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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

January 1939
Date Headline Page
01/01/1939 Anglo-Reich Talks On Navies Halted Without An Accord 1
01/01/1939 Strong U.S. Note To Japan Demands All Rights In China (Text, P. 19) 1
01/01/1939 Rebels (Spanish Nationalists, Franco) Gain Anew In Catalan Drive 1
01/01/1939 Lehman Sworn For Fourth Term As (N.Y. ) Governor 1
01/01/1939 Goebbels At Home For Radio Speech-Acclaims 1938 As Germany’s ‘Most Prosperous’ Year ‘Filled With Victories’ 16
01/01/1939 Czech Refugees Rise Past 200,000 Mark (Statement By Columbia University’s President & Head Of Carnegie Foundation For Peace, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler) 16
01/01/1939 Picture: Refugees From Germany Reunited Here (Walter & Trudel Levy, Ages 6 & 3) 16
01/01/1939 New Air Figures Sway President (Roosevelt)-Germany And Italy More Than A Match For Rest Of World, He Learns-Reich Produced 1,000 Warplanes In November, Triple Our Average 16
01/01/1939 New Reich Bans (On Jews) In Force 16
01/01/1939 1938 ‘Richest’ Year Hitler Tells Nation 17
01/01/1939 Wounded Loyalists (Spanish Communists) Return To The U.S. 17
01/01/1939 Rabbi (Nathan Stern) Hails Pope For 1938 Appeal-Care Of Refugees Seen As Most Urgent Moral Problem Facing Civilized World 18
01/01/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Asks World To Heed Voice Of Youth 18
01/01/1939 China’s Weakness Puzzles Experts-Say 30,000 Americans Could Rout (Japanese) Invaders 19
01/01/1939 U.S. Flier (Jack Johnson, Lafayette, Indiana) Believed Killed (While Fighting With Chinese Against Japanese) 19
01/01/1939 Lebrun Expresses French Peace Hope 20
01/01/1939 Japan Pleased By (Chinese) Peace Proposal 20
01/01/1939 Vast Gains In 1938 Hailed In Germany (By German Leaders) 21
01/01/1939 Prophecy Of (U.S. Economic) Upturn Recalled By (A. F. Of L’s) William Green 21
01/01/1939 Britain Optimistic In Facing New Year 21
01/01/1939 Program Pushed (By Henriette Hart, National Council Of Women Of The U.S.) For World Peace (And Equal Rights For Women Amendment To The Constitution) D-5
01/01/1939 Anti-War Parley Deferred To 1940-Task Of Caring For Refugees Among Causes(Miss Mary A. Dingman, Geneva And Alice Masaryk) D-5
01/01/1939 $89,129,000 Gold Arrives In Month F-6
01/01/1939 Wheat Hardens In Dull Session F-5
01/01/1939 British-U.S. (Tariff) Pact Effective Today F-9
01/01/1939 Dictators Won In 1938; 1939 Is Another Year!-Armaments Race On!-Edwin L. James E-3
01/01/1939 New Congress Meeting In A (New Deal) Revisionist Mood E-3
01/01/1939 Poles Will Resist Ukraine Campaign (Picture: Smigly-Rydz) E-4
01/01/1939 Reich Enjoys Economic Boom E-4
01/01/1939 Britain Sees Rough Weather Ahead-Confident Of Riding Out The Storm, She Dreads Its Fury E-5
01/01/1939 Lima Conference Meets Best Hopes Of America E-7
01/01/1939 Chart: U.S. National Income From 1919 To 1939 E-7
01/01/1939 The News Of The Year (1938) In Review E-10
01/01/1939 The New Year Puts A Challenge (German Understood!) To Us-Henry Steele Commager Mag. 1
01/01/1939 Daladier Diligently Seeks The Road To Peace-But He Holds France Must Be Well Armed Mag. 3
01/01/1939 Picture: Lockheed 14-British Have Ordered 200 XX-5
01/02/1939 Gen. Chiang Ousts Wang In A Purge Of Peace Seekers-Former Premier Is Stripped Of All Posts (See Jan. 1, 1939 Entry, P. 20) 1
01/01/1939 (Frank) Murphy Is Appointed (U.S.) Attorney General 1
01/01/1939 5 Soviet Purgers Admit Frame Ups 5
01/01/1939 Russian Children Urged To Defy Religious Parents 5
01/01/1939 North China Needs Huge Tokyo Outlay 12
01/01/1939 Britain Studies Plan On Free (Public) High Schools 12
01/01/1939 Reich Press Drops Clamor On Ickes (Speech Unfriendly To Germany) 13
01/01/1939 Poland Speculates On Germany’s Drive-Ex-Premier Sikorski Warns War (In Europe) Cannot Be Localized 14
01/01/1939 British Official (Col. Sir Charles Tegart) Slain In Palestine (Allegedly By ‘Arab Terrorists’-Built Electric Fence To Keep ‘Arab Terrorists’ Out) 15
01/01/1939 (Massachusetts Senator David I.) Walsh Demands Unbeatable (U.S.) Navy 16
01/01/1939 New York (State) Praised (By J. W Studebaker) For Tolerance Aid (To Refugees-A Model For The Nation) 25
01/01/1939 Legal Fight Looms Over ‘Mein Kampf’ (Rival Publishers-Houghton Mifflin, Authorized Version Vs. Stackpole Sons Who Produce An Unauthorized ‘Unexpurgated’ Version-See ‘Parade’ May 17, 1981, P. 23 ; ‘The Day Hitler Sued A Future U.S. Senator, Alan Cranston, California) 27
01/01/1939 Wheat Dominated By World Politics 33
01/03/1939 U.S. Agents Gather In Lima To Combat Fascists’ Inroads 1
01/03/1939 Germany Permits Relief By Quakers 2
01/03/1939 Irish Deputy (Jewish Robert Briscoe) Seeks Refugee Aid By U.S.-Would Send Million Jews-Poland And Rumania Said To He Ready To Help With Cost 4
01/03/1939 Dictators Scored As Blasphemous (By Catholic Rev. A. J. Quinn) 7
01/03/1939 (Kenneth F.) Simpson (Republican County Chairman In N.Y.) Predicts Fall Of New Deal 13
01/03/1939 Forecast And Retrospect In America And Abroad 29
01/04/1939 Japanese (Konoye) Cabinet Resigns In Split Over Policy To Be Pursued In China 1
01/04/1939 WPA Funds Were Used For Politics In 3 States (While Harry Hopkins Was Its Head) Senate Committee Finds 1
01/04/1939 Map: Locations Of Defense Bases Proposed By Special U.S. Naval Board (Mostly In Pacific) 2
01/04/1939 (Montagu) Norman To Caution Reich On Refugees-Way Is Paved For Rublee 4
01/04/1939 German’s (Postcard) Helium Plea (For The ‘Hindenburg’ In Ickes Stamp Collection 6
01/04/1939 Refugees (From Germany) Aided By Last Cummings Opinion; Hiding Of Funds (From Germany) Was Held Not A Bar To Visa 6
01/04/1939 (Paris Lawyer) Defends (Herschel) Grynzpan’s Kin (For Harboring A Murderer) 6
01/04/1939 Germany To Stay Within Navy (Treaty) Limit (Plans More Submarines) 6
01/04/1939 Hitler Will Receive (Poland’s) Col. (Jozef) Beck Tomorrow 6
01/04/1939 (Jewish Collegiate Organization) Gives Scholarship For Refugee 6
01/04/1939 Americans Happy Over Lima (Conference) Results 7
01/05/1939 Roosevelt Offers A Defense Program Against Rising Menace Of Dictators; Threat Of Economic Sanctions Seen-Neutrality Act A (Roosevelt) Target (Text, P. 12) 1
01/05/1939 Poles Now Court Rome-Berlin Axis 4
01/05/1939 U.S. Gives To Italy View On Refugees-(Sumner) Welles Confirms Report 4
01/05/1939 (H. G.) Wells Assails Dictators 4
01/05/1939 Reich Undergoes Coffee Shortage 4
01/05/1939 (Budapest) Jews Stress (Magyar) Patriotism 4
01/05/1939 Prague Arranges Exodus Of 10,000 (5,000 Of These Are Jews. The Other Half Are German. The Jews Will Go To Palestine) 5
01/05/1939 Ibn Saud Appeals To U.S. For Arabs-Says Jewish Propaganda Has Misled American Opinion 8
01/05/1939 Exile Rabbi (Dr. Heinrich Weiss From Austria) Arrives (In U.S. Aboard The ‘Pennland’) 8
01/05/1939 Press Comment On President’s (Roosevelt’s) Message 11
01/05/1939 Record Of Strife Overseas Is The Background Of Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy 13
01/06/1939 Mussolini Rebuffs Roosevelt On Jews 1
01/06/1939 Chamberlain Lauds Roosevelt Speech 1
01/06/1939 Britain Asks Help For Sagging Pound 1
01/06/1939 Jews Invested L4,540,885 In Palestine Last Year 6
01/06/1939 U.S., British Navies Hold Key To Peace (Says N.Y. British Consul General, Godfrey D. N. Haggard) 7
01/06/1939 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Budget Message Galling For $9,000,000,000 12
01/07/1939 (John Harlan) Amen Uncovers Wide Graft Data 1
01/07/1939 G-Men Put On Hunt For Alien Activity (Ordered By Roosevelt) 1
01/07/1939 Czechs Shell Town At Hungarian Line; Dozen Die In Clash 1
01/07/1939 Lindbergh Sends German Air (Force) Data (To Washington) 2
01/07/1939 Roosevelt Hailed At Peace Conference (Fifth American Congress For Peace And Democracy) 3
01/07/1939 (Jan) Masaryk Seeks Aid Here Against Nazis-Hails Roosevelt’s Words 4
01/07/1939 T. Roosevelt Plea For Unity (Of Nations, Under U.S. Leadership Is More Or Less Understood) Is Read 17
01/08/1939 U.S. Seen As Center Of Anti-Hitlerism (Karl Kaufmann, Mayor Of Hamburg-Calls Democracy A ‘Luxury’ Which Germany Cannot Afford. U.S. Swims In Material Riches And Can Afford It. Germany Must Struggle To Exist.) 1&28
01/08/1939 Students Demand Books On ‘Isms’ (In Library) 12
01/08/1939 Teachers Warned (By Mrs. Johanna M. Lindhof) Bias Is Spreading 13
01/08/1939 Y. W. C. A. To Examine Refugee Problem (Jewish Agencies Mentioned)-Misinformation Charged 16
01/08/1939 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Plans Visit To Mexico On Jan. 31 16
01/08/1939 (N.Y. City Rabbi’s) Sermons Acclaim Roosevelt Speech 17
01/08/1939 Good-Will Held Held Key To Palestine Peace-Arab-Jewish Cooperation Is Vital 18
01/08/1939 Italy Is Expected To Help (Jewish) Refugees 23
01/08/1939 Refugee Scholars Join Crime Study-Will Delve Into Causes (Mostly Jews, Robert M. W. Kempner Is Mentioned As One) 23
01/08/1939 Vom Roth’s Father Denies Rift Rumor-Not In Concentration Camp(As Rumored Here) 25
01/08/1939 French Heartened By Our Firmness-Hope Roosevelt Will Some Day Propose World Economic Reforms For Peace 26
01/08/1939 Nazis Press Brazil To Supply Coffee 27
01/08/1939 Jewish Issue Key To Czech Policy-Germany Opposes Plan (Half Of The Deportees Are German) 28
01/08/1939 Drinking And Smoking Barred To Nazi Youth (‘H. J.’) 28
01/08/1939 Jewish Veterans Meet-Resolution On Dictatorships Due For Action Today 28
01/08/1939 Two Austrian Convents Are Taken Over By Nazis 28
01/08/1939 Hungarians Shoot At Mob Of Czechs 29
01/08/1939 700 (Jewish) Immigrants Aided-Single Month’s Work Discussed By Council Of Jewish Women 32
01/08/1939 Birthday Ball Drops Name Of Roosevelt In Maryland Where His Foes Objected To It 41
01/08/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-The President (Roosevelt) Urges Defense Against ‘Storms From Abroad’ E-1
01/08/1939 Roosevelt Influences The Outlook In Europe-Harold Callender E-5
01/08/1939 Terror Is Purpose Of Nazi Guillotine-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
01/08/1939 Picture: Wings Of Defense-One Of America’s Flying Fortresses (B-17) Mag. 1
01/09/1939 British Still Lag In Arms Race 1
01/09/1939 Hungarians Renew Fight With Czechs In Frontier Area 1
01/09/1939 Germany Punishes More Leaders Of Church, Brother Of Jailed Protest Pastor (Martin Niemoeller, Dahlem) Reveals (In Berlin) 1
01/09/1939 Huge, Fast Vessels Projected By (U.S.) Navy 3
01/09/1939 Christian Group (Led By Dr. William J. Schieffelin) To Boycott Nazis 4
01/09/1939 (Dewey, Stimson, Cummings & Davis) Ask Bar (Association) Group Today To Censure Nazis 4
01/09/1939 Bank To Assist Jews Discussed In Sweden-Would Have Offices Here (Stockholm) And In Poland To Aid Emigration 6
01/09/1939 War Scare Caused Big Capital Flow-Influx Began In August 21
01/09/1939 Nazi (Barter) Exports Pose An Urgent Problem (To Sterling Bloc) 21
01/09/1939 London Is Heartened By President’s (Roosevelt’s) Stand 21
01/09/1939 Steel Production Restored To 52% (Of Total Capacity. Had Been Only 40% Previously) 21
01/10/1939 (Ambassadors) Kennedy, Bullitt (In U.S.) Spur (U.S.) Arming Drive 1&8
01/10/1939 Hull Home, Vexed By Press Question On (U.S.) Spying At Lima (Conference-Text, P. 12) 1
01/10/1939 Air, Munitions Ban On Japan Revealed 1
01/10/1939 Our Air Supremacy Is Held Endangered-(Roosevelt) Cites Activities Abroad 8
01/10/1939 New Heads Loom For (U.S.) War Forces 8
01/10/1939 (Rev. John A. Ryan) Ask Roosevelt Aid Refugee Children (From Germany) 9
01/10/1939 Britain Justifies (Its) Acts In Palestine 9
01/10/1939 Poles Turn Again To France As Ally 10
01/10/1939 Reich Asks Prague For Data On (Hungarian-Czech) Frays 10
01/10/1939 (Emanuel Cellar) Proposes To List Reich Assets Here 10
01/10/1939 Rublee Will Begin Berlin (Jewish Refugee) Talk Today-More Arrests Rumored-World Bank Discusses Plan (Robert T. Pell Involved) 11
01/10/1939 Hitler Dedicates New Chancellery 11
01/10/1939 Report Of (U.S.) Spying Denied By (Adolf A.) Berle-No ‘Secret Diplomacy’ 12
01/10/1939 U.S. Envoy (Nelson T. Johnson) Praises China-Burma Road 13
01/10/1939 Race Supremacy Idea Held War On Religion (By Rev. Thomas J. Feeney) 16
01/10/1939 New Move Is Afoot In Mexican Oil (U.S. Property Expropriated By Mexico!) Row-Hull Promised Action 32
01/10/1939 (British) Pound Falls Again After Brief Spurt-Pound Closes At $4.67 33
01/11/1939 (Jack) Benny Is Indicted (Smuggling) 1
01/11/1939 Envoys Voice Fear Of War In Spring 1
01/11/1939 Hungary To Invade If Czechs Attack 1
01/11/1939 Eden Finds British Echoing Roosevelt-Certain States (Countries) Scored (Guess Which Ones) 6
01/11/1939 Czech Chiefs Split On Curbs On Jews 6
01/11/1939 Three Groups Join To Aid Persecuted (Jews-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, United Palestine Appeal & National Coordinating Committee For Aid To Refugees And Emigrants Coming From Germany) 7
01/11/1939 U.S. And Britain Warned In Tokyo-Foreign Trade Declines-Newspaper (Nichi Nichi) Sees Retaliation 9
01/11/1939 Rublee To Discuss The Schacht Plan 11
01/11/1939 Reich Revolutionary (Ernst Niekisch) Gets Life Sentence (For Treason) 11
01/11/1939 Grynszpan’s Uncle Gets Longer Term (Six Months Total) On Appeal (Sheltered Assassin Herschel Grynszpan) 11
01/11/1939 Roosevelt Risks War, Says (William R.) Castle 13
01/11/1939 Dinner Set For President (Roosevelt)-Roosevelt, Chamberlain, Daladier Get Gifts For Munich Peace (157 Piece Set Of Limonges China) 14
01/11/1939 Germany In Coffee Deal (Bartered Against Electrical Equipment With Costa Rico) 14
01/11/1939 Van Loon Criticizes (Lack Of U.S.) Plans For Refugees 15
01/11/1939 Shoppers In London Shun German Goods (London Report) 35
01/11/1939 Boycott Group (Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And The Jewish Labor Committee) Lists Nazi Drugs 35
01/12/1939 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Assails Idea Of Two-Ocean Navy 7
01/12/1939 Cruiser Building Delayed By Germany Till 1942 9
01/12/1939 Negro Educator (Dr. Mordecai W. Johnson, President Of Howard University) Condemns Nazis 9
01/12/1939 Hitler’s Book (‘Mein Kampf’) Rises At Library 9
01/12/1939 9 Refugees (From Austria) Here Stranded By Fate 9
01/12/1939 Hungarians In Clash With Czech Guards 9
01/12/1939 (Czechoslovakia) Claims 250,000 Refugees (20,000 Jews) 9
01/12/1939 Germany Protests Shots In Holland (Into German Ministry)-Jews Blamed By (German) Press 10
01/12/1939 Britain Protests Franco Violation 10
01/12/1939 Spanish Envoy Hopes For End Of (U.S.) Embargo-De Los Rios Says The Loyalists Need Munitions From U.S. 10
01/12/1939 Isaacs Again Boycotts Goods Made In Germany (Purchases For N.Y. State) 11
01/12/1939 Rublee Questions Schacht On Plan-U.S. Quota Is The Project-Poland Fears New Deportation (Of Polish Jews From Germany Back Into Poland-Over 4,000 Now In Camp At Zbaszyn) 11
01/12/1939 (Refugees From Germany In England) Will Start Kenya Project 11
01/12/1939 Trinidad Bars Refugees (500 Already There) 11
01/13/1939 $552,000,000 For Defense Is Asked By Roosevelt; Mostly For New Planes (Text, P. 8) 1
01/13/1939 ‘Freedom Pavilion’ At (Worlds) Fair Planned To Celebrate The Pre-Nazi Culture 1
01/13/1939 Lynch Bill Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt (At Negro Conference) 6
01/13/1939 Berlin Papers Ask What We Arm For 9
01/13/1939 Roosevelt Arms Program Is Supported Overwhelmingly By Voters, (Gallup) Survey Shows 9
01/13/1939 Chile Held Barren As Soil For Nazism 11
01/13/1939 3 Jewish Groups Unite For Refugees 12
01/13/1939 Cummings’s Ruling On Refugee Told-Letter To (Summer) Welles Said In Reich, Concealment Of Wealth Was Not Moral Turpitude 12
01/13/1939 2D German Guilty Of Spying At (Panama) Canal 12
01/13/1939 H. G. Wells Is Gloomy On World Prospects (Gouges Germany Again) 13
01/13/1939 Prague Gives Fund To Help Refugees (5,000 Jews Involved Out Of 20,000 Total) 14
01/13/1939 Germany Protests To Dutch On ‘Shots’ (Note Quotes-Fired Into Its Ministry At The Hague) 14
01/14/1939 Reich Assures U.S. On Citizen’s Rights (Text, P. 4) 1
01/14/1939 House In Rebellion, Passes Relief Bill At $725,000,000, Restricts Use Of The Funds 1
01/14/1939 War Talk Heard In Paris Chamber (Against Italy)-No Surrender Is Likely 4
01/14/1939 Hitler Said To Ask Duce To Avoid War (With France) 5
01/14/1939 Nazis Seize Materials Used By Fulda Bishops 5
01/14/1939 (Col. Frank) Knox (Chicago Publisher) Warns On Arms-Roosevelt Program Is Unnecessary(‘Never Again Should The United States Send An Army To Europe To Settle Their Problems,’ He Added) 8
01/15/1939 Britain Demands Open Door In China In Note To Japan 1
01/15/1939 Pleads For Faith By Hebrew Youth (At Jewish Convention In Cincinnati, Ohio) 14
01/15/1939 Biro-Bidjan Held Failure For Jews 19
01/15/1939 American Sentenced To 6 Months In Reich 19
01/15/1939 (Jan) Masaryk (Czechoslovakia) To Work For Zionist Cause 27
01/15/1939 Anti-Refugee Riots By British Fascists 27
01/15/1939 Employment Decline Reported By Germany (1 Million Lost Jobs In December, 1938) 28
01/15/1939 Hitler Bids Poland (Col. Jozef Beck At Berchtesgaden) Join Colonial Drive 29
01/15/1939 Nazi Leader To Form New Memel Regime 29
01/15/1939 Reich Publishes Its Plan For Rebuilding Reichstag 29
01/15/1939 Jewish-Irish M. P. (Robert Briscoe) Offers Refugee Plan-Would Send 1,000,000 Jews To ‘Semitic State’ In Two Years (6 Million Jews In Europe) 29
01/15/1939 Pastor (Hans Gollwitzer Supporting Martin Niemoeller) At Dahlem Assails Reich Gag (On Preachers) 29
01/15/1939 Divergent Views Of Germany Given 30
01/15/1939 Shift By Paraguay Strands 300 Jews-France To Limit Immigrants 30
01/15/1939 Forum On Refugees Set-Mrs. Stephen S. Wise To Preside 30
01/15/1939 Danzig To Deport (‘About’) 1,000 (Jews) 30
01/15/1939 Refugees Bombed In Spanish Flight (‘By Franco’) 32
01/15/1939 Output Of Planes In France Doubled 32
01/15/1939 1938 British Trade Has Negative Gain F-3
01/15/1939 Poles Seek Peace Through Balance E-5
01/15/1939 Czech Peoples Are Striking Back-Germany Believed To Support Them Now E-5
01/15/1939 Channeling The News For Nazis-J. B. Wood, Berlin Mag. 4
01/16/1939 Japan Now Facing U.S.-British Front On ‘New Order’ Idea 1
01/16/1939 Lindbergh Target Of Soviet Attack-Flier Called ‘Hitler’s Lackey’ 5
01/16/1939 100,000 Jews’ Entry In Palestine Urged-(U.S. Solicitor General, Robert H.) Jackson Supports Move (Along With Many Others!) 6
01/16/1939 (Alfred) Rosenberg Demands League (Of Nations) Rule Jews 6
01/16/1939 244 More Reich Jews Arrive In Shanghai (Via Trans-Siberian Railway, Paraguayan Land Colonization Bureau Accepts ‘A Number Of Jews’) 7
01/16/1939 Duce Gave Warning (To Chamberlain) On Aid To (Spanish) Loyalists 8
01/16/1939 (Father) Coughlin Plea Spurs Wires To Congress (Plea To Maintain Arms Embargo To Loyalist, Communist Spain) 8
01/16/1939 A. D. Black Denounces (U.S.) Neutrality (Arms Embargo To Loyalist, Communist) Spain 8
01/16/1939 Spirit Of Fascism Seen As Big Danger (By Rev. Dr. Frederick Clifton Grant) 13
01/16/1939 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Words Praised As Great (By Rev. John Sutherland Bonnell, Presbyterian) 13
01/16/1939 Youth Unit Formed By (Cincinnati) Hebrew Council 16
01/17/1939 Roosevelt Asks Extension Of The Social Security Act To More Aged And Children 1
01/17/1939 Jewish Congress Bars Ransom Plan (To Germany For Jews Under Their Rule) 1
01/17/1939 Peaceful Pickets, A Myth Says Court (Judge Oliver B. Dickenson) 1
01/17/1939 Mexico Issues Ban On Times Reporter 1
01/17/1939 Czechs Will Send Jobless To Reich 6
01/17/1939 We Rate 5th In Air, Says Gen. Andrews 6
01/17/1939 German Traders Win More In Chile (Over British)-U.S. Is Still In The Lead 7
01/17/1939 (William D. Mitchell) Assails Germany In (Ww-I Black Tom) Sabotage Case 7
01/17/1939 (Mrs. Stephen S. Wise) Ask Homes For Refugees 8
01/17/1939 Franco Bids Loyalists (Communists) Surrender; He Rules Out Foreign (German & Italian) Domination (Of Spain) 11
01/17/1939 President.(Roosevelt) Scored For U.S. Drinking (By W. C. T. U.) 14
01/17/1939 (Alfred M. Cohen, Cincinnati Convention) Says World Jews Look To America 19
01/18/1939 Mexico Dispatches Envoy To Germany On Secret Mission (‘Secret’ Later Denied) 1
01/18/1939 (William D. Mitchell) Says Germans Bragged Of Kingsland (Black Tom, N. J.) Blast; Mitchell Cites Paper In Austrian Archives 1
01/18/1939 (L. H. Bean, Aaa) Says Only A Boom Will Absorb (5,000,000 To 6,000,000) Idle (Workers In U.S.) 12
01/18/1939 France Puts Off Aid To (Spanish Communist) Loyalists-London For No Action 11
01/18/1939 Paper In Moscow Praises Roosevelt 11
01/18/1939 2 Reich Ex-Soldiers Beheaded (For High Treason) 12
01/18/1939 Picture: The Chancellery, Germany’s New Political Center 12
01/18/1939 Says Refugees Aid Unemployed Here (Jewish Convention In Cincinnati) 12
01/18/1939 Foreign Jews Face A Boycott In Reich-Otto D. Tolischus 12
01/18/1939 (Refugee) Funds Ready To Aid (West) Indies Colonizers-Rublee Continues Talks-(Dominican Republic)-Evian Spokesman Silent 12
01/18/1939 Danzig Jews Sell Land-New Communities (In Palestine) Proposed 12
01/18/1939 Nazis Sentence Refugees (In Absentia-Exchange Of Large Amounts Of Money Illegally) 12
01/18/1939 First Bomber Of 200 (Lockheed B-14, Made In U.S.A.) For Britain Arrives 13
01/18/1939 400,000 In Russia Begin Census Task 15
01/19/1939 3,000 New Army Airplanes Authorized In House Bill; First Defense Plan Step 1
01/19/1939 Mexico Pushes Use Of Fascist Goods-Oil Barter Makes News-Print From Reich And Rayon From Italy Available At Low Prices 1
01/19/1939 President (Roosevelt) Backs Fortifying Guam 1
01/19/1939 No Sign Of War End In China (U.S.) Envoy Says 2
01/19/1939 Japan Will Offer U.S. Gains In China 2
01/19/1939 (Spanish Communist) Loyalists Accuse Rebels Of Massacre 4
01/19/1939 President (Roosevelt), (Senator) Borah Confer (At Lunch) 4
01/19/1939 Arabs At Variance On (British) Palestine Policy 5
01/19/1939 Hungary And Reich Stress Friendship 6
01/19/1939 Hebrew Union (Cincinnati Convention) Hits Nazi ‘Destruction’ (Of Jewish Sanctuaries, Etc.) 6
01/19/1939 First Slovak Diet Opens (In Bratislava) 6
01/19/1939 Talk (Rublee) On Refugees In Berlin Delayed (Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees)-Dominican Plan Denied-Hull Praises Rublee 7
01/19/1939 18,553 Aliens Forced To Depart In Year (From U.S.)-Report Gives 67,895 As Total Admitted, In Quota Of 155,774 10
01/20/1939 Schacht Drops Aim For Jews’ Ransom-Tolischus 1
01/20/1939 Social Action Held Hebrew Objective (By Rabbi Barnett R. Bricker Of Cleveland-Cincinnati Convention) 3
01/20/1939 Japan Plane Ban Is Now 100% In U.S. 9
01/21/1939 Roosevelt Backs New Base At Guam 1
01/21/1939 Hitler Removes Schacht As Reichsbank President; Suspends (Rublee, Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Refugee Talks 1
01/21/1939 Black Tom (World War I Sabotage) Decree Is Laid To Fraud 3
01/21/1939 Japan’s Leaders Again Warn World 4
01/21/1939 Schacht Removal No Surprise In U.S.-No Link To Rublee Seen-Uncomfortable In His Post Under Nazis (Schacht Not A Party Member) 4
01/21/1939 Hitler Aide (Fritz Wiedemann) Is Named Consul In California 4
01/21/1939 Funk (Schacht’s Successor) Devoted Backer Of Hitler,S Policies 5
01/21/1939 Issues Of 2 Wars Evaded By League (Of Nations) 7
01/22/1939 Hitler Creates Huge Army Reserve Under Command Of (800,000) Storm Troops 1
01/22/1939 (Tenor, Richard) Tauber Will Seek British Citizenship 7
01/22/1939 Picture: William C. Bullitt Returning To Post (U.S. Ambassador To France) 24
01/22/1939 (James G.) M’donald (Formerly High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) Tells Women (National Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War) Of Hitler-Calls Him Fanatic, Mystic, Organizer, Destroyer 25
01/22/1939 Creative Thinking Called Jews’ Hope (By New York City Rabbi, Israel Goldstein) 29
01/22/1939 Japanese Warned (By Chinese) War Will Be Long 31
01/22/1939 Interior Of China Forms Vast Army 31
01/22/1939 Big Trade Deficit For Reich In 1938 32
01/22/1939 (110) Freed Jews Reach Vienna (From Dachau & Buchenwalden, [Sic]) 32
01/22/1939 Refugee Parleys Will Be Resumed (Goering & Rublee, Inter-Governmental Committee On Refugees) 33
01/22/1939 Picture: Capt. Fritz Wiedemann (Hitler’s Adjutant & Company Commander In World War I) 33
01/22/1939 Danzig Nazis Change Call For Annexation 33
01/22/1939 Recital By (Mischa) Elman For Refugees Held 34
01/22/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-Hitler Speeds Up The Nazi Revolution-New Nazi ‘Purge’ E-1
01/22/1939 Dr. Schacht’s Removal May Mean Great Deal-Never Member Of Nazi Party E-3
01/22/1939 Schacht:S Fall A Sign Of More Socialization-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
01/22/1939 Woodrow Wilson, War Leader Book 1
01/22/1939 Wheeler-Bennett, John W. The Forgotten Peace,Brest-Litovsk, March, 1918 Book 3
01/22/1939 Picture: Inside Reichskanzlei Roto. 4
01/23/1939 Nazi Order Erases Old Officer Caste; Ties Army To Party 1
01/23/1939 Victory This Year Is Seen By Chinese 3
01/23/1939 Nazis Say U.S. Takes Soviet’s Part In (Far) East 4
01/23/1939 Dr. Macartney Warns (Presbyterian) Church On Defense-Avoid Stand Hampering (U.S.) Government4 Jewish Council Elects-Sidney Hollander, Baltimore, Heads Welfare Federation 5
01/23/1939 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) Pins Faith On Guiding Schools-University’s New Role 7
01/23/1939 Walter Gieseking (Pianist) Heard In Recital 8
01/23/1939 Nazi Propaganda Over Radio Scored (By Presbyterian, Rev. Dr. Jarvis S. Morris) 14
01/23/1939 (Harry) Hopkins (Formerly Of WPA) Confirmed (Secretary Of Commerce) 1
01/23/1939 Text Of Stimson Letter On (Spanish Loyalist) Embargo-Recommends Lifting It 6
01/23/1939 (Former Kaiser) Wilhelm (Ii) Host To The Poor; 8Oth Birthday Fete Begins 7
01/23/1939 France To Receive Spanish (Loyalist, Communist) Refugees 8
01/24/1939 U.S. Cruiser Sails To Barcelona Area-Omaha Due Off Caldelas (Spain) Today-Two British Warships Cruise Near Spanish Capital (Interest In Nationals Given As Reason) 8
01/24/1939 U.S. Holds Its Own In Peruvian Trade-(British Lost) German Gains Reported 9
01/24/1939 (Anthony) Eden Urges Stand Against Dictators 9
01/24/1939 Chamberlain Asks Defense Recruits 10
01/24/1939 (Jan) Masaryk Sees End Of Munich Method 10
01/24/1939 Warns Germans On Trade-British Official Again Declares (British) Exports Are Vital To Nation 10
01/24/1939 Refugee Group (George Rublee, Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees, Reports To Georges Bonnet In Paris) 10
01/24/1939 Boycott On Japan Engages Conference (Conference On The Cause And Cure Of War)-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Poses Question Of Rightness Of Nation To ‘Hide Behind Neutrality’ 11
01/24/1939 (William R.) Castle Urges Repeal Of Neutrality Act 11
01/24/1939 Nazi Agitation Laid To Germans In Chile 11
01/24/1939 (Dr. Richard Paulig) Denies German Aid In Black Tom (World War I Sabotage Charge) Blast 14
01/25/1939 (Spanish Nationalist, Communist) Refugees Halted At French Border 3
01/25/1939 British Enrolling For War Aid (War Service) Begun 6
01/25/1939 Reich In Aski (Mark) Deal For African Sisal 6
01/25/1939 (Col. Jozef) Beck Says Poland Is Loyal To Allies 6
01/25/1939 (German) Gibes At Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Berlin Paper (Berliner Nachtausgabe) Says She Lifts Voice For Negroes But Not Germans 6
01/25/1939 Dorothy Thompson Honored At Dinner (For Helping Refugees, [Such As Herschel Grynszpan ?] Picture With Pearl Buck) 7
01/25/1939 New U.S. Note Asks Reich Assurances (About Effect Of Anti-Jewish Decrees Upon U.S. Citizens-Otto D. Tolischus 7
01/25/1939 Reich In Accord With Poland On Ousted Jews; Will Readmit Some, Let Others Settle (Their Own) Affairs (5,000 Jews At Zbaszyn, Poland-Evian Committee Involved With Emigration) 7
01/25/1939 German (Dr. Richard Paulig) Presses Black Tom Retort (Charges Of German Sabotage In World War I) 7
01/26/1939 U.S. And German Debt Note (Texts) 6
01/26/1939 Goebbels Is Shorn Of Some Powers-Rublee (Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Re-Drafts Plan 6
01/26/1939 Unity Of All Races In Amity Is Urged (By Jewish Women’s Organization) 7
01/26/1939 ‘Fake’ Said Of Note (‘Herrmann Message’ Presented As Evidence By U.S.) In Black Tom (World War I Sabotage Charge) Case 7
01/26/1939 Reich And Poland Hail Their Accord 7
01/26/1939 (U.S.) War Base On Guam Is Upheld By (Admiral Wllliam D.) Leahy 10
01/26/1939 (U.S. Attorney General, Frank) Murphy Weighing Civil Liberty Unit 13
01/26/1939 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For Peace) Sees Shift In Culture Capital (From London To New York City)-Views A World At War 23
01/27/1939 Britain Invincible (Sir Samuel) Hoare Maintains (Text, P. 4) 1
01/27/1939 Trotsky’s Home (In Mexico) Guarded 3
01/27/1939 (N. J. Senator William H. Smathers) Would Ease Entry (Into U.S.) Of Elderly Refugees 4
01/27/1939 Rebuttal Started In Black Tom (World War I Sabotage) Suit 13
01/27/1939 Alien Register Plan Endorsed In (Gallup) Survey (84% Favor) 13
01/27/1939 (New York City) Youth Vote Hitler ‘Most Hated’ Man (Roosevelt Voted ‘Most Loved’ With God Second!) 21
01/28/1939 Roosevelt Lets France Buy Planes; Senate Inquiry On Policies Is Likely; Nazis Hint At New Demands By Hitler 1
01/28/1939 (Sumner) Welles Defends Raps At (Axis) Dictators 1
01/28/1939 Canada Reveals It Is Investigating Nazis; Conduct Of Some German Consuls Involved 1
01/28/1939 Black Tom Claims (From World War I Sabotage Charges Against Germany) Now Await (U.S.) Ruling 3
01/28/1939 Picture: Committee Investigating Fatal Crash Of Army Bomber On The Coast-(Morgenthau Is On The Committee!) 4
01/28/1939 German Proposal On Refugees Near 6
01/28/1939 Ribbentrop Fails To Win Over Poles 6
01/28/1939 Ex-Kaiser (Wilhelm Ii), 80, Holds Gala Dinner At Doorn 6
01/28/1939 (Rabbi Jonah B. Wise) Will Discuss Jewish Distress 6
01/28/1939 Arms Borrowing Urged On Britain 7
01/28/1939 London To Send Us L14,000,000 Of Gold 21
01/29/1939 Chamberlain Says Force Will Unite Democracies (Text, P. 29) 1
01/29/1939 France Has Gold For 5,000 Planes 1
01/29/1939 ‘Civil Rights’ Year To Begin March 4 (An Impressive Number Of Liberals Mentioned By Name!) 5
01/29/1939 U.S. Delegates (Stephen S. Wise, Robert Szold & Sholem Asch) Sail For (London) Parley On Jews-S.S. Wise Hopeful London Talks Will Keep Palestine Open (For Jewish Immigrants) 22
01/29/1939 (Thomas) Mann Gets Medal From Dr. (Albert) Einstein 23
01/29/1939 (George) Rublee (Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Continues His Talks In Reich 23
01/29/1939 Publishers In Suit Over Hitler Book (Houghton Mifflin, Authorized, Stockpole Sons, Inc., Unauthorized,-See Version Pirated And Put Out By Later Senator Alan Cranston, California!) 24
01/29/1939 U.S. Movies Held Poor ‘Propaganda’ (Origin Of Opinion Uncertain) 25
01/29/1939 Lima (Peru) Declaration Hailed (By Charles G. Fenwick) As Historic 25
01/29/1939 United States (War) Planes New European Factor E-3
01/29/1939 A Crisis But No War Expected By Britain E-5
01/29/1939 The Peace Made At Munich Book 1
01/29/1939 Picture: Pierre Van Paassen Book 5
01/29/1939 Doubts Rise, But Hitler’s Power Holds-Howard Callender Mag. 1
01/30/1939 2,000 Mile Front Occupied By (U.S.) Fleet (In South Atlantic And Caribbean) 3
01/30/1939 (Spanish) Refugee Zone (In France) Proposed 4
01/30/1939 (Henry Monsky, B’nai B’rith) Asks Jews To Speed Aid For Palestine (Praises Roosevelt’s ‘Great Humanitarian Attitude’) 5
01/30/1939 Jews Get British Camp (Camp Kitchener, For German Jews-Housed 40 000 Soldiers) 5
01/30/1939 (500 German Refugee Jews Arrive Aboard Two Ships At Shanghai) 5
01/30/1939 (Swedes) Assail Peace Prize Hoax (Hitler ‘Nominated’ For Nobel Peace Prize By Social Democratic Member Of Parliament-Alleged Prank) 5
01/30/1939 Lutheran Growth Laid To Refugees 6
01/30/1939 (John Haynes Holmes) Warns Against ‘Holy War’ (Protests Roosevelt’s Polices Which He Considers Directed Toward War) 6
01/30/1939 Linking Of Jews To Reds Assailed (By Cyrus Adler, President, American Jewish Committee) 11
01/30/1939 ‘Boycott’ On Hatred Urged By (Father Charles E. Coughlin-Priest Says Americans Bar War To Aid Jews 14
01/31/1939 Hitler Demands Colonies ‘Riches’ For Japan And Italy; Tells U.S. Not To Meddle-Otto D. Tolischus 1
01/31/1939 Franco Officials Tell Of (Loyalist) Tortures 3
01/31/1939 Britain Is Prepared (For War) Journalist (Chris S. Kent) Asserts 3
01/31/1939 Senators To Call All (U.S.) Plane Makers 3
01/31/1939 Ottawa Cautious On (European, Jewish Political) Refugee Issue 4
01/31/1939 Hitler Talk Eases Fears In Britain 5
01/31/1939 Excerpts From The Official Translation Of Hitler’s Speech Before The Reichstag 6&7
01/31/1939 Advertisement, Nearly Full Page: Anti-Franco Activists Wishing To Lift Arms Embargo To Spain 11
01/31/1939 Student Poll Won By The President (Roosevelt-’The Greatest Living American’-Einstein & Brandeis Next!) 16
01/31/1939 Vast Energy Freed By Uranium Atom (Experiment By Dean George P. Pogram, Columbia University) 23
01/31/1939 (Harry) Hopkins (Formerly Of WPA, Now Secretary Of Commerce) Suspends 17 Ship Inspectors 41