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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

June 1938
Date Headline Page
06/01/1938 200 Die In (Franco) Air Raid On A Catalan Town (Granoliers)-Loyalists Bomb Palma (Map, P. 12) 1
06/01/1938 Basic Law Session Is Warned Of Isms 1
06/01/1938 Farley Seen In Growing Rebellion Against New Deal ‘Revenge’ Politics 4
06/01/1938 Britain Rejects Census For War-Evasive On Conscription 11
06/01/1938 Police Raid Cafes, Seize 350 In Berlin-Jews Are Chief Victims-End Of Church War Seen-Hunt For ‘Criminal Elements’-All But 76 Are Freed 11
06/01/1938 Schuschnigg Is Held In Vienna (Belvedere Palace Apartments), Nazis Say (Under ‘Honorable Detention’)-Property Of Korngold Confiscated 12
06/01/1938 Czechs Recalling Troops At Border 13
06/01/1938 Hungary Fearful Of Nazi Domination 13
06/01/1938 Presbyterians Act To Aid Persecuted-Warns Of Peril At Home 24
06/01/1938 Inter-Faith Strife Seen Rising Here-Anti-Semitism Deplored 24
06/02/1938 U.S. Note To Japan Insists Americans Get Property Back (Why Not In Mexico Too?) 1
06/02/1938 Senators Allow Roosevelt $125,000,000 In Direct Relief; Resent Plea For Free Hand 1
06/02/1938 (American) Jewish Committee To Shun (Jewish National) Plebiscite 8
06/02/1938 U.S. Experts To Aid France’s Air Plan 9
06/02/1938 Girl, Hitler’s Friend Is Detained By Czechs-Miss Unity Freeman-Mitford Is Examined 5 Hours, Then Freed 9
06/02/1938 Our Ties To Brazil Stressed By (Brazilian) Envoy 9
06/02/1938 2 Sudetens Shot By Czech Soldier-Berlin Press Indignant-Sergeant Wounds Them In A Cafe Brawl, Versions Of Which Are Conflicting 11
06/02/1938 War Costs Japan $5,000,000 A Day-Credit In U.S.Restricted 12
06/02/1938 China’s Side Taken By Presbyterians 13
06/02/1938 Curbs Influx Of Germans-South African Union Requires Pass-Ports Be Visaed 13
06/02/1938 Dean At Barnard (Part Of Columbia University!) Urges Tolerance 17
06/02/1938 Peace In Americas Aim Of Conference-Session At Lima, Dec. 8, Will Cover A Wide Range 17
06/02/1938 Nazi Camp Leaders Indicted In Suffolk (For Violating A State Civil Rights Law) 46
06/03/1938 Japanese Comply With U.S. (Property) Demands 1
06/03/1938 Picture: ‘Volksauto’ (A Lot Like The’Bug’ After The War) 9
06/03/1938 Jailed Or Wounded Nazis To Get ‘Order Of Blood’ 12
06/03/1938 President (Roosevelt) Charts New Annapolis Aim 14
06/04/1938 Hull Calls On The Nation To Unite For ‘World Order Based On Law’ 1
06/04/1938 Civilian Bombings In Spain And China Condemned By U.S.-Statement By (Sumner) Welles Voices ‘Emphatic Reprobation’ Of Such ‘Barbarous’ Methods 1
06/04/1938 Two Ship Captains Seized In (German) Spy Case Allowed To Sail 1
06/04/1938 Navy ‘Torpedoes’ Test ‘Shell-Proof Hull’ Secretly Designed For New Battleships 1
06/04/1938 Two Jewish Youths Doomed (By British) In Palestine (Fired At Arab Bus) 5
06/04/1938 Brazil Halts Sale Of Cotton To Reich 5
06/04/1938 ‘Inaction’ Decried By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 7
06/04/1938 (German) Jewish Refugees To Get $223,479 (Jacob Fox Estate) 15
06/04/1938 Mrs. Lehman Gives A Modern Creed-Scores Class And Race Hatred 17
06/04/1938 Schuschnigg Wed In Vienna By Proxy 17
06/05/1938 (John G.) Winant Is Elected Director Of I.L.O. 1
06/05/1938 People On Relief Attack Inquirers 1
06/05/1938 Freud Leaves Vienna For London Refuge, Declaring He Plans To Come Here Later 1
06/05/1938 Roosevelt Trend Found Still Down (Gallup Survey) 5
06/05/1938 A Free India Soon Is Seen By Gandhi 35
06/05/1938 Peace Called Aim Of Prague (Czech) Groups 38
06/05/1938 Hull Talk Evokes Irony In Germany-’Pathos Of Wilson’ Recalled As Czechs Are Designated As Breakers Of Treaties-British See Hopeful Signs Of American Cooperation In ‘Wane Of Isolation’ 38
06/05/1938 New Czech Statute Nears Completion 38
06/05/1938 Britain Is Likely To Buy More American Airplanes 38
06/05/1938 German ‘Oppression’ Charged (By ‘Jewish Correspondence’ Of The World Jewish Executive Committee, Geneva) 38
06/05/1938 Critics Of (U.S.) Policies Abroad Defended-Propaganda Is Scored 39
06/05/1938 Lawyers Warned Of Dictator Peril 39
06/05/1938 Nazi Victims Held A World Problem 39
06/05/1938 War Debt Defaults Are Again Expected 39
06/05/1938 Roosevelt Increases His Power Over Party E-3
06/05/1938 Nation’s Spy Hunt Full Of Surprises E-6
06/05/1938 Butter Or Cannon? France Replies Mag. 1
06/05/1938 Europe’s ‘Wolf’s Jaw’ Salient Mag. 4
06/06/1938 (Battle) Ship Limit Is Fixed By Britain And U.S.-45,000 Ton Dreadnoughts With 16-Inch Guns Expected To Be Basis Of New Building 1
06/06/1938 Britain Urges U.S. To Study (Spanish & Chinese) Air Raids 6
06/06/1938 Raids On Civilians In Loyalist Cities Made By Italians And Germans In Own Planes-Reports Are Hushed Up (Harold Callender) 6
06/06/1938 Geneva Favorable To Hull’s Speech 7
06/06/1938 Hate Set Chains, Syracuse Is Told (By Methodist Bishop W. E. Brown)-American Democracy Is More Threatened By Fascism Than Communism, He Says 12
06/06/1938 (Mgr.) Lavelle Decries Exiling Of Jews 18
06/06/1938 Berlin Dampened By (Austrian) Debts Impasse 25
06/07/1938 Hodza Urges Unity In Plea To Slovaks 1
06/07/1938 Big Submarine (‘Sargo’) Launched (At Groton, Conn.) 2
06/07/1938 Picture: Guy M. Gillette, Senator From Iowa (Strong Zionist) 4
06/07/1938 60,000,000 Chinese Need Refugee Aid 10
06/07/1938 (Ass’t. U.S. Sec. Of State, Francis B.) Sayre Rules Out Isolation For U.S. (Must Be ‘Prepared, If Necessary, To Withstand The Aggression Of The Lawless.’)-Urges World Tribunals 12
06/07/1938 (Herbert) Lehman Sees Peril To Us In Lethargy 15
06/07/1938 Einstein Criticizes ‘Barbarity’ Abroad 16
06/08/1938 Poles In Germany Charge Oppression-Violence And Discrimination Reported By Minority (Jews?)-Otto D. Tolischus 1
06/08/1938 Prague Would Give Cultural Liberty-Other Autonomy Barred 6
06/08/1938 Protest To Germany Over Austrian Loans 7
06/08/1938 Oil Expropriation Upheld In Mexico 10
06/08/1938 Free Tuition Asked For Refugees Here (Sponsored By Columbia University And Associated Liberals-Harold Urey) 13
06/09/1938 Warsaw To Blame (For Polish Minority Complaints In Germany), Reich Tells Poles-Press Ignores Charges-Otto D. Tolischus 13
06/09/1938 Sudetens Present Demands To Czechs 13
06/09/1938 Nazi Nationals Held ‘Aberration’ 24
06/10/1938 Insurgents Bomb 3 Ships (In Spanish Loyalist Harbor) As London Studies Reprisal 1
06/10/1938 Mrs. Griebl Seized As She Plans Flight (U.S. German Spy Trial-Picture, P. 14) 1
06/10/1938 400 Planes Bought By Britain In U.S. ($25,000,000) 1
06/10/1938 Picture: Mrs Eve Bickford, Barred By Great Britain (As A German Spy) Returns To Native Land (Buffalo, N.Y.) 3
06/10/1938 U.S.-Japan Accord (1917) Had Secret Clause 10
06/10/1938 Mexico Sends Oil To Italy And Reich 11
06/10/1938 Czechs And Nazis Resume Parleys (G.E.R. Gedye) 11
06/10/1938 Picture; Godfrey D. N. Haggard, New British Consul General To N.Y. City 14
06/10/1938 $3,279,000 Of Gold Here From Europe 33
06/11/1938 Czech Warns Foes Of Deep Defenses (G.E.R. Gedye) 1
06/11/1938 Rebel Fliers Sink Three More (Loyalist) Chips (In Port) 1
06/11/1938 Reich Badly Needs Foreign Exchange-U.S. Jews’ Funds Are Likely To Be Exempted From Edict’s Confiscatory Consequences 4
06/11/1938 Mexico Will Pay 4% Of U.S. Claims 4
06/11/1938 School Shut By Reich, Nine Nuns Come Here 8
06/12/1938 U.S. Acts To Check Sale To Japanese Of Our War Planes 1
06/12/1938 (U.S.) Bar Urged To Fight For Civil Liberties 2
06/12/1938 Ex-Mayor Of Vienna (Richard Schmitz) Dies In A Nazi Camp (Dachau) 20
06/12/1938 Britain To Collect (Austrian) Debts From Reich 20
06/12/1938 Chamberlain Stand Attacked By Eden 24
06/12/1938 Slavish Equality In Reich Is Seen 25
06/12/1938 Germans Gloomy On U.S. Business 26
06/12/1938 Reich Decree Orders New Report By Jews (Possessions Over $2,000 Must Be Listed By June 30) 26
06/12/1938 Number Of Employed In Reich Sets A Record 26
06/12/1938 U.S. Is Nazi Target In Brazil Activity 27
06/12/1938 18 Governors Issue ‘Humanity Day’ Pleas 29
06/12/1938 (Loyalist, Spanish) Judge Describes Teruel (Sounds Like The United Nations’ Charges Against The ‘Einsatztruppen At Nuernberg) 33
06/12/1938 Rabbi (H. S. Goldstein) Hails Stand Of Mgr. Lavelle D-7
06/12/1938 Vignettes Of Franco Spain; Land Of Contrasts Mag. 5
06/13/1938 Planes Dominate U.S. Arms Exports 1
06/13/1938 Sudeten Vote 90% As Order Prevails In Czech Elections-Showdown Held Near 1
06/13/1938 Hess Says Czechs Are Peace Menace-Denies Reich Wants War 2
06/13/1938 Munich’s Main Synagogue Being Wrecked By Nazis 2
06/13/1938 Mid-Europe Strain Expected To Grow-Gloomy On Henlein Talks 2
06/13/1938 Flandin Says France Is Prepared To Fight 2
06/13/1938 (Norman) Thomas (U. S’s. Leading Socialist) Asks U.S. To Avoid Next War 3
06/13/1938 S.S. Wise (Representing American Jewish Congress) Assails Opponents (American Jewish Committee) Of (National Jewish) Poll-Calls On American Jews To Accept The Doctrine That ‘We Are A People’ 13
06/13/1938 (General Motors! Alfred P.) Sloan Pessimistic In (Automobile Business) Outlook For ‘39 27
06/13/1938 Crops Recovering In Central Europe 27
06/13/1938 German Exports Set High Records 29
06/14/1938 WPA Foreman Jailed For Coercing Voters (And Getting Caught-Pittsburgh, Pa.) 5
06/14/1938 U.S. Wheat Excess Stirs Reich Irony-Otto D. Tolischus 9
06/14/1938 British Will Issue New Defense Loan (L80,000,000) 9
06/14/1938 New Ban On Jews (In Vienna-Banned From Public Office) 9
06/14/1938 Sudetens To Meet With Czechs Today 10
06/14/1938 Hull Make Plea For Cooperation 10
06/14/1938 (Poland’s Jozef) Beck Visits Tallin As Guest Of Estonia-Poland Seeks To Build Barrier Between Soviet And Reich 10
06/14/1938 Hull Asked (By Private & Religious Groups) To Ban Munitions Export (To Japan-And To End Embargo On Spanish Loyalists) 11
06/14/1938 Americans (Loyalist Volunteers) Enjoy A Respite In Spain 11
06/14/1938 Opium Trade Laid (By U.S. Delegate In Geneva) To Japanese Army-Amau Hotly Denies It 12
06/14/1938 Japanese Warning Is Rejected By U.S. 13
06/14/1938 France And Britain Seen Linked To China (By Japanese) 13
06/14/1938 Denies (German) Ship Captain Flees (U.S.) Spy Inquiry 14
06/14/1938 Reich Line Drops 1939 World Cruise 41
06/15/1938 Berlin’s Reconstruction Started By Hitler; Creation Of ‘Eternal City’ To Take 25 Years-Otto D. Tolischus-(His Quotation Marks) 1
06/15/1938 Japanese Shifts Blame (To Provisional Regimes) On Opium (Traffic In China) 2
06/15/1938 (U.S.) Exports To Japan Reach High In April 2
06/15/1938 11 German Infantrymen Reported Taken In Spain (By Loyalists) 3
06/15/1938 Reich Offers Plan On Austrian Debts 4
06/15/1938 Hodza And Nazis (Sudetens) Confer 3 Hours (G.E.R. Gedye) 4
06/15/1938 French Plan Army Of 1,000,000 By ‘40-Air Force To Be Expanded 4
06/15/1938 Jewish Soviet State (Birobidjan) Suffers First Purge-17 Reported ShotAs Spies And Wreckers 4
06/15/1938 Two Women Held As Spy Witnesses (Both German) 5
06/15/1938 Moral Crusades Urged On Youth 18
06/15/1938 4 Jewish Groups (American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress [Rabbi S.S. Wise], B’nai B’rith & Jewish Labor Committee) For United Action (Against ‘Dictators’)-(National) Poll Would Be Dropped 21
06/15/1938 Picture: First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) In Gown Selected For (Son, John’s) Wedding 21
06/15/1938 Editorial: A Way Of Life 22
06/15/1938 Gold Imports Off Sharply In May 35
06/16/1938 Reich Beheads Husband And Wife As Spies (Georg & Anna Schwitzer At Berlin-Ploetzensee); She Is Third Woman Victim Of Nazis (All Found Guilty Of Espionage) 1
06/16/1938 (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise Boycotts Dinner In His Honor (The Sponsors Didn’t Show Enough Support For Palestine Appeal) 2
06/16/1938 Cholera Kills 12,000 In Provinces Of India-Shanghai Also Has An Epidemic 9
06/16/1938 Daladier Cautions On A Weak France 9
06/16/1938 Mexico To Sell Oil To Reich For Goods (Barter) 10
06/16/1938 ‘Emperor’ (‘Of Europe’) On Trial In German Court (Kurt Paehlke) 11
06/16/1938 Editorial In (N.Y.) Times Denounced In Reich-’Open War Agitation’ Charged-Hull Comments Favorably (See Entry, June 15, P. 22) 11
06/16/1938 Commons Is Eager For Pact With U.S. 12
06/16/1938 Schuschnigg’s Fate Worries Londoners 13
06/16/1938 Sudeten Demands Basis For Parleys-Reserves To Quit Border 14
06/16/1938 Canada (T. A. Crerar, Minister Of Immigration) Would Aid (European) Jews 14
06/16/1938 Border Violation (By Spanish Loyalists) Charged By (Pierre) Laval 14
06/16/1938 Dr. Angell (Former President Of Yale Univ.) Warns Of Class Hatred 19
06/17/1938 Germans Tightens Boycott Of Jews (Forced Out Of Business) 1
06/17/1938 Senate Condemns Civilian Bombings (By Japan) 2
06/17/1938 Reich Repudiates Debts Of Austria-Otto D. Tolischus (Funk’s Speech, P. 3) 3
06/17/1938 Nazis Ask Ransom For A Rothschild (London Version) 3
06/17/1938 (German) Pastors Adamant (Against) On Oath To Hitler (As Head Of State) 3
06/17/1938 Britain Organizes Women To Aid Against Air Raids 3
06/17/1938 Reich Twits Britain On Colonial Faults 3
06/17/1938 Chamberlain Ready To Aid In Disarming-Says Britain Agrees With The Sentiments Of Hull 6
06/17/1938 Gifts Of Wedding Rings For Jewish Fund Urged (By Mrs. Harry H. Tracy, United Palestine Appeal 10
06/17/1938 Picture; Henrys Morgenthau Jr. And Sr 22
06/18/1938 U.S. Insists Reich Pay Austrian Debt 1
06/18/1938 Fleet To Be In Atlantic This Summer For Far Flung War Manoeuvres-Suggestion Of Warning To Europe Seen In Move-(Extensive Operation Intended) 1
06/18/1938 Anti-Jewish Raids Continue In Berlin-Statement Says Drive Aims At ‘Criminal Elements’ 6
06/18/1938 Palestine Refuge For Jews Is Urged (By Pro-Palestine Federation Of America, A National Christian Organization)-Asks U.S. To Intercede 6
06/18/1938 China Gets 115 Airplanes From U.S., Soviet, France 6
06/18/1938 Nazis Cancel (Doctoral) Degree (Of Dr. Rudolf Breitscheid, A German Socialist In Exile) 6
06/18/1938 Picture: French Man O’ War (‘D’entrecasteaux’) Joins American Warships In The HudsoN-3 Warships Steam Up River Together 30
06/19/1938 Anti-Jewish Drive Covers All Reich; Arrests Mounting-2,000 Believed Seized-Systematically Paint ‘Jew’ On Shops-Squads Active In Berlin 1
06/19/1938 (Hadassah) To Mark Zionist Mission 4
06/19/1938 WPA Survey Urges A Lasting (Permanent WPA) Program 8
06/19/1938 Many Hold Belief WPA Is In Politics-Few Approve The Set Up (Gallup Survey) 10
06/19/1938 Demand Pole’s Release (Killed ‘Fascist’ Agent-Polish, Ukrainian And Jewish Groups Picket (Polish) Consulate Here 13
06/19/1938 New Application For Pwa (Harold L. Ickes) Aid Rise 18
06/19/1938 Nationalist Chiefs Predict Free India 19
06/19/1938 Export Shipment Of Germany Drop 20
06/19/1938 (British) Air Ministry Scored For U.S. Plane Order 20
06/19/1938 Nazi (Interior Minister, Wilhelm Frick) Warns Czechs Of ‘Drastic’ Action 21
06/19/1938 Germans Ask Hull To Clarify Policy-(N.Y.) Times Editorial (June 15, 1938, P. 22) Scored-Contention U.S. Would Side With Democracies Is Seen As ‘Declaration Of War’ 21
06/19/1938 Palestine Settlers (German-Jews) Cost $3,717,000 Here-Five Years Of Colonizing German Jews Summarized (More Than 45,000 Jews) 22
06/19/1938 Narcotics Storing For War Reported (At League Of Nations) 22
06/19/1938 Palestine Found Hard Hit By Slump (Jews Leaving Palestine) 23
06/19/1938 Friendship Of U.S. Sought By Japan 24
06/19/1938 Japanese Attack American Mission 25
06/19/1938 (Representative Martin Dies, Texas) Maps Wide Inquiry Into Propaganda 26
06/19/1938 More Slain In Palestine 26
06/19/1938 Paris Law Speeds War Organization 27
06/19/1938 Societies Ratify Jewish Group Plan-To Consider Work In Defense Of Jewish Rights 31
06/19/1938 Another Czech Crisis Near-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
06/19/1938 Propaganda Flood Runs High In Paris E-5
06/19/1938 Oil To Dominate Next World War E-5
06/19/1938 Britain Confronts The Danger Raised By The Dictators Book 3
06/19/1938 (John G.) Winant (I. L. 0. Geneva) Talks Of World Outlook For Labor-Clarence K. Streit Mag.3
06/20/1938 Chamberlain Seeks To End Spain’s War And Appease Reich-Puts Pressure On France 1
06/20/1938 Vienna Nazis Widen Drive On Jews; Every Family Reported Suffering-’Orgy Of Jew Baiting’-Hopes Put In (Evian) Parley Called By U.S. 1
06/20/1938 Uruguay Inducts President (Baldomir) Amid Acclaim; Closer Relations With U.S.Are Expected 1
06/20/1938 More Aid Is Pledged To Jews In Poland-Federation (Of Polish Jews In America, Joseph Tenenbaum, President) Will Also Seek To Combat Anti-Semitism (Claims 3,500,000 Jews In Poland) 3
06/20/1938 Democracy Vital, Lehman Declares-Honored By Young Israel 5
06/20/1938 Drive Against Jews (In U.S.) Seen (By Samuel Goldstein, Grand Master, B’rith Abraham) 6
06/20/1938 French Laud Jews For War Services-Deny ‘Inferior Races’ 7
06/20/1938 Berliners Frown On Drive On Jews 9
06/20/1938 Nazis Closing Out Church Opposition 9
06/20/1938 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) Warns Of New Tyrannies-A Task For Intelligence 10
06/20/1938 Dr. (J. Frank) Norris Sees Dictatorship Now-Anti-Semitism Movement Is Deplored 16
06/20/1938 World Ills Seen Cured By Church 16
06/21/1938 U.S. Jury Indicts 18 (14 In Germany) As Spies In Reich Government; Secret Service Head Named-Bares A Wide Plot-Spy Hunt Here Was Begun By Clue From Abroad (England) To Woman In Plot (Text, P. 13-Pictures 1&12
06/21/1938 Italy To Check Aid To (Franco) Spain If France Closes Her Border 1
06/21/1938 Chinese Intensify Guerrilla Tactics 1
06/21/1938 (Ambassador, Joseph P.) Kennedy Returns, Bars A 1940 Boom (Picture) 6
06/21/1938 Danzig Senate Has Fete (Overwhelmingly German, Dr. Arthur K. Greiser, President Of The Senate) 8
06/21/1938 Anti-Jewish Drive Finds Nazis Split-Property Decree Eased 9
06/21/1938 Czech Envoy (To Germany) Protests German Propaganda; Berlin Lays Blame On Prague Defense Moves 9
06/21/1938 Woman And 3 Men Executed (Guillotined) In Germany (At Ploetzensee, Berlin-Communist Activity) 9
06/21/1938 U.S. Urges Caution In Japanese Trade 11
06/22/1938 Espionage Charges (By. U.S.) Resented By Reich 3
06/22/1938 Reich Spy System Seen As The Best (By German Exile, Albert Grzesinski)-He Finds Danger To U.S. 3
06/22/1938 (U.S.) Bond With Canada A ‘Peace Example’-Prof James T. Shotwell, Columbia University 11
06/22/1938 Germans Cite ‘16 Bombing-Recall French (Air) Attack On Karlsruhe, Fatal To 117 12
06/22/1938 Goebbels Warns Jews Must Leave (Germany)-Disavows Unofficial Acts 14
06/22/1938 Briton (Rev. Dr. Albert Peel) Challenges Churches On War 14
06/22/1938 Prague (Foreign Minister, Kamil Krofta) Says Reich Threatened March-G.E.R. Gedye 15
06/22/1938 U.S. Tops Germany In Sales To Brazil-For First Time In 2 Years 15
06/22/1938 Hails Writers’ Tie To Modern Causes 16
06/22/1938 World Red Cross Urged (Erie, Pa., Rabbi Max C. Currick) To Aid Jews-Christians’ Help Sought-Roosevelt Praised For Adult Study Work 26
06/23/1938 Pictures: Named By The President (Roosevelt) To Study The British Labor Disputes Act (Anna M. Rosenberg, Born Hungary) 3
06/23/1938 Purchase Of Marks Suspended By Brazil 8
06/23/1938 Non-Jews Hit Hard By Drive In Berlin-U.S. Jews Register Property 10
06/23/1938 (Louis B. Johnson, U.S. Ass’t. Sec. Of War) Says Americas Bar ‘Peace At Any Price’ 12
06/23/1938 League Of Women Held World Need 13
06/23/1938 U.S. Curb Is Urged On Exiled Doctors 13
06/23/1938 (Col. Frank) Knox Sees Drive To Muzzle Press-Washington A Clearing House For Huge Scale Propaganda 25
06/23/1938 (Sec. Of War, Harry H.) Woodring Assails Bombing Of Cities 28
06/24/1938 Germany To Conscript All For Labor Duty For State-To Meet ‘Nationally Urgent Tasks’ 1
06/24/1938 Japan Seen Sinking In Morass Of China; Defense Not Split 1
06/24/1938 Army Speeds Drive To Bar Air Attack On All Our Coasts 1
06/24/1938 (Fritz) Kuhn Admits Aims Are Same As Nazis-Testifies Jews Control Both Parties In U.S. And Must Be Forced Out Of Power 1
06/24/1938 Deny Mail Tampering Abroad German Ships-Postal Officials Say American Clerks Handle Bags At Sea 2
06/24/1938 Some Henlein Points Accepted By Prague 11
06/24/1938 Adv.: 2/3D’s Page: American Jews Must Help Protest Oppressed Jewry! Vote In The Popular Election Of The American Jewish Congress (Christian Supporters-S.S. Wise Mentioned) 11
06/24/1938 Germans Say U.S. Leads Arms Trade-Study Of Armaments Indicates America In 1937 Was Largest Exporter In The World-Spending 400 Per Cent More For War Needs Than In 1913 (German Report) 12
06/24/1938 All ‘Isms’ Barred By County Legion-Programs To Be Watched For ‘Subversive Propaganda’ 22
06/25/1938 President (Roosevelt) Urges Fund To Fight Spies 1
06/25/1938 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat To The Nation 1
06/25/1938 Roosevelt Backs Navy Ship Speed-Up 4
06/25/1938 U.S. Gets Reich Reply On (Jewish) Property Protested 4
06/25/1938 Unions In Mexico In Attack On Jews 5
06/25/1938 Christians And Jews Seen Suffering Alike (By Dr. Solomon B. Freehof, At The Rabbinical Conference, Atlantic City) 16
06/26/1938 Roosevelt Speech Widens Party Rift-Liberals Are Highly Pleased 1
06/26/1938 Roosevelt Lauded By (Will) Hays Of Movies (Censor) 2
06/26/1938 U.S. Funds Sought For Transient Aid 8
06/26/1938 $27,883,000 Goes To Navy From Pwa (Ickes) 12
06/26/1938 (Columbia University’s Pres., Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Who Is Also Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Sees Death Of (U.S.) Neutrality Act-Approves Hull’s Stand (In England)-U.S. Is Turning Away From Idea Of Isolation 18
06/26/1938 British Push Plans To Meet Air Raids 19
06/26/1938 Autarchy Costly Declares Sayre 20
06/26/1938 Jews Here Exempt From Reich (Property) Laws 20
06/26/1938 Austrian (Jewish) Boys Sail In Search Of Home-(They) Thank Roosevelt 22
06/26/1938 Germans In Iran Worry Russians-Base For Attack Feared 23
06/26/1938 German Immigration Far Under The Quota 23
06/26/1938 Training For Jews Urged To Curb Bias 26
06/26/1938 Educators Open National Parley-Roosevelt Will Speak D-6
06/26/1938 Rabbis Warned Of Modern Needs D-6
06/26/1938 Anti-German Cartoon E-9
06/26/1938 Poland, That Phoenix Among The Nations Of The World Book 5
06/26/1938 The Spy Flourishes In An Era Of Rearmament Mag. 4
06/27/1938 (Columbia University) Survey Brands (American) Legion As Fascist And Urges Educators To Fight It 1
06/27/1938 Roosevelt Policies Assailed By (U.S. Socialist, Norman) Thomas-Domestic Ones Held Inadequate, Foreign Ones Dangerous 2
06/27/1938 Our Democracy Held Unimpaired 3
06/27/1938 Peace Drive Urged By Rabbis’ Group (Atlantic City Conference) 3
06/27/1938 Cholera Kills 17,330-Shortage Of Doctors Hampers Epidemic Control In India 3
06/27/1938 ‘Business Ghetto’ (For Jewish Firms) Is Berlin’s Aim-Vienna Dismissals Ordered 7
06/27/1938 Educators Seen Holding U.S. Fate (By Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen) 10
06/28/1938 Legion Men Score (Columbia University’s) Criticism (Of Them) As Red 3
06/28/1938 Nazi Spy Activity:In Mexico Charged (By Mexican Labor Official) 5
06/28/1938 Tension With Reich Increases In China 6
06/28/1938 State To Set Pay Of All In Germany 7
06/28/1938 Wave Of Suicides Renewed In Vienna 7
06/28/1938 Doomed (Jewish Terrorist) Youth Stirs Palestine Protests-Jews Hold Meetings And Close Shops (Fired On Arab-Owned Bus) 7
06/28/1938 (P. E. N.) Writers Cheer Exiles (Arriving In U.S. From Germany) 7
06/28/1938 Nazi Aide (Severin Winterscheidt, Aid Of Fritz Kuhn) Is Convicted (‘Indecent Exposure’) 7
06/28/1938 Plea To Be Neutral On Spain Deplored (By Catholics Supporting Franco) 8
06/28/1938 3,000 Will Guard Roosevelt In City 11
06/28/1938 500,000 Register In(American) Jewish (Congress) Election 19
06/28/1938 World Amity Seen In Fete For Fair 21
06/28/1938 Amish Lose Fight For Old Schools 22
06/28/1938 Synagogue Link To Zionists Urged (By Rabbi A. M. Heller)-American Stand Praised 40
06/29/1938 Educators Rallied To ‘Fighting Faith’ To Aid Democracies-Our System Seen ‘On Spot’ 1
06/29/1938 Picture: Rabid Interventionist-Husband Of Doris Duke, James H. R. Cromwell 2
06/29/1938 (Fritz) Kuhn Sued For $3,000,000-Rabbi (Emanuel J. Jack) Brings Action Charging He Slandered Jews 2
06/29/1938 Vienna Nazis Split, But Purge Is Denied-Official Admits 100 Arrests Of Storm Troopers There For ‘Common Law Offenses’-German Press Is Furious 8
06/29/1938 Goering Iron Unit Buys Up Concerns-Austrian Firms Absorbed 8
06/29/1938 Wounded Americans (Volunteers Who Supported Spanish Loyalists) On Way From Spain 9
06/29/1938 Propaganda Asked (By Prof. Daniel Prescott, Education, Rutgers Univ.) To Aid Democracy 13
06/29/1938 World Fair Seen As Fascist Show (By Dr. Goodwin Watson, Education, Columbia University)-Glorifying War 13
06/29/1938 Battleships 18
06/29/1938 Biggest (U.S.) War Game In Peace Planned 40
06/30/1938 Red Party In U.S. Linked To Moscow (By Earl Browder, General Secretary Of U.S. Communist Party) Browder Admits (Picture, P. 8) 1
06/30/1938 Palestine Hanging (Of Jewish Terrorist) Provokes Clashes 1
06/30/1938 Educators (Conference) Refuse To Hear (National Commander) Doherty In (American) Legion Defense (Against Columbia Univ. Charges It Is ‘Fascist’) 1
06/30/1938 City Embarrassed By PWA ‘Windfall’ (Ickes) 1
06/30/1938 (Admiral Clark H. Woodward) Urges Patriotism As Curb On ‘Isms’ 8
06/30/1938 Paris To Execute Peacetime Spies-Emulate Other Nations 9
06/30/1938 Nazi Chief Deny Schuschnigg Wed-Vienna Jews Molested 11
06/30/1938 More Minority Pleas Are Heard In Prague (Polish, Hungarian And German) 12
06/30/1938 Japan Takes Over Imports Of Cotton 14
06/30/1938 Devil’s Island Abolished (By France) 15
06/30/1938 Educator (Dr. Frank Kingdon, Newark Univ.) Clashes With (American) Legion’s Head (Daniel Doherty) 17
06/30/1938 Educators To Ask More Federal ($$$$$) Aid-Payless Teaching Scored 18
06/30/1938 Picture: Ambassador Kennedy Sails For London With His Sons (Joe And Jack) 18