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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

July 1938
Date Headline Page
07/01/1938 Roosevelt (Speaking To Assembled ‘Educators’) Warns Nations All Must Help Keep Peace; Extols Our Civic Liberties-Tells Foreign Envoys We Cannot Be ‘Good Neighbors’ Alone (Text, P. 2) 1
07/01/1938 Doherty Derides Attack On (American) Legion (By Columbia University Survey); Educators Cheer His Amity Pledge-Gellermann’s ‘Fascist’ Charge Is The ‘Puny Product Of A Small Mind,’ He Says 1
07/01/1938 (U.S., British And French ) Accord Sets 45,000 Ton (Battleship) Ceiling 1
07/01/1938 Final Sessions Are Held By Nation’s Educators-Deplores Neglect Of Gifted Pupils 2
07/01/1938 Educators Urged To Seek Good Films (‘Zola’ & ‘Pasteur’) 2
07/01/1938 Vocation Courses Are Held Useless (By Dr. Homer P. Rainey) 2
07/01/1938 Throngs On Route Cheer President (Roosevelt, On National Tour) 3
07/01/1938 Bund Chief (Fritz Kuhn) Urges That Spies Be Shot-Is Assailed By (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein 8
07/01/1938 Indicted In Pwa (Ickes) Kickback 10
07/01/1938 U.S. Aim To Widen Evian (France, Refugee) Parley Seen-Agenda Held Aimed At Making Refugee Conference Cover A Broad Field-Asks Exchange Of Data 12
07/01/1938 Schuschnigg Trial For Treason Sure-Reports Only 3,780 Held Joseph Buerckel) 13
07/01/1938 Austrian Debt Talks Imperil 1934 Accord (With Germany) 13
07/01/1938 Employers In Vienna Dismiss 30,000 Jews 13
07/01/1938 Jewish Exiles Show Progress In Brazil 13
07/01/1938 3,897 Lost Jobs In Wall St. In ‘38 30
07/02/1938 Germany Will Pay Britain On Debts Austria Incurred-Trade Deal Now Planned 1
07/02/1938 $14,443,196 Planes Ordered By Army 1
07/02/1938 Italy Puts Curbs On Books Written By Jews; Bars Translations And Obstructs Sales 1
07/02/1938 (Aubrey) Williams (WPA [Harry Hopkins]) Affirms ‘Right To A Job’ 2
07/02/1938 (Religious) Service In Berlin Backs Niemoeller-Hitler Bars His Release 4
07/02/1938 Reich Slows Drive On Jews In Trade-Jews Look To Evian Parley (For Relief) 5
07/02/1938 Deadlock In Parleys Admitted In Prague-Impasse On Self-Determination For Minority Groups 5
07/02/1938 Nazi Labor Draft Goes Into Effect 5
07/02/1938 Group (National Conference Of Jews And Christians) Will Seek Religious Amity 11
07/03/1938 Peace Primary Aim, Says Chamberlain 1
07/03/1938 Gettysburg Fore Hail United Nation 1
07/03/1938 Hull Tops Cabinet In Eyes Of Voters (Gallup Survey) 6
07/03/1938 Zionists Take Up Aid For Refugees-Large Scale Settlement Is Put Before (Zionist Organization Of America) Convention In Detroit (Led By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise)-’New Era’ Is Predicted (In Message Received From Chaim Weizmann) 8
07/03/1938 Veterans Oppose Refugee Plan; Balk At ‘Condemning’ Roosevelt-Criticism Of President Modified 8
07/03/1938 Reich Sees Navy Race In Bigger Ship Move-Suggests U.S. Will Be Sure To Blame If New Contest Develops 8
07/03/1938 Germans (World War I Veterans In U.S.) Hail Democracy 8
07/03/1938 Reich Plans East (Asia) Airline 8
07/03/1938 4 Henlein Points Sharply Rejected (By Czechs)-Tension Again Mounting 10
07/03/1938 Deal With Britain Hailed In Germany-U.S. Position Is Injured 10
07/03/1938 Running Of Arms (Through France) To Spain Observed-Rail Unions Sympathetic-Handle Supplies Without Pay-Russians Now Shipping By Northern Routes 11
07/03/1938 18 (U.S.) Wounded Back From War In (Loyalist) Spain 11
07/03/1938 Nazi Chief Combats Austrian Corruption 11
07/03/1938 Paraguay Reported Buying War Planes (From Italy) 11
07/03/1938 Battlefield Tours Started In Spain (By Franco)-Propaganda Value Cited 11
07/03/1938 500 World Youth To Stress Peace (Japan, Germany & Italy Decline To Join Vassar-Sponsored Event) D-4
07/03/1938 $15,933,000 Gold Imported In June F-5
07/03/1938 Cartoon: Anti-German, Pro-Evian Conference E-3
07/03/1938 Prague To Change Its Form Of State-Designed To MeetAnd End Minority Questions E-4
07/03/1938 Palestine Events Increase Despair E-5
07/03/1938 The Inside Story Of The Last Five Hours Of Austria Book 4
07/03/1938 Japan Still Looks To America For Guidance Mag. 4
07/04/1938 Soviet Air Heroes Snubbed In Reich-Harold Denny 1
07/04/1938 Roosevelt’s Gettysburg Address (Text, Pp. 1&3) 1
07/04/1938 9,000 At Bund Fete Mark ‘Independence’-Kuhn Likens Nazis’ ‘Fight’ Here To Aid Of Von Steuben 2
07/04/1938 Ban Jewish Tenants In Vienna’s (Fashionable) Suburbs 7
07/04/1938 Fascists Of Canada Plan Mass Meeting 8
07/04/1938 Pact With Britain Ends Reich Worry 21
07/04/1938 Jobs In Reich Up In May 22
07/04/1938 Nationalism Here Is Seen As Threat-Rearming Policy (Of Roosevelt) Scored 28
07/04/1938 Era Of A World Democracy Seen Coming; (Episcopalian) Dr. (Samuel) Prince Says U.S. Will Lead In Move 28
07/05/1938 Eden Deprecates Expediency Policy; Extols U.S. Course-Asks Closer Cooperation 1
07/05/1938 France Occupies Isles Of Hainan; Tokyo Perturbed 1
07/05/1938 America ‘Growing’ Cummings Asserts 2
07/05/1938 Nazis Are Linked To Hessians Of Old (By Negro Myles A. Paige) 3
07/05/1938 (Zionist Organization Of America In Detroit Convention) Asks Greater Aid To Palestine Fund 7
07/05/1938 Writ In Berlin Curbs ‘Anti-Jewish’ School 7
07/05/1938 Evian (Refugee) Conferees Divided On Scope-France Would Limit Talks To Austro-German Refugees-Others For Wider Range 11
07/05/1938 Pole Beats Jewish (Convert) Priest (In Warsaw) 11
07/05/1938 Reich Fliers To Start Transatlantic Trial 11
07/05/1938 Civilian Bombings Scored By (William C.) Bullitt-’Bestial Traits’ 12
07/05/1938 Sees Democracy At War-Mussolini’s News Papers (‘Popolo D’italia’) Cites Roosevelt’s (June 30) Speech 12
07/06/1938 South Is Declared ‘No. 1’ By President (Roosevelt) In Economic Need 1
07/05/1938 32 Nations Gather To Help Refugees (Evian France Conference) 1
07/05/1938 Population Peak 158,000,000 In 1980 2
07/05/1938 President (Roosevelt) To Push (Government) Reorganization Plan 6
07/05/1938 Vienna Ousting Jews In City-Owned Homes 11
07/05/1938 Poland Is Studying Defenses In Baltic-Military Planning Is Added To Trade Contest With Reich 11
07/05/1938 U.S. Hailed In Series In Brazilian Paper 11
07/06/1938 Prague Hails Americans 11
07/06/1938 Reich Aid To Japan Seen By Diplomats 12
07/06/1938 Picture: General Alexander Von Falkenhausen Ends China Mission 12
07/06/1938 Austrian Official Tried-Gets 3 Years For Harming Nazis In 1934 14
07/06/1938 America Warned (By James S. Carson) To Guard Americas-Nazi-Fascist Threat 24
07/06/1938 Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America, Meeting In Detroit) Welcome Palestine ‘State’-Goldman Succeeds (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-Picture: Rabbi Solomon Goldman)-Protests ‘Brutality’ In Germany 24
07/07/1938 23 Die As Violence Grips Palestine-100 Persons Wounded 1
07/07/1938 U.S. Spurs Nations To Prompt Action At (Evian) Refugee Parley-(Myron C. Taylor) Scores Human ‘Dumping’ (Text, P. 9-200,000 Refugees In France) 1
07/07/1938 Kuhn Aid (Winterscheidt) Jailed On Morals Charge 3
07/07/1938 (Alleged German-American) Bund Oath Quoted As Nazi Case Opens 3
07/08/1938 (Myron C.) Taylor Made Head Of (Evian) Refugee Parley (Picture, P. 7) 1
07/08/1938 Big Pwa (Ickes) Job Gain Predicted By Ickes-Indirect Benefits Cited 3
07/08/1938 400,000 In The WPA To Join Vote Fight-Wage Rise Is Held Test 3
07/08/1938 Firmness No Peril To Peace, Says Eden-He Asks (United) Stand For International Democracy 7
07/08/1938 France Will Sell Reich Iron Ore (From Lorraine) Needed To Arm 9
07/08/1938 Bund Oath Denied At Nazi Camp Trial-’This Is An American Trial’ 18
07/09/1938 Arabs In Palestine Begin With Strike As Violence Grows 1
07/09/1938 Eckener Ridicules Ickes For Helium Ban; Cites Roosevelt Assurances On ‘Last Word’ 1
07/09/1938 Nazi Curbs Voted By Albany Group 4
07/09/1938 (U.S. Ambassador, William C.) Bullitt Condemns Civilians’ ‘Murder’-Attacks ‘Certain Nations’ That Use Slaying Of Defenseless As ‘Instruments Of Policy’ 4
07/09/1938 Marriage Law Hits Church In Austria-Civil Rite Is Compulsory 4
07/09/1938 German Flag In Danzig Arouses Polish Protest 4
07/09/1938 France Tightens Frontier Control 5
07/10/1938 U.S. Refugee Plan Nearer Approval (At Evian, France)-Clarence K. Streit 1
07/10/1938 Britain Dispatches More Cairo Troops To Aid In Palestine-New Revolt Threatened 1
07/10/1938 British Arms Cost At $5,000,000 A Day 12
07/10/1938 Friendly Unity In South Africa Threatened By Controversy Over Two Flags And Anthems 12
07/10/1938 Naval Race Is On In South America 13
07/10/1938 (United Palestine Appeal) To Discuss Refugee Aid 15
07/10/1938 Nazi Racial Ideas Assailed By (George Bernard) Shaw-Jewish Program (Of Germany) Scored 18
07/10/1938 Reich Curbs Jews Anew (Forbidden To Be Active In Certain Businesses) 20
07/10/1938 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman For Shift In Neutrality Law 21
07/10/1938 Goering Urges Germans To Remain On The Farm 22
07/10/1938 Mexico And Jews In Tentative Accord-But Refugees Without Kin There Or Funds Will Be Barred 22
07/10/1938 U.S. Cool To (Immigration) Quota Change 22
07/10/1938 War ‘Education’ For Industry Near (‘How To Make Munitions’) 23
07/10/1938 Leader Of Jews In England (Dr. C. J. Goldsmid-Montefiore) Dies In England 29
07/10/1938 Palestine Crisis Is Rabbi’s Subject F-9
07/10/1938 Britain Tightens Palestine Policy E-4
07/10/1938 Huge Refugee Problem Is Revealed At Evian (France Refugee Conference) E-5
07/10/1938 Hungary Is Added To Czech Worries E-5
07/10/1938 Thomas Mann On Democracy-’The Coming Victory Of Democracy’ Book 1
07/10/1938 Japan: A Great Unknown Quantity Mag. 3
07/10/1938 This Is Free Speech In Britain Mag. 6
07/11/1938 Writer (William P. Carney) Sees 80 Americans (Captured Volunteers) Held In (San Pedro De Cardena) Spanish Rebel Camp 1
07/11/1938 Palestine Suffers Renewed Bombings 1
07/11/1938 President (Roosevelt) Assails Low Wage As Bane In Texas Address (Taking A National Tour) 1
07/11/1938 U.S. Warship Quits War Zone In China 7
07/11/1938 Hitler And Henlein Hold A Talk In Munich; Czech Radio Station Angers Vienna Nazis 7
07/11/1938 Germany Will Abolish Primogeniture Rights 7
07/11/1938 2 Powers (U.S. & Britain) Nearer On Refugee Plan (At Evian, France) 7
07/11/1938 (National Federation Of Jewish Men’s Clubs) To Aid Jewish Refugees 7
07/11/1938 Palestine Open Door Urged (By Pro-Palestine Federation Of America In Cable To Myron C. Taylor) 7
07/11/1938 Many Japanese In Brazil 7
07/11/1938 Bombing (By Franco) Protest Urged On Clergy (Both Christian & Jewish By Retired Bishop Robert L. Paddock, Chairman Of ‘American Friends Of [Loyalist] Spanish Democracy’ And Many Other Sponsors-Listed) 8
07/11/1938 Ten (Germans) Sentenced In Memel (To Concentration Camps By Lithuanians For Rioting) 9
07/11/1938 U.S. Accused In Brazil-Reich Propaganda Says That We Fostered Uprisings (In Brazil Against Vargas) 10
07/11/1938 Chamberlain’s Home Attacked 10
07/11/1938 Church Unity Seen As Aid To Security (‘Of Civilization’-By Methodist Bishop Holt) 13
07/11/1938 Our Refugee Stand Is Praised (By Rabbi Lt. Col. B. A. Tintner) At (Plattsburg, ‘Citizens’ Training’) Camp 15
07/11/1938 (Rev. L. M. Flanders) Declares Church Need Not Be Aloof 18
07/12/1938 5 U.S. Mines Taken By Mexican Unions 1
07/12/1938 Senator Norris At 77 Assails Fascist War (Rather Bellicose For An Avowed Pacifist) 6
07/12/1938 6-Month Nazi Labor Term (For Labor Conscripted By The Government) 11
07/12/1938 Nazi Fervor High At Bund Oath Trial 12
07/12/1938 Czechs Disturbed By New Nazi Moves 12
07/12/1938 Germans Use (Human) Hair (Primarily Women’s) In Manufacture Of Rugs (To Alleviate Shortage Of Yarns And Decrease Dependency On Foreign Supplies) 13
07/12/1938 Evian (Refugee) Delegates Agree In Principle-Quick Action Is Expected 13
07/12/1938 Reims (World War I) Charge Resented-Germans Deny That Cathedral Was Damaged Without Reason (They Claimed It Was Used By French For Military Observation-Shades Of Casino!) 13
07/12/1938 Czechoslovakia Receives 15 Reich Army Deserters 14
07/12/1938 (Archbishop Of Canterbury) Asks Prayers For Jews 14
07/12/1938 (‘Friends Of The Abraham Lincoln Brigade’) Ready To Aid Americans (80 Captured Volunteers Held Prisoner By Franco) 14
07/12/1938 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Returns Hopeful For Peace 17
07/12/1938 Union With America Forecast By Lothian-British Peer Says Two Nations Should Combine For Peace 20
07/12/1938 U.S. Shipbuilding Shows Sharp Rise 39
07/13/1938 6 Nazis Camp Heads Quickly Convicted; Mueller Is Jailed (German American Settlement League, Inc.-Pictures, P. 16) 1
07/13/1938 Ludlow Modifies His War Vote (Referendum) Plan-Sponsor Is Optimistic 5
07/13/1938 WPA Fraud Trial Opens 10
07/13/1938 Cardenas Defends (Mexican) Oil Seizure 10
07/13/1938 Germany Suspends Brazil Purchases-U.S.Domination Charged 12
07/13/1938 3 Powers (U.S., Britain & France) Confirm New Refugee Body (At Evian, France Conference) 12
07/13/1938 Orthodox Jewish Leaders Here Favor Jerusalem For Refugees-Urge Permanent Agency 12
07/13/1938 Rumania Rebuffs Reich-Is Not Vassal Or Substitute For Colonies 12
07/13/1938 Reich Employed At Peak-More Than 20,000,000 Had Jobs 12
07/13/1938 Schuschnigg Still Held 12
07/13/1938 Hungary Curbing Nazis 13
07/13/1938 Daladier Repeats Pledge To Czechs 13
07/13/1938 Japanese War Minister Sees War Spirit Waning 13
07/13/1938 Convictions (Of German Settlement League Members) Laid To Jews (By Fritz Kuhn-Blame Representative Samuel Dickstein, N.Y.) 16
07/13/1938 Foods Interchange Held Aid To Peace 22
07/13/1938 Link To Peace Seen In World’s Fair 23
07/13/1938 Rate On The Pound Sinks To New Low 29
07/13/1938 Shipbuilding Drop In World Is Noted-Germany And France Gain 43
07/13/1938 Danger To Schools (Independence) Seen (By Prof. George D. Strayer) In U.S. Subsidy 44
07/14/1938 Ickes Gives (Pwa) Funds To 21 Towns To Buy Or Rival Utilities 1
07/14/1938 Britain Now Seeks Bombers In Canada-U.S. Builders Take Hand 11
07/14/1938 Danzig’s Nazi Leader On Mission To London 11
07/14/1938 (Jozef) Beck Of Poland Flies To Latvia On Mission 11
07/14/1938 Opposition Leaders Received By (Czech) Hodza (Premier) 12
07/14/1938 7 Americans (Volunteers With Loyalists-Names Listed) Die In Spain (Reported By Pro-Loyalist ‘Friends Of The Abraham Lincoln Brigade’) 12
07/14/1938 U.S. To Send China Vaccine For Cholera 13
07/14/1938 Reich Divorce Law Scored At Vatican 14
07/14/1938 Haven In Palestine For Children Urged (By Hadassa,-Lo’s Of Thousands) 14
07/14/1938 Anglo-U.S. (Monetary) Talks Held Near Crisis-Clarence K. Streit 15
07/14/1938 Reich Power Felt At (Evian, France) Refugee Parley 15
07/14/1938 Elks Pledge Fight On All Alien Isms 18
07/14/1938 (Dr. Maurice Parmelee, Sociologist) Holds Capitulation Hinders Security 19
07/14/1938 Nazi Camp (Yaphank, L. I.) To Go On Despite Conviction-Six Prepare To Appeal 22
07/14/1938 A World (‘Ever Normal’ Perhaps) Granary Is Proposed By U.S. (Henry Agard Wallace, U.S. Sec. Of Agriculture) 29
07/15/1938 Roosevelt Offers To Join A World Disarmament Move; He Sees Trend Toward ‘Disaster’-Waits Step Abroad (Text, P. 11)-45,000-Ton Battleship Designs Now Being Drafted (By U.S.) 1
07/15/1938 Italy Now Plans ‘Aryan’ Race Policy 1
07/15/1938 (Howard) Hughes, His Crew And His Plane Unscathed, End 14,824-Mile Flight In Fine Condition 4
07/15/1938 Czech Parties Firm On Minorities Law-Attitude Towards Concessions Stiffens 6
07/15/1938 Refugee Meeting (At Evian, France) Adopts Resolution-Session Held A Success-Clarence K. Streit 7
07/15/1938 Fear Alone Held Force For Peace-Powers Seen Dishonest (By Norwegian, Joachim Hambro) 8
07/15/1938 WPA (H. L. Hopkins) Extends Rise Of Pay In South 11
07/15/1938 (Constantine Oumansky) Commits Soviet To Peace Policy 15
07/16/1938 U.S. Prods Mexico On Seizure Of Mine-Germany Buys (Mexican) Oil 1
07/16/1938 Prague To Grant Regional Regimes For Minorities (Germans And Hungarians) 1
07/16/1938 Britain Is Warned Of Arming Perils; Huge Outlay Voted-1,000 Planes Are Ordered 1
07/16/1938 (George) Rublee (A Washington Lawyer) Is Sought For (Evian, France) Refugee Post (Vita-He, Like Roosevelt & Sumner Welles Is A Groton Alumnus)-U.S. Seeks Data In Reich 4
07/16/1938 (Myron C.) Taylor’s Evian (France, Refugee) Speech 4
07/16/1938 Roosevelt (Disarmament) Speech Ridiculed In Reich-Attacks On U.S. Spread 5
07/16/1938 W. R. (William Rhodes) Davis Is Sued In London (Mexican) Oil Deal (See ‘A Man Called Intrepid’) 6
07/16/1938 Stalin Is Cheered By New (Soviet) Congress 6
07/16/1938 Mayor (Laguardia) Says WPA ‘Looks’ Permanent 28
07/17/1938 Pope Pius (Xi) Assails Super-Nationalism As Breach Of Faith 1
07/17/1938 U.S. Jews In Palestine Ask U.S. For Help 1
07/17/1938 Reich Seizes Farms Owned By French (To Construct The Westwall) 1
07/17/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins Defends (His) Spending And WPA 4
07/17/1938 Czechs Score Reich Over ‘Propaganda’-G.E.R. Gedye 23
07/17/1938 Nazi Press Derides (Evian, France) Refugee Conference-’Instrument Of Agitation,’ Says Editor 23
07/17/1938 Educators Warn Of Growing Bias 25
07/17/1938 We Keep Record Pure In Armament Contest E-3
07/17/1938 Roosevelt On The Road (On Trip Through U.S.), Still ‘Packs Them In’ E-3
07/17/1938 A Wide-Ranging Discussion Of Europe’s Predicament Book 3
07/17/1938 When Doughboys Turned The Tide Mag. 4
07/18/1938 New Army Set-Up (Reorganization) Delayed A Year To Broaden Tests 1
07/18/1938 Efficiency Of The Nazis Stretches A ‘Moving Day’ To Two Months (By Red Tape) 1
07/18/1938 Mexico (Cardenas) Welcomes Roosevelt To Her Waters, Cardenas Envoy Visits The Houston At Sea 1
07/18/1938 Peace Groups Ask Firmer Neutrality 3
07/18/1938 Roosevelt Assailed For (Fomenting) Class Struggle (By Baptist, Dr. Dr. Francis K. Shepherd) 3
07/18/1938 Columbia (University) Forming New World Body (Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Honorary Chairman, Dr. James T. Shotwell Active Head, Clark M. Eichelberger [Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies] And Others) 4
07/18/1938 Vienna Jews Study For Pioneer Roles (In Palestine?) 5
07/18/1938 Picture: Myron C. Taylor At Evian, France (Refugee Conference) 5
07/18/1938 (Christians & Jews) Pray For The Persecuted 6
07/18/1938 Civilian Bombings Scored By Clergy 11
07/18/1938 Church Is Warned To Correct Its Faults Lest It ‘Degenerate Into A Country Club’ 11
07/18/1938 351,674 Cast Votes In (Nationwide) Jewish Election-Not All Returns In Yet 13
07/18/1938 British Look Here For (Financial) Trading Point 21
07/19/1938 Reich Stocks Fall In Worst Collapse Since Nazis’ Advent-Otto D. Tolischus 1
07/19/1938 Italy Undermining Allies Of Czechs 10
07/19/1938 Rosendahl Favors Reich Helium Plea (For Zeppelin)-Would Send Gas Abroad 10
07/19/1938 Universal (Military) Service Decreed By Reich 10
07/19/1938 King (George) Starts Visit To France Today 11
07/19/1938 W. R. Davis Is Excused (Litigation In London Over Mexican Oil Being Shipped By Him To Germany-Later Murdered By British; See: A Man Called Intrepid) 11
07/19/1938 Reich Editor Jailed By Secret Police 12
07/19/1938 Japan Is Sending More Gold To U.S. 25
07/20/1938 Hitler Asks British Amity As King, Cheered In Paris, Stresses Ties With France Nazi Message Sent 1
07/20/1938 Sudetens Propose Plan Of Partition-Reparations Grant Asked 3
07/20/1938 Fascist Press (Gayda) Blames U.S. Jews (For Fascist Race Policies) 4
07/20/1938 Racial Rows Lead To Closing Of (Elizabeth, N. J.) Pool (For Negroes & Whites) 10
07/20/1938 Presidential Bait Finds Big Fish Wary (Some Fish Appear To Be Smarter Than Men!) 11
07/20/1938 Professor Ogilvie To Direct (Bbc) Broadcasting In Britain 11
07/21/1938 Anglo-Reich Move For A Settlement (Of Czechoslovakia) Well Underway 1
07/21/1938 Turkey Revealed As A British Ally 1
07/21/1938 Czech Cafes Raided By Nazis In Vienna-Jew Baiting Also Resumed 8
07/21/1938 (Loyalist) Atrocities In Spain Charged By Bishop (John M. Gannon) 9
07/21/1938 Anglo-French Talk Centers On Hitler 10
07/21/1938 Our Needy First, (Rabbi) J. B. Wise (National Chairman, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Asserts (Referring To Refugee Aid) 10
07/21/1938 Reich And Brazil To Resume Trade-German Victory Is Seen 13
07/22/1938 U.S. Demands.Arbitration Of Mexican (U.S. Oil) Seizures; ‘Neighbor’ Policy At Stake 1
07/22/1938 Doherty (Of American Legion) Says Reds Smirch Columbia University 1
07/22/1938 Hull Says (Howard) Hughes Further Peace (By Flight Around The World) 1
07/22/1938 Nazi Camp (German-American Settlement League) Trial Data To Go To U.S. Attorney 3
07/22/1938 All Racist Ideas Assailed By Pope (Pius XI)-Rift With Italy Possible 4
07/22/1938 (U.S. Note A Shock To Mexico-Strong Attitude By U.S. Had Not Been Expected 4
07/22/1938 German Self-Sufficiency In Artificial Wool Seen 7
07/22/1938 (Jewish) Property Seizures Delayed In Vienna-’Aryanization’ 7
07/22/1938 Naming Of Negro Teacher (Miss Ethyl O. Harris, New Rochelle, N.Y.) Is Praised (In Letter) By First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) 9
07/23/1938 Britain And France Reject Hitler Sudeten Deal Offer Because It Omitted Czechs 1
07/23/1938 Japan Gags Talk Of War On Soviet; People For Peace-Siberia Ready To Fight 1
07/23/1938 Morgenthau Will See Ministers (And Ambassador William C. Bullitt) In France 2
07/23/1938 Jewish Journalist (Edward Kleinlehrer, Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Expelled By Italy 2
07/23/1938 Vienna Housewives Charge Reich Gets Fruit; Nazis Lay High Prices To Frosts And Jews 3
07/23/1938 500,000 In Britain Join Air Raid Force 4
07/23/1938 $20,000 For Polish Jews (‘American Committee Appeal For The Jews In Poland’) 4
07/23/1938 Arms Exports Rise Despite Hull Plea 13
07/24/1938 British Ask Czechs To Strain A Point In Placating Nazis-Berlin Peace Hopes High 1
07/24/1938 Our Remade (Reorganized) Army Is Poised For ‘War’ 15
07/24/1938 National Defense Speeded By Swiss-Planes In U.S. Sought 16
07/24/1938 Evian (France, Refugee) Conference Hailed By (Rabbi) J. B. Wise (Roosevelt And Taylor Lauded In Sermon) 19
07/24/1938 U.S. (State Department) Curbs Sending Of Funds To Reich 20
07/24/1938 Paris Is Confused On Sudeten Issue 21
07/24/1938 China, Japan Spend Much On U.S. Arms 23
07/24/1938 Morgenthau Arrives In Paris On ‘Holiday’-Disclaims Official Purpose 23
07/24/1938 Arab States Offer A Palestine Plan D-5
07/24/1938 Nazi Camp (Yaphank, German-American Settlement League) Is Facing Receivership Move-$10,000 Fine D-5
07/24/1938 Hull’s Note To Mexico Shows Firm Attitude-Oil Action Is Foreshadowed E-3
07/24/1938 Czechoslovakia-The Sorest Spot In Europe E-3
07/24/1938 Cartoon: ‘The Roman Aryan,’ Virulently Anti-Italian E-4
07/24/1938 ‘Aryans’ Viewed As A Myth-Waldemar Kaempffert E-4
07/24/1938 Palestine Outlook Continues Gloomy E-5
07/24/1938 China’s War Loss Is Huge E-5
07/24/1938 Cartoon: Lampooning, Anti-Hitler E-9
07/25/1938 Ceremony Staged (At Klagenfurt) For Nazi ‘Martyrs’ 4
07/25/1938 Prague Is Warned By Reich General 4
07/25/1938 Morgenthau Sees Lebrun 4
07/25/1938 Defense Is Organized By Jews In Palestine 5
07/25/1938 Reds (Communists In U.S.) Send Priests Plea For Alliance 17
07/25/1938 More U.S. Goods Go To Argentina 27
07/25/1938 Timber Sale Pact With Japan Urged (By William Green, A. F. L.) 29
07/26/1938 Climbers Conquer Dread Eiger (Wand) Peak 1
07/26/1938 Britain Will Name Runciman To Serve As Czech Mediator (Picture, P. 10 1
07/26/1938 Czechs To Accept British Mediation 10
07/26/1938 Reich Aid Sought For (Evian, France) Refugee Plan-Property Bars Are Snag 10
07/26/1938 (German) Drive On Czechs Alarms Hungary 10
07/26/1938 Berlin Housewives Storm Sales In Stores Of Jews 10
07/26/1938 Crisis In Palestine Grows In Severity-Feeling Between Arabs And Jews Hardens 11
07/26/1938 U.S. Held Popular In Latin America (By Edward Tomlinson)-No Need Of Our Propaganda There-Nazis, Fascists Active 11
07/26/1938 Morgenthau Is Guest Of Bullitt At Dinner-Closes Talks With French Officials 12
07/26/1938 $10,000 Claim (Fine) Filed Against Nazi (German-American Settlement League) Group 12
07/26/1938 (John D.) Rockefeller (Jr.) Back, Hopeful Of Peace 13
07/26/1938 Italy Will Pursue Sharp Race Policy-Would Bar ‘Hybridism’ 13
07/27/1938 Chamberlain Finds War Peril Eased; Hopeful On Czechs-Forsees U.S. Trade Pact (Text, P. 8) 1
07/27/1938 Hungary Buys Austria’s Army Equipment; Budapest Expected To Pay With Foodstuffs 1
07/27/1938 (Republican, John D. M. Hamilton) Says We Have No Duty To Police The World 4
07/27/1938 U.S. Survey (Gallup) Shows Enmity To Fascism-Americans-20 To 1 Lean Toward England And France In Event Of War In Europe-Few Favor Taking Part-46 Per Cent Expect Nation To Be Drawn Into Conflict With Italy And Germany 7
07/27/1938 Suffolk Takes Over Nazi Camp (German-American Settlement League, Inc., ‘Camp Siegfried’) In Lieu Of $10,000 Fine)-Activities To Continue, However, Pending Sale To Raise Fine 7
07/27/1938 Buerckel May Quit (Vienna) Post 7
07/27/1938 (U.S.) Oil Concerns’ Plea Denied In Mexico 8
07/27/1938 Nazis Extend (Pastors’) Oath Period (Allegiance To Head Of State) 8
07/27/1938 Reich Is Skeptical Of (British) Mediation Move 9
07/27/1938 Move To Free Jews In Nazi Camps Seen-New (Evian Refugee) Plan Is Submitted (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Hugh R. Wilson, Consulted)-Plan For Eastern Europe (3,000,000 Polish Jews) Urged (By Sir John Simon) 9
07/27/1938 Morgenthau Sees Bonnet 9
07/27/1938 Italy Will Expel Writer (Dr. Paul Cremona, Christian Science Monitor) As A Jew (British Subject, Born In Malta-Declares His Family Has Been Catholic For 300 Years) 10
07/27/1938 Revenge Of Arabs Alarms Palestine (Arabs Claim Jews, Not They Planted Bomb) 11
07/27/1938 Reds (U.S. Communists) Are Rebuffed By Catholics (Clergy) 15
07/28/1938 Britain Threatens Action To Protect Interests In China-Halifax Warns Japan-Attitude Grows Blunter 1
07/28/1938 (U.S.) Bar Leaders Draft Protest On Nazis 1
07/28/1938 Germany Hastening ‘Aryanizing’ Trade-Jewish Enterprise With Value Of 6,000,000 Marks Recently ‘Sold’ For 200,000 (Only Mention Of Compensation-Aryans Purchased Jewish Businesses) 7
07/28/1938 Mexico Would Pay (For Expropriated U.S. Oil Property); Ask Creditors’ Aid 11
07/28/1938 Chamberlain Backed By Hull On (Trade) Treaty 11
07/29/1938 Britain Widens Democracy In Army Through Sweeping New Reforms 1
07/29/1938 (U.S.) Bar Backs Appeal For Steps To Curb Alphabet Boards (Established By Roosevelt) 1
07/29/1938 Reich’s Jews Unite (‘National Organization Of Jews Of Germany’) To Deal With Nazis-To Ease Plight And Train Would-Be Emigrants-Austrian Jews Barred 5
07/29/1938 Germans Cannot Marry Till Army Term Is Served 5
07/29/1938 Raw Material Gain Reported By Reich-Otto D. Tolsichus 6
07/29/1938 Poland Would Pacifiy Agrarian Elements 6
07/29/1938 U.S. Marines Accuse Japanese Of Bad Faith And Re-Establish Shanghai Traffic Patrols 7
07/29/1938 Air Agreements Made With Canada-Right Of Entry Reaffirmed 8
07/29/1938 (Ickes) Says Pwa Program May Use 2 Billions 28
07/30/1938 (U.S.) Bar Enters Civil Liberties Fight; To Offer Aid To Rich And Poor Alike 1
07/30/1938 Pope (Pius XI) Warns Italy Not To Hit Church In Race Campaign-Condemns New Program 1
07/30/1938 U.S. Urged To Cancel Interest On War Debts; British Banker Says Loans Were To Friends 1
07/30/1938 Russians And Japanese In Fight On Border 1
07/30/1938 Monetary Accord Lauded By Morgenthau (‘On Holiday’), But French Periodical Voices Skepticism 4
07/30/1938 Hitler Envoy (Capt. Fritz Wiedemann, Hitler’s Former Commanding Officer In W. W. I And Good Friend) Sees Leaders In Paris-Will Be In London Today (Later, He Was German Consul General In San Francisco) 5
07/30/1938 Reich Again Urged (By Evian Refugee Delegates) To Assist Emigres 5
07/30/1938 Henlein Pledges Loyalty To Hitler 5
07/31/1938 Pwa-Rfc To Build A (U.S.) ‘Super-Highway’ (Like The Autobahn) 1
07/31/1938 Rhine Forts (Westwall) Zones Closed By Reich 1
07/31/1938 Mussolini Defies Vatican Warning In Racist Dispute 1
07/31/1938 Optimism On Arms Revived In Britain 18
07/31/1938 (General John) Metaxas Is Named (Greek) Premier ‘For Life’ 21
07/31/1938 Laguardia Is Outlawed From New Italian Race (By Fascist Newspaper-An Anti-Italian ‘Mongrel’) 22
07/31/1938 Our Latest (War) Planes Aid Foreign Forces (Japan, China, Turkey, England, France, And Others)-Shipped In Devious Ways-Orders Kept Secret 24
07/31/1938 Japan’s Invasion Aids Reds In China 26
07/31/1938 Brazil To Call Refugees-4,800 Must Show How They Are Supporting Themselves 27
07/31/1938 Japan-U.S. Trade Declines Sharply-Our Exports In June Dropped 22.5% 27
07/31/1938 Japan Shortens Matches, Tans Rat Skins In Vast Effort To Conserve Raw Materials 27
07/31/1938 Japan Asks Patience On Foreign Rights 27
07/31/1938 Reich Army Skill Held Underrated-Hanson W. Baldwin 28
07/31/1938 Reich Jews Hunt Kinfolk In American Directories (Available At U.S. Embassy, Consulates, U.S. Firm’s Offices, Chambers Of Commerce And Leading Hotels-Must Have Required A Lot Of Earlier Preparation!) 29
07/31/1938 Nazis Set Fire To Ruttenburg Bishop’s Home, Incensed At His Refusal To Vote In (Anschluss) Plebiscite 29
07/31/1938 Palestine (Arab) Rebels (‘Terrorists’) Win Peasants’ Aid 29
07/31/1938 Army Sends 76,000 Into Manoeuvres 32
07/31/1938 Britain Sees Europe At A Crucial Turning (Czech Crisis) E-3
07/31/1938 Czechs Remain Tactful But Firm Toward Reich (Benes) E-4
07/31/1938 Cardenas (Mexico) Balks At Hull’s Views E-5
07/31/1938 Cartoon; Anti-Axis E-5
07/31/1938 Evian (Refugee Conference) Board Goes To London E-5
07/31/1938 Uncle Sam War On These (Insect) Pests-Fights To Exterminate-War On Insects Intensified E-6
07/31/1938 Reality Overtakes The Gypsy Mag. 10