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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

May 1938
Date Headline Page
05/01/1938 M. C. Taylor Named To Help Refugees (Evian Conference)-Roosevelt Appoints Him To Intergovernmental Group To Aid Refugees (Many Listed Were At Lunch With Roosevelt Reported Earlier) 1
05/01/1938 Hitler Is Seeking Way To Adriatic, London Believes 1
05/01/1938 (Spanish) Loyalists Define Aims In Manifesto-Property Is Guaranteed 26
05/01/1938 Pope Pius (Xi) Avoids Meeting Hitler 31
05/01/1938 Germans Must Report On All Foreign Credits 32
05/01/1938 Henderson (British Laborite) Advises Prague To Be Strong-Says Czechs Have Backing Of Democracies 32
05/01/1938 French Take Steps To Sudeten Issue 33
05/01/1938 Czechs On Alert To Bar Disorder-Henlein Cautions Party 33
05/01/1938 Reich Again Opens Nazi Church Drive 34
05/01/1938 Nazis Burn Books On Salzburg Pyre (Jews, Anti-Nazis, Schuschnigg, Dolfuss) 35
05/01/1938 Paris Guillotines Killer 35
05/01/1938 Germans, Russians Join To Aid China-Has Much Reich Munitions 37
05/01/1938 Jewish (German Refugee) Conference On Sunday (Columbia University & Rabbi S.S. Wise) 37
05/01/1938 Exiles From Reich Plan (N.Y. World’s) Fair Exhibit 41
05/01/1938 Germany Cramped (For Funds) Bank Men Believe F-8
05/01/1938 Henlein Stiffens Czech Resistance-Nation Is Ready To Fight E-4
05/01/1938 Refugee Aid Problem Grows More Complex E-10
05/01/1938 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Public Papers (Five Volumes) Book 1
05/01/1938 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) English: Aimed At Eye And Ear Mag. 3
05/01/1938 Unseen Hands Shield The Dictators Mag. 4
05/02/1938 Toronto Parade Protests Fascism-Battle Cry Is Sounded 3
05/02/1938 Army Planes Bring Men For Mimic War (War Games) 4
05/02/1938 War-Made Famine Faces North China-Pieping Regime’s Premier Is In Tokyo To Get Help For Destitute Farmers 5
05/02/1938 China Is Confident In United Forces-With Strong Army, Aided By German Advisers, Nation Plans War To The End 5
05/02/1938 Henlein Demands Sudeten Equality (G.E.R. Gedye, Prague) 6
05/02/1938 Moslems Foment Anti-Jewish Move (Against Partition Of Palestine)-Mass Meeting In Cairo 8
05/02/1938 Jersey Nazis (Bund) Show New Flag At Fete (Camp Northland) 8
05/02/1938 Assails ‘Distortion’ Of Nazi (Goering) Jewish (Property) Order 8
05/02/1938 Condoning Of War Feared By Dr. Ward 18
05/02/1938 Nation Is Warned Of Anti-Semitism-Sees Intolerance Rising (Dr. Conrad Hoffmann, Jr.-’She (Germany) Cannot Murder Them [The Jews] In Cold Blood.’) 18
05/03/1938 All French Taxes Raised 8 Per Cent By Cabinet Decree 1
05/03/1938 Roosevelt Backing Dips In Wide Poll-Heaviest Slump In South-Gallup Survey 4
05/03/1938 British (Partition) Group Visits Jaffa And Tel Aviv 10
05/03/1938 British Bid Czechs To Give Nazis More 13
05/03/1938 Mixed (Jewish-Aryan) Marriages Barred (In Vienna) 13
05/03/1938 Berlin Jews Aid Ort 13
05/03/1938 Loyalty To Hitler Offered By Pastors 13
05/03/1938 Jewish Plebiscite Planned For U.S. (By American Jewish Congress-Jews To Protest German Acts In Europe) 24
05/04/1938 France Increases All Armed Forces 1
05/04/1938 France Prepares Fetes For British Sovereigns 1
05/04/1938 Mussolini Greets Hitler In A Resplendent Rome 1
05/04/1938 Plan Of 10,000 Factories To Do Army Work In Event Of War Is Told By (Assistant Sec. Of War) Louis (B.) Johnson 1
05/04/1938 Nazi Governor Insists Catholic Bishop (Sproll) Quit; Scores Prelate’s Failure To Vote For Hitler 1
05/04/1938 Nazi Row Inquiry Ordered By Mayor (Laguardia) 16
05/04/1938 (Ohio Senator Robert J. Buckley) Asks British Aid To Jews-Urges Lifting Of Curbs On Palestine Immigration 16
05/04/1938 Jews Are Warned To Leave Germany (By The Schwarze Korps) 18
05/05/1938 Roosevelt Backs Lifting Arms Embargo On Spain; Congress Agrees It Fails-Policy Is Doomed (Loyalist Spain) 1
05/05/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Disapproves Swastikas In Rome 1
05/05/1938 (Fulgencio) Batista Suspends Cuba’s 3-Year-Plan 13
05/05/1938 Ort Training Plan In Europe Praised 21
05/06/1938 Seizure Of 6 Nazi Leaders Here Is Ordered On Veteran’s Charge 1
05/06/1938 Franc Rate Fixed At 2.79 Cents Minimum 1
05/06/1938 43 Austrian Jews Sent To Border Hut 2
05/06/1938 Leader Claims Nazis Beat Otto (Of Hapsburg) To March 3
05/06/1938 (Sir Edward) Grey’s Letter Sheds Light On World War (I) 5
05/06/1938 Immigration Decree Is Issued In Brazil 7
05/06/1938 (U.S. Secretary Of War) Woodring Warns Dictators Of War-’Continued Aggression’ Must Stop ‘Before Things Get Out Of Hand’ (See May 7, P. 5 Below) 17
05/07/1938 London And Paris Press Czech Issue 1
05/07/1938 Hull Clashes With A Columnist (Drew Pearson) On Arms Exports To Germany (Transcript, P. 6) 1
05/07/1938 Airships Useless To Reich In War, Eckner Says In Plea For Helium (For Zeppelins) 3
05/07/1938 Nazis In U.S. Put Under Triple Fire 4
05/07/1938 Replies To Hitler On Sudeten Rights (Says Germans In Czechoslovakia Have Equal Rights-Brackett Lewis At ‘Danubian Congress’ Held In New York) 4
05/07/1938 Austrian Coup Laid To Lack Of Protest 4
05/07/1938 (Sec. Of War) Woodring Speech Assailed In Italy (See Entry, May 6, P. 17) 5
05/07/1938 Czechs Reply To Poland 5
05/07/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Closes Museums Till Hitler Leaves; Pontiff Resents Swastika-Bearing Visitors 5
05/07/1938 (China & Japan) Buy Munitions From U.S. 7
05/07/1938 Jewish Temples Are Urged To Unite-Vote On (National Plebiscite) Plan In June 9
05/07/1938 Educators Stress Teacher Education-Wider Use Of Films Urged-We Have Much To Learn From Propagandists 17
05/08/1938 Dictators Pledge Lasting ‘Friendship,’ Border Inviolate Texts, P. 42) 1
05/08/1938 Reich’s Army Held Unready For War; Czechs Are Calm-Supply Shortage (For Germany) Cited 1
05/08/1938 (280 Rabbis) Back Palestine Appeal (For $4,500,000 To Settle European Jews In Palestine) 3
05/08/1938 Warns Of Admitting Foreign Refugees (To U.S.) 34
05/08/1938 Britain Near Pact With Us On Islands-Joint Jurisdiction Of Canton And Enderbury Now Believed Likely At Capital 35
05/08/1938 Hull Again Backs U.S. Arms Exports-Cites Figures To Show Reich Gets Scant Military Help From Such Shipments-Secretary Finds No American War Materials Have Been Reforwarded To Spain 37
05/08/1938 Professor (Dr. Code) Upholds Embargo On (Loyalist) Spain 37
05/08/1938 (Liberal Notables, Listed) Urge U.S. Lift Arms Ban (On Loyalist Spain) 37
05/08/1938 Immigrant Society ([Jewish] Hsias) Gets Many Appeals 40
05/08/1938 Paris To Increase Armament Budget 40
05/08/1938 Red Ideas Called Threat To Poland 40
05/08/1938 (Fritz) Kuhn Plea On Bund Sent To Roosevelt 41
05/08/1938 Denies Inviting Refugees-Mexico Says No Austrian Jews Have Applied 41
05/08/1938 Czechs Cautioned By British, French 43
05/08/1938 Reich Paper Attacks Speech By (U.S. Sec. Of War) Woodring (See Entry May 6, P. 17) 43
05/08/1938 Immigration Bars In Brazil Dropped-Sao Paulo Lacks Farmers 44
05/08/1938 Trend To Dictators Laid To Educators-Lack Of Realistic Teaching N-3
05/08/1938 Firm Acts Put France On Road To Recovery E-5
05/08/1938 Strong Frontier Is Demand Of The Czechs (Map) E-5
05/08/1938 A Human Enigma (Hitler) Casts A Long Shadow-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
05/08/1938 Cartoons: German Anti-American Mag. 5
05/09/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins Sees Hope If We Spend More 1
05/09/1938 German Vessel (‘Frankenwald’) Sails With Big Bomb Cargo (With 20,000 Bombs Size 25 To 100 Lbs. Each) 3
05/09/1938 Danubian Union Held Key To Peace 6
05/09/1938 (National) Jewish Plebiscite Opposed (By Jews) As Futile 8
05/09/1938 Hull Makes Plea For American Ties-Roosevelt Urges Unity 9
05/09/1938 Jewish Education Urged (Jews Should Respond To Jewish Causes) 9
05/09/1938 Group Here (Federation Of Polish Jews In America, Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman) Urges Aid To Polish Jews-Roosevelt Help Praised-Federation Marking Its 39th Anniversary 17
05/09/1938 Democracy Facing Test Straus Says-It Must Meet Obligations, He Urges In Plea For Refugees 17
05/09/1938 (Alfred M. Cohn, Cincinnati) Declares Few Jews Support Communism 34
05/10/1938 President (Roosevelt) Confers On Neutrality Act-Sees Hull On U.S. Policy 1
05/10/1938 Hitler Orders The Army To Give Him Nazi Salute 1
05/10/1938 Soviet Wipes Out Guerrilla Band-Last Of (Anti-Bolshevik) Antonoff Group 10
05/10/1938 Map: Outer Air Defense Proposed By United States-Dutch Harbor-Midway-Wake-Canton-Pago Pago (1,200 Miles West Of Hawaii) 11
05/10/1938 Austria Impedes Way Of Emigrant-Special Schools For Jews 12
05/10/1938 Churchill Proposes Encircling Germany-Urges That Britain Seek Aid Of Russia And Smaller Nations 12
05/10/1938 Czech Border Areas Scenes Of Clashes-Nazis Torment (Czech) Gendarmes-Austrian Papers Banned 12
05/10/1938 Reich Honors (Greek, General John) Metaxas (Germany Claims He Was Later Killed By The British In Their Retreat From Greece) 12
05/10/1938 Refugees To Be Limited (By Holland) 12
05/10/1938 Babylon To Weigh Ban On Nazi (Bund) Parade 13
05/10/1938 Arabs Still Boycott British (Palestine Partition) Commission 13
05/10/1938 Roosevelt Warns ‘Alien Influences’-Democracy Is First Aim 14
05/10/1938 Permanent Policy On Relief Is Urged-Favors A U.S. Welfare Bureau 16
05/10/1938 ‘No Slump In Europe,’ Ford Official Says (Everyone Busy With Military Preparations) 16
05/10/1938 Group Formed To Aid Nye (Charles A. Beard & Edwin Johnson) 16
05/10/1938 Rebirth Of Ideals Is Urged By (Thomas) Mann 19
05/10/1938 Russian Czar’s Books Bought By Princeton (600 Volumes Of Fiction) 19
05/11/1938 Amoy Is Attacked By Japanese Fleet-U.S. Warships On Way 1
05/11/1938 L2,500,000 Gold Sent To Canada; British War Reserve Abroad Seen 1
05/11/1938 Scores Nazi Propaganda-Women’s League Of United Synagogues 7
05/11/1938 President (Roosevelt) Surveys Utilities For War-Press Conference Is Told ‘His (Chicago) Quarantine’ Speech Has Been Widely Misquoted 10
05/11/1938 Nazi (Bund) Rallies Banned In Two (N.Y.) Communities 11
05/11/1938 President (Roosevelt) Takes Up Reich Helium Deal (Consults Everybody) 11
05/11/1938 Air Surveys Made Before Mimic War 11
05/11/1938 Argentina Will Borrow U.S. Army Air Officers 12
05/11/1938 Reich Cars (‘Volksautos’) Flood Britain-Government Is Asked Whether Berlin Subsidizes Them (Most Are Light Opels) 12
05/11/1938 Austrian Nazis Annoy (Converted Jewish) Priest 12
05/11/1938 U.S. Charges Reich Breaks Trade Pact-Protests Laws Ordering Jews Of Foreign Nationalities To Declare Holdings 14
05/11/1938 Jews (Who Fought With French In W. W. I) Mark Battle (Of Carrency) Date 14
05/11/1938 ‘Libel’ On Religion Held Beyond Law-Group Redress Denied-Elderly Pamphleteer (Robert Edward Edmondson) Freed By Wallace On Attacks On Jews (Francis Perkins & Virginia Gildersleeve Involved) 15
05/11/1938 Ingersoll Named For Rear Admiral 15
05/11/1938 Picture: Mrs J. Borden Harriman, U.S. Minister To Norway 20
05/12/1938 Brazil Crushes A Revolt; Vargas Family Fights Off Fascist Guards At Palace-Pretender Is Shot 1
05/12/1938 217 Planes Start Biggest (U.S. War Game 1
05/12/1938 Amoy Is Reported Taken By Japanese 1
05/12/1938 ‘Pump-Priming’ Hit As Bid For Votes 1
05/12/1938 Czechs To Assure Equality For All-Peoples On Same Footing — Tribunal Will Safeguard Non-Nazis (“Democrats”), Jews And Others In Henleinist Sections — G. E. R. Gedye, Prague 3
05/12/1938 Argentine President Firm For Democracy 3
05/12/1938 Mexico Condemns (‘Nazi-Inspired’) Anti-Jewish Drive (In Mexico) 4
05/12/1938 U.S. Is Emphatic In Reich Protest-Early Assurance That Decree On (Jewish) Property Does Not Apply To Americans Is Asked (Text) 4
05/12/1938 British Deny Move To Curb Us On (Lifting Arms Embargo To) Spain 8
05/12/1938 Ukrainians Demand Autonomy In Poland (4,500,000 Ukrainians) 8
05/12/1938 Ickes Stand Halts Helium Gas Sale (To Germany)-His Opposition Under Law Prevents Roosevelt Action To Aid Dirigible-May Need Congress Act-Under Statute Unanimous Vote Of Munitions Board Is Needed (See P. 17) 9
05/12/1938 B’nai B’rith Seeks Fund Of $500,000-Emergency Budget Voted For Anti-Defamation League In Opposing Anti-Semitism 16
05/12/1938 Meeting In (Evian) France On Refugees Urged (By U.S. Gov’t., State Department) 16
05/12/1938 (Cuban Ambassador To U.S.) Holds Dictators Flout Basic Law-Our Court Procedure Is Most Antiquated In The World, Arthur Vanderbilt States 18
05/12/1938 Immigrant Society (National Institute Of Immigrant Welfare) Makes 3 Awards 26
05/13/1938 Get $10,000 For Aid Of Jewish Children (‘For Work In Europe’) 2
05/13/1938 ‘Flying Fortresses’ (B-17’S) Meet Liner (‘Rex’) At Sea 3
05/13/1938 (Rabbi) Dr. S. S. Wise Honored-He Is Guest At Dinner Of United Palestine Appeal 7
05/13/1938 Reich Loses Plea To See FBI Files-Request To Claims Board For Permit To Hurt Black Tom Data (World War I) Sharply Rebuffed-Is Called Preposterous-Justice (Owen J.) Roberts (Of Black Tom Court And Pearl Harbor Inquiry Fame), Presiding, Plans To Search Records For Pertinent Matter 9
05/13/1938 Helium For Reich Is Left To Congress-Ickes Would Not Block Sale, He Says If Act Were Eased 10
05/13/1938 Reich Arms Found On Brazil Rebels-But Officials Doubt Link 11
05/13/1938 British Air Arming Stirs Parliament-Winterton, Badgered, Predicts Tripled Output In 2 Years-Defends U.S. (Purchasing) Mission 13
05/13/1938 Henlein On Surprise London Visit; British Hope Of Czech Peace Rises 14
05/13/1938 Poles’ Aim To Keep Out Of Czech Issue (Jerzy Szapiro) 14
05/13/1938 Henlein Deputies Stir Czech’s Anger-German Democrats (Anti-Henlein Group) Demand Protection From (‘Nazi’) Terrorism 14
05/13/1938 (Senator Dennis) Chavez Scores Nazis Before Senate Group 14
05/14/1938 Roosevelt Plan To Revive (Government) Reorganization (As Desired By Roosevelt) As ‘Must’ Is Reported In Congress 1
05/14/1938 U.S. Drops Plan To Repeal Arms Embargo On Spain-Nye Bill Is Shelved (Franco Gen. Yague Refers To Germans & Italians As ‘Beasts Of Prey’) 1
05/14/1938 Britain Preparing Land Sacrifices For Reich Accord 1
05/14/1938 Nazi Link Sought In Brazil’s Uprising-Drastic Curbs Planned 4
05/14/1938 (U.S.) Planes Bomb ‘Foe’ In Mimic Combat 4
05/14/1938 320 Jewish Refugees (From Austria & Germany) Arrive Here On Liner (‘Manhattan’) 4
05/14/1938 Churches Set Up A World Council (In Utrecht-Principles-U.S. Had One Of Largest Delegations) 17
05/14/1938 $25,175 To Aid (Jewish) Refugees (Transfers To Palestine From Austria, Germany And Poland) 17
05/14/1938 (Percy C.) Magnus Assails U.S. Alien Policy (Too Many Immigrants And Not Enough Deportations) 17
05/15/1938 Mussolini Says Fascists Will Fight Together To End If Democracies Make War (Text, P. 30) 1
05/15/1938 London Withdraws Envoy In Mexico (Oil Property Expropriation) 1
05/15/1938 (U.S.) War Games Show Air Force Is Weak 1
05/15/1938 Planned Economy Failed Says (Col. Frank) Knox 21
05/15/1938 Nazi Press Scored By Vatican Organ (Observatore Romano) 27
05/15/1938 Eckener Renews Appeal For Helium (10,000,000 Cu. Ft.-Amount Said To Be Not Important Militarily) 28
05/15/1938 10 Big Reich Cities Lose 40% Of Jews-American (Jewish Joint Distribution) Committee Called Upon To Assist Charitable Agencies There As Result (List Of Cities) 29
05/15/1938 (U.S. Sec. Of War) Woodring Hits Aggression 29
05/15/1938 Reich Best Buyer From Rebel Spain-Franco Builds Exports 31
05/15/1938 Nazi Church Reopens Drive To End Sects 31
05/15/1938 Flier Held In Plot To Help Arm (Loyalist) Spain (Shipped Planes Via Mexico) 33
05/15/1938 Brazil Continues To Seize Fascists-Paper Accuses Germany 35
05/15/1938 Paris Opens Drive For Big Arms Loan 35
05/15/1938 U.S. Note On Jews Disputed In Berlin 35
05/15/1938 Hull Embarrassed By Mexican Action (Break In Diplomatic Relations With England) 36
05/15/1938 Columbia Puts Ban On Mass Meetings 37
05/15/1938 Protestant Groups Form World Council (In Utrecht-’The World Ecumenical Council’) 38
05/15/1938 U.S. Jews Held Key To (Jewish) People’s Future-Duty To Back Democracy, With 7,000,000 Jews Now Under Dictators Is Stressed 38
05/15/1938 Nazi Infiltration Menaces 4 States E-4
05/15/1938 Geneva Sees Struggle Between Two Systems E-4
05/15/1938 Our Neutrality Policy Faces Series Of Tests E-5
05/15/1938 Britain Held Cool On Palestine Split E-5
05/15/1938 Air Armament Lag Perplexes British E-5
05/15/1938 These Are Grim Days For The Czechs (G.E.R. Gedye) Mag. 1
05/15/1938 Tools Of Dictators-Crowds Mag. 4
05/15/1938 Sarajevo To Anschluss; The Hapsburg Tragedy Mag. 5
05/16/1938 U.S. Will Not Help Mexico To Sell Oil 1
05/16/1938 Town ‘Black Out’ In ‘Air Raid’ Tonight (Farmingdale-Map, P. 10) 1
05/16/1938 Egypt Will Warn Anti-Jewish Arabs-Deportation Threatened 4
05/16/1938 All Jews (35 Families) In One (German) Town (Rexingen) Moved To Palestine 4
05/16/1938 Reich Is Shifting Tasks To Industry-Business Hindered By Many Burdens 8
05/16/1938 Britain’s New Role Is That Of Arbiter 8
05/16/1938 Innitzer’s (Pro-German) Action (‘Heil Hitler’) Praised 9
05/16/1938 Brazil Continues Drive On Fascists 11
05/17/1938 Roosevelt Insists On (U.S. Government) Reorganization 1
05/17/1938 Cabinet Shift Gives Britain A New Man To Rush Air Arming (Sir Kingsley Wood) 1
05/17/1938 Woman Convicted As (German) Spy In Scotland-She Confesses Her Guilt-British Evidence Made Available To U.S. For Colleague’s Trial 2
05/17/1938 Hull A Nobel (‘Peace’) Candidate 3
05/17/1938 Pope (Pius XI) And Franco Exchange Envoys 5
05/17/1938 French War Loan Is Oversubscribed 6
05/17/1938 100 Planes Bought In U.S. By France 6
05/17/1938 Churchill Advises Czech-Nazi Accord 7
05/17/1938 Germany To Answer U.S. (On Jewish Property Decree) 7
05/17/1938 (James G. Mc Donald, Chairman, President’s Advisory Committee On Political Refugees) Map Help For Refugees (Rabbi S.S. Wise Is A Member) 7
05/17/1938 Nazism Not A.Plot To Aid Employers 8
05/17/1938 Reich Press Bitter Over Brazil Issues (Charges In Brazil Press)-U.S. Influence Is Blamed 9
05/17/1938 Five L. I. (Long Island) Nazis Held In Bund Camp Case 9
05/17/1938 Roosevelt And Vargas (Brazil) Exchange Felicitations 9
05/17/1938 Orthodox Jews Vote To Oppose (Jewish National) Plebiscite (In U.S.) 46
05/18/1938 Brazil Newspaper Plans (U.S.) Amity Drive 2
05/18/1938 $L00,000 Gift Made To Jewish Groups (Care Of Refugees From Germany) 2
05/18/1938 Britain Bars Plan To End Arms Ban-Would Not Join U.S. In Lifting Embargo On Loyalist Spain 4
05/18/1938 Large Police Detail Guards Nazi Meeting 4
05/18/1938 Franco Spain Upset By (Gen. Juan) Yague’s (Anti-German) Speech (Allegedly Called Germans ‘Beasts Of Prey’) 4
05/18/1938 German Democrats Ask Help Of Prague (Against Henlein Terrorists) 6
05/18/1938 German Employer Beholden To State-Limit Set On Dividends 7
05/18/1938 Poland And Lithuania Resume Vilna Dispute 7
05/18/1938 Brazil Envoy Acts On Berlin Threats 7
05/18/1938 144 Planes Display Might Over City-Huge Bombers (B-17’S) A Feature 8
05/18/1938 Methodist Ministers Assail ‘Black Out’-Ask Aid For Loyalist Spain 8
05/18/1938 (Alf M.) Landon Attacks Free Speech Foes 10
05/18/1938 (Roosevelt’s) Spending (‘Pump-Priming’) Bill Seen ‘Tammanyizing’ U.S. 10
05/18/1938 (Roosevelt’s) Refugee Plan Held Aid To Communists 10
05/18/1938 Poor Wheat Crop Confronts Italy 37
05/19/1938 Italy’s Arms Near Completion 3
05/19/1938 U.S. Aids Argentine Fliers 3
05/19/1938 Soviet Says (Naval) Fleet Can Stop Reich’s-Strength Is Kept Secret (Harold Denny) 5
05/19/1938 German Economy Aids All Classes-Business Growth Large (Otto D. Tolischus) 6
05/19/1938 Henleinists Push Anti-Czech Drive-Fresh Outbreaks Occur-G.E.R. Gedye 6
05/19/1938 Reich Trade Drops Despite Anschluss 6
05/19/1938 Reich Envoy Calls At Brazil Ministry-Berlin Press Turns Against United States, Centering Attack On (U.S. Sec. Of War, Harry H.) Woodring 7
05/19/1938 Issacs Denounces Jews Aiding (Mayor) Hague (Of N. J.)-’Fascism’ Treachery To People-Sees Democracy In Peril 11
05/20/1938 France Can Defend Her Empire Alone, Daladier Asserts 1
05/20/1938 Hopkins Expects 3,000,000 (Persons) On WPA 6
05/20/1938 Reich Will Ignore Catholic Congress (In Budapest) 11
05/20/1938 German General (Alexander Von Falkenhausen) Still Aiding China 12
05/20/1938 Henlein Departs On Visit To Austria 13
05/20/1938 (German) Spy Ring Friend Is Heard By Jury 13
05/20/1938 Methodists Assail Anti-Jewish Acts (In Germany, Austria & Poland) 14
05/20/1938 Hall Of Palestine Dedicated At (World’s) Fair-Cost To Exceed $250,000-Achievements Of Jewish Colony 42
05/21/1938 Reich Army Moves Stir British Fears Of Peril To Prague 1
05/21/1938 Dr. Griebl Is Held By German Police (Figure In U.S. Spy Trial) 1
05/21/1938 Eckener Sees Roosevelt (On Attempt To Get Helium) 1
05/21/1938 Ten Lose WPA Jobs For (Anti-Democratic) Primary Roles (By Order Of Harry L. Hopkins, WPA Administrator) 2
05/21/1938 Both Sides In Spain Get Foreign Arms-Czechs Aiding Loyalists-Large Quantities Of British And U.S. Equipment Said To Be In Use In War 4
05/21/1938 Czechs Held Ready To Defend Nation 4
05/21/1938 200 Tons Of Gold, Silver Shipped To U.S. By (Loyalist) Spain 5
05/21/1938 Curb On Jews (Limited To Proportional Representation According To Population In Trades & Professions) Voted By Hungarian House 5
05/21/1938 Roosevelt Asks $23,875,000 To Start Work On 13 Warships, Dirigible, Big Navy Planes 7
05/21/1938 Dr. Reinhardt Dies; Adviser Of Kaiser (Wilhelm Ii-Philip Reinhardt) 15
05/22/1938 Czechs Put 400,000 Troops Near Borders Of The Reich; Two Sudetens Germans Slain-Reich Hints Prague Government Has Lost Control Of Situation-Reservists Called-Terrorism Curbed As Henlein Backers Are Surprised 1
05/22/1938 Radio Links The Cadets Of France And U.S. In Exchange Of Army Songs And Greetings (Weaf-Nbc) 3
05/22/1938 Shipyard Industry Warned (By Rear Admiral Emory S. Land) To Expand 3
05/22/1938 Equal Job Rights For Women Asked 4
05/22/1938 Methodists Back Reform Program (Of Capitalistic System) 20
05/22/1938 (Philippines, Manuel) Quezon Offer U.S. Supplies For A War (In Peace Or In War) 29
05/22/1938 World Trade Cut Heavily This Year-Had Reached 1929 (High) Level 30
05/22/1938 Opinion In America Resented By (Italian (Gayda) 31
05/22/1938 Eckener Saddened By (U.S.) Curb On Helium (Refusal To Sell To Germany) 32
05/22/1938 Europe Looks Here For Refugee Plan-Surveying Situation For The American Jewish Committee 33
05/22/1938 Australia Will Ban Exports Of Iron Ore (Most Affected Will Be Japan) 33
05/22/1938 Poles To Greet Slovaks 33
05/22/1938 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Aids Jews In Austria 34
05/22/1938 Map: Danger Points In Czechoslovakia 35
05/22/1938 Schurman, 84 Today, Decries Reich’s Aim 37
05/22/1938 (U.S. Sec. Of War, Harry H. Woodring) Asks National Guard To Teach Patriotism 37
05/22/1938 New Air Fighter (‘Airacuda’) Chosen For Army-13 Will Cost $3,168,267 37
05/22/1938 Reports On Palestine-Jewish Agency Says $199,760 Was Spent In February, 1938 N-6
05/22/1938 Methodists Hailed For ‘Fine Attitude’ (By Rabbi B. A. Tintner) N-8
05/22/1938 Germans Denounce Czech Compromise-Partition Plan Now Doubted E-4
05/22/1938 Hungary Is Saved From Nazi Putsch-New Cabinet Pro-German E-4
05/22/1938 Nazis Rush Austrian Assimilation E-4
05/22/1938 World Peace Held Women’s Problem D-5
05/22/1938 The Struggle Over Austria Book 1
05/22/1938 The Suppressed Story Of Benito Mussolini’s Early Years Book 3
05/22/1938 Nazi School For Nordic Knights (‘Vogelsang’) Mag. 3
05/22/1938 Vignettes Of Struggle In Troubled Palestine Mag. 9
05/22/1938 Picture: Kaiser (Wilhelm Ii), 79, Louis Ferdinand & Kira (A Wedding Picture) Roto.
05/23/1938 Organized Nazi Terrorism Goes On Secretly In Vienna 1
05/23/1938 Firm Stand By The Czechs Eases Tension In Europe; Nazi Troops Withdrawing 1
05/23/1938 Paris Joins London In Peace Pressure 1
05/23/1938 Crisis Over Czechs Abating In Berlin 1
05/23/1938 Jewish Veterans Vote War On ‘Isms’ 3
05/23/1938 Jews And Catholics Warned On Extremes (By American Legion) 3
05/23/1938 (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman Opposes A New Tokyo (U.S. Non-Aggression) Pact 8
05/23/1938 Spain’s War A Lure To 3,000 (Volunteers) From U.S.-Deny (Loyalist) Recruiting Charges 10
05/23/1938 Reich And Italy Refuse To Transmit Phone Calls From Paris To Prague-Routed Through Warsaw 13
05/23/1938 Priest (Father Peter E. Duffy) Sees Soviet As Real Foe Of U.S. 20
05/23/1938 Nazi Camp (‘Siegfried’) Opens, But Delays Fete 36
05/24/1938 Mexico Asks Help To Arrest Revolt 1
05/24/1938 U.S. Woman Barred By British As A (German) Spy 3
05/24/1938 Reich Emphasizes Border Incidents-Czechs Apologize Rejected 10
05/24/1938 Pictures: Konrad Henlein & Premier Milan Hodza (Of Czecho-Slovakia) 10
05/24/1938 Chamberlain Finds The Tension Eased (Text Of Speech) 10
05/24/1938 Franco-British Tie Works On Berlin 12
05/24/1938 Jewish Charities Reduce Budget 5% 12
05/24/1938 Vienna Jews Bury Leader (Jakob Ehrlich, Died In Dachau-Sealed Coffin-Abuse Implied) 12
05/24/1938 Roosevelt Studies Mexican Situation 13
05/24/1938 Britain To Protect Her Interests In Mexico; United States Attacked By Peer For Attitude 13
05/24/1938 German Advisers Will Leave China (Ordered By Berlin) 14
05/24/1938 Hadassah To Shun (National) Jewish Plebiscite 15
05/24/1938 Study Of (U.S.) Enlistments For Loyalists Urged 15
05/25/1938 Henlein Breaks Off Talks, Renewing Tension In Prague; New Troop Moves Reported-Nazi Quits Capital-Paris Asks U.S. Diplomatic Backing To Prevent A German-Czech War-Request That We Join Britain And France In Pressure On Reich Is Received Coolly 1
05/25/1938 Riots In Jerusalem;One (Jew) Dead, 25 Injured 12
05/25/1938 German Envoy Calls On Police In Brazil 12
05/25/1938 Reich Is Smarting; Renews Pressure (On Prague)-Otto D. Tolischus 16
05/25/1938 Austria Is Divided Into Nazi Districts-Anti-Semitic Laws Rule (Odilo Globocnik [Majdanek-Lublin] And Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner Mentioned) 16
05/26/1938 Hull Sees Danger In Autarchy’s Rise 1
05/26/1938 Berlin Protests On Czech (Military) Flights (Over Border) 1
05/26/1938 Depression Held Touching Bottom 8
05/26/1938 Terrorism Spreads In Palestine Cities-Four Arabs Are Killed-Three Wounded Earlier Die 15
05/26/1938 Lifting Of Curbs In Palestine Urged (By Pro-Palestine Federation Of America)-Free Entry Of Jewish Victims Of Persecution Asked At Meeting 16
05/26/1938 U.S. Envoy Denies France Ask (U.S.) Aid (In Czech Crisis) 20
05/26/1938 New Consul General Hails Czech Spirit-Says No German Troop Invasion Will Be Tolerated 20
05/26/1938 Fiery Talks Mark Sudeten’s Funeral-Leader Himself Is Mild 21
05/26/1938 Envoy Says Soviet Is Ready To Fight-Hails Czech Attitude 21
05/26/1938 Argentines Display Love Of Democracy 21
05/26/1938 (Luis Wolf, 37, German Jewess) Ends Life To Escape Return To Germany (Could Not Certify She Would Not Become A Public Charge In U.S.) 21
05/26/1938 Aid To Jews Urged On Presbyterians-(Dr. Conrad Hoffmann) Sees A Christian ‘Duty’ 29
05/27/1938 Britain Seeking Aid Of Poland, Holding She Is The Key To Peace 1
05/27/1938 House Will Delve Into Propaganda-Dies Tells Of A Nazi Threat To Kill President (Roosevelt) 2
05/27/1938 British Constable And Six Arabs Slain (British-Arab Fight) 7
05/27/1938 France Is Warned Of Reich By Petain-The Country Has Been Lulled By Eternal Peace Hopes 8
05/27/1938 Prague Says Reich Violated Frontier 8
05/27/1938 Cheap German Car (‘Volksauto’?) To Cost 990 Marks-On Sale At End Of 1939-Hitler Lays Plant Cornerstone (At Fallersleben) 9
05/27/1938 Mexico Hands U.S. Oil (Property Expropriation) Payment Plan 9
05/27/1938 Codreanu (Rumanian Iron Guard Leader) Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison 9
05/27/1938 American Slovaks Greeted In Poland 9
05/27/1938 (U.S.) Fleet Will Shift To Atlantic In ‘39-Borah Views Move As Warning To Fascist Nations To Stay Out Of This Hemisphere 11
05/27/1938 Captain Of Bremen Called In Spy Case 11
05/27/1938 (Sumner) Welles Is Scored (By Chicago Liberal Group) On ‘Silence’ Policy 18
05/27/1938 Abolition Of War Is Called Certain (By National ‘Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War,’ Meeting In Ywca Bldg.) 18
05/27/1938 Prussian Prince Here With Bride 19
05/28/1938 4 On Bremen Held By U.S. In Spy Case; One A Nazi Officer 1
05/28/1938 (Herbert) Lehman Pledges Free Speech Here 1
05/28/1938 Argentina Weighs Curb On U.S. Goods-Balance Is Unfavorable 4
05/28/1938 U.S. Firms Are Asked To Buy Mexican Oil (To Allow Mexico To Pay Compensation For Expropriated Oil Property) 4
05/28/1938 Reich Press Halts Attacks On Czechs-Berlin Renews Protests 5
05/28/1938 1,000 Pastors Plan Anti-War Sermons-’Keep America Out Of War’ 5
05/28/1938 Presbyterians Bar Sanction Of War 17
05/28/1938 Pacifist End To War Move Is Out; Film Capital Sees Army’s Hand 17
05/28/1938 Women Warned On War Policies (Avoid Belief Democracies Must Fight Fascists) 30
05/29/1938 Hull Urges Peace In Central Europe 1
05/29/1938 Warrants Issued For Two As (German) Spies 1
05/29/1938 (U.S. Navy) Plan New Dirigible For World’s Safest 3
05/29/1938 Farley Held Cool To A (Harry L.) Hopkins Boom (For N.Y. Governor)-He Puts (Herbert) Lehman First 5
05/29/1938 Jewish Vote Seen As Threat To Unity (Of Jewish Effort-S.S. Wise Involved-National Plebiscite For Jews) 6
05/29/1938 Sudetens Resume Talks With Czechs 14
05/29/1938 Nazi Arrest (Of Dr. Friedrich Funder) Stirs Catholic Writers 14
05/29/1938 Eckener’s Gifts Recall Hindenburg Disaster (Voluntary Gifts From Germany For Bereaved) 14
05/29/1938 U.S. Abandons Plans For 18-Inch Sea Guns-But Notifies Britain It Wants 45,000-Ton Ships 15
05/29/1938 Rebels Bar Talk With U.S. Captives (Volunteers In Spain) 16
05/29/1938 Calls Federal Aid Threat To Schools N-5
05/29/1938 7,400 Foes Of War March In Midtown N-8
05/29/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-(Czechs) Prepared To Fight For Czech Independence E-1
05/29/1938 Cartoon: ‘Ring Around A Roosevelt-Pockets Full Of Dough.’ E-3
05/29/1938 Fighting Tradition Backs Czech Army E-4
05/29/1938 Map: Racial Make-Up Of Czechoslovakia E-4
05/29/1938 Will There Be An Explosion In Europe? (Bernard Fay) Mag. 1
05/29/1938 Portrait Of Czechoslovakia’s ‘Little Hitler’ (Henlein) Mag. 3
05/30/1938 Czech Poll Passes Peacefully; Sudetens Gain In German Zones 1
05/30/1938 Nazis Take Schuschnigg From Prison Castle; May Try Him Before Leipzig Supreme Court 1
05/30/1938 (Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Deplores European Conflict 4
05/30/1938 B’nai B’rith Scores Reds And Fascists-Foes Of Democracy 6
05/30/1938 War Danger Seen By Homer Martin (United Auto Workers Union) 8
05/30/1938 Fortune Seekers Blamed For War 9
05/30/1938 Peale Criticizes Alien Ideologies 9
05/30/1938 Adolph S. Ochs Held ‘Martial For Peace’ (By Rabbi Philip R. Alstat) 26
05/31/1938 All Czechs 6 To 60 Ordered Trained For Defense Work 1
05/31/1938 Peace Is Pledged As Nation Honors Dead Of Six Wars 1
05/31/1938 Hull Admonished By German Press-Assails U.S. Newspapers 9
05/31/1938 Wide British Draft Planned In A War 10
05/31/1938 (David) Doran Dies In Spain-Was Political Commissar Of The American (Volunteer, Abraham) Lincoln Brigade 10
05/31/1938 Hankey (Picture) Quits Post As Aide To Cabinet 10
05/31/1938 Poles And Rumanians Confer On Defenses 14
05/31/1938 Geneva Labor Post For (John G.) Winant Is Sure 15