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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

April 1939
Date Headline Page
04/01/1939 Chamberlain Pledge Heartens Poles To War Reich; Berlin Shocked: Rumania Gets (British) Offer (Of Military Help) 1
04/01/1939 Reich Fears Pledge Is No Bluff; Press Denounces Encirclement 1
04/01/1939 Roosevelt Alert, Talks With Europe (Kennedy & Bullitt)-Stop-Hitler Move Supported 1
04/01/1939 Russia Pleased With British Step 3
04/01/1939 British Newspaper Reports Of Reich Troops On Polish Frontier Arouse Nazis’ Wrath 3
04/01/1939 Chamberlain’s Statement (Guaranteeing Polish Independence) 3
04/01/1939 Nazi Plot To Seize Patagonia (Argentina) Is Aired-Germans Charge (Map) Forgery 4
04/02/1939 Hitler Dares Britain To Pick Fight; Chamberlain Asks Duce To Mediate; London Gives New Assurance To Poles 1
04/02/1939 Mysterious Ban On Hitler’s Talk Silences 400 U.S. Radio Stations 1
04/02/1939 Regime Of Franco Recognized By U.S.; Embargo Is Lifted 1
04/02/1939 British Reinforce Pledge To Poland-Warn It Covers Corridor And Danzig-Warsaw Is Judge 1
04/02/1939 Gannett Demands Roosevelt Quit-Calls Policies Ruinous 2
04/02/1939 Palestine Forum (Foreign Policy Association) Hears 3 Opinions (Zionist, Arab, & British) 28
04/02/1939 (Racial) Tolerance Rally Set For April 14 29
04/02/1939 (Quakers) To Shelter Refugees 31
04/02/1939 Huge Fascist Bloc Pictured By (Dr. Ernst Wilhelm Meyer (Anti-NSDAP, Former German Envoy To U.S.) 33
04/02/1939 (Dr. James T.) Shotwell Warns Hitler To Change 35
04/02/1939 (German-American) Bund Inquiry Plea Gains Force Here (200 Petitions) 35
04/02/1939 Rabbi (Israel Goldstein) Sees Waking Of Fascism’s Foes 36
04/02/1939 Poles See (Hitler’s) Speech As A Bid For Time 38
04/02/1939 Russia Convinced Hitler Won’t Fight 39
04/02/1939 (Hungarian) Prelates Condemn (Hungarian Anti-Jewish) Bill 39
04/02/1939 (German) Loyalty To Hitler Is Found Undimmed 40
04/02/1939 Partial Text Of Speech Made By Chancellor Hitler At Wilhelmshaven (‘Tirpitz’) Launching 42
04/02/1939 Picture: Erich Raeder Made A (German) Grand Admiral 43
04/02/1939 (Jan) Masaryk Off To Europe (From U.S.) 43
04/02/1939 War Peril Eased (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman (Chairman Of Foreign Relations Committee) Believes 43
04/02/1939 Roosevelt’s Hold (On People Of U.S.A.) Laid To (Financial) Insecurity (By Gallup Poll) G-4
04/02/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-Britain Thunders And Germany Answers E-1
04/02/1939 Hitler Mild In Reply To (British-U.S.) Stop-Hitler Move E-3
04/02/1939 Ports Of Baltic Vital To Poland E-4
04/02/1939 Scandinavia Also Aroused To Oppose German Designs E-5
04/02/1939 Three Camps Forming On (U.S.) Neutrality E-6
04/02/1939 More Aliens Seek Citizenship Papers-Picture James J. Houghteling, U.S. Commissioner Of Immigration E-7
04/02/1939 Can Nazi Economics Stand The Strain Mag. 1
04/03/1939 Paris Now Defiant To Threats Of War 1
04/03/1939 Armed Pledge To Rumania Expected Today By London 1
04/03/1939 Beck Arriving For Parleys-Premier Will Talk 1
04/03/1939 Laguardia, Benes See Czech Return-Republic To Survive 1
04/03/1939 Propaganda Right Of Nazis Defended 5
04/03/1939 Aid For Refugees Is Passover Theme 5
04/03/1939 Hitler Reply Seen As Strong Warning 6
04/03/1939 Italy Warns Poland British Tie Is Menace 6
04/04/1939 Britain Offers To Assist Any Land Menaced By Reich; Would End State Of ‘Alarm’ 1
04/04/1939 Hull Sees Menace In German Barter 1
04/04/1939 Text Of Prime Minister’s Speech 2
04/04/1939 Beck Is In London To Clarify (British) Pledge (To Poland, Picture) 3
04/04/1939 (British-French) Encirclement Cry Is Raised In Reich 4
04/04/1939 Pledge To Poland Denied By Moscow 6
04/04/1939 Says (Fritz) Kuhn’s (German-American) Bund Had 6,617 In 1937 8
04/04/1939 ‘War Guilt’ Trials Started In Spain 10
04/04/1939 Roosevelt Signs (Army) Reorganization Bill-Big Air Corps Approved 14
04/04/1939 (Robert E.) Sherwood Elected Head Of (American National Theater And Picture) Academy 28
04/05/1939 Poles Agree To A British Alliance-Beck Ready To Act-London Is Tense In Midst Of Rumors-Churchill Backs Precautions 1
04/05/1939 Danzig Nazis Riot Over London Talks 1
04/05/1939 Germans Intensify Warning To Poles 1
04/05/1939 Jack Benny (Comedian-George Burns Also-Involved) Pays $10 000 Fine, Escapes Jail As Gem Smuggler (Picture-His Lawyer Was Col. William J. Donovan, Later Head Of Oss) 1
04/05/1939 Stimson To Tell Neutrality Views As Senate Hearings Open Today 1
04/05/1939 Obstacles In Way Of Anti-Reich Plan (Projected By English & French) 4
04/05/1939 Russia Suspicious, Wants Solid Bloc-Dubious Of Chamberlain-Distrusts Beck As Possibly Seeking A Deal In London But Concedes Chances 5
04/05/1939 Argentine Police Raid Nazi Offices-Party Chief Still In Jail-’Canard’ Says Reich Paper (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) 6
04/05/1939 [Mrs. Roger W. Straus) Aids Emergency Drive For Overseas Refugees (United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs) 7
04/05/1939 Germany Seminary Closed (By German Government) 7
04/05/1939 Christians Urged To Aid Nazi Victims (The American Committee For Christian German Refugees) 9
04/05/1939 Bar To Scientists Of Reich Opposed (By Scientists) 9
04/05/1939 Fugitives From Nazis (Czechs) Pour Into England 9
04/05/1939 (Jewish) Refugee (From Austria) Is Robbed Of $18,000 In Gems; Lured To An Office By Telephone Call 9
04/05/1939 Signed Hitler Photo Added At Hobby Show 9
04/05/1939 (U.S.) Capital Wonders On British Stand 10
04/05/1939 (N.Y. Banker) Scores Our Moves To Curb ‘Have Nots’ 10
04/05/1939 Anti-Fascist Riot Staged In Mexico (‘Staged’ Is Probably A Fair Description Of The Affair!) 13
04/05/1939 (Harry L.) Hopkins To Make His (Legal) Home In Iowa 16
04/06/1939 Stimson Favors Firm Stand By Us 1
04/06/1939 British Speed Up War Precautions 1
04/06/1939 Axis Plans Warning To Democracies 1
04/06/1939 Kaunas Would (Now) Fight, New Premier Warns (Nothing Beyond Memel To Be Ceded) 2
04/06/1939 British And Poles Sign Pact For War-France Also In Alliance-No Territorial Changes 4
04/06/1939 British Drive Hard Now With Die Cast-Empire Is Held At Stake 5
04/06/1939 Hitler Conscripts All Reich Youths (Picture: Keitel) 6
04/06/1939 ‘Protector’ (Von Neurath) Takes His Post In Prague 8
04/06/1939 (Adolf A.) Berle Back At U.S. Post (At State Department From Economics Teaching Leave At Columbia University] 8
04/06/1939 Soviet Heartened By British Clarity-Concrete Action Urged Chinese Ex-Leader Is Accused Of (Pro-Japanese) Plot 9
04/06/1939 Text Of Mr. Stimson’s Statement To Senators On Neutrality (Picture)-Urges Nation To Drop Isolation 10
04/06/1939 U.S. Entered World War 22 Years Ago Today 10
04/06/1939 Roosevelt Lauds Aid To Our Defense 14
04/06/1939 (Picture) American Destroyers (‘Previously Condemned’) Get Overhauling (So They Can Be Given To The British Later?) 14
04/06/1939 (Minnesota Representative Andresen) Asserts President (Roosevelt) Splits The Nation 21
04/06/1939 (Harold L.) Ickes’ Son (Raymond) Named Aid Of Federal Prosecutor (Picture) 27
04/06/1939 Youth Of U.S. Held Ripe For A Hitler (By Dr. Caroline B. Zachery Of Progressive Education Association) 27
04/07/1939 Italian Forces Landing In Albania 1
04/07/1939 Britain Offers Guarantee For Hungary-Beck Is Optimistic 1
04/07/1939 Reich Accused Of Aiding Terrorism And Plotting War Drive On Britain 1
04/07/1939 Germans Belittle Anglo-Polish Pact 1
04/07/1939 (Barnard) Baruch Champions Cash-Carry Sales To All In Wartime-Sees Peril In Embargoes-Backs (Senator) Pittman Plan 1
04/07/1939 Text Of Baruch Neutrality Legislation Statement 2
04/07/1939 Britain, U.S. Share (Administration Of) Two Pacific Islands 4
04/07/1939 (British Pastor) Wants Roosevelt As Peace ‘Umpire’ 5
04/07/1939 Britain To Discuss Jews With Poland-Hitler Warns Poland (On Pact With Britain) 6
04/07/1939 Women (Division Of New York United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs) Open Drive For Refugee Need 7
04/07/1939 (Picture) Austrian (Jewish) Radiologist Here (On Non-Quota Visa) A Fugitive From Nazis (Dr. Jonas Borak) 7
04/07/1939 Poles Welcome Accord (With British) 7
04/07/1939 Protestants Plead To Pope On Spain (Against Reprisals By Franco-450 Names) 10
04/08/1939 Albanians Resist The Invading Italians; British Protest; Berlin Backing Mussolini 1
04/08/1939 Albanian Minister Protests To Hull 2
04/08/1939 (Hungarian Group In U.S.) Back ‘Stop Hitler’ Plan 3
04/08/1939 Albania Can Help (Alleviate) Italy’s Oil Needs 4
04/08/1939 Balkans Held Too Weak To Resist Unless Democracies Rush To Help (Report From Paris) 4
04/08/1939 Our Planes Are Called Inferior To Germany’s New Air Forces 6
04/08/1939 (Picture) First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Shops For Easter Attire 17
04/08/1939 WPA Drops 45,000 From (National) Lists As Aliens 17
04/09/1939 Italians Take Tirana, King Zog Flees 1
04/09/1939 British Studying Pledge To Greece-U.S. Held Affected (By Roosevelt Spokesman) 1
04/09/1939 Britain May Vow To Protect Greece-’Vital’ Interest Is Involved 1
04/09/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Followers Attacked In Times Sq 15
04/09/1939 Aliens Seen Adding To Job Problems (Says U.S. Commissioner Of Immigration And Naturalization, Rudolph Reimer) 17
04/09/1939 (Dr. Wang Chung-Hui, Chinese Foreign Minister) Says U.S. Could End China War In Year 19
04/09/1939 Spanish (Loyalist) Refugees In ‘Appalling’ Plight (Says Mrs. Sara Delano (James) Roosevelt) 21
04/09/1939 Protest Plea On Spain Assailed (By Dr. Joseph F. Thorning)-Dr. (Joseph F.) Thorning Asks Why (Protesting) Clergy Appealing On Franco (For No Retaliation Against Loyalists) Keep Silent On Russia And Mexico-Calls For Curb On Stalin 21
04/09/1939 Russia Discounted As Military Power 22
04/09/1939 ‘Censor, Role (Played As Suggested, By U.S.) Risks War Borah Warns-He Says ‘It Is Being Adroitly Urged’ That We Adopt A Policy Of Naming ‘Aggressors’ 29
04/09/1939 (A. F. Of L., William) Green Denounces The Dictatorships 30
04/09/1939 Nazi Expansion Seen As Curb On U.S. Film (Movies) 33
04/09/1939 Fake (U.S.) Passport Trial To Start Tomorrow (First Of Several Related Entries) 34
04/09/1939 Rise In Sentiment Against Nazis Seen (Gallup Poll) 36
04/09/1939 Prague To Prevent Anti-Semitic Action-But Jews Fear Lull Before The Storm 37
04/09/1939 (Robert G. Spivak) Hails Refugee Aid Given To Students G-2
04/09/1939 Democracy’s Crisis Is Theme Of (N.Y. City) Rabbis G-6
04/09/1939 Germany Or Russia? Central Europe Asks E-4
04/09/1939 War Scare Sends Wheat Prices Up F-7
04/09/1939 Wells, H. G. The Holy Terror, (The First World Dictator) Book 1
04/10/1939 President (Roosevelt) Voices Fear Of Early War (‘I’ll Be Back In The Fall If We Don’t Have A War.’) 1
04/10/1939 Britain Cautions Italians Not To Go Beyond Albania-British Are Stern 1
04/10/1939 Balkans Awaiting Democracies’ Lead 2
04/10/1939 Moscow Churches Filled At Easter 10
04/10/1939 Democracies’ Crisis Laid To Weakness (By Rev. Dr. Frederic S. Fleming] 11
04/11/1939 British Mediterranean Fleet Sails On Decision To Guard Greece, Turkey-’Unfriendly Act, Defined By British) 1
04/11/1939 Roosevelt Power To Embargo Japan May Be Requested 1
04/11/1939 Gayda Advises U.S. Not To Be Critical-Our Conquests Stressed-Americans Have Fought 150 Times 2
04/11/1939 Argentina Bares Wide Nazi Spying-Labor Backs Full Expose 6
04/11/1939 Japanese Attack Stimson Proposals (To Amend Neutrality Act) 8
04/11/1939 Two Ships Bring $49,100,000 In Gold 33
04/11/1939 Shipments Of Steel Increased In March 33
04/12/1939 Britain Extends Defense Alliances; Poles Call Troops; Roosevelt Sees America Involved-President (Roosevelt’s) Views 1
04/12/1939 Poland Summons Army Reservists 1
04/12/1939 WPA Cut $50,000,000 As Senate 49 To 28 Rebuffs President (Roosevelt) 1
04/12/1939 Italy Laid Albanian Plans In 1938 On Leaning Zog Counted Her Foe (Paris Report) 2
04/12/1939 U.S. Voters Favor Boycott Of Nazis (Gallup Poll-65%) 5
04/12/1939 Trend Toward Ban On Neutrality Act-Law Called A Warmaker 6
04/12/1939 Attacks On Britain Renewed In Britain-Hitler Said To Fear War 7
04/12/1939 President (Roosevelt) Asks New Defense Fund 10
04/12/1939 Arab States To Get Palestine Proposals (From English) 10
04/12/1939 (Palestine) Hebrew Culture (Fund) Meeting 11
04/12/1939 (Judge Lehman) Rejects U.S. Claim On Russian Funds 12
04/12/1939 U.S. Now Second (To British) In Shipbuilding 47
04/13/1939 U.S. Has The Power To Curb Conquest, Congress Is Told (By Professor Charles G. Fenwick, Bryn Mawr) 1
04/12/1939 Athens Is Clinging To Neutral Course 1
04/12/1939 Trotsky And Rivera Split Over Revolution; Exile Quits Artist,S Home In Mexico City 1
04/13/1939 Spy Tale Unfolds.In (Forged U.S.) Passport Trial 9
04/13/1939 Army, Navy Back Bill To Hit Aliens 9
04/13/1939 (Bainbridge) Colby Warns U.S. On Foreign Policy-Would Let People Decide (On War Policy) 10
04/13/1939 Airplane Sales Abroad Are Heavy-$25,000,000 In 3 Months-Germany And Italy Buy Little And Japan Nothing 10
04/13/1939 ‘Weak’ Democracy Scored As A Peril (By U.S. Authors And Lecturers) 12
04/13/1939 Zionist Head (Rev. Dr. Solomon Goldman, Zionist Organization Of America) Sees Tyrants’ Failure 12
04/13/1939 Former Danzig Chief (Ex-Nazi Dr. Hermann Rauschnigg Now Anti-NSDAP) Assails Reich Regime 13
04/13/1939 Paris Set To Back London In (Polish & Other) Pledges 14
04/13/1939 Reich Town Rewards Unmarried Mothers (Their Fiances Were Killed In World War I Before Marriage To Their Pregnant Fiancees Was Possible) 14
04/13/1939 Reich Bids Poland Publish Demands-Warsaw Denies New Demands-Germans Flee Poland 15
04/13/1939 Goebbels’s Newspaper (‘Der Angriff’) Accuses Roosevelt; Demands Reply To War-Mongering Charge 17
04/13/1939 Two (Jews) Plead Guilty In Jewelry Fraud (Jewish Victim) 20
04/13/1939 Teachers Advised To Be Realistic-Democracy Held Illusion 25
04/14/1939 Britain And France Extend Guarantee To Rumania And Greece, Turkey Next-Pledge A Flat One (Text, P. 4) 1
04/14/1939 Remarks On A War By President (Roosevelt) Get Rebuke By (Georgia Senator, Walter F.) George 1
04/14/1939 (World’s) Fair Defies Nazis On Czech Pavilion 1
04/14/1939 Germany Charges Drive Toward War-Says Democratic Powers Are Manoeuvering Small Powers Into Encirclement Net 1
04/14/1939 Pledges To Friends Encourage Poland 1
04/14/1939 Daladier Affirms Joint Guarantees (Text) 2
04/14/1939 Britain Takes Over Marine War Risks 2
04/14/1939 (Sumner) Welles Asks (Arms) Sales To Non-Aggressors-Insists War Affects All-Any Conquest Is A Blow To Us 5
04/14/1939 Public Opinion Backs Easing Of Neutrality; War Aid To Britain And France Is Favored (Gallup Poll) 5
04/14/1939 Alien Idle On Dole Face Work In France (Over 3,000,000 Aliens, ‘Refugee Nationalists,’ In France) 6
04/14/1939 (Henry A. Wallace) Asks Crop Subsidy Against Dictators 13
04/14/1939 Goal Is Reached In Wheat Exports 35
04/15/1939 Roosevelt Calls For Peace In Europe-’We Have Stake There’-Says We Will Defend All Americas Text, P. 2) 1
04/15/1939 Britain Presses For Russian Accord-Talks Under Way 1
04/15/1939 Nazis Assail Roosevelt Speech As ‘Holy Crusade’ Against Reich 1
04/15/1939 Reich Ships Race To U.S. To Avoid (New U.S.-Imposed) Tax (Starting In One Week); Bremen Arrives With Record Cargo 1
04/15/1939 British Heartened By Roosevelt Talk-French Hail Stand Made By President (Roosevelt) 2
04/15/1939 (North Carolina Senator, Robert R. Reynolds) Charge Roosevelt Foments Revolts 3 World Peril Seen In ‘Mass Madness’ (By Dr. Edward Adam Strecker)-He Warns On Propaganda 7
04/15/1939 Rivera Still Admires Trotsky; Regrets Their Views Clashed 7
04/15/1939 (U.S.) To Speed Training Of Air (Plane) Mechanics 7
04/15/1939 Lindbergh Here, Guarded By Police-To Aid House, (New York Representative, Sol) Bloom Says 8
04/15/1939 Hull Again Backs Farm Barter Plan 9
04/15/1939 Fake (U.S.) Passport Trial Delayed By Sharfin 20
04/15/1939 Foreign Buying Of Wheat Heavy 23
04/16/1939 Roosevelt Asks Dictators For 10-Year Peace; Orders The U.S. Fleet To Return To Pacific-(Text, Roosevelt’s Appeal)-He Offers World Parley To Free Raw MaterialsIf Axis Sheaths Sword-Alternative’Common Ruin’ Over The Earth 1
04/16/1939 Danzig Not Included In Roosevelt’s Appeal 1
04/16/1939 Reich Is Expected To Put Note ‘On Ice’ 1
04/16/1939 Roosevelt’s Plea Resented In Italy-’Most Incredible Document In Diplomatic History,’ Says Unofficial Opinion 1
04/16/1939 Intolerance Fight In School Urged (Germany Is Target!) 19
04/16/1939 (Prof. (Charles A.) Beard Makes Plea For Learning 20
04/16/1939 (Dr. Chaim Weizmann) Asks Aid In Buying Land In Palestine (In Talk In Chicago) 28
04/16/1939 (Nevada) Senator (Key) Pittman’s (Chairman Of Foreign-Relations Committee) Discussion Of Neutrality Plan 31
04/16/1939 Army Wants Song For Aviation Corps-’Tin Pan Ally’ Busy Army, Navy Move To War Game Base 34
04/16/1939 500 (Jewish) Refugees Here On The Washington 36
04/16/1939 Poland Is Found Seeking U.S. Trade 37
04/16/1939 German (-American League For Culture) Group Here Repudiates The Bund 38
04/16/1939 Nazis Deny Song (‘Heute Da Hoert Uns Deutschland’) Suggests World Conquest; Here Is A Complete Literal Translation (The Translator Is Unnamed-Translated As ‘Today We Rule Germany’ In Spite Of German Insistence It Should Be ‘Today Germany Hears Us’) 39
04/16/1939 Britain Acclaims Roosevelt’s (Peace) Plea-’Tactless Phrases’ Seen 40
04/16/1939 London And Paris Quickly Approve The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Message To Dictators 40
04/16/1939 Roosevelt’s Stand Praised In Sermon (By Rabbi B. A. Tintner) 40
04/16/1939 Paris Praises (Roosevelt) Note As Move For Peace 40
04/16/1939 Reporters Suddenly Called To White House Hear President (Roosevelt) Disclose His Peace Appeal 40
04/16/1939 Roosevelt’s Plea Hailed In Congress 41
04/16/1939 Figure (Axis) Rejection (Of Roosevelt Note) Will Aid Britain 41
04/16/1939 Roosevelt Called The Voice Of Peace (In Panama) 41
04/16/1939 Economic Peace Bid Seen In Plea To Axis With Acceptance Enabling A Conference 41
04/16/1939 (Dr. J. A. Rice) Would Bar Nazi Students (From U.S.) 41
04/16/1939 Balkans Jubilant Over U.S. Peace Bid-Budapest Is ‘Surprised’ 42
04/16/1939 Student Union’s Action (Supports Roosevelt) 42
04/16/1939 (Bachman, Cole, & Wilds) Achieve Synthesis Of Sex Hormone G-4
04/16/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-A Roosevelt Challenge E-1
04/16/1939 Roosevelt Moves Far Into European Field-Arthur Krock E-3
04/16/1939 Can The United States Stay Out If War Comes? E-3
04/16/1939 Hitler And Mussolini Get Roosevelt’s Plea-He Promises Trade In Returne 3
04/16/1939 Hitler, Mighty At 50, Faces Severe Test E-5
04/16/1939 Poles Would Fight For Independence E-5
04/16/1939 South America Is Doubtful Of Staying Neutral In War E-6
04/16/1939 (Cartoon) Nuernberg’s John Harlan Amen E-10
04/16/1939 When Free Men Fight For Freedom Mag. 1
04/17/1939 Nazis Fearful Of Effect Of Roosevelt Plea In Reich, Skillful Reply Is Expected-Axis Now On Defensive-Democracies Seen Taking The Leadership-Effect On U.S. Isolationists Stressed-Reich Officials Wary 1
04/17/1939 Wide Praise Buoys Roosevelt’s Hopes 1
04/17/1939 Methodists Back President’s (Roosevelt’s) Stand-For Embargo Measure 2
04/17/1939 Britain’s Elation On (Roosevelt) Message Rises 3
04/17/1939 Roosevelt Move Hailed By Russia 3
04/17/1939 De Valera’s Policy One Of Neutrality 3
04/17/1939 French Add Praise Of Roosevelt Step 4
04/17/1939 Poles To Combat Any Danzig Putsch 4
04/17/1939 Geneva’s Peace Hope Pinned On Roosevelt 4
04/17/1939 German-American (League Of Culture) Praise (For Roosevelt) 4
04/17/1939 Roosevelt’s Plea Held Bound To Fail (French Story) 5
04/17/1939 (Yehudi) Menuhin Aids (Jewish) Refugees (With Concert) 5
04/17/1939 France To Call On Aliens-Refugees Are Liable To Conscription In Time Of War 5
04/17/1939 Fund For Refugees (American Committee For Christian German Refugees) Details Its Needs ($600,000) 6
04/17/1939 ‘Inert Pacifism’ Is Assailed By (Presbyterian) Dr. Osborn; Christianity Must Uphold Right, He Says 10
04/17/1939 (U.S.) Isolation Decried In Europe’s Crisis (Dr. Harry F. Ward) 10
04/17/1939 Need For Religion Called Vital Now (Episcopal Bishop William T. Manning) 10
04/17/1939 War Likened To Insanity (Baptist Rev. Dr. William Ward Ayer) 10
04/17/1939 Concert To Aid Refugees (American Committee For Christian German Refugees & United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs) 13
04/17/1939 Expansion Of Reich Without War Seen (In Berlin) 25
04/17/1939 London Endorses British Firmness 25
04/18/1939 Reichstag Will Hear Hitler Answer Roosevelt April 28-Loud ‘No’ Expected 1
04/18/1939 British Confident Of Turkey 1
04/18/1939 Britain Sets Plan For Food In A War 4
04/18/1939 Democracies Hold Stronger Position 5
04/18/1939 Hull Says World Mobilizes Behind The President (Roosevelt) For Peace 8
04/18/1939 Fleet In Atlantic Biggest Since 1932-60 Units Assigned 8
04/18/1939 Senators Demand Full Neutrality-Two Ocean Navy Is Urged 9
04/18/1939 Joint Plan Urged In Neutrality Aim 9
04/18/1939 (Picture) Norman Thomas & Sol Bloom 9
04/18/1939 Roosevelt Move (Of U.S. Fleet Into Pacific) Impresses Japan 10
04/19/1939 Long A Communist, Benjamin, Leader Of WPA Union Says 1
04/19/1939 (Charles A.) Lindbergh Called To Duty With Army 1
04/19/1939 Republicans Fight Roosevelt Power Over Gold Dollar 1
04/19/1939 ‘Dictators’ Named For Britain In War 4
04/19/1939 Nation-Wide Group Backs Refugee Bill (Names Of Supporters) 4
04/19/1939 Roosevelt Draws New Soviet Praise 8
04/19/1939 Jewish Women Back Curb On Arms Export (‘To Aggressor Nations’) 8
04/19/1939 Italian Press Jibes At Roosevelt As Man-Attack Is Most Venomous And Personal Yet Launched 9
04/19/1939 (Eduard) Benes Is Organizing World-Wide Movement For Political Action To Liberate The Czechs (With Whose Help?) 9
04/19/1939 (Germans) Link Danzig And Pomorze (Polish For Pommerania) 9
04/20/1939 Britain Denies Intention Of ‘Encircling’ Germany-Halifax Explains 1
04/20/1939 Roosevelt Says Liberals Are Sole Hope For Party; Tells Others To Get Out 1
04/20/1939 Hitler Is Expected To Put Peace Up To ‘Possessor’ Countries (Report From Paris) 4
04/20/1939 Reich Rail ‘Crisis’ Curb On Treaties-Rolling Stock Lacking (Report From Washington) 6
04/20/1939 Lindberg Starts Duty In Air Corps-Sees General Arnold About Survey Task 8
04/20/1939 Dispute Over Song Of Nazis (‘Heute Da Hoert Uns Deutschland’) Continues (Apparently An Official Version Of The Party And A Version Printed For The Hitler Jugend) 8
04/20/1939 ‘Immigrant’ (‘Americans All-Immigrants All,’ U.S. Government) Radio Program Wins Award In Annual Women’s Poll 25
04/20/1939 (Mary Atkinson) Deplores Dearth Of Social Workers 25
04/21/1939 Mussolini Derides Roosevelt (Peace) Appeal-War Aims Denied 1
04/21/1939 Nazis Seen Polling ‘Menaced’ Nations (Referred To By Roosevelt In His Letter Or ‘Peace’ Proposal) 1
04/21/1939 Roosevelt Seizes War Crisis To Hide (Domestic) Failure, Says Taft 1
04/21/1939 Axis Is Held Weak In Naval Strategy (British Report) 1
04/21/1939 ‘Stop-Hitler’ Plans Moving Smoothly (French Report) 2
04/21/1939 Hitler Becomes Citizen Of Danzig 2
04/21/1939 Roosevelt Sends No Message (Of Felicitation To Hitler On His 50th Birthday) 2
04/21/1939 (Eduard) Benes Sees Doom Of Dictatorships 3
04/21/1939 British Are Seen (By U.S.) Closing Gap In Air-Quality Of Planes Equal 4
04/21/1939 Urge Bill To Admit Refugee Children 6
04/21/1939 Red Link Revealed In (Forged U.S.) Passport Trial 7
04/21/1939 Palestine Asks Aid For (432 Jewish) Refugees On Ships (Boat Described As Greek Cattle Boat-Jews From Central Europe) 7
04/22/1939 (Idaho Senator, William E.) Borah Declares Real Neutrality Impossible For Us (U.S. Has Already Taken Sides Against Germany) 1
04/22/1939 Roosevelt Power Over Gold Upheld In House 225-158-Amendments Beaten 1
04/22/1939 (Czech, Edouard) Benes Sees Finish Of Two Dictators-Their System A Travesty 6
04/22/1939 Waning Of Totalitarian Powers In Europe Is Seen By Dr. Benes (Czech Envoy) Hruban Explains Benes Liberty Aim 6
04/22/1939 Swiss Aid (6,000) German Idle 7
04/22/1939 (Americans) Declare Germans Abhor Nazi Terror 8
04/22/1939 Reich Still Seeks U.S. Lard In Barter 8
04/22/1939 Bonnet Explains Guarantees Plan-He Denies (German) Encirclement 8
04/22/1939 German Liner (‘Deutschland’) Brings 200 Jewish Refugees 8
04/23/1939 (U.S.) Duty Against Reich (On Imports) Is Made Effective (Morgenthau Order) 1
04/23/1939 Hoover Backs Bill To Waive Quota Act For Reich Children 1
04/23/1939 The Replies To Hitler (About Threats Alleged By Roosevelt) 1
04/23/1939 Jews Here Urged (By N.Y. City Rabbis) To Uphold Ideals 17
04/23/1939 Two Choices Loom In Neutrality (Act) Vote-Aid To Democracies Sought 18
04/23/1939 (Joe Wolf) Booms (Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler For (President In) ‘40 18
04/23/1939 New Roots Asked For Democracies (By U.S. Liberals & Edouard Benes) 20
04/23/1939 71 U.S. (Spanish Loyalist) Volunteers In Spain Are Freed (Names)-Some Are Kept Behind 23
04/23/1939 Reich Legion Of 5,000 Ready To Quit Spain 23
04/23/1939 Propaganda Value Called Overrated (By Professor Earl E. Muntz) 26
04/23/1939 Appeal To Hitler Backed In (Gallup) Survey (73% Support Roosevelt Move) 28
04/23/1939 (Columbia University President) Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Regrets ‘Lost’ (German & Austrian) Universities 30
04/23/1939 Polish Basis Given For Danzig Accord (Maintain Status Quo) 31
04/23/1939 Church Would Bar Arms To Aggressors 32
04/23/1939 Dictators Are Derided (By Edouard Benes) 34
04/23/1939 President (Roosevelt) Scored (By Professor Charles C. Tansill) As ‘Bent On War’ 34
04/23/1939 (1,000 In Newark) Parade Derides Hitler 34
04/23/1939 Public Is Divided On Mercy Deaths (46% Favor; 54% Oppose, In England, 69% Favor Euthanasia) G-4
04/23/1939 (N.Y. City) Rabbis Question Dictator Pledges-U.S. Is Warned Of Trap-Back Wagner Bill To Admit 20,000 German (Refugee) Children G-8
04/23/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
04/23/1939 Hitler Prepares Reply To Roosevelt’s (Peace) Appeal E-3
04/23/1939 Britons’ Attitude Toward.Dictators Hardens E-3
04/23/1939 Cartoon: (Roosevelt As The Sun) ‘A Heat Wave Comes Out Of The West’ E-3
04/23/1939 Republicans Take Risk In Foreign Policy Fight (Roosevelt’s Domestic Failure To Be Cloaked By Foreign Crises-Taft) E-3
04/23/1939 Anti-Aggression Front Takes Place Of League E-4
04/23/1939 Phone Plays Role In Policy Of Axis E-4
04/23/1939 Czech Resistance To Reich Is Strong E-4
04/23/1939 Cartoon: Das Schwarze Korps Shows U.S. Flag With Stars Of David E-4
04/23/1939 Milwaukee Curbs Pro-Nazi Germans-Meetings Prohibited-Pickets In Action E-7
04/24/1939 Hitler Will Avoid War, (Idaho Senator, William E.) Borah Holds 1
04/24/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Renews Isolation Appeal-Minister Assails Coughlin 5
04/24/1939 (Dr. James T.) Shotwell (From Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Backs Hull Peace Views-Cites World War Lesson 5
04/24/1939 (Anti-Nazi, Prince Humbertus Zu Loewenstein) Wants Anti-Semitism Punished As Treason 6
04/24/1939 (North Carolina Senator, Robert R.) Reynolds Hits At British-Their Propaganda Our Real Danger, He Says 7
04/24/1939 Nazis Assail U.S. Envoys (Bullitt, Davies, & Steinhardt In Voelkischer Beobachter) 7
04/24/1939 Palestine Deports (263) Illegal Entrants-218 More Are Arrested 8
04/24/1939 Ex-Diplomat (Dr. Ernst Wilhelm Meyer, Anti-Nazi Former Secretary At German Embassy In Washington) Aids Refugee Service (The American Committee For Christian German Refugees) 8
04/24/1939 German Canadians Oppose Aggression 8
04/24/1939 Galician Jews Convene (Hotel New Yorker-With American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 8
04/24/1939 New Deal (Roosevelt) War Aim Denied By (James A.) Farley 10
04/24/1939 Berlin Sure War Is Unlikely Now-But Is Expected To Reject Roosevelt’s Proposals On Economic Grounds 25
04/24/1939 Reich Passes U.S. In Sales To Brazil 25
04/24/1939 Threat To Nation Seen By (U.S.) Educators-2,391 Sign Manifesto Warning Against Fascist Menace To Democratic Institutions (Many Names Given) 34
04/25/1939 British Cabinet Agrees Unanimously On Conscription 1
04/25/1939 U.S. And.Britain Press Barter Deal (Cotton & Wheat For Rubber And Tin) 1
04/25/1939 British Negotiate To Win Rumanians 9
04/25/1939 Landon Endorses Bill For (Child) Refugees 13
04/25/1939 Alien Doctor Curb Is Urged For State 25
04/26/1939 Britain Gets Huge Defense Budget; Conscription Will Call Up Millions-Chamberlain Gets Jump On Hitler By Instituting The Draft At Once 1
04/26/1939 Japan Still Avoids War Aid To Hitler 1
04/26/1939 Poles Expect Hitler To Be Conciliatory 7
04/26/1939 Swiss Public Urged To Lay In Supplies 7
04/26/1939 Reich Orders Out Jews It Released-They Must Emigrate Within Next Two Months Or Face Return To The Camps-Berlin Blames Evian (Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Group For Delay-Urges Doctors, Ex-Officers To Remain 10
04/26/1939 German Official Quits (Black Tom & Kingsland, World War I) Claims Body 10
04/26/1939 Nazis Act Against (Salzburg & Krems) Church 11
04/26/1939 Secret (Congressional-Presidential) Talks Held On Neutrality Act 12
04/26/1939 U.S. May Unravel Red Spy Mystery (Forged U.S. Passport) 13
04/26/1939 Albany Resolution Backs (Child) Refugee Bill 13
04/26/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Like A Lamb As Lions (Club) Quarrels (About His Appearing Before Them As Speaker) 13
04/26/1939 Friends Open Center For Refugees Here 19
04/27/1939 British Conscript 200,000 Yearly-Reserves On Call (Text, P. 4) 1
04/27/1939 Nazis Make 3 Demands On Lithuania 1
04/27/1939 571 Planes Bought As The President (Roosevelt) Signs Army Bill 1
04/27/1939 British War Pilots To Train In Canada 2
04/27/1939 British Negotiates For 4-Power Pact (France, Russia, & Turkey)-Roosevelt Plan Praised3 (Former Czech Minister To France) Calls Exiled Czechs To Fight For France 3
04/27/1939 (The League For Industrial Democracy) Will Combat Prejudice 5
04/27/1939 Poland Puts Onus On Reich For Rift 7
04/27/1939 Envoy From Japan Belittles The Axis 8
04/27/1939 U.S. (Pro-Loyalist) Groups Report $1,733,259 Aid To Spain 8
04/27/1939 ‘Secret 6’ (Commando) Tactics Could Smash Dictators Says Head Of Group That Undermined Capone (‘Of Course, Germany And Italy Are Gangster Governments.’) 10
04/27/1939 (Harold Leclair) Ickes Welcomes ‘Cultural’ Exiles 10
04/27/1939 A. F. L. Gives Views On Neutrality Law-C.I.O. Against Isolation 10
04/27/1939 (Henry Agard) Wallace Defends Barter On Wheat 11
04/27/1939 U.S. Accused By Nazis Of ‘Patagonia Farce’-News Agency Says Forgery Was Made By American Agent (Trans Ocean Agency) 12
04/27/1939 Embargo Plan Hit By (National League Of) Women Voters 13
04/27/1939 Spy’s Data Clue In (Forged U.S.) Passport Trial 13
04/27/1939 Methodists’ Unity Cheers President (Roosevelt) 19
04/27/1939 17-Year Record Set By Export Balance 39
04/28/1939 Roosevelt Asked Dictators To Confer With Him At Sea-Bid Was Rejected 1
04/28/1939 Taft Warns Nation New Deal Spending Passes Safe Limit (Text. P. 28) 1
04/28/1939 Plot To Kill Hitler Laid To New Yorker (Leib Schenker, A Galician Jew, Now A U.S. Citizen-Representative Sol Bloom Of New York Says Charge Is Ridiculous) 2
04/28/1939 Roosevelt Plans No Reply To Hitler-Will Not Regard Reichtag Address As An Answer To His Peace Proposals-Will Not Listen To Hitler-Acceptance (Of Roosevelt’s Peace Proposals) Held Unlikely 3
04/28/1939 Roosevelt’s Note To Hitler Backed (By U.S. Public-Gallup Poll) 3
04/28/1939 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman (Chairman Of Foreign Relations Committee) Sponsors Embargo On Japan 4
04/28/1939 (Brig. Gen. George C.) Marshall Named As Chief Of Staff (Part Of The Reorganization Made By Him)-Was An Aide To Pershing (Picture) 4
04/28/1939 Shotwell (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Decries Aid To Aggressors 4
04/28/1939 More ‘Incidents’ (Polish Attacks Against Germans) Reported (Kattowitz-Gleiwitz-D. N. B. Report) 8
04/28/1939 Lewisohn To Head Jewish Fund Drive (United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs-Amount Not Specified) 21
04/28/1939 Peace Drive Seen As Duty Of Press (By American Legion) 28
04/29/1939 Hitler Says No To Roosevelt, Insists On Danzig; Scraps Polish, Naval And Munich Pacts; Warsaw Defiant; Italy May End London Treaty-Bid To Poles Bared-Speech A Blistering One-Poland Prepared 1
04/29/1939 President (Roosevelt) Tells Norwegian Guest Hitler Leaves Door Open ‘An Inch’ 1
04/29/1939 Moscow Aviators Down In Canada; Relief Is Rushed-On Dash To New York (Flying Westward) 1
04/29/1939 French See Peril In Bond To Poles-For Call To War For Danzig Which They Do Not Regard As A Good Issue 1
04/29/1939 Britain Unsolaced By Hitler’s Speech-Finds Situation Full Of Danger 1
04/29/1939 Picture: Eternal Light For Jewish Palestine Pavilion Here (At World’s Fair) 3
04/29/1939 Picture: The President And Mrs. Roosevelt Welcome Norwegian Royal Visitors-Roosevelt Greets Royal Guests; Waits On Wharf As Yacht Docks 4
04/29/1939 Soviet Sees Issue Joined By Hitler 5
04/29/1939 Japan Is Reassured By Hitler Address-Guarantee Offer Is Cited 5
04/29/1939 The Reich Note To Britain 6
04/29/1939 South Africa Surprised-Finds (Hitler) Speech Moderate 6
04/29/1939 Poland Held Next On Reich Program 7
04/29/1939 Text Of Germany’s Note To The Poles 7
04/29/1939 Mayor (Laguardia) Sees Poles Ready With Arms-Scores Treaty Breaking 7
04/29/1939 (Peace) Talks Not Banned, Washington Holds-Formal Reply An Issue 8
04/29/1939 Neutrality (Act) Issue Just Where It Was-Prof. Tansill On Stand-(Idaho Senator William E.) Borah Sees No Success With Germany 8
04/29/1939 Congress Reaction To Hitler Varies-Nye Believes Door Is Open 8
04/29/1939 Reich Asks Paris To Bid On Seized Czech Planes 8
04/29/1939 Text Of Chancellor Hitler’s Address Before The Reichstag On Germany’s Foreign Relations 9-11
04/29/1939 U.S. News Coverage Overseas Praised (By Pulitzer Board) 17
04/30/1939 Poland Will Defy Germany in Reply; Braces Defenses 1
04/30/1939 Franco Aide Denies Extreme Reprisals (Against Loyalists) 1
04/30/1939 ‘Disloyalty Purge’ Of Teachers Asked-100% Americanism Demand 1
04/30/1939 Rumania To Open Debt Talks With U.S.; Envoy Ordered To Confer With Morgenthau 1
04/30/1939 Palestine Demand Framed By Arabs-Insist On Key Position 26
04/30/1939 Germans Expect Seizure Of Danzig (By Poles)-Hitler Held Free To Act 28
04/30/1939 Germans See A ‘Schwindel’ (Lie!)-Communique Attacks Report Of Roosevelt Parley Offer (Says Roosevelt Never Offered To Meet With Hitler & Mussolini) 30
04/30/1939 German Refugees Have Aided Business And Given Many Jobs Here (Dr. Henry Smith) Leiper (Secretary, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Says 31
04/30/1939 Nazis Turning (Krems) Abbey Into Barracks 31
04/30/1939 (Munitions) Cash-Carry) Lapse Will Widen Perils-(Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman (Chairman Foreign Relations Committee) Discusses Situation 32
04/30/1939 Hull Reveals (U.S.) Gain Over Reich’s Trade 33
04/30/1939 Alien Dismissals Laid To Warcraft Plans As General Motors Ousts 125 Of 3,000 Men 35
04/30/1939 (William Guggenheim) Asks Peace Move By U.S.-Would Put Off Neutrality (Act) Action 35
04/30/1939 (N.Y. City) Rabbi Newman Says Nation Should Be Aroused To Avert Destruction 37
04/30/1939 Teachers’ Union Honors First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) 44
04/30/1939 Roosevelt’s Turn Next In Duel With Dictators-Has Put Them On Defensive-Arthur Krock E-3
04/30/1939 Her Hitler Rewrites History To His Taste-He Tears Up A Few Treaties E-3
04/30/1939 Another ‘Little War’ Believed German Aim E-4
04/30/1939 Italians Dismayed At Hitler Speech E-4
04/30/1939 Poles Fail To See A War Over Danzig (Picture: Albert Foerster) E-4
04/30/1939 (Czech, Edouard) Benes (Picture) Now Heads A Reviving People In Touch With Homeland E-6
04/30/1939 What We The People Think About Europe Mag. 1
04/30/1939 (Lindbergh) Still Our No. 1 Airman Mag. 7