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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

July 1939
Date Headline Page
07/01/1939 Hitler Plans Danzig Visit As Step Toward Regaining The City In ‘Peaceful’ Coup 1
07/01/1939 Money (Devaluation) Bill Dies-House Votes Neutrality-Two-Edged Defeat (For Roosevelt) 1
07/01/1939 Poles Will Resist Any Danzig Attack 1
07/01/1939 Reich Gold Chest Is Billion Marks 1
07/01/1939 Uncle Sam In The (WPA) Show Business Had Hits, Flops And Always Rows 2
07/01/1939 Bill To Shut Out Aliens Is Reported-Would Stop Quotas For 5 Years 3
07/01/1939 Japanese Destroy American School 5
07/01/1939 One Arab Shot Dead, 11 Wounded By Bomb 5
07/01/1939 Germans Gibe At British Warning; Doubt London Will Protect Danzig 6
07/01/1939 Czechs Told Reich Is Losing Patience 6
07/02/1939 New Deal To Keep Up Fight On Money (Devaluation Of The Dollar) And Neutrality (Act Amendments Favorable To Roosevelt); Hull Warns On Embargo-Roosevelt Is Firm 1
07/02/1939 Paris Warns Reich Against An Attack (On Poland)-France Cautions The Reich 1
07/02/1939 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Boomed To Unite ‘40 Party (As Presidential Candidate For Democrats) 3
07/02/1939 Roosevelt Proposed For Nobel Peace Prize By The New York State Polish Conference 3
07/02/1939 Road Of Refugees To Palestine Hard-Illegal Emigrant Tells Of Woes (Via Rumania)-Without Food For Days-Rescued By Refugee Ship 7
07/02/1939 (Dahlem Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Stand Praised By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 8
07/02/1939 3,000 In Reich Pay Niemoeller Honor 8
07/02/1939 Trial Of (Herschel) Grynszpan (Ernst Vom Rath’s Murderer) Delayed By Tension 8
07/02/1939 Czechs Try To See Hitler About Woes-Germans Are Accused 9
07/02/1939 Germans Indicate Tactics On Danzig 10
07/02/1939 Rise In Arms Costs In Reich Reported (By Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman, Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And Jewish Labor Committee) 10
07/02/1939 German Consulate Challenged Here (By Unnamed Anti-German) 11
07/02/1939 Screen Document Pleads For Peace (Thomas Mann, Edouard Benes, Cordell Hull & Albert Einstein Appeal In Film) 13
07/02/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-Twenty Years After (Treaty Of Versailles, A Soul-Rending Lament!) E-1
07/02/1939 Anti-German Cartoon From Britain E-3
07/02/1939 Britain Speaks Again In Voice Of Confidence-Poles Stand Firm On Danzig E-3
07/02/1939 Two Armed Camps Rushing Toward A Showdown E-3
07/02/1939 France Discounts War Aid From U.S.-Moral Support Wanted E-4
07/02/1939 Eire’s Neutrality Is Held A Problem (For British) E-5
07/03/1939 Chamberlain Again Warns Reich Against Aggression; But Is Silent On Danzig 1
07/03/1939 Benes Bids Czechs Gird For A ‘Crisis’ 1
07/03/1939 Nazi Order Defied By Dahlem Pastor (Martin Niemoeller) 1
07/03/1939 Nazi Head (Albert Foerster) Pledges Fight For Danzig 2
07/03/1939 Poland To Demand Danzig Disarming 3
07/03/1939 Nazi Bids France Be ‘Neighborly’-Buerckel Terms Britain An Inciter 3
07/03/1939 (U.S. Ass’t. Secretary Of State, Francis Sayer) Hits Trade Policy Of Dictatorships 3
07/03/1939 (Rev. Dr. Joseph Fort) Newton Prefers War To Tyranny 11
07/04/1939 Reich Denies Aim To Force Danzig Issue With Poland; Chamberlain Cites ‘Influx’ (Of Germans)-Coup Talk Derided 1
07/04/1939 Roosevelt Holds Our Arms Embargo Raises War Peril 1
07/04/1939 Chamberlain Shuns A Pledge On Danzig-Says ‘German Nationals’ Have Been Born There-Call For Churchill Grows 1
07/04/1939 Tolerance Pledge Offered To Nations 2
07/04/1939 Poles To Counter Any Act In Danzig-Hitler Visit Unopposed 4
07/04/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Is Re-Elected As Leader Of (German-American) Bund-Convention Also Endorses Acts Of Chief Under Indictment (For Allegedly Stealing $14,548 From The German-American Bund!) 4
07/04/1939 Terrorist Acts Take New Palestine Toll (Arabs & Jews) 4
07/04/1939 Pastor’s Home Searched (Martin Niemoeller And A Supporter, Mueller, In Dahlem) 4
07/04/1939 Soviet Gives Reply To New (Anglo-French) Pact Plan 5
07/04/1939 Hull Keeps Watch On Foreign Crisis 6
07/04/1939 Plan On (U.S.) Air Corps With 6,000 Planes 6
07/04/1939 Cuban Anti-Jewish (Immigration) Bill (Reported) 7
07/04/1939 Militarism Held Our Chief Puzzle 30
07/05/1939 Roosevelt Urges Senate To Reverse The Arms Embargo 1
07/05/1939 Armed Forces Put At 10,000 In Danzig; Free City Is Calm 1
07/05/1939 Nazis Beat Prelate (Cardinal Innitzer) On Austrian Tour; Innitzer Quits Trip-Cardinal Attacked With Eggs And Epithets(Involved In Dolfuss Matter)-Struck On Head By Stick (Picture) 1
07/05/1939 U.S. Policy On War Is July 4 Theme 1
07/05/1939 Reich Will Resume Large War Games 3
07/05/1939 Woes Of Rearming Noted At Geneva (League Of Nations) 3
07/05/1939 (German-American) Bund Defies Jersey Ban On Its Uniform; Leader Denies Link To A Foreign Nation 3
07/05/1939 Toll Of Terrorists Rises In Palestine 3
07/05/1939 (Dr. Solomon) Goldman (Zionist Organization Of America) Be-Littles Anti-Semitism Here 3
07/05/1939 (Sol) Bloom Bill (A Revision Of The Neutrality Act To Roosevelt’s Liking) Denounced 3
07/05/1939 New Deal Pushes Fight On Two Fronts (Revision Of Neutrality Act & Power To Devalue The Dollar) 4
07/05/1939 Radio ‘Big Bertha’ (General Electric 100 Kilowatt Short Wave Sender At Schenectady, N.Y.) Challenges Axis-Latin America Friendly 5
07/05/1939 Poland Withholds Warning To Danzig 6
07/05/1939 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt In Warning To Two Dictators 8
07/05/1939 Senator (‘Dear Alben’ W.) Barkley Scores Fears Of Alliances; Says Washington’s Warning Is Followed 10
07/05/1939 Educators Warn Of Freedom’s Foes 19
07/06/1939 Britain To Assure Status Of Danzig In Specific Pledge 1
07/06/1939 Roosevelt Dollar (Devaluation) Control Restored By Senate, 43-39-Treasury (Morgenthau) Ready To Act 1
07/06/1939 U.S. Duty Penalizes Italian Silk Goods 1
07/06/1939 Japanese Renew Threat To Tientsin 6
07/06/1939 Neutrality (Act Amendment To Suit Roosevelt) Fight Set For Saturday 8
07/06/1939 Germany Ridicules President’s (Roosevelt’s) Stand (On The Amendment Of The Neutrality Act & Embargo Position) 8
07/06/1939 (Senate Naval Committee) Approves $8,850,000 For Warship Repairs (Perhaps For 50 ‘Outmoded’ Destroyers) 8
07/06/1939 Hoover Fears War, In ‘Power Politics’-Asserts Roosevelt Has Taken A Seat To Play At The Chessboard Of Europe-Warns Of Three Dangers 9
07/06/1939 (Communist Earl Browder & Dr. Friederich E. Anhagen) Say Soviet, Nazis Merit Our Interest-Latter Hits British Tie 10
07/06/1939 (German-American) Bund’s Defiance Arouses Jersey 11
07/06/1939 Picture: Russian Ambassador To U.S., Constantine Oumansky 11
07/06/1939 Danzig Trucking Is Heavy At Night; Visitors Barred From Some Areas 12
07/06/1939 British Deny Pleas For Aid To (German-Jewish) Exiles 13
07/06/1939 Hitler Shortens Title; Just ‘Der Fuehrer)’ Now 13
07/06/1939 Nazis Say Britain Gave Out Danzig ‘Lies,’ Informing Press A Putsch Was Imminent 14
07/06/1939 Poles Discuss Danzig 14
07/06/1939 Educators Demand School Autonomy-National Association Also Urges Participation Of Teachers In Civil Affairs (Want Federal Money) 21
07/06/1939 How Debt Of Government Corporations Is Divided 38
07/07/1939 Reich Makes Jews Join (‘Reich’s Union Of Jews In Germany’) For Self-Care 1
07/06/1939 Britain Extends L60,000,000 Credits To Allies For Arms 1
07/06/1939 Strike Of 30,000 WPA Men Ordered By A. F. L. Here; Move Spreads In Nation 1
07/06/1939 Hoover Urges Ban On Bombing Cities (Text, P. 6) 1
07/06/1939 (General Rafael L.) Trujillo (Dominican Republic) Arrives In Capital On Visit-Criticized By Group Here-Asks Roosevelt To Ban Reception To ‘Dictator’ 2
07/06/1939 Senate To Vote Swap Of (U.S.) Cotton For (British) Rubber Foreign Resources In U.S. At New Peak 4
07/06/1939 Jersey (German-American) Bund Loses It Liquor Permit 4
07/06/1939 Inquiry Demanded On (Communist) Youth Congress 4
07/07/1939 Germans Condemn British Credit Aid (For Munitions To Allies) 5
07/07/1939 Poland Asks (Its) Press To Be Calm In Tone 5
07/07/1939 Rome Press Turns Fire On Roosevelt 5
07/07/1939 Refugee Bodies Want Chamberlain To Act (Resettlement, But Who Is To Be Resettled Is Not Clear-’Umsiedeln?’) 5
07/07/1939 Way Sought To Kill Embargo On Arms (By Roosevelt)-Borah Hits Democracies 7
07/07/1939 A. F. Of L. (William Green) Protests Soviet Labor Link (At International Labor Conference In Zuerich) 7
07/07/1939 Plea For (Japanese) Boycott Is Made By Chiang 8
07/07/1939 Japanese Assail Britain As Enemy 8
07/07/1939 Japanese Again Bomb Chungking 8
07/07/1939 German Citizens Return (To Germany) 8
07/07/1939 Say Our First Duty Is To Avoid War 9
07/07/1939 Stalin’s Foe (General Krivitsky) Pleads For Asylum Here 9
07/07/1939 Educators (In Convention) Renew Federal ($) Aid Plea 15
07/07/1939 Shun Propaganda, Students Are Told (By Dean William F. Russell, Teachers’ College, Columbia University) 15
07/07/1939 Letter: (Against) Mr. (Archibald Mac Leish As Librarian (Of Congress) 16
07/07/1939 Men Out Five Days (On Strike) To Lose WPA Jobs 24
07/08/1939 Senate (Isolationist) Group Acts To Block Repeal Of Arms Embargo 1
07/08/1939 (Polish Colonel) Beck Urges British To Defer Warning On Danzig’s Status 1
07/08/1939 Picture: Restoring Dollar (Devaluation) Power To The President (Roosevelt) 2
07/08/1939 Three Indicted As WPA Chiselers 3
07/08/1939 Argentina Will Open Nazi Probe; To Challenge Subversive Action 4
07/08/1939 German Jews Face A Crushing Task-Blocked Funds Only Hope 4
07/08/1939 Reich Closes Three Theological Schools; Nazi Magazine (‘Nordland’) Calls The Study Useless 4
07/08/1939 Zurich (International) Labor (Conference) Vote Bars Soviet Union 4
07/08/1939 Boycott By Czechs Cuts (Prague) Street Car Receipts 75% 4
07/08/1939 Poles Give Danzig Views (They Want Control) 4
07/08/1939 Mme. Chiang Asks Boycott Of Japan 5
07/08/1939 Chiang Foresees Victory In A Year 5
07/08/1939 Hatred Of Britain Stressed In Tokyo 5
07/08/1939 (Germany) Bans Flight Near Hitler (Berchtesgaden)-Germany Also Bars Visits To Area 30 Miles From Poland 5
07/08/1939 President (Roosevelt) Directs Speed On (Admiral) Byrd Trip-Germany’s Moves In Antarctic Spur Action(Picture) 17
07/08/1939 Europeans’ Funds (‘Gold’) Safeguarded Here 21
07/09/1939 Cabinet Officials Urging Senators To Repeal Embargo 1
07/09/1939 Pledge On Danzig Voiced For Britain 1
07/09/1939 Lehman Links Goal Of U.S. To Religion-Tells Christian Endeavorer’s Group (Christian Church) Like Theirs Are Best Bulwarks Against ‘Isms’(Text, P. 14) 1
07/09/1939 Pope Plans New Moves For Peace At Danzig; Nuncio To Poland Likely To Ask Compromise 1
07/09/1939 Many Voters Hazy About ‘Liberalism’-41% Call (Harry L.) Hopkins Radical (Gallup Poll) 5
07/09/1939 U.S. Army To Hold Biggest War Game 13
07/09/1939 Japan Apologizes For Bombing (British) Ship (At Chungking) 21
07/09/1939 Funk Asserts Reich Seeks Trade In West 21
07/09/1939 Zionist Leader (Dr. Solomon Goldman, Zionist Organization Of America) Departs-To Visit Palestine Before Attending (Geneva, World Zionist Congress) Parley (Scheduled For Mid-August) 22
07/09/1939 Hard Polish Army Could Face (German) Army-Cavalry Adds Mobility-Adapted To Terrain Lacking Roads-Upper Silesia Holds Vital Base-Tough Peasantry Inured To Hardship, Forms Backbone Of Well-Trained Forces 23
07/09/1939 Jewlsh Sermons (N.Y. City Rabbis) Urge Refugee Aid-U.S. (Quota) Policy Is Criticized (By Rabbi Louis I. Newman)-Pressure On Great Britain To Keep Palestine Open To (Jewish) Immigrants Advocated 24
07/09/1939 (982 Jewish) Refugees Reach Bulgaria 24
07/09/1939 Castle Backs Hull On Neutrality (Act Repeal) Aim-Would Curb President (Roosevelt) 25
07/09/1939 Somoza Expels A Nazi Who Jilted Nicaraguan 25
07/09/1939 Pay Flights (Yankee Clipper) Begin On North Route 26
07/09/1939 Trujillo Reception Is Defended Here 26
07/09/1939 Germans In Slovakia See Loss Of Rights 26
07/09/1939 Anti-German Cartoon E-2
07/09/1939 Washington Is Shaping Issues For The People E-3
07/09/1939 Britain Giving Proof Appeasement Is Dead E-4
07/09/1939 Japan Thinks Of Peace In Third Year Of War-Final Victory Still Eluding Her E-5
07/09/1939 Mr. Chamberlain States His Case Book 1
07/09/1939 The Nazi System Of Economics Book 17
07/09/1939 Danzig: New Focus Of Tension Mag. 1
07/09/1939 Toward An Inter-American Culture (By Henry Agard Wallace) Mag. 3
07/09/1939 (Halifax) Guardian Of The Dispatch Boxes Mag. 8
07/09/1939 Woman’s Role In War Roto. 2
07/10/1939 Nazi Leader (Albert Foerster) Hurls Defiance In Danzig 1
07/10/1939 British To Put Ban On Sudeten Tactics In Danzig Pledge-Talks On Issue Ruled Out 1
07/10/1939 Washington Turns To A ‘Showdown’ On Arms Embargo 1
07/10/1939 Bonnet Indicates New French Hopes-No Mention Of U.S. Help 4
07/10/1939 Japanese (General Homma) Snubs British General 7
07/10/1939 India Asked (In Newspaper Editorial) To Back Britain Against Axis 7
07/10/1939 German Business Decries War Fear 23
07/11/1939 More ‘Superships’ Sought By Navy 1
07/11/1939 Chamberlain Bars Any Army Coup In Danzig; Pledge Is Sweeping-Loopholes Now Closed-Talks (With Germany) Ruled Out In Present Atmosphere (Text, P. 9) 1
07/11/1939 (Anti-Semitic) Prejudices Assailed By (Christian) Endeavor Session 5
07/11/1939 Laguardia Lashes WPA Critics Here 6
07/11/1939 (Senator Borah) Asks Open Debate Over Neutrality (Act Revisions Desired By Roosevelt)-Administration Pleased (By The Provisions Of The Bloom Bill Supported By Roosevelt) 8
07/11/1939 (War Department) Would Let Army Buy Planes Without Bids 8
07/11/1939 Warsaw Outlines Danzig Proposals-Would End League (Of Nations) Rule-Would Leave Present (Polish-Controlled) Customs Regime 10
07/11/1939 Reich Pours Score Upon Chamberlain-New Negotiations Denied 10
07/11/1939 Swiss Put 6 On Trial As Spies For Reich 11
07/11/1939 U.S. Makes Protest On Chungking Raid-Hull Tells Japanese Envoy Of Disapproval Of Bombing That Menaced Americans 13
07/11/1939 Japanese Herald Party Led By (Chinese) Wang (Rival Of Chiang Kai-Shek) 13
07/11/1939 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Advises Democracy Drive (Against Dictators)-Back From Europe 16
07/11/1939 Educators (Dean William F. Russell, Teachers’ College, Columbia University) To Map Aid To Democracy 17
07/11/1939 America Blamed (By Clarence K. Streit) For Hitler’s Rise 20
07/12/1939 100 British Bombers Fly Far Over France And Back 1
07/12/1939 Senate Committee Votes For Delay On Neutrality (Revisions Desired By Roosevelt); Roosevelt Will Fight On 1
07/12/1939 President (Roosevelt) Orders WPA Act Enforced; Strike Is Extended 1
07/12/1939 Lehman Calls U.S. No Place For Hates-’Divided Loyalty’ Out 6
07/12/1939 Irish Army Orders Munitions Supply (From U.S.) 8
07/12/1939 Britain Increases Propaganda Funds (Total Of L300,000) 9
07/12/1939 Poles Deem Reich Foiled (By British) On Danzig 10
07/12/1939 Next German Move Awaited By France 10
07/12/1939 Britain Is Warned By Nazis On (French) Flight-Reich Also Has An Air Force-Intimidation Is Charged 11
07/12/1939 60 German Groups Meet-Organize Protest Against ‘Campaign’ Against Them In U.S. 13
07/13/1939 Congress Chiefs Grope For Way To Save Neutrality Bill (The Bloom Bill Amendments Desired By Roosevelt) And Quit 1
07/13/1939 Britain Increases Outlay For Army 1
07/13/1939 Picture: Former Czech President (Eduard Benes) Sails For Europe 3
07/13/1939 Roosevelt Names Three New Aides (Lauchlin Currie, William H. Mc Reynolds, & James H. Rowe) 3
07/13/1939 (Harry) Bridges Identified As Red (‘Comrade Rossi’) By Witness 3
07/13/1939 Picture: General Rafael Leonidas Trujillo (& Laguardia) 3
07/13/1939 President (Roosevelt) Weighs Neutrality (Act Revision) Plea 8
07/13/1939 Immigration Of Jews To Palestine To Stop (British Order) 8
07/13/1939 New Unit In German Army (‘Flying Squadron Branch’) 8
07/13/1939 Anti-Nazi Boycott In Printing Asked (At Graphic Arts Forum) 9
07/13/1939 Picture: Lawrence A. Steinhardt & Family Sail-U.S. Ambassador To Russia 9
07/13/1939 Nazis Resent Idea Of A Polish Flight (Of British Bombers Visiting Poland)-Termed Coarse Threats 10
07/13/1939 Japan Increases Threat To British 12
07/13/1939 (Oscar W. Riegel, Washington & Lee University) Urge Propaganda, Assail Censorship-Our Gullibility Is Hit (Riegel Appeared On Channel 11 From Chicago In The Week Of Nov. 1. 1982 On A Tv Program Discussing Propaganda In World War Ii.) 13
07/14/1939 Trieste Leased By Reich For 10 Years, Swiss Hear; Troops Now Using Port 1
07/14/1939 Roosevelt’s Aides See A Long Battle Over Neutrality (Act Revision) 1
07/14/1939 British Navy Calls 12,000 Reservists 1
07/14/1939 Two French Newspaper Men Are Arrested In Paris For Link To Nazi Propaganda 1
07/14/1939 Roosevelt Denies He And Hull Differ 2
07/14/1939 (Rabbi Morris S. Lazaron) Asks Public To Rise (And Support Roosevelt’s Wishes) On Neutrality Act (Revision To Suit Roosevelt’s Desires) 6
07/14/1939 Immigration Curb Stirs Palestine 6
07/14/1939 Nazis Say Halifax Aided (Them) With Letter (Sent To Germany In An Attempt To Incite Germans Against Their Government)-Englishman) Holds Letters Are Private 7
07/14/1939 Danzig Nazi Chief (Albert Foerster) Talks With Hitler 8
07/14/1939 Czechs Cut Wires Of German Army (Frequently)-Anti-Jewish Laws Pushed 8
07/14/1939 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt Says War Is Women’s Fault (Because They Are Not Involved) 12
07/14/1939 Monteiro (Brazil) Bids U.S. Be Ready For War 36
07/15/1939 Can’t Strike Against U.S. Roosevelt Warns WPA Men; A. F. L. To Continue Walkout-Union Is Defiant 1
07/15/1939 Roosevelt Asks Congress To Change Neutrality Act (To His Liking-Repeal Embargo Of Munitions); Opponents Await Reaction-Aid To Peace Seen-Hull’s Views In Message (Text, P. 2) 1
07/15/1939 British Embassy In Tokyo Menaced By Japanese Mob 1
07/15/1939 New Deal Lagging In Pennsylvania 2
07/15/1939 Nazi ‘True Liberty’ Is (German) Art Show Theme (In Munich) 4
07/15/1939 Franco Says Spain Aims To Be Neutral 4
07/15/1939 Chile Is Fighting Typhus 4
07/15/1939 Mexico Reports Sale Of All Seized (Expropriated U.S.) Oil 4
07/15/1939 Reich Troops Hold Czech Iron Works 5
07/15/1939 Nazis Say Hitler Is Firm On Danzig 5
07/15/1939 Leasing Of Trieste (By Germans) Is Denied In Rome5 Chamberlain Toy Sales Damage German Industry 5
07/15/1939 New Palestine (Immigration) Ban (By British) Praised By Arabs 5
07/15/1939 Germans Again Score British Propaganda 5
07/15/1939 21,840,000 At Reich Jobs 5
07/15/1939 Swiss Hitler (Dr. Alfred Zander) Is Jailed 5
07/15/1939 Planes Ruled Out In (U.S.) Army War Game 13
07/15/1939 Five Are Indicted In WPA Job Fraud 16
07/15/1939 Trade Ties Of U.S. And Brazil Hailed 23
07/16/1939 Japan Asks Britain For Policy Accord As Basis Of Parley 1
07/16/1939 30,000 Conscripts Report In Britain 1
07/16/1939 Nazis Turning Fire On Czech Catholics, 1
07/16/1939 Japanese Sentry Slaps American Women (Missionaries) 1
07/16/1939 Troops Are Ready In Minneapolis-WPA Disorders Subsiding 2
07/16/1939 (Senator Styles Bridges) Asserts President (Roosevelt) Aids Fight On A. F. L 5
07/16/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges Action (In Amending The Neutrality Act To Roosevelt’s Satisfaction) 9
07/16/1939 Navy Gives Names To 23 War Craft 18
07/16/1939 Franco Loses Suit Over Silver Here 19
07/16/1939 General Tension Found In Germany (By Mary Heaton Vorse) 21
07/16/1939 Patience In Danzig Held Hitler Advice 24
07/16/1939 (Federation Of Polish Jews) Buys Palestine Colony (For 500 Families From Poland) 24
07/16/1939 (J. L. Garvin) Says Isolationists Aid Dictatorships 25
07/16/1939 Austrian Conquest Long Plan Of Hitler 25
07/16/1939 All Tyrol Germans To Leave Province 25
07/16/1939 Britain’s Exports Increase In Year-Import Total Also Rises F-8
07/16/1939 Cartoon: British, Anti-German F-8
07/16/1939 Washington Is Tangled On Our Neutrality Act (Revision) E-3
07/16/1939 Roosevelt Now Enters His Most Trying Period E-3
07/16/1939 Britain Posts Warnings For The Nazis To Read-Also Anti-German Cartoon E-4
07/16/1939 Reich Jews In A New Crisis E-5
07/16/1939 The Way The World Is Going-Harry Elmer Barnes-Society In Transition Book 1
07/16/1939 The Basic Doctrines Behind Fascism-Melvin Rader-No Compromise Book 3
07/16/1939 Cartoons By David Low: These Muddled Times Book 3
07/16/1939 The Kaiser, Japan And Hitler Mag. 1
07/16/1939 Three Keys To Germany-Harold Callender Mag. 6
07/17/1939 Churchill Backing Gaining In London 1
07/16/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn, (German-American) Bund Leader, Is Arrested On Auto Trip (In Massachusetts) For Drunkenness-Charged With ‘Cussing’ Police (Picture, P. 4) 1
07/16/1939 Elliott Roosevelt Assails (Father Charles E.) Coughlin-Priest Has A Quick Reply 3
07/16/1939 Federal Men (O. John Rogge) Hold Louisiana Parley 3
07/16/1939 Reich Sees Britain As Fostering War-Warning Given On Danzig 4
07/16/1939 Poles Would Fight, Smigly-Ridz Says-Ready To Go To War If Danzig Is Menaced Even If They Go Alone, The Marshal Warns 4
07/16/1939 Nazi Propaganda Scored (By L. M. Birkhead, Friends Of Democracy) 4
07/16/1939 Hirohito To View Massed War Fleet 5
07/16/1939 Tie To Nazis Urged By British Fascist (Sir Oswald Moseley-’1,000,000 Britons Must Not Die In A ‘Jew War.’’) 5
07/16/1939 More Nazi Troops Are Seen In Danzig 5
07/16/1939 General (Homnma) Warns British Agents (Against Pro-Chiang Kai-Shek Policy) 5
07/16/1939 Czech (Language) Papers Suspended 5
07/16/1939 Two Jews Killed In Arab Attacks 6
07/16/1939 Democracy Held Imperiled At Home-Clarence K. Streit 6
07/16/1939 Hitler A Barabbas, Niemoeller, A Christ, Dr. Roberts (A Presbyterian) Suggests 17
07/18/1939 Republicans Face Neutrality (Act Revision) Test 1
07/18/1939 Chamberlain Firm On Orient Policy, He Warns Japan 1
07/18/1939 Tyrolese Fight Eviction-Feeling Runs High 1
07/18/1939 Danzig Nazi Plan To Join Reich Seen 1
07/18/1939 Mexico To Take Back 1,400,000 From U.S. 2
07/18/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Denies Story Of Tipsy Dispute 3
07/18/1939 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Denies (Presidential) Ambition For 1940-Radical Backing (Of Wheeler) Charged 5
07/18/1939 British Army Chief (General Sir Edmund Ironside) Arrives In Poland (Picture)-Poland To Get British Planes-Berlin Sees ‘Council Of War’-French Also To Go To Poland 6
07/18/1939 Czechs Ordered To Despoil Forests (The U.S. Reaction To The German Ordered Increase In Wood Production) 7
07/18/1939 (U.S. Orthodox Russians) Say Poles Raze (Their) Churches 7
07/18/1939 40,000,000 Reported For A Japan Embargo 8
07/18/1939 Tokyo Press Sees British Submission 8
07/18/1939 Temporary Refuge Given (In Beirut, Lebanon) To Ill Jews-General Strike Is Called In Palestine To Protest (British) Ban On More (Illegal Jewish) Immigration 9
07/18/1939 Democratic Axis Urged By (Admiral Yates) Stirling-Rule Of Seas At Stake-If Dictators Win In Europe, They Would Despoil The Rich Americas, He Declares 10
07/18/1939 Puerto Rico Gives Bid To Educators (World Federation Of Education) 10
07/18/1939 Picture: Robert E. Sherwood-Playwright Back Home 13
07/19/1939 No Neutrality (Act) Revision This Session; Roosevelt Told By Leaders Of Senate In A Night Conference His Plan Fails-Defeat Conceded 1
07/19/1939 British And Poles Wrangle On Loan 1
07/19/1939 2,000 Nazi Guards Arrive At Danzig-Played Role In Sudetenland Before Czech Crisis-Plan For Coup Suspected 1
07/19/1939 Dictatorship Seen In New Deal Rule (By Dr. Walter E. Spahr) 4
07/19/1939 Evian (Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees) Committee Gathers In LondoN-150,000 Have Left Germany In Year 7
07/19/1939 Reich Says British Would Stir Danzig 8
07/19/1939 British Navy Sets (Ship) Launching Record 9
07/19/1939 Hostility Hampers Tokyo Negotiation (With British) 10
07/19/1939 (Eduard Benes, In London) Foresees Czech Rebirth 10
07/19/1939 (Jewish) Palestine Strike Goes Off Quietly 11
07/19/1939 First 2 Immigrants Arrive On (Yankee) Clipper 21
07/19/1939 Lending A Way Out, Says Morgenthau (Supporting Roosevelt’s Suggestion) 27
07/20/1939 Danzig Seizes 20 In Marxist ‘Plot’ For Anti-Nazi Acts 1
07/20/1939 President (Roosevelt) To Meet Evian (Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees) Executives To Help Refugees-Delighted, President Says-Wohlthat Move Expected 1
07/20/1939 Roosevelt To Call A Special Session In Any War Crisis-White House Makes Purpose Clear As Result Of Senate’s Balking On Neutrality (Act Revisions He Wishes)-May Appeal To Country 1
07/20/1939 Move To Salvage (Roosevelt) Lending Program 1
07/20/1939 Neutrality (Act Revision To Please Roosevelt) Snarl Depresses British-Chamberlain Curtails Debate 6
07/20/1939 Paris Sees (U.S. Neutrality Act Revision Failure By Roosevelt) Setback In Position Of U.S.-Reich Shows No Interest-But Press Launches Attack On Roosevelt As A War Monger-Third Term Held His Aim 7
07/20/1939 France’s 15 Million Leads ‘War’ Buying 7
07/20/1939 British Bombers Fly To Marseille (Comparable To A Flight To Berlin And Back) 9
07/20/1939 Nazi Exasperation With Czechs Grows-End Of Discussions Urged 10
07/20/1939 Reich Police Report (On Expulsion Of His Parents From Germany To Their Native Poland) Read To (Herschel) Grynszpan (Murderer Of Ernst Vom Rath) 10
07/20/1939 500 Jewish Refugees Sail (From Flushing,Holland) In A 50-Year-Old Vessel (‘Dora,’ ‘For A Far-Off Country’-Believed To Be Siam) 12
07/20/1939 (U.S. Jews) Protest (British Palestine) Immigration Ban 12
07/20/1939 Japanese Board U.S. Ship To Hunt Illegal Currency 12
07/21/1939 Polish Guard Slain In Danzig Conflict; Tension Increases-Versions In Killing Of Soldier Differ Widely-Self Defense Claim Is Made By Nazis-Warsaw Starts Inquiry 1
07/21/1939 Japanese Demand British Surrender (Cease Hostility To Japan) 1
07/21/1939 Castle Asks Step To ‘Appeasement’-Decries ‘This (U.S.) War Spirit’-State Department Aid To Hoover Says (Roosevelt-Favored Sol Bloom Bill (To Amend The Neutrality Act To Roosevelt’s Liking) Would Mean Dictator 3
07/21/1939 $100,000 Art Given To (German-Jewish) Refugee Group 3
07/21/1939 Laguardia Denies Aid To (Father Charles E.) Coughlinites 5
07/21/1939 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Condemns Isolationist Stand-Hull Statement Lauded 6
07/21/1939 Palestine (Immigration Ban By British) Policy Wins In Commons 6
07/21/1939 100 Zionists Picket British Consulate (In N.Y.) 6
07/21/1939 Roosevelt Shelves Neutrality (Act Revision) Plans; Silence Until January Is Forecast-Outbreak Of War Alone Would Revive Issue Say Advisors 6
07/21/1939 Brazilians Support Roosevelt On Arms 6
07/21/1939 Roosevelt Lauds (Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees) Refugee Efforts-Brazil Will Admit More-(Myron C.) Taylor In London Address To Committee Says Formula For Work Has Been Found 7
07/21/1939 British See Poles Yielding On Loan-Poles Are Disgruntled-Chamberlain Is Optimistic 8
07/21/1939 Poland Is Warned By Reich General (Colonel General Walther Von Brauchitsch) 8
07/21/1939 4 Refugees (Expelled From Germany Into Poland) Live In Woods 8
07/21/1939 Mexican Oil Talks (Expropriated U.S. Property) Held Deadlocked 9
07/21/1939 French Fear Effect Of U.S. Stand (Refusal To Change U.S. Neutrality Act-The Embargo Provisions On Armaments) On Reich 9
07/21/1939 Insult To American Flag Reported At Yangtze Port 9
07/21/1939 100,000 Jews Quit.Austria-Official Figures Reveal Exodus Since Annexation 10
07/21/1939 Refugee’s Claim (In U.S. Against German Bank) Void By Technical Defect (N.Y. Court] 10
07/21/1939 Priest In Talk At Fair Hopes Nation Will Fight Only To Protect Home Shores-Women Applaud Isolationist Plea-Last Strife (World War I) ‘Thankless’ ) 12
07/21/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Pays $5 Fine On Plea Of Guilty-Drunken Charge Is Filed 21
07/22/1939 Germany Expects Return Of Danzig By Peaceful Move 1
07/22/1939 Revised Hatch Bill Passes Senate, Goes To Roosevelt; He Hits Neutrality (Act) Stand-’Gamble With War’-Harms Business At Home-Feels Peace Power Is Gone-Issue Closed Until 1940 Unless Conflict Starts 1
07/22/1939 Zionists Reject M’donald (British) Appeal-Jewish Agency For Palestine Says It Will Not Cooperate In New British Policy (For Immigration)-Destructive Move Seen 2
07/22/1939 American (William Bardwell Curts), Jailed In Reich, Returns-Wrote Doggerel In (German) Guest Book 2
07/22/1939 Poland Is Dubious Of Danzig Accord (Return To Germany) 3
07/22/1939 British Skeptical Of Reich Fidelity 3
07/22/1939 Reich Pastor (Schneider) Dies In A Prison Camp (Buchenwald) 3
07/22/1939 Germans Criticize Allied Army Credits (From U.S.) 3
07/22/1939 Bolivian Investigates (Jewish) Immigration Scandal 3
07/22/1939 Reich Trade Talks Admitted By Soviet 3
07/22/1939 Embargo Proposal On Japan Dropped (By U.S. Senate) 6
07/22/1939 British And French Like The U.S. Best-We Favor The English-Gallup Poll 15
07/23/1939 Roosevelt Backing Found About Same (57.7%-Gallup Poll) 2
07/23/1939 Aliens Defended In ‘Race’ Dispute-View Held Unscientific 5
07/23/1939 Many Refugees Helped (By Hsais-289 Ships-22,453 European Jews Within The Last Six Months) 18
07/23/1939 Mexico Publishes Claim On Britain 20
07/23/1939 Chinese Worried By British Action (With Japan) 21
07/23/1939 U.S. Action In China Backed By Voters (Gallup Poll) 22
07/23/1939 Czechs Might Aid Reich, Hacha Says-Popular View Different 23
07/23/1939 Axis Powers Gain In Aviation Sales 23
07/23/1939 Sudeten Germans Cool To Nazi Rule 23
07/23/1939 Peace Pact Story Is Denied By Hull 24
07/23/1939 Germany Derides ‘Offer’ (Economic Appeasement) By Britain 25
07/23/1939 Britain Bars Talks With Germany Now 25
07/23/1939 Peace Group Told To War On Greed (By Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman) 31
07/23/1939 Nazis Try Propaganda To Push Danzig Plans E-4
07/23/1939 British Discount (Sir Oswald) Mosley Campaign E-4
07/23/1939 Praise To German Soldier (Reich Military Critic) E-4
07/23/1939 Refugee Problem Seen As Part Of Nazi Policy (By Myron C. Taylor, U.S. Delegate To Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees & Roosevelt Envoy To Vatican) E-5
07/23/1939 France Is Anxious As Spy Tales Fly E-5
07/23/1939 Kennedy A Vigorous Envoy (To England) E-5
07/23/1939 Roosevelt Staff Grows With Tasks (Picture: Lauchlin Currie) E-6
07/23/1939 Cartoon: U.S. Stork Hiding Its Head In Arms Embargo Policy E-9
07/24/1939 British Minister (Robert S. Hudson) Is Facing Rebuke For ‘Appeasement’ 1
07/24/1939 Reich Now Admits Materials ‘Famine’ 1
07/24/1939 Survey Lists 58% For (U.S. Government) Spending Curb 2
07/24/1939 Radio Hits Elliott Roosevelt (For Anti-Coughlin Remarks) 3
07/24/1939 Hungary Has A Plan On ‘Jewish Problem’-Would Send Jews To U.S. And Take ‘Aryans’ In Return 4
07/24/1939 Polish Army Retorts To Danzig Peace Talk 6
07/24/1939 900 (Eastern European Jewish) Refugees Marooned (On Way To Palestine But Cannot Enter Because Of British Ban) 11
07/25/1939 Britain Concedes To Japan Right To Security In China; Denies Belligerent Status 1
07/25/1939 Reich Loan Talks Were Not Official Says Chamberlain 1
07/25/1939 Nazis Seize All Property Of (Johann) Strauss Family; ‘Waltz King’ (Granddaughter Married A Jew) Relics Go To Vienna Museum 1
07/25/1939 Hull Limits Use Of (U.S.) Records To Officials; Files Since (World) War (1918) Closed By Events Abroad 3
07/25/1939 (Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees) Refugee Committee Is More Optimistic (Wohlthat & Emerson) 6
07/25/1939 Hull Is Disturbed By Japanese Acts 8
07/25/1939 Japan Suspicious Of British Course 8
07/25/1939 Moscow Rejects Sakhalin Charges 8
07/25/1939 British (Danzig) Plan: Held A Myth By Berlin 10
07/25/1939 Leader (Albert Foerster) Says Danzig Puts Faith In Hitler 11
07/25/1939 (German-American) Bund Concessions Used One Account 13
07/25/1939 Roosevelts Deed (Hyde Park) Library Site To U.S. 21
07/25/1939 Freedom’s Foes Hit By Baptist Leader (Rev. Dr. J. H. Rushbrooke Of London-Picture, July 26, 1939, P. 42) 40
07/26/1939 Japan Blocks British Trade By Closing River To Canton; Hull Won’t Yield On China 1
07/26/1939 No Policy Changes On China, Says Hull 1
07/26/1939 Britain Considers Soviet Army Talks 1
07/26/1939 (Admiral Harry E.) Yarnell Gives Up Command In China 6
07/26/1939 British Betrayal Doubted By China (In Japanese Talks) 7
07/26/1939 Reich Press Hails Submarine Fleet 8
07/26/1939 Mexican Disorder (Rebellion) Grows In Gravity 8
07/26/1939 For Embargo On Japan 8
07/26/1939 240 British Planes Soar Over France 9
07/26/1939 Litvinoff A Lonely Figure At Congress In Moscow 11
07/27/1939 U.S. Denounces Japanese (-U.S.) Trade Treaty (Unilaterally); Action Effective 6 Months From Now; Opens Way To Embargo On (U.S.) War Goods (To Japan)-Move Is Dramatic (Treaty Text, P. 8) 1
07/27/1939 ‘Unthinkable,’ Says Tokyo Of U.S. Move 1
07/27/1939 Reich To Open Drive For More Scrap Iron 6
07/27/1939 Jails Paris Anti-Semites 7
07/27/1939 Manchukuo Invokes Realm Defense Act 8
07/27/1939 Chinese Angered By Britain’s Stand (In Japanese Talks 9
07/27/1939 Vatican City Organ Critical Of Reich 9
07/27/1939 Slovakia Increases Strictures On Jews 10
07/27/1939 Plans Are Being Laid (By Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees, Myron C. Taylor, U.S. Delegate) For Refugee Parley 10
07/27/1939 (Herschel) Grynszpan (Ernst Vom Rath’s Murderer) Heard Again 10
07/27/1939 Germany Lays Plans To Push Television 15
07/28/1939 (Unexpected, Unilateral U.S.) Treaty Action Stuns Japan; Reprisals Hinted In Tokyo; U.S. Secrecy Irks London (They Were Not Pre-Informed)-Our Stand A Blow 1
07/28/1939 Issue Up To Japan, U.S. Officials Held 1
07/28/1939 Chinese Jubilant On U.S. Pact Move (Against Japan) 1
07/28/1939 Russian General Among 80 In (Moscow) Purge 1
07/28/1939 British Perturbed By (U.S.) Timing On (Japanese Trade) Pact Abrogation) 4
07/28/1939 Treasury Studies Anti-Tokyo Moves-Morgenthau Says He Will Take A ‘Freshlook’ Respecting Imports From Japan-Gold Purchase Is Cited 4
07/28/1939 German Officials Silent On U.S. Step-Move Seen As Political 4
07/28/1939 Nazis Score Britain As A Colonial Power 5
07/28/1939 Bohemian Prelate Flees To Poland 6
07/28/1939 Candidate (Almazan) Advises Mexico Woo U.S. 6
07/28/1939 Danzig Curbs Jews On Property Again 6
07/28/1939 Baptist (In Convention) Will Ask End Of Oppression-Race Persecution Scored 18
07/28/1939 General Motors Triples Its Income (In Year) 21
07/28/1939 (Importers) Fear Penalty Duty On Japanese Goods 29
07/29/1939 U.S. Step (Abrogation Of Trade Treaty) Political, Japanese Realize; Would Rush Goods-Hull’s Stand Unchanged 1
07/29/1939 Totalitarian Row Stirs Baptist Body (Convention) 3
07/29/1939 Goebbels Stresses Unity Of The Reich 3
07/29/1939 3 Americans Die In British Air Test 3
07/29/1939 Picture: Medal Is Awarded Admiral William D. Leahy By Roosevelt 3
07/29/1939 Reich And Japan Finish Trade Pact 4
07/29/1939 Canadians Ready For Curb On Japan 4
07/29/1939 U.S. Treaty Move (Abrogation Of Japanese Trade Treaty) Hailed By French 4
07/29/1939 Washington Silent On Shift (Toward Axis) By Tokyo-Hull Stands On His Note 4
07/29/1939 German School Atlases To Stress ‘Lebensraum’ 4
07/29/1939 Chinese Applaud U.S. On Break (Of Trade Treaty) With Japan 4
07/29/1939 Pope Said To Favor Reich-Danzig Link 5
07/29/1939 Censorship Plans Denied In Britain 5
07/30/1939 Japanese Set Up Shanghai Barrier Aimed At Britain 1
07/30/1939 New Alien Curb Passed By House 1
07/30/1939 House Group Joins In Slash Of $850,000 On Spending; Dismissals By WPA Halted-Revolt At Capital 1
07/30/1939 President’s Son (Elliott Roosevelt) Censures (John L.) Lewis 2
07/30/1939 President (Roosevelt) Fishing In Middle Of Record Run Of Marlin 2
07/30/1939 1939 Arms Costs At 20 Billion; $2,000,000 Above ‘38 Total-Britain And France Mainly Responsible For The Increase-Total Up Four-Fold Since The Nazis Took Power 9
07/30/1939 Army War Games To Open Saturday 14
07/30/1939 Seek $50,000,000 More For Army Air Corps 14
07/30/1939 Nazis Blame Poles For The Oder Floods-Silesian Dams Not Repaired 18
07/30/1939 U.S. Cotton Subsidy Will Benefit Japan 21
07/30/1939 Soviet Won’t Annul Sakhalin Oil Leases 21
07/30/1939 U.S. Pilot In Death Crash Saved British Cottages 22
07/30/1939 France Approves 80 Decree Laws 23
07/30/1939 Reich Trade Shifts To Allied Nations 24
07/30/1939 Czechs Plan Curbs On Fascist Groups 25
07/30/1939 Our Notice To Japan (Abrogation Of Treaty) Clears Washington Air E-3
07/30/1939 Time Is Britain’s Ally In Rush To Be Ready E-3
07/30/1939 ‘Have-Not’ Powers Seeking New World Order E-3
07/30/1939 American Action Upsets Many Japanese Notions E-4
07/30/1939 Czechs Resolve To Regain Liberty (London Report) E-4
07/30/1939 Where Embargo Would Hit Japan E-4
07/30/1939 The German Character-Harold Callender Mag. 8
07/31/1939 Roosevelt Chiefs Seek Way To Avert Lending Bill Rout 1
07/31/1939 Anti-British Drive Extended In China, Many Must Flee 1
07/31/1939 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Urges Navy Capable Of Attack 1
07/31/1939 (Rev. Francis J. Haas) Calls Education To Guard Liberty 3
07/31/1939 Japanese Advised To He Calm On U.S. (Abrogation Of Trade Treaty) 4
07/31/1939 Japanese Suffer Revolt Of Chinese-Roosevelt Spurs Chinese 4
07/31/1939 Japanese Destroy American (Lutheran) Hospital 4
07/31/1939 Reich Army’s Plan In Case Of War With Britain Held Changed Now 6
07/31/1939 Finns Place Faith In Britain On Pact 6
07/31/1939 Britain Mobilizing Her Reserve Fleet-Reservists Take Station 7
07/31/1939 6,511 (German-Jewish) Refugees Aided (By Hias-Ica)-In First Five Months Of Year 7
07/31/1939 Salvador Bars (Jewish) Refugees 7
07/31/1939 200 At (American) Jewish Congress 7
07/31/1939 Reich Admits Jam In Works Program-Shortages Become Acute 21