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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

December 1938
Date Headline Page
12/01/1938 Daladier Defeats Strikers; Will Press His 3-Year Plan Of ‘Economic Mobilization’ 1
12/01/1938 Jews’ Movements Limited By Nazis 1
12/01/1938 British Trade War Threatens Reich 1
12/01/1938 Italian Deputies Shout For Areas Held By France 1
12/01/1938 Fascist Leaders Slain In Rumania-No German Press Comment 1
12/01/1938 Codreanu (Murdered In Rumania) Inspired By Hitler’s Ideas-Utilized Violence Often 7
12/01/1938 A Europe Troubled For Years Foreseen 8
12/01/1938 Baptists Condemn Dictators’ Threat-Would Admit Refugees 9
12/01/1938 Dr. Hacha Chosen Czech President (Rudolf Beran, Premier, Picture) 10
12/01/1938 Jewish (Central American) Colony Revealed At (Ort) Dinner-Offer To Settle 2,500 Families In Central America Weighed 11
12/01/1938 Miss (Frances) Perkins (U.S. Sec. Of Labor) Gets Vast Refugee Plan-Zionist Put Palestine First-Zionists Object To Plan 12
12/01/1938 Ford For U.S. As Refugee Haven; Denies Sympathy With Nazism-Conferring With Rabbi 12
12/01/1938 1,000 Jews Ousted By Sudeten Nazis 12
12/01/1938 Reich Says It Asked Columbian’s Recall 12
12/01/1938 (Herschel Grynzspan) Slayer Of (Vom Rath) Diplomat Acted ‘In A Trance’ 13
12/01/1938 Germans Recover Brazil Trade Lead 14
12/01/1938 Italian Says Opposition Of U.S. To Fascism In South America Is Cloak For Imperialism 14
12/01/1938 Lima Conferences Foresee Harmony 16
12/01/1938 President (Roosevelt) Raises Naval Rank Of 88 17
12/01/1938 Britain To Merge Big Air Companies 17
12/01/1938 (Matthew) Woll (Of A. F. Of L.) Pushes Plan To Aid Minorities-Program Ready In Week (Names Of Supporters) 19
12/02/1938 ‘National Register’ Planned In Britain For Civil Defense 1
12/02/1938 British Subsidies Against Reich Seen-Export Pools Expected 5
12/02/1938 Chamberlain Denies Pressure On (U.S. Ambassador Joseph P.) Kennedy (In Film Censoring Case) 5
12/02/1938 French Deputy To Revive Issue Of U.S. War Debt 5
12/02/1938 Army Takes Steps To Speed Supplies 6
12/02/1938 Sixth Big Warship Is Ordered By Navy 6
12/02/1938 American Fighters (310 Loyalist Volunteers) Leave Spain Today 8
12/02/1938 Australia To Take 15,000 Refugees 9
12/02/1938 Refugee Aid Pledged By Clothing Industry 9
12/02/1938 Oppression Scored By British Faiths-Allies’ Policy Is Blamed 9
12/02/1938 Polish Jews Move To Aid (Their) Emigration (Jewish Colonization Committee) 10
12/02/1938 Rumania To Crush Iron Guard Group-Germans View Fascist Chiefs’ Killings As Murder, But Hold Resentment In Check-G.E.R. Gedye 10
12/02/1938 34 Alien Doctors Pass Jersey Test 24
12/03/1938 France Protests Strongly To Italy On Land Demands 1
12/03/1938 New Propaganda By Reich Seen Here 1
12/03/1938 327 Americans (Loyalist Volunteers) Bid Good-Bye To Spain 5
12/03/1938 Future Of Nazism Safe, Says Hitler 6
12/03/1938 Nations Will Open Lands To Refugees (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) 8
12/03/1938 Black To Be Draped On German (University) Flags (At N.Y. City College To Protest German Treatment Of The Jews) 8
12/03/1938 Nazi Paper Warns Swiss And Others-They Must Curb Press 8
12/03/1938 Columbia’s Gains Praised By Hull 20
12/04/1938 Arms Pump-Priming Opposed As Folly (By National Chamber Of Commerce) 1
12/04/1938 Germany Creating Ghettos For Jews Under New Decree-Housing Problem Feared 1&5
12/04/1938 Borah Says People May Take Rule Over War If Nation Joins In The ‘Hysterical’ Arms Race 1
12/04/1938 Admiral Bayley’s Bowl Given Annapolis To Mark British-American Unity In The (1914-1918) War 24
12/04/1938 326 Ex-Loyalists (American Volunteers In Spanish Civil War) Stranded In Le Havre 38
12/04/1938 Americans-Evacuated From (Loyalist) Spain (List Of Names) 38
12/04/1938 Nazi-Banned Art Is Exhibited Here 40
12/04/1938 Plot To Separate Democracies Seen 40
12/04/1938 Notables In Reich Collect For Needy 42
12/04/1938 Quota Proposed For Refugee Aid (By Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein) 42
12/04/1938 (Eduard) Benes Sends Plea For (Czech) Aid (To Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 42
12/04/1938 Two In Reich Guillotined (For Treason) 42
12/04/1938 No Refugee.Quota Set By Australia 43
12/04/1938 Catholic Beliefs Held Anti-Fascist 44
12/04/1938 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt To Speak (At Fund Raising Affair For Refugees) 44
12/04/1938 Reich Persecution Opposed By Italian 45
12/04/1938 German Press Bitter (Over Murder Of Fascist, Corneliu Zelea Cordreanu) 46
12/04/1938 Soviet Press Assails ‘Fascist Clique’ In U.S. (Tass) 47
12/04/1938 Czechs To Cooperate With Reich In Future 48
12/04/1938 Germany Backing Claims To Tunesia 48
12/04/1938 Japanese Demand Full Rule In China 50
12/04/1938 Propaganda War On U.S. Launched-Germany Begins Offensive In South America 52
12/04/1938 U.S. (Defense) Plan Attacked By Mexican Press 52
12/04/1938 Laguardia Urges Ban On Alien Ideas 56
12/04/1938 Gain In Popularity Of President (Roosevelt) Seen (By Gallup Poll) 56
12/04/1938 Three Ukrainian Areas Get German Attention-Russian, Polish And Czech Districts Are Believed Likely Fields For The Next Eastward Move-(Map)-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
12/04/1938 Poland’s Liberty Basis Of Soviet Tie (Polish-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact)-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
12/04/1938 Influx Of Aliens Disturbs France E-4
12/04/1938 Chamberlain Persists In Appeasement Policy E-5
12/04/1938 Our Weight Felt In Europe’s Scale-Invisible Balance Of Power Is Created, With United States On Side Of Democracies-Our Every Move Studied-Arno Dosch-Fleurot E-5
12/04/1938 Nazis Cautious In Drive On Church E-5
12/04/1938 Anti-German Cartoons E-5
12/04/1938 Cartoon: A Humorous British Comment On The Unofficial Influence Of Uncle Sam In European Affairs (Movie Camera Watching Every Move Made In Europe!) E-5
12/04/1938 Map: The Lands Of The New World To Be Represented At Lima (Conference U.S. Hopes To Dominate!-Shows The Natural Resources Of Each, Essential In War!) E-6
12/04/1938 The Whole Story Of The Hard Winter At Valley Forge Book 5
12/04/1938 American Solidarity: The Hope Of (The U.S. At) Lima Mag. 1
12/04/1938 Refugees Re-Enact An Old Tragedy (Migration) Mag. 6
12/04/1938 Democratic Holiday (Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt) Roto. 1
12/04/1938 Candid Royalty (George Vi & Queen Elizabeth) Roto. 2
12/05/1938 Latin Americas Demand Pact To Ban Use Of Force After (Foreign) Property Is Seized (By Them)-Want Commitment-Good Neighbor Policy To Form Basis For Treaty Plans-(Mexican Seizure Of U.S. & British) Oil (Property) Settlement Awaited-Recognition Of Local Powers To Decide Would Rule Our (U.S.) Diplomatic (Or Other) Pressure 1
12/05/1938 Briton (Earl De-La Warr) Cautions Reich Of 1914 Error-Nation Not Decadent-Minister (Of Education) Scores Nazi ‘Response’ To Munich (See Entry, Dec. 8, 1938, P. 17) 1
12/05/1938 James Roosevelt Takes Film Post As (Samuel) Goldwyn Executive On Coast 1
12/05/1938 World Will Hear Roosevelt Speak Today; Europe And South America On Radio Nets 1
12/05/1938 (John Harlan) Amen (Later A Nuernberg Trial Prosecutor) Selects Former FBI Agent To Head Staff Of Investigation (Amen Seems To Be A Kind Of Rooseveltian Counterpart To The Dies Committee) 4
12/05/1938 Isolation Of Jews Increased In Reich-Former Jewish Shops Open With New Christmas Goods 8
12/05/1938 Map: (Central Berlin) Restriction On Berlin’s Jews Under New Ghetto Decree (Synagogues Burned Nov. 10 Indicated-Three, Maybe Five. The Map Isn’t Clear) 8
12/05/1938 Reich Is Gratified By French Accord 9
12/05/1938 Sudetenland Gives Hitler 99.2% Vote (1,204,449 Votes Cast, 2 209 Invalid) 9
12/05/1938 4,500 (In German-American League) Cheer (Thomas) Mann In Hitler Attack-Refugee Author Bitter 10
12/05/1938 800 Refugee Children Go To France From Germany 10
12/05/1938 Poles To Get Bill [In Sejm] Restricting Jews (From Camp [Party] Of National Unity-It Got A 70% Majority In The Last Election Of The Sejm!) 10
12/05/1938 Quaker Committee Would See Hitler (About Refugees)-Palestine Is Cited Anew-1,000 Jewish Leaders In New England Urge Roosevelt Act To Prod England On Haven (In Palestine) 10
12/05/1938 Mayor (Laguardia) Calls A (‘Citizens’) Rally Against Oppression (To Be Held At Carnegie Hall) 10
12/05/1938 Settlement Houses Ask Aid To Refugees-Positive Action By U.S. Urged By Their Federation 10
12/05/1938 Germans Maligned (N.Y. German Consul General, Hans) Borchers Declares-He Protests Portraying Of Them As Crude And Arrogant 10
12/05/1938 (American Legion Head) Would Bar Refugees 10
12/05/1938 Rumanian Iron Guard Names New Leader-Jon Victor Vojen, A Lawyer, Succeeds Slain (‘Killed While Trying To Escape’) Corneliu Zelea) Cordreanu 10
12/05/1938 Ruthenian Fascists Rally 10
12/05/1938 Rome Aryans (Sic) Oust Jews As Servants 11
12/05/1938 (Father Cox) Wants Pope (Pius XI) To Run Relief To (Spanish) Loyalists 11
12/05/1938 Hull Pledges ($) To Help American Trade-Cultural Values Praised 12
12/05/1938 Columbia (University) Sets Up New Press Awards-Publishers, Editors Or Writers Aiding Amity Of Americas To Be Honored Annually-Dr. G. L. Cabot Is Donor 12
12/05/1938 U.S. Gunboat (‘Luzon’) Sails Down The Yangtze 13
12/05/1938 Nations To Salute The (World’s) Fair By Radio 18
12/05/1938 Berlin Is Awaiting (Insurance Companies’) Ruling On (Payment Of) Damage (On Jewish Shops Damaged In Germany On Nov. 10) 31
12/05/1938 World Politics Dominating Wheat 31
12/06/1938 Reich And France To Sign Anti-War Treaty Today-Ribbentrop On Way-Paris Firm Toward Rome 1
12/06/1938 Roosevelt Urges Nation To Continue Liberalism; Says World Looks To Us-No Turning Back-Sees Duty To Humanity (Text, P. 16) 1
12/06/1938 Big Increases Approved In French Army Budget 1
12/06/1938 Rome-Berlin Axis Opens Fight In Lima-Agents Sound Warnings Of United States ‘Imperialism’ On Eve Of Congress 1
12/06/1938 Export-Import Bank Will Lend $50,000,000 To Cuba In A ‘Triangular Deal’ Envoy (Martinez Fraga, Cuban Ambassador To U.S.) Says (‘Veeree Interesting!’) 1
12/06/1938 Holds Militia (U.S. National Guard) Near Its Full War Role-Urges Congress Do More 6
12/06/1938 Reich’s Hand Seen In Rome-Paris Rift (By Augur) 10
12/06/1938 Refugees Of All Faiths Share $1,500 Police Gift (Laguardia Makes Announcement) 10
12/06/1938 Daladier Rebukes Italy Over Claims 10
12/06/1938 Former Home Of Balfour Is Offered For (Jewish) Refugees 10
12/06/1938 600 Child Refugees Taken From Vienna-100 Jewish Youngsters Going To Netherlands, 500 To England 11
12/06/1938 (Oswald) Pirow (South African Minister Of Defense) Sees Trend To War By Spring 14
12/06/1938 Faiths At Capital Hit Persecutions-Dictatorships Assailed 14
12/06/1938 Refugee A Suicide With Her Husband (Sonja & Hudson Lewis, From Germany-City Gas) 12
12/06/1938 Two Americans Face (Currency Exchange) Trial In Reich Today (Michael George Albert & Dr. Oscar Lavine) 12
12/06/1938 Jan Masaryk Resigns-Czecho-Slovak Envoy In London Plans To Visit United States 12
12/06/1938 New Curbs Placed On Jews’ Property-Germany Orders Real Estate And Securities Liquidated By End Of This Year-Dealings In Gems (Buying, Selling & Pawning) Banned 13
12/06/1938 U.S. Urged (By Rev. A. J. Muste) To Admit Exiles 13
12/06/1938 American Jew (Harry Dick, Born In Russia) Tells Of Jail Term (For Currency Exchange Violations) In Reich-Charges Unjust Arrest By Nazis 13
12/06/1938 Britain Replaces 4 More Generals-Fresh Talent Is Sought 14
12/06/1938 Industry In Britain Is Again On Decline-Number Of Unemployed Now At Highest Point This Year 14
12/06/1938 British Censors Kill Film On (1857-1858 Indian) Mutiny 14
12/06/1938 4 (1 Jew, 3 Arabs) Slain In Palestine In Day Of Terrorism 15
12/06/1938 As Roosevelt Sees Himself (Text Of Speech) 16
12/06/1938 Pound And Franc Recover Further-Former Rallies To Best Price Since Nov. 19 35
12/07/1938 Britain Considers Loan To Aid China; Firm On Open Door-Stands With U.S. In Issue 1
12/07/1938 Roosevelt Urges Pay-As-You-Go Aim In Defense Costs-But He Warns Against Idea That He Advocates New Taxes To Meet Each Years Outlay (?)-Pump Priming No Factor 1
12/07/1938 France And Germany Adopt A ‘Good-Neighbor’ Policy: Sign New Non-War Treaty (Text, P. 1)-Ribbentrop Hints Berlin Would Drop Colonial Demands On Paris-Seeks Food Stock In East 1
12/07/1938 Rumanian ‘Purge’ (Of National Socialists) Angers Reich Nazis-Otto D. Tolischus 1
12/07/1938 WPA Writers’ Head (Henry G. Alsberg) Hits Communists-Plays Program Defended 2
12/07/1938 Mayor (Laguardia) Dedicates Two New Schools-Backs Roosevelt’s Stand (‘The Progress Of Today And The Outmoded Habits Of Yesterday.’) 10
12/07/1938 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Pleads For (Jewish) Refugee Aid-The French Envoy (Count De Saint-Quentin) Speaks-Leon Blum Heard From Paris At Gathering In Behalf Of (Palestine) Colony To Bear His Name 13
12/07/1938 World Wheat Group Gets An Urgent Call To Meet Jan. 10 To Avert A Dumping ‘War’ 13
12/07/1938 2 U.S. Doctors (Dr. Oscar Lavine & Dr. Michael George Albert) Get Reich Jail Terms (For Currency Exchange Violations) 14
12/07/1938 Harvard Students Open Refugee Drive (Headed By Leverett P. Saltenstall & Radio Comedian Eddie Cantor) 14
12/07/1938 Things Are Not Too Bad (U.S. Ambassador To England, Joseph P.) Kennedy Declares-Eschew Defeatism (Be Optimistic)-But Pessimism Mounts-(Oswald) Pirow’s (South African Minister Of Defense) Forecast Of War Next Spring Is Factor (See Entry Dec. 17, P. 8) 15
12/07/1938 Stop-Over Rights Urged (By Leo Kreindler, Editor Of Jewish Paper In Berlin) For Emigres-German Jewish Leader Pleads For A Temporary Refuge For 100,000 In U.S.-Terror Grows In Reich-Hundreds Line Up Outside Consulates-New Decrees Darken Outlook 15
12/07/1938 Vienna Beheads Woman-She Poisoned FourTo Obtain Insurance 15
12/07/1938 Gandhi Would Back War To End Nazi Persecution 15
12/07/1938 Explains Seizure Of Ship By Reich-Rils Says His Schooner, Its Cargo Forcibly Unloaded Is Being Held ‘For Ransom’-Asks Hull To Intervene 16
12/07/1938 German-Americans Warned By (Victor) Ridder (Publisher Of The New Yorker Staats-Zeitung Und Herold)-They Face Danger Of Becoming Despised Minority, He Says (Situation Similar To 1917 & 1918-German-Americans Must Join ‘Anti-Nazis.’ For This Reason, He Intends To Participate In Laguardia’s ‘Citizens Rally.’ See Entries, Dec. 5, 1938, P. 10 & Dec. 10, 1938, P. 1) 16
12/07/1938 Plea For Jews Censored (In Singapore) 16
12/07/1938 Public Support Of Hull Shown In (Gallup) Survey; 85% Of Sample Vote Lauds Treater Sponsor 17
12/07/1938 Dr. (William T.) Manning Makes Plea (Along With Fellow Episcopalian Henry Saint George Tucker) 17
12/07/1938 Liberties In U.S. Hailed By (Bishop Stephen J.) Donahue 19
12/07/1938 (U.S.) Export Men Draft Anti-Barter Fight-Study Means Of Thwarting German Trade Ambitions In The Americas 34
12/08/1938 Hull Lays Ground In Lima To Defend ‘American System’-Nazi Agents Already Busy-Americans Welcome Activity Of Germans As Proving Reality Of ‘Menace’ 1
12/07/1938 Mussolini Calls On Hitler For Assurance Of Backing In His Claims On France 1
12/07/1938 U.S. (Acting Secretary Of State, Sumner Welles) Reminds Reich Of (Jewish & Catholic U.S.) Citizens’ Rights (In Germany) 1
12/07/1938 Germans Predict Revolt In Rumania 1
12/08/1938 Threats On His Life Disclosed By (John Harlan) Amen (Later A U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg Trials) 8
12/08/1938 Mrs. (Anna M.) Rosenberg (Social Security Regional Director) Sees A New Job Problem 12
12/08/1938 (Panama) Canal (German) Spy Trials Open In Cristobal 14
12/08/1938 U.S. And Iraq Sign (Commercial Treaty) Pact 14
12/08/1938 Poles Split On New (Franco-German) Pact 14
12/08/1938 U.S. Protests Curb Slovak Violence (Against Jews)-Anti-Semitism Is Gaining 15
12/08/1938 Row Over Nazi Flag At The (Madison Square) Garden Bars All Foreign Flags At Sports Show 16
12/08/1938 (Lord) Baldwin To Open (Catholic & Jewish) Refugee Campaign 17
12/08/1938 Chamberlain Stands By Minister’s Speech-Refuses To Disavow De La Warr’s Address Criticizing Reich (See Entry, Dec. 5, 1938, P. 1) 17
12/08/1938 Door Open To U.S. In Latin America-Our Goods Are Preferred-Southern Republics Ready To Accept Us As Partners But Not As Protectors-But Germans Get Business By Offering Lower Prices And More Lenient Terms 18
12/08/1938 (William R.) Castle Assails U.S. (Roosevelt) Policy In Latin America; Denies It Is Necessary To Give Up Our Rights (‘In Order To Be A ‘Good Neighbor.’’) 19
12/08/1938 Commons Debates (U.S. Ambassador Joseph P.) Kennedy As (British Newsreel) Censor 23
12/08/1938 Kennedy Sails (To U.S. And Meeting With Roosevelt) Saturday-Two Months In The U.S. 23
12/08/1938 (Dr. Ralph W. Sockman) Appeals To Church To Save Democracy (‘Chancellor Hitler Could Not Keep His People At War As Long As The Kaiser Did.’-Biennial Meeting Of The Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America)-Bishop (Henry St. George) Tucker Counsels Delegates(‘Unity Is Essential To The Success Of The Church’s Mission.’ See Entry, Dec. 12, 1938, P. 15) 31
12/08/1938 Vienna Choir Boys To Sing For Charity-Sponsored By (Theodore) Roosevelt Association 36
12/09/1938 Nation’s Industry Adopts A Liberalized Program; Many Concessions Made-Friendly (Maybe Surrender) To (Organized) Labor 1
12/09/1938 Hull Warns Peace Cannot Be Secure On Regional Basis-Bars Exclusion Of Europe From Americas’ Decisions-(Lima) Conference Opens Today 1
12/09/1938 Mexico And Reich In Big Barter Deal 1
12/09/1938 Roosevelt Acts To Revive His (Government) Reorganization Plan 1
12/09/1938 Naval Board Speeds Plan For New Bases; Sites Are Kept Secret Pending Report 1
12/09/1938 Nazi Leader (Fritz Kuhn) At Dies Luncheon Hears Inquiry Head Attack Bund 10
12/09/1938 (German) Spy Case Appeals Filed-One Juror Was A Jew 10
12/09/1938 Yezhoff Relieved Of Post In Russia-BeriaBecomes New Head-Harold Denny-Pictures 11
12/09/1938 Nazi Terrorism Decried In (Gallup) Survey-Vote Is More Than 9-1 13
12/09/1938 U.S. Note To Berlin (On U.S. Jews-Sumner Welles) Cites 1923 (Commercial) Treaty 14
12/09/1938 Protest For Jews Urged In Churches (By Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America, Meeting In Buffalo, N.Y.)-Concern For Christians (See Entry Dec. 12, 1938, P. 15) 15
12/09/1938 Picture: Letter And Cartridge Sent To Laguardia Threatening His Life For Attacking Nazis 16
12/09/1938 U.S. Officers Testify In (Panama) Canal (German) Spy Trial 16
12/09/1938 Books Auctioned (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) To Aid Oppressed 17
12/09/1938 (Lord) Baldwin Appeals For Reich Victims-Launches A British Drive 18
12/09/1938 Sandler Protests Pressure By Germany To Get Swedish Concerns To Dismiss Jews (Serving On Staffs In Germany) 18
12/09/1938 Jungle Law Seen In Dictator Rule (By Sir Richard Gregory At The Carnegie Institution, Washington) 19
12/09/1938 (Rev. John F.) O’hara (Notre Dame University) Holds War Is Not Worst Evil-He Condemns Pacifists (At Lima Conference) 20
12/09/1938 (Sumner Welles) Disagrees With (William R.) Castle (That U.S. Assets & Rights Must Be Sacrificed To Gain Latin American Good Will) 20
12/09/1938 (Stanford University) Library To House Hover War Data 52
12/10/1938 Europe Is Assured Of Amity At Lima As Session Opens 1
12/10/1938 (Anthony) Eden Calls On Democracy To Face World Challenge; 4,000 Give Him Ovation Here (Before American Congress Of Industry-Text, P. 3) 1
12/10/1938 Laguardia (‘Citizens’’) Rally (Called By Him, See Entry Dec. 5, 1938, P. 10) Warns Of Danger Of Hatreds In U.S.-Meetings To Protest Nazi Persecutions Stressed Need To Guard Our Liberty-(Anti-NSDAP U.S. Ambassador To Germany, William E.) Dodd Lays Hitler’s Rise To Secret Agents Of U.S. Firms In Early League (Of Nations) Days (Many Others There: William T. Manning, Fulton J. Sheen, S. J. Donahue, Victor F. Ridder, Etc.-Pictures, P. 6. Long Article, Rally Obviously Well Organized. See Entry, Dec. 7, 1938, P. 16) 1
12/10/1938 China’s Open Door Closed By Japan 1
12/10/1938 Roosevelt Starts Big Drive On Spies (But Not ‘Intrepid!’) 1
12/10/1938 Creation Of Jobs Held To Be Vital 2
12/10/1938 Metaxas Tightens Grip-Greek Dictator To Be In Direct Charge Of Education, Worship 4
12/10/1938 (Herschel) Grynzspan (Murderer Of Vom Rath) Declares He Acted Alone 6
12/10/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Backs Britons On Aid To Refugees 6
12/10/1938 Papers In Prague Foresee Conflict-Troops Massed By Poles-G.E.R. Gedye 7
12/10/1938 Roosevelt Is Chided By Reich On Arming 7
12/10/1938 Reich Still Hopes For British Trade 8
12/10/1938 Women’s Equality Discussed At Lima-It Would Assure Rights 8
12/10/1938 U.S. Studies Way To Check Mexico 10
12/10/1938 Europe Watches Lima (Conference) With Great Interest-Totalitarian Propagandists Are Attacking United States 10
12/10/1938 Roosevelt To Ask (Government) Reorganization-Says All Concede Need 11
12/11/1938 Hull And Cantilo (Argentina) Declare Embargo On Fascist Ideals-Both At Lima (Conference) State There Is No Room In Americas For Racial Theories, Class Differences-But Isolation Is Opposed (Texts, P. 57) 1
12/11/1938 Italian Navy Gets Fuel From Mexico 1
12/11/1938 Memel Vote Today Is Hailed By (Lithuanian-German) Nazis As Move To Reich 1
12/11/1938 Roosevelt Says Free Press Is Vital To Us, And Doubts It Is Endangered From Without 1
12/11/1938 11 Ships Of War Dock In Brooklyn 41
12/11/1938 No Arms Licenses To Japan In Month-Hull’s (Oral) Plea Has Effect 42
12/11/1938 World’s Teachers Meet In August-Move To Bolster Democracy Through Education (Teachers) Will Be Taken Up-Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) To Preside 48
12/11/1938 Wartime Capital Sought In Britain (Map)-Off Track Of Air Raiders 48
12/11/1938 Berlin Jews Rush Stocks To Banks (For Sale) 49
12/11/1938 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Says Hitler Must Aid On Refugees (See Entry, Dec. 17, 1938, P. 8) 49
12/11/1938 Nazis’ Conception Of Science Scored-1,284 American Scientists Sign Manifesto Rallying Savants To Defend Democracy-Progress Seen Menaced (By Urey, Milliken, Langmuir, Boaz, Etc.) 50
12/11/1938 (South Africa Jan Smuts-Not Hertzog!) Supports Ban On Reich 50 Slovak Chief (Tuka) Asks For Independence (From Czechs)-G.E.R. Gedye 50
12/11/1938 Hardy Aide Sifts Reports Ring Preys On Refugees (From Germany) 50
12/11/1938 150 Refugees Rough It Near Bratislava 53
12/11/1938 Democracy Urged (By N.Y. City Rabbis) To Plan Defense 53
12/11/1938 Ban On Jews In Britain To Be Aired In Commons 54
12/11/1938 Sees Ukrainians Persecuted By Poles-Greek Orthodox Group Here Protests ‘Ruthless’ Policy 54
12/11/1938 (Jews) To Map Refugee Program 54
12/11/1938 25 ‘Traitors’ (Sic) Sentenced-Jew Gets Life Imprisonment For Anti-Nazi Activity (Berlin Report) 54
12/11/1938 Refugee Aid To Be Asked (By N.Y. Section Of The National Council Of Jewish Women) 55
12/11/1938 Public’s (Non-Interventionist) Attitude Held Bar To Peace-(John G.) Winant Speech Is Heard (James G. Mac Donald & Other ‘Rooseveltians’ Spoke Or Were Present) 57
12/11/1938 German Press Sees Dollar Imperialism-Says Hull At Lima Tries To Excuse Our ‘Brutal Wishes’ 57
12/11/1938 Rights For Women Petitioned At Lima 58
12/11/1938 Tactics Of Americas Praised By (Alf M.) Landon 58
12/11/1938 Concert Is Given By Trapp Family (‘The Sound Of Music’) 60
12/11/1938 Help For Refugees E-2
12/11/1938 (Roosevelt’s Government) Reorganization Shaped For A Better (Congressional) Reception E-3
12/11/1938 ‘Hemisphere Defense’ Is Leading Issue At Lima (Conference) E-3
12/11/1938 Arabs And Zionists Adamant On Talks E-4
12/11/1938 Picture: Georges Mandel, French Colonial Minister E-4
12/11/1938 Picture: Spanish Loyalist Premier Negrin E-5
12/11/1938 Eden Retains His Hold On The British Public E-5
12/11/1938 German Jews Approach A Deadline (Otto D. Tolischus) E-5
12/11/1938 New Soviet Film (‘Alexander Nevsky’) Subtly Attacks Germans E-5
12/11/1938 Big Armament Program To Go Before Congress E-6
12/11/1938 As America Ponders Her Defense Needs E-6
12/11/1938 22 Ships To Be Built In Plant At Kearny-7 Naval Destroyers Included In 3-Year Program E-9
12/11/1938 (Secretary Of War Woodring) Stresses War Role Of Merchant Marine E-9
12/11/1938 The Americas Weigh Monroe’s Doctrine Mag. 1
12/11/1938 Our View Of Europe: Twenty Years Of Change Mag. 4
12/11/1938 Pictures: William C. Bullitt, Sumner Welles, Hugh Wilson & William Phillips Roto. 1
12/12/1938 (Cardinal) Mundelein (Ardent Roosevelt Acolyte Denies Views Of (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Represent Church 1
12/12/1938 Secret Police In Vienna Censor Catholic (Cardinal Innitzer’s Secretary, Jacob Weinbacher’s) Sermon 1
12/12/1938 Memel Vote Heavy; Nazi Sweep Is Sure; (German) Leader Is Defiant 1
12/12/1938 Bigger Canal Seen Urgent At Panama-New Battleships A Point 3
12/12/1938 (Lt. Governor) Poletti Asks Fight On Dictatorships-Holds Universal Reeducation To Christian Principles Is Vital To Freedom 3
12/12/1938 Poland To Reject Ukraine Autonomy 6
12/12/1938 (Newbold) Morris (In Talk Before Hsias) Weighs Ban On Nazi Ships Here-Considers Opposing Renewal Of Leases On City Piers 6
12/12/1938 Ethics Of Europe (Lack Of Support For Jews) Scored By (Lithgow) Osborne 6
12/12/1938 Land For Jews Is Sought (By Jewish Colonization Society) 6
12/12/1938 Homes Sought Here For (Jewish) Child Refugees 6
12/12/1938 Synagogue Here Stoned 6
12/12/1938 Nazi Boycott Urged As New Drive Opens-Ban On German Goods Backed By (Primarily Jewish) Speakers At Rally Here (Dr. Joseph Tenebaum, Federation Of Polish Jews In America & Joint [German] Boycott Committee) 6
12/12/1938 Lotte Lehmann To Be Honored (By The American Committee For Christian German Refugees-Hotel Astor) 6
12/12/1938 Nazis Denounced By (Utah) Senator (William H.) King (At Yeshiva College)-Renews Demand That U.S. Break With Reich-Sees World Partitioned-500 Attend Affair 8
12/12/1938 Pagan Governments Denounced By (Alfred E.) Smith 8
12/12/1938 Abuses To Church Denied By (Spanish) Loyalist (Indalecio Prieto)-Sees Rebel Propaganda 10
12/12/1938 U.S. (W. W. I) Effort Praised (In Paris Ceremony) 10
12/12/1938 Argentina Opposes Any U.S. Hegemony-Our Purpose Mistrusted 12
12/12/1938 Hull Is Still Hero Of Parley In Lima-His Manner Wins Friends 13
12/12/1938 Puerto Rico Scores Cuban Concessions-U.S. Export Trade Hit 13
12/12/1938 New Peace Ideals For World Sought (Rev. S. E. Gerard Priestly, Universalist) 14
12/12/1938 Charity For Foes Held Duty Of All 14
12/12/1938 Democracy Not Losing (Rabbi Israel Goldstein) 14
12/12/1938 World Parley Urged As Only Key For Peace (By Harry Emerson Fosdick) 14
12/12/1938 Jews Urged To Fight-Only Salvation To Oppose Anti-Semitism Now, Says (Nahum) Goldman 14
12/12/1938 Catholics Urged To Fight Fascism 15
12/12/1938 (Federal) Council Of Churches (Of Christ In America) Assailed By M’comb-Controlled By Political And Social Radicals, He Says (See Entries Dec. 8, 1938, P. 31 & Dec. 9, 1938, P. 15) 15
12/12/1938 Pact With France Heartens Berlin 27
12/13/1938 London And Paris Ask Reich To Abide By (1924) Memel Treaty 1
12/13/1938 (Evian Inter-Governmental Committee On Refugees) Plan To Aid Jews And Reich Exports Is Up As Schacht Sets London Visit 1
12/13/1938 U.S. Studies Loans To Latin America To Promote Trade-None Of Nations Now In Debt To Us 1
12/13/1938 (U.S. Supreme) Court Backs Negro On Full Education 1
12/13/1938 (George) Burns Comedian Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Jewel Smuggling (Picture, P. 5-(Col.) William J. Donovan One Of His N.Y. Lawyers-See Entry, Dec. 6, 1938, P. 13-See Still Earlier Entry On Jack Benny. He Plead Guilty To Same Charge. Donavan Was Also His Lawyer.) 1
12/13/1938 (Dr. William Starr Myers) Assails Roosevelt (Government) Policy (For Trying To Introduce European Continental Form Under Guise Of Economic Liberalism) 4
12/13/1938 Socialist Organizer Gets (Threatening) Card Like One Sent To Laguardia 9
12/13/1938 Committee To Aid British Arms Plan 12
12/13/1938 1,000 (At Brooklyn Academy Of Music) Hear Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Democracy’s Success Depends On Aid Of Everyone, She Says 12
12/13/1938 Trotsky Predicts Revolution In U.S. 12
12/13/1938 Argentine (At Lima Conference) Favors Consultation Idea-Holds Time To Confer Is When Some Actual Threat Arises 14
12/13/1938 Lima Block Fights (U.S.) Solidarity Plan-Cuba Backs U.S. Draft 15
12/13/1938 Curb On Investors Proposed At Lima 15
12/13/1938 U.S. And Britain Vie In Argentina (Not Germany?)-Germany Takes Second Place From Us As A Buyer 16
12/13/1938 (Matthew) Woll (A. F. Of L.) States Aims Of Rights League (League For Human Rights, Freedom And Democracy) 18
12/13/1938 502 Children Refugees (51 Non-Aryan Christians & 49 Catholics) Find British Haven 19
12/13/1938 Court Refuses To Send Estate Fund To Germany 19
12/13/1938 Britain Is Giving Dictators Leeway-Memel Move Unopposed 20
12/13/1938 4,500 At Anti-Nazi Rally (Called By ‘Committee Of 100 For The Defense Of Human Rights’) 20
12/13/1938 British Buy More Wheat Under U.S. Export Subsidy (100,000,000 Bushels Authorized, Subsidy Of 20 cents Per Bushel) 21
12/14/1938 (Anthony) Eden Confers Hour With Roosevelt-They Are Silent As To Subject Of Talk 1
12/14/1938 Lord Londonderry Turns On Germany-Has Been Foremost In Urging ‘Understanding’ (Sic) Opposes Colony Demands 1
12/14/1938 Envoy And 35 Nazis Boycott Chamberlain At A Speech Rebuking The Berlin Press 1
12/14/1938 German Paper (Boersen Zeitung) Tells Two Powers To Keep Out Of Memel Affair-Otto D. Tolischus 1
12/14/1938 Unity Declaration Aimed At Germany Emerging At Lima (Conference)-Hull Cites Alien Threat (Text, P. 16) 1
12/14/1938 President (Roosevelt) In Light Mood 4
12/14/1938 Mexico Proposes Plan On Investors (At Lima Conference)-Opposes The U.S. Policy 14
12/14/1938 (Pan-American Committee) Plan To Aid Students From Latin America 16
12/14/1938 (Ecuador’s Central Bank) Would Sell Aski Marks (Usable Only To Purchase Goods Made In Germany) 16
12/14/1938 Cuba At Lima Asks War On Alien Aims-Urges Parley To Take Steps To Combat Dictators’ Ideas And Preserve Democracy-Ties With U.S. Praised 17
12/14/1938 Berlin Press (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) Tries To Ridicule (Anthony) Eden-Attacks On His Visit Linked With Scoring Of Americans 18
12/14/1938 Missing Dispatch Case Sped To Eden In Capital (Temporarily Lost-’Captain Eden Looked Very Grim’) 18
12/14/1938 Defense Move Fails In (Panama) Canal (German) Spy Trial 18
12/14/1938 Drive Opens To Aid (German Refugee) ‘Culture In Exile’ 19
12/14/1938 800 Groups Linked To Anti-Semitism 21
12/14/1938 Prague Abandons Democratic Role-Bill For Authoritarian State Is Introduced In Parliament-All Will Be Coordinated-G.E.R. Gedye 22
12/14/1938 Protest To Reich Urged On U.S. Bar 22
12/14/1938 Rumania Weighing New Curbs On Jews 22
12/14/1938 Slovakia Forecast Seizures From Jews 22
12/14/1938 Unions Balk At Nazi (Product) Show-A. F. L. Group Ordered Not To Work At German Exhibit 23
12/14/1938 (Mischa) Elman Tour To Aid German Refugees 30
12/14/1938 November Inport Of Gold Declines 43
12/14/1938 Exports Declared Key Wheat Issue 45
12/15/1938 Britain Warns Italian Pact Bars Any Attack On Tunesia-Ire At Germans Mounts 1
12/15/1938 France Not To Yield An Inch-Bonnet Asserts War Will Follow Any Attempt To Take Territory 1
12/15/1938 Vast Arms Outlay (8,275,000,000 Lire) Is Fixed By Italy 1
12/15/1938 U.S. Defense Plan Is Shelved At Lima (Conference) As Argentina Wins-Latter Skeptical Of Threat By Totalitarian States, Drafts A Mild Substitute-Is ‘Bequeathed To History’-Nazis And Fascists Set To Proclaim Our ‘Failure’ 1
12/15/1938 Our Foreign Policy Held (By Maj. Gen. Van Horn Mosely, U.S.A. Ret.) To Stir Hate-Government Inspires Fear At Home To Hide Huge Costs-Asks Hands Off Europe 14
12/15/1938 (British-U.S.) Economic Parley Is Urged By (Sir George) Paish-Talks With Roosevelt 15
12/15/1938 (Nicaraguan) Slogan: Not Hitler, Stalin Nor Duce, But Roosevelt 16
12/15/1938 Rumania Draws Up 10-Year Plan On Jews-Seeks Gradual Reduction Of Their Influence In Nation 16
12/15/1938 Alien Claims Issue Vexes Lima Parley-U.S. Delegates Worried 17
12/15/1938 Mexico’s Attitude To Us Temporizing 18
12/15/1938 New Arab Terrorism Flares In Palestine 18
12/15/1938 (Authoritarian) Enabling Bill Passed By Czech Parliament 18
12/15/1938 Chats On Policy Crowd Eden’s Day-British Statesman Lunches With Morgenthau, Wallace And Others At (Sumner) Welles’ Home 19
12/15/1938 Schacht In London For Trade Talks-Refugee Issue To Fore (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) 21
12/15/1938 Nazis Seize Tyrol Priest 21
12/15/1938 Reich Holds An American (Seaman George Roth, Had Communist Literature In His Possession) 21
12/15/1938 Spies Declared Menace To Nation (By Dies Committee) 22
12/15/1938 Palestine Barred To Child Refugees-Zionist Circles Bitter 23
12/15/1938 Vienna Nazis To Rebuild Turkish Jews’ Synagogue 23
12/15/1938 Professions Aid Exiles 23
12/15/1938 Germans In Memel Win Big Majority 24
12/15/1938 Germany Replies To U.S. (Sumner Welles Note-On Property Of U.S. Jews In Germany) 24
12/15/1938 (Alfred E.) Smith Opens Sale For Sudeten Victims 24
12/15/1938 German Convicted As (Panama) Canal Zone Spy-Three Still Await Trial 25
12/16/1938 4th U.S. (Sumner Welles) Note Demands Reich Exclude American Citizens From Anti-Jewish Decrees-Sharp Tone Is Used-It Has An Air Of Finality 1
12/16/1938 Rumania Seen As Next Reich Goal; Wide Corridor To Ukraine Held Aim 1
12/16/1938 Objectors At Lima Reveal U.S. Plan On American (Hemispheric) Unity-Obligation To Defend Any Of The 21 Republics Offers Chief Stumbling Block-Argentina Rejects Designation Of Foreign Ministers To Map Out United Action 1
12/16/1938 U.S. Extends China $25,000,000 Credit To Foster Trade-Our Diplomacy Related 1
12/16/1938 Chamberlain Dares Nazi Anger Again-Draws Line Between Reich’s Rulers And People-Warns Of British War Resources 1
12/16/1938 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Returns; For ‘Appeasement’-Expected Results Not Attained But Peace Efforts Must Go On-Backs Roosevelt Stand (Picture)-No Decision On War Debt 13
12/16/1938 U.S. (Lima, ‘Hemispheric Solidarity’) Plan Merges Eight Peace Pacts-Proposal Presented At Lima After (‘Many’) Months Of Study By Washington Experts 14
12/16/1938 Navy Asks For Bids On Small Cruisers 15
12/16/1938 (Spanish) Loyalist (U.S. Abe Lincoln Brigade Volunteers) Veterans Get Welcome Here 16
12/16/1938 $30,000 For Refugee Aid-Rare Book Auction 17
12/16/1938 Reich Has Trouble In Collecting (Rml,000,000,000) ‘Fine’ (Sic-From Jews) 18
12/16/1938 Fascisti Must End Ties With French 19
12/16/1938 Hungary Pays In Part (War) Debt Owed To U.S. (Finland Is Single Nation Paid Up) 19
12/16/1938 Nazis In Memel Got 87% Of The Ballots 19
12/16/1938 Food Output Limit Is Seen By Hitler 20
12/16/1938 Louisiana Nazi (Joseph Hahn-Korff) Convicted-Gets 15 Months On Mail Charge-Raised Jewish Issue 20
12/16/1938 Suit Seeks To Halt Payment (Overseas) To Nazis 22
12/16/1938 President (Roosevelt) Confers On World Affairs-Much Activity Foreseen 22
12/16/1938 German Exposition Is Picketed Here-(Fritz) Kuhn Urges ‘Buy Gentile’ 22
12/16/1938 Boycott Held 100% On German Gloves 47
12/17/1938 U.S. Loan To China Angers Japanese; Longer War Seen-Chiang (Kai-Shek) Gets More Planes 1
12/17/1938 Hull Trade Policy Is Adopted At Lima For All Americas-Alien Interests Issue Up 1
12/17/1938 Reich Warns German Maids In Netherlands Not To Extend Work Contracts Beyond May 1 1
12/17/1938 (Spanish) Loyalists Support Anti-Spy Campaign 7
12/17/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To England, Joseph P.) Kennedy Is Gloomy In Roosevelt Talks-Envoy Thinks Possibility Of A War In Europe Within A Few Months Is Very Great-Assails Nazi Persecution-President (Roosevelt) Also Confers With (Sumner) Welles And (William C.) Bullitt On The Foreign Situation (See Entries, Dec. 7, 1938, P. 15; Dec. 11, 1938, P. 49 & Dec. 16, 1938, P. 13) 8
12/17/1938 Schacht Submits (Jewish) Evacuation Plan-Gives Rublee German Proposal For ‘Ransom’ Of Jews In Form Of Foreign Exchange-London Body (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Discouraged 8
12/17/1938 Containers For Helium Go Back To Reich (Aboard ‘Idarwald’)-Empty (Sale Opposed By Harold L. Ickes-Was To Have Been Used For Building A New Dirigible To Avoid Another Disaster Like The Hindenburg) 8
12/17/1938 Equal Rights Plan Of Women Revised (At Lima)-U.S. Opposed Strong Text 9
12/18/1938 Lima Parley Bars Action On Seizure Of Alien Property-U.S. Frames Unity Plan 1
12/18/1938 Reich Shows Drop In Foreign Trade-Anti-Jewish Excesses React In Decreasing Deficit, Is Belief Of German Business Man 1
12/18/1938 140 Ships To Feign War On This Coast-600 PlanesNavy Maneuvers Next Month 1
12/18/1938 Nazis Give Out Instructions To Celebrate The Germanic ‘Yule’ Instead Of Christmas 1
12/18/1938 Rumania Arrests Baptists’ Leaders-Fascist Gets Life Term 38
12/18/1938 (South African) Nationalist Boers Revive Old Hatred (Of The English) 39
12/18/1938 War With France Predicted In Rome-Faith Placed In Reich Aid 40
12/18/1938 Memel Events Worry The Baltic Nations 40
12/18/1938 Way To Peace Seen In Feast Of Lights (‘Hanukkah’-By N.Y. City Rabbis)-Boycott Of Nazis Urged-Hitler Likened To Foe Of Time Of Maccabees-Hitler’s Early Defeat Seen-Germany Held World ‘Gangster’ 41
12/18/1938 (Jews) To Fight (Schacht) Refugee ‘Ransom’ Plan 41
12/18/1938 Negroes Aid (Jewish) Refugees (Help American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 41
12/18/1938 Britain Will Help China Get Imports-Chinese Hail U.S. Help 42
12/18/1938 Membership Drive (Of National Council Of Jewish Women) Opens-Seek Budget Of $135,000 42
12/18/1938 New German Pact For Brazil Likely 43
12/18/1938 Lady Astor Pessimistic-Sees Uncertainty With Dictators ‘Like Lunatics At Large’ 43
12/18/1938 Lima Leaders Seek To Agree On Spain 44
12/18/1938 Argentine Youths Warn Against U.S.-Deride Roosevelt Policy-Good Neighbor Aim Is Called ‘A Farce’ And ‘A Blind’-Hitler Salute Is Used 44
12/18/1938 (U.S.) Unions Join To Aid (Spanish) Loyalist Fighters (Volunteer For Abe Lincoln Brigade) 44
12/18/1938 Lima Group Backs Rights For Women 45
12/18/1938 Women Push Appeal Against War At Lima 45
12/18/1938 U.S. Draws Up Plan To Unite Americas 46
12/18/1938 Text Of The U.S. Proposal On Solidarity 46
12/18/1938 Chicago Wheat Off On Argentina Crop F-7
12/18/1938 Suspension Asked Of Sudeten Ruling-’Made In Germany’ Markings Render Goods Unsalable Here, They Charge F-9
12/18/1938 Importers Will Seek New Sources Chiefly In England, France, Holland And Belgium F-9
12/18/1938 Hitler’s Ukraine Ploy Is A German Revival E-3
12/18/1938 Britain Pursues Peace Through Europe’s Maze E-3
12/18/1938 Reich Can Use Memel As Pawn In The East E-4
12/18/1938 Map: Where German Ambitions Cast Long Shadows E-4
12/18/1938 Poland Repairing Her Fences In East-Trade Pacts With Russia E-4
12/18/1938 Refugee Problem Puts Britain On Her Mettle E-5
12/18/1938 Isolation Of Americas Is Opposed At Lima E-6
12/18/1938 Treasury (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Would Aid Americas’ Ties E-6
12/18/1938 Cartoon;.Anti-Axis E-9
12/18/1938 Education Of Negroes Tested By New (U.S. Supreme Court) Ruling-Picture; Walter White, NAACP E-10
12/18/1938 France, Baffled At Home Looks To Her Empire Mag. 5
12/19/1938 Many In Reich Deplore (Jewish) Excesses, But Fear Keeps Them Muzzled-State’s Aim In Persecution Of Jews Variously Thought To Be Desire For Funds And Wish To Break Dissent At Home And Abroad-Harold Callender 1
12/19/1938 Curb Ukrainians, Poles Tell Czechs 1
12/19/1938 Lima Parley Faced With 150 Projects-U.S.-Argentina At Odds 2
12/19/1938 U.S. Trade In Uruguay.Declines, She Buys Only Where She Sells 2
12/19/1938 (Mexican) Rule Not Communist, Cardenas Reiterates 2
12/19/1938 (Maj. (George Fielding) Eliot Doubts Air Mastery-British Air Force Praised 3
12/19/1938 Nazi Propaganda Held Danger Here (By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Felix Frankfurter & Henry L. Stimson In Book) 3
12/19/1938 Editor (Gerhart Seger-Refugee) Would Bar German Students-Holds Them Nazi Agents-Also Asks Ban On Exchange Professors 4
12/19/1938 Anglicans Strike At Anti-Semitism-Praise British Jews 4
12/19/1938 Nazi Persecution (Of Jews) Scored-German-Americans In North Jersey Are ‘Ashamed’ 4
12/19/1938 Nazi ‘Ransom Plan’ (For Refugees) Is Rejected Here-(American Jewish) Joint Boycott Council Votes For Intensification Of Drive Against German Goods (Joseph Tenenbaum) 5
12/19/1938 Ickes Hits Taker Of Hitler Medals 5
12/19/1938 Feast Of Lights (‘Hanukkah’) Observed By Jews-Deplores Terror (For Jews) In Reich 11
12/19/1938 Schacht Mission Tied To Reich Debt-Trade Policies Costly 31
12/20/1938 Chamberlain Asks Nazis For A Sign They Want Peace-Defends Munich Accord, But Says It Takes Two To Make A Pact 1
12/20/1938 Argentines Await Solidarity Orders-Action At Lima Held Up By Their Indecision-Block Of 13 Demands Strong Stand 1
12/20/1938 Black Ribbons And (‘Resentful’) Looks Greet Reich Cadets In Cuba 1
12/20/1938 U.S. Renews Credit To China On Gold; A Rebuff To Japan 1
12/20/1938 (John Nance) Garner Is Listed.As Third-Term Foe In Senate Canvass-Harrison, Glass And Byrnes Counted In Ranks (Opposing A Third Term For Roosevelt) 1
12/20/1938 49 Pwa (Headed By Harold L. Ickes) Projects Get Final Consent-$732,000 Loans, 43,154,285 Grants Signed By President (Roosevelt) 9
12/20/1938 Italy To Respect (Jewish-) Americans’ Rights-(Sumner) Welles Says Assurances Have Been Received From Rome In Reply To U.S. Query-Reich Has Not Responded-Speech Of Landon At Lima Wins Praise 12
12/20/1938 Nazis In Canada Assailed (By Canadian Legion) 12
12/20/1938 (Reich) Seizes Catholic Property (Of Organizations Dissolved By The Government) 12
12/20/1938 (Hungarian) Terrorists Seize Area In Slovakia-Troops Sent To Retake It 13
12/20/1938 Hungary To Place New Curb On Jews-British (Pro-Jewish) Boycott Feared 13
12/20/1938 Roosevelt Urges (U.S.) Universities To Adopt Reich Refugee Aid Plan-Praising Harvard (J. Bryant Conant) Scholarship Program For German (Refugee) Students He ‘Hopes’ Others Over Nation Will Join Movement 13
12/20/1938 (German) Cannot Borrow From His Own ($675,000) Trust Fund-Resident Of Germany Bad Risk Today, Court Rules 13
12/20/1938 Danzig To Expel All Jews 13
12/20/1938 (Herschel) Grynszpan Recounts Act-Slayer Of German Diplomat (Vom Rath) Says He Sought To Wound Him (Not Kill Him-Says Vom Rath Called Him A ‘Dirty Jew’ And Hit Him In The Face After The Shot Was Fired ‘Without Aiming.’) 13
12/20/1938 Czechs Reassure Poles 13
12/20/1938 Nazi Flag Protested At German (-American Business League) Exhibit (In New York) 14
12/20/1938 Nazis Lay Refugee Plan-Schacht Proposals In London Forestalled (Evian Intergovernmental) Committee (For Refugees) 15
12/20/1938 Institute Of (International) Law Is Revived At Lima-Successor Is Criticized (As Deciding Cases On Basis Of Political Expediency Rather Then International Law) 16
12/20/1938 (U.S. District Att’y. In Los Angeles) Acts Against (German-American) Bund Chief 16
12/20/1938 Democrats (‘Democratic Parties’) Win In Polish Election (Opposing The ‘Camp Of Nationalist Unity’) 16
12/20/1938 New (U.S.) Army Rifle (‘Garand’) Demonstrated 16
12/20/1938 Fight On ‘Isms’ Urged (By American Jewish Federation To Combat Communism, Fascism And Nazism-Appeal ‘To Protestants, Catholics & Jews’)-Speaker In Broadcast Ask Unity Of Faiths 16
12/20/1938 Battleships Keep World (Ship) Yards Busy 17
12/20/1938 Lima Parley Shuns Mediation In Spain-Steering Committee Kills The Proposal By Cuba After Hull Suggests It Be Postponed 18
12/20/1938 (Spanish) Rebels Find (British) Consul In ‘Grave Spy Plot’-Part British Official Played Is Admittedly Unwitting 18
12/20/1938 Argentines Typify Anti-Americanism-3 Factors Now Aid Us-These Are Fear Of British Domination, Good Neighbor Policy And Nazi Threat 19
12/20/1938 15 Killed In Mexico In Agrarian Clashes 19
12/20/1938 (Anti-German) Brotherhood Group Observes Hanukkah-J. H. Holmes Tells Diners Hitler Marks End Of Anti-Semitism 19
12/20/1938 (Argentina) May Deport Anti-Nazis-Printed False Reports On Fiscal Policy 19
12/20/1938 Arita (Japanese Foreign Minister) Says U.S. Aid To China Is A Peril (Text) 20
12/20/1938 Coast Chinese Halt Shipments To Japan 20
12/20/1938 Lawyer Describes Contract On Arms-’Agent’ In England Named 22
12/20/1938 (Arms) Smuggling (Apparently To Loyalist Spain) Reports Doubted In Montreal 22
12/20/1938 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Insists On Living Own Life-She And Children Have Right To Personal Independence-Tells Of Joining Son’s (James’) Firm 27
12/20/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To England, Joseph P.) Kennedy Linked To (James Roosevelt’s) Film Job (With Samuel Goldwyn) 27
12/20/1938 Relief Is Refused (By U.S. State Department) On Sudeten Goods-State Department Declares Against Altering Decree (On High Import Duty) On German Labels 46
12/20/1938 Treasury (Department-Morgenthau) Asks Bids On Various Textiles (5,234,414 Yds. Of Cotton Goods) 51
12/21/1938 Tokyo Threatens Reprisal On Those Who Assist China 1
12/21/1938 Argentines Reject (Pro-U.S.) Solidarity Draft-Refuses To Alter Position At Lima-Hull Still Hopeful, But Bars More Concessions 1
12/21/1938 (George) Rublee (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Is Invited To Reich To Confer On Refugee Issue-Expected To Present Counter-Proposals To Schacht Plan For Migration Of Jews-(U.S. Experts) Cool To Suggestions Of Loan Helping German Exports, But Do Not Bar It Flatly (Picture, P. 16) 1
12/21/1938 Laguardia’s Assailant Wins German (‘Lokal Anzeiger,’ Berlin) Sympathy 1
12/21/1938 323 More (U.S. Volunteers In The Abe Lincoln Brigade) Return From Spanish War (Aiding Communist Loyalists) 10
12/21/1938 Polish Government (‘Camp Of National Unity’) Minimizes Losses (In Election) 10
12/21/1938 Radio-Phone Link To Australia Open-Ceremony In Washington 11
12/21/1938 Betrayal By U.S. Is Charged At Lima-Smaller Nations Say (U.S.) Failure To Take Leadership Made Conference Impotent-Demand End Of Gag Rule (To Discuss Any European Problems)-Cubans And Mexicans Resent Curb On Free Discussion Of All Agenda Topics (Apparently Those Desired By Hull) 12
12/21/1938 Spanish Rebels (Franco) Fear U.S. Gains At Lima 12
12/21/1938 Chamberlain Is Seen Slipping In (Gallup, British) Survey-Nazi Regime Is Blamed-Popularity Declined Sharply After Munich-Wide Support For Eden (Churchill) Is Found 13
12/21/1938 Britain Restores Control On (Foreign) Funds-Move Against Reich Seen 14
12/21/1938 Peaceful Intentions (Already) Shown, Say Germans-Citing Non-War Pact 14
12/21/1938 Reich Industry Is United (Under Walther Funk) 15
12/21/1938 Soviet And Poland Will Extend Trade 15
12/21/1938 (Italy) Will Ease Anti-Semitism (Laws) 15
12/21/1938 Von Bernstroff (Former German Ambassador To U.S. In Ww I) Very Ill 15
12/21/1938 Refugee Tide Rises In The Nazis’ Path-Non-Jews Swell The Total In Increasing Numbers-Thousands Live In Misery-Harold Callender 17
12/21/1938 Few Prague Papers Mark (1918, Thomas) Masaryk Deed (Declaration Of Czechoslovak State) 17
12/21/1938 Germany Defers To Us On Legacies-Lifts Ban On The Transfer Of Inheritance Sums To Any American Of Any Faith-Note Handed To (Sumner) Welles-Charge D’affairs Includes ‘Reciprocity Provided’ 18
12/21/1938 (White Russian General) Denikin Charges Hitler Aims To Cut South Russia From Soviet Union 18
12/21/1938 Reich Is Denounced (By ‘Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights,’-Rabbi Louis I. Newman, Methodist Ralph W. Sockman, Catholic Michael William [‘Commonweal’], Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America, Charles S. Macfarland Etc.) 18
12/21/1938 Young Hadassah Honors Founder’s 78th Birthday (Henrietta Szold, Picture) 24
12/21/1938 Dean (Virginia) Gildersleeve (Barnard-Columbia) Sees (Religious) Unity In Nation 26
12/21/1938 Refugee Boys Guests At Lions Club Party 26
12/21/1938 Wife Of President (Eleanor Roosevelt) Plays Santa Claus 27
12/21/1938 Lotte Lehman Aids Drive For (Christian German) Refugees-Says She Will Try With ‘All Her Heart’ To Be Worthy Citizen 28
12/21/1938 All Society Urged To Plan Education-To Guard Democracy It Must Reflect Aim Of Entire Public, Dean (William F.) Russell (Teachers’ College, Columbia University) Asserts 30
12/22/1938 Extra U.S. Wheat Will Go To SpaiN-3,000,000 Bushels To Be Sold To Red Cross For Assistance To Civilians On Both Sides 1
12/22/1938 Argentina Offers Own (Hemispheric) Unity Plan (At Lima Conference); Bars (U.S.-Supported) Majority-Would Merely Say A Foreign Menace ‘Affects Interests Of All’ Americas-(Others) Want Unequivocal Statement Of United Resistance To Threat To Any Of Them 1
12/22/1938 Tokyo Press Calls U.S. Tool Of Britain-Ousting Of Latter From Asia Is Demanded 1
12/22/1938 Britain Will Expend L20,000,000 To Reinforce Homes For Air Raids 1
12/22/1938 Picture: President (Roosevelt) Presents Schiff Trophy For Safety In Flying (Admiral William D. Leahy Present) 3
12/22/1938 Museum Assailed (By American Arts Congress) On Nazi Art Buying 10
12/22/1938 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Buys Gifts At Czech Sale 10
12/22/1938 Ancient Yule Rites Celebrated In Reich-Winter Solstice Fetes Staged Under Nazi Auspices (Pagan Rites Implied) 11
12/22/1938 (British Industrialists) Seek Anglo-Reich Accord 11
12/22/1938 Nazi Excesses Fall Upon Children Too-Women Are Also Victims 12
12/22/1938 Poles Seek Speed On Exodus Of Jews-Majority In Parliament (Sejm) Sign Motion Urging State Action For Mass Emigration-Other Powers (Opposing Their Action) Criticized 12
12/22/1938 Britain Firm On Aid For Czech Refugees 12
12/22/1938 Nazis Aim To Speed Industry For War-Funk’s Choice As Commissar To Expand Output Is Move To Raise Fighting Potential-Otto D. Tolischus 13
12/22/1938 Colonization Plan For Britain Urged-Jobless At Home Cited 14
12/22/1938 American (Roosevelt’s ?) Viewpoint Stimulating To Eden 14
12/22/1938 Midget Destroyers To Guard British Shipping (In War); Craft Will Fight Submarines And Planes 14
12/22/1938 (Polish Sejm) Bars Ukraine Autonomy 14
12/22/1938 Slovaks Ask Poll In Ceded Regions-Sees Threat To Peace 14
12/22/1938 Youth (Murderer) Beheaded By Reich 14
12/22/1938 Reich Press (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) Attacks Ickes’s (‘German-Baiting’) Sunday Talk (Delivered Before Cleveland, Ohio, Zionist Society) 14
12/22/1938 Big Lima Projects Put Over 5 Years-Delegates Sidestep Action On American League And A Unified Peace Pact (Both Desired By U.S.) 16
12/22/1938 British Try To Bind Argentina To U.S.-German, Italian Press Keep Up Attack On Lima Parley-It Is Held Total Failure 16
12/22/1938 Picture: Rene (Brother Of Leon) Blum-To Stage Shows At World’s Fair 17
12/22/1938 France Will Test Fleet Off Africa 17
12/22/1938 24 U.S. Groups Collect $1,916,431 For (‘Relief’ In) Spain (Just Exactly For Whom Is Not Clear) 18
12/22/1938 (American) Jewish (Joint Distribution) Committee Re-Elects Officers (Named!) 19
12/22/1938 57 Chinese Plants Moved To Safety 39
12/23/1938 American Nations (At Lima Conference) In Clash On (U.S.-Supported) Unity; Bar Persecution-President Of Parley Tells Of Agreement On Unity, But Others Deny Accord-Blows To The Dictators (‘The Declaration Of Lima’) 1
12/23/1938 U.S. (Sumner Welles) Rejects Reich Protest Over Ickes (Speech To Zionists In Cleveland) In Blunt Terms; Says He (Ickes) Uttered Our View-(German) Envoy Is Lectured (Text, P. 12)-Welles Says Nazis Shock Opinion And Set Pace By Own Attacks-(Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman Makes (Anti-German) Thrust 1
12/23/1938 Germans Uninformed By The Press Of Protest, But Read Blasts At Ickes-Otto D. Tolischus 1
12/23/1938 (George Gallup Poll) Finds Prejudice Is Facing (Harry L.) Hopkins (Of WPA To Be Appointed Secretary Of Commerce-Picture) 2
12/23/1938 Dutchess Of Atholl Defeated In (Anti-Chamberlain) Poll (Picture, P. 11) 1
12/23/1938 Persecution Ban Adopted At Lima-Conquest Is Condemned 6
12/23/1938 U.S. Meets Defeat On (Lima Conference) Women’s Board 6
12/23/1938 Brazil Puts Quotas Upon ImmigratioN-3,000,000 Aliens Expected To Register Under New Law (New Entries Restricted To 2% Of Corresponding Entries Over Last 50 Years) 7
12/23/1938 Tokyo Conditon For Peace Stated-No ‘Indemnity’ (Sic) Is Sought-End Of Koumintang Regime And Full ‘Cooperation’ (Sic) By China In Japan’s Policies Demanded 8
12/23/1938 Czechs Oust Jews In Teaching Posts-Act At Behest Of Reich-G.E.R. Gedye 10
12/23/1938 Hungary’s Anti-Jewish Bill 10
12/23/1938 Reich Seeks Share In Britain’s Trade-Peace ‘Soundings’ (Sic) Seen 11
12/23/1938 Catholics In Reich Expect Nazi Blow 11
12/23/1938 Four Nations Plan Atlantic Air Lines 12
12/23/1938 ‘Brutal Dictator’ Lashed By Ickes In Recent Talk (Delivered To Cleveland, Ohio, Zionist Society) 12
12/23/1938 (Pennsylvania Governor) Earle Finds Hitler Is Really Supreme-Reich Will Dominate Europe In Every Way, He Believes 12
12/23/1938 Hitler’s View On Memel (Leave It Unchanged) 12
12/23/1938 (British Government) For Small Bomb Shelters 12
12/23/1938 Poland Shifts Troops (To Ukraine From Gdynia) 12
12/23/1938 Nazis Confident On Trade (With Latin America) 12
12/24/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins (Of WPA) Is Named To (Sec. Of) Commerce Post; Opposition Voiced-Holiday Guest At White House Will Be Sworn In Today-(Col. F. C.) Harrington To Head WPA (Picture, P. 2) 1
12/24/1938 Reich Press Turns Fire On Roosevelt For Jewish Award (American Hebrew Medal-Say Award Speaks Volumes)-Ickes, Pittman Assailed-Berlin Will Not Take Formal Cognizance Of Rebuff It Received (From Sumner Welles) In Washington-Guido Enderis 1
12/24/1938 (U.S.) Atlantic (Naval) Squadron Is Made Permanent 1
12/24/1938 Hungarian Defends Laws Against Jews 4
12/24/1938 Argentina Agrees To Accept Accord-Brazil, However, Puts Off Full Agreement On Continental Solidarity At Lima-Pact Similar To Hill’s 4
12/24/1938 Americas Rule Out Minority Status 4
12/24/1938 Two Grynszpans (Uncle And Aunt, Still Facing Charges Of Complicity In Murder) Freed 5
12/24/1938 Christian Customs (Not Pagan As Implied Earlier) Observed In Reich-Otto D. Tolischus 6
12/24/1938 U.S. Christians Join In Reich Protest-Ideals Are Seen At Stake 6
12/24/1938 Nazi Camps.Release 7,000 Jews; Many Are Victims Of Cold Wave-Dozens Of Amputations, Hundreds Of Cases Of Pneumonia Reported-Freeing Of Men Follows Criticism Of Veterans’ Arrest (Only Camp Mentioned Is Dachau) 6
12/24/1938 Czechs Oust Jews In Official Post-A Present For Germany-G.E.R. Gedye 6
12/24/1938 Poland Bids Prague Halt Hostile Acts-Ousts 100 Czechs From Teschen After Police Are Bombed 6
12/24/1938 Roosevelt Awarded The (American) Hebrew Medal (For The Evian Conference And Aid To Refugees) 6
12/24/1938 Christmas Message Issued By (British-Born Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning-Realize Brotherhood Of Man 16
12/24/1938 $1,461,000 Of Gold Is Engaged Abroad-Imports Of $11,853,000 Also Listed-Pound And Franc Sag 21
12/25/1938 (Pope) Pius XI Deplores Fascist Hostility; Reveals Incidents-Attacks Racial Statute (Text, P. 6) 1
12/25/1938 Relations With U.S. At Ebb, Nazis Hold-Rebuke ‘Left Sting’ Spokesman Says 1
12/25/1938 21 American Republics Sign Pact To Resist Aggression; Warning To The Dictators (Text, Pp. 1 &8)-Strong Step Taken 1
12/25/1938 President (Roosevelt) Renews Pledges For Peace To ‘All Over The World’ 1
12/25/1938 ‘Emergency’ (Sic) Discourages Celebration In Japan 1
12/25/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins Sworn In; Faces Senate Test (Picture, P. 2) 1
12/25/1938 Text Of Hull’s Speech On Achievements At Lima 6
12/25/1938 Lima Declaration A Democratic Feat-Expression Of Solidarity Of Americas Conciliates 21 Conflicting Viewpoints-Great Accomplishments Seen-Argentines Have Gone Much More Than Half Way On Road To Compromise 6
12/25/1938 No American Bloc, Landon Declares 6
12/25/1938 American Nations State Their Ideals-Hull Program Embodied-Cooperation Stressed 7
12/25/1938 Irish (Jewish) Investigator (Robert Briscoe) Plans Help For (7,000) Jews In Poland 8
12/25/1938 Paris-Tokyo Pact Halts Arms Flow (To Indo-China)-Reprisals Are Possible 9
12/25/1938 U.S. Interest Seen Centered Abroad (By George Gallup’s Poll) 9
12/25/1938 Fear Bred In Reich By Course Of Nazis 10
12/25/1938 Rabbi (William F. Rosenblum) Sends Reich Good-Will Message-’No Hate In Our Hearts For Victims Of Oppression,’ Says Rosenblum-Anti-Tyrant Bond Urged 10
12/25/1938 Anti-Fascist Pacts Gain In U.S. Favor (Fortune Magazine Survey)-66.4% See European War 10
12/25/1938 U.S. Leads Germany In Exports To Brazil 11
12/25/1938 Refugee Parley (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Jan 14 And 15 (United Palestine Appeal) 11
12/25/1938 Mothers’ Medals Are Hitler Gifts-Germany Will Reward Those Who Have Large Families With ‘Honor Cross’ (Implication That Germany Is Encouraging The Breeding Of A Large Army) 13
12/25/1938 Christmas Brings Cheer To (50 German) Refugees-All Pledge Allegiance 13
12/25/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-Rebuff To Berlin (By Sumner Welles)-Mr. Ickes Is Upheld (By Roosevelt In Speech To Cleveland Zionist Society) E-1
12/25/1938 Chamberlain Prepares For A Shift Of Policy E-4
12/25/1938 Heroic Treatment Of British Position Against Germany E-4
12/25/1938 Germans Regaled By Attacks On Us (‘Roosevelt’) E-4
12/25/1938 Profit To Reich On Refugees E-4
12/25/1938 Ukraine Defense Soviet Aim-But Moscow Believes That First German Attack Will Be In Western Europe-Harold Denny E-4
12/25/1938 Ruthenian Designs Of Reich No Secret-Poland Also A Menace-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
12/25/1938 Japanese Are Stirred By (U.S.) Credits To China E-5
12/25/1938 A New Pan-Americanism Seen As Lima (Conference) Outcome E-6
12/25/1938 Navies Turn Again To The Atlantic-Our Fleet And French Too, Will Carry Out Manoeuvres There (Together?) E-6
12/25/1938 Hitler Eyes The Ukraine Roto. 1
12/26/1938 New Deal ‘Waste’ Denied By Eccles As He Assails (Senator) Byrd 1
12/26/1938 Scientists Gird To Rescue World From Misuse Of Man’s Inventions (‘Parliament Of Science’-’Court Of Wisdom’-Meeting In Richmond, Virginia) 1
12/26/1938 110 Projects Voted By Parley At Lima 1
12/26/1938 (British) Troops Form Ring About Bethlehem 2
12/26/1938 Czech Refugees Get Aid 3
12/26/1938 ‘Aryans’ Aid Jews Furtively In Reich 9
12/26/1938 ‘Provocation’ Laid To France By Italy 10
12/26/1938 U.S. Aims At Lima Shared By Britain-Menace To Trade (By Germany And Italy) Cited 12
12/26/1938 Germans Disdain Nazi (‘Neo-Pagan’) Ideals On (Christmas) Day-Ancient Songs Held Sway 20
12/26/1938 (Utah) Senator (William H.) King Urges Break With Germany-Favors Economic Boycott And Praises (Sumner Wells’) Rebuff (Of Germans’ Protest) On Ickes (Anti-German Speech Before Zionist Society In Cleveland, Ohio) 20
12/26/1938 (German) Threat To (English-Speaking) Culture Seen By Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. Of Columbia University & Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 21
12/26/1938 Miss Paul Urges Watch On Geneva-American Aloofness Hit 24
12/26/1938 Modern Dictators Likened To Herod (By Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen) 27
12/26/1938 (British-Born Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Appeals For Good-Will Era 27
12/26/1938 Fewer (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Pickets 27
12/26/1938 Peace Has Vanished, Dr. Moor (Baptist) Asserts-He Predicts German Collapse 27
12/26/1938 Flower (‘Jesus’) Of Jewish Root (Says Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 27
12/26/1938 Real Income Rise Over 1937 Is Shown 36
12/27/1938 Hull’s Peace Plan Dominates In Lima 1
12/27/1938 Science Mobilizes (Richmond, Va. Meeting) To Fight Mind Ills 1
12/27/1938 Elliott Roosevelt Hits Oil Policy Of Cardenas 1
12/27/1938 Refugee Concert Raises Big Fund-Governor Lehman A Speaker (For American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 2
12/27/1938 Danzig Nazis Are Accused-World Jewish Congress (Geneva) Group Charges ‘Pogrom’ Plan 2
12/27/1938 13,000 Planes Aim Of The President (Roosevelt) 3
12/27/1938 Sudetens (‘Anti-Nazis’) Active In British Havens 3
12/27/1938 (American) Legion Fight Starts On (U.S.) Refugee Stand 3
12/27/1938 Butter Abundant In Reich Hotels, But German Gets Small Amount 3
12/27/1938 Unity Of Americas, Hull’s Peace Plan (Ah Altruism!) 6
12/27/1938 Dr. (Leo S.) Rowe (Pan-American Union) Praises Results At Lima 7
12/27/1938 Tanks Of U.S. Army Held Unbeatable-A ‘Major Weapon’ Of War 8
12/27/1938 New Protest Is Made By (U.S. Ambassador) Grew To Japanese 8
12/28/1938 Lima Sessions End On Note Of Accord-Concha Stresses Unanimity 1
12/28/1938 Roosevelt Orders Air Pilot Training Of 20,000 Annually-’Reservoir’ Of War Fliers-Nya To Provide Further Funds For Step 1
12/28/1938 Nazi And Fascist Reporters Protest At Lima; Not Asked To Party, They See Discrimination 1
12/28/1938 Rising U.S. Desire For Arming Found (By Gallup Poll) 3
12/28/1938 Big Pacific Fleet Sailing Secretly 3
12/28/1938 Ask ‘Jim Crow’ Law For Jews In Reich-Foreign Jews Included-Otto D. Tolischus 4
12/28/1938 Refugee (Stephan Mendl) Is Sued For $255,000 Here-Legal Fees Are Involved-Also Transfer Of $1,000,000 From Vienna And Arranging For Permit To Leave Country 4
12/28/1938 (Herschel) Grynszpan Rejects Californian’s Gift (Defense Fund Contribution) 4
12/28/1938 Czechs And Poles In Rift 4
12/28/1938 500 (Apparently Jewish) Refugees Are Moved 4
12/28/1938 Anti-Fascists Plan Magazine On Italy 5
12/28/1938 Sees Few Jobs For Jews-Report On Survey Finds Rise In Discrimination In U.S. 5
12/28/1938 Drive Toward Siam By Japanese Seen 6
12/28/1938 Hull’s Farewell Address At Lima 8
12/28/1938 Americas Divided In Opinion On U.S.-Argentina Most Hostile 9
12/28/1938 President (Roosevelt) Pleased With Lima Success-Nazis See Defeat For Us 10
12/28/1938 Teachers Refuse To Censure Nazis-Instructors In German Vote Down Critical Resolution Over Local Group’s (Led By Prof. Sol Liptzin) Protest-Other Linguists Meet 12
12/28/1938 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Assails ‘Apathy’ Of Women 26
12/28/1938 Argentina Trade Declined In Year 40
12/29/1938 France Doubling Forces To Protect Somaliland-2 Warships On Way 1
12/29/1938 French Sell Half-Interest In (Czech) Skoda Munitions Firm 1
12/29/1938 President (Roosevelt) To Name (Michigan Governor Frank) Murphy To Attorney General Post 1
12/29/1938 Paper (‘L’epoque’) Tickles French With Dictators’ ‘Talk’ In Which Hitler Tells How To Take Colonies 4
12/29/1938 Italy Loses Hope Of Paris Concessions 4
12/29/1938 Soviet Cuts Down Worker Benefits-Fixes Penalty For Tardy 4
12/29/1938 League Foes Blamed (By Columbia University History Professor, James T. Shotwell) For World Anarchy-Links Dictators To Wilson Plan’s Failure 4
12/29/1938 Anti-War Protest Stirs Student Row (American Student Union At City College) 5
12/29/1938 Help To (Jewish) Refugees Pushed In Britain 6
12/29/1938 Czechs Stiffen Toward Refugees As Germans Consolidate Influence-Example Of Expropriation 6
12/29/1938 Rumania Initiates Minority Parleys 6
12/29/1938 Liechtenstein To Expel Her ‘Undesirable Aliens’ 6
12/29/1938 Nazis Plan For Danzig 6
12/29/1938 Some Big (U.S.) Warships To Stay In Pacific-140 (U.S.) Vessels Are Coming (East) 7
12/29/1938 Anti-Semitic Bloc (Against ‘Anti-Aryanism’) Urged 7
12/29/1938 New Refugee Committee (Intercollegiate Committee To Aid Student Refugees) 7
12/29/1938 Workers To Aid Refugees 7
12/29/1938 Views On Lima (Conference) Vary In Latin America-Mexican Paper Skeptical 8
12/29/1938 President (Roosevelt) Urged (In Appeal Signed By 800) To Lead In Peace 8
12/29/1938 Scientists Urged (In N.Y. Convention Of 1,000) To Cure Ill World (List Of Attendees) 9
12/29/1938 (David Sarnoff, Rca, At Richmond, Va. Convention Of Scientists) Says Dictatorship Falsifies Science-Urges Strong Freedom 11
12/29/1938 Professor (M. D. Steer, Purdue) Says Hitler Hypnotizes Hearers With Voice At 228 Vibrations A Second 12
12/30/1938 Chamberlain To See Pope On Plan For World Bloc To Oppose ‘Pagan Force’-Blow At Dictators 1
12/30/1938 Chamberlain Shuns Role Of Mediator (In Franco-Italian Disagreement) 1
12/30/1938 3 Professors Quit Union (American Federation Of Teachers) Called Red 1
12/30/1938 Ickes Report Ready On Big Pwa Program-Most Of $1,800,000,000 Has Been Allocated, He Asserts 2
12/30/1938 Chamberlain Finds Britain Is Strong-Notes Gains During Year 4
12/30/1938 Nazis’ Church Foe (Niemoeller) Refuses To Break 4
12/30/1938 (Evian Intergovernmental) Refugee (Committee) Body Aims To Aid Young Jews-150,000 Would Be Moved-Hitler Said To Agree To Ease Drive On Elderly If Their Children Will Emigrate-Britain To Admit 600 Children 4
12/30/1938 Britain Calls 7,000 For Fleet Air Arm-4 Great Bases Turned Over To Admiralty 4
12/30/1938 Reich Assurances For U.S. Foreseen-Wants To Avoid A Break 5
12/30/1938 Nazi Leader Reports Big Catholic Losses 5
12/30/1938 30,000 Italians To Labor On German Building Jobs 5
12/30/1938 Skoda-Krupp Accord Foreseen In Berlin 5
12/30/1938 French Air Corps Of 82,000 Planned 5
12/30/1938 (Spanish) Loyalist Sympathy Seen On Rise Here (By Gallup’s Poll) 6
12/30/1938 Training Is Urged (By Jewish Ort) As Refugees’ Hope 6
12/30/1938 Theory Of Nazis On ‘Aryanism’ Is False, Anthropologists (Franz Boaz, Cole, Etc.) Hold 8
12/30/1938 Rumanian Minister Stresses Polish Tie 8
12/30/1938 Picture: Homer Price Rainy, New President Of University Of Texas (Former Professional Baseball Player-Phd In Education) 8
12/30/1938 Nazis Hit U.S. Arms Plan 8
12/30/1938 Physicist (Percy W. Bridgeman, Harvard, Who Later Refused To Accept Axis Students) Pictures New ‘Free Society’ (At Washington, D. C. Conference)-Only Way For Harmony 9
12/30/1938 Teachers Assail Racial Barriers (Sessions At Columbia University) 13
12/31/1938 Reich To Build Submarines Up To Parity With Britain; Jolt To Chamberlain Seen-Otto D. Tolischus 1
12/31/1938 Germany Condemns Failure Of U.S. To Disavow Ickes For His (Anti-German) Speech (Delivered Before Cleveland, Ohio, Zionist Society) 1
12/31/1938 Paris-Rome Accord Hoped For By Reich 1
12/31/1938 Roosevelt Seeks Aid Of Teachers-(Sumner) Welles Hails Proposal-Sees Instructors In Spanish Spreading Good Will In The Western World 2
12/31/1938 Appeasement Policy A Failure, Says Geologist (Dr. Charles K. Leith), Foreseeing War 2
12/31/1938 (Psychologist) Says Weather Bodes Evil To Dictators 2
12/31/1938 Charge (Communist, Spanish) Loyalists Persecute (Catholic Church 4
12/31/1938 Japanese Warned Of More Sacrifice (Required) 4
12/31/1938 No French Anti-Semitism Seen By Count Of Paris 5
12/31/1938 New Reich Decrees Permit 14-Hour Day-Cover 60% Of Industry 5
12/31/1938 Noted Reich (Catholic) Paper (‘Germania’) Quits Publication-Von Papen Writes Adieu 5
12/31/1938 Big Drop In Gold Holdings Of British Fund Revealed 5
12/31/1938 Poland Threatens Danzig Over Jews-Move Also Aimed At Reich 5
12/31/1938 Ickes Lauds Speed Of Pwa Spending 16
12/31/1938 (Columbia University Professor Emeritus Of Anthropology, Franz) Boaz Joins (American Federation Of Teachers) Union Held Led By Reds 17