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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

February 1938
Date Headline Page
02/01/1938 Torpedo Sinks British Ship Off Spanish Coast, 11 Lost-3 Britons Perish 1
02/01/1938 General Franco Sets Up New Regime; Ministers Will Operate Under Him 1
02/01/1938 Threats To Peace Force Bigger (U.S.) Navy, (Admiral William D.) Leahy Tells House-Calls German-Italian-Japanese Pact A Sea-Power Factor For U.S. To Consider (Testimony, P. 6) 1
02/01/1938 Japan Apologizes To U.S. On Slapping 3
02/01/1938 Anti-War Vow Taken By Methodist Youth 3
02/01/1938 11 Die In Palestine Fray-Arabs Killed After Band Fires On British Troops 3
02/01/1938 Germany Sets Up New Economic Body-Goering Sets Up ‘General Staff’ To Prepare Nation To Meet Any Military Demands 4
02/01/1938 98 Warships Move To ‘Defend’ (U.S.) Coast 7
02/01/1938 President (Roosevelt) Points To (U.S.’S) Duty To World-It Stresses Our International Obligation 22
02/01/1938 Gold Movements Small In January 32
02/02/1938 Britain Sends 8 Warships After ‘Pirate’ Submarine; Calls Powers To Confer 1
02/02/1938 French (People) Are Warned (By Paul Marchandeau) Output Must Rise 3
02/02/1938 Arab Band Is Bombed By British Planes 4
02/02/1938 New Reich Curb On Jews-German First Names Likely To Be Forbidden For Children 4
02/02/1938 Navy Bases Plans On War As ‘Nearer’-Admiral (William D.) Leahy Says German, Japanese, Italian Fleets Together Surpass Ours-May Build Up To Japan 6
02/02/1938 2 More Battleships Are Planned By Paris 7
02/02/1938 Armor Plate Is Ordered (By U.S. Navy) 7
02/02/1938 Roosevelt Urged (By United States Auto Workers [Walter Reuther]) To Seize Industry 8
02/02/1938 (British-Born Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Reports Gain In Mission Fund (Associated With Bishop Henry St. George Tucker-Both Later Rabid Interventionists) 21
02/03/1938 Britain Seeks Aid In Halting Piracy 1
02/03/1938 Reich Split Widens In Army-Nazi Row; Blomberg Has Quit 1
02/03/1938 British Fascists Spur Arabs Against Jews (Mosely Interview Printed In Palestine Paper) 2
02/03/1938 Goga (Jewish) Policy Hurts Trade In Rumania 4
02/03/1938 Rumanian Premier Defends Anti-Semitism; Says Policy Is Needed And Will Be Permanent (Wants Protection Against Immigrant Jews Who Settled In Rumania After World War I) 4
02/03/1938 Navy Sending Peru Aides 4
02/03/1938 Da Vila Foresees Liberal Rumania-He Acclaims Democracy 4
02/03/1938 U.S. Admiral William D.) Leahy Denies Navy Has Tie To British-(Visit Of U.S. Ships To Singapore) Only ‘Courtesy,’ He Insists (See British Naval Manoeuvres, Feb. 6, 1938, P. 36) 6
02/03/1938 6 New Battle Ships Planned In France 6
02/03/1938 Fascist Publicity Sweeping Brazil-Residents Are Impressed 7
02/03/1938 Nation Opens War On Social Diseases-Pershing Joins In Appeal 8
02/03/1938 All Must Get Jobs (Homer Martin, Pres. Of U.S. Auto Workers Union) Declares 13
02/03/1938 Women Warned On Equal Rights 25
02/04/1938 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Insists Navy Plans For Defense-Denies ‘Quarantine’ (Of ‘Dictators’) Aim-Maas, At House Group Hearing, Asserts Roosevelt Speech (Oct., 1937, Chicago) Did Not Imply Attack 1&3
02/04/1938 Reich Seeking Favors In Brazil Trade Pact 4
02/04/1938 End Seen To Peril Of Social Diseases (By Mayor Laguardia Et Al.) 9
02/04/1938 WPA Money Ready, Morgenthau Says 10
02/04/1938 President (Roosevelt) Extols Methodist Council (United Council Of American Methodism)-Being ‘Brother’s Keeper’ 18
02/04/1938 400 Pledge Aid To (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee [Jdc]) Drive 19
02/04/1938 Hull Praises (N. Y World’s) Fair As Force For Peace 23
02/04/1938 British Top Buyers Of Our Goods (Armaments ?) In ‘37 29
02/05/1938 Hitler Assumes Control Of Army; Retires 15 Generals And Shifts 25; Ribbentrop Made Foreign Minister-Aide To Rule Army-British Perturbed 1
02/05/1938 (U.S.) Navy Talk To British Secret-’Vital To Interest And Defense Of United States,’ Leahy Warns House Group-Avoids Link To (New) Ship Bill 1&2
02/05/1938 Stimson Appeals For Chinese Relief 2
02/05/1938 Germany Irks Japanese By Delay On Manchukuo 2
02/05/1938 Reich Bans Tax Reduction For The Children Of Jews 3
02/05/1938 German Economy On Military Basis-Funk Takes Over Duties 3
02/05/1938 Reich Army Chiefs Are War Trained-Brauchitsch And Keitel 3
02/05/1938 Finds Speed Adds Weight (To Electron-No Mention Of Einstein-See Feb. 6, 1938, P, N-7-’Particle X’) 17
02/05/1938 War Talk A Factor In Reise In Wheat 17
02/05/1938 (Anthony J. Drexel) Biddle, Here To Visit, Is Silent On Poland 31
02/06/1938 U.S. Britain And France Call On Japan For Data On New Warships By Feb. 20, Want 35,000-Ton Limit To Stand-Demand Resented (By Japan)-Navy Race Feared-Text Of Hull’s Note (Pp. 1&37) 1
02/06/1938 Britain Concerned By Tokyo Cruisers 1
02/06/1938 Hitler Coup Points To Stronger Stand In Foreign Affairs 1
02/06/1938 Landon Pits Faith Against Dictators-Isolation ‘Not Practical’ (He Tells Fellow Methodists) 5
02/06/1938 Rebel (Franco) Planes Sank (British) Ship (‘Alcira’), Says Captain (No Mention Of Cargo Or Destination) 24
02/06/1938 Gayda Sees Paris Helping (Spanish) Loyalists 25
02/06/1938 Planes Being Built In Loyalist Plants-American Models Are Copied (How About That!) 26
02/06/1938 System Of Castes In Reich Assailed (By N.Y. City Rabbis)-Pact With British Urged (By Rabbi Feinberg) 29
02/06/1938 Expenses In Palestine ($2,343,480 Spent Last Year By Jewish Agency) 29
02/06/1938 (Diego Rivera) Lays ‘Nationalism’ To Nazis In Mexico 30
02/06/1938 Niemoeller Faces Secret Tribunal-Followers Give Up Hope 33
02/06/1938 745 (Children) Sent To Palestine (By Hadassah-15 To 17 Years Of Age) 35
02/06/1938 British Manoeuvres (At Singapore) Held ‘Satisfactory’ (See Leahy, Feb. 3, 1938, P. 3) 36
02/06/1938 (Rear Admiral Yates) Stirling For Navy Doubling Japan’s 37
02/06/1938 General Rivers Declares Boycott Means War-Backs Neutrality Law 38
02/06/1938 Terror Grips Jews In Rumanian Cities 39
02/06/1938 Oppression Of Jews Assailed At Street Meeting Here 39 39
02/06/1938 (German) Wed To Get A Visa Ordered Deported (By Federal Judge) 39
02/06/1938 France Seen Deciding ‘Totalitarian’ Fate (By Choosing To Help The Spanish Loyalists Or Not) 39
02/06/1938 Woman Who Knew Lincoln Tells How Wife Pelted Him From House N-1
02/06/1938 At Singapore, Britain Stands Ready Mag. 6
02/07/1938 Berliners Doubt Army Met Defeat (In World War I) In Test Of Power (By Otto D. Tolischus, N.Y. Times Report From Berlin) 1
02/07/1938 Religious Culture Urged Upon Jews (By Dr. Milton Steinberg) 5
02/07/1938 British Ask Patrol To Par Air Pirates-Stern Note Sent To (Spanish) Rebels 6
02/07/1938 Roosevelt Urged To Censure (Spanish) Rebels (By Episcopal Bishop, Robert L. Paddock) 6
02/07/1938 Regime Of Vargas (Brazil) Depends On Force-Young Officers Fascist 7
02/07/1938 Niemoeller’s Status In Germany Serious 32
02/08/1938 Eden Tells Franco Of Swift Reprisal If Attacks Persist 1
02/08/1938 Niemoeller Trial Opens In Secret; He Clashes With Reich Attorney (Picture, P. 2) 1
02/08/1938 Reich To Quicken Its Army Pace (Otto D. Tolischus, N.Y. Times, From Berlin) 2
02/08/1938 (League Of Nations) Conference Opens On Reich Refugees (Polish And Other Non-German Jews) 2
02/08/1938 (‘Fascist’) Iron Guard Breaks With Rumanian Premier (Octavian Goga) 6
02/08/1938 (German-American) Bund Chief (Fritz Kuhn) Scores Jews (Should Be Eliminated From Public Office-As In Germany) 9
02/08/1938 Roosevelt Hails Boy Scouts’ Work-He Lauds Ideals Of Peace 23
02/09/1938 20 Officers Quit Reich After Coup; Go Through Vienna (Coup?) 1
02/09/1938 Equal Rights (Amendment) Plea Attacked By Borah-(Dean) Acheson Warns Of Suits (Pictures) 3
02/09/1938 Refugee Treaty Opposed (By Polish Delegate To League Of Nations) 10
02/09/1938 Arab Terrorism Renewed 11
02/09/1938 Niemoeller Deeds In War Minimized-Trial Secrecy Enlarged 13
02/09/1938 First Helium Exports To Germany Licensed; Will Provide Gas To Fly New Zeppelin Here 13
02/09/1938 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Says Navy Leads No ‘Race’-None Can Reasonably Assume That We Are Militaristic 14
02/10/1938 Japan Will Refuse Data Powers Ask Tokyo Press Says 1
02/10/1938 Need For Big (U.S.) Navy Derided By (Charles A.) Beard-’Quarantine’ Is Assailed (Roosevelt Speech In Chicago, Oct. 1937) 1&14
02/10/1938 Anti-Jewish Edict Voided In Rumania 1
02/10/1938 (Adolf A.) Berle Named Assistant Secretary Of State; Says He Will Keep Columbia (University) Professorship (Brandeis Protegee-Picture P. 5) 1
02/10/1938 Niemoeller Drops Defense At (Secret !?) Trial 11
02/10/1938 Britain To Aid U.S., Says Prof. Murray (Oxford)-Agrees With Hull That There Is No ‘Agreement’ (Between U.S. And Britain) 14
02/10/1938 Refugee Pact Text Adopted At Geneva-(League Of Nations) Convention Provides Plan To Aid Citizens And Other (Non-Citizens!) Fleeing Germany 14
02/10/1938 French Take Steps To Allay War Fear-Economic Scheme Pushed 15
02/10/1938 Britain Speeds (Bbc) Radio For South America-Broadcasts Will Start Soon To Combat Harmful Italian And German Propaganda 15
02/11/1938 Patriarch (Picture, P. 11) Forms Cabinet As Anti-Semitic Regime Of Goga Falls In Rumania-(King) Carol In Command 1
02/11/1938 People Rule (Supreme) Court (Robert H.) Jackson (New U.S. Solicitor General) Asserts 6
02/11/1938 Niemoeller Defied Nazi Court Openly-Dominated Proceedings-(Just How Secret Is This Trial?) 15
02/11/1938 7-Nations Sign Pact On Reich (‘Citizen And Non-Citizen’) Refugees 8
02/11/1938 100 Invade Nazi (German-American Bund) Meeting (At Syracuse, N.Y.) 15
02/11/1938 Negro Gains Hailed By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 16
02/11/1938 Harold Jacobi (Picture) Heads (United) Palestine (Appeal) Drive Here-(Rabbi) Dr. Stephen S. Wise Also Names Gov. Lehman As An Honorary Chairman Of Campaign (Seek $4,500,000 For Settlement Of Unmentioned Number Of Jews In Palestine In 1938) 18
02/12/1938 Nazis Give Up Plan To Comb The Army; Britain Is Assailed-Foreign Office Scores London For (Bbc) Broadcasts Reports Damaging To Reich-Polish Jews Are Blamed (For ‘ Grotesque Atrocity Campaign’) 1
02/12/1938 Naval Bill Drawn To Define Politicizes Of 2-Coast Fleet-Bars War Of Aggression (By U.S.) 1
02/12/1938 U.S. To Widen Voice In South America-Definite Plan, Aimed To Meet Fascist Propaganda, Will Include Broadcasts-Network Seeks Outlets 2
02/12/1938 Aid To Niemoeller By Notables Bared 2
02/12/1938 Reich Warships At Chile-Officers Feted At Valparaiso-Canadians Visit Lima 2
02/12/1938 New York Boy Scouts Honor Roosevelt For His 15 Years As Leader Of Foundation 3
02/13/1938 Japan Refuses To Reveal Naval Data; U.S. Expected To Exceed Treaty Limit; Britain Prepared For An Arms Race-3 Powers May Act-Aims Kept Secret-Text Of Japan’s Reply 1
02/13/1938 Britain Is Ready To Build Big Ships 1
02/13/1938 Japan Apologizes In Affronts To U.S. (Text, P. 4) 1
02/13/1938 Boycott Pressed As Curb On Japan (By Committee For A Boycott Against Japanese Aggression) 3
02/13/1938 Senator (William H.) King (Utah) Asks World Arms Talk-Administration Is Cool 3
02/13/1938 Baron Okura Sees U.S. Help In China 3
02/13/1938 Hitler Consults With Schuschnigg 4
02/13/1938 (U.S. Magazine Correspondent, Jim Marshall) Says (Japanese) Army Celebrated In Sinking Of Panay-Believes The Bombing Was Deliberate 5
02/13/1938 Schuschnigg Visit (By Hitler) Astounds Austria 5
02/13/1938 Anti-Church Drive By Nazis Is Gaining 6
02/13/1938 Nazi (German-American Bund) Camps Barred By Reading (Pa.) Unions 7
02/13/1938 Duce Moves To Foil Reich Extremists 8
02/13/1938 Roosevelt Leans To ‘Pump Priming’ 33
02/13/1938 Spirit Of Equality Stressed By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-Aid To Negroes Is Asked N-3
02/13/1938 ‘Good-Will’ Precepts Bar Intolerance (National Conference Of Jews And Christians) N-3
02/13/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-Why A Big Navy (Hull And Admiral William D. Leahy) E-1
02/13/1938 Hitler Turns Germany Into A Clogged Volcano (Otto D. Tolischus) E-5
02/13/1938 Behind The Facade In Nazi Germany Mag. 1
02/13/1938 (U.S. Solicitor General, Robert H.) Jackson Sets Forth His Political Philosophy Mag. 4
02/14/1938 (Cardinal) Faulhaber (Munich) Scores Nazi Persecution; Cites (Catholic) School Ban 1
02/14/1938 Britain Opens Base In Singapore Today-U.S. Cruisers Are Only Foreign Vessels Attending Colorful Inauguration Ceremony (And Manoeuvres ?) 1
02/14/1938 250 (U.S.) Army Officers Face Exit As Infirm (Is This A Coup?) 1
02/14/1938 Naval Race Seen In Reply To Japan-Hull’s Policy Is Praised-United States Press Stresses Tokyo’s Economic Handicap In Contest With World 3
02/14/1938 U.S. Sailors On Departing Cruiser Save Many As Ferryboat Upsets, Drowning 5, At Sydney (On Way To Combined Fleet Manoeuvres At Singapore?) 3
02/14/1938 Gen. Drum Warms Country To Prepare-We Cannot Expect The Time We Had In 1917 If War Comes Again, He Says In Chicago 3
02/14/1938 (Spanish Loyalist, Lincoln Brigade Veterans [American Volunteers]) Urge War ‘Quarantine’ (Of ‘Dictators’) 3
02/14/1938 Nobel Prize Winners Back Japan Boycott 3
02/14/1938 Decree In Mexico Is Aimed At Jews (Investigation Of Immigration In Mexico) 5
02/14/1938 (Montana Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Warns Of Dictator Here 7
02/14/1938 Picture: Head Of Women’s Group For (American) Jewish (Joint Distribution Committee) Drive Named (Mrs. David M. Levy, Nee Rosenwald) 7
02/14/1938 Niemoeller Held A Modern Martyr 8
02/14/1938 Roosevelt Accused Of Stirring War Hate-John Hayes Holmes Calls Rearmament Policy A Ruse To Divert Nation’s Attention (From The Failure Of New Deal Economic Policies) 8
02/15/1938 Germans Threaten Austria; She Balks At Hitler’s Terms 1
02/15/1938 Gold Sterilization Policy Eases To Cheapen Money And Add To Bank Funds 1
02/15/1938 (Representative Hamilton) Fish (N.Y.) Says Big Navy Heads Us For War 1
02/15/1938 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Sees Roosevelt 3
02/15/1938 More Pressure On Jews (‘Der Angriff’-Speed In ‘Liquidating Jews In Germany’s Economic Life’) 7
02/15/1938 Guillotined (In Berlin) For Espionage 7
02/15/1938 King And Maverick Urge (World) Arms Parley-Asking Roosevelt To Call World Conference-Pittman And Mc Reynolds Assail Proposal-Hull Also Reported In Opposition 8
02/15/1938 British Arming Spurs Imports From U.S.-Purchases Of Steel And Iron Products Leaped In January As Well As In 1937 8
02/15/1938 Clergy Assailed As Foes Of Defense (By Admiral Clark H. Woodward) 8
02/15/1938 British Navy Opens Its Singapore Base-Presence Of American Ships At Ceremony Is Incidental, All Quarters Insist 9
02/15/1938 U.S. Arming Viewed As A Step To War (By Gayda)-Sees Democracies United-Declares Navy Plan Is Irreconcilable With Peace Utterances 9
02/16/1938 Austria Capitulates To Germany; Pro-Nazis Get Key Posts In Cabinet; Berlin Hails Unity Of Two Nations-Reich Is Jubilant-Ultimatum Is Met-Amnesty To Nazis 1
02/16/1938 U.S. Urged To End Embargo On (Loyalist) Spain (By U.S. Clergy And Educators)-(Arms) Ban Held To Aid Rebels (Others Who Supported The Appeal: Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E. Dodd And Henry L. Stimson) 1
02/16/1938 Fascism Assailed In (National Council Of Jewish Women) Women’s Forum 2
02/16/1938 U.S. Army And Navy In Joint War Game 5
02/16/1938 Policy Of Secrecy On Navy Ships (Building) Seen 6
02/16/1938 New Air Wave Used To Bind Americas-Message By Hull Hails Aim For Stronger Cultural Ties 11
02/17/1938 Berlin Outlines Policy For Austria; Sees A Reorganized Central Europe; Gloom Pervades Vienna; Nazis Freed-Amnesty Decreed-Customs Union Due 1
02/17/1938 British ‘Write Off’ Austrian Question 1
02/17/1938 U.S. Will Keep Out Of Austrian Affairs 3
02/17/1938 Italy Reassuring On Status Of Jews 4
02/17/1938 Hope For Native Fuel For Britain (From Liquification Of Coal) Is Dashed 4
02/17/1938 Wide Propaganda Voted By Britain 5
02/17/1938 Capital Defends Weeding Out (‘Old’ [Potentially Non-Cooperative Officers In U.S.) Army (Not Openly By Roosevelt But By His New Chief Of Staff, General Malin Craig) 6
02/17/1938 French Offer Plan To ‘Humanize War’ 6
02/18/1938 Lima Crowds Hail (‘Good Will Visit’ Of U.S.) ‘Flying Fortresses’ 1
02/18/1938 Vienna ‘Key Man’ (Seyss-Inquart) And Hitler Map Nazified Austria (Picture, P. 3) 1
02/18/1938 Secret War Debt Parley Held In White House; New Proposals Opposed-Move By President (Roosevelt)-Indicated Plan Linked To Trade, Diplomatic Aims, Notably With Britain-Congress Views Chilly 1
02/18/1938 Vienna Still Sees Hope For Freedom 3
02/18/1938 British Approach Reich On Austria-Silent On Independence (Map: Former Austro-Hungarian Empire) 3
02/18/1938 Czech Police Subdue Socialist-Nazi Riot 3
02/18/1938 Nazi Units Banned In Brazilian State 4
02/18/1938 Nazi Boys (Hitler Jugend) Get Air Guns To Learn Sharpshooting 4
02/18/1938 Cash Is Demanded In Sales To Austria 24
02/19/1938 Hitler Expected To Decree Pan-Nazi ‘Monroe Doctrine’-Unity Main Theme 1
02/19/1938 London-Rome Pact In View 1
02/19/1938 War Gases Prove Effective In Test At Service School 1
02/19/1938 Austria Lets Nazis Enter State Party 3
02/19/1938 Papen Sees Union Of Middle Europe-Economic Aspect Is Cited 3
02/19/1938 Germany To Push Vast Auto Plant-’World’s Cheapest Car’(‘Volksauto’) 3
02/19/1938 Rintelen Released In Vienna Amnesty 3
02/19/1938 Trial Of Niemoeller Resumed In Germany 4
02/19/1938 (General Hertzog) Bars ‘God Save The King’ As South African Anthem 4
02/19/1938 France Asks Britain To Join In Protest (To Germany About Austria) 4
02/19/1938 Palestine Arabs Kill British Air Officer 6
02/19/1938 (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd To Address Church Luncheon 12
02/20/1938 Schuschnigg Tells Austrian Jews That They Have Nothing To Fear 1
02/20/1938 Austrian Issues Split British Cabinet; Eden And 2 Others Threaten To Quit-British Act Today 1
02/20/1938 Europe Tensely Awaits Hitler’s Speech-Nazi Aims Keynote 1
02/20/1938 Czech Parties Urge Accord With Berlin 2
02/20/1938 Reich Army Keeps Its Best Strategist (Beck)-’Purge’ Not Very Severe 2
02/20/1938 (British) Base At Singapore Is Force For Peace 18
02/20/1938 Totalitarian Rule Here Held In View (By Chamber Of Commerce) 25
02/20/1938 The News Of The World In Review-’Cold Anschluss’ E-1
02/20/1938 Passive Democracies Watching Nazi Surge E-3
02/20/1938 An ‘Adequate’ Navy: How Strong Must It Be? E-3
02/20/1938 Austria Falls Victim To Overwhelming Force (Map) E-4
02/20/1938 Berlin Envisages Pan-German Reich E-4
02/20/1938 French Now Weigh A Stronger Stand-Past Weaknesses Recalled E-4
02/20/1938 ‘Protectors’ Fail Austria E-4
02/20/1938 Britain Trying Out Weapons (‘Propaganda’) Of Rivals E-5
02/20/1938 Our Big Navy Is Liked (By South America) E-5
02/21/1938 Hitler Demands Right Of Self Determination For Germans In Austria And Czechoslovakia; Nazi Power Cited-Tone Of Talk Anti-British 1
02/21/1938 Eden Resigns In Crisis Over Britain’s Policy-Britain Is Shocked 1
02/21/1938 Roosevelt Is Silent On Hitler, But May Give Views Soon 1
02/21/1938 Eden’s Resignation Distresses France 1
02/21/1938 Eden-Chamberlain Letters (Texts) 1
02/21/1938 Nazis Celebrate In Austrian Fetes-Hitler Threat Is Feared 1
02/21/1938 Lord Halifax Known As Friend Of Reich 2
02/21/1938 Czechs Dislike (Hitler’s) Speech 2
02/21/1938 Text Of Salient Parts Of Chancellor Hitler’s Speech Before Reichstag-Points In Hitler’s Speech 4
02/21/1938 Philadelphia Base Of Nazis (German-American Bund) Is Bombed 5
02/21/1938 Japanese Pleased By Hitler’s Speech 6
02/22/1938 Commons Backs Chamberlain Policy As Eden Scores Yielding To Threats 1
02/22/1938 New Talks With Italy Start Soon-Italy Now Hopeful 1
02/22/1938 France May Answer Hitler Today; Eden’s Resignation Shakes Paris 1
02/22/1938 Nazi Fetes Go On In Austrian Cities-Clash With Storm Troops-The Paraders Terrorize Jews In Vienna 1
02/22/1938 Aid To U.S. Policy Seen In Eden Move 1
02/22/1938 Roosevelt Urges Amity In Americas-President (Roosevelt) Asks Cooperation In Letter(Text) 11
02/22/1938 Police And Arabs Fight In Palestine-Troops Sent In Pursuit-Planes Also Hunt The Band-Two Police Stations Are Looted By Armed Men (Chanting ‘There Is No Other Allah But Allah.’-Arabs?-Sounds Like Irgun Zvai Leumi) 12
02/22/1938 Nazi Court Relaxes In Niemoeller Trial 12
02/22/1938 (Thomas) Mann Finds U.S. Sole (‘World’s Democratic’) Peace Hope-Assails Dictators’ Grip 13
02/22/1938 Reich Labor Plan Ordered For Girls-They Must Work For A Year In Homes Or On Farms To Be Eligible For Other Jobs (Pflictjahre)-But Decree Is Restricted-Aim Explained 13
02/22/1938 Polish ‘Unity Camp’ Outlines Program (Smigly-Rydz) 13
02/22/1938 Text Of Chamberlain’s Address In The Commons Yesterday On Foreign Policy 14
02/22/1938 Germany Relieved By Eden’s Retirement In The Commons As Anglo-Italian Talks Are Speeded 15
02/22/1938 Sir Josiah Stamp Deplores Loss Of Eden; Says Democracies Should Stand Together 15
02/22/1938 Czechs Disturbed By Hitler’s Threat-Would Fight, Prague Says-Military Reports Forts Ready And Cites Alliances With France And Russia 15
02/22/1938 Poles Also Need Lands (‘Territories’), Nationalist Chief (Gen. Stanislas Skwarzynski) Says 15
02/22/1938 New Nazi Aggression Is Expected By (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd (At A Talk In Temple B’rith Kodesh, Rochester, N.Y.[Rabbi Philip Bernstein, Eisenhower Aide]-Poland Is ‘Scored’ And Czechoslovakia The Only Democracy Remaining In Central Europe Is Threatened) 15
02/22/1938 170 (Protestant) Clergy Call Anti-Semitism Sin-Opposition Is Pledged 17
02/23/1938 Chamberlain Calls League (Of Nations) Impotent 1
02/23/1938 Roosevelt Maps His Aim Abroad To Kennedy On Eve Of His Sailing (To London) 1
02/23/1938 Democracy Best, (Harold Le Claire) Ickes Tells Britain (Text, P. 18)-Vigilance Is Stressed-In Broadcast To Whole Empire He Warns Of Fascism And Communism 1
02/23/1938 French Decide To Speed Armaments 1
02/23/1938 Pleas For Defense, Democracy Mark Washington Day Fetes 1
02/23/1938 Teruel Is Retaken By The Insurgents (Franco, Spain); (Loyalist) Defenders Escape-Foreign Aid (To Franco) Is Blamed (By Loyalists) 1
02/23/1938 Czechs Are Calm Amid Many Perils 1
02/23/1938 Gen. Johnson (Formerly Of Nra) Sees Shift In New Deal-Charges Roosevelt Now Aims To Build Majority Part Of ‘Submerged Classes’ 6
02/23/1938 Chief Places Curb On Austrian Nazis 11
02/23/1938 Soviet Threatens To Use Gas In War (Also Bacteria) 14
02/23/1938 (U.S.) Flying Fortresses (Boeing B-17’S) Set New Air Mark (In Flight To Chile) 14
02/23/1938 Hungarian Nazi Chief And 72 Aides Seized 14
02/23/1938 Reich To Retaliate For Abuse In Press-Hitler Has Determined To Hold The Foreign Governments Responsible-Otto D. Tolischus 15
02/23/1938 Anglo-Reich Pact Expected By Nazis-They Think Chamberlain Will Offer No Opposition To Move Against Czechs 15
02/23/1938 Niemoeller Is Attacked (In ‘Schwartze Korps’) 17
02/23/1938 U.S. Now Weighing Armed Isolation-Hull’s Policy Unchanged-No ‘Quarantine’ Idea-Many In Washington See End Of ‘Crusade For Peace’ 18
02/23/1938 (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd Says Boycott Would Curb Japan-Asks Christians (Church League For Industrial Democracy) To Act 19
02/23/1938 Lawyers (National Lawyers’ Guild) Denounce Aid To Gen. Franco-Pecora Calls For Defense Of Democracy 19
02/23/1938 Turks Seek To Buy Armaments Here-Extensive Equipment Needed 19
02/23/1938 (U.S. Sec. Of Agriculture, Henry A. Wallace) Blames War Menace On World Trade Jam 19
02/23/1938 Business Betrayal Laid To EducatorsFind Social Aims Ignored 25
02/24/1938 China Carrys War To Japan As 12 Bombers (Country Of Origin Unknown) Fly There; 3 Formosa Cities Are Raided-Japanese Shocked 1
02/24/1938 Eden Will Attack (Chamberlain) Government Anew 1
02/24/1938 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Message On Report Urging New Federal School Grants 2
02/24/1938 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Departs-Has No ‘Instructions’ (As Ambassador To England) 8
02/24/1938 (Roosevelt) Picks A General For Army Revision (General Malin Craig, Chief Of Staff) 9
02/24/1938 Navy Orders Secrecy On Games In Pacific (With British Manoeuvres?) 9
02/24/1938 Paris Would Wish The British Well 11
02/24/1938 Lord Perth Gives The Fascist Salute (In Rome) 12
02/24/1938 (U.S.) ‘Flying Fortresses’ (Boeing B-17’S) Land In Lima, Peru 12
02/24/1938 Czechs Preparing To Resist Germany-Nation Is Ready To Fight 13
02/24/1938 Goering Is In Warsaw (Smigly-Rydz And Others-On Annual Hunt In Bialowieza Forest) 13
02/24/1938 Ex-Reich Diplomat (Dr. Ernst Wilhelm Meyer Who Resigned As Secretary At German Embassy In Protest Against The German Government, Washington) Denounces Hitler-Enemy Of Civilization (Anti-German And Anti-Christian) 15
02/24/1938 Twin (U.S.) Fleets’ Cost Put At 3 Billions 15
02/24/1938 Tokyo Army Shift Marks War Phase 15
02/24/1938 Columbia (University) To Seek New Use For Radio-Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Names Committee To Study Role Of Broadcasting In Educational Field (Carl W. Ackerman, Frank D. Fackenthal, Herbert E. Hawkes, Virginia C. Gildersleeve, George B. Pegram, William F. Russell And Joseph W. Barker) 42
02/25/1938 Free Austria Guaranteed Schuschnigg Tells Diet 1
02/25/1938 Hitler Ready To Quit Spain-Germany Accepts British Formula, Following Italy On ‘Volunteers’ Issue 1
02/25/1938 Nazis Are Amazed By (Schuschnigg’s) Defiant Speech-Hitler Listens For Hour 1
02/25/1938 Schuschnigg Asks Unity For Austria-Rejects Nazi Ideology 2
02/25/1938 France Undecided On Road To Follow 3
02/25/1938 Nazi Teachers Urge End Of Historic (B. C. & A. D.) Chronology 3
02/25/1938 Tokyo Diet Tumult Hits War Control-Plan Is Scored As ‘Nazi’ 3
02/25/1938 Britain To Increase Gas Mask Purchases 3
02/25/1938 U.S. Warned By Gayda On ‘False Rumors’-Cites Statement Attributed To (Former Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd (German And Italian Plan To Divide Europe And U.S. Between Them) 3
02/25/1938 German Embassy Sharp On (Resigned German Embassy Secretary, Dr. Ernst) Meyer-Declares He Is Jewish-Recalls ‘Oath To Hitler’-He Replies That He Is Lutheran (But Admits Jewish Blood In Lineage-About One-Fourth) 5
02/26/1938 Battleship Best Weapon For Us, Roosevelt Insists; Sees Air Peril Overrated-President Holds Naval Guns Offset Sky Menace-’No Weapon Is Supreme’ 1
02/26/1938 Hull Warns Japan Americans’ Rights Must Be Guarded 1
02/26/1938 Tokyo Diet Again Fights ‘Nazi’ Bill 2
02/26/1938 Halifax Is Named Eden’s Successor 3
02/26/1938 Wide Rift Divides Britain And Reich 3
02/26/1938 French, Wary, Look To British Moves-Ban On Yielding (Former German) Colonies 3
02/26/1938 Goering Ends Holiday Of Hunting In Poland (Was Guest Of President Ignaz Moscicki) 3
02/26/1938 Rule Of All Trade (By Roosevelt) During War Urged (By House Military Affairs Committee) 4
02/26/1938 Power (Threat) Of Airplane Disputed By Cook (In Support Of Roosevelt) 4
02/26/1938 9 Army Units Linked To Chief (General Malin Craig, Chief Of Staff) By Phone 4
02/26/1938 Denies Sales Of Rifles-Remington President Says None Have Gone To Europe Since War (But Does Not Say How Many May Have Been Sold-Knows Of None In The Hands Of Spanish Republicans As Claimed By Americans Who Served With Franco) 4
02/26/1938 Six U.S. Bombers Fly From Lima To Balboa (Canal Zone) 4
02/26/1938 Three Brigadiers Named (By Roosevelt) 4
02/26/1938 Ministers Invited To Parley On War (Christian & Jewish Clergymen) 6
02/26/1938 Dr. (Thomas) Mann At Yale Pleads For Peace-Says He Will Devote Efforts In Future To The Cause Of Democracy-’Duty Of Artist’ Cited 15
02/26/1938 Coercion In WPA For Army Denied-Somervell, However, Admits Giving Leaflets Urging Men To Be Soldiers Or Sailors 16
02/26/1938 Ban On Red Speech Upheld By Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 17
02/27/1938 Spy Ring In U.S. Army Bared; German Girl, Two Soldiers Seized As Foreign Agents (Pictures, P. 30)-Leader Confesses-More Arrests Expected-President (Roosevelt) Moves To Combat Radio That Carrys Foreign Propaganda 1
02/27/1938 Japan Plans Move To Halt Navy Race, Hirota Tells Diet 1
02/27/1938 French Deputies Unite To Support Menaced Nations 1
02/27/1938 Minority’s Rights Held Vital To U.S. (By Rabbi Lazaron, Seconded By Episcopalian And A Catholic) 2
02/27/1938 (Montana Senator Burtonk.) Wheeler Certain Of Third Term Ban-Sees Dictatorship Fear 10
02/27/1938 (Henry A.) Wallace Starts To Educate Aides-On ‘Democratic Economy’ 12
02/27/1938 Church’s (Greater New York Federation Of Churches’) Defense Of Jews Praised (By N.Y. City Rabbis)-Japanese Boycott Urged 22
02/27/1938 ‘Volunteer’ Plan Would Aid Franco 25
02/27/1938 Picture: As Argentina Inaugurated A New President (Ortiz-They Received A Visit From 6 U.S. B-17’S) 25
02/27/1938 (Czech, Eduard) Benes Is Confident In Face Of Threats 28
02/27/1938 Nazi Propagandists Arrested In Hungary 28
02/27/1938 Cardinal (Innitzer, Picture) Appeals For Free Austria 29
02/27/1938 ‘Pyrric Victory’ Seen For Hitler (By Foreign Policy Association, Hotel Astor) 29
02/27/1938 Supplies Of Helium At Hand For World-Ickes Approves Price For Purchase Of Plants (Reference To Hindenburg Disaster) 31
02/27/1938 Educators Debate Propaganda Peril N-1
02/27/1938 Educators Praise U.S. School Aid Plan N-1
02/27/1938 Aid To Propaganda In Films Charged N-2
02/27/1938 Picture: Prof. Percy W. Bridgemen, Harvard (Later On Refuses To Accept Students From Any ‘Fascist’ Country) N-7
02/27/1938 Czechs Are Ready To Defend Rights E-4
02/27/1938 Picture: Churchill-Friend Of Eden E-4
02/27/1938 Map Of Spain: Loyalist And Franco Territory E-5
02/27/1938 (B-17 Visit) Honors Ortiz (Argentina) Lift Our Prestige E-7
02/27/1938 Hitler Tightens His Control-Otto D. Tolischus-He Moves Toward Full Mobilization Mag. 1
02/27/1938 Picture: B-17’s In Lima, Peru-’The Wings Of Democracy’ Roto.
02/27/1938 Picture: The Birth Of A Big (U.S.) Gun Roto.
02/27/1938 Picture: Heinkel Fighter-Germany Has Artillery With Wings XX-4
02/28/1938 Spy Hunt Pressed By (FBI) Agents On Trail Of Two More Here-Woman Held Key Figure 1
02/28/1938 Nazis Drop March As Austria Rings Graz With Steel 1
02/28/1938 (Spanish) Blacklist Is Laid To U.S. Radicals-Denounces Reds (‘Loyalists,’ ‘Republicans’) In Spain 3
02/28/1938 6 ‘Fortress’ (Boeing B-17’S) End 12,000-Mile (‘Good-Will’) Flight (Over South America) 3
02/28/1938 Democratic Front Held Peace Need (Apparently By Anthony Eden) 4
02/28/1938 300 Sign Plan To Keep America Out Of War 4
02/28/1938 Danger Of Fascism In Americas Cited (By Columbian Foreign Minister Tour Bay) 5
02/28/1938 Both Sides In Spain Are In Great Need (Quakers) 6
02/28/1938 Aid For Palestine Urged (By United Palestine Appeal — Help Jews To Migrate (To Palestine) 19
02/28/1938 French Unruffled By Shift In Britain 21
02/28/1938 Dutch Skeptical Of Appeasement-’Better Than Nothing’ 21
02/28/1938 Copper Output Up 25.8% In Canada-Record Rise In 1937 22
02/28/1938 (U.S.) War Game Attack Will Start Today 32