
01/24/1938 (American Council On Public Affairs) Pamphlet Traces ‘5 Years Of Hitler’-Regime Held ‘Built On A Lie’-(Prof. Frederick L.) Schuman (Williams College) Says Industrialists Dominate-(Prof. Charles A.) Beard Finds Ignorance Fostered 4
01/24/1938 Roosevelt ‘Power’ Decried By (Socialist Norman) Thomas 6
01/24/1938 Ickes Warns Jews Of Political Traps-Roosevelt Backs Cause-$4,500,000 Sought 7
01/24/1938 $5,100,000 Sought For Overseas Jews (By Rabbi Jonah B. Wise, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee [Jdc]) 7
01/24/1938 Jesus Is Called Greatest Liberal (By Rev. Dr. Minot Simons, A Unitarian) 24
01/24/1938 Great Britain Sets 7-Year Trade High-Arms Program A Factor 27
01/24/1938 Reich Sets Record In Foreign Trade 28
01/24/1938 Guarded Optimism Expressed In Britain 28
01/24/1938 French Use Credit In Exchange Deals 29
01/25/1938 (Robert H.) Jackson To Press For Trust Laws-Confers With Roosevelt 7
01/25/1938 (Polish Sejm) Urges ‘Rich Nations’ To Help Jews (Of Russian Origin Who Settled In Poland After World War I-’Several Hundred Thousand’)-Warsaw Deputy Would Oust Those Who Have Settled In Country Since War 7
01/25/1938 Designer At Work On Bigger Planes 7
01/25/1938 Roosevelt Backs Fund To Aid China-Public Is Asked To Give 8
01/25/1938 (London) Hears Russia Is Girding 8
01/25/1938 (United) Hatters (Union) Ask Boycott Of Japanese Goods 9
01/25/1938 Mayor (Laguardia) Denounces Rumanian (Jewish) Policy-New ‘Barbarism’ Seen-Hitler Is Financing Fascists To Seize Route To Ukraine, Council Head (B. Charney Vladeck) Says 12
01/25/1938 Peace Policy Given To (National Council Of) Jewish Women (Meeting At Pittsburgh)-National Council Is Asked To Back World Cooperation Rather Than Isolation 13
01/25/1938 Reich Jails Jews In (Illegal Foreign) Exchange Deals-Heavy Emigration Cited 13
01/26/1938 Reich Trade Hold Tightens In Brazil-U.S. Exporters Complain-Germany Now Leading Seller There 10
01/26/1938 Polish-Jewish Issue Is Laid To Economics (By Polish Premier-Foreign Jews Meddling In Poland’s Affairs) 10
01/26/1938 3 (Arabs) Hanged (By British) In Palestine 10
01/26/1938 Stricter Nuremberg Law (Services Forbidden For Jews) 10
01/26/1938 First Church Taxes Imposed In Germany (Buildings Not Used For Religious Purposes) 12
01/26/1938 Roosevelt Urges Defense Of Ideals-Asks Support Of The Women’s Patriotic Conference For Further Peace Aims 13
01/26/1938 Fight On Prejudice Brings Honor To Five (Episcopal Bishop [British Born] William T. Manning, Rev. Joseph N. Moody, Miss Maria Halberstadt, Dr. John H. Finlay And Roger W. Straus-By B’nai B’rith) 14
01/26/1938 Reichsbank Reports Rise In Gold Holding 34
01/27/1938 War Vote (Ludlow War Referendum Defeated With Roosevelt’s Assistance In Congress-This Action) Backed By (Federation Of) Jewish Women (Organization-Supported Also By Clark M. Eichelberger [Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies] Opposed By Socialist, Norman Thomas) 11
01/27/1938 German Catholics Can’t Visit (Budapest Catholic) Congress 12
01/27/1938 Austrian Nazi Chief (Dr. Joseph Tave) Held (House Also Searched) 12
01/27/1938 800 Jewish Lawyers In Rumania Suspended 14
01/27/1938 Father Cox Warns Of Trade Boycotts-Attribute Plan To Reds 23
01/28/1938 U.S. Protests Anew To Japan On More Outrages In China; Embassy Officials Slapped (John M. Allison, By Japanese Soldier-Refused To Obey Order)-Relates Insults To Flag (Picture, P. 12) 1
01/28/1938 (Robert Houghwout) Jackson Is Named Solicitor General 1
01/28/1938 Ban On (Der) Stuermer Is Lifted In Reich-Appeal To Hitler Wins 11
01/28/1938 Hitler’ ‘Largest Bridge’ (In Germany) Surpassed By 3 In U.S. 11
01/28/1938 Ex-Kaiser (Wilhelm, Ii), 79, Marks Birthday At Doorn 12
01/28/1938 Text Of The Report By Van Zeeland For International Economic Reconstruction 14
01/28/1938 (Albert) Einstein Asks Jewry To Press Mutual Aid-’Our One Weapon,’ He Tells (National Council For Jewish Women) Women’s Council Meeting In Pittsburgh 22
01/29/1938 President (Roosevelt) Asks Battleships, Cruisers, More Army Funds, In Great Defense Program (Text, Pp. 1 & 4)-Roosevelt Warns Nation-’Protection, Not Aggression,’ His Aim 1
01/29/1938 Greece’s Dictator (Metaxas, Killed Mysteriously During The British Withdrawal Later) Jails 100 As Critics 1
01/29/1938 Britain Acclaims Roosevelt (Defense) Appeal-To Aid In Halting Spread Of National Lawlessness-Mutual Defense Seen (‘Gigantic U.S. Arms Program’-$800,000,000) 5
01/29/1938 Strife Is Reported In Franco’s Ranks-Tale Of Meeting Is Told 6
01/29/1938 Reich Not (Willing Or Able) To Drop Closed Economy 7
01/29/1938 British Black Out Leicester In Test 8
01/29/1938 2 Fascist Powers (Italy And Germany) Seek Rumanian Oil 8
01/29/1938 10 Of Opposition Join Nazi Party In Danzig (Have ‘Guest Membership’ In Party) 8
01/30/1938 Violence To Jews Opposed By Carol (Of Rumania)-To Cling To Old Friends 1
01/30/1938 Britons Hail Stand Of Scientists Here-Science Must Wage Fight On International Scale 26
01/30/1938 (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, William E.) Dodd (Strongly Anti German) Wins Award For Book On South-Says Bungling Statesmanship Of Democracies Has Added To Their Peril 26
01/30/1938 Reich Ban Of Paper (‘Nature’ Magazine) Shocks The British-Reasons Are Obscure 28
01/30/1938 Reich Perturbed By U.S. Arms Plan-’Heir Of Wilson’ Stressed 28
01/30/1938 Arab Manifestos Assail The British-Cite Troop ‘Atrocities’ 28
01/30/1938 Lady Astor Backs Arms-’Heartily In Favor Of Roosevelt’s Proposals’ 28
01/30/1938 Jewish (Girl) Students Beaten In Rumania (By Males)-Lawyers Hit In Courts 31
01/30/1938 League (Of Nations) To Examine Jewish Petitions 31
01/30/1938 (Admiral Claude C. Bloch) Demands Our Fleet Be Second To None 34
01/30/1938 Democracy Is Seen As Peace Formula (By N.Y. City Rabbis)-Gratitude Of Jews Noted-Rabbi Tintner Gives Thanks For Privileges Here-Justice Stressed By Rabbi Goldstein N-2
01/30/1938 Study Of Dictators To Start At Colgate (Social Sciences) N-3
01/30/1938 Youth Delegates Condemn Fascism (Reference To Roosevelt Plan ‘To Quarantine Aggression’) N-8
01/30/1938 Nazi Birthday (5th) Finds Reich A World Power E-4
01/30/1938 World Problems Up For Discussion (By N.Y. City Federation Of Women’s Clubs) D-5
01/31/1938 Rebel Planes Kill Civilian Hundreds In Barcelona Raids-158 Children Are Victims-Americans Fighting On (With Loyalists Against Franco) 1
01/31/1938 Dictatorship Step Laid To Roosevelt 3
01/31/1938 American (Loyalist) Hold On Teruel Fighting (Map) 5
01/31/1938 Gayda Chides Roosevelt (On Defense Plan) 5
01/31/1938 Hitler Denounced By Nazi Foes Here (Hamilton Fish, Chief Speaker) 6
01/31/1938 German Regime Acclaimed Here (By Hans Borchers, German Consul General) 6
01/31/1938 Ex-Reich Official (Albert Grzesinski) Sees Nazis Doomed (A. Grzesinski, An Exile Is Often Asked His Opinion On German Affairs) 6
01/31/1938 Berlin Bishop (Konrad Von Preysing) Urges Rights Of Catholics 6
01/31/1938 (Federation Of) Polish Jews (In America) At Dinner 6
01/31/1938 Anti-Semites Held Burden On Nations (By David J. Schweitzer, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 6
01/31/1938 Edward (M. M.) Warburg (Picture) To Head Jewish Fund Drive Here 10
01/31/1938 Exemplary Conduct Asked Of All Jews-Each Must Remember That He Represents A People, I. E. Goldwasser Declares 14
01/31/1938 French Are Upset By Franc’s Plight 27
01/31/1938 U.S. Role Stressed By British Bankers 27