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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

April 1938
Date Headline Page
04/01/1938 Hoover Warns U.S. Of Fascist Trend; Opposes Alliances-Urges Us To Avoid Any Union Of Democracies-Roosevelt Is Criticized (Text, P. 4) 1
04/01/1938 Mexico Negotiates For Sale Of Her (Expropriated) Oil At Bargain Prices 1
04/01/1938 (Spanish Loyalists) Say Priests Are Held 9
04/01/1938 Nazi Charges Czechs Are Blind To Change 9
04/01/1938 (Eddie) Cantor Assails Hitler-(‘Has Made It His Business To Exterminate Jewry’) 9
04/01/1938 14,000 Of Nazi Legion (Who Were Forced To Flee In 1934 And 1935 Because Of Dollfuss Etc.) Return To Austria 10
04/01/1938 Nazis In Cabinet In Liechtenstein 10
04/01/1938 U.S. Naval Threat Seen By Japanese 12
04/01/1938 Britain Not Aloof, Halifax Declares-Minister Warns Aggressors 13
04/01/1938 Equal Education In Nation Is Urged 25
04/02/1938 Vatican Rebukes Bishops Of Austria For Nazi Plea-Papal (Pius XI) Broadcast Scores (Cardinal) Innitzer 1
04/02/1938 Cardenas Pledges Mexican Payment (For Expropriated U.S. Oil Property); Hull Sees Accord-Roosevelt Is Satisfied With Move 1
04/02/1938 Russian Prelate Abandons Church (Harold Denny) 1
04/02/1938 Anti-Fascist Unity Urged By Morrison (British Labor Party) 2
04/02/1938 (U.S. Oil) Companies Seek Curb On Mexican Oil Sales 4
04/02/1938 U.S. Limits Claims Of Oil Companies (Having Property Expropriated By Mexico)-Note Pleases Roosevelt-Must Be Based On Actual Investment In Mexico; Not On Prospective Profits 4
04/02/1938 Rickett Arranges Mexican Oil Deal 5
04/02/1938 Vienna Welcomes (NSDAP) Austrian Legion 6
04/02/1938 Stand On Anschluss By Roosevelt Urged (By Joint American Committee For Protection Of Minorities, A. Alan Lane, Chairman) 6
04/02/1938 Hitler Calls Self ‘So-Called Dictator’-Finds Irony In The Use Of ‘Democrat’ For Schuschnigg (The U. N Felt The Same Way About Schuschnigg In 1945; It Would Not Allow Him To Return To Austria) 6
04/02/1938 Naval Escalator (To Build Larger War Ships) Is Invoked By U.S. 9
04/03/1938 Mexican Discusses Means Of Payment In Talk With Hull 1
04/03/1938 British Recognize Seizure Of Austria 1
04/03/1938 Nazi Terrorism In Austria Bared; Vienna Arrests Are Put At 3,400-Catholics, Monarchists And Jews Are Victims-Archbishop (Waitz) Seized For Asking Prayers For Independence Before Invasion (By G.E.R. Gedye, N.Y. Times Correspondent) 1
04/03/1938 Fulda Bishop Asks Anschluss Votes 1
04/03/1938 Baby Is Born Here To German Refugee (Mrs. Charlotte Israel)-Mother Saved From Prison For ‘Race Defilement’ Finds Haven (Aryan Wife Of Egon Israel) 4
04/03/1938 Quakers Attack May Bill On War-Step Toward Fascism-Peace Measure Is Urged 8
04/03/1938 (Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.) Fears Revolution In The Philippines-Calls Japan A Menace 19
04/03/1938 New Deal Is Old, Orientalists Show-Planned Economy, Led By Wang Mang 2,000 Years Ago,But Ended In Collapse 27
04/03/1938 Jewish Youth Told To Fight Dictators (By Joseph Jacobs, Of Jewish Young Peoples League) 29
04/03/1938 Ickes Shuts Down On Oil, Gas Leases 33
04/03/1938 Nazis Honor Men (Of Austrian Legion) Jailed By Austria-Former ‘Terror’ Assailed-Woellensdorf Concentration Camp Barracks Burned In Party Celebration 35
04/03/1938 Garvin Bids Britain Buy (War) Planes In U.S. 35
04/03/1938 Minorities Unite In Czech Struggle (Germans, Slovaks, Poles & Hungarians Against Fewer Than 8,000,000 Czechs-A Total Population Of 15,000,000) 37
04/03/1938 Press Attacks Influence Of Nazis In Argentina 40
04/03/1938 Britain Represses Military Sabotage-Stern Measures Taken 42
04/03/1938 Britain Is Building Big Plane Factory-Bombers Are Planned (Bristol Blenheim And Others) 42
04/03/1938 Army Tests Fixed On Gigantic Scale (War Game Plans) 42
04/03/1938 French Are Facing Threat Of Fascism 43
04/03/1938 Rush Of Refugees Felt By Schools-New Curriculum Is Used 43
04/03/1938 Nazis, Spain Topics For (U.S.) Model League (Of Nations) N-4
04/03/1938 42,500 Reich Jews Sent To Palestine (Since 1933) N-6
04/03/1938 Little Faith Put In Mexican I. O. U F-1
04/03/1938 Business Index; 1929-1938 F-1
04/03/1938 Nazi Sweep Held At Alsace Border E-4
04/03/1938 Autonomy Moves Worry The Czechs-Slovaks Join Drive E-4
04/03/1938 Map: Twenty Months Of War In Spain E-4
04/03/1938 Anti-German, Anti-Italian Cartoon E-4
04/03/1938 Tom Watson And The New South Book 1
04/03/1938 Our ‘Sailor-President’ Charts A Course-Hanson W. Baldwin (Vita) Mag. 1
04/04/1938 Austrians Resent Their Absorption; Tyrolese Hostile 1
04/04/1938 ‘Naval Frontier’ Opposed By Hull-We Must Be Free To Defend Americans Anywhere 1
04/04/1938 Fascism Our Foe, Ickes Declares-(Penn. Governor) Earle Condemns Hitler-(Frank) Knox Asks Full Liberty 2
04/04/1938 Reich Clergy Silent On Plebiscite (For Austria) Issue 6
04/04/1938 Reich Superiority In Europe Held Aim (As Quoted By Lord Londonderry) 6
04/04/1938 Father Coughlin Urges Group Protest (Against Roosevelt’s Government Reorganization Plan) 8
04/04/1938 Fight Nazi Propaganda-German-American Clubs Call For Defense Of Democracy 12
04/04/1938 Pacifism Decried By (Episcopal Rev.) Dr. Darlington-’Tolerance Is Still Worth Fighting For’ 19
04/04/1938 Einstein Medal For Humanitarianism Is Awarded To Mother Of The President (Roosevelt-Picture, Mrs. James [Sarah] Roosevelt) 19
04/04/1938 Reich Trade Turns To Home Problems 25
04/05/1938 Navy Asks Authority To Construct 3 Mightiest Battleships In World (45,000 Tons-Request By Admiral William D. Leahy, Chief Of Naval Operations) 1
04/05/1938 Shattering Of American Battalion (Volunteers, Fighting For The [Red] Spanish ‘Loyalists’) Is Described By Straggling Men 1
04/05/1938 (A. F. Of L’s. William) Green Says U.S. Must Run (Rail) Roads 6
04/05/1938 Peace Rally Hears Attack On Clergy-Rabbi S.S. Wise Denounces All Who Have Prayed For France And Hitler-Chamberlain Criticized-Asking Shift In U.S. Arms Stand (Wants Arms For ‘Loyalist’ Spain) 11
04/05/1938 British Warship (‘Hood’) Ordered To Spain-London Warns Franco 14
04/05/1938 (800) Women In Capital Appeal For (Spanish) Loyalists-Ask Lifting Of Arms Ban 14
04/05/1938 Recruiting (Of Volunteers For Soldiering) Is Denied By (Loyalist) Spanish Aid Group 14
04/05/1938 British Envoy Acts On (N.Y. Times Correspondent, G. E. R.) Gedye In Berlin (Gedye Expelled From Austria For Anti-German Articles)-Expulsion Justified, Berlin Says 16
04/05/1938 To Aid Rumanian Jews (A Central Rumanian Relief Campaign Committee-With Cooperation By Jewish American Joint Distribution Committee-Nearly 900,000 Jews In Rumania-To Raise $50,000) 16
04/05/1938 Austrian (Free) Masons Seized 16
04/05/1938 Ecuador And Reich Sign Barter Treaty 16
04/06/1938 Innitzer In Rome, Summoned By Pope (Pius XI) 1
04/06/1938 Loyalists Tighten Spying Penalties-Six Executed In A Day 2
04/06/1938 Loyalists Form New Government-Communists Cut To One 2
04/06/1938 Reich Eases Vienna Ban 7
04/06/1938 Germans In Italy Hope To Join Reich 8
04/06/1938 Schuschnigg Kept In Vienna (Belvedere) Palace-(Dr. Sigmund) Freud Safe In His Home 9
04/06/1938 Czechs Approve Aid For German Areas 9
04/06/1938 Exiles In Paris Ask Leave To Be Known As Austrians 9
04/06/1938 Schuschnigg Aide (Rene Kraus) Here After Escape 10
04/07/1938 U.S. Recognizes Anschluss, Asking Reich To Pay Debt (Text, P. 5) 1
04/07/1938 Innitzer Retreats On Nazi Appeal After 2-Hour Talk With The Pope (Pius XI) 1
04/07/1938 Chamber Upholds (Leon) Blum On Powers 1
04/07/1938 Barcelona Regime To Intensify Fight (Map) 2
04/07/1938 Mexico Would Pay Oil (Property Expropriation Claims) Bill By Export (Of Oil) 3
04/07/1938 Czech Nazis Hostile To Premier’s (Hodza’s) Stand 3
04/07/1938 German Steel Production Topped Ours In January 3
04/07/1938 Austrians Hopeful Despite New Fears-Hitler’s Method Decried 4
04/07/1938 Sees Delay In Aiding Austrian Sufferers (To National Council Of Jewish Women) 4
04/07/1938 France Seeks Ties To Guard Prague-Aim Is To Check Germany 5
04/07/1938 Anti-Jewish ‘Reader’ Issued By Streicher 6
04/07/1938 Nazis Seized Here In Spy Ring Case-U.S. Move Made Quickly 9
04/07/1938 Refugees Swell Classes-State Adult Education Rolls Are Increased By 4,500 9
04/07/1938 Swiss Convict Nazi As Spy-Provocateur 9
04/07/1938 Stalin Is Cheered At Moscow Opera (Harold Denny) 9
04/07/1938 Group Here Approves New Palestine Have (Leon Blum Colony)-(A. F. Of L’s. William) Green Pledges Labor’s Aid 17
04/07/1938 Women (Women’s Division Of National Conference Of Jews And Christians) Back Fight On Religion Bias-Presidents Of 88 Groups Join In Resolution 23
04/07/1938 May Wheat Drops To Lowest Since ‘34 31
04/08/1938 Socialists In Riot At French Senate Over Blum Rebuff-Troops Held Ready-Condemn ‘Old Dottards’ 1
04/08/1938 ‘Good Neighbor’ Aim Called Reciprocal-’Will To Peace’ Is Hailed (By Hull) 6
04/08/1938 Niemoeller Moved From (Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg) Prison Camp (To Alexanderplatz Station) 7
04/08/1938 Arabs Kill 2 Jews In North Palestine (American And Canadian ‘Pioneers’) 7
04/08/1938 U.S. Democracy Held Curb On War (By Anne O’Hare McCormick) 8
04/08/1938 Reports (Spanish) Loyalists Hold U.S. Recruits 9
04/08/1938 Tariff ‘Black List’ Applied To Austria-Roosevelt Orders Her Placed On It As A Consequence Of Her Absorption By Germany 10
04/08/1938 Britain Joins U.S. In Aid To Refugees 10
04/08/1938 Austrian Press Bans Innitzer Retraction (Of Pro-German Letter) 10
04/08/1938 Japanese Seeking Mexican Oil Firm 11
04/08/1938 German (Plebiscite On Anschluss) Vote Irks American Nation 11
04/08/1938 Japan Warned (By Nichi Nichi) Of New U.S. Policy (Started By Hull And Hostile To Japan) 12
04/08/1938 Hungary To Limit Jews’ Employment (To Be Limited To Their Percentage Of The Total Population) 12
04/08/1938 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Picks Her Easter Garb 21
04/09/1938 Daladier Called To Form Cabinet After (Leon) Blum Quits-Tension In France Grows 1
04/09/1938 Britain Demands Return By Mexico Of Oil Properties-Action Shocks Officials 1
04/09/1938 House Kills (Roosevelt’s Government) Reorganization Bill 204 To 196 1
04/09/1938 Study Of Refugees Begins Wednesday-President (Roosevelt) Invites Catholics, Protestants And Jews To Take Up International Plan 5
04/09/1938 Austrian ‘Red Princess’ (Daughter Of Dead, Crown Prince Rudolf Of Hapsburg-Meyerling) Puts Swastikas On Castle 5
04/09/1938 Daladier Premier During Riots Of ‘34 6
04/09/1938 Reich Catholic Press Supports Anschluss 6
04/10/1938 Socialists Refuse To Join Daladier 1
04/10/1938 Hitler’s Campaign Closed By Speech To Vienna Throng 1
04/10/1938 American Leaders (Fighting For Loyalists) Evade Insurgents 32
04/10/1938 New Plane Fleet Cheers Loyalists (90 To 100 Planes Delivered) 32
04/10/1938 Anschluss Value For War Is Hailed 35
04/10/1938 Schuschnigg Trial Set By Nazis For Early In Fall 35
04/10/1938 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Is Pushing Cuban 3-Year Plan E-5
04/10/1938 The German Octopus, Greedy For Power In The East Book 3
04/10/1938 Congress Discovers Its Own Backbone (Kills Roosevelt’s Reorganization Plan) Mag. 1
04/11/1938 Hitler Is Backed By 99.08% Of Vote In Poll On Empire-Austria 99.75% In Favor 1
04/11/1938 Otto’s (Of Hapsburg’s) Appeal To Powers For Aid Brings Nazi Charges Of Treason (Picture, P. 3) 1
04/11/1938 Daladier Creates Anti-Red Cabinet-Communists Eliminated 1
04/11/1938 (Robert H.) Jackson (U.S. Solicitor General) To Assist Ohio C.I.O. Lawyer 1
04/11/1938 Austria Acclaims Versailles’ Fall 3
04/11/1938 Nation-Wide Fight On Nazism (In U.S.) Planned-Unions And Church Groups To Hold Convention Here In May 3
04/11/1938 Jewish Clubs Vote Boycott Of Austria-To Halt The ‘Nazi Monster’ 3
04/11/1938 Democracies Urged To Succor Refugees (By A. Alan Lane, Chairman Of American Committee For Protection Of Minorities) 4
04/11/1938 Lord Redesdale’s Nazi Daughter Beaten For Having Swastika At Pro-Loyalist (Spanish) Rally (Picture: Unity Freeman-Mitford) 4
04/11/1938 Wedgewood Asks Aid For Dictator Victims (Describes Plight Of Jews In Austria) 5
04/12/1938 Daladier Is Facing Spread Of Strikes Against His Policy 1
04/12/1938 Senate Navy Bill Cost Rises $140,000,000 1
04/12/1938 Church Functions, Loyalist Asserts-Admits Early Outrages (Against Church) 4
04/12/1938 Britain Is Accused Of Hiding Spain Facts (Alleged Aid To Franco By Germany) 6
04/12/1938 Germany Almost Attains Frontiers Set In Anthem (‘Deutschland Deutschland Ueber Alles’) 10
04/12/1938 Hungary Is Stirred By Status Of Jews 11
04/12/1938 (Unity Freeman-Mitford) Denies Inciting Anti-Nazis 11
04/12/1938 More Back Refugee Plan 11
04/13/1938 War Supplies Pour Into Loyalist Spain By Way Of France-Planes And Tanks Passed By French Customs Men As ‘Agricultural Machinery’-Revived Air Force Active-Craft Believed Russian-Built 1
04/13/1938 Daladier Backed By Chamber Vote On Decree Powers 1
04/13/1938 $13,000 For Jewish (American Joint Distribution Committee) Fund 2
04/13/1938 Hungary Sentences Nazis-Acts After Pamphlets Assail Jews, Leftists And Premier 6
04/13/1938 Bill To Make Nazi Victims Palestine Citizens Admitted In (British) Commons As Speaker Breaks Tie 7
04/13/1938 Britain Rebuffed By Mexico (On Confiscation Of Its ) Oil (Property)-Mystery On U.S. Stand 8
04/13/1938 Japanese Again Warn Foreigners To Leave-Second Statement Alleges Use Of Flags By Chinese Troops (Misuse Of Flags) 10
04/13/1938 Barnard Girls Urged (By Dean Virginia Gildersleeve) To Study Democracy 10
04/13/1938 Pictures: President’s (Roosevelt’s) Wife Tries On Easter Costumes 26
04/13/1938 Women (Zionist Organization Of America) Add $15,000 For Palestine Aid 26
04/14/1938 Daladier Starts Ruling By Decree, But Strikes Go On 1
04/14/1938 Mexico Disputes British Role On Oil (Property Expropriation-Text, P. 19) 1
04/14/1938 Our Berlin Envoy (Hugh R. Wilson) Terms Autarchy (Pursued By Germany) Economic Fallacy-Warns On Stand In War (In Berlin Talk)-Asserts He Knows ‘There Are Some Things Our Nation Would Fight For’ (Text, P. 14) 1
04/14/1938 Britain Is Seeking War Planes Here-Unable To Overtake Germany Quickly Enough 1
04/14/1938 Jewish Aid Abroad Is Passover Theme-’20th Century Deliverance Is Needed To End Bondage,’ Dr. Goldstein Asserts (Rabbi S.S. Wise To Speak) 12
04/14/1938 More Austrians Sent To Camp At Dachau 13
04/14/1938 Germany Presses For Brazil’s Trade 15
04/14/1938 President (Roosevelt) Confers On Aid To Refugees (List Of Conferees) 16
04/14/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Unreconciled To Austrian Steps 17
04/14/1938 Americas Urged (By U.S. Ambassador To Peru, Lawrence A. Steinhardt, In Lima, Peru) To Combat Dogmas-Sees Peril To All Liberty (Urges United Front Against Old World ‘Predatory Forces’)-Would Resist Propaganda-Speech Held Significant 18
04/15/1938 Japanese Defeat (By Chinese) A Major Disaster; Crisis In Cabinet-Toll Of Slain Huge 1
04/15/1938 Roosevelt Asks Expenditure Of $5,000,000,000-War On Recession 1
04/15/1938 Bishop Of Teruel A Loyalist Prisoner 2
04/15/1938 France To Tighten Ties With Britain 4
04/15/1938 U.S. Plane Output Could Aid Britain 4
04/15/1938 Reich Disappointed At (U.S. Ambassador Hugh R.) Wilson’s Speech (Maybe Steinhardt’s Too?) 4
04/15/1938 Roosevelt Warns Alien Aggressors-Monroe Doctrine Upheld-We Will Not Let Them Imperil Peace In This Hemisphere (Text, P. 6) 6
04/15/1938 Brazil Makes Deal With Rich For Arms 6
04/15/1938 (Harold Leclaire Ickes) Demands Germany Specify Helium Use (Before Its Purchase)-Sees ‘Military Importance’ In Supply Of Gas Wanted 15
04/15/1938 Refugee Plan Adds To Passover Cheer-(Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise Hails Action Of Roosevelt And Hull As Tribute To Democracy-Asks Gifts For Palestine 17
04/15/1938 (‘Little Louis’) Lipsky Asks Help Of American Jews 17
04/15/1938 Appeal To Pope (Pius XI) For Jews 17
04/16/1938 Huge Battleships Are Now Provided In New Navy Bill-Three 45,000-Ton Craft At $90,000,000 Each-Fund Is $1,121,546,000 1
04/16/1938 Berlin Paper (‘Lokal Anzeiger’) Scoffs At Roosevelt (Spending) Plan 2
04/16/1938 U.S. Urged (By Chinese) To Aid China War Supply 6
04/16/1938 Anti-Semitic Feeling In Greece Is Rising-Government Is Restricting Stay Of Jewish Refugees 7
04/16/1938 (Czech, Eduard) Benes Will Deliver Peace Appeal Today-To Urge Agreement With Germany 7
04/16/1938 (British-Born, Bishop William T.) Manning (An Avid Interventionist) Assumes Charge Of (Episcopal) Cathedral 10
04/16/1938 Ickes Urges Support Of Ort Fund Drive-To Aid ‘Victims Of Oppression’ 16
04/17/1938 Anglo-Italian Pact Signed In Rome (Text, P. 31) 1
04/17/1938 (Penn. Gov. Earle) Praises Roosevelt (Spending) Plan (‘The Beginning Of The End Of The Recession.’-Apparently The Beginning Of A Lot Of Legal Troubles For Gov. Earle) 3
04/17/1938 German (Sudeten) Amnesty Decreed By (Eduard) Benes-Makes Appeal For Peace 23
04/17/1938 British Plane Buying Rouses Nazi Interest-Purchases From United States Cause Comment In Press 23
04/17/1938 25 Slain In Palestine (22 Arabs, 3 Jews) In New Outbreaks 29
04/17/1938 Anti-War Posters Shown At Smith N-3
04/17/1938 Democracy Theme At Cornell Parley N-3
04/17/1938 Educators Press Wide Use Of Films (From Famous Hollywood Productions) N-4
04/17/1938 Mexico’s Seizure Of Oil (Property) Is Detailed F-1
04/17/1938 Cartoon: Anti-German E-4
04/17/1938 Friends Of Hitler Strong In Britain E-4
04/17/1938 Chamberlain, At 69, Sets An Astounding Pace Mag. 3
04/17/1938 Red (Communist Guerrillas) Hornets Of China Sting The Nipponese Mag. 6
04/17/1938 Democracies Fight On Two (Ideological) Fronts Mag. 8
04/18/1938 Rumania Arrests 100 Iron Guard (Fascist) Members As Government Moves To Halt Terrorism 1
04/18/1938 Salvation Of Jews Held Own Problem (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 15
04/18/1938 Jews Will Survive The Present Persecution, Although It Is Worst Since Titus, He (Albert Einstein) Says (Englishman, Herbert Morrison Speaks Also) 15
04/18/1938 Unity Of Churches Urged By (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning (Heb. Xiii, 8) 16
04/19/1938 Japanese Quitting West China Areas; Foe Regains Towns 1
04/19/1938 Wagner Demands Social Approach On Constitution 1
04/19/1938 Move In Congress Asks ‘Quarantine’ Of Three Nations 1
04/19/1938 President (Roosevelt) Is Said To Support Step For Unofficial Boycott Of Germany, Italy, Japan 1
04/19/1938 Boycott Of Japan Opposed As Peril-Gesture Called Useless 10
04/19/1938 U.S. Held Far Behind In Social Progress-(By British Laborite, Herbert) Morrison, M. P., Derides Charge Roosevelt Is A Radical 10
04/19/1938 Helium Sale To Germany Now In Roosevelt’s Hands 10
04/19/1938 Nazi Aid (German-American Bund) Held Here-On Girl’s Complaint 10
04/19/1938 Reich And U.S. Clash Over Super-Yacht (‘Savarona’), But, By Our Intervention, Turks Get Her 11
04/19/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Sends Franco Apostolic Blessing 12
04/20/1938 Austrian Jews Set Adrift On Borders 1
04/20/1938 Oath To Obey Hitler Is Imposed On Pastors; Reich Protestants Who Balk Will Be Dropped 1
04/20/1938 (Henry A.) Wallace Sets Aim Of Spending Drive 1
04/20/1938 (Penn. Gov.) Earle (Strong Roosevelt Supporter) Resignation Demanded By Foes (Roosevelt-Bullitt Issue And Large Financial Loans) 6
04/20/1938 Helium Deal (For Germany) Deadlocked (Ickes Wants Germany To Post A Penalty Bond Before Purchase) 7
04/20/1938 Indicted In Sales Of (U.S.) Planes To (Loyalist) Spain (Through Mexico) 12
04/20/1938 Spain Bids League (Of Nations) Study Intervention 12
04/20/1938 U.S. Fighters (Volunteers For Loyalist Spain) Returning (List Of Names) 12
04/20/1938 (‘Observatore Romano’) Lists 1,379 Priests Slain (By Spanish Loyalists) 12
04/20/1938 Prague Apologizes To Reich In Attack (By Czechs On German Legation Secretary) 13
04/20/1938 Foreign Propaganda Is Banned In Brazil 18
04/20/1938 Senators (Vandenberg, Borah,.Nye & Lundeen) Question Bigger Navy Plan (Wanted By Roosevelt-They Are A Small Minority) 18
04/20/1938 Congress Defers War Profits Tax (Study By Tom Connolly, Texas) 18
04/20/1938 Czechs Honor (Prof. James T.) Shotwell (Of The History Department, Columbia University) 21
04/20/1938 British Educator (Howard Evans) Praises Our Boys (Their Physical Development) 25
04/21/1938 Seven Are Injured Here At Nazi (German-American Bund) Rally Here When Legionnaires (One Jewish) Heckle Speaker 1
04/21/1938 Gov. La Follette Assails Roosevelt 3
04/21/1938 Fund For Refugees Opened At Luncheon-Dr. (Henry Smith) Leiper Scores ‘Mad Unreason’ In Expulsion Of 51 Austrians 7
04/21/1938 Czechs Will Fight, Envoy (Vladimir Hurban) Warns Here 10
04/21/1938 15 Austrian Jews On French Tug In Danube; Will Remain There Till Nations Decide Fate 10
04/21/1938 Iron Guard Papers Seized In Rumania-200 Priests Are Arrested 11
04/21/1938 41 Germans Lose Citizenship (In Germany, For Criticizing Germany While Abroad-Many Jews) 11
04/21/1938 France Is Expelling Undesirable Aliens-Orders 220 Out 14
04/21/1938 (House Of Representatives) Hit At Treaty Breakers 14
04/22/1938 Removable Of Iron Fences On Public Property Ordered By Nazis To Aid Four-Year Plan (Need Iron!) 1
04/22/1938 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Sets Goal For Negroes-As Duty In A Democracy 7
04/22/1938 Polish State Party Ousts Right Wing (Fascists & Anti-Semites) 11
04/22/1938 Nazi Riot Suspect Freed By Jew’s (Lawyer’s) Aid 12
04/22/1938 Quakers Aid Vienna Jews 12
04/22/1938 (Poultney) Bigelow (Kaiser Wilhelm Ii’s Biographer) Returns Favoring Dictators 21
04/23/1938 Four Thugs Raid Anti-Nazi Magazine Here; Beat Editors, Scratch Swastikas On His Body (Tore Large U.S. Flag Off Wall) 1
04/23/1938 Sudeten Germans Raising Demands (Otto D. Tolischus) 4
04/23/1938 Expulsion Of Jews Is Laid To Gestapo-Departure Is Forbidden 4
04/23/1938 Neutrality Works, Says Roosevelt-But The President Admits Arms Sold To Third Powers May Go To Nations At War-Refuses Reply To Critics 6
04/23/1938 Japan Is Lacking In War Materials 7
04/23/1938 Christians Urged To Block Fascism (By Head Of Ywca)-Warns ‘Storm’ Is Coming 9
04/23/1938 Methodists Score Neutrality Law-Boycotts Favored-Democracies Are Held To ‘Lack Courage To Think In Terms Of Christian Realism’ 9
04/23/1938 2,450,000 Fewer Jobs In March-Payrolls Reduced 28% 23
04/24/1938 Nazis To Purge Viennese Library; ‘Non-Aryan’ Works To Be Burned 1
04/24/1938 Roosevelt On Cruise To Work On Message (Along With Ickes, Bullitt & Stewart Mac Donald) 3
04/24/1938 America Acclaimed (By William A. Eddy, President Of Hobart College) For Truthful Press 3
04/24/1938 Methodist Parley Condemns Fascism 32
04/24/1938 American Is Held In Japanese Jail (Melvin H. Gibbon, Caught Flying Against Japanese) 33
04/24/1938 Barcelona Court Dooms Four To Die 34
04/24/1938 Loyalists Worried By ‘Fifth Column’ 34
04/24/1938 Soviet Farm Data Show Tragic Purge 35
04/24/1938 Austria Province Ousts 3,000 Jews (Burgenland) 36
04/24/1938 Foes Of Nazis Will Seek Pistol Permits Unless U.S. Curbs Strong-Arm Tactics 36
04/24/1938 Sudeten Party Opens Congress In Carlsbad (Czechoslovakia) 36
04/24/1938 Germans Aroused By Brazil Curbs 36
04/24/1938 Reich Collapse Forecast (By Sherwood Eddy) 36
04/24/1938 Powers Rush Here To Buy Armament (Russians Too!) 36
04/24/1938 Capacity Output Of Airplanes Is Forecast, With Rise Of 27,138 Jobs In Industry This Year 37
04/24/1938 China’s Resources Far Above Japan’s F-1
04/24/1938 Map: What The Japanese Hold And Have Held E-5
04/24/1938 The American Mind; A Test Of Democracy-George Gallup Mag. 1
04/25/1938 Czech Nazis Warn Prague To Accept Germany’s Demands 1
04/25/1938 Germans In South Tyrol Show Defiance To Italy 1
04/25/1938 Russia Rounds Up Religious People, Archbishop Held 1
04/25/1938 Nazi Rally Gets Big Police Guard (German-American Bund) 3
04/25/1938 Nazis Say Prague Has ‘Last Warning’ 4
04/25/1938 British Are Shocked By Henlein Demands 4
04/25/1938 We Will Buy Vienna (Library) Books 4
04/25/1938 (Hungarians) Urge Czechoslovakia Split 4
04/25/1938 French Dependent On Britain’s Policy 6
04/25/1938 (James P. Lardner) Quits As War Reporter To Join (Spanish) Loyalist Forces (International Brigade) 6
04/25/1938 La Follette Warns Of Arms Program-Wants Housing Instead 7
04/25/1938 H. G. Wells Scores League (Of Nations) 9
04/25/1938 Rabbi (Alexander Lyons) Makes Plea To All Christians (Assails Germany 16
04/26/1938 Prague Rebuffs Henlein; Bars Pro-German Policy; Stands By Its Alliances-Nazi Arouses Ire 1
04/26/1938 (Prosecutor) Asks Deportation Of Bund Leader (Severin Winterscheidt) 3
04/26/1938 Says Bund Violated Lease-Kuhn Favors Inquiry 3
04/26/1938 Reich Press Tells Czechs To Give In 12
04/26/1938 Hitler Oath Decreed For Prussian (Protestant) Clergy (Hitler As Head Of State Is Head Of Church Also) 12
04/26/1938 Buerckel Is Named Austrian Dictator (Hitler’s Deputy) 12
04/26/1938 Doomed Austrian (Library) Books Sought By Princeton 13
04/26/1938 British Air Mission Arrives In Washington; U.S. Bars Easing Of Curbs On (War) Plane Sales 13
04/26/1938 Reich Denies Report It Plans A Big Navy 13
04/26/1938 Three Faiths Unite In Plea For Amity (‘Brotherhood Day’) 23
04/27/1938 Sudeten Germans Cooler Than Chief In Autonomy Plan-Racial Urge Is A Factor 1
04/27/1938 Reich Withdraws From (N.Y.) World’s Fair-Helium Reprisal Hinted In Berlin 1
04/27/1938 Britain Raises Tax On Income To 27½% Peacetime Record 1
04/27/1938 Borah Denies Need For Enlarged Navy-British Moves Are Cited 3
04/27/1938 Henlein To Ask Plebiscite-Czechs’ Attitude Stiffening 10
04/27/1938 Nazis Insist Jews Quit Vienna By ‘42 (No Business, No Factory In Jewish Hands By Then) 11
04/27/1938 (Henry) Morgenthau, Sr., 82, Optimistic On Future-’We Will Be Victorious Over Adversity,’ He Declares (Greetings From Roosevelt On Birthday) 17
04/27/1938 Heifitz Will Play In Aid Of Refugees 19
04/27/1938 Dictator Unlikely In U.S., (William Allen) White (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Says 21
04/28/1938 Goering Starts Final Liquidation Of Jewish Property In Germany 1&8
04/28/1938 Roosevelt Lauds Press Conference-Assails ‘Colored’ Stories 2
04/28/1938 Reprisals On Fair Denied By Reich-Finances (Expense) Held Sole Reason 3
04/28/1938 Foes Of (Larger) Navy Bill Block Early Vote 3
04/28/1938 Sterilization Plan For Lepers Outlined 4
04/28/1938 Reich Seeks Salvador’s Trade 4
04/28/1938 (Samuel) Untermyer Quits As Anti-Nazi Head-He Was Founder In 1933 5
04/28/1938 Germans In Poland Unite (Except Sozial Demokraten) 7
04/28/1938 Commission In Palestine-British Group Studying Plan For Partition To Start Tour) 8
04/28/1938 U.S. To Watch (Jewish) Law’s Execution-Vienna Needs New Jails (G.E.R. Gedye, In Prague) 8
04/28/1938 U.S. Asked (By National Academy Of Sciences) To End Loyalist Arms Ban-Not A Civil War, They Say 10
04/28/1938 ‘Clivenden Set’ Denied (Claim The Term Was Invented By Communists Purely For Propaganda Purposes) 10
04/28/1938 Committee Warns Of Radio’s Misuse (For Propaganda) 12
04/28/1938 (Jewish) Women (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Aid Jewish Fund 25
04/29/1938 Britain And France Agree On A Defensive Alliance; Unified Commands In War-Britain Organizes Food Supply; Rations Planned For War Time-Pool War Buying 1
04/29/1938 Nazi Property Law (Regarding Jews) Arouses Legation 3
04/29/1938 Picture: Bund Here To Quit Displaying Nazi Flag To Avert Insults And Possible Rioting 3
04/29/1938 Immigration Quota For Austria Changed-Combined With Germany In New Roosevelt Proclamation 3
04/29/1938 ‘Deutschland-Lied’ Gets New Verse On Austria 3
04/29/1938 Reich Propagandists Are Active In Poland 3
04/29/1938 (Buerckel) To Halt Anti-Semitism (In Austria) 3
04/29/1938 Czechs Press Hodza To Stand Up To Nazis 3
04/29/1938 Executed (Fernand Hubert, Guillotined) In Lille Public Square 3
04/29/1938 Loyalists Require Planes, Says Aide-300 Would Suffice 4
04/29/1938 Largest Warship Planned By Soviet-Would Build In U.S. 5
04/29/1938 (Methodists) See War Menace In Arming 5
04/29/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA Administrator) Warns WPA Of Political Threats 11
04/29/1938 More Trade Pacts (With Latin America) Urged By (Sumner) Welles 28
04/30/1938 President (Roosevelt) Asks 2 More Battleships-He Requests Funds To Give The Navy A Total Of Six Under Construction 1
04/30/1938 London And Paris To Seek To Avert Attack On Czechs 1
04/30/1938 (James A. Farley) Lays Recovery Delay To Roosevelt’s Foes 3
04/30/1938 Reich To Increase Purchase Of Food 6
04/30/1938 Reich Gets Locomotive Order (From Brazil) 6
04/30/1938 Palestine To Build Fence To Bar Syrian Raiders 6
04/30/1938 Czechs See Peril In Nazis’ Defiance-Disorder Is Increasing 6
04/30/1938 Reich Plebiscite Figures 6
04/30/1938 British Widen Air Plan 6