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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

September 1938
Date Headline Page
09/01/1938 Japanese Dismiss U.S. Note On (Chinese-American Passenger) Plane; Defend Attackers (Say Incident Did Not Involve A Third Power) 1
09/01/1938 Europe Is Calmer On Sudeten Issue, But Tension Holds 1
09/01/1938 26 In Pennsylvania Indicted Over WPA 2
09/01/1938 French Hop Ocean In 22-Hour (Plane) Flight 3
09/01/1938 Daladier Asserts Army Is Prepared 6
09/01/1938 Roper Holds War In Europe Unlikely 6
09/01/1938 Brazil Jews Threatened 6
09/01/1938 Britain Softens Anti-Reich Stand 7
09/01/1938 U.S. Envoy (William Philips) Sees Ciano On Tension 7
09/01/1938 American Film Juryman Quits As Reich Gets Cup (Award) 7
09/01/1938 Head Of Nazis Abroad (Ernst Wilhelm Bohle) Denies Activity Here 7
09/01/1938 760 Emigres (Jews) Quit Vienna (Enroute To Palestine) 7
09/01/1938 Czechs Heartened By Developments 8
09/01/1938 Curbs On Germany Urged In Moscow 8
09/01/1938 Reich Aide Protests (Ww I Atrocity) Memorial In (Yorkshire) Britain-Memorial Defended By Sir Richard Sykes, Bar., The Owner (Alleged Belgian Atrocities Since Proved False, Shown) 8
09/01/1938 Chinese Will Win, Missionaries Say 11
09/01/1938 Spanish (Communist) Loyalists Plan (World’s) Fair Exhibit 23
09/02/1938 Italy Exiles Jews Entering Since ‘19 1
09/02/1938 Hitler Bars A Czech Truce; Henlein Takes Plane Home With New Counter Demands 1
09/02/1938 Cardenas (Mexico) Rejects Demand Of U.S. On Land Payment 1
09/02/1938 (U.S. Naval) Scout Squadron Put In Atlantic For Duty At Once 1
09/02/1938 Big Powers Sound Poland About War 2
09/02/1938 Hitler Cites Need For France-Reich Amity; Tells Paris Reporter Peace Is Necessary 2
09/02/1938 (Reich Labor Front) Warns Jews Owning Boarding Houses 2
09/02/1938 Austria Will Close Religious Schools 2
09/02/1938 Henlein Party Keeps Its Position Secret 2
09/02/1938 Austrian (Dr. Otto Ender) Sent To Dachau 2
09/02/1938 (Roosevelt) Directs War Plans For Power Supply 3
09/02/1938 (Communist Spanish) Loyalists Offer To Suspend Executions For Crimes Before Sept. 1 If Rebels Will 3
09/02/1938 For Roosevelt As Umpire (In Peru-Equador Dispute) 3
09/02/1938 Roosevelt Praises Jewish Veterans 7
09/03/1938 Berlin Sees No Early Crisis; Hears British Are Assured No Sudden Action Is Planned 1
09/03/1938 Schools Of Italy To Keep Out Jews 1
09/03/1938 Canada Will Make Planes For Britain 1
09/04/1938 Sudetens May Ask Berlin To Send Aid In Autonomy Fight 1
09/04/1938 Third Of Families Net $471 A Year 1
09/04/1938 (Fritz) Kuhn Is (Unanimously) Re-Elected By (German-American) (6th Annual) Convention 11
09/04/1938 (U.S. Ambassador, William C.) Bullitt Promises Unity With France-French (Bordeaux) Officials Cheer (Caused Sensation!) 12
09/04/1938 Picture (Bordeaux Monument Marking America’s Entry Into The World War (I) 12
09/04/1938 Hitler (German) Foes Unite Efforts In Reich 14
09/04/1938 More Immigration Is Zionist (Jewish Agency For Palestine) Demand 15
09/04/1938 Refugee Aid Urged On Jewish Veterans 16
09/04/1938 (U.S. War Dep.) Ready To Reeducate Industry For War F-7
09/04/1938 Hitler Fails To Crack Morale Of Opponents E-3
09/04/1938 Pictures & Diagrams: Underground Guns Protect France’s Eastern Border (Maginot Line) E-4
09/04/1938 Crust Of Gunpowder Guards France E-4
09/04/1938 Nazi Policy Alienates British Public Opinion E-5
09/04/1938 What Drives The Giant Hitler Machine Mag. 1
09/05/1938 Communists Asked To Support Roosevelt; (Earl) Browder Advises Stand In Fall Elections 1
09/05/1938 Col (Theodore) Roosevelt Lays Idleness To New Deal 2
09/05/1938 Martha Dodd (Daughter Of Ambassador William E. Dodd) Wed (To Alfred K. Stern, Formerly Married To A Rosenwald) In Virginia Home (By A Baptist Minister) 3
09/05/1938 Refugee Aid Praised By Jewish Veterans 3
09/05/1938 British Fear Blow In Hitler’s Terms-Cession Plan Rises Again 9
09/05/1938 Bonnet Asks U.S. To Help In Peace-Bullitt Emphasizes Ties (Of U.S. To France)-Bullitt Hopes For Peace 9
09/05/1938 ‘Gentile-Ruled U.S.’ Is Program Of (German-American) Bund-(Also Wants A Purge Of Jews From Hollywood) 9
09/05/1938 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns Of ‘Perils Within’ 17
09/06/1938 Czechs Draft A ‘Last’ Offer; Concede Much To Germans; Henlein Stands By Demands 1
09/06/1938 France Calls Up (Maginot) Fortress Troops 1
09/06/1938 British Fleet Off To North Sea Today 1
09/06/1938 Nazi Insurrection Put Down In Chile After 4-Hour Fight 1
09/06/1938 Mexico And Reich In Direct (Barter) Oil Deal (Newsprint For Oil) 1
09/06/1938 Jewish Aid Society (The Society For Jewish Far Settlement In Russia) Disbands In Russia 10
09/06/1938 (German-American) Bund Seeks To Bar Public Posts To Jews (In U.S.) 10
09/06/1938 Nations Are Urged To Help Refugees (By Sir Neill Malcom, League Of Nations High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) 11
09/06/1938 (Dr. Solomon) Goldman (Zionist Organization Of America) Advises Jewish Resistance (Against All Attacks)-Palestine (Belligerent) Group Lauded 11
09/06/1938 Reich ‘Surprised’ By French (Partial Mobilization-Calling Maginot Troops) Action 15
09/06/1938 (Isador S.) Worth Elected Head Of Jewish Veterans 17
09/06/1938 Mobilizing The Mental Resources Of Nation Held Psychology’s Task 23
09/07/1938 Reich Can Defy Blockade, Hitler Tells Nazi Rally; Silent On Czechoslovakia (Text, P. 5) 1
09/07/1938 Alien Agents Get Order To Register (From U.S.)-State Department Gives Rules 1
09/07/1938 Roosevelt Voices Faith In The Press 3
09/07/1938 Fascist Boycott Is Urged By (Mexican) Unions 10
09/07/1938 Chile Seizes Nazis In National Hunt 10
09/07/1938 Hertzog Denies War Duty-Says South Africa Is Not Bound To Back Britain On Czechs 14
09/07/1938 Excerpts From Hitler’s Proclamation To Party 18
09/07/1938 Britain Is Gloomy Over Prague Issue 18
09/07/1938 $5,000,000 Is Asked For Palestine Use (By Palestine Foundation Fund) 20
09/08/1938 Henleinists Break Off Negotiations Over ‘Attack’ (Sic) On A Sudeten Deputy; Reich Attitude Reported Stiffening 1
09/08/1938 British Wavering; See Climax Near 1
09/08/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Asserts Right To His Racist View (As Opposed To Fascists) 4
09/08/1938 Shipment Of Arms To Reich (By U.S.) Attacked 9
09/08/1938 Germany Lacks Trained Men 9
09/08/1938 All Belgian Forts Manned 9
09/08/1938 Prague’s Proposals To Sudetens Are Revealed In Authentic Detail (G.E.R. Gedye) 10
09/08/1938 (Senator Arthur) Vandenberg Sees Dictator’s Aim In Roosevelt’s Fight On O’connor 17
09/09/1938 Sudeten Outbreaks Add To Tension; Benes To Make Radio Talk To Czechs; British Still Debating Their Stand 1
09/09/1938 France Announces Her Army Is Ready 1
09/09/1938 Hitler Seeks Curb On Fiery Sudetens 1
09/09/1938 Sudetens Halt Fireman As Jew’s House Burns (Czech Newspaper Report) 3
09/09/1938 Germans Penetrate Argentina By Groups 3
09/09/1938 Italy Asks Czechs To Bow To Henlein 4
09/09/1938 Alien Missioners Barred By Greece 7
09/10/1938 Germany Will ‘Capitulate To No One’ Hitler Tells His Nazis At Nuremberg; Formal British Warning Reported 1
09/10/1938 Roosevelt Denies U.S. Is Allied With Europeans Against Hitler 1
09/10/1938 Stop Roosevelt Is Tydings’ Appeal (Roosevelt Attempting To Purge Him From Congress) 2
09/10/1938 O’connor Warns Of Dictatorship (Roosevelt) 2
09/10/1938 Japan Backs Germany 5
09/10/1938 (Italy) Plans School For Jews 6
09/10/1938 Child Democracy Excels In Test-’Remedy’ For Racial Bias 19
09/11/1938 Goering Pledges Germans To Protect The Sudetens; Hitler Gets British Views 1
09/11/1938 Cardenas (Mexico) Attacks Principles Of U.S. (On Property Expropriated By Mexico) As Leading To War 1
09/11/1938 Czech President (Benes) Pleads For Peace 1
09/11/1938 Hull Again Pleads For World Order (Lima Conference Approaching) 34
09/11/1938 Arabs In Palestine Greet War Threat-Joseph M. Levy 36
09/11/1938 Important Parts Of Goering Speech 38
09/11/1938 Text Of Address By Czech Leader (Benes) 40
09/11/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-Another 1914? E-1
09/11/1938 Britain At Last Faces The Issue With Hitler E-3
09/11/1938 Czech Will Hardens Against More Yielding-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
09/11/1938 Map Eastern Europe: The Rich Resources On Which Germany Has Her Eyes E-4
09/11/1938 British Fleet Put On A War Footing E-5
09/11/1938 League To Tackle Refugee Problem E-5
09/11/1938 Advisors (Goering & Von Ribbentrop) Influence Hitler E-5
09/11/1938 Great Walls Of Europe-Walls Of War Mag. 1
09/12/1938 Nazis Insist On Annexation; Sudetens Want Plebiscite; Hitler To Tell Aims Today 1
09/12/1938 Outbreaks Mark Sudeten Vote Cry 1
09/12/1938 British Warn Nazis Against ‘Quick War’ 1
09/12/1938 (Anthony) Eden Warns Nazis Of (British) Bond To France 2
09/12/1938 Hitler’s Speech To Nazi Party Troops 2
09/12/1938 Hitler’s Talk Today To Be Heard In U.S. 3
09/12/1938 Bullitt (Bordeaux) Speech Clarified-Phrase (Reporting U.S.-French Unity) Was Misquoted 3
09/12/1938 Poles Assure British On Czech Issue-(Col. Jozef) Beck Tells Diplomat Warsaw Will Not Add To Tension (Not Even Teschen?) 3
09/12/1938 Britain Stresses Her Warnings Shw Would Fight To Aid France 3
09/12/1938 French-U.S. Unity Urged By Minister (French, Of Education, Jean Zay-U.S. Ambassador William C. Bullitt Silent) 4
09/12/1938 7,500 Jews Aiding Palestine Forces 4
09/12/1938 (American Committee Appeal For The Jews In Poland) Seek Aid For Polish Jews 4
09/12/1938 Peril Of Dictator Called Challenge (By Rev. Charles A. W. Brocklebank, Episcopalian)-Fears ‘Emotional’ War 15
09/12/1938 Disguised Fascism (As Americanism) Seen As Menace (By Prof. H. E. Luccock, Yale Divinity School) 15
09/12/1938 U.S. Wheat Subsidy Decried In London 25
09/13/1938 Hitler In Defiant Speech Pledges Aid To Sudetens; No Lessening Of Crisis Seen-’Oppression’ (Sic) Cited-’Self Determination’ For 3,500,000 ‘Brothers’ Is Asked By Dictator-Hitler’s Threat To Czechs 1
09/13/1938 Sudetens Excited; Czechs Are Firm-G.E.R. Gedye 1
09/13/1938 Britain Now Fears Prolonged Strain 1
09/13/1938 President (Roosevelt) Phones Hull For Reaction To Hitler Speech 1
09/13/1938 German Refugees Fill (U.S.) Entry Quota 3
09/13/1938 German Seaplane Here With Record-Speed 175 Miles An Hour 3
09/13/1938 Bishop Sees Spain Ravaged By Reds (Loyalists) 12
09/13/1938 Swiss Lay Mines In Frontier Zone-But Expect No War Soon 14
09/13/1938 High Points In Hitler’s Talk 16
09/13/1938 Washington Silent On Hitler’s Speech 16
09/13/1938 Reich Press Puts Issue Up To Czechs 18
09/13/1938 Paris Sees Respite In Hitler’s Speech 18
09/13/1938 Views Of Dominions Sought By Britain 18
09/13/1938 Reich Loses Barter Deal (With Rumania) 18
09/13/1938 Aggressor States Warned At Geneva 19
09/13/1938 Laguardia Scores Threats By Hitler (In Speech) 48
09/14/1938 Czechs Ignore Henlein Ultimatum To Lift Martial Law In Sudeten Zone; Britain, France Press For Plebiscite 1
09/14/1938 British Seek Basis For New Parleys 1
09/14/1938 European Moves Watched By Hull 1
09/14/1938 Increasing Danger In Czech Area Seen 2
09/14/1938 Hitler’s Air Force Held His Best Bet-Maginot Line Extended 3
09/14/1938 Find Czech Pacts On War Aid Hedged 3
09/14/1938 Map: Sudeten Area 4
09/14/1938 The Sudeten Ultimatum 4
09/14/1938 Map: Locations Of Disorders In Sudetenland 4
09/14/1938 Berlin Is Aroused By Czechs’ Stand-Hitler Makes New Terms 6
09/14/1938 Italy Asks Czechs To Free Nazi Area 7
09/14/1938 Foreign Traders Prepare For War 32
09/14/1938 WPA (Under Harry L. Hopkins) Handling 60% Of Building In City 32
09/14/1938 War Talk Starts Rush To Buy Wheat 33
09/14/1938 Flow Of Gold Here Heavy In August 37
09/15/1938 Chamberlain Off By Plane To See Hitler; Will Make A Personal Plea To Avert War; Prague Firm As Sudetens Battle The Police 1
09/15/1938 President (Roosevelt) Speeds Back To Capital 1
09/15/1938 Ultimatum Of Henlein Disavowed In Germany 1
09/15/1938 French Hopes Rise On Britain’s Move 1
09/15/1938 Tokyo Czech Stand Alarms Shanghai 1
09/15/1938 Americans Informally Told To Return Home; Many Ship Bookings To Europe Canceled 1
09/15/1938 Hitler’s Picture Banned (In Private Club) By Canadian Police Chief 2
09/15/1938 Chamberlain’s Aids (Wilson & Strang) Veteran Negotiators (Later Involved In British-Russian Unsuccessful British-Russian Negotiations To Encircle Germany) 2
09/15/1938 Gains In Employment Reported From Reich 4
09/15/1938 Mussolini Urges A Wide Plebiscite 5
09/15/1938 Dictators Likened (By David Sarnoff, Rca) To Ledge-Jumpers 6
09/15/1938 Sanctions Demand (Aimed At Japan) Looming In League 6
09/15/1938 Canada Supports Appeal To Hitler 7
09/15/1938 (German-American) Bund Is Not Invited To German Day Fete-Rebuff To Nazi Group 9
09/15/1938 British Rebuffed By Sudeten Chief 10
09/15/1938 War Scare Adds To Rally Of Wheat 35
09/16/1938 Chamberlain Has 3-Hour Talk With Hitler-Paris Sees General Peace Conference Likely 1
09/16/1938 Czechs Order Henlein Arrested As Traitor-Sudeten Leader Flees Country After Urging Union With Reich-G.E.R. Gedye 1
09/16/1938 Anti-Red Writers Barred From WPA Witness (States-Recruiting For Spanish Loyalists Also Discussed-Radicals Rule WPA) 1
09/16/1938 Roosevelt Alert, Silent On (European) Crisis-Confers With Hull On Reaching Capital 1
09/16/1938 Record Rush Here By Foreign Capital-Dollar Buying Abroad Reaches New High-Morgenthau Says U.S. Will Be Haven For Money 1
09/16/1938 Hungarians On Czech Soil Ask ‘Self Determination’ 1
09/16/1938 Tribute To Father (Achille) Touches Laguardia (At Prescott, Arizona Service) 3
09/16/1938 Liberty Menaced (By Roosevelt Policy) Says Bar Leader (Granville Clark) 4
09/16/1938 New China Policy Mapped By Konoye 10
09/16/1938 (Spanish) Loyalists Called Not Anti-Religion (By Communist, Theodore Dreiser At League Of American Writers) 10
09/16/1938 (Dr. Jacob Gould) Schurman (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany) Warns U.S. To Keep Aloof (From European Crisis-Picture, Back From Europe) 11
09/16/1938 Picture: Hull Meets President (Roosevelt) At Station To Report On Europe 11
09/16/1938 Picture: British Premier (Chamberlain) Greeted On German Soil (By Von Ribbentrop) 12
09/16/1938 Map: Part Of Czechoslovakia Under Martial Law 13
09/16/1938 2,000,000 In Arms In Three Countries (Czechoslovakia, France And Germany) 13
09/16/1938 Vienna Czechs Molested (N.Y. Times Report From Vienna) 13
09/16/1938 Moscow Paper (‘Red Star’) Sees (Czechoslovakian) Deal 13
09/16/1938 (Asst. Sec. Of Navy, Charles Edison) Says Our New Navy Is Best Protection 14
09/16/1938 Pictures: Refugees Leaving Eger And A Shop Wrecked In Clash 14
09/16/1938 (Noble German) Host To Runciman Flees Into Germany (‘Refugees’ [Sic] ‘Streaming Across The Czechoslovak Frontier Into Germany.’-This Is About The Last Time They Use Quotation Marks With The Word ‘Refugees.’) 14
09/16/1938 Marine Insurance On War-Time Basis 15
09/16/1938 British Reinforce Palestine Troops 15
09/16/1938 Oxford Group (In Geneva) Hears Czech Amity Plea (For ‘Moral Rearmament’) 15
09/16/1938 (Lotte Lehmann) Opera Star Seeks To Become Citizen (First Papers) 21
09/16/1938 Exporters Expect Peace For Europe 36
09/16/1938 Ten Groups Back Move For (U.S. Industrial) Recovery 36
09/17/1938 Czechs Will Fight To Hold Territory-Prague Sees War-Britain Is Told As Premier Returns-G.E.R. Gedye 1
09/17/1938 Hitler Awaits Pressure On Prague-Dresden Is Center For Refugees-23,000 Sudetens Reported In Reich; Flee From ‘Persecution’ (Sic-Note Use Of Quotation Marks!) By Czechs 1
09/17/1938 Reich To Stay Hand Pending New Talks 1
09/17/1938 British Ask Curb On League (Of Nations’ Sanctions) Power 1
09/17/1938 President (Roosevelt) Sounds Cabinet On Crisis 2
09/17/1938 Marine Insurers Raise Rates Here-Blockade Of Reich Feared-No Coverage On Cargoes To Germany-(Other) Quotations Go As High As $5 Per $100 2
09/17/1938 Jews Make Plea To U.S.-Newspaper (‘Judische Rundschau’) In Germany Urges Enlargement Of (U.S.) Quota (For Jews) 2
09/17/1938 Plan For Reich Invasion (Of Czechoslovakia) Indicated In Documents (Seized At Goerkau-N.Y. Times Report From Prague) 2
09/17/1938 Picture: Czech Soldiers Guarding A Strategic Defense Center 2
09/17/1938 (German American) Bund Changes Name Of Its Weekly Organ (All-English Edition) 2
09/17/1938 Czech Troops On Border Stir Hungary To Protest 2
09/17/1938 Czechs Warn Paris Of French Pledges 3
09/17/1938 Russians See Plan For 4-Power Talks (On Czech Crisis) 3
09/17/1938 Russian Troops Mass On Polish-Rumanian Line 3
09/17/1938 Spaniards (‘On Both Sides’) To Get Flour From U.S. (Red Cross) 4
09/17/1938 Navy Now Building $750,000,000 Ships-Four Battleships Soon To Be Begun 4
09/17/1938 Seizure Of Mines By Mexico Likely (Because Of Strikes) 4
09/17/1938 12 Destroyers Here Ready To Sail Today On Naval Reservists’ Final Training Cruise 4
09/17/1938 150 Arab Rebels Die In Fight With (British) Planes 4
09/17/1938 Wheat Holds Most Of Early Advance 21
09/17/1938 Treasury Income Tops $1,000,000,000 21
09/18/1938 No Invasion Now, Germans Promise 1
09/18/1938 Czechs Decree Martial Law 1
09/18/1938 Roosevelt Likens ‘38 Fear-Mongers To Those Of 1788 (Text, P. 43) 1
09/18/1938 Nation Is Warned Of Foreign ‘Issues’-Dictators Are Assailed (By N.Y. City Acting Mayor, Newbold Morris) 26
09/18/1938 Arab Rebel Gangs Seize Bethlehem 29
09/18/1938 (William R. Castle, Former Sec. Of State) Assails (Roosevelt) Policy On Mexico (Attempting ‘To Buy Mexican Friendship At Expense Of Americans.’) 29
09/18/1938 Reich Trade Balance Off 4,500,000 Marks 31
09/18/1938 Crisis In Europe Decried By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-Chamberlain And Hitler Are Censured For Deal To ‘Sell’ Czechoslovak Nation 32
09/18/1938 (Senator Key) Pittman (Chairman Of Senate Committee) Predicts Move To Avoid War-Feels Sure Senate Would Not Vote To Involve U.S. 32
09/18/1938 Europe Now Ruled By New Diplomacy-Pace Set By Dictators 33
09/18/1938 Order Is Enforced By Czech Troops-Sudetens’ District Quiet 34
09/18/1938 Picture: Sudeten Germans Flee Across Czechoslovak Border 34
09/18/1938 Support Of Britain By U.S. Is Predicted (By Commonwealth Parley In Sydney, Australia) 35
09/18/1938 37,000 Enter Reich From Czech Areas-Fugitives Reported Shot-Sudeten Refugees (Look! No Quotation Marks!) Tax Nazi Relief Resources 37
09/18/1938 Polish Press Asks For Czech Silesia (Teschen-’Self-Determination’ Again) 38
09/18/1938 Americans Are Asked To Pray For Peace (By Episcopal Bishop, Henry St. George Tucker-Arch Interventionist And Later One Of The Founders Of The ‘Right To Fight’ Group) 38
09/18/1938 Nye Sees ‘Errors’ Leading Us To War 41
09/18/1938 Refugee Students Triple In Number D-5
09/18/1938 Oil Supply Called Decisive In War F-1
09/18/1938 Foreign Situation Seen As Threat To Wheat Acreage Reduction Plan F-1
09/18/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-(Chamberlain) The Man In Mufti Negotiates For Peace With The Man For Whom Armies March (Hitler) E-1
09/18/1938 Cartoon: Anti-German E-3
09/18/1938 Chamberlain Soothes Hurt Pride Of Hitler-Benes May Reawaken Anger E-3
09/18/1938 Crowding Events Sway War-And-Peace Balance E-3
09/18/1938 Roosevelt Reversals Mystify ‘Purge’ Aims-Distant Goals May Explain-Arthur Krock E-3
09/18/1938 Map: Distribution Of Germans In Czechoslovakia E-4
09/18/1938 Sudeten Germans Wait For Hitler To March-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
09/18/1938 (Thomas) Mann To Fight For German Culture E-5
09/18/1938 Government Watchful As Recovery Advances E-7
09/18/1938 Uncle Sam Takes And Gives (Money) Freely E-7
09/18/1938 Socialism Upheld-Capitalism Is Said To Have Served Its Purpose-Letter, Leo Meltzer Of Social Democratic Federation E-9
09/18/1938 Seizure Of Vilna (Lithuania, By Polish Rebel Army, October 9, 1920) E-9
09/18/1938 In Europe’s Focal Point: Czechoslovakia’s Sudeten Area Mag. 1
09/18/1938 Is Dictatorship The Only Solution? (Anti-German Article) Mag. 3
09/18/1938 In South America Fascism Finds A Continent Of Ten Nations And Many Peoples Presents Obstacles To The Totalitarian Idea Mag. 4
09/18/1938 Roaring Along In A Big ‘Flying Fortress’ (‘How Great It Is!’) Mag. 6
09/18/1938 The (Government) Social Worker Reaches Out Mag. 10
09/18/1938 Czech Crisis Roto.
09/19/1938 Britain And France Accept Hitler Demands On Czechs-Will Ask Benes Today To Surrender German Areas; Powers Draw Plan-Hitler Asks Haste 1
09/19/1938 Prague Incredulous, Regards Action As A Betrayal-Czechs Astounded 1
09/19/1938 Czech Attitude On Partition Seen In Reich As Key To Peace Or War 1
09/19/1938 Poles And Hungarians Agitate For (Czech) Territory 1
09/19/1938 Roosevelt Urged To Act In Europe-Toronto Newspaper (‘Globe And Mail’) Says Only He Can Avert War (By Providing ‘Fresh Leadership’) 1
09/19/1938 Sudetens Attack Czech Border Post 1
09/19/1938 Mussolini Backs Hitler’s Demands 1
09/19/1938 ‘No Concessions,’ (Anti-Nazi) Londoners Shout-Driven From Whitehall 2
09/19/1938 Picture: Chamberlain & Daladier In London (With Bonnet) 4
09/19/1938 Text Of Czech Premier’s (Hodza’s) Speech On The Sudeten Crisis 5
09/19/1938 Roosevelt Urged To Give War Stand (By Anti-War Organizations-Listed) 6
09/19/1938 Daily Food Gamble Is Lot Of Germans (Little Choice, Lucky To Get Any)-Armaments Race Blamed 7
09/19/1938 Palestine Taking Steps For Defense-Millions Are Being Spent, Says Lipsky (Vice President, Zionist Organization Of America) On Return 8
09/19/1938 Ohio Basin Falling To ‘Invading Army’ 9
09/19/1938 Holds Roosevelt Wants More Power 14
09/19/1938 (N.Y. Governor, Herbert) Lehman Asks Curb On Dictator Peril 21
09/19/1938 (Herbert) Lehmann Appeals For Refugee Aid (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee)-E. M. M. Warburg Named-Greater Efforts By American Jews Needed In War Crisis, He Says 38
09/20/1938 Czechs Delay Decision On Partition; Ask French Attitude If They Refuse-Prague Is Incensed 1
09/20/1938 Britain Seeks A Gesture From Hitler-To Ask For Peace-Hitler Expected To Harden Terms 1
09/20/1938 Laguardia Rallies (American) Legion To Loyalty 1
09/20/1938 Cabinet In France Favors Partition (Of Czechoslovakia) 1
09/20/1938 Sudeten Peasants Deplore Hotheads 1
09/20/1938 (Henry L.) Stimson Back, Hails Primaries (Praises Hull!) 3
09/20/1938 O’connor Assails Roosevelt On War-Charges Some Say President Would Get Us Into European Row To Gain Power 5
09/20/1938 League Paves Way To Assist Chinese (Against Japanese)-Clarence K. Streit 10
09/20/1938 Czechs Held (By Col. Frederick Palmer) Able To Give Germans-A Real Fight Even Without Help 11
09/20/1938 Levey Here To Raise (Ort) Fund For Reich Jews 11
09/20/1938 Hull Uses Trade To Bar Conquests-Czechoslovak Is Hailed 12
09/20/1938 Poles Strengthen Patrols On (Czech) Border-Return Of Teschen Asked 12
09/20/1938 Czechs Face Loss Of Rich (Sudeten) Industries 13
09/20/1938 Belgium Anxious Over Her (Malmedy, Eupen & Moresnet) Minority 14
09/20/1938 (Supreme Court Justice) M’reynolds Returns Gloomy On Europe (Anti-German)-Justice Sees Civilization Losing Out 14
09/20/1938 Blacklisting Is Due For Ceded Territory-U.S. Would Class With Reich Any Area Given By Czechs 14
09/20/1938 Soviet Fears War Over Czech Issue-Harold Denny, Moscow 15
09/20/1938 (Bernard) Baruch Is Silent On (New) Defense Post-He Will Go To Capital 16
09/20/1938 U.S. Stands Aloof From Czech Crisis-Has Not Been Asked For Advice And Has Not Offered Any, Say Administration Officials-Roosevelt Holds Conferences-Borah And Mc Reynolds Score Any Idea Of Assistance 16
09/20/1938 Pictures: Refugees From Sudetenland Flee In Different Directions (Shows Germans In Chemnitz And Czechs Who Have Fled From Sudeten Germans In Prague, The Czechs Under Red Cross Care) 16
09/20/1938 Nazis (From Sudetenland) Make Threats In Rally At Dresden 16
09/20/1938 Map:. Racial Division (Percentages) In Czechoslovakia 17
09/20/1938 London Rates Soar For War Insurance-Quotations Doubled Here 18
09/20/1938 Copper Advances 1/8 cents A Pound More-Lead And Zinc Up, Too 38
09/20/1938 Cotton Retains Most Of Advance 39
09/21/1938 Britain, France Give Prague Hours To Submit On The Peril Of Immediate German Attack; Czechs Are Declared Determined To Resist 1
09/21/1938 Czechs In This Country Plan To Help Homeland 1
09/21/1938 Reich Has Cereals For 18-Month Siege 1
09/21/1938 Italy Wants More Than Sudeten Plan-Insists Other Minorities Be Freed 1
09/21/1938 World War Peril Seen By Jouhaux-Deplores The Surrender-Prof. Shotwell (Of Columbia University, Rabidly Anti-German) Tells League Of Nations Group A New Roman (‘German’) Empire Is Being Formed (In The Center Of Europe) 2
09/21/1938 (G. Ward) Price Says Hitler Is Ready To March 3
09/21/1938 Austrian Bishops State Grievances (Against German Government) 3
09/21/1938 Jews To Lose Permits (German Salesmen’s Licenses) 3
09/21/1938 Czechs Mass Troops On Hungary’s Border 4
09/21/1938 Poles Ready To March-Will Force Demand For Teschen If Reich Gets Sudetenland 4
09/21/1938 Germans Tell Of New Clashes 4
09/21/1938 Viennese Aid Sudetens-Nazis Making House-To-House Collections For Refugees 5
09/21/1938 American Editors (Survey Of Entire Country) Speak Of Betrayal Of The Czechs, But They Urge Isolation 6
09/21/1938 Polish (Terrorist) Bombers Kill 2 (In Krakow B’nai B’rith Headquarters)-Young Fascists Are Suspected In Krakow And Lodz 7
09/21/1938 Czech Envoy Sees Russian Aid Ready-Moscow Officials Silent 8
09/21/1938 (U.S.) War Games Spur Gas-Mask Supply 9
09/21/1938 Picture: Sudeten Germans Enrolling In Henlein’s ‘Free Corps’ 10
09/21/1938 Henlein Legionnaires Raid Six (Customs Posts)-Czech Officials Wounded 10
09/21/1938 Britain Proposes Curb On Bombings (At Geneva) 11
09/21/1938 Germans Dance With Czechs Here (Children) 16
09/21/1938 Czech Reports Lift Cotton $ A Bale 43
09/22/1938 Czechoslovakia Decides To Give Up; Crowds Protest, Cabinet In Peril-Czechs Are Better-Resistance Is Demanded 1
09/22/1938 Stalwart Czech Men Sob In Prague; People Tear Up Papers In Disgust 1
09/22/1938 Chamberlain To Demand Guarantees 1
09/22/1938 Demand Of Poland Is Sent To Czechs-Hungarians Also(Jerzy Szapiro) 1
09/22/1938 Germans Now Look To Oil Of Rumania 1
09/22/1938 Spanish Loyalists To Drop Foreign Fighters (Volunteers); Invite League To Watch Execution Of Plan (Text, P. 2) 1
09/22/1938 Augur Sees Only An Armistice With Britain Facing Conscription-Chamberlain’s Humiliation Before Hitler Held Forced By Anglo-French Weakness Faced By Ultimatum 4
09/22/1938 Picture: Where Czech Guards Clashed With Henlein Legionnaires 5
09/22/1938 (Anthony) Eden Sees Danger In Delaying Stand-Stresses Past Victories-Text Of Speech 6
09/22/1938 (N.Y. State Senator, Desmond) Scores Hitler’s (‘Crack-Pot, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Jewish’) Policies 6
09/22/1938 Germans Trust In Hitler 7
09/22/1938 Trade (And Immigration) Pact Revision (Of Czechoslovakia) Foreseen By Roper (U.S. Sec. Of Commerce) 9
09/22/1938 Sudetens In Power In Border Regions-Clash Laid To Germans (By N.Y. Times Report) 11
09/22/1938 Deal In Sudetenland Held To Mean War-Czechs ‘Not Yet Broken’ (By Dr. Karl Deutsch, Leader Of German Social Democratic Party Of Czechoslovakia) 11
09/22/1938 Czech Communique Text 12
09/22/1938 Says (U.S.) Government Is ‘Robbing Unborn’-Assails Borrowing Habit 21
09/22/1938 New Silk (Nylon) Made On Chemical Base 25
09/22/1938 Issues Palestine Plea-Dr. Chiam Weizmann Urges ‘Self Taxation’ To Raise $5,000,000 (For ‘Jewish Community In Palestine’) 25
09/22/1938 (American) Legion Demands Big Army And Navy-Hits (Ludlow) Referendum On War 46
09/23/1938 Chamberlain Meets Hitler; Talks To Continue Today; New Government In Prague 1
09/23/1938 Germans Report 16 Slain By Czechs In Eger Area During Celebrations 1
09/23/1938 Gen. Syrovy Forms New Czech Cabinet (Picture, P. 3) 1
09/23/1938 Britain Redoubles Air-Raid Measures 1
09/23/1938 Germans Restrain Greeting To BritonPrime Minister Gives What Looks Like A Nazi Salute 2
09/23/1938 Mackintosh Defends Course Of Britain 2
09/23/1938 Two Nations (Poland & Hungary) File Claims On Czechs 3
09/23/1938 Tension Puts Strain On French Finances 3
09/23/1938 Germany Is Reported To Have 10,000 Planes Ready For War 6
09/23/1938 British Take Stand Against (League Of Nations) Sanctions 7
09/23/1938 Germans Want Lanes In Czech Territory 9
09/23/1938 New Business Era Pictured By (U.S. Sec. Of Commerce) Roper 14
09/24/1938 Chamberlain Sends Hitler’s Terms To Czechs; Prague Completes Mobilization In 6 Hours-Benes Calls Army-Crowds In Prague Cheer 1
09/24/1938 Paris Cabinet Orders Partial Mobilization 1
09/24/1938 British Now Doubt Peaceful Solution 1
09/24/1938 Poland Is Warned By Soviet On Pact-Attack On Czechs (Annexation Of Their Territory) Means End Of Amity Treaty-Harold Denny 1
09/24/1938 Sudeten Uprising Quickly Crushed 4
09/24/1938 Sudetens Abandon Plan For Invasion 4
09/24/1938 Our Prague Envoy (Wilbur J. Carr) Warns Americans 5
09/24/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To Mexico, Josephus) Daniels Is Attacked As Foe Of Mexicans 5
09/24/1938 Czech Mobilization Made With Knowledge Of Britain And France, Jan Masaryk Says 5
09/24/1938 U.S. Poles Pledge Aid (To Polish Claim To Teschen) 5
09/24/1938 Sees New Spirit Helping (U.S.) Business-Cites Capital Parleys 6
09/24/1938 New 3,102,000 Peak Reached By WPA-Appropriation Growing Fast 19
09/24/1938 Situation Abroad Sends Wheat Up 25
09/25/1938 Czechs Have Until Oct. 1 To Accept; Hitler Aids Polish-Magy Demands-Allies Reassure Czechoslovakia They Will Aid It If Attack Occurs 1
09/25/1938 Daladier Flying To London Again 1
09/25/1938 WPA Convention Backs Third Term 1
09/25/1938 (Herbert) Lehman Condemns Old World ‘Hates’-Points To Threat Abroad 6
09/25/1938 War Crisis Spurs Army, Navy Plans 25
09/25/1938 Way To The East Opened To Hitler-Dream Of Empire Revived-Hanson W. Baldwin 26
09/25/1938 Fascism Seen Weak In South America-Nazi Propaganda Strong 28
09/25/1938 French Are Fleeing From Border Towns 29
09/25/1938 (Thomas) Mann Sees Force As Curb To Hitler-Writer, Still A Pacifist-Cites ‘Anarchy’ Of Nazis 30
09/25/1938 Radio From Prague Can Be Heard Here 32
09/25/1938 Jewish New Year Bring Unity Plea 41
09/25/1938 Universities Seen As Peace Havens (By Barnard College Dean, Virginia Gildersleeve) D-7
09/25/1938 War Would Aid South America F-1
09/25/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-The (‘German’ Understood) Danger Increases (Germany Grows) E-1
09/25/1938 Hitler’s Reich (Size) Outstrips Kaiser’s-Emil Lengyel E-4
09/25/1938 Hitler’s Next Thrust Veiled By Dual Policy E-4
09/25/1938 Map: European Minorities An Insoluble Problem-Harold Callender E-5
09/25/1938 Czechs Rally From Despair-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
09/25/1938 Cartoon: England & France Saying ‘Heil’-Anti-German-(‘Don’t They Feel A Bit Silly?’) E-5
09/25/1938 America Swings Back Toward Isolation-Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 1
09/25/1938 Britain, Amassing Arms Is Slow To Face War Mag. 3
09/25/1938 Czechoslovakia, Focal Point Of Empire Mag. 4
09/25/1938 The Epic Of The Argonne, Our Greatest Battle Mag. 12
09/26/1938 Roosevelt Appeals To Hitler And Benes To Negotiate-President Asks Solution By Mediation-Notes The Horrors Of War-Sees No Need For Force (Text, P. 4) 1
09/26/1938 British And French Premiers Also Plan Plea To Reich 1
09/26/1938 Map: What Chancellor Hitler Demands From Czechoslovakia-The Hitler Memorandum (Text, Pp. 1&3) 1
09/26/1938 Poland Expecting (Teschen) Minorities Return 1
09/26/1938 Hitler Curb Asked By French Cabinet (U.S. Ambassador Bullitt Sees Bonnet, P. 6) 1
09/26/1938 Mussolini Ready To Mobilize Army 2
09/26/1938 Text Of Official Czech Broadcast 2
09/26/1938 Henlein Reenters Czech Territory 2
09/26/1938 Reich Volunteer (Provocateurs) Stir Border Frays-Emil Vadnay 3
09/26/1938 Nazis Report Flight Of 170,000 Sudetens 3
09/26/1938 20,000 In (Madison Square) Garden Cheer For Czechs (Anti-German Rally!) 4
09/26/1938 Roosevelt’s Appeal Is Praised But Does Not Raise (London’s) Hopes 4
09/26/1938 British Are Ready For A Call To Arms-Gas Masks Distributed 5
09/26/1938 Military Tactics Favor The Defensive Army; Delays Aid Tactical Plan Of Democracies 5
09/26/1938 Clear Issue Made Of Czech Problem 6
09/26/1938 ‘Madman’ Forcing War, (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning (A Staunch Interventionist, A Dependable Supporter Of Clark Eichelberger From The Beginning!) Says-Calls On U.S. To Prepare 6
09/26/1938 (Samuel) Dickstein Debates With (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) On Nazis 6
09/26/1938 List Of American Contributors For Spanish Civil War Relief ($L,559,270 Collected) 7
09/26/1938 Mexico Solidifies Stand On (U.S.-British Oil Property) Seizures 10
09/26/1938 Gen. (Walter C.) Short (In Command At Hawaii During Pearl Harbor Attack!) Arrives For Camp Dix ‘War’ 10
09/26/1938 Attacks On Jews Scored (By Methodist, Rev. Howard D. Mc Grath) 18
09/26/1938 Britain To Erect Big (World’s) Fair Pavilion 19
09/26/1938 $100,000,000 Gold Weekly Flow (Gain) Now-Business Found Better 25
09/26/1938 President (Roosevelt) Greets Jews On New Year-Faith In Strength Of Judaism Against Attacks Abroad Expressed By Rabbis 34
09/26/1938 6,500 (Jewish) Refugees (From Austria, Germany & Poland) Settled (In Palestine) 34
09/27/1938 Britain Pledges Aid If Czechs Are Attacked; Also Guarantees Surrender Of Sudeten Area-Two British Declarations-Entente Reviving 1
09/27/1938 3 Nations In Reply Praise Roosevelt (For Message To Hitler And Benes) 1
09/27/1938 Czechs Resigned After Hitler Talk-G.E.R. Gedye 1
09/27/1938 Hitler In Speech Keeps Peace Door Open-Benes Is Assailed-Hitler Says Czech State Was Conceived As Lie By ‘Mad’ Statesmen (Text, P. 17) 1
09/27/1938 France Sees Issue Drawn For Hitler 1
09/27/1938 (President Lewis) Scores Hitler In Lafayette (College) Talk 9
09/27/1938 Congressmen Back Roosevelt (Peace) Appeal (To Hitler And Benes) 10
09/27/1938 Reich Press Hits At Views In U.S.-Sees ‘Glaring’ Errors-It Harks Back To The ‘Self-Determination’ Proclaimed By President Wilson 10
09/27/1938 Americans Urged To Leave France (By U.S. Ambassador, William C. Bullitt) 11
09/27/1938 Reich’s ‘Man In The Street’ Does Not Want War 11
09/27/1938 Urges Share (Of Czechoslovakia, Teschen) For Poland 11
09/27/1938 (German Ambassador To U.S.) Dieckhoff Points To U.S. Action (Declaration Of Independence) In ‘76-’Too Late’ For Compromise (Compromise Might Have Been A Possibility Several Years Ago-Picture, Returning To U.S.) 12
09/27/1938 Brother Of Benes (‘Vojia’) Here With Envoy (Col. Vladimir Hurban-Picture) 13
09/27/1938 Reich Troops Withdrawn From Belgium’s Frontier (In Eupen, Malmedy, Moresnet Sector) 14
09/27/1938 Can Face Emergency, Morgenthau Asserts 14
09/27/1938 (Eduard) Benes To Be Heard Here 14
09/27/1938 Czech’s President (Benes) Replies (In Secret) To Poland-Speech Pleases Hungary 15
09/27/1938 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres., Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Backs (Roosevelt’s) Peace Plea (To Hitler & Benes) 15
09/27/1938 Premier Of Alberta) (William Aberhart) Scores Aid To Czechs-Says Idea Of Obligation Is ‘Foolish Concept’ Of Powers 15
09/27/1938 Isolation Held Ruled Out (By Presbyterian, Paul Swain Havens, Wilson College) 15
09/27/1938 Mussolini Urges Forsaking Prague 16
09/27/1938 Points In Hitler’s Speech 16
09/27/1938 Text Of Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s Speech On The Czechoslovakian Situation Yesterday 17
09/27/1938 Map: Riches That Hitler Seeks To Seize In Czechoslovakia 17
09/27/1938 Crisis Chief Theme In Jewish Sermons-Staunch Faith Is Urged 22
09/27/1938 (Niagara University) Warns Defenders Of ‘Superior Race’-Hits Theory As Absurd 23
09/28/1938 Roosevelt Appeals Again To Hitler As Hope Wanes-Resort To Force Would Be ‘Unjustifiable’ He Tells Chancellor 1
09/28/1938 Reich Sets Attack For Saturday, Denies New Deadline-Oct. 1 Is Termed ‘Final’ 1
09/28/1938 Britain Mobilizes Navy, Chamberlain Makes Final Plea 1
09/28/1938 War Deadline Will Find 7 German Liners At Sea 1
09/28/1938 Chamberlain’s Address 1
09/28/1938 Czechs Rest Hope On Nazi Showdown 1
09/28/1938 British Navy Calls 60,000 Reservists 1
09/28/1938 Plea To Mussolini To Curb Nazis Seen 1
09/28/1938 Roosevelt Expected To Apply Neutrality Law As Soon As A General Conflict Is Begun 1
09/28/1938 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Plea 9
09/28/1938 Peeress (Dutchess Of Atholl, See ‘N. M. Butlers Entertain,’ Sept. 39, 1938, P. 19) Is Amazed By Hitler’s Reply (To Roosevelt’s Appeal To Hitler & Benes) 9
09/28/1938 Second Roosevelt Plea On Radio In 6 Languages 9
09/28/1938 Text Of Hitler’s Reply To President’s (Roosevelt’s) Peace Plea 10
09/28/1938 German Papers Feature Roosevelt-Hitler Notes 13
09/28/1938 Soviet War Chief At Siberia Parley-Roosevelt Plea Hailed 13
09/28/1938 Britain Is Gloomy But Ready To Act 14
09/28/1938 Japan Is Not Pledged To Help (Germany & Italy) Immediately 14
09/28/1938 Peace Mobilization Is Urged On Mayor (La Guardia) 15
09/28/1938 Americas Approve Roosevelt’s (Peace) Plea 16
09/28/1938 Warsaw Presents Plan For Frontier 16
09/28/1938 Border Region Denuded By Czechs, Berlin Hears 16
09/28/1938 Czech Note Rejecting The German Demands 16
09/28/1938 (U.S.) Reds Lead Protest Against Reich Stand 16
09/28/1938 Warning By Hull On Travel Abroad 17
09/28/1938 270,000 Belgians Called To Colors 17
09/28/1938 War Scare Slows Sea Travel Here-Rush From Abroad Is On 19
09/28/1938 Roosevelt Is Praised For Move For Peace-500 At Inter-Faith Group (Christians, Jews, And Numerous Others) For Peace 20
09/28/1938 Racism Assailed At Lawyers’ Mass (By Robert I. Gannon, Fordham University) 23
09/28/1938 Jewish Sermons Stress War Topic 23
09/28/1938 (Dr. Harold W.) Dodds (Princeton) Makes Plea To Save Culture-Extols The Liberal Arts-Says Foreign Wars May Put U.S. In Role Of ‘Conservator’ Of Race’s Attainments-Broad Education Needed 28
09/28/1938 Inman Sees Mexico Firm On Land Acts 35
09/29/1938 Hitler Halts War Moves, Calls 4-Power Conference; Meets Mussolini, Chamberlain And Daladier Today; Munich Talk May Cover Whole European Situation 1
09/29/1938 Czechs Suspicious Of Munich Parley 1
09/29/1938 Washington’s Hope For Peace Mounts 1
09/29/1938 French Now Want Solid Peace Basis 1
09/29/1938 German Liners Are Called Home; Thousands Of Tourists Stranded 1
09/29/1938 Hitler Rules (German-American) Bund Says Dies Witness (John C. Metcalfe, Counsel For Committee) 5
09/29/1938 Munich Paper Reads Roosevelt A Lecture 6
09/29/1938 Czechs In Prayer Preparing To Die-Vincent Sheean 7
09/29/1938 Rx-Kaiser Keeps Out-Won’t Discuss ‘Anything Less Than 2,000 Years Old’ 7
09/29/1938 Reich Held Stronger Today Than In 1914 (By ‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) 8
09/29/1938 Roosevelt Hailed In League Appeal 10
09/29/1938 U.S. Urges Japan To Restrain Reich 11
09/29/1938 Says Short Waves (Radio) Spread Mistrust-Warns Against Propaganda Directed By Dictators 13
09/29/1938 Text Of British White Paper Containing Documents On The Czech-German Crisis 16-17
09/29/1938 Light Is Shed On Recent Diplomacy By Chamberlain And White Paper 17
09/29/1938 French At Border All Set To Fight 17
09/29/1938 Roosevelt (Peace) Notes Backed By (Herbert) Hoover 22
09/29/1938 War Held No Curb To World’s Fair Here 27
09/29/1938 Wheat Prices Fade On Peace Reports 37
09/30/1938 Four Powers Reach A Peaceful Agreement; Germans To Enter Sudeten Area Tomorrow And Will Complete Occupation In Ten Days-Nazi Demands Met-Czechs Depressed-Runciman View Assailed 1
09/30/1938 Text Of 4-Power Accord 1&5
09/30/1938 Chamberlain Hero Of Munich Crowd 1
09/30/1938 Economic Collapse Of Czechoslovakia Seen; Reich Gets The Basic Industrial Resources 1
09/30/1938 Map: Zones Hitler Will Occupy Within The Week 4
09/30/1938 Offer By Czechs On Land Cession-Asked Defendable Lines-Prague Opposed Plebiscites In Dominantly Czech Regions-Agreed To Delay 4
09/30/1938 Credits Roosevelt (Peace) Step 4
09/30/1938 Picture: Statesmen At Munich Conference 5
09/30/1938 Roosevelt Asks People To Pray On Sunday For Continued Peace 6
09/30/1938 Poles Base (Teschen) Claim On 1918 Agreement-Allied Promise Of Aid Against Bolsheviki Not Fulfilled, Says Statement To Press 7
09/30/1938 Britain Now Asked To Gird Strength 7
09/30/1938 Chamberlain As Hotspur 7
09/30/1938 Ships Resuming Normal Sailings-Aquitania ‘Standing By’ 8
09/30/1938 Reich Has Ready 45 Small U-Boats-Largest Of The Craft Are Only 740 Tons-15 Vessels Will Be Completed Shortly 8
09/30/1938 Reich Denies Vying For World Market-Will Export Only Enough To Pay For (Needed) Imports 8
09/30/1938 City College Rally Hails Czech Cause 8
09/30/1938 (John G. Metcalfe, Dies Committee Counsel) Says (Fritz) Kuhn Claims Power In Berlin 9
09/30/1938 Germans Are Joyful At Peace Prospects 9
09/30/1938 Books Surviving Nazi Torch Shown (‘Strange’ Story!) 10
09/30/1938 Referendum Plan For War (Ludlow Amendment) Assailed (By Maj. Gen. John J. O’ryan) 12
09/30/1938 Roosevelt’s Aide (Benjamin V. Cohen) Returns Secretly (From Europe) 17
09/30/1938 N. M. Butlers Entertain (Dutchess Of Atholl-See Entry, ‘Peeress Is Amazed, N.Y. Times, Sept. 28, 1938, P. 9) 19
09/30/1938 Court To Hear Plea Of Refugee Doctors (Wishing License To Practice In U.S. Some Fail Test Given) 24