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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

November 1938
Date Headline Page
11/01/1938 $L,000,000 Aid Asked For Reich Deportees (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Under Rabbi Jonah B. Wise) 18
11/01/1938 Hostility (Of Czechs) To Jews Denied By V. Benes (Vojta, Brother Of Eduard Benes) 18
11/01/1938 Voss’ Confession Read At (German) Spy Trial 19
11/01/1938 Japanese Looting Conquered Cities 19
11/01/1938 Anti-Fascist Play (‘Waltz In Goose Step’) Will Open Tonight-Sinclair Lewis (Husband Of Dorothy Thompson) On Stage 27
11/02/1938 Britain Concedes Reich Dominates Central Europe-ChamberlainWarns Nation Must Spend More Millions On Defense To Reinforce ‘Weak Spots’ (Excerpts, P. 14) 1
11/02/1938 Hitler Held Guided By Stars In Czech Crisis; Astrologer Advised Sept. 27 For The Venture (Special Article To New York Times From Washington, D. C.) 1
11/02/1938 (Norman Thomas) Holds Rival Parties Use Socialist Ideas-Says His Group Offered Made (Sic) Laws Now In Effect 3
11/02/1938 (Paul) Reynaud (Later Premier) To Direct French Finances (Picture) 10
11/02/1938 Palestine Arabs On General Strike-Americans Are Assailed-Appeals To Roosevelt For Aid For Jewish Program Arouses Talk Of Boycott 11
11/02/1938 Mexico Sends Back German (Jewish) Refugees-American Pleas And Offer By Jews Here To Put Up Funds Fail To Save 21-Limited Number Of Aliens To Be Admitted (To Mexico) On Pledge To Marry Indian Women 13
11/02/1938 (Hitler Names Boehm To Command Fleet (Also Promotes Wilhelm Keitel) 13
11/02/1938 Poland Bars (4 000 Polish) Jews Deported By Reich 13
11/02/1938 Swing Viewed As ‘Musical Hitlerism,’ Professor Sees Fans Ripe For Dictator 25
11/02/1938 No FCC Action Due In Radio ‘War’ (Of The Worlds-Panic) Case 26
11/03/1938 ‘Axis’ Arbiters Give Hungary Most Of Czech Land Asked-Prague Shocked, Budapest Joyful (Otto D. Tolischus-Map, P. 14) 1
11/03/1938 Japan Admits Aim To Dominate China And Warns Others 1
11/03/1938 Reich (International) Barter Held Peril To Business (At Annual National Foreign Trade Convention)-Viewing It As Form Of Dumping 1
11/03/1938 President (Roosevelt) Authorizes New Dirigible For Navy; Bids Will Be Let Soon For $3,000,000 Craft 1
11/03/1938 Undue U.S. (Political) Power Scored By O’brian 4
11/03/1938 (French) War Pension Cut By Reynaud Seen 12
11/03/1938 Picture: Leni Riefenstahl 12
11/03/1938 Britain Increases Arms Order In U.S. 12
11/03/1938 Germans In Rumania Seeking Barter Deal 14
11/03/1938 Prague Sees Grave Blow (G.E.R. Gedye) 14
11/03/1938 Curbs On Poland By Reich Likely-Expulsion Of Polish Hews Was A Reminder To Warsaw Of Berlin’s Displeasure-Nazis Anxious For Peace (Walter Duranty) 15
11/03/1938 Picture: Some Of Refugees In No Man’s Land Between Germany And Czechoslovakia 15
11/03/1938 Christian Refugees Held A Vast Problem-Fund Appeal (‘America Committee For Christian German Refugees’) Says 400,000 Have Fled Sudetenland (30,000 Jews Fled) 15
11/03/1938 Niemoeller Depressed 15
11/03/1938 Attack On Hitler Renewed By Mayor (Laguardia-At Zionist Meeting)-He Makes Plea To Britain-Her Honor Is At StakeIn Urging Fair Dealing For Jews In Palestine 16
11/03/1938 Beirut Arabs Riot In General Strike-Rebel Warns Roosevelt-Says Arabs Will Boycott United States If It Aids Zionism 17
11/03/1938 British See Dangers In U.S. Trade Balance 17
11/03/1938 Big Navy Is Seen Forced On The U.S. (By Rear Admiral Clark H. Woodward) 24
11/03/1938 For (Viennese) Refugee Theater (In New York) 28
11/03/1938 Britain Studying System Of Barter (This Evidently Would Not Be A Form Of ‘Dumping!’) 34
11/03/1938 $2,390,000 In Gold (From Britain) Engaged Abroad 39
11/04/1938 9-Power Pact Held Obsolete By Japan; U.S. Backs Validity-Abrogation Hinted-Washington Stands Pat 1
11/04/1938 Shake-Up In Navy Hits Sharp Critics Of New Warships (Hanson W. Baldwin) 1
11/04/1938 Hull (At Annual National Foreign Trade Convention) Rules Out Bias In Anglo-U.S. (Trade) Treaty (Hull Says He Is ‘Biased Toward None.’) 4
11/04/1938 Jewish Aid Group (‘The Refugee Economic Corporation’ Organized By Felix M. Warburg) Files (Registration Of Stock With Sec) 5
11/04/1938 Queer (Suspicious) Blast Hurts 4 On German Ship-Bomb Warning Phoned (Sabotage Suspected) 6
11/04/1938 (American) Red Cross Aids Sudetens 6
11/04/1938 Picture: Sir Herbert Emerson, High Commissioner For Refugees, League Of Nations Also Active In Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees 6
11/04/1938 $50,000 For (Hebrew) Culture In Palestine Sought 7
11/04/1938 Map: Territory Taken From Czechoslovakia 8
11/04/1938 Griebl Described As An Informer (German Spy Case) 9
11/04/1938 Czechs To Speed Exhibit At (N.Y. World’s) Fair 9
11/04/1938 Poland Welcomes Czech Settlement-Nazis Now Held Peaceful 10
11/04/1938 Americans In Rush To Get Out Sudeten Goods Before U.S. (Treasury Department-Morgenthau) Raises Duties On New Reich Area 10
11/04/1938 Says Fascists Aimed To Murder Vargas 10
11/04/1938 Roosevelt Loses 5% In Vote (Gallup) Survey-54.4% Now Support Him 19
11/05/1938 Chamberlain Visit To Paris Planned In New Peace Move-Gesture Of Unity Cited 1
11/05/1938 Nazi Press Attacks On U.S. Intensified-Administration Is Accused Of ‘Sabotaging’ Peace Moves-Roosevelt Freely Assailed (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
11/05/1938 Roosevelt Orders Defense Survey; Czechs Resources To Rush Plans 1
11/05/1938 Nazi Convictions In Suffolk (Camp Seigfried) Voided-$13,000 In Fines Remitted 2
11/05/1938 Witnesses Link Spy Plot To Reich 2
11/05/1938 Hitler Is The Godfather Of Goering’s Daughter (At Karin Hall Ceremony) 2
11/05/1938 Poland Offers Plan For Reich (Actually Jewish-Polish) Refugees 2
11/05/1938 New Refugee Tide Sweeps On Czechs 3
11/05/1938 9-Power Treaty Valid Says Hull 3
11/05/1938 Cuba (Fulgencio Batista) Is Likely To Shelter (German-Jewish) Refugees Mexico Barred 3
11/05/1938 Ukranians Suffer Wide Polish Attacks 3
11/05/1938 Roosevelt Talk (Text, P. 5) Termed ‘Magnificent’ By Lehman 5
11/05/1938 Refugee Fund (Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Increased 38
11/06/1938 WPA Unions Stage New Deal Parade 2
11/06/1938 Groups In Britain Decry Press Curbs (Censorship) 15
11/06/1938 Army Is Perturbed Over Fear Of War-’Radio Panic’ (Broadcast Of ‘War Of The Worlds’ By H. G. Wells) An Instance 24
11/06/1938 Urges New Defenses Behind Maginot Line-Asks Bigger Army Too 24
11/06/1938 Army Bill Widens National Guard Aid 25
11/06/1938 Polish-Reich Talk On (Ejected Polish) Jews Is Halted 28
11/06/1938 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Book Sale For Refugees 28
11/06/1938 200,000 Refugees Seen In Czech Areas (Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace & President Of Columbia University, Says It May Be As High As 500,000) 29
11/06/1938 Radio ‘War’ (Of The Worlds) Fear Stirs Educators D-8
11/06/1938 Reich Barter Held Infringing Pacts-Deals Called Discriminatory F-9
11/06/1938 Democracies Hasten To Appease Dictators E-4
11/06/1938 Germany Wipes Out World War Defeat-Won All Without Test (Otto D. Tolischus) E-4
11/06/1938 Map: Division Of Czechoslovakia E-4
11/06/1938 Czechs Cling To Wreckage (G.E.R. Gedye) E-4
11/06/1938 Armistice Day; The Drama Unfolds Mag. 4
11/07/1938 U.S. Treaty Stand Assailed In Japan; Reprisal Is Seen 1
11/07/1938 Hitler Assails ‘War Agitators’; Calls On World To Disarm Them 1
11/07/1938 Unity Of Americas Against Assault Urged By (Sumner) Welles (Text, P. 1) 1
11/07/1938 Horthy Is In Tears In Reclaimed City (G.E.R. Gedye) 1
11/07/1938 Guard For (Fulgencio) Batista Arranged At Miami 10
11/07/1938 Premier (Molotoff) Bids Foes Of Soviet ‘Try Us’ (Attack Us)-Sees World War Begun (Harold Denny, Moscow) 11
11/07/1938 Brazil Opposes Barter 12
11/07/1938 6,000 Deported (Polish) Jews Still In Polish Fields 13
11/07/1938 Defeatism Feared In Plight Of Jews (By Dr. Ludwig Lewisohn) 15
11/07/1938 Lasting Gold Flow (To U.S.) Likely, Dutch Hold 51
11/08/1938 Reich Embassy Aid (Ernst Vom Rath) In Paris Shot (By Herschel Grynszpan, Picture, P. 4) To Avenge (German) Expulsions (Of Polish Jews) By The Nazis-Youth Tried To Reach (‘Kill’ German) Ambassador 1
11/08/1938 Japan Takes Steps To Rebuild China; Forms A Company 1
11/08/1938 Ribbentrop Sees New Peace Talks-Praises French Leaders 5
11/08/1938 Soviet Fete Hails World Revolution (Harold Denny, Moscow) 7
11/08/1938 Roosevelt Sends Good-Will Greeting To Soviet; Embassy Holds A Gala 21St Birthday Party 7
11/08/1938 (Earl) Browder (Head Of U.S. Communists) Hails Russia As Bulwark Of Justice 7
11/08/1938 Mussolini Levies On Private Capital 7
11/08/1938 (Italian) Fascist Party Bans Jews As Members 9
11/08/1938 U.S. Approves (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Political Refugees) Refugee Plan 9
11/08/1938 5,000 (New) Planes For Britain 10
11/08/1938 Mayor (Laguardia) In Harlem Scores Dictators 12
11/08/1938 Army Fetes (Major Gen. Hugh A.) Drum In New Command (Picture) 48
11/09/1938 British Monarchs Accept Bid To Visit U.S. Next Summer 1
11/09/1938 Nazis Ask Reprisal In (Herschel Grynszpan) Attack On Envoy (Vom Rath)-Berlin Police Head Announces ‘Disarming Of Jews’-Mass Expulsions Feared 24
11/09/1938 Hitler Calls Colonies Sole Demand On Britain And France At Present-U.S. Propaganda Criticized 24
11/09/1938 (Tom) Connally (Texas) Asks Big Navy 24
11/09/1938 Methodists In Reich Found Trouble-Free 31
11/10/1938 Britain Proposes Palestine Parley; Rejects Partition (Text, P. 4) 1
11/10/1938 Berlin Raids (On Jews’ Shops) Reply To Death Of Envoy (Vom Rath-’Kristallnacht’-’Night Of Broken Glass’) 1
11/10/1938 (Jewish) Leaders Here Hail Palestine Parley-Dr. S.S. Wise Insists On Right (Of Jews’) Immigration (To Palestine) 5
11/10/1938 Munich Pact Saved Fascism, Says (Thomas) Mann 5
11/10/1938 New Slovak State Torn By (Racial) Dissention (G.E.R. Gedye) 6
11/10/1938 Grieble Deposition Read At (German) Spy Trial 8
11/10/1938 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista (Cuba) Greeted At Miami On Visit 9
11/10/1938 New Yorker’s Ship Seized In Germany 9
11/10/1938 Britain Parallels U.S. Stand On China 10
11/10/1938 Nazi Press Stresses Roosevelt’s Defeat 10
11/10/1938 (Edward R.) Stettinius (Later Sec. Of State) Urges Aid To Red Cross 29
11/11/1938 Nazis Smash, Loot And Burn Jewish Shops And Temples Until Goebbels Calls Halt (2 Pictures, P. 3) 1
11/11/1938 Britain Will Spend Huge Sum To Push Air Arming Plans 1
11/11/1938 Ataturk Dies At 58; Turks Will Elect Successor Today (Vita, Picture, P. 18) 1
11/11/1938 Italy Intensifies Curbs Upon Jews 1
11/11/1938 (Cuban Col. Fulgencio) Batista Sees Hull And Tours Capital (Picture, P. 6) 1
11/11/1938 Nazis Complicate Chamberlain Task-Anti-Semitic Excesses Turn British Public Opinion Against ‘Appeasement’ Policy-Entire Press Is Aroused 2
11/11/1938 Reich Halts Payments To Dissident Pastors 2
11/11/1938 Jews Are Ordered To Leave Munich 3
11/11/1938 Paris Slayer (Herschel Grynszpan) Weeps At News From Reich (But Apparently Not About Vom Rath!) 3
11/11/1938 Weygand Calls For Unity To Meet Reich Challenge 3
11/11/1938 U.S. And British Voters Found Skeptical (By George Gallup) On Hitler Pledge To End Demands In Europe (92 & 93%, U.S. & England Respectively Doubt) 4
11/11/1938 Canada May Offer Refuge For (Jewish) Exiles 5
11/11/1938 Reactionary (Czech) Press Assails Dr. (Eduard) Benes-Slovaks Woo Germany (G.E.R. Gedye) 6
11/11/1938 (Polish) Jews’ Plight (On Polish-German Border) Described (By N.Y. Times Report From Berlin ‘News Reaching Here’) 6
11/11/1938 Hairdresser Tells Of Threats By (German) Spy 8
11/11/1938 President (Roosevelt) Urged To Aid (Spanish) Loyalists 9
11/11/1938 Relief Ship To Spain Causes A Warning (From A Catholic Editor) 9
11/11/1938 British Give U.S. Palestine Pledge 12
11/11/1938 (General John J.) Pershing Advises A Strong Defense 14
11/12/1938 Nazis.Warn Foreign Press ‘Lies’ (Sic) Will Hurt Reich Jews; Arrests Run To Thousands-Nazis Defend Wave Of Terror (Otto D. Tolischus)-U.S. Jews Are Warned 1&4
11/12/1938 Dewey And Smith Lead Protest Here Against Anti-Semitic Riots In Reich (See P. 6) 1
11/12/1938 New Calls To Arm Mark Observance Day-Roosevelt Lays Wreath 1
11/12/1938 (Robert H.) Jackson And (Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA) Are Slated For Cabinet, Washington Hears 1
11/12/1938 (Cuban) Col. (Fulgencio) Batista Visits The White House-Pleased At President’s (Roosevelt’s) Grasp Of His Country’s Problems (Picture, P. 7) 1
11/12/1938 British Indignant At Nazi Terrorism 1
11/12/1938 New Peace Basis, Lloyd George Plea-Munich Pact Assailed (Lloyd George Visiting Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace And President Of Columbia University)-Latter Urges U.S. To Take Lead 2
11/12/1938 France Stresses Continued Peace 2
11/12/1938 War Outfits Worn At Armistice Ball 2
11/12/1938 Mayor (Laguardia) Denounces ‘Brutal’ Dictators-Assails ‘Murder In Guise Of National Policy’ (Apparently Only In German Policy)-Save Democracy, He Asks 3
11/12/1938 (German-American) Bund Member Faces Race Hatred Charge 3
11/12/1938 (Episcopalian) Dean (Milo H.) Gates Deplores Persecution Of Jews 3
11/12/1938 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Asks Broader Education 3
11/12/1938 Education On Radio Urged By Roosevelt 3
11/12/1938 American Press Comment On Nazi Riot (Nothing Noted On The Murder Of Vom Rath) 4
11/12/1938 Munich Rescinds Jews’ Expulsion 4
11/12/1938 Rites Set In Paris For Slain German (Vom Rath) 5
11/12/1938 Reich Consulate Gets Bomb Threat 6
11/12/1938 Terror Reported In Sudeten Areas (G.E.R. Gedye) 6
11/12/1938 Reich Propaganda Films Shown In Latin America 6
11/12/1938 Poland Celebrates 20th Year Of Rebirth 7
11/12/1938 (Pro-Loyalist) Foreign (Volunteer) Fighters Leave Spain Today 7
11/12/1938 Palestine Studied By Zionist Council 8
11/12/1938 Colleges Scored As Too Backward-Educators Are Chided (By An ‘Educator’) 13
11/12/1938 ‘Typhoid Mary’ (Mallon) Dies Of A Stroke At 68 17
11/12/1938 Arabs Here Warn Of Boycott Of U.S.-They Denounce Zionists 30
11/13/1938 Reich Bars Jews In Trade; Fines Them Billion Marks-Arrests Continue (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
11/13/1938 Cardinal’s (Faulhaber’s) Palace Stoned 1
11/13/1938 Mexico Will Pay U.S. In Plan To End (U.S. Oil) Land Controversy 1
11/13/1938 Black Tom (World War I Sabotage Damage Controversy) Inquiry Set 3
11/13/1938 Mexico Threatens New U.S. Seizure 37
11/13/1938 Brazil Will Renew Sales To Germany 37
11/13/1938 Methodist Bishops Ask Protest To Reich (Over Jewish Riots) 37
11/13/1938 Slayer Of Vom Rath Weeps Over Nazi Fine (Against Jews)-Terms Himself Foolish 37
11/13/1938 France Bars Jews Fleeing From Reich 39
11/13/1938 Nazi Terror Held ‘Incredible Spite’ (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 39
11/13/1938 1,500 Urge Boycott Against Germany 39
11/13/1938 (German-American) Bund Rally Permit Revoked In Nassau 39
11/13/1938 Senator King (Utah) For Break In U.S.-German Relations (As A Result Of Riots Against Jews) 39
11/13/1938 Prayers Planned For The Oppressed 40
11/13/1938 British Faith Hit By Reich Terror 41
11/13/1938 U.S. News Papers Assail Nazi Raids-Vast Boycott Expected 41
11/13/1938 (National) Council (Of Jewish Women) To Weigh Emigre Problems-35-Year Record Is Hailed D-5
11/13/1938 Gold Imports Set Record In October F-5
11/13/1938 Anti-German Cartoons E-5
11/13/1938 Reich Celebrates ‘Victory’ Over Jews E-5
11/13/1938 Palestine Case Is Reopened E-5
11/13/1938 Picture: The Late Lord Balfour E-5
11/13/1938 In The German Trenches When The Firing Ceased Mag. 4
11/14/1938 Extremists Sway Nazis And Jews Are Menaced With More Drastic Rule-Moderates Balked 1
11/14/1938 Many Berliners Shocked By Anti-Jewish Actions 1
11/14/1938 Munich Nazis Mar Catholic Festival 1
11/14/1938 Jericho Falls Again, This Time To British; Arabs Routed 1
11/14/1938 Roosevelt Backs (Zionist) Palestine Appeal 4
11/14/1938 (Herbert) Hoover Protests Brutality In Reich 6
11/14/1938 Civilization Under Attack 6
11/14/1938 Britons Condemn Nazis As Barbaric-Weizmann Says Persecution ‘Cannot Halt Effort To Build Home In Palestine’ 7
11/14/1938 (Norman) Thomas Hits Nazis For Persecution 7
11/14/1938 Prelate At Capital Denounces The Nazis; Says ‘Mad’ Hitler Presumes To Be Devine (Maybe Mad Devine Presumes To Be Prelate!) 7
11/14/1938 Jews On Knees Beg Netherlands Entry (From Germany) 7
11/14/1938 Jewish Emigre Aid Will Be Expanded (By Jewish Effort) 8
11/14/1938 Anti-Semitic Drive Spread In Columbia 8
11/14/1938 Jews Hide In Berlin; Fear Secret Police 8
11/14/1938 Picketing (Furriers Joint Council Of N.Y.) To Protest Against Reich Here-Letter To Roosevelt Suggests He Warn Germany 8
11/14/1938 Calls Nazis ‘Murderers’-(Stanley M.) Isaacs Calls For Defense Of Our Type Of Democracy (At Dinner For Daughters Of Israel At Hotel Astor) 8
11/14/1938 Czechs Let Refugees In For 48-Hour Stay 8
11/14/1938 Palestine Mourning Set-In Protest On Excesses In Germany 8
11/14/1938 Pictures: United States Delegates To Pan-American (Lima) Conference (Alf Landon, Laurence Steinhardt, Adolf A. Berle, R. Henry Norweb, Rev. John O’hara, Green Hackworth, Elise Musser, Kathryn Lewis, Don Tracy, Dr. Chas. Fenwick) 10
11/14/1938 Mexico Hails Pact On (U.S. Expropriated Oil) Land As Victory 10
11/14/1938 Fifth Ave. Crows Welcome (Cuban Col. Fulgencio) Batista (Picture) 12
11/14/1938 Jewish Societies Open Fund Drive 19
11/14/1938 Pastors Protest Nazi Persecution-Condemns ‘Crime’ Against Jews 22
11/14/1938 Jews Are Praised (By Father Sloane) For ‘Pure Worship’ 22
11/14/1938 (101St) Cavalrymen Warned Of Menace In Europe (By Chaplain) 22
11/15/1938 Washington Calls Envoy (Hugh R. Wilson, Picture, P. 2) From Berlin-U.S. Is Displeased-Kennedy Is Active 1
11/15/1938 Chamberlain Plans To Ask Roosevelt To Join Movement To Rescue Jews 1
11/15/1938 Reich Ousts Jews From Universities 1
11/15/1938 U.S. Leaders Join In Rebuking Reich 1
11/15/1938 President (Roosevelt) Ponders Shift In WPA Jobs To Defense Works-Roosevelt Talks With Hopkins And Morgenthau On Plan To Divert Spending Program-Military Men (Plus Robert H. Jackson) At Parley 1
11/15/1938 Board Of Estimate Condemns Reich 2
11/15/1938 Dr. Fritz Warburg Is Seized By Nazis-’Palestine Office Chief 2
11/15/1938 Newark Paper Urges Break With Germany 2
11/15/1938 Holland To Admit Jews 2
11/15/1938 Catholics Bitter Over Munich Raids-Hunt For Jews Continues 3
11/15/1938 Nielson For Refugee Aid 3
11/15/1938 (Prof. Josef Ranald, Viennese Psychologist) To Lecture On Hitler (‘Hitler’s Days Are Numbered.’) 3
11/15/1938 Text Of Protests By Leaders In U.S. Against Reich Persecution 4
11/15/1938 Drives Organized To Aid Nazi Victims (National Conference Of Jews And Christians, Dr. Everett D. Clinchy, Director) 5
11/15/1938 Laguardia Scores Nazi ‘Bestiality’ 5
11/15/1938 (Leon Blum) Refugee Colony (In Palestine) Assured (List Of Notable Supporters Including Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt) 5
11/15/1938 Blow To U.S. Jews Seen By (Communist, Earl) Browder-Anti-Semitism Is Growing Rapidly Here 6
11/15/1938 Embargo On Reich Asked Of President (Roosevelt-By Theatrical And Other Groups) 7
11/15/1938 (Cuba’s Col. Fulgencio) Batista Reviews West Point Cadets-Visits Gen. Drum Today 9
11/15/1938 Group Plans Films To Aid Democracy 25
11/15/1938 Democracy Held Vital To Children 25
11/15/1938 Treasury (Morgenthau!) Upholds Its Sudeten (Additional Import Duty) Rule 41
11/16/1938 Roosevelt Condemns Nazi Outbreak; Could Scarcely Believe It, He Says (Statement, Text, P. 1) 1
11/16/1938 Roosevelt To Arm (The United States) For All Americas 1
11/16/1938 (U.S. Ambassador Hugh R.) Wilson To Depart From Reich Today 1
11/16/1938 London Studies Jewish Colonization-Would Aid 700,000-Kennedy Shares In Talks 1
11/16/1938 Lindbergh Said To Plan To Move To Berlin Because Of Reich’s Aviation Research Fame 1
11/16/1938 (Cuba’s Col. Fulgencio) Batista Outlines Tuberculosis War-Greeted (By Laguardia) At City Hall 5
11/16/1938 Netherlands Acts To Take (Jewish) Refugees-Belgium Refuses (To Accept) More 7
11/16/1938 Polish Jews’ Leaders Plead For (Polish-Jewish) Refugees 7
11/16/1938 Nazis Repudiated By (New Yorker) Staats-Zeitung-Homeland Held Defiled 8
11/16/1938 Jews Here Urged To Guard Ideals 8
11/16/1938 Thousands In U.S. Offer To Help (Vom Rath’s) Assassin (Herschel Grynszpan); Dorothy Thompson Forms Defense Fund (Holds Although Guilty, He Should Not Be Punished, Because Of Germany’s Actions Against Jews) 9
11/16/1938 Nazis Are Assailed By 2,000 At Hunter (College) 10
11/16/1938 Relatives Of Jews In Germany Advised 10
11/16/1938 Bremen (Ship) Picketed By 4,500 At Sailing 11
11/16/1938 Women (N.Y. State Federation Of Womens’ Clubs) Are Urged To Act On Nazis 11
11/16/1938 Germans’ $365,000,000 Investment Here Exceeds $228,000,000 (Of U.S.) In Reich 11
11/17/1938 Reich Angered By Roosevelt Waits For U.S. Reaction To (U.S. Ambassador Hugh R.) Wilson Report (On Riots) 1
11/16/1938 British Ministers Approve Opening Colonies To Jews; Financial Aid Sought Here 1
11/17/1938 Roosevelt Rebuke (To Germany) Declared General 1
11/17/1938 Catholics Of U.S. Score ‘Atrocities’-Denounced By Prelates (Father Gannon, Many Others) 1
11/17/1938 (Harry L.) Hopkins Sees WPA Good For 20 Years 1
11/17/1938 Drastic Reforms In Schools Urged (By N.Y. Board Of Regents) 1
11/17/1938 British Recognize Italy’s Conquest (Of Ethiopia); Put Pact In Force 1
11/17/1938 Population Of Nation Is Put At 130,215,000 (By U.S. Bureau Of The Census) 2
11/17/1938 Voss Says (U.S.) Agents Forced (German) Spy Story 4
11/17/1938 Reich Acts To Get New Slovak Area 5
11/17/1938 German Exports To United States Increasing; 1938 Is Likely To Be Near The 1930 Peak (Later Article!) 7
11/17/1938 (In Letter To Roosevelt, Mrs. Jacob A. Rils, Lutheran) Asks Haven For All Jews (600,000 In Germany) 7
11/17/1938 (Spanish) Loyalists Offer (German And Polish Jews In Germany) Refugees Asylum 8
11/17/1938 (Dr. Rudolf) Holsti Quits As Finnish Foreign Minister, But Foe Of Nazis Will Stay In The Cabinet 8
11/17/1938 Vom Rath Funeral To Day (Duesseldorf) 8
11/17/1938 C.I.O. Backs Reproof Of Nazis For Attacks (On Jews) 8
11/17/1938 Columbia (House Of Representatives, Bogota) Rebukes Reich (For Attacks On Jews) 8
11/17/1938 Methodist Board Denounces Nazis (For Attacks On Jews)-Laments ‘Wicked Hatred’ (Board Of Foreign Missions) 9
11/17/1938 Police Detail (In New York City) Made Up Solely Of N.Y. Jews Will Guard The German Officials Here (Cites Similar Action Taken By Theodore Roosevelt!) 9
11/17/1938 Latin America Held Facing Great Choice (U.S. Or Germany, Say Mexicans) 9
11/17/1938 Safe To Send Money (To Jews In Reich) 9
11/17/1938 (Foundation International Colonization) Fund For Jews Started (In Holland) 9
11/17/1938 Chileans Condemn Reich (For Attacks On Jews) 9
11/17/1938 Boston Resolutions Condemn Nazi Acts (Against Jews) 9
11/17/1938 London And Paris To Keep (Former German) Colonies-(Jan) Smuts Is Ready To Fight 10
11/17/1938 Ask Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler’s Help-Puerto Ricans (Faculty Members Of Puerto Rican University) Urge Educators’ Defense Against Nazis 10
11/17/1938 Goering Threatens Death To Property Destroyers (Germans Destroying Jewish Property. It Was To Have Been ‘Aryanized’ Later By The German Government) 10
11/17/1938 (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Refugee Committee To Meet 10
11/17/1938 Church Group (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America, Dr. Samuel Mc Crea Cavert, General Secretary) Denies Support Of Zionism (Stands With Others Opposing Germany’s Abuse Of The Jews) 11
11/17/1938 (Emigre Handicrafts) Sale Aids German Refugees 11
11/17/1938 Mayor (Laguardia) ‘Apologizes’ At Jewish Benefit (United Palestine Appeal, Madison Square Garden-For Not Having ‘Adequately Described.This Man [Hitler] And His Government’) 12
11/17/1938 Arab Rebels Firm On Ban On Zionism-Fugitives From Palestine Give Out Statement In Lebanon On Proposed Parley 12
11/17/1938 Nazi Liquor Sale Ban Overruled In Jersey 12
11/17/1938 U.S.-Soviet Front Urged (By ‘Pravda’ & ‘Izvestia’) In Moscow-Present Amity Praised-But Russians Suggest The Implementing Of Roosevelt Plan For ‘Quarantining’ (Harold Denny, Moscow) 13
11/17/1938 Daladier’s Plans Drawing Rebuffs-The Franc Falls Again 13
11/17/1938 Tonnage Of 400,000 Building For Navy-Six Battleships Included-Aircraft Carrier, 3 Cruisers, 40 Destroyers And 6 Submarines Are On List 14
11/17/1938 No Shift Here On (U.S. Recognition Or Lack Thereof Of On) Ethiopia 14
11/17/1938 New British Consul (Sir Geoffrey Haggard) Honored At (English Speaking Union) Dinner 15
11/17/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Cuts Vacation-To Leave Bermuda For Capital Today 15
11/17/1938 Ickes Sees Success Of (Government Public Works) Program (Economy ‘Stimulated’) 16
11/17/1938 (Cuban Col. Fulgencio) Batista Visit Seen Aiding New Accord 17
11/17/1938 Latin Nations Back America (U.S.) Defense (Of Western Hemisphere)-Columbia Approves Policy-Chile Is Still Undecided 17
11/17/1938 Argentine (Deputy Raul Damonte Taborda [Radical Party]) Backs Roosevelt 17
11/17/1938 Refugee Actress (Gisela Werbezirk, Vienna) 29
11/17/1938 Reich-Mexico (Barter) Deal Hits U.S. Products-German Prices Are Reported As Low As One-Fifth Of Those Set On American Goods 46
11/18/1938 Hull (As He Said Earlier, Having Bias Toward No One) Signs Trade Treaties With Britain And Canada-U.S. Wins Wide Concessions-Example To World-Ceremony Is Colorful-Agreements Are Hailed As Steps To Encourage Peaceful Commerce 1
11/18/1938 Canadian (Trade) Treaty Hailed At Ottawa 1
11/18/1938 Political Effect (Of Trade Treaty) Interests Britain 1
11/18/1938 Nazis Are Defiant As (Vom) Rath Is Buried-Hitler Is Silent 1
11/18/1938 (Cardinal) Faulhaber Attack Held Deliberate 1
11/18/1938 U.S. Recalls Trade Aid-Ribbentrop Asserts ‘We Accept It’ (Challenge)-Otto D. Tolischus 1
11/18/1938 Roosevelt Finds (U.S. Immigration) Quotas Limit Aid (To ‘Reich’ Jews)-No Decision Has Been Made On Trying To Alter Alien (Admission) Law 2
11/18/1938 (Hershel) Grynszpan (Vom Rath’s Murderer) Angered Night Before Crime-Uncle And AuntTell Of Quarrel In Paris 2
11/18/1938 Half Of Persecuted In Reich Are Christian (American Committee For Christian German Refugees) 2
11/18/1938 Churchill’s ‘Revolt’ (Against Chamberlain Government) In Commons Fails 2
11/18/1938 Picture: Jewish-Owned Stores Wrecked By The Nazis During Outbreak In Berlin Last Week (Three Pictures) 3
11/18/1938 Britain Questions Colonies On Jews (Settling There) 3
11/18/1938 Munich Jews’ Art Taken 3
11/18/1938 Catholic Property Next (‘After Jews’’) Nazis In Danzig Suggest 3
11/18/1938 Prayers To Be Said (In Synagogues & Churches) For The Oppressed 3
11/18/1938 Soviet Again Warns Of Her Armed Might 3
11/18/1938 Poland Wants Aid For Her (3,500,000!) Jews, Too-Sees Unsatisfactory Situation If Powers ‘Reward’ Cruelty By Transfers From Reich Alone 3
11/18/1938 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Answers Appeal (From Puerto Rican University Academics To Aid Jews In Germany) 4
11/18/1938 U.S. Investment In Reich-Long-Term Total 593,000,000 Instead Of 228,000,000 4
11/18/1938 Navy Asks Dirigible Bids 4
11/18/1938 Leading (U.S.) Educators (Studebaker, Conant, R. M. Hutchins, Seymour, John Dewey, Charles A. Beard & Many Others) Assail Nazi Terror (Against Jews In Germany) 4
11/18/1938 (Delegates Of 21 Protestant Denominations) Ask Roosevelt Aid For Arms Parley 5
11/18/1938 Work In Near East Held Aid To Peace 5
11/18/1938 Public Ownership (Of Utilities) Urged In Havana (List Of Many U.S. Supporters!) 6
11/18/1938 (Thomas J.) Watson (I. B. M.) Back From Tour-Manufacturer Finds ‘Best Ever’ Business In Europe 6
11/18/1938 Speechless Lunch (In N.Y. City, Laguardia Present!) Pleases Batista-Good Wishes Exchanged 7
11/18/1938 Aerial Massacres In Cities Decried (By Carnegie Endowment For International Peace-Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Pres. Of Columbia University, Head)-It Speaks For Humanity 8
11/18/1938 Polish (-Jewish) Refugee Joins Family Here-Story Of Oppression Told 8
11/18/1938 Hull, Lord Halifax Exchange Felicitation 13
11/19/1938 Japan Tells U.S. Old Plan On China No Longer Applies-World’s Help Is Invited-Another Blow To The Nine-Power Treaty (Text, P. 2) 1
11/19/1938 Germany Recalls Its Envoy To Explain ‘Singular’ Stand Of Roosevelt On Nazi Acts (Picture: German Ambassador To U.S., Hans Dieckhoff) 1
11/19/1938 Roosevelt To Aid Refugees Here; 12,000 To Stay After Visas Expire-Permits To Be Extended Six Months 1
11/19/1938 (William) Green (And Matthew Woll, A. F. Of L.) Asks Nation To Boycott Reich 1
11/19/1938 Mexican Paper Hits Roosevelt’s (Hemispheric Defense By U.S.) Plan 2
11/19/1938 Methodists Ask Reich To End Persecution (Of Jews) 2
11/19/1938 Washington Silent On German Recall (Of Ambassador Dieckhoff) 3
11/19/1938 (Cardinal) Innitzer Dispels Rumor That He Is A Prisoner 3
11/19/1938 Guilt In (German) Spy Plot Denied By Glaser 3
11/19/1938 Noted Paris Lawyer (Corsican, Vincent De Moro-Giaffert (The ‘Man From Lica,’ Who Defended David Frankfurter In Switzerland), At Request Of Dorothy Thompson’s ‘Grynspan Defense Committee Of America’) To Defend 17-Year-Old Killer Of Vom Rath-$10,000 Raised Here By Journalists’ Defense Fund 3
11/19/1938 250 Pickets Boo Nazis (German-American Bund) In Astoria 3
11/19/1938 (Hungarians) Study New Curb On Jews 3
11/19/1938 Nuremberg Ousts Jews 3
11/19/1938 (Lehman & Jakob Raskob [Du Pont]) Deplore German Terror (Against Jews) 3
11/19/1938 Reich Export To U.S. Cut-1938 Total Likely To Be Lowest Since 1919 Instead Of High (Extra Duties Imposed By The U.S. Treasury Dept.-Morgenthau) 3
11/19/1938 British Ministers Press For (Jewish) Havens (In British Empire) 3
11/19/1938 Belgium To Aid Jews 3
11/19/1938 (Ass’t. Secretary Of War, Louis Johnson) Sets Army Air Goal At 9,280 Planes 4
11/19/1938 Opinion Here Split On (Hull-Roosevelt) Trade Treaties 7
11/19/1938 Laguardia At Miami On Way To Cuba 34
11/20/1938 President (Roosevelt) Asks For Prayers For ‘Unfortunates’ Abroad-Pleas For (Refugee) Aid Rise-Refugee Issue Foremost 1
11/20/1938 Laguardia Scores Dictators (In Havana Speech)-Flays Nazi Tactics 1
11/20/1938 Reich Insists Jews Depart Penniless (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
11/20/1938 Navy Equips Yard To Build 40 Ships In Huge Program 1
11/20/1938 Contracts Given For 3 Battleships 26
11/20/1938 Arab Losses Heavy In British Fighting (Palestine) 31
11/20/1938 (Methodist) Churchmen Condemn Japanese ‘Outrages’ (In China) 31
11/20/1938 (President Anastasio) Somoza Praises U.S. 31
11/20/1938 Other Americas Arm A Million 32
11/20/1938 Refugee Aid Group Resumes In Vienna 32
11/20/1938 Anti-Jewish ‘Tide’ Linked (By Dies Un-American Activities Committee) To ‘Rackets’ 33
11/20/1938 (American) Legion Denounces Reich-Copies Of Resolution Sent To Roosevelt And Hull 33
11/20/1938 German (N.Y. City) Consulate Is Picketed By 350 (Many Names & Groups Listed As Participants) 33
11/20/1938 Ukrainians March In A Protest Here-Ask Independent State 34
11/20/1938 Ukrainians Assail Polish ‘Reprisals’ 34
11/20/1938 Holland Allows Immediate Entry Of Child Refugees From The Reich 34
11/20/1938 (William Randolph) Hearst Urges Giving Ex-(German)-Colonies To Jews 34
11/20/1938 Killings Of Jews Reported 34
11/20/1938 President (Roosevelt) Issues Thanksgiving Call-Says Democracy Stands 35
11/20/1938 Germany Places Ban On 77 Foreign Papers 35
11/20/1938 Borah Opposes Revisions (In U.S. Immigration Quotas To Aid Entry Of Refugees) 35
11/20/1938 Women (Committee On Human Relations Of The National Council Of Women) Protesting Reich Persecution (Of Jews) 35
11/20/1938 Paris (Jewish) Committee Aids Emigres 35
11/20/1938 3,000 Petition President (Roosevelt For Aid To Jews) 35
11/20/1938 German Paper Here (New Yorker Staats-Zeitung Und Herald) Pins Hope On Envoy (Dieckhoff-Apparently He Should Convince Hitler To Do As Roosevelt Wishes) 36
11/20/1938 High (School) Marks Obtained By (German-Jewish) Refugee Pupils 36
11/20/1938 Services Are Held For The Oppressed-Lindbergh Urged To Aid 36
11/20/1938 Teachers Assail Nazi Terrorism (Against Jews) 37
11/20/1938 Strike Against Nazi Shop 37
11/20/1938 Two (Jewish) Boys Land Here; Parents In Vienna (Came In Under German Quota) 37
11/20/1938 Courage Is Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt (Picture)-Defends (Communist, World) Youth Congress-Begins Her Christmas Shopping-Selects Eight Dresses 38
11/20/1938 Lima (Pan-American) Conference Mecca For Women D-6
11/20/1938 Junior Hadassah Meets This Week (Pittsburgh) D-6
11/20/1938 World Crises Stir Groups At Forums D-9
11/20/1938 The News Of The Week In Review (Sign In Demonstration, ‘Murder Is Not Government.’ Given Prominence) E-1
11/20/1938 Hitler’s Silence A Sign Of Nazi Second Thought-Our Attitude Now A Factor E-3
11/20/1938 Nazis Now Drive To Complete Their (Jewish ‘Liquidation’) Program-They Feel Strong Enough To Attain The Objectives That Hitler Set (Otto D. Tolischus) E-3
11/20/1938 Pro-Refugee Cartoon: ‘No Place To Lay Our Heads’ E-3
11/20/1938 Minority Claims Unsettle Europe-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
11/20/1938 World Searched For (Jewish) Havens E-4
11/20/1938 Chamberlain’s Policies Again Upset By Nazis E-4
11/20/1938 Where Arabs Dream Of A Greater Arabia E-5
11/20/1938 Washington Kept Busy On Five World Fronts E-6
11/20/1938 Anti-German Cartoon; Hitler & Wilhelm Ii-Wilhelm Ii Saying, ‘I Laughed At That In 1914 Too.’ E-9
11/20/1938 Germany’s Lost Fleet Is Reborn In 20 Years Mag. 5
11/21/1938 Reich Police Raid Foreigners Homes In Hunt For Jews 1
11/21/1938 President (Roosevelt) Leaves For Warm Springs; Takes Work Along-Dictatorship Charges Likely 1
11/21/1938 Germany Shifting Her Foreign Policy-U.S. And Britain Now Objects Of Attack (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
11/21/1938 Isolation Gone (Ass’t. Secretary Of State, Adolf A.) Berle Warns U.S.; America Held United For Peace 2
11/21/1938 Laguardia Advises On Refugees Entry-Consults With (U.S. Representative From N.Y., Samuel) DicksteinOn Plan To Admit Large Number-Unused Margin Is Low 3
11/21/1938 President (Roosevelt) Losing High Income Vote 3
11/21/1938 Laguardia Leader Of Reds Says Harvey 3
11/21/1938 (Cuban Col. Fulgencio) Batista Departs Pledging Accord 3
11/21/1938 Roosevelt Plea To Britain Urged (To Provide Palestine As A Homeland For The Jews) 4
11/21/1938 Hitler Is Denounced (By Playwrights Robert E. Sherwood & Maxwell Anderson) At Drama Benefits (700,000 Jews In Germany!) 4
11/21/1938 Criticism Of Nazis Praised By (Lt. Governor, N.Y.) Poletti-At Tribute To Rabbi Schorr(At N.Y. City Ymca) 4
11/21/1938 Palestine Aid Set For Reich Children 5
11/21/1938 Traces Nazi Persecution (Of Jews & Other Minorities) 5
11/21/1938 (Jewish Agency Of Palestine) Would Harbor 10,000 Children 5
11/21/1938 Disorders Occur On Czech Borders 6
11/21/1938 Prayer On Radio Said For Germans (By J. R. Sizoo, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ)-Forgive Them Is Theme-An Appeal For Sympathy (For The Jews By Edward M. M. Warburg) 6
11/21/1938 (National) Grange Chief Likens Nazis To ‘The Neros’ 6
11/21/1938 Map: Reich To Build And Control Great Highway Through Czechoslovakia And To Dig Canals 6
11/21/1938 Britons (Cardinal Hinsley) Say Prayers For Jews In Reich-30,000 Catholics Sign A Protest Against Nazi ‘Bondage’ 6
11/21/1938 German People Held Averse To Violence 6
11/21/1938 5,000 In Detroit Ask Ban On Reich Trade 6
11/21/1938 (Jewish War Veterans) Asks For ‘Rigid’ Boycott (Against Germany) 6
11/21/1938 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Map Jewish Drive Aid 6
11/21/1938 (Radio Station) Wmca Contradicts (Father Charles E.) Coughlin On Jews-Holds Christians Suffered More At Hands Of Reds Than Jews Do In Reich 7
11/21/1938 Embargo Is Proposed On Aggressor Forces 7
11/21/1938 Reich Is Enslaved, Cardinal (O’connell, Boston) Asserts-Represent Intellectualism ‘Gone Mad’ 7
11/21/1938 (N.Y.) Polish Clubs Hit Nazis 7
11/21/1938 (U.S. Senator, Robert F.) Wagner Sees Nazis In War On Liberty-’Deadly And Determined Force’ Is Not Directed At Jews Alone, He Warns-Praises Roosevelt’s Stand 8
11/21/1938 France To Use (Concentration) Camp Plan For Criminal Foreigners 8
11/21/1938 Britain Still First In Our Affection (Gallup Poll) 8
11/21/1938 Nazis Condemned In Leading Pulpits-Jewish Prayers Offered 16
11/21/1938 Catholics Asked To Aid Democracy 16
11/21/1938 Rabbi And His Flock Guests Of (Presbyterian) Church 16
11/21/1938 British-U.S. (Trade) Pact Blow To Reich 29
11/21/1938 (British) Pound Hit Worst By Flare-Up In Germany But British Think Pact With U.S. Will Aid 29
11/22/1938 Britain Offers Reich Jews Land In Africa And Guiana; Tanganyika Is Open-$100,000,000 Fund Is Sought-Prompt Aid For Children 1
11/22/1938 Nazis Unrelenting-’Liquidation’ Of The Jews Goes On As Press Gibes At Democracies (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
11/22/1938 Baldwin Will Broadcast Plea For Reich Refugees 1
11/22/1938 (U.S.) Concern For Jews Is Held (By Italy) Insincere-Roosevelt Is A Target-His Attitude Is Attributed To Jewish Ancestry And Dollar Diplomacy 4
11/22/1938 New Reich Courts To Deal With Growing Banditry 4
11/22/1938 Grynszpan Council Loses Point In Court (Uncle And Aunt Not Released-Arrested And Held As Accomplices) 4
11/22/1938 Evangelical Church (Membership) Gains In Germany 4
11/22/1938 (Victor F.) Ridder (Secretary Of New Yorker Staats-Zeitung Und Herold) Urges Jews To Avoid Prejudice-Sees ‘Mutual Obligation’ 5
11/22/1938 Reich Kills Two As Spies 5
11/22/1938 German Labor Likened To Slave (By Matthew Woll Of A. F. Of L.)-Living Standard Is Lower (Than In U.S.) 5
11/22/1938 20,000 Jam (Madison Square) Garden In Reich Protest-Resolutions Ask Roosevelt To Call World Parley And To Ban Trade With Germany 6
11/22/1938 List Granted Re-Entry (To U.S.) Under German Quota; Foe Of Nazis Saved From Return To Reich 6
11/22/1938 Paris Defers Signing Of Accord With Berlin-Reaction To Anti-Semitism Holds Up Non-Aggression Pact 6
11/22/1938 (United Palestine Appeal) Want Jews In Palestine (Abba Hillel Silver) 6
11/22/1938 Faculty At Hunter (College) Protests Nazi Acts-Urges President (Roosevelt) To Aid World Move In Behalf Of Victims 6
11/22/1938 Curran Says Hitler Can’t Rewrite Bible 6
11/22/1938 Reich Is Startled By British Plans (For British Colonization At Least Partially In Former German Colonies)-Jews Laud Chamberlain 7
11/22/1938 Czechs Send Jews Back To Germany-Slovakia Adopts Anti-Semitism 7
11/22/1938 Excerpts From Commons Debate On Refugees 8
11/22/1938 (Anthony) Eden Hails United Reaction To Anti-Semitism; Says Spain Is Now Most Pressing Problem 8
11/22/1938 Proposed Havens Rich In Resources (Map) 9
11/22/1938 Beersheba Taken By British Troops 10
11/22/1938 (The Anti-Nazi Intercollegiate Committee, Meeting At Union College) To Mobilize Colleges For Victims Of Nazis 10
11/22/1938 (Oskar Maria Graf) Predicts Revolt In Reich 10
11/22/1938 (National) Grange Urges Arms For Nation’s Defense 16
11/22/1938 (British) Pound And (French) Franc Down To Sept. 28 Levels; $7,619,000 Of British Gold To Be Sent Here 35
11/23/1938 Roosevelt Bars Pwa (Ickes) Aid To Georgia For Failure To Work With New Deal 1
11/23/1938 Paris Receives Hitler Bid For ‘Good-Neighbor’ Ties; Chamberlain There Today 1
11/23/1938 ‘Fire And Sword’ New Nazi Threat (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
11/23/1938 World Team Work Asked By (Thomas J.) Watson 5
11/23/1938 Hoover Denounces Dictators’ Terror-’Intolerant Ideologies’ Are Threats To Democracies And Peace, He Declares-Fifth Horseman Is Riding 7
11/23/1938 Refugee Aid Sped By British Action 8
11/23/1938 73 Refugees (Jews) Arrive Here-Tell Of Arrests 8
11/23/1938 Goebbels Presses Anti-Jewish Drive 9
11/23/1938 Novel Fund Started For Refugee Relief 9
11/23/1938 Lithuania Praised In Poland For (Peace) Pact 10
11/23/1938 New U.S. Not Asks Reich’s Assurance-Seeks Exemption Of American Jews From Decree Baring Group From Business 12
11/23/1938 Canada Considers Haven For Refugees 12
11/23/1938 Nbc Has (‘First Refusal’) Option On Reich Programs 12
11/23/1938 Many Groups Join In Reich Protests-More Pleas To President (Roosevelt) 13
11/23/1938 ‘German-Americans Reply To Hitler; Clears The (German) People In (Jewish) Persecutions 13
11/23/1938 (Catholic Weekly) Would Admit (Jewish & Christian) Refugees (From Germany To U.S.) 13
11/23/1938 (Slovaks) Agree On A President-G.E.R. Gedye 13
11/23/1938 Italy Blocks Sale Of Realty By Jews 14
11/23/1938 Anti-Semitism Is Held Based On Economics 14
11/23/1938 Nazis Erred In Slur-Moscow Disputes Story On Roosevelt’s Greeting To Stalin (On 20th Anniversary Of Soviet Revolution) 14
11/23/1938 Refugee Worker 80 Honored 14
11/23/1938 Witness’s English Amazes (German) Spy Court 15
11/23/1938 New Warship Seen For Brooklyn Yard-5,000 Jobs In Prospect 45
11/24/1938 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Helped Censor Newsreel Commons Learns-Britain Asked Aid Of Envoy On Film Critical Of Her Policy In Czech Crisis, Simon Says-Kennedy’s Own Version, P. 22 1
11/24/1938 Reich Levies 20% On Jews Property (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
11/24/1938 Roosevelt Is Gratified By Report Palestine Will Take More Refugees 1
11/24/1938 Germans Still In Czechoslovakia Have Choice Of Reich Citizenship 4
11/24/1938 Berlin Pushes Aim To Impair Entente 4
11/24/1938 Anxiety Among Refugees-G.E.R. Gedye 4
11/24/1938 Nuremberg (Jewish) Decrees Adopted By Danzig 4
11/24/1938 (German Ambassador) Dieckhoff Sails Quietly For Home 5
11/24/1938 Alaska Suggested As Haven (For Refugees) By Ickes 8
11/24/1938 Many In Palestine Would Aid Children 9
11/24/1938 Ridder (New Yorker Staats-Zeitung Und Herold) Assailed In Reich 9
11/24/1938 Judge Saves Jew From Deportation (To Czechoslovakia) 11
11/24/1938 Scout Refugees Will Find Aid Here 12
11/24/1938 Hull Lists Hopes For (Pan-American) Lima Parley 18
11/24/1938 Big Plane Output Mapped For Army 22
11/24/1938 (Rexford Guy) Tugwell Is Married At City Hall; Ceremony Performed By Mayor (Laguardia-Picture Of The Bride) 29
11/24/1938 Labor Parties Termed ‘Anti-Democratic’ By Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Because Of Class Distinction 29
11/25/1938 British And French Agree On Strong Home Defenses; Will Build Great Air Fleet 1
11/25/1938 Democracies Lead In The Naval Race Of Tonnage Total 1
11/25/1938 Roosevelt Carves Turkey, Not A Map 1
11/25/1938 Catholic Schools To Back Democracy (Letter, P. 2) 1
11/25/1938 Brazil To Garrison Nazis’ Stronghold 1
11/25/1938 Oil Lands Seized (By Mexico) Adjacent To Texas 2
11/25/1938 (National Labor Committee For) Palestine Group To Meet 5
11/25/1938 Freemasonry Dissolved By A Decree In Poland 6
11/25/1938 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Stresses Minorities Rights 7
11/25/1938 Aid For Afflicted Urged In Sermons-Freedom Here Is Hailed-Attended By Refugees 9
11/25/1938 65 Protest Lifting Loyalist (Spain) Embargo-Plea To Roosevelt Criticizes (Those) Who Recently Urged End Of Shipping Ban 10
11/25/1938 Reich Press Keeps Up Attacks On America-Roosevelt Is Called ‘Wilson The Second’ And Also A Jew 10
11/25/1938 Poles Bar Guarantee Of Czechs’ Frontier 11
11/25/1938 38 Reported Hurt As Fascists (In South Africa) Attack Jews’ Demonstration 11
11/25/1938 Paris Press Split On German Accord 12
11/25/1938 Goering Declares A Halt On Attacks (On Jewish Property) 12
11/25/1938 France Moves (Austrian) Refugees 12
11/25/1938 Red Cross Votes A Refugee Study 13
11/25/1938 Britain May Open Palestine’s Doors-Zionists Suggest 20,000 13
11/25/1938 7 Americans Get Awards By Hitler-Have Studied In Germany 14
11/25/1938 Columbia Recalls Her Envoy To Germany After Brush With Police During (Jewish) Excesses 14
11/25/1938 New Czech ‘Republic’ (Sic) Drops (Eduard) Benes Stamps 14
11/25/1938 Corsican (Lawyer Moro-Giafferi, The Man From Lica) Won’t Take Grynszpan’s Defense (As Reported Earlier-Henry Torres May Defend Him-See Later Entry) 14
11/25/1938 Hitler Is Assailed By British Writer 14
11/25/1938 (Representative Hamilton) Fish Will Seek Act To Bar (German-American) Bund Drills 15
11/25/1938 (N.Y. Lt. Governor) Poletti Bids U.S. Push War On Bias 16
11/25/1938 Bronxville Library ‘To Look Like A Home;’ Plans Spurred By Gifts For Books On Jews 25
11/25/1938 100,000 Palestine Jews To Get Palestine Land-Dr. Israel Goldstein, Back (From Palestine) Tells Plans Of (Jewish) National Fund 26
11/26/1938 Hull Off To Lima (Pan-American) Parley, Asks For American Unity (Picture With Wife, P. 3); Holds Ship To See (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Hugh R.) Wilson-Talk With Wilson Short 1
11/26/1938 Reich, Italy Assure Czechs On Borders-Hungary And Poland Are Told They Must Accept Awards-Czechs And Poles Clash 1
11/26/1938 (Col. Fugencio) Batista S Ays U.S. Will Assist Cuba 1
11/26/1938 U.S. Will Prod Reich On Austria Debts; Orders Embassy To Insist On (Germany’s) Assumpton (Of Austrian Debt) 1
11/26/1938 Refugee Aid Plans Mapped By Taylor (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Political Refugees-Text Of Myron C. Taylor’s Address) 2
11/26/1938 Reich To Eliminate Jewish Retailers 2
11/26/1938 Jewish Students In Reich Ordered To Repay Loans 2
11/26/1938 Palestine Is Seen Open To Refugees (By National Labor Fund For Palestine)-Roosevelt Is Praised 2
11/26/1938 U.S. Envoy (To Germany, Hugh R. Wilson) Arrives To Report On Reich-Silent On German Issue-Ambassador’s Secretary (Peter Belin) Sees No Reason Why They Should Not Return To Berlin 3
11/26/1938 Greece Curbs News Of Actions In Reich 3
11/26/1938 (Swarthmore) College To Aid Refugees 3
11/26/1938 (French & British) Colonies To Receive 20,000 Jewish Exiles-Roosevelt’s Mother Gets Plea 3
11/26/1938 Laguardia Urges Rescue Of Jews-Palestine Land Ready 4
11/27/1938 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Hugh R.) Wilson To Remain In U.S. As Advisor On German Affairs-Protest Made To Reich (Text Of Notes, P. 46) 1
11/27/1938 Children Pick Roosevelt As ‘Ideal Man’ But Like His Wife Best, Club Poll Shows 2
11/27/1938 U.S. And Columbia Attest Good-Will-Felicitations Exchanged 40
11/27/1938 Poland Tightens Ties With Soviet-No-War Pact Is Reaffirmed 40
11/27/1938 U.S. Trade Policies Draw Fascist Ire 41
11/27/1938 Seek Palestine Settlers 42
11/27/1938 Would Blacklist Japan 43
11/27/1938 Makenson Asks Hitler To Release Niemoeller 44
11/27/1938 Reich Is Extending Empire To Balkans 45
11/27/1938 Safeguard Urged For Jews In Reich (By N.Y. City Rabbis)-Godless Nazism Blamed-Rabbi L. I. Newman Warns Lest Concentration Camps Be ‘Tombs Of Thousands’ 45
11/27/1938 Nazi Rule Is Scored By Republican Club 45
11/27/1938 (Leon) Blum Sees Others Suffering Like Jews 45
11/27/1938 Nazis Ban Swing (Popular) Music As Not Fit For Germans 45
11/27/1938 Germany To Keep (Ambassador) Dieck Hoff At Home (To Counter U.S. Action)-Plan Hostile Propaganda (Otto D. Tolischus) 46
11/27/1938 Fascisti Condemn Mercy Upon Jews 46
11/27/1938 Junior Hadassah Maps Study Drive (At Pittsburg Conference) 47
11/27/1938 U.S. Interest In Peace Stressed By Bonnet 47
11/27/1938 Tanganyika Opposed As Haven For Exiles 47
11/27/1938 Refugee Problem Arouses Britain To Action E-3
11/27/1938 Security Of Hemisphere Forms Fourth New Deal E-3
11/27/1938 Czechs Revamp State As Hitler Wants It-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
11/27/1938 New Nazi ‘Empire’ Stirred By Barter (Schacht’s Idea) E-4
11/27/1938 Nazis In Final Phase Of The War On Jews (Otto D. Tolischus) E-5
11/27/1938 Arms For America’s Defense Book 1
11/27/1938 A Nation Prepares For ‘M’ (‘Mobilization’) Day Mag. 1
11/27/1938 Germany’s Course-How Explain It? Mag. 3
11/27/1938 Germany Is Training (Rifle Practice) Mag. 8
11/28/1938 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Defends Address On Jews-3 Stations Bar Him 1
11/28/1938 Final Czech Area Occupied By Poles (G.E.R. Gedye) 1
11/28/1938 President (Roosevelt) Confers With Ambassadors (Wilson & Phillips [Italy]) On Nazi Situation 1
11/28/1938 British Succeeding In Palestine Drive-Campaign To Disarm (Arab) Villages 5
11/28/1938 Reich Jews’ Flats Causing Scramble-Polish Jews Rearrested-Poland Seizes Property 6
11/28/1938 $1,000,000 Quota Set For Aid In Palestine (By National Labor Committee For Palestine) 6
11/28/1938 Nazis Are Alarmed By Flight Of Peasants From Countryside To Industrial Towns 6
11/28/1938 (Ukrainians) Protest Against Poland 6
11/28/1938 Russia And Poland To Negotiate On Trade 7
11/28/1938 End Crime On Jews Soviet Paper (‘Trud’) Asks 8
11/28/1938 Lloyd George’s Book Is Critical Of (Eduard) Benes 8
11/28/1938 Mosely Wed A Freeman-Mitford In Hitler’s Presence, London Hears 8
11/28/1938 (Corsican Lawyer) Moro-Giafferi (‘The Man From Lica’) Decides To Serve As Grynszpan Council (For Dorothy Thompson Grynszpan Defense Group-As He Had Done Previously For David Frankfurter In The Wilhelm Gustloff Murder) 8
11/28/1938 Group (Provisional Council Against Anti-Semitism-Sponsors Mentioned) Plans Fight On Anti-Semitism 9
11/28/1938 Junior Hadassah (At Pittsburg Conference) Asks Refugee Aid (Picture Of Head, Miss Neil Ziff) 9
11/28/1938 (Clergymen) To Protest Against Reich 9
11/28/1938 Nazis Denounced At Many (Religious) Services 12
11/28/1938 Contributions Of Jews 12
11/28/1938 Gold Revaluation Cuts French Debt 25
11/29/1938 Roosevelt Returns Phillips To Italy; Silent On Germany 1
11/29/1938 (Ass’t. Sec. Of State, Adolf A.) Berle Paying Back $70,000 Aide Stole 1
11/29/1938 Mexico’s Seizures (Of U.S. Oil Property) Held Aided By U.S. 10
11/29/1938 British Army Cuts Palestine Terror 10
11/29/1938 Chamberlain Firm For Appeasement 13
11/29/1938 (German) Spy Case Assailed As A ‘Red Herring’ 17
11/29/1938 (Spanish) Loyalists To Offer Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gift 17
11/29/1938 Arrests Of Jews Go On In Germany-5,000 Still Stranded After A Month In Poland 18
11/29/1938 (U.S. Ambassador Joseph P.) Kennedy To Visit U.S. 18
11/29/1938 Poles, By Turning To Russia Hope To Curb German Drive To The East 19
11/29/1938 (Religious) Tolerance Pleas Lead By Dr. (Arthur H.) Compton 19
11/29/1938 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin In Error (On Jews’ Role In The Russian Revolution), Kerensky Asserts 20
11/30/1938 French Troops On Guard As General Strike Begins; Blum Summons Deputies 1
11/30/1938 Roosevelt Awaits Course In Germany To Guide Relations (In Hull’s Absence, Sumner Welles Is Acting Secretary Of State) 1
11/30/1938 Jury Convicts Two As Nazi Spies Here; Third Awaits Fate 1
11/30/1938 U.S. To Cut Tariff Upon Cuban Sugar 1
11/30/1938 Britain To Borrow For Arms Program-French Chamber Group Says Country Cannot Expect Stability Before 1941 11
11/30/1938 Jews In Germany Get Extermination Threat (From Swarze Korps) 14
11/30/1938 Reich Firms Bill Foreign Forms-Property Ruined In Nov. 10 Outbreak-They Will Resist Paying 14
11/30/1938 Jews Would Shift Million Families (From Central Europe With Zionist Organizations) 15
11/30/1938 Hollywood Ad Hits At Leni Riefenstahler 15
11/30/1938 Reich Adds Four Corps To Army, Increasing It To 1,000,000 Men 15
11/30/1938 43 Arabs Salin (By British) In Palestine Clash 15
11/30/1938 Grynszpan Kin Sentenced-Uncle And Aunt (Abram & Chana Grynszpan) Get 4 Months For Sheltering Youth 15
11/30/1938 Schacht Upholds Nazi (Barter) Trade Policy 16
11/30/1938 Harvard Votes Twenty $4500 Scholarships For Refugees Of Any Creed From Germany 16
11/30/1938 Sound Trade Basis Put Before Arms 16
11/30/1938 $5,000,000 Drive Begun By Zionists-Aid For Jews Urged 17
11/30/1938 Rise Of ‘Racism’ In The United States Held A Peril By Catholic Writer (Father John La Farge)-Fears Nazi-Red Deal 17
11/30/1938 Noted Exiles Turn To U.S. Citizenship 17
11/30/1938 Warns That Fascism May Be Forced On Us 17
11/30/1938 159 New Vessels Will Fly Our Flag-Big Rise Over October 45