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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

October 1938
Date Headline Page
10/01/1938 Britain And Germany Make Anti-War Pact-Peace Aid Pledged-Demobilization Foreseen 1
10/01/1938 Hitler Gets Less Than His Sudeten Demands-Germans Begin Czech Occupation; Troops Cross Old Austrian Border 1
10/01/1938 Polish Ultimatum Threatens Action Today-Poles Ready To Act-Prepared To Take Over Teschen Silesia-Hungary Drafts Claims 1
10/01/1938 Czech Rulers Bow But Under Protest 1
10/01/1938 ‘Peace With Honor’ Says Chamberlain 1
10/01/1938 Pictures: International Commission Settling Sudeten Problem 2
10/01/1938 Unconcealed Joy Pervades Berlin 2
10/01/1938 (War) Insurance Rates Are Cut Sharply 2
10/01/1938 Fear Of Nazi Attack Is Still Widespread (Bombay, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Cairo) 2
10/01/1938 Hull Voices Relief Over Peace Accord 3
10/01/1938 Czech Army Head Appeals For Calm 3
10/01/1938 Map: Areas Into Which The German Army Will March 4
10/01/1938 Plan To Bring Back Americans (‘Abraham Lincoln Brigade’) In Spain 5
10/01/1938 (German Ambassador) Dieckhoff Denies Any (German) Link To (German-American) Bund-Counselor Thomsen Of German Embassy Assails Metcalfe (Dies Committee Counsel) As ‘Not Trustworthy’ 36
10/02/1938 Czechs Yield Area To Poles-Poles March Today 1
10/02/1938 British Naval Chief (Duff Cooper, Later Member Of Churchill’s War Cabinet) Quits 1
10/02/1938 Czechs Are Bitter Over Poles’ Stand (On Teschen) 29
10/02/1938 (H. L. Stoddard Book) Reveals Secret Of Peace In 1904-(Theodore Roosevelt) Wanted The (Russo-Japanese) War To Go On (It Costs To Be President) 32
10/02/1938 Teschen’s History Is One Of Disputes-Czechs Seized It In 1920 33
10/02/1938 Map: Partition Of Czech Territory By Germany And Poland 33
10/02/1938 Teschen Annexation Resented In Moscow 33
10/02/1938 Picture: The Anglo-German Peace Pact 34
10/02/1938 (U.S.) Nation Deficient In 21 War Supplies 36
10/02/1938 Germans Studying Next Objectives 38
10/02/1938 Referendum On War Is Favored In Survey With 68 Per Cent Of Replies For Voting (Ludlow) Plan (American Institute Of Public Opinion) 38
10/02/1938 German Army Put At 1,600,000 Men (By Col. William J. Donovan, Later, Head Of Oss. Is It Possible He W As Already Active In This Capacity? At Roosevelt’s Instigation?) 39
10/02/1938 Duff Cooper Held For Firm Defense (Picture) 41
10/02/1938 Munich Compact Debated By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 42
10/02/1938 Chamberlain Booed By Audience Here (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, A Speaker) 42
10/02/1938 (State Department) Warns All Agents Of Foreign Groups 42
10/02/1938 Sudeten Germans Join Czech Flight (Fleeing Germans-Emil Vodnay 43
10/02/1938 Peace Appeal For Poland Is Revealed By Hull; Roosevelt Asked Warsaw Not To Use Force 43
10/02/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-The Fuehrer Rolls On To Another Triumph E-1
10/02/1938 Sad Fate Of A Country (Czechoslovakia) Which Relied On A Pact E-3
10/02/1938 Germany Finally Wins Her ‘Place In The Sun’ — Hanson W. Baldwin E-3
10/02/1938 Germans Finally Told How Close War Was E-4
10/02/1938 Hungary Jubilant On Border Change E-4
10/02/1938 Czechoslovakia Faces A Struggle To Survive — G.E.R. Gedye E-5
10/02/1938 Poland Is Aroused Against ‘Big Four’-She Sees Danger To Her Position In Intervention To Aid A Minority E-5
10/02/1938 Tables Turned In Twenty Years E-5
10/02/1938 Half World’s Gold Is Now Held Here E-6
10/02/1938 Books By Emigre German Writers Book 8
10/02/1938 The Mind And Method Of The Dictator Mag. 1
10/02/1938 Schooling For Young Totalitarians Mag. 6
10/02/1938 The (World War I) Otranto Disaster-Convoy Hx50-Large Loss Of American Life On Way To Europe Mag. 9
10/03/1938 Hitler To Accompany Army Into Sudeten Area Today 1
10/03/1938 Czechs Offering Hungarian Accord 1
10/03/1938 Poles Are Cheered On Teschen Entry 1
10/03/1938 German Day Rally (Management) Splits With Nazis 1
10/03/1938 Text Of German Pastoral Letter Lists Attacks By Nazis On Catholic Church-Pictures: Cardinals Bertram, Schulte & Faulhaber (At The Fulda Bishops’ College) 2
10/03/1938 Refugees Harried By Nazi Terrorism 3
10/03/1938 Gypsies Join Flight From Sudeten Zones; Refugees Calmly Speed Exodus In Trucks 3
10/03/1938 Roosevelt Joins In Peace Prayers 3
10/03/1938 Goering Realized Reich’s Weakness-Did All Possible To Avert War 3
10/03/1938 (Vojta Benes, Brother Of Eduard) Asserts Czechs Hope To Regain Ceded Land-Says In Jersey They Will Use Peaceful Means 3
10/03/1938 Map: German Version Of The Occupation Of Czech Territory 4
10/03/1938 Jersey Veterans Rout (Fritz Kuhn) Nazi Leader-Cries Of ‘Kill Him!’ Heard-Bricks Showered From Nearby Buildings As He Drives Off Under Escort-(N.Y. Times Reports ‘Anti-Nazi’ Organizations Present With Veterans) 6
10/03/1938 (Fritz) Kuhn Speaks In BrooklyN-200 Pickets March Outside 6
10/03/1938 Munich Peace Pact Seen As Expedient (By Unitarian) 13
10/03/1938 British Gold Rush Record For Month 25
10/04/1938 Chamberlain Defends Pact-He Is Not ‘Ashamed’ 1
10/04/1938 Lends L10,000,000 To Czechs; Plans Talk With Mussolini 1
10/04/1938 Hitler Triumphant In Sudetenland; Crowds Strew Flowers On Roads 1
10/04/1938 (Sumner) Welles Finds Hope In Will For Peace 1
10/04/1938 Japan Threatens League Members With Retaliation-Counter-Measures To Be Taken If Sanctions Are Applied 1
10/04/1938 Picture: Count George (Jerzy) Potocki, Polish Ambassador To U.S. Returns On Queen Mary 3
10/04/1938 21 Slain By Arabs In Palestine Raid 7
10/04/1938 Hitler’s Speech At Eger 8
10/04/1938 Czechs Now Turn To German Amity 8
10/04/1938 Text Of Duff Cooper’s (Minister Of Information Under Churchill In His Cabinet) Speech Assailing The (Pro-German) British Policy 13
10/04/1938 Text Of Chamberlain’s Defense Of 4-Power Munich Accord 14
10/04/1938 (Myron C.) Taylor (Evian Inter-Governmental Committee On Refugees) Optimistic On (Jewish) Refugees’ Funds-Sees Less Persecution 15
10/04/1938 Czech Envoy (Col. Vladimir Hruban) Here Seeks Refugee Aid 15
10/04/1938 Wheat Sluggish In A Range Of 3/8 Cent 35
10/05/1938 Daladier Policy Upheld; He Gets Decree Powers; Soviet Pact Seen Ended 1
10/05/1938 Russians Hold Tie With Paris Broken (Because Of Czechoslovakian ‘Deal’) 1
10/05/1938 Reich And Czech Troops In Clash Near Karlsbad 1
10/05/1938 Roosevelt Shuns Arms Parley Talk-(Sumner) Welles Discourages Conjecture On Matter, Although The Objectives Remain 7
10/05/1938 British Guarantee To Prague In Force 8
10/05/1938 Germany Beheads Woman (Frau Katherina Kneup, Attempted Espionage) 10
10/05/1938 Slovaks Demand Shake Up Cabinet-Czechs Give More Power (To Other Racial Groups In Nation) 11
10/05/1938 Hungary Demands Czech Zones Now 11
10/05/1938 Germans ‘Aryanize’ The (Jewish) Hirshland Bank 11
10/05/1938 Boycott Of Reich Seen Growing (Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum And B. Charney Vladeck, Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress & Jewish Labor Committee-Also In Federation Of Polish Jews In America)-Dr. Tenenbaum Says Strain Of (German) Rearming Has Brought That Nation Near Breakdown (And He Wants To Finish The Job With A Boycott!) 13
10/06/1938 Benes Resigns (Czech) Presidency On New German Pressure-’History To Judge’-Turn Toward Fascism Seen (See Brother’s Earlier Statement, N.Y. Times, Oct. 3, 1938, P. 3) 1
10/06/1938 French Left Front Seen As Shattered 1
10/06/1938 British May Alter Palestine Policy 11
10/06/1938 (Eduard) Benes A Founder Of Czech Republic (Picture)-A Disciple Of (Thomas) Masaryk 12
10/06/1938 Bene’s Farewells As Czech President 12
10/06/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt On Way Home After Delayed Start 12
10/06/1938 Czechs Are Seen In Orbit Of Rich 14
10/06/1938 Germany Executes A Spy; France Sends 5 To Prison 14
10/06/1938 Germany To Claim Czech Reparations 15
10/06/1938 Map: New Sudeten Areas Allotted To Reich 15
10/06/1938 Britain Discloses Warning To Benes-Czechs’ Peril Stressed 17
10/06/1938 Hitler Opens Drive For Winter Relief 17
10/06/1938 20,000 Rally Here To Help (Spanish) Loyalists 18
10/06/1938 Czechs Delay Talk With Hungarians 18
10/06/1938 Cardenas To Hear Our View On (Expropriated Oil) Lands 18
10/06/1938 Poverty In Japan Increased By War 19
10/06/1938 U.S. Students Held Cool To Dictators (By New York University, Dean Of School Of Commerce, John T. Madden) 21
10/06/1938 Britain Is Fascist, Says Author (Miss Phyllis Bottoms, A British Citizen) Here-Scorn For Chamberlain’s Policies 25
10/06/1938 Rabbis Condemn Advancing Bigotry 48
10/06/1938 Appeals For Unity In Lutherans-Plea For Needy Groups 48
10/07/1938 Italy Puts A Curb On Mixed (Jewish-Aryan) Marriages 1
10/07/1938 U.S. Asks Mexico To Set Aside Funds For Land Seizures-Pressure On Cardenas 1
10/07/1938 Chamberlain Policy Upheld, No Conscription, No Election-Prime Minister Denies Betrayal Of Czechs As ‘Preposterous’ 1
10/07/1938 Slovaks Obtain Autonomy (From Czechs) 1
10/07/1938 Germans Begin To Occupy Zone 4; Limits Of Advance Set In Berlin 1
10/07/1938 60 Arabs Are Slain In Palestine Drive-Terror Still General 1
10/07/1938 (Editor Of ‘Esquire Magazine’ And Other Magazines, Arnold Gingrich) Says Gestapo Aids Nazi Activity Here (Testimony Before Dies Committee On Un-American Activities) 1
10/07/1938 De Valera Asks Norther Ireland Plebiscite; Uses Sudeten Settlement To ‘Prod’ Britain 1
10/07/1938 Women Will Fight For Equal Rights 7
10/07/1938 Czechs Were ‘Sold’ Vojta Benes (Brother Of Eduard) Say 11
10/07/1938 Slovak Ministers To Govern District-New ‘Betrayal’ Charged-Czechs Say Britain And France Refused To Support Protest On Latest Land Decision-G.E.R. Gedye 12
10/07/1938 British Organize A News Ministry-Fully Equipped Information Department Was Ready For Outbreak Of War 13
10/07/1938 Text Of Chamberlain’s Commons’ Speech 14
10/07/1938 Hungary Seeking A Polish Accord 15
10/07/1938 Map: Czechoslovak Districts Ceded To Germany By Parley 15
10/07/1938 Brown (University) Invites (Former Czech President, Eduard) Benes (As Visiting Professor) 15
10/07/1938 Lutherans Accept ‘Social Mission’ 23
10/07/1938 1776 Held Unlike Revolution Today 25
10/08/1938 U.S. Asks Italy To Respect Rights Of Italian Jews; Retaliation Here Hinted 1
10/08/1938 Zionists Gloomy Over Peace (Czechoslovakian) View-Indications In London Are That They Will Not Be Gainers In New British Scheme-Arab Congress Hostile 1&8
10/08/1938 (Anti-German) Emigres In Panic Over Reich Recall (German Demand For Their Return To Sudetenland)-G.E.R. Gedye 1
10/08/1938 Land Reich Gets Exceeds Hitler’s Godesberg Claims-Czech Districts Are Included To Link Up 51% German Areas-Chancellor’s Face Is Cut By Thrown Bouquet-Occupation Goes On-Frederick T. Birchall 1
10/08/1938 Plebiscite Is Now Urged For Southwest Africa 1
10/08/1938 Swiss Plan To Ban Pro-League Paper 5
10/08/1938 Hitler Hails Self Reliance 5
10/08/1938 Danzig Group Here, Fleeing Nazi Rule-14 Of Wealthy (Ankar) Jewish Family Fear Domination Of Free City 6
10/08/1938 Methodists Reach 150th Anniversary-Jewish Institute (Stephen S. Wise, Founder, Extends Greetings) To Open-Dr. Tillich, German Refugee, To Be Speaker 20
10/09/1938 Vienna Nazi Mob Storms Cardinal Innitzer’s Home; Is Reported Injured (Picture, P. 42) 1
10/09/1938 Germans Occupy 5th Sudeten Zone 1
10/09/1938 Bond To Reich Stressed By The President Of Chile (Dr. Rudolf Grossman) 1
10/09/1938 Londoners Try Our Their ‘Balloon Barrage’ 1
10/09/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins Asserts WPA Is Will Of The People-Created In Response To Public Demand 3
10/09/1938 WPA Vote Inquiry In Jersey Ordered 4
10/09/1938 (Felix) Frankfurters Spend Day With Roosevelt 31
10/09/1938 Reich Invalidates Passports Of Jews-Mexico Rejects (Jewish) Exiles 38
10/09/1938 Wieboldt Calls For War On Bund (Before Steuben Society, Former State Chairman Of Steuben Society) 39
10/09/1938 Proposals Of Iraq (For Palestine) Rejected By Jews 39
10/09/1938 Czechs Betrayed Denied By Bonnet 39
10/09/1938 Brazil Said To Bar Reich Ambassador 39
10/09/1938 Slavs Seen As Key To Peace In Europe-Our Policies Assailed (By Raymond Leslie Buell) 40
10/09/1938 Liner Here Brings Tale Of War Crisis 41
10/09/1938 Van Loon Returns, Bitter On Europe (Anti-German!) 41
10/09/1938 Sergeant York Offer Plan To Stop Hitler-’Must Knock Him Off Block,’ Says Hero Of 20 Years Ago 41
10/09/1938 Czechs Go To Reich For Trade Parleys-(Czech) Bankers Fly To London 42
10/09/1938 (German) Lust For Victory Seen Moving Reich-Writer Says Hitler Embodies And Fulfills Germany’s Yearning For Power-Concessions Held Futile-Emil Ludwig (‘Noted Historian And Biographer’-N.Y. Times Copyright-Emil Ludwig A Violent Anti-German As Well As Anti-Nazi) 43
10/09/1938 Czech Socialist To Act (May Quit Second International!) 43
10/09/1938 Reich Trade Gains Disturbing British 43
10/09/1938 Army Critic (Anonymous In ‘Infantry Journal’) Finds (U.S. Army) Initiative Killed — CCC Failure Cited 46
10/09/1938 Synagogues Plan Sukkoth Services-Nazi ‘Arrogance’ Decried-U.S. Urged To Keep Out Of War Of Europe’s Dictatorships-Fight On Spies Endorsed 47
10/09/1938 Roosevelt Voices Approval Of (National Federation Of Business And Professional Women’s Clubs’) Plan D-5
10/09/1938 Refugee Problem Topic For (National Council Of Women, International Relations) Parley D-5
10/09/1938 Large Feminine Vote Is Objective (Of United Women’s Groups) D-5
10/09/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-Ten Questions Which Disturb The New ‘Peace’ Of Europe E-1
10/09/1938 Picture: Eduard Benes-’In (Czech) Country(Side) To Rest’ At Estate After Resignation) E-1
10/09/1938 Cartoon: Anti-German (Several. Take Pick!) E-3
10/09/1938 Europe Asks: Is It Peace Or Merely A Truce?-Frederick T. Birchall E-3
10/09/1938 New Demands From Hitler May Force Another Test On Britain And France E-3
10/09/1938 Wilson’s 1916 (Peace Effort) Theme Revived (By Roosevelt) E-3
10/09/1938 Germany Strengthened For Push To The East-Guido Enderis E-4
10/09/1938 Map: Is Germany Reviving Her Berlin-To-Baghdad Dream? E-4
10/09/1938 Poles Cast Lot With Reich-Distrust Of ‘Easy Going’ Democracies Is Not Altered By Recent Developments-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
10/09/1938 A Changed France Looks To Finances E-4
10/09/1938 French Prestige Lost In Balkans E-4
10/09/1938 Picture: Marker Boundary Of Danzig, Poland & Germany (Versailles Treaty) E-4
10/09/1938 Cartoon: Anti-German, ‘African Nordics Beware’ E-4
10/09/1938 Czechs’ Fall Shock To South America-Edward Tomlinson E-5
10/09/1938 Czechs Still In Dark As To State’s Future-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
10/09/1938 Cartoons: Anti-German E-5
10/09/1938 Hull Will Press Trade Agreements-Passing Of Europe’s Crisis Is Seen As Opening Door For Conclusion Of Pacts-Progress With Britain-(Sumner Welles-’Seeking Agreements’) E-6
10/09/1938 Cartoon: Anti-German E-9
10/09/1938 Letter: Czechoslovak History-That Country Is Artificial State Is Declared Untrue (‘Practically, I Don’t Care Whether Czechoslovakia Has A Historic Standing Or Not, But In Fact, She Has.)-Steven T. Byington E-9
10/09/1938 Winston Churchill’s Views On World Affairs-While England Slept Book 5
10/09/1938 The (German) Colossus That Towers Over Europe-Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 1
10/09/1938 Hitler Falls Heir To An Old Hapsburg Dream-Emil Lengyel Mag. 3
10/09/1938 Around The Clock With A Strenuous Dictator (Mussolini) Mag. 11
10/09/1938 A Respite For Britain’s Great Country Houses Mag. 12
10/09/1938 Picture: Chamberlain, Daladier, Hitler & Mussolini Roto. 1
10/09/1938 Picture: Sudeten German Who Fled Czechoslovakia (With Returning Germans) Roto. 3
10/09/1938 Britain Fights A Miniature War In Palestine Roto.
10/10/1938 New Device Warns Flier Of Mountains (Uses Short Wave-Primitive Radar!) 1
10/10/1938 Polish Democrats Withhold Support From (N.Y.) State Ticket 1
10/10/1938 Poles Rush Troops To Czech Rail City (Oderberg Or ‘Bohumin’) To Forestall Nazis-Gateway To Balkans-Jerzy Szapiro 1
10/10/1938 Hitler Announces (At Sarrbruecken) He Is Demobilizing Army Reservists-Need For Peace Stressed-Warns Newly Unified Nation However, Against ‘Jewish Bolshevist Enemy’-But Dictator Says Reich Will Extend Fortifications In The West As A Precaution (Text, P. 4) 1
10/10/1938 Cardinal Innitzer Put Under Guard (By Vienna Police) 1
10/10/1938 Britain Enlarges Palestine Force; First Problem Is To Restore Order-Arabs Oppose Jewish Immigration (To Palestine) 1
10/10/1938 (German) Boycott Success Denied (By Board Of Trade For German-American Commerce, Inc.) 4
10/10/1938 Reich Seen Ready To Ask For More-Frederick T. Birchall 5
10/10/1938 Virtual Seclusion Is Enjoyed By (Eduard) Benes (At Estate At Sezimovo Unti, Czechoslovakia) 5
10/10/1938 London And Paris Turn To Isolation-Vast Air Force Planned-Augur 5
10/10/1938 France Weighing Change In Policy-Accords With Dictators Seen As Possible-(Communists) For New Popular Front (Popular Front Ruled France For Two Years) 6
10/10/1938 Hotel At Nazi Camp (Camp Siegfried, German-American Settlement League, Yaphank, N.Y.) Loses Liquor License 7
10/10/1938 Third Of Refugees Found Christian-Miss Blake (Chairwoman, International Relations Committee Of The New York City Federation Of Women’s Clubs) Says Jews Alone Aid Nazi Exiles (Denounces ‘Nazis.’ Christians Include 60,000 Non-Aryan Catholics-Total Number Of Refugees Not Mentioned!) 9
10/10/1938 Barnard (College, Part Of Columbia University, Dean Virginia Gildersleeve) Asks Aid (?) For Best Students (In Letter To Columbia University Pres. Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler)-Backs Stand Taken By (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) 12
10/10/1938 No Honor Is Seen In Europe’s Peace (By Presbyterian Rev. J. Valdemar Moldenhower)-Calls On Church To Act 16
10/10/1938 All World Urged To Pray For Peace (By Arch Interventionist, British Born, Episcopal Bishop, William T. Manning) 16
10/10/1938 Book: Jones, F. Elwyn, The Defense Of Democracy, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., N.Y.-’Shall Fascism Occupy The White House?’-Picture Of Hitler 17
10/11/1938 Soviet Fliers Denounce Lindbergh As ‘Hired Liar’ For German Nazis-Russians Charge He Told British Tories Reich’s Air Force Could Defeat Combination-lady Astor Denies Story 1
10/11/1938 Britain Re-Forms Territorial Army, Speeding Defense-Four Divisions To Be Added To Home Forces 1
10/11/1938 Nazis Held Making Vassals Of Czechs 1
10/11/1938 Britain’s Troops Occupy Bethlehem 1
10/11/1938 Party Ranks Face Roosevelt ‘Purge’ (Letter From Morgenthau To Senator Morris Sheppard [Sheppard Field!]) 1
10/11/1938 (German Jewish) Czech Editor Tries To Die (‘Prager Tageblatt’) 13
10/11/1938 Reich Gets Town Of 7,000 (Policka); 10 Germans All Are Jews 13
10/11/1938 Germans Occupy Last Czech Areas 14
10/11/1938 Russia Now Alone, May Woo Germany-Possibility Of Soviet-Reich Tie-Hitler Now Forbidding-Walter Duranty 14
10/11/1938 Picture: Alexander Kerensky-Kerensky Defends The Munich Pact 14
10/11/1938 (Winston Churchill) Will Reply To Hitler (To Be Heard In U.S. On Nbc) 14
10/11/1938 Germans ‘Regret’ Attack On Innitzer-Buerckel Leads Inquiry-Possible ‘Foreign Instigation’ Studied 15
10/11/1938 Refugee Problems (Refugees Fleeing Germans) Disturbs Czechs 16
10/11/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Returns Eager For Holiday-Plans To Take Good Share Of Six Months Due Him (No Special Report To Roosevelt!) 16
10/11/1938 86 (Foreign) Agents Having Foreign Ties Named (On State Department List)-Ex-Ambassadors On List 19
10/11/1938 Spy Trial Is Seen Bringing New Laws 19
10/11/1938 (U.S. Ass’t. Sec. Of Navy) For Bigger Navy But Against Arms Race 19
10/11/1938 (U.S. President, Woodrow) Wilson Obtained (Leon) Trotsky’s (Lev Bronstein’s) Release (From British Internment At Halifax So He Could Return To Russia And Work With Lenin For Revolution)-Turbulent Years, By Isaac F. Marcosson, Dodd Mead & Co., N.Y. (Review, Oct. 16, 1938, Book 2) 23
10/11/1938 Lutherans Favor New Pension Plan-Final Action Postponed 25
10/11/1938 Alien Monies Fall; Gold Receipts Huge-$51,000,000 On One Liner 37
10/12/1938 Roosevelt Asked (By Senator Robert F. Wagner Of N.Y. And Many Others) To Help The Jews By Urging Britain To Keep (Palestine-Balfour) Pledge-4 Bombs Thrown At Palestine Commissioner’s Car 1
10/12/1938 New Innitzer Step (Pamphlet) Infuriates Nazis 1
10/12/1938 $150,000,000 More (Total ‘Well Over’ $700,000,000) For Navy In 1939 1
10/12/1938 Corrects Hull (Foreign Agent) List 4
10/12/1938 Palestine (British) Official Escapes Bombing 18
10/12/1938 (U.S. Secretary Of War, Woodring) Would Outlaw Air War 18
10/12/1938 Italy Curbs Jews As Shop Owners 19
10/12/1938 Brazil Shifts Envoy From Post In Berlin-(Brazilian) Foreign Office Denies Having Dispute With Germany 19
10/12/1938 Reich To Ask U.S. To Barter Goods 20
10/12/1938 Berlin Seeks Rule Of Czech Railroads-Asks All Sudeten Spoils-Frederick T. Birchall 20
10/12/1938 War Fear Increasing (Gallup Poll) Survey In U.S. Shows-60% Say Surrender To Hitler Was Preferable To Fight 20
10/12/1938 Scots Offer (Eduard) Benes Honor (Rectorship, Glasgow Univ.) 20
10/12/1938 Report (Hungarian) Jews Rounded Up 20
10/12/1938 Prague Adamant On Refugee Curbs-Refuses To Modify Policy Of Driving Fugitives Back To Their Sudeten Homelands-G.E.R. Gedye 21
10/12/1938 Nazis (German-American Organization To Supplant German-American Bund) In Jersey Form New Group-Nucleus Of Nation-Wide Unit Seen In Incorporation Of German-American Front 21
10/12/1938 (Albert Foerster) Sees Danzig ‘Liberation’ 22
10/12/1938 (Barnard College, Part Of Columbia Univ., Dean) Miss (Virginia) Gildersleeve Fears A Dark Age-World Now A ‘Grim Place’-U.S. Is Partly Responsible For International Gangsterism 25
10/12/1938 (Commercial) Ship Construction In World Declines 49
10/13/1938 (Henry A.) Wallace To Feed ‘The Lower Third’ (With Farm Surpluses) 1
10/13/1938 Czechs Ask Hitler To Curb Hungary As Rift Threatens-Both Sides Move Troops-Hungarians Surprised By An Autonomy Offer 1
10/13/1938 (Matthew) Woll Leads Fight On (Against Roosevelt) Trade Treaties 3
10/13/1938 Czech To Shape Tie With Berlin Today 6
10/13/1938 To Late For A War, Italy Warns Enemies 6
10/13/1938 (Interventionist, Episcopal Bishop Henry St. George) Tucker Deplores Peace Of Munich-Greater Crisis Forecast 7
10/13/1938 (Mrs. Marion Dooley, League Of Women Voters) Says (British) Peace Ballot Gave Hitler Cue (To Annex Czech Territory) 8
10/13/1938 Czechs Move Factories (To Sweden From Sudetenland) 8
10/13/1938 Official Map Shows Extent Of Nazi Gains 8
10/13/1938 Innitzer Assailed In Nazi Newspaper 9
10/13/1938 British Censors Ban Film On Czech Crisis 9
10/13/1938 French (Catholics) To Aid (Czech) Refugees 9
10/13/1938 Christians To Clean Synagogue (Smeared With Tar In Sobron, Hungary) 9
10/13/1938 (Lord Winterton) Again Says Russia Made No ‘Precise Promise’ To Aid Czechs 10
10/13/1938 (Oklahoma Governor) Advises U.S. To Let Mexican Oil Enter 13
10/13/1938 (Mexico To Purchase Wheat From The U.S. (Maybe Oklahoma?)-3,000,000 Bushels (At A Price Of About $0.68 Per Bushel) To Be Taken Under American Subsidy Plan 15
10/13/1938 (British) Palestine Troop Caught In (Mufti-Arab) Ambush 16
10/13/1938 U.S. Studies (U.S.) Pleas In Behalf Of Jews (On Palestine) 16
10/13/1938 Canadian Jews Protest (Over Restricted Immigration To Palestine) 16
10/13/1938 Army To Leave Spies In Peacetime To FBI 17
10/13/1938 U.S. (Investment) Stake Abroad $4,759,000,000 Net-Foreign (Investment) Total Here $7,036,000,000 35
10/14/1938 New Deal (Roosevelt-Morgenthau) Will Ask Gold (Dollar Devaluation) Power Again 1
10/14/1938 Hungarians Submit Break With Czechs To Munich Powers 1
10/14/1938 Reich Would Bind Britain To Inferiority In Air Force-Augur 1
10/14/1938 Curb On Catholics Ordered In Vienna-’Political Clergy’ 1
10/14/1938 Where Reich Has Austrian Gold Is Mystery; It Is Assumed To Be In Nation’s War Chest-Otto D. Tolischus 1
10/14/1938 President (Roosevelt) To Push (Old) Age Benefits Plan-Study Began In Spring 4
10/14/1938 Jews Make Appeal To Britain’s Envoy-Past (British) Pledges (Reviewed!) Recalled (By Dr. Soloman Goldman & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-Both To Be Received By Hull!) 12
10/14/1938 Palestine Terror Takes Fresh Toll-(British) Army Stiffens Measures 12
10/14/1938 (Bernard) Baruch In Warning Asks Defense Step-Confers With President (Roosevelt) 13
10/14/1938 Austrian Bishops Cite (List) Grievances 14
10/14/1938 Czechs Continue Dictatorial Trend-G.E.R. Gedye 15
10/14/1938 Polish Ukrainians Combat Hungary-Poles Scent Reich Move 15
10/14/1938 Americans Oppose Colonies For Germany; Fear Munich Agreement Will Lead To War (Gallup Poll) 15
10/14/1938 Board Drops Plan For Sudeten Vote-Commission Decides To Make Border Permanent Subject To Minor Corrections (Map)-Czech (Dr. Chvalkovsky) Will Go To Hitler 16
10/14/1938 Carnegie (Arts) Award Goes To German-Hofer, Blacklisted By Hitler, Is First Of His Countrymen To Win Principal Prize 20
10/14/1938 Progress Reported In Russian Medicine-Socialized System Is Improved 23
10/15/1938 Reich Approaches Britain On Limitation Of Air Units 1
10/15/1938 Hitler Mediates In Central Europe; Gets Czech Pledge-Germans Are Jubilant 1
10/15/1938 Roosevelt Moves To Rush Expansion Of Army And Navy 1
10/15/1938 Hull Pledges Talk To Britain On Zion-Says That American Rights In Palestine Will Be Guarded 1
10/15/1938 (German) Spy Pleads Guilty As 4 Go On Trial 1
10/15/1938 Britain Organizes An ‘Army In Overalls;’ Volunteers Will Guard Noted Factories 1
10/15/1938 Vatican Lays Riots To Nazis In Vienna 2
10/15/1938 Mc Kenzie (N.Y. Dock Commissioner) Cancels Attendance At (German) Air Fete, Rebuking Nazis For Treatment Of Catholics (And Joining La Guardia In His Opposition To Germans) 2
10/15/1938 Catholicism’s End Held Aim Of Nazis (By New Orleans Arch Bishop Joseph F. Rummel) 2
10/15/1938 New Deal Is Held Communist Tool (By N. J. Representative, J. Parnell Thomas) 3
10/15/1938 Defense Of (German-American) Bund Sent To Congress (By Fritz Kuhn) 3
10/15/1938 Czechs To Change Election System-Resigned To Reich Orbit-G.E.R. Gedye 3
10/15/1938 Hungary Mobilizes 200,000 In Dispute-Czechs Reinforce Border 4
10/15/1938 Church Groups Tell Of Aid To (German Christian) Refugees 4
10/15/1938 (N.Y. Senator, Robert F.) Wagner Asks (Pro-Zionist) Action (By U.S.) On Palestine Issue 4
10/15/1938 U.S. Citizens (Living) In Palestine Plan Appeal To Britain 4
10/15/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To Britain, Joseph P.) Kennedy Tells View On Palestine Issue-Our Interest Recognized But Intervention Held Unlikely (See Later Entries) 4
10/15/1938 Alsatian (French Deputy, Joseph Rosse) Stresses Loyalty To France-Return To Reich Opposed 4
10/15/1938 Czechs Accuse Hungary Of Plotting Revolution 4
10/15/1938 Panama Will Buy Arms (From Whom Is Not Made Clear!) 4
10/15/1938 City Council Joins Appeals For (Zionist) Jews-(B. Charney) Vladeck (Jewish!)Points To Suffering Of Other Groups In European Countries 5
10/15/1938 Palestine Rebels (Followers Of Mufti) Rout (Arab) Opponents 5
10/15/1938 Roosevelt Urged To Act (By Jewish Women’s Groups-Open Palestine To Jewish Immigration) 5
10/15/1938 (National League Of) Women Voters Set Crusading Course-Spurred By Call To Defense Of Democracy, State League Plans Drive To Expand 7
10/15/1938 44 Agencies Added To Foreign (Agents’) List (Of U.S. State Department) 9
10/16/1938 Reich Impressed By U.S. Arms Plan; (Bernard) Baruch (Jewish) Denounced 1
10/16/1938 Reich And Brazil Recall Diplomats 1
10/16/1938 Nazi Propaganda Drive Widened In Mexico; Campaign To Be Pushed In All Latin America 1
10/16/1938 Roosevelt Shows Gain In Popularity (59% Favor Him-Gallup Poll) 6
10/16/1938 (New York League Of Business And Professional) Women ‘Nominate’ Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt (For Governor) 12
10/16/1938 4,120-Plane Goal Hinted For Army-Roosevelt Stand Cited (By Maj. Gen. H. H. Arnold) 31
10/16/1938 Lines In Palestine Back In Operation-Troops Raised To 20,000 33
10/16/1938 Palestine Is Held To Affect America (By Rabbi William F. Rosenblum)-’Forces Of Fascism,’ If Victors There (Palestine) Might Spread To U.S., Rabbi Warns-Peril To Jews Stressed-Damage To British Honor Seen (Balfour Declaration) 33
10/16/1938 Allies (Rumania & Yugoslavia) Aid Czechs Against Hungary-Fear Revisionist Spread 36
10/16/1938 Czechs To Reopen Hungarian Talks 37
10/16/1938 Talks For Defenses Balked By (Bernard) Baruch 38
10/16/1938 Jews And Czechs Attacked In Vienna 38
10/16/1938 Envoy’s Guests See Reich Plane Test 38
10/16/1938 London Defenses Said To Be Feeble 38
10/16/1938 Crowd Menaces Syracuse (German-American) Bund-Woman Pulled From Car (Cries Of ‘Dirty Nazis’)-Oakland, Calif., Group Ousted From Quarters-Reported Drilling With Rifles 39
10/16/1938 Danes In Germany Appeal To Hitler (Against Discrimination) 39
10/16/1938 Refugee Doctors Win Fight On State (Medical) Tests 46
10/16/1938 Map: What Germany Demanded-And What She Was Given E-3
10/16/1938 Anglo-Nazi Peace Pact May Vanish In The Air E-3
10/16/1938 Defense Of Americas Set As New Objective-Arthur Krock E-3
10/16/1938 Germany Returns To Baghdad (Railway) Trail E-4
10/16/1938 Press Of Britain Polite To Hitler E-4
10/16/1938 Czechs’ Only Hope In Federal System-Refugees In Dire Peril-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
10/16/1938 29 World-Shaking Days-Calender From Sept. 12, 1938-Oct. 19, 1938 E-4
10/16/1938 Cartoon: Anti-German E-4
10/16/1938 Big Powers Speed Up Armaments Following The Munich Agreement-London Gets Cue-Paris Increases Outlay-Berlin On Guard-Rome Rushes Alps Work E-5
10/16/1938 British Setbacks Fan Arab Revolt E-5
10/16/1938 Cartoon: British Soldier Keeping Arab Sniper From Shooting Peace-Loving, Democratic Zionist Settler E-5
10/16/1938 Picture: ‘Good Queen Eleanor (Roosevelt)’-First Lady Has A Triumph (Eleanor Dancing!) E-7
10/16/1938 Marcosson, Isaac F., Turbulent Years, Dodd Mead & Co., N.Y., (Woodrow Wilson Had British Release Trotsky From Internment In Halifax So That He Might Return To Russia-See Entry Oct. 11, 1938, P. 23) Book 2
10/16/1938 (Franklin D. Roosevelt) As He Sees Himself (Heroic Treatment!)-’His Strongest Personal Conviction Is That Of Safeguarding The American System By Applying Overdue Reforms To Adopt It To Present Conditions.’-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
10/16/1938 Nazi Hopes Ride The ‘Volksauto’ (Picture: ‘Volksauto’ Looks Like ‘Volkswagen Bug’) Mag. 5
10/16/1938 Picture: The German Armies March Into Czechoslovakia Roto. 1
10/17/1938 Britain Will Shift Cabinet And Gird For Any New Crisis-Defense To Be Bolstered 1
10/17/1938 Italy Arrests Many Jews; Charges Anti-Fascist Plot 1
10/17/1938 Catholic Holdings Assailed By Nazis As Depriving Poor-Excessive Building Seen-’Rich Rewards’ Of Clergy Are Noted 1
10/17/1938 British King (George Vi) And Queen To Visit Roosevelt After Canada Trip, London (Daily Herald) Newspaper Says 1
10/17/1938 (Walter) Rothschild To Head (Jewish) Charity Drive Again 2
10/17/1938 (British Lt.) Col. (Arthur Cecil) Murray Arrives To Visit Roosevelt 2
10/17/1938 Jewish Group (American Jewish Federation To Combat Communism And Fascism) Formed To Combat ‘Isms’ 3
10/17/1938 Czech ‘Farewell’ (Write-Off) Held Premature-Minister Hruban Says History Indicates His Country Will Not Be Vassal Of Reich-Calls For Our Support 4
10/17/1938 Herriott (President Of French Chamber Of Deputies) Urges Union Against Aggression-Smaller Nations Will Follow Leadership, He Declares 4
10/17/1938 Reich Is Resentful Over Brazil Issue 4
10/17/1938 Reich, Italy Agree On Hungarian Issue 4
10/17/1938 Text Of Address By Winston Churchill Replying To Chancellor Hitler (Heard On Nbc In U.S.) 5
10/17/1938 Alsatians Reject Idea Of Autonomy 6
10/17/1938 Eastern Jewry To Meet (Warsaw, Poland-Want Jewish State In Palestine)-British Report Awaited 6
10/17/1938 (Mexican President) Cardenas (U.S. Oil Property Dispute) Debt Plan Sent To Washington 7
10/17/1938 European Unrest Seen As Prelude (To Reestablishment Of ‘Roman Empire’ In Central Europe By Baptist Rev. William H. Rogers)-(Baptist, Rev.) Dr. Ayer Skeptical Of Peace Of Munich 11
10/17/1938 (Spanish) Loyalists Honor (Departing) Foreign Fighters-300 Americans In Group (11th, 13th & 15th International Brigades) 16
10/17/1938 Women Break Ties To Peace League-Denies ‘Red’ Cry Is Factor 17
10/17/1938 Stirling Attrition Weighs On London 23
10/17/1938 Britain In Month Sent L74,973,133 Gold Here 23
10/17/1938 Steel-Mill Output Rises To 1938 Peak 23
10/17/1938 Anti-(German-American) Bund Fight Quelled In Chicago-Fascist Foes Try To Carry American Flag Into Hall-Germans Among Leaders 34
10/18/1938 Reich ‘Plot’ To Get U.S. Defense Plans Outlined By Hardy (German ‘Spy’ Trial) 1
10/18/1938 (John Harlan) Amen (Later An American Prosecutor At Nuernberg) Is Appointed In Geoghan’s Place (By Herbert Lehman) For Graft Inquiry (Picture, P 17) 1
10/18/1938 Six Priests Seized By Nazis In Vienna; Prelate Is Curbed 1
10/18/1938 (Herbert) Hoover Denounces Roosevelt Record 1
10/18/1938 (Eduard) Benes Accepts University Of Chicago Bid; Czech Ex-President To Lecture On Democracy (Appointment Supported By Robert M. Hutchins) 1
10/18/1938 Reich Aid Offered Hungary In Deal 2
10/18/1938 (Archbishop Of Canterbury) Criticizes Munich Pact 2
10/18/1938 Berlin Paper (Boersen Zeitung) Brands Churchill ‘Ignorant’-Says British People Are Deceived By Attacks On The New Reich 2
10/18/1938 Treatment Of Czechs By Poles Held Harsh (‘Harshest’) 2
10/18/1938 French-Reich Pact Is Alsatian’s Goal 3
10/18/1938 Nazism Is Spread By Munich Accord-Walter Duranty 3
10/18/1938 Nazis Reveal Plan For Trade Empire-Otto D. Tolischus 4
10/18/1938 Four Spy Suspects In Cristobal (Canal Zone) Jail (Germans Alleged To Have Photographed Defenses Of Panama Canal)-Each Held In $15,000 Bail 4
10/18/1938 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Makes Disarmament Plea-Urges U.S. To Issue (International Conference) Call Based On 1910 Resolution Adopted By Congress-For International Police-Declares No Other Country Could Assume Leadership In World Peace Move 6
10/18/1938 Extremists (Rexists, Lead By Leon Degrelle, Communists & Flemish Nationalists) Beaten In Belgian Elections (Malmedy, Eupen & Moresnet Mentioned) 8
10/18/1938 Italy Makes Reply To U.S. Note On Jews 9
10/18/1938 Karl Kautsky, 84, Marxist, Is Dead-Was Chief Foe Of Lenin-last Of Great Marxists 25
10/18/1938 U.S. ‘Goose-Stepping’ Too (Retiring Presbyterian) Moderator (Rev. George H. Talbott) Says 52
10/19/1938 (Herbert) Lehman Is Silent On The New Deal After His Talk With Roosevelt 1
10/19/1938 Poles Send (Col. Jozef) Beck To Carol To Plead Hungarian Claims 1
10/19/1938 Palestine Ruled By Army As Siege In Capital Goes On 1
10/19/1938 Bungling Efforts Of (German) Spies Related-Data Collected For Men ‘High Up’ In Hitler Regime (‘Spy ‘Trial’) 1
10/19/1938 Ban On (Socialist, Norman) Thomas Rally In Jersey City Upheld; (State Supreme) Court Denies That His Rights Were Violated 1
10/19/1938 Palestine To Fore In British Worries-Prestige Held At Stake 8
10/19/1938 Mufti Gives Terms Of Arabs For Peace-Would Bar (Jewish) Immigration (To Palestine) 9
10/19/1938 White House Gets An Arab Protest-Tumulty (Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary)Asks Roosevelt To Act-(Jewish) Group Appeals To President (Roosevelt) 9
10/19/1938 Rome Press Irked By Jewish League (American Jewish Federation To Combat Communism And Fascism) 10
10/19/1938 Hope Seen To End Mexican (Oil Property Expropriation) Dispute-Sees Hull And (Sumner) Welles 10
10/19/1938 Germany Extends (Rm60,000,000) Credit To Poland-Otto D. Tolischus 13
10/19/1938 Coalition Cabinet Demanded By (Anthony) Eden 13
10/19/1938 (Gallup) Survey Finds British Behind Chamberlain (57%) 13
10/19/1938 Anti-Jewish Drive Pressed In Alsace 14
10/19/1938 Salzburg Bishop (Sigmund Waitz) Attacked By Nazis 14
10/20/1938 Nazis And Poles Open A Campaign On Lithuanians-Drive Implies Deal 1
10/20/1938 (German) Spy Says He Sent Reich A Fake Code 1
10/20/1938 Hitler Grants Lindbergh High Decoration (‘Order Of The German Eagle’) After Bitter Attacks On Flier By Russian 1
10/20/1938 Ban On Immigration (To U.S.) In Job Crisis Urged (By Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The U.S.) 4
10/20/1938 Catholics Appeal For (Zionist) Palestine Aid-American Jews In This Country Ask The U.S. To ‘Exercise Its Good Offices’ 8
10/20/1938 Italy Curbs Jews Anew-Turin Newspaper Reports Ban On Kosher Killings (Of Animals) 8
10/20/1938 Mrs (Carrie Chapman) Catt (‘Feminist Leader’) Decries Armament (But Wants ‘Dictatorships’ Destroyed) 9
10/20/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Visit To Roosevelt Stimulates Talk Of (World War I War) Debt Accord Between U.S. And France 10
10/20/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To England, Joseph P.) Kennedy For Amity With Fascist Bloc-Calls For Disarmament (See Later Entry!) 10
10/20/1938 Mexico Delays Ousting (Of Austrian Refugee Jews) 11
10/20/1938 Ousted Jews Live In Sudeten Fields-Czechs Bar Hundreds 11
10/20/1938 Czechoslovaks Lose 40% Of Tax Revenues 11
10/20/1938 Hitler Now Seeks French Colonies 12
10/20/1938 21 More Register As Foreign Agents (With State Department) 12
10/20/1938 (Edward R.) Stettinius Heads Red Cross Drive 24
10/21/1938 Lithuania To Woo Reich And Poland With Concessions 1
10/21/1938 73 Leaders In New Mexico Politics Are Indicted For WPA (Headed Nationally By Harry L. Hopkins!) Violations 1
10/21/1938 Larger Naval Base Slated For Hawaii 11
10/21/1938 Danish Nazis Arrested (Copenhagen) 6
10/21/1938 Italy Assures U.S. On Status Of Jews 7
10/21/1938 No Policy Changes In (Joseph P.) Kennedy Speech-Personal View Stressed-Hull Says Our Position Is Defined (See Oct. 20, 1938, P. 10 & Oct. 15, 1938, P. 4) 8
10/21/1938 Hitler Successor Is Britain’s Fear (Hitler Said Any Moment Chamberlain Might Be Succeeded By Churchill, Duff Cooper Or Anthony Eden!) 9
10/21/1938 Prague Outlaws Communist Party-Action Laid To Reich Wishes-Jews Living In Fields-G.E.R. Gedye 9
10/21/1938 Spy ‘Confession’ Of (German) Woman (Hairdresser From ‘Europe’) Read (To Court) 10
10/21/1938 Austria Jails Monks For Resisting Ouster 10
10/21/1938 Advance Gifts Made To Jewish Charities 16
10/21/1938 ‘Sudeten’ Mocking Ended At Harvard (As A Result Of The Self Determination Idea In The Sudetenland, The Students Of Harvard Want To Secede From Boston) 25
10/21/1938 Group Here Urges Reich Trade Pact-Sec. Hull Asked To Act 32
10/22/1938 Japanese Enter Canton 1
10/22/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Likens Hitler To Early Renegade-Judas And Nero Recalled 8
10/22/1938 Rumania Rejects Poland’s (Jozef Beck’s) Wishes 8
10/22/1938 Czechs Order Relief For Trapped Jews 8
10/22/1938 3 Democracies Irk Italy By Rearming 8
10/22/1938 Hitler Seen In Bid For French Truce 8
10/22/1938 (German) Spy Says His Aim Was To Foil (German) Plot 8
10/22/1938 Czechs Renounce Pact With Soviet-G.E.R. Gedye 9
10/22/1938 First Briton Slain In Jerusalem Raid (By Arab Snipers) 9
10/22/1938 Palestine Events Followed By U.S.-Roosevelt In Letters To Mayor (Thomas J. Spellacy) Of Hartford Cites Interest In National Home For Jews 9
10/22/1938 Treasury (Department, Morgenthau) Studies Decline In Pound 23
10/23/1938 U.S. Navy Ignores Warning By Japan Of Peril Of Bombs (At Hankow) 1
10/23/1938 Gov. Lehman Urges Aid For President (Roosevelt) In Humane Aims 1
10/23/1938 (Mexican President) Cardenas Invites Direct Oil Parley (On Oil Property Expropriated From U.S. & British Oil Companies) 1
10/23/1938 Army To Demand Bigger Air Force-Stronger Defenses Urged 8
10/23/1938 Army ‘Mobilizes’ Industry For War-Earmarks 10,000 Plants For (War) Production Service After Nation-Wide Survey-Contracts Worth $19,000,000 Awarded To Train Factories In Emergency Tasks-Finds 100% Cooperation-Tank Has Many Parts 12
10/23/1938 Newest (U.S.) Gas Mask To Fit All Faces 13
10/23/1938 (Emil) Ludwig (Jewish, Intensely Anti-German, Anti-Hitler) Sees U.S. As Calmer Nation-Praises Roosevelt’s Aims-Reveals An Unknown Fact About Wilson (Predicted Eventual Acceptance By U.S. Of League Of Nation In Time Of Extreme Peril) 17
10/23/1938 Eduard) Benes In Britain To Regain Health-To See (British) Cabinet Members 19
10/23/1938 (30) Jews Left To Starve Near Czech Frontier-(Czech) Authorities Forbid Feeding Of Refugees From Germany (Bruenn Report) 19
10/23/1938 Plea For Isolation Is Made By (William Randolph) Hearst 19
10/23/1938 Hope Of Protest On (German) Terrorism Seen (By N.Y. City Rabbis)-U.S. Rearmament Upheld-Vigilance Against ‘Isms’ Urged 21
10/23/1938 Reich Stops Jewish Flight 24
10/23/1938 Anonymous Priests Back Hitler Regime (In Vienna) 24
10/23/1938 (Brazil’s) Vargas Asks Curb On Foreign (German ?) Banks 25
10/23/1938 British Perturbed By Zion Disorders 26
10/23/1938 (Senator Robert F.) Wagner (U.S.) Confident On Jewish Protest (To Britain)-Says Roosevelt Promised U.S. Would Do All In Its Power To Influence Britain-Further Measures Hinted-Federal Council Of Churches (Samuel Mc Crea Cavert) Of Christ Joins Appeal On Palestine Problem (Hyde Park Report) 27
10/23/1938 Japan Held Facing Insuperable Task-Front Runs 2,300 Miles 28
10/23/1938 Jews Urged To Join Fight On Dictators (By Rabbi Dr. Hyman I. Schachtel) 31
10/23/1938 Refugee Problem Put Before (Women’s) Clubs-Benefit To Nation Seen D-5
10/23/1938 Germany Creating An Empire-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
10/23/1938 Czechs Harassed By Endless Trials-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
10/23/1938 Cartoon: More Fighting Equipment For Uncle Sam E-7
10/23/1938 Harvard Demands ‘Free City’ Status (Sudeten Lampoon, Picture: President James Bryant Conant, Later U.S. High Commissioner In German Occupation) E-7
10/23/1938 Can War Be Conquered, Just As Slavery Was? Mag. 1
10/23/1938 Churchill Shines From A Back Bench Mag. 9
10/24/1938 Hungary Rejects Czech Proposals; Army May March 1
10/24/1938 (Cardinal) Innitzer Affirms He Has Duty To God-But Vienna Cardinal Denies He Opposed Hitler Or Said He Had Decided To Fight 1
10/24/1938 Aerial Bombs Hit A British Warship In Japanese Raid 1
10/24/1938 Huge Tank Traps Set Into Reich Fort Line 1
10/24/1938 (Father Duffee) Cites Propaganda In The Czech Crisis 5
10/24/1938 Pact With France Seen As Hitler Aim 6
10/24/1938 String Replaces Czech Defenses-Terrorist Acts (By Germans) Revealed-G.E.R. Gedye 7
10/24/1938 Mexican Oil Deal With Italy Is Seen 8
10/24/1938 Young (Jewish) Women Urged To Work For Peace 17
10/24/1938 Export (Need) Seen For Reich Trade 25
10/24/1938 French Economy Hangs On Politics 25
10/24/1938 Czechs Seen Ready To Rebuild Nation-Refugees Big Problem 36
10/24/1938 Dictators Decried As Foes Of Religion 36
10/25/1938 Hungary Reduces Terms To Prague-Pressure From Germany, Italy And Poland Also Brings A More Pacific Attitude 1
10/25/1938 Democracy Ailing Dr. (John) Dewey (‘Educator’) Asserts 7
10/25/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins Believes In Spending More-Stresses ‘Right To Eat’ 7
10/25/1938 O’brian Condemns Spending Policy 9
10/25/1938 U.S. Liner (President Cooledge) Yields To Japan On Cargo 14
10/25/1938 Tokyo Denies Intent To Bomb British Ship 14
10/25/1938 Halifax Says Arms Guard Peace Path 14
10/25/1938 4 Memel Demands Drafted By Nazis 16
10/25/1938 3-Faith Assault Made On Nazism (Methodist Bishop, Rabbi & Catholic Layman) 16
10/25/1938 Reich’s ‘Escape Tax’ (Levied On Jews Leaving Germany) Nets 111,701,113 Marks (During First Half Of Year) 16
10/25/1938 Sokols Ask Prague To Expel Many Jews 16
10/25/1938 $7,700,000 Gold Engaged Abroad-$26,400,000 Arrives In Day 39
10/26/1938 Roosevelt Assails Dies Committee For Airing Charges Against (Governor Frank) Murphy (Of Michigan, Later Roosevelt’s Att’y. General)-President (Roosevelt) Caustic 1
10/26/1938 Miss Perkins Held (By American Legion Of California) To ‘Coddle’ Reds 12
10/26/1938 (German) Spy Denies ‘Deal’ In Pleading Guilty-Taken From Jail To Hotel (After Arrest) 14
10/26/1938 Czechs Draw Plan To Settle Dispute-G.E.R. Gedye 15
10/26/1938 Nazi (African) Colony Issue Gets New Impetus 16
10/26/1938 China Held Aiming To Invoke U.S. Aid 17
10/27/1938 Immigration Quota For Palestine Cut (By British) 1
10/27/1938 Roosevelt Warns Nation Must Arm In World Of Force-U.S. Is Determined To Protect Western Hemisphere From Foreign Interference(Text, P. 15) 1
10/27/1938 ‘Steered Economy’ Is Seen For France-It Would Run Partly Toward Totalitarian Practice 1
10/27/1938 Reply Of Dies To President (Roosevelt) 10
10/27/1938 U.S. Concern To Buy Excess Mexican Oil 13
10/27/1938 French Envoy Gets Highest Reich Award (Order Of Merit) 13
10/27/1938 Roosevelt Calls For Ready Navy-Expansion Plans Waiting 14
10/27/1938 Jews Find England Sole Europe Haven-Dr. Nahum Goldman, Here, Says Even France Now Has An Anti-Semitic Movement-Only Choice Is ‘To Fight’ 17
10/27/1938 (German) Spy’s Easy Escape (From Americans) Related At Trial 18
10/27/1938 Memel Nazis Ask Executive Powers 18
10/27/1938 Sudeten Refugees Languish In Fields 18
10/27/1938 Germany Admits Only 3,000 Plans 20
10/27/1938 Reich Intensifies Pressure On Jews-Decree Curbing Passports Impedes Their Emigration 20
10/27/1938 (Cuba’s Col. Fulgencio) Batista May Visit U.S. 20
10/28/1938 ‘Invincible’ Navy Is Urged By (Ass’t. Sec. Of Navy, Charles) Edison 1
10/28/1938 Daladier Asserts France Can Work With Reich, Italy-Breaks With Communists 1
10/28/1938 U.S. Note Demands Japan Respect Rights In China; Insists On The Open Door 1
10/28/1938 Borchers (German Consul General In New York City) Assails Free Institutions (See Article!) 1
10/28/1938 Roosevelt Backed In South America-Anxiety Bred By Munich 1
10/28/1938 (German) Spy Witness Bares ‘Mata Hari’ Offer-Says German Officers Wanted Her To Take ‘Villa’ In Washington (‘Cynthia,’ Elizabeth Thorpe In A Man Called Intrepid [Sir William Stephenson] By William Stevenson) 17
10/28/1938 Britain To Compel Billeting In War 18
10/28/1938 Stanhope To Head British Admiralty 18
10/28/1938 Navy Day Pleas Call For Big Fleet 20
10/28/1938 Totalitarian Peril To Teaching Seen-(Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Tells Education Parley Future Is Darkened By The Uncertainty Of Trend 25
10/29/1938 Germany Deports Jews To Poland; Seizes Thousands (Of Polish Jews)-Reich Begins Deportation-Otto D. Tolischus 1&3
10/29/1938 Germans Shell And Bomb Ex-Czech Line In Tests 1
10/29/1938 Reich Leads In Air (Daniel W.) Tomlinson Asserts 2
10/29/1938 Palestine Travel Curbed By British 2
10/29/1938 Reich Press Backs Memel Autonomy 2
10/29/1938 Giving Up (Former German) Colonies Opposed By Britons 2
10/29/1938 Germany Deports (Polish) Jews To Poland; Seizes Thousands-Police Carry Out Nation-Wide Raids On Basis Of Warsaw (Sejm) Passport Validity Law (For Polish Jews Living Outside Poland)-Poles Report Solution-Reich Begins Deportations (Otto D. Tolischus) 1&3
10/29/1938 Nazi Press Calls Roosevelt Foe Of Peace; Hoover Is Among Statesmen Lauded (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) 2
10/29/1938 Palestine Travel Curbed By British-Those Going Into Rural Areas Must Have Military Permit With Photograph Attached-Wave Of Anti-Americanism Is Reported Among Arabs-U.S. Sympathy For Jews Cited 2
10/29/1938 Spur To Reich Arming Seen In Shift Of General (Fritz Loeb) 2
10/29/1938 Giving Up (Former German) Colonies Opposed By Britons-Majority Ready To Fight Rather Than Hand Them (Back) To Reich 2
10/29/1938 Reich Drops British Visas-Germany Decides To Encourage Tourist Traffic 2
10/29/1938 Berlin Sees (French-German) Accord 2
10/29/1938 Planes For (Loyalist) Spain Start U.S. Inquiry-Motors Were Built Here (Canadian-Turkish Supply Route!-Hull ‘Investigating’) 3
10/29/1938 Britain Speeds Up Help To Refugees (Polish Jews Deported From Germany)-Gives Visas To Hounded 3
10/29/1938 (U.S.) Won’t Readmit (Spanish Loyalist Volunteers) Veterans-Houghtelling (U.S. Immigration Commissioner) Says Ex-Residents Of U.S. Must Be Deported (Bore Arms For Loyalist Spain) 3
10/29/1938 (French & British) Munitions Expose Spiked At Start-H. H. Railey Tells In Book (Touched With Madness, Garrick & Evans, Inc.) How Europe Is Guarding Her Armament Secrets (In Period 1934-35)-(Author) Asked To Quit (Leave) England Publicist Also Says Germany Offered Him A Job Doing Propaganda Work 4
10/29/1938 Hits At Gov. La Follette (He Allegedly Forced WPA To Vote ‘Progressive’) 7
10/29/1938 (Admiral William H.) Standley (Later On Roberts Pearl Harbor Investigation Committee And Then U.S. Ambassador To Russia) To Take (World’s) Fair Post Again 17
10/29/1938 Deutschland Here After Fire At Sea 17
10/29/1938 Politics In WPA Jobs Charged In Suffolk 19
10/29/1938 Dodds (President Of Princeton University) Is Skeptical On Social Science-Man In Street Unable To Find Answer To Depressions In Studies, He Says 21
10/29/1938 $27,000,000 In Gold Arrives From England; $25,000,000 Is Shipped By Foreign Funds 23
10/29/1938 Mexican Oil Deal Hurts Americans 29
10/29/1938 Near Deliveries Of Cotton Advance 29
10/30/1938 Germany Ceases Deporting (Polish) Jews (Living In Germany) Pending Parleys-7,000 Driven Into Poland Stay There Awaiting Outcome-10,000 Being Sent Home-Germans See Aim Attained-Warsaw Expels Germans-Poland Cancels Retaliation (Otto D. Tolischus) 1&22
10/30/1938 Germany Demands ‘All’ Lost Colonies-Return ‘As A Whole’ Asked By Gen. Von Epp-He Rules Out Use Of Force To Get Them 1
10/30/1938 Roosevelt (With Morgenthau & Swanson) Inspects Newest Fighting Planes; Varied Types Shown By Army And Navy 1
10/30/1938 Daladier’s Party For World Parley-Radical Socialists Call For A Conference In Accord With Roosevelt’s Suggestions 1
10/30/1938 521 Pwa Projects (Under Harold L. Ickes) Added To Program 3
10/30/1938 Reich, Italy Agree On Czech Program 8
10/30/1938 France To Oppose Reich Colony Aims-Return Of Cameroons Would Be Blow To Security Of Entire French African Empire 12
10/30/1938 Czech Relief Plan Gets New Support-More Messages Praising Move For American Aid Sent To Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)-(British-Born, Episcopal Bishop (William T.) Manning (Rabid Interventionist) Hails It 13
10/30/1938 Czech Frontier Open To Special Exchange 13
10/30/1938 Reich Seen Free To Push Expansion (By Nicholas Roosevelt) 15
10/30/1938 Soviet Develops New Kind Of Plane-(Mikhail M.) Kaganovitch (Brother Of Lazar) Is Honored 16
10/30/1938 21 Jewish Refugees Face Return To Reich-Mexico Firm Against Admitting Them As Tourists (From German Ship ‘Orinoco’) 17
10/30/1938 Jews’ Plight Seen (By Louis Lipsky, American Jewish Conference, In Session At Hotel Biltmore In N.Y.) As Growing Worse-Munich Pact Assailed-’Lives Ruined By Dictators Because Democracies Are In Retreat.’ Lipsky Asserts 19
10/30/1938 Prague And Berlin Sign A Rail Accord 19
10/30/1938 Borchers Denies Freedom Attack (See Oct. 28, P. 1)-German Consul Says He Was Misquoted In Report Of Turn Hall Speech-’Conciliation’ Intended-German Text Printed (In New Yorker Staats-Zeitung Und Harold) 20
10/30/1938 New League (Of Nations) Is Suggested (By Alan Lemmon-Boyd, To Be Based Upon The I.L.O.-See John G. Winant!) 22
10/30/1938 Borah Hits Munich Pact-It Makes Treaty Violations A Tenet Of Diplomacy, He Says 26
10/30/1938 British Enter Gaza In Surprise Attack-(Arab) Arms Captured-Immigration Quotas (For Jews) Not Cut, Officials Declare 28
10/30/1938 Columbia To Buy (U.S. Airline) Planes 28
10/30/1938 Peril To All Seen In Voting By Races (By N.Y. City Rabbis)-Nazi Defeat Forecast 37
10/30/1938 Peace Group (‘National Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War’) Maps Propaganda Study D-5
10/30/1938 Hadassah Dedicates National Convention To Forum On Shifting European Power D-5
10/30/1938 Europe Threats Trade In Americas-Totalitarian Systems Create Advantage For Exports To Western Hemisphere F-1
10/30/1938 Japan Sifts Moves To Combat Nylon (Silk Industry Jeopardized) F-9
10/30/1938 Cartoon: The ‘Iron Ring’ Around Germany Becomes E-2
10/30/1938 British Cartoon: The Voices Of Democracy And Dictatorship (Flute Vs Organ Respectively) E-3
10/30/1938 New Deal Foes Suspect (Roosevelt’s) Defense Plan Is A Ruse (To Spend Huge Sums And Perpetuate Political Power-Arthur Krock) E-3
10/30/1938 Germans Are Puzzled By Our Foreign Policy-Berlin Can Not Accommodate Sincere Peace Appeal To Hitler With Later Blame Of Dictatorial Powers E-3
10/30/1938 War On Religion Revived In Russia E-4
10/30/1938 Reich 4-Year Plan Is Pushed To Limit (Otto D. Tolischus) E-4
10/30/1938 Map: Where Germany Demands Colonies (Be Returned-African) E-5
10/30/1938 France Turns To Her Empire E-5
10/30/1938 Colonies For Germany Considered By Britain-African Territories Acquired In War Have Proved Of Little Value, But Return Would Meet Difficulty E-5
10/30/1938 The Four Men Who Hold The Fate Of Europe In Their Hands Reveal Character Contrasts (Chamberlain, Daladier, Mussolini & Hitler) Mag. 1
10/30/1938 Fear Colors All Life In Stricken Holy Land Mag. 5
10/30/1938 Japan’s Army Dims A British Light Of Empire Mag. 1
10/30/1938 Why Write An Anti-Nazi Play? (‘Waltz In Goose Step’) X-3
10/31/1938 Ousted (Polish) Jews Find Refuge In Poland After Border Stay-Exiles Go To Relatives Homes Or To Camps Maintained By (American Jewish Joint) Distribution Committee-Reveal Cruelty Of Trip-Others Sent Back To Germany Pending Parleys On Issue By The Two Governments 1&16
10/31/1938 (U.S.) Radio Listeners In Panic, Taking War Drama (‘War Of The Worlds.’ H. G. Wells) As Fact 1
10/31/1938 B. C. Vladeck (Jewish-American Labor Party Chief) Dies; City Councilman (& Gen. Manager Of Jewish/Socialist Daily, Forward-Picture, P. 15) 1
10/31/1938 Daladier Prepares To Rule Severely 1
10/31/1938 Japan Denies Right Of Others To Interfere In ‘Sacred War’ To Create New East Asia 1
10/31/1938 Japan’s U.S. Trade Is A Major Factor 2
10/31/1938 British Vacillate On Arms Program 3
10/31/1938 (Jewish) Refugees Amazed By Mexico’s Action (Refusal To Allow Their Entry As ‘Tourists’)-21 From Austria And Germany Held At Tampico-All Fear Return To Persecution 3
10/31/1938 Jews In Palestine Spur Defense Fund-Progress Already Made 3
10/31/1938 Germans Open Canal (Begun In 1888) Tying Rhine To Baltic 3
10/31/1938 Picture: Eduard Benes & Wife In London 3
10/31/1938 (John J. O’connor) Says (Harry L.) Hopkins ‘Ducks’ On WPA In Politics 5
10/31/1938 (Senator Robert F.) Wagner Asks All To Fight Bigotry-American Jewish Congress Hears Plea To Christians To Stand Up For Humanity-Dictators Are Assailed 9
10/31/1938 2,000 Attend Rally To Denounce Reds-Fritz Kuhn In Audience-Warning On Dictatorship 10
10/31/1938 Dr. Coffin Says God Is Source Of Liberty 10
10/31/1938 Warning For Dictators-Dr. Fleming (Episcopal) Says They Are Trying To Usurp Christ’s Power 10
10/31/1938 Steel Pace Jumps; Fastest In A Year 25
10/31/1938 Pressure On Pound Studied By British 25
10/31/1938 Financiers Watch Politics In France 25
10/31/1938 France Envisages ‘Steered Economy’ 25
10/31/1938 All Indices Point Upward In Reich (Otto D. Tolischus) 25
10/31/1938 U.S. Cotton Stiffens To 10.44 Cents In Germany 27
10/31/1938 Hadassah Is Hailed (By Miss Susan Brandeis, Daughter Of Louis Dembitz) In Teaching Role 36
10/31/1938 U.S. Warned (By National Foreign Trade Convention In Session At Hotel Commodore) To Gird For Economic War-We Face Bitter Rivalry With Totalitarian States 1
10/31/1938 FCC To Scan Script Of (H. G. Wells’) ‘War’ (Of The Worlds) Broadcast-Expressing Its Regret At (U.S.) Panic, Will Curb Simulated News Items 1
10/31/1938 (Congressman Martin) Dies Charges Curb (Of Un-American Activities Committee Investigation) By (Roosevelt Administration 1
10/31/1938 Slovak Plan Casts Reich In Chef Role In Central Europe (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
10/31/1938 Fear Of Fascism Voiced By (Alf M.) Landon 7
10/31/1938 Gen. (Ludwig) Beck Resigns Reich Army Post-HalderSuccessor 16
10/31/1938 France Welcomes Reich Bid For Pact 16
10/31/1938 Hitler And Il Duce Talked Twice On Critical Day Of Czech Crisis 16
10/31/1938 Reich Recalls Emigrants To Bolster Labor Ranks 16
10/31/1938 Nazi Guns Forced (Polish) Jews Into Poland-Deportees Were Shot At From Rear As They Trudged From Reich, Refugee Reveals (Jerzy Szapiro)-9,000 Huddle At Border-Polish Jews To Aid 17
10/31/1938 (Belgium) Bars Giving Up (Former German) Colonies 17
10/31/1938 Arab City Of Jaffe Seized By (British) Military 18
10/31/1938 Picture: An Arab Village Blown To Pieces By British Troops 18
10/31/1938 (U.S.) Legislators Make Plea On Palestine-Half Of Congress And Thirty Governors Urge Roosevelt To Act To Help Jews-1922 (Lodge-Fish) Resolution (Supporting The Balfour Declaration) Is Cited (Text & Supporters Of Plea) 18