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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

August 1938
Date Headline Page
08/01/1938 Hull Denounces Charge His (Reciprocal Trade) Policy Injures Farmers 1
08/01/1938 Plane Crash Fatal To (Negro) ‘Harlem-Hitler’ 1
08/01/1938 Hitler Acclaimed By 200,000 In (Breslau) Fete 5
08/01/1938 New Curbs On Jews In Effect In Austria (No Aryan Girl May Work For A Jew) 5
08/01/1938 Daladier Stresses The Need For Peace 5
08/01/1938 Czech Soldier Stabs A Sudeten German 5
08/01/1938 Britain Seeks ‘Proposals’ On War Debt (To U.S.) From Board 5
08/01/1938 Picture: Henry Ford Getting High Honor From German Government (‘German Eagle’-Awarded In This Country) 5
08/01/1938 Bulgaria, Entente Sign Arms Treaty 7
08/01/1938 2,500,000 In Year Viewed WPA Plays (Harry L. Hopkins)-Lasting Value Is Seen 9
08/01/1938 Reich Jumps Tax On Corporations 21
08/01/1938 Britain Continues In Trade Decline 21
08/01/1938 Capitalists Found Inactive In France 21
08/02/1938 Anti-Jewish Curbs Altered By Austria (Older Aryan Women May Work For Jews) 12
08/02/1938 Refugee Limit (On Professional Persons) Is Urged 12
08/02/1938 Five Marks A Week To Buy Reich Autos (‘Volksautos’) 14
08/02/1938 Runciman Mission Held Sudeten Gain 14
08/02/1938 Fumigation Fumes Kill W. Lewisohn (Greenwich, Conn.) 20
08/03/1938 Soviet Hurls Six Divisions And 30 Tanks Into Battle With Japanese On Border 1
08/03/1938 Germans Enter Plan To Buy ‘Volksauto’ 10
08/03/1938 U.S. Not ‘Let Down’ (By Britain), Sir John Simon Says (Concerning Manchukuo) 11
08/03/1938 Evian (France, Refugee Conference) Group Ready To Approach Reich 13
08/03/1938 German Frontiers Become Steel Ring-Otto D. Tolischus 13
08/03/1938 3 (B-17) Aerial Fortresses Will Go To Columbia 17
08/04/1938 Mexico Tells Hull She Will Not Pay For (Expropriated U.S. Oil) Lands At Once-Arbitration Is Rejected 1
08/04/1938 Dies Opens War On Propagandists-G. S. Viereck, Author, Friend Of Ex-Kaiser, Subpoenaed, Cancels Passage To Europe 1
08/04/1938 Reich Aid Sought On (Evian) Refugee Issue (By Conferees, Rublee Not There Yet!) 9
08/04/1938 Schools In Italy Bar Foreign Jews-Refugees To Be Sent Out 9
08/04/1938 Text Of Mexican Note Rejecting Hull’s (Compensation) Demands 10
08/04/1938 Divorces Are Sought By Many In Austria (Under German Law) 10
08/04/1938 New Arms, Maps Tested By Army 13
08/04/1938 Nazi Honor To Ford Stirs (Comedian, Eddie) Cantor’s Ire-Warns Of Anti-Semitism 13
08/04/1938 (Sir John Woodhead) Mission In Palestine Ends Partition Study 17
08/04/1938 ‘Hitler Friend’ (Freeman Bernstein?) Held As Parole Violator 38
08/05/1938 Mexico Take More U.S.-Owned Lands 1
08/05/1938 Roosevelt Meets Panama President (Things Are Relatively Quiet In Washington With Him Away From The Country!) 1
08/05/1938 New Statute Guards Rumanian Minorities-Equal Rights Are Granted To All(1920 Census, 900,000 Jews) 7
08/05/1938 Fleeing German Soldier Fights Way Over (Czech) Border 8
08/05/1938 Zionist Federation In Brazil Banned-(A Foreign Organization) 8
08/05/1938 Democracy Urged In Interfaith Plea (National Conference Of Jews And Christians) 9
08/05/1938 660,900 Must Flee Reich, (Myron C.) Taylor Says-75,000 Are Catholics, 285,000 ‘Non-Aryan’ Christians, The (Evian) Refugee Committee Hears-Speed Is Urged 9
08/05/1938 Favored Nations Buy More U.S. Goods 21
08/05/1938 Admits A Tva (Valley Authority Nitrate) Plant Not Ready For War 26
08/05/1938 Biggest War Game Is Opened By Army 34
08/06/1938 Italy To Curb Role Of Jews By Ratio (Of Total Population)-Denies Persecution Plan 5
08/06/1938 Royal Air Force Holds War Games 5
08/06/1938 Neutrality Belt In Europe Widens-(Polish Foreign Minister Jozef) Beck Takes Leading Role 5
08/06/1938 Radios For Every One Is Germany’s Goal-Goebbels Announces New Set (‘Peoples Radio’) Within Reach Of All (Rm35) 5
08/06/1938 More Tokyo Gold Is Spent For War-$5,874,000 In Bullion Sent To United States In The Week Ended July 29 6
08/06/1938 Palestine Division (Partition) Rises In New Form 6
08/06/1938 Runciman Meets German Loyalists 6
08/06/1938 Senator Edward R.) Burke (Nebraska) Urges Attack On Reich ‘Barbarities’ Senator Calls For Our Denunciation Of Treatment Of Jews 6
08/06/1938 Mexican Deputies Approve Note To U.S. 6
08/06/1938 (Leon) Blum Asserts Soviet Will Get French Aid (In Its Hostilities With Japan Or Germany) 6
08/07/1938 Dictators Scored By (U.S. Ambassador To Belgium, Joseph E.) Davies In Wales (Address) 20
08/07/1938 Refugees (‘Right From Germany’) Study English (In Columbia University Language Class) 21
08/07/1938 Mexico Sees U.S. Pressed By Britain (On Oil Property Expropriation Action) 23
08/07/1938 Runciman Meets (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Hugh R.) Wilson In Prague 25
08/07/1938 World Catholics United For Franco 26
08/07/1938 Rebel Spain Ruled A Sovereign State (In An English Court) 26
08/07/1938 Military Training Is Given To 700,000 31
08/07/1938 Youth Of World To Convene Here (World Youth Congress) D-4
08/07/1938 Nazis Enclose Reich With A Ring Of Forts E-4
08/07/1938 Brief Respite Seen In Europe’s Tension (Can It Be Because Roosevelt Is Away From Washington?) E-4
08/07/1938 Cartoon: British, Anti-German E-4
08/07/1938 Czechs Suspicious Of British Moves-G.E.R. Gedye (Prague) E-4
08/07/1938 Arabs Here Offer A Palestine Plan E-5
08/07/1938 The Background Of The Czech And German Struggle Book 3
08/07/1938 The Dread Of Poison Gas Is Largely Psychological Book 9
08/08/1938 Harlem Compact Gives Negroes Third Of Jobs In Stores There 1
08/08/1938 No Deaths In June From Diphtheria (A Record In New York!) 3
08/08/1938 Anti-Czech Feeling Aroused In Vienna 5
08/08/1938 Soviet Will Offer Haven To Wounded (Spanish Loyalists)-Can’t Return To Homes 6
08/08/1938 Trip To Palestine Made By (Malcolm) M’donald 8
08/08/1938 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University And Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Asks War On Racial Bigotry 14
08/08/1938 Dr. Prince (Sociologist) Hails (U.S.) Aid To Refugees 14
08/08/1938 Dr. Fleming Scores Church Unity Move 15
08/09/1938 Japan Again Ships Gold To This Country; $352,800,000 Sent Here Since March, 1937 1
08/09/1938 Chamberlain Halts Holiday To See Doctor (He Later Dies Of Cancer!) 1
08/09/1938 Picture: Roosevelt, A Happy Fisherman 2
08/09/1938 M’donald’s Visit Arouses Palestine 10
08/09/1938 Runciman Assumes An Air Of Mystery 10
08/09/1938 Italians Suggest Alien (Jewish) Doctor Ban-Emil Ludwig Is Assailed 11
08/10/1938 Roosevelt Lands; To Resume Purge (Of Party Of Non-Roosevelt Democrats) 1
08/10/1938 Roosevelt Found Holding The South (Gallup Survey) 8
08/10/1938 Czechs’ Suspicions On British Deepen 11
08/10/1938 Nazis Still Split On Czech Invasion-Anglo-French Rift Is Aim 11
08/10/1938 Daladier Optimistic On Currency Outlook 11
08/10/1938 French Army Stops ‘Thrust’ From East-Commander (Gen. Maurice Gamelin) Is Pleased 13
08/10/1938 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gives (World) Jewish Congress $100 17
08/11/1938 Sudetens Accused Of Blockading Peace-G.E.R. Gedye (Prague) 10
08/11/1938 Dissention Injures Jews In Palestine 10
08/11/1938 Britain And U.S. Agree On Pacific Isles: Will Use Two Potential Air Bases Jointly 10
08/11/1938 London To Send More Gold Here 25
08/12/1938 Roosevelt Now Seeks To ‘Pack’ The Senate With His ‘Yes Men’ Says Atlanta Constitution 1
08/12/1938 Plane Here From Berlin In 25 Hours Without Stop After Secret Take-Off (Sabotage Was Feared As With ‘Hindenburg’) 1
08/12/1938 Palestine Peace Seen As Distant 8
08/12/1938 Mussolini Holds War Approaching 8
08/12/1938 Europe Has Scare Over Reich Arming-Fritsch Is Rehabilitated-Czech Liberty Held Lost 9
08/12/1938 Poland To Leave Council Of League (Of Nations) 9
08/12/1938 U.S. (Finally) Curbs Entry Of Alien Volunteers (Into Washington-Lincoln International Brigade For Loyalist Spain) 9
08/12/1938 Employment In Reich Shows Big Increase 9
08/13/1938 France Alarmed, Sounds Diplomats On Hitler’s Plans 1
08/13/1938 (Martin Dies Witnesses) Declare Pro-Nazis Map War Sabotage-(Fritz) Kuhn Is Accused 1
08/13/1938 Czechs Expecting No German Move-Sudeten Disorders Seen 7
08/13/1938 German Auto Sales (‘Volksauto’) Hurt British Market 7
08/13/1938 Entente And Reich Vie Over Hungary 7
08/13/1938 Moscow Stresses German Menace 7
08/13/1938 Roper Finds Britons Fear War Crisis Within 30 Days 7
08/13/1938 (London Times) Says Nazi Economy Cannot Be Insulated 7
08/13/1938 Nazis Ban Magazine (‘Readers’ Digest’) 7
08/14/1938 French Unruffled By Reich Gestures (Maneuvres On Border); No Protest Likely-Not Regarded As Threat 1
08/14/1938 Roosevelt Puts O’connor And Tydings On Purge List, Left Wing Pressure Seen 1
08/14/1938 Roosevelt Holds Popularity Score (Gallup Survey) 2
08/14/1938 3,914 Projects Win Approval Of Pwa (Harold Ickes’ Bureau) 6
08/14/1938 Picture: Begin Of Flight Of (Airplane) ‘Brandenburg’ Back To Berlin From Floyd Bennett Field 26
08/14/1938 London Unmoved By Reich Military (Manoeuvres On Border) 27
08/14/1938 Czech Envoy (To Berlin) Aids Leaders In Prague 28
08/14/1938 Finland Bars Entry Of Austrian Emigres 28
08/14/1938 Brazil Sanctions Some Exiles’ Stay-Works Ten Hours A Day 29
08/14/1938 Pictures: Delegates To World Youth Conference (At Vassar College) 29
08/14/1938 Business Index At High For Year (Graph From 1929-1938) F-1
08/14/1938 ‘No Compromise’ Signal Given By The President (Roosevelt-In Purge Of Political Enemies) E-3
08/14/1938 Japan Pays For (Russian) Truce By A Loss Of Prestige E-3
08/14/1938 Roosevelt Drives For Completion Of New Deal (Objectives) E-3
08/14/1938 Czechs Firm In Face Of New Nazi Threats E-4
08/14/1938 Gold Loss Shows Japan Desperate E-5
08/14/1938 British Air Insecurity Key To Foreign Policy E-5
08/14/1938 Japan Meets German Rebuff E-5
08/14/1938 Gold Loss Shows Japan Desperate-No Big Credits Available E-5
08/14/1938 Red Army Trains The Youth Of China (Heroic Treatment Given By U.S. Newspaper-Support) E-5
08/14/1938 Graph Of The Japanese Economy (Sharply Downward!) E-5
08/14/1938 Our Prospects For Recovery-Improved Outlook For Some Industries And Handicap In Others Are Weighed (Economic High Reached In Summer Of 1937-’Precipitate’ Decline Since-Roosevelt ‘Factor No 1’) E-6
08/14/1938 Social Security Work Is Tangled In Politics E-7
08/14/1938 Cartoon: (Crises Listed Which Could Have Led To World War) E-9
08/14/1938 Refugees, By Dorothy Thompson (Her Plea For The Exiles) Book 3
08/14/1938 Germany And Russia: Are They Alike?-Calvin B. Hoover-(He Rather Seems To Favor The Russians Over The Germans) Mag. 1
08/14/1938 Runciman Tackles Europe’s Thorniest Task (Czechoslovakia) Mag. 3
08/14/1938 To Reclaim The Dust Bowl Mag. 11
08/15/1938 Reich Fliers Again Span Atlantic; Return Trip Made In 19 Hrs. 54 Min 1
08/15/1938 Fascist Influence Growing In Mexico; U.S. Trade (‘Economic Recovery’) Suffers-Nazi Propaganda Widened-Barter Deals On Oil 1
08/15/1938 (Henry A.) Wallace Plans For Wheat Sale Abroad; Subsidy Would Ship 100,000,000 Bushels 1
08/15/1938 (World) Youth Conference To Open Tonight (Associated With Vassar College) 3
08/15/1938 2 Papers In London (‘Conservative Daily Telegraph’ & ‘Liberal News Chronicle’) Note Reich Threat-Justifies Watchfulness 6
08/15/1938 Czechs Expecting Reich Provocation-Border Defenses Ready 6
08/15/1938 (National) Guardsmen Open War Games Today 10
08/15/1938 (Theodore Roosevelt) Rough Riders Swap Yarns At Old Camp (‘Wikoff’) 17
08/15/1938 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Asserts Nation Must Depend On Navy 31
08/16/1938 Hitler Opens Vast Army Exercises Testing Machinery Of Mobilization (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
08/16/1938 Security Act’s Expansion Promised By Roosevelt; ‘No Short-Cut To Utopia’-To Aid All In Need (Text, P. 6) 1
08/16/1938 Communists Plot To Use Roosevelt In Aims, Frey Says 1
08/16/1938 World Congress Of Youth Opens-Welcomed By Laguardia (Ass’t. Sec. Of State, Adolf A. Berle, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America And Many Other ‘Liberals’ Inclined Toward Roosevelt-Motto: ‘Let There Be Peace.’) 3
08/16/1938 Palestine Strife Fatal To Thirteen 9
08/16/1938 Frau Dolfuss To Visit (U.S.) 9
08/16/1938 Approach To Hitler Is Refugee Problem-Rublee (Evian Inter-Governmental Committee On Refugees) Arrives In London To Talk About Offers To Germany) 10
08/16/1938 40,000 Belgians To Test Defenses-Bayonets Line Frontier-Will Determine If Army Can Repel An Invader 10
08/16/1938 (Lord) Rothermere Is Seen Aiding Reich Policy-(Henry Wickham) Steed (Former Editor Of London Times And A World War I Propagandist-One Of Those In World War Ii Who Announced The New Official Policy That It Was German Intent To Kill All European Jews)-Accuses Him Of Encouraging Attacks On Czechs 10
08/16/1938 Democracy In Art 18
08/16/1938 J. Roosevelt Link To (Sinclair) Oil Case Denied 21
08/16/1938 Wheat Off Again To New Low Prices-’39 Wheat Subsidy 26 To 3 Cents A Bushel 25
08/16/1938 Terrain (Camp Bullis) Slows Up Texas War Games 38
08/16/1938 Mimic War Started By (N.Y.) National Guard 38
08/17/1938 Policies Of Peace In World Program Set Forth By Hull-He Outlines 7-Point Plan In Radio Speech, Seen Directed At Central Europe-Warns Unrest Hurts Us (Text, P. 2) 1
08/17/1938 Loyalist (Communist) Cabinet Revised In Dispute; Franco Drops ‘Pro-British’ Advisor 1
08/17/1938 London And Paris Hail Hull Speech 2
08/17/1938 Jewish Civil War (In Palestine) Held Zionist Peril-(Vladimir) Jabotinsky, Revisionist, Asserts Menace Rising In Palestine As A Result Of Terror-Extremist Move Grows-Moderate Jews Are Becoming Angry 6
08/17/1938 Hitler Provides Pajamas For An Unexpected (Berchtesgaden) Guest (British Col. Ian Hamilton) 8
08/17/1938 Democrats Split On Third Term Idea 12
08/17/1938 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Hails World Youth (Congress, Meeting At Vassar College) As The Best Agents For Peace 21
08/17/1938 New (General) Council On (‘For’) Jewish Rights-Program To Be Defined 22
08/17/1938 2,500 Scientists (Many American Participants!) Gather In Britain 22
08/17/1938 Less Cotton Used In The Last Year 25
08/18/1938 High Federal Aides Are Linked To Reds In A House (Un American Activities) Hearing 1
08/18/1938 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Departs (On ‘Normandie’); Defends New Deal 1
08/18/1938 France Is Accused Anew (Of Assisting Spanish Loyalists-Communists) By Italians 8
08/18/1938 Hull Peace Speech Attacked In Reich (‘Diplomatische Korrespondenz’) 9
08/18/1938 Palestine Arabs Seize Police Head 9
08/18/1938 Swiss To Let 1,000 (Illegal Refugees) From Austria Stay 10
08/18/1938 Reich Makes Plea For Trade With U.S.-Mutual Benefit Is Seen (Tolischus) 10
08/18/1938 Sudetens Reject Prague Proposals-Czechs Yield On 2 Points 10
08/18/1938 Army Fliers Show What Air War Does (With B-17 Flying Fortresses)-Target Hit With Dead Eye 42
08/19/1938 Roosevelt Assures Canada Of Our Help If Attacked; Urges Speed On Seaway-Aims At Dictators-Link To Britain Pledged (Text, P. 2) 1
08/19/1938 Call Our Youths (Loyalist-Communist) Volunteers Prisoners In Spain 1
08/19/1938 Sees (Roosevelt Political) Purge As Step To Dictatorship 1
08/19/1938 Britain Is Cordial To Roosevelt Talk-Hails Interest In Europe 3
08/19/1938 (N.Y. Congressman, Samuel) Dickstein Scores Dies Committee 4
08/19/1938 Japan Summons 1,000,000 Recruits 6
08/19/1938 Arabs In Palestine Ambush Army Unit 6
08/19/1938 Scientists (Meeting In England, Many American) Agree To Social Program-Nazi Race View Dissected (‘Denigrated’) 7
08/19/1938 British Army Officer (Capt. Thomas Kendrick) Arrested In Germany 7
08/19/1938 American Youth (At Second World Youth Congress, Vassar College) Agree On Peace 21
08/20/1938 President (Roosevelt) Holds He Did Not Expand Monroe Doctrine-Read Text, He Urges 1
08/20/1938 Inquiry Demanded On ‘Red Recruiting’ For War In (Loyalist) Spain 1
08/20/1938 Germans Count Us In (In) Any Future War 3
08/20/1938 (Anthony) Eden Is Still Firm Against Dictators 5
08/20/1938 (Sudeten) Germans Will Get New Czech Posts 5
08/20/1938 Demands Jewish Names-Germany Orders Jews To Take ‘Israel’ Or ‘Sarah’-See Later Entry For August 24, 1938, P. 1 5
08/20/1938 Our Refugee Aid Cited As Example (By James G. Mc Donald, High Commissioner For The League Of Nations For Refugees And The President’s [Roosevelt’s] Committee On Refugees 17
08/21/1938 Pope (Pius XI) And Fascists Reach New Accord On Catholic Action 1
08/21/1938 Germany Expels British Official (Capt. Thomas Kendrick) On Spying Charge-Papers Say He Confessed-Reich Notes Its Leniency As Gesture Of Friendship 1
08/21/1938 Reich Submarine Fleet Is Larger Than Britain’s 1
08/21/1938 Peace League Here (‘American League For Peace’) ‘Born’ In Moscow, Witness (J. B. Matthews, Its First Head) Says 1
08/21/1938 Germany’s Davis Cup Team Is Called Home After Bad (Tennis) Beating At Hands Of Australia 1
08/21/1938 (‘Jewish Morning Journal’) Seeks Palestine (Zionist) Fund 3
08/21/1938 Submarine (‘Saury’) Launched At Groton (Conn.) 9
08/21/1938 (American) Legion Urges Education Purge-Brands Them As Traitors 20
08/21/1938 Roosevelt Speech Seen As Peace Aid-Loyalist Spain (Is) Cheered (By His Speech)-Mexican Press Is Critical 26
08/21/1938 Slate Blue Uniform Proposed For American Doughboy (Pictures) 27
08/21/1938 League Adherents (Clark Eichelberger-Later Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies And Others) Sail-To Consult British And French On Issue 27
08/21/1938 ‘Radical Solution’ Is Urged On Czechs (Says ‘Prager Presse’) 30
08/21/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-Secretary Hull Addresses A Question To An Armed World E-1
08/21/1938 Roosevelt’s Words Hint A (Political) ‘Purge’ To The Limit E-2
08/21/1938 Germany Has Jitters Over Thought Of War E-2
08/21/1938 14 Billion Dollars A Year-The World’s Arms Bill-Hanson W. Baldwin E-2
08/21/1938 Will Britain Fight? Hitler’s Question E-4
08/21/1938 Germans Are Keyed Up, Czechs Calm E-4
08/21/1938 (U.S.) Foreign Policy Moves Toward Clarification E-5
08/21/1938 Cartoon: Is The Russian Army Strong And Confident-Or Is It Weak And Fearful? E-5
08/21/1938 The Nazi Primer (For The Hitler Youth) Book 9
08/21/1938 Bewildered Refugees Find A Friend In (Myron C.) Taylor Mag. 4
08/21/1938 U.S. Army Recruiting Poster And Pictures Roto
08/22/1938 France Must Drop The 40-Hour Week, Premier (Daladier) Declares-’Road To Safety Is Work’ 1
08/22/1938 Franco Rejects Proposal To Withdraw Volunteers; Balks Anglo-Italian Pact (Text, P. 4) 1
08/22/1938 Communist, Theodore Dreiser) Says Roosevelt Uses Karl Marx’s Ideas (But So Also Do Hitler And Stalin!) 3
08/22/1938 Poland Protests Attacks By (Danzig) Nazis-Poles Beaten In Street Of Free City 5
08/22/1938 Arabs In Palestine Talk Of Holy War 7
08/22/1938 Arch-Nationalism Is Scored By Pope (Pius XI) 8
08/22/1938 Life Without Aims Called Paganism (By Rev.Dr. John C. Schroeder, Yale Divinity School) 14
08/22/1938 Reich Scores (U.S.’S) ‘Dollar’ Politics-Defends Barter System 23
08/22/1938 Hull Comment (On German State Secretary’s Speech) Irks Reich 25
08/22/1938 (Judge Michael A. Musmanno, Later At Nuernberg Trials And The Jerusalem Tribunal Which ‘Tried’ Adolf Eichmann) Has Sacco-Vanzetti Data (To Prove Their Innocence) 30
08/23/1938 Negro Issue Raised In South At (Roosevelt Political) ‘Purge’ 5
08/23/1938 Britain Criticized By (Palestine) Mandate Body-Terror Goes On Unabated 7
08/23/1938 U.S. Aid To Japan Opposed By Group (‘The American Committee For Non-Participation In Japanese Aggression’)-Links America In ‘Guilt’ (Mostly ‘Burning Liberals’) 9
08/23/1938 ‘New World Order, Lasting Peace’ Declared Youth’s Realizable Goal (By World Youth Conference, Vassar College-Message From Clark Eichelberger, Later Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies And John G. Winant, Future U.S. Ambassador To England) 19
08/24/1938 Germany Tightens Pressure On Jews-Free Use Of Safe Deposit Boxes Curtailed (List Of Given Names Which Jewish Parents May Give Their Children, P. 2-Names Widely Used In Israel After The War-See Entry, August 20, 1938, P. 5) 1
08/24/1938 League (Of Nations) Shows Lag In Recovery In U.S.-Depression Deeper Here 29
08/25/1938 Tokyo Planes Shoot Down (Chinese-American) Airliner; Machine-Gun 19 Trying To Flee 1
08/25/1938 Fascists Give Up Ban On Catholics 5
08/25/1938 Jews In Palestine Asked To Join (British) Troops (By Some Jewish Leaders) 7
08/25/1938 Swiss Explain Move In Curbing (Illegal Austrian) Refugees 8
08/25/1938 British In Parley On Czech Problem (G.E.R. Gedye) 8
08/25/1938 Einstein Portrait (Drawn By Max Liebermann) Sought (By British-Fear Nazis Will Destroy It) 8
08/26/1938 Hull Asks Mexico To Halt Seizures (Of U.S. Property) And Agree To Pay (Former Owners) 1
08/26/1938 Britain Will Urge Sudeten Autonomy 4
08/26/1938 Reich Province (Wuerttemberg) Banishes Catholic Bishop (Ludwig Sproll) Who Refused To Vote In Austrian Plebiscite 4
08/26/1938 Minorities Group (Representing 40,000,000 Meets (In Stockholm) 4
08/26/1938 Arab Chiefs Plan Winter Terrorism-Jews Act For Defense (By Joseph M. Levy) 6
08/26/1938 (New Dealer, Rexford Guy) Tugwell Is Divorced 15
08/26/1938 Rio Crowds Cheer U.S. Naval Planes (‘Good Neighbor Air Fleet’)-(U.S.) Warships Enter Harbor 33
08/27/1938 Subsidized Export Of (U.S.) Wheat Started 1
08/27/1938 21 Arabs Are Slain By Bomb In Jaffa 1
08/27/1938 Britain To Send Fleet North; Reich Sounds Three Powers 1
08/27/1938 Mexicans Stunned By Firm Hull Note; Editors Attack It-Threat Of Force Is Seen 1
08/27/1938 Roosevelt Denies Rift With (James A.) Farley 1
08/27/1938 U.S. Makes Protest (To Japanese) On (Chinese-American) Airline Attack 1
08/27/1938 Minority Congress (In Stockholm) Hopes To Keep Peace 14
08/28/1938 Hitler Warned By Britons That An Attack On Czechs May Result In World War (Speech By Sir John Simon) 1
08/28/1938 Roosevelt Calls Father) Devine’s ‘Angels’ (Who Purchased The Estate Next To Him In Hyde Park) ‘Good Neighbors’ 1
08/28/1938 Hate Besets Ickes Says Carter Glass 1
08/28/1938 ‘Tax Rich’ One Aim Of Red Platform-30-Hour Week Proposed 8
08/28/1938 Czechs Welcome (Sir John) Simon’s Efforts (Speech) 25
08/28/1938 Rome Comforted By (Sir John) Simon Speech 26
08/28/1938 Hull Tells Nations War Has No Victor 1
08/28/1938 Britons Ready For War, Lord Stanley Declares 26
08/28/1938 (Sir John) Simon (Picture) In Address, Cites Peace Aims 27
08/28/1938 Attacks In Mexico On U.S. Increased 29
08/28/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Sees ‘Racism’ In Scope Of Church 29
08/28/1938 (Adolf A.) Berle Resigns Post As Hull Assistant-Return To Teaching (At Columbia University) Seen-(Roosevelt) Praises His Cooperation 31
08/28/1938 Business Index 1929-1938 F-1
08/28/1938 News From Europe Buoys The Dollar F-1
08/28/1938 Rise In U.S. Trade With Brazil Likely F-5
08/28/1938 Britain (Sir John Simon) Speaks E-1
08/28/1938 Sword-Rattling Game Renewed In Europe E-3
08/28/1938 Little Entente Seeks A Check On Germany (G.E.R. Gedye) E-4
08/28/1938 Poland Seeks A New Policy-Territorial Gain (From Germany) Sought E-4
08/28/1938 Germany Is Cynical (About ‘New’ U.S. Policy) E-5
08/28/1938 White Supremacy Issue Revived In The South E-7
08/28/1938 Negroes Win Help In Fight For Jobs E-10
08/28/1938 The War Against The West, Aurel Kolnai, Viking Press, N.Y., Preface By H. Wickham Steed-Germany Challenges The West Book 1
08/28/1938 The Gateway To History, Allan Nevins, D. Appleton-Century Co., N.Y.-The Art Of Falsifying History Book 2
08/28/1938 America Builds An Empire Of The Air-Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 1
08/28/1938 Freedom Is Nurtured In The Czech Village Mag. 9
08/29/1938 British Cabinet Is Called In Growing Czech Strain; Envoy To Berlin (Sir Nevile Henderson) Returns 1
08/29/1938 Catholic Bishops Assail Nazi Policy 1
08/29/1938 Roosevelt Ready To Cut Arms If Others Do; Letter Cites Drive To Promote World Peace (To John Callan O’laughlin, ‘The Army And Navy Journal) 3
08/29/1938 2,500,000 Killed In War Since (Kellogg-Briand) Pact Banned Them 4
08/29/1938 Runciman Warns Henlein In Parley 5
08/29/1938 Hitler Aid (Rudolf Hess) Denies (German) Meddling Abroad 5
08/29/1938 Geneva Is Hopeful Reich Will Pause-But Sees Ominous Signs-Clarence K. ‘One World’ Streit 5
08/29/1938 Poland Is Aroused By Hostile Nazi Actions; Newspaper Warns Of The Fate Of Austria 5
08/29/1938 Reich Emigres Flow Here-Rate Now 100 A Day (Many Jews) 5
08/29/1938 Arabs In Palestine Continue Attacks 8
08/29/1938 Americans Chided (By Episcopalian Bishop Ingley) As Lax In (Religion) Service-Cites Rise Of Dictators 14
08/30/1938 Britain To Warn Germany Anew To Shun War 1
08/30/1938 Refugee Aid Planned By Jewish Veterans 2
08/30/1938 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Greets Morgenthaus (Picture) Who Return From Europe 3
08/30/1938 Morgenthau Home Hails French Gains 3
08/30/1938 (General John J.) Pershing Warns Nation 3
08/30/1938 Henlein Avoided Runciman Plans 4
08/30/1938 Stocks Tumble Here Owing To War Scares 4
08/30/1938 Nazis Try To Purge Manila German Club (Of Jewish Members) 4
08/30/1938 (Evian Inter-Governmental Committee On Refugees) Plan Bid To Germany On Emigre Problem (Rublee, Myron C. Taylor, Hugh R. Wilson, William C. Bullitt & Joseph P. Kennedy) 6
08/31/1938 London Empowers Envoy (Nevile Henderson) To Warn Germany On War; Paris Reaffirms Czech Aid-France To Act If Reich Marches-British Policy Set 1
08/31/1938 Miss Perkins Firm Against (Martin) Dies Plea To Deport (West Coast, Leftist, Australian Longshoreman Leader, Harry) Bridges 1
08/31/1938 Berlin Condemns British Diplomacy 1
08/31/1938 Czech Hopes Rise On British Moves 2
08/31/1938 (U.S. War Department) Say Our Defenses Need More Funds 3
08/31/1938 Roosevelt Sees Hull On European Dangers 3
08/31/1938 Synagogue Is Raided By Nazis In Danzig 3
08/31/1938 Nazi Organ (Das Schwarze Korps) Scores Letter Of Bishops-Assails Pope (Pius XI) 3
08/31/1938 Flight Of Capital From Europe Gains 3
08/31/1938 U.S. Property War Risk In Europe Doubles; Rates Vary Hourly As Firms Watch Events 3
08/31/1938 Swiss Bar (New) Refugees With Barbed Wire-Curbed ‘Flood’ Of Austrian Jews 3
08/31/1938 Reich A Paradise, Declares Dr. Ley 3
08/31/1938 Loyalists (Spaniards) Grant Leaves To Aliens-Foreigners Dropping Out 4
08/31/1938 Roosevelt (Political) ‘Purge’ Upheld By (Harry L.) Hopkins 6
08/31/1938 $35,975 Loss Shown By Boeing (Aircraft) Group-Reported Profit In 1937 28
08/31/1938 36 Million ($) To Idle In July (From Government) 36