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William Lindsey collection — 1938 NYT headlines

March 1938
Date Headline Page
03/01/1938 New Deal Policies Deepen Recession, Baruch Declares 1
03/01/1938 Hitler Again Orders Nazis Here To Quit (German-American) Bund And All Such Groups 1
03/01/1938 Hodza (Czech.) Will Reply Firmly To Hitler 5
03/01/1938 Palestine Group To Start Studies-Woodhead Is Chairman 6
03/01/1938 Reich Extends Work Ban-’Aryan’ Manikins Forbidden To Serve Jewish Firms 6
03/01/1938 (Pierre Van Passen) Opens Palestine (Haven) Drive 9
03/01/1938 Senators At Work On War Tax Policy-(Tom) Connally (Texas) Is Chairman 10
03/01/1938 U.S. Britain, France Discuss Navies Today (In London) 10
03/01/1938 Roosevelt Greets (B-17’S) Army Flight Chief-Carrys (Brazil’s) Ortiz Message-’Flying Fortresses’ Reported Superior To Any Other Planes For Defense Purposes-(Map Of ‘Good Will’ Flight) 11
03/01/1938 Educators Urged (By Roosevelt) To Aid Democracy 17
03/02/1938 15,000 Nazis Defy Ban In Graz, March For Seyss-Inquart-Teachers Also Rebelling 1
03/02/1938 Roosevelt Will Devote Profits From Books (?) To Public Purpose (Accused Of Using Office For Private Gain) 1
03/02/1938 Baruch Hits Critics Of Big Business 1
03/02/1938 President (Roosevelt) Chides ‘Little Business’ 2
03/02/1938 Roosevelt Article Gives New Deal Aims (In Liberty Magazine) 3
03/02/1938 216 Pastors Sign New Peace Pledge-Kellogg Pact Endorsed-Protestants And Jews Join In Public Oath To Refrain From Supporting ‘Next War’ (Text And Partial List Of Signatures-Refers To ‘Aggressive And Dangerous Policy Of President Roosevelt’) 7
03/02/1938 Goering Flaunts Air Force Threat-He Warns Of Invincibility 10
03/02/1938 Arabs Attack Zionists (At Kirath Zvi) 10
03/02/1938 German Aid In Spain Is Praised By Ciano 11
03/02/1938 U.S. In Conference On Warship Curbs (In London With France And England) 11
03/02/1938 (Fritz) Kuhn Group (German-American Bund) Defies Reich Ambassador-’We Take No Orders,’ League Replies 13
03/02/1938 (U.S.-British) Oil Concerns Lose In Mexican Court-Vast Struggle Foreseen 13
03/02/1938 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Greeted At English Port (Plymouth)-Parries Other Questions 14
03/02/1938 British M. P. (Herbert Williams) Strikes At Anglo-U.S. (Trade) Pact-Chamberlain Evasive 14
03/02/1938 Slump Here Held World Trade Curb (By Sir Josiah Stamp) 36
03/03/1938 U.S. Acts To Claim Islands In Pacific-Issue With Britain Seen 1
03/03/1938 British Arms Cost Reaches New High-L343 250 000 This Year 1
03/03/1938 Niemoeller Freed In Reich, Then Rearrested; Is Seized After Conviction At Sedition Trial 1
03/03/1938 Report Roosevelt Changing Strategy (On Domestic Issues At Least) 2
03/03/1938 Attack On Roosevelt Stirs House Fervor-(Penn. Congressman. Robert F.) Rich Declares The President ‘Never Did A Day’s Work’ 2
03/03/1938 (Rabbi J. B. Wise) To Tour For Jewish Fund (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 2
03/03/1938 (Henry A.) Wallace Answers Baruch Challenge 4
03/03/1938 Hadassah Leader (Mrs. David De Sola Pool) Sails (To Attend World Zionist Organization Conference In London) 5
03/03/1938 Styrian (Austrian) Nazis Win Large Concessions 10
03/03/1938 Reich Acts To Ease Shortage Of Labor-Ex-Pupils Must Register 11
03/03/1938 British Ban Seen On (European) Policing Role 13
03/03/1938 Chamberlain Sees No Curb On Austria 13
03/03/1938 Text Of The Indictment Accusing 21 Defendants (In Moscow) Of Treason To The Soviet Union (Andrey Y. Vishinsky, Prosecutor) 14
03/03/1938 Jews On U.S. Farms Now Total 100,000-Refugee Families Aided (By Jewish Agricultural Society, Inc.)-Project Called A Necessity 22
03/03/1938 WPA Here To Give 20,000 More Jobs-1,000 A Day To Be Placed 23
03/04/1938 Britain Resumes Parleys In Berlin (With Sir Nevile Henderson 1
03/04/1938 Morley Declares New Deal Failed 4
03/04/1938 Hull Report Cites Advance For Peace 4
03/04/1938 Charges New Deal Uses Blacklist 5
03/04/1938 Vienna Repudiates Styrian Nazi Deal 14
03/05/1938 Germany Warned By Czech Premier (Hodza)-Calls Border Inviolable 1
03/05/1938 Roosevelt Says ‘Old Ship Of State Is On Same Course’ 1
03/05/1938 Roosevelt Ponders Raising Flag On 2 Islands Claimed By Britain 1
03/05/1938 L123,707,000 Asked For Britain’s Navy-2 Capital Ships Planned 1
03/05/1938 Senate Confirms (Robert H.) Jackson (As U.S. Solicitor General) By Vote Of 62 To 4; Norris, Others Mention Him For Presidency 1
03/05/1938 Pastor’s (Niemoeller’s) Rearrest Ascribed To Hitler 7
03/05/1938 Trotsky Forecasts Vishinsky Tactics (In Moscow Treason Trial) 8
03/05/1938 German Executed (Guillotined) As Soviet Plotter-Prison Horrors Related (Otto D. Tolischus) 9
03/05/1938 Hirota Again Asks Big Cuts In Navies-Bids For U.S. Friendship 9
03/05/1938 Palestine Fight (Arabs & British) Greets New Chief (Sir Harold Mac Michael) 9
03/05/1938 U.S. (Marine) Unit Halts Japanese 9
03/05/1938 Ambassador Kennedy Visits Chamberlain 9
03/05/1938 Picture: Rev. Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, Director, National Conference Of Jews And Christians 20
03/05/1938 U.S.-Brazil Link On Radio Opened-(Sumner) Wells (Sic) Joins In Acclaim-’Characteristic Harmony’ Of Both Peoples Strengthened, His Message Asserts 34
03/06/1938 Roosevelt Claims 2 Pacific Islands And Byrd’s Lands-British Titles Disputed-Will Negotiate With London On Pacific Claims, Which Are Expected To Be Widened (Map, P. 28) 1
03/06/1938 British Send Terms Of Amity To Italy; Spain Is Main Issue-Poles Want To Join Pact 1
03/06/1938 British Mopping Up In Palestine Area-Many Protest In Iraq 25
03/06/1938 Nazi Aid To (Spanish) Rebels Is Held Increased (By Lawrence A. Fernsworth In Barcelona) 26
03/06/1938 Japanese Soldier Slaps U.S. (School Teacher) Woman-Consul Makes Protest 29
03/06/1938 Picture: Model Of Tempelhof Air Terminal Under Construction In Berlin 30
03/06/1938 Bock Beer Banned To Save Reich Food-Labor Has Been Diverted 30
03/06/1938 France Creates Fund For Nation’s Defense 30
03/06/1938 Hungary’s Rearming Stressed By Premier (Darangi) 30
03/06/1938 Poland Will Ask Inclusion In (Anglo-Italian) Pact 31
03/06/1938 Columbia (University) Widens Study In Europe N-6
03/06/1938 To Halt Or Go On: Japan Must Choose E-4
03/06/1938 Niemoeller Trial Bares Deep Split E-4
03/06/1938 German Press On War Basis-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
03/06/1938 Anti-German Cartoon: Germany (Devil) Biting Czechoslovakia And Looking At Poland E-5
03/06/1938 Picture: Dr. Seyss-Inquart, Hitler’s Man E-5
03/06/1938 Hardy Czech Democracy Stands On Guard Mag. 4
03/06/1938 History Is Made At 10 Downing Street Mag. 12
03/07/1938 (Spanish) Rebel Cruiser Torpedoed In Spanish Naval Battle; British Rescue 400 Men 1
03/07/1938 Nazi Minister (Walther Funk) Bids For U.S. Trade; Suggests World Clearing System (Otto D. Tolischus) 1
03/07/1938 Niemoeller Aid Challenges Nazis 2
03/07/1938 Borah Denounces (U.S.) Boycott Of Japan-Assails Our Naval Plans 3
03/07/1938 (U.S.) War Games Over; Return Is Ordered 3
03/07/1938 (Japanese) Denies Slapping (U.S.) Teacher 3
03/07/1938 Catholic Students Score News Of Spain-Delegates Of Five Colleges Hold Loyalist Propaganda Gives (U.S.) Distorted Impression 3
03/07/1938 La Follette Maps Plan To Avoid War-For Ludlow (Sponsor Of The War Referendum) Amendment 10
03/07/1938 Zionists Reject Plan For New Homeland (Other Than Palestine 10
03/07/1938 World Peace Seen Hinging On British (By Cleric)-Hitler Assailed 11
03/07/1938 Britain Discusses Adverse Balance (Of Foreign Trade) 25
03/08/1938 Pact With Czechs Cuts Shoe Duties, May Admit 600,000 More Pairs (Cordell Hull) 1
03/08/1938 Navy Bill Assailed As Free Hand For Roosevelt In Foreign Policy 1
03/08/1938 Chamberlain Wins Commons’ Backing On Foreign Policy (Speech, P. 12) 1
03/08/1938 Report Japanese Will Quit Fishery (Off U.S. Coast To Placate U.S.) 7
03/08/1938 Tokyo Seeks Links With U.S. Japanese 7
03/08/1938 Mexico Embargoes Oil Company Funds 9
03/08/1938 Masaryk Honored (In U.S.) For His Democracy-Czechoslovakia Hailed As A Fortress Of Liberty ‘Set In The Raging Waters Of Autocracy’ 10
03/08/1938 (Spanish) Rebels Criticized By U.S. Educators (Harold Urey And Franz Boas)-Laud Loyalist (Russian Supported, Communist) Schooling 11
03/09/1938 (Herbert) Hoover Blunt To Hitler On Nazism; Says Progress Demands Liberty (In A 40 Minute Talk With Hitler) 1
03/09/1938 Chautemps Seeks Powers In Crisis Over Arms Outlay 1
03/09/1938 Fund Of 3 Billion For Relief Urged-Assails ‘Big Business’ 6
03/09/1938 Jewish Seminary Honors Dr. Herz (25th Anniversary As Chief Rabbi Of British Empire-Picture) 11
03/09/1938 Polish Jews Ask Help (For Jewish Business In Warsaw-Anti-Semitic Rioting) 12
03/09/1938 Amnesty By Hitler Is Urged By Britons (For Political Prisoners In Concentration Camps) 13
03/09/1938 Illegal Nazi Leader Leaves Vienna Again 14
03/09/1938 Reich Mobilizes Labor (Dr. Robert Ley, Labor Front) 14
03/09/1938 Jews’ Wealth Vexes Nazi (Julius Streicher) 16
03/10/1938 Schuschnigg Calls Independence Poll As He Defies Nazis-Germans Are Stunned 1
03/10/1938 (Senator) Bridges Denounces ‘Hitlerism’ In Tva; Inquiry Is Debated 1
03/10/1938 (Polish Premier Jozef) Beck And (Italian Count) Ciano Find Accord On All Points 9
03/10/1938 Britain Insists On Island Rights-Hints At A Settlement (With U.S.) 10
03/10/1938 Germans Stunned By Austrian Move 12
03/10/1938 Nazi Police Close Catholics’ Office-Cardinal’s (Faulhaber’s) Role Assailed 14
03/10/1938 Ribbentrop Giving London 5 Demands 15
03/10/1938 Hoover Reaffirms Faith In (U.S.) Freedom-Praises German Housing 15
03/11/1938 Britain Not To Put Big Army In France 1
03/11/1938 Wide Disorders In Austria; Troops And Planes Moving; Reich Seen Directing Nazis-Plebiscite Fought-Ribbentrop Curtails London Visit 1
03/11/1938 Chautemps Quits, (Leon) Blum Called In 1
03/11/1938 Democracy To Win, Dr. (Thomas) Mann Predicts-He Denounces Dictators-Holds Himself To Be A ‘Conservative’ 8
03/11/1938 Schacht Is Renamed As Reichsbank Head 8
03/11/1938 32 Arabs Are Killed By British In Battle-Troops Mopping Up In Palestine 9
03/11/1938 Poland Orders Expulsion Of German Border Colony 11
03/11/1938 Jews Protest On Danzig (‘Aryan Clause’) 12
03/11/1938 Nazi Press Scores Austrian Vote Plan-Otto D. Tolischus 12
03/12/1938 Nazis Seize Austria After Hitler Ultimatum; German Troops Invited To Maintain Order; Seyss-Inquart Chancellor, Powers Protest-Schuschnigg Goes, Resigns After Threat Of Invasion-Italy Gets Shock 1
03/12/1938 Netherlands Likens Crisis To Invasion Of Belgium (In 1914) 1
03/12/1938 British Appalled By Reich Methods 1
03/12/1938 Reich Army Moves; 50,000 At Frontier 1
03/12/1938 Schuschnigg (Picture) Beset By Constant Strife 2
03/12/1938 Powers Resent Coup But Are Unable To Act Together To Halt Nazis 2
03/12/1938 Schuschnigg In Farewell Speech Says Nation Wanted No Bloodshed 2
03/12/1938 Picture: Dr. Arthur Seyss-Inquart 2
03/12/1938 Vienna’s Fate Sealed By London On Feb. 18-Dropping Of Eden Ended French Plan For Saving Austria From Reich At Any Price 2
03/12/1938 (Prof. Frederick L. Schuman, In 1936, Chicago University) Predicts Date Of War (March, 1938) 2
03/12/1938 Schuschnigg Held Out Until He Found He Could Not Get Outside Support 3
03/12/1938 Nazi Crowds Rout Enemies In Vienna 3
03/12/1938 Berlin Condemned By British Press 4
03/12/1938 Reich Is Jubilant; Anschluss Hinted 4
03/12/1938 Austria Not Boycotted (By Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum And B. Charney Vladeck Of The Jewish Labor Committee-Tenenbaum Head Of Federation Of Polish Jews In America) 4
03/12/1938 Konoye Quiets Fears On Mobilization Bill 5
03/12/1938 Education Urged On Young Editors (At Columbia University)-History Is Termed Vital 15
03/13/1938 Hitler Enters Austria In Triumphal Parade; Vienna Prepares For Union, Voids Treaty Ban; France Mans Border; Britain Studies Moves 1
03/13/1938 Graz Crowds Pull Down Memorial To Dollfuss 1
03/13/1938 65,000 Reich Troops Move Into Austria 1
03/13/1938 18 Russians To Die For Treason Plot; Rakovsky Spared (Andrey Y. Vishensky, Prosecutor, Moscow) 1
03/13/1938 Democracy Urged To Curb Dictators (By French Deputy Andre Philip)-Says France, England And Russia (Democracy Already ?) Can Stop Hitler 25
03/13/1938 Anglo-U.S. Treaty Scored In Britain-Sees Blow At Dominions 26
03/13/1938 Protestants Have Freedom In (‘Loyalist’-Red) Spain-Identified With Liberals 28
03/13/1938 Musicians (Organization) Support Loyalists In Spain (Along With George Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein, Pablo Casals, Thomas Mann And Others) 28
03/13/1938 Japanese See U.S. As ‘Easily Fooled’-(Refers To The Ease With Which Their Thoughts Can Be Manipulated By Leaders, Press, Movies, Etc.) 29
03/13/1938 Austrian Jews Seek Parley With Nazis 31
03/13/1938 Hitler’ Speech At Linz 32
03/13/1938 Nazi Frenzy Grips Huge Linz Crowd 32
03/13/1938 Germany Sees Gain In Position Abroad 34
03/13/1938 German Methods Scored In Britain-Held ‘Law Of Jungle’ 34
03/13/1938 Picture: Hitler’s Birthplace In Braunau 34
03/13/1938 Austrian Chancellor (Seyss-Inquart) Joined Nazis Early (Vita) 34
03/13/1938 The Text Of Hitler’s Proclamation On Austria 35
03/13/1938 War On Anti-Semitism Held Universal Cause (By ‘Friends Of Democracy’) 35
03/13/1938 Hitler’s Note To Mussolini 36
03/13/1938 Picture: Austrian Nazis Celebrate Hitler’s Coup 37
03/13/1938 Navy Bill Opponents Assailed By (Communist, Earl) Browder 37
03/13/1938 (U.S.) War Game Secrecy Tightened By Navy 38
03/13/1938 (U.S.) Cruiser Launched At Camden Yard (100,000 Ton ‘Phoenix’) 38
03/13/1938 ‘Air Raid’ On Tampa Is Made From Michigan By Eight Flying Fortresses In 4½ Hours 38
03/13/1938 Science Teaching In U.S. ‘Superior’ (Dr. Alexander Efron) N-6
03/13/1938 Gains In Palestine In 20 Years Shown (By United Palestine Appeal) N-8
03/13/1938 The News Of The Week In Review-Under The Feet Of German Troops, The Map Of Europe Changes (Map)-Seig Heil, Austria Is Ours E-1
03/13/1938 Cartoon: Anti-Axis E-3
03/13/1938 Hitler Is Victor Again As Nazis Grab Austria E-3
03/13/1938 Hitler’s Coup Reacts Upon Britain’s Policies-Harold Callender E-3
03/13/1938 Gains For The Reich In Seizure Of Austria E-5
03/13/1938 Reich Asks Pacts To Control (Hostile) Press-Hopes For A Wide Truce E-5
03/13/1938 Poland Exchanges Smiles With Italy-Jerzy Szapiro E-5
03/13/1938 Mexican Oil War A Major Struggle E-6
03/13/1938 The Pacific (Power Politics) Game Goes Grimly On Mag. 1
03/14/1938 Leon Blum Revives His (Socialist) Popular Front-Communists Promise Their Support 1
03/14/1938 Austria Absorbed Into German Reich; Hitler Commander Of United Armies; Miklas Ousted; Plebiscite On April 10-Shake-Up Is Speedy-Nazis Push Union-(Hitler) Leads 73,000,000 (Picture, P. 2) 1
03/14/1938 Governor (Herbert Lehman) Orders Ousting Of Aliens In State Militia-New Federal Ban Cited 1
03/14/1938 Vienna Jews Beaten; Stores Plundered 2
03/14/1938 Hitler Bows Head At Parents’ Grave-Greets Former Guardian 2
03/14/1938 Nazi Purge In Linz In Full Swing 2
03/14/1938 Viennese Go Wild; Jam Noisy Streets-Youths On The March 3
03/14/1938 Goering Extends Reich Protection-Warns Against Attacks-Otto D. Tolischus 3
03/14/1938 Tension In Britain Bars Reich Talks-Ribbentrop Quits London 3
03/14/1938 Text Of Anschluss Law 3
03/14/1938 (Lithuania) ‘Incident’ Excites Poland (Polish Soldier Killed) 3
03/14/1938 Churches In Reich Honor Neimoeller 4
03/14/1938 Slain Chancellor’s (Dollfuss’s) Wife And Children In Budapest 4
03/14/1938 Danzig Expects Union (With Germany) 4
03/14/1938 Large German Gain 4
03/14/1938 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University) Finds All World Askew-In Report On Carnegie Foundation Activities (‘For Peace’), He Takes A Martian’s View-Attacks Isolation Policy-Sees An ‘Unparalleled Public Immorality’ In Regard To International Affairs 6
03/14/1938 Ban On Anti-Semitism Sought In Congress (By National Unity Convention Of The Jewish People’s Committee For United Action Against Fascism And Anti-Semitism) 8
03/14/1938 War Cannot Cure War, Dr. Buttrick (Presbyterian) Asserts, Opposing Force Against Aggressor Nations 10
03/14/1938 World War Is Cited As A Peace Lesson (To U.S.W. W. I)-It Added To Grievances 10
03/14/1938 WPA To Reinstate 7 In Theatre Jobs 13
03/14/1938 Franc Crisis Fails To Upset French 23
03/14/1938 ‘37 Sales To Japan Highest Since 1920 27
03/15/1938 Hitler Enters A Cheering Vienna; No Force Can Part Us, He Responds-Unity Is Stressed 1
03/15/1938 Britain Sets Ukp New War Service-Chamberlain Grim (Text, P. 5) 1
03/15/1938 (Representative George H. Tinkham, Mass.) Assail Hull Denial Of (U.S.-British) Naval Alliance-House Foes Of Enlarged Fleet Accuse Secretary (Hull) And (Admiral William D.) Leahy Of Official Untruths-’Traitorous’ Move Feared 1
03/15/1938 Austrian Shake-Up Is Pressed By Nazis-Anti-Jewish Acts Mount 1
03/15/1938 Rebels In Alcaniz, 45 Miles From Sea; Americans (Supporting ‘Loyalists’) In Trap 1
03/15/1938 Austria No Longer A Nation, Reich Envoy (Dieckhoff) Announces To Hull 2
03/15/1938 Poles Urge (Military) Action Against Lithuania (As A Result Of The Border Incident) 2
03/15/1938 Attack Upon Czechs Is Expected (By Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd 2
03/15/1938 Czech Envoy Gets (Leon) Blum’s Assurance (Of Support) 3
03/15/1938 Bruno Walter Resigns Vienna Opera (Conducting) Post; Dr. Roebbeling Ousted From The Burgtheater (Roebbeling, A German From Hamburg) 3
03/15/1938 Text Of Prime Minister Chamberlain’s Speech In The Commons 5
03/15/1938 Reich Economics Get No Basic Help (As A Result Of The Anschluss)-(Austria) A Heavy Food Importer 6
03/15/1938 (Leon) Blum Seeks Ways To Revive (French) Finances 8
03/15/1938 Picture: Jewish Welfare Leader (Dr. Cecylja Klaften) In Poland Arrives Here 8
03/15/1938 Palestine’s Quota For Jews Extended 9
03/15/1938 British Trade Pact Fought At (Congressional) Hearing-Hull Defends Program 10
03/15/1938 Europe’s Troubles Raise The Dollar-New Law For The Franc 29
03/16/1938 Loyalist Spain Begs Help Of France, Admitting Situation Nears Collapse; Paris Sees New Nazi-Fascist Menace 1
03/16/1938 Hitler Hails Coup (In Austria) 1
03/16/1938 U.S. Has Dilemma Over (Anschluss) Recognition 1
03/16/1938 Thousands Enroll In British ‘Service’ 1
03/16/1938 Spanish Loyalists In Full Flight Before Rebel Sweep Toward Coast 1
03/16/1938 Hitler’s Talk And Greeting To Him (By Seyss-Inquart) 3
03/16/1938 Britain Makes Bid For Shifts By Italy 4
03/16/1938 Unit Of Americans (Fighting With Loyalist Spain) Diverse In Origin-Many From New York-Only About A Fourth Believed To Be Communists 4
03/16/1938 Maps: German Territory Before The World War And Today 4
03/16/1938 Prague Is Warned To Yield To Reich-Soviet Help Is Indicated 7
03/16/1938 Jews Humiliated By Vienna Crowds-Families Compelled To Scrub Streets, Though German Guards Drive Off Mob-Nazis Seize Big Stores-Total Of Arrests Is Enormous (Picture Of Austrian Jews Seeking Polish Visas) 8
03/16/1938 Reich-Polish Deal Feared In Geneva-(Col. Jozef) Beck May Have Already Concluded Bargain 11
03/17/1938 France Wins British Pledge Of Mediterranean Navy Aid; Will Not Intervene In Spain 1
03/17/1938 Poland To Demand Lithuanian Accord (Map, P. 2) 1
03/17/1938 1,500,000 Acclaim Hitler In Berlin 2
03/17/1938 Reichstag To Hear Hitler Tomorrow-Otto D. Tolischus 2
03/17/1938 (Netherlands) Offer (Karl) Kautsky Refuge 3
03/17/1938 (Spanish) Loyalist Premier Assures Catholics 5
03/17/1938 2,000 In Union Square Hear Nazis Assailed (American League For Peace And Democracy) 5
03/17/1938 Purim Pleas Made For Austrian Jews 7
03/17/1938 German Nazis Point (?) Four Austrian Jews 7
03/17/1938 Autonomy Demanded By German In Prague 7
03/17/1938 Austrian Legation In U.S. Taken Over-Trade Problem Foreseen 7
03/17/1938 Bases Navy Plans On World Turmoil-Bacon Says United States Has Especial Need Of Strength To Defend Democracy-Dictatorship Gains Cited 8
03/17/1938 Nazis In Vienna Hold 3 Newspaper Men 8
03/18/1938 Polish Army Set To Invade Lithuania Unless Demands Are Accepted Today-Troops On Border-Expect Scant Resistance 1
03/18/1938 ‘Clericals’ Are Arrested In Vienna-Action By Himmler-(Sigmund) Freud Not Held 1
03/18/1938 Hull Declares We Stand For Peace But Not Retreat Before ‘Anarchy’ 1
03/18/1938 Roosevelt To Ask More For Defense 1
03/18/1938 Reich Troops Pour Through Austria 1
03/18/1938 ‘Invincible’ Army For U.S. Is Urged (By Monsignor Aloysius C. Dineen) 3
03/18/1938 War On ‘Brute Force’ Is Urged By (James) Farley 3
03/18/1938 Britain Is Advised To Abolish Flogging 8
03/18/1938 U.S. Arms Embargo Is Scored By Spain 9
03/18/1938 16-Inch Navy Guns For Britain Hinted (In London) 9
03/18/1938 Soviet Asks Parley To Bar Aggression-Germany, Italy And Japan Not Invited-Litvinoff Urges Immediate Action 10
03/18/1938 Fascist Effigy (Hitler, Mussolini & Franco) Burned (By N.Y. City College Students) 10
03/18/1938 Hull’s Address Outlines Foreign Policy Of The United States 14
03/18/1938 Big Navy Program Wins House Tests-More Ships Are Forecast 15
03/18/1938 (Virginia Gildersleeve) Urges Drive For Peace 15
03/19/1938 Poland Stands By Her Ultimatum; Lithuanian Cabinet For Acceptance-Kaunas Must Accept By 3 P. M. Today Or Poles Will Cross Border 1
03/19/1938 Pressure On Poles Weakens Demands 1
03/19/1938 Kennedy Says U.S. War Policy Rests On Our National Interest-Ambassador Warns Britain We Can Remain Neutral In A General Conflict (Text, P. 6) 1
03/19/1938 Powers Bring Pressure To Avert War-Hitler In Defense (Speech, P. 4) 1
03/19/1938 U.S. Oil Properties Taken By Mexicans-British Plants Are Also Seized-Involving $450,000,000 1
03/19/1938 German Districts In Czechoslovakia Win Right To Choose Their Own Administrators 1
03/19/1938 Cabinet In Kaunas Favors Surrender (Map) 2
03/19/1938 Poles Assent Seen To Danzig Seizure-Assurance Laid To (Col. Jozef) Beck-Memel May Be Occupied (By Germany) 2
03/19/1938 Paris Urging Kaunas To Yield To Warsaw 2
03/19/1938 Britain Is Disturbed By Hitler’s Address 2
03/19/1938 Big Fascist Plot Smashed In Brazil (By Vargas) 3
03/19/1938 (Karl) Kautsky Gets Refuge In Netherlands 3
03/19/1938 U.S. Now Dominant In Money Markets 6
03/19/1938 Number Of Aliens In WPA Minimized 34
03/20/1938 Lithuania And Poland Decide On Peace-Kaunas Gives Way-Lithuanians Are Bitter 1
03/20/1938 Warsaw Pleased With Results Now Would Form A Baltic Entente-Anti-Jewish Riots Break Out-Jerzy Szapiro 1
03/20/1938 Drive To Repeal Neutrality Acts Begun In Congress 1
03/20/1938 Hitler Would End Czech-Soviet Pact 1
03/20/1938 Hull Scores Austrian Coup, Accepts It 1
03/20/1938 Hitler’s Methods Assailed By Hull-Austrian Coup Endangers Peace, Seriously Concerns This Country 1
03/20/1938 German (Made) Cuspidors Reappear At City Hall; Articles Barred By (Samuel) Levy Stir New Flurry 4
03/20/1938 Assails New Deal On Civil Service 13
03/20/1938 Threat To Democracy Is Within, Says Gulich (Columbia University) 15
03/20/1938 U.S. Oil Firms’ Plan To Fight (Mexican) Seizure 31
03/20/1938 Stirn U.S.Protest To Mexico Unlikely-Hull Is Awaiting More Data 31
03/20/1938 British Loss Is Huge In Mexican Oil Move 31
03/20/1938 Geneva’s Anxiety On Poles Persists-Suspicion Toward Reich (On Berlin-Warsaw Deal) 34
03/20/1938 Nazis Are Pleased With Polish ‘Peace’ 34
03/20/1938 Geneva Heartened By Hull’s Speach 34
03/20/1938 Anti-Hitler March Blocks Times Sq 35
03/20/1938 50 Pickets Protest At Reich Consulate 35
03/20/1938 Austria Enlarges Big German Army 37
03/20/1938 Germany’s Trade Is Still Declining 37
03/20/1938 (German-American) Bund Plans 4 New Papers 37
03/20/1938 30,000 Jews Aided By Ort In 7 Years-137 Schools Established N-2
03/20/1938 WPA Sees 2,500,000 On Rolls By April 1 N-3
03/20/1938 Dictators Scored In Jewish Sermons-(U.S.) Leadership Seen As Duty (By N.Y. City Rabbis) N-3
03/20/1938 Britain Is Deciding What To Fight For E-4
03/20/1938 Foreign Problems Now Press On Us E-5
03/20/1938 Poland And Lithuania In Long Feud E-5
03/20/1938 Anti-German Cartoon E-9
03/20/1938 The Nazi Giant: Will He Be Stopped (Cartoon Of Kaiser And Hitler Planning Wars) Mag. 1
03/20/1938 A New Chapter Written In An Amazing Career-Adolf Hitler (Vita) Mag. 3
03/20/1938 Picture: Louis B. Mayer & Luis Rainer Roto.
03/21/1938 Poland Calls Back Army On (Lithuanian) Frontier; Talks (Beck And Smigly-Rydz) Will Begin-Foreign Minister At Kaunas (Lozoraitis) Resigns 1
03/21/1938 Times Bureau Aide Jailed In Moscow; Assisted At (Vishinsky) Trial 1
03/21/1938 Reich Pastor (Unnamed Supporter Of Neimoeller) Suggests Collapse Has Begun And Price Of Foreign Successes Is To High (20 Pastors Imprisoned) 1
03/21/1938 Roosevelt Causes ‘Poison Pen’ Arrest (Man Also Threatened Laguardia By Mail) 1
03/21/1938 British Are Wary Of Prague Pledge-Advocates Of A Guarantee Want Czechoslovakia To Go Limit To Placate Reich 2
03/21/1938 Austria A (Economic) Burden Figures Indicate 2
03/21/1938 Bruno Walter’s Daughter Is Arrested In Vienna 2
03/21/1938 Ex-Price Dictator (Dr. Karl F. Goerdeler) Warns Of Dangers-Holds Government Control Leads To Planned Economy-Says Effort To Take Risk Out Of Life Is Futile Experiment 3
03/21/1938 Dictators Doomed (Father Robert I.) Gannon (Wrote Book On Spellman & Roosevelt’s Predictions Of Post War Power Areas) Declares 3
03/21/1938 Hawaii’s Defense Faces Severe Test-No Details Of Movements Of Army And Navy Are Given Out For Publication-Secrecy Is Increasing (Picture Of Anti-Aircraft Guns In Hawaii) 3
03/21/1938 Reich Pushes Plan To Realign Austria 4
03/21/1938 Lithuanian Press For Boycott (Of Poland)-2,500 At Mass Meeting Here Call On U.S. To Sever Diplomatic Relations With Warsaw 4
03/21/1938 Russians Alarmed By Polish ‘Victory’-Official Papers See Nazi Plot To Restore Corridor To Germany In Trade Of Territory) 4
03/21/1938 Envoy Says Mexico Caught U.S. Asleep (In Expropriation Of U.S. Oil Property) 5
03/21/1938 Trade With Mexico Increased In 1937 5
03/21/1938 Jewish Ideals Seen As Surviving Bias (By Louis P. Rocker) 8
03/21/1938 Mrs. J. Roosevelt (F.D.R.’s Mother) Received Albert Einstein Medal: For Humanitarianism-Sponsored By Bernard Baruch, Myron C. Taylor, Julius Ochs Adler And Others) 8
03/21/1938 Devine Aid Is Held Best Ally Of Jews (By Baptist, Rev. Francis K. Shepherd) 16
03/21/1938 Christian Urged To Unite For Peace-Church Is Strong Enough To Avert War If It Asserts Itself, Say (Methodist) Dr. (Rev. Ralph W.) Sockman 16
03/21/1938 Close Ties Of U.S. And Canada Hailed 16
03/21/1938 (Episcopalian, Rev. Samuel W. Shoemaker) Calls For War On Hate 16
03/21/1938 Germans Nervous Despite Anschluss (Financial Situation) 21
03/21/1938 Old World Money Crossing Atlantic 23
03/21/1938 Canadians Study (Conflicting) U.S. Land Claims 32
03/22/1938 British Now Favor Isolation Policy; Pledge To Czechs Is Held Unlikely 1
03/22/1938 35 Americans Flee Mexican Oil Area; Britons In Exodus 1
03/22/1938 Envoy (Count Jerzy Potocki) Says Poles Plan Neutral Bloc (Poland, Rumania, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania & Latvia)-Treaties Will Be Sought With Five Nations From Baltic To Black Sea 1
03/22/1938 Billion Navy Bill Is Passed In House By 292-To-100 Vote-3,000 Plane Minimum Limit Set 1
03/22/1938 (Women’s) Equal Rights Bill Gets Senate Test 3
03/22/1938 3,000 Foreigners (In Spanish Loyalist International Brigade-Fewer Than 100 Americans) Held (By Franco) Slain In Spain 7
03/22/1938 Barcelona Raids Shocking To Hull-No Official Protest Sent-U.S. War Ships Available If Needed 7
03/22/1938 Austrian Workers Start Trip To Reich-Widespread Plundering (Of Jewish Property Reported By Swedish Pastor, Goethe Heydenquist)-More Danger For Jews 8
03/22/1938 Nazi Aide Courts Austrian Bishop (Cardinal Innitzer) 8
03/22/1938 League Is Informed Austria Is Now Out (By Goering) 8
03/22/1938 Berlin Reproves (Brazilian) Vargas For (German) Curbs 9
03/22/1938 Americans Searched (On Austrian Border) 9
03/22/1938 Reich To Use Prisoners Move On Land Projects (Dykes, Drainage Canals, Marsh Drainage, Etc.) 9
03/22/1938 Soviet Trade Again Put At $77,000,000 12
03/22/1938 Cotton Men Fight British Trade Pact-Says Margin Is Too Close 38
03/23/1938 Britain’s Cabinet Refuses Pledge To Central Europe-Chamberlain’s Program Of ‘Appeasement’ Wins General Support-’Democratic Front’ (Supported By Roosevelt) Will Be Rejected In Statement Tomorrow 1
03/23/1938 U.S. Not To Change Neutrality Policy-Hull Bars Ending Spanish Embargo 1
03/23/1938 (Leon) Blum Wins On Plan To Help Treasury (By Borrowing Fr. 5,000,000,000) 1
03/23/1938 U.S. Presents $2,214,007 Claim To Japanese In The Sinking Of The Panay Last December 1
03/23/1938 President (Roosevelt) Wants Lynching Inquiries (By Federal Government) 4
03/23/1938 Will Boycott Austria (Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights, Samuel Untermeyer, Palm Springs, California, President) 4
03/23/1938 British Ask Union Aid To Hasten Rearming 4
03/23/1938 German Agrarians Quit Czech Cabinet-Hold Rights Are Curbed 5
03/23/1938 Aid For (Sigmund) Freud Offered (Certificate To Enter Palestine) 5
03/23/1938 Britain Won’t Admit All Austrian Exiles 6
03/23/1938 Daladier Won’t Say If (Loyalist) Spain Gets Arms (From France) 6
03/23/1938 Franco Holds (15 Lincoln-Washington Brigade) Americans 6
03/23/1938 League Is Guarded In Reply On Austria-(World) Jewish Congress Asks Aid 6
03/23/1938 Franco’s Italians Are Put At 60,000 (By Loyalists)-German Aid Is Also Cited 7
03/23/1938 Nazis List 1,742 Jailed In Austria-Many Notables (Noble Birth) Included (‘Stuermkorps’ Formed By Schuschnigg To Fight NSDAP Mentioned)-Jewish Groups Dissolved-Schacht Administers Oaths 8
03/23/1938 Brazilians Are Irked By German Charges 9
03/23/1938 Nazi Minister (Goebbels) Begins (Austrian) Plebiscite Campaign 9
03/23/1938 Oil Concerns (Whose Property In Mexico Was Expropriated) Seek U.S. Aid In Mexico 11
03/23/1938 Religious Leaders Unite For Austria (Against Anschluss)-Oppressions Condemned 12
03/23/1938 Teamsters’ Union Under U.S. Inquiry 15
03/23/1938 Palestine Pioneers Open Village Over Night To Foil Terrorists, But Constable Is Killed 17
03/23/1938 Helium Sale Held Up (By U.S. Interior Secretary, Harold L. Ickes) To Bar Any War Use (Sale To Germany For Zeppelin Involved. Steamer ‘Dessau’ Writing At Houston To Load) 18
03/23/1938 Exiles’ University To Aid Austrians 24
03/23/1938 New Site For Jefferson Memorial Agreed On; Tidal Basin And Japanese Cherry Trees Safe 24
03/23/1938 $4,219,000 Of Gold Taken In Belgium 31
03/23/1938 Labor Units Fight British Duty Costs-Cotton Goods Cuts Urged 40
03/23/1938 Scrap-Iron Cargo For Japan Scored-Hull Urged To Intervene 45
03/23/1938 President (Roosevelt) Scores High Cost Of Ships 45
03/23/1938 Scottsboro Prisoner Is Slashed By Guard (In Self Defense) 46
03/24/1938 Reich To Create Danube War Fleet; Observers See Threat To Britain (Map, P. 9) 1
03/24/1938 1,000,000 In Mexico Hail Oil Seizures (Of U.S. Oil Company Property) 1
03/24/1938 ‘Selfish Few Block Nation,’ Roosevelt Says In Georgia-Speaks To 20,000 (Text, P. 6) 1
03/24/1938 Pope Urges Franco To Halt Bombings Of Cities In Spain 1
03/24/1938 Blum Is Rebuffed By Senate Group (In France) 1
03/24/1938 Hitler Tops (Roosevelt & Mussolini) In N.Y. U. (News Figure) Poll 5
03/24/1938 Jews Scrub Streets In Vienna Inner City-Forced To Remove Crosses Of Fatherland Front 7
03/24/1938 Dr. (Rabbi Abba Hillel) Silver (Cleveland, O.) Pleads For Palestine Aid-Colonization Is No Longer An Ideal But A ‘Desperate’ Need-Warns Of Propaganda-Jews Do Not Despair, He Says, Noting That Hitlerism Is Five Years Old; They Are 5,000 (United Jewish Appeal) 8
03/24/1938 Pact With Lithuania Is Hailed By Poland-(Col. Jozef) Beck Asks (Polish) Senators To Forget Past (Polish-Lithuanian Grievances) 9
03/24/1938 Thousands Leave Danzig (3,000 Jews, Many Foreigners And Natives) 9
03/24/1938 Nazi Opponents Jailed 9
03/24/1938 Catholics Plight In Austria Is Told (By Vatican Publication) 9
03/24/1938 Reich Bids Prague Curb (Foreign) Journalists 10
03/24/1938 Race To Arm Spain Is Seen In London 13
03/24/1938 (Cardinal) Hayes Is Praying For Franco To Win-Favors Strong U.S. Navy 13
03/24/1938 Mexican Oil Shunned In Britain As ‘Stolen’ 15
03/24/1938 National Peace Conference) Ask World Moves As U.S. Peace Plan-For A Neutrality Change (James T. Shotwell, R. C. Hawkin, John Nevin Sayre, Clark M. Eichelberger [Director Of League Of Nations Association-later Head Of The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies], Monseignor John A. Ryan And Others) 25
03/25/1938 Tokyo Accepts Ban On Salmon Fishing In Alaska Waters (Text, P. 7) 1
03/25/1938 U.S. Asks Powers To Help Refugees Flee From Nazis-Invites 29 Nations To Aid The Emigration Of Austro-German Political Fugitives-Seeks Committee But Private Funds (State Department, Text, Pp. 1 & 8) 1
03/25/1938 British Would Aid France; Bar Czech Pledge, But Say They Might Have To Fight (Main Points, P. 11) 1
03/25/1938 (Leon) Blum’s Proposals Beaten In Senate; Premier May Quit-15,000 Workers Strike 1
03/25/1938 Dictators Hamper Rockefeller (Foundation Research) Fund 1
03/25/1938 (U.S.-Britain) Plan Big Warships As Reply To Japan 1
03/25/1938 Kennedy Sees No General War This Year; Bids Americans Stop Worrying Over Europe 1
03/25/1938 Isolation Policy Is Urged By (North Dakota Senator Gerald P.) Nye-Opposes ‘Collective Action’ (Democratic Front) As Asked By Dorothy Thompson (And Supported By Roosevelt) 2
03/25/1938 James Truslow Adams Warns Against New Presidential Power (For Roosevelt) 2
03/25/1938 (W. W. Van Kirk, Director Of National Peace Conference) Asks Lead By U.S. To Bar ‘Next War’ 6
03/25/1938 Aranha (Brazil) Praises U.S. For Peace Efforts-Says His Nation Backs (U.S.) Policy 6
03/25/1938 (Rabbi Marius Ranson, East Orange, N.J.) Hits At Nazi ‘Propaganda’ 6
03/25/1938 Our Fleet Counted Canada’s ‘Buffer’-No Commitment Made 7
03/25/1938 Australia Launches Big Rearming Program; Premier (Joseph A. Lyons) Explains Its Aims To The Country 7
03/25/1938 Fifty Planes Seek ‘Enemy’ Off Hawaii-Aim To Avert ‘Surprise Attack’-More Ships Join Defense 7
03/25/1938 (American) Student (Union) Rallies Attack Fascism 7
03/25/1938 Plebiscite Drive Opened In Vienna 8
03/25/1938 Europe Now ‘Safer,’ Reich Envoy (Dr. H. H. Dieckhoff) Says-’Austria Cloud’ Is Gone 8
03/25/1938 German Minorities Join Sudeten Group 8
03/25/1938 Anger Of Lithuanians (About Polish Demands And Their Necessary Agreement To Them) Forces Cabinet Out 8
03/25/1938 Hitler Angers (Ellicottville, N.Y.) Ski Club 8
03/25/1938 (Spanish) Rebels Push Ahead On 4 Fronts In East (Map)-(Former British) Dean (Of St. Paul’s, Dr. William Ralph Inge) Asks Why Barcelona Raids (By Franco) Are Protested After Silence On Loyalist Acts 9
03/25/1938 Britain Submits Claims ($540,000 To Japanese) 9
03/25/1938 Palestine Appeal Gets Under Way Here 10
03/25/1938 Mexico Curtails Production Of Oil (From Expropriated Property 12
03/26/1938 Roosevelt Holds Out Haven To Oppressed Of All Lands With Quota Provisions-Hull Plan Upheld-President (Roosevelt) Sets Principle 1
03/26/1938 Hitler Says Reich Will Act Again Across Her Borders If Necessary (To Protect Germans) 1
03/26/1938 Pope Sends Money To Exiled (Heinrich Rudolf) Herz (Jewish) Family; Widow And 2 Daughters In Need In England 1
03/26/1938 Powers’ Help Held (By Virginio Gayda) Saving (Spanish) Loyalists-Denies (Reported) Italian (Troop) Sailings 3
03/26/1938 Collective Action (‘Democratic Front’) Favored (By National Peace Conference On World Economic Cooperation) For Peace-3-Hour Debate Is Sharp 3
03/26/1938 Reich Naval Convoy For (Spanish) Rebels Reported 4
03/26/1938 Refugees’ Board Gets Wide Acclaim 4
03/26/1938 Aid For Refugees Favored By A. F. L.-Hull Presses Project 4
03/26/1938 Chamberlain Speech Approved By Berlin 4
03/26/1938 Hull (-Roosevelt Refugee) Plan Hailed By Leaders Here-Christian And Jewish Relief Agencies Pledge Cooperation In Assisting Refugees-Churches Give Approval-Federal Council (Of Churches Of Christ In America) Committee Commends Move To Members In Formal Resolution 5
03/26/1938 Prague Would Bar European Debacle-Hodza Says Aim Is A Solution Of German (Sudeten) Problem That Will Yield Full Equality 5
03/26/1938 Nazis Again Order (N.Y. Times’ Correspondent, G. E. R.) Gedye’s Expulsion (From Vienna-A Master Of Anti-German Articles) 5
03/26/1938 (Alleged) Picture Of Anschluss Ballot-Big Circle, ‘Ja.’ Small Circle, ‘Nein.’ 6
03/26/1938 (Gustave Wilhelm) Kunze (Organizer Of German-American Bund) Barred At Trenton Meeting (The Audience Which Came Early Was Heavily Anti-NSDAP. The Made So Much Noise He Could Not Speak. Booed, Gave Cat Calls-Communists Allegedly) 6
03/27/1938 Goering Is Acclaimed In Vienna; Warns Jews Must Quit Austria 1
03/27/1938 Mexicans Anxious To Propitiate U.S. (On Oil Property Expropriation) 1
03/27/1938 Picture: Kennedy Family In London 3
03/27/1938 Roosevelt Found Weaker Than In ‘32-Fifth Monthly Decline (Gallup Poll-58.5% Vs. 59.2%) 6
03/27/1938 ‘Misery’ In Europe Rouses La Guardia-American People Should Voice Abhorrence Of Persecution, He Tells Jewish Group (Convention Of United Galician Jews Of America)-Backs Roosevelt’s Stand 21
03/27/1938 200 Lithuanians Protest 21
03/27/1938 Talks In Poland Advance 21
03/27/1938 (Felix) Frankfurter’s Kin (Uncle-’Hofrat’) Freed (By Germans In Vienna) 21
03/27/1938 Peace Report Bars Aggressor Clause 24
03/27/1938 ‘Clivenden Set’ Stirs New British Interest-Chamberlain Is Among Guests At Astors’ Country Home 24
03/27/1938 Hitler Is Pleased To Get Rid Of (Refugee) Foes-U.S. Warned Of Danger-In Comment On Hull’s Plan, He Says Some Opponents Of Nazis Deserve To Die-Refugees Will Inject Poison Of Moscow, Press Asserts-Brazil Backs Our Plan 25
03/27/1938 Alsace On Watch For Nazi Activity 25
03/27/1938 Hitler Uses ‘10,000,000 Germans’ As Slogan, But There Are Only 7,000,000 Austrians (In Czechoslovakia-He Said There Were 10,000,000 Germans Living On The Borders Of Neighboring States Which Had Been Taken From Germany In World War I) 25
03/27/1938 Execution Of Priests Is Denied By Loyalists; List Of Prisoners Is Given To Correspondent (By Spanish Loyalists) 26
03/27/1938 Friends Rush Help To Rivals In Spain-French Aid Loyalists 26
03/27/1938 Rise In Austrian Births Is Sought By New Rulers 26
03/27/1938 (Raymond Leslie) Buell (Foreign Policy Association) Criticizes Our (Neutral) Stand On Spain 27
03/27/1938 Hadassah To Aid Austrian (Jewish) Children-Plans To Transfer Jews To Palestine N-2
03/27/1938 Teachers Further Czech Democracy-Have Adopted Our Ideas-Republic Of 15,000,000 (Picture) N-4
03/27/1938 Poland Aspires To Lead New Bloc (Jerzy Szapiro) E-4
03/27/1938 British Majority Backs Peace Stand-Eyes On Spain And Nazis (Cartoon, Picture: Churchill Fears Another War) E-4
03/27/1938 Austria Learning What Plebiscite Is (Anti-German) E-4
03/27/1938 Anschluss Threat To Czechs’ Trade E-4
03/27/1938 (U.S.) Neutrality Laws Stay In Spite Of Criticism E-5
03/27/1938 Vatican Diplomacy Faces Stern Tests-Communism Seen As Foe E-5
03/27/1938 Mexican Expropriation (Of U.S. & British Oil Property) Raises Great Question E-7
03/27/1938 A Diplomat’s Formative Years (Hugh Wilson, U.S. Ambassador To Germany To Replace Dr. William E. Dodd Who Resigned) Book 1
03/27/1938 When Planes Rain Death On A Big City (Barcelona-Franco) Mag. 1
03/27/1938 Twelve Million Unemployed (In U.S.): What Can Be Done-Aubrey Williams, Deputy Administrator, WPA Mag. 3
03/27/1938 Pass Where The Fascist Allies Meet (Brenner) Mag. 4
03/27/1938 (Herbert) Lehman, 60, Has A Twenty-Four-Hour-A-Day Job (Picture With Roosevelt In 1928) Mag. 5
03/27/1938 From (Mexican) Exile, Trotsky Mocks His Foe (Stalin) Mag. 7
03/28/1938 U.S. Stops Buying Mexican Silver; Seen As Reprisal (For Expropriation Of U.S. Oil Company Properties) 1
03/28/1938 Columbia (University) Program Seeks $50,000,000 (Budget) 1
03/28/1938 (Senator George W.) Norris (Nebraskan Pacifist) Modifies Position On War-He Now Holds We May Be Forced To Fight-’Not Justified So Far’ 3
03/28/1938 Bishops Criticized For Stand On Spain-Dr. Thorning (Catholic) Says Protesting Prelates Make Themselves Look Like Allies Of Reds-Holds They Were Tricked-Suggests ‘Dignified Apology’-Praises General Franco 4
03/28/1938 Austrian Bishops Back Nazis On Poll-Hitler’s Pledge Is Cited 7
03/28/1938 1,684 Professors Removed By Nazis (Subject Of Ph D Thesis At University Of Chicago) 7
03/28/1938 Nazis Demand Czech Poll (For 3,500,000 Sudeten Germans) 7
03/28/1938 Dr. (Harry Emerson) Fosdick Warns On Vague Idealism 16
03/28/1938 Public Calmness In Crisis Praised (By Methodist, Rev. Ralph W. Sockman)-Dictators’ Rule Cannot Last-Evil Defeating Itself 16
03/28/1938 Modernists’ Goal Called Nebulous 16
03/28/1938 More Self-Scrutiny Is Urged Upon Jews 16
03/28/1938 95,025 In Colleges Through Nya Fund ($10,236,726) 18
03/28/1938 Planes At Pearl Harbor-Navy Craft Herald ‘Attack’ On Hawaii By ‘Enemy’ 18
03/28/1938 War Crises Revive Gold-Storage (In U.S.) Idea 21
03/28/1938 Britain’s Policy Accepted In Reich 21
03/28/1938 New French Debts Menace The Franc 21
03/29/1938 Colonel (Edward Mandell) House (‘Hius’) Dies Here At Age Of 70 (Vita)-Wilson Adviser 1
03/29/1938 Paris Hears ‘Terms’ Of Reich To Czechs 1
03/29/1938 Nazis Increase Marriage And Family Loans; Gain Of 1,200,000 In Births Laid To Subsidies 1
03/29/1938 Hawaii Sights ‘Enemy’-Invading Fleet In War Games Seen By Patrol Craft 9
03/29/1938 Roosevelt Praises Service Of House (Picture) 10
03/29/1938 British Remember Wisdom Of House 10
03/29/1938 Newspapers Abroad Recall House Visits 10
03/29/1938 Britons Urge Unity On French Leaders 11
03/29/1938 Hitler Denounces Austrian ‘Treason’ 13
03/29/1938 Brazil Supports U.S. On Aiding Refugees 13
03/29/1938 (Cardinal) Innitzer Letter To Nazis Ends With ‘Heil Hitler’ 13
03/29/1938 Arab Terrorists Kill 4 In Palestine (Jewish) Family 13
03/29/1938 Movies Are Guilty Of ‘Escapism’-Hollywood Has Entertained Public And Has Shunned All Propaganda, Says Report 23
03/30/1938 Battleship Limit Set At 41,000 Tons By Three Nations (Britain, U.S. & France) 1
03/30/1938 U.S. Protests To Mexico On Seizure Of Oil Plants; Britain Supporting Action-Strong Stand By Hull Expected-Protest Forceful 1
03/30/1938 Barcelona Packed By Refugee Influx (Pictures) 3
03/30/1938 Nazi Tells Viennese To Curtail Banquets-University Bars Jews 3
03/30/1938 No Fear Of France, Goebbels Asserts-Admits Former Anxiety 4
03/30/1938 French Resigning Czechs To Reich 4
03/30/1938 Germans Reject Czech’s Proposal 4
03/30/1938 Training Held Need Of Jewish Refugees (By Ort) 5
03/30/1938 (Archbishop Of) Canterbury Backs Seizure Of Austria-Thought Move Inevitable 5
03/30/1938 France Will Help In Refugee PlaN-10 Other Countries Join 8
03/30/1938 Reich Raises Army By 4 Corps To 18-Pre-War Total Reached 8
03/30/1938 Boy Refugee’s (Martin Marden, 16, Germany) Prayer Of Thanks For America Sent To Roosevelt 23
03/30/1938 (Jewish) Women Here Open Palestine Campaign ($175,000) 23
03/31/1938 President (Roosevelt) Has No Inclination To Be A Dictator, He Asserts; ‘Lacks The Qualifications’ (Text, P. 3)-Strikes At Foes 1
03/31/1938 Five Die As Navy Plane Crashes Off Hawaii; Another Machine Is Missing In War Games 1
03/31/1938 More Nations Favor Help For Emigrants 3
03/31/1938 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt Asks Aid For Nazis’ Victims-Would Bring Refugees Here On Our Warships And Retaliate By Repatriating Germans-Mayor (La Guardia) Sees Hitler’s Doom 4
03/31/1938 People Of Mexico Held Misled On Oil (Property Expropriation 4
03/31/1938 U.S. Asks Mexico To Pay In Seizures-Britain Acts Similarly 4
03/31/1938 Stand Of (Protestant) Bishops On (Supporting Loyalist) Spain Defended (By Episcopalian, Robert L. Paddock)-Says Slaying Of Priests Opposed-Holds Many Bear Arms (For Franco)-And Cites Reports Of Use Of Churches As Barracks And For Ammunition Storage 5
03/31/1938 Radio Denounced As Peril To Young-’Stupid’ Rather Than Bad 25
03/31/1938 Italian Gas Raids Decried In Britain 12
03/31/1938 Fresh Gold Exodus From Paris Starts 31